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Head-swiveling, prolonged stares, and commenting/liking/PMing women's social media is a demonstration of low value and fucks up the SMP.

by dr_warlock on /r/TheRedPill
04 August 2017 12:09 PM UTC
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Social media (the biggest reason for the title) allows you to receive contact from people outside your immediate vicinity (The entire planet to be exact). The average female can receive the attention of a male rockstar from parent's bathroom mirror selfies taken from her cellphone (before she had to use a real camera and upload the photos to her PC with an SD card). Beta males then flood her with a tsunami of compliments, likes, and PM's in hopes of sex, but because they're beta, they think just her acknowledging his existence with a "thank you :)" is a viable substitute. This all takes place in the palm of her hand from several apps opened simultaneously.

If you had sisters or looked at a high school/college girl's phone, you know what I'm talking about. It's such an awe-inspiring experience to see all the texts and app notifications, then they deny these men's intentions. I once saw a girl who had over 300 unread texts from dudes. She said she eventually stopped answering them. Then she showed me her Skype, same thing. I read through the convos. They write several sentences, she writes a few non/fake enthusiastic words back. So many dudes with no game it made me sick. It was so pathetic how desperate they were. To think I used to be these guys feels shameful. It's the same situation in every app after every status and pic.

  • Sidenote: this is not uncommon for women to be flooded with so many messages and friend requests that they just simply stop replying, stop using the app, or make a new profile.

History Lesson for you Youngsters

You readers may be too young to remember, but texting used to be something for logistics only for three reasons:

  • 1) It was new. It did not have a chance to evolve

  • 2) Time. No touch screen and mostly flip phones with pull out antennae. We had letters going left to right, top to bottom arranged in chunks for the numeric pad. You had to cycle through each chunk by clicking to corresponding number multiple times to get to your desired letter. 2 had 'abc'. 3 had 'def'. 4 had 'ghi' (i think) etc. Before smart phones, you had to use a real camera and upload the photos to your PC with an SD card. For this reason, phones were used for logistics only and photo uploading wasn't as frequent by men and women alike.

  • 3) There was no social media or smart phones. The best things to do on your Windows XP computer were MSN messenger/AIM and Limewire (torrent software). Your phone wasn't even capable of e-mail. There were no secondary means of communicating other than e-mail on your PC or a "pager".

People used to call one another and actually pick up the phone or call back promptly, including women. They (women) may not have said much, but they picked up. Today, women purposely ignore it, then text saying "omg, lolz, sorry I missed your call, I was busy." People are distracted by other means of communication and women are by nature scaredy cats and avoid direct means of communication like a phone call if at all possible.

Social media has ruined many many people's ability to communicate. They're afraid of the 'responsibility' implied when calling or answering a phone call. They feel 'trapped' because of the decision to speak or choosing when to hang up, especially when they no longer feel like talking.

Women didn't used to receive many phone calls from hordes of betas like they do IM's and texts today for the same reason women don't answer the phone today, they were scared. Social media didn't ruin women, social media unlocked the gate blocking beta males from smothering women in validation. You used to have to be with a woman in person and have to call her to communicate with her. That barrier, that Great Wall of China, that nuclear bunker keeping beta attention at bay? ==> confidence. Confidence barriers alone excluded 100's of millions of men from the SMP. Not just with women within the beta perpetrator's own SMV, but the women he wouldn't otherwise speak to or even be in the same building as waay out of his league. When people talk about the 'glory 80's, 90's, early 2000's', this is what they were talking about. Smart phones, texting, and social media allow beta males to 'approach' from the safety and ease of behind touch-screen phones and keyboards that provides a psychological buffer to real life rejection and/or anonymity.

Female validation seeking drives and beta male validation are a symbiotic relationship that feed off eachother. The women get validation via attention, compliments, gifts, money, and status. The beta gets validated by a simple "thanks :)" or sometimes less, anything that acknowledges that he exists by a woman.

Facebook, the proof of concept of social media and the beginning of the social media revolution + the smart phone, were a deadly SMP fusion, a binary explosive. Women then started unexpectedly getting attention in much greater quantities than they're used to, then women picked up the pattern and it became a national epidemic and is now spreading across the world (westernizing other cultures).

Calling women today is now "weird". Doesn't matter what you think about how it 'separates you from everyone else'. She most likely wont pick up. Don't bother unless she's your gf. Calling is not as validating as it used to be. Now you're just a drop in the validation/stimulus bucket. By waiting for or answering your call, she's not gaining any extra dopamine spikes as opposed to all the other stimuli. Detached non-in person communication is better.

The Point of This Post

Head-swiveling, prolonged stares (without her initiation or reciprocation), and commenting/liking/PMing women's social media is a demonstration of low value and fucks up the SMP. You must stop this. Most men are looking for validation in the form of female reciprocation of a stare.

"Yay a woman acknowledged my existence as a sexual being."

Glances, phone numbers, text messages, and kisses don't mean shit. It's all about that bang. Woman dress up and go out for the sole purpose of being looked at with desire with no intention of sex whatsoever. All you do by checking her out is elevating her ego and thus her entitlement and bitchy behavior. If the sight or presence of an attractive woman makes your day, you're a loser. Unless you plan and DO approach her, don't even glance her way. I understand that even a woman in your peripheral vision activates an urge to glance but you've got to ignore it.

Do you ever see women's head on a swivel? Especially hot women? I don't think so. They keep their head straight to purpose with no hesitation. They will walk and stand in a way to attract attention but ignore them. You're not a person or even people, you're a validation wave to sooth their ego. You need to do some of the same. Head straight to purpose, especially at the gym. Never check out women at the gym. Stare at the wall, the floor, into space or yourself in the mirror. I promise you, you will never get laid by staring at a woman. She just goes "teehee, i got a glance , I win" and disregards you. Every other guy will do it, but you won't. I've seen women try to get my attention and focus on me when I go out of my way not to even look their way. I find it rather humorous.

Q: If you don't look at women, how do you know if she's interested?

A: If a woman likes you, she will initiate IOIs via her face or body langauge that can be detected with a 'pass-over glance' or your peripheral vision. Women that are attracted are the male equivalent of beta males. They're easy to spot. The problem is most men aren't exposed to attractive women (or women in general) in their day to day lives, so when they finally see one, they have a scarcity mindset. This is a 'proximity problem' which will be addressed in a later post.

I can already hear it, "muh alpha eye contact that moistens panties."

Shut up.

It should be noted doing a quick/periodic scan of the room for situational awareness is not what I'm talking about. That should always be done. But ask yourself, if you the knew your location was 100% dudes and that wasn't going to change anytime soon, how would you act? Would you scan the room? No, you wouldn't. You'll catch yourself doing it without thinking; it's instinctual, specifically if you're not getting any or not around women a lot. Always act like you have abundance even if you dont have any.

Interacting With Women On Social Media

Unless a girl posts a photo of you or talks about you, NEVER EVER compliment/like any photo or status of hers. Don't even read her Snapchat stories that shows who read them. Give her absolutely nothing. Merely existing is not praiseworthy. Being good looking is not an accomplishment. Never PM a woman unless you've approached or spoken in person and she expects your friend request.

Notice when you watch porn, you have a virtually unlimited selection of dopamine inducing material to choose from. You scroll mindlessly through video after video. Probably have multiple tabs opened unable to decide which virtual woman to jerk off too. Women have the exact same thing except the virtual women are real life men competing for her attention on every app. She simply pulls out her phone and gets a bombardment of sexual selection. But there's a one main difference, VALIDATION IS SEX TO WOMEN. Every man she sees on her screen liking, commenting, messaging, or staring at her is like a man jacking off to a single video. She feels like a celebrity because,in a way, she is, but her SMV remains the same. She thinks because her options have increased, it must be because her SMV increased, but that's not true. Socioeconomic status doesn't increase her SMV, it just places her in closer proximity to higher status guys. Now you have a bunch of 5's thinking they're 7's and so forth.

Think about that last point. A girl uploads the same photo to 5 different apps. Then each guy she's 'friends' with likes or upvotes it on every app + maybe another comment. It's like a girl is living 5 lives of praise simultaneously, a parallel universe of validation for years.


Head-swiveling, prolonged stares (without her initiation or reciprocation), and commenting/liking/PMing women's social media is a demonstration of low value and fucks up the SMP. You must stop this.

Validation is something you must withhold to keep women in check. They fish for it in the highest metaphorical sense with erogenous region revealing bait or "i'm so sad" bait, or virtue signaling bait such as "I wish people didn't hurt the horsies" (standing_next _to_a _horse _in_bootyshorts.jpg), any attention they can garner because it's like sex to them. In other words, women will substitute validation for the physical pleasure of sex with you. The second you give it away, she no longer feels the need to put in effort.

If you experienced the waves of attention women hold in the palm of their hand, you would act more similar to today's women (entitled bitches with inflated standards) than you think. It's horrible for the soul. The validation of a male rockstar for a meh woman with just a couple bedroom-selfies sitting on her ass watching TV eating ice cream.

Always talk to attractive women like they're not hot. Even sometimes like they're a dude. You need to keep their egos down and make them work for that gender specific treatment. I promise they will notice and take a higher interest in you for doing so. The hotter they are, the more they notice

Stop giving free validation. You're just fucking yourself out of a fuck.

End transmission.

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