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Volunteering in a primarycare doctors office for 2 years opened my eyes...

by Aspiringbucket on /r/TheRedPill
17 January 2017 02:05 AM UTC

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Title Volunteering in a primarycare doctors office for 2 years opened my eyes...
Author Aspiringbucket
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Date 17 January 2017 02:05 AM UTC (3 years ago)
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upvotesZemataitais3 years ago

I was up at a ski town with my LTR, her family and a bunch of her sister's single girlfriends from NYC. It's amazing watching social interactions and situations through a red lens. Every one of the single girls (all of whom are north of 25-26) spent hours on dating apps looking for men. I sat next to one at dinner (yep did this crap at dinner in front of their parents) and gave her shit because she would spend <1sec looking at a profile before swiping left looking only for jacked guys with chiseled jaw lines and "prestigious" occupations. They then proceed to get pump and dumped with a group of guys at the bar that night and by the end of the following day were back to bitching about being single and how NONE of the single guys at home in NYC or elsewhere are marriage material, without any introspection as to what they offer. The cognitive dissonance with millennial women is through the fucking roof. They honestly don't understand sexual dynamics even if you slap them in the face with it. Collectively they were happier back when men acted masculine and kept their wives in line and women didn't put out like prostitutes.

Also, something important I noticed that may be applicable to those of us who still take the calculated risk of an LTR: watch how her father interacts with both his wife and daughters. Strong dad = good sign

55 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Second the strong dad thing. My father in law (who I do like and respect) has a very weak presence in his home. A month after the wedding, she turned into a baggy bitch just like her mom.

91 upvotesHAMMURABl3 years ago

They honestly don't understand sexual dynamics even if you slap them in the face with it.

Free markets tend to bring some kind of "justice", in whatever sense. For all the freedom women have in the sexual market, the wall is the ultimate justice.

generation tinder hitting the wall collectively will be - beautiful.

55 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It doesn't make me happier to watch others fail.

15 upvotesmakeshift983 years ago

What if there is a valuable lesson in that failure?

25 upvotesTheRedStoic3 years ago

The lesson may be there, but it only counts if people learn from it.

Still doesn't make me happy. Rather have the lesson beforehand, when change can happen and make a real difference. Then again, it doesn't make me unhappy either. More of a, welp... Yup.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I learn. I don't take pleasure from it. Be thankful for the animal that had to sacrifice for you to eat from the table of wisdom.

0 upvotesChanmanVXIIX3 years ago

What? If you don't find pleasure in eating the animal the there's no point in sacrificing it. If you don't get pleasure of obtaining wisdom either then there's no point. Why do you do it then?

-6 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

Speaking of Harambe...

Dicks out for Harambe, friends. Dicks out.

6 upvotesLifeWithTRP3 years ago

I agree, everyone here who is a man and is reading this sub, had a very lucky role of the dice.

Don't take it for granted

24 upvotesSpecter2423 years ago

I also think there may be a significant rise in mental health issues particularly depression as these people age. Making choices by what makes you happy is not always health. Always chasing a high is not always healthy. The fallout from that will really be terrible.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You think they fail, you think the wall is bad for them? As long as the arnt a ham planet they have their dream wedding, a perfect Bata provider and a BF on the side, and will get fucked in the bathroom of the club on their girls night at least once a year. Until they divorce their cuckold hubby.

They have their cake and eat it to. Socity panders to them, their entire life in the usa, even fat girls get it. Life isn't fair, do.t expect some great justice to happen.

Fix you life, financially, emotionly, and physically then go out get laid, pay for it, find it on tinder, whatever

Have a passion, enjoy your off time from work.

Have a job that is marketable and make money for you future

Have a kid with a serogate if you want a kid, or adobt a kid if you want a son, I never want a daughter.

12 upvotessharp73 years ago

The justice will be at the societal level. They say in 20 years usa will have more mexicans and latinos than any other race because they are the only ones reporducing. Their men are still manly and their women know what they are doing.

Meanwhile most "modern" cultures will die out. The women will have their cake, eat it too, and society will crumble. Most of these chicks are still depressed as fuck too so thats the real justice. I dont blame them, I tried online dating apps and ended up not following through on any of the chicks. Just feels like a huge waste of time to me. I think most high quality guys, or "marriage material" are similar. I just feel bad for these chicks. They are just as fucked as brain washed betas. Betas think they can get the hot girl by pandering and it fails miserably. Chicks think they can get the hot guy by partying and being popular and all that crap cause socirty tells them they are free but its just plumetting their value. Absolutely plummetting. Society is making men less attractive to women and women less appealing to men, its fucked.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The phrase enjoy the decline comes to mind.

And yes I agree, it's like if you find out of a girl fucked more then 10 guys, it's gross

You know it's true but you don't actually want to know lol

0 upvotessharp73 years ago

Not only that it's like what are you really gaining from being with them? A good wife used to supply all sorts of supportive things. They used to cook for you, saving you both money on food. They used to take care of your kids, but now foolish people think the government and school can do that for you. They used to do chores but now they are "above" that.

Would I rather our household income be higher, or would I rather have someone who gives my kids the attention, and nurturing they need. Do I want to come home to a wife bitching because she had to work all day, no I want to come home to a wife who's up beat spirit and awesome diner brightens me up.

Honestly, I've been doing a lot research and thinking into how we got this way and its pretty ridiculous. It all starts with interest rates. The government creates money. Then they give out the money and say I want 11 dollars in a year for every 10 dollars I give you. They do this to EVERYONE, but if everyone has to give 11 when they got 10 where does that extra money come from. It creates an absolutely insane drive for "growth", if you don't grow your 10 dollars into 11, you go to prison. Economically this eventually extrapolates into the symptoms we are seeing now, an insane wage-gap and purchasing power getting super low. 50 years ago a man could provide for his family alone. But the economy demands GROWTH, so it demands that women work as well. This need for growth creates so much pressure that the family unit that has survived across the world for ages in multiple cultures breaks down. Society starts tricking its men into thinking being a submissive slave to society is all that matters when men are better motivated by glory and ambition. It tricks their women into thinking that career and "independence" come before everything else instead of being supportive when biologically women feel happier and more secure fulfilling the supportive role. It's fucking madness. All for "growth".

I'm a capitalist at heart, but the government has corrupted the system. Ever since we went off the gold standard "growth" obsession has become insane and is bringing down the world. it creates an incentive system where "profit" matters less than growth. I've been reading some business books and the jump from private to public company is literally insane. Having a 10 person business that makes about 100k for each person is amazing for a privately owned company, but is worse for public investors than having a 100 people business where each make 50k of value. Think about that long and hard for a bit. The first is a very efficient system where each person can produce 100k of value. The second business is one where each person is HALF as efficient, but the public investor of the second business would make more money overall. It's some kind of disturbing corruption of true capitalism, where suddenly efficiency and profits matter LESS than growth. Its madness, and it leads to some insane ailments from non-sustainable environmental abuse to ruining basic family structure. All this stems from the fact that the money creators (the government) demand 11 for every 10, an impossibility for everyone to achieve, which forces an artificial demand for growth. If the world ran on bit-coin or straight up gold it would be a better place.

2 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

You're generally correct, but it's neither interest nor growth that are the problem, it's that the market isn't free so it can't balance or correct according to actual demand.

While the interest does demand the creation of yet more money to pay it off and that newly created money (being debt) demands yet more interest, that cycle (though vicious) isn't where the inherent theft occurs. The theft occurs when the money is created (even if it was created without a demand for interest).

This inflation not only robs savers, it also robs all those who are not recipients of the newly created money of the entire productivity growth of the economy. The natural state of an economy with a sound money should tend towards slight aggregate price level decreases as productivity increases. That price decline is the natural way in which the economy's productivity gains are distributed throughout the whole of the economy. When the money supply is inflated to create slight price appreciation, it is essentially shifting the sum total of that productivity gain to the first recipients of the newly created money (in addition to stealing the stored productivity of savers).

As you may now see, growth and interest are not the problems - stealth theft is the problem.

Oh, and the "money creator" is not the government. The "money creators" are the banks in each monetary system which are typically privately owned and cartelized under a (private) central bank structure (ECB, the Fed, etc). The government is just their servant and one of the first recipients of the newly created money.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

We have some much but it's never enough, I make a decent amount of money, not tins but through financial management I'm buying a house by myself. Women spend their money on Frivolous things

0 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

lol man my standards have definitely lowered, because if I find out a girl fucked 12 or less guys, i'm satisfied. I 've known chicks that have fucked over 50 men by 25

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

O girls try and tell me numbers and I'm like lol nope, I don't ask I don't care,

I know your gonna lie, you know your gonna lie, so don't ask mine then tell me 6 guys is all you fucked

So 6 x3 is 18. Then x2 again because I met you on tinder so 36, then add ten because I fucked you on the first date.

The x3 is the old 1990s to 2010 rule about how many guys she's fucked

The x2 after x3 is if she has tinder or has ever used it, it also applies if she lives by herself or went to a party school.

Plus 10 for first date Plus 5 for second Plus 3 for thrid date hookup

And you be close to the truth

2 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

pretty much. When a culture degenerates, the more conservative cultures will succeed. It's not about morality or what's right even, it's just about what works. And quite frankly, this current model is destructive. You forsake the institution of marriage and destroy the nuclear family and this is what you get lol

5 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

I have two sisters, both 40+. One got her BB after riding the CC and had her kids. She hates life, hates her BB and is ruining her kids life. The other found her Chad at 30 and has held onto him for 15 years, doing whatever it takes. She is the happiest person in my family.

She struggled for many years on whether to have kids and most of our advice was "have kids or have your bf, you won't by to have both". She went for her Chad.

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

You think they fail, you think the wall is bad for them? As long as the arnt a ham planet they have their dream wedding, a perfect Bata provider and a BF on the side, and will get fucked in the bathroom of the club on their girls night at least once a year. Until they divorce their cuckold hubby.

They have their cake and eat it to. Socity panders to them, their entire life in the usa, even fat girls get it. Life isn't fair, do.t expect some great justice to happen.

And none of that makes them happy. Rather it tends to make them sad and depressed (read the OP).

So yeah, it's failing.

4 upvotesSeoul_Brother3 years ago

Eye for an eye wouldn't you say u/HAMMURABI?

0 upvotespsychodynamic13 years ago

That was some ancient legal throwdown right there.

1 upvotesSeoul_Brother3 years ago

The historian in me smiled when I saw his username

2 upvotesCasanova-Quinn3 years ago

the wall is the ultimate justice.

This was more true in the past, but it's becoming less true thanks to the current crop of desperate betas. An early/mid 30's woman still has lots of options on the dating market. It's becoming more common to see mid/late 20's men dating these women.

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

The justice is that they are unsatisfied with those guys and thus miserable.

0 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Death is the ultimate justice. Much more so than the wall. There are a lot of single moms out there who only have one kid. There is a reason why reproduction rate is below 2.1 in the civilized world and it's the brutal justice of the "free market" as you call it.

26 upvotesBreathOfDick3 years ago

Prostitutes are at least making money. It's truly incredible how much this "sexual revolution" has destroyed women.

15 upvotescommander_zoidberg3 years ago

Tend to suffer less cognitive dissonance as well. Most of the mentally sound women i've met were prostitutes.

10 upvotesbeachbloke3 years ago

Hookers are BS free because they are unplugged out of necessity

1 upvotesJaxxxonthebox3 years ago

You pay the hooker to leave, not for her to come over. Catch my drift? The act of sex is inevitable

0 upvotesBossman288943 years ago

...so no Dad situation with my LTR is....? There's a strong mom, but my SO still has some daddy issues

2 upvotespizzaskull3 years ago

In the same boat, would like to hear thoughts on this

5 upvotesBossman288943 years ago

For me it's a constant struggle. The father leaving early in childhood defiantly created trust issues for her. Then throw in an abusive boyfriend in college, and she's become very guarded. When we met I saw this, and I was able to get her to put down her guard, and we've had a great time. However, she's very sensitive, and trying to be mindful of the past can be tough, and first sign of trouble she'll get upset (rightfully or not) so I've just done my best to be open and honest with her. Whether she accepts me for that is on her I guess

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Relationship with their father is everything. If a girl didn't grow up without a decent masculine figure in her life, I don't even consider her for a plate/LTR. If she made it into her 20s without learning discipline and self-control front a man, I can't expect her to be a good woman, it's that simple. Some single mothers do a good job, but they lack the fundamental prerequisite (testicles->testosterone) for true stoic discipline and self-control.

116 upvotesladopairts3 years ago

When you work in a medical clinic, especially in a low income area, you get to see the real general population - the 80%. These men have poor hygiene, take poor care of their health, let themselves go. They don't earn a good income, they don't know how to talk to women and they don't dress or clean up well. But some of them have had successful relationships and marriages - slept with hot chicks. But only when they were younger.

Many of these men who attend the clinic are older. 40s, 50s, 60s. They have dealt with the harsh realities of life... realities that are unknown to 20 or 30 year olds. A lot of them don't give a fuck anymore about women aside from what's between their legs. They've been there done that, know it's not worth the trouble. If they have kids, they live for those kids. They work hard and are frugal with the little income they get just so they can give any extra to their kid.

The 20%... you don't see them at the clinic. They are healthy and without chronic medical problems. They aged well and still are able to pull women into their 40s 50s or 60s with ease. Then there's the 80 year old couple who comes in and they're cute as a button to each other... the lucky few have relatively successful and happy relationships that last.

The human condition is an interesting one.

The formula is Health, wealth and THEN women.

You lose health you lose wealth and women. You lose wealth you lose women. You lose women well, no big deal.

Health is paramount. Eat right. Exercise. Maintain posture. Cultivate a healthy social circle. Oh and don't smoke. You are damaging every cell in your body with that BS. Vape if you have to.

36 upvotesRunawayGrain3 years ago

The formula is Health, wealth and THEN women.

Once, one of my Russian exchange students decried the fact that Eastern European girls don't wear much makeup, but girls in the U.S. put so many chemicals on their face that when they get it all off, their skin usually looks like shit.

It brought to mind the comparison I usually use of likening the male experience of finding a woman to car shopping. There are different types of 'cars':

The luxury car: Looks good, conveys a mans status, but expensive to maintain and not a good investment unless you are really well off.

There's a motorcycle: Cheap, looks good, fun to ride, hurts like hell when you fall off.

There's the family sedan: Not as flashy or fun as the motorcycle, but more economical, and slightly more dependable while being able to handle a family.

The used car: Basic transportation with no frills and little excitement. It may have massive mechanical issues masked by a reasonably good looking exterior. Each new owner decreases its value a little more. Usually gets sold off when the owner can afford something better. Also, the radio is permanently stuck to on, which bombards you with inanity.

The problem we have in the west is that 99% of the girls are used cars who slap on some superficial fixes and attempt to sell for the price of a luxury car. Meanwhile we've stopped making family sedans, and encourage guys to get hung up on their motorcycles.

11 upvotesDenver_Luv33 years ago

There's a motorcycle: Cheap, looks good, fun to ride, hurts like hell when you fall off.

It does hurt like hell but if you ride conservatively and carefully you will likely only fall once. Motorcycles also attract daredevils.

Women fucking LOVE motorcycles. I have a Zero and it's amazing. In online dating the motorcycle pic gets all the comments and questions. If you don't know how to ride I strongly suggest you learn.

My favorite comment is, "Usually I don't let women ride my bike till after I've slept with them." Still makes a fun first date.

0 upvotesladopairts3 years ago

This is a good analogy. I would say that while yes, they are making less family sedans... less men know how to maintain the ones that COULD be sedans. If they are not properly maintained, they start acting like motorcycles.

0 upvotesRufferto_n_Groo3 years ago

Pick the correct phenotype for a mate will help in creating better looking offspring.

Not a guarantee.

0 upvotesZebleblic3 years ago

You can keep a girl if you loose your job. Just don't be a bitch.

123 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

its nuts how many people are on anti depressants

105 upvotesesirnus183 years ago

This is so true!! Myself being European and living in the States for last 10+ years. This is the single most disturbing thing I've noticed. There's a fucking pill for everything seriously I have this coworker, Fat 5/10 with a decent face but her ego is fucking 11/10 she takes like 20 vitamin each day and popping advil and Tylenol like it's candy or something. "Oh my neck feels funny let me take 5 advil" When I was sick I refused to take that shit, drink some water and take a nap usually fixes 80% of my ailments. In the old days when something hurt, it was good it meant you were alive.

30 upvotesokiedokie3213 years ago

Europeans have it so much better, plus better looking women too.

45 upvotesBammer13863 years ago

Because 66% are not obese like here in the states

19 upvotesTheStumblingWolf3 years ago

We're getting there...at least in northern europe. I recently went around eastern europe and that was not a problem there.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Eastern European people are so much better than Western wimps (male&female included)

0 upvotesanymanusa3 years ago

I've lived in both places - the east is based, but dumber and less honest.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Its not that much better here honestly. Almost 50% 11,4% of women are on antidepressants

1 upvotesBlix-3 years ago

A quick google search said it was 11%, but that's double the rate of men

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You are absolutely correct on that. I have no idea where I came up with a number that high.

6 upvotesesirnus183 years ago

My LTR is Czech and natural blond too;)

11 upvotescommander_zoidberg3 years ago

Czech women are some of the best in Europe.

13 upvotesplenty_of_eesh3 years ago

Sadly I have never Czech'd that box.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

can confirm, Tinder in Prague is heaven on Earth. Must be fun living there

0 upvotesBlix-3 years ago

How'd you end up with a Czech?

1 upvotesesirnus183 years ago

Oh that was bit of luck and a good timing. She was new at work and at that time I was extremely busy and kind of full of other stuff I had to deal with. I was the only one from male staff who didn't try to hit on her or be superficially nice to her. She asked the boss herself if I could be the one to train her and show her how things work. That was way before I knew anything about TRP and now it just confirms that is totally true. Don't give bitches attention and they'll come to you.

1 upvotesarcoolka3 years ago

You've never visited the UK.

Even in Year 7 (~8th grade I think?) these girls were dressing up, obsessing over their hair, taking pictures of them drinking fruity vodka and having boys grinding against them. When the few I still know hit the wall, I'm gonna be there with popcorn. Gonna be beautiful.

0 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

Depends entirely on where you are in Europe - it's a mixed bag.

26 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

Lot of hate for anti-depressants here. I'm 30 and just started taking an SSRI this year, following a lifetime of depression (ever since puberty). I would be dead if not for this assistance in discovering a baseline of normalcy that it turns out most people naturally feel.

I do think most meds are over prescribed, but I also think we need to be open minded about our personal wellness.

7 upvoteslnTheRearWithTheGear3 years ago

I wonder if you have low testosterone. I have heard reports of a lot of guys with low t having depression. They go see an endocrinologist, get on testosterone replacement therapy and the depression vanishes.

3 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

Hmm, worth looking into. Thanks.

4 upvoteslnTheRearWithTheGear3 years ago

Definitely. Not going to shame you for taking SSRIs like that jackass below; you wouldn't shame a diabetic for taking insulin, you know? Just another chemical imbalance. But... from what I have heard low testosterone is often overlooked, and if it is the cause of your symptoms, trt would probably give you a higher quality of life with fewer side effects.

upvotesNergaal3 years ago

Can you have high T in puberty, but get low T by 30s? As in still be hairy?

2 upvoteslnTheRearWithTheGear3 years ago

Sure, it's possible. Better just to check with a doctor and get a blood test if you're concerned.

1 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago


And here I was thinking of getting chemically castrated on purpose....

1 upvoteslnTheRearWithTheGear3 years ago

Chemical castration? What?

2 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

i did not mean any offense, just my opionion.

i believe that there are many ways to beat depression without medication. This can come from exercise, therapy, diet, ect. but again, this is not a cost or time affective method.

5 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

I agree with you to an extent, and that those are important elements of maintaining good mental health. Some of us are legitimately fucked up and need assistance getting there, and seeking assistance is not weak. Actually killing yourself rather than seeking improvement is.

5 upvotesmrp_18443 years ago

Intestinal Candida will cause depression. You might want to look into that.

1 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

you're right, ultimately the entire system is fucked up. which causes youth to be born with mental and behavioral issues. by the time it becomes a issue, its too late. it becomes treated with drugs and we have another unfortunate individual who cannot live without the crutch of drugs.

upvotesverify_account3 years ago

There is a difference between feeling depressed and having clinical depression. Most people don't understand the difference.

People with clinical depression don't feel happy when they do things ike exercise or things that would normally make them happy; it's a serious medical condition.

0 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

when addressed properly with time and therapy even clinical depression can be improved. drugs can be avoided. unfortunatly, perscribing drugs is like giving out candy these days.

just the convience of it.

upvotesAndreNowzick3 years ago

So be dead – do you lift? Are you lean? Do you walk a lot? No you chose the easy way out & you'll find that SSRis won't work long term, and furthermore, will make you dependent on them. You will become subdued, and sluggish even more. The hate for SSRIs is well deserved. You are mentally weak – you can become mentally unweak by lots of physical activity.

You didn't solve your problem – you got short-term gratification at the expense of long term health and resolution which can only come from hard work. Bad move .

13 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

Wow, fuck yourself. There is a difference between hardcore brain chemistry issues and being unmotivated or melancholy about your lot in life.

This type of shit is why so many men end up pulling the trigger instead of getting support from one another. Take it elsewhere.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Good for you man. You had depression for half your life, then in the end you took pills and he says 'you are weak'. What a fuckwit this guy is.

AD are to get over it, to get started, to fire up the engine which then fuels itself.

Hate is justified if one only takes pills because of having a 'bad day' and/or doesn't improve oneself and does nothing but take the pills to feel good - then of course it's pointless

17 upvotesotistoole3 years ago

They are trying to push that shit off-label on people, too, for all sorts of stupid shit.

What a lot of people don't realize about anti-depressants, a lot of them cause severe dependence. You can't just stop taking them, it requires months of unpleasant tapering. Depending on the specific medication. Only certain types cause dependence, but they are among the most prescribed types.

The doctors aren't told this, and it requires careful reading of the side effects to confirm, and most patients don't read the literature that accompanies their prescriptions.

Some of them don't even find out until that terrible day they forget their pills, and the withdrawal hits them. Poor bastards.

6 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

no doubt, they dont learn the proper way to deal with depression and anxiety. the drug becomes a crutch they cant kick away

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I knew a girl years ago that quit taking her prozac cold turkey.. next thing I know she talking about suicide

upvotesautomatepmp3 years ago

I know people who stopped taking them every other day for a few weeks and then went completely off of them inside of a few weeks. No issues years later. Those pills are evil.

0 upvotesotistoole3 years ago

You know what's also sort of evil? Passive aggressive sarcastics who post unsolicited anecdotes to seem relevant or somehow involve themselves in the conversation. Everyone else noticed that I used 'some' 'certain types' and other qualifiers to indicate that there were exceptions to the rule.

0 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

im in that boat. I've opted to take them rather than deal with withdrawals. They ARE that bad. I don't even know how you could go ot work if you went off them cold turkey

42 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. Even in the low points of my life, I never thought to go through the process of getting anti depressants. I would just do something to make myself happy and work towards improving my life. It's crazy. No wonder why many women after a certain age are screwed up.

48 upvotesMadeSomewhereElse3 years ago

I went to a therapist a few times in college and she would always steer towards referring me to a psychiatrist to get some pills. I would always politely decline and say I'd rather pursue more talk therapy first (since my tuition covered several sessions). I eventually quit going because I was sick of someone pushing drugs on me as a first solution. I haven't ever used antidepressants, but I'm not saying no one should. I'm not a medical professional.

40 upvotesCunt_Robber3 years ago

Hey allow me to congratulate you. That was the wise course of action. I felt i hit rock bottom one semester in college and i sought professional help and accepted medication. Ssri. Was on it for 3 months, and it completely numbed me. I stopped being depressed but I also stopped enjoying stuff and finding anything fun or exciting. Might as well have died. Tapered myself off and never went back. There are always alternative treatments for issues that require longterm management, with anxiety, depression, ocd and adhd being some of the psychiatric ones that can often be overcome with changes in lifestyle and habits.

0 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

Thing is 3 month is the absolute minimum to have any real effect besides the initial buzz. It can take 6 month for effect to fully kick in.

Also what people don't know id that effect of medication greatly depends on genetics. So you never know which med even of the same class (like SSRI) will actually help you. So you will actually need to test different ones and different classes. Yeah, annoying as shit and understandable that most don't put up with that.

0 upvotesCunt_Robber3 years ago

Yeah i suppose 3 months is when it started really hitting me, and I wasnt about that. Lifting cured the depression. An active lifestyle and setting goals was all I needed. And imagine how many chemicals youre putting into your body taking all these diff ssri's to find the best one for you. Be healthy folks, a healthy hormone balance can be obtained if you watch what you eat, how you sleep, and how you care for your body wrt fitness.

upvotesTheDeadNoob3 years ago

ADHD can not be "overcome" by therapy as it is the result of a "miconfiguration" in your brain in relation to the dopamine system.

So you can only try to reduce the symptoms with therapy as there is no therapy to increase the amount of dopamine permanently.

Same goes for pills though, even though they work directly in the dopamine system and can be a great relief for people with strong ADHD

0 upvotesCunt_Robber3 years ago

Sure, there is a spectrum. Those with severe neuronal chemical imbalances must rely on an aid in returning to baseline. But most - including these girls and the millennials who claim theyre depressed are just complacent. I dont mean to do what girls do in yelling "rape"- i dont mean to take away from these expriences and conditions, my point is that most people need to learn to suck it up and make an effort instead of wallowing in complacent hell.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Doctors make commission on pills, especially atypical antipsychotics.

2 upvotesredpillren3 years ago

Have you considered changing your type of therapy?

Ive found analytical psychotherapy (Jung) with its focus on individuation and integration most helpful. My shrink would only suggest meds if I was in a state I think.

Also I would advise you look for an older male shrink who you respect because what would a woman shrink know about being a man?

Also its not surprising a woman shrink wants to give you meds, women love the magic pills that let the hamster spin its wheel.

1 upvotesronsoness3 years ago

nice thinking. i always thought that drugs should be a bandage not a solution. it's stories like this that remind me that even doctors, don't have all the answers. their words should only be an opinion.

11 upvotesGeckobird3 years ago

My mom actually tried to get me on anti-depressants a few months ago because I had been depressed and was having mood swings. I was rational to know that this was because I fell into beta ways, lost a girl, and went back to the anger phase. I knew the reason I felt bad was my fault and I could fix it by lifting and getting my shit together. But these days people want to say any sadness or depression is irrational and that the only solution is to take pills. Fuck that. I told her there was no way in Hell I'd do that to myself.

0 upvotesRed_SL43 years ago

When I read No More Mr Nice Guy, I understood some patterns that lead me to a depressive mood. Are my needs being met? Did I progress towards my goals yesterday/today? Am I being a little bitch again to drown my responsibilities in my apparent sadness?

I learned to ask myself those questions whenever I feel down. And believe me, a year ago, when I didn't have any tools to handle the thoughts, it was scary. Now, it's alright. I usually stop the downwards spiral before it gets too much momentum, sometimes as fast as a few seconds.

I hope to get rid of them entirely after I master mindfulness meditation.

5 upvotescommander_zoidberg3 years ago

Anti depressants - Warning: May cause suicide and mass murder. Yeah. Some treatment.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I went to the doctor with stomach issues(due to antibiotics) shortly after a breakup.. the doctor tried to talk me into getting them. I wasn't even balling or anything, I just told them I was kinda sad when they asked., and yes!! That's like one of the first questions they ask now!

3 upvotesjoshy833 years ago

I'm not trying to come here to be argumentative but... I was just prescribed Zoloft at the end of October.

I was having mood swings and everything always made me irrationally angry. I couldn't stop the fast heartbeat and my mind racing. I couldn't handle stress at work (even little things that were no big deal). I went to my doctor and asked for something because I had a friend that had excellent results with Celexa. I knew I had to do something because I was always moody with my husband and every little thing upset me to no end. And then I was even more upset because I was getting upset so easily.

She diagnosed me with depression and some anxiety. I remember leaving the office with a little blue pamphlet and wanting to cry because almost everything on it applied to me. I felt so small.

But oh my god I am so much happier now and so is my husband. If I wasn't affecting him so much I probably would have just dealt with my bullshit myself. He was really pushing me to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner but I couldn't do it the way I was. Now I am actually considering. I just knew I couldn't function as a decent wife if I went back to school that way.

I do recognize SSRIs are not for everybody. I did feel like a zombie the first week I was on it. But it was almost relaxing. It didn't affect my work, it was just a holiday from my overactive brain. Now that I've been on it for a while, the negative effects are not all that noticeable. The same friend that recommended celexa- her husband was on Paxil and he was pretty messed up. He told her one day he didn't feel like he loved her, he just remembered that he did and that he is supposed to but didn't FEEL anything. He got off that immediately.

upvotesAndreNowzick3 years ago

But oh my god I am so much happier now and so is my husband. If I wasn't affecting him so much I probably would have just dealt with my bullshit myself. He was really pushing me to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner but I couldn't do it the way I was. Now I am actually considering. I just knew I couldn't function as a decent wife if I went back to school that way.

You're a woman, and mentally weak. Antidepressants are bad. Get off the coach, and do more physical activity – I can guarantee you're just sedentary and have poor eating habits.

I do recognize SSRIs are not for everybody. I did feel like a zombie the first week I was on it. But it was almost relaxing. It didn't affect my work, it was just a holiday from my overactive brain. Now that I've been on it for a while, the negative effects are not all that noticeable. The same friend that recommended celexa- her husband was on Paxil and he was pretty messed up. He told her one day he didn't feel like he loved her, he just remembered that he did and that he is supposed to but didn't FEEL anything. He got off that immediately.

Side effects negate the short term effects of anti depressants. In the long term they lose their efficacy and make you go soft.

Learn to build a thick skin, lift weights, eat right (paleo), and walk 70,000 steps a week.

Dumb post.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Man, I exercise all the fucking time and lift big, I eat super clean, and I mediate twice a day. I still have crippling anxiety that makes it difficult to function in my day to day life. I don't understand why you think I should just suffer instead of going on medication. That's kinda messed up.

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

Your crippling anxiety is God's way of telling you that you still have some serious spiritual issues you need to address. Numbing your conscience is not the solution. Seek God.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

And modern-day churches are so feminized and afraid to let people know that maybe, just maybe, some of their depression and anxiety may be their own fault, via ungodly life practices.

1 upvotesConceited-Monkey3 years ago

I am not sure an imaginary invisible friend in the sky will help him.

0 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

If you want to to go that route, one should try shrooms or LSD. Studies show they help a lot with anxiety. Of course there is also risk and you should always do your own research instead of believing me here.

2 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

I don't understand why you think I should just suffer instead of going on medication. That's kinda messed up.

it is. Just don't take everything 100% serious here. like saying you are a fucking pussy if you take aspirin for headache. Fucking take the headache and endure it!

You can explain anxiety to someone how never had it. He plain won't understand that you can't just "walk it off".

2 upvotesjoshy833 years ago

I've done all the above; I just didn't want someone completely writing off something that could actually help them. Like I said, not for everybody.

upvotesmercuryg3 years ago

I can guarantee you're just sedentary and have poor eating habits

I'm inclined to agree with you but let's be honest you can't guarantee anything. Now i skimmed through your post history but i hate to break it to you, paleo, "thick skin" and physical activity isn't the miracle cure for everything. Some issues require professional help.

upvotesAndreNowzick3 years ago

Now i skimmed through your post history but i hate to break it to you, paleo, "thick skin" and physical activity isn't the miracle cure for everything. Some issues require professional help.

99% of the time they don't need "professional" help. Psychs are quacks. They're bottom of the barrel in medical school (many of my colleagues failed a year or two in American MD programs and ended up as psychs), with the lowest competition, and lowest salaries. Psychology is an even bigger joke. Liberal arts majors pretending to be scientists.

There's a reason why predominantly Americans – typically white and/or black (especially women) are on drugs, whereas Eastern peoples (Russia, and Asia as a whole) aren't. We collectively have thick skins.

You fuckers live in the most comfortable country in the world with food, water, opportunity, fresh air, etc. – and it's not good enough.

Frankly – if after all that these fuckers wanna go on antidepressants or kill themselves so be it – they're not bettering society anyhows. Survival of the fittest in the end.

upvotesmercuryg3 years ago

I don't doubt your argument about collective thick skin, and i know psychs are quacks but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't have any help to offer. Believe me i also wish everyone would just harden the fuck up, but all i'm saying is there is a reason diagnoses and spectrums and medicine exists, to help. And there are valid reasons to see a psych, and claiming that 99% of the time it's not needed is just ignorant. I'm not limited to just psychs either, any doctor/specialist. I'm not even american i'm european.

upvotesMasculineYoga3 years ago

No, anti-depressants just create more problems, and distract you from the problems you do have... that still linger.... even with the anti-depressants

12 upvotesAgent14073 years ago

This is my number 1 rule, I will never take anti depressants and I will never have any relationship with a girl that take them. I saw my father and an ex LTR struggling to get over this addiction and it is even worse than regular drugs because most medics stimulate it and is socially acceptable. People are turning into zombies because they don't resolve their problems, they just take a pill and stays artificially kind-of-happy for years.

2 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

im the same way. i dont want to date a zombie, i want to date someone who knows how to live a healthy life

28 upvotesFunAndFreedom3 years ago

SSRI's are terrifying and I'm convinced that the medical community is covering up their effects in the same way Tobacco Companies covered up smoking. My grandfather was subscribed an SSRI for depression and within a few weeks he stopped eating or even caring about life. From energetic and talkative to hospice within a month.

24 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

As an MD who practices in the psychiatric area I would agree. Take a look at anything written by Peter Gotzsche, one of the founding members of the Cochrane collaborative. Then the scales will fall from your eyes. From a different tangent, if one was to become depressed because of the existential awareness of the lies that one has been sold, would not numbing them back into subservience not be the correct strategy? Be careful, psychiatry knows a lot less than it appears.

upvotesnolanite3 years ago

What would you recommend for anxiety? I need to do something, but I don't want to flood my body with poison.

upvotesArchterus3 years ago

There are different types of anxiety so that may need some further exploration. Psychotherapy has a good evidence base for effectiveness. Different therapists use different approaches, CBT, mindfulness etc. Finding a good therapist is crucial.

upvotesAndreNowzick3 years ago

You don't need a therapist. Most therapists are beta cucked faggots, or dumb SJW types. What you need is physical activity (most of you are lazy fucks), walking 70,000 steps a week, eating right (eat a keto/paleo diet), and a "tribe." Therapists are overrated.

tl;dr - Stop whining, don't be a lazy fatass, and do something productive you bitch.

0 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

You would have noted that I said care in selection is crucial. The idea that one should pay full attention to the quality of their nutrition and start getting regular exercise is (or should be) foundational throughout medicine.

0 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago


...plus dietary changes (experiment until you figure out what's right for you but start by cutting out the coffee/soda/sugar) and some meditative practice (tai-chi, etc) will more than likely do the trick.

2 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

+1 for CBT. Evidence based AF, really effective; imagine if Seneca the stoic was your therapist and was telling you "look, your thinking about this all wrong. What if you looked at it like this...". If you're not in crisis, voice dialogue will blow your mind with insight.

+1 on finding a good one, I've known people in the mental health field (used to work in it) I wouldn't trust to pull a sliver out of a dog's ass, much less help someone through a sensitive personal problem.

0 upvotesfaquez3 years ago

as a porn addict of sorts i transcribe cbt as cock and balls torture. do you mean american therapists torment patients' genitals?

0 upvotesAtlRP3 years ago

Breathing exercises/meditation, less caffeine, yoga...

0 upvotesBrodinsOats3 years ago

I am experiencing extremely encouraging results from neurofeedback. I find it really similar to meditation, but amplified.

upvotesnolanite3 years ago

Is that something one can do alone?

1 upvotesBrodinsOats3 years ago

Not really, at least not at first. You really need to have a trained specialist who knows what they're doing to target specific types of brain waves and parts of the brain.

There's one clinic near me that will do an initial brain scan and session(s), and they can set you up with a protocol that you can follow on your own either with their equipment (or feasibly at home if you purchase the equipment yourself I guess).

There are also consumer neurofeedback devices on the market, but supposedly they're not as effective.

3 upvotesBallerMD3 years ago

Wow. For an MD who practices psych you sure do spend a lot of time on TRP (based on post history). LOL.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wouldn't you if you spent all day listening to societies BP problems?

0 upvotesBrodinsOats3 years ago

Do you have an opinion on Wellbutrin?

2 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

Where I work it is restricted to 'on label' use for smoking cessation. However have used it with effect for difficult to treat bipolar disorder and some cases severe depression with psychotic features. Like all meds must be used with caution and supervised by someone who is well versed in psychopharmacology and a holistic approach to mental well being.

Any discussion of psych meds needs to nuanced. They are not wonder drugs, the mode of action is incompletely understood, there are many possible side effects and they are grossly over prescribed. However a select number of people do benefit them. It is far from black and white.

0 upvotesBrodinsOats3 years ago

Thank you for the thoughtful input.

My mental health really fell apart over the past year. Primary disorder of ADHD-PI, along with binge eating, social anxiety, depression, and an extensive history of substance abuse.

Exercise routine, diet, and sleep habits were already on-point. I'm long off the harder drugs from my past, but my addictive tendencies would still manifest with pot and binge eating.

I'm about 2.5 weeks into wellbutrin 150mg XL. It seems that it's starting to have an anti-depressant effect. Increased levels of general energy. Fewer binge episodes. Side effects so far are some difficulty falling asleep (thankfully no straight-up insomnia) and some increased tinnitus.

I've been doing neurofeedback 2-3 times a week for about a month now, and the results so far are extremely encouraging. It's as though I'm starting to develop the skill to tame my anxiety and inability to focus, through meditation.

I'm just really fearful about developing dependency on the Wellbutrin. I previously gave a solid 3-week trial of consistently taking Vyvanse, but couldn't tolerate the worsening side effects. Getting off of it was an absolute hell.

1 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

My pleasure. Good work, keep up your efforts. Sounds like you have insight into the issues at hand. Dependency is not usually a major issue with wellbutrin. Keep up that neurofeedback, nutrition and exercise (for life). Best wishes.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Is it not through that depression (pain) that we learn our greatest lessons? The problem comes with accountability. Most people lack the discipline to hold themselves accountable of their own thoughts and the emotions that accompany them.

1 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

There is truth in that. I think a central problem which is being revealed in this thread is that the word 'depression' does not equate to single entity. It rather is an umbrella term that describes several different states that have different causes, trajectories and management options. A discussion of the validity as opposed to the utility of psychiatric diagnosis and classification is a worthy one but probably too far a departure from the main theme of this thread. On the one hand is existential angst which does not need meds but rather help in sorting out ones shit. That may come from friends, family, embracing a more stoic way of being etc. Another is characterised by entrenched maladaptive ways of thinking, here CBT does have an evidence to support its use. Again the quality of the therapist is vital, like all fields there are good and bad (and really bad libtard SJW's as well). Yet another is the pain of waking up from the delusion of a blue pill world that leads many a man to these pages. At the other extreme is a biological illness that is incapacitating which may benefit from carefully used medication. All require attention to nutrition and fitness.

0 upvotesAdach3 years ago

I'd love to read a post of you elaborating on all of this.

1 upvotesArchterus3 years ago

Give me some time, looks like it might be useful

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Secondly, I can't think of anything more blue pilled than taking a pill which removes your minds ability to experience the harshness of reality. It is through that struggle that we grow into better versions of ourselves.

4 upvotesMustNotFfff3 years ago

Gotta chime in. I'm on and off depressed, but I'm not seeing treatment for it because I'm afraid of serious psychiatric medications like SSRIs. The one time I was on it, it made me rather manic. There is nothing that treats depression better than: 1) exercise. 2) rewarding socializing. 3) sex. Granted, if you're sufficiently depressed, it can be very hard to even have these 3 things going, but pursuing them is worth the struggle.

0 upvotesLionelHutz43 years ago

One important piece of information being covered up is that anti-depressants don't work for many people. Only about 50% see any relief from taking them. I bet they get the nasty side-effects though.

13 upvotesproveititproves3 years ago

Right? And I find it rather comical that ever since internalizing the red pill, I personally have had less urges to "escape".

1 upvotesMarcus11383 years ago

Totally. Look at the people around you - they have coffee in the morning, because it's just too fucking hard to wake up every day without a caffeine jolt.

Then they pop a pill or two, god knows what. Maybe some Tylenol for that headache, or some Zantac for their mood. Whatever.

Then they go to work, drink more coffee, maybe smoke a cigarette or two.

Come back home, kick back with a bag of weed and a bottle of wine. Head out to the bar with their buddies later, smoke some more weed.

People just can't live without addling their minds with chemicals every day. It's a way of surrendering responsibility - you don't have to take control of your morning, let coffee do that. No need to be mindful, just smoke weed. Why bother exercising when you can take a pill to be happy? People are cowards, and it's a bit sad to see.

EDIT: And then you know what they do? They go online to TRP to fantasize, and when confronted with the idea that weed/alcohol/coffee isn't something that they should be dependent on they downvote and run away. Fuck responsibility, it's more fun to smoke away the present and dream about the future.

6 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

To give a different perspective against the meme here that ADs are bad and ridiculous:

I was on anti-depressant for about 2 years. It wasn't an SSRI but reversible MAO (so no diet restrictions) and it was for social anxiety but also had depression. The effect is hard to describe (less critical about yourself) but it's there and it for sure helped a lot. It's night and day how I was before and now. (Note: I'm over 30 and you can even at that huge make pretty huge leaps/changes). I also resisted taking them first when therapist recommended them. But looking back they helped more than therapy itself did while costing 1/100th of therapy.

If you really are in a big hole and have serious mental problems like depression or social anxiety, don't let yourself get scared off by TRP making fun of anti-depressants. However it's not a magic cure. You still need to go to the gym and take action. In case of social anxiety they make that first step a little bit easier which is crucial.

2 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

you're a success story, its very common patients become dependant and cannot go without the drugs.

now they're spending extra time trying different doses and drugs. wasting time.

the magic cure is to find a professional. again its not cheap but thats not the debate. drugs are not the long term answer.

1 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

drugs are not the long term answer.

That is true. But short-term they did help me actual managing to go to the gym and continue going. Getting of them wasn't really an issue as I had developed some "hate" due to the constant pill-popping.

All I wanted to point out that it's not all a conspiracy to make money and there in fact are positive cases.

1 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

i wouldnt say conspiracy but its a rocky road.

its kinda like credit cards. when used smartly and in moderation, its all good. but when you fuck up, youre in the fuckin hole. similar conept with anti depressant drugs. if you can tether the fine line, it can work.

1 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

if you can tether the fine line, it can work

You could also say that for illegal drugs. It was in fact MDMA that led me to accept I have serious issue and started my path to improvement before I ever heard of TRP. Therefore I fully agree. TRP must be found. It can't be preached.

1 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago

Your post is making me glad that my doc flat out denied my request for lithium and ECT. The latter, which, if I understand correctly, is like hex-editing your computer by using a magnet on your RAM.

1 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

ECT has shown some success but I would consider it a method of last resort, after trying ADs, after trying shrooms and LSD but before literally pulling the trigger.

1 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago

The latter three are all illegal where I live. Probably for the better, since it's a hub for illicit drug trafficking.

3 upvotesKharn03 years ago

Because its so easy.

I was going through a bad time, was depressed, mentioned it to my doc and his very first sentence was "do you want pills for it?" That slapped sense into me because I know some people that have clinical depression, they've been that way for most of their lives, its a wiring thing.

But being 'depressed' because you're in a rough patch is entirely different and medication is an expensive band-aid, not a cure.

5 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

i work in special ed, the kids i work with have emotional and behavioral issues. it breaks my heart these kids are treated with medication instead of proper attention. its def cheaper and easier but its sad.

2 upvotesTALzFGxawb3 years ago

SSRIs and other drugs are way cheaper than therapy and they're about as effective. they let one psychiatrist treat many more patients, because they only need a handful of visits, rather than recurring visits for years

from a cost-benifit point of view, it makes sense to do this. someone complains that their life sucks, you give them drugs and see if it helps. if it doesn't, you try another drug. repeat a couple times, and then try therapy if it's not working. or if they're a real problem case, either keep giving them useless drugs to get them to go away for a while, or you try more extreme things like ECT (which is actually really effective), more risky drugs, or experimental treatments

but yes. lots of people are depressed or anxious. partly because their life sucks and they have bad habits and no goals etc. partly because we live in a time where things are easy now, but the future is opaque (older cultures had objectively harder lives, but you had a role and the future looked comparatively hopeful for your descendants)

1 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

drugs are a short term fix. therapy and proper attention is a long term fix.

0 upvotesTALzFGxawb3 years ago

therapy can teach you the skills to deal with your shit long term. it can also help you short term just because you have someone to talk to, and by giving you a sense of hope

drugs are short term in the sense that they basically just alleviate symptoms. but they can help long term by getting those symptoms out of the way long enough for you to work on improving your life. they can kick you out of a rut

1 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

agree 100%

unfortunatly not everyone has the support system and they never get out of the rut.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Antidepressants or taking sedatives to sleep. That shit is off the charts as well.

1 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

I was put on them a long while back and they never did much, then and now, but the withdrawals are so bad i'm taking them to avoid the withdrawals. I mean like dehabilitating, I almost made it a week cold turkey but it felt like i was having seizures. Fuck SSRIS man, ill get off them one day, maybe do a structured weaning off of them.

1 upvotesGeorgeBushIV3 years ago

that sounds like a logical way. im sure there are people who posted success stories all around the web, maybe even reddit.

good look brother

0 upvotesarcoolka3 years ago

A while ago during a really low point I was considering going on them, thank fucking god I didn't.

0 upvotesMcLarenX3 years ago

I've gone through short term depressions when going through financial hardship and having to work long hours without sleep. Usually gets cured by being healthy+wealthy again and fucking.

272 upvotesCallMeHaseo3 years ago

It honestly scares me how women are once the masks are removed. As a "beta" or "cuck" (basically guys who aren't chad) you're expected to workout consistently, build a physique, get the good well paying high status job, get the car, get the house/apartment just to gain access to some biatch who's already been ran through by 9,10,11+ different dudes for free. The worst part is you'll never know her true body count because they almost always lie. I predict the divorce rate for the millennial generation will be ridiculously high.. the collapse is inevitable.. I really don't know if I can respect women anymore at all after reading this.

239 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If you think girls you meet have only slept with 11 dudes....Lol you are in for a rude awakening.

87 upvotesJ-Mosc3 years ago

No kidding, you are seriously low-balling my man. It is waaaay worse than that. Shit I wish the girls I met only banged 11 dudes. And no you'll never know the real number. Never.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They probably don't know the real amount anyway

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Some don't. "I was drunk." "He's an asshole and didn't count." "Does sucking dick count?" "It was just the tip" "I'm a virgin, that's why I only do anal."

The hamster will rationalize anything for them so they don't have to think about it.

My Ex had 12 before me. I was just #13. We stopped talking when she hit #16. The funny part is that her memory is garbage, and she will literally not remember me.

8 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

This entirely. They may have slept with 11 dudes but they have way more hand jobs and blow jobs which doesn't count. Women are ridiculously slutty now. I honestly don't even know why guys keep marrying these whores. Just saw a chick on my Facebook get married two years after college and pretty much ran through the entire football team. Not lying, everyone knew she got around dudes on the football and she got married two years after she graduated. Which means some idiot just said "I knew you for a little over a year now, let's get married."

I don't know who I should be mad at more. These sluts or these retards that keep getting married and let these sluts get away with that behavior.

And back on my original point, I met quite a few girls who only gave me head because they only save sex for guys who their serious about. Like wtf, I just creamed in your mouth as if that's any less slutty then you opening your legs up.

1 upvotesderp_derpington3 years ago

Blowjobs actually used to be considered more dirty. Kind of makes sense, especially since sex is unavoidable for having kids.

Of course, women only care about how they appear and what people think of them. Tell them sucking dick is less slutty than fucking and they will listen. Tell them that bikinis are okay to post on instagram but bra and panties are not, they will listen. Women do whatever men let them get away with.

69 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

In my college, there were parties organised every week (on thursday). Because we had mostly female students, the organization was special. I was part of the team whose job was to organize the parties and let me tell you, one of the main concern was "how to get enough boys at the party so that every girl can get laid this night".

At the end of every party, most girls would leave with another boy.

It is my estimation that most women in my college ended up having sex with between 100 and 200 guys before they finished college. And I'm just taking into account the official party that was held every thursday. There were a lot more parties throughout the week. Most girls would go out 5 nights a week. I had 2 female friends and that's what they would do. The would fuck at least one guy, then head home and engage in some lesbian shit.

Then, they finished college, got a husband and BAM, they change every fucking thing on their facebook profile. They went back YEARS ago to change some comments and publications that were made to their account. When I meet some of those girls with their husband, I have a hard time not cringing. I have seen some of those girls participating in sex contest during some parties, other doing incredibly freaky shit, and now they play innocent and pure and the poor husband believes it.

But hey, he was never a part of the party world so he can't imagine what's going on in there.

41 upvotesLocogooner3 years ago

It is my estimation that most women in my college ended up having sex with between 100 and 200 guys before they finished college.

Jesus christ where did you go to school....

39 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Engineering school, France.

36 upvotesLocogooner3 years ago

French girls are some of the most promiscuous in Europe in my experience.

All my craziest AF stories are with French girls.

30 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Promiscuous, yet polite and nice. I love them.

15 upvotesRedPillHanSolo3 years ago

While I was reading your post, I was thinking "these sorority hoes are out of control. Poor American bros". Then I read where you are from. Holy crap.

upvotesTrannyPornO3 years ago

American girls are - luckily - not as bad.

26 upvotesTimmytanks403 years ago

I had a chick in college call me asking if id transmitted her some STD. Turns out after wed fucked on thrusday she had gotten dick every night until sunda y. Luckily for me it was the guy on Sunday. I felt bad that she had to make all those calls but actions have consequences.

1 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

BE thankful she told you she had STD . She could have not told you this like some girls do, and then proceed to have sex with you on purpose .

22 upvotesGrabHerByThePEPE3 years ago

After being redpilled 1-2 years ago, I scour this sub looking for the kind of shit that makes my heart sink and says to me "wow I really gotta stop/start doing x". I have thick skin, almost nothing gets to me. But This is that post. This is the kind of post that I'll read every morning or every time before I go out.

If there's more to tell, please make a separate post and pm me, it would be a big service to the sub. Thanks mate.

39 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Well, there isn't more to it than what you would normally expect : sex is nothing to girl, they have sex to make their ex jealous, because they are bored, to pass the time, to have free diner, because they feel insecure..most of them have bisexual experiences just because they can. Even the pure innocent girls do that.

At one point I was in a relationship with this girl who loved anal. She would ask for it every day, around 3 times a day (which was great but exhausting to me). At one point, she had issues with her ass. She told me she almost shat herself during a climbing class. I said "well, maybe we should slow down a little with the anal thing". She responded something that I'll never forget and which, in my opinion, illustrates perfectly how stupid girls can be. It was something in french that I can't really translate but the closest translation is "you only live once so you should enjoy it". OK you enjoy having your ass tore down.

During my last year I was at the train station and overheard a girl who has just arrived into the college. She was on the phone with her parents. Petite white girl, looked really pure, dressed modestly..

She said on the phone "During the first month there are activities planned to help new student fit in but it's all things like runing in underwear in the street, contest of who is going to have sex with the most men in one night - and we have to provide pictures to proove our number!" She was sounding really ofended and shocked. Well, she participated in all activities which, of course were never mandatory. But since her parents lived in another town, you know..they never knew. But I remember one of the activities which was really fun : we would get people in groups and give a dildo to each of them and they had to find the most creative thing to do with it to win. Or we would feed something to someone who then had to pass it to the person next to him/her (mouth to mouth).

Of course, you know about drug use.

There is just one exception, a girl who was always by herself or with her 2 friends. Rarely came to parties, rarely talked to anybody but her 2 friends, great grades. There was a party which theme was "master & slave" and we had to find costumes. I asked her if she knew where to find some leather accessories and she acted really shocked. Well, i found another girl and I went to the party with her on a leash. She enjoyed a lot being humiliated in front of others but that was the theme of the party. Also we had a song made by the students and during certain parts of the songs everybody would remove their top and start dancing and make particular moves designed by former students. It was a kind of a tratidion. We had another dance, well it was a song, during which people would strip in front of the others (but it was in small groups this time, not in front of everyone), and I remember once, a girl didn't want to see if boyfriend strip in front of other girls (the guy was a chad and his gf knew the girls who were there wanted to fuck him), but people held her down on a bed to let the guy strip.

We also had another "tradition". The desks of the administration were on the same building as the classrooms. We would get into their offices and fuck on the desk of a guy who was a fucking nightmare. He would make our student life a living hell everytime he could and everyone dispised him. I think he never knew about that.

It was easy and weird. Sometime you would go to a party and see that half of the girls who were there fucked you.

I had female friends who would buy some male stripper services. Every month. With the money their parents gave them.

Forget about the pill LOL, they can't remember it everytime.

Even landwhales would get some action. I'm talking 2-3 guys a week, and then they filtered them and only slept with one. They would kiss the 2-3 guys, maybe give them a blowjob in the toilets, then leave to go home and then choose the one they liked. I've seen desperation from men that I couldn't imagine possible.

Oh and there is the alcohol thing too, they would drink (and do drugs) so much that everynight we had at least 1 person getting send to the hospital, which created much problems with the administration so we had to forbid them from coming to the parties again, which created a lot of tensions but that's something else.

The most pathetic female I've seen during those years was a gorgeous - I mean gorgeous - female who lived right above a bar. She had free alcohol all the time. She would come home from school, go to the bar and drink until midnight, go to a club, come back at around 6 am and then go to school or skip classes. I know that because I used to do it with her for some time, and then I would slept at her house (but we didn't fuck). I saw her skin and her hair get ugly, her teeth not white anymore, I saw her age a lot because of all the alcohol she drank.

Don't even get me started on the exchange students (coming from other countries).

And there was the sport competition between schools that happened too. It would last a few days and that was straight up a huge orgy - but only for the right people. Actually, we would select who could participate (you know, we only had 2 buses so not everyone could come), so the losers wouldn't get on the bus.

I could go on and on. Those were fun years, even though I personnally got broken by one of the girls I met, which led me to TRP.

Basically I would say sex is nothing to women, they get hit on all the time and they can't imagine what dry spells are like for men. i had a female friend telling me she hadn't been in a relationship in such a long time - 4 months!

Then they put on a mask, learn a few things to seem intelligent and cultivated, and begin a new life with a husband and a family.

But when she says "night out with the girls", what happens it the same that happened in college.

28 upvotesSpecter2423 years ago

Dude my university experience is completely different than yours LOL

4 upvoteselcarlosmiguel3 years ago

shit im from portugal and college is nothing like this,

4 upvotesGrabHerByThePEPE3 years ago

This makes it sound like you went to a fetish sex college. Nobody expects this of the raunchiest sororities here

0 upvotesAdach3 years ago

right? i've heard some pretty wild sorority stories but this is next level

0 upvotesNaruto943 years ago

This sounds like one of those 'College rules' porn.

6 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Dude, don't listen to that troll. Those numbers are absolutely ridiculous. They are an order of magnitude beyond reality. No survey even made supports such high numbers and those surveys include surveys with guys in them. I've been part of the party world for a decade and yes there is sex there but nowhere near these numbers. Girls don't care about sex what they care about is playing games. You need to get your bullshit meter checked.

0 upvotesGrabHerByThePEPE3 years ago

I don't really believe the numbers, or even the stories, as much as the attitude towards sex.

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

It's hard for a man to understand but women don't actually even care very much about sex but they care a lot about who they sleep with.

0 upvotesWilreadit3 years ago

But the husband will never get the BJ from these sluts.

2 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

Don't you know they dislike BJ?

0 upvotesWilreadit3 years ago

They do not want to suck a loser's cock. But they will do it to an asshole who treats them like dirt.

Part inhibition, part disrespect, part power play.

13 upvotesbsutansalt3 years ago

A dozen or so is a conservative number these days by the time they hit 22. Realistically it'll be double or triple that, and possibly more if she's good looking and not socially awkward. That's by the time they are 22 and leaving college. By 30 it will likely be approaching 50 dudes or more.

1 upvoteskez883 years ago

Its literally as high as the chick wants it to be. I knew a few girls, 6's or 7's at best, who lost count at 60 when they were 20 or 21.

I'd say on average most girls are around 20 by about 20 or 21, but like everyone says, you'll never ever know what the actual count is. Any girl in single digits for me i practically call a saint these days haha

5 upvotesa_can_of_tea3 years ago

Yeah dude, I know 18-19 year old girls with way higher than that when they're being honest.

Not even slutty girls. Just regular girls.

My ex who was 18 admitted to 11.

-2 upvotesalexman913 years ago

girls get sexually active around age 15, they have sex with a new guy atleast every week. by 20 5*50 easily in the 200s, if she had a bf for 2 years its still easily in the 100s. they count themself as virgins if they just do anal or give blowjobs. drinking til passing out and still "sleeping" wish someone doesnt count because he wasnt cute enough or "dont remember". still have a microchimmerism effect.

18 upvotestheWolfeman883 years ago

Yeah, I gotta call bullshit. Women are not having sex with a new guy every week since they were fifteen. You have to be half a tard to believe every woman's body count is in the triple digits.

-2 upvotesalexman913 years ago

not every. the popular the hot and the 7,8 are easily at 100. all the other catches up at 18

12 upvotesgetbackdownhere3 years ago

You're retarded. For most teenagers, sleeping with 200 people would be beyond literally everyone they know

1 upvotesalexman913 years ago

ive seen snapchats of 14yo girls stories asking guys to meet them in the wc for gangbangs at school.

0 upvotesalexman913 years ago

so every chad they meet on tinder and casual in town is someone they know.

5 upvotesTie5o113 years ago

When I hear things like this on this sub, I sometimes wonder how much you guys get out of the house.

There may be a percentage of girls that regularly have ONS. 10-20% of girls max. What is more in reality for women is they are constantly spinning plates- going on dates, talking to new guys, etc (and yes some may occasionally have a ONS). These types of girls still maybe average 1 new guy a month (some 2 a month, some one every two months, depending on how quickly they put out). Even then, most of these girls will also spend a fair amount of time in relationships- and not add any to their N count or maybe add a few by cheating.

There seems to be a segment of this sub that thinks that women are just having endless nonstop sex, and guys are basically sitting around sexless. Even when accounting for the Pareto principal, the math just does not add up...

2 upvotestheWolfeman883 years ago

When I hear things like this on this sub, I sometimes wonder how much you guys get out of the house

Yup. I like a lot of the things that go along with TRP, even agreeing with things like AWALT, but sometimes this shit gets so ridiculous. The average female, let alone 15 year old, is not banging a new dude every week.

8 upvotesangryguy44443 years ago

or it was to forget their ex boyfriend. or to make him jealous, or because her female friends encouraged her to do it. or he was just a friend. or he wasn't really hot. or he didn't make her cum.

You know. Those doesn't count.

1 upvotesUmphreysMcGee3 years ago

This is quite possibly the most absurd thing I've ever read on this sub and that's really saying something.

0 upvotesManwith1name3 years ago

Initially I read that as 90,11+ and was like that's a little harsh

upvotessickofallofyou3 years ago

Man I slept with like 30 chicks before I ate the red pill.

0 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

Apparently this is a valid opinion only in posts where OP talks about getting laid.

If you post it under the ever-growing MGTOW-style posts, sleeping with a woman is bad.


0 upvotesslothsenpai3 years ago

That's the thing. Now for me, 11 doesn't even seem that bad for me, I reckon I could maybe forgive that at least. But god I'd hate to be with someone that's had +40 different partners which seems to be the average these days or +70 or even in the +100 range.

0 upvotesTALzFGxawb3 years ago

it's probably not far off, especially in a smaller place. women don't typically get fucked by a new guy every weekend. they might want to, but there aren't that many chads to go around, and they'd rather fuck a FWB than some random non-chad. they're probably getting fucked around once a week, but mostly by the same guys (serial monogamy, or FWBs and fuck buddies)

in my experience, roughly 20 is a typical number of partners for a girl in their early 20s. and if i'm their typical fuck (~once a week for a few months), and they get a one night chad once or twice a year, the numbers line up

women have showed me their list of guys they slept with. many of them track that shit. one even made a spreadsheet and plotted it over time (started out ~1 per year, then 4-5 per year). one told me her number was around 200 (didn't track it), but she was a stripper, so she's an outlier

also, this doesn't technically change your statement, but consider the friendship paradox. even if the typical number is ~10, you're going to be seeing more 20s and 50s and 200s, because they sleep with more people than the 10s, and thus you're more likely to sleep with them

136 upvotesSkorchZang3 years ago

You were lied to.

Respecting women in the modern way is fundamentally unmanly. On top of that it's a fool's errand because women will never appreciate it, it puzzles them and makes them morbidly anxious, because it's not a woman's place to be "respected" in this sense. She is to be respected as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter. Not as a woman.

Women are to be loved, protected, and guided. Just like children. Only a completely blind imbecile respects women and 3 yr olds.

A very big switcheroo was deliberately perpetrated against men, when they were convinced using mass media that their women should be "free", and that men guiding their women is "oppressive", and that women are no-ones responsibility but their own, as equal individuals. This is the most destructive lie the enemy could think up, and it's working quite well so far.

Men gave up, threw up their hands in confusion and retreated. Their women are now in constant peril from every side, and the men do nothing about it, because equality, because you must respect "her choice", and not be controlling etc. etc. The men forgot that these are THEIR WOMEN. These are their women, the ones that the men shed blood for since the world began. The present haggle of cute blue hair pixies are under the makeup the very same herd of creatures, maintained like a candle's flame from primordial times until the present by men. They are the creatures who nurture in the next generations, the ones who represent the happy promise of genetic immortality to a man, and they have been stolen, using a cheap magician's trick - flashing TV screen.

upvotesdammit_redskins3 years ago

Men don't do anything about it not because they gave up, but because they think that agreeing with women will get them laid. They think that standing up for "women's rights" will put them in the good graces of those pretty young things. Little do they know it does the exact opposite.

3 upvotesCasanova-Quinn3 years ago

Good point. Not to mention that men often can not do anything thanks to the current laws. If you make a woman angry, she can easily go to the police and claim you abused or raped her. At the very least, you now have to spend a night or two in custody.

1 upvotes_the_shape_3 years ago

They think that standing up for "women's rights" will put them in the good graces of those pretty young things. Little do they know it does the exact opposite.

Yes, because it will almost quite literally make those guys one of them - as in, one of the girls, but closer to, say, a gay (male) friend.

11 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

Respecting women in the modern way is fundamentally unmanly.

Holy shit. You just... put into words a thought that had been percolating in my mind but I couldn't form the sentence because it's so... out there.

women will never appreciate it, it puzzles them and makes them morbidly anxious

This. I went through this before I got divorced.

"Why do my eyes hurt?"

"Because you've never used them".

upvotessuper_hater3 years ago

I agree completely. But what I'm not sure about is, how should we then treat women?

8 upvotestherealpkg3 years ago

Like the oldest teenager in the room.

1 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

women will never appreciate it


Interesting how it isn't just the men laughing. I just don't get it. We all see the truth. People pound it into our faces. It isn't like Eddie is being obtuse there. Yet so many people are blue. It has to be genetic.

18 upvotesBasedBrexitBroker3 years ago

Millenials won't even get married to begin with. And those who do will probably divorce in higher numbers than in the past also.

32 upvotesbowie7473 years ago

I'm 26 and i don't know anybody who is thinking that marriage is a good idea. Many of my mates are ultra liberal starving art students, mind you. These aren't rp guys either. It's so easy to see that there's nothing in it for us.

Most guys I know struggle with dating, while every chick they know is getting fucked six ways from Sunday. And it rightly frustrates them. Marriage is not a reward for a patient man.

16 upvotesBasedBrexitBroker3 years ago

Marriage is not a reward for a patient man.

More like a punishment for any man

1 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

same lol. I know some that have married, or plan to, but it's pretty infrequent. I mean shit man, just think, 30 years ago and it was weird for someone in their late 20s to be single lol. Times are changing for sure, due to economic and cultural reasons

19 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

I can't wait to see the trends of Gen Z as they begin entering their 20s in the next few years. They're fucked even worse than us millennials.

66 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

And I plan on being there to fuck them.

18 upvotessickofallofyou3 years ago

Were gonna have like 3 generations of bitches at our disposal. It will truely be a golden age.

10 upvotesTie5o113 years ago

The flip side of this coin is that there will be an increasing hypergamous pressure put on Gen Z woman, as there will be more millennial men in their late 20s, 30s, and even 40s who are single and looking for women in their prime. Millenial women who are passing their prime will lose out, as will Gen Z men in their early 20's who will be facing an unprecedented amount of competition with older more seasoned men. The negative side of this, is that Gen Z women may become the most entitled in the history of woman.

To counter this, you might see a fair number of cougar type relationships form with millennial women and Gen Z guys.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

36 upvotes2comment3 years ago

Your lament is that of generations. I remember my first encounter in the movie "Name of the Rose" (good movie with Sean Connery), where an old priest caught a young apprentice looking at a virgin mary statue and remarked:

She's beautiful, is she not? When the female, by nature so perverse, becomes sublime by holiness, then she can be the noblest vehicle of grace.

I think it said something to 13 year old me about the pedastooling done by all men throughout the ages of their idealized woman, especially the farce and paradox of the virgin Mary story.

Authors of the past, like Schopenhauer's On Women have already written a ton of wisdom, and many of the famous ancient Romans writers were also keen on all this.

You can find a ton of this by googling authors and misogyny. The angrier the tears they elicit, the deeper they hit the mark. My most recent and favorite mysogynistic author was Hitchens.

6 upvotesTRPjoe3 years ago

All true. Good to hear from someone in this community who's seen that movie. Should be required viewing in trp.

2 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago

TIl that there were redpillers in the 1800s

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It shouldnt, and your rage/fear is a sign that you really dont get it and are still party to the biggest blue pill covett contract delusion of them all.

The belief that if you are good/virtuous/honorable that you live in a world where THEY would and should be the same. It is unmasked by your dire predictions of societal upheaveal and marital crisis once it all just comes out. Once the world sees what you desperately hope it is blind to.

Cut the don quixote bullshit, you sound like a god damn religious fundamentalist.

The truth is you are one node in a massively distributed network with exactly 1 purpose at the end of the day. MAKE MORE DNA AND MAKE IT BETTER. There is no morality to this and you are trying to play fucking checkers with the world by applying it when your subconscious and everyone elses is playing chess to keep this machine going in a system that doesnt give a shit about white knighting and the only penalty that gets respected is death without moving and improving DNA.

There will be no reckoning. No mass punishment nor "a ha!" Moment where people figure it out en masse and reject anything. To even suggest their SHOULD be is some Mr Magoo pollyanna bullshit.

Play the game you were literally born to play and stop lamenting a covert contract with life that isnt going to be honored.

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

Men actually have to live up to standards to be able to thrive in society, unlike women. A man with a poor reputation will have trouble succeeding in other areas of his life despite the fact he might have excellent game.

It's hard to truly kill the bluepill because society runs under the guise of a bluepill system. So women can act out, fuck 100 guys and have no consequences. A man can fuck one woman and go to jail for it if his game wasn't tight enough. We have to balance this system in order to thrive.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

So do women. There are TONS of fucked up and shitty consequences to the kind of bullshittery women pull routinely.

The problem is you cant see them clearly because you still have tears of rage in your eyes due to the realization that they do NOT have the consequences you have led yourself to believe they should.

The detoxing blue pill looks at the world where a woman can do everything wrong by HIS OWN standards and still get what HE wants. He rages and says this is bullshit, there are no consequences, because the rules arent what he thought.

But that doesnt mean the women he looks at with such rage are living consequence free.

For one thing, just as a little taste of what I am talking about women's shit is on a much longer timeline. When you are any man mostly and fuck up life punches you right in the nuts. It is a blessing because you can correct.

Now look at the even average woman's trajectory of a fuck up. The whole world coddles their bullshit and dispenses favors. The pathology of their fuck ups are like goddamn scorcese movies.

What you are doing is watching the first half of a goodfellas, scarface, or casino and thinking that is the whole story. 9-10 times it isnt.

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

So what are their consequences? I meant women get away with shit because feminism and pussy pass.

Like others have said in this thread, women ride the CC, shack up with some form of provider at 30. We're angry at the ease at which they get sex and how they utilise that power, when a mans primary drive is sex (and a stable family environment). Honestly, they can keep the rest.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Just right out of the gate shaking up with some blue pill loser once you are out of options and used up is a pretty shit consequence. I mean we live in a world where there are enough homos that either of us could suck cock to get by if we had to, but I dont think either of us are excitedly calling that a back up plan. Doesnt sound fun and I'm sure it isnt fun for a chick settling.

It isnt like the average woman is bringing enough to the table to snow some high quality man. The 5's of the world wind up with some variation of stupid, lazy, or loser usually. Not exactly a bulletproof plan.

And that is just one tiny dog ear of info. I'm 37 and literally still in ascendance in almost every way. My female peers look like a god damn bus hit them usually, and are way less capable usually. For that they got a few years in the funhouse? Maybe.

If I could warp back and choose my gender pre birth I wouldnt choose to be woman based on that deal. Fuck that.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

I made a reply but it's disappeared...

Well shacking up with a BP loser isn't a consequence. It's just how they were always meant to end up. The difference is the HB5 went from experiencing meth like dopamine (chad alphas) to rice cake dopamine (BB providers). They didn't have to go for the alphas they probably knew they could never hold on to, but they chose to because YOLO.

What about the guys. Most guys will end up a lot more miserable and depressed than the HB5 who still lands on her feet. Those guys will end up with the same HB5 in a sexless angry marriage or simply alone. They never got to experience any extra shit.

Sure there's a lot of stupid useless women out there but there's also a lot of stupid useless men. The women still get to have their fun, the men don't.

What other 'consequences' exist? The only consequence i can see is they can't deal with having a nuclear family life after the hedonism they experience in their 20's. They can't adapt, and ultimately ruin their marriage.

upvotesharkrank3 years ago

Humanity went beyond that with the creation of monogamy and civilization. In exchange of mostly stalling the evolution of our species we were given the dominion over all other life. Could evolution make us able to go to the moon in 10 000 years? Could evolution cure innumerable diseases in a couple of generations? Civilization did and civilization depends on monogamy.

I'm not saying civilization is necessarily better for our happiness or spirituality or even health as individuals, but monogamous civilizations have always conquered the people who aren't. If people in feminized cultural spheres continue on this path, they will simply be replaced by people from monogamous cultures.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'm a big believer in designing better systems but this is some true blue bullshit right here.

Overvaluing pussy and mortgaging one's life to it via monogamy brought us out of the caves? Took us to the moon? It isnt just offensive but red pill is now an existential threat to society and the barbarian hordes will overrun us all because not enough people are playiny the game?

Just the idea that you believe the spread of non-mono as the FEMALE imperative ascendant is amazing.

upvotesharkrank3 years ago

Monogamy for women of course. Didn't expect that I would have to write it out. And yes, if you have any interest in history or even basic logic you would know that there is no meaningful cooperation between men if sexual access cannot be expected. Do you think people will live in peace knowing they will never have a woman? Do people live in peace if they are denied water or other basic needs?

Do you think the engineers who developed space flight would be able to do it if they had to use +90% of their energy into getting laid? Do you think the doctors curing diseases would be able to do it if they had to be constantly worried if they were going to be able to have children or die childless?

Show me an expansive culture without monogamy at any time during the history of this world.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Jesus this closet misandrist bullshit gets old.

Would men have acheived if they werent assured of the most precious of all resources, pussy.

You are god damn right they would have. Because that is what men do.

You are absolutely right that monogamy plays a role in that as tribalism is stamped out there has to be some kind of game that feels winnable for ALL resources or civilization cant function. But to treat vagina like the spice of Arrakis is just sad.

It is one piece of a very big puzzle.

Also, the original comment was a guy bemoaning no natural or moral consequences to hypergamy.

There isnt, because nature loves sluts. Thats just how it is.

1 upvotesWerewolfofWS3 years ago

n's trajectory of a fuck up. The whole world coddles their bullshit and dispenses favors. The pathology of their fuck ups a

Additionally, look at what some men that never wasted time on women could achieve: Tesla, Isaac Newton

1 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago

But what if I decide to give biology the middle finger and declare myself asexual? (I'm thinking of doubling down, going monk mode and practicing mental abstinence.)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Not sure what you are asking. You can do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy and no one else gets hurt.

Personally I think what you are describing is a dead end but it is probably the best time in history to try it imo.

8 upvotesTheReformist943 years ago

I don't.that's why I advocate cheating/having your cake and eating it and generally just being a selfish unpredictable cunt. You play or get played. Amorality works both ways

5 upvotesbur_ner_3 years ago

I wouldn't focus too much on physique if you don't have it naturally.

I know guys that are overweight, ugly, broke and act gay but they fuck beautiful young girls regularly. If however, you do want a relationship with a woman, I'd recommend you just make sure she doesn't have any obvious hoe signs (tattoos, piercings, many male friends), rather than even trying to guess her body count.

TL;DR... 11 guys is way to small a body count estimate for western women ~25 IMHO.

18 upvotesCallMeHaseo3 years ago

safe to say marrying an american woman is a waste

9 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

25? Holy fuck you guys are unaware. 40 dicks a month is easy for them. I'm not bullshitting you, they can fuck two a day of they want without effort. The average girls can do this, the hot ones can do even better. The slut controls are off, they'll get it any time they want, unless they're fat and ugly...in which case 25 is still low.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I believe it. Fun story about a chick from my buddies church who tallied 3 in one day. She goes to college, fucks her bf in the morning but they get into a fight. Being pissed off she heads over to the dorm of another guy she met in class. He wasn't there but his roommate was so she fucked his roommate. The guy from her class shows up later in the day and then they fuck too. So within a 12 hour stretch she had 3 dicks in her with practically zero effort.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

If they are remotely hot, it's fucking easy for them. If they are overseas on a military base, it's even easier due to the ratio of m/f. At my first base there was 6000 single men, 300 single girls on base in Germany. I went off base to get laid because the cunts on base thought they were all 12s.

3 upvotesTheReformist943 years ago

Why does science claim that women are less promiscuous when they are racking up heavy numbers? I believe they want variety as much as men,but in a hyperamic manner.

2 upvotesTie5o113 years ago

Anybody who thinks anything more than 0.0001% of girls are fucking 40 guys a month is a fu**ing turd. No other way to put it.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

They can do it easily. Can't you spergs read? Operative word is can. Holy fuck you guys need experience in everything. Get out from behind the keyboard and discover life.

2 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

So... 40 dicks per month from the age of 18 - 25 would mean:

18-25 is 8 years inclusive, 8 years = 96 months

At 40 dicks per month, 40 dicks X 96 months = 3, 840 dicks.

So you're saying most 25 year old women have slept with 3,840 guys.

And yet none of the male patients here are having sex except for dadbod dudes, according to OP. How do these young women fuck almost 4 thousand men when they're spending so much time taking their boyfriends to the doctor and organizing their boyfriend's paperwork etc?

Do you know how insane your "stats" sounds? Even porn stars don't fuck a quarter of that much.

PS: If no men are having sex, does that mean all the FRs on here about men getting laid are lies?

1 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

You're assuming it's linear, very sperg like. No idea how life works?

1 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

You're assuming it's linear, very sperg like

Yes. It does sound like that. That's sort of the point I was making, I thought...

No idea how life works?

Unfortunately, yes. It's hard to sum up life, the universe and everything in one go, but generally:

  • All humans are somewhat biased in their conception of self.

  • All relationships go through phases and are hard work and unreliable. This includes the family relationship, which can fail in spite of good intentions and hard work. That is, adult children won't always get along with their parents, and might even find them frustrating - and vice versa.

  • Disliking someone personally doesn't mean you don't "love" them, particularly if you're related to them and have high levels of empathy.

  • A common theme is by no means a true theme.

  • Cause and symptoms are different things.

  • Evolutionary psychology is fascinating but mostly bunk.

  • You don't know who you really are until a major, disastrous life event dumps itself in your lap. The way you act when you're in such a situation - a tornado; a flood; a person dying on the side of the road - will be instinctive. But how you act is also who you are, and it might surprise you. You might even end up impressed by how you managed these situations, especially if you live in an area where "tornados don't happen" and you're literally in the car in the middle of it.

  • The above example is one I gave to incels to at least try to ward off suicide. They could see what I was getting at, but it wasn't enough to change minds there on suicide. I get it. When you're utterly depressed and at your lowest, you really are literally at a place that others can't reach. You don't want to be there, but you are. It's awful.

  • As per the above point - life works in such a way that many people still suffer from depression, apparently at higher rates than usual. While multiple explanations have been raised for this trend, I find none of them to be satisfactory. As with most things in life, the real answer is probably intangible.

  • Follow your own guidelines in life and you should be OK-ish, but my own rule is that there are multiple exceptions to every rule.

  • People should use logic and gut instinct equally when making a rule, but probably seldom do, favouring one over the other.

  • If you spend too much time focused on one thing, you forget the other things around you. This is dangerous, as these other things you're neglecting are often influencing your thoughts and behaviours.

  • Broadly speaking, people prefer to complain rather than offer praise. Science into sales shows that something like 80%-90% of people will speak out when a sales experience is negative, but won't mention the exchange when the experience was positive. This one trend isn't enough proof for me, so I'm going with what I've seen anecdotally in life on this one.

  • My opinions aren't right for everyone. I'm often wrong.

  • People who are interested in things (have a naturally curious, intelligent nature and interest in learning) tend to be interesting people - therefore people are interested in knowing them. It's a Catch-22 - you end up being popular by not wanting to be popular. And when you are popular, you'll get attention from both sexes, which sounds great. What people fail to remember is that the partners, friends and families of those who are interested in you might feel jealous or affronted. In general - it's nice to be liked, but if you are (by people generally, including strangers and acquaintances constantly seeking you out or responding positively to you) you're probably secretly an introvert who needs to spend time away from people. This need for time alone clashes with constant attention from people. Again, this is anecdotal, and my experience only. Assume that for all my comments here on how life works.

  • It's very tempting to go from being "nice" and "helpful" and optimistic to getting fucked over and becoming cynical. However, no one tells you that once you get over being cynical and become more optimistic in your outlook, you wind up going through cynicism again to optimism again to cynicism again to optimism again... it's a continual loop, playing out over decades and decades of living. There will be moments of moderation, though it's hard to break this general trend because we're experienced by external factors.

  • Thomas Hardy (author) once noted that no human is strong enough to fight the influence of external circumstances upon their personality and behaviours. I see what he's saying, but I don't think it's as black and white as that. People's internal biases often trump external environment. Then again, they often don't. People as individuals are unclassifiable, even if you know them well (because people change and are subject to external influences).

  • Context is everything. Everything. And it's something that is not accounted for when conversing over social media. This is in part because most people will lie to themselves as a self-protection mechanism (painting themselves as the sympathetic villain or the hero rather than admitting to being the antagonist), but largely because most people are not good story-tellers. e.g. - a good story (including honest anecdotes and seeking out advice) involves context. Context involves: where you were when the event in question happened; what happened leading up to it; the frame of mind you and others were in when the event occurred, and before the event occurred; the reaction of onlookers; etc etc. People frequently leave out these details, which make for a more interesting story. It also gives the listening audience a more accurate and interesting description of what happened. The audience is therefore able to give more accurate feedback on what went on during this event, if feedback is wanted.

  • Most people have secrets they don't want others to know, and never tell to anyone. That's fine.

  • Most people feel a sense of wanting to control their environment, because the only way to avoid vulnerability is to ensure you have control. The human need for control is well-documented. I get it, and I admit I put control measures in place before walking into any situation. But I don't feel the desire to control the other people in the situation. Things are more interesting when they happen organically; they are also more honest when they happen organically, because someone's genuine response to something is more reliable then their controlled response.

  • The truth of all things rarely lies in one person's story. If either of my parents posted to mrp and vented their stories (let's pretend my mother was a male), the truth is represented by neither of these stories. I've heard their versions of how the marriage went down and "who was to blame". As an onlooker (child), I can tell you neither of them are being honest. There's bits of honesty in both, massive amounts of bias in both stories, and outright lies in both stories. That's why I find it curious when people take an OP at their word. The context is in the language they use to tell their story.

  • Life is difficult.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Yeah, I know you were being facetious, but I thought I'd still address the rhetorical question.

1 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Blah blah blah. You missed the point so fucking bad it's as if Jupiter was in my left hip pocket. You should get the order of magnitude reference.

1 upvotesbur_ner_3 years ago

LOL! I should have clarified that ~25 meant 'about age 25'.

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

act gay

Guys who are naturally gay acting without actually being homosexual are very attractive to women. They have a high level of emotionality which women love and they typically understand the games and manipulation that women play.

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Why the fuck would you even want to respect women? Knock it off and start accepting women and reality as it is. They are not worthy of respect. Maybe some of them have professional accomplishments that are worthy of respect (like if they cured cancer or something) and you should respect them professionaly but even then, underneath it all in their personal lives they are not worthy of respect in that domain.

1 upvotesRedBigMan3 years ago

The rule of 3... Take any number she gives you and multiply it by 3.

If she says she's fucked 3 dudes her real number is more like 9. If she says she's fucked 11 dudes... The real number is more like 33. If she says she's fucked 100+ dudes then she's probably a hooker or porn star.

1 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

there are decent women out there, but you have to find them and lock them down. You might also have to compromise on looks sometimes. That's just reality. But yeah, for the most part, it's not hyperbole to say don't get married. Fuck these hoes, have fun, but that's about the extent of it for your average bitch.

People often make the mistake of thinking that were holding an extremist/radical position, but the reality is were reacting to the current state of affairs. If marriage and raising kids was still a viable and reasonable proposition, i'd be on board, but I can't deny reality and potentially throw my life away

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's not an expectation, thats a horrible framework.

it's a means to an end. Between you being healthier, having sexual options, social status boosts... At no point should one treat becoming a better man as an 'expected' thing.

Fuck, it's your best defense against all the bitching you're doing. You don't care, and if she steps out of line, you move on, because you can.

At that point, N count is meaningless, so long as she's acting right

53 upvotesicutrauma113 years ago

I've written this elsewhere, but I have to write this again pertaining to the depression brought up here. The U.S. population makes up 4.34% of the world population. This nation consumes 80% of the pharmaceuticals produced in the world. This nation consumes 50% of the pain medication produced in the world.

I would like to know how many women in this country consume those pharmaceuticals.

When I see a pretty or beautiful woman come in and review her history, it reminds me how much I want nothing to do with American born women or one who has been "Americanized". Invariably they are on several anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics.


19 upvotesvegamenian3 years ago

I'm Armenian and have traveled eastern Europe and let me tell you eastern European women tend to be more stable on a general level

5 upvotest12totalxyzb003 years ago

Western European are getting slowly more like american women. 50% are on Medication.

upvotesJiwacp3 years ago

You wouldn't find a source for this if you tried.

1 upvotesMarcus11383 years ago

I'd believe it if that includes alcohol and weed. If it's just pharmaceutical medication, 50% might seem a bit high.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

lol, sorry bud theres no hope, even EU women are slowly turning like americans

1 upvotesspoiltcheese3 years ago

Holy fishcakes. At this moment I'm writing a sci-fi (AD3000++) where people willingly subject themselves to an opioid treatment - which they requested the government make mandatory - to suppress their sexual desire in order to increase productivity. I even called it the Fix. It lasts for all of 10 years before high sensitivity individuals were discovered and threw a spanner in the works.

The kicker? In the back story, 500 years ago, people had to splice themselves with animal genes, to purposely ensure they would reproduce on the pain of death.

EDIT: markup

EDIT v2: This was days before I discovered TRP, btw

40 upvotesbigredchewinggum3 years ago

Had a friend who worked in a doctor's office in a similar position when we were younger and the amount of women out there with STDs is no joke. Girls in our fucking high school.. Not even past the age of 18.. Like 1 in 5 according to him had an STD of some kind at some point.

Most STDs are curable though and women are more likely to have them (vaginas are warm and moist.. an incubator for disease/bacteria if you think about it). Just go on an antibiotic and it clears up. I forget the rates, but genital herpes is actually very common. Chances are you've fucked someone with it if you're N count is 10 or above. Some people are asymptomatic and some only break out like once in a blew moon. Some get it as bad as the grossest pic you'll find on google images.

My ex girlfriend's sister had HPV. I have a guy friend who has HPV. I dated a girl who told me she had genital herpes. My friend caught chlamydia from some chick. It's all pretty fucking common amongst people who are sexually active/promiscuous.

Wear a rubber. Sure it's not 100% effective, but it's better than going raw in some stanky pussy.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Most STD's are still curable. But the number is decreasing due to resistant strains. If you're unlucky and catch one of them, you and your dick are screwed up for life..

17 upvotesConceited-Monkey3 years ago

Thanks for contributing. Good insights.

39 upvotestraveldeedee3 years ago

Tell you a personal story:

I was once roommate with this 40 yr old whale. Overall she appeared nice initially(mask). And I thought only a dildo would like to fuck her.

As I started to know her better. It turned out that she's a single mom, ran away with an Asian mobster and then spitted out his child. Now she's involved in some African immigrant community doing mother Teresa shit (help them with immigration paperwork). And honest to god, one time she brought home 2 black guys. The threesome was earth-shaking!

It was insanely eye-opening.

upvotessuper_hater3 years ago

I personally don't understand how men can find fat women even remotely attractive. I guess some guys are that desperate.

11 upvotestraveldeedee3 years ago

I'm sure the guy's for that green card. But even that is disgusting.

27 upvotesPastelitomaracucho3 years ago

I left my 9/10 hot wife for a 6/10 curvy girl which was 10 times more fun. No regrets at all.

I avoid super hot women like the plague now. The reasons are all over these threads.

upvotessuper_hater3 years ago

well, i guess it proves men have different preferences. Because a pretty face is the most important factor for me, not the body.

1 upvotesucefkh3 years ago

OK then get read to deal with her craziness...

24 upvotesbigredchewinggum3 years ago

I can understand it. I like thick curvy women. I've definitely fucked my fair share of fat chicks. Same with my friends. More cushion for the pushin.

Don't wanna be seen with them in public though lol..

61 upvotesMeat-on-the-table3 years ago

Thick/curvy isn't remotely the same as fat.

4 upvotescjandstuff3 years ago

I don't get how people have have fetishes either, but whatever floats your goat, man.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Men are pigs, we will fuck anything

1 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

Pretty much. I know a guy who had a HB7 girlfriend and cheated on her with like a four. The dude literally would stick his dick in anything with a wet hole and he was good looking himself.

My cousin is the exact same way. He would fuck anything. From 3's to 8's. He does not care and he is proud of it.

3 upvotestekn0_3 years ago

Some guys have a fetish for it. I have seen fat chicks lose their bf when they slim down

3 upvotesGBP4tendies3 years ago

It's Pavlov's dogs. It's the guys who can't do any better (on the regular at least) do they mentally condition themselves into liking it "oh this is my type :^)"

1 upvotespencilcasserole3 years ago

Either desperate, or for some reason it's what they like, like yours truly. Now I just need to stop sharing my emotions so I can plate them.

upvotesuni39933 years ago

Black guys love fat white chicks.

upvotesblackchadthundercock3 years ago

Especially when they're yours.....

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

I once had a guy explain that to me in a way which made sense:

He was having a discussion with a black guy about women's body types in general and the black guy asked him what he liked. He replied, "I like them athletic, with a slim waist, slight hips, and an ass like a 10-year old boy. I hear you guys like them fat."

The black guy replied, "Yeah, we don't like fucking dudes."

True story.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Holy shit. I mean I don't think I would ever do a threesome with another dude involved, but if I did, the chick better be a hot piece of ass, to even be worth it.

30 upvoteswhoremaker3 years ago

Whenever you read someone's retelling of the time they had a 3some or some crazy sexcapade, I always ask how heavy the girl is. Usually the girl is pretty ugly/fat.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Like I said above they are black.

14 upvotesA_sexy_black_man3 years ago

You didn't say anything above, but I'm glad you seized your opportunity for an edgy comment.

5 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

Gawd she's even got a fucking wedding ring on

1 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

/u/redpillschool, ban this guy for linking to a closeup picture of dicks.

upvotesblackchadthundercock3 years ago

Deal with it. The asshole shitting on black men for no reason needed to be put in his place.

1 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Think about it. You went out of your way to lookup chubby dude white dicks images in your search engine to prove a point and 'show him'.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

And that isn't an obese white girl

2 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

A lot of landwhales and women who are post-wall or otherwise unattractive here in Sweden end up working with asylum seekers (90% male). Getting banged is a major motivator. And you can get paid by the government while doing it. Of course these women try to pass themselves off as being completely altruistic, but we all know what the real reason is......

upvotesFigal3 years ago

Something has been bothering me for a long time and I have to get it off my chest.

Why in the F#$%ing world is the divorce rate 50% in the U.S.? Seriously, what happened?

Women's expectations have gone through the roof and are completely unrealistic. Let me break down what has been bothering me: A wife expects her husband to work and keep a full time job (40+ hours a week) and sort the finances and pay the taxes and mow the yard and fix everything. The man (in a perfect situation) wants to come home to a meal occasionally, and hopefully the house is reasonably tidy. The house does not need to be spick and span, simply organized enough that it's not a complete shitshow trying to find something. Why can't Gen X, Gen Y, and millennial women do this? Literally men are giving, giving, giving and women are not reciprocating. All they do is take, take, take.

Is it really asking too much to get a blowjob a couple times a week after work? Seriously, it's like 5-10 minutes of work. I put in 50+ hours a week of work and all I'm asking for is for a wife to do like 5-10 minutes of work. Anyway you slice it, women are getting the better end of the deal. And they are still whining and unhappy! These (white, college educated, American) women are so self absorbed, shallow, materialistic, and toxic. I honestly don't know what happened.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's not hard. Men have the issue where they think they no longer have to look at other girls.

She caught a hunter, and somewhere, deep in her woman brain, she needs to know you can still hunt. No one wants a hunter who cannot hunt.

All that stuff above? Doesn't matter, thats marriage 1.0 rules. She has her own job, she spends her own money (and then some) she no longer needs provision, and the choreplay is because shes not attracted, so may as well get the yard raked.

No, she needs a daddy in her life to tell her no, good dick from a hawt guy who will find another one if she ain't acting right. It's crude, but every piece of writing in the manosphere (practical female psychology, 12 levels of dread etc) is saying the same thing, after decades of men talking about it.

you think women have a plan to retire at 50? You think they look at life like cost benefit? No, they have a string of emotional states, of which they use the logical side of their brain to justify after the fact. It's worked for 100 000 years to get through 80 years of life, they have no reason to stop now.

The day other women don't want to fuck you is the day she won't either.

So what you're asking for is ridiculous. Your job is to be high quality, hers is to work her ass off to keep you faithful to her.

All that other shit can be boiled down to a quote from archwinger

women are as shitty as you let them be.

And every guy in a relationship who bitches about how his woman acts, is really pissed at himself, for letting his house slip .

upvotesFigal3 years ago

Thank you for the reply. I'm new here and this was my first post.

I value your advice, but you are making some generalizations and few assumptions. Firstly, I am a hunter and I still know how to hunt. Secondly, I actually want a long term monogamous relationship with a woman. and finally, I don't have to babysit some woman and be her "daddy" and tell her "No." If she is that immature and selfish, then I'm out of her league and she doesn't deserve me. Period.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'd explain it in it's entirety, but it's more than I can cover in a post.

LTR/Married game is 'hard mode' and for good reason. Plates you essentially get to put your best foot forward at all times, and have instant ability to withdrawl. LTR and above you purposefully take your strongest tools and neuter them, to achieve your relationship goals.

So there's a whole wealth of material out there for this strategy. Dread is a key. I would suggest the book, written by /u/bluepillprofessor, called 12 steps of dread, which illustrate them well. Also, the captain/FO model, which I believe is talked about in many places, but it's on the MRP sidebar as a concept.

If you think you can enter into a relationship (essentially, adding 1 to your tribe) and not hold her to a standard, then you will have the same 'equal' BP relationship that puts many guys into MRP in the first place.

the fact you've framed it as having a useless dependent shows how much more work there is to unplug. You're largely past the point where you have a child with dynamite, whom you have to watch 24/7 for her to self destruct.

You've properly vetter for the best quality woman you can find, and have your shit on lock (since you can no longer hide faults when someone sees you 24/7).

Once you're at that point, you now have what is essentially a constant, mild power struggle, of which you will win, for the benefit of all parties.

Again, you are clearly new, it comes out in your language. There's a nuance, and a lot of learning for that sort of stuff, so I'd suggest finishing the sidebar here, then MRP if you'd want to go that route.

1 upvotesAdach3 years ago

this sums it up brilliantly.

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

Pay attention to stone...

This quote is 24k gold, and why the guy is endorsed. Ignore at your peril:

The day other women don't want to fuck you is the day she won't either.

So what you're asking for is ridiculous. Your job is to be high quality, hers is to work her ass off to keep you faithful to her.

All that other shit can be boiled down to a quote from archwinger

women are as shitty as you let them be. 

And every guy in a relationship who bitches about how his woman acts, is really pissed at himself, for letting his house slip .

1 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

Just go to the Red Pill Women's subreddit . Even in there , women have unholy expectations of men . If so , then You can imagine how much regular women expect from society and from men .

1 upvotesRedEyesBlueShades3 years ago

I honestly don't know what happened.

You answered that yourself:

Literally men are giving, giving, giving

When you stop taking care of yourself, of your own needs

All they do is take, take, take.

And this is not just true of women.

Ever met a doormat, yes-man? Now apply at the national scale.

upvotesFigal3 years ago

Thanks for the reply. Lots of new and helpful info from all you guys. I read the "12 steps of dread" which was also insightful.

I just want to say one more thing before I go: If you look at being a wife from an economic point of view it is an incredibly good gig. As long as: a) Your husband is not abusive b) You and your spouse have a stable social/financial situation setup.

In terms of dollars per hour, a wife with expenses of $2000/per month that has 1 hour of oral/sex per week is essentially being compensated at a rate of $500/hour. Hell, surgeons and attorneys don't make that!

Seriously, I'm a little ashamed to admit this... but if some gay dude gave me an offer like I'd give it consideration. (So let me get this right, all I got to get you off/ give you a back rub 4 times per month (on average) and you will feed me, clothe me, and provide a housing and I get a car. I dunno, sounds like the best gig in the world to me.

No wonder women are looking at us like we are stupid when we start begging and pleading with them. The are laughing all the way to the bank.

1 upvotesRedEyesBlueShades3 years ago

Not sure I get the point of this reply... I agree with you?

Above I was simply saying it's men's willingness to give and never ask that gives you the current situation.

22 upvotesPenguin3273 years ago

People say religion is dumb but I bet if the US were still a deeply Christian society the women would be a lot less promiscuous and the nuclear family would be a lot more stable.

7 upvotesatradervish3 years ago

Women would be happier too

1 upvotes301niko3 years ago

That's true. That's why one night stands are harder to achieve in a Catholic country like Poland. Religion gives moral backbone.

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

People say religion is dumb...

They say that because they can sense (if not understand) that religions by their very nature of having become religions are corrupted lenses through which to observe, understand, and align with spiritual essence. Unfortunately, because most only sense this and don't really understand it, they tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater and therefore miss the spiritual guidance and strength that is to be gained from many religions.

Surely if the US (or more accurately many of the Christian denominations) had managed to retain the (Christian) spiritual fortitude of the Anabaptists and the Latter Day Saints or the (non-Christian) spiritual fortitude of the Bahá'í Faith, women would be a lot less promiscuous and the nuclear family would be a lot more stable...

...but then the government would have much less cannon fodder on which to propel it's incessant growth and usurpation of both the family structure and individual sovereignty.

Free people tend to value spirituality (and thus some religions) very highly because it tends to expound the values that support their continued freedom. Consequently the socialist "isms" (communism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc.) strive to undermine and suppress religion, and thus spirituality. So as we have become more socialist, we have become less religious/spiritual.

0 upvotesrandommofo3 years ago

I'm not to sure about that.

30 upvotesCunt_Robber3 years ago

I'd like to validate most of what you stated. I get the same replies from most guys when asked about their last sexual encounter - most say months. Some look like they could get it, but I guess they wait until the unicorn falls in their lap. And women, idk what they do but so many of them get UTIs. Anxiety and depression? Pervasive. Idk if theres more stigma for guys to get it diagnosed but its like every other girl has anxiety and depression. They pretend theyre independent and all in college, but every woman I work with (aged ~28 and up) is settled down with some husband or boyfriend (except 1, and shes a hot doctor whos probably still riding the CC haha, great for her). Trp's message of avoiding marriage is a pill thats gonna get pretty bitter in time as guys realize the older you get the smaller the dating pool gets, and your options do dwindle, and at some point seemingly everyone you come in contact with is paired up. All girls pair up, even the fat ugly ones dont stay single long, and they dont branch swing as much as people on here claim they do. They do it because being single is seen as being undesirable, and that is social suicide. As for cheating who really knows, but you can bet your ass everyone keeps that to themselves.

The medical field? Littered with women. It is definitely not an RP environment, until youre in the OR. There, the male surgeons rule over all. It makes me smh that apparently you need a 4 yr degree and $30k+ college debt to take a blood pressure, smile, and run some strep tests. The CAs and CRNAs (the ones below the nurses) are the jokes. Women docs are actually different than other women, theyre in a class of their own, having suffered through that rite of passage to don the white coat. I actually have respect for women who pursue the MD and specialize, it's no easy feat.

Something did rub me wrong about your post though and that was number 6). Doesn't sound very plausible to me. Hello, HIPAA? Dont tell me they were professionals in a professional environment and all that about the guy's personal info transpired out in the open with serious intent on tracking him down. They were joking around. Admit it, you exaggerrated it.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I believe the OP. Years ago I was dating this girl who was working at a doctor's practice. She was seriously interested to find out my ex's details so she could pull her information on the national system to find out if she ever had an STI or something like that. Asked her if that was common (to check people's medical records) she said everyone does it especially the divorced women who are checking up on their ex husbands.

If your medical records are in a national database it is naive to think that it won't be accessed by anyone who is curious about you and has access, including girls you are dating or have dated, or their new partners, or government (NSA/GCHQ) of course.

If you want privacy, use a fake name and limit what you tell your doctor. You can't rely on the system. Everyone respects your privacy until they have a reason to want to find out about you.

2 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Everyone respects your privacy until they have a reason to want to find out about you.

The purpose of privacy laws is to prevent someone from looking when they're interested. Just like virtue and morality doesn't matter until you're given an opportunity to get away with breaking it without repercussions.

11 upvotesbur_ner_3 years ago

About twice a year on average, I hear a news story about a medical professional (usually nurse) who was caught accessing patients' personal information illegally. Why do you doubt it? Corruption isn't only in 3rd world countries

8 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

I dont think OP was kidding about doctors and release of personal information. I've dated quite a few doctors and the sheer amount of personal information they gab about to their fuck bois is staggering. They also routinely mock their patients - to the point where in one office two doctors were betting when his wife would leave a guy after the patient got fired from his job!!!

This one doctor that I was banging, when I went to her office to pick her up for drinks, I was able to passingly identify several of her patients just from the info I was told in passing. Where they work, what problems they had, etc.

Please note - this is in Canada, where the college of doctors insures that doctors can pretty much do anything without fear of punishment or censorship. Its heavily suppressed.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

As a man who recently became single at 36 I disagree with you about options being dwindled.. the shear number of single divorced women is insane!! Sure they are probably damaged, but so are the young ones.

I would almost guess that there are more single women my age then when I was younger.

3 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago

I'm in the US and can provide anecdotal evidence of a HIPAA violation like this. A buddy of mine is a dentist in his early 30's. His current gf works at a pharmacy where he had a script filled. She got his number from his records and texted him for coffee.

25 upvoteschambertlo3 years ago

Wow, all of that sounds fucking awful.

I am so glad I am fucking gay.

23 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

Wait, what?!

How did he get in here?

Srsly tho... How does this apply to you? What use do you make of what you learn here? Interested in your perspective.

12 upvotesBreathOfDick3 years ago

I've seen plenty of comments from gays on here. You have to keep in mind the emphasis on masculinity on TRP. Sure there a lot about pulling women, but just as much if not more about being a good man in general.

upvotesreallydontgiveashit3 years ago

I'll jump in since no one else will. My best friend is gay and we have to go to the gay club every week where I live. It's also the biggest club in town. Anyway, he is a bottom and tells me I would be the ultimate top in this society. I go to the club with him and use my skills on lesbian women and straight women with mixed results. Anyway, I'm very aggressive and my friend tells me even the aggressive gay top men want to bottom for me. I'm constantly having drinks bought for me even though I do not drink. I grab women and take them out to the dance floor and throw them around. Men come up and dance on me. I push them away, nicely, and still dance. I don't act offended. Remain stoic and show them they can't match my level. By the end of the night, i have a pretty decent pick of who i want to bang. Anyway, I've pushed some of TRP onto my gay friend and he is so much happier in his relationships. He still wants to bottom and be dominated, but now he has a presence and stoic demeanor to get the man that he wants. Shit works for all classes and levels in society.

upvotesmaster0jack3 years ago

I work in the medical field. This reeks of BS. Nobody is going to let a volunteer draw blood, no matter if they're medically trained or not, in a family practice. The rest of the story is absurd as well.

8 upvotesfoxymoron3 years ago

Inpatient Pediatrics 20+ years. We have volunteers all day, every day, and info is STRICTLY controlled. Hell even staff doesn't have access to the entire patient chart. It's called "need to know".

OP is a fuckwit.

5 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

Ha ha yeah. I also like the fact that every female is having sex or in a relationship, while no men are. Who are the women fucking?

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

Go away cuck. I had a volunteer stab me 3 times trying draw my blood. And this was ER admission at a top hospital.

upvotesmaster0jack3 years ago

I'm an RN, I am telling you either the person who took your blood was not a volunteer OR wherever you got your blood drawn is practising illegally.

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

You are part of an industry which murders people every day for money as a matter of course. Your opinion mean less to me than that of an ordinary street thug.

7 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

Then what happened to you wasn't legal if you live in the Western world.

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

If you think events happening now in the Western world have anything to do with the rule of law, your head is buried so deep you'd best learn Chinese.

1 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

This aspect of the story's doubtfulness is just one of many. If fits in with other parts of the story that don't ring true.

4 upvotesDMA_IHM3 years ago

Lol your use of the word "cuck" is so incredibly stupid... It marks you as a sniveling, frightened deluded moron.

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

I am none of those things. But you, who defends a bloody and murderous system which promotes abortion, sodomy, and murder; and is raping the daughters and wives of this nation are exactly as described: a cuck.

upvotesDMA_IHM3 years ago

I'm so sorry you can't get laid. It must be so hard on you.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


1 upvotesHanJunHo3 years ago

It's just projection. He wishes he could get a girlfriend so he could fantasize about a stronger man fucking her in front of him. It's too bad they can't just accept their fetish and instead project it as an insult.

upvotesshinola_3 years ago

Once again, confirmation bias TRP porn and you all fall for it hook line and sinker every fucking time.

3 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

Specifically what in this thread is suspect data due to confirmation bias, in your opinion?

2 upvoteswestworldweird3 years ago

Everything. Including the fact that all women are having sex and no men are. Someone has to be fucking someone of the opposite sex.

1 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

all women are having sex and no men are

You missed the bit about

getting dicked out. If not, the woman was depressed as sht


The happiest men were the confident arrogant semi-chubby slobs (i.e. Dad bod) who drank and ate like ch*t and got the most sex.

2 upvoteshamsterbator3 years ago

yup i have worked in primary care clinics in the past as an MD ain't nobody got time for all this bullshit. you ask need to know questions and move onto the next 20 patients...

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

For men it seemed the chief concern was being able to keep working and earning $$$ and or working out. Sexual health was rarely brought up. For women, being able to have and enjoy sex was tantamount. Even when dealing with severe health issues. Some went off medication to their own detriment because it interfered with their pleasure.

I would wager that this is because women attach emotion more immediately to sex, so promiscuity is going to be more tied to depression for them, and their happiness is going to be more tied to emotionally-engaging sex. It makes a lot of sense that the rise in female promiscuity could coincide with a rise in female depression, not that it couldn't generally go for both genders. Because the biologically embedded goal is to pair-bond for the sake of raising offspring, and women seem to be worse at living without a pair-bond as they age, so hook-up culture is just a poor method for women to find monogamy, and even though they aren't aware of how poor a method it is, along with lacking positive feminine traits, specifically feminine behavior, which seem like it all contributes to a higher rate of depression in them. I'm pretty grateful that as a man, as I get older, the idea of living alone just becomes increasingly peaceful.

1 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

No, it's because women's value comes from desire to inseminate her uterus. Men's value is performance. Thus, the 'worry-divide'.

12 upvotesRed_SL43 years ago

Bitches are poor creatures. They have no underlying life purpose that doesn't involve a man. In fact, I'd say they can not find happiness at all if their man lacks vision and purpose. That's why they feel so empty and often times depressed even if the dicking is good.

If I were not so glad to be a man, maybe I'd spend a little time feeling sorry for them.

3 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

If I were not so glad to be a man, maybe I'd spend a little time feeling sorry for them.

So harsh. But I'm sure you come by it honestly!

16 upvotesawalt_cupcake3 years ago

"ah well he was so cute and had game"

they give no shits except getting dick

8 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

Sex feels good. The barrier to entry for men is high; for women it's low. Women who limit their sex life because it's wise to do so are the prize. Men who are focused on making a difference are the prize.

I get it now.

4 upvotessyf3r3 years ago

no wonder they have no respect for beta bill who puts them on a pedestal...

imagine if you hear some poor sap like that... I'd feel sorry for the guy.

upvoteskabhi233 years ago
  1. You're a volunteer and are trained to withdraw blood? So you're a phlebotomist? And not getting paid?

  2. Your doctor follows no ethical guidelines what so ever? No patient confidentiality? She lets a volunteer sit in the examination room? Hmmmmm.

I'm not saying that this situation is unbelievable, but some things I noticed. Most of things you say are probably correct about women though, just maybe exaggerated a bit.

7 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

I've never even heard of volunteering at a family practice. I've volunteered at a hospital in the ER and was limited to handing out blankets, water, and other little pleasantries. Pester the staff a little bit to remind them about people already in areas if it's busy.

3 upvotesSOwED3 years ago

You were looking for "paramount" not "tantamount."

3 upvotesAvskygod03 years ago

Ah yes, you have mest the cancer of society first-hand

3 upvotesmatrixpush3 years ago

Yeah, very obvious. Even fat women have thirsty guys hitting them up somehow - they just don't want their friends to find out.

3 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

Not only should the dad be strong, any woman you ltr should also have a good relationship with both her parents. I missed the parental red flag when I got married, guess if it lasted?

3 upvotesjocomoco3 years ago

Was this some kind of psychology thing ? I don't get it, I go to doctor coz my back hurst then he/she does not ask me who gave me blowjob last week.

5 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

When asked about recent sex, it would be weeks, months, years for men. Most women are banging someone every week. ... The happiest men were the confident arrogant semi-chubby slobs (i.e. Dad bod) who drank and ate like ch*t and got the most sex.



THIS is the best post I have read in like, forever.

7 upvotesGenghisKhanSpermShot3 years ago

I love stuff in this sub but this type of stuff sounds like a made-up story to circle jerk this subs ideas.

2 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

I think its exaggerated. Most field reports are. So what he is saying could be true to an extent, but its exaggerated.

There was another comment here where he said he is in college in France and the girls organize huge orgies once a week. Like C'mon. Just hit CTRL F and search France and you will find the comment on this thread.

I've partied a lot and know frat people who party as well. I also dated sorority girls. That shit only happens on those college porn videos.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

What I don't understand is... why did the men with dad bods get the most sex?

How does that complement TRP theory? Realistically, shouldn't the muscular men get more sex?

Could someone explain that particular point to me?

2 upvotesElOweTea3 years ago

My guess is muscular guys don't get sick as much as the Dad bods

1 upvotesSir_Distic3 years ago

My guess is that the muscular guys OP is talking about are either fake posers or guys trying too hard. Where as the Dad bods are confident with an IDGAF attitude. i.e. not clingy or needy, self assure, etc.

1 upvotesAspiringbucket [OP]3 years ago

its was the guys mindset. those guys enjoyed life, drank, talked and joked with women and had a "didn't give **** attitude". they weren't fat slobs, they had a dad bod. i could tell they had muscle but they had too much fat content. these weren't old men either. there were 20, 30 somethings with Dad bods.

also noticed those guys almost always had their wives and gfs come with them to the office for their checkup/visit. the girls were hot and seemingly happy and normal too (these girls were not on mental health pills). its like the girls were so invested in these dudes, they wanted to make sure he went to the doctor, all the tests where done, the doctor knew all the history. the wives would come with paperwork, etc. meanwhile the dude was all laid back.

on the other hand, the workaholic dudes (fatties and chads) came alone, worried about their knees, back, diet and blood pressure.

1 upvotes24357340983 years ago

I work out in a bodybuilder's gym and I can tell most of them are BP too. They get an advantage when approaching new girls because they're so muscular and shit, but if they keep acting BP the girl will get turned off in no time. Most will commit to a girlfriend quickly and get stuck in a horrible relationship because they supplicate to her.

The muscular ones that are also RP-ish ("don't give a fuck mentality") get laid like no tomorrow. If they've got money too, they're essentially male unicorns.

3 upvotesfoxymoron3 years ago

In the time you wasted writing this idiotic fairy tale, you could have actually done something useful, such as:

Read a good book

Check in with family who may be in need

Clean your room

Watch a movie

Pick up trash along the side of the road

Flossed your teeth

Help a friend

Contemplate your pathetic life and try to dig yourself out of this hole of self-pity and take responsibility for yourself, you miserable fuck.

2 upvotesmcavvacm3 years ago

Point 6 is by far the worst quality in your list, damn dude.

2 upvotesRICCIedm3 years ago

lmao is this misc or trp? strong merging

I think most miscers are actually better with women than what they think

(as you said, the majority of dudes are single and sexless anyway)

2 upvotesDamnNearRectum3 years ago

These are all great and absolutely true. It's refreshing to know that it men are learning what I have learned. I have three sisters and I've worked in female dominated environments. I've seen all of it.

I wish you could see what I would consider the opposite. I work on a boat and 90% of the time it's exclusively men but every once in a while we will have a woman on the crew and it completely ruins the dynamic. Just like a man walking into the physicians office, adding a woman to a crew causes turbulence but in a completely different way. It's really interesting.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Some of the themes here are true but as a medical student you are either a complete liar or not from the United States. Pulling things from an EMR like an address would be such an enormous HIPPA issue.

5 upvotesGOTOSLEEPJAMIE3 years ago

I feel bad for you little guys

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


4 upvotesGeneralCal3 years ago

If anything this makes me glad I don't live in NYC.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's not that different anywhere else

5 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

I live in a mid size city, and I like it a lot. Growing up I wanted to move to a big coastal city but now either they've gotten worse or I just have realized they're not all they're cracked up to be. Probably both. I spent time in the Bay Area. Polluted, crowded, tons of traffic, shitty attitudes from people, very expensive. I like my midsize city.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I live in a smaller town..

Awalt still pretty much applies

4 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

Oh awalt for sure. They just don't have such big city viciousness about it.

2 upvotesMcLuhanSaidItFirst3 years ago

That scene in Ground Hog Day where the weatherman picks up Nancy who works in a dress shop in Punxsatawney, bangs her that night.

2 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago


2 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

I can believe it. LA seems like a hell on earth. Such a vapid city.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

My first 5 mins in the bay area was spent with some guy yelling and waving a aluminum bat at me while we where traffic. He thought I was driving to slow a few moments prior, when I was just behind a slower moving car. I'll never forget it. For a moment I thought I was going to have to take that bat from him and stab this fucker to death to protect my family, that was my first impression of the left cost

3 upvotesscissor_me_timbers003 years ago

Yeah the left coast is hyped and lame imo. Portland, SF, LA all that shit

2 upvotesTRPjoe3 years ago

If you don't mind my asking where are you from? I couldn't agree more about the Bay Area (current assessment)

2 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

I dont think its different elsewhere....

When a woman is post wall, she's evaluating men based on wallet size. Most men know this, and hence, the need to work ever increasing hours. Besides, most jobs nowadays require 50-60 hours as the minimum anyways

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

smaller towns have more of a social matrix for women, where they keep the cost of pussy inflated.

Hence why obesity is higher in small towns, and sluts tend to move to the city.

0 upvotesSiggiZeBear3 years ago

Wow you write so confusingly

1 upvotesKnowBrainer3 years ago

It's not every woman, it's just ~99.9% of girls are raised by m-t-v instead of m-o-m. I found a 33 year old virgin. Cute, Catholic. Popped the seal myself. Totally worth.

upvoteshackingyourightnow3 years ago

i'm a woman living in nyc and literally none of this is true based on personal experience, it sounds completely insane actually....wtf is this community

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