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Another Poor Bastard Finds Out His Wife Was a Whore For Everyone But Him

by on /r/TheRedPill
27 June 2016 04:38 PM UTC

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This is from the relationships sub earlier today. It's a long post that reinforces a number of ideas you'll see here. We see this same exact story, in its basic elements, over and over again, but I'm going to hit the highlights: http://archive.is/ct9D9

After we got married, we moved in together and began our lives. I did my absolute best to be the best husband that I could. I tried my best to not ask her for much help with chores, and assigned them as needed: her taking care of the food issues since she was a better cook, and me taking care of the cleaning throughout the apartment. I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry. I wanted to make my wife know that in our world, she was my queen.

Step 1: He provides a ton of comfort (beta) and no attraction (alpha).

She asked me on our wedding night how many women I had been with, and I told her I had slept with about 8 women for longer periods of time and had a little over ten one night stands. When I asked the same of her, she just laughed it off and said "I'm not as slutty as you." So I set the precedent in my mind that she probably only had sex with one or two guys a handful of times.

Step 2: I've only had sex with a couple of people, tee hee.

We would have sex a few times a week, but it was often me putting in most of the effort and it seemed like she wanted to only try the two most common positions. I asked her about trying new things, such as blow jobs, even butt stuff, but she said all that stuff was dirty and she wasn't as slutty as I was. Instead of being bothered by this, I kept up with myself, focused more on my hobbies and working out, while at the same time doting on my wife and treating her like my queen.

Step 3: Boring sex, indicative of her lack of attraction, and the guy trying to nice guy harder.

Over the last year, she has put on about 20 pounds. I never bring it up, but that is just one sign she isn't putting as equal an effort as I am to be attractive to one another. She isn't putting in the same effort as I am, as in my past relationships where girlfriends would at the very least give me baked goods, or something to show their appreciation of me.

Step 4: She gains weight and shows him repeatedly that she doesn't give a fuck.

Then our hero finds a GoPro folder on her computer hard drive by pure chance while buying her a new fucking computer:

I opened it up, and I saw about 50 videos. I was curious, and opened the first one, and she was holding the camera looking at it with a man standing beside her. They were giggling, and she called him "bar pick up #3". She set the camera down, and they proceeded to have foreplay and then sex. Everything that she didn't do with me, she was doing with this man, from blow jobs to anal, the whole nine yards. It hurt me inside. I went through all the videos, and counted 27 different men in total.

Step 5: Video evidence is found of her being a total fucking whore before she got with him.

I confronted my wife with the videos, and she had a breakdown. At first, she accused me of snooping and digging into her private life, but I retorted that I'm her husband and was doing my job to fix her computer. I thought to surprise her with a new computer and jewelry on our anniversary to hopefully open her eyes to how much I am willing to do for her and maybe spice up our sex life. I said I understood why she wasn't willing to try something new because she was probably burntout from all the bar pick ups and coffee meetups she had in the past.

Step 6: Hamsterfest 2016.

Also note he was trying to improve his sex life by increasing beta above and beyond the huge amount he was already laying down, which obviously got nowhere.

I was so frustrated, so I slept on the couch. In the following week, I didn't try to initiate sex. I felt cheated and betrayed. My wife tried a few times, saying she will "try and remember" how to give blow jobs and do butt stuff, but I just told her I needed some time to think about all this. She even started bringing up how "we need to start thinking about children".

Step 7: She tries to control him with sex and jumps on the we need to have kids shit right away to try to lock him down.

What should I do? I really want to work on our relationship, but I just feel so betrayed. I don't feel attracted to my wife anymore, at first it was partially because because of the weight gain, but now it is more so knowing she lied to me about her sex life and how far she was willing to go with strangers instead of with me, her husband. I feel like I put so much, and am still putting in so much effort into our relationship on my part (keeping fit, showing her my love and keeping things interesting with different dates, and giving her gifts of appreciation) and she is not putting in any effort.

Step 8: Our hero is at the critical moment where he either figures shit out or gets pulled back into the bullshit.

I PM'd the guy and sent him to https://therationalmale.com/2013/12/03/saving-the-best/, which is basically the same situation, so maybe he can see the light. We'll see.

Monster Edit: Holy fucking shit. So I PM'd the guy like I said above, and he replied back with this: http://i.imgur.com/GkZBiJu.png

I didn't want to say it on there, but I actually follow the red pill religiously. That was what kept me on track to strive to be attractive. But alas, I fell trap for my mom's ploy and had to resort to being married. Thanks for the reference, brother. I appreciate the consideration.

HO-LY FUCK-ING SHIT. Are you fucking kidding me?

Monster Edit #2: Apparently he saw this thread, and it seems that the replies woke him up:

Hey thanks for the analysis. It really put things in perspective and just jolted me. I am going back to the house soon, took an early day at work. I am packing all my things, and moving them to my cousin's house till I figure shit out. I should have known to play my dread game harder and stay aloof instead of making myself available for her. Before finding those videos this past weekend, I thought she was your innocent girl type, but AWALT. I see everything is tried and true, it just sucks that its probably going to cost me half my assets. Thank goodness we don't have joint bank accounts (or is she going to divorce rape me there too?). Despite following all the advice here, I succumbed and have suffered the consequences HARD. Not too late for me to pick up my life and move on.

I suggested he make backups of the videos to keep as much leverage as possible and do whatever he can to protect himself while moving forward. He replied:

I actually made three different backups, and a 4th in case she is following this on reddit. [list of places backed up]. The 4th is going to be my personal computer. I am literally at the house, packing my stuff now, getting ready to get out. I am going to tell her I will reveal the videos if she doesn't leave quietly and try to steal my money or my house. Thanks again for all the help brother. I was lost before, but now I am found.

This is pretty nuts, and I wish him the best of luck.

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204 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

The harder truth isn't that she doesn't know how to please you sexually. The harder truth is she simply doesn't want to.

This is the truth that either enlightens or destroys a Beta.

18 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

A true sink or swim moment.

4 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

Amazing how we, once we accept the red pill, can filter out the bullshit and get right to the ugly truth.

It's like 90% of things I read where some guy is rationalizing why his wife/girlfriend/etc is treating him poorly boils down to "she's just not into you and doesn't really care" when I read between the lines.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Truth hurts, and hurts badly.

1 upvotesIASGame3 years ago

Rollo, the guy in the post is actually a frequent poster on your comments section, and was linked to this post by someone else. It would probably be good if you deleted a couple of posts there to reduce the risk of him being doxxed.

0 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

That's not that hard of a truth, when you understand women have to be incentivized to supplicate towards you. On the other end of the anger-phase you realise that behaviors have motivations & intentions.

Everything else: social conventions, morals, prescriptions- are just pretty lies.

139 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Dude. Don't leave the house. Kick her ass out. Trust me on this. Kick her ass out now. Pack her shit in trash bags and leave it on the front steps. It's your fucking house, you live there.

33 upvotesnewmeforever3 years ago

This! 100%

Kick that slut out!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

That's what I did. Ended it by text, bagged her shit and left it outside. She still got the house, but I don't have to pay for it.

243 upvotesNeoreactionSafe3 years ago


I went through all the videos, and counted 27 different men in total.


That's just the tip of the iceburg of course.


148 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's freaking nuts. Any chick who not just video tapes sex once, but with 27 different men is not just a red flag, but you are in a very red zone when you commit to her.

70 upvotesrecon_johnny3 years ago

How many did she NOT video tape?

Probably close to a hundred.

28 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

Haha, sure, blame it on sex addiction. And that woman looks like a man. Imagine what a good looking woman may accomplish.

35 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Fuck you, you beat me to it. This.. thing had sex with 1000 men. Here it is gentlemen, right here is living proof that it's fucking easy to get sex as a woman. You can look like a dude with the body shape of a cardboard box with the genetics of an inbred Scottish hill tribe and some men will still fuck you.

10 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

Because for every one thirsty woman, there are at least 3 thirsty men.

4 upvotesredthrow11253 years ago

That woman is a man. And doesn't tell that to the men she has sex with.


1 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

Haha, I knew something was off. According to that article that's close to a 1000 men in just 7 years.

1 upvotesPhromDaPharcyde3 years ago

She probably was waiting to backup her VHS "collection" on to digital.

45 upvotesNeoreactionSafe3 years ago

It just proves how lacking in Intuition men can be today.


Intelligence = Intellect + Intuition


Very often these guys can have minds with high Intellect, but their lack of Intuition means they are missing an essential component of Intelligence.

The Red Pill stresses Intelligence... use your Intuition to see the traps. (AWALT)

The poor guy had no Intuition and the woman tricked him.

Lack of Game awareness (lack of Intuition) made the guy vulnerable.


Any Red Pill aware male would have spotted her true nature with ten seconds.


...imagine the "Thousand Cock Stare" she must give off.


7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It is not a red zone, it is hell.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesIl1283 years ago

All women do selfy porn. All of them. Even yours.

Some guy somewhere has selfie porn of her sucking his dick and fucking him and countless other selfie porn pics and vids she sent him.

PS. All women give BJs and do anal. If she's not doing these things with you she see's you as beta and isn't in to you.

1 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Captain obvious statement of the century.

1 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

That's next-level slut shit.

51 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

And GoPro weren't mainstream for so long. Imagine the stuff she did before she got a hold of the camera.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Oh man. She was riding the cock train express like no other.

24 upvotesredsfan2773 years ago

Thats only the ones she got on videos....how many fuckers did she fuck before she wanted to document it lmao....fucking whores man

15 upvotesSchveen153 years ago

Not only that but consider this: how many of her total "bar pickups" didn't consent to being on camera? The 27 are just the ones that did, after all but I'm sure there are more who felt uncomfortable with it

3 upvotestenin2010br3 years ago

The lawyer train is being boarded and there's no stopping it!

19 upvotesSks443 years ago

Its like roaches. See one and there are dozens. See 27 dudes in videos she's been fucking, there's probably 100.

Poor bastard.

8 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

I suspect she was getting more that just the "tip". What a hosebag.

1 upvotesOverzealous_BlackGuy3 years ago

Yeah not unless that camera's been there her whole life.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

64 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

I've been beating this drum for years. If you think that picking a woman from a certain region of the world will cancel out AWALT you deserve the inevitable downfall that happens to you.

3 upvotesYomamasotriggered3 years ago

"I was just talking to umfoofoo bout couple of things." Classic lol

1 upvotesamericanwanker3 years ago

he still married a brit and she too him for some of hos money .

0 upvotesCompoundwyrds3 years ago

There's a lot of redpill related stuff out there, a bunch from "RoK" especially saying the opposite if this. RoK has espoused the awesomeness of Filipinas many times. Not disagreeing with you, just saying that there's a counter-view in the manosphere.

4 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

I understand but you have people like me who aren't attracted to asians in any way whatsoever, so its pointless for those like me who are only attracted to white women.

40 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

A traditional Thai wife is really married to the guy who she will call her"brother"/"chef"/"gardener" when she brings him to the states.

At the same time try sleeping around on your Thai wife and she will drug you and cut your dick off. Real traditional stuff...

16 upvotesookulusreeft3 years ago

It took me a second to parse that. She will bring her real husband with her, and tell you its her brother. I've never heard of that happening.

27 upvotestrp-sama3 years ago

Yeah that's a real thing. Look up any Thai/Foreign forums and you will see countless examples. Usually it involves a old white Farang with his beautiful trophy wife who just turned 21. He has a long distance relationship where he sends her cash so she doesn't have to work in a bar any more, then eventually either finds out she is still a whore or marries her and brings her to his country. She always keeps her Thai husband around and says to the hubby that its her brother/cousin/whatever and gives all the money to him. Eventually when the white husband is tapped out of cash she leaves him. Story old as time itself.

That isn't to downplay the fun to be had fucking Thai girls who are fishing for a sponsor while you have no plan to commit for anything more than that night...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Nice. Can you expand on the last sentence?

1 upvotestrp-sama3 years ago

There are some foreign girls (Thai, Filipina, whatever) who are looking to find a husband to take them away from their life of poverty. They will sleep around while trying to find this guy.

There are also a fair number girls who think they might be able to hook you for the long game. They are looking for someone who will fall in love and become her sponsor, basically pay her a monthly amount so that she will be able to get by while he is away and she can wait for him to come back. If she can get a few of these sponsors sending her regular money it is easy and all she needs to do is phone chat and video chat with the guys from time to time, telling them how she misses them and loves them and is being a good girl and waiting for him to come back. This is a lot more common with working girls(read: hookers).

So you let the girls think that maybe you are that sucker, you let them treat you like a king and pamper you and fuck you every way to sunday, as long as you never give them money you are good.

5 upvotesMildly_Sociopathic3 years ago

Reminds me of that episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

2 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

I don't know how these "bring over real husband" scams get through immigration. But it goes like this- a reasonably well off old American gets married to this young Thai hooker. Eventually he fills the paperwork to get her a green card and come to the states to live with him.

Lo and behold a couple months later she convinced him to bring over her brother/cousin/etc who is her real husband.

Sometimes because she has zero skills, the husband buys her a nail salon or a restaurant to keep her busy. This is when she will bring over her husband to work there as a "cook".

If the house/property is large enough, she can bring the real Thai husband over as a gardener.

Moral of the story is - if your foreign wife is adamant on bringing over another man from her foreign country, most likely that's her real husband/boyfriend.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I should write a post about this.

I spend a lot of time in S.E Asia and I'm no stranger to the P4P scene. I've learnt, seen and encountered first hand a lot of red pill truths over there and a lot of skills which have assisted me with western women, relationships, managing women and confidence.

Time and time again, I see the same shit happen to anyone silly enough to marry a bar girl or throw huge amounts of money at them to stay out of the bars and stop fucking any guy with $1000 baht. It rarely ends well. There are exceptions, but the vast majority of the time it ends terribly.

"But my girls different" they say.

"She loves me for who I am" says the 50 year old out of shape guy with the 19 year old gogo dancer sitting on his lap.

"She doesn't go with customers when I'm back home" says the naive but unconfident young guy who fell in love with the first hooker who sucked his dick in Bangkok.

"She is new to the bar scene" says the guy whose girl I recognise from that time I got a BJ off her in a gogo bar 8 months ago.

I've seen it all over 10 years and history just keeps repeating itself. I've seen "sponsored" girls fucking other guys right up until the hour her "boyfriend" arrives in town. I've seen girls put on the crocodile tears saying goodbye to her "darling" and sucking another guys cock one hour later. Girls with multiple sponsors "no darling I have only you, love you". I've seen women and bars drain a man of his money, western men loosing their fucking minds in the swarm of women.

But I understand it. It all makes sense to me and I know how to play that game. I've been around enough that most girls don't try that bullshit on me and my friendships and conversations with the women are quite honest.

When you really break it down, I think the S.E Asian-Western relationships are clearer than western relationships (providing you're thinking straight). It's all really about how you manage her.

4 upvotesCervicalDestruction3 years ago

Or 'my GF is a Jap, she gunna be good!!'

Asian women are the most manipulative creatures I have ever met in my life. Jesus shit. Worse than Jewish women. Weird creatures

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

At least Japanese women can be attractive. I gave up on Jews years ago. At the end of the day, any sort of JAP tends to be a bad investment, but let's not stereotype here, any woman can be a piece of shit. I've dated a piece of shit woman from every major racial/cultural group now. Some bets are better than others, but all bets are still bets. No guarantees with women.

1 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago


Cambodia, Thailand...to-may-to, to-mah-to.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesrelativebeingused3 years ago

I see three possibilities here: she hates Asian guys and of course she fucks them all the time but just loves complaining about other people and/or she fucks lots of white guys because she likes them better and says that to every single one.

2 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer3 years ago

Eh, she's just chasing who she sees as alpha in her present circumstances. Now she seeks Chad and can't stand Asian guys, but if Chad develops a dad-bod, she's just as likely to jump to Wang Hung Lo as another Chad; it's whoever gets there first

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Same experience with an Indian girl last week, but bar instead of Tinder. The takeaway here is to never marry someone who feels obligated to do so. If you're from one of the racial backgrounds that typically does this (asian, indian, middle eastern, jewish, etc...) it's something you need to test for in every relationship. Everyone else needs to just watch out for the red flags. If she's marrying you to please anyone other than herself, then someone else is going to be pleasing her.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I have fucked tons of girls from these backgrounds and they're all more than aware that one day they'll settle down with a rich beta of their racial/cultural background, but it does nothing for them sexually. It's actually insane how consistent it is. I fucked a girl last week who afterwards told me about all the guys pursuing her. She was on the upper end of attractiveness for South Asian girls, and she had a billion South Asian betas chasing her. Guys with multi-story apartments in New York, surgeons, lawyers, executives, etc... None of that was attractive to her. She just assumed that she'd be wealthy someday, that someday she'd settle for a guy who would give her the lifestyle she wanted, and for now she was having her fun.

I mean I fucked this girl in my shitty shared apartment, 7-8 years away from making any sort of real money as a doctor, and she was basically laughing at these sad dudes already well-established in their careers willing to sign away their lives for a chance to fuck her. I got what they wanted for the price of learning some game and hitting the gym 4 times a week.

What you have to realize with these women is that wealth and success from a long-term partner is assumed. They expect to be wealthy someday. It's not a bonus, it's a requirement. They often view marriage, especially to their own race, as something expected of them, and something they know they'll eventually do reluctantly. Avoid these women at all costs for long term commitments. They assume from the start that they'll pity their husband.

10 upvotesdareealmvp3 years ago

South Asian and Oriental males are trained to be beta cucks-circus animals to kept on the leash-right from the moment they are born- and in several ways.

One of the biggest ways is the language itself that they're taught. David Tian PhD, an Asian coach in the manosphere, himself described it in one of his videos that words in most Asian and Indian languages sort of have a 'staccato' pronunciation-with each sound or note sharply detached or separated from the others and characterized by small syllables, meaning they appear as if the speaker is speaking really fast, which automatically makes the speaker appear a low value male if it's a male. That's also the reason why women hate Indian and Asian accents.

In comparison, words of languages like French are pronounced as 'legato' which means 'in a smooth flowing manner, without breaks between notes' and characterized by long syllables, which shows that the speaker is speaking really slowly which automatically makes him of it a high status male if it's a guy. It comes as no surprise then, that French is called the language of romance and French people are thought to have the best accents.

In retrospect, I have always thought there was a deliberate reasoning behind such a construction in the Asian and Indian languages-may be so that the wives don't end up getting tingles for another guy outside of marriage as easily and they have an easier time staying committed? If that was so, it sure did work well-after all these countries still have yet to undergo a proper 'sexual liberation' for women because the language itself was constructed to keep a barrier between the opposite sexes despite desperate efforts from so many feminists.

Little did those who constructed these languages know that one day globalization will take place and these Asian and Indian women will meet our white Chads and Brads and will get thousands of more times tingles for them than they could ever get for a guy in their own race. Seriously, our Indian and Asian forefathers did one hell of a job making us as unattractive as possible to the opposite sex.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesdareealmvp3 years ago

White people are also way more interesting to look at

It is more complicated than that-


As you can see, Korea is the 8th ugliest country in the world, after which is China, at 7th, followed by India, at 6th. However, almost all of the next 5 bottom most countries are all white-Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia (males only, the females are ironically one of the most beautiful female populations in the world) and Ireland.

What I would say is that instead of the white population being the most beautiful/ugliest population on the planet, more precisely, white population has a much greater statistical variance of beauty than other populations, since also the 10 most beautiful nations in the world are also almost all white (except Brazil).

The above ranking was given by people selected from all over the world on beautifulpeople.com

1 upvotesjohngalt12343 years ago

Its because white population has higher sexual selection pressures that acted primarily on women due to high male mortality and inability to support polygyny: http://evoandproud.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/the-puzzle-of-european-hair-eye-and.html

1 upvotesdareealmvp3 years ago

Its because white population has higher sexual selection pressures


If anything it has become reversed with globalization and it's South Asians and Oriental males who are facing the real sexual selection pressures now.

0 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

White people are just way more interesting to look at.

That is retarded. Source: Turner Diary reading white privileged male.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

Yep, and there just like assholes bro.

1 upvotesMaxBrodin3 years ago

Very interesting observation. There was a study from a book "adapted mind" which observed "baby talk" across multiple western speakers (German, English, etc) they found remarkable phonetic similarities in encouragement speak and discouragement speak. For example "No" - "Nein" - etc.

It could be that this mechanism remains active even in adulthood in terms of analyzing the phonetic quality of speech and drawing some conclusions. It's possible that Asian dialects with their short sharp phonetics is closer to the discouragement baby speak.

0 upvoteszue33 years ago

What a crock of shit. I'm Indian and I can tell you that the dating scene is alive and well here and has been since the 70s-80s. Traditional marriages still happen, but it's mostly for the ugly guys and gals who couldn't get a date of their life depended on it. Everyone else is both dating and having casual sex.

And the part about Indian girls falling for white guys is total bull. Most white guys I've seen are either with other white people or on the fringes of Indian social groups. They just don't understand our culture and social dynamics.

Good looks aren't really dependant on skin color. If anything being too pasty or too dark gets you ostracized in India. The only white guys who are shown any interest by Indian girls are the rich deluded ones who think Indian girls are still "traditional". Those are the easiest to hoodwink.

1 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

It does seem less prevalent among certain RP cultures, though.

81 upvotesNietzscheExplosion3 years ago

27 guys, he doesn't know what to do? Even Hollywood wouldn't write this.

36 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"27 guys. One big fat lie. The guy doesn't know what to do, even when the answer is right in front of him."

Hollywood brings you the true story of cock riding, alpha fucks/beta bucks, and the guy who discovers the tapes. Introducing The Cock Carousel

31 upvotesmgtowmirror3 years ago

5 guys and fries every weekend, 52 weeks in a year, starting the carousel at 18, the AWALT can have ~4,000 men by Epiphany phase. Average penis, and guess the average man puts in a good hundred pumps (200 in and out). That's 76 miles of cock.

9 upvotesnostradumba553 years ago

5 guys and fries every weekend

god damn, I can't wait to use that one

8 upvotesNobleShitLord3 years ago

This is gold. "76 miles of cock".....geez I love reddit.

5 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

record stops but this blooper is about to learn that not all problems can solved with flowers

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Holy fucking shit. That reminds me of the South Park episode where Stan coaches a peewee hockey team.

2 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

thats what i was going for! hahah

24 upvotesOpenBumChakra3 years ago

It is hard for me to believe he subscribes to TRP.

Seems like he read the info, but didn't take the time to internalize.

Even his bullshit "my mom made me do it" smacks of a lack of responsibility and agency on his part. I don't buy it

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The whole mom made me do it is as pathetic as it gets. He isn't some kid in middle school. This is a grown adult who only did something because his mom wanted him to. That's pathetic that he can't make a decision for himself.

3 upvotesdareealmvp3 years ago

Well it's difficult to start believing in yourself when all your life you've been trained to do otherwise and be a circus animal slave right from the moment you were born.

I'm Indian myself and my whole family and aunts and uncles and other acquaintances are slowly beginning to collectively revolt as I'm beginning to internalize TRP concepts and free myself of their leash. It's a difficult turn in life. To be Machiavellian without guilt or shame and manipulate people full-on, when all your life you've been taught to be a nice beta bucks guy, is no less revolting to your own self too.

5 upvotesRedPillFreedom3 years ago

Wrong, it would be the best beta chick flick.

To find the one. One girl will go on one date everyday for the month of February. 27 chads are assholes. They don't get her or treat her right. But, on the last day of February Paresh Patel will get her to fall in love with him.

3 upvotesenkae73173 years ago

27 guys recorded.

Who knows how many other guys she could've fucked and not willingly record them.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

For perspective, I've taken pics of 3, video of one of those. Out of ahout 15-20 partners.

So multiply that by at least 3 for her. And that's just during that time period.

75 upvotesmitzibishi3 years ago

How can you be burnt out from giving blow jobs years ago? How can you forget to give a blowjob?

Female lies and garbage as usual.

5 upvotesDoggo1233 years ago

For real, it's just like riding a bicycle which she never stopped riding.

151 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

One of the more painful relationshits beta posts I have ever read. I want to feel bad for the guy, but I look at the comments and saw he wrote this:

Before anyone says anything, I need to say this. I am not going to divorce my wife. She didn't cheat on me, she didn't do anything to purposefully hurt me, so there is nothing too extreme to warrant a divorce.

I am a firm believer in the saying "if something is broken, you fix it", and I don't want an "upgrade" for my wife. This is a human being we are talking about, not a car I can trade in.

He is a lost cause, and because he refuses to do what needs to be done, he deserves this. He wifed up a whore without vetting her, and then gets proof that she is a total whore, and still won't leave her.

You can't fix stupid.

This is the end result of third wave feminism, its always the guys fault, and he is brainwashed to believe its not her fault, its his fault, and its up to him to fix it.

Can't wait for his post in a year or two where she has sex with Bar Pickup #9234 after she has a kid with him during her night out because "I just need a night out for myself and away from the responsibilites of motherhood".

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I PMed him and he told me he'd been reading TRP since college and was pressured into it by his Indian mother. He's thinking of ending the marriage. Good for him. He knows what has to be done. Hopefully he does it.

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I just got the same reply from him and edited my post. Goddamn.

1 upvotesRPmatrix3 years ago

good on you for trying bro ... sometimes guys aren't ready to swallow TRP, but that's no reason to give up on them

After all, sending a guy a pm is not very hard, alas few will bother to do so. Yet how is a guy supposed to discover TRP if guys like us don't 'share the love'?

46 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

How could a guy read trp and not understand how he was sabotaging himself with all the beta behavior?

Wife not putting out? Guess I need to give more flowers, more chores, more everything, then she will fuck me. Wtf?

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That's a good question honestly. I guess it's easy to revert to your beta programming.

7 upvotesfrequentlywrong3 years ago

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Just because he read TRP does not mean he actually believed it.

9 upvotesreecewagner3 years ago

I don't understand how a guy can read TRP and not immediately leave when he finds 27 videos of his fat wife fucking other dudes. Like bud, get some self value.

3 upvotesaRedThought3 years ago

Most people that visit this sub actually go through with trp. It's a way of lifestyle, people are hard to change. Only the people who are down and out the most will actually accept it.

3 upvotesRPmatrix3 years ago

How could a guy read trp and not understand how he was sabotaging himself with all the beta behavior?

He was pressured into it by his Indian mother

says it all really

1 upvotesVasallo7G3 years ago

Because she is not like all the other women, SHE IS SPECIAL!

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Not a bad response. Honestly I don't bother with PMing these guys, because field reports from the past from those of us who have almost always get hit with the "Don't talk to me, bigot" response and just trash TRP and hamster away.

Good that he didn't responsd in a negative manner.

4 upvotesAncientScrolls3 years ago

I PMed him and he told me he'd been reading TRP since college and was pressured into it by his Indian mother. He's thinking of ending the marriage.

Seeing posts like this just scare the shit out of me. If the guy was saved from the Matrix and became a redpill how could he still get sucked into this kind of relationship? Its like he had all the signs(as the post showed us), that in the mind of his wife he became a total beta provider.

Plus the worse thing is that he still wanted to work that relationship out even after he discovered her homemade porn videos, which proves that she wasn't being honest with him about her past sexual "exploits". LOL. I´m just like "what the heck!?".If the guy constantly reads TRP material. He totally knows that this relationship has all the signs of being a curse. However he still wanted to make things work out.(Just like a haunted movie in which the family insists in staying in a haunted house even after everyone warned them about it). Seeing stories like this just show me that even after years of absorbing redpill/manosphere literature and stories. I still have to watch out for not falling for those kinds of traps if i get emotionally attached to a woman(After all we all know that a woman Hypergamic instincts will never let her be a trustable person in your life). Truth is we have to put our Theoric Redpill classes into action by "taking more" RedPill Practical Classes(Gaining knowledge by experience) just like we do in college.

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Probably didn't internalize it or got sucked in by the pussy. It's a powerful thing.

It's hard to walk away from a marriage. He's most likely in the denial phase.

1 upvotesTheRedThrowAwayPill3 years ago


Noooooo ... that shit is the worst. Their girls are HYPER-hypergamous

-1 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

I wonder if the wife is an Indian chick. They aren't usually like that, in my experience. I love Indian women, and I would hate to think that happens with them a lot, too.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

AWALT. They'll all do it if you let them.

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CDC numbers my friend. she's at 27+ men, and that's just the guys she's taped it with. how many guys did she fuck around with NOT on video? the probability of divorce of a women with 27+ partners is well above 80% (16 partners is 80%, the researchers stopped counting after that). he might not be willing to divorce her, but it's almost guaranteed that she'll divorce him.

7 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

I wanna bet this wifey of his is a real ugo to. One of the reasons allot of women have high N-counts is because no Cad sticks around for repeat fucks. So she's gotta whore around every weekend all over again.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Where can I find the study? That's interesting.

1 upvotesRPmatrix3 years ago

16 partners is 80%

and that's the average number "at 21yo"!!

14 upvotesGyissan3 years ago

she has a kid with him during

99% chance the kid's father is one of the random bar pickups.

3 upvotesCornyHoosier3 years ago

She lied to him. Which hey, okay we're all human in some way, sometimes people lie when their nervous; but she could have eventually come clean.

How does one "forget" how to give a blowjob or anal? I think she's cheating on him

3 upvotesSnickeringBear3 years ago

"but she could have eventually come clean."

Not sure if you are deliberately being sarcastic or just don't see it. Women do NOT "come clean", they do not admit anything that might be bad for their public persona. Wait until doomsday and not one single word will a woman say that "admits" she is less than a princess. I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and the divorce papers to prove it.

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Fuck me. I didn't even see that comment. Goddamn's legitimately sad. Ugh.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

/u/RedditAdminsSuck_88 check the second edit. Shit's going down.

1 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

He is a lost cause, and because he refuses to do what needs to be done, he deserves this.

One of the most painful RP truths that I've realized is that most men who are treated poorly by women, deserve to be treated poorly, because they allow it to happen.

1 upvotesHeizenbrg3 years ago

How would have he even vetted her?
You can't reveal deceiving people easily, they can hide it so well you won't figure it out.

1 upvotesaguy013 years ago

He's gonna look back in 10 years with his three shitty disobedient kids and hate himself.

80 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

hey man, I know you're here, so here goes my rant, how on earth you claim you follow red pill religiously and playing her hand at every single turn without an exception?

23 upvotesresidude3 years ago

Sometimes its harder to follow morals, then to believe them. Classic beta.

12 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Clearly this guy didn't lurk often. If you take the time to read TRP every day for about half an hour you'd have enough knowledge to dodge shit bullets like this one.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It does sound a lot like he simply didn't understand AWALT (recently there's been a lot less emphasis on this, that might just be coincidence though)

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Possibly, women will play the innocent inexperienced girl if it gets them commitment. Always do the betabux test. Fuck her roughly like a slut, degrade them, do all that kinky shit.

If the girl doesn't follow your lead and reveals her sexuality then she's trying to paint herself a special snowflake and weasel her way into commitment.

Let there be no mistake, any modern women older than 20 has had a plethora of sexual experiences already. If she's acting like a prude you either found yourself an introvert or it's your typical manipulation. This guy just didn't understand women good enough yet.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I was going more for the "all women" part, it's quite easy to read and even understand TRP, to improve yourself and think you got it.
But women can be quite charming after all, and somehow still convince you, even though you read it time and time again that AWALT applies to ALL WOMEN, that they are different.
That seems to be the case in our unfortunate brother.
He reads TRP, he works on himself, sees success and even gets himself a girlfriend. It's all so new and exciting. He remembers what we told him, has a great relationship.
But then a combination of his mother telling him to finally get married and his oh so sweet girlfriend seeming so innoccent. He always read on TRP that all girls are sluts to some extend, but his gf told him that she wasn't a slut so it must be true. So he gives in, thinking it will all go well. And it does, for a while. He settles down and enjoys his wife and vanilla sex. It's all just fine. He still improves himself and makes himself believe that he still follows TRP even though he clearly doesnt.
Then apparently for no reason his beloved and oh so sweet wive turns to shit, disrespects him. He does the correct step, to look to himself and see what he can fix but doesn't realise the potential of walking away. It gets worse and worse and then the story happens and he is just confused as everything is breaking apart around him.
That also explains why he seems to act so beta but still follows TRP, he is confused.

Yes, it's easy to put him down as a loser. But from personal experience (I'm glad I never went as far, but it was close) I can tell you all the theory doesn't prepare you for your first serious test.
Whether he truely is a loser or not will show itself now.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree, the theory is nothing like true experience. I've seen it before. Guys follow TRP but didn't really make the paradigm shift. The problem is that they value their girlfriend (weird thing to do right?). But this sets them up failure later on. When the girl begins to lose attraction and respect he has lost his ability to walk away. He used all the tools in TRP's arsenal when they were convenient for him. But actual lessons like walking away, soft nexting and AWALT are overlooked.

It's the kind of cherry-picking I've seen tons of 'unplugged' guys make. Even a great friend of mine that reads the sub still has this potential flaw. He's to invested in his girlfriend. He couldn't just drop her within one second like you or me. Eventually they get burned enough and figure 'fuck this'. Then they get in the anger phase for a while. Followed by another relationship, but this time they finally get it. They let go when they detect bullshit and move on, by that time you've seen enough. Sometimes the girl returns and sometimes she does not- but the important lesson that has been learned was to cultivate ones own abundance.

One step closer to Alphadom.

38 upvotesWhisper3 years ago

First he says:

After we got married, we moved in together and began our lives. I did my absolute best to be the best husband that I could. I tried my best to not ask her for much help with chores, and assigned them as needed: her taking care of the food issues since she was a better cook, and me taking care of the cleaning throughout the apartment. I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry. I wanted to make my wife know that in our world, she was my queen.

Then he says:

I didn't want to say it on there, but I actually follow the red pill religiously.

Hey boot... reading and nodding your head doesn't mean shit.

Unless you take action, you might as well be reading 12th century Indian poetry or back issues of Reader's Digest for all it matters.

2 upvotes8n0n3 years ago

Clever tie in of fight club in that post. Thought I would point out the obvious to show someone noticed.

450 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

saying she will "try to remember" how to give blowjobs and do butt stuff

LOL. This isn't fucking calculus. This isn't trigonometry. Step 1: grip penis, Step 2: put penis in mouth, Step 3: suck penis.

If ever there was a case study in why not to marry a whore, this is it gentlemen.

86 upvoteshores3 years ago

I find that comment ("try to remember") the most insulting part about all of it. It completely negates her "effort" of trying to make amends, and actually morphs it into a deeper insult.

"You're still a beta, you really think I'm going to give you my best even after you've seen what I can do?"

71 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's like confronting a thief whose stolen from your store that not only doesn't show remorse but says "yeah, I'll try to return the merchandise to your store if I can remember how to get there".

The absolutely minuscule number of fucks this woman gives would almost be impressive if it wasn't so revolting.

11 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

Lmao bitches mouth got amnesia when she met him.

10 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

what i dont undetstand is why being in a relationship with a woman automatically has him downgraded into beta simp status. it's like she wants to be a pump and dump.

64 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Good question and it relates to why N-count is so critical for women. The more partners she has had the more incapable she becomes of bonding with anyone. If she were a virgin bride she would likely be obsessed with her husband and give him everything and put effort into pleasing him and maintaining the relationship (and her figure). But since she has been fucked by dozens of men she feels nothing for a man that commits because a worthwhile man wouldn't have committed in the first place because he has plenty of options. Her husband getting married meant that he wasn't that great of a catch because he settled for her.

She ruined her marriage by 1. being a slut and 2. lying by omission. It's her choice to be the town bike but it's unethical to hide that from a partner. She is clearly damaged and wanted to pass off spoiled goods as mint condition, but it just doesn't work that way. Feminism brainwashed her into poor life choices, and she thought she could hide from her past and save the home made pornos. In the end she is just another degenerate failure who will go on to try to ruin another man's life after this man escapes her clutches.

24 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Funny that she saved those videos, I'm almost certain she flicked her bean on those clips when hubby was out of town.

14 upvotesNotUpToAnythingGood3 years ago

Honestly... the slut part doesn't bother me near as much as the lack of honesty and integrity.

Anyone I'm going to make a long-term or permanent part of my life needs to have honesty and integrity at the absolute minimum. Otherwise, they'll never leave GO, let alone have a chance of think about passing it.

23 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Good luck finding a girl like that. She will lie to you and you won't even know it.

1 upvotesbigderivative3 years ago

Dude...yes. I gave my last slutty ex so many tries on honesty. She always lied again. This isn't even counting how many lies I didn't learn about.

18 upvotesRPmatrix3 years ago

If she were a virgin bride she would likely be obsessed with her husband and give him everything and put effort into pleasing him and maintaining the relationship (and her figure).

pffft! Why do you guys say such things yet there's Not One shred of evidence this is the case!

Having had a 'virgin' gf who was 23yo when she had her first fuck with me, and who I was with for 3yrs, I must disagree with this sentiment. Sure she was 'devoted' as can be at first BUT regularly I travelled overseas for work and I knew she was one day going to want to 'experience other men' ... and she did, she discovered she loved sex (and was a natural at it)

Within a year of losing her virginity to me she had fucked a friend of my brothers when I was overseas --- and in most ways I can't blame her, as she was a stunning woman who was very approachable ,, and guys, especially the ones in a our social group, would approach her with all sorts of offers which eventually she took "in the spur of the moment'.

I was not surprised. I would've been a fool if I was. It's one of the drawbacks to being with a HB10

Show me ONE guy here (or anywhere on reddit) who's in a successful marriage to a virgin bride ... they don't exist and definitely aren't 'common' --- which is not surprising.

Firstly, the chances of meeting a girl under 20yo who's a virgin are extremely low, and even if you do, that's NOT going to stop her from looking elsewhere If she's not getting what she wants from you

Next, if she has any curiosity she's going to 'wonder' how you stack up against other men, and eventually that curiosity is going to manifest in reality. AWALT

Anyway, there's far more evidence of women lying about their 'N' count than there are of them telling the truth, so why would you believe a woman who tells you "I'm not as slutty as you" ... pffft no, she's sluttier! than you!

Such beliefs in a western country in 2016 are absurd

IME the only thing that might create a 100% devoted woman is having kids with her, nothing else. Even then it's no guarantee

I'm speaking from my personal experience and in my experience I know of ONE 'half successful'marriage (with kids) and yes, she was a virgin.

IMHO those two only stayed together becoz he made millions as a banker AND spent he spent so much time at work, that 'she' stayed at home 'raising the kids' while spending his money as she felt fit. She was the one who benefitted the most as He had no time outside of work!

Just becoz 'she's a virgin' when you meet =/=guarantee loyalty. To think so is just naive!

I'm 50 and know many people both older and younger than me have tried to have LTR's, and nothing will convince me that in 2016 that any woman will stay committed to a man just becoz he's her first fuck.

And last but not least, IF you like sex, you can bet your balls a vigin will give you The Most Boring sex ever. Good luck teaching her how to give you a BJ or anything else. And god forbid you make her 'feel' incompetent .... say hello to a deadbedroom/another guy quick smart!

Edit: As Skorch says:

Imagine if men were not being force fed the blue pills and had the common sense to understand that women lie, that the princess facade is always false?

For any skeptic who thinks I am wrong to generalize, we can just point out that even a verified virgin bride is always going to be an absolute whore, in the presence of the right man. It's built in. It's how women are meant to be.

the man knows

2 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Just becoz 'she's a virgin' when you meet =/=guarantee loyalty. To think so is just naive!

When I typed out my comment I made a bunch of qualifying statements about how just because X makes Y more likely it does not guarantee that Y will occur, etc etc etc. I deleted these sentences because I don't like my comments reading like legal documents and most people understand the gist of the message.

Of course, you are correct. Virginity doesn't guarantee loyalty. But a (truly) virgin wife demonstrates that she has some level of self control over her hormones, that she has rejected men many times, that her priorities weren't just FUN PARTY FEELS and excitement.

Religion is taboo on this sub as many men regard it as a blue pill institution. But traditional religion always put pressure on women's hypergamy and shamed sexual licentiousness. It is another positive indicator of better chances. But there are no guarantees in life... except death and taxes. I am convinced men invented religion to exert some little bit of control over women so that civilization would be possible. The widespread atheism/agnosticism we now have in the West is a sign that people have shrugged off any attempt to control their base animal instincts and wish to descend to the level of feral animals that casually fuck... with all the social ramifications that brings about.

3 upvotesRPmatrix3 years ago

maybe it's better to say "women with a rather low N count" might work better., e.g. I've known girls who have only been with a couple of guys in their teens and have become quite 'sexually experienced' from the one LTR before I met them. Now such a girl could be a good prospect for an LTR in my mind, far preferable than a mythical virgin with the issues I suggested don't you think bro?

3 upvotesRommel05023 years ago

Looking back, I have had six LTRs in my life, and Im 48 now. I did heavy due diligence on all of them and these are what I believe their numbers to be and their ages at the time -

  1. 18 yrs. n=2
  2. 35 yrs. n=5
  3. 26 yrs n=4
  4. 24 yrs n=10
  5. 22 yrs n=1
  6. 31 yrs n=2

Can any of you guess which one of these turned out to be BY FAR the biggest mistake of the lot?

Eg - of the lot, there was only one single one who I was certain:

  1. Cheated on me
  2. Lied to me consistently
  3. Tried to cover up a pre-existing STD
  4. Had daddy issues (my fault on not recognizing this myself sooner)

I know this is only a small sample size, but gents, N matters, and matters hugely. And in this case, we're "only" talking an N=10. All of the others? No problems with any of them. Would still take their call if they buzzed.

10 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

And in this case, we're "only" talking an N=10.

That is a huge number... for a woman. Women are not men. We are fundamentally different. A man can sleep with dozens, even scores, maybe even hundreds of women, and still "settle down" comfortably after he grows tired of the chase.

Not women. Once they get a taste of the CC it consumes them. An N that can't be counted on just one hand indicates damaged goods. And even a low-N doesn't rule out damaged goods.

Thanks for sharing your stats. Everyone has their own risk appetite, of course, so "your mileage may vary."

6 upvotesbigderivative3 years ago

Most girls 22 or older are well past 10 my guy.

2 upvotesArchange_3 years ago

Then what about single women at 30 whose N-counts are 50+. That's about 4 men per year since they were 16.

In the past years, upon serious enquiry in my potential LTR's, I have always come to the conclusion that none had N-counts under 20; most of them were at 50+ or even 100+. I gave up on finding an LTR for now.

2 upvotesRedPillSpookyGhost3 years ago

as a man i'm always baffled by the actions of women. why save those videos? was she masturbating to them? wouldn't it be infinitely better for her to erase all traces of them? why keep them in a computer her husband have access to?

1 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

This is so fucking spot on holy shit 👏.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

81 upvotes_Trigglypuff_3 years ago

She just went to meet up with them for some kisses.

15 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

Very salty kisses apparently.

20 upvotes_MWN_3 years ago

Why does this sound familiar?

Was this fucking Jenny?

12 upvotessnorted_the_red_pill3 years ago

The infamous Jenny, eh?

Fuck me that was quite the ride. Guy got fucked so impossibly hard. Jesus.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotessnorted_the_red_pill3 years ago

Nah, don't know of its veracity.

But as a story its fucking gold.

2 upvotesqdhcjv3 years ago

Oh the irony- half the shit on this sub isn't real either.

2 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

If it's a real story please link it I want to read.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

hahah are you also on the donald? i remember your name and i said "triggly! :O"

42 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

The number of TRPers that MAGA is yuuuuuge.

6 upvotesoffthebeatmeoff3 years ago

You have to stay Nimble in all aspects of your life

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Fellow Trumpster supporter who is also on TRP. All about MAGA and following red pill. Never getting married.

2 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

I want Trump to let it burn.

When getting Bernt is not enough.

Let things Trump.

1 upvotesbowie7473 years ago

Ten feet higher!!!!

Edit: I forgot the bot doesn't work outside The Donald. It's easy to get carried away isn't it?

1 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

I was shocked to find a fellow Patriots/Red Sox fan on there which was mindblowing cuz that sub is full of gay lefty cucks for the most part. People from all walks of life reject globalism and holy fuck I changed channels to get away from a shillary commercial and another comes on. Lying whore with a punchable face

-1 upvotesGIGANTIC_NIGGER_DICK3 years ago

Oh snap I forgot about that story. It's gone from Reddit now isn't it? If someone could spare a link for the lulz I would appreciate it

21 upvotesunmitigatedlol3 years ago

That estimate might be a little low. There are also the guys whose videos she didn't keep. And the guys she didn't record for whatever reason. And the ones she blew anywhere in the world other than her bedroom. And the ones from before she got the webcam and started making amateur porn. Oh, and the ones from after she stopped making the videos. But that's probably about it, though.

10 upvotesNobleShitLord3 years ago

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Lmaaaaaaaooooooo! Yeah only a few give or take 50 or 60 in either direction. Oh the pain he must feel. When he said, "27+ videos" I almost fell out of bed. Hard to look at your wife the same way when you see her on video getting face fucked.

18 upvotesblue_273 years ago

"Don't suck any dicks on your way to the parking lot."

4 upvotesGreenthumb3263 years ago

Does the 27 club refer to a woman learning the technique on the 27th dick? Just asking.

3 upvotesStythe3 years ago

The 27 club is a reference to famous celebs who died at the age of 27, often musicians due to drugs use like Hendrix or Kobain.

52 upvotesSkorchZang3 years ago

Imagine if men were not being force fed the blue pills and had the common sense to understand that women lie, that the princess facade is always false?

For any skeptic who thinks I am wrong to generalize, we can just point out that even a verified virgin bride is always going to be an absolute whore, in the presence of the right man. It's built in. It's how women are meant to be. Stop oppressing women by denying their sexual nature and living in a sick ego fantasy. The point is that there is a deliberate falsehood being sold to clueless men on a vast scale. It's a scam that women benefit from, so can't blame them for taking part - if we're such morons that we keep falling for this made-up princess fantasy over and over, generation after generation. Goddamn, take a moment out of your day, imagine your princess taking a big runny shit locked in the ladies toilet. She is dirtier than you. You should've been the one who said "not as slutty as you" and smirked at the wedding! This is what makes men angry. We got cheated out of basic, absolutely essential knowledge - for the sole purpose of making men easier to fuck over & yoke into the sham modern marriage.

If there was no brainwashing, then the husband from OP could've put the wifey on her knees and made her suck his dick in the most degrading way imaginable, while he slaps her around and talks about what a little go-pro whore she is. Both of them enjoy it greatly, their sex life comes back together, and the family can happily go on. The wife snuggles up to her badass man and in coy whispers tells him funny stories about all the go pro Chads she fucked before as they watch the vids together. Domestic bliss!

Instead, you get "okayyy.. I guesssss I will try to remmeber how, just for you honey..." The lying cunt, she is STILL putting on, even after being found out and deprived of any possible credibility. It's adorable. Too bad the husband can't do anything about it, he can't be the man she wants and needs because he's too invested in the blue pill forced delusion that his wonderful princess betrayed him. She did nothing of the sort, she never was a wonderful princess and isn't one now, like every woman she is a delicious lying conniving bitch who needs dick and degradation, not hand holding, cookies & a new computer.

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I was super guilty of putting women on a pedestal before I found TRP. The irony is that they fucking hate that. It turns them off more than just about anything. Just that one basic piece of knowledge could save so many poor fucks from themselves.

12 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

dude the picturing them shit thing is too good. it really does take them off the pedestal, unless you have a scat fetish. Then you're fucking gross.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is RSD Julian's goto phrase when talking about approach anxiety or getting nervous around a hotty... "just imagine her taking a massive shit. They all do it, this one's no different"

2 upvotesSkorchZang3 years ago

That magnificent bastard, stealing my lines again.

4 upvotesdisgruntledearthling3 years ago

If there was no brainwashing, then the husband from OP could've put the wifey on her knees and made her suck his dick in the most degrading way imaginable, while he slaps her around and talks about what a little go-pro whore she is. Both of them enjoy it greatly, their sex life comes back together, and the family can happily go on.

This is gold. Fully agree here. Become the Chadest of the Chads and live happily ever fucking after.

Edit: then dump her sorry ass

8 upvotesB641723 years ago

I spit my drink out after reading that part

3 upvotesdoveenigma133 years ago

Man. I don't think I've ever known somebody so beta that they would date a girl very long if they didn't throw down some mouth hugs let alone marry her.

Wow. He got lost in the deep dark beta with this one.

1 upvotesPhromDaPharcyde3 years ago

She can just watch the fucking videos and hope her whore muscle memory kicks in.

1 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

All women have their slut phase. They only remember it when they want to.

30 upvotesJakei343 years ago

I'd divorce her...but i don't know

Alimony and shit scares me.

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I couldn't stand to be in the same room as that bitch. I'd divorce her and not think twice about it. Only negative would be the kids, but in sure you'd get duel custody when you point out the fact your wife is a fucking liar.

EDIT: this man doesn't actually even have kids. Even better. I'd run for the fucking hills.

8 upvotesMakeEmSayAyy3 years ago

he must not realize how bad he COULD have it

i mean yeah id fucking murder a bitch if i had to give her half my assets cuz SHE'S a lying whore, but if I had to give her a house and 68% of of my income? LOL nah you'll probably see me on forensic files

2 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Not if you hide the body good enough ;)

In most cases, a simple kidnap/torture will do the job to let her know she will do as you say. I would say a few days to a week of sleep deprivation, torture and brain washing her into realizing that she is going to fuck off is good enough.

Then you resort to the fun stuff if she doesn't learn.

Of course this is assuming she doesn't get off on it...

22 upvotes0kool743 years ago

Alimony and shit scares me.

It's highly doubtful that she'd get any alimony after only 2 years of marriage. What's really scary is him having to pay to raise a kid that's not even his own after getting cucked!

18 upvotesWhisper3 years ago

Don't get married. Problem solved before you have it.

20 upvotesaRedThought3 years ago

Nah fam I found this sick unicorn. Definitely wife material.

11 upvotesWhisper3 years ago

Lemme guess... she's a good mother to her son (by her scumbag ex who abused her... you know because she told you all about it), so she'll be a great mother to your kids!

And you just bought the ring, and you're soooo excited to get down on one knee and ask her.

2 upvotesawalt_cupcake3 years ago

He's pretty certain. Must be legit. Congrats!

1 upvotessqueezemymindgrapes3 years ago

Well the fallout from a divorce isn't nearly as bad if the women makes a similar amount of money to you. The mistake many guys make is divorcing a women who stays at home or has a shit job.

If you marry a high quality, i.e. somewhat attractive and well paid women, you should be fine, even in divorce. The financial damage is the biggest issue for me at least, the emotional damage I can get over.

12 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Step 1: Sell everything

Step 2: Buy bitcoin

Step 3: Disappear

Step 4: Set up in a foreign country

Step 5: Your bitcoin comes with you

Step 6: Let the cunt divorce you for abandonment after 1 year (may vary based on jurisdiction)

Step 7: Enjoy life

4 upvotestrp-sama3 years ago

I wonder how this works. I mean if I sold all my shit, bought bitcoins, transferred it all to a new account that I had a friend create. Then we get the divorce and I admit that I sold all my shit, converted it to bitcoin and donated it to mens right group online. Later in life like a year or so down the road my friend can start slowly giving me back my cash. Obviously friend needs to be close enough that I can trust him with this kind of thing and I wouldn't want to keep a large amount of money in bitcoin for too long.

14 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Then we get the divorce

You don't get a divorce. You walk out on a bitch. You don't give a cunt the satisfaction of filing papers with the bureaucracy, of going through the process. YOU DON'T.

You fucking GHOST on a cunt that stabbed you in the back. You abandon her. Let her wonder what happened to you. Did you strike up a new romance and run off? Get murdered by the mob? Secret agent? Assassin? Or you are just a fucking asshole who walked out on a worthless ho. Let her wonder about you.

Depending on the jurisdiction in 6 months to two years she can file for divorce and that is one of the options. She will have moved on by then and won't bother trying to track you down to get the spoils of war, I mean divorce. Anyhow, if you split and ran off to a third world country good luck even getting any assets or cash from you. She will have moved on and will be too embarrassed or unsure how to proceed.

Interacting with a bureaucracy is for BP cuckolds. The bureaucracy caters to women. You deny her the satisfaction and keep her wondering. Never give her closure or contact her. Burning bridges prevents your enemies from following you during retreat.

edit words

6 upvotesRedEyesBlueShades3 years ago

With BTC you don't need to transfer anything to anyone... just pack your laptop and go. Or store them on your phone and go. No need for friends who are gonna rip you off.

1 upvotesputin_vor3 years ago

No divorce court will buy that story. Hence the Step 3.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It would be even worse if they had kids. That's the bright side of all this. Never get married, no matter what anybody tells you. It's your life and you choose how to live it. He messed up in getting married, just because of what his mom wanted.

1 upvotesusername_goes_where3 years ago

You know why divorce is expense? Because it's worth it.

1 upvotes5t3fan03 years ago

poor and alive is better than dead inside.

would divorce 10/10

22 upvotesBlackJ13 years ago

There are so many posts like this.

BP Man does everything he can to be a "good husband" and puts his wife before him making sure all her needs are meet just for her to give him starfish sex and little to no reciprocation.

Honestly really sad, however even though OP doesn't say it, I feel him believing the same phrase many other men believe:

"What did I do to deserve this?"

It all comes down to men expecting good sex from them giving good commitment. No sorry it doesn't work that way.

1 upvotessupremelummox3 years ago

I need advice on this. How do I make my girl attracted to me again?

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That Saving the Best article you sent him was exactly what came to mind when I saw the title of this post. OP better not have kids with this woman. He might not even want to have sex with her because she might end up having an "accidental pregnancy."

Try to get a divorce that isn't devastating and move on.

1 upvotesdepaysementKing3 years ago

I don't think he could even get himself up knowing what she has done. I know I wouldn't.

15 upvotesSnookied3 years ago

So uh.. did you tell him he's doing a pretty shit job of being red?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

See my new edit! Exciting developments!

5 upvotesSnookied3 years ago

Well hot fucking damn. You weren't kidding. Best to him, from here on out. I'm glad he has awoke from his brief resumption of the great slumber.

3 upvotesafkb39sdfb3 years ago

You should PM him the definition of "lying through omissions." She was consciously deceptive from the very beginning of the relationship. You don't deceive and lie to someone you "love."

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Just by reading the title the first thing I said is "another one?"

Anyway he is a red pill reader yet he was still taken for a ride, Why? My .02 cents is that a lifetime of conditioning is hard to break. You can sit here and read the sidebar till you have it memorized but when confronted by a real life girl and you are actually and finally getting sex, the red pill becomes dry philosophy and theory vs your male feelings. Those feelings are super powerful. Along with getting your balls drained, you start think about flowers, violins in the background, a house with a white picket fence, being a dad, being a provider, treating her right...

Had an ex-friend (learned this from the red pill, cut toxic people out of your life... no, I actually got tired of his whining) that was before the red pill came into being but a religious Tom Leykis listener.

For those who do not know, Tom Leykis had a very popular radio show 10 years ago here in the USA and was preaching red pill philosophy before it came into being.

"Tom Leykis said this, Tom Leykis said that," was constantly spewing out of his mouth. He is also a short Asian guy that was really smart with money and saved and invested well. Anyway he finally lands a girl. She is a girl that point blank told him she only dates big black guys. He ignores that and she had reluctant starfish sex with him till she gets pregnant. Has the kid and goes right back to dating big black guys but now milks him for everything he is worth. Beside the court mandated child support, "your daughter needs new shoes, your daughter needs food, your daughter needs_______." She literally used his daughter to extract money while she dated big black guys.

Finally spent, broken and crying, I wanted to scream into his face "WHAT WOULD YOUR HERO TOM LEYKIS SAY ABOUT THIS!"

The point being that his demigod Tom Leykis and his red pill theories couldn't stop him from going down that road.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Along with getting your balls drained, you start think about flowers, violins in the background, a house with a white picket fence, being a dad, being a provider, treating her right...

It's depressing to me that this can never be a reality. This is what I want. But women do not want this. That fact has only been reinforced as I've seen more and more of the world.

That is the red pill in its most harsh form. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

3 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

Damn i feel sorry for your friend. But I understand what he went through kinda. I had people preaching to me about red pill shit when growing up. I ignored it because I thought those guys only dated sluts and the girls I go after weren't.

Well I eventually got a rude awaking, but at least I didn't get the girl pregnant or anything. So yea, you can know about the red pill and stuff and still fall for it.

I know lots of guys that listen to rap and say fuck bitches and get money, but then turn around and think they found a unicorn and get screwed over

16 upvotesKolantah3 years ago

I didn't want to say it on there, but I actually follow the red pill religiously. That was what kept me on track to strive to be attractive. But alas, I fell trap for my mom's ploy and had to resort to being married. Thanks for the reference, brother. I appreciate the consideration.

Dude, if you read this, where the fuck in your "religious reading" of the redpill did you find that you should bring flowers and go on inventive dates and shit? If your girl doesn't fuck you, you apply dread immediately. That's married redpill 101 for fucks sake!

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah for real. Don't miss the second edit!

9 upvotesKolantah3 years ago

Well in all fairness for the poor guy, even If he had read and applied redpill passed the first line ("1. Lift") and got awesome sex from a fit wife, it wouldn't have changed his wife's disappointing slutty past and constant lies. We should change TRP's first line to "1. Don't get married. If you're married, plan an exit strategy for when shit WILL hit the fan."

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wrong! This goes beyond dread game, this is divorce territory.

12 upvotesYokep3 years ago

This dude needs to comprehend and apply what he reads here.

This subreddit isn't for our entertainment. It's education. It works. I just picked up a second plate and life couldn't be better.

5 upvotesOpenBumChakra3 years ago

Yes, he read but did not internalize. Sad

21 upvotesindianthrw3 years ago

Hey thanks for the analysis. It really put things in perspective and just jolted me. I am going back to the house soon, took an early day at work. I am packing all my things, and moving them to my cousin's house till I figure shit out. I should have known to play my dread game harder and stay aloof instead of making myself available for her. Before finding those videos this past weekend, I thought she was your innocent girl type, but AWALT. I see everything is tried and true, it just sucks that its probably going to cost me half my assets. Thank goodness we don't have joint bank accounts (or is she going to divorce rape me there too?). Despite following all the advice here, I succumbed and have suffered the consequences HARD. Not too late for me to pick up my life and move on.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Divorce her. Tell her she's getting nothing and that if she doesn't agree, you'll have the videos put in evidence with her name on them. Subsequent public records requests will have those videos on the internet within a week. You won't be able to Google her name without getting anal porn.

7 upvotesnewmeforever3 years ago


And stay inside of your house and throw her shit outside, fucking whore.

She deserves nothing.

1 upvotesVanityKings3 years ago

Don't let anyone tell you differently, you threaten that bitch with showing her entire family those tapes if she tries to take ANYTHING that does not belong to her. Show her fucking grandma if need be, don't let this hoe divorce rape you

1 upvotesGunsGermsAndSteel3 years ago

Soooo how about some kind of proof that you aren't making up this entire hard-to-believe story? For instance you could post a screenshot of a text with her, or anything else that might make you look a little less completely full of shit.

1 upvotesRealGucciSosa3 years ago

As an Indian yourself, it should have been a red flag the MOMENT she said "I'm not as slutty as you". If she wasn't a virgin, then by south asian standards she's a HOE when there's plenty of virgins you could have had an arranged marriage with. What was your mother thinking?

Any Indian with an N count of more than 2 should be out of the question, period. Regardless of whether its arranged or romantic relationship.

Edit: Be careful when you warned her you will "reveal the videos," you don't want her crying blackmail or domestic abuse. Just warn her lightly, and tell her you'll show it to your own parents if need be, and to her parents if she tries to cause a scene. Reassure her its nothing more than that. You don't want her doing something crazy at this stage.

9 upvotesmr_nate_3 years ago

For any guys wavering on swallowing the Red Pill, hopefully you can learn from one of OUR OWN, who strayed from the path, and is now paying the price.

He'll come back from this. Internalize this example, so you never have to.

2 upvotesdepaysementKing3 years ago

Fuck yes. I'm South Asian myself and I'll be damned if my parents forced this crap down my throat.

I've swallowed the pill for good. Fuck anyone who tells me I'm misogynistic in this fucked up world.

9 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

"I'm not as slutty as you."

...wait for it....

I went through all the videos, and counted 27 different men in total.

Translation: "I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sluttier than you."

And those are just the ones she filmed.

I PM'd the guy and sent him to "Saving the Best"

"Hats Off to the Bull" is a good companion thread for that one.

I actually follow the red pill religiously....I fell trap for my mom's ploy and had to resort to being married.

And there you have it. Poor bastard drove right of the road, anyway.


I am going to tell her I will reveal the videos if she doesn't leave quietly and try to steal my money or my house.

CAREFUL. that sound a lot like blackmail. I would be very circumspect about direct threats. I would back them up, and then leave them running on her PC, so she knows you know.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


....if 27 were filmed....wow you know there must be WAY more that she will not admit to.

8 upvotesRPthrowaway1233 years ago

Hey guys, we actually saved the OP!

Well, actually we didn't do anything. He saved himself. Good luck, /u/indianthrw. You will get through this, and you deserve better than bad sex from an ex-whore. Go and live a life worth living!

7 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry.

Even in his player days, this guy is Mr Fucking Beta. The only thing of value here is "surprise dates". The rest is "please just fucking exploit me".

Flowers, desserts and jewelry is pure fucking provider game. Not surprised he's gotten married and fucked over.

Dude... if you read this... read TRP properly this time. Avoid provider game. It gets you used.

6 upvotesNotUpToAnythingGood3 years ago

Hey now, I do the flowers and desserts thing too...

But I do them when I damn well feel like it and not because she expects them. I also don't do them often. Give a gift too often and it stops being a surprise and gift... it turns into an expectation.

That reminds me... I've been meaning to write up a post on delivery and how minor differences can make or break a gesture.

2 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

a post on delivery and how minor differences can make or break a gesture

Please do, this is a great post idea, very useful and subtle concept that I think a lot of us could benefit from reading.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Why would you gift a woman with anything but your cock?

2 upvotesmelb223 years ago

It does get you used. My big life lesson.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesredzorp3 years ago

More like: this is at bare minimum 50% of marriages and more likely 75% of marriages.

6 upvotes5t3fan03 years ago


another brother saved, urrah!

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

12 upvotestallwheel3 years ago

99% of women have no idea where the pictures on their phone go after they take them.

LOL so true. This is every woman I've ever known. 'Why is my phone telling me that icloud is full? What's that?'

7 upvotesTheRedThrowAwayPill3 years ago


This same story gets repeated about every 1 year.

I was gonna post how I was happy there is finally a good juicy BP example like old times but nah - same shit story about he Indian guy whose wife was a flaming whore.

Only this was adjusted to say he wasn't a total virgin.

This is a troll post to mess with the minds of r-Relationshits

6 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

OK this is a compelling argument. But OP did say they are S. Asian. So... does that mean Indian? Tech support people? This is a coin toss, isn't it...

2 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago
  • South Asian = india/pakistan......essentially desis
  • East Asian = thai, china, etc.

  • Note - arabic countries aren't considered asian (even though they are located in asia) - but simply middle east

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesfingerthemoon3 years ago

I struggled to read it all, so obviously fake. I can't remember how many times I've seen this story here. What gets me is how all the endorsed members are taking it seriously. Yeah, those guys who are out killing it but spend all there time commenting on this forum...

1 upvotespeterson20043 years ago

I also believe this to be bullshit. The fact OP professed to be redpill and also spews so much BP is redflag

6 upvotesTRPtruth3 years ago

Edit out the part where the backups are stored.

He can still bail, short marriage no kids, he wont be divorce raped too hard. Lucky guy.

It's over, now it will only be him thinking she's"trying to remember" when and if she tries to pity suck his dick in a last ditch attempt to keep the beta provider.

5 upvotesferengiprophet3 years ago

I don't blame her, he really doesn't know how women work-- he went full retard:

I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry. I wanted to make my wife know that in our world, she was my queen.

Never bring bitches flowers. That's the universal sign for "Hi, I'm a beta male"

6 upvotes1v1crown3 years ago

"I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry. I wanted to make my wife know that in our world, she was my queen."

Say no more. You are a cunt.

6 upvotesjohnchapel3 years ago

I kept up with my old "tricks" from my Casanova days and made sure to bring flowers every few days, the occasional dessert touch, surprise dates, and jewelry.

Well if that isn't the cuckest thing I've ever fucking read.

edit; I stand corrected:

I wanted to make my wife know that in our world, she was my queen.

4 upvotesmelb223 years ago

What gets me about the whole situation is that women once got married to be able to enjoy sex, now they get married when the desire for security and marital status and perhaps children starts to outweigh the desire for sex. So women have sex whilst single and then when ready to give it up (or downgrade to duty sex) they're ready to get married. And they seem to think this is a workable long-term arrangement.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

It's not that weird if you think about it. Imagine the kind of sex women love to have and now try to combine that with your average family/marriage life.

That's like trying to make a half porn half biblical movie.

1 upvotesmelb223 years ago

Maybe. It's an interesting comment to think about. But consider this: most husbands are happy to have their wives slut it up in the bedroom, to try out different things, to be creative and so on. But the wives seem to flick on a switch with a provisioning man that says "sex with you is for leveraging things, so once I've got your commitment, then we start at a base level and see what you can do for me" - which given the difficulty of women's emotions will often mean she doesn't give much. Yes you can then dread her into sex, but that then leads to actressing on her part which is unlikely to end well.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

most husbands are happy to have their wives slut it up in the bedroom, to try out different things, to be creative and so on.

Remember that everything a woman does is considered from her perspective. The husband might like it but for a woman it remains a risk.

There are a couple of simple reasons that make them turn that flick switch. Consider for example that most encounters with Cad or some 50shades of grey type will be few and far between. The guy rails her ass while he beats her with a belt and then leaves. She won't see him for another three to six weeks or until she needs another fix. Now hubby over here she will see, ranging from every single day if their living together to once a week at the minimum.

Now realize that women by enlarge are ashamed of their sexuality and even afraid of it. How could she feel comfortable and look her husband/boyfriend in the eye after that. By outsourcing the kinky sex to some nameless Joe she distances herself from the act. Which is what women are all about, taking zero agency.

I wish we delved deeper into this dynamic on TRP sometimes. People will tell you "Be Alpha, Cad fucks and Billy bucks" but it's not that simple. Some guys could blue like the ocean and they'd still get kinky sex as long as they position themselves to be the outsourced guy. Sure if you keep frame and show experience you can ease a girl to get comfortable. But that doesn't explain these 'wifes who are a whore to anyone but their husbands' stories.

1 upvotesmelb223 years ago

I think there's something to this, thanks. And your last point is well taken. If you present yourself as the player type, the one who is there for a night of anonymous fun, then women seem to respond differently sexually, than if you present yourself as future hubby. It seems perverse from the male point of view (why give more of yourself to the man who is offering you nothing?) but your explanation does at least make sense.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Don't mention it. Any discussion and input is welcome on this board. Together we'll learn more and become better prepared for the future.

4 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

Ah yes, what was the old adage?

"Treat her like a princess and she'll treat you like a peasant."

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

27 men. Please don't ever consider getting back with her.

3 upvotesTedTheAtheist3 years ago

Wow.. I hope holding the videos ransom helps! I really do.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I know a chick, reasonably attractive for age 31, who has kind of accepted that panic-age 29 sailed on by and she's not finding Mr. Right "for some reason." I see her out at night clubs and I honestly think she's decided she's bored with life and pissed off at all men for not marrying-her-off when she was mid 20's or something.

She seems to have one and only one plan in mind. Slut-out and take as much as she can from as many men as she can. She's got the accelerator floored.

It's kind of impressive in a way. But it'll be sad to see her at 35, and then again at 40 - angrier, leathery, hollow, and a crumpled mess. I wonder if she could be the woman OP found in the scenario posted above or if she'll be so low-end it'll be impossible for a beta to hook up with her.

I wondered about targeting a particular guy that gives me trouble and "recommending her character" as some kind of noble date-worthy chick. Meh, that's too mean.

3 upvotesRommel05023 years ago

If you decide to get married, who you marry is by a country mile the most important single decision you will make in determining your own happiness. With that, there should be no stone unturned and nothing off the table when it comes to due diligence.

With all of that, how the fuck the question "How many people have you slept with?" waited until the wedding night is absolutely beyond me.

IMO, you deserve what you get going into something so important so blind.

3 upvotessqueezemymindgrapes3 years ago

Sucks bro. Also, why would she get half your assets in the divorce? Does she not work?

Also, a lot of guys on here say "Don't get married" because of stuff like this. I think the better advice is, "Don't get married to someone who makes a lot less than you." If you get married with a girl with a similar income level, this won't be a problem in the divorce proceedings.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Be careful saying anything remotely positive about marriage or you'll get hounded endlessly lol

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

What are really the positive benefits of marriage for men, besides the "tax breaks", which pretty much are dwarfed by the amount of alimony a guy would have to pay, in the event of a divorce.

1 upvotesjasonmiles20143 years ago

Until she quits her job and the judge feels bad for her.

1 upvotessqueezemymindgrapes3 years ago

Wouldn't you also quit your job in retaliation? The point here is that if you two are similar in income, the incentive to quit, get support, etc are similar. I will agree it gets tricky with children because the courts heavily prefer giving the mother custody and then you'll have to pay support.

1 upvotesjasonmiles20143 years ago

Yeah, I guess I was just speaking more from personal experience (unfortunately).

3 upvotescs_throwawayyy3 years ago

These are just plain sad stories, lives getting destroyed. I'm so grateful that by some random clicks through the internet, I ended up in TRP and PUA stuff.

TRP might not be moral, but so is life.

1 upvotestheycallmedumdum3 years ago

What's PUA? should I be subbed there as well?

5 upvotesneopet3 years ago

That honestly reads like a troll post. I really really hope it's just an elaborate work of fiction and someone's not actually going through that.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Sometimes you wonder how much bullshit people write on the internet. Then you go out in real life and hear the exact kind of stories. This shit is really happening, even if this story was fake.

2 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon3 years ago

Go for an annulment, maybe he won't have to pay.

2 upvotesFlintShaman3 years ago

Try to remember? Like really? Really really? Holy shit, someone come scrape me off the fucking sidewalk because I'm dead.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A woman giving sex to someone who gives her tingles is like riding a bike, especially if they're the bike.

2 upvotesiAngeloz3 years ago

I'm noticing a trend here lol

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

When I had the conversation with her about the videos it would have ended with her being dumped.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It sounds like he reads redpill but doesn't do a damn thing with the material, it sounded like he stays in shape but that's it.

If you read the place religiously and try to apply it I feel like you won't have to ask what needs to be done. Try to change how your marriage works, if it fails, goodbye. But he obviously wasn't taking anything here to heart when it came to relationship stuff.

Still wish him luck, hope he ends up in a good place after whatever shit is ahead.

2 upvoteswiseprogressivethink3 years ago

At least he didn't have kids with this cunt.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

One of the most depressing things ive ever heard... Is this my future?..is this the future of all non alpha"chad" types?..simply coping that shes attracted to you..while shes only using you for comfort and support... was the guy ugly? Short? Small penis?..I dont get it really..how can a woman be so cold towards someone..yet still stay with them?..

1 upvotesUnholy_VI3 years ago

No. This guy was kidding himself about being redpill. Being redpill means actually doing this shit not coming to the sub now and then. The op highlights show he wasn't anywhere near BEING red pill with this woman.

2 upvotesPraecipuus3 years ago

Use the videos as leverage to divorce her and make her leave with her stuff only.

2 upvotesBrewjo3 years ago


Not sure if your an Indian in an Indian part of the world or an Indian in the West.

Stop sharing information now, assume this tread is in the hands of her lawyer.

Copy of her sextapes on your PC?

Hello warrant, search and seizure.

2 upvotesDIDNT_READ_YOUR_SHIT3 years ago

Came here for the cuck. Stayed for the popcorn.

2 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

I asked her about trying new things, such as blow jobs

Good gods! This is AFTER he married her. Try "new" things like BJ's. So all through dating and flower giving the dude never even got a BJ. What...the...fuck.

I PM'd the guy and sent him to https://therationalmale.com/2013/12/03/saving-the-best/, which is basically the same situation, so maybe he can see the light.

Good work Red Knight!

2 upvotesjohngalt12343 years ago

A wife who is a slut for her husband is a good wife.

4 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Okay, which one of you losers made that post? It reeks of Red Pill fantasy writing to open the eyes of people.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Actually, I think it reads more like cuckold porn fantasy writing. This guy got off on making this up and reading the reactions of others. I think that with some double agent trolling is most likely in my mind.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Note how he did lift? This guy did allot of things right and still he got shitty sex. Why?

Because allot of women compartmentalize their sexual strategy

That is to say that they need a husband/boyfriend for validation and emotional maintenance- she needs to show someone off to her friends. This guy can be just as good looking and ripped like the guys that plow her for a night. And yet she will not let him fuck her like a whore.

Simple reason: She designated him with the 'husband class' also known as the 'Tank' for u geeks who still play MMORPG's. That means he gets to take all the aggro while dealing none of the damage.

Some women (especially the insecure ones, feminazis) work like this. They want their husbands to respect them and value them as their equal partner. This is done to maintain her ego and assure her he won't leave. Since lack of respect equals infidelity in her mind, remember- women project. But this contradicts female raw sexuality where she's looking for dominance, degrading and abuse. See the dilemma MissVacuumCock has to deal with?

When she picked up those bar Cads she had nothing to lose. No mortgaged house, wedding ring, shared assets, future children or the loss of respect by her peers. Bar Cad could pump and dump her. And that's why he got to do it all. All the nasty experiments this guy would have dreamed off.

It's like in football practice, where your coach lets you run all loose and crazy on the field, but the moment you're playing an actual game all you're running is slants and hand offs. Play it safe says Coach.

That's what women do in marriage and serious relationships, they play it safe. There's no room to mouthfuck and gagg her raw before the family comes over for Thanksgiving.

It takes a real Alpha with impenetrable frame and experience to convince a women to ease up and let loose in the relationship. And some women simply can't do it. Those guys in the bars probably had equally shit game like OP. They just got lucky she considered them fucktoys.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I don't know what his problem is. Found some quality porn there. And a final nail in the coffin to drop this bitch.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Atleast the comments are somewhat encouraging

1 upvotesTooKoolForScool3 years ago

Guy had 10 one nights with 10 different sluts and he still didn't get women? Gimme a break.

1 upvotesT1O_Electric3 years ago

Men these days are easily played. They are raised to think that women who sleep around are sluts and to avoid them (depending on up-bringing)to avoid STDs. But if you do go that route you can eventually "settle down" with a "good girl" and "be happy".

What isn't taught is that AWALT and there are no clean girls out there. The only reason to not pump and dump is if you find a woman willing to have children and can be a good mom (1/100 women ever) if you want children.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

It's easier than that. Guys think the sluts they fuck on a random night out are not the girls they meet during daytime. OP met his wifey in some normal daylight setting and told himself this girl clearly isn't like the sluts he fucked.

Easy to fall for it to, girls are more than willing to play along with that bullshit fantasy.

I've seen it so many times. Guys fuck and treat girls like sluts. Until they meet one who they designate as 'their girl' and suddenly regard her like a saint. The red flags are right in front of them but they can't see it. Maybe that's what love does to you, makes you blind. Sickening.

1 upvotesJax777893 years ago

I cannot believe this world class chump is familiar to TRP. He is BB level 9000. Buy her flowers ? Make specific efforts for her ? What ?

1 upvotesaRedThought3 years ago

You know I was going to call them both idiots but the man in this situation takes the dumbass cake. Good for him though it isn't too late.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

anyone that dates and/or marries a girl that is only putting forth two basic positions in sex is an utter fool and likely deserves what is coming to them. No girl relegates you to missionary if she truly loves/wants you, not a single one

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is so bad, it almost can't be real. But with a large human population and the internet, I suppose you'll see it all eventually.

1 upvotesAragornRF3 years ago

Wow! Only 27? Well she is just 73 short of a century.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Jesus, my anger phase rocks on. Snoop comes to mind, "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks".

1 upvotesecosci3 years ago

It never fails but the pornstar sex is reserved for the alphas and the starfish is reserved for beta bux husband awalt.

2 upvotesmitzibishi3 years ago

Dude it wasnt even Alphas, thats the insult. She didnt find 27 Alphas plus the many more not filmed. It was just random guys she found with smelly dicks

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Hard and fast rule: Never tell a chick how many girls you've banged. You sold her on the mystique. You sold her you are a 'cassanova' (vomit). No matter what the number is, it's likely less than the number she has in her head, and that is a bad thing. You're going to kill her perception of you. Men constantly project their desire for low partner count by assuming pitching a low value will demonstrate value. It doesn't.

Furthermore, this has been said here time and time again, never ask for hers. Whatever it is its A: a lie, B: too many. If you are with a chick and you REALLY have to know and its eating you up inside, end the relationship. You're doing yourself a huge favor.

Lastly, don't buy into her tricks to make you feel guilty about your supposed high partner count and divulge numbers or supplicate to her. IT'S A TRAP!

1 upvotesredwithahintofred3 years ago

What a bloody twist at the end. 10/10.

Also a good reminder: Even when you are following the red pill, you can still get sucked into these situations. Keep yourselves on guard lads.

1 upvotesPolishHypocrisy3 years ago

Man after reading this and some of the comments I truly feel bad for the poor guy. With that said , with the route he's going , I wish him the best and that if he does leave her (like he should) that he finds someone that's truly worth it to him and his time/effort. If you read this guy whom this is all about , don't give up man , me (and I assume others) believe you got this and truly wish you the best of luck!

1 upvotesDualmilion3 years ago

Is it not a rule to not discuss your number?

I was talking to my roommates the other night and they started talking their numbers and they got annoyed that I wouldn't tell them mine. 24 yr old said 5 or 6 (obviously it's higher) and the 21 yr old said 9 and said her first was at 19

1 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

Come on, she didn't forget how to do blows or butt stuff,

She just forget how to do those on a man who she's not strongly attracted to without wincing.

If you really force a woman like that to BJ, you might as well not unless you wanna see her knot-tied brows and wincing smiles.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I asked her about trying new things, such as blow jobs, even butt stuff, but she said all that stuff was dirty

When you have to talk about blowjobs then you should know somethings up.

1 upvotescleverley19863 years ago

how did this not happen pre marriage?!?!

1 upvotesBielzabutt3 years ago

The manipulation here is sickening. AWALT

1 upvotesDarkuSchneider3 years ago

Whoever this poor bastard is need to read this and anyone in a similar situation really.

Forget about the video's, possessing them is a legal liability and an even bigger one to attempt to use it as leverage. Unless you live in some country with crazy laws you will be the villain the court punishes. The courts do not care she lied about being a slut or denied you sex. In America it has been legally established for years a spouse is not legally required to provide conjugal privilege and forcing the issue is spousal rape. Also by threatening to expose the videos if she divorce rapes you you have exposed to her what you fear the most and guess what; your attempt at blackmail will insure she gets the maximum pay day and you may go to jail and ruin your career.

Be happy you did not make kids with her. She is going to try to get you to do so really hard unless she has a branch ready to swing to possibly by dishonest ways if she feels desperate and the law will still be 200% on her side vs you always, do not forget that. She will try to reassert control with promises and duty sex she may even win an academy award playing like shes into it again until she gets what she wants then its dead bedroom again. Then you're double fucked. If you have not even got a joint checking account and not commingled too many assets and depending on length of marriage she may not be entitled to separate maint and a simple division of the marital assets usually a house and a car. Get out while the pain will be low.

All your mistakes OP covered were because you failed to follow the one rule a man must remember or he will get burned eventually. You let your biology get the best of you and allowed your judgement to be clouded with emotion instead of reason. You are wanting to use videos for leverage out of fear because you feel powerless which may make a bigger mistake. You gave away all your power to your queen instead of being her king. Be done with her and move on. At least you stayed in shape instead of being a couch potato so you can get back in the action as soon as you are ready to. Forget revenge, being right, or getting the last laugh. The only way to win is live a happy life on your own terms.

edits for typos =)

1 upvotessolor843 years ago

After this, I believe we should create a "Waking Beta Squad".

1 upvotesImpun1ty3 years ago

Fuck Suicide Squad, start production on Beta Squad, starring Will Ferrel and Adam Sandler as "Best Buds", a tale of two friends who go through emotional abuse from their other halfs and get used by everyone they know, but they slowly realise life doesn't work the way they thought it did.

1 upvotes1v1crown3 years ago

Why is everything so hard for these beta type guys? "What should I do? I really want to work on our relationship, but I just feel so betrayed. I don't feel attracted to my wife anymore..."

DIVORCE HER! The answer is so PAINFULLY obvious why is he asking anybody? He already knows the answer as does 100% of the rest of the people who read this shit.

1 upvotesDexterousRichard3 years ago

Yeah. It's a combination of a life of indoctrination and simple brain chemicals. It's actually hard to overcome this. Kudos to this guy for swallowing the pill.

1 upvotesTRP1173 years ago

27 men. Consider that those were just the ones she decided to save on her personal computer. Who knows how many were not saved out of embarrassment,or because the guy sucked in bed. These were just the ones she masturbated to.

And how many men did she fuck off the video camera? I wonder what kind of diseases are in her Pussy compared to a sharps container. I hope that guy gets checked.

As a college guy I have seen innocent looking girls whore themselves out. Even ugly ones at least get tossed around by the lower levels of the male food chain. Eventually they say that lifestyle isn't for them anymore and pretend it never happened, then tell some 28 year old guy rising up the company ladder that they've had 3 boyfriends and have only done missionary with 2 of them.

1 upvotesroyal_fucktard3 years ago

At least he never had kids with her = no child support. Even alimony would most likely be thrown out if the marriage is less than 3 years. And on top of that, you're still in shape and she got fat. You have won this battle overwhelmingly.

1 upvotesgofalcon53 years ago

Break up and move on. Your purpose in life should not be your woman. have your own purpose.

1 upvotesHabs4thewin3 years ago

My wife and I are from a South Asian background

Lol stopped reading after this.

1 upvotesPolishHypocrisy3 years ago

Why though? Honest question here.....am I missing something???

3 upvotesHabs4thewin3 years ago

Because the rest pretty self explanatory. I dont know if youve see the treasure trove of these threads involving asian males with their female asian partners "hidden pasts".

2 upvotesPolishHypocrisy3 years ago

Thanks for not being an asshole about it , since I was afraid you might think I was just "trolling" you or something , as I said was an honest question. With that said thanks for responding and filling me in , I now know what you mean and can understand why you wrote what you wrote. Take care.

1 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

Just a bit of Public service announcement to Indian/Muslim men that frequent here - but its very often that a girl will experiment quite a bit before going back home to get engaged.

In university, I used to love/regret the end of the school season. On the one hand, all of the desi girls would be fucking everyone on their bucketlist, and the sex was hot. On the flip side, it was incredibly sad that these girls would be locked down to betas and these betas had no idea the level of depravity his future wife and I enjoyed together.

And it never changed - every year would be another bumper crop of exotic hunnies just giving it up. Wasn't hard to spin 3 of them at a time every year - they weren't looking for anything long term, and just wanted to have fun. Some even reconnected after they came back.

1 upvotesmarinewannabee973 years ago

Such a shame, the guy sounds like the only barrier for him to be truly red pill is mental.

1 upvotesNewdist23 years ago

This is the fucking Indian guy again. Always finding videos of his wife fucking white boys when she was in college. He has made this thread a dozen times with different details each time.

1 upvotesgetRedPill3 years ago

married guy founds videos of her wife with several guys on her computer.

I've read this before, I'm pretty sure

0 upvotesredsfan2773 years ago

Holy shiiiiiit if i ever get married i am only marrying a fucking virgin dass it holmes

12 upvotesUmbrifer3 years ago

You say that like a virgin wont branch swing if you aren't up on your game

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesUmbrifer3 years ago

That's exactly what I'm saying man If a woman thinks that she can do better than you her instincts will tell her to swing. If she thinks you are the best she'll ever get, she'll move mountains to be with you.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesUmbrifer3 years ago

You don't have to convince me man, We're taking the same pills. But if you're going to move out of the anger phase then realize that it's not about promiscuity. Its about always getting the best possible genes. Women will constantly be selecting for better genes. our moms, grandmoms, sisters, cousins, daughters, whatever. If you don't consistently represent the best possible genes that that women can obtain for her offspring, your gonna get cucked. If you do, then you won't be. Simple as that.

upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

There's a difference though between a personal whore, an average whore and a train wreck.

3 upvotesafkb39sdfb3 years ago

if i ever get married i am only marrying a fucking virgin

Unless you plan on courting middle schoolers or converting to Islam and moving to a extremely fundamentalist middle eastern country, good luck with that...

1 upvotesredsfan2773 years ago

yeah prob never gonna happen..so i prob never gonna get married then simple as that

2 upvotesPantsonFire12343 years ago

Joseph Fritzl knew how to do it best.

0 upvotesEquilibriun3 years ago

To the OP of the original post, I know you'll read this. If you want to fix it, you gonna need some dread bro. Go fuck a hooker that will do everything you want. Then tell your wife if she's not into you, you'll find someone who is. I didn't say divorce, but make you the priority.

0 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

complete fabrication. read the story again. the whole thing is bs.

0 upvotesSkully55913 years ago

Toothless Indian dude. Sadly Indian women were on alpha white/black cocks from a long time.

-1 upvotesTheRedThrowAwayPill3 years ago

The post is fake.

It has been repeated a few times I the pat year or two.

Indian beta finds about his wife is an American whore. Add wrinkles for flavor.

-1 upvotesexit_sandman3 years ago

Monster Edit: Holy fucking shit. So I PM'd the guy like I said above, and he replied back with this: http://i.imgur.com/GkZBiJu.png

I didn't want to say it on there, but I actually follow the red pill religiously.

Alternative interpretation: After having taken the relationships-sub for a ride with a made-up story, he now does the same with you.

I mean, seriously? In his relationships-post, he's the patron saint of doormats but in here, he says he "follows the red pill religiously"? You must be really gullible to buy that.

2 upvotesbourbonhipster3 years ago

I mean, seriously? In his relationships-post, he's the patron saint of doormats but in here, he says he "follows the red pill religiously"? You must be really gullible to buy that.

sequitur non consuetudinem _^

-2 upvotesMajorStyles3 years ago

I think that before he kicks her to the curb, he should let all his friends come over and run a train on her.

It would be nice to turn her face into a toaster strudel for the final farewell.

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