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University Kangaroo Court Suspends 10 Innocent Football Players, Entire Team Boycotts

by in_da_tr33z on /r/TheRedPill
16 December 2016 07:15 PM UTC

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Not sure if this is a red pill example or blue pill example. Article detailing events here: http://www.startribune.com/gophers-football-players-plan-to-threaten-boycott-of-bowl-game/406928136/

This is an infuriating story straight from my Alma mater. To break down the highlights for you, a woman accused a group of football players of sexual assault in early September.

According to police reports and the student’s testimony, the student, who is part of the gameday operations at TCF Bank Stadium, drank five to six shots of vodka on the night of Sept. 1 before heading out of her apartment with her roommates toward Dinkytown. She then went with two football players to the Radius, an off-campus apartment building. Though she said her memory was spotty, she recalled Djam in a common area asking her to go up to his apartment. She would later testify that she had no intention of having sex.

She said she felt panicked when Djam walked her into his bedroom, but later testified that he never pushed her, prevented her from leaving or said anything threatening to her.

After the first encounter, and even though she admits her memory was unreliable, she claims "she saw a line of men waiting to take turns."

She estimated there were at least a dozen men. “I was shoving people off of me,” she testified. “They kept ignoring my pleas for help. Anything I said they laughed. They tried to cheer people on.”

About an hour and a half later, she said, she was allowed to leave. She called her sister, who told her to go to the hospital immediately, where she was given a rape exam, while her mother made a report to Minneapolis police.

The first player accused, Carlton Djam, had VIDEOS of this girl in his bed the morning after.

During an 8-second clip, the woman “appears lucid, alert, somewhat playful and fully conscious; she does not appear to be objecting to anything at this time,” Wente (police investigator) wrote in his report. After viewing two additional videos, he wrote “the sexual contact appears entirely consensual.”

At this point the entire case is swiss cheese. Officers had video evidence from the morning after that compel them to believe the encounter was consensual and there was no evidence of a 12 person gang rape collected by her rape exam. In light of this, the charges brought against the only four players who could be placed at the scene were dropped. So we got justice in the end right? Wrong. The woman went on to file restraining orders against the players which caused them to be suspended from four home games because the woman works at the stadium where they play.

Oh how I wish that was the end of the madness. This week, the school announced that after an investigation into the incident by the Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, they would be suspending TEN 'involved' players for their roles in the events of that evening including those that were originally implicated in the case. Some of the newly suspended players weren't even present during the incident. Some of the players are core players on the team. Rightly outraged, team captains met with the President and University AD

“We got no answers to our questions about why these kids were suspended when they were just found [innocent] by the law,” Wolitarsky said. “He basically told us that he didn’t have answers, and that led us to believe that this is kind of unjust. He has the power to reverse this, and he won’t.”

They are now giving up a trip to San Diego in December (we're from MN mind you), for the seniors their final game, and for many more they risk losing their scholarships for this act of defiance. And they are getting absolutely TORCHED by the "fan" base on social media all because they stood up for their brothers. I for one have never been more proud of the team. It takes a lot of heart to walk away from an opportunity you worked your ASS OFF for. What's more, they're not doing it for themselves, they're doing it for their friends.

TL;DR - Don't fuck drunk chicks. They're gross and the wrong one can ruin your entire life.

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236 upvotesCopperFox3c3 years ago

It is unfortunate that the University of Minnesota and its leadership don't respect the principles our Western liberal society was built upon. Nor the sacrifices people have made and died for to preserve it.

Due process is one of the foundations of any free society. We can't have witch hunts or people being burned at the stake just because someone accused them of something. There has to be evidence. They have to have the right to defend themselves. Freedom, counter-intuitively, derives from boundaries. Those rights serve as such boundaries.

It is ironic that the critical role of due process in a liberal society has been lost upon the so-called "liberals" (aka Progressives) of our day ...

81 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

Not that UMinn isn't capable of doing this on their own, but they also have a gun to their head in the form of the "Dear Colleague" letter.

We are in the midst of a moral panic about "rape" on campus. Thus we hear numbers like 1 in 5 women or 1 in 4 women on campuses will be "raped", when the real figures for rape are 6 in 10,000 (indeed, women on campus are actually less likely to be raped than women in the general population). I use "raped" because the 1 in 5 number comes from two self-reported faulty studies in the 1990s where it was "sexual assault" - which later morphed into "rape" in the popular narrative - and included stolen kisses and regretful sex.

The fact of the matter is, if 1 in 5 college women were raped there would be no women at colleges, because their parents would keep them home to avoid all of the roving "rape vans" and "rape gangs" that would have to exist to support that number.

Yet we are told that "women don't lie" about rape. Tell that to the Duke Lacrosse team. Or the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi at UVa. Or Adam Lack at Brown. Or William McCormick, also of Brown. Or Paul Nungesser, the victim of notorious fraud (and star of an art film amateur porn vid "re-enactment", which is titled in French because it sounds more "arty" in French) Emma Sulkowicz. Or the dude at Occidental College.

And the beat goes on....

So basically the state has been weaponized against men, and also, as it turns out, colleges and universities. Tufts was forced to accept a finding that it had violated Title IX and pay off a false accuser because the government was going to strip them of their federal funding. Can everyone say "coercion"?

So while I'm sure that that U Minn has plenty of feminist thundercunts, the real driver on this is the US Dept of Education.

6 upvotesGuitarHero073 years ago

Is there any chance this madness will be reversed under the Trump administration? I could see his new AG rolling back the rules from the notorious "Dear Colleague" letter. But on the other hand, we will hear endless self-righteous outcry from the liberal media, feminists, campus SJWs and leftist university faculty. Trump might decide that it's not worth expending the political capital and there are bigger fish to fry.

Then again, Trump was personally affected by very dubious accusations of sexual misconduct by a number of women (who all happened to be Hillary supporters of course). He may have a strong motivation to protect the rights of the accused.

Ultimately though, the Education-Industrial Complex is a key part of the American Left Wing coalition. It is heavily invested in feminism, "social justice" and socialist economics. Dissenting views are now suppressed in this age of "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings." Among most reliable Democratic supporters are young single women and university faculty and staff.

6 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

I hope. Trump's DoE nominee is a woman but sometimes women are harder on other women. Ex. years ago when I was in my 20s there was a pretty solid gang rape case in the next county over. One guy turned against the others, but everyone else got acquitted by juries (which did have women on them). Women I knew were basically like, "It was her fault for being a drunk slut. She should have been home with her kid, not out at bars."

So yeah, it could happen.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

I didn't say it was; I simply use an example to demonstrate that women are sometimes harder on other women then men would be.

3 upvotesAir4ce13 years ago

This response is a perfect example of cherry picking and quite frankly completely took out of context what he said.

1 upvotesRedpillwhiterabbit3 years ago

Probably the rapists fault... just a teensie bit.

3 upvotesrockymountainoysters3 years ago

Moral panic is a polite euphemism. The rape culture witch hunt shares a number of characteristics with mass hysteria, a phenomenon to which women are more susceptible than men.

This is because the grapevine -- the social environment -- constitutes nearly a woman's entire sense of reality; abstract concepts are difficult to grasp. This propogates gossip, wives' tales, rumor, and myth, and is the entire underlying strength behind the notion of rape culture.

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

INNOCENT till proven guilty, not the other way around. I would rather live in a justice system that is favorable towards the defendant than towards the prosecution.

I would rather let 10 guilty people free than put 1 innocent man in jail. I know a lot of people would disagree but dictatorships are guilty until proven innocent.

445 upvotesRightCrossBrah3 years ago

Men standing up for other men. So rare in our society.

61 upvotesTroll_Name3 years ago

You can't get very far in team sports without any teamwork. Most people these days have ZERO teamwork.

But an athlete? They have some basic concept of either hanging together or being hanged apart. If my peers can be punished by accusation alone then so can I.

181 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Except when they are brothers in arms, which is why male spaces are shrinking day by day, because they pose a threat of "different thought".

23 upvotesgrubek3 years ago

Also, apparently they have some leverage because the football team is successful and makes money for the college. So this movement is much more intelligent and a calculated risk than it is quixotic.

Still shows courage and team loyalty, but it is not a crazy maneuver.

59 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The gang is the way of men

-61 upvotesSageKnows3 years ago

How on earth this got so many upvotes? Criminal syndicates are now cool? You wanna behead people? You wanna rob people of their livelihood? You want to push drugs? Whats wrong with you man

27 upvotesplenkton3 years ago

First, gang does not necessarily mean illegal.

And legal does not mean moral.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Fun fact. Most gangs started off as a means of support and defense when the legal system failed a group.

Just cause they turned to crime later doesn't mean the idea in itself is bad.

Cops are a gang.

Soldiers are a gang.

Your friends are your gang.

12 upvotesHobbesTheBrave3 years ago

He is smarter than you. That's why you're downvoted, and he is not.

-7 upvotesLo-G3 years ago

That's not how it works bro. Down and upvotes are just a popularity contest. No more and no less. The goal of these posts isn't to be popular and therefore up and downvotes are no measure of intelligence.

2 upvotesTrucks_N_Chainsaws3 years ago

Take your liberal arts, candy-ass the fuck outta here, or at least shut your fuck hole, cuck.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

As much as I hate the army, I do miss the friends I made.

So true that so many dudes out there will leave you hanging. Even dudes I would punch in the face, I had their back and they had mine.

23 upvotescuteman3 years ago

Hoping for a stalemate with the administrative bullshit that goes on after the law investigates and finds no evidence of a crime is one of the most subtle and insidious perversions of justice I've ever witnessed.

Under the guise of a lower standard of proof than a criminal complaint (thanks Obama and OCR) universities routinely ignore actual investigations by police in favor of their amateurish "investigation" consisting of deposition and studying any kind of third party findings like hospital or police reports.

Basically, the weighing mechanism is whether the committee hearing believes the woman is credible. If she is, you better have significant counter evidence or you're fucked (even video in this case doesn't seem to have helped).

University hearing committees usually consist of five individuals who volunteer for a quarter, they are staff of the university, say a law professor, a math professor, a psychology TA an administrative officer and another random staff member.

They all work together, discuss things, laugh, friendly, etc.

Problem is that the admin and staff member usually act as prosecution and therefore spend a lot of time with the complaintant empathizing. They then spread this empathy and bias to the decision making members of the committee.

Around 2012-2013 OCR wrote the dear colleague letter mandating title IX Universities reduce the burden of proof they used (typically clear and convincing) done to preponderance of the evidence. This had a subtle but chilling shift, especially coupled with no new due process considerations.

Bureaucrats wave criticism off in that since freedom isn't in jeopardy they are justified in using the lower standard. Nevermind the ruinous effects these cases can have on people's lives.

We hear about a few cases where men have sued the universities but unfortunately they're often based on technicalities, most frequently wherein the university itself does not follow its own handbook and violated some provision therein. Hope is low in terms of win for justice. All its done is caused colleges to have attorneys pour over their hand books.

Why is this a red pill issue? Maybe this sounds like beta men's rights bullshit to you.

Well, I've seen it happen, with my own two eyes. Anyone that puts up average social numbers is liable for a fabricated claim. You've all met crazies. You've met shady people of both genders.

Just like there are true blue sexual assaults, so too are there deeply disturbed individuals willing to ruin lives for a lie. For attention, for an alibi, because of the guilt for cheating and any other number of reasons.

I knew a guy, alpha, top tier frat, water polo player, ran a successful business in college, never lived in dorms opting for an apartment the entire time.

The only thing he didn't have was true "rich privilege" where his dad could pick up a phone and lawyers intimidate amateur activist administrators. His family was working class. His mom wanted to get involved but he thought he could handle it himself.

Steamrolled by the university. Totally and completely. Facts don't matter if you don't have a smoking gun proving yourself innocent.

Universities have even pursued action against students despite police opening investigations for fraud into the complaintant.

Anyway, I had to write this out in case it helps somebody. Be careful. Deadly careful.

Having sexual relations while a student at University has added risks because of your contractual agreement with the university. You agree to adhere to their administrative handbooks guidelines.

The requirements to hold you culpable are much lower, not completely like the military, but comparable in so far as you don't need to be guilty if there's enough suspicion that maybe it could be true. That's all it takes.

That isn't to say you should stop dating women. But treat it like you would a loaded weapon. Keep it pointed away from your person. Act as if it is always loaded and deadly.

Be careful what you do or a lie can become the truth.

126 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

TL;DR - Don't fuck drunk chicks. They're gross and the wrong one can ruin your entire life.

Except they didn't and they weren't even there.

52 upvotesBluestBlackBalls3 years ago

TL;DR: Feelz>Reelz, thus spoke the woman, "But I feel they raped me!"

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

22 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Sure, and a number of them were proved to be absent.

Hence avoiding drunk chicks didn't save those absent guys from the accusations.

2 upvoteshahayeahthatscool3 years ago

exactly, the actual advice should be >dont drunk chicks.

because it doesn't even fucking matter, you could be playing minecraft never leaving your room from the day you were born but someone will eventually feel like you raped them zzzzzzz

112 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I sincerely hope that these guys sue the shit out of their school and this fucking harpy who is attempting to ruin their reputations.

Pieces of shit like this who go around yelling rape when there's no evidence whatsoever are the ones who need to be kicked out of school and have a restraining order against them.

144 upvotesHulegu23 years ago

No Justice, No Football!

They should enjoy their trip to Southern California, play on the beaches, get tan - then throw the game. Every play should be touchdown for their opponents. Run backwards into their own endzone and hand the ball to an opponent. Never make a tackle. Make national news. Set the record for the greatest loss EVER!

If they boycott and are simply replaced, few outside of Minnesota will know why.

74 upvotesCryptoManbeard3 years ago

you can't replace your whole starting team. The implications are much larger than this game too, it can affect future alumni donations which is where most of the university money comes from. The program could be set back decades for shit like this. As they won't have booster money, or good talent.

40 upvotesLilB2fast4u3 years ago

exaclty, they know if they stand together they will all be playing and getting their money next year. Starting a program off from scratch would lose millions of dollars bc they would suck ass for 10 years.

15 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Or longer, look what happened in Nebraska after Callahan fucked the team into it's first losing season in fifty years back in the late 90s. They still get beat by teams they should be destroying.

MN might never win again.

26 upvoteskragshot3 years ago

Here's the thing; the academic feminism machine wants this to happen. They want the sports programs; especially football (the epitome of patriarchal privilege), to be defunded and shut down. The only problem with that faulty logic is that then they expect that the alumni money will be available for the stuff they want to support.

As usual, they never think that shit through. All of those sweet, sweet alumni dollars are not going to be used to support feminist programs. The university bank account is going to be as dry as the sand in their vaginas. And when that happens, they'll still find a way to blame the men on campus for it.

1 upvoteslondon123456763 years ago

which will make the cycle hurt the university that much more. . .ESPECIALLY when you can get the same or arguably BETTER educations online for WAAAY cheaper. Hell, if some people were smart, they would do that while in high school, get an engineering program done, make something to show off their skills to a company and get a 6 figure job out of high school. A LOT of companies have recruited people who have done that. By pass college completely.

10 upvoteskragshot3 years ago

Well, my argument is that if the push to apply Title IX regulations to the STEM fields continues, that they pull the STEM programs out of the universities and cut a deal with the specialized technical vocational schools (UTI, Lincoln Tech, etc...) and force the industry to accept the change.

When all of our physicists, engineers, and other hard sciences separate themselves from academia because of this nonsense, they'll change their tune real quick. Especially when those fields begin to see the decline in the quality of the incoming graduates because of this fuckery that's happening in our universities.

I could honestly see somebody like Elon Musk starting up a non-affiliated "technical institute" that only concentrates on mathematics, science, and technology.

Seriously...I would love to be a fly on the wall if one of these special snowflakes brought a Luce Irigaray-type theoretical discussion into JPL.

2 upvotesLsegundo3 years ago

In person college courses are no longer necessary for many courses.

You can already take "mooc" courses online. One of the top robotics professors had something like 10,000 online signups for his Stanford(?) free online course. Unsure of the equipment the online learners used. This might be a case where you need the university to provide expensive machines or it might not.

You can read all the same books, listen to the best professors lecture and rewind them, have live video chats, forum discussions, and TAs grading assignments. In person meetups can be scheduled through social media for face to face discussion, networking and mentoring.

I got more feedback by asking questions in professional forums than I did from a certain professor with 60 assignments to look over and grade. It was better, more updated information than what the professor provided. I expect college to be "disrupted" over the next decade and be very different from what it is now.

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool3 years ago

you can't defund football and other sports because u will never kill the demand for it, college ball is more successful than the NFL or that's at least what I hear

4 upvotestherealduffmiver3 years ago

Actually the athletic donations shouldn't be too affected by this. I work in MPLS and they're slated to build an athlete village and excellence center on campus that's very expensive and will draw recruits - the capital planning is done if I recall for this project and they're downtown mpls stadium is state of the art and still only a few years old.

The university is probably still worried about their future football prospects, but with their new stadium and facilities I don't think their actual scouting will be hurt. Also, I don't think this would push people away from any particular university... Its happening everywhere. It's a weird time for basically any powerful / famous / connected male organization because you are inherently a target and, of course, guilty until proven innocent even in the face of exculpatory evidence and subsequent police investigations / acquittals at trial.

22 upvotesSexistFlyingPig3 years ago

Would you want to play football at a school where a single false accusation of events that didn't happen at a place where you weren't near would make you unable to play?

Stay as far away from that school as you can, young men. Nothing good will ever come of it.

4 upvotesTroll_Name3 years ago

you can't replace your whole starting team

Exactly - even if you could it would lead to this:

-Bureaucrats make prejudicial rulings against team A

-Team A stops playing

-School loses the season

-Nothing changes other than team roster

-Bureaucrats make prejudicial rulings against team B

-Team B stops playing

-School loses the season

-Nothing changes other than team roster



We don't care because schools don't need sports!

What is the Ivy League? A sports organization.

2 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

I think he meant they would be displaced by other team from another school - whoever was next in the rankings.

10 upvotesDarkone063 years ago

Yeah fuck kneeling at the anthem. I would take a shit on the middle of the field during the school fight song.

6 upvotesUEMcGill3 years ago

$2,825,000. Let me repeat $2,825,000

That's the payout to the university of Minnesota. This is what their walkout is costing the university. Now I don't know how revenue sharing works in the BIG so the exact amount may vary plus the bowl gift packages are notorious among players for awesome stuff. Watches, Xboxes etc.

They are hitting the university the hardest way they can and themselves on top of it. The university can't replace them for a single game and even if they loose their scholarships they'll go to another school sit out a year and be good to go. The gophers will take years to rebuild while they. Will be fine.

It the nuclear option.

14 upvotesin_da_tr33z [OP]3 years ago

Damn that would be delicious. Damn shame it's too late now.

But if they boycott and are replaced, they will be replaced by seriously inferior players. At this point I'm assuming that the program is dead. I doubt any of the guys who do keep their scholarships will want to stay after the school threw them under the bus like this.

22 upvoteskragshot3 years ago

One father has openly stated in that article:

“If the president and athletic director keep their jobs, my son, Antoine Winfield Jr., will not attend the University of Minnesota,” he said.

If other parents follow his example, the result could be devastating to the university's PR. But that is exactly what should happen. I definitely would not send my sons to an American or Canadian university under these conditions unless it was an all male school.

Anyone remember Roxanne Jones w/CNN and her OpEd article about discussing consent with her son before he went off to college? Instead of praising her for also suggesting that her son makes sure to confirm consent with his potential partners, they lambasted her for her concern with making sure that the boy doesn't end up in jail over a false accusation.

Apparently, these feminists don't want a man to be able to protect himself from a crazy woman's false accusations. "Better ten innocent men go to jail, than one real rapist walks free," seems to be their mantra.

Yeah...it's time that we put a final stop to that nonsense once and for all...it might as well start at the nation's universities.

4 upvotesDrmadanthonywayne3 years ago

Set the record for the greatest loss EVER

That's a high bar, the 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game was the most lopsided in the history of college football, with Georgia Tech winning 222–0. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1916_Cumberland_vs._Georgia_Tech_football_game

-4 upvotesWenzel-Dashington3 years ago

I respectfully disagree and here's why. If I was a member on the OPPOSING team, I would be f'in pissed. Those guys also worked their asses off, to line up against an opponent and they then run backwards, hand us the ball, etc would be disrespecting my time and effort I put in to get there. I would rather you just get disqualified and not show up. It is interesting to see how they could handle it, but to show up and horse around would be disrespecting your opponent, IMO.

25 upvotesSexistFlyingPig3 years ago

It would make national news, and the whole issue would bring a spotlight to the injustices that men in college now face.

11 upvotesTroll_Name3 years ago

You've stood on a painted field before, right?

This is what we call "fun."

If the other team is trolling hard then my #1 concern would be that they might be up to something real. As this worry fades, so would my tension. People ask questions and they get answers - we're doing this in protest against unfair treatment - and from that moment forward the whole venue is having fun.

I would join hands with the other team a million years before I do so with the bureaucrats over my head.

17 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

If you were a member of the oposing team you should be scoring as many points as you could and then buy all those guys beers for having the balls and solidarity to stand up for your own damn rights. They would risk their future to save cunts like you from going through the same problems. If you think playing a single game (out of hundreds) is more important than this, you are a lost cause.

-12 upvotesWenzel-Dashington3 years ago

Lol, you've clearly never played any sport, tough guy. The team gets on a bus and goes home, nobody "hangs out" to buy beers. What, you think its gonna be like your favorite Disney movie and one of the guys go "Hey coach, those were some stand up guys, we should buy them a beer." The coach is going to say go fuck yourself and those guys, we have another game to prepare for, get on the bus. Additionally, if it isn't clear by now just how stupid you are, this is a college game. Most--if not everyone--is under 21.

16 upvotesass_boy3 years ago

Jesus are you autistic. You picked the beer thing out of everything he said to focus on. He just meant say thanks.

1 upvoteswanderer7793 years ago

that is true but I think in this case the issue of guys being railroaded by the colleges is a more important issue. The other team might actually be understanding. These guys are probably all worried about this issue.

63 upvotesSexistFlyingPig3 years ago

I'd be willing to bet that it was slut shaming by other women that made her change her story from "I had fun with a couple of guys I just met" to "I was gang-raped by the entire fraternity, twice".

63 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

About a year ago I interviewed for a faculty position at this school. I was met with a fiercely scowling coven of FIVE (5) females who conducted the interview. Turns out one of them was the "diversity coordinator." The department was 15 women and 2 part time men.

The coven asked me what I planned to do to add to the diversity of the school.

I am still amazed at the absolute cluelessness, arrogance, and audacity of these whores and it showed.

"Diversity" I exclaimed incredulously. I tried to explain that I provided intellectual diversity but they pissed me off so I asked them what exactly they thought the word "Diversity" meant when the school is 70% female, and the department is 95% female.

I didn't get the job.

7 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

I don't know how you can work in such an environment. As I said in another comment, these faggots are the inquisition of our time. It's really sad that we tolerate them and I can't wait until we burn their shit down and relegate them to the sewers of history.

Going to be awesome when they see the"diversity" of their local unemployment office.

6 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

ANd still, they are working for a UNIversity. That is the whole point, UNI ....

44 upvoteshelixsaveus3 years ago

So there was just an interview on MN local sports radio with a investigative journalist and it seems that these men were freely coming forward and giving their recollection of the night w/o a lawyer present and we're ambushed and coerced in the questioning. It was a damn "witch" hunt. There will be a lawsuit filed soon against the university; on what exactly I'm not sure but there is a some actual firepower in these boys corner. Ex pro football player Antwoin Winfield is now involved and is threatening to pull his son from UofM and files lawsuits.

TLDR; Dumb bitch regretted what happened and screams rape. But it seems the tides are turning and "society" isn't blindly believeing these hoes anymore.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They would believe her if there wasn't video proof showing that she wasn't getting raped and that she enjoyed getting a train ran on her.

2 upvoteshahayeahthatscool3 years ago

lol no way dude we need more proof than that we have to go into her grey matter synapses and find out if she was truly "enjoying" it or was she tricked into liking it?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This might sound untrue but one time I was at a party in north seattle. I went with a few friends and it was in a shit neighborhood. I am out smoking a chillum in the back talking to this cute girl who came with her friend. I notice that a lot of people are inside the house. I go in and I see this blonde girl that was fit as fuck that was friends with the girl i was talking to outside getting a train ran on her by 5 black dudes. They were huffin and puffin and she was laughing and screaming for them to fuck her harder. They even asked me to join in but I wasn't about to get out my 7 inch magic stick out in front of 5 hung black dudes. This was way before I ever even knew about the redpill and blue pill me had no idea what the fuck was going on. I go back outside and I talk to the girl who was friends with her about it and she said "Oh she does this all the time". I asked her if she wanted to smoke with me but she couldn't because of her job. She was an off duty officer. Probably the wackiest nights of my life. If you looked at this girl you would have no clue that she was into gangbangs.

1 upvotesdudet233 years ago

It does sound untrue you dumb cuck fetishist.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I knew it would but the point of the story is that AWALT.

1 upvotesdudet233 years ago

No. I mean its literally a fake story. Especially the part where you denigrate your own masculinity and body.

39 upvotesSouloftheVoid3 years ago

The lying cunt's whole story sounds like a lie. Are these college football players really so desperate for sex that they are going to have sex with the same drunk slut on the same night? I would never have sex with a girl if I knew a guy JUST busted a nut in her? Gross!

45 upvotesSexistFlyingPig3 years ago

She made it up when she was slut shamed the next day.

23 upvotesandres78323 years ago

From the article it seems like at least 5 guys (main guy and four others) had sex with her, in a consensual way.

I don't know about you but I'm not going after 4 others have gone in a single chick.

14 upvotesToSeeAndToHear3 years ago

Yeah, but those guys are your team, man. That... makes it different for some guys I guess?

4 upvotesSexistFlyingPig3 years ago

Oh, look at the high value man, with "values" and "standards" and "a gag reflex that made him blow chunks when he thought of sloppy 5ths".

Maybe a neat fifth would work. Probably just the alcohol talking.

52 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

She then went with two football players to the Radius, an off-campus apartment building. Though she said her memory was spotty, she recalled Djam in a common area asking her to go up to his apartment. She would later testify that she had no intention of having sex.

This alone should discredit her. Everybody knows why the athletes brought her to their apartment. It's a shame that the unspoken rules of the sex ritual are not recognized in the law.

1 upvoteskevin323 years ago

I think the law recognizes it, but tries to play a middle ground. They know there's a difference between "rape" in an alley just outside the bar, and "rape" in a dorm room where the "victim" calmly and quietly walked to from the bar with the "perpetrator".

They don't want to imprison the men because they didn't really rape, but they don't want to call her an outright liar because of feminist/political ties. So they give the men a light sentence.

1 upvotesRedpillwhiterabbit3 years ago

"Light sentence" in this case being total social destruction.

15 upvotesEnormousface3 years ago

Clearly this is wrong and reading about this makes me angry. Is there anything we can actually do to help with this situation or prevent other ones from happening?

7 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

Hopefully the alums will pressure the University.

16 upvotesPaulMurrayCbr3 years ago

The accounts of these "rapes" are always eerily similar to the accounts of UFO abductees.

Cotton Mather, back in Salem, learned the hard way that you do not believe evidence offered by young women when it involves anything sexy. They cannot distinguish between reality and their own fantasies.

14 upvotesnthman3 years ago

Getting flamed by fans because they aren't putting up with punishments that were handed out because some broad regrets having sex and filed a false report? What a bunch of assholes.

13 upvotesstuballs_omnicorp3 years ago

The UofM is a cesspool full of SJWs, top to bottom. They'd love nothing more than to end all men's sports. Good for these guys.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That reminds me; as another alternative to sending a text, asking if they'd like to have sex again, a camera in your living room that could provide evidence as eating breakfast together to help fight false accusations that could happen later on - and a car cam too.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Good on them.

Let's fucking see how long universities keep this up when Football gets messed with.

5 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic3 years ago

The amount of leverage bitches have (legally) even when proved WRONG is fucking ASTOUNDING. This shit infuriates me. Great post none the less!

4 upvotesNaughtyFred3 years ago

So let me get this straight, girl cries rape, video evidence proves her claim false, university proceeds as if accusation was proven true.

Isn't this an easy payday for a lawyer somewhere?

6 upvotesMasonCrosby4Life3 years ago

Thanks for posting this man. As a fell Golden Gopher, this news ensures I will never donate as an alumni.

Interesting thing I saw yesterday. ESPN stated in their article that it was consensual with two guys but she didn't agree to relations with the multiple. I can find it if you're interested.

7 upvotesLsegundo3 years ago

Fuck. It sure sounds like they caved in :(

Minnesota ends boycott, will prepare to play in Holiday Bowl

10 upvotesTheLaughingRhino3 years ago

Core lesson here, IMHO is

A) If a girl is drunk, just walk away (i.e. walk away in a way that makes sense, don't leave her passed out in front of a bus station, etc) To me, it's basic abundance theory, plenty of girls out there and plenty who won't have to bring alcohol into the mix and use it as a pretext to destroy your life. Plenty of ways to have fun and socialize without drinking. I realize that's tougher in college, but a scandal like this can ruin your life, why take a chance?

B) While it's tough to do, esp if you are younger, but sometimes it helps to take a step back, and ask yourself - In how many ways can this situation end up totally fucked up for me? Even if a girl consents to getting a train run on her, why bother and take the risk?

C) Come to term that maybe it's just a good idea to learn how to socialize without drinking ( and honestly, aside from the occasional drink here and there, is it really good for you in any fashion? It's liquid bread, and it's just more that you have to work off at the gym.

The only thing that's truly clear is it doesn't matter what the truth is as long as the "image" of the institution or bureaucracy can be preserved somehow.

It's like arguing with women. At some point, you come to terms that it's not about fair, it's not about how things should be, or how you want things to be, sometimes it's just best to decide to walk away.

As for the guys who got nailed and were not even there, not sure what to say about that. My guess is if they were interviewed, they refused to talk, which is probably a violation of their student agreement, and a pretext to go after them anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if prostitution was completely legal all over the US, if that change happened, how many men would just never talk to most women ever again aside from work and other small obligations.

11 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

Obviously, this is pragmatic advice but it is not a real solution.

The real solution is to burn it all down. Do not kowtow to regressive liberal insanity and purge them from their rat holes they like to occupy. These faggots are like the inquisition.

Why do empowered wymyn always seem to get drunken gang-raped by their "equals"? Usually it's fake or consensual. Me thinks they're projecting fantasies.

Why can't empowered wymyn handle their liquor?

If wymyn cannot be trusted to handle their own body, then how is it we trust them with any other responsibility: voting, politics, management?

As I said your advice is good for the individual, but it doesn't address the endemic systemic flaws that come with tolerating liberals in society. And the advice of not leaving a drunk bitch at the bus stop borders on white knighting. Leave her there. It's her and daddy government's job to protect her, not ours.

1 upvotesphibetared3 years ago

Sorry, core lesson is: Make a video tape of any first time sexual encounter. These guys would be going to trial otherwise

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Oh fuck me. I had to stop near the end.

Universities need to start getting sued. They basically say fuck the law and presumption of innocence and bum rape any dude that a chick points at.

Fuck these places. Makes me not even wanna go back and finish my degree.

This is the reason why I steered clear of every chick that flirted with me at school. Not worth the headache.

I hope no men ever plays for that school until they fix their shit. Women are clearly the chosen gender, so let their teams draw in the fans.

3 upvotesKazarakOfKar3 years ago

When men stand together people take notice. Bravo to the whole football team for standing up against this bullshit.

3 upvotesPlayFair3 years ago

Why can't they print her name?

2 upvotesrayboomboom3 years ago

I was just going to point this out. It's funny how the team members' entire reputations were destroyed but they didn't even print her first name.

3 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

The TL;DR as I see it is to RECORD EVERYTHING. That's what saved the one guy after all. If anyone else even remotely connected to this case had done the same they'd be in the clear right now.

Clearly what the players should be doing is suing the ever living shit out of her for defamation of character, and the school for the Title IX violation of equal treatment AND for a civil suit for failing to uphold equal protection under the law. I'd also tack on damages equal to any potential lost scholarships and wages should they be looking at going pro someday.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It is at this point that I have to ask: are we really sure that Roosh's "How to stop rape" article was satire? Or maybe women who drink alcohol shouldn't have the right the make rape accusation for the following 24 hours? I mean how are we supposed to protect innocent men from these cunts?

2 upvotesLsegundo3 years ago

This kind of self sacrifice is what made this country great. Those men are sticking up for their team mates at great personal risk. They could be giving up their college scholarships.

Somebody has to make a stand. We need to make sure they are given praise for the heroes they are.

2 upvotesjustj6sh3 years ago

Its a sad day when you gotta always have video evidence to prove consent.

2 upvoteshahayeahthatscool3 years ago

i promise im not a slut i was raped :\\\\\\\

2 upvotesjewishsupremacist883 years ago

lol..burn coal pay the toll.

2 upvotesmrcs84usn3 years ago

Here is an update

Looks like they're ending the boycott, despite the suspensions still being in tact.

2 upvotesVanityKings3 years ago

And of course, that lying piece of human filth isn't named when there is evidence of her fabricating her stories and the innocent men are named and their reputations and careers are in jeopardy. I hope that cunt gets AIDS

7 upvotestrudatness3 years ago

Hopefully in a few short weeks President Trump will end this shit.

8 upvoteswhatsthisgarg3 years ago

yeah, that's going to happen. Probably on his list ... somewhere ... let's see, how does this have anything to do with money?

1 upvotesF_Dingo3 years ago

This week, the school announced that after an investigation into the incident by the Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, they would be suspending TEN 'involved' players for their roles in the events of that evening including those that were originally implicated in the case.

I hope they sue the school over this. It might take a few schools getting taken to the cleaners in court for them to abandon their kangaroo courts.

1 upvotesflowerfaeirie3 years ago

Have any of you guys you know, actually read the report? It is very detailed and graphic and does point to her being assaulted.

However it's rather confusing because she doesn't have evidence of rape from the examination so...

-9 upvotesedwardhwhite3 years ago

Do not get in a one night stand gangbang. Dumb.

31 upvotesComeandseemeforonce3 years ago

Even if it was consensual and you weren't there

14 upvotesedwardhwhite3 years ago

Exactly. Lots of risks involved.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

tfw ur at a gangbang but ur really not.

3 upvotesLilB2fast4u3 years ago

ya especially when the girl is drunk, they may be innocent, but got damn they are guilty of being stupid.

22 upvotesGawernator3 years ago

By doing what? Sleeping at home while a random unknown girl fabricated testimony?

-33 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

17 upvotesnthman3 years ago

OK so can you explain why guys that weren't even there are getting punished?

Also should women be brought up on rape charges for banging drunk men? We live in a fair and just society right?

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Innocent guys who had nothing to do with the false rape who were probably miles away just got their entire lives taken away. Take your phaggot shit somewhere else dude.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If you think that's having your entire life taken away, you live in a bubble and haven't seen shit.

"Faggot?" Ironically I've probably slept with more girls than you, enough that I don't need to be pro-trains on drunk girls in order to get laid. Real doms don't need the girl to be drunk.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I hope you get falsely accused of rape, so you can finally achieve super sayan levels of virtue signaling. Like some feminist cunt said after the UVA hoax: "men can learn about rape culture after a false accusation is leveled against them so in the end it's a good thing".

-28 upvotestiptopalphagod3 years ago

Eh sorry to shatter your hate filled dreams i'm a complete alpha but if you got such weak game you gotta rail a completely plastered chick, you took this risk. As an alpha you have a responsibility to cover your own ass. Also, football players tend to be fucking stupid as hell. Something about running at full speed into another person with your brain in a plastic cage screams 'beta-brain, alpha body'

24 upvotesphate04513 years ago

i'm a complete alpha

LOL. No son, your a goddam wannabe. If you have to announce it, you sure as shit not an alpha.

-5 upvotestiptopalphagod3 years ago

When you think in absolutes, you limit your mind. There's not just one type of alpha. You know how many millionaires that are loudmouthed assholes there are? TONS. I don't even know why I'm trying to help a beta open his mind. You're called a beta for a reason, because you can't be an alpha. You're on redpill for a different reason than me, you fail with women and with your own discipline. Me? I love being proud and talking trash. Women love it too.

EDIT: clicked your profile and it turns out your a meme poster, atheism/christianity troll, and WORLD OF WARCRAFT PLAYER!!! You are a beta and you might feel bad after reading this hahaha.

3 upvotesphate04513 years ago

You're a beta bitch white knight faggot, keep telling yourself you're an alpha and everyone in this sub and maybe someone will believe you.

-1 upvotestiptopalphagod3 years ago

Holy crap, you responded immediately. I'm guessing you spend a little bit too much time browsing the internet. I don't respect women at all, moron. You are filled with self hate that you project as a womans fault when you are clearly just a weak permanent beta.

1 upvotesphate04513 years ago

You're being trolled son. Your frame has crumbled, your game is weak. You've reverted to a pouting 14 year old who can't have his way.

1 upvotestiptopalphagod3 years ago

Isn't troll a class in world of warcraft? That game you play 24/7 resulting in low T and no confidence? lmk just curious son ;p

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