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Maximize your appearance before trying to become the Gandalf of social skills.

by kennytrp on /r/TheRedPill
06 July 2017 03:57 PM UTC

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I'd bet my left nut most people here think reaching savant-tiers of social wizardry is the key to female attention. It sort of reminds me of a self-help forum where deep, analytical theories are being spouted left and right and taking action is delayed for better times.

Women are not so intricate and complex as you portray them. You don't need an opener that stimulates some latent biological urge and you don't need to break them down to micro-expressions and tonal shifts.

You want to get laid?

First of all, upgrade your wardrobe. Follow some Streetfashion accounts on Instagram and imitate their style. Put your own flair on it, but adhere to color schemes and don't wear baggy clothes. It's 2017, looking like you came straight out of a 90s rap video ain't gon' cut it - and FYI, I'm a huge rap fan.

The importance of clothes is often overlooked. Depending on the clothes I wear, I can go from looking like an absolute fucking bum to looking fresher than a fashion week in Paris.

Get a nice haircut that fits your head shape. Hair and clothes will make up 80% of your looks as a male. Extremely few, IF ANY, men look good with an oily Russian fringe haircut, a dirty wife-beater and oversized pants.

For reference: Look at any pussy-wetting actors who transform from jaw-droppingly handsome hunks to ugly ass bums from role to role.

Check out hairstyles on Instagram, Pinterest or go to some male hair advice forums on the internet.

Clear up your skin, get accutane if your face looks like a field of Pompeii volcanoes mid-eruption. Go to some skincare sub on Reddit for more information.

Invest in some physical accessories like bracelets, a nice watch and clean shoes. Also, stay fresh by showering daily, invest in some decent shampoo, some nice brand of perfume, a nail-clipper and some razor blades/electric shaver and maybe whiten your teeth if you've bathed them in coffee and cigarette smoke the past decade. Go to the gym. You don't have to look like Jeff Seid or Big Ramy. Just work out three times a week and eat accordingly.

Not that easy, huh? Analyzing and speculating won't give you a nice haircut and a fresh wardrobe. But I can promise you that if you maxed out your physical appearance this week, you'd get laid far more than any sleight-of-hand, psychological hocus-pocus.

If you're not gonna be the most genetically gifted man in the room, at least be the freshest man in the room. Everything else will fall into place. Dress nicely and look your best, get more attention from women, more attention from women equals more experience and experience with a tinge of common sense is all you need. No fucking opener in the world is going to net you any significant results if you look like Gollum, trust me.

Wanting to use psychological hocus pocus to manipulate womens' brain matter and biological urges is a bitter man's fantasy. It borders on the insane. Get that notion out of your head because it ain't happening.

If you can't get laid regularly with 6-8s by maximizing your appearance in the manner stated above, then you probably have autism or suffer from severe social anxiety, because literally all you have to do is act like a normal person and show some interest. For 8+? Still maximize your appearance but also work on your charm, smile a lot, be inviting to all kinds of people and proceed to expand your social circle.

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257 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Don't forget posture. Chest up, head straight. Squeeze your glutes and you can feel your back straighten. If you've been lifting your posture will improve with your core. Getting pecs? Don't slump them away.

95 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Need to work on my anterior pelvic tilt.

35 upvotesDarkConquerer2 years ago

So many people you can see walking around suffer from anterior pelvic tilt. I blame it on how sedentary our lifestyles have become.

2 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

Breathing deep and through your stomach helps. I've gotten rid of mine over the course of 2 months.

1 upvotesAlexinfinite012 years ago

My posture is terrible and I have no idea how to fix it 😧

12 upvotesDarkConquerer2 years ago

Look up Athlean-X on youtube. He has a bunch of videos on proper form and posture. I first learned about the whole anterior pelvic tilt thing from watching his videos, and he also has tips on how to fix it.

27 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

You will add an inch or even two to your height when you fix this. And you will be amazed at the difference an inch to your height makes.

I got persuaded (by /fit/) into trying 'lifts' that I put in boots to add 2.5 inches. Im already 6 foot so Im not height conscious. But the difference it made in gaming girls was astonishing. Being 6'2.5'' was just so much easier than 6'. I was getting opened by 9s when I was just sat on my ow stuffing my face with pizza - whereas normally I would have to game them with good skill and be 'in the zone'.

I recommend anyone here spends the £8 or whatever to try it out just to see for themselves.

Also if you work in sales then especially try it - a lot of reviewers I saw said they were making more money using them.

28 upvotesaznredpill2 years ago

Wait how did the 2.5" inches in your boots help you when you were SITTING? Maybe placebo effect?

12 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

I was actually standing eating the pizza at aa standing table an outdoor place.

Girl looked me direct in the eye and asked her friend to leave and scout out the area for other food outlets while she ate. Girl was confused then looked at me and laughed in a you-go-girl way and left her alone with me. 2pm on a saturday in the city

edit: i realise I wrote "just sat on my own". that was a mistake. Emphasise was that I was on my own

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Thanks for the tips, bud. You're most definitely right, height makes a diff. If you don't have height, you have to make up in other areas obviously.

I'm about 6 ft, probably gonna add lifts for bonus.

11 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

My theory is that adding those 2-3 inches moves you from the top 40% in height to the top 5-10%. And remember that women are only after top 10-20%. And height is one of the things that matters in raw sexual desire (signals dominance, status, physical fighting ability).

So in terms of getting girls to be opening you, those inches between 6'0 and 6'3'' can make all the difference.

Also I have a reason to wear mine - I have acute knee tendonitis after a dislocation. I'm already doing physio and switched to box squats (instead of squats), but the lifts help a bit. So if ever I get questioned about it I can agree and amplify about being-so-short-I'm-sensitive-about-it (as Im clearly not) but also drop in an actual reason in passing. That is/will be enough to shut up any potential shit tests about it if it gets noticed - which I doubt it even will tbh.

0 upvotesiamneptuno2 years ago

Bullshit. I'm 6'2", and am perceived to be even taller because of the build and haircut, yet it never gets me anything. You just got lucky.

6 upvotesMisterNotKnowItAll2 years ago

I'm guessing women don't really notice the difference once you take the boots off? Probably wouldn't, especially if they're out wearing heels.

33 upvoteskillking722 years ago

I mean if the boots are coming off then you already have her.

6 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

I've fixed it before but it came crawling back. Yeah I'm 6ft also. What exactly are the lifts you're talking about?

Recently bought some boots with a slight lift so maybe I'll have a bit of an SMV boost with them.

2 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

I linked them in another comment next to this one. Nothing special about the particular pair though. I just picked some with decent reviews that gave about 2 inches

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Yeah had a google last night. Great tip cheers.

3 upvotesDiggerClam2 years ago

Lifts are awesome, but you have to size up your footwear and fuck they can make your feet sore.

2 upvotesLiftHardNext2 years ago

Link to the lifts you use? Coming from a 5'9 guy ..

8 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

I wore these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lifts-Quality-Cushion-Insoles-Taller/dp/B00BY5VS1K

And I wore them in Chelsea boots (as they have a high top). You cant just put them in sneakers as it will be visible that you are wearing them.

1 upvotesBlueBlus2 years ago

But when you take off your shoes you're still regular height. How does this benefit besides initial impressions?

1 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

If you look into the reviews: lots of guys like it when their boyfriends wear lifts. They like to be seen in public with a taller guy. It gives them status or something.

Also if lots of people are treating you slightly better when meeting you in public, you have a higher status, and women percept that.

Even if they see you are wearing lifts, they can like you wearing them. As long as it doesnt come from a position of insecurity.

1 upvotesDeathToTheZog2 years ago

Wait what my hip alignment is all out of wack. what is the trick?

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

What's wrong with it? I have more issues than APT but APT is the only one I've diagnosed.

YouTube some videos on treating APT.

2 upvotesBrodinsOats2 years ago

If your hip alignment is out of wack, you should try getting used to barefoot or minimal shoes. Slowly, don't rush it. Do your research.

1 upvotesDeathToTheZog2 years ago

Ty for the advice. I will try this.

9 upvotesIWantaPupper2 years ago

Know any good exercises for the glutes while at work? I do a lot of standing. Edit: flutes to Glutes

7 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

Yeah, squats and dealift movements

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

DEA lifts are risky, but the profits are insane. avoid sketchy pilots, brah

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

while at work? 1 leg deadlifts

2 upvotesskrrrttt2 years ago

I'd also like to add in that you want to feel relaxed and the same time

84 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

Good post. I like this a lot and thought to post something similar. Just real basic stuff you can do that takes very little effort.

Some stuff I'll add that makes a surprisingly big difference or compliments stuff you've already brought up.

I hate shopping so I do it all online. Shop whilst looking at the blogs and Instagram accounts. The fit is as important as the clothes so order lots and send back what doesn't work.

Iron your shirt. For real. Iron it. You think people don't notice. They do. Or ideally get someone else to iron them.

Clip your nails and make sure they are clean.

Deodorant. Wear it. Of course.

Aftershave. Use it. Get some on hair and behind your ears if going to a bar as people lean in to talk.

Moisturize. Skin care forums are a good idea but to be honest just moisturize when you leave the house. Easy. Requires no thought.

Make any facial hair "deliberate" I. E. Shape it and trim it rather than just seeing what grows where.

If you do all of the above at the same time. You will be better looking than you were before.

20 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

I'll add regular haircuts to that list. Don't wait until it looks shitty to get it cut. Go do it before that point just make it part of your schedule. Maintain rather than fix.

5 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

One more.

I won't iron shirts. I'll say I'm going to. I won't. It's a hassle. Who has that time.

Shirts don't go with regular laundry. Seperate basket. When it's full-ish whole basket goes over the road to a dry cleaner for washing and pressing. Do 10 at a time. Usually a discount for every 5 shirts.

Do this. You won't iron. It doesn't cost much. In fact depending on your hourly rate you might be at a loss by doing it yourself.

Always being in a pressed shirt? Again, better looking and I did nothing other than fill a basket and drop it somewhere.

2 upvotesCrailberry2 years ago

Where do you shop online for clothes? I think going the online route might be best for me and have no idea where to start.

17 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Honestly you'll find most clothes for pennies on eBay, already used. Might not be the most popular advice on here but you can try out loads of stuff without breaking the bank and committing to any specific look.

Obviously you can't buy white t shirts on eBay or something that gets ruined easily but boots/shoes, jackets, jeans, whatever you can find.

13 upvotesAndrea-Amilcare2 years ago

For Jeans, I'm an Old Navy guy. Fit is what matters with Jeans and the Old Navy slim fit jeans are solid. They constantly have 30% and sometimes 40% off of their stuff so you can get really good prices.

For T-shirts, I mostly do ASOS or H&M. If you have the body for it, ASOS have muscle fit shirts that highlight your gains like crazy. If you have big arms, you'll get tons of looks from both women and men.

The slim fits from H&M are inexpensive and decent as well.

More than anything, you have to remember that clothing is about fit first and foremost.

3 upvotesRudeyyyy2 years ago

I've found for jeans American Eagle is the best fit for me. I'm short but my legs are pretty lean and I've noticed that American Eagle Slim Straight jeans are not only really comfortable but fit extremely well to my legs. They aren't baggy, and aren't cutting or circulation skinny. They go with your leg and they're surprisingly really comfortable.

I havent tried any other style but when I get timbs I'm going to look into boot cut.

I really recommend trying them out.

1 upvotesBlueBlus2 years ago

American Eagle jeans strectch too they're great for people that have big thighs

1 upvotesRudeyyyy2 years ago

Yeah I've noticed that. I can't say the same for myself but they have jeans with bands in them that stretch out.

1 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

H&M has great slim fit clothes in my opinion, can't beat that price either

9 upvotesInterNetting2 years ago

Amazon prime. Order everything you want to try on. Keep what you like, send the rest back free shipping no questions asked.

6 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

I tend to do ASOS. Because I can but a whole new wardrobe for not THAT much money. Stuff being new and fitting do right is better than a brand. ASOS also have easy returns so buy in bulk. Try it all send back stuff you don't want to keep.

Seriously, throw out old t shirts and go buy a bunch of multi pack plain t shirts. Tiny step. Simple. You look better.

1 upvotesCrailberry2 years ago

Cool, I'll check it out. Where are you getting multi pack t shirts from? I'm assuming you're not ordering those

2 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

ASOS I just bought 10 plain colour t shirts. I don't know how much it was but, not much. The fact it's a cost I've not remembered tells you what you need to know really.

4 upvotesyonormalguy2 years ago

depends on the type of style you want to give off..

but for basics, every man should a few basic solid color tees, a button up, a nice pair of slim- skinny blue jeans, a bomber jacket or a hoodie and a solid white pair of shoes

depending on your price range, you can shop online at stores such as $Zara/Gap, $$J- Crew, or $$APC/Acne

if you want to know more about brands check out the subreddit malefashionadvice.

5 upvotesCrailberry2 years ago

Huh. Thats weird. My wardrobe consists mostly of blank solid color tees, a few button ups, a pair skinny-slim blue jeans, I own one bomber jacket by G-Star, hoodies, and I always wear my white low top converses.

I must be doing okay then.

upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

This is more like streetwear.

What if you want to give off a more sophisticated/preppy/fashionable/suave look? Nothing bad with either, just for different situations

2 upvotesyonormalguy2 years ago

Yeah it is a bit street in a sense, but the main goal with the wardrobe above is for literal newbies that can not dress at all..

for more sophisticated, preppy, and fashionable, I would look into finding decent cardigan, sewn sweaters, casual sports jacket and slim chinos. (White is a must for summer now)

But really overall you should develop your own style overall and fitting your body type with the right clothes through experience

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Pick your style and own it.

I wear collared shirts or plain tees. Boat shoes with shorts or black shoes with jeans. Basic advice like match accessories applies with brown belt to brown shoes, etc. A $10 unbuttoned polo from kohls works for me. It's gotta be the right size as clothes that are too big make you look boxy. Bonus points is to pair it with a matching backwards ball cap.

Hollister makes nice polos called surfer cut that show off your upper body. I pick those up when I can.

Most important point is wearing clothes that are the right size.

1 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

Find what works for you, Lucky Brand fits my body type leagues better than any other brand, so I buy all my jeans and nicer shirts at their stores.

1 upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

How do you trim to get to a specific beard length? I have an electric shaver and I've never used anything else

3 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

I just do electric trimmer all over. Take time. Do it proper. Them shave neck and above beard line with a wet normal razor.

Or if I have something to go to like a wedding, weekend away or holiday or something I'll go to a Turkish barber. We have 1000s in this country and get them to sort it for cheap.

1 upvotesDontTreadOnSnek2 years ago

Use the "3" size on my Gillette electric trimmer, trim down the beard, and fade into my upper sideburns using a comb.

Take off the guard, shape up the beard on the cheeks, and hack off mostly everything on the neck.


Take my regular Gillette razor, and hit the neck again just to give everything a nice and clean look.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Now that you've mentioned it, I've had women tell me various times how good I smell after using aftershave. I might have to use it more often.

1 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

Always. I notice when a girl smells good, makes sense it would be the same. Plus men are fucking horrible. If women use stuff to smell better men for sure should.

1 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

they don't charge you for sending shit back? i figure you'd be down a lot of money on shipping charges.

1 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

Nope, its free. Order comes with a pre paid bag and shipping label for returns. Just fill out the form shove it in the bag and carry on with your day.

-1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

My thoughts, don't wear deoderant, wear fragrance/edt or edp. And dont use it in combination with aftershave, doesnt work out most of the time unless the scents compliment eachother.

2 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

Yeah fair. That works too. Do SOMETHING is the point and make it routine. Everyday.

2 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Yes. Just basic hygiene is good.

1 upvotesthrowawaydegar2 years ago

Essentially. I'm surprised how often people need to remember. Shit, I do dumb/sloppy shit sometimes out of laziness and always regret it.

upvotesCynicalGreek2 years ago

Absolutely true. In the first summer I got shredded I fucked more pussy than I had in the past 5 years doing PU (approaches and shit like that). Statistics went from 5-7% f-close rate / approach to more than 20%. And I also got many girls approaching me and offering sex in the most bold ways possible.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, it's laughable when all these guys talk about the fatties with sooooo much game they fuck supermodels.

I was borderline socially retarded in college but still had so much female attention because I was also 6'4" 230 with a 30 inch waist. There are times I still want to punch my younger self for being so awkward but it doesn't change the fact that I was swimming in pussy.

9 upvotesPragmaticpandas2 years ago

I'm a firm believer that if you're jacked and tan, pussy will be thrown at you. Obviously. Still working on the jacked part but props to you my man, sounds like you made it

4 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

Pretty much. I have a fake tinder profile I use for a laugh when I'm bored, and trust me the difference is massive. Not just in quality of matches, but they actually open me 90% of the time. Even if they don't open, they'll usually respond to anything I say. I get the same# of matches on my real tinder but the quality isn't the same and it's much harder to flirt. Still a long way to go it seems.

upvotesAdaemos2 years ago

Any thoughts on men's beliefs that women are disgusted by men on steroids?

39 upvotesLove8Death2 years ago

Women have no clue what gear looks like unless you look like Ronnie. Hugh Jackman, Chris Pratt, are natural to them.

20 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

No joke. Even if you're YOKED like The Rock in Hercules they can still believe you're natty.

4 upvotesHung_Chad2 years ago

Chris and Hugh are right around peak natural in appearance. I have no idea if they gear to make it easier to transform quickly, but that look is possible for most guys with a couple years of hard work. That being said, steroids aren't nearly as unhealthy as most people think, so if you can afford it, why not?

17 upvotesLove8Death2 years ago

They're like 10% over. It's noticeable, but still looks human.

I'm not against responsible gear usage.

But to tell teenagers that natural is someone on gear fucks up their perspective and expectations of themselves and what men are.

1 upvotesHung_Chad2 years ago

I think we should treat muscular men like girls with big tits. You have no idea if they are artificially enhanced or genetically gifted, but everybody should be aware that both are possible. And assuming somebody is on steroids sounds like jealousy.

2 upvotesLove8Death2 years ago

Are you familiar with FFMI? That will reliably tell you if someone is over their natural limit based on height and statistics.

Like, no 5'10" dude can be 210 lbs at 12% bf without gear.

Quick searched link https://massivejoes.com/articles/natty-or-not

I'm not jealous. If my goals involved needing such aesthetics or sports demands, I'd be on gear. Hell, I think lots of men would benefit from TRT too.

-4 upvotesiamyeezusalmighty2 years ago

Chris and Hugh obviously use gear because they have to gain mass in a short amount of time to shoot, but regular people including myself and some of my friends can also look like that naturally, it just takes way more time. Being part of a competitive collegiate sports team, watching what you eat, working out min 5 hours a day and consuming 6k calories a day for 4 years... not as uncommon as you might think.

upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

How old are you and what location?

upvotesMyWayToSuccess2 years ago

Also please provide us your full name, mother's maiden name, telephone number, address, tax number and your tax returns. Sincerely, CNN

28 upvotesSandpaperScrew2 years ago

Do what I did and get good at guitar. I could get laid drunk and naked as long as I'm strumming some pop bullshit.

9 upvotesShakydrummer2 years ago

Fuck I wish it was that easy. Drums are my thing but if I'm not playing on a 4 piece house kit I'm too worried about my gear to chase tail hahaha

10 upvotesgoodbyehouse2 years ago

I found playing the drums in my band has brought me more attention than when I was playing guitar. However nothing beats the early 2000s when I was DJing in clubs. Want to get laid playing music become a good DJ.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

drummers are always naturally ripped, upper bod wise. I've been shredding and screaming for years, but those guys chip into my f closer numbers on that alone

-4 upvotesSandpaperScrew2 years ago

It's okay shakydrummer, I'm a shaky guitar player and I work for a bluesman named Shakey Joe.

5 upvotessatanicpriest132 years ago

Tfw when bass player with a preference for thrash metal.

6 upvotesSandpaperScrew2 years ago

There's a lot of girls into that. Just don't go playing it at a JcPenneys and you'll be fine.

1 upvoteswishGodWouldTakeMe2 years ago

Any advice on what to do after you can play guitar? I'm literally a professional musician and have only gotten laid twice from it. I've never TRIED to get laid from it either but I don't really get pussy thrown at me.

2 upvotesSandpaperScrew2 years ago

Invite girls you know to your shows or open mics. Whatever will let her see you playing in front of an audience that likes you. Works every time.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Do you play randomly in public?

I am a keen amateur at an instrument much, much, much, much less cool than guitar, and have only played randomly in public perhaps 3 times, and one of them a relatively cute girl came over to the picnic table I was at to "thank me for playing." This was pre-RP so no story out of it, but it does seem to be that easy.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I put up a similar piece back in March under another account called "10 tips guaranteed to boost your attractiveness" and the Comments section was full of guys, probably naturally good-looking, saying shit like "Pffft! I don't need any of this shit, it's for Beta's!"

The obliviousness of those blessed genetically knows no bounds.

You're absolutely right to focus on the basic-basics, rock on bro.

58 upvotesAndrea-Amilcare2 years ago

Magic_Fox on Instagram is a great one to follow as well. Style is so simple when you have a good body. Slim fit black jeans, slim fit v-neck tee in black or white and that sets you ahead of 90% of men out there. It's that fucking easy.

17 upvotesiLoveReddit322 years ago

wow! That dude is suave. He was born with a great/strong jaw line though. Bitches love that. Thats purely genetic.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No, he wasn't born with a great jaw line. He worked for it. Do you see how jacked and shredded he is? You have such a defeatist attitude.

Get yourself to sub 15% BF and you'll start to see your jawline too.

Source: I lost 20 pounds and gained a jawline.

62 upvoteskellykebab2 years ago

Not everyone is a fatass, dude. Some people do have naturally better facial structure than others.

9 upvotesiLoveReddit322 years ago

yeah, thats all I'm saying.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You're not wrong. But homeboy above is in the completely wrong mindset.

I'm never gonna be taller than 5'8. Would I ever make a comment saying, "He was born with height. Bitches love that. It's purely generic"???

Hell no.

15 upvoteskellykebab2 years ago

I don't think the guy was psyching himself out, he was just making an observation.

1 upvotesCapNCookM82 years ago

Don't you know he has a failure mindset and is some bluepilling cuck for for thinking it could possibly be in part due to genetics?

1 upvotesiamneptuno2 years ago

So much this. It must be an American thing to automatically assume fat.

5 upvotesiLoveReddit322 years ago

I'm actually 6'5'' and 180 lbs. I am under-weight and have been trying to gain weight for years. Too much fat is not the issue.

5 upvotesnolonger342 years ago

Just because you're underweight doesn't mean you have low body fat. Skinny fat is a body type too.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Attitude lmao. Just because you may be able to see someone's jawline doesn't mean it's as nice as the model in question

3 upvotesHeadphoneSpaghetti2 years ago

How the hell do you squeeze yourself into slim fit jeans when you have good body? I'm still a beginner in the gym, but already I have to wear straight cut, and soon will probably need to switch to athletic cut.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Black jeans and black shirt makes you look like you just finished a shift as a waiter tho

upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

Style works for white dudes because of the contrast. Anything for lightskin/Mexican/Indian dudes?

16 upvotesenjoyit72 years ago

I'm a black guy I've been wearing white tees and blue jeans all my life. Now I'm in the best shape of my life and it still looks awesome. You're right about contrast so I try to wear light color shirts.

3 upvotesACE-JHN2 years ago

Follow Rohit Khandelwal on Instagram he won the Mr world competition and is an Indian dude.

-22 upvotestrumpmyballs2 years ago

lmao that dude's wearing skinny jeans. That's the gayest shit I've ever seen and I'm not even hating on the dude.

upvotesAdaemos2 years ago

Hmm, but he probably gets more pussy in half a year than you will in your life.

Edit: You commented on a man's NSFW progress pic, watch who are you're calling gay buddy.😭

-14 upvotestrumpmyballs2 years ago

Damn he also takes more dick in the ass what a winner

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Good post.

I think that you're right when you say "all theory, no action" is the bane of a man's existence. If you're just starting, or in a rut, do SOMETHING to get the positive feedback loop started. The real answer is that there are no easy answers, just hard work and results.

16 upvotesMaxwellGaine2 years ago

If the idea of a wardrobe overhaul sounds expensive and time consuming, follow the r-frugalmalefashion sub for a month.

Got a ton of decent clothes for 50-80% off.

10 upvotesanonlymouse2 years ago

Another way to do it is to focus on lifting and do your wardrobe overhaul as you grow out of your old clothes.

10 upvotesMaxwellGaine2 years ago

Yeah, don't be a jackass like me and restock the wardrobe right before a bulk

upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

Fuck I'm bulking right now, but 6'0 150 skinny fat. Should I wait on buying clothes? I'm a small right now and I don't see myself growing so much that my shirts and jackets need to be medium.

1 upvotesMaxwellGaine2 years ago

Depends how hard you bulk I guess

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You underestimate what your body will be like at 6'0 200.

If you actually commit to bulking, wait at least a year to overhaul your wardrobe.

Source: I've gone from 5'8 130 to 185 to 155 (at the moment)

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I always get some good finds at Goodwill. Not shit I'd wear to a party, but while I'm losing weight, its good enough before I hit my body goals as I transition from 25% body fat to sub10%. 5% more to go.

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stay fresh by showering daily

It's scary people need to be told this.

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Let's up the ante for autists:

When it's hot, shower more often than that.

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Shower after the gym. Shower before you hop into bed. Keeps your bed smelling less dank, but you should still be washing your bed sheets at least a couple times a month.

That's all you gotta do.

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Also keep in mind that there are things you can do to change your looks. Regardless of if your looks are gimped because of nature or nurture, don't discount cosmetic procedures to improve your looks after you've done what you can by upgrading your style and your body.

If most clothes don't look good on you after you're 12% bf ... It's probably your face and you're in denial.

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The issue is many users here want to be red pill while at the same time holding true to their hipster pajama boy look wearing plaid flannel shirts, skinny jeans and birkenstocks to go with their gnarly unkept beard and thick black frame glasses. Or they want to continue to wear oversized shirts and baggy JNCO jeans as if they just appeared in a skateboarding video. You made many good points but it will fall on deaf ears.

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So many chicks I've managed to bag have ALWAYS pointed out my shoe game.

Not sneakers. Fuck that.

Grab some good quality boots, oxfords, or loafers and pair them with everything from slim fit jeans to chinos. Also make sure your sock game is on Andre 3000 level lol. You can pull pussy with just a well fitting T or Henley, genuine slim fit blue denim, and a pair of well worn brown boots. Some boots give 1"-2" of lift too ;)

My favorite style website is coolmaterial.com. Check it out for inspiration and just general cool guy shit.

Most importantly is how the clothes fit you. Lots of guys shy away from slim or skinny jeans/pants, don't. My quads and calves are nicer than my upper body ATM (track in high school/college) so nice fitting jeans show of them quads and glutes. Just make sure the boys aren't choking each other out and you'll be good.

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You just nailed my whole wardrobe.

Long sleeve henleys, waffle shirts, vneck tees, chinos (not a huge fan of jeans), and boots or boat shoes depending on the season.

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where ​online you buy boots and which brand? The issue with shoes online is the sizing and accuracy.

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Check out this site: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/02/24/3-things-to-look-for-in-leather-boots/

They have some amazing style tips. But the boots are kinda expensive new. Best to search them on Amazon

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Good post. Others have commented well enough on the basics of looking good. i.e. rule #1 be attractive

Wanting to use psychological hocus pocus to manipulate womens' brain matter and biological urges is a bitter man's fantasy. It borders on the insane. Get that notion out of your head because it ain't happening.

Guys.... worry about your frame, your mental state, and feel good about yourself. Spending time being a manipulative fuck should happen as a by-product of experiencing TRP in the wild. So get yourself a fresh look and get out there.

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very interested in teeth whitening! ... never done it, loved coffee and cigarettes for a decade or two!

care to share anybody?

upvotesNotMeAtAll20912 years ago

Just had a Zoom treatment done recently, after having mediocre but somewhat positive results from whitening strips.

Zoom whitened my teeth SUBSTANTIALLY in a single treatment. Downside was kinda painful sensitivity for a couple of days, but I expected that.

Good stuff.

1 upvotesfischbrot2 years ago

Zoom treatment

thanks. dont think i can find it in germany : )

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I second this. I rarely brushed my teeth until I was like 8 years old, they are not extremely yellow but they'd look better being whiter.

2 upvoteskennytrp [OP]2 years ago


Either that or head over to a real clinic and get your teeth whitened properly. Both work fairly well, but I'd guess a real practitioner could do it more safely.

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I use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZXG2CJ?psc=1

Along with whitening toothpaste and mouthwash and crest whitening strips. Has worked well for me.

1 upvotesSoundKat2 years ago

I use the CVS whitening kit. Very good IMO.

1 upvotesBlueBlus2 years ago

I recommend crest white strips. They are well worth the price I smoke and have stains and they removed and whitened my teeth

10 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

If anyone cares or need helps with scents feel free to ask me, i'm very interested in fragrances, i don't claim to be an expert but i think i have a decent grasp of mens frags. If you just "go with the flow" or ask the assistant at your frag store chances are you'll wind up with something very generic that will smell like everyone else (like Dior Sauvage, ADG, 1 Million) and then you dont use the scent to differentiate from other people and potentially when on a date ur scent will remind her of her ex. I'm not saying to go for an offensive niche frag just pick something else besides "top 10 most popular" and be aware of when to wear what, what weather, what temperature, what season, how much to apply etc. I'll gladly help out if people give me some specifics.

1 upvotesBinaryResult2 years ago

Going to have to disagree. I spent a full hour at the fragrance counter with my brother smelling every damn cologne they had (ended up with a bit of a headache) and landed on Sauvage by Dior (like $75/bottle). I have gotten so many damn compliments on it from men and women alike, entire conversations centered around how good I smell, even became a running joke, I was shocked how much of a difference it made.

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Yeah thats all fine and well. Dior Sauvage is very popular, infact its so popular that its the most sold fragrance at the moment which means this is the scent shes most likely to run into. Its very generic. In my opinion its not the greatest scent but i can see the appeal for some people, it has amazing performance (value for the drops) the scent itself is on the synthetic side and its very metallic as well in my opinion, it is however a pretty masculine scent with strong projection and sillage. I get why people buy Sauvage, but due to the fact that its the most popular fragrance i'd just stay away unless you don't mind smelling like everyone else. And still in my opinion, it becomes very synthetic after a while and flat-out headache inducing. Glad you enjoy it though :) The thing scents can do is it can make yourself feel better and thats important, just like with clothes it can automatically enhance your confidence quite abit if u percieve urself as looking fresh.

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What do you think of Aventus?

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Are you that guy from Perfume?

1 upvotesfischbrot2 years ago

can I ask you a question? there are a few fragrances that I liked, but one really stood out : Kenneth Cole Signature Deodorant Stick ... just saying : )

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Yes? You wanna find a scent similar to this or what are you looking for in particular? :)

I'd try these:

Nautica Voyage - This is the one that KCS reminds the most about imo.

Versace Eau Fraiche

Versace Pour Homme

Paco Rabanne Xs

1 upvotesfischbrot2 years ago

i dont really know why I wrote you regarding fragrances ...

aah, thanks for the answer ...

man, you know these scents by heart?

I ll look these up once i m in a perfumery again : )

cheers mate

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

I have a pretty good memory on this, like when i think of one scent i will typically have 5-6 scents that this reminds me of in my head. Like i think versace pour homme i will think Acqui di Gio, if i think Acqua di Gio i think Allure homme sport etc. so in that way its easy. In this case i think the ones i mentioned are similar to KCS except for maybe paco rabanne XS but it has a similar vibe sort of. So just try and see if you like :)

1 upvotesfischbrot2 years ago

this is seriously impressive to me!

so here is another one that i looved loved loooved.... Calvin Klein Escape (for men)

both these fragrances (like the KC Signature) have this :

solid base line, deeply rooted, not too attacking, subtle and calm feel

they are sort of muted and maybe even "shy", a bit repressed but still powerful on a refined level.

yeah... thats why I liked those :)

what comes to your mind when you hear Calvin Klein Escape?

cheers bro!

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

The way you describe them defintely make me think u would like Versace Pour Homme, perhaps YSL l'homme or YSL l'homme la nuit, dior homme sport (2017 the current batch maybe 2013). Bear in mind that DHS is very citrus and you may not be able to pick up other notes besides that, but its "fresh" and light.

In relation to CK Escape i'd say Versace Pour Homme again (im sure u would love this based on everything you've said, so you have to try VPH) Chanel Allure Homme Sport and Issey Miyake L'eau pour homme :)

Please get back to me after you've tried these i wanna hear what you say and what you end up with. And youre in the right for targetting scents that are light in the summer, dont want something too cloying or too powerful.

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Good post. If you're not good looking, you need elite level social skills to get laid. If you look hot all you have to do is not fuck it up.

Clear up your skin, get accutane if your face looks like a field of Pompeii volcanoes mid-eruption

Vitamin E supplements can often help a lot too.

Invest in some physical accessories like bracelets, a nice watch and clean shoes

And consider a necklace or three and earstuds. Make your look have a bit of an edge to it.

Be consistent in your look.... BUT also hint at more with contrast. The business suit with a tattoo showing. The surfer dude with an expensive watch. The leather jacket with pink underwear showing above your jeans.†

Facial hair: have some. Trim it short enough that it looks even. Aim for masculine.

Grooming: trim all the fucking nosehair, ear hair, uneven beard bits, excessive chest hair, etc. Women will evaluate you based on your worst feature, groom accordingly.

Go to the gym

I know that noone wants to hear this on TRP, but bodyfat is king. Lose the fucking flab. Skinny is attractive, skinny with muscles is best.

Wanting to use psychological hocus pocus to manipulate womens' brain matter and biological urges is a bitter man's fantasy.

Women respond to dominant commanding articulate intelligent men. No reason to ignore game and chat. Physical stuff matters, other stuff matters as well.

†This one is a joke.

55 upvotestakaiu2 years ago

3 necklaces and an earstud? Ni🅱🅱a u gay

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I agree, but let me tell you about an aquaintance with sharktooth bracelets and leather necklaces, he does threeways with girls whom he both picked up that night. I would never wear them because they really are trailer trash, but it works.

2 upvotesD4rkr4in2 years ago

have you heard of peacocking? /u/MattyAnon is spot on...

1 upvotesM1ster_X2 years ago

I understood that reference.

3 upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

Vitamin E cream or orally?

Where can you find things to contrast with? I'm specifically looking at a more dressed-up look, so either a necklace or some sort of wristband I'm assuming.

Also, how do you groom facial hair or get it to a specific look? I've used an electric shaver all my life.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

put coconut oil on your skin. Raw and virgin, unrefined coconut oil. It works wonders (partially because of vitamin E). If you want to ingest it, there are a dozen extra health benefits to that as well, including healthy skin.

1 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

oh, always oral ;)

Where can you find things to contrast with? I'm specifically looking at a more dressed-up look, so either a necklace or some sort of wristband I'm assuming.

Look at celebs, look in stores, instagram, google images.

Dressed up is great, add something a little edgy to it.

Necklace probably better, but see what works for you.

6 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Yeah dressing well can work. What works better is muscle. Trust me on that, because I only need to wear a black T shirt and jeans to get female attention. Go lift, and not the standing around looking at shit thing I see people doing, fucking lift heavy shit. Get big, it works even when you're old like I am.

Second point. Work on appearance and social skills at the same time. You spergs can do more than one thing at a time, if you don't you're going to miss opportunity while you're working on one thing and not the other. If you can't talk to girls for shit, no matter how stylish you dress, you won't get pussy. You have to get in the door, that's where what you look like comes into play, it's what you do after she shows interest that matters.

Pussy is voice activated.

17 upvotesV1SoR2 years ago

Finally something that isn't complete shit. A post worth upvoting. I already knew all of that though, but I'm sure someone will discover something new here.

13 upvoteshardly_incognito2 years ago

Pro-tip for guys who are balding too: just shave the shit.

See a lot of dudes who would look fine if they just got rid of the huge ass receding hairline that goes to the middle of their head and EMBRACED the baldness.

Usually bald guys can rock a nice beard, so make that fucker fresh af.

8 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

I just wear a beanie. Fuck the world

2 upvotesgaltsays2 years ago

Definitely solid advice, have been saying this for years.

6 upvotesgoodbyehouse2 years ago

I'm in general a slob. But I love getting dressed up. Just last night went to a restaurant and a movie on a double date. People will treat you differently not just women everyone. Also if you are dressed smart you can compliment someone else's appearance by just sounding interested. Just saying "Nice belt" or "I love your shoes" makes people believe that you notice the small things.

4 upvotesEscortSportage2 years ago

Im no expert but accutane is extremely bad for you, there are much better, healthier, organic ways to clean up acne.

But yes I totally agree with your post about fashion and grooming, ive been saying this for years. STOP wearing the flashy basketball sneakers, and the teenage boy shit. Get some good fitting jeans (cheap levies are my go to) a fitted black v neck t shirt (also cheap) and a nice fitted blazer and you are like 80% better than the rest of the assholes wearing jordans, fucking ranger jerseys, and other jerkoff shit. Then, you wear a nice, modest watch on your left wrist, some clean sunglasses maybe throw in some kind of hat (not a purple fucking fitted) and you are booming, 90% above the rest.


Match your belt to your shoes, (watch to both for an extra level)

Tie touches belt or is in the center of your belt (not the mile long TRUMP tie christ wtf is he thinking) then again when you have billions you dont give a shit about your tie length

wear fitted clothing

12 upvotesblackedoutfast2 years ago

i was gonna call bullshit on your post based in the title but then i read it. you're not really talking about maximizing your appearance, you're talking about doing the bare minimum to go from "absolutely unfuckable" to "maybe" - and that is absolutely correct. if you're a greasy, smelly weirdo wearing bad clothes chicks will mentally place you in the box of "absolutely unfuckable" based on your appearance alone and it won't matter how well you can spit game.

do you guys seriously need to be told to take showers daily and keep your fingernails trimmed and get a decent haircut? for fucks sake. maybe that explains all the incels.

4 upvotesSillyPutty472 years ago

I think it's a great post!... For another sub; aka incels, amiugly, dating advice, etc. Most of the guys here know all of this, but a reminder isn't a bad thing every now and then.

4 upvotesHuskimbo92 years ago

I'm down with upgrading my wardrobe but no way in hell im dressing up like a Pokémon trainer/emo lesbians .

3 upvotesMostlyright912 years ago

The concept of this post is good. Saying 80% of looks is hair and clothes is retarded. Saying if you can't get laid regularly with 6-8's you are autistic or severly social anxious is a huge exaggeration unless you mean straight 6's on an ugly person's scale.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I dropped 50 pounds, gained an inch on my arms and shoulders, buzzed my thinning hair, and bought some H&M shirts.

Girls immediately found my jokes funnier for some reason.

3 upvotesAghayden2 years ago

What kind of results do you get? How many women have you approached?

Obviously looks matter and should be optimized, but so does your game, being dismissive of it is extremely binary thinking.

3 upvotesCapnMcDickSmack2 years ago

How do you fix physically unattractive ugly repulsive face? I've never talked to a female because every time I tried they rather blow their brains out than look at me.

2 upvotesMarsupian2 years ago

You don't, especially with that attitude.

Losing weight can make facial features more defined, being healthy and hygienic can improve skin quality, your haircut has a big impact as does facial hair and eyebrows, facial expression is a factor, etc.

I can't say if any of this will help you. I can say that if you seriously think your face makes girls want to blow their brains out that is a sad fucking thought and you need help.

3 upvotesweirdistheway2 years ago

I agree with this to an extent. I used to stress about what clothes to wear. Now, I really just wear solid minimalist colors. Nice fitting dark blue or gray shirts with jeans and chucks are pretty much my go-to.

I think it's more about finding out what you feel comfortable and confident in than trying to borrow style from Instagram pages. Some people are clueless tho. And a nice haircut definitely makes a big difference.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Did all that and more and I still can't get laid. I don't have social anxiety or autism either.

3 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

Accutane - good advice.

I took it and it destroyed my acne for good.


Be aware of the risks. Some men report lasting Erectile Dysfunction after accutane treatment. This is likely due to the effects it has on your liver (which influences testosterone production).

Also be ready for 6 months of chapped ass lips and skin, along with generally low testosterone, low energy, drive, and a lot of depressed phases.

6 upvotestrumpmyballs2 years ago

Only follow street fashion if you're a dude trying to pick up other dudes. You want good style? Get some PFGs, Southern brand t-shirt (Coastal Cotton, Southern Fried Cotton, etc..) and some loafers or nikes. Or if it's cold get a t-shirt or Columbia pullover and some jeans and some work boots and the bitches will crawl. Then again I'm from the Deep South born and raised so maybe the girls around here are different but down here if you dress in skinny jeans and some weird ass jacket they gonna think you're gay

4 upvoteskennytrp [OP]2 years ago

I just looked up PFGs and those t-shirt brands. I can guarantee you that wouldn't fly anywhere outside of the South, much less in bigger cities and abroad.

upvotesDarkistco2 years ago

I'm in the deep south too, i see it all the time and i'm just getting into streetwear, guess they gonna think I'm the gay one.

guess i'm bringin it, i should form a harem of repressed streetwear hos

2 upvotestrumpmyballs2 years ago

good luck trying to sack girls wearin this lmao

1 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

You can't be serious about loafers and nikes.

1 upvotesNoFapColdShower2 years ago

I'm from the deep south and he's right. Girls down here want that southern/traditional, fratty, preppy look. You dress hipster/street fashion down here and they'll think you're an immature boy (not a man) who doesn't get invited to any of the cool parties. The plus side to this is that alot of the traditional wear works the professional post-college life. and alot of the southern brands mesh well with the patagonia/columbia tech-prep outdoorsy style that guys with good physiques can rock (even in the big cities and out west) into their late 20s if they pull it off right.

1 upvotesfrancisco_DANKonia2 years ago

just pick an instagram account with more female followers. that way you know they like it.

1 upvotesBlueBlus2 years ago

Wearing those closthes in the noth will make you look like a tryhard frat boy. Instead you should dress for the culture you are in.

1 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

Hell just save that shit in the American South and buy your clothing at the same place you get your plumbing supplies, wrenches, screwdrivers and other hardware. Ace Hardware and Northern Freight seem to be the Saks Fifth Ave of the yokels.

Sloppy, stained, slouchy Carharts with workboots and a Yeti baseball cap is the tuxedo on date night.

2 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

Great post, although I feel regularly bagging 7-8s require you to be somewhat adept at communicating with women. There will always be well dressed guys trying to get in their panties: at a certain level you need more than looks, but you do acknowledge that in your post anyway.

I can literally feel my confidence increase by a few points when I am dressed really well, and I agree that investing in appearance and wardrobe will do alot.

2 upvotesSergiuIlescu2 years ago

Your post could be resumed to "Invest in some physical accessories like bracelets, a nice watch and clean shoes. Also, stay fresh by showering daily, invest in some decent shampoo, some nice brand of perfume, a nail-clipper and some razor blades/electric shaver and maybe whiten your teeth if you've bathed them in coffee and cigarette smoke the past decade. Go to the gym. You don't have to look like Jeff Seid or Big Ramy. Just work out three times a week and eat accordingly." Cheers

2 upvotesDiggerClam2 years ago

Look good.. Talk to girls. After awhile, you'll get laid.

2 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

as an old russian saying goes: встречают по одежке, провожают по уму.. or in english it would be something like "you're welcomed by the way you look, but you're seen off by your wits"

2 upvotesBlacklabellogics2 years ago

Game is a means by which you present, market and sell your value proposition, if your value proposition is crap, you will need to be one hell of a salesman to sell it.

2 upvotesredpillrobby2 years ago

I honestly don't know why I still come here. This must be the 1,000th post on "shower and dress nice" that I've seen on here. The fuck, guys? Is this really the advice you need? Jesus fucking christ.

2 upvotesRedPill1152 years ago

To be fair here, a lot of people grew up with parents with a strongly annoying "It doesn't matter how you look and that's the right and moral thing!" attitude.

I don't understand the psychology that creates it. Like I said to my dad, I'm going to run a 5k or do a 30 mile bike ride. He's enthusiastic. I say I'm going to eat a little less because I want to lose weight, and I get a bunch of shit and a small amount of "what you're doing is disgusting" attitude. Not that that actually stops him from eating less when he starts to get overweight ("I'm just not hungry right now"). Talk about fashion you'd think I was...I'm not even get into it.

I don't know that there's a logical explanation for it, it's not necessarily laziness - if you grew up with certain parents it's really hard to get out of your head.

2 upvotes4skinlicker2 years ago

If you can't get laid regularly with 6-8s by maximizing your appearance in the manner stated above, then you probably have autism or suffer from severe social anxiety, because literally all you have to do is act like a normal person and show some interest.

Ahh yes I either have autism or have SA.

2 upvotesJoRocKStaR2 years ago

The #1 best tip you can do to improve your facial skin is to cleanse and moisturize 2x's a day everyday. (Morning and Night)

1. People will notice and you'll look fresher than ever.

3 upvotesAndrea-Amilcare2 years ago

Here's an example of this simple but effective look


Now Magic_Fox is pretty much a 10 so he makes everything look good but see how the style also suits a more pedestrian guy.


The lesson here is get yourself a top 5% body and everything will look great on you.

3 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

First pic it looks like he has tiny legs. Second pic his shirt is too loose.

1 upvotesRedPill1152 years ago

Basic rule for men's fashion is "don't look ugly".

Either of those guys looks fine, whereas this guy is never getting laid:

Female fashion is about "nothing wrong, everything is hot". Male fashion (for straight guys, not gay guys) is "don't look ugly, don't look like you tried to hard". From there it depends on dressing for your personality and your environment.

1 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor2 years ago

Yep. I consider myself in pretty good shape with a six pack and some muscle and even a simple polo shirt and jeans looks good on me. If you are fat or out of shape, you will look terrible even when wearing a suit.

3 upvotesreddttt2 years ago

A good advice that I've found somewhere in internet is find an actor who resembles you the most and see how he wears stuff.. I've tried that but I decided to go with plain t's, jeans and boots.. Almost everywhere. Rugged style fits well into most ocasions and is very versatile. It looks awesome if you are at least decently in shape. Even more if you can sport a thick beard. No need for fancy haircuts, just buzzcut it btw

4 upvotesAuroraBootialis2 years ago

I disgree with many parts of this subreddit, but this guy is making some good points. And if you can't handle buying new clothes and fixing your hair, just take a shower and put on some deoderant. You'd be amazed what smelling good can do for a woman.

-A female

2 upvotes4skinlicker2 years ago

I smell like fucking roses and I don't get laid

1 upvotesether_reddit2 years ago

You'd be amazed what smelling good can do for a woman.

Or even.. just not smelling bad. It's amazing how many guys think that body odour only happens to other people and never to themselves. Or maybe they just don't give a shit? Then why would a woman?

3 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

tldr, become a woman. start doing your nails, make sure to spend at least 30 minutes a morning on your hair, trim your face pubes so as to be as neat as possible to win her approval. make sure to wear all kinds of shiny baubles too because nothing says masculine dominance like a bracelet, nice perfume and a maybe a nice purse accessory.

listen to yourself you fucking cuckold, you've just written a guide FOR MEN on how to BECOME A WOMAN.

here is how you attract a woman: be in touch with your masculine polarity. women who need you to wear a fucking bracelet and wear perfume for them to be attracted to you are not the kind of women worth investing an ounce of time in. this kind of peacocking is exclusively for pump and dumps and women very low on the consciousness pole.

work out because it's good for you, not because you're thirsty for pussy. dress in fitting clothes because it's a good thing to do for yourself, not because you're thirsty for pussy. take care of your hygiene because it's good to be clean, not because you're thirsty for pussy.

be a man, choose to become a better version of yourself because you respect and love yourself, not this blue pill idiot's cosmo article to turn you into some transexual metrosexual pussyboy.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

God the posts here have gone to absolute shit if this is getting upvoted.

No one here thinks women are complex. The entire point of this sub is that women are animals, like men, and that both respond primarily to biological and evolution based traits over anything else

Clothes mean jack shit if you don't have a decent body to show off.

0 upvotesjumanj5ever2 years ago

I'll just wear what I want and if the bitch likes me then she does. Not gonna wear some cunt haircut to bow down to Pussy power

1 upvotesShakydrummer2 years ago

Shit is true. Caring about yourself goes a long way. I'm a musician so I focused more on the rock look, but looked into a lot of the UK fashion to see what's up. Whatever style you're shooting for, analyze it first then build upward.

1 upvotesJaereth2 years ago

Great post. It's so true this should be square 1.

1 upvotesilfj2 years ago

"Manipulating woman's brain" even if it works out it wouldn't last longer. Best way is to change yourself amazingly.

1 upvotesHasCookies2 years ago

Check out lookastic. I've been collecting looks for over a year now and I archive it in my inbox every time I see something I like.

1 upvotesSir_Ganjas_VIII2 years ago

I live in the UK and baggy seems to be on its way back in. Tops anyway.

1 upvotesKingKoopa18932 years ago

Since we're talking about maximizing appearance. Are there many people that started things like "Nutrisystem" and maintained the weight loss after they stopped eating those meals? Debating trying something like this.

1 upvotestolerantman2 years ago

Posts like this make me glad the Red Pill movement is indeed getting redpilled.

1 upvotesDeadlybeef2 years ago

Get a nice haircut that fits your head shape. Hair and clothes will make up 80% of your looks as a male.

What about us bald people? I feel like I'm missing an important feature..

1 upvotesKeineG2 years ago

Any recommended insta, or Pinterest?

1 upvotesVladvonK2 years ago

So keep losing weight and not worry much about everything else that needs work?

0 upvotesDookiestain_LaFlair2 years ago

Tight clothes are getting played out, it's time for a 90s revival of baggy pants. Just don't wear a t-shirt that could double as a night gown, that shit's never coming back.

-5 upvoteshffggg2 years ago

Most useful post so far in TRP. I hope there will be less hatred against women and more self improvement and awareness for men. Some people gets out of control unfortunately.

4 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

I don't really see any part of redpill as hatred against women as much as I see it as recognizing women's inherent nature and discovering ways to deal with that to men's advantage.

3 upvotesanonlymouse2 years ago

I hope there will be less hatred against women

No, we need that to keep the feminists from taking hold here, like they do everywhere else.

1 upvotesether_reddit2 years ago

It's possible to achieve both. Vigilance does not require hatred. Do we hate the AIDS virus, or are we just aware of its dangers and know how to protect ourselves?

1 upvotesanonlymouse2 years ago

Reddit is an anonymous platform, we can't vet participants on this sub. Can only ban them after the fact. The way it is now is better.

-1 upvotesUltraCuyan2 years ago

ITT: insecure betafags who depends on third party factors just to woo women. Instead of spending so much time trying to adapt to what you think a woman may like, just do what you think is the least hassle and just fucking relax. Unless you're naturally very ugly, chicks will come. No need to spend time, effort and money to please others like that.

4 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

glad someone else sees the truth. he literally wrote a guide for women on how to be more outwardly attractive. wear bracelets and a nice perfume, what the fuck am i reading...

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