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Obsessing over a slutty past is an indirect pedestal; Assume she's a slut, but don't obsess

by Archwinger | February 10, 2017 | TheRedPill


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There was recently a man lamenting on the Married Red Pill subreddit about his wife’s sexual history. He was a virgin when he met her, and to date, she is the only person he has ever had sex with. When asked, she told him she had 2-4 previous partners. I’m not quite sure why she answered him with a numerical range, especially when there are only three integers included in that range, all three of which are a small enough quantity to clearly remember the accurate number, and none of which are socially embarrassing. It’s almost like she didn’t want to tell him, or was lying. But whatever.

Like most lost boys, this man didn’t understand his problem. He said he felt like he was missing out, which is true. He did feel that way. But he thought that the reason he was missing out was because he had only had sex with his wife, while she had some previous sex before him. This was eating at him terribly, and he was wondering if it would be best if he divorced his otherwise satisfactory wife to have sex with other women.

Obviously, the “right” answer is to forget her sexual history. He’s married, has two kids, and at least by his report, his wife is a good wife and mother. I don’t think he’d be able to take it if he dumped her and she started fucking other guys, introducing his kids to them, and playing family with someone else. Plus, her sexual history isn’t the issue he should have been looking at. The right questions are whether or not she’s fucking him on the regular, whether or not she treats him with respect and deference, and whether or not she stands by his side and supports him as he leads their family forward. The fact that she fucked other guys previously, while he was too much of a loser to get any, doesn’t really matter if she’s a decent mother to his kids and treats him well today, both personally and sexually.

But this guy’s issue was interesting, because he thought his problem was lack of sexual experience, or even just an aversion to his wife’s potentially slutty past (assuming her professed sexual history was under-reported, which seems very possible given that she answered “2-4” instead of replying with an integer). Neither of these were his issue at all, however. This man’s problem was much simpler: He had oneitis for his wife.

He was not obsessing over all the women he didn’t fuck when he was younger. He was obsessing over all of the men his wife did fuck. He had given her all of himself, while he was only getting what was left of her after she had given herself to others.

He didn’t feel like he was missing out on other women. He felt like he was missing out on his wife.

Instead of getting everything she used to be, he got what was left, after her past. And he was consumed with the idea – the fantasy – of his wife, the virgin, and how he should have gotten all of her, not just the remainder.

While it’s not discussed heavily, this is really part of the reason why men are so repulsed by sluts. When we invest in a woman, we want all of her. Not just the parts she has left after giving herself to numerous previous men. We don’t want to pay full price and give all of ourselves for half of a woman.

The thing is, this is classic oneitis. In the case of our example man, he had placed the idea of his wife, the virgin, on a pedestal. He failed to realize that even before she met him, and even before she’d ever had sex, his wife, the virgin, was still just a woman. She wasn’t any more special, unique, or perfect than she is today. She was just another woman. Easily replaceable, and just as likely as any other woman to lie, cheat, leave, make shitty decisions, and so on, responsive to the right stimulus (the right stimulus most often including loser behavior from her man).

Ironically, in an indirect way, fucking lots of women before marrying his wife would have helped this guy out, but not for the reasons he thought. It wasn’t fucking other women he had missed out on, nor was it evening the score before meeting his wife. What he was missing were the lessons best learned through experience: that sex isn’t anything special, and women aren’t anything special. If this guy had fucked his way through a few dozen women, the fact that one particular woman he was currently fucking had a sexual history wouldn’t bother him. Because he’d understand that sex isn’t special, and this woman isn’t special. He wouldn’t idealize what this woman used to be, pre-sex, because he would understand that even then, she was just a woman like any other.

Worrying about whether one particular woman is or isn’t a slut is, at its core, a form of oneitis. Unless you’re a child and just starting to notice girls or travel in some extremely religious circles, all women you meet have some kind of sexual history, and on a broader scale, all women have some kind of life history. When we obsess over a woman’s past, sexual or otherwise, what we’re really experiencing is a fear of loss, a fear of missing out, or possibly a fear of buyer’s remorse. We worry that if we invest in a particular woman, we won’t be getting all of her, just what’s left after her past.

These aren’t socially popular thoughts, however, so the blue pill world has spun a narrative to twist things a little bit, in the form of modern sex-positive ideology. In the blue pill word, sexual experience is natural, healthy, expected, and even encouraged. It’s practically regarded as an essential rite of passage for every girl to have a wild, slutty, casual sex phase, to “experience life”, “figure out what she likes”, and “get it out of her system while she’s young”, and people today laud this as a good thing. Since every human is the sum of his or her experiences, it stands to reason in the blue pill universe that a sexually experienced woman will know a lot of great sexual techniques, will be confident in bed, know what she likes and doesn’t like, and so on. All of that slutty casual sex is regarded as a very positive experience that has enriched a woman and turned her into the great, sexually liberated person she is today.

The less extreme corners of the blue pill world are less sex-positive, but still fairly sex-neutral. Since the vagina isn’t physically used up by having sex, the sex-neutral thing to do is to ignore a woman’s sexual history. She still has a working vagina, nothing is used up, and therefore sex has not negatively affected her as a sex or relationship prospect, so we’re not supposed to ask or care about her sexual history.

In contrast, the Red Pill’s fixation on sexual promiscuity is a fairly sex-negative ideology. The notion that sex diminishes a woman, and if you invest in a slut, you’re investing in a used-up, less valuable fraction of a woman that gave parts of herself to others before you, is a pretty classic sex-negative mindset. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with this mindset over the other two. Because in many cases, previous sex is very negative.

The fact is, we’re all the sum of our life experiences, but not all life experience is positive. If one of your life’s experiences involved having all of your limbs blown off, that experience has diminished you, not enriched you. If you’re a heavily-traumatized rape victim and plagued by that baggage despite years of therapy, that experience has not improved your life. It’s crippled it. Not all life experience is positive and enriching. And the same applies to sex.

The next time the blue pill universe tries to tell you that a sexually experienced woman is better than a less promiscuous woman, ask whether a rape victim is better off than a virgin. Nobody seriously believes that a bar slut who goes home with a different dick every weekend, desperately searching for validation from the touch of men, is actually a strong, empowered, liberated woman. Nobody thinks that’s healthy behavior. Not all sex is positive.

But not all sex is negative either. A wife who has a very healthy sexual relationship with her husband is having exactly that: healthy sex. If her husband gets run over by a truck and she starts to date again, do the years upon years of sex she had with her husband diminish her or detract from her life? Of course not. If anything, her ability to build that kind of sexual relationship with her past husband reflects well on her. Likewise, if a girl you’re currently dating fucked her previous boyfriend, but they were together for three years and had a very healthy relationship, does the fact that she has the ability to form a sexual relationship with a long-term boyfriend really ruin her? Of course not. I’d be more wary of a girl who was with her boyfriend for several years and didn’t fuck him.

Now, am I saying that sexual history isn’t important when judging a woman? Fuck no. I’m actually saying the opposite. Sexual history is vitally important. Detailed sexual history. Not just a woman’s body count, but who she fucked, how, under what circumstances.

But society dictates that nobody is to share this information, and nobody is to ask about it, and if you ever ask, that immediately brands you as “insecure” and an unworthy prospect, which makes it okay to lie to you. The downfall of modern women isn’t that they’re slutty. Or I guess, it isn’t just that they’re slutty. It’s that they lie. You will never, ever, obtain an accurate recounting of a woman’s sexual past, because women know what sells, and they will lie through their teeth to get you to buy it.

In short, there’s no point in obsessing over whether a girl you’re currently eyeing is a slut. You’ll never know for sure, because she’ll lie and take great pains hide it. Additionally, obsessing over the parts of her she already gave away, as though this woman, before she became a slut, was somehow special is a form of oneitis. It’s putting the idea of what this woman might have been previously on a very, very undeserved pedestal. The woman she used to be became a slut when exposed to the right circumstances, so it’s not like the woman she used to be was that great.

So for every woman you meet, you need to do two things. First, assume she’s a slut. Anything she says or does that seems non-slutty is probably an act, because women hide their slut-pasts. If she’s actually a non-slut, great, but the burden is on her to prove she’s an exceptional woman, not on you to assume she’s great until she slips up and gets caught in a lie. Second, pretend to be sex-positive. Act like you think sluts are cool and fun and funny and smart and that their stories, especially the sexual ones, are oh so interesting. Be open and non-judgmental on the outside, while secretly laughing at them on the inside. Make them feel comfortable as they fuck you while you seemingly don’t judge them for their past and silently place them in the fuck-only box.

The burden is on a woman to prove to you she’s more than just a fuck object. Not on you to seek out her favorable traits or to assume she’s awesome until she gets caught.

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242 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

it would've helped to know this growing up. my first gf had two boys prior to me while I lost my virginity to her, and it made me feel insanely depressed for months. Worst part of it was they were not boyfriends, they were not interested in being "official" with her yet she still put out for them while I didn't have sex with her until I was her boyfriend

Now I know 90% of women are good for being plates and nothing more.

134 upvotesGreenPiller3 years ago

I know that feeling bro. I never understood how she just gave her body away so fucking easily without expecting anything. And here I am taking her out on dates and shit feeling like a fucking fool. It was eating me away.

266 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago

We understand, deep within the core of our being, that when a woman fucks someone else for the cost of a drink but makes her real boyfriend wait and earn the right to fuck her, something is wrong.

We tell ourselves that this is right, however. Because "just sex" and "real love" are different, and love is supposedly more important than sex. We try to tell ourselves how lucky we are to have love, even if the sex isn't there. But it still feels wrong inside.

Because those guys she fucked for the cost of a drink didn't just get her sex. They got her love, too. She was more free, more uninhibited, more herself with them than she ever was with her "real love" man. She gave herself to them. She gave into herself and let go. She let them have her. All of her.

Giving yourself over completely to someone like that is love. The restrained mental choice to be with somebody, in a very controlled manner governed by the rules and restrictions we choose to impose, that occurs only in our brains and not in the entirety of our body, is not love. It is self-interest.

When she's doling out controlled amounts of sex to you, and only certain kinds at certain times, and only under certain conditions, that's not love. It's a transaction.

Being sexually ungenerous and making your partner earn it is the exact opposite of love.

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly, it proves the projection of feminism when they scream about being objectified.

It isn't the hot guy she has uninhibited sex with that is being objectified, it's the man who she has "to do it the right way" with. With the latter it's about his wealth, his status and his position and how much of those she can take. With the former, its just about him.

Women hate the concept of being objectified because they know first hand the difference. They know how they feel about the man they are with just because of who he is as opposed to the man who she's with because of what he has. They know the difference in how they feel and what they will do for the two different types of man.

Once again feminism hits the nail on the head and puts it out their via power talk and plausible deniability if only men will learn to listen and understand.

**Great post, by the way. I might suggest adding something about getting her best being part of the equation.

6 upvotessubmurged3 years ago

Thank you for writing this. Where you say it about status, wealth, etc and then the former about him is just spot on.

14 upvotesAuvergnat3 years ago

Women's mind and heart are ruled by AF;BB.

Saying to a beta boyfriend, or a prospective beta boyfriend, that "with alpha Chad it was just sex but with beta Bob it is real love" is just a sentence invented by women to keep Bob happy with his transactional sex situation. A social convention to serve the feminine biological imperative, as Rollo would say.

Beta Bob ain't supposed to discover that the most intense Passion a woman can feel for a man is the one that comes with her strong urge to fuck a sexually attractive alpha, independently of his giving away time, money or attention.

How women managed to turn the definition of that word "Love" from "the uncontrollable and unconditional sexual passion of a woman for her Alpha" (or of a man for any hot woman) to "the contentment arising from fulfilling her need for long-term commitment of a Beta male resources, obtained through the exchange of sexual favors (or not)" is a testament to the incredible power of Female Manipulation working on a social scale.

3 upvotesRoaring40sUK3 years ago

How women managed to turn the definition of that word "Love" from "the uncontrollable and unconditional sexual passion of a woman for her Alpha" (or of a man for any hot woman) to "the contentment arising from fulfilling her need for long-term commitment of a Beta male resources, obtained through the exchange of sexual favors (or not)" is a testament to the incredible power of Female Manipulation working on a social scale.

Nicely put.

I think it goes back to societal Madonna/Whore Complex and well if I am having his children, it must be REAL love, right?

11 upvotesindivisibleremainder3 years ago

this is extremely well put. the standard excuse for "it didn't mean anything, it was just a fling," turns out to be the precise opposite.

26 upvotessorad7923 years ago

This is a great comment and could easily be a full post with examples of relationships from the first half of the 20th century where the women worshipped their men like God.

This is still culturally present in India, where a woman is expected to have utmost devotion towards her partner. When a woman behaves this way the love reciprocated is more real than anything that millenials will label as a relationship today.

It's unfortunate that so many people seem to misidentify these highly transactional relationships as something more metaphysical (like love) when it couldn't be further from the truth.

43 upvoteskevin323 years ago

for the cost of a drink

That she pays for depending on how hot he is.

Because those guys she fucked for the cost of a drink didn't just get her sex. They got her love, too. She was more free, more uninhibited, more herself with them than she ever was with her "real love" man. She gave herself to them. She gave into herself and let go. She let them have her. All of her.

Damn, guy griefs about his gf and you agreed and amplified like a boss. True tho.

8 upvotesTedCruzEatsBoogers23 years ago

Damn son, you've got them book writin' skillz

4 upvotesStrum_Gewehr3 years ago

What a beautiful explanation

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"I never understood how she just gave her body away so fucking easily (to other dudes) without expecting anything. And here I am taking her out on dates and shit feeling like a fucking fool. It was eating me away."

Fuck man, that's me like two months ago

13 upvotesBullshittingNonsense3 years ago

Likewise, needed this a lot. I obsessed over a girlfriend's sexual history and the first she fucked like she was gonna leave me for him. I didn't want the purity to be exposed. But obviously she was impure. We all have to be sad clowns - laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.

upvotesGostkowski3 years ago

My story is similar. Me and my girlfriend were 15 when she admitted me that she had multiple sexual partners. I told her that it's okay and I don't mind, but in fact it was everything but okay. That night I couldn't sleep even for a second. All I was thinking was how I possibly wanted to marry that girl one day, but she fucked several dudes when she was 15.... it was just insane for me at that time. Marrying a chick that other guys just wanted to fuck. Men are naturally repulsed by sluts, but it's feminist indoctrination that makes them believe that "past doesn't matter".

I talked to my best friend about it, and he basically started mocking me for even thinking that she's a virgin, and that my search for a virgin girl is completely unrealistic. I tried to convince myself that past doesn't matter. We were then together for another week maybe, and then I simply stopped answering her texts and calls. It was too much for me to handle. I couldn't go on, it was just swallowing me. I wish The Red Pill existed back then.

32 upvotesbigk123453 years ago

My BPD ex fucked a convict,admitted to having an abortion with him and wouldn't dump him after he cheated on her at least twice. I still don't know the whole story neither do I care.

This was before me.

Afterwards, she moved to another state for a fling. She told me it was a friend because she insisted we wouldn't move in together UNLESS we got married. Afterwards, she slipped in they did date and actually lived together because "she had no other place to live".

Here I was, Captain-Save-A-Hoe. How could those guys treat her this badly? She cooks, cleans, wants kids and is a strong independent woman with a career. Oh, and she loves Jesus and goes to church.

She cheated on me with some bartender, who is a Chad. Before I blocked her on social media, the shit she would say like he is a real man, fantastic guy , made me mad.

That was genuine desire she never had, for me because I was her beta-in-training. I was her "true love", long term project that she despised as soon she finished moulding me.

TRP made me aware of women's duplicitous nature.

upvotesOcupheus3 years ago

Another thing to think about is how powerful a man's visualization skills are. When she told you she was having sex with other men, I can only Imagine what you were seeing in your head. The guy above summed it up right. You'd definitely feel like you have leftovers.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I thought I was going to faint. When I came home, I just stared at the ceiling. It was a huge shock for me back then, I never thought that girl is a slut.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

So what do you do now? Just spin plates and stuff?

I think I'm going to do the same. If I find a girl who's saving it for someone that actually cares about them, then I'll marry her if she fits all my needs. If not, whatever, I'll just spin plates forever haha

11 upvotesgjs6283 years ago

If you ever do meet that mystical unicorn and she's saving it all for you, just wait until she sees all the rampant Sex everyone else is having and decides that she "committed too young without experiencing life to the fullest", and then you come home one day to find a note saying she and her 'work buddy' Brad BadLad are taking a road trip 1000 miles away. While she sucks his gearstick all the way there.

She'll be back pregnant claiming it's yours, and once the baby is finally born swole as fuck with a dumbell in each hand, she'll come clean about the time he was laughing so hard he accidentally ejaculated, it was caught in a sudden gust of wind which happened to blow her skirt up and next thing she knew, oh no! Accidentally pregnant! But because you and she had sex 11 months before, she innocuously assumed it must have been your baby, or else why would she try so hard to save you the money on a paternity test like the caring wife she is?

10 upvotesJaereth3 years ago

Yeah we do a lot of stupid stuff when we are young. It's like the groundwork to look back on once you get red pilled to know how the world really works.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

90% might be an understatement in 2017 bro. Just saying.

4 upvotesvegamenian3 years ago

Eh, I think it's safe to say 1 out of every 10 women will be decent. Not amazing, but well rounded, self-aware, and stable.

6 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

It's higher than that for the right guy- until you give her your true, devoted, exclusive love of course. Then it is way lower, maybe 0.

3 upvotessweetleef3 years ago

I admire your optimism.

Actually, I'd say it needs to be broken up - with respect to women in general life, work, non-romantic family, school, etc., your percentage sounds about right.

With respect to women vis-a-vis a sexual partner, within the romantic context, it would be zero.

7 upvotesjackandjill223 years ago

This is a fantastic post & I agree. Majority of girls have very little potential.

5 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

All women are sluts for the right guy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Two of my friends went to a club and took two girls back to friend 1's house and fucked them. Friend 2 walked in on friend 1 and told him he could hear them fucking through the wall.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and friend 2 is now dating the girl friend 1 fucked. The girl told him she never fucked friend 1 and friend 2 believes her despite him walking in and telling my friend he could hear them.

Fast forward a year. Friend 2 got this bitch pregnant and now has a kid with the girl friend 1 fucked!!!!!!!! I always joke to friend 1 that it's actually his kid and friend 2 is raising his child.

I am not making this shit up!! This bitch already has another kid with someone else and she is only 21! You can imagine my frustration as someone who reads this sub religiously. All I can do is sit back and watch friend 2's life go up in flames.

45 upvotesFieldLine3 years ago

What he was missing were the lessons best learned through experience: that sex isn’t anything special

It may be true that sex isn't anything special, it may not be. Even a Red Pill man can be sexually conservative, having your pick of the litter doesn't mean you're sleeping with a different woman every week.

But I know you're sexually conservative, so you don't actually believe sex is totally meaningless. And from the end of your post, I've finally reconciled my feelings of disgust that come with the knowledge that any woman I date has undoubtedly been with another guy. In other words, the fact that she was with some other guy before me doesn't have to be viewed in a totally negative light:

But not all sex is negative either. A wife who has a very healthy sexual relationship with her husband is having exactly that: healthy sex. If her husband gets run over by a truck and she starts to date again, do the years upon years of sex she had with her husband diminish her or detract from her life? Of course not.

As a guy raised in a conservative home, I don't sleep around. The Red Pill has armed me with the know-how to filter out sexually-promiscuous women in order to find one worth keeping around, as well as the ability to make it worth her while to stay with me.

But it is only now that I truly have no hard feelings towards women who have had sex with a previous boyfriend in the context of a healthy relationship. You've helped me take the final step in undoing years of unhealthy religious programming in this regard.

Thank you.

10 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

The next problem with the religious indoctrination is your limited search is likely to lead to a dead bedroom.

27 upvoteskevin323 years ago

He was not obsessing over all the women he didn’t fuck when he was younger. He was obsessing over all of the men his wife did fuck. He had given her all of himself, while he was only getting what was left of her after she had given herself to others. He didn’t feel like he was missing out on other women. He felt like he was missing out on his wife.

Having been in a similar situation in my beta days, I would say the trigger for his obsession is that she wasn't putting out. He wanted more sex, blowjobs, anal, etc. but she was closed off, so he's griefing that she's holding back sex from her husband who provides for her while she easily gave it up to total strangers in her past. He thought his money and servitude could give her the same tingles that Chad's muscles and alpha behavior did. Rollo talks about a similar case here.

obsessing over the parts of her she already gave away, as though this woman, before she became a slut, was somehow special is a form of oneitis. It’s putting the idea of what this woman might have been previously on a very, very undeserved pedestal. The woman she used to be became a slut when exposed to the right circumstances, so it’s not like the woman she used to be was that great.

Interesting perspective here.

sex isn’t anything special, and women aren’t anything special. If this guy had fucked his way through a few dozen women, the fact that one particular woman he was currently fucking had a sexual history wouldn’t bother him.

I somewhat disagree because it appears to be coming from an Alpha Fucks, plate-spinning perspective, when the context is marriage. And a woman's sexual history determines her ability to remain faithful and committed to the relationship. The more slutty she was, the more likely she will cheat or branch-swing.

her sexual history isn’t the issue he should have been looking at. The right questions are whether or not she’s fucking him on the regular, whether or not she treats him with respect and deference, and whether or not she stands by his side and supports him as he leads their family forward.

There was a time I would have said that if a woman was genuinely submissive, respectful and supportive of her husband, then she'd also likely remain faithful and committed even if she had a slutty past, provided he leads properly.

But now I think even alpha-providers get cheated on if the circumstances are right, so I agree with Roosh that women should have their behavior and decisions controlled because AWALT is so fucking brutal.

11 upvotessqerl3 years ago

...He wanted more sex, blowjobs, anal, etc. but she's holding back, so his grief is she's holding back sex from her husband who provides for her while she easily gave it up to strangers in her past. Rollo talks about a similar case here

She's not "holding back" as it implies she has desire but isn't acting on it. Reality is that she has no desire. She had that desire for her ONS, fuck buddies, and all the others that made up her slut past. Those guys wouldn't commit/provide so she found a beta to provide becuase she's given up on locking down the man she desires sexually. She settled and therefore "she's not like that anymore". At least until she divorces her baby daddy and starts the old, familiar pattern chasing what she desires. Attraction & desire is at the heart of it.

6 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

Which is just another reason for men to not get married. It just hands woman a financial reward for being unfaithful and deceitful.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I think the survey you shared here isn't necessarily solid evidence of that. I do agree with the theory. More sexual partners means women are undesirable, especially casual sex. I just wish there was a better study to back it up. Intuitively, I am pretty sure the conclusions are correct.

3 upvoteslelease3 years ago

Those links were very useful, thanks.

22 upvotespurplecabbage3 years ago

What he was missing were the lessons best learned through experience: that sex isn’t anything special

This is more paradoxical. The more sex one has, the less important it is. The less sex one has, the more important it is. Go long enough without it and it becomes so important it starts to be an obsession.

3 upvotesThaRPTA3 years ago

The other way around too - the less important it is, the more sex you will have. This is the reason for focusing on things like lifting, work importance, emotional/spiritual/philosophical improvement, and the sort.

The well-developed man is a turn-on just in presentation. The sex-addled teenager is the opposite.

upvotesUseForThrowAwayStuff3 years ago

yes as with many things such as water.

1 upvotespurplecabbage3 years ago

Lol, there's a difference between those things you will literally die without getting, and those other things.

upvotesUseForThrowAwayStuff3 years ago

one absence kills you, the other your lineage.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

One kills your cells the other your spirit.

1 upvotesDegener03 years ago

Lineage who gives a fuck. It takes away the sanity.

upvotesSLMC13 years ago

Nexting a girl because she flirts with another guy -- another pedestal. AWALT is about having low-expectations and managing the risk appropriately. A slutty past shouldn't matter unless you're looking for a wife.

41 upvotesdwarfarchist90013 years ago

Nexting a girl because she flirts with another guy -- another pedestal.

"If you kill your enemies they win."

6 upvotespisspoordecisions3 years ago

I take it as a challenge and find it amusing as fuck

4 upvotesNewreddawn3 years ago

It is a challenge, but that's exactly where you don't want to be. If you're knowingly competing with another man for the hand of m'fair lady, you're entering her frame.

For me, any woman who is disrespectful enough to reveal other men she's courting needs to go, because she's just not that into you.

When you're already banging on the reg and she's telling me about it, ok, that's funny and I'll permit it. But she'll never be promoted from a fuck toy.

upvotesRPthrowaway_0073 years ago

And you shouldn't be looking for a wife anyway unless you want to gamble your assets and happiness on pretty high odds that she fucks you over in the end. Thats why no marriage for me!

12 upvotesmainer3433 years ago

I'm too plugged in to understand, what is wrong with nesting because the girl you like flirts heavily with other guys in front of you?

1 upvotesThaRPTA3 years ago

Nothing, so long as you're doing it for the right reason. If you're doing it because she's triggering an emotional response, then you've broken frame and are in a bad spot. If you're doing it, calmly and clearly, because you're not the kind of person who tolerates anyone disrespecting you in public, then you're on the right track.

Maintaining frame and emotional control are the keys here.

1 upvotesmainer3433 years ago

I'm doing it because it did both trigger a response AND I don't tolerate disrespect in public haha

2 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

unless you're looking for a wife.

Which of course no one should be doing given the current state of civilization.

upvotesmr_perfect13 years ago

Nexting a girl because she flirts with another dude is beta as fuck. Even if she fucks another dude.

Admit it, we're all sluts :-)

12 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

WUT? You're cool with your girl getting banged oit by a big black dick? You're the cuck of the century. You aren't a slut, you're a faggot.

6 upvotesredpill-account3 years ago

What is the difference between big white, Asian, or black dick.

The white supremacy leakage on this subreddit always takes away from quality discussions.

I swear some white boys wouldn't care if their girl got ran thru by a frat house , but if she touches a black dude she is "dirty".


2 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Calm down Mr Sensitive. Everyone knows the BBC is the epitome of cucking. They represent the hyper masculine. No one thinks of a little hairless gook when imagining their woman getting banged out by another dude.

upvotesmr_perfect13 years ago

My girl? AWALT bro. She's not yours. If she's "your girl", then you're getting used. Hey if you're happy with that then all power to you~

You obviously are plugged in still.

1 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

If you have a gf she's your girl. If she's not why the fuck to you have a girlfriend? Women want to be possessed by an alpha. Only the lowest of low men let their women get banged out.

upvotesmr_perfect13 years ago

Well we both know relationships are what women care about most. Only the bluepilled would insist on maintaining a monogamous relationship.

This is pretty much what plate theory is.

1 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

No, you're talking about two different things. There's spinning plates and then there are LTRs and marriage. In order to have a relationship that lasts it's needs to be monogamous, at least on her part. Humans are serial monogamists. We pair bond to have and support children.

Lol at calling anyone who has monogamous relationships bluepilled. I guess that would include Rollo, Roosh and countless other manosphere authors. But you're the real alpha sitting in the corner watching your woman get dicked by a better man than you. LOL.

8 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Admit it, we're all sluts :-)

Low IQ, equality narative indoctrinated, crowd pandering humor.

17 upvoteshamstercide3 years ago

At one point I dated a girl that seemed to be the complete opposite from what you would call a party slut: shy, introverted, overly sensitive, liked lovey dovey "romantic" gestures, asocial, bullied in high school. Then gradually she told me she lost her virginity as a teen to some random "boyfriend" she met in a club. Having been woken up this far I can't say I was surprised but I wasn't expecting it. In contrast I was still a virgin into my early 20s but she thinks I was always some kind of player, which I'll gladly let her assume. God knows how many cocks she's ridden since (she says "two").

16 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

Or how about the fact that he now realizes that his wife SETTLED for him. On the other hand he now realizes that the best woman he could get, the woman he chose to marry was some chick that got around, could not keep her previous partners and settled for him. I mean 2-4? Cmon, if you can't put a hard number on that, multiple four by three. Then add x numbers of guys she gave BJ's too. Because I've experienced myself and know quite a few women that won't open their legs, but will open their mouths. So technically that does not count (to them).

That's the real problem here. He did not settle for this girl, he had oneitis hard like you said. His wife settled for him. That's why her having more sex partners is the real issue.

15 upvotesGermanDude3 years ago

Best article I've read on this sub for a long while.

14 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

I disagree-- even in these times, it's not overly optimistic to look out for a virgin woman to be your wife and the mother of your kids. If you're a man looking for a serious LTR, don't settle for an n-count greater than 0. Anything greater than that increases your chances of marrying a hypergamous slut, considerably.

Dude never should've put a ring on that. Everything that comes now is just going to be the fallout of his own poor decision. By all means, plate women like this-- that's all they're good for, but never put a ring on a slut and think you can make it into a wife.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


is this why every religion stresses chastity before marriage

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I usually multiply whatever number any girl gives by 3. No way does 2-4 mean 2-4. For this girl my guess is 12. Probably some of those were even hand jobs or blow jobs. Had a gf, she told me 7, I acted all sex positive, we began to swap stories, within a week she had already related 15 different stories, 3 rapes, gang bangs, 12 girls she fucked, and the time she let a drug addict tie her up, beat and electrocute her. I felt sick to my stomach. We broke up after a few months. She calls me a year later, now that I am not invested in her, her sexual past does not bother me, in fact it is something I can use. I ask her if she wants to attend a fancy dress party with me and another girl. I ask her if she can pull off the Harley Quinn look. She says "of course" (I already knew she would ace it, she is a psychotic natural blonde, the costume is just window dressing for her).

Thanks a lot for this post, only after reading this can I see that my worrying about a woman's sexual past is a form of oneitis. I will work on that in my current relationship. Usually her past does not bother me then sometimes I will get all shitty about it, and compared to me, she was very inexperienced. Now I can see it for what it is. Do you think love and oneitis are one and the same?

10 upvotesskylive23 years ago

Great example of why you have to (pretend to) be sex positive. Laugh and coo at every little slutty thing she tells you and you'll eventually be dripfed the truth.

3 upvotesGabenos90003 years ago


3 upvotesGabenos90003 years ago

Turely great advice, I see so many young men commit to the first chick that says yes; leading to a life of unhappiness if they tie the knot

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


8 upvotesmattstanton3 years ago

Honestly I think the name of the game is just reach the theoretical limit to alpha-ness, both for the sake of girls (because sex is on the bottom of maslow's hierarchy and if you can't make girls "dick-drunk," as one pornstar put it, you're going to be miserable) and for your own sake -- aka do whatever you want with your life after that.

7 upvotesmaddox453 years ago

Wish I would have found the red pill when I was a teen, I would not carry the regrets I have today.

5 upvotesArkAngelEV3 years ago

Great post, and I think you touched on some key pieces. Yeah women know whats up, and it seems in their best interest to obfuscate and evade, then outright lie.

You can play detective, and maybe you'd be great at it arriving at all instances when she spread her legs. That's a waste of time. You gain nothing over obsessing.

I agree that the dishonesty is what burns men, because we like things straight forward and true. If you're on date 8, and she still hasn't had sex with you; but you KNOW she used to go to the men's toilets in a shitty bar for a quick bang with near complete stranger's that tells you something. And it should.

I approve the short hand of assuming she's a "slut", (i.e. had extreme amounts of fun with relative strangers and enthusiastically enjoyed the experience ). ESPECIALLY when she's over the age of 27, and honestly since she was probably 19. You'll need to calibrate and deduce what her life experience has been. It's all well and good if she wants to share that with you or not.

Don't take it too personally if she doesn't want to do that with you, cut your losses and try to find someone who IS down to have experiences with you.

6 upvotesReadSwipedAndBlew3 years ago

But not all sex is negative either. A wife who has a very healthy sexual relationship with her husband is having exactly that: healthy sex. If her husband gets run over by a truck and she starts to date again, do the years upon years of sex she had with her husband diminish her or detract from her life? Of course not.

I think this is actually the key point which ironically you stated, but missed the consequence of. In a world illuminated by TRP, a wildly sluttly background does devalue a woman - but not just because of the sex. In fact, focusing on the sex exclusively is a very beta mentality, and the soppy whineyness from guys on what they "missed out on" is just weakness and self loathing - just go out and fuck more bitches.

But, the value of a woman (character, trustworthiness, enjoyability, risk, etc) is indicated by a number of signifiers, sex being pretty low on the list. In fact, a core part of TRP is that the onus is on women to prove that they are more than just a fuck toy (or not). The thing is, a sordid sexual history says a lot about a woman in terms of judgement, upbringing, character, and self-respect - is is an outsize signifier of value.

So I agree, obsessing over a slut's past because you feel like you "missed out" and cant have all of her (AWALT alert), etc is a form of oneitis, but giving slutty women a complete pass and pretending that the issue exists only in men's heads is utter bullshit.

7 upvotesnantucketghost3 years ago


20 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Let me translate "2-4"

she meant 200 to 400

or if you are optimistic

20 to 40


38 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago

My guess would be 10-15. High enough that the true answer is starting to be socially unacceptable and she feels she needs to hide it, but not so high that the woman is jaded enough to just say fuck all and stop hiding it (e.g., "Fuck it. Yeah, you're number 86.")

Seriously, "2-4" is either two, three, or four. Most breeds of monkeys can count that high. It's not like once you get to four sexual partners, you lose count and aren't sure whether it was two, three, or four. Those are all really small numbers. And all of those numbers are socially acceptable numbers that most women would reveal fairly freely. A woman wouldn't be cagey and vague and say something like, "Well, it was from two to four people" if that was really the case. She'd just say, "Four." Because four isn't a socially unacceptable answer. Neither are three or two.

Women are stupid like that. If she'd said "Four", she'd probably have been believed, but in an effort to try to lie more effectively, she ends up practically admitting her lie.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I didnt read the original MRP post but from what you say I know the following:

woman lied

guy was a virgin

therefore the woman is a proven manipulator and nailed herself a clueless provider. her n count is higher than anyone here can imagine

6 upvotesOverkillengine3 years ago

I know people advocate the rule of three for estimating the real number, and might have been good 10-20 years ago, but I think the rule of cubed is probably closer in modern "no shaming allowed" times.

So 8-64, which if a woman is in her mid 20's and in a high population and anonymity enabled urban environment, isn't an unrealistic number given how easy it is for women to obtain sex as long as they are not wolf ugly.

11 upvotes2comment3 years ago

It's rather fair when the idea of a wife itself is a type of oneitis in the first place. Luckily, I don't plan on getting married. Having kids though...

4 upvotesTrooper_18683 years ago

This is the issue. How to have kids, but possibly not get married.

1 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

Move to a state where there is no common law marriage (I wouldn't recommending putting CA in that list though). There is no reason why you can't cohabitant with their mother and parent them properly, while staying legally safe and smash on the side. I would have done exactly this, even with the woman I was stupid enough to marry, except I was stupid enough to marry.

1 upvotesTrooper_18683 years ago

Won't be too much of a big deal I think. I don't live in the states, I live in the Middle East. Laws here are slightly geared towards us for a change. Plus with things like surrogate mothers, I could potentially have a way out one day when I want kids.

1 upvotesBiteAndThrow3 years ago

You're assuming laws don't change. Like they didn't change in the '50s for child support and divorce and all that stuff.

7 upvotesBipolarKing143 years ago

Everything I knew about women was completely based on fiction. This excellent post is a hard reminder, salt in my wounds.

4 upvotesGeminiEngine3 years ago

As always, awesome content. This is the shit I come here for. I do appreciate your time that you give to this community.

4 upvotesnewls3 years ago

On a slightly related tangent, from my experience going out with a virgin isn't 100% rosy either. I've gone out with two girls who were virgins post-18 and they were quite different experiences.

If a girl is an 18-21 year old virgin then fine, she might just be a workaholic at her studies, have gone to an all-girls school, or whatever. Even for attractive young girls, there are a hundred different possible reasons and it does happen.

But as she gets into the mid to late twenties as a virgin, this should ring alarm bells for you. There may be some emotional damage residing there that makes her far too closed off from men, i.e. she doesn't communicate, she's just a rude person, or she's just lazy.

Yes it feels great to 'deflower' a virgin but there may be a reason why she's a virgin at that late age.

5 upvotesozaku73 years ago

I totally agree with your post, but I have a few personal remarks to how a womans sexual history may be percieved. I don't care so much about a woman's sexual past, as long as the sex is consistent. If I get a virgin, I don't expect any mindblowing sex right after popping her cherry. Likewise, if a woman has a strong sexual part, I would expect some mindblowing sex.

Like in the sidebar about the story of the wife who was a prude in bed but has been gangbanged by 10 guys in college. Who wouldn't be furious? That's like Sebastian Vettel placing 9th in the local Junior Cup, while he holds the F1 World Championship title.

Otherwise, it's like having traveled the world with partner A, and then not be willing to explore and share the experiences with partner B, basically by just sitting at home and not wanting to go further than your own backyard.

That said and the basic "It's just your turn" cliches aside, I don't mind having a LTR with a whore if she atleast fucks me like a whore. A woman is worthless if she gives you just half of what she was capable of, but valuable if she tries to give you more than she ever did.

Marrying a whore that fucks you like a prude is a huge ripoff and is much like buying a used car for a new price. Every man is in his right to divorce such a woman

4 upvotesAttentive13 years ago

She low balled him because she knows she was his first and OP knows this subconsciously but he can't quite put his finger on it.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is a great post. I think on this sub there is a lot of talk about how all women are sluts when they're younger. But to be fair, they're just using they're youth and beauty to get as much as they can before they hit the wall. If I were a woman I'd do the same thing. Most of the men here are also trying to get as much as they can, and employing different strategies to do so. How does that make us any different to women? It's the same logic really, just women have it easier, and I think a lot of the criticism of "sluts riding the Cock Carousel" is just men being jealous of how sexually successful young women are with no effort.

Now, there are two ways to look at this. You can hold on to your conservative Christian values and morals and say "I'm too good for these thots, I'm waiting for a virgin bride". Then wait as you get older and get no pussy.

Alternatively, you can accept reality for the way it is, accept that women like lots of cock and take advantage of that. You can be a man-slut and fuck all the young promiscuous girls and have a great time. The choice is yours.

0 upvotesnilco3 years ago

Ah but why? Your on TRP, a place about self improvment and holding frame, if I dont want to bless a thot with my oversized flesh rod why should I? Sex isent all there is in life. And fucking whomever is week and super beta.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

TRP is specifically about sexual strategy. And what I was essentially saying is that you shouldn't be surprised that young women use their youthful looks to get loads of sex. They're human beings and humans just love riding all the time, why wouldn't they take advantage of their early 20s?

Have whatever standards you want, but don't think you're superior to people with different ones.

9 upvotesrossiFan3 years ago

2-4 previous partners

You can always, always refer to the 20% rule in this case. So 10 or 20 partners.

3 upvotesbreak_main3 years ago

Man this is right on. I was in a LTR a while back and it took me a long time to work through my pettiness about her sexual history. And I never thought about it, but its true that i really was all upset that i didnt have her first, or have her when she was young, or have her when she was a wild hippie, etc. But the way out for me, like you said, wasnt getting more experience, though that would have helped and has since we broke up. but the real solution is to get rid of the oneitis. if shes a good partner now, then stick with her and be happy, if not, then i can get with someone else and be just as happy, or just go my own way.

Thanks man!

3 upvotesmismm3 years ago

I disagree and I think sex is special, for women at least.

I truly believe women leave behind a piece of themselves with each dick they take.

3 upvotesVigilo_Infinite3 years ago

Ah, ye olde glass of wine problem. This is how I discuss the RP topic with friends.

How many glasses of wine (men) does she have to drink (fuck) to become an alcoholic (slut)?

The answer isn't a number. The answer is:

She was drinking (sleeping with tons of men) to fill that dark void inside herself. It nurtured her. It made her feel warm, wanted, complete and validated. This was something she chose to do and took pride in the fact that her choices were indeed her choices. Her adult choices.

Taking it to an extreme meaning that she's dependant on the wine (addicted to the validation of men) and therefore has nothing else good in her life (no hobbies or friends that complement her).

We all do this; with food, exercise, drugs, music, video games, porn. It goes in the opposite direction too. Obese > Anorexic. Socialite > Recluse. Addict > "healthy living".

upvotesSpeakerToRedditors3 years ago

ALL women's are sluts. Some had the opportunity to be sluts some did not.

If you had the opportunity to bed 30 super models you would. Just like she would happily bed 30 Chad's.

9 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

No, we're different. Different programming. We're designed to fuck everything that moves. They're designed to fuck the best one they can get.

6 upvotesundercovervegan3 years ago

Thank you. I read an article recently saying something like 60% of women regret their one night stands. You don't see those same numbers when looking at men and their satisfaction with their ONS.

7 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

Because the hamster always whispers: you can do better. You can do better. You can do better.

upvotesSpeakerToRedditors3 years ago

No, We are all designed to fuck everything that moves that meets our minimum requirements. Women will take any opportunity to fuck best 20% of things that move. While men will take any opportunity to fuck best 98% of things that move.

They're designed to fuck the best one they can get.

keep shoveling those blue pills in your mouth, if that is what gets you off.

8 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

You ever hear of testosterone? We have 10 times more of it than women. Our sex drives are completely different. You're the bp faggot with this equalist bullshit.

2 upvotesdrty_pr3 years ago

My god man. This is some of the most real shit I have ever read. Every man who reads this would agree 100%. Even women reading this would fuckin agree. Top gear stuff arch!

2 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

great post man, learned a lot about being non-judgmental. I mean, A women going to fuck whether you agree or not. so maybe as well be chill about it.

it's so easy for women to fuck nowadays with all the apps and the " sex positive" society towards them. i see why they try and keep most men beta now, with all the shaming and everything. means it's easier to find the alpha fucks

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Holy fuck this post was great. Fiancee broke it off about a month ago and I know she had a lot more partners than me due to being older.

I treated her insanely well. Spoiled her whenever I could, gave her foot massages, all that type of beta shit. It wasn't just to get sex, since we had a healthy and active sexual lifestyle. I honestly enjoyed doing it for her. I wanted to treat her this way and show her how amazing she is. She was my goddess (fuck that's embarrassing when I type it out). Still, I could've given her a very good life. Had she moved to the country I'm working in, we both are from the same town in our home country, she would've had a very comfortable lifestyle.

I won't lie. I made some mistakes, especially in my behaviour and my own personality. We had some fights over the phone through the year and when I went down for my leave our holiday wasn't that terrific.

After she broke it off I thought about the countless guys she's fucked for years before we met. She was in her 40's, divorced and staying alone. God I'm actually getting sick just thinking about what a whore she was. And she always got defensive when I asked her about how many people she's slept with. She's probably fucking another guy right now. Another thing is, she got pissed when I admitted to sleeping with a lady she has met before I even knew her! I didn't want to tell her, because I knew it would hurt her, but she kept going on and on.

This post made me think a lot about the things that happened. I definitely put her on too much of a pedestal and made promises I couldn't keep. I wanted to give her the world but I wasn't ready yet. In a mental, physical and financial state. Though with time we could've definitely worked it out.

I started lifting well again and I'm getting some size and definition back. Where I stay, there is a lot of opportunity to fuck. I will be making some roads and establishing a few FWB for sure. Going to get my job back on track and ace my studying.

Thank you for this post. I had a shit day where I was feeling down and missing her. I was about to type an email to her.

This gave me a good reality check. I really do believe now, women are not necessary for a happy life. I am going full-on red pill. I realise what a beta cuck I was. This will never happen again. For the next 6 years of my life, until I'm 30, no relationships will be had.

I have a renewed vigor. Fuck being depressed over her. I gave her so much of myself, and it still wasn't enough.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's amazing man.

Thank you. It feels good to let it all out and change for the better.

2 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Assume she's a slut. Fuck her like one. Give zero fucks about outcome, unless avoiding pregnancy.

2 upvotesShakaLeonidas3 years ago

AWESOME Post. Men have the Burden of Performance to get the woman directly or indirectly. Its her job to prove her worth.

2 upvotes_TheRP3 years ago

I have to agree fully, sex is not special. I've had sex with more people than I've entered into a legally binding agreement with, or than I've loaned money to or borrowed money from. I've had sex with at least five times the number of people I've allowed to drive any car I've ever owned.

Sex is not the least bit special. Loyalty, trust, honesty - these things are special.

Those three things are the backbone of all deep personal relationships. Consider your closest male friends - the number 1 and 2 attributes that make them your closest friends are loyalty and trust. I guarantee it.

The reality of slutty women is that they derive their ego and sense of self worth from the feeling that they are wanted. The way they go about getting that is through sexual validation. These women will never be able to maintain their sense of self worth through any other means, and they will inevitably need to refill that well of ego in their minds. They are not capable of loyalty, honesty, trust.

Great read, OP.

2 upvotes1v1mebruh3 years ago

have you written any books? because I would buy them

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You say that the reason men are repulsed by sluts is because we get the remainder of them.

Yet you then go on to say that sex and sexual history is nothing special

A bit contradicting there which has left me confused

1 upvotesStythe3 years ago

Great perspective. I like how you point out although interpretation of something is essentially up to the individual, cause and effect is far less so.

A slutty past doesn't necessarily mean she can't be loyal, faithful or caring to the right man, though it's highly unlikely that will happen and far better to be avoided, simply due to the inherent risk a past Iike that carries. On the other hand, a women who has been completely used by a single former partner still had the sense and loyalty to choose a guy she liked enough to be dominated by him and stay. That's loyalty.

The difference is that while both are sluts, one doesn't have stability.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Interesting.. I thought men wanted women who were more experienced now-a-days?

4 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago

Sluts are great. For fucking. Just wrap your dick.

They're just shit for anything more. Luckily, there are a lot of sluts out there. If one particular slut becomes annoying, difficult, tedious, boring, or expensive, instead of playing her game, you just go find another slut.

2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago


2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago

Don't look at us! Women do this shit to themselves.

If this Red Pill crap didn't work on women, it would cease to exist. It's so fucking stupid what women will do.

I was just like you. I thought this stuff was crazy as hell. There's no way women fall for shit like this. There's no way guys who think and act this way could possibly score with women.

I'm telling you, women are fucking stupid. There's just no denying it.

And not just some small segment of damaged sluts. I'm talking all women. This shit works on all women. It is friggin' mind-numbing. I used to respect women until I saw how well this stuff works and how...non-unique they all are. How they all react the same ways to the same shit. They're all boring and stupid.

2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago


2 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago

What you say makes plenty of logical sense. Unfortunately, women aren't logical. The huge majority of women don't hold men to the same slut standards. Even women who say they care about promiscuity in partners suddenly care a whole lot less if the "right guy" comes along.

Be hawt, make bank, have social aptitude, learn interesting skills and hobbies, and treat women like shitty children, and even the "good" ones who swear they hate muscles and promiscuous men end up sucking your dick on the first date, second tops, swearing that they never do things like this the whole while.

I'm telling you, women do this shit to themselves. Deep down inside, they know that they're stupid, uninteresting, shallow failures, and the only thing that keeps them going is the validation of men. They'll say all kinds of words to demonstrate how special they think they are, but at the end of the day, all they're really after is validation. It's really sad what women have become.

If you are the right kind of guy, you very much can fuck an entire stable of sluts, then marry a good girl, and the women play along perfectly, verbally stating that they're not that kind of girl the whole while. It's a little funny.

5 upvotesArchwinger [OP]3 years ago


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

'They are like that for the right guy'. I wish it wasn't true but it is. I took a chick back to my apartment..she out of the blue says we're not having sex?

I said okay cool, I wasn't expecting us to.. She literally jumped on me five minutes later?

1 upvotesGoodKingWenceslaus3 years ago

So would you guys say that The Red Pill is inherently pro-promiscuity? As a Christian, I'm obviously against promiscuity, though I definitely would agree with lots of the ideas of the Red Pill on the biological characteristics of women and men. Is that still a blue-pilled view?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Lmao man, thats a pretty detailed scenario u got there

I suppose that is an issue, however the statistics still show the less partners the less likely u will get cucked. If you maintain your frame with the girl through the marriage, theres no real reason to worry

10 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago


10 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

No its not. Guys have to put in effort to get sex. The guy basically married this girl for sex, while the girl gave it away for free.

The guy gave this girl his resources, while the girl gave him sex in return, but she also gave it to multiple men where those men did but have to give her any resources. So no, it's not hypocritical at all.

-7 upvotesScandinavianredpill3 years ago

you are bluepill as fuck. yes they do exsist. great girls that aren't gonna chase anyone else. what your post is about is jelousy at its core. well written, but its jealousy. you do recognize AWALT. but then you go back into a bluepill mindset. just realize that AWALT. dont bet your life on a unicorn when chances are you are gonna get ass raped.

0 upvotesDatTrillLife3 years ago

Is +/- 20 guys by age 22 considered a slut now adays?

8 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago


8 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

You missed the entire point of the post. Not even sure if you read it. The issue is the guy married, aka gave all his resources to some chick. Where that same chick gave her body to multiple men for FREE.

The number isn't the problem here. Keep in mind that this chick settled for this guy because she could not keep her past boyfriends. While this guy went all out to marry this girl.

So at the end of the day, he became a beta provider.

1 upvotesnewName5434563 years ago

Why would anyone say 2-4? Can't you remember precisely if your actual number is that low?

-21 upvotesEb733 years ago

Man, talk about a bunch of losers. I was banging pussy before my teens, and had dozens upon dozens of women before I met my wife, now of several decades. She too, had a past, as she's a gorgeous and vital women. Never in all of our years together have we ever talked about our 'prior' sexual exploits, as we both know IT DOES NOT MATTER to what is happening NOW in 'our' relationship.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


3 upvotesRommel05023 years ago

Lol. I looked for a single true sentence in your post.

I didn't find any.

2 upvotesRommel05023 years ago


2 upvotesRommel05023 years ago

quick - wasnt responding to you - was responding to Eb73 ...

Responses to your posts are indented. Keep that in mind when you respond or you risk looking like, well, a fool ...

-13 upvotesslothsenpai3 years ago

See, that's the thing about the whole n-count argument. The only one's that seem to want the idealised virgin-brides tend to come from religious backgrounds. They may sound good on paper but in reality, a girl who's too submissive and inexperienced would be boring. I obviously wouldn't LTR a slut that's had way over a count of 40, 50 or even 100, has strong feminist beliefs and fucks a different guy every week though as long as you're of high enough experience/smv, then having a count of 10-15 different partners shouldn't matter too much (at least not enough to fully next them). Chad for instance would end up LTRing or marrying someone who's lived the same sort of degenerate lifestyle as him, I.e. a Stacie.

10 upvoteslong-lostfriend3 years ago

a girl who's too submissive and inexperienced would be boring

No. If she is submissive and inexperienced and is eager to experience and to learn from you, that is going to be a great opportunity.

2 upvotesKeldoclock3 years ago

That can be boring too when you have already been there too many times and are too focused on teaching to learn from her

1 upvoteslong-lostfriend3 years ago

What would I need to learn from a woman during sex, other than those things that get her especially tingly (and, therefore, more devoted to my cock)? And I figure those things out through exploration, not from her sitting me down and giving me a list.

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