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MOD Notice- We remove your shit if you suck.

by redpillschool on /r/TheRedPill
30 March 2017 09:04 PM UTC

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I have kept about 1 out of every 10 new posts over the past 24 hours. That's a lot of junk. A ton of it.

Before you post, think to yourself- do I have something novel to say, or am I making a bullet point list of easy to regurgitate information that I read last week for the first time?

Then, don't post.

When in doubt, don't post.

When you think you should post, head on over to /r/asktrp.

This has been a public service announcement.

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Title MOD Notice- We remove your shit if you suck.
Author redpillschool
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Comments 88
Date 30 March 2017 09:04 PM UTC (3 years ago)
Subreddit TheRedPill
Link https://theredarchive.com/post/42274
Original Link https://old.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/62gsyj/mod_notice_we_remove_your_shit_if_you_suck/
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183 upvotesAwakeningLion3 years ago

Hoping that Captain Cringeworthy takes heed...

57 upvotesempatheticapathetic3 years ago

It's hilarious that this guy has become a meme. What an impression he made upon us all. He's a true alpha.

36 upvoteswhyalwaysm33 years ago

Fill those of us in on this reference and or a link to his posts please lol?

59 upvotesfanthor3 years ago

Dude posts everyday talking about frame, confidence etc.

at first glance it seems like good advice.

After a week seeing him posts, its just advice you find anywhere.

after a few weeks, people start digging up his history and its obvious he is suffering from some form of depression, mostly due to oneitis.

He's using TRP as an escape.

11 upvotesrdpislove3 years ago

Dude never get out he posts everyday even Friday and Saturday he just can't get enough

7 upvotesDethSonik3 years ago

Why socialize irl when you can just post to a bunch of dudes who get manly around each other.

-30 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You can always use the search function

39 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible3 years ago

Doesn't matter. I finally got sick of his shit and gave him a long-ass tempban.

17 upvotesholybad3 years ago

waiting for first sergeant cringeworthy to step up

11 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

There needs to be a mod button that says "Turn Off Your Computer And Go Outside."

18 upvotesjizzledfreq3 years ago

He must have been blocked from posting or posting from an alternative account, looks like the mods deleted most of his posts, and I haven't seen him posting the past few times I've visited here.

Thank god.

21 upvotesDirkz3 years ago

Huge shout out to the mods if they did block cringeworthy and his multiple accounts because that shit was watering down this sub. Also could not have been more obvious that he was some sort of keyboard warrior, not accomplishing shit in life.

15 upvotesOneRedSock3 years ago

I'm noticing that dude posts in waves.

I hadn't seen him post in a week or two, but then the other day 4 or 5 of his were on the front page. I wonder if he has like manic episodes or something.

15 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

He has alter accounts. The reputation on a couple of them are shot, wouldn't be surprised if he is ghosting under another name right now. But as long as his new ghost doesn't post 17 novel length submissions in a 24 hour span I could care less.

20 upvotesSugarFreeFries3 years ago

It's "I couldn't care less", just a pet peeve of mine, don't take it personally, but please change your ways.

1 upvotesMAGA_God-Emperor3 years ago

Or perhaps he intended it to mean he actually does care less if those 17 novel posts don't show up ever day...ah you're probably right

0 upvotesVodkaTankerSpill3 years ago

No one cares about stupid grammar bullshit.

5 upvotesProto_Sigma3 years ago

Except for people who actually try and read. Grammar is to language as form is to lifting. Bro, do you even write?

12 upvotesozaku73 years ago

I find that this guy really posted too much. I've experienced days with 50% of the posts being from him. I deliberately don't click on anything that he posted, because I can't stand it anymore.

6 upvotesthebrandedman3 years ago

You're a better man than I am. I just started downvoting his spam.

10 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

He sent me an angry PM the other day saying calling me out for posting too much on here. The difference is that I don't make 9 submissions a day like he did and really only make 1 or 2 a week. Most of my posting is done on AskTRP when I have downtime at work.

He also posted some screed to the lounge subreddit that got deleted by the mods there titled "My love/hate relationship with a hate-subreddit". Wish I could have read what it said before it got deleted.

4 upvotesAaronindhouse3 years ago

Who are you guys talking about? I guess I'm not here often enough to notice.

3 upvotes8n0n3 years ago

Credit to /u/fanthor

Dude posts everyday talking about frame, confidence etc.

at first glance it seems like good advice.

After a week seeing him posts, its just advice you find anywhere.

after a few weeks, people start digging up his history and its obvious he is suffering from some form of depression, mostly due to oneitis.

He's using TRP as an escape.

Basically covers everything; though I didn't experience the worst of it being away due to offline personal commitments ($ not female entanglements).

Read this post at own risk and presume this has been modified by Reddit Inc

3 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

He has other accounts too.... see if you can collect 'em all ;)

5 upvotesrandomperson1233213 years ago

The fact that the guy has a flair point is a living example of redemption being possible for everyone, no matter how helpless someone may seem.

Edit: Connection issues arised at the moment I posted. Dunno how to interpret this.

9 upvotestrippinallday3 years ago

It's a case of "a broken clock is right twice a day" more than anything. A bullshit post every hour is gonna end up with something accurate every once in a while. It's just a matter of whether it's worth all the fluff for the occasional solid post (no it isn't)

2 upvotesAstonford3 years ago

Anyone know what happened to moneystatuslooks and IamGale?

73 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


I remember months ago when all the posts were properly following formatting.

Now it's just mind farts. Hella lazy.

25 upvotesWoujo3 years ago

Here are some tips:

1- After you write a post, sleep on it for a night before you post it on the sub to see if it is still is as interesting to you as when you first thought of it.

2- Reread the post several times to see if you can make it shorter, cut the fat, make it more clear.

3- Stress test your ideas. If you think you figured out the holy grail of RP, go out a couple nights and try it out to see if it actually works.

4- Think long and hard about whether the advice you are giving is applicable to other people, or if it is just shit that worked for you and only applicable to certain places/people/times.

5- Read the fucking sidebar and make sure you are not repeating shit.

6- Ask yourself if you are doing a service for the subreddit and its readers, or just working out your own internal issues.

5 upvotesGaryKing71543 years ago

Nice tips.. You should use them when posting :)

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Jordan Peterson FTW

Whether 200 words, or 10,000 it's a good system to articulating your thoughts

18 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Just don't let gallowfag become a mod and I'll stay sub'd

16 upvotesPissedPajamas3 years ago

Gj mods, TRP has been a dump recently. No new content, just insesant whinning and pointless post. If you're gonna contribute, make it something worthwhile and valuable. Bring something new to the table and improve the community

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Keep in mind, theres lot of brand new guys who can post great stuff.

There was one of a 14 year old kid, few months back. Took the pill, started lifting. He was only a week in, but it was a great example of what 'taking the pill' meant.

I even shit tested him in comments, assuming he was the same bullshit that a lot of guys are. He swatted it away like it was nothing. Man was going places.

It doesn't have to be new, god knows, hearing something 10 ways with 20 stories is a great way to solidify and polish up thoughts... it just has to be good.

1 upvotesPissedPajamas3 years ago

I'm a stickler for content. There should be a post flair for newcomer posts if they wanna introduce themselves and give us their story, just as there is for BP/RP example

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I'd actually love to see the post you are on about.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I would have to hunt for it, it may be in the archive posts from all stickies.

Right now, other than the projects at work, I'm also going back through 4 years of TRP/MRP material, taking advantage of the cloud search. If it pops up, I will save for later.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Jesus, it seems that as this sub gets larger and larger, mods jobs get harder and harder.

Man what's gonna happen, going from a remind from every year, to months to weeks?

Anyways, thanks to the mods for keeping up the good work.

2 upvotesCunt_Robber3 years ago

The mods are incredible on here. Glad they took action I was starting to subconsciously devalue this sub as I wasn't getting anything out of it lately. I'm wondering what the mods would think about making this sub private. Will it come to that?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There something like that already. I think it's thedarktriad sub

17 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

90% quality rate is pretty damn good.

There's been a few times I've looked at the main page and it looked like the inverse of that.

8 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY3 years ago

I think it's more 90% aren't complete trash. I haven't posted once since when I do, I want it to actually be novel or a better explanation than what's out there. Some people just spray and pray.

2 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

I agree. If I feel I cannot add something new I do not post. There have been a few times where I did not submit something I wrote.

7 upvotesredpillschool [OP]3 years ago

I was in a hurry writing that, I meant I kept 1 out of 10.

2 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20163 years ago

Gotcha. You guys need flamethrowers at times to deal with the flood of low quality posts.

Thank you for your work.

3 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

Every time some SJW femitard posts an article about this vile dump, ten thousand 17 year old newbs flood the joint looking for how to peal the panties off the head of the cheerleading squad.

redpillschool should put a giant banner at the top of the page: "We are all sexless basement losers! Welcome!" It'll keep the bloopers busy and out of our way, as well as repelling the rutting, hormonal teenies.

1 upvotesProto_Sigma3 years ago

Maybe. But isn't part of our mission in the sub to turn at least a fraction of those rutting hormonal teenies into something resembling alpha males? We were all noobs once, we've just got to whip the Neos into shape.

upvotesAndHaole3 years ago

As someone who is also part of the problem apparently, and has admittedly only been lurking here for 3 months I guess I would say that I am seeing the issues / rants reiterated over and over and not much discussion of solutions aka "sexual strategy", or attitude adjustment and personal development.


I actually figured the mods were asleep at the wheel or doing a science experiment to see if the board could self-police what with all of the circle-jerking that didn't get removed. How many times a day can you read:

a. "Hey fellow Alpha bros, check out this total Beta Bux lol. What a cuck."

b. "Hey wow I just found out my girl is in fact a woman and texted some dude. Nexted that bitch like a boss. AWALT"

c. "Now that I'm on the pill my synchronized cycle is going swimmingly. I love you guys."


It was the game theory and application / resource, and field report success posts that I found most useful. Back in Jan one guy dumped a bunch of links that he'd collected here over time (so repost, but solutions), stuff that wasn't in the sidebar, that I'd never seen before and that made the biggest difference for me. Hope the frustrated guys looking to solve problems rather than bitch about them can still find those.

3 upvotesJake_le_Dog3 years ago

I'm interested in that post you mentioned. How do I find it?

45 upvotesProto_Sigma3 years ago

I would argue that it's fine to re-hash things every once in a while. New insight is better, but a huge part of TRP is refining the basic points, AWALT, boosting SMV, owning your shit, lifting. Most posts are pretty far from ground breaking, but a refresher can be nice, especially for newbies who may not yet have heard it.

I do sympathize though. I don't visit this sub nearly as often as I used to because so much of the ground has already been covered, and I get the desire to take out sub-tier content. I'd just like to point out that it can be a difficult line to draw, but you guys are the mods, so if you think you're up to it, go for it.

23 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

New users come here every day, so something I have seen 1000 times is being seen for the first time by the newcomers. Which is why in general I don't mind seeing the same concepts posted, what pisses me off is when its clearly being done for karma whoring or for selfish reasons. It's pretty obvious when its being posted by someone who doesn't grasp the concept and is just trying to act like they are a know it all of this stuff when they have only been coming here for a week, and someone who knows what they are talking about.

Same with "Blue Pill Example" posts. Seems like every time someone posts one you have someone whining saying "Who cares about this shit". I think they are important because those posts do a lot of red pilling because they speak to the core of where men are getting it wrong. I know it was the blue pill example posts that eventually red pilled me and I am not alone.

1 upvotesSMVSMY3 years ago

I posted a BP example the other day, and half of the comments were from guys (most likely newer visitors) who clearly have not read the sidebar and were disagreeing with basic RP/game theory.

There is nothing new to be said anymore about the red pill. 95% of posts are most likely going to be reemphasizing RP theory, but there's certainly value to this, as there are a TON of new readers who simply don't get it.

I'm all for removing low quality posts, but re-emphasis is important for this sub to stay alive. Either that, or disallow new posts altogether.

5 upvotesNewreddawn3 years ago

That's what we do in comment sections, and I'm fine with that.

There's zero need to post information that is readily available in the side bar. It clogs up the sub. If you think the sidebar needs more material, recommend it to the mods instead of reposting what most of us already know. I think that's how you make it easy on the mods to draw a line.

7 upvotesaasman13 years ago

Yea I'm new to all this so I appreciate the rehashing of well established ideas because it helps me better understand the community.

2 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

if there was some sort of example or something it's fine, but most of the time it's just dudes trying to whip their dick out on an internet forum. it's like now that trp is pretty much old news all the people late to the party are coming and trying to save face.

3 upvotesRedditAdminsSuck_883 years ago

Its guys posting trying to show everyone here how alpha they are, even though they only took the red pill a week ago.

Field Reports are the worst and I never read them. It's always the same story. "Hey TRP, so I went out the other night after I read the sidebar, and went to a bar and there was this HB8 [Asian/Latino] chick there, and I applied what I learned here and [We Kissed/I got her Number/We Fucked]. Anyway, just letting you know this stuff works!"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I don't visit this sub nearly as often as I used to because so much of the ground has already been covered

I absolutely agree with this, although I keep coming back to this sub to keep myself sharp and aware. You leave for a little bit, get comfortable, and if you don't consciously realize that somebody is waiting to fuck you up you'll get thrown in the water and realize you don't know how to swim.

Unfortunately, too much of this sub recently is either (a) "I'm 19 years old, total loser and creep, I tried to game this girl but I am a fat and live in a fucking dumpster so I got shut the fuck down, AWALT amirite?" or (b) "I am Indian/Pakistani and I used to be a fat computer dweeb like you but since internalizing TRP even though I really haven't and am burdened by my hilarious insecurities I am now dating a submissive white HB10 virgin (not really but lying is so easy!) lol TRP is great guys right?"

Even though he's a bit too political for me these days, we need more old school Roissy and less modern-day Roose V.

1 upvotesilikeurboobies3 years ago

Yeah I don't get why Reddit mods are so hung up on deleting things. It just makes it look like you're afraid of what somebody might have to say. Let the downvotes speak for themselves.

3 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

Do you really want to wade through hours of shitposts to find a gem? The reason mods delete is because there are posting rules and we don't want a bunch of bullshit white noise. If I have to read another personal advice post or redpill lyrics post I'll puke.

5 upvotesnozmi3 years ago

This is definitely a much needed announcement.

5 upvotesDamnDirtyApe873 years ago

Thank you mods, post quality has been slipping alot again lately

3 upvotesafkb39sdfb3 years ago

My mom says my posts are good...

4 upvotesmax_peenor3 years ago

Your mom has good things to say about me too.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You can re-hash certain points, but literary quality, spacing and content needs to be clearly written and easily digested.

This should be a forum of quality information, not a 4Chan shitpost anon thread where posts look like a 8 year old typed it by smashing his face on the keyboard.

4 upvotes11-Eleven-113 years ago

I swear, every sub I join falls apart. I don't even post anything...

5 upvotesEastuss3 years ago

Just stop joining subs! Don't you see you're ruining all of them?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It's be design

upvotesdrallcom33 years ago

You could remove far more shit. Or maybe sticky more exceptional contributions. Oh well, luxury problems. Overall it's still good here.

1 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

yea examples of good posts would be good and why. everyone gotta start somewhere.

2 upvotesCptFizz3 years ago

Wouldn't be surprised if this comes from people that don't like this sub. Shitting up a place with useless threads is a valid method to destroy a community. Be vigilant.

4 upvotesdiomedes7773 years ago

My post ~3 days ago was removed after a day of high activity with zero explanation, I've got people asking me to email them the post and why it was taken down. Any explanation would be appreciated.

3 upvoteswhatsthisgarg3 years ago

I second that. I came across diomedes777's post after it was removed; I had to find an archive to read it. Seemed like quality to me. He was describing what I have been doing WITH GREAT SUCCESS AND SATISFACTION for more than 20 years. A lot of younger fuckers could have learned a lot from that.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Most likely automoderator. He never modmailed with a link to the post, chances are if it was good, and was seen, it would be readded.

Also, so many guys like to their inbox, like everyone can see it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

There should be more game posts. I'm working on a forum game post but then I've already got fifteen half finished posts I've never finished up. All the shit has been said. It's been done. The issue is guys have to go do the work.

1 upvotesvorverk3 years ago

Great job mods. Big respect!

I would love to hear some more real life field reports and personal examples. We all learn so much from each other's mistakes. How about a weekly field report thread where everyone can post their stories and people can comment on stuff from a TRP perspective?

1 upvotesRedPillApprentice993 years ago

It's good that some action is taking place. This sub for the past week has been a shit show content wise.

upvotesspacestation163 years ago


1 upvotesKoryphae_3 years ago

Why is there not a setting so you have to be subscribed to the sub at least for 6 months in order to post new threads?

4 upvotesredpillschool [OP]3 years ago

I wish there was a way.

1 upvoteswhatsthisgarg3 years ago

I wish there was a way.

Well, isn't there an automod that deletes comments and posts from new users? Under 24 hrs?

Also, I have no idea, BUT, when I go look at that particularly revolting and toxic sub you know the one it says

You have been linked from blah blah, read only, please don't vote.

or something, and I don't even have a way to reply or comment, there is no field for it. So there has to be a way to restrict commenting and making new posts.


1 upvotesSoulRedemption3 years ago

Hahaha, loved how accurate this was

1 upvotesColonCancer6663 years ago

6 months back I had two posts one at 181 upvotes, the other 577 upvotes. Both were trimmed in 24 hours with no explanation. Afterwards flooded with PMs asking why I took it down. Im a RP success story just trying to give back and I get this shit. Maybe if I break a foot or something and have time to waste online I'll try again someday.

2 upvotesEpicLevelCheater3 years ago

Did you contact us regarding the removed post?

1 upvotes1Maverick13 years ago

That's stupid. Let us decide what's good or not.

1 upvotesMr_Andry3 years ago

Is there anything new to say? I don't read very often and when I do I set the sort to top of the past week. Even then there isn't anything new or very interesting. At some point the sub should probably just be "Shut up, Read the side bar and Go do it."

1 upvotesabbafishhead3 years ago

My post was also removed, so what if it got ~600 upvotes, right? I write from experience of successfully banging dozens upon dozens of attractive women, and I'm sick of people PM-ing me for the full post. I write insightful stuff, and I know it. Oh well. Your loss. All I wanted to do is share, maybe challenge my own beliefs. But if that's not allowed, sure, let's all stick with the "women's nature" crap that even a virgin nerd can spew out.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

i don't care if the post is shit or not. every post has a point that can appeal to someone but don't allow fake novel type bullshit. i just can't endure with the lies.

-1 upvotesJack0fDiamonds3 years ago

wow thanks captain buzzkill, are we forgetting that all ideas or opinions are not universally objective?

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