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Men are not scared of women. Men are scared of the state.

by trpposter on /r/TheRedPill
26 January 2017 04:50 PM UTC

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There's no shortage of articles by female authors who boast about how their intelligence or independence intimidates men. Here's a wake up call, lady, he is not intimidated by you.

What he is intimidated by, is the state. He is scared of the never ending army of policemen with guns and armor that you can wield against him if you levy the right charge.

When you declare to the world what a strong, intelligent feminist you are, he gets the impression you are aware of the power at your disposal, and the means by which you can inflict those powers upon him. Make the right accusation, and he is fucked for life. Naturally, they'd rather avoid you, which leaves you to vent your frustration: http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/10/hooking-up-when-youre-an-anti-rape-activist.html#

If it were just the two of you on an otherwise uninhabited island, he would have nothing to fear from you.

Lessons to remember

Never let your guard down. Follow the strict limits of the law. Do not give the government any ground to fuck you over. Keep your head up around women (and men) but always be wary of the state. And remember, women who proclaim to be intelligent and independent tend to be neither.

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381 upvotesPaulAJK3 years ago

Oh shit that anti-rape activist..."She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: “One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”

“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said."

Wow, bullet dodged there, dude. They hadn't even met and she was furius and convinced he was a would-be rapist. Yeah, this is a dangerous woman. She could fuck a guys life up is sooo many ways.

214 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

A woman like that is looking for any reason to be victimized. Being a victim boosts her ego because of all the attention she can derive from its announcement. She's an indoctrinated zombie created by school and msm media. Stay away.

59 upvotesPaulAJK3 years ago

Stay away.

Yes, the hardcore member of this type is definitely in the "don't even touch once" bracket. Given the current climate in US universities it''s risky interacting with them at all. Anti-rape activists, alongside pyschos wives and gangsters daughters, should be on everyone's no-no list.

42 upvotesRedPillOdin3 years ago

"don't even touch once" bracket.

Don't even get in the same room without third party witnesses.

122 upvotesbloodshot_eyes3 years ago

Reminds me of a comment I posted a year ago, regarding identity politics:

Quite. If you look at the SJW reasoning, you will find that they refuse to allow anyone to participate in a group who is not a member of that group. Thus, only black people may speak on black matters, disabled on disabled matters, and so on. What's the biggest cash-cow of the feminist/SJW world? Rape. Thus if you want to participate in the most lucrative sphere; if you want a place on the highest cross on the hill, you must have been raped.

There are some that want it so badly that they're willing to lie in order to obtain the precious social collateral to participate in the rape discussion. Fortunately (for them) they have established a taboo proscribing any and all questioning of the veracity of rape claims, thus making the lie easier to execute. It's a really fucked-up system they've established.

35 upvotesBillee_Boyee3 years ago

I was molested as a 6 year old. I don't really get into a lot of discussions with feminists, but when I do, and I pull the 'rape card' they inevitably say I'm lying.

You should see all the hamsters having coronaries when I say "Congratulations. You are a rape denier."

29 upvotesawalt_cupcake3 years ago

holy shit that makes too much sense

9 upvotesBroozeCampbell3 years ago

There is nobody more free from criticism than the victim who has been championed.

6 upvotesyomo863 years ago

The taboo you mention is so ingrained in people, it is unbelievable. When I clerked at the DA's office the old fox-like fuck told me that at minimum 1/4 of all crimes are false reports - not necessarly intentionally mind you, but by definition people have of said crimes. Even if you assume the story of the victim is true, it does not border on criminal behavior.

For instance common law theft, a pretty standard misdemeanor everybody understands - you take something that does not belong to you, has an error rate of roughly 20 %. 10 - 20 % of all theft accusations are wrong by simply applying the law to the story the alleged victim tells. And now suddenly rape 'survivors' are always right.

17 upvotescosine883 years ago

Black Lives Matter is angry at women for the Women's March and making it about women Trump insulted instead of just everyone he insulted.

They felt left out about getting to righteously cry in the spotlight.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Jesus christ, this is spot on. It's why the Columbia University mattress chick lied about her encounter.

12 upvotesElodrian3 years ago

That need to be victimized is a hallmark of a Borderline. It's not simple indoctrination; it's psychosis.

2 upvotesRedPill1153 years ago

Feminism's #1 goal is not hating men. It's not. It's controlling women - what women think, what women are allowed to say, how women are allowed to feel.

Hating men is only #2.

Nothing says "I dominate you" more than getting someone to go seriously hurt themselves just to please you. If you've seen scenes from suicide squad, there's the thing where harley throws herself into a vat of chemicals for the joker and is willing to die to "prove" her "love" for him - that's the kind of mentality we're talking about.

57 upvotesj33tAy3 years ago

“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said."

I don't even know what this means. He cares about consent? This is bad? What?

25 upvotesToSeeAndToHear3 years ago

She was, from her fucked up perspective, just talking about consent. Which means he flew off the handle, essentially - had to not talk about consent or he was out.

Remember, these women think a man should never take offense at their own sexism.

3 upvotesSpoopsnloops3 years ago

Yeah, never mind the fact she basically implied he was a potential rapist, and that she made veiled threats to him.

2 upvotesRedPill1153 years ago

It's not a fight "against" abuse, it's a fight for the right to "be" the only abuser.

2 upvotesSpoopsnloops3 years ago

The sad part is the lack of shame in her attempt to turn this around on him by making it seem like he was someone who didn't respect her notions of consent and probably wanted to rape her, basically confirming her own delusions that this stranger was obviously a rapist.

It certainly had nothing to do with what she said.

10 upvotesAttackOnKvothe3 years ago

Probably mad that he actually consents to consent.

Men are supposed to be evil rapist, remember? There is no way one man can be ok with a woman consenting, we must patriar...chize? everything.

75 upvotesrorrr3 years ago

The end was even worse:

he made consent part of foreplay,” she reacalls. “You know, very

intentionally asking, ‘Is this okay? Is this okay?’ It was cute. It

was great.”

Most women's vagina would dry up in a second from this level of insecurity.

58 upvotestakethedive3 years ago

Actually, what I think is that the guy who fucked her so good he made it into her news article had more game than a lot of men. I identified rock solid amused mastery. Look closer.

He attracted her like anyone else, built comfort, escalated, she revealed her line of work, and he threw it in her face with a "you're cute, but this doesn't threaten me."

Next, he proceeded to make it overwhelmingly satirical ("You want me to touch you? Yeah? Where? Your pussy? Say it. Tell me you want me to finger your pussy. Louder. So loud the neighbours can hear. That's it. Beg for me. Good girl.")

What you read in the article was her hamster rationalizing her utter sexual compliance into her own narrative of only being with a guy who "seeks consent" despite the fact that she was dominated and his good little slut from the start.

As is verifiable in my earlier comment, she's absolutely a loaded gun and absolutely something to stay away from or risk total destruction. But I'm not reading the "she made this up to propagate blue pill behavior" like you did. I'm reading "holy shit, this guy has balls of steel and rock solid game."

24 upvotescosine883 years ago

It could also be:

"Oh, Chris? He's adooooorable! I love him, he's such a great friend now, we cuddle all the time!"

2 upvotesrorrr3 years ago

That's some expert level hamstering.

5 upvotesreckful9943 years ago

Yep. Sounds hot as hell. "Is this okay?" over and over again would be so great.

4 upvotesBillee_Boyee3 years ago

What's more is it'll be like that every single time.




1 upvotesMcLarenX3 years ago

Just imagine how much of a bitch you'd have to be. I can't even count the number of times I've been with a woman and had fake resistance. Truthfully, women need to be taught that if they didn't yell, scream, claw, kick etc. It wasn't rape. I don't blame most women for being confused based on the crap that's put out there for us to believe

39 upvotestakethedive3 years ago

It eats at me that there is an overwhelming percentage of blue pill men who are reading that and nodding their heads in agreement.

Just what have we gotten ourselves into? I read the article thinking it must have been satire, especially when I got to the quoted text, and it kills me inside that it wasn't.

26 upvotesPhilletto3 years ago

The real problem is not women but the men who enforce her bullshit. If you want to redpill, you need to be prepared to fight a lot of men.

3 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

All the police that enforce the laws, knowing that they go against their gender, are nothing but whores, out for money for easy work. They compromise their principles pretending they are robots for the state, so they deserve zero respect.

2 upvotesPhilletto3 years ago

Its mostly Social Justice which is a made up term and its replacing all of the law system. Its now illegal to look at a woman in a manner she doesn't approve.

2 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

Yes, in the US. But the pendulum is swinging back.

4 upvotesHuddsMagruder3 years ago

I had to check it was on The Onion... the hamsters involved are on steroids and meth.

7 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

We're in a place where men are so weak that they feel that acting like that is there greatest chance of getting a form of approval. That's how much women have men backed into a corner. They're still pathetic though.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

And even if she didn't, that attitude is toxic. The equivalent to him saying something like, "your not a two faced gold digging whore, right? I just want to make and stay safe." No normal sane person would want to create a relationship in the face of such accusations.

20 upvotesCesare_MA3 years ago

Holy hell just reading that gave me shivers.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, like arranging to meet a feminazi like Marilyn French, "All men are rapists, and that's all they are." You could totally relax and have a good time with her, right?

7 upvotessickofallofyou3 years ago

The way he handled that was very professional.

5 upvotesMcLarenX3 years ago

I thought the exact same. She was basically throwing out threats before they even went out on a date. What a fuckin nut.

5 upvotesyomo863 years ago

Yea, I chuckled, too. He was basically like: OK ma'am I don't think this is a good idea. And she goes off by the simple fact that one guy has a preference not to get fucked over or to be bossed around. Bullet dodged, indeed.

1 upvotesRedPill1153 years ago

It is truly scary that anyone eats this up, because the article is almost pointedly mocking her in it's layout.

Compare these two:

Then there were those who were a little too eager to make it know that they would never, ever assault a woman. "Their first response is ‘I’m not one of those guys, I would never do that,’" she said. "I mean, what, should I be carrying gold stars now?"
She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: "One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, 'This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.' And five minutes later, he was like, 'Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.'"

5 upvotestio1w3 years ago

She could fuck a guys life up is sooo many ways.

The reason they do this is because it's consequence free.

If some of these men that are blatantly falsely accused just seriously messed these bitches they would think twice or thrice before even thinking that course of action was acceptable.

It's men's fault for allowing this to happen. Instead of tackling the problem head on we commit suicide 4 times more often.

It makes no sense.

175 upvotesHumanSockPuppet3 years ago

Women project their accusations.

When she accuses you of being intimidated, it's because you intimidate her.

When she accuses you of controlling her, it's because her goal is to control you.

When she accuses you of cheating, it's because she has cheated on you.

10 upvotesFatGirlsInPartyHats3 years ago

You're the great sage of our time.

2 upvotescosine883 years ago

That one time a girlfriend kept accusing me of viewing the relationship as transactional when all I wanted was her affection...

70 upvotesOmnibrad3 years ago

The word "half" is scarier than any woman.

I watched my brother-in-law bankrupt his entire life just to spite my sister in the divorce process. So, she couldn't take the house or the car from him - but she still took his kids. Not just that, but the kids were used as leverage to extract additional money above and beyond alimony.

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's never just half tho.

It's half, then the rest gets put on a payment plan

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Naw, they get to divide the property fairly with each taking a half. He gets the outside half.

1 upvotesHoodwink3 years ago

It's half + alimony + child support if you get a bad deal or she successfully manipulates the court by trying to get into a fist fight with you or something.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Bluepillprofessor has a field report on here, his time at a psychology workshop... I think youll. Enjoy it.

Put after theredpill in the url


-10 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

You can always reclaim money. Your reputation will be fucked for life. She will make it so that everyone knows. That's her true power. She doesn't give a flying fuck about the money.

9 upvotesvengefully_yours3 years ago

Yeah they actually want the free money, they feel entitled to it as of they've earned it. The ones who don't want the money will do everything they can to ruin you. It's the rare girl that doesn't destroy your life and rape your future when they leave.

0 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Hi Downvote crew. They take the money because it HURTS YOU. They do not want the money directly is what I was saying. It seems TRP caught feelings and downvoted me to hell for misunderstanding what I was saying. You bunch of cute little bitches. It's the same reason that billionaires wife turned down that ridiculously large settlement. It's about fucking YOU over and making sure every cunt else knows how she's won and you've lost. High level virtue signalling.

153 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

intelligence or independence intimidates men

This is just hamstering for "men don't find me attractive". Heard it before from loud unattractive overweight women. Yes honey - it's TOTALLY your intelligence that's the problem.

As always when something doesn't work for a woman she puts the blame onto men rather than fixing the problem.

52 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yep, never knew a guy who found a woman's intelligence unattractive and quite a few (myself included) who rather enjoy the company of a beautiful woman who can think.

"My career/intelligence/independence scares men away" is the female equivalent to "women don't like me because I'm too nice". Being an obnoxious twat is what drives men away just like being weak drives women away. It has nothing to do with being either smart or nice.

Also note that it doesn't add much to your dating CV for a woman to have a strong career in the same way it doesn't help to be a nice guy. I would generally prefer an accomplished woman if all other things are equal but I'm not dating a fatty to get it.

16 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Who cares about her occupation. The female lead singer of a popular band is the same as the barista a starbucks. Just be attractive and not cause problems.

4 upvotesTridentMixed3 years ago

Yup, the only reason a lot of blue pill nerdy men get excited when they learn that a hot girl does nerdy stuff is because it humanizes her in their perception and they think they have a real chance at getting in between her legs.

However, if they only saw her as a hot girl who did "cool" things, they would automatically assume she was out of their league. They still want to fuck her as much as the nerdy girl, but to protect their ego, they say she's not their type.

1 upvotesThaRPTA3 years ago

This, exactly. Intelligent women have often internalized the belief that they've been given a birthright to domination in society through their wit, and are thus more than willing to take on the patriarchy mythology when things do not go that way. It makes it harder for them to like men for being men, and that resentment permeates through relationships.

31 upvotesReturnofthemack33 years ago

lol not to mention that women with high levels of intelligence and independence usually have a decent job with good income, which precludes them from dating a LARGE number of men. I honestly don't think that most men give a shit if the woman is the 'provider', but it's hard to really know because most women will never give them a chance. No 'dating down' rule

16 upvotesHobbesTheBrave3 years ago

Heard it before from loud unattractive overweight women. Yes honey - it's TOTALLY your intelligence that's the problem.

Obesity corrolates hard enough with stupidity. Smart people know why being fat is a slow form of suicide. If you can't understand, comprehend and fathom how obesity is dangerous, fine. We'll leave you to fend for yourself.

I meet well-educated, sane, attractive, very intelligent women daily, and they all despise fat people. Their children are thin, their friends are thin, they understand why their men picked them instead the other woman, and they don't hesitate when they're aggressive against anyone close to them getting fatter. They always follow through with that attack. They've heard every excuse for being fat, and they accept none of them. They're smarter than that, and if you're not thin, they will never ever learn your name.

upvotesmaniclurker3 years ago

This article had me rolling.

She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: “One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”

“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said.

I mean... What?! If she threatens every guy she talks to with the chief of police, then no wonder she has problems finding a guy that will fuck her.

30 upvotesawalt_cupcake3 years ago

lmao there's a suggestion that feminism is autism for women

2 upvotesHoodwink3 years ago

I disagree. My experience with it has been different, but college was 10 years ago for me.

There is an even mix of a sort Catholic/Mainline-Protestant/Jewish "good girl" activist type, an autist type, and the dark triad borderline/manipulative/narcissistic types.

The main point I would say is that there is a greater chance for a girl to be within the dark triad if she professes Feminism as an attack to control someone than in the general population who aren't proclaiming feminism. It's one thing to have beliefs about entering the workplace and competing against men, but it's another where they start trying to control you. It's similar to the way I've seen some 'Christian' women use it to control their men (and vice versa). It seems anything that moralizes will be used by these types.

1 upvotesawalt_cupcake3 years ago

who are you disagreeing with exactly?

idk man they're weird and I try to avoid them

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I am Autistic...It doesn't hurt though. But I am not a ''feminist'' who tries to destroy men or secretly pushing an agenda against masculinity. I respect men. They are like brothers to me. I just like exchanging my ideas with like-minded ones.

56 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

When you declare to the world what a strong, intelligent feminist you are, he gets the impression you are aware of the power at your disposal, and the means by which you can inflict those powers upon him.

Exactly. Women are never really independent. Their "independence" is a facade guaranteed by men with guns. Men build and maintain society, protect it from invaders, and police it against bad elements from within. Even in the microcosm of a family living together when there is a "bump in the night" it is the father who creeps downstairs with a baseball bat in hand to investigate.

Men, traditionally, have earned fame and fortune by going out into the wilds of the world, alone, with limited or no support network. They are your explorers, conquistadors, mountaineers, scouts, pirates, highwaymen, astronauts, missionaries, trappers, spelunkers, mercenaries, and hermits. And in the business world they are entrepreneurs.

"Independent" is a hollow buzzword which really just means a woman who pays no respect for the civilization around her that men built, maintain, police, and defend for her benefit. In short by calling herself such she is advertising that she is an entitled brat.

22 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Anyone who says they are king is no true king. Real power just exudes itself from its source without effort. The more you have to tell people you're something it's just tiring to hear.

4 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

Just like the hippies of Sebastopol, Northern California carrying on about finding themselves all of the time. As my old friend said "Just find yourselves already". I imagine that the ones who were successful in this endeavor shut up about it and moved onto other things.

1 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

In a Tim Ferriss podcast with Arnold Schwarzenegger he alludes to doing similar in meditation in his youth. As I recall he spent a year on it and then was done after extracting what he needed. It's hard to argue that it didn't improve his life.

upvotesteh_mICON3 years ago

Wait, I just watched an episode of Vikings where a couple of women defended a town against a horde of invaders basically all by themselves by being stronger, more clever and more badass then them.

Also in all the new Star Wars movies, the heroes are female. Are you telling me this is all bullshit?

11 upvotesSovereignSoul763 years ago

300: Rise of an Empire. A woman who just SLAYS men in hand-to-hand combat, and is a competent leader of an army of savage dudes? Yeaaah, okay.

Someone pointed this out on IMDB under the heading "Gorgo as female commander was an insult to both men and women" and this was a response:

"This in itself is sexist against both males and females lmao. You do realize a lot of "feminine" and "masculine" attributes are social constructs? As in they have been made up at one point and then spread? Several aspects and/or things that are commonly thought of as male or female have been neither gender or thought as belong to the opposite once upon a time (easy example is the color pink, considered to be feminine, when it was at first considered a masculine color. Now you got guys like you probably, thinking it make a man look "womanly" if he wears pink. Btw high heels were also for males at first, yet a guy wearing that would get so much crap today for acting "gay". Do you even realize that the belief in rigid ideas about masculinity is one of the leading reasons for male suicide since it plays a huge role in causing anxiety in men? You whining over what? A female being assertive? Because that belongs only to men? That is utterly ridiculous. And lmao on women being "nurturing and wise". The idea that all women are nurturing is beep despite all girls being exposed to the idea that they should be since they are children (e.g. girls are almost always giving toys/dolls that they have to take care off, even if they have no interest). Guys are denied to be shown as nurturing as well as if there is someone wrong to care for others, especially their own children. No gender is inherently wise either. That is just a posterous (sic) idea."

7 upvotesiamneptuno3 years ago

How in the world could it be bullshit if it's on Netflix?

9 upvotesAttackOnKvothe3 years ago

Of course not, don't ever listen to those mysoginistic pigs. They are too scared of our great independence which we obtained by proxy of the policemen

2 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

They are movies, fantasy, something that you don't find in reality.

1 upvotesDruidFlyAwayToday3 years ago

Wasnt this liek the first episode? Where the men went to some war conference leaving the women away and then some asshole invaders try to rape them and get owned by the women? Maybe it was something different, but I remember turning it off immediately and never returning to it again.

26 upvotesMark-Man3 years ago

Stay away from any woman who feels the need to tell you how 'independent' she is. Common sense.

1 upvotes5t3fan03 years ago

yup, one of the easiest red flag to spot

17 upvotesEntropy-73 years ago

Actual intelligence - high IQ combined with some common sense and social skills - is actually quite charming. Independent in the sense of not being needy or paranoid has it's strength as well. Neither is intimidating. The problem is that when women explicitly use these terms to describe themselves it's a weird sort of unconscious code for completely different thing.

I've dated doctors and business professionals who are damn smart but they never had to point out how intelligent or independent they are; it was fairly obvious from their choice of career and simply how they conducted themselves in the relationship.

When a woman feels the need to tell you how intelligent she is it usually means she thinks she is smarter than she is and you should therefore agree with her opinions and decisions. Combine that with independent - which generally means disagreeable - and you have a person who isn't intimidating, just annoying. I didn't date any of my classmates in law school and have no interest in dating a lawyer for these very reasons. High school teachers and journalists tend to have these personality trait as well as some doctors.

As far as fearing the state well yes, it is getting concerning. However, women who are actually intelligent and independent are probably much less likely to call the cops on you or whatever. They don't feel the need to control you or fuck you over and will give you a firm no-means-no if you have some boundary issues. Even the annoying chicks are low risk with the exception of borderlines, rape/abuse victims and gender studies majors (the three of which seem to cluster together).

And that anti-rape activist: how spergy does one have to be to not understand the guy's reaction to her reading him the riot act before they meet up? But he's the fuckboy?

1 upvotesArroway23573 years ago

Man, I've noticed that about school teachers. It may be that the profession just attracts the same personality type, but it seems that teachers are very often smug and whiny (e.g., those obnoxious "If you can read this, thank a teacher" bumper stickers. I've never seen a bumper sticker that reads, "If you flushed after taking a shit, thank a plumber"). They constantly complain about low pay, even though their income places them solidly in the middle class, and they get more generous vacation time than any other profession, even as a first year employee. Maybe they're just used to demanding that every person in the room hang onto their every word, since that's their entire day.

2 upvotesEntropy-73 years ago

I have spoken to a number of lawyers who find that teachers can make the worst clients because they think they know (or can understand) it all.

1 upvotesRedPill1153 years ago

And that anti-rape activist: how spergy does one have to be to not understand the guy's reaction to her reading him the riot act before they meet up? But he's the fuckboy?

"I don't understand" is just a tactic. They're not fighting against abuse - they're fighting for the sole right to be the only abuser.

If a guy told her "yo bitch, I don't put up with no mouthy bullshit you hear?" she'd be pissed. She'd tell you it's because no one should talk to her that way, but in reality it's closer to that she wants to be the one pushing the power play.

1 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

Probably my best relationship was with a Japanese woman whom came over a few months before starting at our top 10 US junior college. Due to the horrible renting policies here (in US?) she couldn't get a lease and so she lived in a not super cheap hotel for over a month. She had no friends and couldn't easily speak advanced English at that point and she was becoming isolated which was making it more difficult for her to communicate. I became serious a few years after her breaking in period and it was an amazing relationship. Fast forward some years after having transferred twice due to various reasons and due to being strung out on my computer science program and forced to be in classrooms with shades of dorky autistics, I found myself hanging out with some local girls. One of them aggressively proclaimed to me "You just can't handle a strong woman!". They just learn all of this feminist crap and they beat men up with it when they could simply be better. Its total crap around here and I do like women. Just not these women. Now after completing some objectives I will spend ten weeks remotely working in Colombia. Its real baad here in the North Bay and the only girl that has caught my attention in some months here has been a sweet as heck Western African girl who works at a nearby Chinese buffet. I could and would go there but better to build my software business and get to Colombia for that lifestyle where I can work and also have the female attention flow like water. I've spent six of the last eight years elsewhere and really only spent longer time periods here to watch over people after family tragedy. Also politically I feel like I'm living amongst the enemy.

3 upvotesEntropy-73 years ago

There is nothing wrong with girls/women who are not on the fast track. Yes I've dated doctors and business professionals, and even entrepreneurs plus the occasional fashion model. However, some were housekeepers, administrative assistants, or held a slew of other not-so-notable jobs that I really can't remember what the heck they did.

So hey, if a West African Chinese Buffet girl does it for you: go for it.

1 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

My point is mostly that that I don't care much for the women in my area and that the foreign women who come through here are much more endearing. In the last nine years I've had many women on three different continents and only a few hookups here and not a single girlfriend. I just don't like them here and the ones that I do well, I'm already running for the exits to get to a better place. Basically this is Hillary country.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

Have you ever in your life considered to start writing your first sci fi novel when you were just 23 or 22? And I mean real hard sci fi one, not some drama or eccentric romance...

upvotesteh_mICON3 years ago

Hahaha, I think this is the 3rd comment in this thread where you reference a sci fi novel and no one believing a woman could never do it as a justification that red pill truths are all bullshit. You're hilarious.

I also think you're full of shit with your law degree.

You see the red pill content and you want to disrupt our conversation.

I also know why you do it: it doesn't mesh with your world view of women being equal or if you're deluded enough even superior to men.

Deep down though, you know it's true, girl. Just admit it. Just submit. Let it happen. Shhh. :>

5 upvotesEntropy-73 years ago

At 24 I joined two friends in forming a company to design, manufacture and distribute board games. Our flagship product was a sci-fi board game for which I did most of the writing, game mechanics and future history narrative. I did that for 5 years before heading to law school.

2 upvotesblackedoutfast3 years ago

lol calm down 4 no one cares about u.

also here's some science fact: even the smartest woman still only has a brain the size of a walnut

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

And here is this unscientific fact to fit your irrelevant thinking based on a false historical belief: Even the strongest man still only has a penis the size of a grain of rice.

47 upvotesyouthoughtyouknewme3 years ago

Intelligence or independence don't intimidate men, it just isn't attractive. Most women who use either of those labels often have an overbearing and unfeminine attitude as well.

I know a single HB7 who just can't get any success with men. She says she's independent, has a great career, smart, owns her own home, etc. - all of which are true. She just doesn't get that those things are what women look for in men, not what men look for in women.

Men don't want to date a woman who acts like a man. They want a feminine woman.

19 upvoteserowidtrance3 years ago

Intelligence or independence don't intimidate men, it just isn't attractive.

Independence of thought is an attractive characteristic. The whole reason so many women push feminist bullshit is because they're naturally collectivist and gauge their opinions based on other women. The ones that actually think for themselves are much rarer and very appealing imo.

8 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

Men don't want to date a woman who acts like a man. They want a feminine woman.

Yes, but feminine doesn't have to mean stupid, weak, and childlike. That's girlishness and unattractive to many men as it's both dull and annoying and usually the sex isn't worth putting up with that.

Strong women are attractive - not women who are masculine strong (to me anyway) but rather women who are feminine strong - women who can birth their babies at home and naturally where and how they are supposed to be born with the support of a midwife and her husband as opposed to birthing them all drugged up in a hospital; women who can run a household like clockwork, oversee the education of your children at home (where it' supposed to happen), and even collect and pound out the millet for your beer while you are off on a trading floor somewhere with your hunting buddies tracking down the next woolly mammoth to feed your families. The real and natural work of women takes intelligence, strength, and some degree of independence and that feminine intelligence strength and independence is attractive (to me anyway).

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

You think like if you were some religious farmer from the Medieval ages. Those were, the most dark ages in the European history.

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

You know not of what you speak. Both (intentional) homebirth and home schooling have better statistical outcomes for child rearing than their widely accepted "modern-day" alternatives in the US.

As for the rest, it was mostly allegory, but allegory that certainly expresses a viewpoint about what feminine strength is.

As for your reference to the European Medieval Age, I fail to see how that applies except maybe as a relative measuring point for the general strength of women in the society maybe? If that's your angle, I would submit that women were likely much stronger, more intelligent, and more independent in Medieval Age than they are today. Think about that for a minute before you knee-jerk respond based on the view of the Medieval age that you have accumulated from TV and the movies.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

You are only referring to their bodies not to their intellect. I was born under the trauma of being a premature baby. I was very small and blue-blood like appearance and pale skin. The doctors told my mother I was not going to make it in the next few minutes. But somehow I survived. I am not an American, I am a Moroccan (I like the American culture though!) My way of living was heavily influenced by the French culture especially by La Renaissance period and The French Revolution. I have studied the Medieval age from the finest book of the European history. La Renaissance means in English ''The Rebirth''. Think of it as the era where most of the intellectuals, philosophers, artists and scientists focused on the importance of the human intellect in general. And that only through it the intellect that we can become Gods

1 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

To the author(s) of this bot: You have a long way to go.

2 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

100%. You can be a feminine 2/10 and the honestly is appreciated. Attractive yet masculine acting women are just a real fucking shame. So much potential.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

Dating, getting pregnant, getting married, is an obsolete game to me. From a sci fi point of view, human babies should be grown in tubes or robots which I would like to call ''The babies makers'' should be getting pregnant on behalf of women, so women can enjoy that perfect flat belly for a while without having to undergo that unbearable and unnecessary pain at the moment of giving birth. If I ever choose to fall inlove, it would be either an alien, a humanoid, a robot, a hologram, a samurai, or at least a very intellectual man beyond measures...

upvotesfruxzak3 years ago

Not sure if you're being ironic or not...

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

Just the idea of thinking of why the human race is the only race in the universe that is destroying itself by itself without even noticing, makes me wanna immigrate to a very distant planet. I'd rather spend the rest of my life, alone, in peace with my intellect. Dying on an uninhabitable planet is much better (At least my DNA will get appreciated by scientists and astronauts) than to die here on planet Earth, where the majority of people, believe that women can not write sci fi novels!

upvotesfruxzak3 years ago

almost certain you're trolling at this point

5 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

Quite an imagination on this one. Seek mental help or drop the drugs. Or both.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

No thank you. Big Pharma will never get my consent to say yes to the illusion they sell in order to disrupt the chemicals in the human mind to bock it from realizing its true origin and purpose in the game of life...

11 upvotesjoh21413 years ago

Most people I met that claim they are smart or intelligent... or educated... are fucking retarded. And I live in a very competitive place for both looks and intelligence. Some women like to believe the harder you bitch the smarter you're being but usually people who bitch often and loudly are simply oblivious to a lot of things.

13 upvotesMysterManager3 years ago

"Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

Margaret Thatcher

2 upvotesjoh21413 years ago

Yeah. Like another thing that's said in RP. If you have to constantly defend yourself to prove you aren't a pushover or a pussy, you probably are both those things.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is gold. I'm scared of political correctness and the fucking daddy government. Not you, meat with hair.

7 upvotesbinrobinro3 years ago

Also, record all interactions with women.

9 upvoteszezozio3 years ago

This should be stressed more. The Aussie guy who saw the tinder girl jumped out of his balcony a while ago would have been royally fucked hadn't he started his voice recorder (plus the tons of fake rape accusations).

Be safe: have the recorder on at all times when engaging these strange and beautiful but deeply unreliable Creatures.

11 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

It's true. I've never been nervous about a womans ability to directly fuck up my life. What can she actually do? It's the blue pill brigade prepared to destroy your life backing her up. The thought of social exclusion when i'm right and never being able to come back from it is a constant fear for a man.

It's another reason to absolutely remove blue pill men from your life. especially blue pill "friends" when you're around women. They will love the attention from being the shoulder to cry on, matched with their dismay at being your inferior they are that pathetic they'll do it for attention.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The blue pillers fold like cheap tents when you hold frame, challenge their bs and state your case. And anyone who blindly does what a woman says can be easily outsmarted and defeated. Women corroborating with other women within a social group is, on the other hand, a minefield. They talk and talk and talk about everything going on within that group, including who they're fucking within the group. Your fate is sealed in terms of your sexual accessibility to women after the first girl you bang and if you suck, no more pussy for you but if you drop 8 in of meat in her puss, the female competition will start and WWIII drama ensues. Red pill friends are hard to find IRL. And all women have bluepill orbiters. Make fun of them, it's hilarious how defensive they get.

6 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

Yes, but all of that noise is our effing fault for letting the state get out of hand - no matter where you are in the world (with the possible exception of Switzerland).

If you are a US citizen that country's founders left you with both a governmental structure designed to protect you from ever having to fear the state and instructions on how to keep it in check (very handily summed up in the 2nd Amendment). If you are not a US citizen, both that country's founders and the Swiss have given you a roadmap - follow it.

That you were too lazy to stay educated and follow the simple and clear instructions on how to keep government from being able to make you afraid in your own homes is not the fault of women. And it should come as no surprise that women have taken advantage of your laziness and used it against you. If that's a surprise you should probably read the sidebar.

Edit: And yes, this applies to me as well.

3 upvoteschambertlo3 years ago

And remember, women who proclaim to be intelligent and independent tend to be neither.

From my experience, this is the truth.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Pretty much the biggest red pill truth. Women are merely playing the cards they were dealt.

When you hold the Royal flush you have no reason to fold

5 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

They are born with a shit har=nd. A product that has limited value for a limited time and they have to woo the other gender into fucking themselves over in a deal. In the process of which she will no longer find him attractive because she's beaten him. The whole situation is fucked.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: “One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”

“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said."

3 upvotesHungryOnion3 years ago

That woman's text is akin to the guy texting her about their eminent marriage and future babies before they even meet. If he did that I doubt the woman would even bother responding, prob just block and report him.

4 upvotesgecko4083 years ago

I prefer a smart lady. I don't prefer a cunt.

2 upvotesTRP_Lee_zard3 years ago

I wonder, with these kind of women how would they react on a date if they tell me what they do and I instantly take out my phone and tell them - so you are OK if I record everything that we talk about and do - for our mutual safety of course.

2 upvoteslIlIIIlll3 years ago

Problem is, no one loves getting degraded in the bedroom quite like self described feminists.

I think it's because if a girl truly values herself, she wouldn't ascribe to that leftist nonsense. By that same token, a mentally healthy girl won't let you spit in her mouth.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Government is inherently a beta institution. I've written a post on this before. Anarcho capitalism is the only political philosophy compatible with TRP

19 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Which would be a really poor situation. We're not animals. The blue pill society is necessary and was inevitable. Being red pill is like getting the keys to all the bullshit that goes with it. Red Pill in a red pill society makes you nothing special. We are all very lucky to know these lessons.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Actually yes we are animals, and you don't know for a fact that it would be a poor situation, not is blue pill society necessary.

10 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

If there were minimal rules at all and we were 100% blue pill of COURSE we would be in a poor situation. Look at India. You NEED structure. I don't give a flying fuck what any of the edge lords in here say. Any extreme ideology is a fuck up. The world is many shades between two ideals. Any polarity fully embodied arrogantly denies this reality.

2 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

India is super fucked now.

1 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Whole country is structurally an abomination. There's a video of a guy on Youtube riding a C90 Honda through it and it is just a fucking shit show. Coming from a rich western country it's mind boggling that a billion people can live like that.

1 upvotesdestraht3 years ago

That was then. The poorest people are reportedly suffering far worse than that now. Very few care though in India and outside of it because those people contribute very little to GDP. Its projected that the devastation will be creeping up the food chain into the middle class and that there will be food shortages since many farmers were simply unable to find people with (the new) cash and so were forced to abandon their goods. Surely Indian GDP is already negative. The demonetization was idiotic. Either fantastically idiotic or diabolically brilliant if the truly desperate people (even by Indian standards) can be scooped up into some foreigner introduced all digital biometric system. Some say that the last remnants of British sanity, rationality and order are failing and that India will fracture and collapse further.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You don't need a monopoly on force to have structure. That's statist propaganda. The free market is much more efficient and cost effective at providing all of the services government does

1 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

We're now ironically talking shades of force now which is what I agree with. Police as an example hate them or love them, they are going nowhere. There is more and less efficient systems for each period of time in which we live and we rarely calibrate it perfectly but man managing 7 billion people is hard as fuck so you make large all encompassing rules that most people hate but accept as a necessity. Any world with no structure isn't one i'd like to live in. I'd probably be dead by now. A world with an inefficient structure that I can use to win, I can deal with that world.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This world already has no structure. It's chaotic, miserable, tyrannical, poverty filled, and governments murder mass quantities of people on a daily basis.

A free society would be much more structured. Here's why.

8 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

You need to read "The World Until Yesterday". Living among a bunch of strangers without some kind of government is impossible. Just read that great book, it gets into the knitty gritty details of current hunter-gatherer societies vs modern civilization in terms of government, religion, sex, childcare, food, exercise, everything.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You don't need a monopoly on force to prevent chaos. The free market can provide all of the services that government can provide except more efficiently and cheaper

4 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

In theory or smaller numbers. The tribal mindset of humans and the way humans naturally solve conflicts would never work. It's either a talk/resource offerings, or a constant chain reaction of revenge violence from relatives. You really need to pick up that book. It explains better than I ever could. It's a great read regardless of motivation.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

We have a constant chain of violence now, it's called war. It happens way more now than it would in a free market system because the state has the ability to force other people to pay for it

Violence happens less often when you're forced to pay for it yourself

4 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Violence today is bounded to soldiers and other fighters, and often over seas. Without some kind of government, the war stays home in your backyard.

Isolated hunter-gatherers that venture in an arbitrary part of land that another tribe wants? Attacked or raped.

A conflict that occurred months/years ago that you had nothing to do with? Sleeping by the fire in YOUR sector? Someone from another tribe sneaks into your camp and revenge kills you out of anger.

The reason you are comfortable around strangers is because you usually speak the same language and subconsciously know that a uniform system of law is in place to punish. Read that book I referred to you, tribesman are terrified of strangers. They either run away or immediately attack them. The first page starts out at an airport filled with people you've never seen and won't ever see again, and you have no problem with it. Then explains why that is so. In the book when westerners took over isolated tribal areas, tribesman felt relief adopting civilization specifically because they didn't have to constantly watch their six.

That doesn't even begin to touch upon how you would conduct business and trade beyond small quantities and short distances. You need some kind of commercial law in place to protect inventory, contractual obligations, travelers, and your assets.

There are many problems with government today, much of which is caused by the Federal Reserve banking system. But going full anarchy is not the answer. It's a mix of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and modern civilization.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Except wars would almost never happen in the first place, because they are very expensive. If you can't force other people to pay for your wars, they don't happen in the first place.

The rest of what you said doesn't have anything to do with anarchy. In an anarchist society, people would voluntarily fund private police/milita businesses that would protect their life, liberty, and property from this sort of behavior. Here is a good video that summarizes how conflict resolution would work in an anarchist society

4 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

Goverments CAN BE bluepill. Of course you want to protect the weak in society - children, older persons. Of course you want to protect people against violence, especially from outside violence and maintain a modicum of continuity throughout time.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

All government is blue pill. The state is premised on the idea that it's justifiable to initiate force against individuals. That's called breaking frame.

1 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

But it would be justifiable for individuals to initiate force against individuals? By using the word 'justifiable' you imply that there has to be a set of ideas that determine what is just and what is not, so, in my humble opinion, that would be one of the tasks of an ideal government. (I never thought I would have to come to the defense of the idea of government :-) )

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

"There was one time, one guy, knowing what I did and what I talked about, he made consent part of foreplay,” she reacalls. “You know, very intentionally asking, ‘Is this okay? Is this okay?’ It was cute. It was great.”"

Bwahahahahahaha. Hilarious!

2 upvotesRPAlternate423 years ago

Anti-Rape Activist: Her name is "Allison P. Davis."

She's a fat piece of work.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

She's definitely a fat piece of work, and a raging feminist, but she's just the author of the piece. The "Anti-Rape Activists" quoted in the story are

5 upvotesRPAlternate423 years ago

"Anti-rape" activists... like they are some how distancing themselves from the "pro-rape" activists.

The one on the right in the first picture is kind of cute, but her friend is cuter.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Finally an article of substance.

upvotesjoa7003 years ago

I don't prefer a smart lady.

4 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

Intelligence comes in many forms.

1 upvotesTridentMixed3 years ago

Damn...never thought about it like that. Good post and analogy with "the island" example.

1 upvotesStythe3 years ago

The link is full of cognitive dissonance from the women. I could quote the entire article but my faves are

“Nobody ever explicitly said, ‘Oh you’re a survivor, we can’t date,’” she told me. “But they’d assume that I was just doing this for attention, or more frequently they didn’t want to deal with it. It was too much. They assumed I’d have a lot of needs.”

Then there were those who were a little too eager to make it know that they would never, ever assault a woman. “Their first response is ‘I’m not one of those guys, I would never do that,’” she said. “I mean, what, should I be carrying gold stars now?” So here we have "If you don't want to deal with it, fuck you. If you're willing to deal with it, fuck you." This is a damaged individual who's need is to be in control, not to protect anyone.

The other

“Just because someone wants to socialize and date doesn’t mean we’re bad victims or that our experiences haven’t been that bad,” Warner says. “When we talk about sexual assault or prevention, there tends to be the perception of ‘oh, you’ve ruined someone’s life.’ My life was not ruined.” Warner says. “People heal at different rates. Some people can’t date and they aren’t ready and they might never be ready. But we’re not broken. What happened to me had a lasting impact on my life, but I still enjoy my life.”

Actually she can't do what most people do. She cant socialize. She is broken. If I bought a wind up car, wound it up and it just sat there, I'd consider it broken. If a personal cat date and socialize, they're sexually broken.

For Shits and giggles

She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: “One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”>>“I was in a rage. He was a total fuckboy about consent,” she said.

This one is dumb as a box of nails. This is like me saying "Listen, I beat women. I know gang members who silence women I beat who want to talk. Just know that before we date."

Fuck outta here.

1 upvotesecosci3 years ago

This is true but thier pros and cons now if the state wasnt here to protect betas would never get a chance to mate just the true alphas so thats why women respect and love badboys so much because they dont really care about the state but she will go out of her way to fuck up a beta bux life.

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Exactly. Smart, strong, independent women (they aren't) are more trouble than they are worth.

0 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

The state is just the collective betas fighting back against alphas

0 upvotesWoujo3 years ago

He is scared of the never ending army of policemen with guns and armor that you can wield against him if you levy the right charge.

I'm not scared of the state. The state is just a bunch of people doing their job. It can be manipulated and used like any institution if you're smart enough. Just learn the rules.

9 upvotesrorrr3 years ago

Until you meet a crazy bitch who considers something normal a rape, and calls the police on you.

4 upvotesUsdom3 years ago

Yeah, I had that happen. I was hanging out with a female friend cooking. I had a big pot of boiling pasta in my hands and she was standing in the way to the sink. I said, "Beep! Beep!" like I was a car and she ignored me because she was talking on her phone with her boy friend. I kneed her in the butt cheek and said, "Hot pasta, coming through!" Then finally she moved.

Later on that night she said she felt like I had raped her because I kneed her in the butt and she had to tell her boy friend about it and she didn't understand why he wasn't taking her feelings seriously.

Needless to say, she's single now.

1 upvotesWoujo3 years ago

Be safe, keep a record of what happened, learn the law, and know your rights. Like I said, learn the rules and you'll be fine.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

...How would you react/feel if a bunch of savage women f*****d you so hard in the ass without even your consent, in the middle of nowhere, left you almost dead, crying for help?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You seem to be describing an actual rape. Buddy is talking about sjw things like "rape by deceit" where a girl can accuse you of rape because you wore a nice watch but in reality you are broke. You "tricked" her into giving consent because she though you were rich.

If you think that that above example is rape then well... You are in the wrong subreddit.

3 upvotesshorting_humanity3 years ago

Hahahaha thatsmyfetish.jpg

-8 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Exactly. Accept the lesson, seek the rules and move on. This is my problem with many posts on this subreddit. Things are shit. It's a shit situation. Grow from it. Keep looking for ways to win.

7 upvotest12totalxyzb003 years ago

is in jail for 20 years

social life destroyed, lost job and house

"I will grow from this haha :)"

gets raped in jail and stabbed

1 upvotesbloodshot_eyes3 years ago

100% this. Blue Pill Bobby stands there in the river, wondering why he keeps getting knocked over and wet. MensRights bitches endlessly about the flow of the river being unfair, and tries to piss against the current to counter it. TRP sees the power of the river for what it is, and uses it to his best advantage. Kind of like Tai Chi, where you use the force of your opponent against them.

upvotessampson1583 years ago

Women's intelligence and independence?

If they were truly independent they wouldn't have to mooch off of a man's salary by sucking down all his child support $$.

When you declare to the world what a strong, intelligent feminist you are, he gets the impression you are aware of the power at your disposal,

I read this as "he gets the impression you intend to collect alimony and child support."

I she was truly intelligent she would know that she doesnt want to be beholden to your paycheck coming in, and would also know that child support only lasts for 18 years, but earning a retirement check lasts for a lifetime.

3 upvotesCrazedHyperion3 years ago

That lifetime may be a lot less than 18 years. Think of all the stress you expose yourself in the process.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

As a 23 female, who aspires to become a hard sci fi writer based in New York, I think men like to be challenged by highly intellectual women. Men seek thrill in words, action in verbs and adventure in life by nature. After all, I must admit, no matter how intellectual I am...I feel weak inside in front of intellectual men. I secretly admire them. For instance, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawkings, Jacque Fresco, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Brian cox, Dmitry Itskov.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

As a 23 year old female, your on the wrong sub

7 upvotesPhilletto3 years ago

As a 23 female, who aspires to become a hard sci fi writer

No, no, sci fi is about John Galt men travelling through space in a penis, landing on a planet whose inhabitants show them we can all live in happiness with socialism. Actual facts about science or society not wanted.

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

How about Cleopatra sucking the whole universe with her vagina like a black hole! From your argument, I can tell you are afraid of women challenging men.

5 upvotesPhilletto3 years ago

Troll LOL Every one of your supposed intellectual saints is a Leftie idiot.

6 upvotesgotyournumberm83 years ago

Men have never sought women for wisdom at large. Name the top 50 philosophers and thinkers of all time. there's probably 3 women there in total. And don't bring up the patriarchy. Men seek wisdom from largely older and more experienced men and improve the environment for women to enjoy and be free. There's perfection in that.

2 upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

...I'd give up everything just to live the life of a humble monk on top of the Himalayas mountains, in perfect harmony with mother nature, in an eternal state of an enlightened consciousness, fully aware of each atom in this infinite space time continuum. I'd fight and die for it!

2 upvotesthrowaway0083 years ago

I am NOT one of your downvoters so you can relax about it. I am quite curious to know how you reached the inference that men like to be intellectually challenged by women?

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I have encountered a lot of intellectual men that secretly confessed to me that they enjoyed talking to like-minded, intellectual women, but they preferred not to express their respect and appreciation to these brilliant women in fear of getting some hard backlash by male dominated societies. This historical cold war on the intellect of women, dates back to most of the ancient civilizations. For instance, Ancient Greece, in Athens, most of women were believed to be intellectually weak and incapable to think properly just like men did and therefore women were inferior to men. This unscientific belief is still to very day! Just scroll down and up this sub, and you will see with your very eyes how to this very day in the 21st century, women are still regarded as being incapable to even write sci fi novel! Which is something that should stop now for it does not help societies to develop further in faster in a given time frame. That is why most of civilizations needed centuries to flourish because the intellect and scientific contributions of women were missing in time. If men keep discouraging, and not accepting the intellectual women to rise to power in society, then logically speaking, a lot of ideas that could shape our future to the best and why not to the near perfect in short time frame, will simply be buried deep underground. As the father of modern philosophy, René Descartes, once quoted: ''The only secure knowledge is that I exist.''

upvotesteh_mICON3 years ago


Ok, 4th time you mention that "hard sci fi novel" of yours and this time the truth comes out. "aspiring"

You haven't even written it yet. Your killer argument for everything we say being wrong is that youwant to do something. Not even that youdid.

Haha. People telling you you can't do it has nothing to do with men being evil, it has everything to do with you starting a man's venture. If you were a man, people would tell you too that you can't or wont do it.

Think of me when years down the road you're still an "aspiring" writer. When you realize your "hard sci fi novel" is still not done or done but it's garbage and no one wants to publish it. Think of me when you want to blame it on men. Think of these words: "it's not men holding you back, it's your own inadequacy. Welcome to the harsh world of men's undertakings"

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I dare all these downvoters to bring it down and face me! Hello, is anybody there? Don't be shy my little girls, just come out of the closet kitty kitty xD

-3 upvotesgecko4083 years ago

This is a womanshater club. Im in ny too. Lets meet for a drink

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I dare each man on every planet in all these infinite parallel universes and multiverses, to come and tell me in my face that I can not make it in hard sci fi. I dare women too! All these downvoters seem to be incredibly afraid of confident, independent and intellectual young women.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

No one cares about what you are doing in sci fi. I have my own goals and dreams and I didn't come to you announcing them expecting praise for an idea because I'm so insecure that praise from strangers is something I can't live without. Why did you do it? Why are you here?

You don't come off as intellectual. you come off as bratty. Do you know how many girls i've seen in their early 20's who were smug beyond believe because they had some artistic goal, and they wanted to cash in on the sense of accomplishment before actually accomplishing anything? i think all of them. Do you think the male idols you listed would be stupid enough to show up to a discussion group on women's issues, then tell those women they must be afraid of his intelligence because they aren't praising how smart he is for saying he'll that he ASPIRED to a thing (didn't actuall do it, just thought about it) No? Then why are you doing it to us?

This behavior is childish, you should have outgrown it by now.

upvotescrf13973 years ago

Defenetly try. You could be the author of the first book written by a woman that doesn't leave me with a bad taste

1 upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I bet 1 googolplex light years away, you have no idea of what I am writing right now! If I just had a time gun right now, I'd shoot you far away backwards in time to the age of Lucy (The first female of the hominin species Australopithecus afarensis, if you even had any idea of the first female to have ever existed on planet Earth!).

upvotesovoxokhalil3 years ago

lmfao very high probability of being a troll

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

How many copies did your last publication sell? Don't just masturbate over how great you're going to be in the future while having nothing to back it up, only losers do that. Only childish morons would brag about something they haven't achieved yet to demand praise from people who most decidedly don't care, so surely you've got something worth bragging about, let's see it.

Link us the amazon page where you're selling your novels, lets read all your five star reviews.

1 upvotesbinrobinro3 years ago

That's amazing! You should publish that!

2 upvotesbinrobinro3 years ago

Not afraid. Just don't care.

1 upvotesatradervish3 years ago

You can make it, but you don't need to come to this sub to announce it though..

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

How about support women for the draft?

How about support something that isn't a easy stance to take?

But its "I wanna write sci-fi" honestly good luck, but ask yourself what's your daily job?

Ditch digger? stem degree? Logger? Cable repair? Military service?

Or do you sit in an office and bitch? Or work at Starbucks? Or an easy cush job that is only made possible by the last 1000 years of males getting killed in wars, and factories and fields?

upvotesLucyLee333 years ago

I have worked in the past as foreign languages tutor and have some legalese experience. I just want to retire for now and start writing my first sci fi novel before the age of 33. I am no longer interested in the ordinary life of women in general. I am only seeking what lies beyond the edge of this infinite universe.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Serious question if you aren't intrested it what other people think , why are you commenting that your a girl and this is your life plan? You're not gonna get support here, go post in two X or feminism to get the rah rah speech support.

upvotesovoxokhalil3 years ago

If you were serious about finding what lies beyond the edge of this universe then why arent you a scientist or any number of careers that would actually push us a little closer to that goal. Work for spaceX. Work for nasa. Not write Science FICTION.

-4 upvotesgecko4083 years ago

Just keep writing kiddo. Ignore the haters

upvotesshizzythrowaway3 years ago

Lol stfu. This is cancerous garbage. Scared of the state? Nah, more like scared that she might actually be more accomplished and adept than you. Get real, homeboy

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