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You're not the one she wants. You're the one she's using.

by HardRightCapn | May 04, 2017 | TheRedPill


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Women, like men, have a survival instinct to get their needs met. Unlike men, they can get their needs met very easily and comfortably by convincing the right beta to take her in and put up with her shit. Men, however, have to ensure their own survival or keep living with their parents. She may actually "love you" and bring you joy. And you may feel strong feelings for her, but beware!! Watch who she really is by her actions.
How can you tell if you're just her Beta Bux? Here are a few key signs.
  • She still contacts her ex. Especially after you've asked her not to. If she was "in love" with you, she'd drop everyone else.
  • She openly flirts with others. If she does this, then she's still looking for her next branch while claiming that you're a dick for not letting her flirt "innocently".
  • She disrespects you publicly. Any woman worth a damn will show you the respect you deserve. Question is, how much do you actually deserve?
  • She disrespects you to her friends. Did you see a text or overhear a conversation with her bitching about you. Drop her!
  • She doesn't value your time, only your money. She may love that you pay for things, but then whines when you don't pick up the phone at work or when you don't take the afternoon off to help her pick out yoga pants.
  • You pay for more than she does. Don't do it.
  • She lives with you for free or cheap. Stop it!
  • She encourages you to be someone you're not. If she's trying to change you, then she's also trying to find another guy that actually is the persona that she wants.
  • She limits your time with family and friends. If she's actively trying to isolate you, it's because she subconsciously knows who she really is and she doesn't want to be found out. NEVER let a woman take you away from your family and friends.
Remember RP guys... listen to her actions, not her words. Acta, non verba - has been a turning point in my life for seeing the world for how it really is.

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Title You're not the one she wants. You're the one she's using.
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333 upvotesfrozia2 years ago

If you need to question whether or not you're BB, you are, next her.

159 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Next her. And improve yourself.

26 upvotesMerwebb2 years ago

Yep. Next her because is almost impossible to change the way she sees you at that point, not because evil women yadda yadda.

If you dont work on yourself the next one will also see you like the Berto you would be.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just beat her, she will learn

24 upvotess4mpai2 years ago

I know you think that sounds smart, but it doesn't really make sense. Like, why would you dump a girlfriend cause you're not sure if you pay for more things than she does?

62 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

It sets a precedent , precedents become habits, and eventually this habit becomes the foundation of relationships.

You run out to buy your girl food late one night just to be nice and you love her so no big deal right ? You keep doing it a few times and then she actually starts asking you to do it , still appreciated so again no big deal . Then one night you're tired , it was a long day at work , she's hungry and asks you to go out and you say " hey babe I'm too tired tonight I won't be able to do it " All of a sudden she starts asking if you love her, why don't you do what you used to when you started dating , and / or gives you the silent / passive - aggressive anger treatment .

What started as a sweet well - intentioned favor progressed into an expectation that you are now bound to . You decide to go out anyway and get her food that night even though you were exhausted . Now she knows that she can control you and make you do whatever she wants no matter what's going on in your own life.

It changes the dynamic of your relationship . You were her sexy man but now she sees that you are kind of weak - willed and easy to control . You're not fun or unpredictable anymore because she knows her emotions and desires rule you .

I know this sounds exaggerated but I've lived it , It starts off with good intentions but it becomes a ball and chain before you know it .

38 upvotese4tshit2 years ago

I know this sounds exaggerated

It isn't, cooked 5 star meals for my ex when we first met to show her I was a great cook. Slowly progressed to her sending me pics of meals while she was at work with the text "hey we should make this tonight". Translation: stop what you're doing, research this meal, go to the store and get all the shit we need and get started making it so when I get home I can have it.

We're talking about hours of work when you add the prep time. I'm not exaggerating in the least. I'd be outside sweating my balls off working the grill and running up and down the stairs to put the dinner together and she'd be sitting in the living room watching her shows.

Toward the end I confronted her. I said I got tired of being her personal chef all the time. She blew a gasket. She said "you've changed, you used to love it when we'd cook new things", I said "yeah, but that's when WE cooked...I'm doing everything while you sit around, I feel used". You can guess how good she took it. Can't having me saying no to her constant demands.

8 upvotesTheRedStoic2 years ago

The biggest issue in this one is misplaced blame.

You made something common and expected, then took it away.

So far as you've written, she didn't twist your arm, you voluntarily did all of this. Maybe thinking she was giving an ultimatum sure, maybe thinking that's just a nice thing to do.

The point is, you could easily have responded with "lol maybe someday." Or simply ignored it. She didn't give you an ultimatum. You chose that action. Covert contract 101.

10 upvotese4tshit2 years ago

When we started, she'd be in the kitchen chopping the vegetables, mixing up the marinade and reducing the sauce. I'd clean the grill out, get the coals going, soak some wood chips and set the table. The two of us would go outside, she'd hold the tray while I'd use tongs to put the meat on the grill. We'd talk about stuff and joke around while drinking and watching the grill. After the meat was done she'd hold the tray while I loaded the meat up and covered it with foil.

Toward the end, she'd text me images and links of what she wanted and I did everything while she sat on her ass waiting to eat "kind of like a restaurant". I think you can see the difference. When the two of us 50/50 worked together experimenting it was fun. When she sat back like entitled cunt watching me run around trying to everything it wasn't fun anymore. You are right about the covert contract part, looking back that was me using the first part of the D.E.N.N.I.S system.

1 upvotesTheRedStoic2 years ago

I understand bro. It sneaks up on you unless you're in constant measurement mode.

I'm glad you understand, you'll be fine since you're obviously making changes and calling it out.

13 upvotesRivkariver2 years ago

Maybe the problem is you only did it to show her you were a good cook. You would hate it just as much if a woman only wore makeup and dressed well to "show you she could dress well" and worked out only to show you she could do it, but then got really lazy and stopped doing those things, and complained if you said something. If you came off like you were the master chef who could handle anything, she probably had no idea how hard it actually was. Was she actually sending the photos demanding you make it that night, or were you just translating it that way? You were perfectly entitled to say not tonight, that's something interesting for the future. In fact if you wanted any authority here you should have.

-9 upvotesaga0802 years ago

This made zero sense, i really urge you to not post and just read.

2 upvotesTheRedChemist2 years ago

His post made perfect sense, take your own advice instead.

2 upvotess4mpai2 years ago

This is insecurity. If the girl messaged me "we should make this tonight", id say "sounds Great, can you get the ingredients". Not everything needs to be some game where you internalize everything without saying if something bothers you. If you learnt to state your boundaries in the first place there wouldn't have been an issue.

4 upvotestwatbutters2 years ago

Every man should know how to cook, BUT your woman should be the one doing the regular cooking. If she doesn't know how, she can learn-- we live in the age where YT cooking videos are a dime a dozen, and in your case, she could've learned from you personally.

10 upvotestwatbutters2 years ago

I would never let it get that far. If she didn't cook for the both of us, or doesn't know how to cook at all, then you next her, unless you're just looking for a fuckbuddy.

Seriously guys, don't LTR a girl who doesn't know how to manage a house (cooking, cleaning, organizing). You're just setting yourself up for disaster.

2 upvotestolstushki7012 years ago

I a couple of years ago I dated a girl who would not even wash the dishes after she ate. She would only wash them when there were no clean plates or forks left in the drawer. Everything in the house turned in a huge mess. The sex was good, but wasn't enough to keep us together.

6 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

Ok so I'm 36 year old software developer from California and seeing a really smoking hot 18 year old (black) chick in Cali, Colombia. So she should pay as much as me? Was it wrong of me to have bought her that $2 (good) meal after banging at my place? I pay $5 for her taxi home. What about that? Well I'm honestly not at all interested in being with some very busy woman who has strong plans that extend out into her late twenties. I understand my role and for this I get a very feminine woman who doesn't want to compete with me and grabs my dick after having sex three times when I didn't think that I had it in me.

10 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

There's nothing wrong with paying for your fuck buddies food and ride home . Just don't make it a habit, also I think this applies a little more to LTR's and plates in that limbo between LTR's and platedom . we're not trying to shame you , we just need you to be aware of the games women play and how easy you can slip into being useful as a provider and pack mule .

Please keep fucking your hot 18 year old colombian it sounds like you're living the dream just don't let her rope you into taking care of her.

24 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

Christ, some of the people on this sub are fucking dumb.

Do what you fucking want. If you want to pay, then pay. If not, then don't. It doesn't matter. Like holy shit; sometimes I treat my friends to dinner and drinks, sometimes they treat me, sometimes we split the bill. Sometimes I pay for transport, food, drinks, sometimes the girl does, sometimes we split the bill. It's not a big deal.

Stop with the taker / scarcity attitude. Drop the absolutes. If a girl's financial situation is shitty and you are well off, why wouldn't you offer to pay for things like food, transport?

A loser/beta/chump is something you ARE, not something you DO.

The thing to ask is WHY you are paying. If you are paying because you have an agenda, i.e. you think it's going to help you get laid, then you are a chump and the girl will sense that and be turned off.

On the other hand, if you're paying because it's one of your principles, the girl will appreciate it. It's a matter of where you are coming from.

Way to make a fucking mountain out of a molehill.

9 upvotesHS-Thompson2 years ago

No there's nothing wrong with it. And some of this TRP advice is a little autistic. I'm rich, not own a sports team rich but I have more than enough money to where it really makes no difference how much a restaurant, a business class ticket, or front row at a concert costs, stuff like that.

I don't ask women to split the bill ever. It's stupid, I don't care, on a day to day smaller level money doesn't matter to me at all. It doesn't make me beta bucks, it makes me alpha bucks, which is the best combination of all, what every woman dreams of.

The TRP advice is solid for younger guys who are inexperienced with women and are likely to get taken advantage of and used only for their ability to provide, since that's really the only thing they have going for them.

The classic time honored dynamic between men and women hasn't changed however. An older more successful, socially and physically dominant man who takes charge of the encounter, pays for things and makes decisions, and a younger, more fragile, beautiful, and submissive woman who keeps herself together emotionally and physically and provides feminine energy and sexual pleasure in return.

That's the archetypal relationship we should all be striving for.

It takes work to be that kind of man, guys slip out of that behavior and it bites them in the ass, and especially they don't demand that women keep up their end of the bargain, so they end up on the receiving end of shitty behavior. But I do think it's helpful to remember that our goal isn't some 50/50 modern relationship bullshit, it's the classic traditional model I'm describing.

3 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

If my girlfriend was 25 then I would probably not be paying for 100% of what we do along with her taxi but the reality is that she is 18 and doesn't have a job so its just an impossibility. The good part about it is that there are only two men in her life; her father and me. I'm not competing with a boss that gives her tingles due to how he commands her around. Its really nice and I think that having a woman who is employed would be a big step down from this. I'd rather that my woman is unemployed (unoccupied, in the worst sense of the word 'occupy') or has her own passion business.

3 upvotesclausgj2 years ago

All depends on the context. Last time I was in South America, I had a short-term fling with a hot 19year old. She was a student so I didn't expect her to pay for dinner, chip in for the motel/hotel room and other activities. I enjoyed her company, lots of sex and the only line I would not cross so as not to appear the provider/betabux is buying gifts. I see the rule of not paying for dinner more apply to 1st world countries, and especially here in Scandinavia where I live. I personally don't mind buying drinks on 1st/2nd dates, and if dinner it will be cheap.

2 upvotesCasanova-Quinn2 years ago

Paying for things is fine as long as YOU are satisfied with the situation. If you are paying money and she's not satisfying you, then it's a bad deal regardless of the amount of money.

So the question for you is, are you satisfied with paying $7 to bang this girl? Based on your last sentence I'd say you are.

1 upvotesseattleron2 years ago

Ok so I'm 36 year old software developer from California and seeing a really smoking hot 18 year old (black) chick in Cali, Colombia.

So, I heard Columbia is awesome. The chicks treat you like gold there, and they're smoking hot for the most part.

Is that true?

3 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I'd say that in the streets there are tons of not great looking women but it appears to not be difficult to get one. I'll compare looks wise to Ukraine but the big difference here is that women don't appear to have a suppressed sexuality and they are willing to take chances although they are on average not as naturally good looking but are more vital. I think that basically if a woman here decides that she likes you then she will be trying to have sex with you. That isn't always the case in the world as women can become quite heady with the strategy of it. I haven't felt a need to plow through numbers because I found a great looking woman who is half my age. Its been super easy so far except that about ten days into knowing her she pulled an epic and typical Colombian jealousy shit test as was trying to lay down rules. I wasn't even looking for another woman because really for me if I'm having sex four times in a day with a woman who is giving me all of the bells and whistles then I'm content. So I was an inch from breaking up with her and in words I actually did so but then she changed her tune completely and its been good for weeks now. She is a woman and so she tries to do what she can and how specifically she does that is based on the culture and here it says to be supremely jealous and to fuck their man perfectly to keep him on the hook and then on the other side to ride his ass about other women. I just let her know that I'm not going to have the peace fucked with because she wants to feel extra special some moment.

I think that here in Colombia you can be into a good relationship after being here for a few weeks or so and that its possible to be having some sort of sex within days to a week. I rested up my first few days and then I went to a heavy Gringa area in Medellin and since I was fresh I banged a slightly fat Canadian woman within a few hours, to get myself in the game. Then I immediately decided that I didn't want to spend any more time in that decadent and played out Western tourist scene. Just get away from foreigners as much as you can once you have gathered the useful information. That is not where you want to be at although due to amenities and the practicality of it you will likely be around a fair amount of them. I'll say that the Western women around me are funny. They get butt hurt easily when I don't go for them after a week or so and then they all seem to hit a point where they have trouble looking me in the eyes. Colombians don't seem to run that buggy OS and they appear to try harder when they like a man and they also stay cordial. Westerners are butthurt egoists.

1 upvotesseattleron2 years ago

So do Colombian women like white guys/westerners because they're exotic to them so to speak?

I'd say that in the streets there are tons of not great looking women but it appears to not be difficult to get one.

So on average, Colombian women aren't attractive? That's kind of disappointing.

Are you living there permanently? How is crime and what not?

2 upvotesLokdBreech2 years ago

This scenario applies to, but is not exclusive to, sexual relationships. It is unfortunately a fairly constant part of human nature. Give or provide something once - it's a wonderful and appreciated gesture. Give or provide it twice - it's nice, but not especially appreciated. Give or provide it thrice - no gratitude appropriate or required because it's owed and the recipient is due that, and more. This applies to professional and business relationships (doctor-patient, attorney-client, welfare recipient-state, customer-vendor). Be very careful of providing the second benefit, and strictly avoid ever providing any benefit the third time without a suitable quid pro quo in the exchange, because of this tendency of almost all humans.

1 upvotess4mpai2 years ago

I don't think I'd get into that kind of situation to be honest.

5 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

lol no one does , It's your life captain I'm just telling you from experience and I've seen other men fall down that rabbit hole too . If a chick is fun and a half - decent adult she should be able to pay her own way anyway but do what feels right to you just don't be surprised if where you previously sacrificed out of love starts to feel like the " price" of having a relationship .

4 upvotesSmellsLikeNostrils2 years ago

It's a relationship that likely won't improve by any RP standard. It will end quick or slow, but it's a huge investment to try to salvage. I wouldn't say dump her if this is the only criterion met, but its a factor to look at and evaluate. The others are more serious, like contact with other men or disrespect in any of its forms.

1 upvotesMerwebb2 years ago

You dump her because disrespect in its many ways

1 upvotesdb1000c2 years ago

Not necessarily. It's good to question yourself sometimes to make sure you aren't becoming what you don't want to become. If you're in an LTR and you've been reading trp for a while I can almost guarantee there will come a couple of moments where you are wondering if you're doing it right or you'll wonder if that was a shit test or if you've been a little off your game the last week. It happens. Of course at some moment, normally on the shitter or in the shower, you're gonna wonder if you've become BB. It doesn't mean you have. It doesn't mean you need to end a relationship, just means you need to refocus yourself and reassess yourself.

Women are slower than we think at concluding if you are now a BB after you were AF. Unless you completely crumble or she does one of those nuclear options on OP's list, then you're probably fine. A couple relationships I've seen lately have shown me that. The girls gave their supposed AFs the benefit of the doubt until it became so obvious to the contrary. The quick part then is the branch swinging. Once they realise you are Theta Tim they won't be sticking around for long.

49 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Even if she passed all of these, it doesn't mean shit. She can change her mind at any time. I've known a few "good girls" like this, and yet after a time they do the same things a "bad girl" does. They can make choices just like we can, and they can do it with encouragement from friends and family, especially if it's a choice that will turn out badly for her. All you can do is be aware and wait to see how she chooses, and protect yourself from possible fallout.

17 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

She can change her mind at any time

THIS. You must never forget that women are fickle and the slightest thing may make them change their perception of you. Once its ingrained it becomes their reality, true or not.

An example from an LTR I was in. Woman started out calling me her unicorn man, we date for a year. I hit a very rough patch in my professional life and open up emotionally, sharing some of my past abuse history and how it affected my mental health. Things were never the same. She actually said that having someone like me around was a liability to her because I could have a breakdown at any time.

How did I fuck up? I believed her when she told me I should open up emotionally and we could rely on each other in that way. Sharing my inner fears and doubts cast an idea of weakness in her mind and that was it for the relationship. She never acted the same way again toward me.

Lesson learned: Never ever share your weakness or turmoil with your LTR unless you're prepared to next them. Never ever ever share details about your inner self with a plate.

There is an emotional bank account with women and you can only draw on it one time if you're in a point of crisis. Women are not reliable, and even as LTRs you must remember they are lifestyle accessories and like any other "thing" can break down for good on a whim at any time.

Shit happens. Expect it and you won't feel brutalized when it does.

3 upvotesyomo862 years ago

While I get the biological ie hormonal aspect of being fickle. I sincerely believe that women are not fickle on a conscious level.

They know what is going on. They know they made a right/wrong decision. The only difference is, they get away with both with most men.

A low-life whore will never try to trick her die-hard pimp.

3 upvotesSrPildoraRoja2 years ago

That was really tough man. Thanks for sharing

3 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

That's golden. This is so damn true and is the reason awalt is awalt. I've seen what I'd consider decent women be turned by the influence of feral women. Those are the saddest ones to see go since they fueled the potential of an ever hiding beta hope.

176 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

I resonate with this. I've tested girls before by dropping subtle hints about myself that I wouldn't ever tell them otherwise.

The other week I was with a plate that I've been hooking up with for a few months. She was a horny freak, only wanting to fuck. It was becoming apparent that the relationship is fizzling out, so I decided to throw her a test. The only times I would see this girl are when she comes over and swallows my kids. I kept details about my life to a bare minimum. I never told her what I do for a career and never told her that I make really good money doing it. I've spent about $50 on her since I met her, mostly on condoms. I figured this would be the last time I was going to see her, so I wanted to see what she would do when I gave her a glimpse.

After we were done having sex, we were lying down watching a movie. I was looking at cars on my cell phone, making it so she could see what I was doing. I pulled up pictures of BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. looking for the most ridiculous price. I pulled up a 70k Benz and asked her what she thought. She looks at me kind of weird, then says "You want to buy THAT?" I told her it was time for me to get a new vehicle and I wanted to get something not too expensive.

I could damn near see the wheels turning in her head. She says "You can afford that?" I quickly changed the subject, telling her she missed a part of the movie. About 20 or 30 minutes later, I initiate more sex. As I'm pulling out the condom, she says "Let's try it without this time, it feels soo much better." I ignored her and opened it up anyways.

She went from excited to distant in record time. She says "I'm too sore, I think the condom is hurting me." This girl has never had a problem with condoms, even when we would go at it half a dozen times. My suspicions confirmed, I tell her that its ok and we can wait until it's better. We get dressed and I take her home. The whole ride I could tell she was thinking. We get to her place and I ask if I can come up for a bit. Usually she would have said yes without hesitation, but this time she said "Not tonight, maybe this weekend. You can pick me up in your new ride." then smiled.

Needless to say, I'm never texting her again. She saw me as AF, but as soon as she thought I was loaded I was quickly thrown into the BB category. Don't trust them.

49 upvotesvorverk2 years ago

I was wondering this lately. Is it even possible to be AF when having loads of money at all? I had this experience as well. As soon as they find out I have a great job, their pussy gets a price tag and they start acting entitled and keep finding shit I need to do for them. Of course I just laugh at them. But I'm begining to think AF chad was never some rich kid like Gray from 50 shades, but only beach bodyguards, bartenders and milkmen.

28 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

You can be loaded and still be alpha. Just don't ever tell her, or anyone for that matter, how much money you have/make. Like you said, that's when tingles turn into a price tag.

2 upvotesPm_me_your__eyes_2 years ago

What about for someone you're interested in long term?

16 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

It's possible, you just have to be dominate all the time. For 99.99% of people that's too hard to keep up.

Remember, she's not yours. It's only your turn.

6 upvotesPm_me_your__eyes_2 years ago

Wait, does TRP just not believe in marriage then? Because being a 45 year old bachelor does not seem like a viable strategy.

25 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

70% of married men become 45 year old bachelors. Getting married wont' stop her from divorcing you while fucking Pablo in Cabo and Chad in Vegas.

Get that through your head bro. You think you can be that 30% that makes it till death do you part, okay but know marriage is no guarantee of loyalty or staying with you. Read Briffaults law in the sidebar.

12 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

What's not viable about it? 50 years ago it wouldn't have been. Hell, even 20 years ago it wouldn't have been.

Marriage in the modern age is fucked. She gets your most valuable resource (commitment) in exchange for her own (sex). Except with marriage she can stop having sex with you, but if you stop with commitment (divorce) she gets prizes and pats on the back (alimony, child support, "you go girl!" attitudes).

If things stay they way they are, I'm going to die a single man.

1 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

Sounds like you need to read the sidebar

1 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

Read the story of potato soup guy on how to handle it: https://archive.fo/iMsoy

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

now thats the sort of good night story I like to hear.

9 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Jesus fucking christ, what a story and confirmation. Glad i don't need to try that myself, cheers.

3 upvotesLOST_TALE2 years ago

Damn that's sharp. Someone knowing somehting good about yoju and then turning into a bitch? shit

4 upvotesPM_ME_UR_TECHNO_GRRL2 years ago

That doesn't make sense, though. Wouldn't she want to try harder to make it work? Isn't BB based on behavior, not on actual level of wealth? Because, by your account, your behavior didn't actually change.

Edit: Just thinking to myself, if your story reflects AWALT, then that would mean that a Lamborghini is a BB car.

3 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

Before TRP I wouldn't have done any of this. After TRP, I really don't give a fuck what she feels. I did what I wanted to do with the knowledge I had. That's the point.

2 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

I agree with you, it doesn't make sense. Turning him away instead of inviting him is totally counter-intuitive to "nailing him down", if that is what she wanted... Honestly, I'm skeptical, because it seems too much like he's writing specific examples of being treated like a friend-zoned beta... while at the same time she's trying to bag him as her own. But those two concepts are mutually-exclusive.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What she was trying to do is play a simple game of chase. She was going to play hard to get and try to wife him up.. Typical game play

1 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

Having the kind of money to buy a lambo is on a whole different level. I wasn't actually going to buy the car, I made her think I was.

On top of the fact that if I drove a lambo, I wouldn't be bringing plates to my house.

1 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

Why did she not invite you inside? If she's trying to nail you down, she isn't going to "friend-zone" you. I'd think that she'd want to invite you in and do all she could to keep you, since at that point playing hard-to-get while having a fuck-buddy relationship is just going to push you away.

1 upvotes2dogsandpizza2 years ago

Sounds like you had a nice thing going before you decided to nuke it for some reason. You already knew what her reaction was going to be because awalt.

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

Why does it matter? Abundance mentality and he clearly expresses he did it just to see it himself which is pretty important when swallowing the pill

-3 upvotesiamneptuno2 years ago

the most ridiculous price

70k Benz

What's really ridiculous is that you think that's a ridiculous price, my sport.

3 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

Led me guess, you live in a multi million dollar mansion and drive a lamborghini?

Get your smug attitude out of here.

86 upvotesgumbumbles2 years ago

Don't ever spend money on women. Oh lordy just don't.

When asked to buy shit for her just laugh and go "newwwp" if she keeps asking, block and delete.

upvotesxMusclebeard2 years ago

The higher your SMV goes the less they expect it, too. I met a girl on the weekend and she bought my drinks and even bought me breakfast the next morning. Now if I can just find one who does taxes I'll be all set.

8 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

Women do this kind of shit to get an "in". There's two possible reasons she wants that "in".

Reason 1 is that she sees your SMV as higher than her own and is trying to get you to like her. She's kissing your ass because she feels you wouldn't give her the time/dick of day if she didn't bring anything to the table other than her holes. You can string this girl along because all you have to do to get her favor is just be there. It's funny, because she probably has 4 or 5 guys doing the same thing to her: sucking up.

Reason 2 is beta bucks. She'll fuck you like a pirate, make you food, buy you things, etc. She'll get you addicted to the dopamine to extract commitment. Once she gets it you're done. This is what the majority of relationships are like.

If she isn't acting like reason 1, then you need to increase your SMV. Be an asshole, lift, and hit on tons of women (especially in front her). If you have read the sidebar, you'll know if she's a reason 2 type. You'll get about a week tops out of that type before she realizes you're not going to commit. Then you'll be forgotten.

-1 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

For those of us new to RP, can you tell me what SMV stands for?

5 upvotesKoryphae_2 years ago

This is sidebar material. The sub clearly states that you need sidebar material knowledge.

2 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

You're right. Using a new mobile app. Didn't know how to load sidebar. Got her figured out now though.

0 upvotesSorrycantdothat2 years ago

Since no-one else was responding to this I had to look it up, it stands for "sexual market value".

13 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

No one was responding because the guy hasn't even browsed the sidebar. That complete low lack of effort doesn't warrant a response from anyone here. He wanted someone else to drop the knowledge on him instead of actually reading the sidebar.

And you fell for it. Probably because you wanted to be "nice". Good job champ.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He fell for it because he is a chump who has not read the sidebar either, he had to look up SMV

2 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

Im new to using the mobile app and didn't know how to load the side bar. I apologize.

1 upvotesSorrycantdothat2 years ago

I couldn't find it either. I had to look it up elsewhere online. I didn't know it was in the sidebar.

0 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

Thanks. I guess it was in the sidebar. Didn't know how to load it. Kind of ridiculous people will down vote you over the littlest things.

5 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

If you find it ridiculous that people here expect you to read the sidebar and educate yourself on the material here before posting well then this may not be a sub you'll want to participate in.

1 upvotessolidsever2 years ago

Caring about online "votes" is funny

65 upvotesgumbumbles2 years ago

I have a plate who does my taxes.. she a cute little 25 year old blonde with perky tits and in school for accounting.

For some reason she's always SUPER horny after doing my taxes.. guess I pay her with dick? Am I a whore?

Yes. I'm a fucking handsome whore.


65 upvotesalittletoosmooth2 years ago

I don't know if I would do that. For $50 you can find someone independent to do your taxes. I don't want some chick knowing all about my finances.

39 upvotesVenny_12 years ago

I second this. There is always talk about how no woman, not even one's own mother or sister, should know how much you make. So why the fuck would you let a plate do your taxes?

If she gets horny after doing your taxes, it's probably because those high numbers she is calculating/ seeing are giving her the tingles, and certainly not your dick.

8 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Yeah fuck you OP, you're garbage, remember that!

I nearly spilled my soda typing that.

3 upvotesMckallidon2 years ago

I wouldn't even let a woman I fuck cut my hair lol.

2 upvotesHikage-best-knaifu2 years ago

Of course not. But I would fuck one that cuts my hair.

3 upvotesdisposable_me_00012 years ago

$50? Is it a 1040EZ? If not, where the hell are you finding someone to do your taxes for that little?

2 upvotesalittletoosmooth2 years ago

He said she's an accounting student. You really think she's filing a return with K-1s, capital gains, Schedule C? Give me a break

2 upvotesdisposable_me_00012 years ago

I don't know. That doesn't sound too bad for a accounting grad student. And shit, I wouldn't give my taxes to a plate, so I think nothing is off the table in this particular situation.

8 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

That is what I thought...and wait until he gets that IRS audit.

Then he will have a complete new understanding of anal penetration..........and why so many chicks don't want any part of it.


6 upvotesMckallidon2 years ago

Women like to do shit for guys they want to fuck. It's like when you're really rich and famous people are always giving you free shit.

5 upvotesRommel05022 years ago

I shudder at the idea of a 25 year old doing my taxes, man or woman.

upvotesicecoldwhoknows2 years ago

Come on bruh, 25 yr with a CPA license for 2+ years.

3 upvotesImakesensealot2 years ago

Wouldn't trust you with my dog's taxes.

2 upvoteslancer0002 years ago

I don't want to be racist mate, but I'd rather trust my accounts with an Asian..... The last person to handle them would be a blonde.

upvotesSpeakerToRedditors2 years ago

I prefer a Jew to an Asian for my tax needs.

1 upvotesgumbumbles2 years ago

I prefer my taxes done correctly and my dick sucked correctly.

5 upvotescrash10822 years ago

I don't even like spending money on myself.

4 upvotesPM_ME_UR_TECHNO_GRRL2 years ago

Yeah, I'm not a fast learner. I am pretty sure my "gentlemen always pay" schtick has dried up quite a few potential hits for me.

2 upvotesgumbumbles2 years ago

Well done, sir!

Yeah.. the paying for women's shit is fucking OVER... they can't be proud, strong and independant if you are buying them drinks and food, now can they? hehehe

8 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

You have women ask for you to buy them things?

This is all strange behavior which I haven't experienced...who are these women?

I spend money on women, not lavishly, but tokens on birthdays, lunches, etc.

One example was a hot Venezuelan that I had started working who was new in town and away from home without access to her family\friends on her birthday during the holidays. Bought her a small necklace and told her that I would make her birthday special with a dinner\night out. It has been a freaking gold mine....she wears the necklace everywhere, constantly sends me photos saying I am with her pointing at the necklace and has since bought me Christmas presents, shirts, golf equipment, thrown several parties\dinners for me, and watches. So if I had been an uncompromising TRP fanatic and strictly followed the "never buy a chick anything rule", I would have been out 7 hot months of Venezuelan at this same level because quite honestly the simple thought clicked something over in this chicks mind....I suspected that at the time because she was an open "romantic".

It simply comes down to your own value.

12 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

not lavishly, but tokens on birthdays, lunches, etc.

This is the key. The gift should cost what amounts to pocket change for you.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My man knows what he's talking about

1 upvotesyomo862 years ago

Nice simple rule. I like that.

2 upvotesgumbumbles2 years ago

I did. Now I don't.

"take me out to see such and such movie" newwwp

"let's go drinking, you buy!!!" newwwwp

"I'm hungry.. bring me some McDonalds on your way over" newwwwp

"Can I get a bottle of water.. I'm thirsty from that hike" newwwp

"It's my daughter/son's birthday are you bringing a gift?" newwwp

These may seem like small things.. but they add up and women are testing how much they can suck out of you.


3 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

A lot of replies in this thread about spending money on plates. Here is a rule of thumb: think of them like the casino. Money you spend on them is a luxury, and once its spent its GONE. Its never coming back, as cash, emotional attachment, sex or otherwise. Its an entertainment fee.

if you are sacrificing anything; time, money, emotional energy on any woman you're spending too much. Never sacrifice from yourself for a plate. That's the pedestal mentality. If it hurts to do it, you can't afford it and shouldn't be doing it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Spending money is fine, but only if you're saturated in abundance, alpha as fuck relative to every dude around you and able to socially calibrate with the best of em. So, basically anyone reading this, don't spend money.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What's the limit on this? What if we get married?

35 upvotestherealpkg2 years ago

Jesus man, back to basics. Don't get married.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lol ok bud, seems like you're cutting off the nose to spite the face. As someone who doesn't consider himself a loser, I've met plenty of people of the opposite sex who I consider to actually be people. I know I'm in the wrong place to say this, but don't let the one girl who screwed you over when you were 18 blind you from the fact that both men and women can be assholes, but they can also not be assholes. Work on being a person yourself and you'll meet another person.

10 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

Why do you need to get married to prove you are a good person? If you are such a good person another good person should respect your stance on not wanting to get married.

Marriage is not a good deal for men in the contemporary climate. No amount of societal pressure to get married or not should have any determination on whether you are a "good person" or not.

3 upvotesHikage-best-knaifu2 years ago

Seriously, the only thing that changes is that she can fuck you over anytime she wants. There is literally no rational reason for marriage except lower taxes (in my country).

2 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago

Hey bud, a lot of people on here are very black and white with a lot of redpill stuff here. A lot of the material such as dont get married, is black and white, and the real world is a lot of grey. Basically, get married, at your own risk. Or basically get married in a country where you actually won't get divorce fucked.

-1 upvotesslothsenpai2 years ago

I don't think divorces are always as ugly as TRP makes it out to be. They usually happen amongst golddiggers and stay in home wives with the breadwinner husband. Otherwise, some don't always take half your shit or whatever and if the woman makes more money than you, then you can rinse her out if anything (it almost happened to a former plate of mines who was a typical cock-carousel riding thot in her 20s)

upvotesGinAndMangoJuice2 years ago

Sorry if I came across as saying "marriage = good person." also sorry that's all you picked up. People are just people, sorry you are having a hard time trusting people or being confident enough in yourself to risk getting hurt.

3 upvotesTheRedChemist2 years ago

The point is that marriage stands you literally nothing to gain and exposes you to sizeable risk. It's not about trust, or people.

1 upvotestherealpkg2 years ago

The only correct thing in your diatribe is that you're in the wrong place to say this.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What a wonderful counterargument, I feel surprisingly convinced.

0 upvotestherealpkg2 years ago

I'm not arguing. You posed a situation only an idiot would put themselves in. If I believed you to be of open mind, I'd consider engaging in discourse about it but it's not worth my time and cognitive energy to breakdown and explain your nonsense.

upvotesxMusclebeard2 years ago

Basically described my ex. I married her when I was young and had no idea what I was doing, figured her out and dumped her ass and since then have found this place and turned my life around in pretty much a complete 180. At least 153 or so now, haha

26 upvotespr0nheavy2 years ago

Explain the remaining 27 degrees.

21 upvotestheoctopuss2 years ago

That's the age that she hit the wall.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I thought I was supposed to spend 2 months salary on an engagement ring then let her quit her job even though I hired a nanny to help. Oh, and drop all my friends and hobbies to be there for her

upvotesbeachbbqlover2 years ago

Don't forget to tie some wire around your balls so they fall off. Girls dig that shit.

3 upvotesNYCMusicMarathon2 years ago

Untie the wire, when she's gone.

The relief will be wonderful.

19 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

but then whines when you don't pick up the phone at work

She should never call you at work, and only text you for fun stuff, unless it's a freaking god damned national emergency. And not an "I need lipstick" type of emergency either..... I'm talking about a full-on epic life-or-death international crisis ... eg no beer in the house.

2 upvotesshardikprime2 years ago

no beer in the house.

Shit man are you ok? Already sent full seals team with supplies. Hope this helps.

3 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

thanks man... it hasn't happened yet, but good to know you've got my back

15 upvotesRedPillStoryTime2 years ago

This is a great post bro! I hope someone sees this and it gives their head a shake. Most dudes in this situation have put this girl's ass on a pedestal and have been worn down into thinking, "this is the best I'm going to get".

If u/HardRightCapn just described your LTR, re-evaluate your life choices and swallow the RedPill

7 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

This list describes things that a woman may do to you.

The best way to evaluate a relationship is what a woman will do for you.

  • Regular sex the way you like it.
  • Going out of her way to make you happy.
  • She gladly does whatever you need from her to add value to your life: cooking, cleaning, running errands, being a great travel companion, supporting you in your life mission, being a great mother to your kids, etc.

If she's not doing these things for you, she's not worth your commitment, even if she doesn't overtly disrespect you.

71 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

This happens to ladies also.... I earned more then my ex husband and he found it very easy to love me and stay around doing nothing while I worked doubletime...... I enjoy this sub but it goes both ways..... men and women can both be horrible, tits are just better to look at then balls

29 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Agreed! This sub is purposefully gender specific, because of the differences. But the general attitudes of self improvement and self confidence remain the same.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Precisely. Aka never devalue yourself to try and control something that you just can't. The more you try to start controlling them (whether you take the nice guy or the overly possessive partner approach) the more you slip into beta territory and self-improvement goes out the window. Definitely not sexy.

14 upvotesVenny_12 years ago

You are right that the specified terrible things in the OP can happen to both men and women, but let's not go about and assume that the machine (i.e. goverment and society) gives the same cushioning for both sexes.

TRP in particular, and the Manosphere in general, came about because the safety net that men "enjoy" has so many holes in it compared to that given to women. Many men are lost in modern societies, not knowing what it means to be a man, and this is the birthing stone of sites such as TRP: to have a guiding hand for generations of boys and men growing in a hyper feminized atmosphere, with a shitty father figure in their life, or none at all thanks to the societal encouragement of single mothers.

7 upvotesPM_ME_UR_TECHNO_GRRL2 years ago

Difference being that societal structures make it okay for you to do nothing, whilst a loser husband is just that, in the eyes of everybody, so this behavior is much less expected from us.

It is not so much that men cannot be "horrible", but we are so in different ways, and this sub is about exploring your behavior, and how not to fall prey to it.

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Which is why I read it, I spinned my plates after the divorce but I wasn't happy with life I search for more now .... I come here to understand relationships from the other view point, I tend to be very submissive in relationships which had not always been good for me, now with trp I can understand my partners better with out looking like I have anxiety or am too clingy since sometimes I do need to know I'm important and where I stand and do not to try and make him do retarded tests to prove himself, he is a grown man and shouldn't have to be treated like a child BUT his communication skills are sometimes hard to understand (thanks to the way some people are raised m/f)

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have to disagree. Women with their own money are a nice "Bonus", like men with money that are also exceptionally good looking, they surely wont turn it down but I know of no men, NOT ONE, that would stay with a mediocre woman with money rather then take the "super hot chick" without money.

Again, understand that if we have the choice between hot chick with money and hot chick without, we surely take the bonus but the operative word here is "hot chick".

No woman with a right mind would let a financially strong, powerful men go for a weak, broke "beau". She might have some fun with the latter but when it comes to commitment, the mediocre looking, boring but rich and powerful guy will always "take the cake" (she will see the beau from time to time for the funsies if she can afford it).

Why should men be interested in womens money? they are better at making money anyway. Men are trained to make money from childhood. It is their thing, they learn nothing else. No Parent goes around telling little Joe that he needs to take care of his good looks to be successful in life, like they do to Jenny. Joe is told that he needs to work hard and earn mucho money to be able to support a family. So why should little Joe look for something he allready has?

Same goes for Jenny. She has the good looks, she allready works all day to get her Body in perfect shape, fight through the incomprehensible complexity (at least from a mans point of view) of Cosmetics to put on a face that in the end does not even look like her own anymore. She has no damn time to work and make money like Joe does.

Joe on the other hand has no time for Cosmetics and Aerobics because Joe is going from one Meeting to another to understand Economics which is basically "Wizardy" or he is trying to understand complex Machinery, Binary Codes, Mathematic Formulas or he is busy risking his life going over 300kph in a two or four wheeled Vehicle round and round over the same roads or he wears a uniform and goes around shooting armed people that are actively trying to kill him and so on.....Joe has no time for make up.

Sorry to say but you might have just hit the exception. No men will go around telling his friends "this women I am with makes lots of money, she sure is a keeper" rather then "that ass!...".

3 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

But my "Joe" played video games and worked just enough hours every week to pay for his Madden and fantasy football leagues ... he figured if I could pay all the bills why should he help? I did that for years.... I'm still paying off debt he racked up under my name because he couldn't get a credit card with his score .... long story short there are humans of either sex that will take advantage of others to protect their own interests...

7 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

So dumb when the only counter-arguments are, "well, you're obviously just an ugly women." No thought whatsoever. When I was deep in my drug habit, I stole from and took advantage of my girlfriend.. I feel like there's been a dramatic shift in the Red Pill in the last, oh, probably two years, where the member base is much more jaded than it used to be. Men here forget that love can actually exist between a man and woman. Like the argument from an above comment that all men will choose a hot chick w/ no money over an ordinary woman w/ money. That already depends on the individual, I don't believe in AMALT any more than I believe in AWALT, but really, I think that most men will choose whichever woman makes him happiest.

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

The replies are almost as retarded as the anecdotal evidence everyone is replying to.

3 upvotesslay_it_forward2 years ago

Ya sometimes deadbeat guys will take advantage of fat women that can't secure a guy without money. I've seen it in a past social circle. But this is far from the norm like you're making out to be with your equalist bullshit.

The vast majority of the time it's women leaching off men so who gives a fuck about your exception to the rule?

-2 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

People take advantage of people them the facts ..... some rp users keep pointing out weight like only "ugly" girls are affected by these few men, men who are exceptions to your community (?) but you would be wrong... anyone vulnerable to their emotions after a breakup are susceptible to being taken advantage of by someone who might not even realize they're taking advantage of them which I think is the primary reason most late in life relationships fail... People try and hook up before they are ready and bring all the resentments, poor habits and garbage into the next relationship repeating the same mistakes over and over again sometimes getting much worse sadly

3 upvotesslay_it_forward2 years ago

Typical woman drivel....talk talk talk without really saying anything.

-1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Hey I just like to point out that I posted from the account that I use every day unlike you who posted from an account that is only used on the red pill which either means you're extremely Limited in the information that you gather from Reddit or you are trying to hide who you really are so go ahead search all my profile and see what I've said elsewhere and see what type of person you think I am from the things that I've said I don't mind I stand behind what I say .... on that note I think my point was made ...... I hope you have a good weekend and find some happyness

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

please do understand, I am not saying it is not possible. There are men that are lazy, opportunists or even straight criminal and can and WILL abuse another person with money (you would be surprised how much this happens among "friends") but this is nowhere near the numbers to take into a general account.

By the way, let the damn bum go. This forum is not meant to safeguard every prick with a dick between his legs. An Asshole is an Asshole. If he is really (ab)using you and/or your money then he is basically a "golddigger" and if men have no tolerance for those...why should you?

-3 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Oh I did let him go... thank you for clarifying your point.... I'll just add this about gender roles as women were brought up to accept that the men might come across lazy they might come across not adding to the relationship and just accept it because their men and you shouldn't expect them to do certain things....so we accept that they're not going to do certain things and then we accept that they're not going to do other things and we accept so much and we swallow it down and we just say well hell I guess this is just the way it's going to be and we settle....... now until I took my red pill I settled and then I realized f*** that there's no reason why I should be made to suffer when he gets to enjoy life and i work myself to death ...kiced his ass to the curb and have been seeking out the right red pill for me (spinning my own plates from time to time trying to avoid the games people play when they think they can)

10 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

It's because you're a fatty and wanted to buy his attention and he was as close to a Chad as you could lock down.

Don't come in here and play that old ass victim card. You were getting what you wanted out of it and were willing to pay for it. Now you've hit the wall and are trying to find attention on a mens only subreddit.

4 upvotestwatbutters2 years ago

Lmao, read into her personality and shut her fatass down. Good job.

1 upvotesmrrooftops2 years ago

operative words were 'hot chick'

1 upvotesLOST_TALE2 years ago

No woman with a right mind would let a financially strong, powerful men go for a weak, broke "beau"

Reasonable doubt. that's a sharp statement.

5 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

The problem with this is the difference between men and womens roles in relationship dynamics.

Can you explain why you stayed with someone who was like this and you were aware of it? For men it's because they can't find anyone else. For women, they're usually with some form of AF and think the money is one way to keep him exclusive/around. You could easily find another dude, but as in demand as the dude you kept? You deemed it unlikely.

Women tend to find someone who makes more than them as discussed widely on this forum; read up on hypergamy. If there is an extenuating circumstance to wanting to keep their 'deadbeat' man around, then it is not the norm.

My sister owns her own house and is able to keep her deadbeat Chad boyfriend of 15 years. If she didn't have the house, he would be gone and she would be with a more provider like guy.

EDIT: You succeeded in triggering at least 3 of us. But our responses are more for other guys to get a clarification of what's really going on and not so much a response of what you've hamstered in order to survive.

5 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

How the fuck are any of you upvoting this bullshit.

Mods need to track each of your asses down and ban you. All you beta chumps just fell for her validation tactic.

She straight walked into your castle, kicked you in the nuts and walked out while you all thanked her for it.

Jesus fuck you guys who upvoted her are programmed so hard into beta mode you didn't see what she just did and how you massively failed.

6 upvotestwatbutters2 years ago

How the fuck are any of you upvoting this bullshit.

Because there are tons of fake alphas, as well as trolls, who think that understand RP when they fail to apply it in their own life (hence the BP behavior).

-1 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

Is she wrong? Are you really trying to say that men don't take advantage of women with money? Or that men don't sometimes do the things that OP listed as examples of terrible women's behaviour? You clearly have thoughts about this, so rather than just saying that she's so far off base, explain why and how, dude.

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

Are you retarded? Of course there are men that take financial advantage of women. Congratulations on turning 13. The problem is is that taking advantage of your SO's financial stability is programmed into the female biological imperative, and isn't in males. Cool anecdotes in this thread bad sadly just anecdotes.

1 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

Good point. Useless thread doesn't require useful comments.

2 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

Lol. I don't even understand the reasoning behind comments like yours and the other dumb people here. It's like going to a thread explaining the behavior of ISIS and yelling "BUT OTHER RELIGIONS ARE VIOLENT AS WELL SOMETIMES, IT'S NOT JUST ISIS!!!!! I KNEW A CHRISTIAN THAT WAS MEAN" it's screams so loudly that whatever is being discussed is just too much for your insecurities so you derail the conversation completely.

0 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

I'm not surprised. Do you want me to explain it to you? I don't particularly want to, but if you will really try to understand, I will.

2 upvotessadhoppipolla2 years ago

Yes but its way less common the other way around?

2 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

I have a lot of very unhappy lady friends with bum husbands I think its equal..... I do agree the blue pills will just "settle" and stay together for many bullshit reasons but really it's just easier to be miserable together then poor and alone

5 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Then you have a lot of manly women friends who bought the feminist bullshit. They worked and expected high value males to give a shit.

Sorry dear, high value males don't need you're or you're friends money. When your friends try to buy a man they're going to get a raw deal but it's also the only way they'll get one.

2 upvotesNYCMusicMarathon2 years ago

tits are just better to look at then balls

There are so many other subReddits that prove this by clicks counts.

1 upvotesslay_it_forward2 years ago

Dick is more aesthetic than pussy

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Personal opinions will vary :)

3 upvotesslay_it_forward2 years ago

Ps it doesn't go both ways. You seemed to have missed the whole premise of this sub - intersexual differences. If you let your husband take advantage of you, you have no one to blame but yourself. I'm sure he fell in the alpha fucks category which just further reaffirms what we're saying here.

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

We were both at fault getting into the relationship and staying as long as I did was stupid for sure but once I started thinking hard about what we both deserved for what we were putting in I saw the truth

1 upvotesDotishGuy2 years ago

lol she said they go both ways

Like a bisexual

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

It is historically more prevalent in women. Women are financial leeches whereas generally speaking men have been putting the bread on the table since before civilization. That's the purpose of this subb, to identify both gender's mating strategy.

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Historically speaking who was making the bread that that was getting put on the table? Two part system that had failed to work together since one thought getting hands dirty in a field was harder then covered in lint and flour....

1 upvoteshahayeahthatscool2 years ago

Nobody said women weren't housewives. And I'd get your fucking head checked if you think making bread and drinking wine while watching day time TV is some how comparable to coal mining, construction/roofing during the summer, welding or any other job where the work conditions are so horrible and physically demanding your cakey ass wouldn't last an hour.

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Do you really think these women sat drinking wine?!... my grandmother at 8 children she had no time to sit still maybe the five minutes after she had her first baby and in between each one after that ......but she was Raising those children she was wiping their asses,then she was wiping their faces ....then she was cooking for them she was taking care of her parents her husband's parents and one of their grandparents didn't have time to sit still they had to go outside and pick the food that they were going to prepare for the kids if there was a store nearby than maybe they would buy stuff if they had money to buy stuff ...... one problem they had 8 kids and didn't have enough money to buy stuff got to be kidding me those women work their assess off.... if they didn't die in childbirth .... this was the 30s btw ..... and both my grandfather and his sister served in ww2.... my aunt saw more front line as a nurse then my grandfather on a battleship... both American hero's....... Lazy comes in both sexes

1 upvotestwatbutters2 years ago

Way to ignore his point entirely.

Do you seriously think that child-rearing and housechores are comparable to work such as coal mining, construction/roofing, welding, factory work, etc.? You're delusional if you think so.

1 upvotessarcastagirly2 years ago

Maybe from your view of your childhood it seemed like that..... .... I'm sorry for your mother

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Holy hot steamy Jesus....this is a great post OP. 100% solid advice and completely true....I've lived this. Been there...got the t-shirt....and written on it in big red letters is "AWALT"

4 upvotesrajesh81622 years ago

Your penis will tell you that she is the one. For her your penis was the one between the second and the fourth.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Literally the only fix for any of those items listed is to drop her, work on yourself until a woman, or women in general don't do them.

4 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

"She encourages you to be someone you're not. If she's trying to change you, "

Have to disagree with this one....virtually all women try to change their BF even if he is the most alpha dick around...they will work to make him less attractive to other women.

As to the rest, just thank god, I have never ran into a women who did any of those things with me????

2 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Sounds like you've made good choices in women.

Only one tried to change me. I learned after that. Since then, if you need me to be a different man, then you need a different man.

1 upvotespisspoordecisions2 years ago

Oh god yes always. It's a constant struggle of trying to maintain your independence and identity. My last ex tried to get me to change up my hair to a dorky dad look...I'm fuckin 24 years old absolutely not

3 upvotesBarvazon2 years ago

Especially after you've asked her not to.

You mean, if you have to ask her not to.

3 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

Honest question from someone new to RP. What if you both agree innocent flirting is fine. Like, when we go out. I kind of flirt with girls and she kind of flirts with guys. Is there some weird balance that makes it okay, or is just considered an unhealthy relationship for both of us?

1 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

No it's not OK. It's not about equality. You do it because you're alpha. She lets you because she wants you and puts up with it. She doesn't because she respects your wishes because you're her alpha.

It sounds really asshole, but it's true. If you're her alpha then you need to remind her of your abilities. She may whine but her instincts respect it and force her to up her game to constantly earn your affection.

1 upvotesII-Blank-II2 years ago

Good answer. Okay I'm gonna start enforcing that.

3 upvotesGreek-God-Brody2 years ago

All forms of relationships are an exchange. As a man, you're also using her: for her body, her cooking skills..

She also uses the alpha guy: for good sex, adventure, gina tingles.. She's using the beta guy: for money, provider qualities.

The problems is not that she's using you. It's what she's getting from you compared to what you're getting from her.

2 upvotestheONE8436632 years ago

Just break all LTRs after the 5-6 month mark it is much more simpler that way.

2 upvotescolmatterson2 years ago

Those are definite red flags, but it doesn't really prove anything. I think anyone would agree that a girlfriend doing all or most of those things is not good. Even doing just a few of those examples, any of them, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone that'd say it's nothing to worry about.

2 upvotesswimngolf2 years ago

I got my divorce because of the last point. In my mind that is the most important one and IS FUCKING SPOT ON! Great post!

2 upvotesEscortSportage2 years ago

Anyman who does this:

She lives with you for free or cheap. Stop it!

is out of his F*cking mind!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Whatever happened to spinning plates? This is all aimed at lassoing a unicorn.

1 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Some dudes are RP andstill like LTRs.

3 upvotesbeachbbqlover2 years ago

Yup. Am in LTR. She's not a unicorn, shes a woman.


  • sex on tap

  • she does the chores and cooks and minds my boys


  • she's either a good liar or she's actually been faithful so far.


  • she's difficult to talk to, and has no ambition to learn anything.

  • Shit tests. Last time was about a month ago. I think that beats ONS rate but it's still there.

6 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Personally I like LTR (or Medium Term Relationships) for those and other reasons.

Difficult to talk to sucks. But that's why you have bro time.

Shit tests are fun with the right woman. My girl now throws them out every day. Beta me would have been destroyed and exhausted. RP me loves them as part of the fun banter of our relationship. 99% sass back to her shit and she eats it up.

Keep improving

1 upvotesbolupua2 years ago

She still contacts her ex.

I dont give a fuck.

She openly flirts with others.

Only to try to make me jealous. Also, IDGAF

She disrespects you publicly.


She disrespects you to her friends.

Impossible I already next her.

She doesn't value your time, only your money.


You pay for more than she does. Don't do it.

I do it because she's my bitch, not my equal.

She lives with you for free or cheap. Stop it!

This is stupid, how could I have other plates if she lives with me.

She encourages you to be someone you're not.

She says a lot of silly things that don't matter.

She limits your time with family and friends.

True but I need time to fuck her.

1 upvotessixseven892 years ago

My question is there any way to stop/fix any of these things (if so, how)? Or is it a lost cause once they start happening?

1 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

My thoughts are, a couple of those you can fix. Most of them, not a chance. Then they're part of her character... part of who she is. That and if she does several of these, then you'll never be her Chad. It shows how little she thinks of you.

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

keep living with their parents.

I come from aus, you have no idea how true this is here.

1 upvotesask2ml2 years ago

So glad to find this post. Check out my history to see the shitstorm my ex caused..

1 upvotesEternasphere2 years ago

This is truly sound advice for any man. some trp posts have been iffy, but this is solid.

1 upvotesAnjaJutta2 years ago
  • she has a constant headache "torturing" her.
1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The family comment is right on.

1 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

What is it called if i live with her in her house, she pays for everything, and I just enjoy the free food and, uh, intimate stuff?

It's not beta bux because I offer no bucks, but it's not alpha fux because I spin only 1 plate at a time?

TRP doesn't feel like it covers my situation.

1 upvotesRepostGhostCst2Cst2 years ago

Ugh... Was reading through this list like, “...fuck...shit...yup...God Damn it..."

Don't be that guy. I was that guy. That guy sucks

1 upvotesTALzFGxawb2 years ago

She encourages you to be someone you're not. If she's trying to change you, then she's also trying to find another guy that actually is the persona that she wants.

it's doomed to fail. but i think it's worth it to stick it out in this situation sometimes (if it's unpleasant, get out immediately though). you can learn a lot this way, especially if the girl comes from a higher socioeconomic background than you.

if you're getting laid, and you're getting some upward class tourism, you might as well enjoy it and learn from it while it lasts.

1 upvotesSecretAsianMan272 years ago

If she ticks a couple of the boxes, does that still counts?

We pay for shit on an equal amount, she also drives over to meet me and drive me places.

The only boxes she ticks are 1. She doesn't cut off her exes, they don't talk on a regular basis but I've seen a random call when one of her international DJ ex visit my country. The talks are quite nonchalant and rather briefs. Mainly asking why they're calling have a brief catchup-with-friend talk then wish them a good day. She also doesn't flirt with anyone other than me.

  1. She whines about me on the phone to her best girlfriends. but it's more of her trying to get some validation from them. She shows proper respect in public though.

  2. She doesn't value my time sometimes, asking me to go over then continue to do her shit while I'm there instead of spending quality time with me. Doesn't happen often, but happens.

  3. Wants me to stay with her when I have a meeting set with friends (which I've informed her in advance). it'll either be while we're together or she'll ask me to "drop by" close-ish to the meeting time then ask me to stay and ditch the meeting. She'll back down if I'm firm with her, otherwise she'll play coy, offer sex, or get mad.

1 upvotesFrameWalker2 years ago

0/9 wow maybe nexting 30 girls to end up with a reasonable ltr was a good idea!

1 upvoteshyugafan2 years ago

you described an ex of mine back when I was still a BP idiot with romantic delusions.

The last point is golden. Your friends and family are infinitely more precious than any woman can ever hope to be.

1 upvoteswaldo8882 years ago

It just a slow roll till she has total control. You may think she's awesome but once she has some leverage you will see. You either have total control via fear of loss, or she's slowly on the way out...ALWAYS.

1 upvotescake_eater2 years ago

I just fuck them until they don't let me fuck then anymore I don't care bout the games

1 upvotesparodixicalreaction2 years ago

All my girlfriend's have always paid for everything, even my own personal stuff including rent, food, etc. Not sure where you guys manage to find the girls you speak of. It's pretty obvious when a chick is a gold digger or slut who will cheat on you.

None of them have cared that I was broke and openly let me go through their phones, not that I ever wanted to.

1 upvotesTheCuckPill2 years ago

My wife is irl pregnant and I'm having a daughter, a few thoughts:

  1. Get to benefit from sjws. Oop sorry my daughter got that internship/job over your son just cuz she had a vagoo XD

  2. As long as she doesn't get knocked up early and ends up with a decent dude who cares who she fucks

  3. Will take care of me better when I'm old

  4. Women typically marry up and into money so I won't have to worry about her being poor as an adult

1 upvotesmydogfartzwithz2 years ago

Actually if she bitches about you that's a good thing, lmao. She's thinking about you

upvotesCuck_Me_Harder2 years ago

It's not about the respect you deserve, it's about the respect you demand. Even if you're a fat fuck, don't let people walk all over you. Go it alone for awhile if you have to. Demand respect.

1 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

I disagree. Fat idiots that "demand" respect without earning it are just whiners that aren't living Red Pill . People that command and "earn" respect through their actions are what Red Pill is about.

If you truly earn respect, you never have demand it.

1 upvotesPranksterLad2 years ago

Hey man,

I was with a girl recently who left her boyfriend of two years for me. She was the hottest girl on campus, I am tempted to say, HB10 and I mean it. On a track scholarship, banging body, super sexy and I gamed her right. She had been in one long term relationship she says, 19 years old.

Basically started fucking her silly for four months until she broke up with her boyfriend. However, I have left the relationship broken just now. I don't even recognize myself. I look like the psycho as she is the one living happier hooking up with the very guy I said she is flirting with.

When I look at your bullet points, I asked her to not contact her ex because her and I should be given the chance to move forward without him in the picture, that didn't last long, and when her and I where in a tough time, guess who she contacted again. She is known to be a flirt, and my god did she flirt with others and love the attention from other guys. She is a model and wants everyone to know it too. I spent everything on her when we went out as well, HOWEVER, she did spend money on me as well and pay for dinners too at time. If you want more information please do have a look at my history, however, i am broken right now. This has put me into depression, put me into therapy, it's been a hell of a ride.

upvotesCreamiestCream2 years ago

Men, however, have to ensure their own survival or keep living with their parents.

First indication that the OP is a 20-something college kid is that he references living with his parents like its a viable option.

She may actually "love you" and bring you joy. And you may feel strong feelings for her, but beware!!

Whatever this is, it gave me cancer.

Remember RP guys

Remember Nancy, you're still 23 years old with an associates degree in general business studies.

6 upvotesHardRightCapn [OP]2 years ago

Wrong on all counts. But thanks for playing our fun little game! You want to chat about the message or just troll?

1 upvotesLandry862 years ago

Yikes....are there really that many women like that out there? If so I am ashamed of my gender! Everything you listed are just qualities of a bad person who lacks character, relationship or not. Except for maybe the financial things: often the guy just makes more than the girl and it can't be helped. But she can always make up for it with back massages 😌

-1 upvotesJgrigg172 years ago

Lack of proper citation. No evidence given to back up argument.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My women is my slave

She lives to serve me at my pleasure

I take her money and beat her daily

If she insults me in front of others I beat her till she understands I can kill her at anytime, she has learned to be quite

I have bring women to my house for threesoms, if she doesn't do it I beat her

Women are property, they only live if you allow them

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