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THE BEST OF RATIONAL MALE – YEARS ONE/TWO/THREE (If you haven't read this yet, do it now.)

by redpillschool on /r/TheRedPill
25 November 2016 06:10 PM UTC

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We've had quite a recent uptick in new subscribers so I wanted to bring some quality red pill material to the top for a while.

If you're new or you haven't read all of our sidebar information, I recommend that you do so. And if you haven't read Rollo's best-ofs, then you should make these next on your reading lists:

Best of Rational Male - YEAR ONE

Best of Rational Male - YEAR TWO

Best of Rational Male - YEAR THREE

I hope everybody has a safe holiday. We've got more announcements coming up soon, so check back.

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Title THE BEST OF RATIONAL MALE – YEARS ONE/TWO/THREE (If you haven't read this yet, do it now.)
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79 upvotesleftenant_t3 years ago

Rational Male is the holy scripture of The Red Pill.

11 upvotesmojoback3 years ago


What is this?

1 upvotesshestaresback3 years ago

Do you have any suggestions for getting the most out of your reading?

1 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

I would start with Year One. Then I'd suggest getting the book. A lot of guys tell me they like to highlight parts of it, and they re-read sections. I actually make the least amount of royalties on the print copy, but this is the version of the book I put the most time into (I'm a designer) and it's more easily shared with friends who you think would read it if it's a book and not on a RP blog.

I intended the book to spark discussions.

Then I would move on to the other Best of Years and Preventive Medicine. Book 2 was meant for RP men to share with their non-RP friends.

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

To add, during his last AMA, built a handy little set of crib notes. There's a ton to get through, and many found it helpful


31 upvotesYashugan003 years ago

Is all this backed up on TRP.red yet? This sub might be in a target for the upcoming thought police, I mean, 'fake news' crackdown.

24 upvotesredpillschool [OP]3 years ago


7 upvotesOhAndOneMoreThing3 years ago

Also, please BUY his books. I know he is already a successful person even without his writing, but at the end of the day we should continue to send a message ($$$) that will inspire others to share their thoughts. One of the best books I've ever read, and I have read a ridiculous amount of books.

*AND the thought police can't steal it!

33 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

Year 4 and 5 are here: https://therationalmale.com/2015/08/28/the-best-of-the-rational-male-year-4/


I'll check back on this thread.

15 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Instead of separate tabs, you should have one tab called 'archives' that acts as a drop down menu for the individual years.

39 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

I'll go further: if you haven't read at least the sidebar and the Rational male best of year 1, you shouldn't be posting.

9 upvotes102117991073 years ago

A different system to filter the shit posts would be great. Problem is, if you lock TRP down to no posts, and they have to be reviewed first, it'll clog up all the approvers' mail boxes and it'll become a full time job.
I try to come back once every two weeks and read top posts rather. Downside is I could miss out on a good'ish post.

2 upvotesSW98763 years ago

I'll go further: If you aren't a RP god you should be posting. Too many people think what they have to say is important.

2 upvotesRPFlame3 years ago

Well, now I know what I'm gonna start reading next week.

8 upvotesiamz3ro3 years ago

Pure textual gold here folks. I guarantee that if you visit TRP, these posts/books will improve your life.

7 upvotesfcjnews3 years ago

Do the books cover everything in these roundups?

10 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

Yes, but they are expanded upon too.

2 upvotesnyxlucis3 years ago

've read bits and pieces of year one back near when it was written and never took it to hea

Would you suggest reading the books instead of the posts?

6 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

Only if you have friends you think would benefit from the books you can pass on to them. Alternately, you can read it in public, in Starbucks or on a plane, leave it where others can find it, put it into your school library, and thus let it be the prompt for discussion.

5 upvotesatm63113 years ago

I've read bits and pieces of year one back near when it was written and never took it to heart. I was probably 16 or something at the time in my defense. Thanks to OP. will be reading it all ASAP.

5 upvotesmr_nate_3 years ago

who needs books when you have 3 volumes of mass content?

3 upvotesRCMasculinity3 years ago

It's amazing to me how many ppl argue on here and who obviously haven't even read the sidebar. If you aren't going to better yourself, why are you here? Rollo is ESSENTIAL. Read it. Or buy the audio and listen to it as you go about your day.

4 upvotesJustmyniche3 years ago

Just got it on Audible. Can't wait to listen

2 upvotesse_raph3 years ago

Note to self: read this when I get home

2 upvotesanabolic923 years ago

Just started the book today, bought both of them

2 upvotesKyros13 years ago

Please get all this in a pdf / kindle format (mobi or azw3), free or paid. Thanks.

1 upvotesnewbie803 years ago

I read the first one, is that a compilation of year 1 and preventive medicine a compilation of year 2?

1 upvotesRollo-Tomassi3 years ago

PM is a standalone book that outlines what men can expect from women at various stages of their maturity. There are TRM essays, but I expand on them quite a bit in the book.

1 upvotesnewbie803 years ago

Thanks for clearing that up.

2 upvotescoffee_343 years ago

RedPill is growing like a weed! I don't know how to feel about this...

On one hand, more people are being helped... on the other hand, the competition is getting steeper.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Less pussy faggots in the dating scene benefit us all man

1 upvotesJustinDX3 years ago

Despite RP community growing, yes there may be more aware BP on their way to RP... however there is still 90%+ male race that are BB as fuck!

1 upvotescoffee_343 years ago

I'm glad. I don't want my secret weapon to be available to everyone.

2 upvotesMrNatemare3 years ago

This book is one of the most enlightening books I have read in my life. It was so good that after listening to it as an audiobook, I bought a hard copy and made sure that it stays on my bookshelf. I still take it out every now and then and read a section of it.

It connects all the dots you see in real life about how women behave. When you see the full picture, your mind is instantly blown.

2 upvotesclavabot3 years ago

I just started reading the book, I can say that there is soo much value to be gained from it.

1 upvotesguifawkes3 years ago

These are great, wish I had discovered these sooner....maybe then I wouldn't have lost the one lol /s

Also, I used the spritz plug-in to read through these at 400 words per minute. It's pretty nifty and you can read a large essay on the toilet easily before your legs go numb. http://spritzinc.com/get-spritz

1 upvotesmatrixpush3 years ago

The real Red pill:

Doesn't matter in the US how awesome you are, it's still a pyrrhic victory.


1 upvotesUHM-73 years ago

I'm listening to the audiobook of this. I'm only on chapter 6 of 40 something, and i'm blown away.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Where are you listening to it/ where did you find it?

1 upvotesStonish3 years ago

Does the book itself contain everything neccessery or is there more?

1 upvotesJalato_Boi3 years ago

Is the 'The Rational Male' paperback identical to the Best of Rational Male - YEAR ONE?

-1 upvotesMasterStas3 years ago

Who thinks of this shit and writes it ALL down lmao. Too much to read!

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