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How to escalate and turn a conversation sexual

by Woujo on /r/TheRedPill
15 May 2017 06:43 PM UTC

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[DISCLAIMER: I made some edits based on the feedback I was getting. I added the sentence "You don't necessarily need to turn a conversation sexual to escalate, and it may actually be inappropriate in many instances, but if you do want to turn a conversation sexual, this is how you do it." I also changed the line "you look like you need to get fucked" to a situation where SHE brings up sex. That line was throwing a lot of people off.]

The key to escalating is holding frame, like you can be trusted to take control of and guide the entire night. You must also make her feel that what you are doing is not only ok, it is the right thing to do, and if she decides to get off the plane, she is only hurting herself. And of course, you must appear less emotionally invested in the interaction than her while simultaneously escalating.

Men often fail to escalate because they are afraid of looking creepy or needy. This is a legitimate fear – women are constantly harassed by creeps and they will auto-reject guys who put pressure on them or make them feel uncomfortable. But creepiness is just emotional over-investment. Women take longer than men to get emotionally invested, so there is an “analysis” period where she is trying to figure out whether she likes you and/or wants to fuck you. During this time you must show that you are interested and may want to fuck her, while simultaneously being careful to not jump the gun and freak her out. If you do not show sexual interest, she will either assume that you are not interested in her or that you are a huge pussy. If you show too much sexual interest and will feel pressured and scared. In either case, you lose.


”Possibly” and double meaning

You must make clear from the beginning of the interaction you are “possibly” interested in fucking her. If you make clear that you will fuck her no matter what she says or does to you, you are emotionally overinvested and telling her you have no standards or boundaries.

To show that my interest is only “possibly,” I speak in phrases that have a double meaning - one meaning where I am trying to fuck and one where I am not. Double meaning sentences keep her guessing and keep the pressure off of her. By not making the sexual intentions explicit, you aid in her plausible denialability.

The following are examples of things I say. Do not unthinkingly just copy these lines. You must use your emotional intelligence and make whatever you say fit the interaction. These are just examples.

Here is an example, early in the interaction:

Me: Are you single?

Her: Yeah

Me: Well that’s good for me.

Her: Why?

Me: Because that means some dude isn’t going to come from the shadows and try to kick my ass.

This conversation clearly has an undertone of “I’m glad you are single because I am going to try to fuck you” but can also be framed as “I am glad you are single because I don’t want to get beat up.”

If a girl says something sexual to you, you must be nonchalant and also use double meanings so you don't fail her "test":

Her: God I am horny

Me: Well, hopefully somebody can help you with that tonight.

Obviously, I’m telling her there I want to fuck her, but the “double meaning” gives her an “out” so she doesn’t feel like a slut. Another way to use double meaning is with jokes that can be interpreted as being serious or just a “joke.” Another use of double meaning is to “reject” her, but make it clear you still like her. I might say “you know, Kelly, I really like you but we may be incompatible because we are too much alike.” On its face, that’s a rejection, but you can read between the lines and see that it is really a challenge for Kelly to validate herself.

Obviously, you can’t use the “double meaning” theory in physical escalation. It would be creepy and disingenuous (“I wasn’t trying to touch your ass, I thought it was the couch!”). Physical escalation should be direct and unapologetic.


Confidence is faith that you will succeed in what you are doing. It’s also the intellectual thought and feeling that what you are doing is fundamentally right and not creepy or weird.

When I was 6 years old, my mom was sewing and I sat on one of her needles. My mom could see if I was trying to figure out whether to cry or not, so she immediately took a needle and poked by dad in the ass, like it was a fun thing to do. My dad then took a needle and poked my mom in the ass. We all started laughing, and I totally didn’t realize that what had happened was “bad.” Women, similarly, need you to decide whether what is happening is “bad” or not. If you act like it’s not bad, she might still think it’s bad, but she also might think it’s good. But if you act like it might be bad, she will definitely think it’s bad.

Turning the conversation sexual

To not get friendzoned, you must make clear that you have sexual desires. Women are not grossed out by men wanting sex, they are grossed out by men being creepy towards them (i.e., overly emotionally invested). Women want sex too, but they want it when they want it. I love Oreo cheesecake, but if you tried to force feed it to me when I’m at the gym we’ll have a problem.

You don't necessarily need to turn a conversation sexual to escalate, and it may actually be inappropriate in many instances, but if you do want to turn a conversation sexual, this is how you do it:

1) I talk about sex in the abstract.

2) I talk about my own sexual desires.

3) I talk about my desire to have sex with her.

Each shift is a big escalation, and must be done with emotional intelligence. I speak in a logical, almost professorial tone, as if I am completely in control of my emotions and dick and will not be doing anything crazy, weird, unconfident, or rape-y. The best first strikes are those that flow as part of the conversation. Example:

Her: I believe in gay rights.

Me: Me too! My philosophy is that anybody should be able to fuck anybody they want. Who am I to judge? Have a party.

I may also casually bring up a subject involving sex. I may tell a woman about a documentary I saw where girl cops actually had sex with mafia guys to learn their secrets. I’ll then escalate and say something like “now that’s dedication to your job” or “maybe she liked it, maybe she got turned on by fucking the bad guys.” Note that I am not talking about her and I having sex yet.

The next step is to bring up my own sexuality. I usually do this as a joke. At a Christmas party I might point to an ornament on the tree and say “that’s what my balls look like” or I may point to a tall skyscraper and say “that’s so nice they made a monument of my dick.” Again, this is low-risk because I am not directing my scary male sexuality at HER. I may also make a self-deprecating joke if it’s appropriate for the subject. If we are talking about drinking, I might say “I don’t do cocaine because my dick does not appreciate it.”

The final step in making the conversation sexual is talking about fucking HER. This is a huge step because male sexuality can be scary. It’s best done in double meanings to make her feel like she has an out. A good way to bring up sex is in the context of relationships, in an intelligent way. For example:

Her: [Says something about her relationships]

Me: Let me guess what your problem is. You want a strong, dominant man and you have a hard finding that because most men because intimidated by you and you “break” them, even guys that were previously confident.

Her (usually): Oh my god, that is so true! How did you know that?

Me: Because you just look like a very confident, alpha female. And obviously you are very pretty and smart, so you are a catch and probably make men go crazy.

Her: I mean, I don’t want to brag.

Me: The solution for you is to find somebody that can handle your awesomeness and still be confident and dominant. You also need a guy who will dominate you in the bedroom and fuck the shit out of you.

Her: You are so right!

Me: I think I know somebody that can help you.

DO NOT DWELL ON SEX. You don’t want to make it weird or uncomfortable, and you certainly don’t want to look thirsty or desperate. This is tricky ground, so your best bet is to get in, make your point and get out. The vibe you give should be “I’m interested in fucking you, but if you say no I will walk away and find somebody else, no problem.” It’s also good to sometimes downshift your escalation so that girls don’t feel like they are on a crazy train that they can’t get off of. You don’t want to look like a zombie who is excited because he smelled blood. Please also keep in mind that not all women want to talk about sex. A lot of women just want to go right to the act – you have to read them and see what kind of person they are. A lot of liberal, “alternative” women are a lot more open to talking about it than conservative women.


Kino (touching) is important and necessary, but requires you to read the situation and use your emotional intelligence. As with everything, you need to be less emotionally invested than her. I usually do it for a little, back off, and then go back to it. You don’t need to have your hands on her all night for her to want to fuck you – you just need to create that biological “bond” caused by touching. I don’t want a girl to feel like I am smothering her or “trapping” her so I want to give her an “out” if she is not feeling me. Sometimes girls are afraid to say no, so if I back off that give her an opportunity to reassess her situation. But you must go back at a reasonable time so that she doesn’t feel like you lost interest.

If you feel awkward, start slow and build up. When we first start talking, I don’t touch her at all. Then when she starts to show some interest and she wants to say something to me, I will get closer to her so she can talk into my ear and put my arm around the small of her back. When the interesting thing she is saying is finished, I back off and continue the conversation. I do this a few more times as the conversation progresses to make her comfortable with us touching, and at some point I will get more aggressive with the kino when I feel she is ready.

Other ways to escalate:

1) Deep eye contact

2) Slight hair pulling

3) Whispering things in her ear

4) Reacting to things she says with just smiling.


If you go for an escalation and fail, take the leadership position and own it so that it doesn’t become awkward. I might say something like “Well, I tried.” I don’t apologize or start acting weird (supplicating, etc…) because I I didn’t do anything wrong or weird. If she tries to “shame” you for escalating, stand your ground and act like you did nothing wrong (hint: this works better when you actually do nothing wrong – so don’t do anything wrong).

Some comebacks I use after getting an escalation shut down:

1) I was doing you a favor

2) Don’t worry, you might get another chance

3) My mom taught me that if you’re not getting rejected, you’re not trying hard enough

4) You can’t blame me for trying.

If she says no but gets super apologetic, I might just say “I completely understand. Not everyone is a slut like me” or “stop apologizing. Stand up for yourself.” If she actually gets angry, which has never happened, I guess I would say “I apologize, I read the situation wrong.”

If she rejects an escalation attempt, I immediately go cold on it and move on to something else. No begging, no pushing. It’s unattractive and freaks women out to keep pushing. After saying something funny to defuse the awkwardness, I make the conversation platonic again. If I try to make a move on a girl in bed and she says no, I promptly roll over, say “ok, I tried. Good night!” And go to sleep. One of one of the most attractive things you can do is try to escalate, get shut down, and then go back to acting completely normal. Girls will have a lot of respect for a guy who knows what he wants, tries to get it, but then completely respects the girl’s boundaries if she says no.

There is a line of thinking that women “like” to be “taken” and not asked for consent. There is a little truth to this, but whatever you do, please keep in mind the legal consequences of what you are doing and how she REALLY feels. This requires a lot of emotional intelligence and sensitivity. At the end of the day, the woman must want it. Sometimes if I do something “ravishing” I might just make a move and then ask her after a few minutes “do you like this” and if she says yes I keep going. I am not going to risk my future just because some girl is into freaky shit.


Here are my steps to escalating:

1) Ask if she is single

2) Set the frame that you want to fuck her.

3) Speak to her platonically about things you are both interested in THAT ARE NOT HER.

4) Use your emotional intelligence to read her, and when you feel like she is ready, and it is appropriate, escalate confidently using kino or a double-meaning phrase

5) After she has hopefully accepted your escalation, go back to platonic mode.

6) Occasionally get her to change locations with you. Let her know the plan.

7) Repeat steps 3-6 until you close.

1) Ask if she is single

I always ask if she is single as early as it is appropriate. Plenty of girls are happy to waste your time for validation and attention, only to let you know at the end of the night that they have a boyfriend. Fuck that noise. I want to know from the start. Some losers think that asking a girl if she is single is “needy” or “too forward,” but neediness is a function of your demeanor and your frame, not your words. If I ask a girl if she’s single, I am forcing her to qualify herself – I still may walk away even if she is single because I may get bored by her.

2) Set the frame that you want to fuck

This step requires emotional intelligence Usually asking a girl if she is single is enough to set the frame. Sometimes I’ll just say “you look really hot now.” Other times, I may say nothing because it is implied by the emotional context of the conversation. In any event, I need it to be clear that we are not having a “friendly” conversation. Even if she says something like “hey I thought we were just hanging out” I can credibly say “no, I made it clear that I was trying to fuck you.”

A lot of guys are afraid to set this frame because they think they will scare the woman off. Again, creepiness and aggressiveness is a function of your frame and emotional investment. Women do not get annoyed that men want to fuck, they get annoyed when men do it in an awkward, anxious, manipulative, creepy, or overaggressive way.

Think about it like this: if she rejects the idea of fucking you right from the beginning, wouldn’t you want to know that before you wasted a bunch of your time?

3) Speak to her platonically about things you are both interested in THAT ARE NOT HER

Having platonic lulls in your escalation is necessary for several reasons. First, you don’t need to have your hands all over her or be saying sexual shit all night for her to fuck you. You just need to open the door and make sure she feels “accepted” and comfortable with you. Second, escalating all night is exhausting. If you are out with your girlfriend, you would not spend every second escalating so why would do that with some random girl you just met. Third, escalating all night is exhausting. I want to fuck at the end of the night, but until then, I want to have a fun, normal conversation. Fourth, having platonic lulls takes the pressure off of her and makes her feel like you are not a crazy zombie that is hell-bent on fucking her and nothing else: you are actually an interesting, fun person who has more going on in his brain than sex.

Platonic lulls also keep her guessing. From her perspective, you’ve said you want to fuck, but you also talk to her like she’s just another person, but now you’re escalating. What’s really going on with you? Keeping that mystery and uncertainty will keep her stimulated and interested.

4) 1) Use your emotional intelligence to read her, and when you feel like she is ready, and it is appropriate, escalate confidently using kino or a double-meaning phrase

I explained these concepts earlier. I usually escalate on a high emotional note, but please keep in mind that it is not my responsibility to keep her “entertained” on the date. A lot of guys become clowns for girls and are constantly trying to impress them or make them laugh. Fuck that. There is no “show” you can put on for her that will keep her interested all night. The most attractive thing about you is your demeanor – i.e., you following your mission, which in that moment is having fun. She will be more attracted to you following your mission and having fun than trying to artificially create emotional spikes so you can escalate.

When you escalate, read her to see how interested she is in you. If you put your hand on her waist a positive reaction will be her putting her hand around you, a neutral reaction would be her just standing there and not doing anything, and a negative reaction would be her moving away or taking your hand off of her waist. If she reacts positively, great – keep going (but wait a little bit for the next escalation so you don’t look super aggressive). If she reacts negatively, stop and re-assess whether she reacted negatively because you are moving too fast or because she just doesn’t like you. If you are moving too fast, downshift. If she is just not attracted to you, quit and move on. If she acts neutrally, she may be doing so because she is afraid of saying no or because she is just not expressive. Keep escalating, but read her to make sure you are not wasting your time or making her feel uncomfortable.

5) After she has hopefully accepted your escalation, go back to platonic mode

This step is a counterpart to step 3.

6) Occasionally get her to change locations with you.

This may be the most important step. Your ultimate goal is to get the girl emotionally invested in you, and to do this you must get her to DO THINGS FOR YOU. Her words mean nothing – women are trained by society to say whatever guys want to hear. And in the context of a bar or a nightclub, the best thing way to get her to emotionally invest is to follow you around. If she refuses to follow you around, it is either because she is just not interested in you, or you are totally emotionally invested and you need to tap the brakes.

If you get her to change locations with you two or more times, you are probably in. You also need to let her know the plan. I am constantly verbalizing the plan for the night:

• Hey, let’s have a drink here and then go to [some other bar]

• My friends are going to be at X bar in 20 minutes, let’s go meet them after this.

• Dude, I love this song. After this song, let’s go to my house and get a drink.

If you’ve set the frame where you are the leader and she is following you around, she will follow you home. There is no magic line to get her to come home with you – I usually just say “come have a drink at my house” so it’s clear I am trying to fuck.

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0 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

/u/Woujo, we would like to thank you for your insightful posts and comments in this subreddit. Your contributions to the RP mission of enlightening our users have been noted, and are greatly appreciated.

I am hereby endorsing you.

62 upvoteslogicalthinker12 years ago

You don't even need to be direct and talk a lot about sex. You just gotta plant the seed and then walk away. Just make a self deprecating joke and move on to something else. If she's even remotely attracted to you, she'll just be thinking about the D.

Girls aren't dumb. They know guys want sex. So do they. You just gotta make it seem like sex just "happened." A LITTLE kino then back off. She reciprocates? Increase it a little.

238 upvotesIron_Tits2 years ago

"you look like you need to get fucked"

"yeah i do"

"well lets see if i can help you with that tonight"

lmao autistic fuck

71 upvotesadamcrabby2 years ago

Seriously. Somebody watches a lot of late night Cinemax.

-32 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

No I actually said that shit and it worked. With girls that were very hot.

21 upvotesPoorBoysAmen2 years ago

In his defense I know a guy or two that could pull off that exact line or "you look like you need some dick". It has to do with how comfortable you are with sexuality and that's something that can't be taught. I couldn't pull off that line just because it's not natural for me...for someone who saw sex very casually growing up he can say that in a very casual and poke-funning way..AND the girl will pick up and realize it's just WHO he is and THEN guess what...it'll work... because he escalated, he doesn't come off creepy it's just him, and she is down. Whereas if you show any sign of unnaturalness with that line she will pick up on it, see its forward/forced/creepy, and think negatively in her mind.

In my opinion that's a pro level line but one that can be said.

Disclaimer: you would need to know the girl is sexual...if she isn't, then you may get slapped lol

82 upvotesmetalhead42 years ago

Well you must be Chad Thundercock or they were very drunk. That shit will get you slapped from any women with some self respect.

23 upvotesneBReddit2 years ago

I feel like it could be situational, dependant on the context and how it is said.

I'm pretty sure you don't know exactly how a woman would feel from that, so quit acting like one.

5 upvoteslosectrl2 years ago

I don't think OP meant this, but if said to a girl on a Friday night with a drink in hand, the double meaning would relate to 'getting extremely inebriated'.

13 upvoteswhuttupfoo2 years ago

You're giving yourself excuses. If you get to a high level of emotional intelligence you can say anything. Verbal communication is only half of the message.

Emotion, body language, vocal tonality, and situational awareness also play a huge part in it. I wouldn't suggest trying something like that if you haven't got a full understanding of emotional intelligence but I will say that you can get to a point where saying things like this are a real turn on for her.

2 upvotesmetalhead42 years ago

Yeah. I mean I wouldn't say that to a girl I haven't already fucked though.

1 upvotesShadowduh2 years ago

Nope I've said it before and its worked you have to kinda say it in a dismissing tone it should be implied by you voice that you aren't the one to be giving said dick lol. And i agree with poorboyamen i saw my parents fuck all the time so i have no kind of mental block between that and hugging

-16 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

nope it's about having emotional intelligence and understanding the situation

3 upvotesInsanityTrack2 years ago

Lmao Right Situation with RIght Frame!

7 upvotesshill_account_462 years ago

This is all so sad dude. Just wow.

2 upvotesToolazy2work2 years ago

I agree. I have a few friends I could say that to and them respond exactly this way.

11 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

I would NEVER say that personally, but I'm way less bold than these guys. I think you'd risk losing a for sure by making statements that bold, I just escalate physically.

22 upvotesI_0-_-0I2 years ago

Christ. These "theory" posts just keep getting worse. Where's the bottom, mods?

11 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Do not flamebait. We expect responses that provoke discussion, not pissing contests.

This is your only warning.

12 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

He didn't flamebait. Op posted shitty content, that is likely to harm people putting it in practice. Aren't we allowed to call out bullshit?

21 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

How you call out bullshit matters.

If you want this sub to devolve into threads full of one-liner pissing contests, keep calling each other autistic fucks.

If you want to contribute something to this sub, then point out the writer's mistakes and errors with a thoughtful response.

4 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

But in this case, almost the whole post is wrong. Debating point for point is a waste of time. The majority of op's post goes straight against the basics examples listed in the sidebar for example.

There's no need to not call it out as a whole.

7 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Discussion is not just for your own entertainment.

When you post here, other people read it. So the community is benefiting (or hurting) based on your choices.

That is why we (the mods) prune comments that harm the community - things like flame wars, pissing contests, and other self-indulgent drivel.

If you (a reader) are here for the community, do your part to help the community. If you are just here for yourself, you may as well keep quiet so we don't have to clean up after you.

5 upvoteswinndixiedirty2 years ago

You are now debating debating. Hows it hanging in the fifth dimension?

48 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So, I hadn't really though about your point about asking up front if a girl is single (because I honestly don't care and no girl who wants to fuck you is going to let a silly thing like a boyfriend get in the way) but you make a very salient point about turning the tables on her by making HER pre-qualify herself for YOUR attention. It also robs her of that common out that girls who don't even have boyfriends use when they get bored with the conversation so she has to find a real reason to break contact.

I like it.

upvotesUnver2 years ago

The only con I can think of is you may be losing out on women who would be down to cheat on beta bucks with you.

9 upvotesgrewapair2 years ago

She'll just lie. All women I know are experts at it.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Dude, this is money. And the line is almost quasi direct/indirect too, which is cool and probably sets you apart

14 upvotesJBrogrammer2 years ago

I thought your example lines were actually fine, don't know what all these people whinging is all about, but oh well. Audience (read: "newer members") misjudged I suppose...

This post's content is a kind of formal corollary from the idea that for a girl to show that she's into you under platonic circumstances, you have to give her plausible deniability. It's nice that it's so complete and specific as well. Really good post.

12 upvotesshmog2 years ago

Started with basic common sense knowledge we all already know. When I got to your explanation of the first interaction example I wanted to reach through my phone and slap you. Scrolled down, saw that you were endorsed for this shit, and then when back to finish reading.

The first example isn't framed as either 'Im trying to fuck you' or 'I don't wanna get beat up'. It's one frame: 'i might fuck you, I'm confident in my sexuality, and I'm teasing you'.

The second example. You can see why everyone has a problem with it. Her reply and your follow up makes this out to be a conversation a couple of retards would have. I agree the line can work, in the right context, said by the right guy (congruent). I've said similar things, with a smile. But there's no double meaning here! Yeah it's all playful and not fully invested... That's game!

Then there's some forgettable shit about confidence. Your made up story about your whole family jabbing sewing needles in each other's asses.

Another stellar example with the gay rights convo. You mention bringin up sexual subjects... Every girl I talk to that's interested in me always brings up a sexual subject. It's a great IOI. I wouldn't begin the subject. So I disagree with you there.

Then bringing up your own sexuality by pointing to decorations on a Christmas tree and saying that's what your balls are like. So fucking stupid. Sure, it's just a lame joke. But better to communicate your sexuality by bringing up an interesting and funny story involving an ex.

There's another robotic conversation example. I just can't deal with it any more. Kino.... Yeah we've all known this shit for years.

I don't understand why this shit was endorsed. What here was helpful to anyone?

2 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

I don't understand why this shit was endorsed.

That guy knows the admin, the admin was just looking for an excuse to endorse him.

2 upvotesShadowduh2 years ago

There are new people here everyday, things you and other older member know may know they may not know.

2 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

You can find better material in the sidebar.

1 upvotesShadowduh2 years ago

I completely agree with you.

21 upvotescanadianbacon222 years ago

Me: Because that means some dude isn’t going to come from the shadows and try to kick my ass.

I had a similar go-to-line before I discovered TRP. I never knew it had another meaning. Great read.

43 upvotesFREEDOM_OR_FUCK_YOU2 years ago

/u/woujo are you legit retarded? "You look like you need to get fucked". This is not realistic or helpful. That is fucking autism.

26 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

First, yes, I am legit retarded. I was diagnosed with stage 4 retardation as a child. Stop making fun of me for it.

Second, I appreciate your feedback. It seems like a lot of people are getting hung up on the "you look like you need to get fucked" line. So I should have clarified.

As I've stated elsewhere in this thread, I'm not trying to feed guys lines. Everything you say must be calibrated with your emotional intelligence. Usually "you look like you need to get fucked" is not appropriate but sometimes it is. That line could be appropriate when you're with an "edgy" girl who is constantly shit testing you, and there is a lot of sexual tension that you need to cut through. I've been around girls long enough to know that if they are being bitchy and annoying for no good reason, it's usually because they need a dominant dude to fuck them.

But like I said, I'm not here to feed you lines, but to teach principles. I just picked the most extreme lines to teach those principles. And focusing on the particular words I chose, rather than the overall point I was making, well, THAT is autism.

upvotesburgerkingowner2 years ago

Don't try to cover your bullshit with your vague post-interpretation if what you said.

10 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Well I already did.

And yes, I do use that line sometimes. And it works for me.

1 upvotesKidGrizz2 years ago

Some women talk like this!!! I have heard it!! If she is that attracted to you that line will work. All these "alpha males" scared to say you look like you need to get fucked is baffling to me. It will work with some females guys.

upvotesburgerkingowner2 years ago

That is literally something you could say when you know you're already going to have sex. It's just stupid.

19 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Well guess what: you need to have the mindset that you know you're already going to have sex when you walk into the club.

3 upvotesKidGrizz2 years ago

It can work in some women. Cmon guys stop being bitches. Why y'all so scared?

-1 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

are you legit retarded?

That is fucking autism.

Do not flamebait. We expect responses that provoke discussion, not pissing contests.

This is your only warning.

17 upvotesFREEDOM_OR_FUCK_YOU2 years ago

Oh my god. Get over yourself. I had constructive criticism and included an insult. Get the sand out of your pussy, swallow that blue pill.

-1 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

You're out of here.

upvoteszupzipuka2 years ago

This is a joke, right? The "SJWs-are-ruining-society" sub banning people for hurting their feelings would be sad.

5 upvotesAskada2 years ago

Also no idea what the fuck is happening in this thread. Some guy wrote low quality post with ridiculous advice, while mod gave him flair for it and banned few people who made fun of it.

What the actual fuck, is this trp sub now?

6 upvotesIkilledJarJar2 years ago

Nah the mods are right, his comment did not add anything productive at all to the conversation,, all he did was criticize him without explaining why....we don't want this sub to devolve into some 10th grade banter.

upvotesptisn12 years ago

I know man. This guy's a fucking idiot.

15 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Why are you not responding to my posts? You keep saying I'm creepy, but I'm trying to have a dialogue with you, but you can't actually point out what you disagree with.

5 upvotesGoddamnpanda2 years ago

Because you're creepy and he doesn't want to talk to you. You're making him uncomfortable.

4 upvotesShadowduh2 years ago

Not sure if joking but gave me a good laugh.

1 upvotesRedPillgrim2 years ago

While I think it sounds cringy, I do believe woujo. How many times has it been said its not what you say but how you say it? HSP says in a post that he said something like BLARGHUBLAHBLUBBLAH and the bitch ate it up. Sure its not smooth, but you don't have to be with women. I've fucked girls by not even saying a word to them (but they were drunk) don't over complicate it.

10 upvotesmeh6132 years ago

Thank you for this.. I guess the next step for me is to up my emotional intelligence, any tips regarding how to do this, gents?

5 upvotesSumsar012 years ago

Read "how to make friends and influence people", "48 laws of Power" and then practice a lot.

4 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Good question, I have to think about that.

3 upvotesmeh6132 years ago

Thanks for any bandwidth you expend, I promise you it won't be for nought.

1 upvotesFrigzy2 years ago

I think most of it is already there usually. It's just other mental activity that gets in the way more often than not.

I remember learning game and missing out on so much potential k- or f-closes simply because I was too preoccupied with approach anxiety and strategies.

The tricky part is that it's mainly confidence which can bring you the peace of mind to allow your emotional intelligence to do its work. And confidence isn't an overnight gain.

1 upvotesshr3dthegnarbrah2 years ago

A professional counselor can be useful but it's hard to find one that's exactly what you want. I'd recommend good friends who you can already recognize as emotionally intelligent people.

1 upvotesredpill772 years ago

The best way is to read theory and field reports while practising on people and failing.

Reference experience. That's the name RSD uses. It's one of the basic tenets. Go out an interact A LOT. Some guys do it everyday.

None of the tips provided here are fully usefull until they've become part of your practice. So consciously try things and speed it up. Unless you're a sociopath you won't keep any disingenuous technique. But you should give a technique a fair try first because occasionally there are ones that sounds wrong until you realize how right they are.

upvotesptisn12 years ago


14 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

This is textbook PUA advice. In other words how to externally act like an alpha without internally actually being one.

upvotesptisn12 years ago

I find this guy's advice deeply deeply disturbing.

3 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Yeah but you are giving literally the same advice and you keep ducking me when I ask what about my post you disagree with.

This isn't The_Donald. You need to actually have a conversation with somebody you disagree with.

16 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

Not the guy you responded to but I'll engage. Everything about this is a super strategic and controlled manipulation. That's PUA not red pill.

  • PUA is giving a beta an alpha script and telling him to read his lines.

  • Red pill is becoming a person whose natural behaviour is extremely attractive as a byproduct of internalising truth and improving and changing who you are.

Having a checklist of what to say and when in order to get a woman into bed is decidedly not that.

Not against PUA though, it certainly works so if that's what you want to do that's what you should do. Just be aware that the inauthenticity and lack of congruence makes a lot of us cringe.

*edit: slight wording change

6 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I made it clear a million times both in my OP and in the comments in this thread that I am not expecting people to use my lines. I am just giving examples to teach general principles.

I really think people here are having trouble reading.

7 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

Oh man you're really getting hung up here. Ignore the lines and pretend you just wrote the principles of what to say. It's still the exact same thing: a super strategic way of behaving to manipulate a girl's response. You won't be alpha but you'll slay like one.

PUA which is what you teach is all about using planned behaviour to manipulate. It's not about internalising what makes a man extremely attractive and becoming that. What you teach has its place but it's not for everybody. Look how frustrated and butthurt you've become in the comments. You reek of insecurity. Who gives a shit what anyone thinks? You obviously. This is why these PUAs all tend to break down at some point. You haven't changed. You're not who you pretend to be. An analogy would be thinking you're a master of chemistry because you memorised the answers to the test.

In other words you're not actually attractive you just learned how to act like you are and that's what you're teaching. And how validation seeking you're being is proof ok that. You can stick with this phase. You're getting laid that means you're god right? Or you can get back to basics and figure who you are, who you want to be and leave manipulating women out of it. Otherwise you will have a very unfulfulling life. You will not find the approval you're seeking and any woman you let see the real you is going to destroy you.

upvotesgcor72 years ago

In his defense despite not being fan of his post or even pick up dipshits,

It's not the worst idea to hand a script to an aspiring alpha at the beginning. Think of it like training wheels. Eventually they'll get the wisdom and experience to not stick to a script anymore.

1 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

Not at all. It's a great idea. That's what game is at first. You're not Chad Thundercock inside but if you act like him you can slay like him. It's still not real.

3 upvotesRXience2 years ago

Women want to feel important. Making them think you don't care about them or don't like them is a mistake

This is not just true for women but for everyone. To cite The Like Switch:

If you want to make friends you have to make them feel good about themselves

19 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Lol, these conversations just scream creep.

Anything can sound creepy if you do it wrong. "Hello" can be creepy if you do it wrong.

I think it made it very clear that anything a person says or does must be calibrated with their emotional intelligence. I don't know how many more times I could have written that. I am not here to feed people lines to say, those are just examples to illustrate the points I was making. And of course, I used the extreme example. I have said all those things, and they've worked, but I don't advocate that people say them in every situation.

Turning a conversation sexual isn't very hard.

It's hard for a lot of guys, which is why I wrote this article. I write shit based on what guys tell me they have problems with. I'm glad it's easy for you. It's not for a lot of people.

It's best to just joke around a little bit, show her you laugh, maybe ask her if your butt looks good in your jeans, then say well, yours is okay too I guess. Just funny stuff. She'll usually escalate if she's comfortable. And just read the situation.

So basically you're saying the exact same shit I'm saying. Like, I'm saying the exact same thing. No differences. What are you mad at?

Making them think you don't care about them or don't like them is a mistake.

Where did I say to do that?

You don't have to rub it in their faces and tell them you will move on easily if they don't like you.

I never said to SAY THAT explicitly, but that's how she should feel. She definitely shouldn't feel like you're going to hang around all night no matter what she does.

Don't act all sexual right out of the gate and be all creepy.

Where did I say act sexual right out the gate? Did you even read the fucking article?

You either chose to ignore my point about emotional intelligence or your reading comprehension sucks.

upvotesptisn12 years ago

No offense man, but all your talking points are creepy and sound like they were written by a guy who plays Dungeons and Dragons, lives in his moms basement, and whose only experience with women and pussy are from cheesy pornos and sex dolls

19 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Well dude I responded to the points you made, and all you can do is just reply with an insult proving to me that you just wanted to be a douche.

You haven't even pointed out to anything in my post you actually disagree with. You criticized my lines, but I told you that the lines are just examples meant to illustrate certain points.

I'm looking for honest, real feedback, because I plan on using this material for my book, but you're not giving any.

4 upvotesCthulhuonpcin144p2 years ago

I think one bit of feedback is that all the things you are saying make you seem robotic.At the same time you get hurt whenever someone makes fun of you which in turn makes you look fake as shit.

11 upvotesHikage-best-knaifu2 years ago

You also sound a bit sociopathic.

Which would be an advantage, no?

5 upvotesgrewapair2 years ago

Like a lot of advice on this sub, it will work for some, not for others. If you're a 9 or a 10, it will work. But then, so will everything else.

5 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

so i got this far into your post

But creepiness is just emotional over-investment.

AND HAD THE BIGGEST REALIZATION EVER. thanks so much it's a great post and i need something like this right now... it really pulls together " the pull" nicely

also i can't like you on facebook i get an error.

15 upvotesMike3777747742 years ago

These are terrible suggestions, what the fuck dude.

7 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

What's so terrible about them?

9 upvotesMike3777747742 years ago

What most other comments already said. In practically all situations the replies you mentioned in the post sound cringy in real life. No offense man, but it really is true. Go and test them for real and see how you look, if you don't believe it.

1 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Dude I made it clear a million times that these are just examples and need to be calibrated using your emotional intelligence.

13 upvoteskillmenow11872 years ago

Who knew the key to getting laid was pointing at Christmas ornaments and saying "that's wut mah ballz look like xDDD"

9 upvotessegagaga2 years ago

Yeah I have to agree that sounded very cringeworthy. That might work if you're 15, American, and have all the conversational elegence of a wet tampon. That would not work in many countries.

3 upvotesshr3dthegnarbrah2 years ago

People laugh at dumb shit; don't you still laugh at Dumb and Dumber? Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?

6 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

well i'm glad I opened your eyes

8 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

"Me: Are you single?

Her: Yeah

Me: Well that’s good for me.

Her: Why?

Me: Because that means some dude isn’t going to come from the shadows and try to kick my ass. This conversation clearly has an undertone of “I’m glad you are single because I am going to try to fuck you” but can also be framed as “I am glad you are single because I don’t want to get beat up.”

-That's "subtle" or "double meaning" to you? Damn, where do you live or who do you hang up with? Not even a whore would find that subtle.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Did you just type a fucking 10k word essay on how to turn a convo sexual?

This is called overthinking and having a wild imagination.

13 upvotesDesconocidoUK2 years ago

Just laugh it off when she tests you by knocking back your advances. Smirk. Call her a "good girl". Change the subject. Spank her ass, get up and move away and crack open a beer or something. Look bored. Yawn. Etc. Don't say "Well, I tried". Sounds a bit whiny.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I wouldn't suggest a physical escalation for a girl who just rejected an advance, but I like the "good girl" approach. It's an underhanded shot at her and she's likely to respond by trying to prove you wrong.

4 upvotesDesconocidoUK2 years ago

Depends on the advance - a first kiss standing up and she turns her cheek maybe not, but that's suggestive of lack of kino build up and misjudged kiss attempt without chemistry. But if you've already built up the touching and definitely if you've kissed, spank and smirk away my friend. Remember you DGAF.

upvotesptisn12 years ago

This guy's advice is absolutely creepy, chilling, and outright awful. His view of women is totally creepy and any sane women will notice this. Only take this advice if you want to be seen as a creeper and get no pussy. It sounds like it was written by Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Don't do this shit. It will not end well.

5 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

Dude I'm trying to have a dialogue with you, and all you can do is spew insults.


You posted your view of escalation, and I don't see any differences between that and mine.

And why are you talking about me in the third person? I'm addressing you directly.

4 upvotesSumsar012 years ago

To be honest these people have no idea what you can say to women and what they will find funny if you hold frame.

There is a reason why pretty much all female comedians pretty much only make "Dick and vagina" jokes.

2 upvotesslay_it_forward2 years ago

If that's actually a guy he's a conplete faggot. What man says creepy that much?

upvotesptisn12 years ago

Amazing deduction. The logic of which is definitely on par with Plato, Einstein, Newton, and all the great thinkers.

upvotesptisn12 years ago

This dude is now DMing me. Total creeper. Weird.

7 upvotesDat_Chad2 years ago

did he tell you you look like you need to get fucked?

upvotesptisn12 years ago

Haha, he just called me a pussy a bunch of times and asked me why am I "ducking" him.

6 upvotesDat_Chad2 years ago

does not show true frame at all

upvotesPapa-johns52 years ago

Just imagine how pissed he gets when he gets rejected

5 upvotesThe1WhoCsAll2 years ago


1 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

He seems to have some direct contact with an admin there, he's defending him like he's his son or something.

1 upvotesshmog2 years ago

Yeah. Something very weird going on here. Crap PUA advice endorsed and his blog promoted with the mod banning people for calling it shit. Never seen that here before

7 upvotesP4_Brotagonist2 years ago

Christ alive dude if I would have read this as a 17 year old I would have absolutely died. It took me nearly 10 more years to really figure out the "what's weird what isn't weird christ I hope I'm not coming off like a pushy dick."

This pretty succinctly spelled out all of the stuff I learned and then some into a perfect digest.

upvotesteetotumm2 years ago

Damn, as a woman, I feel bad for the men who take this shit seriously.

8 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

No one cares about your vagina, or your disapproval. Banned.

3 upvotesM0RKET2 years ago

Dude, good post. What sort of alternate reality are we in? Are we being brigaded by BP trolls or something? All reasonable/supportive comments are being downvoted...

2 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

And an admin is snap banning anyone who disagrees with op.

upvotesFreddie23092 years ago

Hey Woujo,

Appreciate your posts. There's a lot of emphasis on lifting here on RedPill, how much do you think it matters?

3 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I think it's absolutely necessary. Not just to attract women, but for your own health and mental and physical well being. I don't advocate necessarily just getting "big" but rather getting in shape and having a strong, athletic body.

3 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

This is a fantastic post, thanks for that. A lot of the time people are explaining the same theory in their own words, and certain presentations of it just really speak to you. Cheers.

2 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

The ending was actually really helpful, by getting her to follow commands to change location, and then move the last location to your house. Fucking brilliant. They do the same shit in prison when there's a guy freaking out in their cell (e.g they say shit like "sit down on the bed" etc before entering to see if he/she is compliant).

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

These examples are written like an autist wrote them, no girl in the history of the world would react positively to being called an alpha. I would guarantee a good portion of them wouldn't even know what the fuck you mean by that.

This is a man who takes himself far too seriously around women. Women want to have fun, they want to fuck someone who will show them a good time in more than one way. Calling them alpha is not one of those ways.

You spend too much time in your own headspace. You act like you can't risk it for the biscuit, if you want to fuck it's high risk high reward. You make some jokes, you flirt a little and if she's interested you'll know, if she isn't then pack it up and move on. It isn't rocket science.

More often times than not the difference between a creeper and a stud is appearance and inflection. If she finds you ugly and you come onto her you are a creeper, full stop. There is nothing you are going to do to change her mind on that subject, but who gives a fuck, there are a least a billion more eligible women as long as you don't give up you'll get what you're looking for.

If you take care of yourself and work on yourself as much as you can you will attract women whether you want to or not unless you're John Merrick. The harder you try to pursued and work on game the more you are likely to fuck up from over thinking. Best way to become a ladies man is to get rejected, A LOT.

1 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

no girl in the history of the world would react positively to being called an alpha

Are you fucking kidding me? I have had tons of girls tell me they were an "alpha female." There are a lot of hot, confident girls that turn dudes into weak puddles.

That's a real problem with a lot of women. They intimidate guys and turn them into bitches. A lot of women understand RP truths and they literally cannot find a guy to be the alpha they want.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have had tons of girls tell me they were an "alpha female."

I simply do not believe you. Or at the very least these "gurls" are going to be "internet pretty." Anyone who has to declare themselves an alpha is probably an omega.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

It looks like I'm not the only one calling you autistic, if anyone doesn't know what they are talking about it's you dude, sorry for the reality check.

2 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I simply do not believe you.

That's fine. That's your right as an American. You don't have to believe me.

But it sounds to me like you don't have any experience with this issue at all. Have you ever had this conversation with a girl, ever? If not, why the fuck are you "guaranteeing" it wouldn't work?

Anyone who has to declare themselves an alpha is probably an omega.

I agree with you, but still, tons of people call themselves alpha, even girls. How can you deny that?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm guessing I'm a great deal older than you so I'll just relent and say K.

3 upvotesmarkyLEpirate2 years ago

Good post! It was a good read before I go out with some chick and her friend right now. Should be fun

1 upvotesSmokerbank2 years ago

"You look like an alpha female" "You look like you need to get fucked" My fucking sides man

On a serios note, the "meta" with the steps and all that look good, maybe its an attitude that fits you but damn man, those examples, maybe they sound better when you say them but here... and sorry that the truth hurts you mod, you shouldn't have endorsed him and ban everyone who contradicted you just because you liked the post too much/or it resembles you or your attitude, this is the equivalent of tumblr safe space hypocrisy

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I like the spirit of the post to make things playful but I can't pretend I actually care for the shit most women talk, fuck them sure but if I can't I will not die from it, tons of bitches want to fuck in the right settings go to vegas or some party place plenty of fun sluts there

1 upvotesredpill772 years ago

I think Woujo's refutations are worthwhile. They help anyone who might be considering these blue-pill responses to realize he knows what he's talking about. Woujo's attentiveness to this post shows the community is productive and worthwhile amid blue-pill derailing.

1 upvoteshipstersdontlie2 years ago

Thanks for the insightful journey. Much appreciated.

0 upvotesaysopfab2 years ago

Lost my virginity through talking like this.. Shit works guys; fucking do it. Confidence is key and be sure to have wit and timing ;)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I read this then went and rape a girl, and she liked it!

upvoteserotic_troll2 years ago

This is a great empowerment lesson. The asshole that bullied you is getting all the hot sex and yet here you are on Reddit wasting time aging.

For every second that passes by, a woman is being pleasured by another man and is winning at life. Every thrust and pounding she enjoys is one less you can enjoy. Here you are waiting for the scraps of society.

0 upvotesFluffDevotee2 years ago

Wow, can't like your FB page for some reason, oh well.

Good post.

2 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

FB just took it down. I'll make a new one soon. thanks.

3 upvotesFluffDevotee2 years ago

Why though? That was awfully fast.

3 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

new one up: http://www.facebook.com/woujonation

upvotestriggerandrepeat2 years ago

What are some of the platonic conversational topics you'd suggest?

5 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I wrote a whole other article on that: https://www.woujo.com/blog/2017/5/3/how-to-have-a-conversation-with-a-woman

0 upvotessuperjoshuavalentin2 years ago

All I read was Oreo Cheesecake.

0 upvotesmikas752 years ago

Ah, one more short post from Woujo... as asual... but thanks

-27 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

That is way too long. If you got to put THAT MUCH thought into getting pussy, then it just is not worth it.

25 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

This is honestly the dumbest thing I've ever read. Men spend hours and hours thinking about women, working to make money to impress women, obsessing over their appearance, and talking to people about their dating problems. Reading a few pages of text is not putting too much thought into getting pussy.

Also, if you're not into reading about sexual strategy, why are you on this subreddit?

-8 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

Alpha males do NOT spend hours and hours strategizing for pussy. First, you fix YOURSELF, then the pussy will follow. Have you not been paying attention to what all TRP folks have been telling you?

7 upvotesNexusReflexX2 years ago

But this subreddit is all about taking betas and through their own studies, hard work amd dedication to become alpha.

This post may seem dumb to you or other more experienced men, but to someone who just decided to swallow the pill, this is good information, albeit a bit repetetive.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This was not hours and hours of strategizing, this was years of trial and error and observation and revision. This is coming from someone who is further down the path and has reached a point where the other things are in line so he has the ability to fine-tune his game and then share his findings with others.

The advice you are talking about is for people just unplugging because, in general, there are major aspects of their lives that have not been nailed down that have to be dealt with first. Great habit to get into on this sub is to read the authors of the posts and comments. You'll quickly recognize who has been around for awhile and who is talking out of their ass. Woujo is one of those that if he takes the time to write it, you should probably give it a thorough read because you will have at least some takeaways even if you don't entirely agree with it.

GLO just had a post about this because he felt like the disparity between "graduate level" subscribes and "high school freshman" subscribers was keeping the community from advancing as a whole and was considering making a separate community for the more advanced users. I disagreed at the time, but the more I see comments like yours the more I begin to see his point.

-1 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

I am sorry that you feel the need to grade this into levels Fuck-readiness. Frankly, I have been fucking since I was 16 and never really felt the need to write a textbook about it. To me, it just screams "loser". But that's just my opinion.

-1 upvotesWissenschaft852 years ago

If everyone is already an Alpha Male, why does this reddit exist? lol

18 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I just realized you made a super-racist post analyzing women of different ethnicities by their skin color. Talk about putting in too much thought into getting pussy. I need to think twice before responding to morons.

2 upvotesWillkuer_2 years ago

Honestly, next time you find out he is below your league just ignore him. Why do you even answer in this chain? Do you gain anything?

You are now an EC and that is absolutely correct considering your great posts recently. Still you should behave like one in the comment section as well.

As something like a guru of emotional investment you should check your own investment in this culture/subreddit/subject/your ego.

-8 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

Wrong. That post of mine was not racist at all. It was culturally based.

You, my friend, are a LONG way from achieving Alpha maleness.

15 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

This is what you wrote:

Mexican Women: Like Asians, these chicks know when to keep their mouths shut. However, they tend to blow up like balloons when they age, and not all of them have great looks. Some have the Mexican Indian genes (e.g., Aztec) mixed in and, therefore, look a little squirrelly.

Indian Women: There are some smoking hot Indian women! A lot of them come house broken too. But if you get one the first purchase you got to make is a can of Nair. These are some hairy fuckers. They will even grow a freaking mustache. They are desirable, but they have a short shelf life because they usually become ugly as sin as they age.

Go fuck yourself you racist piece of shit.

If you're gonna be racist at least be a fucking man and own up to it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

People like you are the reason so many people are fed up with liberalism and multiculturalism. You throw the word racist around just like feminists throw around "misogynist".

All he did was point out observations that any normal person can see and not use nice flowery language to soften the blow. Indian women do tend to be rather hairy, and Native American women do naturally gain a lot of weight as they age.

Am I a racist if I point out that some white women have pasty skin?

6 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

People like you are the reason so many people are fed up with liberalism and multiculturalism.

And people like you are the reason why liberals still exist. You can show somebody like you the most racist shit on earth and you would like "no that's not racist."

Saying fucked up shit about a person just because they are a member of a certain race is racism. Period. Saying that Central American women all have STDS or that all black women are ghetto hos is racist. I mean, seriously dude. What would he have to say to make you think he's racist?

All he did was point out observations that any normal person can see and not use nice flowery language to soften the blow.

No, "any normal person" would not say that ALL Mexican women get fat as they age. It's just stupid to think that you generalize ALL Mexican women.

Native American women do naturally gain a lot of weight as they age.

Jesus Fucking Christ dude. Do you have a scientific citation for that? Also, his post is clearly shitting on people because of their race. Saying shit like "Central Asian American will steal from you" or saying that black women are "yuck" is just being a mean, insecure, racist asshole.

-1 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

I CLEARLY state that I am speaking in generalities. Fuck, man, put on your Alpha hat and stop acting all PC!

0 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

Spot on, dude, spot on. This douche bag op only has to hear a trigger word then he has a hissy fit, defaulting to mindless accusations of racism. In my opinion, being able to think for yourself is essential to being a man, especially an Alpha.

-1 upvotes19RomeoQuebec2 years ago

I don't think that his post was racist, those are pretty common facts.

American Indian, and women from the country of India tend to get pretty ugly as they age. The attractive ones are few, far and in between.

5 upvotesWoujo [OP]2 years ago

I don't think that his post was racist, those are pretty common facts.

Are these common facts?

South and Central American Women: Any hot chick from this region will already have an STD and grandchildren.

. . .

Black Women: The Bottom of the List. Don't get me wrong here, because there are some smoking hot black chicks. But the ratio of yuck to hot is much less favorable for them than it is for all of the other groups. Plus, these are some mean bitches. If you are going to be RP Alpha to these chicks then you got to be ready and able to get all ghetto-pimp, with all that entails.

Give me a fucking break.

1 upvotes19RomeoQuebec2 years ago

The RP concepts are a cover all, but you have to know the controlled focus group that you are applying RP methods on.

You cannot apply your RP methods in the ghetto if your not from the ghetto. Cause you will get eaten alive, by the thug fucking white knights with black souls.

Also on a side note, I would not willingly fuck women in South Africa, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Thailand or Cambodia, without protection (South America/Africa/South East Asia). I could make a definitive list. For the most part the ladies you will meet in these countries are not as aware about disease and hygiene. Also aids is a motherfucker.

Even though his post are fucked up, its like a rumor there is some truth to it. You have to be able to read between the lines. I wouldn't go to these places to find a unicorn or a decent bitch. Cause, well you have to tread through some heavy shit to get there.

0 upvotesBudRock562 years ago

Ha ha ha ha!!!!! I am fucking hilarious! Lol!

-3 upvotespolitbur02 years ago

But! He's now an "endorsed contributor"! Take that and shove it. Because that is the true alpha you are talking to! Just wait before he shows you how to tip his fedora and defend his m'lady, 'k?

4 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

The path to success is often long and requires effort, so to advocate laziness is to advocate failure.

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