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11 steps how to talk less

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17 February 2017 06:38 PM UTC

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The red pill always talk about speaking less. I never found helpful advice on how to speak less. So here are 11 steps on how to speak less and how to be more liked.

1.) Don't argue, people who talk a lot tend to argue a lot. Stop fucking arguing. Its so unattractive. If someone wants to argue you, just Agree and amplify, or ignore them.

2.) Bait people to come to you. Some people won't talk to you unless you bait them (start the convo and let them continue).

3.) It will take people time to change but be patient. People will start talking to you more when you shut your mouth, but they are use to you talking, so give them sometime.

4.) Think before you speak and state your opinion clearly. Learn how to filter out useless topics and words. You'd be surprised how much stupid shit comes out of your mouth when you talk to much.

5.) Only speak about postive things, nobody gives a flying fuck about you, your feelings, your drama, ect. At first it was a hard pill to swallow now I accept it. People react so well about postive topics. Even the ones who like to gossip with you or says its okay to vent about your problems with me, will think less of you when you talk about negative shit. Do you want to be remebered as the guy who is negative or postive? I am pretty sure everyone wants to be the person everyone wants to hangout with to have a good time. Be postive!

6.) If you feel angry, sad, ect. Vent online on a throwaway account, you'll feel better. You can get good advice for free. Trust me, if people think you're happy all the time, you'll become 10x more attractive. Also once you say something in person you can never take it back, but online you can always delete it.

7.) With a girl, talk less, speak more with touch and body language.

8.) If you say something funny, don't repeat the joke 100 times. Say it once and let the others repeat it.

9.) Don't repeat the same convo 20x a day. If you like talking about cars, mention it once a day or at most 2x a day. The more you mention, the more boring it becomes.

10.) Don't talk about R.A.P.E (Religion, Abortion, Politics, Exes). People who talk a lot probably mention the above shit a lot. Don't fucking talk about this shit. Also don't give your controversial opinions like, fuck gays or fuck libearls. Law 38 (think as you like but behave like others).

11.) Lastly, don't gossip and shit talk people. You think you're making that guy/girl look bad. All you're doing is making that person look good. Show you're the prize and don't give those other people relavance. Also trust me people will talk shit about you all time, if someone comes to you and say (bro john called you stupid) Just laugh and say okay.

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331 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

Wtf my problem is I don't talk enough

202 upvoteslowdylondalousey3 years ago

The irony of this thread being posted on a forum full of introverts is not lost on me. It's probably great advice OP, but I'm willing to bet it won't apply to like 95% of guys here.

97 upvotesJustDoMeee3 years ago

You'd be surprised, I'm willing to bet most of the guys here have a lot of substance to them and therefore a lot of things they are interested in, they can talk endlessly on a topic, ONCE they get going.

Also guys can talk too much out of nervousness as not to lose the girls interest, there are also some who are uncomfortable with silence that will fill every silence with words.

37 upvotesLordDongler3 years ago


Any moderately intelligent dude can talk politics for at least an hour without repeating himself, but what girl wants to hear it.

8 upvotesmycls3 years ago

Idk, a moderately intelligent girl maybe

29 upvotesSwallowed_the_pill3 years ago

If you want to turn her on or give her tingles, not many. No matter how smart she is.

10 upvotesmycls3 years ago

Smart conversation isn't flirting, but I still think you'd be surprised how many women find an intelligent man attractive.

8 upvotesBluepillProfessor3 years ago

I have never met one. Have you? I know plenty of highly intelligent women but not one who likes to talk politics beyond women's issues.

1 upvotesmycls3 years ago

I know a few through school and am involved in clubs and stuff so a lot of the women I meet are like super political. Of course every one of them is interested in gender issues, but it does go way beyond that.

11 upvotesPanzerBatallion3 years ago

There aren't any.

Women are sponges. They absorb what they are told, and repeat it. They lack the ability to critically think, so what you find as you form lifelong relationships with women you are not fucking is that their views change depending on who they are fucking.

She's dating a Christian guy? Guess who starts going to church. Dumps him and moves on to a small business owner? Guess who just became the leading supporter of capitalism.

Women don't think, they just repeat what they are told by men they adore - and that changes depending on whom they are currently adoring.

6 upvotesMonsterpiece423 years ago

Remember that sponges grow bacteria on whatever is left to sit inside them (ideas in this case).

It won't be the same "water" when it comes back out.

1 upvotesmycls3 years ago

My mom's exboyfriend only went to church to impress her, and some guy I know's brother actually became mormon (lol) bc he met a girl.

Maybe just like some men are alpha and some are beta, some women are individual thinkers and others are sponges?

5 upvotesImHydeRightNow3 years ago

This is me. Introverted, but get me talking about working out, jazz music, or baseball and it's over, you're losing at least an hour of your time.

6 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Oh don't even get me started on talking about working out. I know the physics behind pretty much every single lift.

3 upvotesshit_with_holes3 years ago

How do I strengthen and stretch the muscle in the arch of my foot? Every now and then it'll cramp up, which is a bitch when I'm training

5 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Often times what is happening on that area results from a muscle imbalance somewhere above. Check to see if you have tight calves, hammies, hip flexors and generally shit ankle mobility.

The body is a whole unit. Poor neck posture overtime can cause back problems for real. The whole kinetic chain is connected.

Best bet is to do complete mobility yoga drills multiple times a day (at least twice). ESP for you poses like the Caterpillar which will help u get the foot mobility.

Watch dis (slightly homoerotic warning*): https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=73ALLiJjanY

2 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago


2 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Oh Yeh. I could spend an entire day discussing low bar and high bar squats and why most people should learn to low bar cuz we fucking sit all day and have glute amnesia.

21 upvotesTheunforgiven1933 years ago

Is this a forum full of introverts?

26 upvotespellrid3 years ago

Many would like to believe.

The theories you encounter here seem very unbelievable for the average man. In the eyes of a person who hasn't internalized the knowledge he finds here, the stories that people tell on this forum seem very unlikely.

Thus you see remarks where newly visiting men try to degrade the men here. They say things like, "I want that drug y'all are taking" or "these people are psychopaths" or "look at all these introverts."

Either they start taking action, and realize over time and effort, that what's written on the forum is completely true, and this IS how the world works, or they leave.

People with biased worldviews always get offended if they read something that doesn't align with their belief system. If you feel offended by what you read here, you are in the wrong mindset.

2 upvotesTheunforgiven1933 years ago

So according to you the average man is extraverted. http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/my-mbti-results/how-frequent-is-my-type.htm

1 upvotespellrid3 years ago


I think you might want to re-read my comment.

I'm talking about the stigmas people try to put on men here. One of these stigmas is calling the more frequent posters "introverts."

Disclaimer: the way these people use the expression "introvert," reflects the pejorative concept they think introversion is: some guy who doesn't socialize at all, is reclusive, anxious, etc. Introverts can be just as confident as any extrovert can be. Confidence is the important part, not how loud you are, or how much you initiate conversation.

Neither extroversion, nor introversion is a negative trait.

1 upvotesTheunforgiven1933 years ago

Ah yes I understand what you're saying.

I doubt the user that I commented to originally meant it that way (pejorative). I think he genuinly believes that "like 95% of the people here are introverts" I was just asking him to reconsider that since I doubt that's really the case. I think that even here it's more like 60/40. Only the extreme extraverts are probably not at home in this forum since it's quite an acedemic (for lack of a better word) approach to courting women.

While "Strategy" is not exclusively the domain of introverts it certainly seems like it is something that the introvert is more inclined to then the extravert. But correct me if I'm wrong.

There have been studies that suggest extraverts are more confident and happy.

1 upvotesMarcus11383 years ago

Yeah, I don't think the use of introvert was meant to suggest that the people on here don't go out at all. We tend to use and understand the definition of introversion to mean someone who's naturally less inclined to spend time with people, and that's not a bad thing (just need to put in more work socially).

And to tell the truth, most people who seek TRP are introverts, and even socially inept. The super extroverted guys had plenty of experience gaming women when they were younger, and don't really need the RP playbook to get laid. (Of course, many of them end up as Blue Pilled, and go through a shit experience that eventually forces them to confront TRP later in life. But the demographic here is still mostly younger guys.)

1 upvotesSMGPthrowaway3 years ago


1 upvotesSMGPthrowaway3 years ago

I think part of that is because extroverts don't see a problem with their personality type, whereas introverts tend to; either they're told they're too quiet a lot or they feel left out of social groups because they haven't cultivated their social network.

1 upvotesTheunforgiven1933 years ago

Yes extravertism is favored by western society

2 upvotesSMGPthrowaway3 years ago

I'm outspoken af. I took to speaking a lot at a relatively young age; ~13. I learned that I was well-articulated and witty and used that to "gain popularity" at an age where everyone wants to fit in.

It turned into me being the sarcastic class clown through high school, which bit me in the ass. I was smart, and could argue with most of the adults in my school effectively on topics I had little to no knowledge in.

Obviously, my argumentative and talkative nature turned a lot of people off to me. Anytime I was challenged verbally, I'd knock the other person down a few pegs indirectly by refuting each point. Cringeworthy shit.

I still talk a lot, and whenever I'm trying to explain my POV to someone it gets very windy, example would be this very fucking comment.

So yeah. I could use this advice. Obviously.

1 upvotesVulgrr_Display3 years ago

In your case you need to make conversations about other people. My rule of thumb is that if I'm talking to people I make it all about them and downplay myself if they ask about me.

1 upvotesTryHardDaily3 years ago

Introvert=/= socially awkward

13 upvotesFlexGunship3 years ago

I used to talk to much, now I probably talk too little.

The trick is to value your own contribution above the group's. Sometimes I tell myself: "what this discussion really needs is a little /u/FlexGunship I suppose I'm willing to help out."

Also, once you start speaking, don't fucking stop and start again. Continue speaking and make eye contact, one after another, with people who are on the verge of listening.

1 upvotesbenbq3 years ago

Have an upvote. Making eye contact while simultaneously rummaging around in my head for the next words is my hell haha.

16 upvotesmagic_carpets3 years ago

Been seeing F.O.R.D (family, occupation, recreation, D-something) thrown around but my problem is after I talk about FORD I have to start making up shit to say or (usually) nothing at all

87 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

DEATH. Chicks are more likely to fuck you if you remind them of their mortality.

36 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK3 years ago

Death-closed an HB8 last weekend

13 upvotesFlexGunship3 years ago

Username checks out.

Also, do they go lower than "HB8" anymore?

30 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK3 years ago

In body and face: yes

In ego: hell-no

8 upvoteschinawinsworlds3 years ago

How do you go about this topic without sounding like a creepy fuck?

7 upvotesPelikahn3 years ago

I have chicks ask me about kids, and I tell them I never want to have any. I'm not interested in rooting myself in one place when I could be globe trotting and having a blast. I only get this life, and I'm far from done with it, so kids (to me) would be a death sentence.

If you want kids you could make statements about wanting to live on through your progeny or some shit. As long as it has (emotional) ups and downs that come from a real place they will eat that shit up. It works even if they want the opposite of what you're saying.

16 upvotesdeville053 years ago


7 upvotesPelikahn3 years ago

I agree that this could work, but WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME?!

5 upvotesjimmy_toes3 years ago

Is this like making comments similar to "you only live once"?

3 upvotesAmlanceJockey3 years ago


2 upvotes8n0n3 years ago

Been seeing F.O.R.D (family, occupation, recreation, D-something)


Read this post at own risk and presume this has been modified by Reddit Inc

3 upvotesAssRole3 years ago

Your actually ahead of the game then as most of these points don't apply to you. As someone who was in your position not to long ago, pay attention to # 2

1 upvotesRun_Che3 years ago

Then #2 and #7 are great advices.

1 upvotesStation_T3 years ago

That's not really the problem unless you have not established value among your audience yet.

If you have established value and are experiencing a problem with holding people's attention when you DO speak, it's because what you are saying isn't valuable or captivating. I would start working there.

45 upvotesirritus3 years ago

I've always followed one simple piece advice.

"People always like to talk about themselves".

If you can manipulate the conversation to people talking about themselves without them knowing things just seem to happen without effort.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Women love to talk about themselves

4 upvotesBongoringo1443 years ago

Great for when you just meet someone, but man, if you ask someone something you already asked them before. Gg no re

35 upvotesGoonerGrande3 years ago

Very solid post. These were some good rules I took to heart when I wanted to slow down in conversation. In the Art of Seduction, Robert Greene talks about taking the "therapist's approach." I typically acknowledge, nod, be interested, smile (when appropriate), and give a witty one sentence remark every so often. Really goes a long way

22 upvotesozaku73 years ago

A female friend told me how she met guys at the club who were attractive and "love at first sight" until she invited them over the next day and ruined it by opening their mouth.

Sometimes, shutting up is your strongest weapon.

9 upvotesKalidane3 years ago

That's often how it works.

When you encounter a new girl, assume you are going to fuck soon. Everything boring or beta thing you say drops the odds from that excellent start point.

Pay attention to what you say. If you realise you've gone down a conversational alley quickly redirect.

21 upvotesArtOfTheBlade3 years ago

Also I would like to add that because of the law of reciprocity when I tell people embarassing stories from my childhood they tend to open up and tell me more personal things about themselves because they feel safe around me. Some people are shy, and it's about the give and take to break their shell.

Edit: The way I tell the stories are amusing, and it comes across as confident not like I'm looking for pity.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


1 upvotesNakraad3 years ago

I started doing this instinctively, and you are right it goes a long way in making people open up to you

119 upvotesRayell3 years ago

The only rules you'll actually need:

  • Always say less than necessary (4th Law of Power)

  • Everything you say must contain purpose to it. (Doesn't matter if it's chit-chat or a three-hour presentation.)

Don't overcomplicate stuff, man.

31 upvotesrefusewool3 years ago

An easy set of rules to memorise but putting it into practice can be challenging.

Changing old habits is harder than creating new ones.

My advice is to meditate and practice mindfulness and being present in everyday conversation. Focus on your breath and you will find shutting the fuck up much easier.

3 upvotespellrid3 years ago

You have to get there somehow. Many of the readers of this post will be happy they got details. When they practice, they can refer to the details in new, unknown situations.

18 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago


18 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

You can talk to everyone but the difference is who is actually talking. If you're opening people and blathering on about yourself, most people couldn't give a fuck. If you open 10 people and talk about them mostly, that's talking to 10 people but also not talking too much.

28 upvotesExpectations13 years ago

You cant talk less with nothing else to offer, its ok to talk less if you are swole af, run a business or have atleast some aura about you. If youre just some douche who makes average wage youre gonna have to sell yourself.

It all comes back to congruence, its hard to pull off mystery when you dont actually have much else going for you.

17 upvotesno_face3 years ago

Lets see if this post can apply its own advice:

  1. Reason, don't argue
  2. Listen, then speak
  3. see #2
  4. Be concise
  5. Be positive
  6. Vent online only
  7. Body language is romantic
  8. See #4
  9. See #4
  10. See #5
  11. See #5
8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

More important than talking less is giving out less information.

I realised this mistake when someone asked what my business was about. Makes you seem needy of validation if you explain all of it. Instead I now just say "i make products".

12 upvotesTravelingShitLord3 years ago

Yep. I need to stfu more. I'm good on my personal life about it, but at work... Vomit.

9/10 talking more into the night dries up the pussy. Kino early and often and then when you feel like you're starting to word vomit, stfu and go in for a kiss.

6 upvotestopapito3 years ago

This is pretty good. I would sum it up more like, "Talk 10%, listen 90%". Think before you yap. Nobody gives a shit about what you think or feel or what you may want. Be the quiet one in a conversation. Ask many questions. People will admire your interest in them.

10 upvotessadmagic3 years ago

The only book you'll ever need- how to in friends and influence people

10 upvotesfranmonkey3 years ago

better for people to think your an idiot then open your mouth and show them, or something like that - /u/franmonkey

7 upvotesWtafAmerica3 years ago

"Better to be silent and be thought a fool...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." -idk?

One of my favorites. ;)

2 upvotesfranmonkey3 years ago

thanks, yea its a great quote

4 upvotesClint_Redwood3 years ago

10.) Don't talk about E (Exes)

One thing to note, if you do, always talk positively about them.

"My ex's are the best fucking women ever(some weren't). I have nothing bad to say about them (I Do). They were all good women while i was with them (They weren't)."

Nobody cares about your shitty ex's and if you have a lot of them it just mean's you have horrible judgement of character which mean's you aren't a valuable man to date. Bad relationships are like fucking a fat girl, I've never had em.

4 upvotespandaholic233 years ago

I agree with Number 6 and 5. When I vented to my friends and some of my family whom I thought were going to be supportive about my ex brunch swinging on me, I didn't not get the support that I expected. Although they gave their half ass symphaty and support, I can tell they've lost respect for me because I've shown my weakness. Lesson learned there.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I like this post but I think its only half complete. The emphasis should be on talking less and doing more.

9 upvotesPissedPajamas3 years ago

I hate saying a good joke but when others repeat it they take credit for it, so now I say my joke and add the watermark.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Could you elaborate on how you add a watermark as you were saying?

9 upvotesFlexGunship3 years ago

"I was going to eat that later, Sarah, now it's going to taste like cucumber." - /u/FlexGunship

3 upvotesIncelNoMore3 years ago

Well, to be honest, if you're aware that you're uninteresting and stupid, that's good advice. But some people are great conversationalists, and while they shouldn't just talk and talk, they don't really have a reason to talk less if it's something they're great at.

7 upvotesYiloMiannopoulos3 years ago

Is it okay to talk about rape?

2 upvotesMrErickAlden3 years ago

Spelt positive as "postive" TWICE and I think I'm having a seizure.

Good advice though.

2 upvotesSpidertech5003 years ago

Thanks op, this is actually useful for me

2 upvotesRaikkonen7163 years ago

With a girl, talk less, speak more with touch and body language.

" A little less conversation and a little more touch my body" - Ariana Grande.

I mean, girls sometimes are literally telling us what to do.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

How many people are billionaires and president like Trump? Also a lot of people hate him, don't forget that.

4 upvotesTestoclesBalls3 years ago


4 upvotesTestoclesBalls3 years ago

He's trying to help guys with Aspergers give him a break lmao

The point is these dudes don't know how the fuck to have a conversation correctly and he is trying to give them some pointers on how to know how the hell to converse properly/more effectively.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is complete bullshit. By your logical The Red Pill useless.

1 upvotesTestoclesBalls3 years ago

It can help the dudes that are completely clueless. You plant seeds and they remember some of this shit and yeah they'll keep fucking up but they will experiment and hopefully start going the right direction until their social awkwardness is unnoticeable (we hope) so no it's not worthless.

2 upvotesStoicCrane3 years ago

How to talk less. Shut your damn trap, pay attention to what's happening around you by listening and express physically more so than verbally. There's literally nothing to it.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If only it was that simple.

2 upvotesStoicCrane3 years ago

Depends on the nature of the individual. As an introvert raised in a sheltered, virtually empty household it's no issue for me. Life molded me to speak less.

My suggestion if you're really struggling is to unplug from tech, social media, and your immediate social circle to commine with the natural environment, learn how to meditate, and learn introspective skills. Most people gab incessantly out of insecurity or accumulation. Tend to what's going on within and it become easier to go without talking for lengthy periods.

1 upvotesntrlusrnameisntrl3 years ago

Man, this hits too close to home. I was diagnosed with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder when I was younger. Talking too much has always been a problem, even now. Will start utilizing this. When I am mindful, I am usually pretty decent with it. It is when someone challenges my ego that I lose focus on it. Any tips on how to deal with the ego in a moment where one must save-face so to speak?

1 upvoteschoosingjoy3 years ago

Stay in the moment. Practice being present without letting your mind wonder. Wear a rubber band or something to remind yourself in these moments to be present. Sure helps me.

1 upvotesntrlusrnameisntrl3 years ago

that's a great idea, i'll start doing that.

1 upvotesgodiebiel3 years ago

So much this, sadly I let emotions carry myself too much.

1 upvotesWardenclyffe563 years ago

Just laugh and say okay.

What if they're trying to AMOG you? Do you just sit there and take it like a bitch?

1 upvotesJowemaha3 years ago

I got a tip on how to talk less yo

1 upvoteslike_jinkies_man3 years ago

What situations is this style of communication to be used in?

1 upvoteslost_in_the_sauc33 years ago

Are there any good books out there that helps with this? My friends have told me I tend to say a lot of idiotic things, yes it can be funny but it does get annoying after a while. I know for a fact if I can master the amount I talk and the things I say I will excel to new levels.

1 upvotesvishnu_the_destroyer3 years ago

Thanks man. I need to apply this to myself asap. I am used to talking too much.

1 upvotesBenjamin-Eastman3 years ago

It is pretty beta to just "agree" with everyone. I understand you should choose your battles, but if it's a serious topic and it's an opportunity for others to get red pilled, then just say it confidently.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Obviously you can think for yourself. These are just guidelines, modify and do it your own way. Never be an exact copy, you'll look like a robot.

1 upvotesSlippinJimmii3 years ago

The problem with most of the posts here are whats wrong with PUA, talking too much and other "bitchy" behaviours are manifestations of the internal. Theres no point wasting energy focusing on your behaviours when its your mindset and internal framing which inspire your behaviours.

What i'm saying is, fix your insides, the way you view and process the world and the rest will come. When these behaviours come naturally to you then you know you've made progress otherwise your just imitating somebody with a more masculine mindset.

1 upvotesrefusewool3 years ago

Very true, but until you've managed to change your mindset (which as you've said is needed in order for the actions to come subconsciously and naturally), faking it until you make it (i.e. following memorised steps such as the ones in this post) can be an effective strategy.

1 upvotesmycls3 years ago

See people whose politics aren't "fuck gays" really don't have this problem where the more they talk the less attractive they become.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's why you bait people to come to you.

1 upvotesVanqhuix3 years ago

nobody gives a flying fuck about you, your feelings, your drama, ect.

This one is so true. I study medicine, and one thing that is really fucking annoying is that when we, for instance, are studying lower limb anatomy there's always that one dude who talks about how his ankle and knee have both been broken like 2 times both and he makes a such big deal out of it.

No one gives two shits about your fucking legs. Even though someone may say something like "Ow, that's so sad to hear", all they are thinking what a pathetic, complaining, attention-fishing fuck you are and probably just want to give you the "pity" you wanted to shut you up.

Having problems doesn't make you cool or special. We all have some kind of problems, and those who have a little bit of balls usually deal with them instead of crying about them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

1.) Don't argue, people who talk a lot tend to argue a lot. Stop fucking arguing. Its so unattractive. If someone wants to argue you, just Agree and amplify, or ignore them.

OP, I have gotten laid simply because I destroyed people in arguments in front of women. I was talking to an industrial management consultant, she was completely brainless and argued something idiotic about government, I replied with 2 short lines that demonstrated why she was not just wrong but completely clueless. Her friend standing next to her slipped me her number as I left the party, I texted her and that same night smashed her on her living room sofa.

It is a great time to show confidence and dominance. But it has to be concise and with zing. It takes tremendous ammounts of knowledge and skill, so your advice still holds for some people.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

2 lines isn't arguing. I mean like arguing for a long period of time.

1 upvotesWoopzah3 years ago

I read this a lot on trp. Agree and amplify. Could someone provide me an example to understand this better?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Q:How many girls have you used this line on?

A:To many, and it works everytime.

Q: Are you a player?

A: Yes, and i'll break your heart baby.

1 upvotesjakeecio3 years ago

Talking less has always helped. I made a decision last week to talk only when I add a value to conversation and never to put someone down but to uplift them. It has really helped and have learned many new things about my colleagues...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

7s very true, with guys I communicate by mostly talking, but with a girl, regardless of whether I like them or not, it's a whole lot of "other" language. Like when I'm with a guy and I don't fully hear their sentence, something breaks up, with girls it's fine.

1 upvotesLadyXon3 years ago

And don't talk about Red Pill (or feminism for that matter)! First rule of TRP...

1 upvotesthestruggle893 years ago

Don't know if this book has been recommended here, but how to wins friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie is one of those books that I highly recommend.

-6 upvotesNeoreactionSafe3 years ago


11 steps how to talk less

The red pill always talk about speaking less.


The first problem is that English is obviously not your first language.

That should have read:


11 steps about how to talk less

The red pill will always talk about speaking less often.


So the problem might be that every time you open your mouth and say something it exposes that you aren't a good speaker because you lack basic skills in the language.

If you were speaking in your native language (whatever that might be) and you could hold a conversation you might find better results.

Don't confuse poor language skills with the need to speak less.


-9 upvotesakaNeon13 years ago

Wow that's really fucking shit advice!

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