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As soon as he sells his companies, his wife leaves and takes half the money.

by MaybeUT95 on /r/TheRedPill
28 March 2017 11:53 PM UTC

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Quora question:

What did you do immediately after selling your company?

Answer by Kevin Kruse

"Got divorced and lost half the money. Well not immediately…

As soon as the deal closed I drove home, very excited, and asked my wife to log into our online banking account to confirm the wire transfer went through.

She sat in front of the laptop. I stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the screen. That boot up sequence took forever (yeah, it was a Windows machine).

Finally, she logs in and clicks the account number and…there it is! A totally life changing amount of money. I feel happy, and relief, so much hard work and…

“Wow, I could leave you now, take half and never work another day the rest of my life,” she said flatly. And then she chuckled as if it were a joke.

Even as a joke I thought it was a weird thought for her to have in that moment. I chuckled.

Two weeks later she sat me down and said she feels disconnected in our marriage. We should go to a counselor to try to save things, but if we can’t fix it, we should split up while we’re still young enough to find someone else and get married again.

Six months later we were separated.

Six months after that we got divorced (yes, she got half plus alimony plus child support).

Six months after that she got engaged to the guitar player from church."

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926 upvotes420KUSHBUSH3 years ago

This is why I have trust issues.

342 upvotessegagaga3 years ago

This is why ultimately all of us have had our eyes opened.

242 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is why I legally make $1 a year and hold no assets.

Take charge of your assets so no one can take them from you.

upvotesronnoceel3 years ago

Do you have information on how someone could go about doing this?

470 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago

Tax lawyer here. PM me if you want to have a conversation about this. I teach free of charge.

Edit: alright, I'm getting a lot of PMs about this. I'll write up a post about trusts in a day or so.

Edit2: here are the links to Parts 1, 2, and 3. I'll have the final part up Friday evening.

Part 1 - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/62hzco/tax_lawyer_here_what_is_a_trust/

Part 2 - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/62i9n2/tax_lawyer_here_for_what_purposes_do_you_use_a/

Part 3 - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/62igi3/tax_lawyer_here_trusts_marriage_trusts_divorce/

24 upvotes-Universe-3 years ago

Please do, it will be a lot helpful. Thanks.

22 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

post the link here so I wont miss it :-)

24 upvotesObio13 years ago

Hell, do a webinar. I'll pay to watch.

26 upvotesSwordfshII3 years ago

Yep, my parents have a trust set up. It is also good for avoiding inheritance/capital gains/estate/income tax which is why they have it.

Which is absurd if you think about it.... the money is taxed initially, then when your parent's die the government can somehow take 35-40% of the already taxed money simply because they transfer it to you?!?!

16 upvotesJoeAsheville3 years ago

Federal estate tax exemption for 2017 is $5.45M before that scenario becomes an issue. If your family has that much (or more) in assets, then I have no doubt they know accountants and lawyers for wealth preservation methods. YMMV with state inheritance taxes, however...

9 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

Interesting would be if someone here has knowledge about this stuff from other countries.

1 upvotesB-Soze3 years ago

Norwegian here. Not 100% on the law. But that shit would never hold up in court. If you make such a huge leap in your assets and your wife leaves you so suddenly, you would have the upperhand in a courtcase

7 upvotesnomansapenguin3 years ago

Please post the link here. This would be amazing. Thank you

7 upvotesTrooper_18683 years ago

Yes please. Please post the link.

6 upvotesSSolus3 years ago

Thanks alot, will be waiting on your post!

8 upvotesBinaryResult3 years ago

also curious about this, will you post to this subreddit?

1 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago


5 upvotesisayimnothere3 years ago

Commenting to find you again.

5 upvotesArkAngelEV3 years ago

Please do and make it sidebar material. Of course, all disclaimers that its all theoritical and you're not representing us and whatever to save your skin, but that would be knowledge in GOLD.

I think all of us can agree with the sentiment; You've gotta learn how to protect yourself cause no one else will do it for you

6 upvotesmaxofreddit3 years ago

Saving for later...thanks in advance for you knowledge

5 upvotesmattizie3 years ago

Commenting so I can search for your post later.

3 upvotesthebrandedman3 years ago

You now have my undivided attention.

4 upvotesXeagu3 years ago

Commenting to get a follow up

5 upvotesSeoul_Brother3 years ago

:) Commenting so I can get the update as well!

4 upvotesstainedtopcat3 years ago

Reminding myself so I can Learn about trusts

4 upvoteshonorocagan3 years ago

RemindMe! 48 hours

Come check out this helpful post

5 upvotesAUAUA3 years ago

I'm just using bitcoin right now, any good ideas for untouchable money, I'm all ears.

3 upvotestacundavid3 years ago

RemindMe! 3 days "TRP Trusts"

3 upvotescitadel723 years ago

What country are you based out of?

2 upvotespm_me_gains3 years ago

Commenting to bookmark this

2 upvotesbrngamer3 years ago

Commenting so I can find this later

34 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

Educate yourself, find a good CPA, find a good attorney, before you need either of them.

upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

Or just don't get married. How many times do we have to fucking say it?

31 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

There's a lot more people to protect your assets from than your wife.

upvotesronnoceel3 years ago

Moreso holding no assets. I'll be graduating school with pretty good pay soon and figure if there are ways I can protect myself financially from the beginning, I should do them right off the bat. You have links, or just topics to research myself?

upvotesOriginUnknown3 years ago

I wouldn't get too excited about it. Perhaps it's possible on paper without attracting the IRS, but only a total jackass would go before a judge claiming to live on $1 a year. That is an excellent way to secure a very unfavorable outcome.

14 upvotesalexclarkbarry3 years ago

put all of your money in Bitcoin, nobody can prove that you are the owner.

2 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

Yes, find a good CPA and attorney. Interview as many as you need to, talk to successful businessmen in your area and get recommendations. Tell them what your goal is and they can help you.

3 upvotesmeh6133 years ago

In essence, you assign your assets to your pass-through LLC and make yourself sole owner of said LLC.

2 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

damn bro teach me your ways

59 upvotestrp_dude3 years ago

This happens ALL the time. In Silicon valley,where billionaires are minted left and right, women are alway "taking the money and run" chorus over an over.

48 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

This is why you keep your finances to yourself.

This is why you should consult a financial professional if you are going to sell your company and rake in millions.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's the thing. I have never understood people who reveal their finances to someone, especially a woman. Never cohabitate and never tell her how much money you have or make.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A lot of guys do it to get the woman in the first place. It's not everything, but it sure doesn't hurt. BB still do get some sex, especially early on in the relationship, when she's trying to get commitment.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I mean I guess it depends. Obviously, it's hard to hide if you are a billionaire, but the fact this women had his LOG-IN information to his investment/bank account is ridiculous.

5 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Let's not even talk about joint bank accounts

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Getting a joint bank account even when married is something I don't understand. That is pretty much giving the ability for your girlfriend or wife to clean out your bank account if she is mad at you.

There was a story on here a long time ago from a guy who works at a bank. The wife goes to the bank to take out half of the account, since they are getting divorced. The husband shows up to the bank later, having a break down because of what happened.

Look up the story titled "Marriage and Money - A Retail Bankers Perspective"

76 upvotesRedPillRobin3 years ago

I was completely ambushed by a woman who now gets $1386 a month from me. I was red pill aware at the time and while I knew we might split I never understood exactly how money hungry and coniving she could turn. Never again will I be that vulnerable.

87 upvotes420KUSHBUSH3 years ago

And everyone calls us assholes and misogynistic for taking precautions. Society's a joke

30 upvotesthat_star_wars_guy3 years ago

It's simple. Discredit and paint as fringe those who are a threat to the system, and people who would have other wise believed your claims won't.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Fuck it. Let 'em. It was such a load off the day I decided that those words didn't hold any sway over me anymore.

34 upvotesDevilSaintDevil3 years ago

$5500/month here. It could be worse.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Instead of a college degree, I needed a pussy between my legs. Damn I came to this life totally unprepared.

8 upvotesDocbear643 years ago

Holy shit People talk about women getting Cash and prizes when they leave valuable men but that's ludicrous .

6 upvotescoolred86113 years ago

Bro, may God bless you. I couldn't do it. Thank God at least you earn that much. That's fucking OD.

upvotesEsteraMC3 years ago

What? Why so much? Does she need it for child support? WTH?

2 upvotesDevilSaintDevil3 years ago

About 1/3 is child support that will end in 10. Alimony for 20.

20 upvotesTheFalseKnave3 years ago

Christ that's not much less than I earn in total in a month. How long do you have to keep paying her?

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah seriously. $1386 is a fuck ton of money to have to fork over each month.

4 upvotesDevilSaintDevil3 years ago

20 years of marriage, 20 years of alimony. About a third of the total is child support that will end after 10 years.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Seconded. If you were redpill aware, you would have met with legal counsel, found out your obligations, and built a proper roadmap.

Red pill men don't get ambused, they are prepared for the worst. I'll bet you never had a fuck you fund either...

This is why you don't naval gaze over a bunch of 'fuck that chick' crybaby posts. learn AWALT, do the work to minimize damage

upvotesverify_account3 years ago

a woman who now gets $1386 a month from me. I was red pill aware at the time

You can lie to yourself but you don't need to lie to us. You were not red pill aware or you would not be giving this woman your hard earned money.

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

He most likely thought that his snowflake unicorn was different and not included in AWALT.

4 upvotesGorech1ld3 years ago

This shit right here is why MGTOW is gaining popularity. When a woman can just up and leech off of you after marriage, it makes marriage and relationships in general a huge liability and gamble.

No, seriously, this LITERALLY makes marriage in general gamble. You wanna marry a "sweetheart"? Go ahead, but just be wary that one day she'll probably get tired of you and then divorce you and continue to leech off of you.

God, I swear this alimony shit is inhumane. It's so retarded as well in "feminist" society. Apparently women are equal, but need to leech off of men even after the marriage is over in order to keep up her standards of living.

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

You thought your special snowflake unicorn wasn't part of AWALT? How cute.

35 upvotescbdexpert3 years ago

Kanye West taught me in 5th grade that you need a prenup.

9 upvotes420KUSHBUSH3 years ago

Cute the bomb met her at a beauty salon

6 upvotesUzinero3 years ago

We want prenup, we want prenup!

4 upvotesshsytwtsaggaan3 years ago

Honestly, thank god for rap music. That shit is a big reason that I did t turn into a chump like most of my friends and classmates.

Its hard to turn into billy bluepill when 50 Cent reminds you every day that "theres no juliet for a romeo with no dough" or when Future drills into your head to "chase a check, never chase a bitch"

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

It still might not protect u if the judge says so. There's been cases were the prenup is thrown out the window on the grounds that she was forced/pressures to sign it. Solution: Don't get married. Don't cohabitate.

28 upvotesyomo863 years ago

This is why you are never to asume that you are the anomaly in the face of the odds

28 upvotesSouthernFit3 years ago

The only trust issues you should have are your trusts offshore, incase of an event like this.

4 upvotesJComposer843 years ago

He should've put that money in a trust the second she said that.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is why I am never getting married. Don't want to put all the assets that I have worked to achieve, at risk through an agreement with not much upside.

14 upvotesRi8Order3 years ago

Oh and the foolish OP continues. Some people never learn.

Am I bitter? Nope. Life is too short to be stuck in a bad marriage, and she was right, it was a bad marriage. She just had the courage to call it.

Making money is WAY easier than finding love or happiness. But the next time I decide I’ve found the love of my life, a prenup will definitely be involved. ;-)

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

What an idiot. He should have said that he will never get married. Some people deserve to have money taken from them, I guess

11 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Too bad he don't know that a prenup isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

3 upvotesEcanonmics3 years ago

They are, but just for what you had before the marriage. That's what TRP doesn't understand. Prenups only protect pre marriage holdings. Anything you earn during the marriage will be split, prenup or no prenup.

2 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Yeh that's why we need to marry up and divorce rape the bitch after lmao.

2 upvotesSeoul_Brother3 years ago

So I think we should also have a discussion on what advantages NOT getting a marriage license and having a pre-nup ready would entail in terms of legal protections.

Obviously getting married straight up with marriage license and surrendering your life to one woman who could legally screw you over is asking to lose money, but there could be a case where a woman is decent enough to deserve a union of some kind and you like her enough to wanna have babies. Unfortunately you can't self replicate yet and honestly if she is traditional enough and would actually be a good mother/ keeps fit/ cooks and cleans/ is loyal, wouldn't you wanna keep her? If divorce is inevitable, I'd rather have it so that I can enjoy what time I have with the woman, but protect myself legally and be ready for the day she or I wants the divorce rather than not go through that experience at all.

3 upvotesflashbang1233 years ago

If you get married, expect to get divorce raped. Over half of all marriages fail these days. You know the odds, you just don't like them.

1 upvotesSeoul_Brother3 years ago

I didn't say that I wasn't expecting it. The reason why I'm asking in the first place is because I expect it lol. I was saying, what legal considerations/ preparation could you do well in advance to protect your assets/ children? Let's say it's doing preventative maintenance to take full on divorce rape to maybe a divorce molestation lol.

I'm not a betting man. I like to be prepared for most negative outcomes.

3 upvotesDocbear643 years ago

Sometimes the best way to win is simply not to play

2 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Why don't u just do the smart thing and not get married.

It's like there's a road that leads to a place you want to go to, but right next to it is field that's littered with mines. You're very aware of the mines being there, but you decide to skip the straight and safe road. You start asking people for maps with the location of each map on the field, you ask for where to find techniques to disarm mines once u step on them, you start looking at semi advanced first aid knowledge for if u get your legs blown up by a mine etc etc. You see how stupid that sounds? Just avoid the minefield and take the regular road. It's safe and will get you to your destination.

1 upvotesEasyChief3 years ago

That figure that 50% of divorces end in marriage is a misleading statistic. In a given year there is 1 divorce for every 2 marriages. But that stat completely ignores the tens of thousands of marriages that already exist before a given year. It also doesn't account for people who have multiple marriages and divorces.

In reality, less than 30% of all marriages end in divorce and the divorce rate has been shrinking since the 70s due to a number of factors.

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Explain to me in what universe do u need to be married to have babies? I never understand that moronic argument from guys. "Oh, well one day I wanna have kids so I gotta get married to her", no you tucking don't. You want kids? Nut inside her repeatedly until her stomach starts swelling up. That's how kids are made. Kids aren't made by marriage. You don't owe anybody any commitment ceremony. If she can't understand that you're not in favor of marriage, then you just dodged a bullet. Don't let her or family members try to shame you with "man up" and "stop being a commitmentphobe". Pump a few kids in her if u want kids, just don't get married.

2 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Prenup can't save you these days. Why can't you guys accept the idea of not getting married? You gain nothing from a marriage.

2 upvotespathetic213 years ago

Holy shit what a fool, calling what she did courageous, simply unbelievable he is still plugged in after getting wreck em' ralph'd so hard. He should have owned guns and made it known what would happen if she tried something stupid like that.

3 upvotesAncientScrolls3 years ago

Lesson of the day: Never show your savings to your wife or gf no matter how many years your guys have been together.

3 upvotesnewName5434563 years ago

"Trust issues" became a muddled term. It's one thing to be paranoid over everything, it's quite another to pick up on things that cause you to not trust someone/something, often turning out to be on point.

2 upvotesSchhwing3 years ago

Internet storiez not always realz. But nevertheless a bad story.

372 upvotesFuknmods3 years ago

The only marriage material woman is the one who will stay with you knowing that you'll never marry her. Get a lawyer for children and to prevent common law marriage, cohabitate forever, win the game.

29 upvotesToussant3 years ago

Common law marriage can be avoided?

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

In general, there is no Common Law marriage. Only a small minority of States have it, the UK doesn't, Australia effectively has, Europe doesn't, British Columbia has it bad (just a few months is enough).

4 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Have her give a $1 check for rent every month. Make her sign an official lease. She'll legally be a tenant and can be evicted at any moment.

3 upvotesingenjor3 years ago

If you're in an LTR in Sweden and buy an apartment or house for your own money and later break up, she has the rights to 50% of the apartment/house and all furniture/electronics you got for the apartment after you got together. Seemed pretty crazy when I found out. Apartments are pretty expensive in Stockholm, so a lot of money could be lost.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sweden is just fucked. It's nuts

5 upvotesFuknmods3 years ago

Depends. In canada nope. In some states like MA you need to want to get married in order to get common lawd so its avoidable there. Do your research.

1 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

just do it "without the paper"? She can change her surname, name the kids with your surname, write the property on both of you etc. and avoid the divorce (most of it).

13 upvotesdgillz3 years ago

Most of the things you just listed will help her considerably in court if she ever leaves.

2 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

but there will be no court if there is no marriage?

upvotesfug-it3 years ago

If you both put your names on houses, bank accounts and things like that, you're treating it as a general business partnership, and generally, if one party wants out, the other has to buy them out

2 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

in that case yes, but it is optional (as opposed to marriage). You either want to have the house on yourself/herself or both (which is the reason for marriage sometimes). My point was that you can get that without "the paper".

5 upvotesdgillz3 years ago

No, she can sue. Read up on the founder of Maglite, who never got married, yet she cleaned him out:


5 upvotesD2nny363 years ago

How does this happen, do they just automatically favor the chick? Like it's always the guy that loses everything, but what is it everything? And why is she entitled to half his money, why is it not the other way, or they just both go separate ways, this is so bullshit.

2 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

that was really interesting, first time reading about "palimony" being a thing. I do not know about the topic so therere is (as in every court case) a lot of information that I am not aware of, but from what I know after readint the article, was that they had some deal as a couple and after breaking up, they split the shared property? as a non-native english speaker, the terms are too complex for me.

3 upvotesFuknmods3 years ago

Read your own article. She worked for his company and was in breach of contract. As for palimoy suits in general, the wiki article claims its used when there is an absence of legal agreements. Which wouldnt be valid as i said you'd need a lawyer to handle cohabitation, children and avoiding common law.

Even then its the lowest possible risk unless you wanna go ghengis khan a bunch of women in foreign countries that you'll never visit again or willingly become a genetic dead end. I studied biology so the latter isnt an option for me.

25 upvotesimn0tg00d3 years ago

Don't live with them either... Live by your damned self!

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Make her pay $1 rent every month. She'll legally just be a tenant who can be evicted at any moment.

3 upvotesOriginal_Dankster3 years ago

Yeah, don't expect that to work everywhere. Most provinces in Canada impose common-law after 6-12 months cohabiting.

2 upvotesPM_ME_UR_TECHNO_GRRL3 years ago

So it is possible to prevent common law?

3 upvotesFuknmods3 years ago

Again, depends on where you live. Check local laws. In some states it absolutely can be avoided.

2 upvotesBigFaction3 years ago

I say this to my friends sometimes because all their girlfriends never stop pressuring them about marriage. Hopefully they think about it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is why female sexual primacy pushes so hard to blind men. When they're trusting and believe in the love myth, you can pull wool over their eyes like what we've just witnessed.

2 upvotespongpong123able3 years ago

She stays with you because you give her the tingles. When you marry her, you change in her point of view, you become a beta and she will soon leave you taking half of what you own

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Make sure you can actually do this where you live; does not work around here.

2 upvoteskagetsuki233 years ago

the only ones worth marriage, is ivanka trump family money level. otherwise not an option.

1 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY3 years ago

What type of low-value woman would need to jump through your hoops?

2 upvotesFuknmods3 years ago

What type of low-value woman would need to jump through your hoops?

What high value man would willingly sign the worst contract imaginable? Go back to TBP and help raise your wifes son.

1 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY3 years ago

It was just an observation that when the market's inflated, seller's of houses won't sell to you just because you know their actual value. They can get a better deal elsewhere unless there's a trade-off you make somewhere. If they give something up, it's because other factors make it worth it, which is as you say being a high value man.

3 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

If she can't accept that I'm not getting married, she's welcome to fuck right off with her bullshit. Abundance mentality.

227 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wow. With that severance pay, being a wife must be one of the most rewarding jobs of a lifetime. It appears that the legal system enforces black widow spider mores on men.

102 upvotesspencerc253 years ago

Until you can name one bad reason for women to marry, they will continue to do so. All upside, no downside.

55 upvotesObio13 years ago

They even have an upside on engagement. It's the 21st century, and women receive equal pay for the same jobs -- but still men are expected to plunk down a month's salary on a shiny bauble with no resale value.

12 upvotesUnnormally3 years ago

Stick with lab created diamonds for the savings. Google says they're about half the cost. But your point is made nonetheless.

2 upvotesbadDayAtBerchdsgaden2 years ago

Also ethics behind how real diamonds are mined

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's actually not true if they pump out kids. Kids kinda wreck their body and drop the value a bit.

40 upvotesProphets_Prey3 years ago

cough gym. There's always beta billy somewhere out there eager to marry her.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

They pop out kids with or without marriage. And popping out kids is a deliberate and intended goal.

26 upvotesSwanksterino3 years ago

You act as though pumping out kids was the guys idea

13 upvotesspencerc253 years ago

right, but they reproduce and are setup for life once they have the kid accomplishing both of their needs

3 upvotes50red3 years ago

Simply eating food wrecks the body, too, if you're a pathetic human being.

91 upvotestest8223 years ago

“Wow, I could leave you now, take half and never work another day the rest of my life,”

haha yeah and I could murder you and bury you in the forest

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

both are crimes but one of them is actually LEGAL :/. Guess which one.

4 upvotesxXx420VTECxXx3 years ago

This is why murder suicides happen :C

187 upvotesgimme3strokes3 years ago

During my divorce I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Colonel Quaritch meme "above your tomb" and it changed my view entirely. I handed over a check for 50k to my ex and drove away in a Camry. 5 years later I drive away with my kids in Jaguar. The 50k is gone, the marriage is dead, and her hope is gone(30 more years at a work a day job for her). I win, I lose, I move on. I explore, I create, I blaze new paths, I never stop. Whatever she gets it will only be a piece of what she could have had. Instead of being the main character in a great life she is no more than a foot note. That woman didn't create anything, she only stole things. My world is infinite and not limited to one situation, one woman, one company, one loss, one win. The sad part is that these types women can't imagine anything better than what is in front of their nose.

59 upvotesalvlear3 years ago

did you hear the recent british story where a judge offered a woman more money 12 years after divorce, because she lost her previous settlement and was in distress? no?

20 upvotesAmogh243 years ago

That is ridiculously biased towards women, they don't have the right to that money

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


This type of shit can happen. Hence why I am never getting married.

3 upvotesxXx420VTECxXx3 years ago


17 upvotesBurrito_Capital3 years ago

A bit long for a mantra, but sound reasoning bub!

8 upvotesjakeecio3 years ago

Perfectly laid out. Congrats and move on.

12 upvotesHS-Thompson3 years ago

I've been in exactly the same situation and this is a perfect summary of the correct attitude to have. Sometimes I'm actual thankful that she helped temporarily ruin my life because starting from scratch is probably the reason I have twice as much now as I ever would have expected.

119 upvotesajbrooks1923 years ago

How the fuck is this part of our legal system? We have such complex laws for everything else. This makes me so fucking mad.

Serious though - what are the downsides to getting a prenup? Like how could a woman possibly say no to that and you still want to marry them?

140 upvotesKlldarkness3 years ago

Biggest downside?

These days, judges can simply toss them out, and still give her half your shit.

They don't even need a reason. It's completely up to the judge whether or not to enforce the prenuptial agreement.

67 upvoteskadykinns3 years ago

Is that true? How the hell can a judge make the decision to complete disregard a notarized, legally binding document?

118 upvotesKlldarkness3 years ago

Plenty of reasons, honestly.

In the UK, unless you have atleast £7m in assets, the judges are advised to ignore the prenuptial agreement.

In America, anything that implies that it wasn't fairly written, or the woman claims she signed under duress(requiring no evidence, or explanation), will get it tossed out.

Ohhh! And my favorite:

Married for more than 5 years, or have more than 1 kid? Prenuptial agreement denied!

91 upvotesmr-no-homo3 years ago

Smh. All these stories about a man doing his best in life, working his ass off for years, decades and then its ruined by some bitch makes me never want to get married.

53 upvotes11-Eleven-113 years ago

That's what I've been saying. It's not safe for men in western civilization to get married anymore.

13 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

Exactly. And why would you want to anyway? if you really, really need a ceremony for this (which is kind of beta anway) just do it unofficially, eg. not legally binding. You can still exchange rings and to the whole charade but without the legal issues.

27 upvoteschoomguy3 years ago

You would be a fool to unless she has a brighter financial future than you. Eg., the best marriages i see today are the ones where the woman is some type of high earner, usually medical field,but could be executive, lawyer, etc, and earns at a minimum, slightly more than the male. This frees the guy up to be passionate about manly work and hobbies, and as long as he is dominant, and understands red pill concepts, its easy to keep her attraction. It definitely helps if she is a notch pr two down the pole in smv, obviously.

So basically, yeah, get married, as long as it it clearly financially in your favor. Or live like a hermit and bank everything til you are in your thirties. You will have a nut that will allow you to pull chicks way over your head, pump and dump. By the time you start to have difficulty pulling attractive women, you will be sick of them. Its the circle of life the way it was meant to be.

2 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

I am not denying your statement, but could you please provide some facts or sources that I could verify? Because if it was true and verified (sorry, law graduate syndrome), it would be huge and great to know.

17 upvotesriztd3 years ago

Google it, you'll see lots of reasons including just 'not enough time between engagement, signing, and wedding'

1 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

It's not legally binding that's why. There is no law on the books that says "prenups are valid". Also, nobody can make a contract that violates government law. For example, you can't have a valid contract to be someone's slave because that violates the law.

Marriage law is government law. Prenups basically prescribe terms that are contrary to that marriage law so the terms can be thrown out whenever a judge wants.

44 upvotesRealMikeHawk3 years ago

That isn't entirely true. An air tight prenup can't be overturned, but there are tons of loopholes a wife's attorney can exploit to get it overturned.

Divorce lawyers are not something to cheap out on. Thousands on a great lawyer will save you millions potentially.

19 upvotesCacTye3 years ago

This needs to be higher up. A good prenup will be enforced, but she needs to be represented by independent counsel before she signs.

5 upvotesSwordfshII3 years ago

Paid for BY her, from her own account

3 upvotesImSquanchingInHere3 years ago

This is exactly right. So many of these guys are idiots and try to go cheap on their pre-marital agmts and download forms off of the internet instead of going to see an experienced attorney.

9 upvotesdem_banka3 years ago

That shit about tossing out your pre-nup is half-true. This can only happen if the pre-nup is not set up correctly.

Source: Worked in Private Wealth Management

upvotesEsteraMC3 years ago

These days, judges can simply toss them out, and still give her half your shit.

They can't. Please learn law.

18 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

Let's think about this:

Hey dude. I have this SHITTY business proposition for you. Sign this contract and you cannot enter into any agreements with any other parties (monogamy). Then if and when the business venture fails I'll take 50% of all your assets. And possibly your future assets earned AFTER the divorce. Furthermore, for any children you have during this relationship I'll get access to your gross income starting at 20% GROSS. By the way you will NOT get to take a tax break even though I took your money post-tax.

But as bad as the above deal sounds... Why don't you get this "protection contract" (prenup) which MIGHT hold up in court and it MIGHT mitigate your losses, but however will not supersede state or case law.

Doesn't the deal sound soooooo good? I mean, who wouldn't sign that contract?!

Just get a prenup bro!!! LOL Cuckolds.

45 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

The idea is as follows. The woman gives up her career (hah!) to raise kids. When the kids are teens, she might go back to work part time after a long hiatus, but she probably isn't getting career track type work any more.

A few years later, divorce. She's financially fucked. Who will hire a 35 year old with no skills?

Meanwhile, the man can keep earning, as he's continued to advance all those years, building skills and generally becoming more valuable. He'll land on his feet, while his wife is financially fucked for life.

Obviously this doesn't really work in a lot of situations. But the law has taken away the judge's discretion to make sure no one feels like someone else got a better deal.

Don't shoot the messenger, I'd never get married - I'm not that stupid. And my mom couldn't have gotten a job had she not had kids, she's too scatterbrained, but she got to divorce rape my dad anyway.

But that's the general idea.

4 upvotesajbrooks1923 years ago

Does this still apply if the dad gives up work to take care of the children?

31 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

Believe it or not, the laws are usually applied pretty evenly when the shoe is on the other foot. Higher earning women get divorce raped just like higher earning men. Of course, women don't usually marry lower earning men, I wonder why.

4 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Lol damn bro next time Imma lead on a bitch and fall in love... Only to end it because she makes less than me. Hahaha I'd like to look at her fucking face at the exact moment of cognitive dissonance!

1 upvotessashapaw2 years ago

That's true. My mother is divorcing my step-father (he is a gambling addict and gambled away thousands of dollars over many years). He is taking her entire IRA, half the cost of the second house, and wants half of her pension. The only thing he owns is a trailer, so my mother has absolutely nothing to gain from the divorce, while he makes out like a bandit.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yes. Specifically, it's referred to as "provider/dependent spouse."

5 upvotesthelandofdreams3 years ago

Who will hire a 35 year old with no skills?

There are a lot of jobs in my town that can't find enough people to do the work. But the work is hard and not glamourous.

Why can't the woman just go be a janitor? There are unskilled janitor positions in my town that pay 25k a year starting out.

7 upvotesPeter_Principle_3 years ago

Serious though - what are the downsides to getting a prenup?

It won't protect you from cs or alimony payments. I suspect it also won't protect you from loss of assets acquired after getting married.

10 upvotesYiloMiannopoulos3 years ago

We need less laws. Everything that exists HAS to have a set of laws. See, Vaping, drones, divorce. Ect

Every gov involvement in life is shitty and unnecessary. Besides infrastructure and public utilities.

17 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

This will never go away. The whole point this exists is for the state to safe money. If the man doesn't pay, social wellfare costs for single-moms would explode. So the state needs the men to pay. Of course the disguise it as equality, feminism, fairness and so forth but it's about money and nothing else.

4 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

or you can live by a book written centuries ago (middle east) where your life is dependent on your family ties and trust.

or without the book, filled with incest among people living in a rainforest seeing 30 women in your life and after proving yourself to be worthy, being allowed to touch one of them.

apart of that, people in civilized world need family law which they obey - for good reasons. everyone is unhappy with this law or another, but in general, we all agree and obey them - the only way to go forward.

to the topic - man needs more incentives to go into marriage nowadays. he used to get a house and lot of money from brides family (at least here) and complete loyalty from her, as she entered his family and left hers. But thats not really happening anymore.

2 upvotesYiloMiannopoulos3 years ago

I understand your argument. But I don't think laws should be a crutch, so to speak. It all comes down to each and every individual to do his part and not rely on laws. Laws generally paint with a wide brush. It's 4AM right now so if none of that made sense i apologize.

2 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

the purpose of laws is supposed to be that everyone does their part, like you have said. if some do not, its a specific problém that needs reform (laws are a process that is constantly being reformed to fit the current situation), not that laws in general are a bad thing.

Without any laws, the strongest would dominate and create their own laws, and for the sake of effectivity, they would have to get more liberal again (could take generations), a vicious circle. Laws are good and have a good reason to be here.

2 upvotessegagaga3 years ago

AFAIK one of the main downsides is some jurisdictions do not recognize pre-nups. IANAL though.

54 upvotesCasanova-Quinn3 years ago

asked my wife to log into our online banking account

If this guy wasn't in BP fantasy land, he could have moved his money to an offshore account or a trust. I don't know why so many guys have a joint account as their main account. Aside from having enough for groceries and bills, joint accounts shouldn't have excess money in them.

32 upvotesalvlear3 years ago

this is how bluepill betas think. i see plenty of them write cringey shit like: "we bought 2 acres in the country," "we planned on saving 30% of what we made." dude, how about you? the individuality is lost on the first waft of pussy.

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

A lot of people find it extremely rewarding and satisfying to experience and build something together. And many things that are out of reach when you're buy yourself become possible when you're with someone else.

My $400k income makes many things possible, but the $350k income of my wife opens up a lot of extra possibilities.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. The whole "my money is your money" bullshit is so cringeworthy, unless you are /u/HorumOmnium whose wife makes way more than him.

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

Huh? She makes $50k less than me.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I read that as $400K TOTAL INCOME, for some weird reason. lol

12 upvotesKrylliKs3 years ago

Because he didn't even entertain the prospect that his wife may leave; protecting his money probably wasn't even a thought that entered his mind.

8 upvotesgrewapair3 years ago

TRP needs to put a ban on the word Trust. IT DOESN'T FUCKING PROTECT YOU FROM A DIVORCE.

There was a record of how much he got, because someone paid it. Where the money went right after is irrelevant. He had it, no judge is going to let him walk into court and claim it's gone.

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

Because it's completely irrelevant whether you have a joint account or not: when you get a divorce, it's considered joint no matter what.

I have a joint account account with my wife and wouldn't have it any other way.

upvotesharkrank3 years ago

Offshore funds are protected from your spouse and the government. If you have money it has to be untouchable or it will be stolen from you.

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

They are "protected" in the sense that they are difficult to get access to.

But they are still fall under the ruling of a divorce judge.

In this particular case, where it'd be a very simple matter of figuring out how much the guy received for his company, he would be found in contempt of court for hiding his assets.

Most people would not to go through the hassle of playing cat and mouse for years.

Furthermore, my reply was more about poor smucks like you and me with $5M (or less) in assets, for whom off shore accounts are off limits because it's just too little. Thinking that a personal instead of joint joint has any meaning at all is just hopelessly naive and ignorant.

3 upvotesTomHicks3 years ago

In this particular case, where it'd be a very simple matter of figuring out how much the guy received for his company, he would be found in contempt of court for hiding his assets.

Could he leave the country?

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

Of course.

But for most people, that question is entirely irrelevant. The real question is: do you want to leave country, loved ones, friends, business relationships just so you can save 50% of your supposedly very considerable assets.

I definitely would not.

2 upvotesTomHicks3 years ago

Would bitcoin have saved him if he dumped all his money in there?

3 upvotesCasanova-Quinn3 years ago

it'd be a very simple matter of figuring out how much the guy received for his company

True, but there are work arounds. For example, the guy could fly to Vegas, withdraw a majority of the money, and hand it off to a trusted friend. Friend then deposits the money for him in another account. When he's asked where the money went, he can claim he lost the money gambling in Vegas.

Thinking that a personal instead of joint has any meaning at all is just hopelessly naive and ignorant.

I know that personal accounts aren't protected. The value of a personal account in a relationship is that your money isn't in plain view. If this guy kept his mouth shut and put the money in a personal account, he would have more time and options in this scenario.

upvotesHorumOmnium3 years ago

I've come up with the Vegas loophole as well. And if you and I could do that, so can a judge. And he'd see right through it. And he'd ask for proof that you have a history of compulsive gambling. And even if you could get away with it at first, you'd still have that annoying ex of you trying all means possible to detect a flaw in your armor. Like you suddenly starting to buy expensive stuff with money that you supposedly lost.

As for the personal accounts: in this particular case, the guy sold his company. That's not something you can hide. It's an exciting life event that you want to share with your loved one.

The personal account wouldn't have achieved much: it'd just have prevented the wife from seeing the money, but she'd still know it existed.

3 upvotesCasanova-Quinn3 years ago

he'd see right through it. And he'd ask for proof that you have a history of compulsive gambling.

As long as your transaction history shows the money was taken out in Vegas, the judge has nothing. At that point the court would have to investigate the casino to prove you gambled the money away. That's not an easy process.

you'd still have that annoying ex of you trying all means possible to detect a flaw in your armor.

That's why you either move far away, or be conservative with your spending.

56 upvotesakatsukirp3 years ago

This guy had his wife checking his bank account. Never give anyone access to our knowledge of your assets.

63 upvotesJohn_McFly3 years ago

My wife crapped herself when she saw my bank statements while I did our taxes one year, she wanted us to take all of my cash reserves and go on a 3 week vacation immediately. Nope, those reserves are exclusively for when my rental property needs a roof or HVAC.

She sulked for weeks. I learned my lesson and do our taxes while she's at work, we still don't have a joint account.

19 upvotese4tshit3 years ago

They're spending machines. I can't tell you how many times my ex would come home with some stupid "as seen on tv" garbage she got in the checkout at the CVS. It's less about the item and more about getting the dopamine from spending money. I'd be watching tv and she'd be next to me on her phone scrolling away trying to find even more ways to get me to spend money. Signing up for groupons, etsy, live shows/performances. Total compulsion like a crack head.

She'd keep talking over my show, "hey we should totally check this out..o hey we should do this" until I couldn't take it anymore and I'd snap. I'd remind her that we went from 50/50 with the bills to me just paying 100% because I got tired of the electric getting shut off because she didn't pay the bill. Who ignores the bills and blows the money on a bunch of cheep crap? Children. But hey, I yelled at her so now I'm the bad guy.

11 upvotesJohn_McFly3 years ago

My wife wants a new minivan and another baby. Asking her to save the cost of daycare and a minivan payment every month so she could see what it would do to our finances (I pay for #1's daycare, my car, and all other household bills) seems to have been the equivalent of asking her to sell her body on the street.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's less about the item and more about getting the dopamine from spending money.

This is really hard for me to comprehend. Sure, I like spending money on experiences I find enjoyable or some stuff I like, but I get way more excitement when I see that my net worth is increasing because I save money, or because my investments are up. I find making and saving money more enjoyable than unnecessarily spending it

I don't like, as Kevin O'Leary would say "killing money", which is what many women do. And they do it on such useless crap that can be found for way cheaper.

1 upvotesjazerac3 years ago

My wife is a cheap skate. I married an outlier in this regard.

7 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

Make all your money safe. Divorce just to break the financial ties. Stay together. Fantasy, huh?

2 upvotesazrael3193 years ago

Thank goodness my husband isnt like this and neither am I. We both give 100%. The main reason I'm not a parasitic thief like man I know is my pride. At the end of the day I can say I got to where I am and all I have because me. I work hard for it. For someone to legit see their spouse bank account and just leave with half is lazy and disguising. It's no wonder subs like this exist.

99 upvotesadolfsbff3 years ago

You should always pay cash for pussy cause it's the cheapest way to get it.

50 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If it flies, floats or fucks - rent it

9 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

not sure what to think about this one.

16 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Don't think! Just listen to the words of men much wiser than you. Trust me on this one. I mean shit... You spend hours in tinder, approach 5 girls a day, and maybe get laid once a fucking week if your game is right and you looks maxed. If not, pfft...Mb once a month.

The time you spent you could have made more money and still fucked an escort. The best way is to approach 1 hot chick a day that moves you at the base DNA level....She's approaching HB10 status (in your eyes). Every day. Then if you don't get laid in 2 weeks, fuck an escort. Rinse and repeat!

3 upvoteschadjugo3 years ago

This is probably the best way to Game if you're making 100k+ a year and single.

4 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

If you make less 💰, just replace the expensive escort with a cheap ho you're still better off than wasting your efforts playing Mr.Entertainer for 2 bit skanks.

2 upvotesRobx90013 years ago

What category does a horse fall under?

2 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

You can have sex with a 🏇 if you close your eyes and imagine a HB10 it's all in your mind bro. How can the universe be real if our eyes aren't real?

54 upvotesrigbed3 years ago

And pay to have kids like Christian Ronaldo. Win win

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Or just become the man, get great at game, fuck for free.

28 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

if you dont pay money, you certainly pay with time and effort, including all the preparations - from gym to bars to maintaining your home and doing your laundry.

7 upvotesMerwebb3 years ago

Implying you do these stuff for women and not for yourself

5 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

if you enjoy it then it is not really work, it is a pleasure and there is absolutely no problem with it.

12 upvotesadolfsbff3 years ago

Yeah It's free if you don't value your time. Going to clubs = time, bar = time, talking to them for 5 min = time. Prospecting takes time and even the most alpha guys have to prospect at least a little bit. Time > money cause you don't get it back.

3 upvoteschinawinsworlds3 years ago

I personally have to work for my money.

3 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

Yeh this is why I don't go out to clubs. Like roosh recommends, I approach 1 woman a day who moves me at the base DNA level. If I don't get laid in 2 weeks, I fuck the cheapest Chinese ho for $50.

2 upvotesredrummilf3 years ago

enjoy your hep C or scabies

3 upvotestheONE8436633 years ago

You'd be surprised to know that even the cheapest prostitutes practice safer sex than your average club sluts. It's in their best interest to remain healthy for their profession! But then again, here in Canada it's well regulated can't speak for anywhere else.

Hep C has a 1/190,000 chance to be transmitted through sex (w/0 condom). With condom, no chance. Scabies is easily curable.

26 upvotesex_addict_bro3 years ago

Even as a joke I thought it was a weird thought for her to have in that moment

Betas ignore their instincts.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That's why it's important to have the "No body, No case" conversation with your spouse.

4 upvotesD2nny363 years ago

What's that? Pls explain for this eager 21 year old.

9 upvotesEcanonmics3 years ago

It means it's hard to prove murder if you go on a boating trip and dump her body in international waters with some cinder blocks. Oh she fell off in a storm.

3 upvotesD2nny363 years ago

Oh shit lol, that one went right over my head.

102 upvotes0xdada3 years ago

What's nice about her still being young is there is still lots of time to lose a child or get cancer.

But seriously, this is actually a happy story. It only cost him a few years and half his early life fortune, and now he has freedom and time he couldn't have had in marriage.

Never get married.

12 upvotesn0oo73 years ago

Does alimony scale with current income?

upvoteshhamama663 years ago

I think the cunt can drag your ass back to court and renegotiate.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

an unlimited amount of times, and as you can guess negotiating UP is a lot easier for her than negotiating down is for you

10 upvoteschoomguy3 years ago

Yep. If your earning goes down, you are still on the hook, under the pretense that you have control over it. If you are commission, or own your own company you are really fucked. Arguably the guy did better because he sold the company. If he still owned it when the got the divorce, the likelihood is that it would have been valued alot higher, and whatever he took out in annual income would have worked against him too.

You have to wonder how theses laws came to exist, given that the vast majority of lawmakers were male when they were shaped. But the fact that the vast majority of lawmakers were also attorneys, is a giant fucking clue. Ive got two buddys who made out financially in their divorces. And everyone cried a bout how unfair it was and what losers they were for taking anything in the divorce. The double standard is disgusting.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I've read about women who spent all of their divorce winnings so the judge increased alimony due to her not having any other money.

4 upvotesriztd3 years ago

No idea, but I imagine it doesn't, probably not even if you get hurt / can't work

9 upvotesrp_tsukaisute3 years ago

It only cost him a few years and half his early life fortune

Nope--she took half, but Alimony + child support will use up the other half. If he uses or somehow loses that savings, he risks missing a payment & going to prison.

On the other hand, if he's incredibly lucky & hard working & starts making even more money, she'll go to court & raise the child support. In theory it works the other way around, if he finds himself unable to make money, but in practice it doesn't work out in family court (if you can even afford a lawyer at that point).

10 upvotesmattizie3 years ago

Serious question. What's to stop him from running away to some other part of the world amd never coming back?

5 upvotesrp_tsukaisute3 years ago

Never again seeing one's children, & having to live abroad as a fugitive for the rest of one's life.

That being said, the 'stay & work through the process' option contains the risk of finding yourself in prison should you not be able to make payments, or if you start to 'win' the divorce and your spouse decides to use all available means to 'get back' at you.

2 upvotesmattizie3 years ago

My point is that the stakes are so high already (prison time for not being able to make a payment), that it doesn't make sense to play by the rules any more.

As soon as you know shit's about to go down, funnel all your money out of the country, steal your kid, and flee to somewhere else.

I'm just surprised that (especially if there are no kids), men aren't paying gangs 75k to simply off their former wives.

18 upvotesFakeGuru3 years ago

Guys, here is my favourite story of this.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a friend of a female friend of mine.

She (the friend of my female friend) was very pleased with herself, because she had married a rich guy.

Or, to be precise, she had married the only grandson of a man with several hundred million pounds.

The old man had died and the grandson was the only one in line.His parents had died long before.

Now, the woman and her catch were both qualified professionals, but she was clearly out for his money.

So, I wasn't surprised when, a couple of years later, the wife started divorce proceedings.

She had played the game nicely.

Unfortunately for a her,the husband had all of his money in trust.

In fact, the wife was the higher earner. His solictors explained that they would be seeking maintenance from her.

At which point, the divorce proceedings ground to a halt

upvotesfarmtownte3 years ago

At which point he should continue given his trust in her has been completely evaporated

3 upvotesFakeGuru3 years ago

I don't know how the story ended, but the guy did not give a fuck.

upvotesnicetimeisback3 years ago

six month later he will read the sidebar of redpill rotfl

29 upvotesGanaria_Gente3 years ago

Actually on that quora thread, this guy is remarkably chill and almost forgiving.

A full on beta, hamstering so hard that he doesn't realize how thoroughly she's fucked him

60 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago

I'll take "Things That Aren't Funny" for $600, Alex.

upvotesanon352023 years ago

Big picture, all else being equal, would you rather be you, or this guy? I think that 99.99% of people in America would switch roles with this guy, even with the loss of 60% of his money, the rest makes it okay.

He'll get over it. The other girl will get what's coming to her eventually. Evil isn't sustainable, being ethical is so much easier over the long haul. I'm not a spiritual nut, but I believe that what goes around comes around, what you push out into the universe comes back to you in ways you can't imagine.

It's a blessing in disguise. Hopefully kids weren't involved. And even if they were, so what, both parents are upper middle class. They'll be just fine. First world problems, both of these people just won the lottery and get a chance at being born again. The objective is to understand that people are Machiavellian psychopaths, and do not let it bog you down and don't take it out on the next guy who doesn't deserve it, move on with your life and make a positive contribution.

Lots of bellyaching from butt hurt betas. Take care of your business or you'll lose 60% of it, that's all I got out of this story.

29 upvotesColdIceZero3 years ago

I hear what you're saying, but that sound like the Just-World Hypothesis. "Evil" is either the result of mental disease or a lack of empathy. Good and evil are merely an economic construct that entirely depends on your point of view.

As for this guy, it still sucks to go through this, regardless of how much money you have. While some may say "lol at least you still have stacks after the fact," some would argue that he lost more than any one else has lost in the same situation. It's all relative.

At the end of day, it fucking sucks to have gone through this. A man's ignorance and lack of preparation isn't something to laugh about. The point of this sub is to educate men, not laugh at their ignorance. We all were ignorant at some point in our lives.

Preach to improve and build the next generation of men. We shouldn't support faggots who put people down.

3 upvotesthebluepool3 years ago

What's with the pseudo spiritual crap? Doesn't matter how much you browse this sub if you still believe in bs like that.

upvotesInfinitezen3 years ago

There's nothing "pseudo spiritual" about it. He is basically just saying to get over it and appreciate whatever it is you have in front of you, that dwelling on the past or the wrong done to you is counterproductive.

2 upvotesthebluepool3 years ago

No, he's saying if you sit on your ass and wait the universe will reward or punish you if you're "good" or "evil".

17 upvotesGrimsterr3 years ago

Putting the money from the sale of a business into a personal/joint account is just dumb.

When I sold my business, I created a corporation, sold the business to that corporation for basically my next 5 years salary, to be paid once per year, then the corporation sold the business to the buyer. I never had that money as personal property and it never came near a joint or personal account.

Not because I was particularly worried about the old lady, but "alternative minimum tax" is a sumbitch.

6 upvotesTangoZulu3 years ago

Yes but if you're a shareholder of the corporation you created then those shares are considered assets of the marriage. They would simply force you to do a valuation of the corporation and she would be entitled to half of that value. Since the corporation sold the business to the buyer, the corporation holds the cash and she is entitled to half the value of the corporation (assuming you're 100% shareholder).

2 upvotesGrimsterr3 years ago

Ah, not that easy then I guess.

1 upvotesDogaldTrump2 years ago

You can avoid this with a trust. A trust is the only way to prevent losing your company.

15 upvotesOneRedSock3 years ago

The best part of his post:

and she was right, it was a bad marriage. She just had the courage to call it.

God, there are so many courageous women these days; how do they find the time? It's crazy how their courage seems to multiply the further the decimal point moves to the right.

BP guys who remain BP after getting divorce raped must be suffering some form of Stockholm Syndrome.

16 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

I knew someone this happened to. "You don't need to keep working, you could retire. Liquidise your assets... sell your company." He did. She instantly divorced him.

If you weren't married, you'd still have control. Your attraction would go up, her desire for you would go up. The money wouldn't immediately be her money. Sure, she'd angle for a new car and suggest you live in a larger house but she'd not instantly think "wow, that's half mine, and I don't even need this guy".


16 upvotesspencerc253 years ago

This is why seeing the Matrix (finding TRP) will never let you go back.

31 upvotesXZTALVENARNZEGOMSAYT3 years ago

Why would you ever get married? If I ever got married I would never sign anything

upvotesql33 years ago

I'm a lawyer. Never sign anything. Never click Accept. Never fucking affirm anything. If they want you to accept, it's because it benefits them.

24 upvotesPraecipuus3 years ago

If they want you to accept, it's because it benefits them.

Well, there's a quote for life.

3 upvotesBurlaczech3 years ago

cant it benefit both of the parties? I mean in general.

2 upvotesmtersen3 years ago

Its very rare, or even it happens with that intention it doesn't end up that way

2 upvotesInfiniteSpur3 years ago

In some states publicly stating you are married is enough to be considered married. Doesn't matter if you sign anything.

27 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's amazing how this did not click with me the first few hundred times I read about it. Then it clicked. It's important these stories keep getting posted. There's many like me who don't step into the light until after reading many, many related posts. I'll admit I was slow to finally seeing this as it is.

1 upvotesArkAngelEV3 years ago

Why is the light so blinding? Cause it's the first time you're using your eyes

9 upvotesenkae73173 years ago

Never give your girl knowledge of how much money you have in your bank account.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'm so immune to the wickedness of women that I'm much more interested in hearing the guitar players story.

That motherfucker has game!

We can learn from him

5 upvotesd0lphinsex3 years ago

A guy who plays the guitar and lives with his mom. The end.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

yet he seduced a rich woman. not all guitar playing basement dwellers are like that

4 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP3 years ago

yet he seduced a rich woman.

Big whoop. They go to church together, he has at least 1 interaction with her a week. Her husband is a beta. She was probably already cheating based on her comment.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

rich married women throw out betas for what kind of men? The kind that made her pussy tingle

Id like to know how this guy did that a whole lot more than the story of another rich cuckold

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Maybe, maybe not. It's really not that hard.

Knew a guy who was a comedian, not very funny not very attractive, didn't even make much off it. Women would eye fuck him, peeking around corners scooby style to stare at him.

Knew another dude who orbited his own friend because he was a rapper. Friend claimed to be a rapper too and just directed girls to his FB page showing him on stage. These girls swooned.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

of course its not hard. now that TRP shows the way

10 upvotesSpartiGaz3 years ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like getting half AND alimony AND child support is like double dipping? They should have to choose, either you get half, or you get alimony and child support, not both.

8 upvotesGioware3 years ago

That shit was planned so waaaay ahead

18 upvotessazzmflazm3 years ago

This is why I only marry rich women.

23 upvotesthebluepool3 years ago

There are no rich women, only girls with rich daddies.

18 upvoteschinawinsworlds3 years ago

Mostly true, most rich women have inherited or divorce raped some bloke. But money is money...

2 upvotesmattizie3 years ago

They exist. But good luck with that. It's not easy to pull off, and you REALLY need game to keep it going.

6 upvotesInternol3 years ago

Op furthur states "Its a crazy system. Assets and income are considered separate. Even though I quit after I sold the company, they calc the POTENTIAL earning of each person. My MBA wife hadn’t worked in 5 years so they calc’d her potential income to be $0, and I was making well into the six figures. From judge’s view point, it’s my choice not to go out and make all that money again. So my salary minus her $0 divide by two and that’s what I had to come up with — out of my assets. Weird."

I would go insane having gone through this. It seems like she had been planning this for some time. Surely being unemployed for that long should have raised serious red flags.

1 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY3 years ago

Being unemployed was lucky on her part for that calculation, I don't think it was planned. It was a red flag anyway though because how was she eating?

7 upvotesZenplusZen3 years ago

Prenups should be mandatory at this point.

8 upvotesbeginner_3 years ago

She was obviously fucking the guitar player already 1.5 year ago. All she needed was the money. Of course his mistake was to marry but still in the end the guy is still better of with the divorce than wasting his life with a bitter, cheating wife.

8 upvotesPenguin3273 years ago

How much do you want to bet that she has a n count of 10+? Too much experience ruins a woman.

3 upvotesArkAngelEV3 years ago

Or makes them extremely clever/dangerous. Same end result

7 upvotesOvadox3 years ago

If you are expecting a divorce in six months to a year, what is the legality of developing a "cocaine addiction". Whereby you start withdrawing a lot of money and hiding it somewhere, all while staying out late. Maybe come home smelling of cigs and beer. Acting erratic. If she's going to divorce anyway drug addiction gives her an easy reason but also gives an easy excuse for you to hide cash. Once she leaves go to narc anon or a cheap outpatient rehab to give more credibility.

7 upvotesKinote_423 years ago

It's because of stories like this I don't feel like we are getting the full story behind cases that deal with husbands strangling their wives to death.

5 upvotesObio13 years ago

Why men continue to get married in the 21st century is beyond me.

The deal really can't be any worse.

5 upvotesMcLarenX3 years ago

Never reveal your money to a woman no matter how "close" you think you are. This is common sense .

8 upvotesGreatSmithanon3 years ago

Yeah this kind of shit is why in most cases the emotional connection of a relationship just isn't worth the hassle.

upvotesPlsSendMeSomeNudes3 years ago

Fuck that mate, you can still have a connection with your girl and "love" her, you just have to he sensible about it by not getting married, not giving her access to your money and continuing to game her throughout your relationship. Sometimes having one girl you genuinely like around is much better than multiple girls you don't care about.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Moral of the story, be the guy from church with the guitar.

23 upvoteswaslookoutforchris3 years ago

Or, you know, be the guy who sold his business for big bucks and just don't get married.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Alpha Fucks... Beta Bucks... she was probably fucking the guitar dude the whole time. Hope the subject of the story finds TRP and bangs his way from sea to shinning sea and never gets married again. but he will probably fall for the beta trap again and lose half his shit.

22 upvotesOneU3 years ago

At the end of the day the guitar player is still some random dude fucking a lazy bitch and the other guy is a successful man. Being the one fucking the bitch does not change that.

3 upvotesjakeecio3 years ago

Genau. Don't be the guitar guy.

4 upvotesthefightingfirst3 years ago

Not so fast. The guitar guy now owns 50% of everything the evil wife got.

7 upvotesmattizie3 years ago

She's not that stupid.

She just stole 50%. Do you think there's even the slightest chance that she isn't being almost paranoid that someone else will steal it from her?

2 upvotesjakeecio3 years ago

There are three lives that's not worth living.... 1. Man who sits at other man's table for his food and survival. 2. Anyone remember the second one ? 3. Man who is ruled over by wife.

upvotesAntwanAntoon3 years ago

Be the guy who sold his business and kept all the money.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

and then play guitar at a church.

34 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That is why you must choose wisely. It has to be about way more than looks. Sometimes the girl who isn't as pretty, and doesnt have the phat ass, and doesnt have the wild ass and thigh plastered all over Facebook are the best ones. Guarantee his wife was some dolled up blonde skank, or one of these low level models out here that have gold digger immigrant mothers that teach their little shitbag bimbo daughters how to get a sucker ass mother fucker to commit.

However the guy might have been a terrible husband as well. Who knows.......

20 upvotesthebluepool3 years ago

Doesn't matter if he was terrible, he worked for that money. His success was his alone. This woman stole it from him.

12 upvotesabbafishhead3 years ago

That is why you must choose wisely.

I'm surprised this wasn't downvoted more. AWALT, damn it.

4 upvoteswilfa3 years ago

If you are a TRP, why get married?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I know a married guy whose wife left him after he inherited substantial money from his parents. She got half the money in the divorce.

They were engaged longer than they were married ...

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

My mum is a smart women. She's not leaving me any money when she dies, instead she's leaving me the family trust fund. It means I can pull money out for things like a house, business or car loan.

The best thing is in a divorce, the women can't touch a cent.

1 upvotesjallfairs3 years ago

Why did you spell woman the same way you spell women?

1 upvotesof-maus-and-men3 years ago

Well normally in a community property state, property received as gifts through a will or intestate succession would be considered separate property as well and would not be able to be touched in a divorce either.

1 upvotesd0lphinsex3 years ago

One of those three things can generate more money, choose that one.

0 upvotesD2nny363 years ago

Tell her I will give her (Reddit) gold, I should tell my mom this.

4 upvotesbudguy683 years ago

fuck that stupid cunt. i wouldn't let that happened to me.

upvotes-IIIII--------IIIII-3 years ago

Wait... what kind of Chad is a guitar player from Church? Don't they sing cheesy Christian rock songs or something? Or is it a general guitar playing douche who she just happened to meet there?

2 upvotesex_addict_bro3 years ago

Yes, it totally matters to be in the woman's frame.

upvotes-IIIII--------IIIII-3 years ago

I just can't picture one of those Christian rock guys having game.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I bet that guitar player from the church is wild in the sack.

Quora is a haven for dummy's, or so I've found.

You get questions on there like "Why is water wet?" and "Can I survive dying?"

Nice spot OP - keep yo money to yo-self.

3 upvotesrossiFan3 years ago

Very BP letting the wife log into the bank account for her approval.

3 upvotesTaguroizumo3 years ago

She was cheating on the guy if she got engaged to someone in 6 odd months, sounds like he got an amazing deal, lost half his fortune however gained his freedom.

3 upvotesrossiFan3 years ago

So glad that Texas is not an alimony state. In California, you will be financially raped.

2 upvotesTomHicks3 years ago

Would bitcoin have saved him if he dumped all his money in there?

1 upvotesAlCapown3d3 years ago

Only thing they could do to him is throw him in jail.

1 upvotesTomHicks3 years ago

What if he left the country?

3 upvotesnewls3 years ago

98% of all life insurance policies are bought by men. Let that statistic sink in. For women, the thought of what would happen financially to their spouse and family after they die does not even occur to them. They purely think about themselves and the present moment.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

With enough money probably easier just to have her killed

4 upvotesOfficial_Kanye_West3 years ago

this, here, is justification for murder

2 upvotesButzemer3 years ago

rather kill that bitch than pay her even 1$.. common sense isn't it

2 upvotesKnowBrainer3 years ago

It's a good thing I'm not rich. Hit men are way cheaper than divorce... ever the practical one.

2 upvotesRealloveintexas3 years ago

The only way something like that could possibly happen so soon is if there were signs she wasn't liking the marriage. If I was in that position I would have at least tried to lie about the total sale of the business and only had about 1/4 of it transferred into our account and the rest into a different account.

2 upvotesvictor_knight3 years ago

This or some variation of it happens more often than most men think. Hell, even worse happens.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Sounds like the government views divorce as illegal.

2 upvotesJoeAsheville3 years ago

This story, and this thread, gives me a fucking headache. I need more advice about offshoring assets.

2 upvotesArkAngelEV3 years ago

LOL AWALT. But let's be honest, if the shoes were switched; wouldn't you do the same? Sleep with one eye open at all times you fuckaroonis

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If it makes him feel any better, she could have done the same thing at any time. It's not like he was a particular sucker for selling. If she had left the week before, she could have claimed 1/2 of the value of the company. In fact, some companies that guys have built from nothing and take pride in running end up having to be sold to settle divorces. Opportunistic investors will lowball once they figure this out, knowing that the owner has to take some offer. So at least the woman waited until he got the best deal he could.

1 upvotesozaku73 years ago

This is one reason why I would just sell it and distribute the money over my family members and say half of it is theirs. An ex is the last person you would wish the money to. But I bet that the judges would have something about that and force the money back.

2 upvotescoveredwthsores3 years ago

At least she agreed to go to counselling I guess...

2 upvotesUserCaleb3 years ago


2 upvotesSouloftheVoid3 years ago

As soon as she said that I would've changed the bank passwords. After she said she wanted a divorce, I would have liquidated everything, put it into bitcoin, and fled.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

He let her look at the account. There's the problem

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If that bitch actually joked about divorce in the moment of realizing you just $XXXXXXX in your bank account and then actually followed through with it, she wouldn't be around to file.

2 upvotesButzemer3 years ago

Gold post. Is marriage even a thing lol.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Have never been in a relationship, but this is seriously making me consider never getting in any kind if relationship EVER. Especially being High Functioning Autistic and even more vulnerable than the average guy. Is a good relationship outcome even possible these days?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Have never been in a relationship, but this is seriously making me consider never getting in any kind if relationship EVER. Especially being High Functioning Autistic and even more vulnerable than the average guy. Is a good relationship outcome even possible these days?

2 upvotesthrowawayclarkken3 years ago

This should be classified as planned crime . Holy Fuck I feel for that dude

upvotesjaimewarlock3 years ago

This is why most of my wealth is stored as cryptocurrency.

2 upvotestekn0_3 years ago

Is it safe? Won't it go down when the price of bit coin goes down?

2 upvotesmiracLe__3 years ago

It's safe as in no ones going to be able to steal it from you, but yeah not very "keeping its value" safe - you'd hope eventually it would stable out and be less volatile but no one knows really.

2 upvotesVanityKings3 years ago

I feel no sympathy for weak minded men

1 upvotesToussant3 years ago

If he had that much money, he could've taken care of it, costing less than half. Was probably ruthless to get the company successful but lost the edge.

1 upvotesRavan_kansh3 years ago

How can she marry a guitar player?Isn't it against Hypergamy?

3 upvotespatrice_plz_come_bac3 years ago

Musicians are an exemption. You dont really even be able to play

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

True story, I tell chicks i practice guitar and their face lights up. All i know how to do are Chords 101 on Rocksmith 2014

upvoteslimpingrobot3 years ago

At first I thought the guitarist is a dumb ass, but nowadays I think that's the way to go. Turn the tables. Be the one who benefits from a divorce.

upvotesLeonard_Church3 years ago

Not really, at the end of the day the guitar player doesn't have anything good going for him, and is stuck with a used-up divorced mom who isn't going to get a job. The guy who started the company can likely start another because of his experience, and he still has quite a bit of money left over from the sale. Sure child support and alimony suck, but child support isn't forever, and a rich man who pays child support and alimony is still worth more than a lower-middle class guy who doesn't.

Guess who is going to be the happier man in 10 years.

1 upvotesChyavanpunk3 years ago

I checked out that Quora thread. 88 comments on his story, and just one by a woman congratulating another man for his 'leap of faith' on his decision on finding love and getting remarried without a prenup.

What do I interpret it as? Women read that story, and didn't bother to comment because its normal womanly behaviour, or they felt ashamed about it?

1 upvotesThe_lost_Karma3 years ago

Divorce laws are fucked up

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

If you posted that answer on the stackexchange they'd delete it. Doesn't fit with progressive agenda. Can't have people getting RedPilled when they seek knowledge.

1 upvotesAmogh243 years ago

That's why it might be better to draw up a contract before the marriage about how assets will be divided in case of a divorce

1 upvotesyummyluckycharms3 years ago

To be fair, good for her - she is maximizing her reproductive strategy. On the other hand, the guy is an idiot for getting married and working against his reproductive strategy. A fool and his money are soon parted - and this man was very foolish to get hitched. No pity

1 upvotesBlackFallout3 years ago

Prenuptial fucking agreement.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

But how do we know this is real? I mean there is no sources....Quora? This story I don't know...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Remember kids, if you're having trust issues, always remeber to issue your trusts.

1 upvotesJack0fDiamonds3 years ago

How do we know this is a real story?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

o my god how unexpected wow. Never have we heard of such a story. I am sure that in the whole of Human History there NEVER was a story like this. Who could have thought that a woman could do such a thing?

Sarcasm? how did you guess?

I dont blame her. Not in the slightest. She did right. She did the best she could. KUDOS to her.

We on the other hand (yes we men) should be deeply ashamed of ourselves. Countless examples of this exists. It is right in our faces. We all know this and yet we still run into this head on. Any being that stupid deserves even more. She should have taken all.

Today there is such thing as marriage contract. If you live in a place that has none or is not accepting such a contract then dont marry. If the woman threatens with leaving you if you dont marry, let her go. If you can do neither then fucking SUCK IT UP! and dont cry afterwards.

Rant over!

1 upvotesMckallidon3 years ago

What an idiot. Any real man knows you run your on paper wealth into the ground, divorce her, lawyer HAM, settle, then sell your business(es).

0 upvotesEmperorofEarf3 years ago

You sound like you lose frame easily so I'll just let you be. I wasn't asking you to eat his dinner for him, I was saying I support any and all help given to a man looking for resources. You don't have to agree. I couldn't give less of an okapi.

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