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Woman hides her $25k debt from her husband until after they're married. New hubby pays it all off and even adds her to his bank account.

by on /r/TheRedPill
17 September 2016 12:46 PM UTC

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I am having a hard time mentally moving past the fact that it took me so long to save that $17K... I love and trust my wife, and I am committed to her. I know that paying off the debts was the best decision, but I can't help but dwell on the fact that I feel like I made it too easy and non-consequential for her. This feels like an unhealthy mindset. Any guidance for me?

That's right, a very unhealthy mindset indeed. Stop money-shaming her, shitlord. Keep your head down and keep earning money to pay off all the new debt she'll inevitably accrue in the future as well. You exist entirely to please and pay for your wife now - welcome to your new life. Consider the $17k a payment for her accepting your lowly, pathetic, male hand in marriage. She's doing you a favor!


2) We will go have her added to my current checking account as a joint tenant and have the account become OUR account.

Ah yes, very good idea indeed. Her financial history is clearly very solid, so giving her unmitigated access to your bank account seems like a good idea. Now that you've cleaned up her messes and given her a clean slate I'm certain she will turn her life around and put a complete stop to her irresponsible spending habits.

tl;dr don't fucking get married and if you do don't be this fucking guy, good god.

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Title Woman hides her $25k debt from her husband until after they're married. New hubby pays it all off and even adds her to his bank account.
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77 upvotesZerwas3 years ago

This is how you enforce irresponsible financial behavior.
The fact that she did hide her debt alone would be reason enough for me to break up.
If someone can't be honest about something that important if he/she will get married, that is a classic disqualification example in my book.
Giving her access to the bank account is the cherry on this shitcake. He will regret that very soon.

37 upvotesLagotta3 years ago

The fact that she did hide her debt alone would be reason enough for me to break up.

She is lying about other things too.

23 upvotesblackhawks933 years ago

Ding ding. Get a paternity test on any and all future children.

0 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

The fact she was able to hide that much credit card debt shows how fucking dumb this guy is anyways. He deserves to be cucked. That's the purpose these chumps served in the old days. To raise Chad's kids so he didn't have to and so society didn't need prison. Just look at Joseph in the Bible. God, the archetype of the ideal man cucks his "virgin" wife and Joseph raises it as if it was his own. Jesus turns out okay and does some good for the world. But he was raised by a cuck so naturally Islam starts beating his followers' asses.

5 upvotesPantsuElite3 years ago

Come on, this is not a good analogy.

Joseph has seen angels come to him from heaven to tell of the Prophecy to come true and that his family was chosen to fulfill the prophesy, the biggest one in the Jewish creed.

He was a deeply religious man. And he was reassured Mary was a virgin, etc.

2 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

It would be hilarious if the whole thing was just chad's bouncing not Mary

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

That sounds like a blue pill rationalization if I ever heard one. I got cucked but it was for a good cause. It was for Chad Thindercock. Angels told me it was okay. If you pick through the bible obviously adultery is bad, unless it's with Chad.

3 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

Dude your analogy was hilarious. It had a kernel of truth, or it wouldn't be funny.

1 upvotesPantsuElite3 years ago

You are ridiculing yourself by choosing to argue further. Alright.

Joseph was about to divorce Mary because of her pregnancy. He was not a BB as you think he was:

And Joseph her husband, being a righteous man and not wanting to disgrace her, planned to send her away secretly. - Matthew 1:19

He basically had 2 options here:

  • To divorce her openly with public testimony which would clear him of any responsibility but would publically disgrace Mary.

  • To pursue a quiet bill of divorcement without a public trial.

So your analogy is shit. Pick a better one, as I've said.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

You pick a better one. You sound like a woman. Nothing is good enough but you offer nothing. Have a sense of humor. Sorry TRP is your only friend.

54 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The whole thread is people criticizing the OP, not for paying her debts, but for maybe making her feel like a child (because she acted like one) and telling him that when you're married it's not your debt or her debt, it's a shared debt as is the money. Even though she kept it hidden until they were already fucking married.

Paying her debts wasn't enough, they're telling him that he should comfort her and help her "heal" after this because she must have been so scared and frightened and embarrassed. These people believe that women are so weak that men need to pay their debts and then COMFORT them afterward, as if she did him a favor allowing him to take on a shitload of debt (given their income). And then in the same breath they say we should treat women the same as men.

23 upvotesZerwas3 years ago

The latter part is simply astounding and ridiculous. This kind of thinking has no foundation in reality.
Just imagine if the gender roles were reversed...people would be all over the mans ass daring to inflict such a situation on his future partner.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly and they call us here at TRP the misogynysts They are the ones who think women are so weak that they can't do things on their own. It's the opposite. We know what women are capable of and that's why we know marriage is a bad deal.

OP's wife knew exactly what she was doing, by hiding the debt, UNTIL were married. She basically trapped the sucker, yet nobody on the thread acknowledged the fact that she deceived him. Nope, it was all "poor little snowflake", now it's your debt too.

5 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Was it really that bad? holy shit

4 upvotescashmoney_x3 years ago

Paying her debts wasn't enough, they're telling him that he should comfort her and help her "heal" after this because she must have been so scared and frightened and embarrassed.

I haven't looked at the thread yet and now I don't want to. PLEASE fucking tell me you're joking. PLEASE.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's not a joke. I think there was even parts saying to set aside some money "for fun." It was so hard to read.

4 upvotesAskada3 years ago

To be exact, her debts is shared debt, but your debt stays yours.

The double standards at play, just from one of top posts today:


since we’re together, it’s our money and that I was wasting it.

[Top comment]

Oh no. That money is yours. Put him in his place. If he wants more money he can earn it, not use yours.

1 upvotesdeevandiacle3 years ago

Most states it won't matter if her name is on the account or not in a divorce, unless there are clear premarital funds or a prenup they split it up.

Source: Went to law school.

419 upvotesBlacknOrangeZ3 years ago

Haha what a chump.

"I am now kind of giving her a crash course in credit cards, etc"

He doesn't even realise how much he has taught her already.

He thinks he is going to be giving her lessons in responsible financial management. What he has actually just done is teach her that her pussy can get a nice guy to clear all her debts anyway so #yolo.

167 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The credit card debt is what really sticks out here. Student loan debt is one thing and not only difficult to avoid, but encouraged.

However, pretty much everyone tells you to avoid credit card debt at all costs. Racking up $17k in credit card debt is outstandingly bad decision making.

58 upvotesSementeries3 years ago

First off, how long you gonna know a bitch and not know how much debt she has? There's many telltale signs a bitch has financial issues.

This dude deserves the dumbass of the year award.

12 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

He could have just checked her FICO. 17k in debt will stick right out. Any man with some money and assets should never marry a woman with less than an 825 credit score.

41 upvotesblueiron03 years ago

825 is a pretty high standard to meet. I'm all for setting the bar high, and I think you have every right to set your own standards. However, telling people "don't marry anyone with less than an 825" is both arbitrary and unrealistic. A lot of people turn to this sub for solid advice.

5 upvotesPlanner_Hammish3 years ago

I'm not sure the nuance in going from 800 to 825, but I've a score (last time I checked) of 799, and I have never missed a payment or defaulted or anything. I've paid off student loans, and have a mortgage and new car. So yeah, with 825, I'd say you give or take a bit of leeway.

1 upvotesblueiron03 years ago

less than 1 out of every 5 people have an 800 credit score. once you go up to 825 it gets even more scarce. The benefits from anything over 750 to 825 are incredibly negligible too. There's almost no difference. Here is a great article: https://www.mainstreet.com/article/what-does-a-truly-excellent-score-actually-get-you-not-much-it-turns-out

My main point, though, was that this magic 825 is just incredibly arbitrary. Why 825? so an 824 automatically rules someone out of LTR material? Just a strange piece of advice to me.

-1 upvotesKingspot3 years ago

bro shes gotta be a HB8 virgin with an 825 credit score and a college degree who is completely submissive to all my sexual requests.

accept anything less and you are a beta cuck.

-7 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

How is that a hard standard to meet? I've hit 800 without even paying off student loans. But to each their own.

7 upvotesPulstastic3 years ago

Credit scores can actually be higher for people with higher debts. The idea is it is a score for how good a debtor you are. And a good debtor is one who is reliable and such -- but also one who keeps accounts open for a long time and pays interest (IE, is profitable for the credit companies).

I think my credit score was 730 last time I checked. I have never had any loans and my credit card is paid in full via bank autopayment every month.

-2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

I love the downvotes for asking a fair question and making a valid point. Figures. All the losers are home Saturday night to be alpha on the internet lol.

42 upvotesNPIF3 years ago

I have money and assets and I don't even have an 825 credit score. It's good advice to make sure your woman has some money management knowledge but let's be realistic!

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

I don't understand. I've never financed a car and I have an 800+ FICO with student loans still. But I've also paid everything since I was 18 and have had multiple credit cards that I always paid off early for ten years. Idk. Seemed easy to me. Time is the biggest factor in the calculation. Over ten years of paying a lot of shit off on time is probably what did it for me.

8 upvoteslimpingrobot3 years ago

At least 800? 20% of folks have over 800 it seems. https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/finance/credit-score-ranges-and-how-to-improve/

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I handle my finances really good. Have little credit debt paid off monthly, so no paying interest and my credit score is a 765. Over 800 you get from having credit cards open for more than like 7 years. My oldest credit card is 5 years old.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is nonsense. Don't quantify a partner based on a credit score. I have 50k in the bank at 24 and zero debt but my credit score is a low 700 because I have never had to take out any debt, never had to finance or lease a car, or take out a loan... the only reason I have a credit score at all is because I got a credit card at 18 and use it to collect airmiles, paid off in full every month - but with that little action it will take years to have an "impressive" credit score.

2 upvotesphx-au3 years ago

Yeah don't rely too much on credit reporting agencies - I have two mortgages that don't come up on mine. shrugs

1 upvoteslisecki3 years ago

Not all credit reporting agencies list/banks report mortgages...and they SHOULDN'T. Everyone pays their mortgage/rent, it's all the other debt that throws red flags.

6 upvotesno_face3 years ago

nigga, im the most responsible individual financially and i dont have 825

.... oh! you are saying you should never marry! I get it now

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Well almost. If she has an 825 FICO then she's probably safe. But most bitches ain't safe. And I'm white. Don't be calling me that. It's Cracka. Mista Cracka to you.

1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry3 years ago

825? There's like 10 people in the entire country with an 800 fico score. I have assets, a booming business and never had any debt and mine is in the mid 700s.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

That sucks. And no. Most of my friends have an 800+ credit score. I have more than ten friends. And they're not rich. Mine is above 800. I've never financed a business or a house. But I have had a lot of debt. I paid off a car in half the time. I've paid multiple (5) credit cards on time for almost ten years, every month, along with all my other bills. And I've never been late on anything. I've paid double on my student loans for years. I don't know man. That's why, you've never had any debt! I'm probably older as well. I've been paying a lot of debt for a long time. You may have a booming business but your credit isn't cash flow. It's how long you've reliably paid debts on time.

1 upvotesWASPandNOTsorry3 years ago

It's okay I don't really need it for anything. My credit score is complete inconsequential to me.

10 upvotesaazav3 years ago

Racking up $17k in credit card debt is outstandingly bad decision making.

It's that living beyond your means thing. It shows a massive inability to accept restrictions and reality. And with those two, you become a problem to yourself and a problem to others who fall for your shit.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. Even if I was worth millions of dollars and happened to be dating someone who was $17K in debt, it's still a huge red flag. Even though I would be able to pay that off like its nothing, it shows she is not able to handle her own finances and spending. That's something that leaks into other areas of your life.

1 upvotesPlanner_Hammish3 years ago

I know it's a bit different, but I have a large balance on my line of credit; the majority of that debt was a loan I took out during the panic last January and also the panic during brexit. Yes, it will take me a bit to pay off, but the $25/month I pay in interest is well worth the 20% gains I got by taking a risk.

3 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Marriage is also outstandingly bad decision making for men in 2016.

They were made for each other.

1 upvotesRicardo29913 years ago

It was an investment for her. Spend Money she doesn't have to ride the CC and find a provider. Mission Accomplished.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Not as bad as marriage lol.

50 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

Even when faced with the truth of the lesson he is teaching her, poor schmucks like that will rationalize it as doing something nice for m'lady.

What they fail to realize is their kindness is actually cruelty. By enabling/teaching a woman to behave poorly and exploit men, one is simply hobbling her ability to maintain a healthy relationship ever.

All so the enabler can feel better about themselves in the short term magical fantasy land they have constructed for themselves in their head.

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. "

6 upvotesStythe3 years ago

Absolutely accurate. Saving people from t consequences of their actions is not helping, it is entirely enabling. It seems like rather than trying to teach relationship advice to people they should be taught how to deal with addicts. This stuff is straight addiction. Would you pay for your wife's heroic habit? Great! So why the fuck are you paying for her to ruin her financial reputation. .....Oh right, pussy. Idiot.

0 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

But her inevitable contempt for his ilk will become a welcomed attraction in the cock carnival.

19 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

I hope he ends up getting cucked. It takes complete rock bottom to destroy a blue pill mentality, or the person, whichever gives first.

18 upvotesgetRedPill3 years ago

THIS, Exactly this. That's why I like Austrian School of Economics and Objectivists philosophy. They teach exactly this, your actions and where you put your money teaches more than words words and promises.

11 upvotesTheYellowPill3 years ago

People here understand TheRedPill in a sexual market, but there's also TheRedPill for economics.

Austrian economics (Red Pill) vs. Keynesian economics (Blue Pill)

1 upvotesgetRedPill3 years ago

Austrian Economics and libertarian philosophy is what made me understand TRP, otherwise I would be another beta rejecting truths at my face.

1 upvotesaazav3 years ago

He doesn't even realise how much he has taught her already.

He has confirmed that she can continue getting away with her bullshit… so she will.

He has confirmed what she already suspected. She has learned nothing new. She will act the same.

1 upvotesJohknee53 years ago

Somebody message and help this poor guy!!

56 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

My ex-fiancee tried this with me. Told me she had $2k in debts and dropping each month, wanted to put the wedding on credit... I took a look at a statement for one of her cards one month; it was at $2300. I confronted her about it and found out that she had over $10k between all of them. I've never been in debt but that magically would have been mine the second I said "I do".

I think she's still living with her parents.

20 upvotesManirvo3 years ago

You dodged a bullet there, mate.

15 upvotesalphabetagamma1113 years ago

You dodged a bullet there, mate.



Oh yeah, dodging bullets very closely. Son, you must be Neo!

73 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women are smart - they will find the opportune time to release all of their baggage onto you expecting you to help alleviate the load. If men stopped being such huge manginas, perhaps they'd begin to understand that no logical person would tolerate that shit.

49 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. People on here think all women are dumb and that's not the case. I remember saying somewhere else that women are smarter and more cunning than men think they are. Yes, it's dumb to get in $17K worth of debt, but she knew she could find some dumb guy to pay it off for her and not just that, the idiot put her on his bank account.

27 upvotessir_wankalot_here3 years ago

I remember saying somewhere else that

women are smarter and more cunning than men think they are.

Women get through life by pretending to be dumb and stupid. Feminism has added a new twist, even ugly women can now do the same thing.

8 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

Please, everyone knows feminism is pushed by dildo and kitty litter companies.

9 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

I knew one who was the biggest slut i've ever seen... she had good grades and now goes to uni (and NOT in gender studies or other shit). I was cucked enough to buy her drinks, etc... this story was told a billion times. I suspect she never paid a cent any night.

13 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

She probably gets dudes to pay her parking tickets too lol.

7 upvotesdotte113 years ago

She probably doesnt get any. The pussy pass is real

4 upvotesjeezydasnowman3 years ago

Just because you bought her a drink or two doesn't make you a cuck. Words lose their power when they are overused. Cucks are men who get sexual gratification from watching their wives fuck bulls.

2 upvotesOneRedYear3 years ago

shhhhh. you're ruining the circlejerk

2 upvotesreckful9943 years ago

Sexual gratification isnt a necessary component. It's any man with an adulterous wife/girlfriend. Colloquially it seems to refer to men who are in this position because of their weakness and inability to stand up to their girlfriend.

5 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Right. As soon as she unveiled that debt, he should have had that marriage annulled. Peace bitch.

1 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

Dude, that would've been the worst. It would've been like "Burn after reading" she would've come home to changed locks with her shit in front of the door. & Court papers on her suitcases.

75 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I find it hard to believe these toxic weak cunts exist only to encourage more of this type of behaviour , spineless twats.

5 upvotes25russianbear253 years ago

Its sad. Whats sadder is "easy come - easy go" Something tells me she doesnt have a good grasp on hardwork and money.

Maybe she will learn the lesson but most of the time lessons are learned the hard way, she needs to learn respect for $ and work.

4 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

She learns the lesson "my husband bail me out as I've intended"

100 upvotesjewishsupremacist883 years ago

being a cuck is a new social construct

11 upvotes_Trigglypuff_3 years ago

I was wondering when is would see this analysis on red pill since I frequent that sub. I'm interested in people pitfalls so I can Make better decisions myself. There is no escaping this shit for a lot of men though. Once they are married they are a prisoner of their wives poor spendin habits.

6 upvotesjewishsupremacist883 years ago

thats the funny thing ...being a cuck is a social construct but the left will never discuss actual 'social constructs' but project racialism as a fallacy

52 upvotesred-pill-man3 years ago

Can't wait till next year's follow up post- "New Wife Runs up $20k in Credit Card Debt in One Year. HELP!"

4 upvotes_Trigglypuff_3 years ago

Ones rhinking this too. All he has taught her is that he will take the burden of debt. Next year it will be a sneaky pair of shoes, then the next month a new car to get her over the depression of the wall.

1 upvotesViolentEncounter3 years ago

RemindMe! One Year "This is gonna be a good one"

1 upvotesstawek3 years ago

You're missing the important bit: she's ran 20k debt, is now divorcing him, he has to pay for her lawyer and the bank is attaching to his paycheck, cause she has no income herself.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly this. There is a reason she hid it. Now feminists will think that the past is in the past, but this is unacceptable, whether you are a man or women. Imagine if it was a guy lying about a ton of debt he has.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

id love to see the responses to the inverse of this situation. I would bet my left nut they'd be the exact opposite

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's really the problem inherent to all the arguments being made. The advice is truly sound if you assume the marriage will last a long time whilst being a pleasant affair, but the odds are NOT in your favor. It honestly blows my mind that otherwise logical people cannot make a basic risk assessment when it comes to marriage. If 3/4 marriages were happy and lasted for 30 plus years or longer, it'd maybe be an argument. Maybe.

49 upvotesmelxer3 years ago

Pure gold answer from a presumably still married woman that seems to have been in the same situation as the wife of this "man" :

Should I go ahead and just pay off the student loan as well?

If you can, yes.

Should we just cancel the remaining credit card, or should I leave it open and just not use it ever again for the sake of her credit health? (If this even makes sense.)

As a woman, this horrifies me. Essentially, you would remove the possibility of building a solid credit history for her and if anything were to happen to you or your marriage, she could be left in an unintended financial bind without a solid credit history. Keep the credit card and order a replacement for the one you shredded. Use this credit card to help build a solid credit history and have her add you as an authorized user to track spending as you guide her in responsibly using credit. If your wife does not learn how to use the card responsibly you may end up in a similar situation again. If you do not repair her credit, then you will also run into issues when you purchase a house together.

How you poor schmuck dare considering not to pay the entirety of your wife's hidden credit loan ? That thought horrifies me. If my husband did that to me the twice a month starfish sex would transform into none and divorce would be on the table until he comes back to reason.

I am having a hard time mentally moving past the fact that it took me so long to save that $17K... I love and trust my wife, and I am committed to her. I know that paying off the debts was the best decision, but I can't help but dwell on the fact that I feel like I made it too easy and non-consequential for her. This feels like an unhealthy mindset. Any guidance for me?

I've only been married for six years, but here's what I have to say and it's something I've said on here before...that 17K should be viewed as a gift even if you have plans to be "paid back." This will avoid resentment and nothing kills a marriage like resentment. You need to figure out a way of letting it go. The 17K should never be brought up in arguments or as something you hold over her. Generally, I recommend making this experience an opportunity to really define the financial goals of your marriage. What things are important to each of you financially? How do you want to handle finances in the future? Involve your spouse in these decisions. It will give her skin in the game, so to speak.

Don't use the fact that you gifted her your hard saved 17K as a leverage to demand anything of her in your relationship. She did nothing wrong, what you did was exactly what was expected of you, she owes you nothing for that and if you dare reminding her that event she will resent you and this will only accelerate the cucking and the divorce.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Holy fucking shit. I read that and how she rationalizes the paying off $17K as some gift is just mind blowing. Yep, OP should just be a good little slave and still allow his wife to be involved in financial decisions, even though she previously racked up $17 THOUSAND IN CREDIT CARD DEBT.

19 upvotesSwelfie3 years ago

And closing the wife's credit card so she can't continue to run up debt is borderline abuse. Lol

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The funny thing is I took a look at the BP subreddit which apparently mocks TRP and how we are abusive and shit. Yet we don't tell guys to beat their wives and emotionally abuse them. We just think rationally about situations and see the world for what it is.

We improve ourselves and don't take bad deals. Like staying married to someone in $17K worth of debt. We promote frugality because it's smarter to live under your means, than living above them.

5 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

The BP subreddit is for masochists.

5 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

I thought it was a troll sub by Rper?!!!

4 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Blue Pill and proud MOFOs! I've got my pink shirt with color popped, I'm gonna buy every guys gf a drink. I've got my manbun. I'm ready for the weekend boys!

Note: This comment does not reflect the actual mentality of its author.

5 upvotesDONT_reply_with_THIS3 years ago

I'm literally shaking and horrified at the thought of this control freak of a man trying to close his perfect wife's credit card.

If she happens to make a mistake again, SO BE IT! Life is all about making mistakes, lord knows I've made mine(teehee). Pay off her debt again like a real man and don't you EVER bring it up in any conversation ever again.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's absurd because closing the credit card wont 'ruin' her credit lol. Credit companies will give you cards so easily, even if you've suffered through a bankruptcy for christ's sake. In what world does closing a credit line result in financial ruin? Not this one, I assure you

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yeah, that's over half of what the guy has saved. That's only chump change if you make like 200 k plus a year, and even then it's a considerable dent you'd want to avoid

28 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

Nothing beats this comment:

Don't forget to include some personal fun money in your budget (given your income with no kids, you can afford it). It doesn't have to be a ton, but that will go a long ways towards her not resenting you, if both her and you have like $100 a month or whatever to buy shoes, clothes, video games, whatever your fancy, without having to get your partner's permission first.

Noted: If you want to keep your wife from resenting you, the woman who vowed to love you in sickness and in health, all it'll take is $100 a month in "fun money" to buy whatever she wants to wear for Chad's bedroom girls' night out.

11 upvotesdotte113 years ago


Can humans actually be this stupid?

7 upvotesdropabitch3 years ago

I literally have NO respect for anyone who is not part of the Red Pill these days, cases like these reaffirm that 95% of people are actually retarded when it comes to logic

4 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Yea dude. Most people do not think, rather they feel with their emotions and then find 'factual' information to justify it no matter how ridiculous.

Don't be fooled that the TRP is exempt, though. The only men on here who are legit are the ones who found the TRP without having any problems with women, guys who have never been negatively affected by feminism but still arrived at TRP conclusions.

We are talking about less than 1% of the population that is capable of true objectivity. Others just have a bias that happens to support a factually correct view.

5 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

It would have been cheaper to get life insurance and have her get into unfortunate circumstances. But this guy would probably cry himself to sleep until he turned himself in.

2 upvotesCounterTony3 years ago

If the "gift" were to someone other than his wife he'd have to pay taxes on it because it exceeds the IRS threshold for an annual gift lol.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

how a man cannot be utterly horrified upon reading this is what really baffles me. She basically said he should fucking cover it whilst expendning effort training her in financial matters(something that isn't fucking hard to learn how to do, google it for christ's sake...) so that when the marriage fails, she will be better off. LOL. like how does the guy not lose out in this situation. He basically lose a fat chunk of cash and then spends time teaching her the ways of credit so that she can leave him, financially secure and all. wow

45 upvotes2comment3 years ago

If you have to get married... do an extensive credit check on prospective partner, you know women are doing it.

Also, don't get married.

111 upvotesnicetimeisback3 years ago

17k would give him more and better sex by being spent with good prostitutes, instead he spent them (and much more i guess) for some once a week starfish duty sex for a few years (until the wife will suck all the money from him and proceed then to rape divorce him).

All for what, affection? He miss the times when he was a child and mommy give him affection, so now he search it on this gold digger.

Well guess what, it's just acting, only mommy is able to give a child real love.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. I mean I get wanting to be in a relationship with woman you can hang out with and stuff, regardless of if people think it's blue pill. The thing I don't get is when you find out she's $17K in debt, he just paid it off for her. That's stupid. If you find that out, either break up with her, or set up a plan where SHE pays it off eventually.

42 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

From a BP perspective it makes perfect sense though. If you alone had a bunch of savings and a bunch of debt you would obviously use your savings to pay the debt so you're not paying a bunch of interest. So the thought is, well we're a team now, her debt is basically my debt, and we're in this for the long haul (ie. forever) so why shouldn't I pay all her debts? In the past when I was more naive I could have easily fallen into this trap myself.

I do suppose in the highly unlikely scenario where they end up being happily together forever, then this "investment" will have paid off and was only a minor bump in the road along the way.

Unfortunately considering that she's been dishonest from day 1 of their marriage I think it's only a matter of time before his dream of a white picket fence and 2.5 kids with his loving wife is shattered when she, now free of that pesky credit card debt, rides off into the sunset on Chad's motorcycle.

25 upvotesLagotta3 years ago

when she, now free of that pesky credit card debt, rides off into the sunset on Chad's motorcycle.

Chump needs to buy Chad's motorcycle first. And give her alimony, child support*, and the house the cuck bought.

Edit: *For Chad's baby

29 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

We need a Red Pill Romantic comedy for men that is just this. Blue pill man falls for slut who blows all his friends, pays off her debt, marries her, gets cucked by her "asshole" exboyfriend, loses everything and Chad rides off with her on the back of the motorcycle she bought him with alimony money. Main character goes insane during divorce rape proceedings, loses job bc his company doesn't like his emerging red pill character, ends up in shitty studio apt paying alimony and child support for Chad's kid, off of a line cook's salary, and he ends up being the biggest Chad that ever lived by knocking up everyone's gf in his building that he sells weed to. Stacks cash and moves away to Asia into his shanty with a submissive housewife that blows him twice a day and makes the best stirfry. The End.

5 upvotesxddm26533 years ago

Lmfao that's fckin hilarious

3 upvotestenderwarrior773 years ago

Please let this be directed by Vince Gilligan, with Byran Cranston as the Lead..

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Agreed. Ryan Gosling needs to be Chad 1 though.

2 upvotesPlanner_Hammish3 years ago

They made this movie already (more or less, as it's billed as slapstick comedy): Daddy's Home.

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

No shit. Need to check it out.

-2 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Reformed betas are not alphas.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That is true from a BP perspective the whole my money and debt is both and vice versa. Back in times when marriages lasted a lot longer and stuff, this made sense. The problem lies in the fact that she literally kept the debt a secret, until they are married.

Imagine it was a different type of secret, but the guy hid it. Like he had an affair for about 3 years during their relationship and they got married 6 months ago. The pitchforks would be out and rightfully so, saying he's a jerk and to dump him.

Unfortunately since it's a woman, that wouldn't be the case. They would tell the guy to man up, forgive her and never bring it up.

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Just break up with her. Keep life simple. No bitch ever pays off $17k in credit card debt without a trust fund.

3 upvoteslimpingrobot3 years ago

Isn't it too late? At least for the debt so far. Isn't he liable the instant they got married?

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

I think he could get out of it if there was an annulment.

1 upvotesPlanner_Hammish3 years ago

A similar situation with my ex; she was in school (and to be fair, was on a full ride scholarship and so didn't need to go into debt) whereas I was out working. She wanted to go out to eat, go on trips, buy nice furniture, etc. and I'm like: no, we are both going to live like students. I didn't want her to get entitled to living like we were both pulling in $80k+/yr until she actually was pulling in that much.

However, she didn't like that, and sought out examples from her peer group where their boyfriend paid for all sorts of shit. Like her roommate's bf paid for her rent! Yeah, I wasn't going to be a chump. I told her that I'm not going to do that unless we're married, and particularly unless you're raising my kids. Welp, she thought her pussy was more valuable than that so broke up with me. All's fair I guess.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Hell, even shitty prostitutes.

1 upvotesAskada3 years ago

Well guess what, it's just acting, only mommy is able to give a child real love.

Fucking this. If you want love and affection call your mom or get yourself a dog.

Women can give you only sex and laugh, not fucking affection, wake the fuck up.

50 upvotesCJ0903 years ago

Epiphany. We're I to get married I'd more than likely be marrying someone with massive student loan debt while I will leave college debt free. All my efforts to avoid student loan debt would be futile if I decide to get married. Fuck.

35 upvotesZerwas3 years ago

Simple solution. Just don't!

41 upvotesCJ0903 years ago

That's so crazy it just might work

30 upvotesoxykitten80mg3 years ago

You forgot the last word in your comment Fuck ______. It was marriage.

Fuck marriage.

Yet another joy of marriage...all the hard work you put into building a good credit score is now hers. She can now get cards with YOUR name on em and spend spend spend with reckless abandon!

It is far cheaper to rent...than buy when it comes to pussy.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Shit, even renting a car for a road trip is better than using your own.

24 upvotesthetotalpackage73 years ago

There's a difference between your wife having $50k in student loan debt and having an accounting, engineering, or pre-med degree as compared to a theatre degree.

12 upvotesxx69bootyhunter69xx3 years ago

shit has gone worse, gender studies, feminist dance theory and yada yada. You name it, and if it's anything that even closely that pedestalizes women and pleases them, it exists, no matter how much horseshit it is and how useless it is. And women will study them because it is designed to please them.

5 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Sadly, I Used to cook with a guy who made less than me and was married to a theatre teacher. She made way too money, had sick benefits and was an uber-entitled cunt. Was a fucking retard outside of her field of expertise. She paid all the bills, had him bitch-whipped and he thought he was going to be a stay at home dad. I'm sure she's cheated on him by now. Or at least I'm hoping.

13 upvoteszxDanKwan3 years ago

I believe there's a tax form called an "injured spouse" amendment or something that lets you get out of responsibility for debts incurred prior to marriage.

I didn't find TRP until about 9 years married, but way back at the beginning, I used the injured spouse thing to avoid my taxes being hit harder because of her debts.

Applying TRP has definitely taken my marriage up a few notches, for both of us, but I'd still tell any single guy to stay away from marriage. Even though I'm perfectly happy in mine, at least for the time being, there's too much at risk to encourage other guys to jump into this shark tank.

1 upvotesKeithRSRedPill3 years ago

Keeping debts that are incurred prior to marriage separate makes sense but there is still an issue involved with marrying someone who has large debt. If someone has large debt, they are so bogged down with paying it off that they can't contribute as much to the mortgage, car payment, children expenses, etc associated with their married life. You get to give their debt back to them in the case of divorce, but it's still basically on your dime while married. It wouldn't surprise me if many divorces are initiated by people who've had their debt recently paid off by the soon to be disposed of spouse.

1 upvoteszxDanKwan3 years ago

That's kind of why I don't recommend marriage. In my case, everything worked out. The debt was insignificant to me, plus she managed to pull enough side jobs to handle her debt on her own, so everything worked out. Not something I'd recommend to anyone else, though.

5 upvotesmalthuswaswrong3 years ago

That's the burden of being a man. Women are children that never grow up. If you spoil them they will become spoiled. If you discipline them, they will behave. That's why husbanding is a verb.

5 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Husbandry literally means to care for in the sense of dominion and stewardship. Wife literally used to mean property with a fuck hole.

-1 upvotesdotte113 years ago

No it didnt, not in western society.

The husband has historically expected to die for the safety of his wife or kill to protect her honor. That is not your "property" kiddo.

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

The white knight is prowling Gotham tonight.

That sounds like how people have always protected their land and playthings to me. Kiddo lol. I'm probably older than you keyboard warlord. All joking aside all cultures have ideals and what people actually do. The sacred and the profane. In the Middle Ages women were treated this way. And it was normal. Before the Renaissance after the fall of Rome women were literally treated like property. Only wealthy women were treated like more valuable property and had it slightly better because they had a bit more honor, because of her bloodline, or genes. Instead of being traded for goats and an acre, they were traded for prime real estate. This is how the Myceneans, who conquered the egalitarian Minoans thought of women, one of many waxing and warnings in the West. Only men had honor in these times. Men spoke for women and women went from their father's house to her husbands house with arrangements made like buying their son his first car. All dark age western societies went this way. The Greek Dark Age was no different than the Middle Ages. This is the patriarchy SJWs and blue pillers rant about. Historically women didn't get above house cat until the economy was good and there was something for people to actually gamble with. Otherwise women were broodmares who came with an insurance policy to cover the liability called a dowry. And often the better the women the son's family had to trade something of value or be worth currying favor for. Quid pro quo. Women were sold as spaces or servants. Traded for livestock or land or sold for cash.

What about Kings who killed their wives? What about men who sent their wives back to their families? Or were abandoned if they did not take her back. What about the fact that women legally could not participate in democracy, speak in court, take oaths or legally own property. Divorce has been one-sided for most of history. What about women slaves. Who were allowed to be married?

You act like the West has been simple and static for five thousand years. And that the west is the only culture worth mentioning. What about Islamic culture? Chinese?African? Who have all interacted and influenced the west for thousands of years. Or have been very similar in this regard for similar reasons. Take a joke. Sorry I offended your vagina. Read moar books toolbox.

-2 upvotesdotte113 years ago

I didn't even read this. All I can tell you is traditionalism is just as bad as feminism.

Generally, the more patriarchal a society is the more disposable males are. Women have always been the privileged gender and are better of in every mammal species including humans.

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

I didn't even read this. I started to debate your statement, ignored the response and just kept giving my opinion. That's so masculine of you bro. Are you my mom?

3 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

What is amusing is that I never once said these were my opinions or values. This is history. If reading and reasoning wasn't so beneath you, you wouldn't get triggered over a joke and act like your asshole was made of gold.

1 upvotesSementeries3 years ago

You afraid what he wrote might jump out and slap you? He is giving you a history lesson unless logic hurts.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I broke it off with a couple girls because they had 100k in student debt and I knew I'd be the one paying them off. My wife is a teacher and after 5 years of teaching in a low income disterict in a special ed she'll have her entire student loans forgiven. Responsible women are out there but few and far between for sure.

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Yep. I could have had one of those. She's married now. I didn't want anything with her though bc she was a Jesus freak that wanted to adopt African babies and not have her own. I laugh at that chump every time I'm on FB. What's worse, being a cuck or being a cuck knowing she didn't even fuck anyone at all?

2 upvotesjupc3 years ago

My cousin did this nonsense. First their couple had two natural births, then he agreed to his wife importing various adoptions from eastern Europe. The imported kids now outnumber the natural born ones.

4 upvotesShako123 years ago

That's like a simpleton letting his girlfriend have 3+ cats but far worse...

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Each adopted kid is equal to like 12 cats in my opinion. But I'd let one kid go for 2 cats because I'm nice.

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Wtf. That's like double cucked. Taking on the liability of both their parents lol. Fuck.

6 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Marry a less educated bitch who couldn't do better and will worship your cock and just wants to take care of kids anyways. I know people who marry a woman who went to college, pay off her debt too and she ends up being a stay at home mom anyways. It's so fucking stupid.

3 upvotesShako123 years ago

Exactly. So many women of today are going into stupid amounts of debt for awful degrees. I don't even understand how they get into that much student loan debt in the first place. Oh I know, they thought they were above community college, so they just siphoned off student loans for everything at a university (dorms, study abroad, spring break, bars, and the list goes on). And when they graduate with their liberal arts degree, they constantly spout off to going to such-and-such school while making 25-30k a year. With all of that bullshit, it would make much more financial sense to get your long term squeeze from a high school graduate.

1 upvoteslimpingrobot3 years ago

Just wait and student loans will be paid by the government - i.e. all of us here. With more women than men voting, and the lowest marriage rate ever, it's just a matter of time for men to simply be taxed to pay for women.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Fuck. And I've been making double payments every month. They're making it so hard to be a conservative with integrity.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is a perfect BP example.

Alot of the comments are bashing him and calling him a chump.


Hes literally under the Disney BP impression that she truly loves him and they will stay together forever. Under those conditions, it makes sense to pay off her debt. Can you blame him? Hes probably never been exposed to how calculating and manipulative women are.

3 upvotesdinosauralienspirits3 years ago

Yea. People here calling him a dumb fuck may ne pushing it a bit. If he had seen the shit we had, and asked red pill instead of relationships, i think he would have been turned. But the 17k is gone now so fuck it. I hope she's a unicorn.

3 upvotesAskada3 years ago

That relationshits sub is bottleneck of pure retardation, I don't think I've ever seen legit and logical response there. Their daily posts could alone supply us with lifetime-long front page of blue pill examples.

1 upvotesApexk93 years ago

Hey know.

A Disney love is a disney love ok. Its that rare thing you dont find with many women. But its there not always mutual but the idea of it exists emotionally. Its what we'd call a Pair Bond. And you dont really have control over who you feel it for but it can be overcame.

I mean a Mommas boy who hasnt had any experiance with women who still has those same urges all of us men have. Then when he meets a women he lusts after he may misconstrude that for love.

I think thats the more likely scenario but I belive the idea of disney love exists. I choose to belive it exists in all animals from humans to dogs to cants to ants.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

a guy would never get away with this shit. The inverse of this topic would result in harsh critique of the guy, calling him a dead beat and a liar, with many calling for divorce. I'd bet anything on it.

17 upvotesmenial_optimist3 years ago

This is kind of what my friend is doing, except his wifes debt is 10k and he's paying it off slowly by diverting a large portion of his income. I can't help but feel bad if they break up he'll feel like a chump that paid 10k for nothing.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You should tell him not to do this. Wait, but if you do this, he's gonna think you are a jerk.

4 upvotesmenial_optimist3 years ago

I already told him this. He just hamstered it and said something along the lines of how since it will benefit them both to be debt free blah blah.

15 upvoteslord-denning3 years ago

The responses are hilarious. People are confirming that he should think of himself and her as one unit, for him to subsidize the rest of her existence for eternity. Hilarious.

15 upvotesjhenry9223 years ago

My wife went and got a second job to help pay down her debts.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Forget about blue pill or red pill, this guy is a flat out idiot. Seriously, paying off $17K of HER credit card debt, instead of her paying off is crazy. Then he adds her to his bank account.

Yep, nothing can go wrong. /s

9 upvotesDONT_reply_with_THIS3 years ago

Its THEIR debt now shitlord

27 upvotesoxykitten80mg3 years ago

Wow...what a pathetic motherfucker. He was stupid enough to say I DO....

With all the info on TRP and MGTOW out there it still floors me when I hear these pathetic pussy addicts saying "but she, ..shes .....DIFFERENT" sure pal. Pay off her student loans first then its all aboard the alimony train!

Truly sad. Young men pay heed.

11 upvotesKorianHUN3 years ago

Look at most subs. TRP is almost always portrayed as some kind of one dimensional woman hating fat short guys with small dicks. I'm not joking. They just repeat negative body stereotypes. They want to make trp users seem like low level betas... coincidentally the only shits like that are the male feminists supporting bluepill.
The biggest joke is when they say "TRP is about hating WOMEN"
Holy shit when i see this... trp is about men making themselves better but bluepilled ratards always want to make everything about women being on a pedestal. I see them as equals.

7 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

To me it's not about hating women. It's about loving yourself enough to not let them ruin your life while having fun with them. Fact is women hate themselves and each other more than anything. The only lesbian relationships I've ever seen that were not dysfunctional as fuck were with androgynous and masculine women.

1 upvotesdarkrood3 years ago

Eh... You never know how mess up things are unless you are them

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Shit, they don't even know.

2 upvotes_Trigglypuff_3 years ago

The pull is too strong. Our entire sexual drive is in place to drop logic at the door just to have a chance of conceiving another member of the species. Only to feel deflated and shame directly after it. These guys won't stand a chance. They live in denial and if they meet their duties as a good partner somewhere down the road there is loving sex on the table for them. Sad.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Not true. Plenty of men, myself included, play the part, smash that ho and go. It's not for noobs though.

1 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Whats the reason for the deflation and shame?

1 upvotesoxykitten80mg3 years ago

Just glad I was lucky enough to live trp by accident before I found out there was many of us who thought marriage was stupid.

1 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Exactly, the information is everywhere. These cucks deserve it, they aint victims.

1 upvotesShako123 years ago

It's bad out there right now. All of my friends in their mid 20s are emerging young professionals, yet I keep having to force feed them with RP knowledge. I consider them to be near the top of the food chain in terms of Millennials, but god damn are they clueless about human nature. At this point I may as well make air plane sounds and fly the spoon into their mouths. I almost just want to ditch them all and only befriend the dark triad types, but even those guys are hard to find today.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yeah, it's so fucking short sighted. If she leaves now or in the near future, she successfully removed all of her debt via exploiting some poor sap, and will likely extract fat alimony payments as well. Wow.

9 upvotesryeFL3 years ago

I was glad to see the top comment at least mentioned that a man should get a background check on their potential partner before marrying. Assuming TRP isn't universally against marriage, or even if they are, it is prudent prior to a business merger for "due diligence" - a lot of men do not bother doing this, and that advice is too little, too late.

At least the person can serve as a warning to other men who have incentive not to be a chump. But now it is too late for him.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think for the most part, TRP including myself thinks you shouldn't get married, but if you must, everything must be on the table. What assets you have, how much you are making, any DEBT, etc. Everything has to be out in the open.

8 upvotescosine883 years ago

The comments are unbearable.

that 17K should be viewed as a gift even if you have plans to be "paid back." This will avoid resentment and nothing kills a marriage like resentment. You need to figure out a way of letting it go. The 17K should never be brought up in arguments or as something you hold over her.


upvotes [OP]50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

7 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

It's abusive to not hand over your entire paycheck and all earnings to her. You should ask for an allowance and she should control the money entirely.

Yeah, actually had a bitch say that to me. First ex was bipolar and horrible with money. She could waste 6k in two weeks with absolutely nothing to show for it. How, I have no idea. Fuck I can live very comfortably on about 1k a month in bills. I was in the military where a bad check written by your dependent can cost you rank, income, and all sorts of creative punishment. There was no fucking way I would give her access to my bank. That bitch said that to me after she and her husband are having three ways with my wife and making videos of it that got passed around the base.

The second one would pay my bills for me, never spent a dime without asking first, and even asked my permission to buy stuff with money she earned. Within minutes of her charging a motel room to fuck the idiot she is with now, her card was shut off and she was removed from accessing the account. She knew it would only take one fuck up, and that was a major one.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

$6K in two weeks? Unless you are balling out like some rich multi millionaire, like Jay-Z or P Diddy, that's crazy.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Her husband now somehow got veteran disability, despite doing only 4 years, during the 80s, no injuries, no trauma, do deployments, no danger. How the hell he managed that is beyond me. Anyway that amounts to about $3k a month. Then he got ssdi, which is about $1200 or so. Now they're at 4200. Add in the 1600 a month thanks to me paying child support, and they're right at the 6k for 10 years. All of that money is tax free, so it's all take home so to speak.

Now they drove an old pos minivan, he can't fix shit like I can. His highest paid job after the military was doing laundry for a rest home. They lived in hud housing only paying $200 for rent and nothing for utilities, because the state paid that for them. They should've been sitting on a big pile of cash with everything paid for, always have food, and never worry about money.

Fat chance. The bitch was always out of money in the 2nd week of the month. No more food until the first. My kids attest to this being the norm. They only got new clothes when I bought them for the kids, no toys, and she pawned the pc I sent to my kids so I could talk to them, then took the laptop for herself when I got them one of those.

Fuck, if I had that much cash rolling in for doing nothing I'd be building a crazy amount of shit, hotrods, houses, investing, and always building equity. She wasted it all. Ten years of that shit. Now she bought a house for 130k on a 30 year note no less, she is getting zero from me. If he dies, which is probable since he is 57, diabetic, in poor health, and never took care of himself, she will be left with 1300 a month to live on. Just barely enough to pay her mortgage.

You can't fix stupid. But the state will probably give her handouts when he kicks off. Definitely the worst thing to happen in my life was her. Including years of systematic abuse from my family, two wars, and my second divorce.

1 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

What the Fuck are these people doing? What the hell is going on here?

2 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

I know lots of people who can't handle money. Always broke, paycheck to paycheck, one month from homeless. Nothing of value to show for the effort. Overpaid for a crap tract house, new car that loses value every fucking day, upside down on everything.

People are stupid. That's what's going on.

1 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

No matter what question I ask. Or where I ask it. When it pertains to our inevitable downward slide.

People are stupid. That's what's going on.

Seems to be the answer.

2 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

I honestly think it's because they don't stop to ask themselves why, or how? All they care about is right here, right now, me me me me me. They're like little kids, not thinking ahead about what the consequences will be.

Rockstar games got it right way back in 04 with this radio commercial for GTA: San Andreas.

Woman: Look at that! The Hendersons are getting a new fence.

Man: Ah, who cares? They're swingers!

Woman: I want a new fence!

Man: We just got one two years ago after your parents were killed!

Woman: I want a new fence! That's it! We're never having sex again!

Woman 2: Need a home loan fast? At the American Bank of Los Santos, we'll help you get the debt you need to make life easier. We'll show you how to look richer, and be poorer! Your home is your equity- what exactly are you saving it for? You need to impress people fast, not in twenty years! It's only a risk if you get into money troubles or the economy changes, which doesn't seem likely! We know living in the suburbs is a constant competition, where you're defined by your lawn and your siding.

Woman 2: Call American Bank of Los Santos when you need to add a jungle room addition with a rec swing or a Jacuzzi for eight! Now that the kids have moved out and have drug problems of their own, maybe it's time to install a luxury marble wet bar so you can get drunk in private! American Bank of Los Santos. Dreams take money - why worry about tomorrow, if you look inadequate today?

6 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Guys im going to PM this thread to the cuck.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Very few relationships of equals work out in the real world.

In this case she is the one who has the upper end, while he'll be the manager of the finances etc, she will be the one making all the decisions leaving to him to deal with the financial ramifications.

Something very similar happened to me in my first marriage.

5 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic3 years ago

What a cucking idiot! That $17k could have upgraded his lifestyle very well. He paid to downgrade to beta bitch.

1 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

just investing that money alone would've netted him a hefty profit if done right

5 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

I've said this before, and it's one of the harder RP truths to accept: Most men who are treated poorly by women deserve to be treated poorly, because they put up with that poor treatment, and even encourage it.

If women are treating you poorly, you have nobody to blame but yourself for being so weak that you're unwilling to cut them out of your life.

2 upvotesdotte113 years ago

Exactly. This is the 100% truth.

6 upvotesvicious_armbar3 years ago

The majority of the replies are just retarded:

"You should have discussed this before you were married. That's on both of you..."

How was he supposed to discuss it with her when she was actively hiding the fact that she racked up $17,000 in credit card debt from him? He clearly said she "came clean" about it to him two weeks ago.

I wonder if the posters would have such a forgiving attitude about other acts of deception. For example what if one of them "came clean" that they have been seeing prostitutes behind their partners back? Or that they gave their partner herpes; because they hid their status from their spouse until they got married. I'm so glad I woke up and took a hard look at the facts before I did something stupid like get married.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yeah, and then later on in the topic, looking up and monitoring a spouse's credit score is labeled as 'creepy' and 'controlling' LOL! you cant fucking win, these people have such mad cognitive dissonace it's astonishing sometimes.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Holy shit the comments in that thread basically alleviating her of all personal responsibility and saying its his responsibility now. Really makes me angry that women have this entitlement attitude.

5 upvotesTheWaterTemple3 years ago

Money doesn´t solve money problems.

4 upvoteskarpathian3 years ago

I would say it depends on what kind of debt. I have a friend who has student loans from her trying to one day be a nurse and I would say that is okay as long as she still gets a nursing job. If it were an art degree or conspicuous spending like her sister's debt then I would write her off as fuck only.

4 upvotesgetRedPill3 years ago

Had he done otherwise he would have been considered as an abusive husband and low person by laws and mangina fascist culture. Wouldn't he?

5 upvotesnuesuh3 years ago

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, it's okay honey I still love you. Please stay.

4 upvotesmechatron913 years ago

When I read this post in personal finance subreddit all I could take away from the post was this. 1. She fooled him into marrying her (Women are indeed smart and cunning) 2. He is being an idiot for paying off her debt with his hard earned money.

Thank you TRP. If I hadnt discovered this sub 2 months ago my thought process would have been like this 1. This Guy is being a gentleman by paying off his woman's debt. 2. She had her valid reasons for not disclosing the loan prior to marriage.

1 upvotesdoiinthanon3 years ago

I'm genuinely interested in knowing what you would have previously thought her valid reasons were for keeping her debts from him.

1 upvotesmechatron913 years ago

For example, she was embarrassed to show how financially unstable she was. I would have considered this a valid reason because I was taught to treat women like princesses(meaning they cannot have any defects).

4 upvotesConceited-Monkey3 years ago

She will suck him dry financially, while simultaneously sucking Chad dry.

5 upvotesLasherDeviance3 years ago

When she finally gets fed up with his soft ass, she has full access to his money to clean him out behind his back and run away with the guy that she really wants.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women lie and don't take responsibility.

Beta males don't have standards or frame.

Grass is green, water is wet, more at 11

4 upvotessickofallofyou3 years ago

I knew a guy that married a chick that had $250,000 in credit card debt. That and she ripped of her employer for $25,000. He found out after they got married, his buisness assets got frozen, he flipped on her, they broke up, he hooked up with a pregnant crack whore and they ended up on coke, then crack, then meth, then he beat her and her big city gangster friends came looking for him and he dissapeared. I had to do a 2hr interview with homicide because that stupid bitch couldn't do A FUCKING CREDIT CHECK on his woman.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

My wife became a top cam girl, like #2 on a popular site. Men were sending her crazy amounts of money every month - not even to see her online but just to be a white knight. Said she felt guilty sometimes for recieving it, but honestly if they didn't burn it on her they would just throw it away on another woman who equally had care in the world for them.

You can't help these guys. It's a decision they are making themselves. Psychotherapy could but sadly social programs for men, or any other exclusive support are ... basically non-existent.

We are going down the path of the Japanese Hikorimori, where men who shut themselves in for 10+ years, or their entire life - is considered perfectly acceptable. Just keep bringing that paycheck home.

That's all you are good for, according to society.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Are you fine with your wife being a cam girl though?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

We've been "estranged" for the last two years, though soon will become friends with benefits again - who are still technically married... It's been a very complicated kind of relationship.

1 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

my last ex was and still is a camgirl on mfc. when we were together, she'd get packages every week with some dumb fuck buying her sex toys, clothing, books, you name it. amazon gift cards were a given, too. its insane how much money they make if they know how to control the room and if they're hot. my ex would make on average about $700 in 3 hours. half this country doesn't even make this in a week.

1 upvotescovertpenguin33903 years ago

Holy shit. Brb, going to buy a good web cam and learn how to look good jerking off.

1 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

The guys probably have no idea how contemptuously she thinks of them, either.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's amazing!

My wife played around with the idea of selling stuff like that but never did. Gave the "girlfriend" treatment by asking about their problems, and how their life is going. Apparently some men deal with it by talking, and others by sniffing used panties.

3 upvotesLayners873 years ago

I saw the original post on p. Finance and thought the same thing, nah I'm good on this situation lol

3 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Man I wish I could be useless and then find a woman to pay my way.

If only society viewed penis as highly as vagina.

3 upvotesPervertperfecto3 years ago

Lol "don't get married".... 😑

This was ONE girl. If you believe "not all men" are douchebags don't forget "not all women" are fucking stupid.

6 upvotesfidelity_3 years ago

Current gf makes more than me right now and is baller at saving money. She wants to move in with me and pay all my bills. Don't worry guys not every women is like OP's case. ( Way too many are though ) actually got messaged by a mod for talking shit in that thread. How crazy is it to get married without lookin at your parters financials. I mean after a couple years of dating you should know if they suck with money or not.

The guys case he should have thought to himself, if I had 17k worth of debt and made almost 20k less a year than my partner - would she be doing this for me? Who is the prize here?

0 upvotesdoiinthanon3 years ago

Current gf makes more than me right now and is baller at saving money. She wants to move in with me and pay all my bills.

Not sure if you're looking for a thumbs up or what, but I wouldn't flaunt around that your girl is cleaning up your messes for you.

This goes against any sort of true self improvement and stinks of mommy 2.0 cleaning up your mess.

One step away from beta, if not there already.

1 upvotesfidelity_3 years ago

You jelly brah. I'm a college student and she has already graduated. Different life stages. Also I refuse to let her pay for everything however nice it may be.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's some expensive pussy he's fucking

2 upvotesPeanutFlavor3 years ago

I was getting ready to post this one, it was the first thing i saw when I woke up this morning and I face palmed at how ridiculously dumb this this dude is. This type of shit really seals it for me that there is no reason at all in this day to be married. It's a complete trap. Not at all surprised she was hiding all that in her closet until marriage, it's just a shame that women can't be adult enough to bring that out in the open BEFORE things get more serious. They spring it on you at the threshold where you can't really just bail. It's so fucking underhanded that it's fatal.

2 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

What I would've posted, which probably would get me banned:

If she's really worth keeping around, you should divorce her, let her repay her debts, then remarry her. Nothing would be lost except a little of her dignity, which is her own fault.

Most likely her debts would continue to grow, and then you could wash your hands of her and keep looking for a woman who is worthy of you.

2 upvotespineapple9983 years ago

I despise this type of men.

They make life hell for the rest of the men by giving their life away to random women and making women expect this from any man.

It is like you sell ice cream at 2 dollars an ice cream and next to you there comes a truly retarded and stupid guy which sells ice cream for 0.1 dollars and borrowes money from banks to cover his losses... and he is doing this to take you out of the competition.

In economic is called dumping and there are tough laws against this.

The only difference is that those pathetic men are not aware that they are doing dumping and hurting other men. And hurting themselves in doing so. They are doing all these out of stupidity not an actual economic tactic like companies.

2 upvotesmikazee3 years ago

Did he also buy her a strapon so she can fuck him literally after she's done fucking him metaphorically?

1 upvotesWindryder3 years ago

I wanted to comment on that thread yesterday when I saw it, but it was being "heavily moderated". Fuck other subreddits on this site, seriously.

As for the actual situation itself, she clearly got married so he'd have to be saddled with her debts. That's as mercenary as it comes.

1 upvotesBibbers953 years ago

The saddest part about this is that towards the end he sounds like he feels as though he hasn't done enough for her. He hasn't't taught her any lessons about personal finance, the only thing he's taught her is that he'll let her get away with anything.

1 upvotesdinosauralienspirits3 years ago

Well he's right about that part. She should be on like $40 a week allowance like a child.

1 upvotesR_A_J3 years ago

The guy honestly put himself in some pretty deep shit, Time to grow some balls.

1 upvotesTemperfuelmma3 years ago

These cucks makes me want to punch a kitten.

Fucking grow a spine.

1 upvotesnexus9743 years ago

The power of the vag compels him...

1 upvotesswolebird3 years ago

So what would have been the RP action to take in this case? Divorce her? Probably not the best idea.

1 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

Why? Nip that shit in the bud before you've bought a house together and commingled all your assets.

You could always remarry her if she manages to redeem herself later (i.e. pay off her debts). Ha, like that would happen.

1 upvotesswolebird3 years ago

Because of the impending divorce rape discussed frequently here.

I'm just wondering, if that guy were to come to TRP and ask for advice for his situation, what the RP advice would be. It's easy to make fun of the guy for getting himself into that situation. Or say he shouldn't have gotten married in The first place. But he is where he is.

1 upvotesdinosauralienspirits3 years ago

I was hoping someone would post this.

1 upvotesB-Dubb83 years ago

If you get married and then find out about your new partners debt do you have any legal action? Are you now bound to that debt too?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Pretty much or I assume. That's why he should have gotten a prenup.

1 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

No, if he divorced her, the debt would still be hers.

You only have to share assets/debts that were acquired during the marriage, in theory.

1 upvotesInBaggingArea3 years ago

I went to the opera for days ago. Turandot. This guy lays down his life for the princess of China. If he doesn't solve her three riddles, they kill him. He solves them. She's mad. He says if you can figure out my name before dawn, you can still kill me.

A slave girl who knows it refuses to confess under torture. She then commits suicide for love.

Princess is still being a bitch, so the guy tells her his name.

She decides not to kill him.

What the fuck? Your 25k is nothing. Or culture is replete with romantic idealized make sacrifice for some cunt.

Fuck that shit.

1 upvotesHitlers-Happy-HR-dpt3 years ago

I'm conflicted on this because he's already in too deep and he can't exactly kick her to the curb for this. Getting married before having financial disclosure (married at all really) was his first mistake. however now that they are married her bullshit is now his bullshit and getting the debt knocked out and off what is now part of his credit is a good idea. However, giving her access to the bank account after what is clearly a pattern of poor financial decisions was also a mistake. Allocating her an allowance could be construed as abusive in the event of divorce so I'm not really sure what the solution is. Perhaps if he made it her idea to have him allocate her part of the budget in cash without giving access to the checking or something.

1 upvotesUltimate_Failure3 years ago

Fuck that, cut your losses. Get a divorce or an anullment. She can keep her debt, and he his assets.

1 upvotesHitlers-Happy-HR-dpt3 years ago

divorce=taking half his shit anyway. Not to say that she wont eventually anyway.

1 upvotesKeithRSRedPill3 years ago

Since they're recently married with no kids and her debt prior to marriage is on her dime, her being able to take 1/2 of his estate is not valid. He can divorce her in no fault states for any reason, including financial infidelity. Easy to cut his loses now but once he willingly pays her bills, then it's all on his dime. She could very well hit the road after Mr White Knight gets her bills paid and then she could do it all over again if she is able to find her next victim/sucker.

1 upvotesJohndoesmith673 years ago

there goes the first domino....

1 upvotesaazav3 years ago

Consider the $17k a payment for her accepting your lowly, pathetic, male hand in marriage. She's doing you a favor!

But she needs things! Things that she can not afford to buy! That she needs! And then doesn't care about once she has. Because more things! Need!

See the pattern? Don't become the sucker who gives. Have control.

1 upvotesAshyBoneVR43 years ago

I'd say someone needs to punch or kick this man in the balls as a wake up call, but he clearly doesn't have any.

1 upvotespointguard25343 years ago

Good god. I used to be one of those guys who, no matter what the woman did, was "committed" to her. So many brainwashed guys out there that think they have to be a doormat because it's the "honorable" thing to do. Like being a true man accepts a woman for her faults, just like she excepts you for yours. Until she fucks Chad next door while you're at work. Guys need a reality check.

1 upvoteshyugafan3 years ago

Quite literally laughing all the way to the bank. Unless we're talking wall street bailouts, this is as accurate as it gets. Jesus, think of all the cool shit that 25k couldve bought. What a waste.

1 upvotesWrattie3 years ago

Exactly the same thing happened to my sister when she married her husband. Except he was the one that hid £10 grands worth of dept from her. What does this mean?

1 upvoteshatefulreason3 years ago

i remember reading the post and scrolling to the bottom of the comments to find the red pill :))

1 upvotesmangus893 years ago

Oh my god thank you for making this post! I read this shit last night and I was screaming WTF at the computer!

First of all, to keep this level of debt a secret is SO shitty you almost have to wonder if that's half the reason she got married, so she could have her debt taken care of.

Secondly, all of the responses are along the lines of "marriage is forever, she's your other half now and whats hers is yours and yours is hers." What a crock of shit, because lets be fucking realistic, they are more likely than not going to split up within 5 years and he will be out all of his hard earned money while she laughs it up all the way to the Nordstrom counter.

Poor, fucking guy.

1 upvotesdropabitch3 years ago

so lets take bets on how long til divorce

<1 year $2 1-2 years $1.50 3+ years $1000000

1 upvotesmrHappyPotatoe3 years ago

Never underestimate the power of a pussy!

1 upvotesStockrose3 years ago

Since my partner insisted on being the one responsible for finances we have aired huge depths. He still insists that he doing the finances is the manly thing. So I opend a new account for me wich he knows nothing about. Men are NOT always good with Money as well. But when they do not even recognize their mistakes ...

1 upvotesSuckMyFist3 years ago

This guy is literally asking for it.

1 upvotesCSMastermind3 years ago

My buddy just started dating an accountant that told him she has more than $100,000 in student loan debt. It's only been three months but he's already thinking about marriage.

1 upvotesw1seguy3 years ago

This should be on the side bar

1 upvotesoldrunnerguy3 years ago

Twenty-one years of marriage have convinced me that my wife is conveniently ignorant about money. You try to have a candid, mature, real discussion about what you can afford and manageable debt, and many times you may as well be talking to a mannequin. About one year ago my wife quit her full time job with health insurance, went to live with her daughter, and left me to help the son finish college. She now wants me to provide health insurance for her, which even if I did the "right" thing, would put me on the family plan and cost me $100 more a week in insurance. I currently insure our son in college which, at this point, has made me insurance poor. I cannot afford to insure them both at this point. When I ask her, even if I do this, how does it benefit me? She told me I was being selfish. I think I would have had better luck with the mannequin.

1 upvotesKeithRSRedPill3 years ago

Same here except married longer. I believe it to be part of a woman's characteristic of avoiding responsibility and accountability when it comes to financial planning. If my wife is typical of other wives, they don't care how the money gets there but it better be there and you better not suffer any investment loses. It's comical how financial investment commercials usually show the investment genius wife leading the dumb husband around and making all of the decisions. In my personal experience, if I had left it up to my wife to make investment decisions we would never be retiring and would have to work til death do us part. I would just as soon be making the investment decisions anyways, but I agree with the wife being conveniently ignorant about money.

1 upvotesrombios3 years ago

was of the blue pill mindset when i got married but even then i had enough sense to

*1) DEMAND a credit report and time to read and verify it

*2) SEPARATE bank accounts and only ONE joined account - we both can contribute to

*3) COLLEGE loans remain under her name

Was going to do the prenuptial route but decided against it after findign out some judges void it ... opted instead to convert 1/2 of my savings into precious metals rendering it ... "untraceable"

1 upvotesRougepellet3 years ago

Tbe thing i find most troubling is how he thinks questioning his decision to pay her debt is bad line of thinking. How far does the brainwashing go...

1 upvotesshhRP3 years ago

Heh, I linked this same post and got downvoted, lol. It definitely is a great example of mainstream blue pill rationalization.

[reddit] TheRedPill/comments/5315p3/this_time_from_personalfinance_sub_a_guy_buys_a/d7pkbbx

(can't link b/c bot autoremoves)

-23 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

$25k isn't that much really. I don't think it's such a big deal. If you think someone having 25k of debt is a deal-breaker, you're probably poor.

11 upvotesprobpoopin3 years ago

I'll give you my address so you can send me $25k. I mean, it isn't that much money. If you can't, it's probably because you are poor. Let me know if you need any other information to send it through PM. You said it, it isn't that much, so you should have no problem doing this. It's just chump change right? Again, if you can't give me a measly twenty five thousand dollars, it's because you are broke and can't.

Not so much about the debt, as the whole hiding it thing.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Actually forget probpoopin because I'm not as greedy as him. I will gladly accept $12,500 which is half of what he is asking. I really think you should consider my deal. I will never bother you again for money.

2 upvotesprobpoopin3 years ago

Looks like we are in a bidding war for this guys measly thousands of dollars. Well, Mr trump rules, I will only take one thousand dollars for free! No more, no less. Final offer.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's it. I didn't want to do this, but I will take $999.99 for free. Boom.

3 upvotesprobpoopin3 years ago

You penny grabbing son of a bitch! I'll take five hundred, but that's as low as I'll go.

9 upvotesbaambalangee3 years ago

The deal breaker isn't the 25k. It's the fact that she hid it. Shows dishonesty, and the 17k in credit card debt shows irresponsibility. Neither of those attributes are desirable in a LTR.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, really. The huge problem is that she hid it. Finances are a big part of a relationship and should be discussed.

25k is basically a car, and statistically pretty normal college debt.

1 upvotesdinosauralienspirits3 years ago

Well, not everyone is straight ballin like you friend. Lots of people are poor.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

25k debt isnt that much, my credit card bill is like 2k a month

3 upvotesPM_BOOBS_FOR_PUPPIES3 years ago

Uhhhh...yea, it is. I hope you are paying that 2K off every month and not living the life of a 30k-a-year-millionaire.

Remember, TRP is about bettering yourself overall. Pussy is just a byproduct.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Ye I pay it off. It's 2k I make 10k a month. 1.5k for my apartment. 500 for services. Have around 3k left to play with so fuck up kid

2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

that bitch makes 40k a year.. hardly 10k a month like you claim you make. so yeah, 25k for her is a lot.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I get that but it could work if she's got family to help

3 upvotesELLEN_POO3 years ago

U wot m8 get that bluepill debt shit outta here. Redpillers pay off their debt, have a bit of cash in case shit hits the fan, and invest a good amount into their future.

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