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Commanding 101

by NightwingTRP on /r/TheRedPill
26 March 2017 12:52 PM UTC

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This is a supplementary guide following on from my TRP Field Toolkit. While commanding is used as part of game when you’re out in the field trying to get laid for the first time, it’s predominantly used on plates or LTRs. As a result, you should be confident and proficient in the majority of aspects of base game before implementing this guide.


Women love being commanded. Telling a woman, straight up, what to do allows her to feel safe and secure being led by a strong, confident man. You’d think this was a straightforward topic. Tell women what to do, they obey, job done. Unfortunately, since women no longer wish to love, honour and obey it has made the issue of commanding more complicated than it needs to be. It’s made it socially acceptable to perform the shit test of disobedience.

Since the dominant/submissive dynamic is still the one that creates the best harmony between men and women, we as men must simply find ways around the problem society has presented us. Naturally, we found a way, it’s called not caring. However this is not ideal from the perspective of managing a woman. In experimenting with different plates I have found the most successful method of long term management is not caring less, but leading more. This guide should help you to do that and feel confident in the way you go about it.

Commanding is a broader subject than we tend to give credit on TRP. When we talk about commanding, we talk about commanding respect, we talk about issuing commands and we also talk about instructing, educating and laying down boundaries or rules. It is an essential part of leadership and a multi-faceted tool for managing the relationship dynamic (for either LTRs or plates) and altering the subtext exchange in order to deal more effectively with the plethora of mental and emotional needs a woman has.

From the bloopy perspective, this is the raw essence of the manipulation in TRP. Telling a woman what to do. Which it could be... but in that case it’s only the male equivalent of a woman moving her body in a sexually suggestive way while asking a beta to do something for her. Just like the man can refuse to do her bidding, she is welcome at any time to say no to you. It is because your SMV is high and she trusts you that she will submit/obey your instructions. They try to discourage this in blue pill land because, underneath it all, they know that an order from a man with a commanding presence will be followed by most women. They don’t like this because it takes power away from them and gives it to men, and in the great power struggle of our opposing sexual strategies – they want the ladies to have the upper hand. I don’t. We should have the power. This is the correct dynamic. I would also state that the man being in the leadership role is absolutely vital for the success of an LTR. The opposing dynamic is what causes relationships to fail frequently.

As a point of reference when it comes to game: commands and commanding are used less in the beginning and more as a woman settles into being a good plate or an LTR. The reason for this is that your SMV is not cemented in her mind early on, however once she’s slept with you once or twice she is less likely to presume your SMV could be lower – this is an ego defence mechanism because women need to rationalise that they’ve only slept with men of high value. If they didn’t do this, it would risk them admitting to themselves that they are low value and not worthy of going after the highest value of men. They can’t afford to admit this because it is counter to their optimal sexual strategy. (This is also why you have post-relationship rationalisations from women and the light switch effect, rewriting of history in her mind etc etc. She absolutely cannot let go of the idea that she would never willingly choose to sleep with any man who is not high SMV. Some other factor caused her to make the mistake. Usually some way of framing it that sees the man as a con artist who tricked her.)

The purpose of commands

All forms of command are heavy handed dominant moves. They are the clear assertion of your leadership combined with a demand (not a request) for submission. Therefore they have a threefold purpose:

  • To assert the dominance/submission dynamic
  • To achieve a specific outcome
  • To set the stage for the future social dynamic

The specific outcome you want can be anything from demanding a respectful interaction from the woman (e.g. don’t speak to me like that. Apologise.) through expecting her to control her behaviour better, (e.g. don’t do that – said in a fairly dismissive/disappointed manner) to simply wanting a specific task done (e.g. go make me dinner.) The specific context is what will decide what outcome you want and, when combined with the current relationship dynamic, will inform how heavy handed or subtle the command should be.

The other two parts, asserting the dynamic and setting the stage for the future dynamic are intertwined and both part of the subtext of the interaction. I separate them because they have active and passive subtexts. The active subtext is to tell the woman “you will submit to me now.” The passive subtext is after she has submitted, she is effectively replying “I will submit, I accept that you are the leader of this social relationship dynamic.” Similar to the sales idea that once you’ve got someone to say “yes” to you once, they are more likely to say yes to something else you ask.

Basic commands

In the most simplistic of terms, a basic command is to just tell a woman to do something e.g. “Come here” or “go get that table” or “bring that chair over here.” The important distinction that separates it from a request is that you do not use words like please. It is an order that is given with the expectation that she will fulfil it. The expectation is what gives the subtext its strength and thus why it is heavy handed dominance.

(As a sidenote, you may have come across women issuing you basic commands in a similar fashion. The correct response to this is something like “what’s the magic word?” much like your parents may have said to you as a child, instructing her to change her command to a request. When she complies she is submitting to your framing of the situation and returning to the correct dynamic. You may use commands, she MUST use requests.)

Basic commands are a good way to assert dominance at any time when dealing with women. They’re also an excellent addition for passing comfort tests in a more dominant fashion. For example, you identify the nonsense she is speaking is a comfort test. You issue a command such as “sit” while patting your lap, and then follow with physical comfort such as a kiss. If you want to add further emotional comfort you could add something like “I don’t kiss girls who aren’t attractive enough.” That’s off the top of my head, but the point is that you can adapt this general use to be more personalised to the situation and woman depending on her emotional needs.

It is also a good idea to get into the habit of using basic commands on a first date. Simple commands like “wear a red dress tonight” or “come here” or “go get the tickets/drinks/food” are all excellent ways of setting the tone and the appropriate social dynamic.


Instructions are a softer form of command, essentially coaxing the woman to submit to you. These are useful as a measure of your comparative SMV in her mind, along with all the benefits of a typical command. On a basic level, an instruction would be “you should do X” or “why don’t you do Z?” It holds the same straight talk as issuing a command, but instead makes it a suggestion. If she responds to this as a bratty child, then you know the dynamic is not set properly. Respond as if it’s a shit test (as it effectively is... she’s subtextually challenging your leadership.) While it does not assert the dominance in the same way an assumptive command does, it will assert leadership and imply the dominant/submissive dynamic.

The subtext involved is “I know what to do, follow my lead.” As with all commands, the woman can choose to submit or not. This is particularly useful because instructions or suggestions give a woman the social “out” that she needs in order to disobey you without looking like a bitch. So when she does submit, it is much more telling for the dynamic of the relationship and more telling of the future intentions of the woman (and thus indicative of how heavy handed you can be in the future.)

Simple examples would be “I’m hungry, why don’t you put together some sandwiches?” or “Empty glass here. You should grab us a refill.” These are all socially acceptable things which are easily included in general activities as a cheeky little line and will reinforce the correct social dynamic you want with women. They can also be incorporated quite easily into first dates to test the waters of the dynamic.

Educating/Demanding respect

Educating or demanding in simple terms is just telling the woman how you expect her to behave. There are various ways to communicate this and it is unlikely to work without a set power dynamic already in place. However, if the dynamic is in place and the woman still sees you as a highly desirable man, then this is the most minimal-fuss way of altering her behaviour. When using education commands or demanding commands, there is no room for disobedience as this is breaking subtextual womanese communication in favour of direct masculine straight talk. Disobedience must result in punishment, whether that be radio silence, increased dread or a hard next, something bad that she doesn’t want to happen, must happen.

In general you’ll tell her straight what she has done which is unacceptable. You’ll tell her not to do it ever again. Then you’ll tell her how you want her to behave and usually end by commanding her to apologise and think of a way to make it up to you. Dissent is not acceptable. If your frame is weak or she doesn’t respect you sufficiently then she will probably try to justify herself to you, usually interrupting you to try this. Simple retorts that speak back over the top of her “don’t interrupt me, it’s rude. Wait.” will reassert the power dynamic.

Note: never issue an ultimatum. There’s no point to it, and it implies that you think there’s a realistic possibility that she will disobey your command. Never leave that as a possibility that has entered your head. You are telling her what will happen. The subtext is very simple here: “your behaviour has been poor. Correct it now.” This is particularly powerful because as a man with strong game, you typically speak womanese to her. The fact that you have broken this and descended into one-sided masculine straight talk is a strength in itself, when used late on, as it implies that her ability to communicate subtextually or understand you on a subtextual level (read: speaking womanese) is not good enough and you have been forced to deal with her differently.

The classic shit test response of commanding respect comes under a similar umbrella in my view. I’ve said before that the subtext of dealing with a shit test in this way is a slightly exasperated “I’m tired of your shit. I’m obviously higher SMV than you, cut this shit out or else.” The “or else” in the subtext is always read by the woman since a high SMV man has options. It is one of the reasons that commanding works so well. While she is naturally submissive, she will also test you for your ability to lead her and she is acutely aware that if she won’t follow, then another woman likely will. This is also the same way you’d have a talk setting down boundaries or rules for your relationship, whether that be a plate or an LTR.

Rudeness and disrespect should not be tolerated. There are multiple ways to deal with this. Dread is the most highly recommended method. With multiple plates you can simply switch plate. This is a strategy that has served me very well. However, I don’t like only having one tool to correct problems like this. Commanding respect is the other major option and it’s such a heavy handed or “hard no” response to a shit test, you use a similar response to incidents of disrespect. Don’t tolerate it, come down hard.

Group Leadership Commands

These are the most diverse all-purpose commands. They can be used on first dates, established plates and just as regular reinforcement of the correct leadership dynamic in an LTR. In simple terms they are an order mixed in with a statement of intent. “You go do X while I sort out Y.” They clearly assert both dominance and leadership by providing a plan of action for the two of you as a group while also being an order for her to follow. For example: “You go get dinner started while I clean up in here.” Or “You go grab the table/drinks while I get the drinks/table.” These are also very socially acceptable since they don’t come across as orders despite the fact they are part order. This is a subtle way to enforce the dynamic on particularly bratty women. Well behaved submissive women all react particularly positively to this because they feel like you’re investing in them when you’ve stated you’ll do something to share the load with her. It’s a sort of mini-commitment share, so it’s a useful plate management tool and something to point to dismissively/amused masterly if she says you don’t do things together.

Closing thoughts

Overall, game for me is a bit like woodworking. You’ve got your tools and your raw materials, use each tool correctly and you can put together an LTR a ONS or get a plate spinning. Commanding, on the other hand, is a bit more like moulding clay. Moulding the dynamic and using that to then tweak the behaviours. Try to think of it as a relationship dynamic tool that supplements your game.

As an example of my own success, my main plate (who has slowly learned excellent behaviour), joked once about me “scolding her” for her bad behaviour. She responded well to these demands for better behaviour, but this remark from her is clearly a test to see if my frame will bend at all on my demands for her behaviour. Of course, it will not. After I told her “when you step out of line, you need a spank” she responded very enthusiastically in her body language and demeanour. (Remember, even after all those months your women will still test you.) She was satisfied with my leadership and responded with more physical affection than usual. A beta would have apologised for behaving in a fashion she labelled negatively. Remember that you’re in charge and you’re sure of your decisions. Don’t budge. Tell her she needed the reality check and you command her because you care. When you hold women to account they will love you for it and follow you almost anywhere.

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55 upvotesj33tAy3 years ago

Great post.

Women love being commanded. Telling a woman, straight up, what to do allows her to feel safe and secure being led by a strong, confident man.

Just wanted to add...

It's not just women that love to be commanded. Humans in general do. All of the things you laid out are equally important for leadership, management and authority.

Men also like having safety, security and leadership in jobs, sports, military, etc. This is also what allows the leader to develop a following of other men.

I think a lot of these things you laid out are important for any man interested in self-development. In and outside the game.

21 upvotesOSaraiva3 years ago

Despite his whole madness, hitler's relation with the masses who worshiped him is something beyond amazing. An immensely interesting and extreme example of commanding.

7 upvotessailorJery3 years ago

Hitler changed the political game. He cultivated a leadership role for himself, from scrutinizing the precise looks he was to be published expressing,to the utilization of aviation to pull off multiple political appearances in the same day making it seem like he was all over Germany, Germany didn't stand a chance. They way he ran for and ran things was copied by the very governments that fought him. You want to be the Hitler to any woman's Germany. Only without the genocide.

6 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

Fear is an amazing motivator, so is money. He wielded both.

3 upvotesDarkRenaissance3 years ago

Well spoken. In a group there always has to be a leader, if not you then someone else definitely is. Otherwise there is no group identity because the roles are not set. I've got an example to back up what you're saying:

In college, I became friends with 4 other guys, all of us on the some wavelength. Laughed a lot, went on a nice trip too. Problem was that everybody was too laid back. In time, the group just fell apart after a couple of months because there was no one true leader. I always covertly hated the alpha in a group, so at first I thought this was the kind of group I wanted. Needless to say, it was quite illuminating. All of us are still acquaintances, but nothing more.

0 upvotesTruthInArt3 years ago

I have a buddy who absolutely hates taking commands. I don't say it in an extremely commanding voice or in any forceful way. It's always a suggestion. He just loses his shit everytime he hears that stuff. Even divvying up tasks is hard for him. Maybe he doesn't recognize me as the AMOG but it did bother me before, nowadays I don't really care because he's a gamerfag who doesn't do anything with his life.

124 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

Wow. I was getting bored of the recent rash of lame posts here, and then you write something like this! Bravo.

I think this, or something like it, needs to be in the sidebar. I have learned that leadership is the pinnacle of TRP. Behind all of the heuristics lies a single truth... if you want success with women and in life, you must be worthy and strong enough to lead. Granted entire books can and have been written about that.

upvoteswhattupwhattup3 years ago

I agree. The mods should put this on the sidebar. I already saved it for myself.

19 upvotesAwakeningLion3 years ago

the recent rash of lame posts

Thankfully it seems captain Cringeworthy calmed his tits for the time being so that's good. I was starting to miss seeing actual quality posts on this sub.

1 upvotesag_blank3 years ago

but wymin do this and that because they're witches and the right conditions make any woman cheat AWALT

but good post indeed. not forced, down to earth in most aspects, the kind of advice millenials need

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Nothing is more annoying than value leeches and their crying.

You think this is a compliment for op, its really not. Youve been here a while, and have 0 contributions. Which means, for however lobg youve been here, you havent done one thing that can teach a man.

Not one.

And instead of reflecting on how 200k guys cant seem to sort out a si gle lesson in 4 years, you high 5 the 20 or so guys who have been, as if yoire the 6th man on the field.

Cant even be bothered to try any of it, and report what worked and what didnt.

Fuck say what you will of low quality posts, they are trying to contribute

-17 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

You are projecting your morality onto me, and it doesn't mean much to me, brother. Furthermore, there are apparently many that agree with me.

I enjoy reading the posts, but I have no desire to generate content. I'm okay with that, and you should be, too.

19 upvotesPaperStreetVilla3 years ago


1 upvotesRedPillFusion3 years ago

Right or wrong, he's not projecting his morality onto you. He's besmirching your dig about quality posts. Considering he's a top 5% contributor, it's a fair observation on his part - and at least ostensibly a responsibility of his as endorsed contributor - to point out concern trolling, even when the trolling is passive aggressive.

upvotesRafsimon3 years ago

Stop complaining about posts if you don't write any....anyone can be a critic, if you're tired of the low bar for posts increase it by writing your own.

-9 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

Or you can fuck off and I will do as I please.

-6 upvotesStudntRdyTeachrApear3 years ago

Edgy as fuck bruh you must be so alpha

29 upvoteswhythecynic3 years ago

Commanding men successfully is a much simpler affair. Do what you do well, own your mistakes, socialize / fraternize with your men, and be decisive. Would you look at that- that's basic TRP.

This is what being in the top n% means. You are respected in your social circle, and the men come to you. The women will follow.

This also means that you have to have a good social circle. Being a jacked Viking CEO doesn't mean anything if your social circle is your local D&D group. Having a bunch of fat nerds look up to you doesn't exemplify your value as much as having a group of professionals respect you.

Closing remarks: find other valuable men, and be valuable enough to gain their respect. Be strong and capable enough to command the lesser ones. The women will follow. Commanding them is a different affair, and OP's guide is stellar.

2 upvotesTheclouddude3 years ago

Can someone explain the jacked Viking CEO reference? It seemed funny.

upvoteslancer0003 years ago

My D&D Dungeon Master told me about TRP. I'm a tiny kid, while the veteran gamers are gym freaks & chick magnets. But yeah, I get all the young girls, coz I train in martial arts & can take 3 of them at one time.

12 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

-D&D player


-Can beat up numerous chick magnets at once

-Gets all the pussy

Did I miss a "/s" at the end of all this?

3 upvotesdakanos3 years ago


That's unusual to say the least. Although I do appreciate the occasional D&D game with the pals, and I also can take them all since I do martial arts. I wasn't expecting to see someone sharing my exact hobbies, especially here.

Life is weird x)

EDIT: Great post by the way. Leading, that's something we all need, one way or another.

14 upvotesihelpwithredcapsule3 years ago

This is absolutely sidebar material. From personal experience it seems that this skill would come naturally to a man who has achieved the SMV required for women to follow his commands; however, I realise that we all progress differently through the red pill journey. And now that I think about it, it is an extreme confidence booster for beginners when women follow their commands, and will in turn strengthen their frame. Great content as usual.

4 upvotesrigbed3 years ago

Many women will happily follow most men's commands, and guys will be surprised.

6 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

It's strange when you first realise because you think they're playing you for some reason. It is a strange concept I had to read about to understand properly.

9 upvotesmmkzero33 years ago

What if she doesn't do what you commanded her?

7 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

Treat it like the shit test it is.

0 upvotesmmkzero33 years ago

no man, just shows that she doesn't respect you

7 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

Disobedience is either a shit test or a declaration that your SMV is too low and she doesn't see you as a fuckable man. If you wish to insist upon it being her having no respect for you, then the question follows as to why you're wasting your time on a woman who doesn't see you as a fuckable man?

-1 upvotesmmkzero33 years ago

I don't waste my time because that girl sits next to me in classes, saying it's meaningless

1 upvotesAskada3 years ago

It's kinda sad some of you people don't even uderstand what have you just read, if it's not some bulletpoint PUA bullshit.

4 upvotesfailingtheturingtest3 years ago


One thing I need to work on, is a little more 'commanding' and less 'leading'. I find myself still doing much more of the group orders rather than just straight orders/commands. I suppose it is to 'qualify' myself to give an order, rather than show that I am already qualified and she needs to accept it.

Disobedience must result in punishment, whether that be radio silence, increased dread or a hard next, something bad that she doesn’t want to happen, must happen.

I'd add that the hard part is that this is usually something you don't want to happen either. Most blokes don't want to next a sheila for misbehaving, which is why they find excuses to let her get away with it. And that is why it must be done.

edit: Leadership/Commanding. I've just realised that I'm much more comfortable commanding other blokes/friends than dates/plates/ONS (previous FWB already knew me from social circle, so my command was already in place). Perhaps that's something I need to draw from.

8 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

I'd add that the hard part is that this is usually something you don't want to happen either.

This is a problem from the depths of blue pill conditioning. There is ultimately one card in your hand that you must never give up and always be willing to play if things are far enough along that your game requires you to play it. That is walking away. Whether it be a chick you've just met or a 10 year relationship. That card is always in your hand and you must be prepared to play it.

If you give up that card, then you lose. The very top thing on the blue pill list is to exploit man's love for woman to make him give up that card as early and often as possible. It gives free reign to the feminine sexual strategy because you now aren't going to withdraw your commitment. That's an ideal scenario for the feminine sexual strategy. Dread is simply raising this card up and showing it to her. If you play it, she loses. You don't necessarily win, but she definitely loses if she cares about keeping you.

But yeah, if you want to keep a woman around long term then learning commanding alongside your other game skills like dread is essential. It's not reasonable to soft next an LTR later on (early on is fine and advised) and not think it's going to cause additional problems.

1 upvotesWhorehouseVet3 years ago

It's a good explanation for dread game. It's mutual destruction, like during the Cold War. Of course with dread game, you have to have a higher SMV to ensure she loses more than you.

Always have options.

4 upvotesGreenPiller3 years ago

It's weird, I used to date a girl that would get pissed everytime her mother tried to scold her or tell her what to do. But everytime I did it she didn't seem to mind at all. She never talked back and always agreed to do whatever I wanted. Never understood why, maybe she respected me more?

upvotesMangoinhand3 years ago

"In general you’ll tell her straight what she has done which is unacceptable. You’ll tell her not to do it ever again. Then you’ll tell her how you want her to behave and usually end by commanding her to apologise and think of a way to make it up to you."

Sounds like Guy Drama. Why do you desire to be respected so much so that you will set "her straight"? Wouldn't a Soft Next be equally or more effective at accomplishing the same ends?

4 upvotesesrevinUehTfOretsaM3 years ago

Correcting her behaviour in this manner essentially strengthens the dominant/submissive dynamic between you and the plate. It sets boundaries in a masculine straight-talk manner instead of the usual womanese you use to interact with her, which subtextually conveys that she has done something really wrong (to us as men it's obvious because it's already in the message) because you switch the medium to command the needed respect.

Whether you should soft next or use this tool depends on the context, if she disrespects you on the first date just next her, if she's been a good plate for a few months you command her.

0 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

I think OPs context is you do this through action, not verbally.

This is the sentence previous to what you quoted: "Disobedience must result in punishment, whether that be radio silence, increased dread or a hard next, something bad that she doesn’t want to happen, must happen."

4 upvotesJakei343 years ago

Recently had a conversation with a girl. A sexual one. I implied a man asserting domincance throughout sex and everyday actions and she went "YESSS."

I rest my case.

2 upvotespurplecabbage3 years ago

This all sounds great and is something I will refer to in the future. Well written, concise, and germane AF. Well done!

2 upvotesTGHOW13 years ago

So one of my long term plates received my commands very well today. I don't see her often as she lives in another country. I sent her some money and told her to go buy some red lingerie (she is college student and has limited income) and model it for me. She couldn't agree fast enough.

I sent the message to her as I started reading the comments to this post and by the time I finished reading she had already been online and sent pics of 2 things asking which I preferred.

My response was, I told you to go buy something and model it for me NOT ask me twenty questions. She said, "I will obey you." Gotta love this technique.

2 upvotesTexasThomas3 years ago

Great subject, brilliantly-written.

In regard to the topic of commands....and this is no exaggeration: I have gained a new, glowing, giddy wife when I started telling her what to do (and what not to do). Between that and using the magical word "no," these two techniques have given us a whole new dynamic. She is not even the same person anymore...in fact, she's so friggin' happily-compliant and eager to take directions that sometimes it's hard to gin up any friction at all, which is needed for sexual tension. I often find myself having to create tension artificially.

2 upvotesREYMIFAH3 years ago

How do I deal with this shit test?

"You're always telling me what to do"

3 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

How I deal with it and how you would deal with it are two different questions. What you want to know is how you would deal with it because you are not me. I'd probably use a mocking A&A. Maybe you'd do better to ignore it. I don't know you or your personality or style of game.

Look at all the game options available and play to your strengths. You'll find my take on shit tests along with comparable examples and reasoning in my TRP Field Toolkit guide part 3. It is in my submission history and on the AskTRP sidebar. This will give you more than enough information to make up your mind on what will suit you for that particular situation. Keep your game as natural as you can. Remember, you're dealing with a silly little child who's just saying dumb shit because her fee fees told her to.

1 upvotesREYMIFAH3 years ago

Usually I just look at her with a dumb "of course" expression on my face and say "hah, yeah"

That sometimes turns into her saying "you're mean/rude, blah blah"

Thanks for the reply, I'm going to read the Field Toolkit you made

3 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

That sometimes turns into her saying "you're mean/rude, blah blah"

That essentially means you've passed if she doesn't leave you immediately upon saying it. It's basically sarcasm.

1 upvotesREYMIFAH3 years ago

Word. I pass that shit all the time

It's just annoying cause its a consistent thing

2 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

Then either raise your SMV or start asserting yourself more if it's irritating you. Frame it as you helping her out because she's useless at knowing what to do and doesn't do it without you telling her, you're sick of her whinging about it/being ungrateful and disrespectful for your help and you want her to stop complaining needlessly unless it's something which is a genuine bad. (If your orders are good, she now has no justification for this.)

The downside to the heavy handed assertion of dominance/command respect response to a shit test is if she doesn't submit she'll either try to turn it into a lengthy argument (it's a not a discussion or a negotiation) or she'll behave like a bratty child and sulk. Both of which are unacceptable responses and should result in at least a 2 day radio silence and soft next. Possibly even a hard next if she's disrespectful enough and you think there's no saving things.

The fact it keeps coming up is your feedback mate. She's still not certain of your SMV, or she is crying out in distress for reason to have more confidence in your leadership. If it's the latter then commanding respect is the exact response needed and will fix the issue. If it's the former then it could work or it could blow up in your face.

You're the guy on the ground so I'll leave it to your judgement as to what you think is going on.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesREYMIFAH3 years ago

How about this one?!

"You never listen to me"

1 upvotesOzzyDaGrouch3 years ago

Lol no man that's putting the actual weight of her mistakes on her. She's not your equal don't treat her like one

1 upvotesREYMIFAH3 years ago

Should've worded that better... She says "you never listen to me"

3 upvotesOzzyDaGrouch3 years ago

My bad I misunderstood. I follow my own indoctrinations but I'll tell you what I would say:

"And you're never happy girl! Leme see you smile" (😁😁😁)

(Tickling/ flirtatious kino)

"I do whatever IIIII want, didn't you know???!!!" (Kiss on the forehead or big sign of affection like a tight hug) then drop it and change the subject "So how's your roomates toe doing? Getting better??". If she continues to hamster the previous convo continue to ignore and change the subject, if she calls you out for ignoring, soft pass, if she continues after ghosting for a while, hard pass, etc

They're children, remember? Follow that rule and it'll get you past so much in terms of shit test tbh.

2 upvotesTheSupr3m3Justic33 years ago

Since the dominant/submissive dynamic is still the one that creates the best harmony between men and women

This is the most profound statement of the whole article and should set the mindset of why this is so important.

@NightwingTRP : You have been not only a consistent contributor to TRP, but also a god damn godsend. Your posts are always full of meaning and useful wisdom. Thank you! Brother.

2 upvoteslancer0003 years ago

Great knowledge. Thank you brother.

2 upvotes102117991073 years ago

Great post man. Thank you. I command my LTR regularly in the method you describe with "you go get us this while I get this". Hasn't failed yet. I also like to command her to take her bottoms off so I can see her ass walking around my flat. My side plate, when I see her in another province, does this too when I tell her to. They love it.

upvotesdelayedufo3 years ago

Great contribution, reading this just brought something to my head

Do you believe that entering situations where women have more knowledge of the situation breaks this leading dynamic?

The reason of my question is because I try to apply these dynamics in many situations, often with female coworkers or women in campus, but I someitme also need to ask something or get someone to explain me something rather complex (basically, getting led by someone who knows more in order to learn), should I ask someone I'm not applying these dynamics (a male), or do you think this doesn't alter the leading dynamic.

1 upvotesWolfenSnappingTurtle3 years ago

Body language and tone of voice should be, "You will explain yourself, and I will be amused." She is there for your benefit, not the other way around. The simplest way they will try to shit test you is to go beyond what was asked, add extra information or deviate into a related topic. If you think the information is useful, stop them and simply ask directly about what they just started to say, implying permission to continue. The topic boundary is yours to control, because it is your time that is valuable, and you initiated the interaction. You aren't there to validate their expertise or depth of knowledge.

1 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]3 years ago

Do you believe that entering situations where women have more knowledge of the situation breaks this leading dynamic?

This is likely to be very rare because women date up. So she is likely to know that she's dumber than you and knows less than you on the majority of things. However if she's got a job in something like medicine or pharmaceuticals and you're a lawyer or whatever, you'd be a shit leader if you weren't consulting her expertise in those areas.

Think of it this way, when a commander has wounded he needs to evacuate from a base who are being treated, he will speak to the medic/doctor who is treating the patients to get some expert information before making his command decision. It's perfectly simple to lead despite your follower having greater expertise. You've just got to listen and seek expert advice when you need it.

Being the expert doesn't make you the leader. Ignoring the expert in your team makes you a bad leader.

As a general rule when it comes to the workplace, it's better to seek out male help when you need it. There's guaranteed no womanese involved then, just masculine straight talk.

1 upvotesDarkRenaissance3 years ago

Great post. Loved reading this. Dominance is at the heart of every interaction. There will always be only one remote, only one steering wheel.

1 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

great post man i learnt alot

1 upvotesministypill3 years ago

underneath it all, they know that an order from a man with a commanding presence will be followed by most women.

If a woman is in command, men are afraid and wonder when she will have her first emotional break down; When a man is in command, well, you know your 6 is covered. DNA don't lie.

1 upvotestoothemoon83 years ago

So if she says no you should spank her.

Ladies just find a guy who dosent treat you like a fuck toy and has respect for you.

You are not a puppy. You are a person with your own ideas wants and needs. Never give a man this much control over your identity and self.

Just tell him no and walk. Youll be better off alone than barking like a trained seal. This isn't a life worth perusing. This is slavery. This is not a high value man writing this. This is a guy into some bsdm weirdo shit.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He is choosing a dvd for tonight

1 upvotesMonsteroid2 years ago

What if they don't listen to you when you command like "come here", "let's go there"?

1 upvotesNightwingTRP [OP]2 years ago

Disobedience is either a shit test or it is a declaration that your SMV is too low. If it's a shit test then deal with it accordingly. If it is the declaration that your SMV is too low then trying to deal with it like a shit test will blow up in your face. Women don't follow weak/unattractive men.

-8 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

Lol you guys are the biggest boners ever. Jesus what a bunch of losers.

upvotesspew_venom3 years ago

Lmao and yet here you are, reading the material and commenting. Don't like what people say here? Then fuck right off you little cunt and go read something else. Damn, what a fucking loser.

1 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

Just lol at your post history. Nothing a racist could say that would hurt my feelings. Your ignorance is laughable.

6 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

How's that "rig" you're building? Played any rad games recently?

12 upvotesAwakeningLion3 years ago

We're here building a swole physique, eating healthy food, sleeping properly, reading tonnes of books and learning about evolutionary psychology and biology.

He spends his days playing video games.

And we're the losers, smh.

None of our detractors are worth shit in the SMP. All a bunch of crabs in a bucket.

1 upvotesStudntRdyTeachrApear3 years ago

Not defending this idiot, but you sound even worse with, "hurrrrrr how's you're vidya fucking nerd durrrrrrrrrrr." Plenty of people who own gaming PC's that slay, and more importantly, could bitch slap your stupid ass. Shit like that is exactly what people who reject TRP point to first.

-3 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

Yes in fact! It's nice taking a break from trying to figure out how to get women to acknowledge my existence from time to time. I built it to blow off steam and broaden my horizons after realizing that deriving my entire identity and self worth from my interactions with women is actually pathetic!

upvotesRafsimon3 years ago

lifes a game, TRP's about getting a high score. its ok if you'd rather get a high score in rocket league.

-2 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

I'm fine with my score as it is, my dude! Get back to me when you're through high school.

4 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

deriving my entire identity and self worth from my interactions with women is actually pathetic!

True and that is preached here often.

7 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

Pathetic? It's the biological imperative, bruh. It's what we are built for. The fact that you are so bitter about it, shows the lack of success you've had in your only reason for existing.

-4 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

Yeah I guess you're​ right. My only reason for existing is getting women to touch my penis and therefore my every waking moment should be devoted to trying to trick people into wanting to bang me and bossing them around because of some weird, archaic notion of "masculinity". Life is much easier taking it personally that all 3.5 billion women on the planet don't want my seed and won't fuck me at my command. I must acknowledge that the many, many times I have had satisfying and fun sex with women are anomalies and somehow "don't count" because I wasn't a total jackass to the girls I slept with.

8 upvotesSklavenmoral3 years ago

I knew the shitlib in you would come out with a little prodding.

0 upvotesNothingToShowSoFar3 years ago

Lol now it's about politics? Jesus dude. Have a great day man. I hope you finally get laid and your crippling fear of being alone abates. Maybe someday you won't be so miserable.

2 upvotesp3n1x3 years ago

that the many, many times I have had satisfying and fun sex with women are anomalies and somehow "don't count" because I wasn't a total jackass to the girls I slept with.

Are you still with those women?

If not, you aren't as different as you wish you were. You make good arguments with purple loopholes.

-7 upvotesDtrain163 years ago

Women love being commanded. Telling a woman, straight up, what to do allows her to feel safe and secure being led by a strong, confident man.

Do you guys even understand how sexist this sounds? I see you all calling it brilliant, but you are obviously nutso. Women can do what they want. They're people, too, not sheep to be ordered around. This guy is advocating for you to treat women like you're their boss, like you are more important than they are. Do none of you see how blatantly misogynistic this entire post is? The entire "Basic Commands" segment of this post reads like a dog training manual.

Why is it so important that a woman submit to you? This idea is repeated over and over again here. Are you so insecure that you believe she will leave you the second she exerts free will?

Being the protector is fine. Being the provider is fine. Treating her like she is worth less than you as a human being is fucking insane.

3 upvotesdaYellowKid3 years ago

"Morality is just a fiction used by the  herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men"

Also, what's discussed here is basically social dynamics. TRP posts, especially the ones like this, they helped me with my career more than anything. You can't say it doesn't work. You can only say it's not fair. And one said everything will always be fair.

0 upvotesDtrain163 years ago

That would be fine if this was a guide on "How to be a leader" or "How to take the initiative", but this post specifically relies on baseless assumptions about an entire half of the human population. Right now OP's argument consists solely of assumptions and opinion. The most support I see for his argument is personal anecdote, and that is hardly reliable. Once I see some statistics from reliable sources to support OP then maybe I will consider this a debate, but for now it is his opinion against reality.

2 upvotesAwakeningLion3 years ago

Either the man enters the woman's frame, or vice-versa. There is never equality in a relationship: after a while one or the other succumbs to the other's frame. In our current gynocentric society, the default is, sadly, for the man to enter the woman's frame.

This is the generation of AFCs, nice guys and losers. Unsurprisingly, woman have never been as "strong, empowered and independent" as they are today, yet their happiness levels have never been as low either. Women will, in the absence of a strong male, take on the responsibilities of wearing the pants in the relationship, but that doesn't mean they enjoy it. They despise it.

Women have evolved to desire a strong, confident male for protection. They never evolved to desire today's generation of weak, ball-less men for anything more than their beta provider traits.

The only reason you see this as misogyny is because you have been conditioned to put women on a pedestal. The Red Pill is simply inverting the current dynamic by putting the man on the pedestal. You are so conditioned that you are unable to see your own double standards in your reaction. Oblivious to misandry but overly sensitive to "misogyny."

-1 upvotesDtrain163 years ago

You say there is never equality in a relationship but that does not mean there cannot be mutual trust and respect. When one person begins to consider themselves to be the most important part of the relationship is exactly when a relationship begins to resemble the relationship between a boss and their underling. My girlfriend and I have a wonderful relationship, but neither of us are clearly in the lead. When we make a decision we both offer suggestions and then decide on the best course of action together. The entire idea of "alpha" and "beta" people is a farce

Are you a woman​? Because I see you making assumptions here that tell me you must know what it is like to be a woman. You cannot just say how someone who is not you is feeling. Unless they tell you themselves, there is no way for you to read their thoughts and come to that conclusion.

And no, I am not oblivious​ to misandry. The fact is, though, that misogyny is still a more widespread issue in modern society.

1 upvotesAwakeningLion3 years ago

The sidebar is not there as decoration. Come back once you have read it. There is no point in discussing your mainstream viewpoint if you haven't given your opponents' point of view enough importance to even indulge in the mandatory reading to understand where we're coming from.

Your post is filled with contradictions you don't even realise, and pointing to them will be of no use because they'll just go right under your blue-pilled radar.

2 upvotesmoshthepitt3 years ago

You should read the sidebar and lift more and stop projecting your morality here.

-1 upvotesDtrain163 years ago

I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

1 upvotesnewName5434563 years ago

Straw men, straw men everywhere...

1 upvotesKingern3 years ago

This poster doesn't realise that the women are entirely capable of completely disregarding the command they've been given at any time, and that this is about establishing a voluntary sexual power dynamic between two consenting parties, showing his true sexism by acting as if the poor fragile feeemales can't think for themselves and have no choice but to go along with it. Sad!

0 upvotesDtrain163 years ago

The conclusions that OP makes are entirely reliant on the woman submitting to the man's demands. The post is not about a voluntary sexual power dynamic. He specifically encompasses all women in his statement that women love being commanded. I would be fine with this post if it were about a specific sexual desire shared by both parties, rather than about how to treat any relationship with women. If this were about a light bdsm sub/dom relationship then fine, but that is by no means the norm.

-1 upvotessamvimestimes3 years ago

I agree completely man, it is scary shit what one reads around here. I guess it is common for sect-like groups to not realize how bat shit crazy their ideas can get to be. It is also common that these groups frame the ideas as being difficult to understand by outsiders at first, but that once they are opened to them, they see the "truth" everywhere. It is not a funny coincidence they call this the red pill. But, at the end of the day, they differ in behaviour in no way to any other sect.

Edit: well, a slight difference with other sect-like way of thinking is that in most sects the "knowledge" is revealed through obscure revelations or the words of a leader. Here, however, it is supposed to be the result of rational and objective analysis of reality. Interestingly enough, as you can see in this post and in the majority of posts, nobody provides absolutely any sources or evidence (i.e. statistical or more generally scientific) to their claims (e.g. "women love being commanded"). You can build any philosophy like a house of cards by piling up cherry-picked anecdotal evidence, that doesn't make it any true.

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