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[Mod] Make the community worth a fuck by not acting like a cunt.

by PaperStreetVilla on /r/TheRedPill
28 June 2017 04:03 PM UTC

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The mod team doesn't care if you think a poster is a "little beta" or a "fucking cuck" or any other bullshit that involves negging another forum user. We encourage you to keep it real, this isn't a "safe space" for the weak, but at the same time it is not a battleground where "whoever speaks the most edgy shit wins." Nah, we don't want that shit here. We'll leave that bullshit to the perpetual adolescents who give more fucks about seeming cool than learning.

When all people do is disrespect one another, substantive conversation cannot be had and the topic devolves into a battle of egos.

We really don't give a shit about your ego here, how popular you are, what you make, the kind of level you're at in society, the car you drive ad nauseam. We give a massive number of negative fucks about your real life, the only thing important to us when you come in here is your knowledge. So don't posture, because we don't care and we don't want you to tell us shit we don't give a fuck about.

When you feel the need to tell someone how pathetic they probably are and how awesome you are in comparison, nobody learns anything. All you do is lower the signal and increase the noise.

RESULT? You give the mods more work to do, and people who give us more work to do are people we want to kick in the head. But because we can't do that, we just ban 'em instead. The mod team does not give a fuck if you need to shit on other people to feel like you exist, we don't tolerate that immature "LOOK I'M SUPERIOR, WATCH ME GO ASSERT MYSELF TO PROVE IT" bullshit here. Anybody behaving in this manner will be given the flair "worthless tramp" to give everybody a laugh the next time they instigate in the never ending quest for drama, that or we'll just ban you.

This is a forum to discuss ideas pertaining to masculine self-improvement and sexual strategy, we can only do this if a basic level of decency and respect are maintained. This predominantly means:

  • Show a basic level of common decency to all posters
  • Attack the opinion, not the poster

You are talking to other dudes anonymously over a machine, you're not trying to impress a hot girl by deploying "AMOG EVERYBODY Donald Trump caveman game." You don't need to neg all the guys around you and then flirt-neg the hot girl to show how ALPHA AS FUARRRK #winning you are. This narcissistic posturing bullshit shit is for getting your dick wet with soulless bitches, not for talking to dudes about sexual strategy and self-improvement.

Treat your fellow red pillers with respect and refrain from petty internet bullshit, or the fraternity doesn't want you. It's that simple. People who behave like this drive people away who are actually worth a fuck.

As for our more mature users who don't endorse nor encourage this nonsense, we'd like you to report comment chains where people are simply putting one another down or bickering over net worth, notch count and other unverifiable offline bullshit. If you want this place to be worth a fuck, you have to play your part in defending the community from bullshit by reporting it whenever it crops up.

People like to bitch "why haven't the mods removed X?" like we're fucking minimum wage janitors that aren't doing our jobs properly. Truth is, we probably haven't noticed it, we get a few thousand comments per day and there are only a dozen or so moderators. We cannot read every topic, low karma doesn't mean a topic is bad, and some bad topics have good titles.

If you've noticed some crap that needs cleaning, you can do your bit by spending literally 5 seconds to report it. DO THAT, do not spend a minute writing out a post bemoaning how TRP has gone to shit, just report the post and keep quiet - THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR THE BOARD.

By reporting a post, you bring it to our attention and heavily increase the chances the offending post will be removed. Every comment has a report button under it, use it when you spot nonsense and we'll all be the better for it. Less complaining about "why have the mods not done X?" and more helping us the fuck out by reporting stuff. For a community this size and this active we do not get enough comment reports.

With a forum this size, a dozen dudes cannot be everywhere at once to clean up the epic amounts of bullshit that get posted, you have to do your bit to help us. See it as your civic duty, the more people who adopt this attitude, the less crap there will be in the forum and the more you will enjoy coming here.

One more thing: do not talk shit to endorsed, senior endorsed and vanguards - chances of you being kicked out for trying to be an edgy fuckwit with these guys is about 99.9%. And then we'll ignore you when you blow up our mailboxes screaming insults demanding to know why you're banned.

The red pill is a resource, not a crab bucket. There is no competition here, so act right, treat each other well, boost each other up and don't make me post rants.


Show common decency

More substance, less fluff. Maturity > Immaturity

Report comments/users who seem incapable of the prior

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Title [Mod] Make the community worth a fuck by not acting like a cunt.
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218 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

Thanks for putting this out there again. This message needs to be repeated over and over.

We really don't give a shit about your ego here, how popular you are, what you make, the kind of level you're at in society, the car you drive ad nauseam. We give a massive number of negative fucks about your real life, the only thing important to us when you come in here is your knowledge.

Much like there are no women on the internet, there are also no rich people/superstars/socialites/Ferrari drivers/special forces/etc.

I see many posts along the lines of, "I'm a big shot at Boeing with 20 years of corporate experience and I've been around the block and what you're saying is bullshit." This sort of claim can be made by anyone and it is worthless on its own. The only thing that matters here is how convincingly you can make your point and how well you can back up your arguments.

29 upvotesswift_phoenix2 years ago

The TLDR of the rules of the internet always gives me chuckle every time. It's like a nice cup of coffee in the morning.
Applying the rules of the internet to comments is how things should always be done. A solid dose of skepticism is always healthy.

upvotesshut_up_liar2 years ago

This is funny given that the third highest voted post of the last week was literally an exercise in just this. Somebody using weak non-existent financial planning to tell the community that they allegedly have 60 million dollars. This sub ate that shit up hook line and sinker.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm pretty liberal with my upvotes elsewhere, but this is one of the last great places on Reddit. I save my upvotes here for truly quality content.

2 upvotesParty_Olive2 years ago

Agree 100%. I've upvoted around a dozen threads in the 2+ years I've been on TRP. It's not a popularity contest, it's a resource and a philosophy.

3 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

The fact people think this is a brand new post, and not a repost of a 3 year old one (which is the link in the FIRST WORD of the post)...

That, and reading through the comments of both posts...

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And this is why /u/VasiliyZaitzev can be living in a closet with a tin foil hat. But he doesn't sound like it. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about and his stuff makes sense. Its internally congruent and well written. So people believe him.

But whether he is the read deal or a paper alpha doesn't matter. I don't know him and he doesn't know me. His advice makes sense, and if appropriate, I apply it.

10 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

The only thing that matters here is how convincingly you can make your point and how well you can back up your arguments.

Agreed, and that should also mean that someone without a shiny badge can (politely) challenge someone with a shiny badge without being slapped down. Even if they are objectively wrong (we are here to learn), they still deserve a civilised reply.

7 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

No one discourages disagreement and calling someone out. Theres only a few caveats

  1. No ad hominems. If ideas are shit, you can point that out without calling OP a cuck. This is different than a new guys frame being tested. Lots of paper alphas love to type tough, but crumble with a little prodding. This is important to separate fake advice from the real deal. Notice, at no point in GLOs arguments does he ever lose his cool. As another example. JamesSkepp is only recently endorsed, but would constantly call out neoreactionaries posts.

  2. It has to follow Rule 0. No matter what point you want to argue, if it, or you, are not here for Rule 0, no one gives a shit how good your argument is.

  3. remember, this isn't an ideology, cult, or philosophy, it's a praxeology. This means, no one cares if it's true, only that it's useful. If I tell you womens vaginas can shoot 3 pointers consistently, and it gets you to approach without fear, then the truth of that statement is irrelevant

2 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

I completely understand the points you have made, thanks.

I had to Google "3 pointers" - I am from the UK. Now I know what they are, I would pay good money to see that...

3 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Ah, I should have said "batting a century" then?

2 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

Well played sir! The game that gave you baseball (probably). You are welcome.

2 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

100% agree.

3 upvotesjackandjill222 years ago

Totally agree with this. Thanks mods.

upvotesThe_donaldLovesJews2 years ago

hey fuck you man u lil cuck. i am gonna ram by black dick so far up your ass. your ancestors will feel it. you nothing to me you hear??? fucking NOTHING YOU CUNT.

upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

I get the funny sarcasm, but apparently 8 others don't.

88 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

I still see EC members here sort of abusing their power. I've seen GLO get in what seem to be, a pissing match with people, and then have them banned for standing up for themselves. I know I'm not the only one who has seen it happen. GLO has some fairly extreme views, and not everyone is going to agree with the ideals. I think they are worth discussing nonetheless. However, what I've seen on more than one occasion. I have seen GLO start insulting a user, and then when they insult back, get banned, on more than one occasion. I can't help but feel we may be banning otherwise good contributors to the sub, all because they got baited by the wrong EC. Nothing against GLO, I just don't want to see bans be handed out like on feminism sub. Where, any dissenting opinions are outright banned. We are better than that. Truth and facts stand on their own accord. We should be able to simply debate an SJW, and destroy them with objective facts and logic. Not, auto ban them, and never have the discussion with them. If we do that, other users don't get to see the discussion happen, where truth and facts prevail over emotion and failed narratives.

17 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

We should be able to simply debate an SJW, and destroy them with objective facts and logic

You'd have better luck convincing your dog that Einstein was actually wrong about special relativity and he really doesn't actually want a treat.

It's pointless. Instead, get your ideas out there. Let them get bruised and abused. Make them better. Quality people will accept them. Low quality people will have no idea what you are saying.

But remember this: you do not lead people by explaining yourself in great detail to them. It doesn't work like that. Arguing's only value is when there is an expert panel to judge a winner and a loser. Voters are most certainly not that.

3 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Where, any dissenting opinions are outright banned. We are better than that

Speak for yourself. I can't be bothered to discuss the most basic things over and over with fuckwits who are even too lazy to educate themselves on our standpoint on those things.

Fuck them. If I want some fun, I'll troll them into oblivion, as I will do with guys who share their attitude on putting work into finding an answer for themselves, over at asktrp.

I earned that privilege and I am going to make use of it.

2 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

We hand out temp bans like candy.

Those temp bans become perma bans if the person proves to be unsuited for this community. This determination is usually made for us, when the person throws a tantrum in modmail.

The ECs are here to test you. Keep your composure.

4 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

The Red Pill has a fairly extreme premise so I'm very curious which of my views you find extreme.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

you had a couple comments in the last few rounds of RP meetup/app threads, especially about fighting globalism, and i just read them and was like "wtf? is this really the same redpill badass who trickle down bukake'd samantha bee on her own show?" not trying to re-debate those topics, but this quote especially had my head scratching...

The Red Pill doesn't have to be reasonable grounded in reality or relevant to the interests of it's community.

TRP is reality. it's the reality everywhere you turn your head, but were raised from a child not to see because the world needs far more beta servants than alpha studs.

4 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

TRP is not reality, it's utility.

0 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

especially about fighting globalism

Why is this the dog whistle for stupid, useless arguments on TRP? Can someone explain this to me?

And I swear to fucking god, if someone argues with me about globalism itself, that's not the purpose of my comment.

8 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

Why is this the dog whistle for stupid, useless arguments on TRP?

It's often used as a catch-all for "anything I don't like about modernity." It's a poor term because -- as /u/VegasSaint9 points out -- there are an awful lot of benefits globalism brings that no one in their right mind is giving up anytime soon. It's like bitching about the "damn gubmint" while sitting comfortably in your home because it was built according to a government-mandated fire code, is handy to all sorts of amenities because of government-built roads, and is peaceful at night because of government-ran police.

It's a useful term for bitching because it allows the audience to fill in whatever they don't like. It's not very useful for productive conversations because it's so general and all-encompassing.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Complains about Globalism but benefits from the most globalist period of human history ever like every other person in Western society.

Some people are ridiculous, and I'm not sure they know what they mean when they say it. If you don't like globalism never travel, get rid of your iPhone or pay more for it, and don't take jobs at corporations that have locations all over the world.

Sometimes its dogwhistle for Jews too I've noticed. It bewilders me to be honest.

10 upvotesProto_Sigma2 years ago

You're mixing up Globalization with Globalism. Globalization means the world is more economically and culturally connected, and thus produces more physical and intellectual resources. Despite some cultural tension, most people are in favor of Globalization to some degree.

Globalism is the belief of increasing political unity of the globe, that a governments responsibilities extend beyond protecting its own citizens and instead must protect and cater to all people of the world, that certain supranational authorities such as the UN and the EU should exceed the power of individual nation states, that national cultures, particularly Occidental cultures, should be downplayed and diminished in favor of internationalism and the cultures of various migrant groups.

The political Globalism is far more contentious for a variety of reasons. Governments tend to be less democratic and responsive to citizens demands the further removed they are from their constituents, and you can't get much removed than a global system of government. People also resent when tax paying citizens have their interests ignored or contravened, and when the concept of immigrant assimilation is openly mocked and denigrated rather than being pushed, and they especially resent the imposition of foreign cultural values above and in favor of their own ( the sacred cow of Muhammed's image vs Freedom of speech for example.)

The whole Globalism thing is somewhat off topic for TRP, but most people on this subreddit lean to the right and keep bringing it up. Also, in some ways the decline of Western culture can be seen as a larger product of the abdication of the masculine and the collective frame break of an entire civilization towards the shit test that is modern feminism. Globalism can be seen as collectivism practiced on a world wide scale, and females tend to be more conformist or collectivistic while men tend more towards individualism ( largely due to evolutionary pressures and competing sexual strategies, actually, tying this back into TRP proper.)

As for the anti-semitic dogwhistle... I haven't really seen globalism used in this way too much personally. Jews do catch a lot of undeserved shit though. Leftists hate them because of the Israeli Palestine situation and because many prominent capitalists are Jewish (the Rothchilds for example). Collectivist Right wingers sometimes hate them because they are often seen as an 'other' group outside of the culture and tend to be blamed for many problems. Also, Karl Marx and many prominent Bolsheviks such as Leon Trostky were Jewish, so Jews get flack for being communists as well as for being capitalists (go figure). Jews are also disproportionately high performing and many of them hold high positions in finance and entertainment, a fact that lends itself to many conspiracy theories.

That's not factoring in the Christian myth that Jews were collectively responsible for the death of Jesus (who was also Jewish...), lingering tensions between Jews and former Roman territories ( Judea was a particularly troublesome territory for the Romans and many of them resenting the Jews for resisting them so viciously, in addition to having strange, easily caricaturable religious beliefs for the time). Or the fact that Jews refused to assimilate into hosts cultures in order to preserve their own ethnic integrity, even having strict rules about intermarriage, which stoked resentment. Or the fact that due to a combination of religious and political discrimination, Jews were forbidden from owning land and had to go mostly into the professions, which, in the long run, would become highly lucrative fields ( lawyers, doctors, bankers, etc). This gap would later be perpetuated by a gap in G, as the average Ashkenazi( Northern European) Jewish IQ is 115 and the average IQ of most of their host cultures is 100. ( I'm a goy, by the way, I just really like studying data.)

In summation Jews have the distinct misfortune of being both a high performing, wealthy group and a culturally distinct 'other' group, which might actually be the perfect combination to stoke resentment. That's why nutjobs from all political quarters seem to give them so much shit.

TL;DR: Make a comment, get a historical and political tome in reply.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Thank you for the detailed response I appreciate it.

5 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Globalism and travelling are not even remotely connected. Get your basics straight.

1 upvotesValhalla_Man2 years ago

GLO did what to Samantha Bee? Can I get a link?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

TRP sub eats links in comments... the youtube ID is zWlUgI4cB4M

-11 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Nothing really radical about that statement in fact that line of reasoning has been around since Plato. Once a group becomes large enough the best way to communicate with them stops being logic and becomes rhetoric. Watch some Hitler Lenin or Che speeches some logic all rhetoric.

If you sort the Red Pills posts by top you will see the upvotes correlate with rhetorical efficacy not logic.

14 upvotesgebrial2 years ago

Are you part of this community for up votes or to teach/learn something?

2 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

Dude GLO is right if you ever get into the craft of copywriting you will see that in order to make something sell or be popular you have to give people the illusion that something worth shit is actually gold.

So I do think that there are probably lots of shitty posts that got upvoted because the guy knows how to sell his snake oil. While there might hidden gems in this reddit that got downvoted or no votes at all just because the guy didn't had a got rhetoric although the content of his post were probably way more valuable than people though.

-7 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

I'm here to wrangle tards. I find tard wrangling theraputic.

2 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

While you're right that rhetoric is necessary to effectively communicate with a large group, if your speech doesn't rely on logic all you're doing is facilitating the masses' mental masturbation.

Rhetoric devoid of logic (or that involves minimal logic) is just empty circlejerking. If you actually want to communicate something worthwhile -- and that's the object here -- your rhetoric has to serve your logic, not the other way around.

2 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

You don't debate an sjw. You debate intelligent people to gain insight or convince an audience. There is zero use in debating an sjw, that is just mental masturbation.

I can't really comment on the GLO thing as I don't get into the comments much but a lot of people get caught up in de form of his posts instead of judging the ideas inside which gets annoying. If you annoy him with stupid shit you can get banned, this is not a democracy.

1 upvotesTheSlicemanCometh2 years ago

There is zero use in debating an sjw, that is just mental masturbation.


That statement would only be true if done in private.

You debate SJWs, feminists, and Marxists for the same reason Pinochet threw communists out of helicopters. To publicly embarrass and shame them as a warning to others that they stand to endure the same fate should they adopt similar views.

Public shaming is a time honored tradition that has withstood the test of time for good reason. It works.

5 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

You don't debate them, you redicule them and laugh at them.

-8 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Post quality content on the regular, keep your frame together when tested, and its no issue.

99.9% of people aren't aspie enough to ever have to worry about this

29 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

Why are you guys "testing" people though? What is the point? The only tests I've seen, are when an EC gets mad someone disagrees with them, starts hurling insults at them, and then they dish it right back, banned. Seems like a pissing match, and when the EC loses, the other user gets banned for grabbing their balls and talking shit back. No man in the right mind, is going to sit idle while they are being insulted. Especially here.

-6 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Why are you guys "testing" people though?

Because your idea is fucking retarded, up until the point where it is fucking brilliant.

See? I just called you an idiot and a genius at the same time. Edgy? No. Point? You earn respect. I don't actually get upset when people tell me I said something stupid. No. It's how I grow, because sometimes I say something stupid.

27 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

Idk... Seems like a lot of people disagree with you on this. I know it isn't a democracy, but GLO has let his little bit of power straight to his head. I mean, I'm not getting all these upvotes, while you get downvoted, because it isn't an issue here.

-20 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

You realize that the entire mod team completely agree with me and I'm just the bad cop who takes all the heat? RedPillSchool would love to rub scrub faces in feces but he has to maintain a facad of detachment.

If it wasn't so I wouldn't be able to do what I do in the first place.

3 upvotesthrow174532 years ago

The entire mod team agrees with your political views / cultural views. Agrees with the idea that ideology is worthwhile spreading and being pursued - irrespective or in spite of truth. Or that this place should be ideological?

And that every instance of you trolling, mocking or writing from the perspective of "look how laughable and pathetic most people are" has zero to do with ego - and everything to do with individual strength / humour?

3 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Yes the entire mod team agrees with me and everything I do. Everyone who's been here has a very cynical view of the readership. In fact the idea that 80% of people are hopeless losers is enshrined in the Pareto principle, the idea of Alphas and Betas.

The fact that I can consistently provoke weak men for years without changing my tactics is proof of that the mindless hopeless nature of the herd.

If you have an Idealist view of man you don't understand the Red Pill and shouldn't be here.

5 upvotesthrow174532 years ago

Cynicism is one thing - Considering people to be mostly hopeless, mindless, losers is another. The two are not equated, and its more about perspective and value judgement at that point.

The fact you can provoke weak men is proof that human beings are emotional and egotistical. Stocisim, awareness of emotional manipulation, psychology etc. can limit the extent to which that dictates behaviour - but it is still there, in everyone.

And again is not proof that people are mindless or hopeless.

You may think that your political and cultural views neccesarily follow from an understanding of the redpill, sexual dynamics etc. but they do not, that is your own perspective.

-15 upvotesblurred_face82 years ago

Here's my downvote. Because you're doing the same. You could have said that in two sentences and stated the extreme views of GLO.

8 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

Weird, I'm still getting upvoted... Where are you at now? Oh that's right, negative...

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You are getting off on this too much. You are pretty much masturbating to each upvote you get. I am going to ask the mods to give you a temp ban to teach you a lesson. You have a bad attitude. Just because a bunch of retard, incel video gamers are emboldened by your cocky keyboard warrior attitude and upvote you and downvote GLO does not cut it in here. TRP is not a democracy. Learn some respect whelp.

1 upvotesabstractplebbit2 years ago

His views sound extreme (by design) because they cause you to react. He gets your attention one way or another but your frame just turns salty when it happens

-12 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

It's the internet, if it bothers you at all, you're not ready to comment.

Up votes are useless

13 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

Seems like they may at least be an indicator of what the users are thinking. If that is true, why not just take voting out of the mix altogether?

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

No one here is paid, this is works of enjoyment. the users are entitled to nothing.

This isn't a business, it's a clubhouse, and people will be kicked out for making it miserable

10 upvotesThat_Deaf_Guy2 years ago

usually the people that retaliate in an equally negative way are the people who haven't read the sidebar and break frame easily.

14 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

We shouldn't be testing noobs frame though. They should be encouraged by ECs to do better in that regard. Not, insult people, then ban them when they stand up for themselves when they maybe haven't been a member that long. I guarantee if I were to insult one of them the same, it would get me banned. It is simple hypocrisy, and will cause us to lose otherwise great contributors. I don't care how much frame a person has. If you call them a piece of shit, you should understand human nature well enough to know they might go with a fuck you, or similar. We don't need to bait and test people. That is childish at best.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly. At one point even the most masculine of RP aspiring men could have been some shrimp noob at one point. Most of us have been there and that's why we're here. Shouldn't excuse any BS or anything but this place is to be used as a tool to learn.

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

thats how men work

-8 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Yea we should be really nice to everyone hold their dicks and kiss their cheaks before we tuck them in and read them a bed time story. Hmm isn't that a what women do?

Hmmm why would the Hypermasculine radicalily masculine community adopt a feminine strategy for helping it's members. Why should the red pill adopt a softer tone? Why should we give a fuck about faggot feels?

If you don't understand masculinity there are plenty of Cuck subreddits for you to participate in and discuss Mandingo selection for your girlfriend.

18 upvotesForgingFakes2 years ago

On the contrary, the more this place becomes moderated to oblivion the more we become exactly like the feminist themed subreddits.

1 upvotesDarth_Antonius2 years ago

So do you have a better suggestion for how to clean out the trolls and useless spam?

1 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Do you really think the main difference between the red pill and feminism is the moderation strategy?

12 upvoteskainvictus2 years ago

"we don't tolerate that immature "LOOK I'M SUPERIOR, WATCH ME GO ASSERT MYSELF TO PROVE IT" bullshit here."

1 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

I'm Hillary Clinton the rules don't apply to me.

8 upvotesThe_M0rning_Star2 years ago

You should definitely not adopt a softer tone, but I'm pretty interested to know what constitutes "faggot feels" from a dude named "gaylubeoil".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Post quality content on the regular, keep your frame together when tested, and its no issue.

This was downvoted to oblivion?

WTF are people even here for, then? wow.

upvotesG_Petronius2 years ago

We should be able to simply debate an SJW, and destroy them with objective facts and logic. Not, auto ban them, and never have the discussion with them.

This is where the mods should bring out the Amon Göth method.

15 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

It's retarded to use facts and logic to debate? Wut are you on about?

1 upvoteswritewhereileftoff2 years ago

It's not a debate if you are talking to a bluepilled wall. Energy completely wasted and at the same time takes their claims seriously.

The logical thing to do is not to engage in that kind of debate.

upvotesG_Petronius2 years ago

Alright, let me take the chance to also trigger you by shitting down your throat. I don't know if I can reach GLO's levels of triggering, but I'll do my best.

Let's peel back the layers of why what you said is fucking retarded, shall we? we'll got from most superficial to deepest:

1 - There already is a sub for BP vs RP debate. It's called PurplePillDebate.

2 - There is no point debating SJWs - they can't be convinced by logic or facts, and you're wasting resources handling their bullshit which you should put either towards yourself or, if you have insight to share, to sharing it in an optimal way.

3 - TRP doesn't exist to unplug people. We don't aim to convince anyone, because we recognize that the issue is not one of logic - if it were, people would agree with us already - but of emotional attachment to lifelong BP indoctrination. Debate won't fix that (as amply proven by PPD), but continually shoving truth down people's throats and triggering them until their previous frame breaks does, as proven by this subreddit. Being unapologetic provocative assholes works.

4 - Democracy is retarded and running anything by committee is the fastest way to kill it. Your continued reliance on "yeah but I'm getting upvoted" is consequently fucking stupid.

5 - You're a 1-month-old account. "Lurk more" should be your default setting even if you were in a democratically run, feels-concerned forum; triply so in a place like this. Proposing policy changes from your position is completely and utterly retarded, since you have no chance to know why policy is the way it is or even basic facts like the existence of PurplePillDebate, and thus no chance of having an informed and intelligent opinion.

18 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

You're really going to post all that, and then try to say I'm triggered? Lol, riiiggghhhht... Whatever helps you sleep at night bud.

3 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

let me take the chance to also trigger you by shitting down your throat

Ironic that you write this in this of all threads.

We encourage you to keep it real, this isn't a "safe space" for the weak, but at the same time it is not a battleground where "whoever speaks the most edgy shit wins"... When you feel the need to tell someone how pathetic they probably are and how awesome you are in comparison, nobody learns anything. All you do is lower the signal and increase the noise.

10 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

Cool story, bud. You sure showed me... How will I ever go on...

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

PillTheRed = reddit manipulation. Never seen it so blatant. "Yeah you keep getting downvoted while I keep getting upvoted". Who the Fuck in their right mind would upvote a comment that says "cool story bud"? Smells fishy, man...

22 upvotesIncendior2 years ago

Thanks for reiterating this. I recall surprised reactions for my peculiar idea of "you can be polite and be an alpha"

4 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

The are times to be an asshole, but asshole should not be your default setting. If you can handle a situation effectively without being an asshole that is likely your best route.

As the OP puts it, life "is not a battleground where 'whoever speaks the most edgy shit wins.'"

14 upvotesno_face2 years ago

This is great:

Show a basic level of common decency to all posters Attack the opinion, not the poster

While I agree with the overall message, these seem contradictory:

this isn't a "safe space" for the weak

One more thing: do not talk shit to endorsed, senior endorsed and vanguards

I hope that the message is not that endorsed contributors delicate sensibilities need more protection than non-endorsed folks.

I hope we can disagree respectfully with anyone

I hope we call out contradictions and hypocrisy all the time.

9 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

Especially considering that most "endorsing" seems to be made randomly or by personal simpaty and relationship with a mod.

I've seen the dumbest, most petty stuff posted by endorsed posters. Things that could be debunked in 5 mins of reading the sidebar.

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

I had no relationships with anyone before being given MOD. It's based strictly on providing value, over time

-3 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Especially considering that most "endorsing" seems to be made randomly

I am pretty sure that getting out your credit card to pay for something seems to be random to a dog as well. Just because you don't understand it, does not mean... Ah, you get it.

1 upvotesag_blank2 years ago

nice, you proved his point by saying something retarded

3 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Sidebar explains the "respect the tag" rule best

45 upvotessqerl2 years ago

Come for the knowledge, stay for the growth, and leave the nest when you're ready to explore. The door is open unless you're a douche, then you're banned.

Have a great day.

12 upvotesreecewagner2 years ago

Not a complaint but perhaps a suggestion - is there a true need for the "Field Report" option in this sub? Seems like simultaneously the biggest source of clutter and the easiest way for a newbie to overshoot their proverbial wad on a mediocre Saturday night story that would probably be better left for Seddit.

Just my two cents, I appreciate the work either way gentlemen.

6 upvotesThe_M0rning_Star2 years ago

Two thirds of the "field reports" read like penthouse letters. Ok, great, you banged some slut in a bathroom.

What exactly am I learning? What notes are we swapping? You didn't delve into the real world application of the tactics espoused here; you didn't analyze the woman's behavior and attempt to categorize it for later use. You literally just described you having sex. Which is cringey and not very useful.

100% agree "field reports" need some work. Some of the posters do great, and attempt to break it down piece by piece - some of them even have word by word conversations they used! Which is very useful to the terrified 19 y/o looking to get laid. Most of them are like "hey guys I had sex and it was super great".

5 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Field reports are the core of it.

Guys swapping notes

6 upvoteslakesidelife2 years ago

Change it...

Or make sure it's quality.

None of this "I literally waved to a person with a pussy... they waved back! Crazy weekend!l

6 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago
  1. post yours with an F close

  2. point out the low standards OP holds for success

  3. if OP is an Omega, than these may be successes. Defeating approach anxiety is no joke for some

  4. Progress, not perfection. This place is way better with 99% guys at square one, and showing improvement, than it is with 99% assholes begging for content to avoid posting their own

2 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

So post a good field report of your own then.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Or make sure it's quality.

Report it yourself if it's not.

8 upvotesniko222252 years ago

I had this on my heart for so long.. I felt like some guys think here that they need to fill up a sentence with as many swears and insults to show everyone how alpha they are and how they DGAF.. It's cringeworthy

3 upvotesbatavianguy2 years ago

Yes. There was a post of about 500 words not so long ago that was mostly baseless unecessary insults toward a certain group of people. That long ass post could literally be reduced into two actual contributing sentences without those insults. I ranted on why I believe the post was wrong and how the OP's attitude was wrong. I admit I swore much more than necessary, but guess what? the rest of the comment chain from OP was pure swears and insult. This guy was 'hailed' by many in this sub as their role model but he just so often does the cringeworthy alpha pretender things.

8 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

Guys neg girls to get sex. Guys who neg guys must be a little funny, if you know what I mean.

13 upvotesEvigSoeger2 years ago

Straight from the Tao of Badass:

A 7 demonstrates social value through hostility, attempting to lower the value of perceived social competitors. An 8 demonstrates social value through competition, attempting to show greater value than percieved social competitors. A 9 or 10 demonstrates social value by sheer social dominance, raising the social value of those around him.

2 upvotesSmokerbank2 years ago

ttob is a shit book which claims to have a simple answer to everything. The question that 99.99999999999% of men don't know, it makes bitches love you and their pussies go niagara mode, use it! Oh and go to the website and purchase for 9$ the supplementary question.

Fuck off with that shite, even when I was omega-blue pill I didn't believe in gimmicks like that.

0 upvotesEvigSoeger2 years ago

Have you read it? It's quite a good read - kinda like a 'baby's first redpill'. It's by no means comprehensive, but I'll toss you the PDF if you want... Or you could just do what I did and find a torrent.

1 upvotesblurred_face82 years ago

From where did you quote this?

8 upvotesstankovic322 years ago

Lmao, like talking shit about the endorsed contributor who bragged about dating an 18 year old significantly younger than him?

5 upvotesWhorehouseVet2 years ago

Thanks for the post. I agree that there are a lot of pretenders out here trying to one up each other by calling names and attacking them personally. When that happens, no one learn a single thing, and the whole sub degenerates into "feelz before realz" shit show.

There are a lot of leechers who don't contribute except to shit on others.

upvotesTheLaughingRhino2 years ago

Sometimes threads that don't seem useful to first glance get some interesting replies. Sometimes I skip or skim the actual original topic and go the replies, some of the replies have really interesting content.

As for endorsed guys, I've read stuff from endorsed guys that has really helped me, they word things and explain things in a easy to digest way that helps to formulate a concept in my head and how to apply it. I've also read stuff from endorsed guys where I've come to terms I'd rather just avoid that specific person, etc. I think endorsed guys will start to create conflict for themselves the more they push their individual brand and services in their posts. When no one can tell if you are trying to help someone or upsell someone, I think the objectivity is hard to gauge. Will not begrudge anyone for trying to make a living or expand their reach, I do think it's a complicated consideration.

If I go out in the world and engage people, and I meet a truly great person/friend, who inspires me, and it's a ratio of like 1/1000, then I see the 999 other people as the cost of doing business.

I've learned a ton here and it's made me a better person, a better version of me, but that wouldn't happen if I didn't accept that 99 percent of it won't help me/doesn't appeal to me. And that's OK too, what doesn't appeal to me can help someone else, maybe.

Structurally, it might help to sticky a thread at AskTRP or use it's sidebar to allow content providers to update their own brand or upsell in a strategic way. This way if people want to use their services, it's there for them, they can earn a living or a side money or whatever and it's not as aggressive in the general areas.

Just my 2 cents here. Thanks.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

A good comment section has saved many a useless thread

3 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

One more thing: do not talk shit to endorsed, senior endorsed and vanguards - chances of you being kicked out for trying to be an edgy fuckwit with these guys is about 99.9%.

Can I respectfully request, therefore that the guys you mention, lead by example. Almost all do, but not all.

If we truly want to make a valuable contribution to men, then the rules have to be observed by all, in my view.

10 upvotesZ33ger2 years ago

Attack the opinion, not the poster

Exactly! Everybody dies but ideas live forever. We are documenting history.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Something something toxic masculinity.

4 upvotesDeathToTheZog2 years ago

Encouraging our brothers, even if you think their lifting routine, diet, etc is not up to your par, so what? They are trying, struggling, and reaching out for support.

We need to be there for eachother, and while not being princesses about the shit, should NOT be hen pecking over the little things.

Wish you all good dedication, and desire to lift!

4 upvotes42galaxy2 years ago

Thank you for posting this. I just joined Reddit 4 days ago and started reading this community, and I am shocked by all the negativity directed at original posters. Too many comments like, "you're a cuck, you're such a Beta." It is really off-putting. Guys we're all in this together. It's not a pissing contest.

3 upvotesOSaraiva2 years ago

Whenever there are crap brag or needy posts in the first page, you can expect crap answers as well. As a forum increases in popularity that is bound to happen, i see it as a consequence of success. Enforcing the rules and educating should help a lot.

Thanks for your work.

upvotesthrowaway_hiya2 years ago

Has there been a big shift in how this place is run? Because not terribly long ago I saw a guy say that a girl who behaves as you wish "may be a keeper."

Archwinger immediately attacked the guy and accused him of oneitis. He calmly (and correctly) pointed out "No, I said she may be A keeper, not THE ONLY ONE WORTH KEEPING."

Yet Archwinger behaved like a total douchebag exactly as you are now saying people shouldn't behave around here.

He went on and on and insulted the guy up and down while putting words in his mouth.

I wrote to the guy and said "You're right, some girls are keepers. That doesn't mean there's only one worth keeping and it doesn't mean you can't replace her with another keeper."

He screenshotted how Arch had banned him after getting the last word. Pretty cowardly of Archwinger.

Has that changed or do other mods like Archwinger still engage in this very same behavior you claim is verboten?

upvotesalefmale2 years ago

It's called abuse of power and yeah all these cocky motherfuckers are liable to fall prey to it. No humility sometimes.

3 upvotesbatfish552 years ago

We really don't give a shit about your ego here, how popular you are, what you make, the kind of level you're at in society, the car you drive ad nauseam. We give a massive number of negative fucks about your real life, the only thing important to us when you come in here is your knowledge.

Really? Even from the point of view of Look what I have! Look what I do! Look at ____! You can have this too, if only you live RP!

That aside, I'm not so sure the mods here want differing opinions from believers who want to contribute.

I joined up 3-4 years ago. I think there were around 13k subscribers when I found this brotherhood. Since then, I'm sorry to say, it's kinda gone far too pussy-focused, and not as self-improvement-focused as it used to be.

"OK asshole, then post the shit you'd like to see. Be a man. Quit bitching like a woman, and DO the things that you want to SEE done. The stuff that you think contributes in a positive manner."

A fair point. The thing is....I've done that. From time to time, I wax philosophical. Deep thoughts. Ponderings and musings that seem, to me at least, to draw parallels between RP truths and other ideas. Things that help make this whole RP thing make sense to those who just found it.

And then I posted them. Well-written, thought out, no agenda other than trying to contribute. Not denigrating, not telling a poster they're a confused piece of shit. Certainly not boasting. Think about a buddy of yours that gets stoned and starts off with "Hey maaaaan....didja ever notice...." but then, instead of dopey shit, he's kinda making sense? Yea. I've written stuff like that. I wrote an extensive post sometime back, like, years, about men and women and dogs and cats. Went on for a while. I thought I had attacked the subject from all angles. Posted it.

And it gets deleted before it even hits the page. That wasn't the first or last time. But after a few of those....man, I just stopped trying.

I agree with you about not flaming endorsed posters. 9 times out of 10, I strongly agree with them.

But it seems, more often than not, that those are the only posters whose thoughts are allowed to be posted.

I know a place like this needs to be moderated to keep BP and fem trolls from overwhelming the MAN-focued conversation....but if you're squashing posts like mine, that mean well, that come from a thought out place....you're killing some good ideas. At least IMO.

Overall, if you don't let True Believers make their voices heard, even if they are brand new or don't know what they're talking about....they're going to stop posting. They're not going to spread the word. We will have less of a voice. We will remain a closeted group that scuttles about in the shadows. No one will ever take us seriously. (Since I tend to wobble between RP and MGTOW anyway, this only kinda of makes me sad for what RP could be)

And now, let's see if this comment gets modded out. Or, hopefully, addressed in a positive manner.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

I'm reading your post in history. It's all media crap and "look at the women"

I dont see any self improvement or strategy, in 3 years of "quality"

And all your removals were automod btw.

1 upvotesbatfish552 years ago

Aaaaand they were posted to MGTOW. Not to RP, where they don't belong.

Either way. Value/don't value feedback. That's one reason I spend more time over there.

Best of luck.


Meh, hope springs eternal, so I'll elaborate on a few things I remember.

Yes, I did post some media crap to RP (and more than a couple to MGTOW). Remember when some big general came out and said that, in the name of equality, since we're all equal now, women should register for the draft (selective service)? I posted that link. Modded out. ....then an hour or two later...someone else's post, of the exact same link, made it on. Fuck you, batfish.

Another time, I posted a self-authored essay about men and women and cats and dogs. I had not, up to that point, seen anyone else make that connection. Modded out. Then, two days later, someone else posted an essay about cats and dogs. He clearly had some of my points, clearly missed some of my finer points, but it still made the cut. Fuck you sideways, Batfish.

Another time, I posted another self-authored essay about why "...and she's a woman!" Shouldn't matter when a woman accomplishes something that men accomplish all the time. Modded out.

Those all seemed relevant, at least in some context, to me. Yea, the draft post was a little snarky, but I thought it was fun. That latter two...was just trying to connect the dots, make things make sense. But hey, fuck you, batfish.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

they are TRP

3 upvotesMentallyWill2 years ago

This is the first TRP post I've read in a while and accurately sums why I stopped visiting -- it was devolving into a cesspool of unhelpful bullshit. Thank you mods for fighting the good fight and I'll try to help you identify the trash that needs to be taken out back.

3 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

All we need are reports. It's way easier to wade through false flagged reports and reapprove than it is the alternative.

17 upvotesDogopus182 years ago

Jesus Christ are you having a bad day or something? You've posted 3 times in the past 2 hours and they're all bitter, profanity-filled rants about how bad the people in this subreddit are.

4 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

Many mods here are exactly the opposite of what a man should strive for. Of what we present as examples.

And i'm not saying this based on nothing, mods here censores comments when they dislike them even if they break no rule, are petty, vindicative and insecure. Like most mods on other subreddits.

Unfortunately it's basic human nature: you don't become a moderator for free if you don't have a lack of power or other issues in real life to compensate.

1 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Unfortunately it's basic human nature: you don't become a moderator for free if you don't have a lack of power or other issues in real life to compensate.

Stop. You're hurting my feelings.

-2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Cross posting other threads from 2-3 years back from other vanguards, hence the link.

take care.

2 upvotesannuncirith2 years ago

It boggles my mind that this even needs to be spelled out. Are we not all legally adults here?

Great post, I laughed and I agree. No time for dick-waving, we're here to improve.

2 upvotesRememberingAlpha2 years ago

I can't up vote this enough.

upvotesTHE_StrongBoy2 years ago

All I have to say about this is there are a lot of people posting who really need to just shut the fuck up and listen and read

2 upvotes102117991072 years ago

I would like to report field report posts that literally just confirms one or two AWALT situations because they went out clubbing and then they think it's a contribution.

3 upvotesiwasbornred2 years ago

I agree with the sentiment of this post.

I will admit I've definitely started insulting people in comment chains though. Usually provoked, but still.

We should be discussing important concepts, not the quality of any particular individual.

2 upvotesContiello2 years ago

I'm not exactly great with analogies, so I'm gonna ask a stupid question: Crab bucket?

3 upvotesNaughtyFred2 years ago

Like most negative things about this sub what you've ranted about here is created by trp itself. That's the real issue with trp that no-one acknowledges, apply it to it's logical conclusion in a group and people and the result is degradation, not creation. A downward spiral is inevitable because that is the nature of trp.

Want actionable advice? Cull at least 40% of subscribers. Start with me. I've browsed for 3 years. Nothing else I can learn this place.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

these are reposts of other moderator posts from years back. and will oblige

2 upvotesaigamithite2 years ago

The problem is that we blame women for being solipsistic, but at the same time, those who are not fully unplugged, are solipsistic themselves. There are people that get angry over x, y, z post, because it comes in direct conflict with their emotions and/or social programming. This is natural and totally understandable. It is also something that needs to be culled if you want to move to the next step.

Put yourself in the other person's shoes; does he have the same experiences? More? Less? Could I benefit from applying it? If not, why did it work for the other guy and would not work for me? Doesn't it feel better, both for myself, and the other person, to provide helpful criticism so that in the future that person can hold himself up to a certain standard and post better?

In this community we keep talking about trying and failing over and over and over again. But no one can move forward just with failures; there always has to be at least one success. Same with a strong father figure; the father punishes bad behavior, but he also rewards good behavior. Instead of saying "This post is garbage go die", why not say "Hey man you could have done a better job by doing x, y, z". To which one would you react better as a red pilled man?

Peace and happiness be upon us all

1 upvotesmallardcove2 years ago

I don't mind getting negged from those within the community, its the ones who I can not tell are TRP or not who come in and say "You red pillers are idiots and wannabee alphas, you are fake, here is how you really do it <insert blue pill/purple pill nonsense here>"

Generally if their "advice" goes against what I see written by more respected, senior members around here(i.e. Rollo) I dismiss them as blue pill trolls or TRPers with lightspeed hamsters who believe their ways are superior to the ways pioneered by the senior members here.

1 upvotesNikoMyshkin2 years ago

This post nails the reason why I was coming here less. So glad it's being addressed.

1 upvotesMrGudmoore2 years ago

If someone on the internet is hurting your feelings you're quite obviously not an alpha, nor are you redpilled.

Your feelings do not get to censor others. Fucking cucks.

1 upvotes102117991072 years ago

Linked to asktrp in my comment and it got auto removed. My bad. Here's my comment without the asktrp link.

Appreciate the post. It's been about 4yrs of improving and my life is a total 180. I wanted to write a post and give my notes on what worked for me in my LTR of 3yrs, and then we hit the shit. I believe I could've handled the weight gain better during the last months.

Thinking I have my shit together, I doubted myself and asked advice in asktrp. Quickly got good insights and realized how my emotions got in the way of my objectivity. I feel like an idiot for slipping one step back and asking an embarrassing question that has such an obvious answer. Not ready to post I realized.

1 upvotescirclhat2 years ago

I think this /u/Chadtheslayer said it best

I am going to confess, I am frustrated. Not at the people here that aren't succeeding in life but the posters that come in here and make posts such as "there is more to life than sex" or "getting girls is so overrated, your life should be so much more than that". Now a while back, one of you mods said that this is a sub about sexual strategy. IMO, if I wanted advice on fitness, career, and other things, I would go to sites that center around that advice. What I expect when I come to this sub is a way where guys like me can talk about topics relevant to us based on what this sub says. We're not going to get married young or start a family early in our lives but a lot of us, we're out of college where we don't have that built in social circle and opportunities to do things like have an active social life along with meeting women. Now let me remind you, having social value is a big part of attracting some of the better looking women. I want to talk more about being that cool bachelor that parties, makes decent money, has cool friends, and occasionally gets laid. The issue is, I can't really do that without some neckbeard coming in with the bullshit of "you put too much value into sex, the Dalai Lama never had sex and look at how fucking awesome he is". As a long time reader of the material here, I sincerely believe that because of people like that who have stormed into this sub and made it their personal growth journal, the sub has lost its meaning in terms of quality. Quite frankly, I want to talk action. I want to talk about cool side gigs you can have to help your social life and meet women. Fun things you can do to raise your SMV and attract people in general, not just lifting weights and eating right either. Great cities for a red pill bachelor because location fucking matters. It's like here I am trying to engage with a community of cool guys on cool topics and along comes a group of guys who have a major issue with us talking about meeting people, meeting women, and enjoying life. They always come in with bullshit saying that "social life is overrated, go monk mode" or say generic nonsense advice like "hay bro, have game, the rest will work itself out".

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

Not disagreeing.

Germany taught us about battling Multiple fronts

1 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

Peace and love for everybody y'all.

1 upvoteslakesidelife2 years ago

June 28, 2017... the day TRP became a safe space. I really do appreciate finding this sub and especially for the side bar... but this place is truly gravitating more and more towards the lowest common denominator. TRP should focus more on creating high value men... but the recent focus has been on catering to be lowest rungs of the male hierarchy. This should be a competitive and hardline community... anything else would be a disservice. People are so fucking weak nowadays that they need a cold slap in the face. Otherwise any thing you say to them in "productive" manner will be nothing but intellectual masterbation.

TRP needs to be about creating Alphas... not about converting complete social retards into partial social retards.

We need less "...thanks TRP! bc of you guys I literally said hello to a person with a vagina.. and she said hi back! It was a crazy weekend!" OR "hell yes! I can do ten push ups now!"

We need more "...thanks TRP! I just built and sold my third multi million dollar revenue producing company!" or "I just set a national power lifting record!"

Why is the 48 Laws pushed in the side bar? It seems that it out of place for the current direction that TRP is taking. That kind of material is way too ambitious when it seems all we want to do is take socially retarded computer nerds and make them into having an average social intelligence.

6 upvotes8108092 years ago

June 28, 2017... the day TRP became a safe space

I don't think you understand what a safe space™ is. It is a space where you are safe from being contradicted or argued against.

This post is more about getting posturing "I am SO alpha bro and you are SUCH a beta bitch" children to shut up so we can reduce the noise. I usually don't post on TRP but I even find myself not even coming here as often as I used to because of all the little alpha boys who have nothing constructive to come with besides trying to rag on other people for their little egos sake. I have a feeling a lot of guys share my sentiments on the quality of TRP and its most vocal posters.

2 upvotesbluedrygrass2 years ago

I don't think you understand what a safe space™ is. It is a space where you are safe from being contradicted or argued against.

Well then he's right. TRP has become a safe space for "endorsed" users and powertripping mods who can now wank all over the place without being contested by other users.

-1 upvoteslakesidelife2 years ago

So when an obvious pussy comes on this board and some wise sage prescribes said pussy a dead lift prescription... then said pussy starts saying tai chi training is all they need.. then the wise sage calls said pussy a beta bitch phaggot..... you are against such posturing? The alternative would be to "reason" with said pussy and perhaps offer them a bottle of midol and a box of chocolates?

6 upvotesEnolaGay2 years ago

I believe the point of the post is is to disagree in a adult way and use a vocabulary that isn't meme words

2 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

then the wise sage calls said pussy a beta bitch phaggot..... you are against such posturing?

Yeah, because 99% of the time that conversation is useless to everyone involved. The person getting ripped on isn't likely to take advice from someone they perceive as an asshole, and the person doing the ripping is just indulging their own desire to feel superior to someone. Try that conversation out with a stranger at a bar; you'll get punched.

What's infinitely more productive is communicating in a way that people might actually listen to. People come here to learn; if you have something of value you want to share with them, explain it like an adult, because that way you'll get something worthwhile out of it, too. You can use the experience of being frustrated with someone and still managing to communicate effectively with them in all sorts of places -- work, school, with family, friends, slogging through bureaucracy, etc. You can't use "beta bitch phaggot" anywhere but video games.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

These are reposts of old comments. As the sub has grown, like any organisation you get the lowest common denominator effect. The beta/ spergy/ incel type that you are referring to are becoming more common. You are right about what you are saying, I agree that the sub would be best off kept edgy and hard, designed to make real alphas but what are we working with here? You cant make a stone house from dung.

As you have pointed out you cannot make a rock hard titan of industry out of kid who likes to play call of duty and eat skittles. I seriously doubt that most guys on here lift, they are not approaching, when and if they get a date, they are scared to initiate kino. What is to be done? These kids need to learn to walk before they can run. It would be nice if people were posting "sold one of my companies today for 7 figures" but even in the business/ entrepreneur community such people are extremely rare. If someone did make a post like that then the spergs would surround them like piranhas and scream beta bucks! The issues here are complicated

1 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

I agree that the sub would be best off kept edgy and hard, designed to make real alphas but what are we working with here? You cant make a stone house from dung.

True! But also, in todays society, how far are most men away from Alpha? It could take years to build one, or rebiuld one, depending on how his life panned out.

Maybe most will never get there, but they are here trying, thats worth something isnt it? As someone said maybe only 5% are Alpha, so should we cull 190,000 subscribers? Maybe I would get culled, who knows..

As for "sold a company and made 7 figures" that doesnt make you Alpha. Women do that shit as well. Many businessmen are massive Beta's at home.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Noone is suggesting culling everyone who is not "alpha" enough. The issues are more to do with those who are here to learn having some respect. Selling a company for 7 figures certainly does add to one being alpha, and women represent just a small fraction of the world's self made wealthy people. Alpha means boss, you do not see any employees making these 7 figure sales.

1 upvotesRoaring40sUK2 years ago

The issues are more to do with those who are here to learn having some respect.


Selling a company for 7 figures certainly does add to one being alpha

Agreed, it does add.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla [OP]2 years ago

See bogeyd6 recent posts.

Also, Pareto principle

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So what have you achieved lately?

9 upvotesProto_Sigma2 years ago

Scurvemuch... we just covered this. Go after the ideas, not the people.

-3 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Fucking spergs. Reading comp not the forte, and yet you manage to succinctly put it in perspective, entirely inadvertently. What matters here is what you know and do, what works, what is based in reality. If you haven't achieved anything, then in the male universe you don't know shit, fuck all other than reading and regurgitating.

Achievement is everything in our world. You can talk about it all you want, but until you do it, it's fucking meaningless.

That's the point scurve appears to be making. meanwhile you probably think I'm attacking you. Kids these days.

7 upvotesProto_Sigma2 years ago

I don't think you're attacking me.Accomplishments are important. Achieving them is the whole point of the subreddit. However, the internet is totally anonymous. I could claim to have accomplished anything and you would have no way of independently verifying that accomplishment.

I'm a young billionaire who deadlifts 2000 pounds and has 15 supermodels in rotation. Don't believe me? Prove me wrong.

What really matters is the validity and substance of the argument. If the point you are trying to make is logically consistent and independently verifiable, then it can stand on its own without the person making it. I believe in things like AWALT for example because of the logic of evolutionary theory and because I've seen it in action myself. I don't believe it just because someone with a flair told me.

The point Lakeside was trying to make was totally ignored. Whether Lakeside has achieved anything noteworthy personally isn't relevant to whether or not TRP should be focused on pushing high achievement. I actually think that there's a case to be made for starting with the fundamentals, as you need to master the basics in order to move on to the more advanced material, and therefore it is totally appropriate to try and improve the 'spergs'.

Scurvemuch did not make that case. He went straight to ad hominem, immediately after being directly instructed not to do so. Since he's an endorsed contributor, it's even worse, since he's supposed to be a leader of the community and he's undermining the moderator's rules, setting a poor example for all the 'spergs' and increasing the issues we have here with civil discourse.

TL;DR: Tits or GTFO

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

All I'm saying is don't complain about the sub if you contribute nothing

7 upvoteslakesidelife2 years ago

I came to this sub... read the side bar material.. then I started to read the actual posts. There are some good posts... the majority of it is just a circle jerk. BUT.. the stuff that pisses me off is the posts that directly contradict the side bar material and then gets praised as quality TRP material.

BTW... don't expect me to contribute shit. Too busy living life and going after my own goals. I come on here and get a golden nugget or two once in awhile... but this sub is starting to turn purple.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You do contribute, your flaming of coachredpill was epic. Why not throw out a post or two for us?

1 upvotespbgswd2 years ago

Thank you for this. I had a real nice thread from my post recently. There was a little bit of bragging about the bitches and the clubs and that is shit that nobody cares about. The neg feeback was here and there but not overwhelming. I got some comment at the end that was like 'thanks I should talk to my dad more', I wasnt sure if it was /s or not. All in all it was a positive experience doing a write up on TRP.

-1 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

proof that the 80-20 rule is real when you have to tell the red pill community to not be faggots to each other

upvotesBigFllagelatedCock2 years ago

Do you have to fucking use fuck in every fucking sentence or a fucking insult for that matter?

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