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Applied TRP for the first time, fucked my friend's boss.

by on /r/TheRedPill
05 January 2017 03:19 PM UTC
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280 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

You did awesomely. A lot of classic PUA/TRP tactics. And no mistake that I can see.

I tried to interact with them sparingly, not sticking around long enough to run out of cool things to talk about or look like I had nowhere else to go/no-one else to talk to.

+1. In any setting, social proof is key to displaying high value (after looking hot). That's why you need to stay social/chatting with people. The moment you're by yourself looking down at your phone is the moment you lose your chances.

Recognizing shit tests, I passed them all I think (the ones I caught anyway).


I escalated whenever I could

+1. The difference between the bold & confident guy who gets laid and the bold & confident guy who doesn't is that the first shows he's never afraid to get physical with the girls he is attracted to.

and never got too drunk.

I think it doesn't matter too much. A little drink is good to lose some inhibitions, and a lot is good to show some boldness. The main issue with drinking is cost... and of course if you drink so much that you can't function socially. Nevertheless, it shows good self-control so good on you.

I never said anything overly complimentary or bought drinks unless it was in rounds.

+1. Great habit. Compliments and buying drinks are two examples of behavior that show you value someone. So use them sparingly: about never at the beginning of any interaction, and later only as rewards for your complying tests.

I was staying with my friend, and on the second night I hooked up with his gf's boss. 25, great face and body. She first joined the table of myself, my friend and his girlfriend, I introduced myself but mostly ignored her in favour of my friends.

+1. That is awesome Game application, directly taken from the Mystery Method, and that is little discussed here anymore. Making friends with everyone in the set is how you disarm the set from potential cockblocking you, and more importantly the true way to display social value. Saying how much you travel the world to a girl doesn't boost up your value in her eyes as much as seeing her friends laughing to your jokes or showing appreciation to your stories. If your target girl sees that her group of friends see you as a high social value man, you're in.

+1. The ignoring her mostly is perfect Neg application. "Negs" are often villified by bue pills as "backhanded insults" but they aren't. Neg theory is basically a combination of (1) making her feel that you don't necessarily value her that highly, (2) appearing not interested in her at first (until she proves herself) and (3) being really subtle about it all. "Mostly ignoring her in favour of your friends" is one great application of Neg theory.

Making sure I influenced the flow of conversation as much as I could,

+1. Controlling the Frame is not only between you and her. It's between you and everyone. You be the leader. "This is my reality and you're all guests in it".

I would occasionally turn and engage her. Calm and slow-voiced, but light and jokey, maintaining eye contact throughout.

+1. That's the beginning of proper kino.

She responded to this very well, but kept saying how I was 'a bit rough' and 'not very nice to her'. At this point, my natural reaction would have been to apologize for upsetting her and start being nice to compensate, but this time I doubled down, playfully teasing her for her thin skin and generally acting like I didn't give a shit if she liked me or not. She made fun of me a few times after that, but I held frame pretty well.

+1. That was a shit test and you perfectly passed it. The translation is this: she was attracted to you thanks to your perfect and consistant DHV+Neg combination. Her attraction started making her feel uncomfortable about her losing control of her desire. That's what attraction does (It's not called sexual tension for nothing). She voiced this uncomfort in a way that would test your congruency, and you answered in a way that was perfectly consistent, demonstrating to her that "this is not an act; it's the real me".

I was later told at the bar by my friend's girlfriend that she said she found my personality 'too strong' and that I'm an asshole or whatever (can't remember exactly) but she couldn't help but be drawn to me.

This is attraction spelled out right here. Girls hate you for inducing that roller-coaster of emotions that they can't control, ontop of being a higher value person than her, ontop of living in your own reality and refusing to enter hers (Frame). That's why you were an "asshole". That's why any guy hearing this word should grin because it's very positive for the next steps. And that's why girls love what they call "assholes" but really mean "mysterious guys who don't take my shit".

Upon hearing this, kinda drunk and in brand new territory, I could not believe that my actions - the opposite of everything I'd previously believed - were working an absolute treat. I began escalating physically at this point, resting my hand on her lower back or abdomen whenever I was talking into her ear (couldn't think of anything else haha).

+1. Kino escalation. Again the difference between the man that gets laid and the one who doesn't.

She didn't respond negatively so I took it as being ok.

+1. "Absence of red light is a green light". In a way, your kino is a compliance test: you're asking her "will you not mind my hand here?". Her not rejecting it means she complies with your request. Good moment to reward her (compliment, more kino, etc.)

Skip to leaving the bar, I've been holding my frame well all night and openly flirting with other girls (including her friends) in front of her,

+1. Pre-selection. The most potent of Mystery's 5 attraction switches.

to the point where I could have told a Dad Joke and she would have laughed. Seriously, it got to such a degree that I felt I could do no wrong in her eyes, like she had made up her mind about me fucking her and that was that.

Not suprised given everything before.

I avoided asking a question, instead saying "Come back to Will's with us, we'll get some more drinks".

+1. Even though she was super keen by now, you still offered her plausible deniability to disarm ASD/LMR. And in a way (stating, not asking) that doesn't leave room for the hamster to start spinning... This is "A" game right here. Good job!

She doesn't hesitate. Will and his gf eventually disappear to bed. Later, I turn to put my empty glass on the table and when I turn back she is sitting up straight next to me, looking me in the eye, noticeably nervous. I lean in and kiss her, she reciprocates and it's on from there.

Notice the absence of ASD/LMR. That's because you played it perfect. You generated so much attraction while avoiding triggering ASD that there was no doubt in her mind as to her next actions.

I'm convinced that 3 things did this for me:

  • Her seeing me flirt with other good-looking women and get positive responses from them.

  • Slow-dripping attention to her, short bursts but exciting and escalated every time.

  • Assuming charge of group decisions - conversation/drinks/music/places to go, etc.

Or, in PUA terms: preselection, push-pull, kino and frame.

A++. Great FR

101 upvotesphantomlordd3 years ago

This sub definitely needs more FRs like this one and commentaries like yours. I prefer to read detailed FRs about real life experiences (even failures) and the feedback in the comments then those "How Cold Showers And No Fap Will Change Your Life" kind of posts that are becoming so common here recently.

26 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

this and it's not even close.

i think a lot of people on this sub need to stop posting and start learning. i kind of miss the days of the value post. not the " look at me I'm so redpill " post.

5 upvotesdiego11873 years ago

This was great... (and a great part of that is due to the analysis provided above)

1 upvotesunquenchable532 years ago

So you like reading FRs and then reading Cold shower/NoFap posts?

Suggested edit = change "in the comments then those" to "in the comments than those".

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

I'm quite popular in that social circle and know all the staff in the bar, so that probably helped. It took a lot of constantly grounding myself though too, reminding myself to calm down if I got too excited or carried away. It's only January 5th though, plenty of practice time ;)

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yo man. Do people do this shit subconsciously or do you have to analyze it all and plan it out? Honestly, as an introvert, this sounds tiring.

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

A lot of the more experienced guys here say it becomes second nature if you keep at it, like it eventually just becomes how you interact with people naturally. After a few hours I found myself not thinking about it as much. Like playing an instrument, as a beginner you have to focus intensely on everything and it wears you out mentally, but when you're more experienced, you just start playing and muscle memory takes over.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'm sure I'll be fine if I just don't think about it at all, honestly.

I accidentally venture into this sub now and again and it just gives me a headache. You could do great with women and great in life without getting advice from here. Not trying to diss you but I feel like some of this stuff is counterproductive. Instead of worrying about getting a 10 and winning her over by being a certain way, you should just be yourself. It's not like I'm inept, if I follow my instinct I'll do great. And of course if the advice from this sub is to just be alpha instead of being a sperg who overanalyzes, I mean that's not something you learn by coming on here, you just do it cause you are.

Success isn't something you reach, it's a state of mind. Any famous artist or creator, whether it be someone like Da Vinci, or Kanye, or whatever. They didn't begin to matter or have value because society finally recognized their genius. Kanye was Kanye before he released the College Dropout, he had that within him all along he just hadn't let it out yet for other people to notice. (yes i know he released things before TCD, that's just an example) It's not like he became successful, he was still him before he did. An artist has their art with them before they let it out. So if a loser or an outcast someday hits in big in an epic underdog story, they didn't gain value. They had it all along, it just hadn't been realized by others or created. It was still there.

I know I'm rambling and got off topic here, this is less relevant to your original post, but more relevant to me stumbling onto this subreddit. I think what I'm saying is that there's no doubt for me, for example, that I'll be successful and get a great partner, and the life I deserve. Because it's not out of my reach or out of my league. When you put success on a pedestal and fantasize about this stuff, overcomplicating things that aren't complicated, you get in your own way.

Mentality is important. And that means that you don't need to switch on a way of thinking, you already think that way. So you don't need to convince yourself or trick yourself into being wired for success, you already are. Society and people in general have a tendency of putting limits on you. And a constant barrage of that will cause you to let it affect you and put limits on yourself. Sometimes the hardest part about being great isn't being great, it's dealing with people making a big deal about it when it isn't. If it wasn't for people telling you that climbing this ladder or achieving this mentality was tough or important or a great achievement, then you may just do it without even thinking about it. Do you think about how you breathe? No, it's just natural.

Point is, in my opinion, you don't act a certain way and cause it to become second nature. It already is nature and has been conditioned out of you by society. You just need to understand that and get out of your own way. It isn't more complicated than that. You don't need to become successful, you will become successful, because you are wired for greatness. There's no doubt about it. It's easy for you.

I swear this is my last paragraph, I hope you're literate and won't skip this. What I'm saying is, and I'm sure you've noticed this too, people tend to make mountains out of molehills. This happens with many aspects of life. A person who thinks "oh god, 10 miles, that's so much" will be exhausted if they go for a run, they will be tired and worn out and miserable. Because they think 10 miles is such a long distance. They either convinced themselves, or they were surrounded by people who convinced them that that was such a large distance. A person who didn't pay attention to that sort of noise, and thought "it's only 10 miles, this is nothing, I can't wait to do this run so I can start my day with a nice boost of energy, I'm so pumped" would be able to run that distance every day and be a stronger, better person for it. And if they ever talked to someone who was less wired for success, they might say "wow that's so much" and honestly, having to deal with that sort of talk would probably be more tiring than the actual running. So, just realize, it doesn't have to be hard, and it isn't. It's easy if you want it to be.

/done. I am a guru, I just made myself happy.

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

Pretty preachy man, and to the wrong guys too considering the sub you're on. I hope you're literate and won't skip this, but I find nothing wrong with being schooled up on male/female social dynamics and using it to get an edge over other guys.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think he deserves another point mods!

4 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

great breakdown man. really enjoyed it and i learnt a lot from it.

2 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

cheers. I recommend anyone to find and read the mystery method. It predates TRP but re-reading with redpill eyes is mind blowing

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This was really good stuff.

That's basically exactly how it's supposed to go down when you go out with friends.

Yeah and why would there be any lmr? She had a great nonthreatening reasoning to be there, definitely liked you, and was already comfortable being physical with you.

1 upvotestetracyklin3 years ago

Arent you being a blue pill beta by caring what others think about you when you are standing/sitting by yourself?

1 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

get off your mind right now the ideas of "blue pill" and "betas" are some disgusting aspects to avoid at all costs. "blue pill" simply is people who never heard of the red pill before and "beta" simply is the non-attractive provider traits that women look for in a relationship.

That said. You don't want to stand/sit by yourself too long because people seeing you like this will quickly classify you as someone with poor social skills. That unnecessarily make it more difficult for you to appear attractive to your targets when you talk to them. So when you go out by yourself, try to immediately join groups / meet people.

Next. The problem with "caring what others think about you" is that it can show on your body language, and you can imagine, not in a positive manner. That's the reason PUAs push "peacocking" to extremes of dressing with bad taste, because it would communicate "I don't give a fuck if others judge me as looking stupid".

186 upvotesPlantNutrient3 years ago

Make sure that you don't let this first instance of success influence your future expectations.

Very few interactions will work this smoothly, and it's important that you don't give up when things do get rough.

Keep reading, keep improving, make it your goal to take home her and all of her friends one day.

I found myself feeling "satisfied" after having had my first few power trips on TRP and seeing how effective it is, keep improving, and the pussy will keep flowing.

74 upvotesFrdl3 years ago

Many interactions will work this smoothly. OP did everything right. This is the key right here: Her seeing me flirt with other good-looking women and get positive responses from them. Social proof is so powerful it's unreal.

17 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

Preselection is the approval/involvement of other women. Social proof is just good social competence.

11 upvotesitsmehobnob3 years ago

That's a distinction without a difference.

7 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

For me the difference is preselection only means women. I have a ton of social proof on my Facebook for example. But nothing indicating I have had any sexual prospects.

8 upvotesMadDannyBear3 years ago

Yeah social proof is like when girls see that you're a cool guy that everyone respects and wants to be around, and pre selection is a sub-type of social proof that only measures the interest of other girls in you.

85 upvotesuelhptrue3 years ago

Not even subbed here, up vote. I just might need to check it out here more often. 🤔

54 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

Weird. You're not supposed to be able to comment unless you are subbed for a few days. I recommend you read through the sidebar. Our daily submissions are not all quality, but our sidebar is gold.

6 upvotesAlwaysFlank3 years ago

I'm also a recent convert and most of my learnings came from reading the top posts of all time

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Weird. You're not supposed to be able to comment unless you are subbed for a few days.

How would that even be enforced?

1 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

there's a mod bot deleting comments of anyone who just subscribed & sending them a message to explain

4 upvotesShelwyn3 years ago

That was just good story telling wasn't it. Not calling it fake but I can't help but notice how entertaining reading this was.

67 upvotesfuk_offe3 years ago

I'll just leave this here...

Seinfeld's George Constanza "The Opposite" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwc8omasnEI

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yep. One of the best ever. Costanza is such a Blue Piller that literally doing the opposite worked wonders.

6 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

with his character you can't go wrong because he's already so bp that literally doing anything outside of that will bring results lol

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Constanza is a fucking TV sitcom character and none of you should ever forget that. If you need idols, examples, father figures - whatever, you'd do better choosing a real person.

8 upvotesMostlyright913 years ago

The fact that this comment got 22 upvotes is what's wrong with this sub. Way too many hardos who aren't real people with a sense of humor.

2 upvotesHorus_Krishna_53 years ago

nah man I am going to now live my life exactly like the opposite of George costanza. cuz I think that is what the guy who brought him up was telling me to do. /s

2 upvotesSnufek3 years ago

Have you actually tried to apply it?

1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

was gonna post the same. great clip.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Skip to leaving the bar, I've been holding my frame well all night and openly flirting with other girls (including her friends) in front of her, to the point where I could have told a Dad Joke and she would have laughed.

From a MRP standpoint this is why you take your woman out to places where other women look up to you, or desire you. This could be work functions where some of them make eyes at you, playing ultimate or rock climbing.

Your woman will treat you as good as she feels she needs to. You can't tell her you have co-workers asking to suck your dick in the supply closets, you have to show her the way they treat you.

3 upvotesBoyWhoreWithASword3 years ago

This is also why players who rely on cold approach should make an effort to "lock down" their city/neighborhood/venues they frequent. When you know the bouncers, know the bartenders, know the waitresses, and are friendly with the other regulars you just look way more cool and you'll also feel more comfortable.

For example I live walking distance from one of the main nightlife strips in my city. I frequent a handful of venues and at two of them I'm cool with the bouncer and neither have to pay or wait in line. I simply skip the line, slap hands, and walk straight in, and sometimes I can get guests in free. At another venue I'm cool with half the staff and I'm also a regular and familiar with other regulars.

These are clutch for running solo nightgame especially when opening groups of strangers or moving venues. It's also cool when I go on dates and I'm walking down the street or into a venue and people recognize me everywhere I go.

14 upvotesMrBellsprout1233 years ago

Great work. Keep it up.

I work at a restaurant and there was a guy with 2 hot bitches sitting on both sides of him. Everyone in the restaurant was shitting on this guy and I was the only one happy for him. I was the only one who thought he was the fucking man and that I wanted to be like him.

If it hadn't been for TRP i'd be one of those raging jealous betas, now I can look at field reports like these and see guys with hot bitches on the streets and be happy for them and look forward to the day that I can pull off girls easily.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Same I would be happy to see him enjoying himself. Most people are miserable bastards. Good for that guy!

2 upvotesgreatslyfer3 years ago

Misery loves company.

Sad but true.

13 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

Well done.

You just have to get to keep it up to the point where all that stuff is just natural and not calculated, then (and here's the crucial bit)...

...effing stay that way by avoiding Oneitis.

I remember those days and am now looking at my life (married to a good woman, several children, but too often struggling with maintaining a healthy relationship in one way or another) and thinking "WTF happened to me?"

Don't lose the distance and objectivity - bad things will happen if you do.

19 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

While it's great to realize this stuff works, don't get let your emotional guard down. Pussy worship seems to be a huge problem with TRPrs. Realize it's a strategy but this is not who you are at a core level only an actor to get what you want. Tieing these kind of actions to your ego will hurt you in the long run and it's great to understand your behaviours as a piece of your personality to get what you want but not who you are as a man.

2 upvoteskellykebab3 years ago

Don't you want to internalize this behavior so that it appears more authentic? If you remain too detached, people may realize you are only acting.

5 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

You are only as authentic as you actually are. If you become this way and you don't feel like it's an act. Great. But for most I would argue its just all song and dance and doesn't bring you any closer to your true values as a man without being a puppet for females.

1 upvoteskellykebab3 years ago

What are your "true values?"

2 upvotesGetrichonIMP3 years ago

My moral belief system that dictate most of my actions

1 upvoteskellykebab3 years ago

Do you mind being more specific? How would PUA tactics interfere with this belief system?

11 upvotesTimmyTurnersNuts3 years ago

I love reading stories like this. Smooth from top to bottom. Good shit. Welcome aboard

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

I felt it was a lot easier not being wasted like I usually am on nights out. I was drunk yeah, but I could still walk and talk. Before, I would go to bars to get hammered first and pick up a girl on the off chance that one happened to fall into my lap.

1 upvotesesirnus183 years ago

Wow this was me years ago in my early 20s . I was borderline alcoholic and went out to bars to get shitfaced and basically was focusing on my next drink and not on my game or how attractive the HB8 sitting few feet over is. Women would just come up and start a conversation with me just because I didn't drool over them like the rest of guys in the bar. Unfortunately too many times I would just pass out or go puke in the bathroom completely forgetting where I was even sitting in the bar. Wow I ain't like that any more, but now I'm in LTR so...

upvotesalon7x3 years ago

Superb outcome! Since I'm at the beginning of my journey I have to ask, what resources did you make use of in yours? Thank you.

13 upvotesBasketCase5593 years ago

Not OP but the Book of Pook is free and very comprehensive.

4 upvotesMatt2kool3 years ago

I am reading the book of pook right now I am currently 177 pages in and i've listened to all the episodes of the black philip show, any other rp material you would recommend that is easy to digest?

4 upvotesBasketCase5593 years ago

No More Mr. Nice Guy is short and useful.

When I Say No I Feel Guilty is said to be useful but not very exciting to read.

48 Laws of Power is indirectly related to TRP, it's a great read but rather lengthy. Seduction is a book by the same author, haven't gotten around to reading it, but I plan to soon.

And of course, The Rational Male Volume I and II are good reads.

Of the books I mentioned, NMMNG, WISNIFG, and TRM are considered core reading material for TRP, so starting with them would be a good idea.

upvotesRedPillandNoFap3 years ago

Every Blue Pill convert should start with The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar.

Hear the truth straight from a woman.

2 upvotesBasketCase5593 years ago

Never read it but I've heard about it. Didn't know it was written by a woman. I'll have to check it out, thanks.

I still think the books I mentioned are great for beginners. Can't go wrong either way.

1 upvotesabc693 years ago

Listen to Tom Leykis http://www.blowmeuptom.com

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

Tbh not much so far, I just subscribe and read the posts on the front page and sidebar.

7 upvotesmagnificentshambles3 years ago

Bravo. As a guy who's been under the delusion that his own ideas are somehow better than TRP, I think my poor results have finally proven once and for all that I need to give myself to this program.

Any suggestions on how to take myself to school on the basis fundamentals? I'm ready to begin again, and thanks for your awesome share.

7 upvotesBorsao663 years ago

Lil tip:

At this point, my natural reaction would have been to apologize for upsetting her and start being nice to compensate, but this time I doubled down, playfully teasing her for her thin skin and generally acting like I didn't give a shit if she liked me or not.

This is an opportunity to escalate. I generally reach out take their hand (don't ask for it) and pretend to examine the hand closely, while touching and caressing it. After a second they ALWAYS ask "What are you doing?"

To which I reply; "Looking for thin skin.".

Its a small trick that escalates, uses humor and is a tiny neg to get at them.

1 upvotes102117991073 years ago

This is in my toolbox too. Great one.

4 upvotesswift_phoenix3 years ago

Good work. Keep it up, we are all growing every day to be more RP and aggressive towards taking what we want.

3 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

"You can either complain that women like douchebags, or you can be the douchebag that women love."

-From "The Sayings of Chairman Zaitzev"

2 upvotesOz70NYC3 years ago

Followed the playbook to your capability and scored. Good job. But as has likely been said by others, don't let this experience set the tone for your results. There will be times you do the right thing and get no result at all. Sex strategy is exactly that...strategy. It's all in how you apply it and the demeanor of the woman you're applying it to.

upvotestrudatness3 years ago

LOL I thought of this while I was reading this FR.

GJ OP. Keep it up.

2 upvotesthisisthepornexcuse3 years ago

So much to read per the sidebar. Any particular articles/sections of the readings that you did that helped you - or that you think would help others if they had to read only a couple or so?

2 upvotesex_addict_bro3 years ago

You got gold, you got a lot of praise, good. For me, most important parts of your post:

(the ones I caught anyway)


remember I was recently a textbook BP

You're humble. Looks like you put some restraints on your ego. Very good.

2 upvotesecosci3 years ago

She this she that, fucking any type of woman these days just doesnt hold any weight its like collecting sea shells and this should scare the crap outta women but their too stupid to figure it out most have too many vag miles on them anyway to be refurbished play video games hang out be selfish whats she gonna do not give ya any poon and expect other woman to do the same.

1 upvotesLord_NShYH3 years ago

It really can be this easy. You are the only person that determines whether or not your game is off or on. Fantastic work. Now, do better next time.

1 upvotesRedUser20k3 years ago

Awesome post Dude. I'm new to the community and reading FRs like this are awesome. Keep it up.

1 upvotesHeinousFu_kery3 years ago

like she had made up her mind about me fucking her and that was that.

In time you'll recognize this is how it works - women make up their minds very quickly. You'll also recognize when she's made that choice and you can cut a lot of the small talk and get down to it. At that point, you've got game - your game - and the world is yours.

Do pay attention to other comments that this won't happen every time - you'll also learn to recognize when things stalled, next them and move on.

1 upvotesMetalbear553 years ago

It took a lot of constantly grounding myself though too, reminding myself to calm down if I got too excited or carried away

Care to elaborate more on this OP.

As contrary to some people I have a different problem as I get too carried away with my jokes and banter and I don't know but subconsciously I could feel my charisma starts fading and lost of attraction from some females

And ya, awesome fr OP Keep scoring

-11 upvotesReality_Facade3 years ago

Now try this red pill trash with a girl that isn't a depressed slut.

upvotesKrispyTWW3 years ago

But your mothers such a good lay.

-6 upvotesReality_Facade3 years ago

Lmao, are you 12? I suppose that would explain this sub. 12 year olds fantasizing unrealistic scenarios.

6 upvotesdxfifa3 years ago

The madonna-whore complex is strong with this one

-3 upvotesReality_Facade3 years ago

Keep dreaming while you fap and twist it into "field tests" big guy. ;)

upvotesKrispyTWW3 years ago

Make a stupid statement, get a stupid response. Go back to your hand and leave the girls to us.

-5 upvotesReality_Facade3 years ago

Words worlds words, joke joke statement insult.

Thanks bro I'm married with a kid.

upvotesKrispyTWW3 years ago

Wow. Scathing. Hope you don't get divorced raped buddy. Best of luck to you.

5 upvotestallwheel3 years ago

She's in a managerial position. That's "depressed slut, Ma'am" to you.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

I honestly feel really sad for men who think they need to act this way and premeditate all of their actions in advance in order to have mediocre one night stands. Do you realize this will only work on certain girls, mostly those with self esteem issues? I would never in a million years be attracted to a guy who acted so insincerely. If a guy was flirting with me and then suddenly stopped paying attention to me and started flirting with other girls, I'd just forget about him and move on to the next one. I'm brilliant and I want to fuck boys who recognize that and make me feel special. Why would I waste time with someone who treats me like I could be just any other girl?

This girl thought you were an asshole, was nervous before you initiated sex, and didn't seem like she was all the way into you. Nervous sex with someone who's not all the way sure they like you or want to have sex with you is often kind of shitty. Sex is way better with partners who emphatically say YES and who are really, really into you. But you only got what you wanted by manipulating the situation and bating her emotionally. Sounds like you are just manipulating people and exploiting their self-esteem issues to get what you want. Don't see why you deserve a pat on the back for that. Sounds kind of pathetic to me that you can't get laid just by being yourself and by virtue of being genuine alone.

Most of the guys I know who actually /do/ get laid all the time are super sweet and kind, openly polyamorous, take genuine interest in all the women they meet, and treat them with respect. They also tend to be way better in bed then the numerous "alpha" boys I've fucked that don't seem to give a shit about the other person's enjoyment.

10 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Why would I waste time with someone who treats me like I could be just any other girl?

Hint: if a woman isn't married and is just fucking different men now and again, as you do, you are wasting your time on people who treat you just like any other girl. And don't ask us why you do this; it's as much of a mystery to us as it is to you, silly.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Why do you assume that fucking different men now and again would be a meaningless waste of time for women? Why do you think girls don't enjoy being whores just as much men enjoy being whores? (If society didn't call us horrible, immoral sluts for sleeping with men, we would have sex with so many more men and everyone would be a lot happier and you all would get laid way more often.)

There are definitely parts of my life where I will want to be only with one partner. There are definitely parts of my life where I will want to be a huge whore because it's really fun.

The men I fuck outside of formal relationships are my friends and stay my friends if we decide to stop fucking each other for whatever reason. I have sexual partners that I see now and then. They all treat me really well and if I felt they didn't respect me, I wouldn't see them again.

5 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Why do you assume that fucking different men now and again would be a meaningless waste of time for women?

Why don't you ask an older woman what she thinks about it, like your mother or grandmother.

Or ask a girl who got a disease (like herpes or HIV) if the sex with a random dude was worth it.

Or ask a girl who had a child with a guy who she didn't even know.

I'm not trying to discourage you. By all means give your male friends lots of sex. That's what you are good for. This subreddit deals in truth and the reality is there are sometimes harsh consequences in life for carefree, fun behavior. If you want to learn you should ask some older women in your life since you obviously don't want to hear it from men on reddit, lol.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Would you consult your dad or your grandfather about the women you fuck? Probably not lol, that's so gross! Why do you assume that I need to consult anyone about my sex life at all?

I have fucked 100s and 100s of men, mostly from college and from a brief stint as an escort. Never got an STD. Never got pregnant. Not that hard. It's not rocket science. If men take risks to get laid, why wouldn't women who also want to get laid take risks?

I'm in a formal romantic relationship now but we plan on swinging / being open to recreational sex with other people just because it's so much fun and human sexuality is so much more exciting then marriage vs. a series of meaningless one night stands.

There are so many women who want to get laid and have good sex outside of marriage. A lot of them tend to be feminists and don't take kindly to boys who treat them like shit or try to play some shitty manipulative game with them at clubs. It's sad that TRP talks about how terrible feminism is when they would have waaay more girls to fuck if society didn't call all girls who seek out sex whores and sluts, and if girls who seek out sex didn't have to put up with so many manipulative assholes who don't know how to have a genuine conversation with them.

9 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

I have fucked 100s and 100s of men, mostly from college and from a brief stint as an escort. Never got an STD. Never got pregnant. Not that hard. It's not rocket science. If men take risks to get laid, why wouldn't women who also want to get laid take risks?

Thanks for confirming that you are, in fact, a whore. I could tell you were fuckmeat by your cavalier attitude about sex and you have confirmed my suspicions.

Would you consult your dad or your grandfather about the women you fuck? Probably not lol, that's so gross! Why do you assume that I need to consult anyone about my sex life at all?

It's pretty common to learn from the wisdom of one's elders. I wouldn't expect a woman who literally whored herself to understand that, though, no matter how many times she insists that she is, like, super duper intelligent.

BTW, grandfathers and fathers tell young men to fuck and chuck whores like yourself. That wisdom is timeless. And it's good advice! You said yourself you plan on swinging, so you should be happy men are willing you fuck you with no strings attached. Why are you here, complaining, now?

A lot of them tend to be feminists and don't take kindly to boys who treat them like shit ... It's sad that TRP talks about how terrible feminism is ...

Women love to be treated like dirt. Just look at yourself. You just admitted to being a whore, so you enjoy being treated like the fuckmeat that you are. You do this willingly, without coercion. So what's the big deal, again?

Men who implement redpill knowledge are able to give women exactly what they want, which is why we are successful at having fun with sluts. Stop sex shaming redpillers for having safe, sane, consensual fun with women!

1 upvotesHorus_Krishna_53 years ago

"I have fucked 100s and 100s of men, mostly from college and from a brief stint as an escort. Never got an STD."

gonna have to go ahead and call BS

9 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

the numerous "alpha" boys I've fucked who for the most part don't seem to give a shit about the other person's enjoyment.

Then why did you fuck them? All the numerous of them.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Because I used to be an escort and they were all paying me $300 an hour. ;) Which is good because they were terrible lays and didn't focus on my pleasure at all. This didn't do them any good either, because they would get a lackluster performance from me in turn.

Outside of that, the only time I fucked alpha boys were because they were easy pickings. Sometimes in college I'd be out partying but couldn't always find anyone I liked enough. So I'd just pick whoever was obviously DTF that night. Usually regretted it afterward but what else can you do when you are 18 and horny without a lot of options? But even then, I never would have picked a boy who was disrespectful to me or acted like they were too good for me or feigned disinterest. Who's got time for that shit?

17 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

Too bad your post got deleted. I can see it was coming from a good heart, with a willingness to help. Unfortunately, your advice is complete bullshit.

But since you were nice in your post, I'll be nice back by explaining to you who we are.

That advice you gave us is exactly what we followed all our lives. Our sisters, mothers and fathers, friends, teachers and TV people gave us the same advice. "Be yourselves". "Be genuine". "Be kind and respectful". Being good boys, we did follow the advice. But somehow, we'd get no success with girls. We'd have to witness girls like you getting laid all the time, but with the "jerks", with the "bad boys".

Girls like you would come cry on the shoulder of guys like us, complaining how "Chad" let you down again and how great listeners we were. "Why do I always fall for guys like that?" and "Where can I find a nice and kind man, just like you!". And then when we would gather enough courage, between two acts of friendly kindness, to ask you out, you would say "No, we have such a beautiful friendship, let's keep it that way. Plus I am really not looking for a relationship right now". And then when the week after we'd see you dating someone else, you'd tell us "I know I said that, but I just met this awesome man. And don't worry, there'll soon be a girl who will be lucky to have you". Later, you'd come back to cry on our friendly shoulder because the "awesome" man was actually a "jerk" all along...

You want to convince us that you go for your "friends", who are "sweet" and "caring". That's your own words right? We heard them a billion times before. And they got us nowhere.

You might tell me "that was just one mean girl. You can't generalize your bad friendship experience". But that wasn't just one. That was several girls. It was a girl when I was 15. And another one when I was 18. And another one when I was 21 and when I was 24 and... While girls like you were fucking other men than me, I was there, following your advice, getting nowhere in life, wondering why...

You might tell me "Well if it happened with several girls, that got to be a problem about you then, not them!". And I'd think for a second that you could be right. Except that then I discover on the internet that so many men experienced the exact same thing. It ain't a coincidence! It's a pattern! And a global one at that!!! Guys from the US, Canada, Germany, Greece, Australia... Same stories. Wait it's actually cross cultural. It happens in African and Asian and South American countries too! What the fuck is this?!

So us men get talking. We share experience. We make experiments and observations. We gather data. And some of us further along the way come back to the others and say "We discovered the truth: girls are attracted to the man who is socially and personally dominant. The man who doesn't take women's shit". It doesn't make sense to us why but at least we finally understand why you've been attracted to the jerks all along.

You tell us "that's not how it works", but it explains perfectly everything we ever witnessed. It all finally makes sense.

You tell us "You're great as you are, you just have to find the right one for you", but how come we never found "the one" in years of being kind and genuine while you've been finding plenty of them in the meantime?

So we decide to go and try being a jerk.

You tell us "It doesn't work", but somehow we get a girl, several, many actually. We find it does work. We personally experience that this is how it works.

You tell us "It only works on some types of girls, with a low self-esteem", but we find it does work on all types of girls.

You tell us "You must be desperate & miserable to do this", but for the first time in our life, we are finally happy, getting what we want. Can't you see it? Can't you be happy for us?

You tell us "That's not what women really want" but very obviously, our experience tells us it is!

So there comes the day when we finally realize that you're lying to us. And we start wondering why do you do this? We continue our research. Combining the practical results of pick up artists with modern science in psychology and timeless philosophy, we slowly understand why... We start to understand how women work. Why they do what they do. Including why the lying. It's frightening. But it's the truth. That's why it's called the red pill

You tell us "OK I used to like that kind of guy, but I was young and naive. That's not what I want now". But where you try to sell us "maturity", we now see the real lack of options behind. You got old and you can't get the hot stud anymore, so you need to convince the faithful and kind friend that he was the right one all along! You need to settle but you can't have faithful Billy being aware of that, so you lie to him. "My sweet and caring friend Billy, it's you I wanted all along!"

And if faithful Billy can't see through the deception and deign marrying you, you cheat on him a few years later with that hot guy that looked at you with lust from the other side of the bar, and then divorce him, taking half his assets thanks to divorce laws and preventing him from seeing his kids if you feel like hurting him, again thanks to divorce laws.

Honey, we finally got it all figured out. No need to "advise" anyone on this sub: we see through your lies very well by now. We know when you lie and we know why you lie. We even know how you lie to yourself too in order for the deception to work even better. We understand how your attraction to men works more than you understand it yourself. Based on your comments on this post, I can tell that you're late 20s / early 30s. I can tell that you are starting to feel a light dread that you may not be able to find someone suitable to settle with. I can tell that you're stressing out that your sexual experience turns off a lot of relationship prospects and you're probably already starting hiding it to guys you meet on tinder. I can tell that you call yourself a strong feminist because you're aware most men are turned off by your sexual experience and feminism conveniently shifts the blame for your dating issues off your shoulders because "there's nothing wrong about it and men should be ashamed to think that way". I can tell that you're looking for a kind/sweet/sensitive man right now, not because it's attractive, but because you need someone you feel you can rely on. Someone who will not dump you after he discovers your past. Someone who will agree to buy a house despite your shitty credit, to stand by your side when you're pregnant (by him or not, doesn't matter), to work extra shifts to pay for your future social studies. And I can tell that you're trying to convince yourself that this "new you" is "the real you". That this is real love, real attraction. It's all so predictable to us.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Wow so you just assumed a bunch of things about me that have no basis in reality. And also said that I said a bunch of things that I never said at all. Really difficult to interact with someone with cookie cutter arguments like this. I'm so sorry you see the world in such a black and white way. I'm also sorry that you seem to have such a low opinion of women to think that we all think exactly the same way.

I'm in a formal relationship rn engaged to a boy that I love who is a hot stud and is also super sweet and sensitive. After we get married, we want to be swingers because sex is fun and we love being sexy whores together. He also loves the fact that I have a lot of sexual experience. I have never, ever been with a man who didn't love the fact that I can fuck like a porn star and can do things with my pussy that they never even imagined. I have never, ever met a man who didn't love my experience and my knowledge, and I wouldn't consider fucking one who did, because that would mean that they didn't respect me.

I'm glad you are finally happy but if your happiness necessitates hiding your emotions and being dishonest with people and generally acting like a chimpanzee, I feel sad for you.

5 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

You come on our turf, be ready to hear us roar.

I appreciate the fact that you're still here debating rather than rage-quitting. If you're interested in debating red pillers, the purplepilldebate is the proper sub for it. Here you won't find anyone to agree with you.

But as for our discussion, I stand by everything I say. We do generalize a lot and while I agree we often do too much, those generalization remain a better model of reality than the "everyone is a special snowflake and gender is a social construct" theory that your feminist philosophers have managed to convince modern society of.

For your information, I don't have a low opinion of women. I have a low opinion of humans. Or rather, a realistic opinion of humans. See, on TRP we don't believe it's all nurture. Not everything is a cultural construct. I believe Culture is the thin layer of paint that covers the building that is Nature. I believe the average woman naturally desires to bang the hot man, the socially relevant man, the famous man, the "takes-no-shit-from-noone" man, but that she needs the dependable supportive man to commit his resources to her. I believe this psychological state of affair is due to the action of evolution by natural selection on the human sex that is childbearing. I also believe that due to women being the physically weaker sex, women are innate liars and manipulators to enact this dual sexual strategy.

Is that a low opinion of women? Perhaps. But then I also believe that the average man desires to bang multiple women, and that he is reluctant to commit to any single woman, although he will if his sexual options are limited. I believe his greatest fear is to raise a child that is not his, for he would be wasting his precious resources while losing his genetic legacy. I believe this psychological state of affair is due to the action of evolution by natural selection on the human sex that is NOT childbearing. I also believe that due to men being the physically stronger sex, men are innately violent and sexually objectifying to enact their preferred sexual strategy.

Is that a low opinion of men? Perhaps too. Although note that it's not too far off what "feminism" tells you about men. Except that for feminists, this low view of men is not by Nature, but due to Culture. And therefore, it can be stomped out of men if we psychologically hit them hard enough.

You've not been "socialized to like jerks". It's in your nature. Look at what girls go for in pre-modern or non-western cultures. It's what women do.

Men have not been "socialized to sexually objectify girls". It's in our nature. Again, that's why all men in pre-modern or non-western cultures do.

You can't stop these things from happening because these are not social constructs. These are deep within who we are.

We've been building men who respect girls for a few decades now, and look, they still want the jerks! It's not the 1950's anymore. A large majority of men respect girls as their equal. And yet women still bang the assholes. Why? Because the asshole is sexy. A look at him sets fires deep in your loins without you being able to explain it. Culture did not build that response. Nature did.

By "jerk" a woman calls a man who don't take her shit. There are guys around who don't take my shit when I try to get them to do what I want them to do. I hate them because they don't do what I want them to do. Women "hate jerks" just the same. Except that they're also sexually attracted to them.

Women who "hate jerks and like nice guys" are women whose looks have started to fade and don't attract the hot studs anymore so they finally start stressing out about finding a mate. Their more limited pool of options means they're starting settling in terms of acceptable mate looks, which nicely fits with their new valuing something else that pure looks (i.e. dependability and emotional support). These types of women are more likely to be feminist simply because they can't use their looks to get brownie points from men anymore. So they have to complain to attempt getting some power back. The young hot girl gets all guys at her feet so why would she complain about "men having all the power" feminist bullshit?

I am a nice guy. I know it's difficult to believe since I'm just evil words on a screen for you, but you don't see how I am nice to my parents and family, and my male friends, and my female friends. I'm nice to the girls I sleep with and I am nice to the girls I used to sleep with. The fact that I have a cynical view of human nature and culture does not mean I am not nice. Just like OP's story made him appear "not nice" when he actually made everyone around him (his friends, the girl) have a great jolly nice time. I made assumptions about your life and passionately opposed your arguments, but I have not been a jerk to you. However, I am not bending to your opinion so that makes me a not-nice person I guess. I did not give up. I'm not exploiting anyone. I am just going on through the same life as I had before, except I don't let anyone exploit me anymore. And particularly not letting women exploiting my Time and Resources for their benefit, despite their manipulation attempts. I give them in measure to what I am being given (in support and sex). That is all. Are men standing their ground to get a fair deal the new hitler?

About your relationship. I can't tell if you're telling the truth or not, but if you are, then I am happy you found yourself a great mate. I seriously doubt you can maintain such relationship for long, but for your happiness I would be glad to be proven wrong. If it turns out I am right, don't hesitate to come back to us chimpanzees for answers. We'll give you a maximum of answers and hopefully a minimum of "I-told-you-so"

3 upvotespapersupplier3 years ago

You sound like a major class A admiral whore. I feel bad for your loser bf.

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla3 years ago

I used to be an escort and they were all paying me $300 an hour. ... they would get a lackluster performance from me in turn.

Paying retail price for minimum wage effort... I could care less what people do with their bodies, from a capitalist perspective, this is just bad.

1 upvotesWerewolf35b3 years ago

THEY were the easy pickings?

As a female shouldn't you be the discriminating one?

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Yes. Some men (even alphas!) are sensitive and you have to work on and romance them a bit. With others it's much more simple.

If you think that women don't also walk into a room at a party and think, "I'm gonna fuck that one tonight" you are really out of touch with reality. It sounds like you might benefit from finding different people to talk to.

It's unfortunate that most people expect women to play coy or pretend that they don't want sex, or that women who pursue sex like men pursue sex get called sluts and whores. Y'all would get laid way more often if society just stopped doing that.

3 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

women who pursue sex like men pursue sex get called sluts and whores. Y'all would get laid way more often if society just stopped doing that.

What an incredibly transparent bait. "Hey guys, I've been sleeping around a lot and getting a bad rep for it. I'm here to advise everyone to stop doing it and hey, there's a reward if you do!".

I'm already discussing with you on different comment thread but I'll venture some redpill explanation since I'm guessing this might be a pet peeve for you.

Why do men shame sluts? a red pill analysis.

It's innate. Men are the sex that is NOT childbearing, so we can never be sure if the child born to our partner is ours. While women's biggest evolutionary-driven anxiety is to get raped by a non-suitable mate, ours is to raise a child that is not truly ours. And the only useful evidence we have of our mate not being currently promiscuous with other men is proof of lack of past sexual promiscuity. By the same token, we men are naturally crazy jealous about possible physical cheating.

Promiscuous women naturally pain us. Natural selection puts deeply in our guts that fear of promiscuous women.. because it spells bad omen on our genetic material.

On the other side, we love promiscuous women because that's more chances of passing on one's genetic legacy scott-free. It's a peculiar cognitive dissonance we have to love to fuck promiscuous women on one side but shame them on the other.

I guess it's a bit similar to the cognitive dissonance that women must feel about being deathly afraid of rape, but at the same time having a rape (sorry) "ravishing" wish, since the "ravishing" man thus demonstrates he is a bold man who does get his genetic legacy propagated. It's funny to see all the female erotic literature playing with that dissonance ("50 shades of Grey" being only the most recent, and worst-quality example. Have you read "O"?).

In summary, don't waste your breathe. Slut-shaming is here to stay as long as half the population will have a Y chromosome. Deal with it.

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

That's cool, you're entitled to think what you want. I seriously doubt Most of the guys I know who actually /do/ get laid all the time are super sweet and kind, but that's just from my experience with myself and the hundreds of men I've known in my life.

I can assure you she was willing, I never pressured her into anything and she seemed more than messaging me the next day.

7 upvotesToSeeAndToHear3 years ago

Note that the troll still spilled some truth - guys who are already fucking other hot girls and are poly can afford to be kind, they naturally have preselection and dread in spades, without necessarily having to plan it.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

I'm glad she seems happy about it now, from your initial post I could not tell that at all because you said that she was nervous and didn't like your behavior, and you didn't talk about whether she enjoyed it or not.

I think the method you used definitely works with certain women who are looking for a certain thing. But there's so many other women out there for you to get to know, and sex can really be sooo much bigger and more exciting than this ... drinking and playing the game and being dishonest sounds like it would get boring after a while. It certainly got boring for me after a few years.

I also just really think it's sad that you think you need to change your personality and behavior so much in order to get laid. I mean, don't you just want to get to relax and be yourself? What if you directed all the energy you spend doing that to cultivating a sexy alluring hobby or skill ... it would get you laid and also be way more constructive.

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

Some of the more experienced posters could explain a lot better, but for me it's basically this: there are guys out there having sex with beautiful women every day. Those beautiful women are going to be having sex with someone if it's not him, so it might as well be me. And if I have to use a bit of strategy to my advantage to be that guy, then so be it.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Okay. But I'm telling you those men who get to have sex with loads of beautiful women every day are either (a) interesting people who are good in bed and get women there by respecting them or (b) rich assholes.

Strategy isn't inherently bad. But a strategy that involves you becoming an asshole is sad :'(

upvotesShitOutOfFuck3 years ago

Not true, I've known many men who are none of those things and are still successful with women. I'm sure a lot of those guys also have great girlfriends, but treating a girl like a princess only makes her gradually lose respect for you, and when was the last time you let a guy you have no respect for inside you? It's good to hear the other side of the story, but me and a lot of other guys simply don't recognize the world you're describing.

1 upvotesnewName5434563 years ago

How so? If there is a demand, you create a supply. If there is demand for so called assholes, what's wrong with becoming one? You're giving them what they actually want!

Exactly the same is true in job market. See, what skills are in demand, and get them. Then you should be able to find jobs no problem.

In fact this is pretty good general life advice.

7 upvotesRolandTheDickslinger3 years ago

Honestly, why are you posting here anyway?

upvotessuibian3 years ago

It's a free Internet, last time I checked.

I posted because it honestly makes me sad that people here think they need to be assholes in order to get women to like them. So I thought I'd give people advice that will work with more women who are more worth their while.

In my experience, all of the brilliant women I know would not tolerate this kind of rude and disrespectful behavior from anyone. It's only women who have poor self esteem who fall for this kind of rude fuckboy shit. And they eventually stop falling for it after they've been disappointed too many times through too many sloppy one night stands.

4 upvotesdying_ticklez3 years ago

Not fawning over her every move is much different from being an asshole. A lot of girls are so used to being treated with kid gloves that they take being treated normally badly and think the other person is an ass. Doesn't always make it so.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

Being fawned over is just as disgusting as what OP posted about. Do you know why? Because both are insincere. Both involve men lying to me or manipulating me to get to have sex with me. They just go about it in two different ways. Neither of them are sincere.

What is "normal" treatment? Are you aware of the fact that ideas of "normal" are based on the societal context you are in? That "normal" could be one thing here and a completely different thing in another place? That in some places in this world it's "normal" for women to hold executive positions and in other parts of the world its "normal" to cut off women's genitals so they can't feel sexual pleasure? If "normal" is slightly better somewhere else, if "normal" elsewhere is more humane and better for society and more equal, perhaps we should emulate that somewhere else, instead of just sticking to what is "normal" for us by sole virtue of the fact that it is "normal".

3 upvotesdying_ticklez3 years ago

Wow. Ok then. So somehow we jumped from a guy treating a hot girl just like he would anyone else, to genital mutilation. I'll see myself out...

5 upvotestwogreen3 years ago

You know that you've come to a sub which specialises in exactly that right? The whole philosophy is manipulating the situation in much the same way as many women do to get what they want, but the odds are flipped in the guy's favour for a change.

I personally am not RP material but find the whole thing fascinating.

2 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

The guys you're describing that were assholes are just idiots

upvotesspew_venom3 years ago

Get the fuck out of here, cunt. Your response is seriously worthless here.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

wow what a fragile ego you have. can't even listen to someone who disagrees with you :'(

upvotesspew_venom3 years ago

Read the rules of this subreddit. Noone is here to pander to your concern trolling. Again, get the fuck out, cunt.

upvotessuibian3 years ago

lol why would I as a vagina-bearing creature come to TRP if I was "attempting to gain the support of others"? All I did was offer alternative advice about how to get laid so that people might have more and better sex one day. Isn't that what you guys do here?

It sounds like you mostly just don't want to talk to anyone who disagrees with you at all. That is truly pathetic. It's so ironic to me just how often this desire to appear "alpha" is often there just to conceal weakness.

3 upvoteskellykebab3 years ago

I don't see any specific advice you're offering. All I see is you claiming that being an "asshole" doesn't work, even though it has worked for me and clearly works for others.

Commenters would respect your opinion a lot more if you gave concrete, actionable advice. Most of us simply want tools that actually work, not pipe dreams and empty theorizing.

2 upvotesking_of_red_alphas3 years ago

In all honesty, while TRP is very often over the top in its language and advice, people here aren't lying when they talk about what "works".

I may personally find the whole modern dating and mating ritual unfortunate, but when the alternative is not getting laid I think you can guess which path instinct is going leas most men toward.

Also your claim of women fucking more if they just weren't shamed in society is likely true. But you left out a very important detail - those women would still be trying to fuck the top 20% of men at all times. They aren't going to be clamoring to fuck the league of legends player, they will still want the guitar player or the rebel or the athlete.

TRP, if nothing else, instructs you to try to make yourself among the top 20 of your peer / age group in all ways possible.

You are making it sound like some schlub walking around is going to get picked up by some horny hot chick out of the blue if there was only less shaming.

Again this isn't made up. Anybody who grew up with a dick knows this is how life is unless you are essentially a top 10% man in terms of looks or status.

I'd challenge you to stop and think - what percentage of the male population is simply invisible to attractive women? (And I don't mean count a guy as visible because he is a mark for a paid escort date)

If you are honest you will arrive somewhere around the 80% figure are guys that you wouldn't even consider candidates. This is why you see your narrative of not slut shaming benefiting "all men". Because to you "all men" are the guys you've already included on your "would bang" list. I.e. The top 20. That's just human nature.

As a woman, you are being offered dick nearly 24/7. You've never had to worry much about the dynamics of the sexual market place.

As an average man, it's virtually a full time job to make yourself even remotely fuckable.

-5 upvotespapersupplier3 years ago

How does this have anything to do with TRP? You famed a girl and got laid. I don't see anything out of the ordinary here.

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