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For the sake of this sub's future and yours, do NOT post unless you are sexually successful

by Auvergnat on /r/TheRedPill
11 July 2017 02:38 AM UTC
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If you are not getting poon, do not post on this sub.

I do not care if you think you have a serious grasp of TRP theory, or if you have a nice FR you want to share, or a story about a woman being evil you need to vent on. If you are not anywhere close to where you wanna be, you should be lifting, reading, opening girls, and shutting up.

When you post on this sub, you take the centre stage of a classroom made up of 200,000+ students who in their great majority can't tell (yet) the difference between accurate theory and wishful thinking, between effective practical content and wishful thinking. How can you be sure that what you say to that crowd about female nature and sexual strategies is accurate theory or effective practical tips?

You probably remember being deluded before.

During your blue pill period, you were dead sure women wanted a nice guy. People told you so! Turned out it didn't work.

During your PUA phase, you were dead sure that using canned material would get you long-term happiness. People told you so! Turned out it didn't work.

Now "red pill aware", you are dead sure that it works. People are telling you so! How can you be sure this time it works??

The only proof possible that "red pill" works is when you get laid, get laid more than before, are spinning plates, or turned around your dead bedroom relationship into a happy, sexual one. Sex is the only proof you're finally on the right track.

Until you have this proof, you can doubt whether your current opinion on what to do is actually valid.

Until you have this proof, any time you write a post on this sub, you run the risk of giving wrong advice that gets upvoted simply because what you stated just fits the pre-existing opinion of your equally-clueless audience, resulting in a fantastic display of a blind man leading the blind. And as the blind leader, the cheers of your blind fellows will make you gleefully believe you're on the right path when you're actually straying away from it further and further.

Until you have this proof, any post of yours is possibly another step in the direction of denaturing this sub towards one that gives inaccurate theory and inefficient practical advice.

Leave the classroom stage to the wise teacher. Just sit, listen, take notes and do your homework. Do not fucking speak until you have the credentials of a teacher, which in our case, is that you effectively turned your life around.

And if you're so weak-minded that you're one of those who "decided" to not deal with women anymore because they're so bad (newsflash: you didn't decide anything, it's a buffer to avoid rejection), then you are in the situation of never being able to prove TRP "works". You should therefore refrain from giving your opinion here, so as not to mislead all your brothers who have not given up on their sexual strategy yet.

The people who "make it" here are those who know that they know nothing yet. They lurk, learn, apply, research old posts. They go to the gym and they approach. They read Manosphere blogs, recommended book and PUA material. They know that the sidebar and the Rational Male blogs are the purest source of TRP knowledge so they read them several times. They test theories by reflecting on their experience and test practical tips on the field. When they have specific questions, they search the sub for an answer, or post on asktrp, or write their question in a comment, or they PM an EC whose opinion they value. And if they are not where they want to be yet, they sure as hell don't write their unproven opinion in a post on the main sub. Do you want to make it? Or do you just want some fake internet points?

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217 upvotestjwplans2 years ago

I'm assuming you mean topics related to dating/sex. Because fitness, finances, and just general self improvement advice threads should still be posted if they're quality content

123 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

As I answered another comment, I think the same logic applies.

I want to read how-to fitness posts by GLO or people who are ripped. I don't want to read fitness posts by people who just started lifting last week.

But then yes, if you have years of lifting behind you and are fit, or have years of investing in business and are making 6 figures, please do share your hard-earned wisdom.

19 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Or maybe you should just Skype me. Because I work in fitness and live fitness, so writing about fitness is unbearable at this point especially since 90% of people just need to master the basics.

15 upvotesaanarchist2 years ago

do you charge people to talk to you?

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , He should probably charge us to post here.

10 upvotesticklethegooch12 years ago

I will shut up now. Thanks for this post and comment.

18 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

The fact that you understand this and are humble enough to say it indicates you'll learn faster than all those who whine when experienced authority tells them something that hurts their feelings. This is what makes the difference between people who eventually get where they want to be, and people who never will. Looking forward to see you at the top.

4 upvotesSpace_doughnut2 years ago

Always thought TRP is a good place for people to get advices, especially for noobies. This community thrives on helping each other slow dosing the red pill one senario at a time. Maybe we can use the rank system more to indicate weight of opinion, just like how the endorsed contributor tag by your name makes you stand out.

5 upvotestrpanak1n2 years ago

then you should change your title because the opinion your post title represents and the opinion you seem to support based off this comment are dissimilar in more ways than one

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

22 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

It made perfect sense. Don't post theory until you've tested it and it works.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

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[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-7 upvotesRobotAntidote2 years ago

"Absolutes" is what you will end up into whether you like it or not. And like it or not, rules are needed until a majority decides otherwise, that's how evolution works if you can see the picture. If you're old / mature / confident that absolutes don't exist you should know that a form of them will always be present regardless. You don't have the processing power to question everything.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesLaRedPill2 years ago

Exactly, real absolutes are for stupid people.

But you need to set a limit and from there one you don't care so you treat everything beyond that as an absolute, until you need to go further.

This is how rich and successful people work, they are 100% sure of what they think, until they are 0% sure and 100% sure of something different.

For more, read some more about Trump, or Jobs.

2 upvotesRobotAntidote2 years ago

My point was there was no need to bring in the "absolute" card. Relativity is accounted for from the beginning, you don't have to say "that's my opinion" or "but then again everything is relative". You're staying true to your conviction, others are welcome to challenge it. Playing the "absolute / relativity" card means you're stating the rules even though nobody challenged them to begin with.

1 upvotesSlackbeing2 years ago

You don't see football coaches scoring a whole lot, but hell they know better than those brickheads that do.

4 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Goalies don't score either. The coach's job is not to score, it's to manage an entire team towards winning a game. The coaches that get paid the most are those who have experience in managing team towards victory as evidenced by their win/lose ratio. The attackers that get paid the most are those who have experience in scoring as evidenced by their scoring history.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Gonna be picky here for a second but that's one of my pet peeves as someone who is obsessed with being jacked and ripped - people who are ripped and give advices aren't the ones whom you should listen to. A ripped 6 pack isn't healthy, that's the big lie to sell you a lot of fitness supplements and routines. You just have to go to the powerlifting subreddit with people who are strong and don't need to rely on steroids to stay functional with veins across the abs.

shoot for ~14-16% fat which is a decent 4 pack or blurry 6, keeps the libido nice and high, optimal for strength gains, optimal for muscle gains. Start going too low and you'll have unhappy girl friends, shitty recovery, weak body. I'm not saying never cut if you wanna show off them abs, but it's a dangerous zone which can lead to obsessions.

3 upvotesvalvadi2 years ago

All other things being equal, my sculpted arms, chest, and abs will get me laid more often than your blurry 6. If you workout and eat properly it is easy to stay lean, strong, and healthy.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I highly doubt you get laid more than me and look better than me. You just proved you have no idea what you're talking about with your second sentence.

here's my instagram - https://www.instagram.com/benaoao/ what about you?

why didn't you just swallow my hard pill truth? You wanna be strong and healthy, forget about being ripped. RIPPED, not LEAN. What's lean anyway? 16% fat is lean. Enough for nearly all women. You don't play the game abs out. You play the game being a true high SMV.

and you can downvote all you want, it will only prove OP's point about random cucks not being happy with what real life is.

3 upvotesvalvadi2 years ago

So many contradictions in one tiny post. But what you fail to understand is that I agree with OP. I'm going to do me, you do you, and if that gets you laid like tile, great. But paying for hookers tends to get really expensive!

2 upvotesDr_D1amond2 years ago

Im with you. Decreasing fat levels too low messes with your hormone production (saturated fat is required to make testosterone).

Ive a friend who went for that sub 8% ripped look for a lads holiday. He said getting to that point led him to be utterly neurotic about his food choices, messed with his social life and severely tanked his libido.

If you are really bulking and are in a calorie excess then you cant sit at a low bf. That said you can fairly easily sit around 12-14%. Anything between 12 and 18/20% and its actually difficult to see any differences.

29 upvotesAll_Ads_Deceive2 years ago

If you're looking for fitness, finance, etc. advice, there are much better places.

The fitness/diet advice I've seen on here is horrendous. Theres thousands of threads and forums with advice from guys who are actually jacked on the internet.

20 upvotesAthenaOverAres2 years ago


I don't know, the guy who was advocating day trading in one of the top posts yesterday (10% returns a month!) seemed to be giving solid advice. /s

1 upvotestenderwarrior772 years ago

Do you have a link for that post? I cant find it and would love to read it. Cheers.

1 upvotesAthenaOverAres2 years ago

Automod might have removed link. It is still showing as not removed on my page though. In any event, it was submitted 6 days ago and is 2nd in the top weekly at the moment.

1 upvotesRedPillFreedom2 years ago

I agree on the there are better places for financial advice etc.

But, it's really a fucking turn off to get and ask knowledgeable information. Then, they say something like I've been free, financially independent. Then they say the magic words but I still have a boss (my wife).

When people come from the same background or are where you want to be. Then you value the person and information more.

RP male 6 figures Free vs 250k(living for weekends & vacations) and doesn't have the ability to make his choices any hour of any day.

Not saying I won't take the golden nuggets but I'm sure people here would love to simplify things by just getting a mentor that is actually winning in all aspects of life. Rather than jumping back and forth to and from various sources.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

22 upvotesValiade2 years ago

The best posts this sub will see have already been made. I look at this place like an archive rather than an active discussion.

22 upvotesArchwinger2 years ago

That's probably true. Every time I sit down and type something that sounds smart, it's just something somebody has already typed before in different words. Everything you need to know is already out there.

Now, there's apparently some kind of contest to bury that stuff under a mountain of philosophical quotes and other trash posts.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Every time I sit down and type something that sounds smart, it's just something somebody has already typed before in different words

Sometimes that repetition is what communities need. Some disciplines take years of study due to the complex nature of the discipline and how much there is to memorize, etc. Some things are simple, yet also take a long time to absorb. Most tenets of the red pill are like that. A lot of Aurelius' Meditations are quite repetitive, but I would posit that it was in that very repetition that he got the most out of penning the work. The same model applies to TRP.

6 upvotesCQC32 years ago

It is very clear that as this community has grown it has become diluted and is losing its original purpose as people try to redefine what being Red Pilled means. The reason for this is because anytime a culture is spawned off of a group, people start flocking in because they are attracted to the culture and the label and not really what it originally represented. I can't see any issue in this as it happens to pretty much any community, it's expected.

Given this, now you have guys coming in here trying to ditch their BP programming for some red flavored programming. It's just another market of suckers in which as always, the people who have the potential, who have the sense to improve and not get caught up in irrelevant things, will take what is useful and ignore the rest. Nothing has changed in that way, except that there are more suckers who'd rather sit around and be red pill without actually doing anything. They'll spend all their time debating what the red pill is, and they still haven't even gotten their dick sucked.

You can see this reflected in the posts that become popular, as many of them started to lean more toward copy writing style posts that link to a blog. It is more about putting creative and stylistic spins on advice that is more or less the same. AWALT, lift, work on your frame, be financially independent. There is just a continual reinventing of the wheel.

I understand the red pill has helped many men out, and because of the radical change that improving with women has had on their path to self improvement, they mistakenly believe that TRP's greater use IS self improvement. This is mistaken IMO, because the greatest use for this place is and will always be to see the game for what it is and then to take an action that is suitable for you. We say, "Here, this is what we approximate the game to be like, now you go out and do what you want with that information".

It just so happens that for many men, seeing the game in a much clearer light than their BP programming has drastic changes on them which usually results in them focusing on improving themselves because they realize the entire paradigm of serving women is fucked. The next step in that is realizing a healthy balance of understanding that to improve yourself IS to potentially help others, what good are you to anyone if you're useless? It's fun to discuss these things as common but dramatic aftershocks of getting better with women, but we should not mistake these for the purpose of this sub.

"The Red Pill: Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men."

Personally, I think Rollo covers RP theory the best--and he does so in a very non-prescriptive fashion. The subreddit was useful in the past in seeing the applications of this through FR's and general casual application. You would see an FR or a post, see examples of how women act IRL (a man contributing his story) and then you'd be able to draw connections with other FR's and inevitably see some parallels. Most of that work has already been done by PUA's and the subsequent manosphere.

Like any game, the meta always is shifting ever so slightly. This place IMO should be useful for being able to contextualize game in different cultural contexts or niches. Examples would be like, okay, we know what the general game is like, but how is game different on Tinder? How is it different in college, in the work place, the club, bars, video game conventions, etc.

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter2 years ago

I find that reddit has a really shitty search system. Has anyone endeavored to collect and organize the best posts? I know there's the "handbook", but even sorting by top it's easy to lose gems in the sea of posts. Also, top posts don't necessarily mean best posts, it just means most upvoted.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'll sometimes post if I see something from TRP on my front page, but generally my way of browsing this place is to come once a month and check out the "top from the last month" section. If I've been gone for longer I'll even look at the "Top of all time" and scan for anything made several months. Even then I still find a lot of bs though.

3 upvotesValiade2 years ago

I've been here since around late 2013, a lot has changed since then. This place used to be way less political, more focused on strategy and building the ethos. Now that most of that has been hashed out there really isn't much else to add.

As you learn and internalize you need less and less guidance. The ones who know the most end up leaving because they have lives outside of the internet, leaving the majority to the rage phasers. I got what I needed from it, that's all I can really ask for.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly. Honestly once you internalize TRP and understand the key points there is no need to go to this sub anymore. You should 'graduate' and move on because the content here is based on evolutionary traits that spans centuries, it is slow to change.

I only come back occasionally to impart wisdom and if I see something in the news that I KNOW this sub will eat up

1 upvotesGervant_of_Lyria2 years ago

Exactly, once you internalize the pill, I mean truly internalize, you don't need this sub as training wheels anymore, being truly conscious and self-aware becomes a state of mind you can never leave (and will never want to leave).

11 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Can you fuck faces stop stroking your own egos long enough to put out some decent fucking content.

No one gets paid, yet you still come at this like a consumer.

2 upvotesKite_Blight2 years ago

This place is a bit like mining for gold. You'll have to go through a lot of grit before you find something worth hearing.

Twitter is a good place for learning, if you can find the right accounts. You always know what to expect and sometimes you can even expect great things.

1 upvotesKalidane2 years ago

This changed a lot around a year ago. Due to idiots needing to share political views and general hounding of folk who disagreed, a lot of amazing people left twitter. Too much shit in the pool so they got out. This was specifically in the area of financial markets but I can't see other areas being any different. Some of the good fellas who remained have become twisted up by their political passions and don't post useful stuff anymore. The whole thing is fucked.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

61 upvotesArchwinger2 years ago

The difference between Reddit and a personal blog is that nearly any dipshit can post anything he wants on Reddit, and nearly any dipshit can ignore the drivel of any other dipshit.

This isn't exactly a platform for carefully curated content. It's a place where dipshits write stuff and other dipshits vote on it and write commentary.

You're asking internet dipshits to police themselves.

You don't actually expect that to happen. You don't actually expect internet dipshits to change anything about what they do. That's not why you posted this.

You are just another dipshit, posting yet another "this sub is going downhill!" whiny rant so that people will give you internet points.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You've said something that others wouldn't have gotten away with - I like that - it's no good if the more senior members on this SR just back each other up to protect the clique all the time when their actions or viewpoints don't make a great deal of sense.

It's particularly impressive in this case - with yourself and OP - as he's been very complimentary about you in the past.

EDIT: Spelling.

12 upvotesArchwinger2 years ago

It's just a stupidly inane uphill battle. You can't win Reddit or control the internet.

There's always some asshole you don't agree with or you don't think is good enough running his mouth. And the only power you have over the internet is to ask that asshole to shut up or to ask others to censor him. Then, there'll just be another asshole.

It's kind of like Islam running around murdering all of its non-Muslim neighbors, then when it ran out of those, killing each other for not being Muslim enough or not being the right kind of Muslim. Eventually, you just have two or three devout guys left sitting on a hill, each one secretly thinking he's the best and most devout and the other two are idiots.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Are you seriously saying my post is implying to "win Reddit and control the internet"?

Do you seriously compare my advice to incels to learn before teaching to "running around murdering" others?

I understand we have different opinions on the question of attempting directing the message on this board, but seriously as a poster on a message board with rules, endorsed flairs, and mods having a line that the Red Pill is not democratic. It cannot be in order to be a viably beneficial system for men, you surely cannot honestly compare my actionable advice to some over-zealous grab for power.

3 upvotesNietzscheExplosion2 years ago

Good. Glad to see someone senior disagree with this shit. This sub is literally FOR the youngins that can't get laid!

2 upvotesvalvadi2 years ago

Which is why posting when you have no experience is like playing Russian roulette. The newbies need to be guided by the more experienced members of the community until they have enough experience to actually get laid. Posting a FR about how you followed GLO's or Rollo's advice and got laid is within the guidelines. Posting theory when you haven't actually gotten laid and haven't approached hundreds of women in an attempt to get laid, doesn't.

2 upvotesNietzscheExplosion2 years ago

Comon man! What "Auvergnat" gonna do? Sniff their cocks over the internet for RP Cred?

Fucking moronic.

0 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

I think it really depends what you want these youngins to do thanks to this sub. Do you want them to learn how to get laid? Or just to chat with other youngins who don't get laid?

2 upvotesNietzscheExplosion2 years ago

I dunno! They do what they want! Fuck man, I mean don't let them start stupid topics but you are going to turn this place into an "Endorsed" fishbowl. Good luck to ya.

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

If I cared for the points, I'd write more posts, and exclusively with popular opinions, rather than this one rocking the boat.

But you're right, I didn't write expecting all people will change. But I did hoping some will. And you're right that my post is one of concern. But only as an introduction to an actionable advice.

The structure of Reddit message boards is not for curated content indeed, but it's advantages is that it draws the masses so we work with it. The democratic voting and post-ranking system means it will always slide down to the mediocre average opinion, which has the pernicious effect to change the message over time. Measures are in place to slow down this effect, including rules (to prevent shitty content) and flairs (to highlight good content) but as more newbies show up, the less effective they are. How long until your own (very good) content just doesn't reach its audience anymore because there's too many other shitty posts at the same time that gets more upvotes than yours because they fit the mediocre opinion to "improve for the sake of improvement" while yours get downvoted because "it's only about pussy".

But in the end I don't care too much for this sub's future. I really just wanted to trigger some of those pseudo-voluntary celibates cockroaches who made TRP their new home.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

You're asking internet dipshits to police themselves.

I police myself. I'm no dipshit. But I've been carefully considering whether to post, and on what subjects. This has helped me decide.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

You beat me to it. I've been hearing this horseshit argument time and time again here recently.

Getting laid is a perfect feedback loop of the improvements you've been making. It doesn't have to be "getting laid = putting pussy on a pedestal". Actually it's quite the opposite.. as those that do well on TRP and take action end up hardly caring for pussy (despite it being the reason they originally walked through the door here).

I remember described brilliantly on a post years ago:

Once you've improved your SMV to a level worth a fuck (read: top 20%) girls/women will MAKE SURE they are in your life. The ultimate feedback loop.. You don't even have to try.. they put forth the effort to chase YOU.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Getting laid is only a side effect of doing cool shit. What people get laid with is a reflection of the SMV. If you get a one night stand with a smokeshow there's a high chance you were killing it that night with your best friends and the stars were aligned before, during and after the party. Have a great time? Fuck a great girl. At least my experience

(conversely - even if I consider myself a 8 on a good day, when I don't have much going on socially I know I can only bang the 6s. Maybe a 7 if I can fake it somehow. That's how it is)

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-1 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

No. I don't. What is the point you are trying to make?

Your attractiveness is directly related to a combination of SMV-related items.. Not just physical appearance. This is why we hear stories about people that look like Chad's on the outside but are cucked by their subpar girlfriends.

Your attractiveness is determined by your charm, game, social aptitude, talent, passion, confidence, mastery, shoes, jawline, humor, eye contact, monetary worth, body language etc.. Women only allow those who they deem worthy between their legs. So good for you. You seem to have a grasp on HB6's as though they are easy. Now push the envelope for a HB7/HB8 and so on. The difficulty does indeed rise.

The more you improve your SMV the easier that difficulty for better looking (and better acting) women gets AND the more they chase YOU. This is what I meant by feedback loop. It has nothing to do with pussy pedestaling.

1 upvotesbanginasgard2 years ago

You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

when talking about sex, getting laid is the only metric of success. i don't care about tips on how to get laid by guys who can't get laid.

when talking about wealth, becoming rich is the only metric of success. i don't care about tips on how to get rich from poor people.

when talking about status, becoming famous is the only metric of success. i don't care about tips on how to be famous from nobodies.

when talking about fitness, becoming muscular is the only metric of success. i don't care about tips on fitness from fatties and skinnyfats.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

haha I felt the same way from fucks on Reddit during the election saying how bad at business Trump was

2 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor2 years ago

This is what makes the most sense. While I'm not a ladies man, I am in great shape, (175 lbs with a six pack and can bench over 315 lbs), so I definitely feel qualified when it comes to giving fitness advice.

13 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

What? Yes getting laid is a metric of success; the entire point of TRP, like the baseline assumption behind all of our science and psuedoscientific theories is that women are biologically programmed to fuck the top % of guys.

It doesn't mean the dude fucking like crazy has life figured out or is someone you should consider "successful" in other unrelated categories... but it does mean that if he's talking about women or sex or game, he's probably making a more valid point than 95% of the other posters on here.

Like if you can't go to a major club and run game on hot girls in there, and actually leave with one at least 20% of the time you go out... then why would you post an article on here about game? Or an article about "the shortcomings of PUA!" - like dude, you haven't realized enough of PUAs potential to evaluate it's pros and cons, and any shortcomings you identify are just mental masturbation.

Same thing with finance or fitness - being wealthy doesn't mean you know best, but it probably means you know better than the average dude (if you're built that wealth yourself).

TRP has a problem, and that problem is the "enlightened" guys who admittedly aren't pulling and they know it, so their strategy is to talk all day about philosophy, de-pedestalizing pussy, MGTOW, quoting "get the money, you'll get bitches as a byproduct" or something similar, and talking all day about how shitty and terrible today's women are, so they really aren't worth the effort.

These are the guys OP is saying need to shut the fuck up. If you cannot fuck, then honestly, you are an evolutionary failure of a man and there is NO way that you are as "satisfied and enlightened" with your pussyless state as you claim to be.

(By "you" I don't mean you of course, I mean the collective masses of armchair theoreticians). If you cannot get laid regularly and you have no rotation, no abundance, no game, etc... then you are just regurgitating theory, or worse, inventing theory in a vaccuum without any real world testing, and you're probably just mentally brewing up whatever makes you feel better about YOUR choices.

That is why getting laid is a metric of success. (Not getting laid once, I mean the ability to consistently get laid without putting in too much effort). It means you've crossed over to the other side, to the seller's side where you actually hold the value. When you're on that side, everything actually is different and you're reality changes, and the way you understand TRP ideas changes. I crossed this threshold back when PUA was young and my ideas about race, about wealth, looks, game, anger, paying for dates, etc, all changed dramatically because I got regular exposure to women and reality. If you aren't being exposed regularly to hot women, how can you actually have thoughts and opinions on them and how they work that are worth a damn?

71 upvotestankrepititionpug2 years ago

Don't forget that this sub is literally about sexual strategy. OP's point still stands, because yes, the metric of success is pussy; If you aren't getting pussy, how can your methods help? While we discuss multiple things such as monk mode and improvement in your career, it's about getting laid.

This is something that I think needs to be touched on: lot's of you want to call out everyone else for "putting pussy on the pedestal" when they are correctly valuing pussy. We all (I hope we all) understand that pussy has some inherent value, and you're here to learn how to get it. You are only pedestalizing it when you make it out to be more than what it is.

35 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

Don't forget that this sub is literally about sexual strategy.

With all the talk of the somewhat ethereal alpha around here, it is about more than that. Setting the stage for success in one area of life often requires work in another.

OP's point still stands, because yes, the metric of success is pussy; If you aren't getting pussy, how can your methods help?

Being a more rounded person, hell just being a person that is actually living, is going to do nothing but help. Again, getting laid requires the active decision and consent of another person. You can not make that your validation. You can not make not getting that the center of invalidation. Working on yourself and deriving your self esteem and confidence from that is for the best.

While we discuss multiple things such as monk mode and improvement in your career, it's about getting laid.

Monk mode really only helps for someone that has getting laid at the absolute center of their life and is making themselves miserable because they aren't getting the amount of sex they desire. It is useful and helpful, but not in every circumstance. As to career, the best is to encourage people to work as hard at their career as they are at getting laid.

This is something that I think needs to be touched on: lot's of you want to call out everyone else for "putting pussy on the pedestal" when they are correctly valuing pussy.

Chicks are like taxis. This one don't like you? There is one around the corner that might. And another after that. In general allowing someone else to validate you based on whether or not they will have sex with you is as foolish as it should sound.

We all (I hope we all) understand that pussy has some inherent value, and you're here to learn how to get it.

No more than any other common thing on this Earth. You want the real keys to it all. Good self confidence and good social skills. Both can be worked on by almost anyone.

You are only pedestalizing it when you make it out to be more than what it is.

Which is absolutely what the OP has done.

25 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

Again, getting laid requires the active decision and consent of another person. You can not make that your validation.

Each man can have personal goals: a specific deadlift benchmark, a greater percentage return on his investments, etc. But those are all personal goals, and they vary from man to man.

But it is EVERY man's goal to get laid. That is the one goal we all share.

Whether or not you are getting laid is an indication of whether your other strategies are proving effective.

Valuing sex as a metric for success is not putting pussy on a pedestal. It's recognizing that a successful man gets laid.

So if you're not getting laid, you haven't found a strategy that results in success, and you need to spend more time out in the world working, and less time here on reddit pretending to be a sage.

3 upvotesCQC32 years ago

That's interesting. It seems to me that the people who care most fervently about not getting laid are the ones who care deeply about it.

This applies to anything. The more energy you invest into a particular idea or concept--regardless of positive or negative polarity, the more you care about it. Simple as that.

This is why MGTOW is a questionable path to me. Any real MGTOW isn't a MGTOW, he doesn't question his avoidance or lack of involvement with women.

You can further break that doing into "doing" vs "being".

It's safe to say most men care deeply about pussy until they are on a steady supply of it. To try to teach otherwise is to deny male biology and sexuality. People are very sensitive when it comes their sexual viability, because deep down they understand there is some primitive hurt that comes with being biologically undesirable for mating.

2 upvotesSlackbeing2 years ago

Well sorry, I could be grinding pussy as two full time jobs, and I did for a while, but hey, shit gets boring. In the end one wants quality pussy, not just pussy.

In The Sex Method, even though it's so so as a book, there's one big harsh truth for many red pillers (quoting from memory): the problem of most men is that they enjoy the fact that they have sex more than the sex itself.

3 upvotestankrepititionpug2 years ago

I understand where you are coming from- and I believe someone else mentioned this- I'm not against discussion of self improvement. I recognize he is pedastalizing pussy, and I agree with you. However overall, the sub is here to teach people how to get pussy, and if you aren't getting pussy, then how do we know you have something of value to offer? That I believe was his major point, and I was trying to convey in my comment. If you're successful at business management, then by all means, tell someone how to manage a business, but only as a supplement to the guide to getting pussy, don't claim that you know all the secrets to pussy because your business is good.

3 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

I understand, it's just that I think there is a lot of noise (useless information) in this sub that sometimes drowns out what is useful and actionable information. Some guy posts a field report, and regardless of it's veracity, it really is nothing more than a mildly interesting story. Okay, that's all good. Some other guy posts a detailed list of ways to act or treat a woman to get laid, and, at a glance, I know that no woman that has an ounce of self-respect would accept such treatment. Yet, how many poor fools will go out and try to work up the courage to talk to a woman and try this method and watch it fail when maybe it wasn't necessary that they fail.

The good part of the entire manosphere is that there simply is not a public place where men can be alone with other men and simply talk things out, any more. Women really don't want men comparing notes without their approval, after all, because they rather like their hegemony in the family courts for example. When it comes to things like "getting laid", there is no magic bullet, and that is where the manosphere somewhat fails. If there were some secret formula for making every woman fall in love with you, we'd just have a page with that secret on it and call it a day. It doesn't exist.

If you want to talk about it from a business perspective, every business has it's core markets and core businesses. I'm 40. I play guitar. I take a lot of pictures. Now, I don't pass up opportunities, but where do you think most of my "business" in terms of women comes from? If you were to say a lot of 30-45 year old single moms who like taking pictures and guitar music, you would be right. Not all, but a lot, guess where I focus my efforts. On the other hand, take away my guitar and my camera and have me sitting inside and not going out to meet people all day, alone with all the thoughts that tell me I'm not good enough to get laid and guess what my success rate would be. Of course, I use another metric as well, I want to interact with different people a week at least, that's 25-30 different people a day, which isn't easy.

3 upvotesOverthinkerTRP2 years ago

So the sidebar doesn't work on most of the women in your circles, which is now admittedly a specific demographic of women 35-40. I'm having a hard time following exactly what you're trying to criticize about TRP

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If there were some secret formula for making every woman fall in love with you, we'd just have a page with that secret on it and call it a day. It doesn't exist.

Be ripped, be fun. be confident. approach.

the rest? thats just niche stuff.

0 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

UltmateCAD would like to have a word with you.

he 100% proves this shit works on 100% of the bored soccer moms of the neighbourhood.

5 upvotesUnKnownSurviving2 years ago

I totally agree with this. I understand that the Red Pill subreddit is all about the sexual market, that's fine. This world has changed and altered a lot, so the sexual market value has changed. But it shouldn't be all about getting your sexual needs filled, all the fucking time. That's fine. But you need to improve your life, as the fucking man. Do what you want, and nothing else. Sex isn't a fucking reward, like most women think, and they can control who to give, and who cannot have it. I like pussies, and I will have pussy and I will fucking take it.

I owe nothing to women. Some of these these "endorsed" redpillers, think it's just about improving your sexual value, getting fit, and all. That's fine with me. Sex isn't everything. You get to do things as fucking man.

Thanks to Jack Donovan, my world has fucking changed for the better. The Red Pill has helped me quite a bit, too, but only in sexual market. Not as a man, internally.

6 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

It's all connected and ultimately to be content as a man you have to be pushing at your edge and seeking to conquer new challenges. When getting laid is the greatest challenge and approaching a hot is the scariest thing in your life, then that is your axe to bury, that's your great war, that's your mission. You have to solve it and conquer that challenge because let's be honest, for a 18 year old with high T, you will not think about anything else until you do.

When you master that skill or even just get past where you thought you could reach, you have to move on to harder challenges. Or the mission no longer pushes you to your edge and you find yourself getting disillusioned and soft.

It's like Maslow's hierarchy. Because you can worry about enlightenment, you need to solve the basics. You need to eat right, sleep right, fuck enough to not be obsessed with fucking / needy, be financially secure, and be fit. Sex is part of the baseline - sexual options and the ability to be in the "alpha fucks" category instead of the "beta bucks" is not the end of the road, it's a midway point. If you're starting where the average guy starts or you are even behind that, then getting to that point is vital, because it IS going to be the challenge that consumes you until you defeat it.

2 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Do what you want, and nothing else. Sex isn't a fucking reward

It is quite literally an objective metric though.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

gotta get every hole! Got to fuck that pussy

Considering that this is hard coded into your DNA, what is your indoctrinated eunuch like point? If you aren't spreading your seed, then what is the point of your existence? Down playing the Alpha doesn't make you Alpha. Just irrational justification of neckbeard bullshit.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So what exactly is your point? This is a sexual strategy sub. You say "chicks are like taxis", we say AWALT. If women are like taxis how many taxis do you need to go through to get laid? Unless you are making a MGTOW post, then your success in the SMP is directly relevant. Don't talk about putting pussy on the pedestal, that is an abundance mentality issue which helps someone to get pussy because they are not being needy. Don't confuse that with not chasing pussy. So again, what is your point? Are you sexually successful?

9 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

So what exactly is your point?

To call into question the idea that external validation should be a key to your overall happiness.

This is a sexual strategy sub.

Okay, then what is going to work? Do you have a secret magical formula? I don't. There are things you can do to improve your chances and things that will greatly harm them. So let's discuss how to improve your chances/

You say "chicks are like taxis", we say AWALT. If women are like taxis how many taxis do you need to go through to get laid?

To the first part, the assumption that all, or even most, women have the exact same drives, beliefs, desires, or reactions is at best funny. If I said all men want the same things you would rightly laugh me off this sub.

Unless you are making a MGTOW post, then your success in the SMP is directly relevant.

I've already said that I believe that at least the internet posters in MGTOW are basically pathetic losers that refuse to do anything to improve. Further my successes would probably set a lot of endorsed poster's hair on fire. The Dating/sexual advice is often absurd in TRP.

Don't talk about putting pussy on the pedestal, that is an abundance mentality issue which helps someone to get pussy because they are not being needy.

The OP was essentially saying that the external validation of having sex with women is the only thing that matters and should drive how you feel about yourself. That is, of course, foolishness and simply not workable.

Don't confuse that with not chasing pussy.

Chase? Next you will be telling me that the best way to hunt wild hogs is to go out into the brush and stalk them. There are much easier ways.

So again, what is your point?

To try and help guys that really need it instead of feeding them bullshit that, at best, doesn't really help them, or, at worst, leads them to having success with the worst kinds of women and wondering why AWALT.

Are you sexually successful?

My definition of success and yours may not be the same, so let's set that aside. I put in a lot of effort to meet new people. I have a fair sized black book and women come to me on the regular looking for fun.

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

To try and help guys that really need it instead of feeding them bullshit that, at best, doesn't really help them

After all your long winded BS, you agree with the exact point of the post. If you aren't a successful male, quit making shit posts telling others what success is.

There is no 1,2,3,A,B,C rules to any of this.

with women is the only thing that matters and should drive how you feel about yourself.

No, this is what you took from it. He said, don't post advice about victory if you have zero victories.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think you are being deliberately argumentative and contrite so I will just deal with some of your points.

  • "Okay, then what is going to work? Do you have a secret magical formula? I don't. There are things you can do to improve your chances and things that will greatly harm them. So let's discuss how to improve your chances/"

Sidebar, top posts. These are things that work if they did not then they would not be on the sidebar. Fixing one's appearance, learning tight game and having an abunance mentality ABSOLUTELY help. These things can only be discussed in proper detail by people who have succeeded in implementing these things.

I do not think OP was saying validation and pussy is all that matters in any way. He was saying that people should not post unless they know what they are talking about. In order to post usefully in a sexual strategy sub one should be sexually successful.

My metric on success? Should be able to fuck HB7s and above with a fairly high level of success. Should not have to rely on unattractive women for sex. Should be able to chose between a variety of women for an LTR if they want. If your black book includes some attractive women, and "fun" includes sex, then you are clearly someone who's posts would be welcomed.

-1 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Why would we need or want "advice" from someone who doesn't get laid? It's a benchmark. What you're doing works, and giving one desperate fat chick doesn't really count, because that shit is easy to get, but you have to start somewhere. Until you can pull pussy easily, in the same night, and have the confidence to talk to any girl then actually fuck her, your opinion and advice isn't worth shit.

It's the same thing as adding advice about your car from someone who had never actually worked on them, what the fuck does he know? You want advice from the men who are actually doing it, not those who sit and read online then assume they've got the knowledge.

Men value knowledge, you get the best knowledge from those who are doing it. Experience creates more knowledge. If you're spouting off about cars, yet have never owned one, never turned a wrench, and your job training is something in finance, nobody should take your advice, they'll only fuck up their car. Same with pussy, if you can't get it, you have no fucking clue how to.

1 upvotesSlut_Slayer90002 years ago

We are programed to value pussy, its in our DNA, its our biology.

11 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

So getting laid is the only metric of success? I thought we weren't supposed to be putting pussy on a pedestal around here. This is an example of doing exactly that. This OP suggests that the external validation of others, namely "hot" women, is literally the only thing that matters. That is patently false and bad advice regardless of where it is coming from.

This is a complete (unintentional?) misreading of my post.

  • I did not imply that "getting laid is the only metric of success". I implied that "getting laid is the only metric that you actually know how to get laid and therefore can teach others how to get laid".

  • I did not "put pussy on a pedestal" by suggesting that "only the men experienced in doing X should teach others how to do X".

  • I did not suggest that "the external validation of others, namely "hot" women, is literally the only thing that matters". I didn't even use the words "validation", "hot" or "only thing that matters".

Where in my post did you read that I was giving "advice that tells [guys] to maintain that fixation [on external validation]"??

Your answer feels like you read my title, made the bold assumption that this post would present the opinion that "sex is the only thing that matters and that should be pursued" and then proceeded to comment without bothering reading it.

3 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

I read your post. The problem is that it makes a lot of assumptions. You don't have to say that sex is validating, in reality the physical touch of another person is something we all need after all, it's saying that only guys that are good at getting this validation should post. I've known guys that were good at getting laid and they ran the gamut from a slimy liar to a man with impeccable honesty.

The fixation comes from telling guys that to only post if they are good at it. I want to know what the guy that only managed to get laid for the first time in a year did as well, maybe he has something that he learned.

5 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

The fixation comes from telling guys that to only post if they are good at it. I want to know what the guy that only managed to get laid for the first time in a year did as well, maybe he has something that he learned.

Then he's within my criteria for posting. I'd welcome he explains how he managed his personal breakthrough.

But the guy who's approached 100 women and didn't manage to get laid, I don't want him posting to tell others how you're supposed to approach women. Because there are high chances his technique is flawed. I'd rather him posting on asktrp why he seems to be doing so well at opening the girls, but not closing.

A "don't post unless you get laid" rule of thumb is not a mean to limit club access to the elite, nor a mean to stress that sex is the validation of one's worth. It's only an advice to newbies to keep questioning what they think they know and prompting them to learn and apply more, until they can confirm that what they know indeed produces the desired results.

1 upvotesRobotAntidote2 years ago

If he managed to score once in a year, it's most likely luck. There's dime a dozen articles made by guys that barely fuck and think they know. Being able to effectively apply a strategy that yields consistent results proves your strategy is successful, that's what this is for. To be fair, it's obvious you're doing this just to have an argument, your whole premise is based on strawman fallacy or loaded question/s.

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

want to know what the guy that only managed to get laid for the first time in a year did as well

Then start a new sub and stfu.

0 upvotesvalvadi2 years ago

MASTERS teach, PUPILS stfu and learn until they have demonstrated mastery over the subject matter. Simple as that. Your n-count is the only metric that matters when determining mastery in a sub squarely focused on sexual strategy.

2 upvotesXelentGamer2 years ago

I read the financial success stories and never once ask if they are getting laid. I know of many self improvement posts I've read of people who are married, not scoring N counts in the double digits every week. The main value of this sub is self improvement not getting laid. Getting laid is the result of the hard work; lifting, being career driven, being financially savvy, learning social skills that propel you through life and other tactics for living a highly success driven life.

I literally started reading this sub celibate for an entire summer, dated dozens of women and didn't fuck a single one and then went right into a marriage (go ahead call me stupid). I also gained the balls to stand up for myself, acted on my goals and dropped out of college, went home and earned more money than anyone I knew but gave that up as well and moved to another city to pursue my real passion.

Everyone else would have expected shit storm after shit storm and sat in squalor rather than pursue their dreams. My dream is to be a nurse, have a wife that fucks my brains out every time I ask and is loyal, focuses on my happiness and raises my children right; I want to be financially successful and force a happy marriage. I took the truths here that 99% of women are shit and that 2/3 of people have less than 1k in the bank and said fuck that I'm in it to win.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

9 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

Whatever you feel is necessary.

Getting laid is the core of success.

Somewhere tonight, an HB8 as you mark them is giving a blowjob to a guy that plays drums in a local band and spends most of his time passed out on heroin. If that is success then success is a truly nebulous thing.

Women want to have sex with the most valuable men possible

The "most valuable men possible" also filter and sort women. Bill Gates was never living the life of a porn star. He was too busy building a new world. Neither was Warren Buffet for decidedly similar reasons. Hell, Leonardo DiCaprio may have a constant stream of women around him, but he is choosy in which ones get to be alone with him.

nobody needs your "advice" on how to get your amazing sexless success.

I did not and do not offer that. Improving your life and your self in other tangible ways may lead to an improvement in your sex life. Chasing after every "hot" woman that comes along is highly unlikely to achieve the same result.

7 upvotesDynamicPressure2 years ago

Here's my take. I agree to an extent however pussy is a bad metric of success.

There are skinny, broke, awkward, losers with 5 kids who live with their moms drowning in pussy right now. TRP makes you believe that the ONLY way to get pussy is to be 6'8" ripped Brad Pitt with 6 figures. Not true and never will be true.

I was getting pussy before I started lurking this sub, guess the "nice guy" version of me was "successful" right? Not even close.

The truth is pussy is a bad metric because women will fuck pretty much anything that gives them tingles. Allowing your validation to come from them is a recipe for disaster.

She'll cheat on ripped Chad with some skinny beta loser because feels. Perhaps not often but it happens. If you fuck the bar whore that's fucked everyone else you shouldn't value that. You fucked a whore, who cares?

I measure my success by how much money, power, and influence I have in my life and the lives of others. Pussy is at best a byproduct of your mission whatever that may be. If I gotta step away from some pussy for a minute to get my mission on track so be it.

I prefer to let people who have something significant to contribute to the sub post rather than the recent whining and bitching and just plain dumb shit posted here. I find myself searching the old stuff more and more.

48 upvotesFiveStarTendieDinner2 years ago

Following this advice I expect the whole sub to be dead in the water.

44 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Would you rather TRP to be a sub that has one new post every three days that gets you laid (basically a Manosphere blog) or a sub that has ten new posts a day from low-SMV sexless whiners (basically the incel sub)?

10 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I have a Sherlock Holmes attitude towards this.

Absolutely, post success stories.

But the fuck of it is that if you examine enough failures then all that remains is success.

2 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

While failure is the way to learn exactly what doesn't work, you need to have an idea of what actually does work. It's all in the sidebar. You can go out any day of the week and watch betas fail and flounder with girls. Finding failure is easy, so easy everyone does it. Trust me there are always more ways to fail. You'll never find all of them.

1 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

Well you'll never get that here, you need a new sub or forum where men must submit proof of concept so that the value is extraordinary.

Pretty common, I do this with business, there are many small groups of millionaires, who's members must prove they are millionaires so that top level information and discoveries can be shared.

1 upvotesFiveStarTendieDinner2 years ago

As if there's a difference between the two now.

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

If you can't tell the difference between the posts on a quality blog written by a man of experience like The Rational Male, The Private Man or BlackDragonBlog, and the posts on a message board where inexperienced men can get upvoted to the top by inexperienced voters, then you are the victim of a poor transmission of knowledge due to your reading said message board.

2 upvotesFiveStarTendieDinner2 years ago

That went way over your head. Inexperienced men and inexperienced voters? TRP has them in droves. No need to stop by the subhuman incel lair.

1 upvoteskankouillotte2 years ago

Yeah, most of us get 1, maybe 2 pussy a year, and it's not a lack of trying, reading manosphere blogs over and over, approaching, etc

it's just really damn hard to get pussy, that's all

But then of course, I agree those like me in this situation shouldn't go and make a post advising others about anything, I'm perfectly aware that I suck at getting pussy and it means I'm doing something(s) wrong, and since I dont know exactly what it is otherwise I would fix it, than it can be anything.

So how would any of my advises could be good to anyone ?

0 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

it's just really damn hard to get pussy, that's all

It's not that hard to do really, I'm short, too much body fat, old and gray, yet when I want to fuck a girl I've met, I can. The only thing hard about it is finding girls I actually want to fuck. Lots of drug addicts around here, if she's skinny or thin, she's probably on meth, aderal, or some kind of stimulant.

The best way to do it is stop reading after you've been through the sidebar, and go talk to girls.

1 upvoteskankouillotte2 years ago

Like I said, I know I must be doing something wrong, I should be drowning in pussy

But I have no idea what it is, I just fail all the time, when single I get 2 / 3 pussy a year, double that for kisses and that's it

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

We are reminded time and again that The Red Pill is not a democracy and that we must revere the Endorsed Contributors and above, so I'll not bother pointing out that saying "You shouldn't do X before you can Y" is stupid - as The Red Pill is run by you guys for you guys - if it weren't then posts like this wouldn't exist.

However to discourage people from uploading who may have valuable insights to share but not currently be at a certain level of "Pilledness" seems to me like saying you'll throw away all but the most perfect diamonds that you find in the mine.

I don't care if a guy is porking 10 girls a month, I care that he knows how to write and has valuable insight to share. The first posts I saw on here that kept me coming back were one about a Posture Fix and another about Monk Mode - neither related to sex or originated from particularly strong players - but had immense value within the arena of male sexual strategy nevertheless.

Anecdotal of me to say so? Of course. Relevant in the context of this post? I think it is.

I don't care how cool anyone here thinks they are, you can only make a club so exclusive before people just decide it's not worth the hassle.

9 upvotesjtzabor2 years ago

That and someones mistakes might be a really good teachable moment to point out to others.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes indeed, a well-written Field Report with a "sealed deal" or not can make good pickings for the more experienced guys and, as you say, yield many teachable lessons.

0 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

I don't know how you misinterpret the 'respect the tag' rule.

It's simple. The guys who succeed, and post good content tend to get flaired. Those guys are more valuable than ranbon guy #2. Disagree with EC's all you want, a well thought out rebuttal is a welcome contribution.

The only people crying about 'revering' ECs tends to want to AMOG them, or otherwise shit up the sub.

Very simple, they are more valuable than you, so if you come, come correct

OP has a decent point. Give an inch, and the incels here will 100% make anything other than working to be successful, a feelgood measure.

Men thrive under pressure. Get in that top 20% of men bracket. It's not supposed to entertain you, feel good, or keep you coming back. This isn't entertainment, it's supposed to be grooming for success

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Revere is a synonym for respect, I wasn't implying it was expected that we 'worship' the EC's.

I've read the "Respect the Tag" piece at least twice, I've also read comments where EC's/Seniors and Vanguard's disagree with each other (on this very thread in fact) and sometimes vehemently - as well they should, Group-Think serves nobody.

It's simple. The guys who succeed, and post good content tend to get flaired

I appreciate you said "tend to" but we both know there's some pretty weak reasons for number points getting assigned, sometimes it's as daft as pointing out the obvious.

I don't seriously believe you were implying that I was crying over this but honestly, I couldn't care less and I'm seemingly one of the few that fully understood OP's point - regardless, I scanned the comments and thought the contribution I put forward was pertinent.

Give an inch, and the incels here will 100% make anything other than working to be successful, a feelgood measure.

Don't doubt it. Furthermore, they have their very own Reddit spots to post things like that on. There's no need to turn all "Men's" Subs into one big homogenous blob.

Very simple, they are more valuable than you

Oh, undoubtedly.

Men thrive under pressure. Get in that top 20% of men bracket. It's not supposed to entertain you, feel good, or keep you coming back. This isn't entertainment, it's supposed to be grooming for success

If they're wanting that pressure (Guidance? Constructive Criticism?) to come from The Red Pill then not posting might make that a bit difficult. No one is saying post endless, unsubstantiated shit, but there's a middle ground to be had surely.

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Yeah, want to AMOG an EC? Theres a path to that. EC's get a wide bearth for a reason, they earned it.

This isn't about the 'fair' point, or treating everyone as equal.Boys with single moms have no idea how a male heirarchy works, so this is a meta lesson in with the rest.

It's unfair, but you're given a clear path to rise to the top. If you are banned for doing exactly what gaylubeoil does, minues the content, then you learned a valuable lesson.

You're only as valueable as what you provide to others, it's also in the sidebar

I'll advocate for a middle ground, once the userbase is less than 10% autistic incels, pretending to be MGTOW (it wasn't their choice)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

EC's get a wide bearth for a reason, they earned it.

Judging from the average Karma they've got and the longevity of time spent in the 'community' - I don't doubt it - and you've got to have people that "Preach the Gospel" no matter what or where.

Not concerned with "Fair", I'm just of a mind to put a counter-point forward if I see a piece (without 'announcement' status, bear in mind) that I feel I can do so sensibly on.

I'll advocate for a middle ground, once the userbase is less than 10% autistic incels, pretending to be MGTOW (it wasn't their choice)

I'm sure you're just being diplomatic here, but...with the community expanding like it is you've got more chance of birthing a baby unicorn than getting rid of the voluntary-but-not-really-voluntary celebates.

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Karma is useless, and as for efficacy, I see what an unmoderated post looks like, and is not pretty.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

However to discourage people from uploading who may have valuable insights to share

This is silly. A VALUABLE INSIGHT is either a successful strategy, and therefore the guy was successful with it... or a failed strategy and is an example for other guys to learn from .

An insight is not valuable nor is it an actual insight unless it worked - or an example of something that does not and an analysis of why.

this has nothing to do with flair.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

However to discourage people from uploading who may have valuable insights to share but not currently be at a certain level of "Pilledness" seems to me like saying you'll throw away all but the most perfect diamonds that you find in the mine.

So The Red Pill is "Discussion of Male Sexual Strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men." right?

OP's main point is "Don't preach what you're not practising." which, whilst I see where he's coming from on it's own isn't really in line with the point of TRP, as it's a bit like saying people whom aren't married can't give good advice to people that are married.

A VALUABLE INSIGHT is either a successful strategy, and therefore the guy was successful with it... or a failed strategy and is an example for other guys to learn from.

Yeah, a valuable insight is what others can garner value from. That's not restricted to people that are on top of the pussy pile, mad-money earners or Gym Rats - you don't have to occupy the pinnacle of where you want to be before you've gained knowledge about how you're successfully (if incrementally) engineering your life to get there.

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it's a bit like saying people whom aren't married can't give good advice to people that aren't married.

In reference to marriage? I would say they can't . because they do not have a reference point.

That's not restricted to people that are on top of the pussy pile, mad-money earners or Gym Rats - you don't have to occupy the pinnacle of where you want to be before you've gained knowledge about how you're successfully (if incrementally) engineering your life to get there.

No one says top of anything... just have some success with what ever crap you are crapping into your keyboard.

There is a reason no one really respects arm chair generals and Monday morning quarterbacks.

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I'm not sure what we're disagreeing about to be honest.

Broadly, OP's point is that people shouldn't post until they're "at a certain level."

Broadly, my point is that people who feel they have something to contribute should feel free (within the confines of TRP rules)

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Broadly, OP's point is that people shouldn't post until they're "at a certain level."

The level is miserably low. Have a theory or strategy. Test it out. Report.

Stop posting untested shit. Its like, for god sake, DO something before jerking off into your keyboard of how smart you are.

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I think you are forgetting the part of TRP that promotes men being the best version of themselves. Through being the best/most successful version of you, you naturally attract women(and feel more fulfilled). The journey to becoming that is different for everyone and does require some personal self reflection. Some posts here are helpful in that aspect by being self reflective but don't necessarily have anything to offer on sexual strategy.

For example I remember a guy on here posting about quitting weed and practicing meditation and mantras and how much that had improved his life, mental focus, and clarity on what and who he wanted to be. Posts like this are not made by guys that have become plate spinning masters, but they are still valuable in that they have small pieces in it here and there that are valuable to those still on the path of improvement.

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you're an autistic fuck. Or you can't read.

that guys post was good. you are missing the point.

back to pornhub for you

1 upvotesAaronindhouse2 years ago

I did read your post,

And if they are not where they want to be yet, they sure as hell don't write their unproven opinion in a post on the main sub

If you agree that posts like the one i mentioned are valuable you should rewrite your words above.

I understand what you are speaking out against. You don't like the circle jerk posts like the fake FRs and Hate posts. I agree with that. However, your words above and the sentiment in your post in general express that the only posts of value come from those who have crossed the finish line. Learning happens through failure and those who haven't reached their goal have failed a lot. Posting about their failures, or what they have learned that hasn't been posted a million times can help others learn too. I don't think you necessarily disagree with this.

I think one of the previous posts on this by an endorsed guy a month or two ago summed it up best.

Think about what you are posting. If its been said before, or isn't valuable to the purpose of sexual strategy or self improvement, then its not worth posting about.

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autism Confirmed. you are stuck at what you think I meant.

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This sub is very polarised and some of these 'endorsed' users are getting overly aggressive like gamer nerds in a multiplayer game. Your point of view is your point of view; don't try to promote it as the universal truth.

TRP is not solely about sexual strategy, and not everyone's definition of success / preferred lifestyles include fucking new meat regularly. Some prefer LTR (regardless of your advices). Another category is MGTOW and they're here for things completely unrelated to sex.

If your happiness is defined by how much new pussy you can score, all the power to you, but this community isn't only about that anymore.

5 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Easiest way to tell the difference is whom puts sex on the radar, and who complains when someone does

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

I thought I wrote quite clearly in the post how it didn't apply only to spinning plates.

TRP being about the reality of human sexual strategy, male/female dynamics, and how to use it to your advantage, you can tell you understand it and apply it correctly when you go from:

  • not getting laid to getting laid, or
  • not getting laid enough to your taste to getting laid enough according to your taste.

This applies to incels, to moderately successful bachelors, to guys in LTR, to married guys.

I'm aware that there are more and more people on TRP who are here because it's some sort of cool male space where they can talk about making more money, or getting fitter, or overall getting happier as a man, or bashing on women, irrespectively of how much they get laid or how much more they get laid thanks to TRP. While I sympathise with these men, I wish they would recognise that this "club" was made around sexual strategy, and that their presence and non-sexual interest dilutes the message for those who are here for the original reason. It's like we created a boxing gym for training boxers, setup a coffee space in it for boxers, and now after a few years the gym is full of hipsters who are here for the coffee and wish those boxers were not making so much noise.

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I respect your opinion, but I absolutely disagree with it. From where I'm standing, limiting this sub exclusively to sexual strategy would turn it into an advanced PUA guide. There is no wisdom in this and the formula is rather simple. Head over to forum.bodybuilding.com, that and an IQ above 80 is all you need to get laid.

If you need help in convincing yourself that you're wrong, look on the sidebar. See some references to Rational Male and such in there? That's not a PUA site, it's about everything: from ONS to decade-long marriages, as well as issues of the Western society with psychological analysis of that and many other things. Completely redundant for someone who only cares about sexual dynamics, but considered red pill material nonetheless.

So, again, who are you arguing against? Me or the founders of this sub?

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

the founder of the sub specifically said it was because seddit was horrible, and blamed shitty women on failure.

it was for game, period. The rest is high end stuff to do once you've got that on lock, and extended concepts

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I respectfully disagree. The very genesis of the name of this sub, and its Matrix allusion, is to pull back the curtain on how society functions - primarily gender roles. Yes, what drives the boat here is discussion on getting laid, but there are many other things that help as stated above. Things like how to have your woman respect you in a relationship, how to read through the words and actions of a woman, how to see through BS like modern day feminism and the war on masculinity.

To achieve some of these means building yourself as a man. That means fitness, diet, ambition, etc. I love that content as long as it relates back to the central tenet of this sub.

-1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

sexual strategy is the core tenet of TRP

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The name itself and the allusion around it is not about sexual strategy. Its a main tenet. But core? Debatable.

-1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

One you're getting pussy, then you can worry about bigger things

2 upvotesBear-With-Bit2 years ago

There are many places to discuss self improvement for men. However, there are only a handful for sexual strategy for men.

-1 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

'endorsed' users are getting overly aggressive

Maybe if you took a couple minutes to figure out why these META threads keep appearing, you'll understand what is actually happen. Fuck, GLO outright said it a couple months ago and still vast swaths of people are completely clueless. Personally, I find it funny.

6 upvotesBlackhawk24792 years ago

Some of the comments in here seem to be missing the point. OP is not saying quantity of pussy is, or should be, the only metric for TRP success, that is absurd.

But when the vast majority of new subscribers/posters come here solely because they're not getting any pussy, then it's the best metric for them to consider before posting.

6 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

The fact a post like this is at the top of the sub is hilarious and sad.

6 upvotesNietzscheExplosion2 years ago

Oh Fuck this arrogant shit. I don't care if you are slaying pussy, you young fuckers have a LOT to LEARN about LIFE in General!

13 upvotessimplisticallysimple2 years ago

First of all, my n-count = >150 (cue the downvotes), so I believe I have some experience and insight to share. I've posted in the past many times on this sub, some posts were upvoted in the hundreds, others were downvoted to hell until I was eventually banned (and had to use my current username).

This sub is hopeless. I gain nothing reading the same repetitive posts, and whenever I share some facts and anecdotes that hurt the feelings of the sexually-inexperienced, I get downvoted to hell, so what incentive do I have to share my game plan for getting laid, etc.?

I'm already getting laid with new girls all the time. Visiting this sub is a waste of time -- total diminishing returns. Yes, the sexually-experienced should post, but what incentives do they have to do so? There's no gratitude in this sub. It would be charity, except the recipients don't even say thank you.

So thanks but no thanks.

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[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesUnKnownSurviving2 years ago

Love this one. Nothing wrong with being sexually-experienced, but it should only help those aren't. I mean, it's the same shit. I get it. They get it. Just be sexually good at it, I get it. The RED PILL HANDBOOK should cover that subject entirely. But it isn't exactly valued well, as in being a man, or by other men.

Men who are already sexually experienced, and older, don't give a shit, in sharing their sexual wisdom, unless it's with their buddy or best friends. It's just not valued as well. It's valued greatly with women, no doubt. Even to male blue pillers, as well. But in terms of being a man, with groups or as an individual, it isn't valued well. It's helpful, no doubt, and there's many similar pointers from other ops, like him, that I agree, but it's the same shit. I get it. It gets old really quickly. There are other things that are valued higher than just sex. I'm not tied to sex, I don't let it control me. Instead, I control sex.

It seems the OPs is young. It's fine, if he's experienced with sex, but I get it.

1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

It's thankless, comes with the territory.

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[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Dude. Actually read my post and not just the title. I am NOT saying getting laid is everything. I am only telling newbies to not post until they can confirm that what they know works. How fucking complicated is it to understand?

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[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Because I care for noobs and I don't want them to mislearn TRP by learning it from other noobs who don't get it yet. I want my noobs to grow up in a healthy TRP environment: solid posts on TRP to which they can comment and ask questions.

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[permanently deleted]

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You forgot the burps after saying jerry! hope im allowed to post this comment... shit.

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[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesread_if_gay_2 years ago

i dont think his point is that they should stop posting completely, they should just stop posting advice.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You're wasting your breath. Focus on your own self-improvement and worry less about what others consume for information.

2 upvotesTheRealMewt2 years ago

The fact that these threads seem to pop up on a semi regular basis leads me to believe that entire years have passed here and people still refuse to read the side bar. Seriously, it's a treasure trove of information. Use it.

With that said, come on, only people actively having sex should be the only people contributing here? There are lessons to be learned from all men sharing their experiences among us, even if the lesson is don't make the same mistake.

2 upvotesbookofcookies2 years ago

To all that is responding to OP: You are concerned about concerned people and then the guy responding is concerned about your concerns.

In reality, there is an opinion where the OP states if you are inexperienced we don't want to hear your shitty fanfic theories.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What you've described is akin to walking into a Martial Arts dojo to seek training, and the sifu/sensei has only been practicing the art for a month. Very little you're going to learn from such a teacher. I swallowed TRP years ago after a bitter divorce. I've posted here many times under a different account, and my posts go over quite well. Lots of responses...mostly positive. I lean towards making posts about self improvement. No need to add to the sexual strategy content, there's plenty of that. My whole thing is giving insight to what you do after you've found success. Getting your dick wet means nothing when your life isn't complete outside of your success with women. That's the end of TRP I plan to continue gearing my write ups towards. But in closing, I completely agree. There are thousands of guys here looking for insight and info. That info is best supplied by those who have succeeded within that insight.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah i felt victim to that. Also agree that the posts should not only talk about manlyhood, but have a manly nature in it's essence:

In other words - make it useful, make it practical, make it applicable in the fucking real world, or, don't make it.

Unless of course the theory shit you're coming up with is something new and worth the bytes expent.

2 upvotessteppenwolfofwallst2 years ago

Very true post. At a Milo event I went to, these guys were handing out red pill related cards. These were literally the fedora wearing guys that people stereotype this sub as containing. They were scrawny, awkward, wearing damn fedoras, and had no sense of hygiene or fashion. Obviously, the red pill for them was just another universe to enter into and discuss (kind of like spending your time reading about and discussing the star wars universe) and not about actual change.

2 upvotesJax777892 years ago

With all due respect I think you are only partially right. The metric should be : you are fucking the women you want to fuck without much effort not that you are getting laid on a regular basis. Big difference.

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

The metric should be : you are fucking the women you want to fuck without much effort

Which by default eliminates those who don't get laid at all, aka my point. Your threshold is just higher than mine, but it doesn't matter, both would imply that those who don't walk the path shouldn't be there distributing maps of the path to others.

2 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

I have 6 plates going and have done since before I knew about TRP.. im probs just a natural.. and im not sharing any of my game here haha ;P Get your own game =P There is enough basic knowledge here to turn any 5 pound weakling into a babe slayer even before they start poppin at the gym

3 upvotesturokturok52 years ago

I thought the whole purpose of TRP was focusing on yourself, not seeking validation from women and not putting the pussy on the pedestal. If you're saying that the "right of passage" to be able to post on this forum is to get regular pussy, won't that make people who are new to the sub "put the pussy on the pedestal" so that they are able to post here?

1 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Nope. The whole purpose of TRP is to understand the reality of male/female dynamics and to use this knowledge to your advantage, whether your goal is to fuck plenty of women or none of them.

"Focusing on yourself", "not seeking validation from women" and "not putting the pussy on the pedestal" were only meant as part of a bag of tricks that gets you pussy because of the way of male/female dynamics.

Somehow people came here who read those tips and thought "Hey! Here's a community of asexual sexless men who don't care about women at all, like me!" despite 100% of the links in the sidebar being about sexual strategy.. Go figure how the fuck that happened.

For everyone else who come to this sub for its actual purpose (getting laid, or getting laid more), they need proper tips from men who are experienced in the matter, aka my suggestion to let the men talk and the boys to listen (or comment, or ask).

4 upvotes30fretibanezguy2 years ago

I think you shouldn't be able to make your own post on this sub unless you've been subscribed for 2 years.

Yes, sounds like a lot but thats months reading theory, months sorting out your life and goals, months breaking your own boundaries, then months actually being someone worthy of posting on here. If I'm going to read whole posts here I want them to be worth my time.

3 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

To be fair, the major point is to educate men who are not getting laid. I do ok and have a little fuck bunny but most of the guys coming here don't.

So we can be a circle jerk of "successful" men, or maybe offer some value to other guys.

4 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Just as a classroom is composed of teachers talking and students listening, I think this sub should be composed of "successful" men posting, and "unsuccessful" men taking notes, commenting or asking questions.

But I'm not a mod so I don't decide what's happening here. I am merely trying to encourage this positive behavior by appealing to people's self-interest: this behavior would allow the sub to remain quality, allowing all readers of all TRP "level" to progress faster.

3 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

OP is referring to new comers that are not successful sexually giving out bullshit advice about how to get laid.

OP is right. The aspies on here are derailing his comments. No one here needs that.

It's perfectly fine for new comers to post their field reports of growth and learning along with close calls and failures. What is not okay is people who have not applied TRP, who are simply theorizing and have no success to post their bullshit on how to pick up women.

Other new comers, white knights and blue pill betas swarming in here will pick that wrong information up as gospel, try to go out in the field with the wrong ideas and get slammed. The idea is to learn the tools here that have been successfully used by thousands and apply it.

2 upvotesNeoreactionSafe2 years ago


  • Don't forget the "Cult of MGTOW" which has mutated to be "voluntary celebacy".


That is (in my understanding of things) one notch above being beta.

The beta is clueless and a rigid, literal, honest Nice Guy™ who satisfies the Feminine Imperative by being her orbiter. The beta orbiter never actually gets sex, but as a "tool" for women he is useful as a slave.


The MGTOW is not a slave.


My rule on sexual success is that you should never spend too much time in "Monk Mode" MGTOW until you lose your virginity and once you achieve that then you likely will fuck a few more girls as the thrill is definitely going to be the central aspect of your life for a while.


  • Must you spend your life on a hedonistic treadmill seeking sex above all else?

  • No.


It's perfectly valid to have "free will" and choose what amount of effort you devote to acquiring sex.


So we end up with:


  • If you are an authentic virgin do not post... just read.


Basically the virgins should be in AskTRP.


1 upvotesUnKnownSurviving2 years ago

Your post is perfectly sound and reasonable.

For newbies couldn't get laid, yet meets lot of women. They need to heed this:

If you are an authentic virgin do not post... just read.

Basically the virgins should be in AskTRP.

1 upvotesNeoreactionSafe2 years ago


I've argued this point for years... literally.

No one should go down the MGTOW route and swear off women entirely until they have lost their virginity.

Once a guy has actually had sex and orgasmed inside a female that's a powerful drug that can bring about Oneitis if they allow their romantic blind spots (pretty much the default for males) to get away from them.

If after you got a full dose of orgasmic pleasure you decide "The Juice Ain't Worth The Squeeze" then by all means go live as a Monk and ignore women.


  • My guess is that 95% of all self proclaimed MGTOWs are virgins.


I've also argued that a guy can go "Monk Mode" and swear off women for some time and then return to the quest later. One not need tattoo on themselves the words:


  • "MGTOW Forever"


3 upvotesANUS_CONE2 years ago

For the sake of normal people taking you seriously, don't use the word "poon". You using it makes me assume that you aren't getting any.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

I swing the banhammer wide.

4 upvotesRudeyyyy2 years ago

I assume if it's finance or fitness related we are allowed to still post yes?

12 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

The same principle should apply: are you wealthy yet?

Have you obtained the wealth you set out to achieve? So that you have the proof that your theory and practice is valid, and that you can impart that knowledge to wannabe wealthy men?

If you aren't there yet, don't you think your time should be better spent reading a message board where posters are confirmed wealthy? Or applying those tips on the market? Or asking specific questions on message boards dedicated to asking questions on the topic?

And if you're not wealthy yet and posting your unproven opinion on a message board that allows it, don't you fear that the advice you end up reading there might just get increasingly poor over time because of fellow inexperienced posters?

My point is not so much to forbid people to post, but to invite potential posters to think twice about whether TRP's main sub is the appropriate place to share the unsubstantiated opinion of the inexperienced.

4 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

I entirely agree. Why are so many people here having a hard time understanding this?

1 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor2 years ago

Exactly. I don't get it at all. It makes perfect sense. I'm in great shape, but if I am looking to become more social, I'm not gonna take advice from some neckbeard basement dweller. I'm gonna take advice from the guy who has a huge social network and is charismatic.

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[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesNakamuraFan2 years ago

The most bluepilled guys are those who have always gotten laid regularly. Just like a guy who was born into a rich family. They know nothing about how you go from poor to rich, or from unattractive to attractive.

Want really good advice? Look for a guy who used to be really bad at something, then became good.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesfailingtheturingtest2 years ago

Men don't need to get laid in order to prove that TRP("game") works.

What else do you think is the proof of a winning sexual strategy?

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Gave you an upvote because some blue pill downvoted you. This shit is getting ridiculous in here.

5 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

Young healthy men need to get laid to be happy, I don't care how many bullshitters downvote me.

Pussy, good pussy, is an essential ingredient in the pie of a man's ultimate satisfaction with life. It is not the only ingredient, not at all, but it IS essential to feel fully complete in your mastery of self and life.

MGTOW is largely a very bitter and angry group of men who pretend to be happy carving wooden chess pieces all day or playing video games in a shit apartment with a shit low level job that doesn't stress them out.

Maybe 5% are actually as happy as they are going to be living that life, most of them are older, and have had their share of sex through life.

You know what I don't see? MGTOW's who travel the world, have great bodies, run successful businesses, have meaningful careers, etc.

I know a TON of red pill guys in the real world that have all those things and they are pigs in shit, as am I.

6 upvotespilledwillingly2 years ago

Sorry to break it to you, plenty of dudes are living the dream off the grid. Just because your world revolves around the slippery pink doesn't mean everyone's does.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotespilledwillingly2 years ago

I know of three in my life. All divorced, screwed over, got their lives together in their 40s and 50s and bought property in the middle of nowhere. One guy lives out of modified shipping containers and works a backhoe, another guy moved as close as he could afford to the ski fields and lives a simple life.

Blue pill is "Why am I losing the race?" Red pill is "Here are the rules of the race, and how to win." MGTOW is "The race doesn't bring me happiness.""

You have to remember, when you look at the internet communities, especially when it comes to RP/MGTOW, many of the guys who have internalized the fundamental mindset behind it aren't guys who post on internet forums. A lot of RP and MGTOW men are the ones who were burned in their 20s/30s and digested the lessons in their 50s.

Now that I've typed all that I'm changing my downvote to an upvote because the first word you said was 'Young' and I think I glossed over that when writing my reply. I do think the nature of youth is to be sexually competitive, but as age sets in, a lot of people find more fulfilling interests.

10 upvotessmokecheck19762 years ago

Young healthy men need to get laid to be happy,

You have it backwards... You need to be happy (in other areas of your life) to get laid. That miserable son of a bitch (MGTOW) isn't unhappy because he isn't getting laid. He isn't getting laid because he's miserable to be around and no woman can stand to be around him, which is the case in most if not all of the MGTOW internet crew.

The second paragraph is a little off, too, getting the validation you want is like the icing on a cake. The cake be can quite good without it, but it's the icing that set's it off. The cake has to be baked first, however.

MGTOW is largely a very bitter and angry group of men...

The guys posting about it on the internet? Yeah, that's a fair description. There are guys that don't make any big deal out of it and just live their lives, but they aren't busy posting online. There are even a lot of MGTOW guys who have never heard of the concept, but generally live without letting women dictate their lives to them.

9 upvotesScandinavianredpill2 years ago

I am a man going my own way and I am spinning 3 plates at the time - I enjoy both TRP and MGTOW message boards, but I see far too much validation seeking here. Do not assume just because a man has gone his own way that he is unsuccessful with women - some use MGTOW as a coping mechanism and are actual incels, however there are alot of men in the MGTOW community that are good looking successful guys, they just find it more appealing to make themselves the center of their lives as opposed to chasing a N-count. Just to be clear: being MGTOW and dating are not opposites, the sub of MGTOW is mostly a reminder of the dark side of female nature to remind men why they don't want to get married (again?) And to shed light on female psychology - It is not all woman bashing. Just like not all posts here are from sexually frustrated teenagers.

8 upvotesBlackJ12 years ago

Young healthy men need to get laid to be happy,...

That is straight up pussy worshiping. Sex is not a precursor nor does it inhibit happiness. I swear people on this sub are so contradictory at times.

You and only you are responsible for your happiness, nobody else. The second you decide someone other than yourself is responsible for your happiness is the moment you will turn in a sad validation-seeking loser. How do I know this? Because I used to be that loser.

With that kind of thinking your proposing you might as well tell Tesla, Newton, Plato, and all the other men who spent their time doing something productive/innovative instead of chasing pussy, that they were sad fucks who are "very bitter and angry group of men who pretend to be happy".

1 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I gave you an upvote because there was some essential wisdom here.

In my life, I would have classified as MGTOW during college because I was "a man on a mission" and had no time for bitches.

But WTF with the other 90% of my adult life?

-2 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

You nailed it bro. All men need to be getting laid to be happy. It's biological and innate in our nature. Those that say otherwise aren't able to get laid and are simply hamstering.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

If you don't do what RP men are supposed to be doing, you're not a RP man, mere reading TRP material is not sufficient to BE redpill, otherwise there is no difference between TRP and spergs from 4chan or donald.

1 upvotesrobbiedigital0012 years ago

Essentially, lets work together to keep the quality of posts on this sub at a high level.

1 upvotesBipolar_Bead2 years ago

What is The Red Pill Theory, anyway? I don't remember why I'm subbed, but this intrigues me.

-1 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago
  1. Theory Reading in the sidebar.
  2. The Rational Male blog best of year 1.
  3. Filter posts by flair "Red Pill Theory", link in the sidebar
1 upvotesLaRedPill2 years ago

This is something I always have present, I started translating most of the 'sphere to spanish, and also writing my own articles (just cause i fucking want to).

There are many topics I still cannot touch because I am not there yet, and some I will never touch, because im older now and won't be able to go back to college / party life and check strategies.

In short, keep it real people, the good thing about TRP is that it's based on real observation and real A/B testing of cause/effect.

So if you have no skin in the game, go try, then come back and tell us. Don't pollute the message.

Don't be an Intellectual-yet-idiot

1 upvotesFlexGunship2 years ago

There should be a mod-given flair for something like this. Is that possible?

Send pics of you and a few of your plates... some conquest photos... (which the mod will destroy! I... hope...). Get your flair. Then people know you're not talking out your asshole.

I assume mods would be trustworthy... though...

1 upvotesmallardcove2 years ago

Just read this post, haven't read the comments, but I have been hinting at this for a while now. It's so fucking obvious to tell the difference between the armchair TRP theorists and the ones who actually get out there and fuck multiple women.

Until you have this proof, any time you write a post on this sub, you run the risk of giving wrong advice that gets upvoted simply because what you stated just fits the pre-existing opinion of your equally-clueless audience, resulting in a fantastic display of a blind man leading the blind. And as the blind leader, the cheers of your blind fellows will make you gleefully believe you're on the right path when you're actually straying away from it further and further.

I think we can all be in agreement that a lot of the 200,000 subscribers are still dyed in the wool blue. Hence why we see so many blue pilled comments get upvoted and vice versa. That's the issue I have - newbies will think anything that is upvoted = red pill knowledge. WRONG. It's why you should be well versed in the sidebar and TRP material before trusting anything posted here. Because only then you will know if something is bullshit or not.

Blue pillers think that if they post something enough, or upvote something enough, it will become red pill. No. Big example of this is lifting. Repeating over and over again that lifting is optional doesn't make it so. Upvoting a post saying lifting is optional doesn't make it so.

1 upvotesFlexGunship2 years ago

Jesus... ITT everyone tries to rationalize posting TRP advice while being a fucking virgin.

1 upvotesAaronindhouse2 years ago

I disagree with this somewhat. Rollo had valuable posts he made even before he became the 'Guru' he is now.

The problem is all the fake stories and hate threads. This sub needs a weekly thread for posts in that vein.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I've wanted to post here badly sometimes about thing I've learned but at the end of the day I improved everything except for getting laid as I'm still a virgin. I always felt you don't have the right to post here unless your methods work. It's common sense

1 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese2 years ago

I think theory posts are ok. Then a more seasoned person could extrapolate on it or disprove it. As long as people aren’t bullshitting then I don’t care. And really, I don’t think the type of loser who lies on the internet will be dissuaded by this post.

Theodore John Kaczynski wasn’t exactly wrong about his predictions, he just went about it the entirely, extremely, very wrong way. Bad example/half joke but you know what I mean.

1 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

Honestly I don't mind people posting if they're not getting laid. I think the worse route is just people not taking action.

Reading about failure is extremely useful. Solely reading success stories leads to a blind spot of awareness. Reading about great failures is a wonderful teaching tool, but requires someone to actually fail, which requires actually taking action.

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1 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Rule 0 is your guiding principle

1 upvotesTheSlicemanCometh2 years ago

As a general rule in life as a whole, dont give advice on things you are mastered in.

I dont go around telling people the correct way to do Slam Poetry, because I dont know jack shit about it.

If you arent successful with women, dont give advice on how to get women. Its very simple.

That said, I dont see how that translates to "only the top 1% of men are allowed to post on this sub". Not to mention the different interpretations of success considering every man has different sexual goals.

1 upvotesPillTheRed2 years ago

No to toot my own horn, but toot. Left them weights, make that money fellas!

1 upvotesasianincel2 years ago

golden zealot is getting my poon

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have a follow-up recommendation. It might make it easier to doxx or whatever but we need ages (or range) posted next to the name on the subs. This sub has a great community and have seen quality posts from 20 year olds to people in their late 50s.

But gaming women is NOT the same when you are in high school as it is in college as it is when you are in your 20s as it is in your 30s and so on. I dont want to be trying to read a lecture from some dipstick 20 year old on what it takes to be a man.

I want people who have seen both sides of the coin (which this sub naturally attracts). The losers of society and the ones who turned their lives around. I'm in that boat, most here are, but if you arent - shut up and read

1 upvotesCanedude082 years ago

If you have something to bring to the table, bring it. A lot of pseudo alpha posturing going around lately, and it's getting boring as hell. The whole point of TRP is to build better, happier men, and no man is an island. I have strong points, and weak points, like every guy here, and the only way any of us can improve is if we let others learn from our knowledge and experiences, and in turn learning from the hard earned wisdom others have gathered. That said, there's nothing wrong with sitting back and learning, if you haven't been through the wringer.

1 upvotesVenomousEuphoria2 years ago

If one reads the sidebar, "illimitable men" and "the rationale male", what else can someone post that the three sources wouldn't cover?

1 upvotesNoFapColdShower2 years ago

I feel like this needs to be pinned to the top. Because What impression do we want to give AFCs who stumble uppon TRP for the first time? A bunch of equally frustrated losers? Or authentic gurus like GLO. EDIT: at least for a while.

1 upvotesAFPJ2 years ago

As an EC of old (this is the third account, keep gettin redditbanned) it's getting hard to relate. Dating / sex is easy and overrated. It ain't shit, just like money, only sought after and glamorized by people who haven't had their fill - just like the toy you pined for months / years as a kid, but once you got it, a month later it ain't shit. The issue with most people who can't date is that all they do is fucking think, instead of doing - and reading is seldom the cure.

1 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Agree on both points. My post was meant for people who aren't there yet. People who don't bother getting sex anymore because they've had so much of it are a small minority here and taking them into account would have diluted the impact of my message.

1 upvotesAFPJ2 years ago

Wasn't knocking your post at all by the way, on the topic of strictly sex and getting laid there is only so much to be said / read before people gotta go out there and actually do shit - which is where most of our subscribers fall short

1 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Judge a tree by the fruit it bears. The same goes for taking advice from anyone - unless you want their results, don't take their advice.

I'm here to figure out how to get laid more, not listen to egos rationalize that "it's still red pill coz it's blah" - which may or may not be true, but who gives a fuck if it doesn't produce results? 80% of the value is already in the sidebar and the manosphere blogs anyway. How much of the stuff on the trp front page at the minute hasn't been said before?

1 upvotesBottled_Void2 years ago

People! Just use the voting buttons appropriately.

Then we wouldn't have concern trolls like this.

0 upvotesblackedoutfast2 years ago

haha lots of triggered losers in the comments

all the MGTOWs and incels need to be purged from TRP

0 upvotesEb732 years ago

Just knocked-off a HOT piece of ass less than 30 minutes ago. We were working-out together in our den (strength-training with dumbbells & pilates rings) and the usual cool-down high-five and hug turned into passionate kissing and grinding. Of course we proceeded to the boudoir where we sucked (she LOVES to go for a mustache ride, which of course really gets us both going strong) & fucked where she flips over onto her back, I hook my arms under her knees for real-deep pile-driver banging, where as I blew a HUGE LOAD. Then came the after-glow cuddling & cooing, and now she's fixed me lunch, which I'm eating now while also typing this... Feels like SUCCESS to me...

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