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Tupac Shakur at age 17, on being nice to women then grows up and understands the true nature of women.

by jay_jay_man on /r/TheRedPill
11 March 2017 04:37 PM UTC

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He realizes at an early age that being nice to women gets him a lot of friends (but no pussy), one even told him he's too much of a nice to fuck. Idealistic Tupac then goes on to explaining his white knight strategy for getting all the girls, essentially get girls to reject Chad and only accept nice-guy bevaiour. Clearly it didn't work out.

Later on in life he comes to accept that "btiches ain't shit". If you dealing with a cool female (a unicorn) that's cool but if you dealing with a bitch you need to break her ass and shake her ass. At this point in his career he's dealing exclusively with 10s.

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Title Tupac Shakur at age 17, on being nice to women then grows up and understands the true nature of women.
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218 upvotesbrinkleybuzz3 years ago

"Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks ..."

Dr. Dre

"Bitches ain't shit" is a recurring theme in hip hop. That's what happens when you're constantly exposed to the depravity of many women. Be a thug or pimp, get the girl. Be a decent guy, get played. What else are you supposed to think?

72 upvotesTNNRR3 years ago

"I live the thug life - heartless hustler. Just cause I fuck, don't mean I trust her."

  • Bury me a G (tupac)
35 upvotesOD_GOD3 years ago

"I'd give you a bitch but wouldn't give you a joint. Bitches ain't shit now I made my point." - Too Short. Very redpill rapper

20 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Was talking to this girl who is a die hard feminist and sjw. She thought it was a total joke that I'm white and write raps. "No white man who raps is credible. I know a lot of extremely talented people of color, and have no respect for amateurs, especially white ones". Texted her back "in the words of all the great black rappers of all time- bitches ain't shit". We quit fucking after that lol. Shouldn't have been in the first place. Though she strangely didn't mind too much when I told her I was gonna get "trump tower" tatted on my dick for when I fuck her.

Reminder one: Feminists will fuck a trump supporter if the dick is good. Hint: tell her after the deal is sealed.

Reminder two: chicks seem to forget who you are the moment they're not around you. Don't say too much in texts, they'll write you off as if they never gave a fuck.

7 upvotesDarrenF263 years ago

Remainder two is the absolute fucking truth. Went on one date with a girl from Tinder. Both had a great time. She was actually keener than I was at this point. She wanted to meet for a second date the very next day. It didn't happen because of our schedules, but we agreed on a date a week from then. As the week wore on her interest plummeted. Then I get the you're a great guy let's be friends spiel.

Why? So I can take you out again and pay for your meal and entertain you in exchange for what? If pussy is being taken off the table, so is my time. Fuck that. Won't be making that mistake again. This experience and subreddit has opened my eyes.

Girls for the most part just use their pussy as an implied incentive for guys to wine and dine them.

I know this is about Pac. But I feel this is appropriate from Ice Cube:

Sometimes I used to wonder How the hell an ugly dude get a fine girl's number He's gettin juiced for his ducats I tell a girl in a minute yo, I drive a bucket And won't think nuttin of it She can ride or walk, either leave it or love it I show her that I'm not the O, the N-E, say I'm a ruthless N-I double-G A Cause I'm gamin on a female that's gamin on me You know I spell girl with a B A brother like me is only out for one thing I think with my ding-a-ling, but I won't bring no flowers to your doorstep, when we goin out Cause you'll take it for granted, no doubt And after the date, I'ma want to do the wild thing You want lobster huh? I'm thinking Burger King And when I take you, you get frustrated You can't juice Ice Cube and you hate it But you see, I don't go nuts Over girls like you with the BIG ol butts It start comin out the pocket, to knock it But when the damage is done... You can only lay me girl, you can't play me girl For the simple fact that, I ain't the one

If girls wanna be treated with respect they should stop disrespecting themselves by pimping themselves out for a free meal.

2 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Definitely man. That's some truth. Yeah, my friend can't get girls even online. I'm like bro, quit talking to them, having conversations. It turns you to a friend. Escalate quick, hit her sex triggers and have her wanting you if you want something it of it. She doesn't see you at all. You're just a shell, your behavior and how she feels about it is what puts you somewhere in her totem pole of priorities

What Ice cube song is that btw?

2 upvotesDarrenF263 years ago

Yeah I agree man. That is the way to go. Make contact. Set up a meet. Hang out. Have fun. Get her having sex ASAP. And when you're not together in person she hears from you every week or so to set up the next date. No chit chat just set up the next hang out. And spend as little money as possible.

The thing that was most eye opening from this experience was how fast that shit happens. Monday is the date and she's keen as fuck. Tuesday and Wednesday she is keen as fuck for a second. Thursday her responses get blunt outta nowhere. Friday I back off and leave her alone. Saturday she is telling me let's be friends. Sunday she ghosts.

My great crime? Nothing man. Just taking an interest in her and wanting to chit chat. Basically showing an interest in her life and giving her my time.

Don't do it guys. Don't make the same mistake I did haha. Give her as little of your time and respect and money as possible. I'm not saying be an asshole but make sure you're getting out of your interactions what you're putting in.

The song is an NWA song but it only features Cube. It's called - I Ain't Tha 1

2 upvotesmikazee3 years ago

No white man who raps is credible.

Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Vinnie Paz, Diabolic, Eminem,

upvotesthrowawayeasypasswor3 years ago

Do you think there are any girls who would still think about you when they're not around you?

3 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Sure, if they're really into you. They'll drive an hour and a half in the middle of the night they want to see you so bad. Though it's not "you", it's how you make them feel when they think about you. I try to keep that in mind.

1 upvotesfalecf43 years ago

That fucking 'Trump tower' bit made me laugh SO hard. Thanks for that!

2 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Yeah I'd be telling her shit like get ready, I'm about to dunk the Cheeto, baby.

Dude I said the most fucked up sexist jokes to this girl. She was like blah blah white oppression. I was like, I'm not racist. Whites and blacks are in the same boat. It's our Jew overlords that hold us all down. She looooved that. "Hey I'd like to cuddle and all... but I'm gonna hop in the shower and umm.. I want no one else to be here when I get out. You know how front doors work, right? " lol.

But she was hitting me up every day or two to get fucked. They will hamster away any perceived personality flaws WHILE they like you

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

Dude. You have no idea how this bitch irked me. So hot, bomb pussy, but incredibly fucked in the head. I asked her ok, what about native American rappers, Mexican rappers? "They're oppressed too (aka brown), so they at least have some right to appropriate. But all white culture is basically stolen from those who built that culture out of struggle to survive. You will NEVER, EVER EVER EVER deal with any pain. Blacks are TO THIS DAY slaves in America. You're a white man. No one can, has, or will ever do ANYTHING to you, EVER." Literally her words. Like, I basically went full racist/sexist humor in every comment to her just to get some relief.

What she wouldn't take in that I tried to explain to her, is that I've been around a lot of blacks. I don't take these issues lightly or as a joke. I highly value hip hop and rap culture. I didn't have a dad around much, rap is basically what informed me about the harshness of male reality as a youth. "Oppression" is relative. I've been psychologically and sexually dominated by a black man when I was to naive to know how to defend myself. Been ganged up on by black kids on my street, throwing rocks at me. For all your gender fluidity talk, you're sure quck to label me nothing more than a white man. Don't tell me about race and masculinity and sexuality. I've been dealing with it my whole life. It's a two way street. Don't lay your white guilt on me, justifying that I'm worse than you because I'm a male.

Needless to say, the chick got in my head. Bad news bears.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesBuchloe3 years ago

I think the truth is, the majority of people from any race don't give two fucks what color anyone is. If you have a brain, if you're human, people will try to relate to you and see you as similar to them. Empathise with you. But those who profit from it just want to keep stirring the pot, make news where there doesn't need to be any. Yeah there's bad eggs, but it's not even close to the majority.

I can only speak for myself, but i think the reason most whites like rap isn't to "steal" it. They just want to participate. To understand others and where they're coming from, and relate to them however they can, and to add their own two cents to the culture. To show respect for the truth of people's daily reality that they talk about. Realness is recognized, doesn't matter the color. And regardless, if you stand up for yourself, people will respect you, because you don't give them another option. That's just being a Man.

upvotesSara_Solo3 years ago

All of a sudden dr dre is a g thing, but on his old album covers he was a she thing

5 upvotesWreckn3 years ago

Pimps up, Hoes down.

3 upvotesJustDoMeee3 years ago

Let me enlighten you guys on one of the most TRP song I've ever heard. https://youtu.be/WnERfDpCBJ0

226 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Big Tupac fan here...

I feel compelled to add that this dude got a legendary amount of pussy (even at the age depicted in this video). When he went to the Baltimore School of the Arts (before this video was shot), he was already the man.

During that time he was riding back from a girl's funeral and remarked: "Damn...she was the only girl in our class I ain't slept with yet!" His classmates weren't amused.

That said, you're right that Tupac had a huge Red Pill transformation. If you read his letters and writings you see that he was essentially a "Red Pill Prophet." He had this stuff figured out in the early 90s.

49 upvotesjay_jay_man [OP]3 years ago

I stand corrected.

Got a link to his letters and writings I can read?

13 upvotesbigkids3 years ago

Here you go, enjoy: https://genius.com/artists/2pac

3 upvotesVickVaseline3 years ago

I don't see any letters and writings there.

2 upvotes1971240zgt3 years ago

Lyrics. Poetry. Writings. Letters.

83 upvotesgsd77883 years ago

If I'm correct, I believe he read: Niccolò Machiavelli-The Prince while in prison. After that, he was a different man.

74 upvotesJakei343 years ago

Which is why he called himself Makaveli

60 upvotesMuhTriggersGuise3 years ago

On a similar token, I read Midsummer Night's Dream once, so you can go ahead and call me Shakespeare now.

28 upvotespoolords3 years ago

Nah fam you gotta misspell it for maximum effect.

21 upvotespfffft_comeon3 years ago

Slick Rick wrote treat her like a prostitute in '89. There were lots of red pill prophets. A lot of classic literature is red pill.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

there is an old blues song called "A Married Man's a Fool" and it is literally as redpilled as the title.

3 upvotesFunAndFreedom3 years ago

Tupac was a theater actor like pretty much every other gangster rapper of the era, by that I mean that they literally studied theater. Dr dre wore lip gloss, Tupac talked with a lisp, eazy e died of aids, do I need to spell this out for you?

19 upvotesColuphid3 years ago

It's probably a good idea not to mistake Black promiscuity for game.

25 upvotes--Skinwalker--3 years ago

Dude was fucking a lot of white chicks too

2 upvoteskellykebab3 years ago

Wow. Surprising how much higher the women are than men

3 upvotesColuphid3 years ago

Yup. Better odds than a coin toss that a random black woman you meet has herpes.

-39 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

Tupac was also a frothing at the mouth racist who explicitly expressed his hatred for white people many times.

Not sure if you guys are aware of this or are just choosing to remain willfully ignorant due to the modern day white man's love for being racially disparaged and cucked.

edit: ah so it's the latter.

13 upvotesBlackVale3 years ago

So this means that he hasn't said redpilled knowledge?

6 upvotesName_XVII3 years ago

As much as you can appreciate Hitler's art you can enjoy Tupac's lyrics but don't put the clown on a pedestal. I hate making Hitler comparison but it fits given that they both harboured deep hatred for specific races.

So yeah, enjoy his lyrics but don't idolise him or try follow in his footsteps.

0 upvotesBlackVale3 years ago

None of this has shit to do with the post and no one is idolizing him.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesBlackVale3 years ago

You can be prosecuted for something you had no hand in. Your argument makes no sense at all.

-11 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

Why the fuck do I care?

He hates me for my race. Fuck him.

4 upvotesBlackVale3 years ago

Lets not make The RedPill about race, its about giving men power, not some hang ups you have over a celebrity who didn't even say anything racist, you just took it out of context.

0 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

Nothing says power to the people than encouraging them to embrace an ideology that expresses open disdain for their own race!

When are black people going to stop making white-supremacy about race and learn to embrace it for all of its alpha-nationalistic tenets!

1 upvotesBlackVale3 years ago

Dude what in the fuck are you talking about? Your waaaay off the rails here...

24 upvotesTeddy4Prez3 years ago

Check your victim complex, fam.

17 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

That's exactly what I tell blacks and Jews when they get upset over neo-nazis. It's like: check your victim complex would ya?

4 upvotesEarthworm_Djinn3 years ago

Fuck off and die.

Sincerely, Another white guy

1 upvotesGanaria_Gente3 years ago

Lol at this whiny butthurt neck beard.

If a celebrity is RP, the he's RP

I ain't give a fuck about anything else

13 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

Protesting racism makes one a whiny neck beard, good to know.

And I'm sure if a famous white celebrity made a racist speech directed towards blacks it would result in tons of blacks rushing to their defense.

2 upvotesDaeBixby3 years ago

I WISH a white celebrity would talk shit about blacks, it'd be fucking hilarious.

29 upvotesJimmyschitz3 years ago

His parents were black supremacists as well. Members of the Black Panther movement in the 70s and 80s. There's a conspiracy theory that the government had him assassinated due to this history.

2 upvoteswhuttupfoo3 years ago

You think the black panther movement is about black supremacy? What're you on?

8 upvotesJimmyschitz3 years ago

No, not necessarily. They were a radical left group, and obviously started with good intentions by trying to be a civil rights activist group. However, like the current BLM they devolved into hatred towards whites and police. They bought guns and walked around Oakland, CA at night with them. They're rallies consisted of chants saying to kill the pigs(cops). Over the course of the movement police officers and members of the BP were killed and injured.

COINTELPRO was started by J. Edgar Hoover to sabotage the movement. FBI was involved in the COINTELPRO as well, hence my original comment. Not saying Black Panther Movement was necessarily bad, but it definitely wasn't good like any radical left movement.

Edit: So, what I'm saying is that, yes their parents were most likely black supremacists, because BPM consisted of them, and what the movement was founded upon; Black Empowerment.

-2 upvotessocalsolja3 years ago

"No, not necessarily. They were a radical left group, and obviously started with good intentions by trying to be a civil rights activist group. However, like the current BLM they devolved into hatred towards whites and police." And of course, Tupac's parents and the Black Panthers grew up in a time when whitey was still openly lynching blacks and clearly treating them as inferiors. Just saying brah.

1 upvotesJimmyschitz3 years ago

Right, because ALL white people were just calling black people niggers and hanging them in trees during that time. You know not everyone agreed with the oppression of a single race right? They obviously experienced racism but it doesn't give them the excuse to kill cops, buy weapons, spread the message of cop killing, etc.

25 upvotesmr_lucky193 years ago

Who cares we humans are all racist. Doesn't matter what country I go to people are racist either openly or covertly but everyone is racist in one way or another. As long as you know your own value let people talk all they want.

-5 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

If your way of coping with Tupac being a racist is claiming that everyone on earth is racist.

17 upvotesmr_lucky193 years ago

I don't care if he is or not. I'm not the biggest Tupac fan I enjoy some of his songs but that's it. Everyone in this day and age gets offended so quickly. Words can't physically hurt a person.

2 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

There's a fine line between being easily offended and not being ok with a prominent entertainer explicitly stating that he hates you for your race.

3 upvotespilljourney3 years ago

Find that quote for me, please.

1 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

Cry a river. The dude isn't alive. He has 0 control over your life. So fucking what.

8 upvotesTheEagleAndTheSnake3 years ago

He was polarising other niggas. Gotta have your gang if you want to run big shit.

16 upvotesWontonSoup773 years ago

I'm not sure that saying white people view black people a certain way is racist, or did I need to watch longer to see the racist parts?

-5 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

I agree man!

Here's a clip of Hitler giving a non-racist speech on the way Jews view the rest of Europe.

1 upvotespilljourney3 years ago

This is a pretty shitty argument. Different countries, different time periods, different social classes and statuses and different speakers with different motives and impacts on the world. If you're able to provide sufficient evidence of Tupac being a racist I'll gladly agree, then move on and continue learning from him because he was an alpha motherfucker. To be honest though, I doubt you'll be able to because nothing I know of the man lends itself to that thought. Plus his music gets my hype at the gym, racist or not.

2 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

But because Tupac is black he gets a free pass for his racism right?

Plus his music gets my hype at the gym, racist or not

Oh yeah baby, nothing more alpha than getting off to a big strong black man who hates your fucking guts because you're white. If only there was a word for that.

2 upvotespilljourney3 years ago

I don't believe he hates my guts so that doesn't really apply. Besides, I'm not foolish enough to judge art by the person making it. Terrible people can make beautiful things sometimes, it's a fact of life, sorry bro. Also, he doesn't get a free pass, I'm saying comparing him to Hitler makes you look like you're 14.

15 upvotessurfjihad3 years ago

Wow reddit white guilt popping up even in here?

9 upvotesass_boy3 years ago

Wait how is this white guilt? If anything I feel like it's the opposite

4 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

I'm just trying to tell them that it isn't very "red pilled" to praise someone who hates you for your race.

7 upvotesTruthInArt3 years ago

Just because someone is racist or hates you doesn't mean the truth he spills is any less of the truth.

5 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

Yeah and Hitler believed 2+2 to equal 4, who cares.

I had just hoped that a sub full of people who claim to be so "alpha" would have enough self respect to not fall down to their knees to someone who hates them for their race.

5 upvotesaga0803 years ago

I used to appreciate Tupac but in reality he was a dumbass thug that spread more hate than love.

13 upvotesfignootins3 years ago

But glamorizing "thug life" has done so much for the black community!

1 upvoteswdavis913 years ago

Show me proof of him being a racist. Please do

1 upvotesEhipassika3 years ago

He was born in the conditions to make him one. Not his fault.

91 upvotesPeterVanDeWinkel3 years ago

The women who turned him down did so because they didn't know he was going to be so famous. When you are famous, they chase you.

80 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

"back then hoes didn't want me now I'm hot they all on me"

48 upvotesperfectdarktrump3 years ago

Women are going to be women. Didn't Homers wife leave him for rich dude she rejected long ago before being rich?

25 upvotesyomo863 years ago

She almost fucked a sleazy frenchman.

-2 upvoteselezzzark3 years ago

Not only that woman who had huge teeth, most women have bigger teeth than men, for some reason the women take care a lot of their teeths than men do.

Fun fact: women can suck bigger dicks than men.

35 upvoteswhuttupfoo3 years ago

What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

4 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Women have bigger teeth and smaller mouths yet they can suck bigger dicks?

67 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

pretty much almost all his songs teach you life and how to get ahead. gotta read between the lines. us russians love pac because the life back home growing up for many of us was on par with what he sang about, especially those growing up in the early 90s.

many people that talk shit about him take what he says at face value and don't try to actually listen to his words. all they hear is vulgarity, but his songs are actually stories, many of which are about things he witnessed or about people that shit happened to.

the more you listen to him, the more you understand things that you may have missed a few years back listening to his songs. I've been listening to him since 94 and I still have "ah ha!" moments sometimes because I didn't quite understand in his lyrics when I was younger.

25 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

also, song "wonder why they call you bitch".. those that don't know, listen to it

7 upvotesnascentmaterial3 years ago

Epiphanies galore in that one. Spot on.

upvotesMyLittlePonyofDoom3 years ago

Don't forget about the duality to many of his songs. Sure he had gangsta side but at the same time he recognised this was simply a product of his environment and that he could be someone else however this was what he had to do to survive. You could say this is analogous to TRP where sure we could all be BP white knights but we won't get shit from women so we gotta do what we gotta do to get some pussy.

7 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

i know all about UGK man. rip pimp c

-4 upvotesepixs3 years ago

after j cole, tupac and biggie smalls are my favorite artists.

29 upvotesdankvibez3 years ago

It's funny that he becomes a "bad guy" and gets girls. Then during the on clip he says that niggas need to stop giving bitches attention, cause that's how niggas get killed. Ironically, he became a bad guy to get girls and ends up dead because of it.

Just take it as a reminder that the end game of redpill should not be every single man being a complete thug/pimp/player/asshole. Because that's what the end game really coming to be. You all came here to become more attractive to women so you changed yourself a bit. If every nu-male lived by TRP rules, yall would have to up your game again. And again. And again. Basically if this cycle of changing yourself to appeal to women continues, civilization is doomed. (Men need to be able to follow rules, organize, and can't be stuck jockeying to prove who is more alpha, look at the black community for reference)

Ending feminism is the only thing that can break this cycle.

2 upvotesXombie09913 years ago

There will always be guys who are too ignorant, guys who are too pussy, guys who are too religious, and some guys will try and always fail for one reason or another. Others have brought up that too many guys will learn "game" or "red pill" and it will become useless, but I think thats just catastrophizing.

1 upvotesdankvibez3 years ago

It will become useless though, its just a way of "one-upping" your competition. I mean maybe it takes 30 years for all the "too ignorant", "too pussy", "too religious" guys to get bred out. But the next generation will probably be more redpilled than the previous.

Stop acting like you are some genetically supreme shitlord for being on this subreddit. 80% of guys can probably follow the steps of game, and if they are failing, they will turn it up a notch. Things are just going to get more and more competitive for females, kind of like traditional african societies. The men provide very little for society and instead compete with each other for women.

5 upvotesXombie09913 years ago

But I am not genetically superior. I am in fact a recovering incel. But even I know this shit won't happen, its like some crazy apocalypse theory.

And those guys won't get bred out. They will score a post wall ex-party slut, have kids, probably get cheated on but most likely forgive or ignore it.

-1 upvotespfffft_comeon3 years ago

Youre also a dumbass talking out of your ass.

-4 upvotespfffft_comeon3 years ago

Damn son you speak on things you dont know anything about.

E- jesus fuck you guys are retarded for upvoting this guy. Its OK to not know the history of tupac guys. Dont play like you do tho.

21 upvotesDesignerTom3 years ago

"I thought you changed but now I know, can't turn a hoe into a housewife, baby, and there you go"

Tupac Song: There You Go

That song has other good redpill lyrics too.

35 upvotesRPBulletDodger3 years ago

Tupac is a Red Pill God as far as I am concerned...and I am a metal guy.

upvotesMuteCook3 years ago

If you are a metal head and open to hip hop check out Necro. He's a metal head who raps, makes sick beats, and drops tons of red pill truths.

Necro 86 measures of game

Necro Asshole Anthem. He samples Ani Defranco on this song, which is hilarious.

1 upvotesRPBulletDodger3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion bro.

49 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

I would even say the blue pill thinking was just his way to get into the scene. I doubt he really believed that shit.

Also, "I Get Around" should be mandatory listening for everyone here.

41 upvotesjrdnsln3 years ago

"You picked the wrong guy, baby if you too fly, you need to hit the do', search for a new guy. Cuz I only got one night in town. Break out or be clowned."

Should be a sticky.

9 upvotesMuhTriggersGuise3 years ago

I recognize some of those words.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Spanish right? I only started studying last week but some of it looks familiar.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

Maybe. Keep in mind he went to school for performing arts so he's a good actor

12 upvotestherhymerr3 years ago

these are the kidve examples we need on this sub and in life. most times people need a figure head to really relate to. "females dont even hang with females" saying it pac fucking say it. "when these ho's get horny people die" and its true.

-7 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

Try English. Everyone else is speaking it.

36 upvotestop-notch-alpha3 years ago

The only poster i own is Tupac. Growing up in the ghetto he was the only man that kept me moving forward. Rip

12 upvotesdRePe_Thill3 years ago

"If you dealing with a cool female (a unicorn) that's cool"

Unicorns dont exsist

7 upvotesbalamory3 years ago

This nice guy stuff fucking annoys me. the only thing about it is that people assume thats its a good thing, if you are sexually attracted to someone you have to let the other human know that you are open to that sort of situation... you dont get that by being nice simple shit... its not that girls dont like nice guys, its just that doing a nice guy acts neglects the one thing that would tell the girl you are fucking interested in them. Not rocket science... just regular communication.

7 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

Tupac spelled backwards is Caput.

7 upvotesMysticalQuack3 years ago

I remember commenting on this as soon as i saw this on reddit.

Love tupac.

4 upvotessmegbot3 years ago

To be fair though, your talking about a young kid putting pussy on a pedestal because of being so young compared to a AAA rap star making shit loads of money getting pussy literally thrown at them on a daily basis...

...to the point that it probably becomes ridiculous, women offering sex would just seem like used car sales man or door to door sales people.

Completely different outlook on life due to availability, if older tupac just stayed poor and never really amounted to much, he would probably sound like his younger self. (that's assuming he had a normal life, married the first or second women he lays and has kids).

20 upvoteslonewolf-chicago3 years ago

Never got into him, but his legend has interested me. Im an old school rap dude... the violence never appealed to me. Any good interviews, poems, and the like would be appreciated.

15 upvotesmiiike233 years ago

You can't call yourself an old school rap dude and not like 2pac.

upvotesjay14513 years ago

I know more about 00s / 90s / 80s rap than almost everyone I know irl and I think Tupac is overrated. Hella RP but just musically I prefer something less polished.

1 upvotesTruth_Himself3 years ago

I felt the same way until I realized how perfectly he straddles the line between technical complex flows and approachable rhymes using vocabulary for the everyman. He had made every type of song successfully. He has touched every subgenre of hiphop well. This is his gift

6 upvoteslonewolf-chicago3 years ago

In 45. Run Dmc, ll cool J.. Lol

3 upvotesNeed2LickMuff3 years ago

Plenty of rap fans don't like 2Pac. There's a massive debate whether or not he's overrated, with a lot of people agreeing he was (he most definitely was).

Typically it's only white kids and asians that are vocal about how god-like 2Pac is. I've never seen a black dude suck Pac's dick the way most suburbanites do.

1 upvotesmiiike233 years ago

"it's a massive debate but I'm going to decide he was"


3 upvotesNeed2LickMuff3 years ago

"It's a massive debate; My opinion is that he was definitely overrated"

Don't get emotional.

21 upvotesmbillion3 years ago

He truly was a philosopher. You can't detach the violence from the message tough it truly was his reality, a stark, miserable circumstance that was thrust onto him. I truly believe if you listen in chronological order his message begins to change to preaching peace

5 upvotesass_boy3 years ago

Yeah he sure had a terrible life going to a preppy music school and then being a fake gangster that promoted black on black violence. C'mon man you can like his music but he has a terrible message if any at all.

1 upvotesmbillion3 years ago

What's your point? Where he went to high school does not change black life in the eighties and early nineties. Nor does it change his circumstances outside of a brief snippet of his life in which he went to a performing arts school. He attended many schools as his family moved around frequently.

Philosophy is inductive, your attempting to assert to be factual philosophy must be deductive - however that's just not how logical studies work.

2 upvotesass_boy3 years ago

My point is the dude had no real message. He was a talented rapper for sure his flow and rhymes are amazing. But he was not truly saying anything different from what rappers have always said.

0 upvotesmbillion3 years ago

Black unity, notes on the struggle, just because you don't get it doesn't mean there is not a message

3 upvotesass_boy3 years ago

He was a fake. He had no real struggle. I'm glad biggie had him put In the dirt. Edit: And where in the fuck do you get black unity from? All he ever did was divide.

3 upvotesInformalCriticism3 years ago

I am grateful but remorse that black men had to bare the brunt of MGTOW on their own naturally.

2 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

yep. the true nature of females is shown to black men by watching their mothers in action.

black women don't hide as much bullshit as other races of women do. when you see that TRUTH, you act accordingly and when you grow-up dealing with women like that, it's easy to swallow red pills bc at that point, they're "affirmation" pills.

3 upvotesInformalCriticism3 years ago

Exactly. I have to hold my tongue when I hear black women complain about men, because if anything they're the ones we have to thank for upturning the peace between male and female nature.

Black men have done an outstanding job of showing us how to go our own way, even when society is out to vilify you.

3 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

yep. blk women let the world see solipsism, and the alpha fucks/beta bucks mentality long long ago.

you can't tell them shit...they know it all!

they spit out babies by thugs & idiots posing as alphas then later in life they want the nice guy to accept them & those kids or, "you're not a real man."

what's funny is...most don't know what a real man is & that's why they can't distinguish alphas from posing alphas.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

tupac was a straight crusader for womens rights...lmao what are you actually talking about

6 upvotesNeed2LickMuff3 years ago

^ lots of people fanboying here. Funny how TRP, the place where guys all harp about beta orbiters are beta orbiting Pac and justifying his shit because they're in love with him, kind of like a woman will justify a man's reputation when she wants him.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

wouldnt a fan know more about him than a neckbeard pretending hes not beta on the internet? you didnt even provide anything useful...you just got mad i disagreed and called me beta lmao

1 upvotesNeed2LickMuff3 years ago

I agreed with you and expanded on a thought.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

my b i only post on here when im drunk

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Watch with volume off to see a gay man. Lol. Love tupac.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

because they're 50% of the market brah

1 upvotesNeed2LickMuff3 years ago





People hype Pac up way too much. Everyone who knew him said he put on a tough guy act but was really a lot softer than he tried to appear, and I don't know where people are getting this idea that he had a ladies man reputation at his school. I'm pretty sure he's even quoted as saying that he could be at the club and a bitch wouldn't give a shit about him until someone whispered in her ear that it's 2Pac, and how he dealt with the shift of women not giving him much attention to women giving up pussy just cause he was famous.

6 upvotesKh444n3 years ago

so i treat women like shit and they will flock to me? do i insult them or just tell them they are not good enough for me?

upvotesb33k3rz3 years ago

Well you have the right mindset, but in execution you will go much farther with a little more decorum and a little less autism

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Tell yourself that she is not good enough for you - then once you believe that your the prize she will too.

Your game has to be good and you can't simply insult them but recognize that the goal is to get her horny and being nice ain't going to do that (usually)

upvotesServinBitterMedicine3 years ago

You are better than them.

Don't act like it, BELIEVE IT. When you truly believe that you are better than women, they somehow pickup on that vibe. They ALL want a strong man who is better than them, to lead them through life.

That doesn't mean you have to be an asshole, or a jerk, or any other negative term. You just have to be a man. Not even a great man, just a man.

If you DON'T think you are better than women, then tell me why not.

1 upvotesomega_dawg933 years ago

y'all need to read this, print this, and recite this. daily.

6 upvotesnicksnice3 years ago

so i treat women like shit and they will flock to me?

lmao, no. When you get into an ltr, spin plates, fwb whatever, just don't be a needy bitch. Don't be a "nice guy," texting back every opportunity, spending hours on the phone, checking in, and calling her beautiful non-stop. let them figure out they're not the most important thing in your life without actually telling them they're not the most important thing in your life. This whole being an asshole to create attraction is complete and utter bullshit and goes against one of the trp principles "you can't negotiate attraction." There's a lot of dumb mf's talkin shit to chicks thinking theyre getting chicks panties wet, but that's not happening. Unless you're handsome, then do whatever the fuck you want to do.

The most important thing everyone here needs to understand is that all this advice is great if she's already attracted to you. Frame/game can give you an advantage over some other guy she's into but may do all that pussy shit. Playing alpha and acting like a bad boy is not gonna make bitches that think you're ugly hop on your dick.

2 upvotesWerewolfofWS3 years ago

I guess 2pac didn't believe in nofap

2 upvotesMrScats3 years ago

Helps when ur a multi millionaire

2 upvotesChromeJester3 years ago

Bitches ain't shit

If you don't know that now stupidslutsclub will surely change your mind. ALL Women are hoes, one chick dumped her ex of 6 years and started fucking his father...also the mall challenge...what the fuck

2 upvotesTheYeti013 years ago

Reminds me of this one girl I know who one day said our mutual friend is dating material but she doesnt want to date him because he is too much of a nice guy. Thats literally the only the reason.

1 upvotesBallisticTherapy3 years ago

These women don't want nice guys and I hope they never in their life have to suffer one.

2 upvotesDarrenF263 years ago

"Even females don't hang with females"

LOL at how much he hits the nail on the head with that one.

The amount of girls I have been around that proudly say "Most of my friends are guys" or "Guys are so much easier to get along with than other girls" or some variation.

1 upvotesVickVaseline3 years ago

Why does he speak as though his IQ has dropped 300 points after he is older, though?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Tupac died at age 25-26 and had accomplished a lot. He matured early on and had wisdom of a 30 or older guy. I'm nearly 30 and I still can't imagine how much the guy woulda done if he had lived another 5 years or longer. Comparing his life to mine makes me admire the guy

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There are women who I'm nice to (not too nice), those are the ones who aren't TOTALLY whoring out and I want to either be friends with or potentially get into an actual relationship with.

Then there are the girls where you know that it's essentially a waste of thermal energy to be nice to them, other than the human decency you should give to everyone. For example, there's this girl in my high school who I occasionally hang out with who has a nice ass and she knows it. Almost every day she's wearing leggings or yoga pants, and the days she's not, she's wearing some skanky tight pants with some power girl shirt or some shit(and that's her in the winter aka rn in Canada).

If you want girls just for sex, go for the second one, they want brainless sex too.

1 upvotesscarletspider33 years ago

I think the black community had a diet of Red Pills given to them early is because they live in low income community. With so many guys in poverty and unable to live up to most beta metrics they had to Alpha up fast if they were to get anything. Not too mention that many of their women just can't find a man to match what she thinks she worth that they've completely given up on any beta qualities. So it just became about being the biggest Alpha you can possibility be.

-15 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This isn't really relevant to this post but I'm a huge fan of Tupac's music and I've recently discovered a modern artist of comparable talent.

He's called Hopsin and rather than me explain I'll just recommend the following:

Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 The Fiends are knocking Good guys get left behind Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

All available on Spotify.

7 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov3 years ago

i wouldn't put hopsin on a comparable list to 2pac, but i get what you're saying. hopsin actually does have a positive message in his songs.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I hear you, that's why I put the two qualifiers "modern" and "comparable" in there - cos even if I thought Hopsin was better than Pac (I don't) I'd never fucking well type it out for the world to see!

upvotesimbday3 years ago

His music is super cringeworthy to be honest

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I don't mind a few of his songs, but I'm more of a Wu-Tang Clan fan. That being said, he knew what was up when it comes to women...I'll give him that.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You think so? Taste in music is subjective but I prefer "rap" - if you want to use that catch-all term - and so much of it is just bland pop with reverberation and auto-tune cranked.

I'm thinking Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla Sign, Rich Homie Quan and Kanye West when I say that but there's loads of others too.

5 upvotesbooty_boy3 years ago

Hopsin is technically skilled, but offers nothing for someone living a red pill lifestyle can relate to. All he does is whine about how artists who have amassed more fortune and fame than him suck, and blames all his problems on others.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I personally don't get that vibe from his music.

He hates on people who just live every day like hoodrats and say they're "grinding" when it's just wheel-spinning.

He had a huge problem with Ruthless but that's years ago now, but if you didn't know the chronological order of his work I get how you'd think that - assuming that's even the example you were referencing.

3 upvotesbooty_boy3 years ago

The best example I could point to is when he made a song mocking Future's style of "mumble rap", and it ironically ended up his most popular song. He's one of those people that spends so much time breaking people down that he forgets to build himself up, and then points the finger at the dumb masses as to why he can't succeed. Not to mention he has a song degrading a friend of his for getting hooked on drugs, and his verses sound as if he wants pity because his friend has a substance abuse disorder.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I know the song you mean, "I'm mad at the world because the meth took away my homey" is the chorus I believe.

I know exactly what you're saying but most of rap that isn't just pop is a diss track of some sort and at least he's talented at that side of his game.

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