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Australian trial finds POSITIVE bias towards women in employment, government stops trial...

by 4nt43us on /r/TheRedPill
30 July 2017 03:43 AM UTC

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https://pmc.gov.au/resource-centre/domestic-policy/going-blind-see-more-clearly-unconscious-bias-australian-public-services-shortlisting-processes - PDF of study is at the bottom of the page.

The Australian Government recently released a study done by world leading Professor Michael J. Hiscox (Professor of International Affairs in the Department of Government, Harvard University) about gender biases in Australian Government Employment.

The purpose of the trial was to increase the amount of women in senior positions of the government by de-identifying applications for senior positions in the Australian Public Service. We all knew what was going to happen. Turns out, when the CV or Resume is de-indentified, more men are employed than women, and women are FAVOURED in employment over men when their gender appears on the CV. The Australian Government (which is full of cucks) has decided to stop the trial because it was not helping women have more representation in the senior positions of the Government work force.

Excerpt from study:

"We found that the public servants engaged in positive (not negative) discrimination towards female and minority candidates:

  • Participants were 2.9% more likely to shortlist female candidates and 3.2% less likely to shortlist male applicants when they were identifiable, compared with when they were de-identified.

  • Minority males were 5.8% more likely to be shortlisted and minority females were 8.6% more likely to be shortlisted when identifiable compared to when applications were de-identified.

  • The positive discrimination was strongest for Indigenous female candidates who were 22.2% more likely to be shortlisted when identifiable compared to when the applications were de-identified."

Good luck trying to find this reported or discussed in the news anywhere. The SJW mass media and government has suppressed this study massively.

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456 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

the study results didn't fit the agenda, time to suspend the study and never speak of it. fucking disgusting.

96 upvotesgrandaddychimp2 years ago

The state only funds science which is beneficial to its agenda

72 upvotessigma2722 years ago

This is one of the most frustrating things we deal with on reddit: the belief that scientists are these pure, unbiased beings who only seek the objective truth. Try to look into the actual data or question the political motives behind a study, and you get mobbed.

12 upvotesSuwinTzi2 years ago

Edison sabotaging and smearing Tesla comes to mind.

7 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Electrocution of elephants no less

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Scientists and engineers had balls in those days.

17 upvotesgrandaddychimp2 years ago

It doesn't necessarily mean the science is wrong, just that certain areas of science that could be funded with that money instead are starved of funding and science that will further the states agenda is advanced. So things like cancer research are inhibited so we can make more advanced weapons.

10 upvotes2comment2 years ago

There is no monolithic "science". It's a human run endeavor with all the typical human failings including often not being a meritocracy (of ideas) that over time will correct itself (hopefully) but in the shortterm is often wrong. Science was often pushed forward when old thinkers died and new ideas they suppressed took hold.

Science isn't pure and often misleading because it can be brought. I think the tobacco industry had something like 700-1000 studies on its side back when the Surgeon General made his landmark report back in 1963 (opposing side have over 5,000 studies).

Lead industry had similiar preeminent scientists producing studies in the 1960s and early 1970s before leaded gas was banned (stuff was known as dangerous hundreds of years before and the specific stuff used to make leaded gas pretty much right when it came out because the health of the workers in those industries).

This is especially relevant today as the biggest cigarette companies moved since then to buy the biggest food companies and are doing the same tactics because they know their own history all too well.

Also, since 1980, federal government has slashed research budgets and that left a vacuum for private companies and guess what? Private companies don't fund what makes them look bad and money will corrupt anyone.

There are 3 types of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Scientists need to eat, sleep, and shit like anyone else and they make use of all three if it puts money on the plate. Paying off college ain't cheap and grants are few and far in between and need to be chased. Various industries will get nice and cozy real quick if you produce something they can spout to the newspapers loud and proud and clear.

3 upvotesgrandaddychimp2 years ago

Nothing you said contradicts anything I said.

2 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

One of those studies done at the behest of an oil company was ripped apart as heavily biased, not based in reality, and so horribly skewed as to be completely useless. Pimental/Patzek study on ethanol fuel is utterly and completely wrong, showing ethanol fuel to be negative in eroei (energy return on energy invested) when the reality is ethanol provides more energy than it requires to be made. Doesn't matter if it's true, as long as people believe it and keep buying their product.

Shit, I bet you even believe that study since its shouted all the time, despite being so very wrong. It's only value is to oil companies as propaganda. Every study not using the base numbers from Pimental shows ethanol, even supposedly bad corn ethanol, to be quite positive in eroei.

1 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

It doesn't necessarily mean the science is wrong

Actual yes it does. There is such a thing as 'conflict of interest' and if you read a scientific paper you will see a section where the authors must state a conflict of interest. If they do not and it turns out that they had a conflict of interest, a huge scandal will erupt, the editorial will pull the paper and invalidate all of the results.

For example, there are a crap ton of 'health' studies funded by Gatorade but although the conclusions SOUND reasonable, they are based on faulty experimental design and faulty results and fudged statistics - all designed to validate the fundamental premise that Gatorade wants them to validate.

This is the same case with the often touted 'Food pyramid' that the American and Canadian government releases claiming it is the 'most nutritious' way to eat. The food pyramid is wrong and was not based upon strong science, but was rather done for political reasons.

1 upvotesgrandaddychimp2 years ago

No, that doesn't prove the science wrong. Saying the science is wrong just because the people conducting it had an agenda is an ad hominem logical fallacy.

2 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

ad hominem logical fallacy

Not it isn't. If the scientists had an agenda, that means that they set up the experiment in such a way to 'prove' their preconcieved notions (you don't really 'prove' anything in science but for lack of a better word atm I am using it). That is why the 'science' is thrown out.

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to set up an experiment to validate any conclusion you want. That is how feminist bullshit gets touted as science.

2 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

I work in pharmaceuticals. Science has really kowtowed to market logics long ago. EVERY Company has fixed studies to help reps enhance their sales.

2 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

I work in pharmaceuticals. Science has really kowtowed to market logics long ago. EVERY Company has fixed studies to help reps enhance their sales.

1 upvotesEndTimesRadio2 years ago

Who is funding the agenda and why?

18 upvotesSallac2 years ago

Literal proof that PC shaming exists and works.

65 upvotesThe-Peter-Principle2 years ago

Damn Australia, if you're going to throw scientific integrity out of the window, assume the conclusion and commission a study to prove your beliefs, at least FIX the results you tools.

Scientific Malpractice 101, status: FAILED

10 upvoteslaserdicks2 years ago

Sadly it just shows that we've jumped the shark so bad that they don't even need to pretend any more...

*Sigh "back in my day..."

7 upvotesThe-Peter-Principle2 years ago

I think you may well be right. Brazen, unapologetic manipulation. The really nasty shite is the state of Victoria with its brainwashing of little kids about male privilege.

2 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK2 years ago

They should have hired a consultant in marxist science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

50 upvotesLimekill2 years ago

The positive discrimination was strongest for Indigenous female candidates who were 22.2% more likely to be shortlisted when identifiable compared to when the applications were de-identified."

Ahh yes.... ZERO surprise there.

I recently told a family to get their girl into physics, computers, etc as it would provided better employment opportunities. This was born out latter when a firm offered to pay her $20 per hr for any time she shows up to at their offices (she is still in school) - of course there was no offer for males.

18 upvotessigma2722 years ago

The saddest part for me is the fact that we are slowing down our progress as a species by forcing institutions to take less qualified people. We should be on Mars by now, not focusing our scientific efforts on cutting off the dicks of mentally unhinged men.

10 upvotesPowerVitamin2 years ago

These girls that end up in engineering are total deadweight in the office, just like they were in the meetings. They can only survive in large companies where the bureaucracy protects them.

5 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

This is absolutely right. Most women should not be in STEM or logic based professions. The amount of special treatment is so systemic that it's become engrained. Little engineer Susie having a hard time, fine someone to "help" her. Which means have another engineer do most of the work. If it's a serious project then they insulate the fuck out of her by filling the team with guys known for "giving it their all" or whatever beta hardworking bullshit motivational quotes they use.

The worst part is they make just as much without having to work as hard and the imperative means they'll still get promoted up the ranks.

Edit: fixed a word

128 upvotesThe-Devilz-Advocate2 years ago

It's Australia, nothing new here.

4 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

Its a shame, an older relative of mine visited Australia years ago and said it was great. Dont think hed recognize it the way it is nowadays

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is why we shouldn't have Queens

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

I am From Australia and can confirm.

118 upvoteselectricspresident2 years ago

This is why someday if I start my own company and hit success I will make the hiring process without gender identification that way when Canadian government comes after me for discrimination or not meeting quotas I can show em the finger

54 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Unfortunately, they would probably force you to implement some quotas or bullshit like that.

29 upvoteslaserdicks2 years ago

haha yeah, you made the mistake of assuming that clear, unbiased evidence is really just a marketing tool effective on a rapidly dwindling segment of the population.

It won't be long before they don't need to pretend it's in the name of equality any more.

2 upvotesMcDrMuffinMan2 years ago

I love how the left pretends that "they're the party of science" but only until it's convenient

10 upvotesBrokenmonalisa2 years ago

How would you get through the interview process without knowing their gender?

13 upvoteselectricspresident2 years ago

No I'm just talkin about the resume part where you assign an ID number and then set up an interview based on the resume. Obviously the final part of hiring will be face to face but by then all paperwork related to unbiased judgement has been covered. Not only that tho, if a woman succeeds at the interview better than other candidates I would hire her. There's a lot of tests & profiling these days in the hiring process that try to improve fairness. The problem is that currently I've read & heard of candidates getting picked for interviews cause of the gender.

In the quest for equality & diversity companies have ended up hiring more women and more incapable workers resulting in massive losses and eventual business crashes. Vasiliy would tell u a whole more about all this. There's a reason women are put more into HR cause they love starting shitt and drama.

Of all departments in a company with politics involved HR will have the most issues. It's really crazy now.

6 upvotesWhorehouseVet2 years ago

Justin Trudope the male feminist would like to have a word with you, mister.

20 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

This is outrageous, but the one positive we can take is that scenarios such as this can be a stepping stone to 'waking-up'.

Scientific disciplines are, for the time being, still filled mostly by beta males trained to be rational thinkers (again for the time being). Imagine working on this study as a male only to see a gross injustice like this that flies in the face of everything you've ever trained in- I'm angry and I don't even like science.

It's bullshit like this that creates the Gamergates, the Seth Richs etc. Every little bit helps to swing the pendulum back to where it should be.

Also- this was reported on by the ABC (our government funded national broadcaster) albeit on the 24 news channel that nobody watches and early in the morning. Some how they managed to spin that it was men's fault- no surprises there

EDIT: Changed 'subsidised' to 'funded'

16 upvoteslaserdicks2 years ago

Does this really surprise anyone though?

I think science beta males (and they truly are shockingly beta) are too thirsty to ever take a stand.

Business men though don't give a fuck and will just find ways around any enforced feminism (finding ways around regulation is pretty well the main structure these days already).

6 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

"Wimmin are equal but oppressed" is believed so deeply as to be believed as axiomatic truth.

Why? Because people literally DARE NOT EVEN THINK that women might be unequal. Just try and say "women are different to men" in polite company and see what happens.

The feminist/left/whiteknights/gullible fools of the world have shut down the discussion into gender differences.

If the facts contravene women-are-equal-but-oppressed? Well in that case, the facts must simply be wrong.

142 upvotes4224562 years ago

Young Australian here.

Australia is by far one of the most SJW cucked countries on the planet.

As ethnic minorities have migrated over the years they have not assimilated into Australian culture - and in turn they have become demanding on the government. Since there is so many cultures - the government can't play favourites and made a mistake in giving handouts (the doll) to a few, and then eventually all of them. They are too afraid to take a stance because of Murdoch media. This has invaded all aspects into Australian life where companies are forced to keep gender and culture ratios balanced in the workplace.

Australia is pretty much America 2.0 - except imagine every single woman is up themselves and entitled as - and don't throw away pussy what so ever.

54 upvotesAussiecuntTRP2 years ago

Yep. Also a young Australian here.

I think this is becoming the way of the world unfortunately. I read about shit like this coming from many countries. America, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany to name a few. And of course I've seen it first hand in Australia.

Pretty much every guy and girl I meet is BP to some extent. Believing that man should always provide for the woman and listen to what she says etc. My dad, mum, two sisters and their boyfriends all believe this.

The facade of "male privilege" is still running rampant. Victorian children are going to be taught about how they're bad for being born male.

Every university in the country has safe spaces, diversity councils etc. and some even have mandatory anti-rape seminars.

This country is entering a dark and scary place. You'll see in 20 years massive increases in male suicide because of being taught from kindergarten that men are bad and that all women's problems are their fault.

And here is the absolute worst thing about it. We don't have free speech laws. It is well within the realm of possibility that laws will be passed to prevent RP ideas being discussed altogether. It could become illegal to stand against feminism. Can you fucking believe that.

14 upvotesexit_sandman2 years ago

It could become illegal to stand against feminism. Can you fucking believe that.

As a European: Yes, I can. Section 2, bullet point e.

Granted, it's just a framework and not a law, but it shows the thought processes of some people. To them, being opposed to feminism is like being an antisemitic gay-hating racist totalitarian (i.e. a Nazi).

1 upvotesPowerVitamin2 years ago

Don't worry. The Queen will die soon and the Anglosphere will change it's view of the monarch. However, the hole that has been dug for this generation is deep.

41 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"dole" not "doll". The government doesn't give out a single giant doll for unemployed people to play with :).

Edit: Typo

1 upvotessnarkcommenter2 years ago

I laughed when I read doll, but I knew he meant dole. As in dole out the money.

1 upvotesmuyuu2 years ago

UK here. I had a minute to fantasise that it was the Aussie spelling for the dole.

1 upvotesP4_Brotagonist2 years ago

Damn that's really too bad. I would get in on that.

1 upvotessadscraps2 years ago

Also young Australian here, this guy is half full of shit.

We deifinitely have a lot of migrants, but the last time the Australian bureau of statistics did a census of the ethnic population in 2011 or whatever it was 92% white. In Brisbane, Perth, Sydney (big liberal cities) its multicultural but we're far from a sjw shit hole. The media is full blown SJW sure but hardly anyone watches fucking television because its nothing but master chef and the block and the project. The majority of Australian youth is indifferent. The girls are the epitome of modern 21st woman, but the guys are either red pill, red pill without knowing due to being out of the loop, centre indifferent or just a harmless dorky dude. You few liberal feminist Marxist types but you do have em.

My gf and I are full red pill trads and the people we all talk to at uni agree with our ideas, just without overtly knowing the full extent of this information in a modern setting.

Australia is largely centre right, and has pretty traditional values once you ask someone other than a uni student, teacher or gen X'er in media. People are just normies who just go with the flow, but when it becomes too much, the red neck comes out SEE: abbot and 'stop the boats'

15 upvotesrowan7712 years ago

Agreed, Abbot was a fucking joke though, literally an embarrassment on the international stage...

8 upvotesComplainyGuy2 years ago

I miss 2006 redpill when the poster you replied to would be shunned for being an emotionally driven illogical whiney bitch completely disconnected with reality.

Why is redpill, these last 5 years, now an outrage emotional porn sub instead of a sub for truth and reasoning?

1 upvotesPowerVitamin2 years ago

In Canada, we have a city, Richmond, (suburb of Vancouver) that is over 70% Asian, as of 2011. Trudeau government stopped the ethnicity question in the 2016 census. The problem is that our west coast is largely dependent on land value (real estate is 30% of GDP) and foreign (Chinese) yen artificially inflate the value of housing to the point where no young Canadian will be able afford Vancouver in their lifetime. And we won't do anything about it soon because Canada is a primary industry nation that has the rest of GDP in Softwood Lumber and Crude Oil and Gas. Of course, Oil price has been shit on by Saudi Arabia, and Canadian Softwood Lumber got shit on by Donald Trump's tariff policy. Land value is all Canada has. Everyone wants to live here. So selling out the land from under our children's feet is the only way to maintain GDP, taxation, and growth. Ignoring completely the problems of Gen X, and Millennials, who can't afford homes, can't afford women, and are being ethnically cleansed from the centers outwards while our boomers waste 8 hours a day in front of the TVs watching CNN, and worse CBC to maintain status quo.

2 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Good for you on calling out the truth. Asian's and especially mainland chinese are more dangerous than many of the other minorities.

They come into the west with cash, drive the fuck up out of property values in one area, then use that base to push Asians into politics which allow the shit to spread to neighboring areas.

They then get into jobs where they hire and promote mostly Asians or the occasional minority feminine male to throw off discrimination claims.

All the while they love socialism and marxism and best of all, they hate and discriminate against the native population. All the while they're quite about it and few people are willing to speak up. 80% of Asian women in the US voted for Hilary. Bam.

1 upvotesricksy2 years ago

We deifinitely have a lot of migrants, but the last time the Australian bureau of statistics did a census of the ethnic population in 2011 or whatever it was 92% white.

Got a source for that champ? Because the ABS says otherwise...

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Bro, in one sweep your entire country handed over it's last bastion against tyranny. The government said turn in your guns and everyone complied. Done. It's hard to believe most people there redpill.

1 upvotessadscraps2 years ago

Bro maybe that's because the times have changed, and its not 1776 anymore, and we dont need fucking crazy aboriginals, wogs and bogans with rifles whenever they have an alcoholic chimp out.

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Drink that australian blue pill narrative bro. Take their guns and give up yours. You don't even realize how deep you're still in.

14 upvotesDr_D1amond2 years ago

Australian women dont throw away pussy ?

What happened to the reputation that Australian women were super easy ?

49 upvotes4224562 years ago

Only the Aussie girls who travel mate - just like any girls who travels, there easy when there not in there own country

9 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

Yup - as soon as the risk of judgement from people they know is gone - the true colors show.

16 upvotesDSetupDTitleDMenu2 years ago

Oh, they're hard to catch. They all pride themselves on being "strong, independent womyn" when it's obvious they live by mooching off everyone else and pride themselves on being prudish bad biatches. Bitchy and sarcastic is the feminine norm here. Sure, they change their tune once Chad picks them up from behind, but Australian incel guys are all incel to the core. Hookup culture isn't a thing, not even in uni.

It's why I didn't even bother with skirt chasing until now.

1 upvotesMind43dom2 years ago

What the fuck are you talking about ?

There's a huge hookup culture in girls in Australia.

Jesus go out in the valley in Brisbane, parramatta in Sydney, st kilda in Melbourne, Adelaide CBD, northbridge in Perth.

Plenty of girls who only want hookups.

I've noticed over the last 10 years there's a far bigger hookup culture especially with tinder.

2 upvotesPowerVitamin2 years ago

I don't know if Canada is different. But I was in a huge hook up culture about 7 years ago in College. Having up to 3 girls a night. But I think Tinder has actually changed the game in the other direction.

I had a girl who texted me saying she "is wet". So I texted back asking what she was wearing and she said only a towel. So I called her and she didn't want me to come over. 7 years ago that would be code word for being horny.

I think all millennials want is validation. I can't say this is the free sex era anymore. This is the instant validation era.

3 upvoteslaserdicks2 years ago

Their strategy is to pick a "caretaker boyfriend" who they can point to whenever a sub <their number+2> hits on them. When the <their number +2> comes along though they'll fuck him and go back to their "boyfriend" for free pizza.

I'm not certain that these chumps are aware that they're getting sloppy seconds once every 4 weeks, but surely it'd be impossible not to.

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

You know those chumps don't know bro. Until they swallow the red they're living the blue.

3 upvotesthomascoopers2 years ago

Dude - the commenter is way out of whack. It isn't difficult to get laid here, trust.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They are, the guys on this sub who can't fuck Australian women en masse need this sub more than anyone.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Australia places after Germany. Sweden is between them.

German women are by far the worst, unless you are rich, good-looking or experienced. Every woman lives up to the epitome of a cunt until Oktoberfest...then they let loose animals within.

2 upvotesDSetupDTitleDMenu2 years ago

I feel for the minorities here down under. Those who actually want to fit in with the rest of society are always the only minority in their friend group. It's pretty tough when you can't really find anyone you can relate to.

1 upvoteskez882 years ago

I live in Melbourne, I don't think its quite that bad actually. I've seen a fair few programs and ads and stuff around here that even show some support for men which is quite surprising. It's still more femcentric biased, but what first world country isn't these days. Girls here still put out super easy as well. Better quality average of girls as well than most other places I've been (europe, U.S etc)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

and don't throw away pussy what so ever.

Look, I'm on this sub so I've had my issues with women/s, no doubt. But Australian women are the easiest lays on the planet, equal first with every other anglosphere country, and Sweden.

The feminst media in Australia is Fairfax, not Murdoch. Murdoch papers are mostly rubbish (The Australian is the exception and has some high quality journalism) but SMH is much worse, see the Daily Life section which is an ode to female victimhood.

Re any cultures: Living in London, I like the diversity. Diversity itself isn't the problem, how it's managed is.

Australian immigrants don't integrate very well. I believe this due to the planning laws as much as anything else. E.g. London has houso's living next to billionaires, where's Australian cities are stratifed by money. Hence Sydney and Melbourne are segregated on class and ethnic lines. However Australia has done a remarkable job at peacefully bringing in large numbers of immigrants: 27% of all Australians weren't born there, the largest of any major country by far. By comparison , the US and UK are about 11% each.

The issue is time. We are an incredibly young culture (as opposed to nation). Australia's identity is permanently in flux and more so than any other nation for the reason above, there are always people redefining what it is to be Australian and undermining what few values we have.

1 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

Australia is by far one of the most SJW cucked countries on the planet.

I think Canada would give you guys a run for your money.

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Here's what I'd like to know about Australia. How many single late 30's and 40's women are there? I'm imagining even the most beta males wouldn't wife up these women. Especially since I heard the aussie girls are grown large.

You would think once half the population of middle aged women are single people would start waking the fuck up.

1 upvoteschambertlo2 years ago

Shit, that's another place I would never want to visit.

1 upvotesNarrator_neville2 years ago

Piss off mate, easy to blame women for you being a little shit.

-4 upvotesPurplePickel2 years ago

except imagine every single woman is up themselves and entitled as - and don't throw away pussy what so ever.

Oh, you poor thing. It must be so hard going through life without women lining up to let you fuck them. That is seriously some incels tier bullshit.

-11 upvotesrudeyjohnson2 years ago

If any country deserves to be overrun by SJWs and cucks it's yours. Sorry mate but big daddy govt needs to keep her main voterbase happy.

Stop lying America would never treat native americans the way you lot treat aborigines. LMAO

16 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

Being overrun by SJW's and cucks would mean aboriginals were treated better. You need to make up your mind.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

in which way are aboriginals treated bad?

The positive discrimination was strongest for Indigenous female candidates who were 22.2% more likely to be shortlisted when identifiable compared to when the applications were de-identified."

8 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

They are not. They are supported by governments, communities, churches, local councils, businesses, virtue signalers ad infinitum to the tune of billions of dollars ($45,000 per person if I recall correctly)..

Most of their issues are brought upon them by themselves. But it is all blamed on white settlers because we 'invaded' their land with our invasion force of 2 ships and a couple of sheep. Now we are stuck in the situation where you are rasicst if you say come and join us in modern society because it doesn't respect their heritage, but also racist if you leave them to their own devices which involves alcohol, drug, chemical, spousal and child abuse.

In the past we did what we thought was right and removed children from these homes so they could have a proper up bringing. That is now called the 'stolen generation' and if you don't apologise for past generations doing this, even though you weren't even alive then, you are also called a racist.

2 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

What are aboriginals really like? I've only read some ridiculously over-the-top stories on /pol/.

I feel a little bad saying this, but they don't even look fully human to me. If they weren't still walking around and someone dug up an old aboriginal skull, I guarantee the scientific community's first thought would be that they had found evidence of a new species.

1 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

Anyone who tells you they are the same as us has never lived near them. They are human, but on the whole they are primitive and not suited to living in modern society (there are exceptions of course- but these are mostly not full-blooded)

The question that everyone skirts around is that either they are primitive (which you can't say), or that they are the same as us but purposely choose to be uncivilized.

It would be nice to not be racist, but facts are facts: they are one generation out of the trees. /pol/ is right.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

so australia is as bad as my country (germany) then... are there any decent countries left?

6 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

It would be if we weren't so isolated. Australia is a hostile place- one that was tamed by hard working men so that everyone can now live in abundance (for the moment). So most people aren't awake to this SJW cultural marxism yet.

I'm hoping that Sweden collapses and serves as a warning before it gets as bad as it sounds in Germany here. Viel Glück mein deutscher Freund...

7 upvotesLook_Ma_Im_On_Reddit2 years ago

Cunt if they actually wanted to work we wouldn't have a problem, they'd rather lay around drunk or high on petrol and abuse every white person that walks by.

13 upvotesmeaningintragedy2 years ago

The same happened recently when GitHub decided their call for paper process would be gender unbiased. Only men where selected.

1 upvotesnewls2 years ago

GitHub also stopped their patchwork quilt of Employees of the Month by objective criteria because male employees consistently won it every month. Blatant sexism!

20 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Similar results have been reported when phone interviews obfuscate the applicants voice. Turned out women were getting preferential treatment, and when anonymised women did worse.

End result same as this study: quietly dismissed because it didn't fit the narrative.

Obviously "men are being prejudiced against, we should fix this" never occurred to anybody.

8 upvotesdesbest2 years ago

Can I see the source of this telephone study?

-5 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I hate that I can't say anything on here without people demanding "cite sources or I invalidate your argument", as if THEY are right because I haven't provided enough references.

Do your own research. I'm not publishing scientific papers here, I'm telling you what I've found out about the world. I don't have a list of references. The study exists, go do your own work.

16 upvotesdesbest2 years ago

If we never had to provide evidence for any social phenomenon, anyone could make any claim and demand anyone to believe it without merit. Feminists would be able to say we live in a patriarchy and rape culture and demand others believe it without providing a shred of evidence.

I found a source now.


5 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

And now that you've found it for yourself, don't you feel that it's more genuine than if you followed a link I prepared?

4 upvotesdesbest2 years ago

I never once doubted you. Stop being paranoid.

1 upvotesAGallopingMonkey2 years ago

Yeah man relax. He probably wanted it for the same reasons I do, to pull it out in some future debate where I can ruffle some feathers. Nobody was discrediting you. He just asked on the off chance you had it readily available.

2 upvotesAeiexgjhyoun_III2 years ago

That's like telling someone God is real and that if they do not believe you they should find their own evidence

27 upvotesdamanamathos2 years ago

You do a trial to find out what the results are. They did that, and published it in a paper. Of course they stopped the trial after the study is done. Strange title.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

We used to have such a great country.

3 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

You still do. The powers that be want to fuck masculinity up - but Australia is pretty OK right now in terms of sexuality, RPness and traditional values.

Just your media + govt (same thing) are fucked up

7 upvoteshatefulreason2 years ago

but we've known this for like 20 years, the jobs can be done with a little less staff so let's hire some females to entertain and do the menial tasks. not to mention that in hospitality, tv and any job that involves dealing with people, the females are predominant because dumbasses would rather look at them than appreciate quality content

7 upvotesBigSloppySunshine2 years ago

Seriously. When's the last time you saw a woman on a construction site not holding a sign or a man answering phones at a receptionist desk?

Women get the easy jobs. Always. Working in a factory I saw that first hand. It pissed me off so much but HR basically told me to fuck off. They were all women, of course. With easy fucking desk jobs sitting around talking all day.

6 upvotesShort-changedChad2 years ago

There is a special place in hell reserved for the women on construction sites holding a sign. The look on their faces like they are about to be shipped to the Gulag, while they stand there earning the same amount per hour as the man using tools and equipment that could easily end his life if he is not careful. Fuck those entitled cunts.

6 upvotesMechanical_One2 years ago

It's obvious that the average competent of women is far lower than that of men and a mixture of SJW conditioning and male protective instinct has pushed women into positions far in excess of their actual commercial value.

1 upvoteslaserdicks2 years ago

I wouldn't say far lower. Just 6% lower. And then, only lower in the areas of work that the study was focused.

They're much more competent than men at more feminine tasks such as nurturing and home related activities.

1 upvotesMechanical_One2 years ago

Women do less well than men as things are and 6% worse than that when their sex is hidden.

5 upvoteschief-w2 years ago

There name is BETA. That alone made me laugh. The rest pretty clear. Having scientific proof that women have it easier in the job market isn't enough. They are setting the stage to move into "bigger and better" things for themselves.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'd like to see more of these for race. I know the military promotes based on race

6 upvotessigma2722 years ago

That's why I left academia and started a manufacturing business. I get to do 200% more science (and pick my own projects) with 10% of the politics. Plus, you'd be surprised at how intelligent and "woke" a lot of blue collar guys are.

3 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

I applied to a bank a little while ago. At the end of the application it had a bunch of questions regarding gender/sexual orientation/disability.

I made the mistake of answering these questions. I can't help but feel they didn't hire me because I'm white and a male. Bare in mind this particular bank you can go into any branch in my city and count on one hand the number of white males that work there.

Now if I get the minority test again I decline to answer.

3 upvotesrtomyj2 years ago

For what it's worth:

I applied to a hospital for about 5 positions the beginning of the summer. Among one was an office receptionist of sorts. I got a phone interview and even before that I knew I wasn't going to get the job. Honestly, how many men do you see taking patient information?

Any who, i got the phone interview and apparently the job pays $14.50 an hour. I'm finishing up my Bachelors and that money would've helped so much. I have an associates on SCIENCE. Not Arts, not Gen Ed. I also am majoring in computer science. I have two certificates in C++ and Java. Typing is no issue for me. I also work full time while attending school. Long list of customer facing experience. I also worked at a kids arcade for 2.5 years and am very comfortable around kids.

I really hope I didn't get the job because someone with less qualifications than me had tits. Maybe they did pick someone better than me but I highly doubt you're gonna get someone more efficient than a CS major at typing in data, with years of customer service, and great academic achievements for a receptionist job.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can bet no man got hired for the job.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Can a mod explain why this got removed?

2 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

What the fuck is positive discrimination?

1 upvoteswrackit2 years ago

This thread is a cesspool of niceguys & neckbeards.

3 upvotesdrewskibfd2 years ago

I gave up after I read the word "cuck"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

How am I supposed to get out of the anger phase when I keep reading things like this? Fuck, the world pisses me off.

1 upvotesbillmartin34912 years ago

Can everyone go on the video and down vote it?

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

as someone who lives in Australia, this is nothing new. we are RIGHT behind Sweden and Canada. in this regard. shame everything's so expensive here and we have the shittest dog pile of the internet here.

1 upvotesSickSociety172 years ago

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that unjustly favoring blacks and women is called POSITIVE! discrimination whereas favoring white males is called NEGATIVE discrimination...

because white males are evil and supporting them in any fashion is negative...

1 upvotesPowerVitamin2 years ago

You should look a little deeper and find out that minorities were even more harshly judged for being male.

1 upvotesWhereIsTheEvidence12 years ago

Depends on where you live. In countries with a higher density population in a specific race, you'll see that country supports that race. In the west everyone thinks that white people are privileged, when it actuality, the west offers a level of equality higher than any other civilisation on the planet. To the point where minorities are more privileged than the locals in some instances which is fucking ridiculous that a government would support other people over its own citizens.

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