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Young Men & The Empathy Gap - "Young male suicide rates have increased 50% since 1994."

by IllimitableMan on /r/TheRedPill
18 August 2017 05:27 PM UTC
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So I was reading an article on Psychology Today and was pleasantly surprised to read a rather red pill piece that was very much in line with The Suffering of the Lost Boys piece I wrote a few years back, be it that it's Psychology Today, I was expecting nothing but complete feminist tosh. But then Gad Saad and Roy Baumeister of Florida State have columns on there, so I suppose my preconception was wrong and they at least make a degree of effort to publish articles from psychologists all over the political spectrum. That aside, let's get into the analysis.

Everyone knows a young man who is struggling, either in school or afterward; "failing to launch," with emotional disturbances, in interactions with the opposite sex, or with drug use and gang activities.

He is observing the increase in boys and young men who are emotionally unstable, economically unsuccessful and incompetent with women. Low status males. The outlier here is the men who engage in gang activities, they very may well be emotionally unstable, but many have romantic and economic success. Regardless, they are all symptoms of the same thing - an absence of masculine influence in the lives of young men, an abundance of women in the education system and an epidemic of single motherhood leaving many young boys and men without any access to masculine influence. Gang activity, emotional instability, and an inability to talk to the opposite sex are byproducts of this.

In the animal kingdom, parents pass on their hunting skills to their young. The same concept can be applied to fathers and their boys. On the note of gang activity: many gang members tend to be from single mother households, and form the gang as a way of maintaining a male space to learn masculinity and climb what Peterson would call the dominance hierarchy.

Mass shootings have tripled since 2011, with the majority being carried out by young men, while young male suicide rates have increased 50 percent since 1994.

Here he tries to really emphasise the extreme degree of young male instability. Interestingly, the study he links to to support this statistic defines "young males" as aged 10-24 and the time range measurement for the occurrence of said suicides to be between 1994 and 2012. Suffice to say, at least one 10 year old boy somewhere out there found life so unbearable, he killed himself. Despicable.

Nobody sees investing in boys’ development as “worth it” and as a result boys today are growing up and deciding that it is not worth it for them to invest their time and energy back into their communities. For many, virtual reality has become a safe haven, and in some instances more structured and rewarding than reality. Thus we see the emergence of terms such as hikikomori, diaosi, bamboccioni, and NEETs, along with the rise of movements such as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Who can blame them for wanting to opt out?

I think MGTOW is the outlier here. A lot of MGTOWs are divorced men who simply cannot find it within themselves to trust a woman again, and have decided to opt out. Sure, there are some young MGTOWs, but I'm not entirely sure they comprise the majority of that RP demographic. Would need to conduct a survery to see representativeness distributions by age, but he's pretty on point with the other terms. NEETs are "Not in education, employment or training" and the hikkomori is a Japanese phenomenon where people don't leave the family home and start their own lives, but stay at home most of the time in a state of extreme introverted seclusion well into their 30's.

The rotten fruits of feminism have led to boys who are poorly equipped to deal with the world as men, and as such they escape from the difficulties of life by anaesthetising themselves with video games and porn. People often attribute these things as reasons for the rise in male underachievement, however I believe this to be an inversion of cause and effect, and that these things are rather the coping mechanisms of choice for dealing with the difficulties that face the young blue pill beta male, not the cause of those difficulties. The causes are mentioned by Zimbardo in the next paragraph:

Just one out of five elementary and middle school teachers is male, and fatherlessness in America remains above 40 percent. Among boys who do have fathers, the amount of time they spend in one-on-one conversation with their dads is only a fraction of the time they spend in front of a TV or on a computer, where they see men represented as emotionless warriors, hapless dads, or losers who can’t get anything right. In other words, many boys are going from male-absent home environments to male-absent school environments back to male-absent home environments where they then watch toxic male role models on a screen; this begs the question: what kind of future are they supposed to envision for themselves?

He somewhat subtly says boys and young men are failing in life, killing themselves more and engaging in more delinquent behaviour due to a lack of masculine influence in their lives, and that single motherhood has a lot to answer for in this regard.

If you're interested in reading the full article for yourself, you can read it here:


You can read my take on the subject here: https://illimitablemen.com/2014/05/08/the-suffering-of-the-lost-boys/

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250 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

In other words, many boys are going from male-absent home environments to male-absent school environments back to male-absent home environments where they then watch toxic male role models on a screen; this begs the question: what kind of future are they supposed to envision for themselves?

The destruction of the family through female-first laws (no-fault divorce, alimony, child support, female-gets-the-children) followed by the elimination of male teachers, especially those that dare present any challenge to the gyno-centric world, followed by the removal of male lecturers from colleges, combined as u/IllimitableMan says with constant negative role models on TV and relentless criticism of masculinity (toxic), means that many young men have zero positive male role models.

Men face relentless criticism both for not being female enough (nothing will appease the SJW outrage machine) AND for not being masculine enough ("god I hate it when nice guys are nice to me"). They are expected to provide all the benefits of female privilege to the female with none of the advantages of any privilege at all.

Young men are criticised for all the made-up sins of their forefathers and made to apologise for them. Your great-grandfather died working down a coal mine trying to provide for his family? Well you need to apologise for the fact that he didn't let his pregnant wife go dancing with Chad, that sexist shitlord.

No wonder so many of them try to supplicate to the feminine - they are presented with no other viable examples of how else to lead their lives. Being a white knight looks like the only socially-acceptable option in life. The only way to be respected (illusory as it is).

Female shaming and shit testing keeps young men in place if they try to think outside the box even for a second. Young women have all the psychological and sexual advantages over young men and thoroughly exploit these advantages to get their voices heard (regardless of the truth of her words). The SMV disadvantage young men face in the dating marketplace is endlessly used by women (but when the flip happens in later in life, his advantage will be criticised as unfair and exploitative, and he will be expected to waste and squander his SMV advantage to the benefit of much older and less attractive women than he could otherwise get).

and engaging in more delinquent behaviour due to a lack of masculine influence in their lives, and that single motherhood has a lot to answer for in this regard.

Women often actively exclude the father from a child's life - and a father showing any red pill awareness will be all the more likely to be excluded. The states colludes with women to allow this, because the state doesn't give a fuck so long as the man pays the woman money so that it doesn't have to.

170 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago
  1. Urge women to be promiscuous. (no slut shaming)
  2. Champion single mother hood.

  3. incentivize divorce.

  4. Make sure females receive the children in divorce.

  5. Shame boys who are already confused about what it means to be a man, about toxic masculinity, thus removing the ambition to become more masculine.

  6. Show weak effeminate role models on T.V. for young men to mimic.

  7. Mix in lots and lots of social and sexual rejection.

  8. Offer gender fluidity, while pushing LGBTQIA+ propaganda EVERYWHERE.

  9. Add in the human need to belong and succeed.

  10. Sit back and watch more and more people claim their gender/sex/sexuality is something that has no basis in biology.

Outcome = Breakdown of the nuclear family creating unhappy humans who will be easily manipulated and controlled.

I came up with this 10 point plan on the fly, you can rearrange, add or subtract whatever you'd like. The outcome will remain the same, unfortunately.

1 upvotesselfsufficientnigga2 years ago

And this is why the ratio of males vs females who have gender dysphoria disorder is heavily skewed towards males.

83 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago

Because to get attention, men have to perform while women can just exist.

7 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Because to get anything, men have to perform while women can just exist.

Fixed that for you. Men must work, you must perform, you have to put in the work, or you get nothing. Not only attention, but money, food, somewhere to live, sex, anything and everything only comes to men if they earn it.

Most of us can't live off others and keep our self respect, but girls greedily and enthusiastically will live like that. I have a very attractive girl who has been hitting on me, and others who flirt every time I see them, who want to leech off me. The very attractive one just broke up with her boyfriend and has been couch surfing, I famously single inmy group so she thinks I'll give her a roof.

Yeah right.

1 upvotesmajaka12342 years ago

couch surfing

I mean 3 out of 5 letters ain't too bad.

19 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Exactly. Male's who become females still get life on easy mode. Thirsty beta's will take of them. That's some raw truth right there.

1 upvotessystemshock8692 years ago

Nah, maybe in certain fucked up circles but those people are seriously fucked in the head and don't have easy lives. Bruce Jenner is an outlier. No man wants a tranny for a partner. None. Only other fucked in the head people want to get with those fucked in the head people.

10 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

I know 6 trannys, mtf, and their lives are anything but easy. Half are post operation, and mostly they fuck each other because nobody else wants them. They can't get decent jobs, and often their family shuts them out. They're cool, good friends of mine, but were always effeminate, more so than the gay men I know.

It's not the stereotype you've been lead to believe. They've got a shit life.

1 upvotesbeam_me_up20172 years ago

I'd like to add the nuclear family is often a cheap substitute for the extended family, because sticking grandma in a nursing home is so much more aesthetic, amirite?

2 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

Women aren't urged to he promiscuous They naturally are and enjoy it. They really struggle being locked down with monogamy

1 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

Sounds simple. Problem is if it goes to the extreme too many will have nothing too lose and everything to risk. Eg. Revolution. But yeah we are decades away from that.

1 upvotesMaelshevek2 years ago

This is so accurate, and it's what I've seen too from the lives of friends and family.

Good Marriage and solid family foundations are what build quality youth. It's awful how many people have kids thinking that they should. They get divorced shortly after and the kids are totally getting screwed. Having children is such a major fucking responsibility, it's mind blowing how daft the population at large is when it comes to making the choice to bring a new human into the world. There's never enough thought or patience before people crank out kids.

-5 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Slut shaming is absolutely retarded and is just something that is established by jelly girls pretty much practicing crab bucket mentality. You have girl mentality if you copy this. Should you girlfriend/wife a promiscuous girl? No. But you shouldnt "slut shame" either thats just borderline idiotic. Bang her, plate her at best, and then move on. No need to "slut shame"

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You do realise that your instinct to plate her is an aspect of slut shaming?

2 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago

He has know idea what my post was referring to. I was talking about societal slut shaming not individual slut shaming sir... get your mind right.

2 upvotesiamanenemy2 years ago

Jesus. I'm about as far from red as you can get and even I know the point of plating. Is this what the sub has become?

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

It is absolutely not. Its more "what makes a good wife" a low n-count is on that list, so if I see a girl with a high n-count i'm not dating her, im banging her/plating her at best, that is it. No need to be a salty beta and put shame on her actions. If shaming is the only thing that makes them not wanna do what they're doing (being promiscuous) then she is being an anti-slut for the wrong reasons and i wouldnt date such woman either way.

Slut shaming is weak. Many beta males practice slut-shaming when they can't get what they want, also as a way of rationalizing like a woman would; "I can't get that woman, but i wouldn't want her anyway because shes a slut"

0 upvotesForeverMaverick2 years ago

Well if you're waiting for a woman who has a moral compass, you're gonna wait a long time. The "being an anti-slut for the wrong reasons" argument is just you trying to protect your ego and showing that you haven't fully accepted the reality as it is yet. It's not you, it's her.

1 upvotesAlanAmpersand12 years ago

Slut shaming is actually an important tactic to ensure there are more wife-able women.

1 upvotesbeardley12 years ago

Wife-able women? You do realize marriage isn't an actual option...

Does anyone even read the sidebar?

28 upvotesvotre-mere2 years ago

It used to be. That's the point. If slut shaming existed, they'd be actual marriages that lasted still. Not as much due to the divorce parts, but still.

1 upvotes_BITCHES_LOVE_ME_2 years ago

If you decide that something like marriage isn't a viable path in life based on 'reading a sidebar' then you're probably an idiot.

I'm not saying it's necessarily a good idea financially but it's a big deal and you'd do well to think about it and make up your own mind in the matter.

-1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Yeah mock them so they feel bad about their actions, im sure that will make some very wife-able women. Not sure if you've seen a girl in high school who has been slut shamed, its basically a girl with daddy issues. If you slut-shame then please do not cry if you cant get laid either.

3 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

mock them so they feel bad about their actions,

Thats the point. Some people gotta learn the hard way.

1 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

im sure that will make some very wife-able women.

This is my problem with this subthread.

The state of women has nothing to do with the current institution of marriage. You can find the most virginal unicorn on the planet with golden hair and shits gold bars; you'd still be a fucking idiot to marry her. The problem is the system, not the women.

Second, women are the campion slut shamers, not men. If I call someone a slut, it's because I acknowledge her accomplishments and plan on furthering her slut career while she is pinned to my dining room table and moaning. She'll get a high five and a slap on the ass on the way out of the door.

basically a girl with daddy issues.

So all of the under 25 then.

-7 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Wtf everyone. This guy is right. It's basic red pill 101, no moralizing. Also slut shaming is weak. It's for men who are still stuck in the blue pill thinking they can wife a fucking unicorn.

All Women Are Like That!!! Awalt. And the guy talking about plating being an aspect of slut shaming, get the fuck out of here. Some of the beta's in here are so god damn stuck in their fucking heads.

Go fuck some bitches man.

54 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

Men face relentless criticism both for not being female enough (nothing will appease the SJW outrage machine) AND for not being masculine enough ("god I hate it when nice guys are nice to me"). They are expected to provide all the benefits of female privilege to the female with none of the advantages of any privilege at all.

Along the lines of AF/BB. You're not hot enough AND/OR you're not doing what I tell you enough. Another argument for the theory that feminism is a form of female sexual strategy.

23 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I'd certainly agree that feminism is the political wing of female sexual strategy.

13 upvotesadam-l2 years ago

I'd certainly agree that feminism is the political wing of female sexual strategy.

As I see it, feminism is one political wing of the female sexual strategy. There are two of them, though. Traditionalism is the other political wing of the female sexual strategy.

Now, just as a dictatorship reveals the true nature of the system, exposing it to the danger of mass disillusionment, feminism, with its arrogance, has done the same to the Female Imperative. Feminism exposed female privilege to common view, thus setting the stage for its undoing.

That's what freaked out traditionalist women. "Shut up, you bitches, they will take wind of us". Late Phyllis Schlafly was the epitome of the female traditionalist. She openly acknowledged the female privileges traditionalism conferred to women, i.e. their right to be lazy, fed, protected, and have their pick of a superior man to father their children (at a time when "work" usually meant factory, not the easy office jobs of today), all these for the minimum price of duty sex.

Two expressions of female privilege, for women to choose from.

A manocentric political motion would require women to contribute sex to the social economy, much the same way men are required to contribute work, taxes, and their lives in case of war.

9 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

There are two of them, though. Traditionalism is the other political wing of the female sexual strategy.

Good point. Both are cherry picked by individual women according to what she prefers.

A manocentric political motion would require women to contribute sex to the social economy, much the same way men are required to contribute work, taxes, and their lives in case of war.

The problem is this:

Women can politically optimise their sexual strategy. Fuck Chad and have everyone contribute taxes to her and have billy beta support her and her children. That's female nirvana, that's fully optimised for women. All men providing for all women, women having as much sex as Chad can provide. We're very close to that with taxed support, late marriage and open cuckoldry.

Men cannot optimise their sexual strategy as a gender. Our best strategy is to fuck lots of hot women and perhaps be close to one who is close to virginal. This is simply not possible for the majority of men to actually have. Either we all fuck sluts or we all marry virgins, we can't all have both. If you subdivide women and say "there will be 50% sluts and 50% will be virgins who marry", then there are not enough of either to go around.

As men, we simply cannot all win. The traditionalist view was hot men pair off with hot women (10's with 10's, 9's with 9's and so on) and this was fine for the long term part but sucked for sexual freedom. The current model is most women having lots of sex with top 20% men and then settling down with a guy more at her level.

This is sort of ok for top men (lots of sex), but they don't get to settle down with a virgin.

It sucks ass for most men who get almost nothing until they settle down with an alpha-widowed single mother.

A manocentric political motion would require women to contribute sex to the social economy, much the same way men are required to contribute work, taxes, and their lives in case of war.

This plan is attacked and shamed... "You dumped her just because she wouldn't have sex with you???"

But you're right. Men need to stop being complicit in everything women want and put their own needs first. I do this in my relationships by refusing to have any that are not based on sex, and if the sex isn't forthcoming then I let my attention wander elsewhere. Done right this is very effective, but most men lack the balls to do this.

TL;DR There is no universal male strategy that will satisfy all men, so there can be no male equivalent of feminism.

5 upvotesadam-l2 years ago

Men cannot optimise their sexual strategy as a gender. Our best strategy is to fuck lots of hot women and perhaps be close to one who is close to virginal. This is simply not possible for the majority of men to actually have. Either we all fuck sluts or we all marry virgins, we can't all have both. If you subdivide women and say "there will be 50% sluts and 50% will be virgins who marry", then there are not enough of either to go around.

I don't think men are biologically hard-wired to look for virginity. Men's undisputed preference for young virgins, is mainly a preference for young, rather than for virgins. Young = more fertile + more available years to raise her children. Contrast, for example, the case of a 33-year old virgin woman, with a 18-year old non-virgin. There is no doubt who's more desirable.

I like to compare men's tendency towards having a particular, "closer" woman, with humanity's turn to herding. While animals were plenty, men didn't have to herd them themselves, they just hunted them. When wild animal population dwindled, men were forced to suffer their dung, in order to have their meat readily available. The same happened with regards to women, since their acquirement of a sexual veto.

Men need to belong in a "tribe", to which they contribute, and which, in turn, cares about their needs. They also need regular sex. These two conditions, belonging and regular sex, were adequate for men's reproduction in the evolutionary era. So, I don't think marriage is a necessary, nor, in fact, a desirable component of a male sexual strategy.

8 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

Do you think that feminism is a subconscious form of sexual strategy?

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My take on feminism is more complex and nuanced. In it's modern form it is a mad and toxic hydra (a dragon/monster from mythology which grows two new heads each time you sever one of it's heads). I think Esther Vilar summed it up best. The initial impetus for feminism was of course very reasonable, it is needed today in Africa and the middle east, but that is a very different thing from the vile ideology of third wave feminism.

What we have now is a beast which has been hijacked by big business as a sales pitch. The ugly girl at the back of the room who wants to be validated has been transformed by modern feminism into the blue haired screaming lunatics that we see on the slutwalk. It is a mockery of early feminism, like a zombie clown.

One has to suspect that publications like Huffington The NYT are really just sellingto their demographic now. Their editors and owners do not care about that nonsense, it simply sells. Write 30% of your articles to reinforce that wimmin are victims and an underclass, it is just clickbait which allows their buyers to feel virtuous. Feminism has been monetised, it is no longer a genuine movement, it has been hijacked. I don't think the general attitude in here that "feminism is just a shit test" holds water. The issue is now far too complicated to be summed up like that.

1 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

My take on feminism is more complex and nuanced.

Of course, I wasn't implying the idea I wrote about (not mine, can't recall who's) is the only reason feminism exists.

What we have now is a beast which has been hijacked by big business as a sales pitch

it simply sells

It's a trend, not a permanent change. Sales and marketing are one of the most realistically measured things, it's very meritocratic, perhaps even a science-like discipline. Once the feminism/SJW hype passes (even by mere desensitizing by population) they will turn to something else (and alt-right will propably say it's b/c of liberalism, regardless of whther it's aligned with them or not, true or not).

I don't think the general attitude in here that "feminism is just a shit test" holds water.

This is true in field, in person and to a certain degree-in general, but still idinividual non-RP m-f dynamics. It's nor a real shit test, b/c women only shit test men they are attracted to. And they are attracted to minority of men, not majority (they don't impose the feminism-as-shit-test on every man not only on "hot" men).

The issue is now far too complicated to be summed up like that.

Strongly agree. Assigning one source, one reason for the rise of something all-encompassing as feminism would be a mistake and create a blindspot.

9 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I think feminism is "women trying to get what women think they want". There is quite a lot of women leading other women against their own best interests (happens in all cultures, male included, due to competition).

"What women want" is based on their instincts and that comes down to sexual strategy because what women want is shaped by biology. Sexual freedom, resource acquisition are sexual strategies.

In answer: yes, but only because what women want, feminism, and sexual strategy are all the same thing.

2 upvotesHector_Castillo2 years ago

Do you think that feminism is a subconscious form of sexual strategy?

Yes. This is all it is. The only reason it got power is because cucks fell for the shit-test. The permutations of it are complex, but the impetus of it is as simple as this.

The only alternative, more nuanced explanation I could see is that ugly, undesirable women used this sexual strategy of mass-shit-testing as a way to convince men via moral shaming to sleep with and give attention to them. Yet, it's still a sexual strategy at the end of the day.

1 upvoteswracky2722 years ago

The only alternative, more nuanced explanation I could see is that ugly, undesirable women used this sexual strategy of mass-shit-testing as a way to convince men via moral shaming to sleep with and give attention to them. Yet, it's still a sexual strategy at the end of the day.

To make them want to sleep with them, not to actually sleep with them. Nice guy neckbeards almost never get fucked, and if they do there was a lot of alcohol involved-- followed by a litany of regret, shame, and backpedaling on the woman's part.

I think the subconscious strategy is to leverage a man's shame (of higher SMV) in order to see her as some sort of fuckable passionate activist.

1 upvoteswishGodWouldTakeMe2 years ago

Is there any further reading on this? I've gotten into The Culture of Critique which argues a similar line regarding cultural Marxism being an evolutionary strategy of ethnic Judaism and I'd love to read a scholarly attempt at the feminine version.

2 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Not sure there is one.

It's talked about a lot on here.

As far as I can see, feminism is a whole load of women pandering to each other. It's partly about sexual strategy, partly about women-first-in-all-regards, partly about giving women an easy life and "positive" discrimination.

And it's insane how much it's got for women, and how men have demanded nothing for their part and thus got nothing.

Women now get free money, keep the kids, (female) victims are always right, always believed, men removed from their own homes because the woman says "I feel unsafe", easy entry into the job market, sexual discrimination laws that are completely one sided. The list goes on.

Is it sexual strategy or just female-first strategy? I'd argue it's the same thing.

1 upvotesMaelshevek2 years ago

I would call feminism a female superiority movement/male demonization movement.

They rarely argue based on anything other than "how bad men are to women", or "anything you can do I can do better". It's about power and rebellion, asserting dominance for the purposes of self defense, monetary gain, personal power, and egotistical narcissism.

It's like racism but with gender, and it's socially acceptable. What a pile

2 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Yup - also "women are victims", simultaneous with strong and independent. The only way to try to make this fly is to blame men for everything, including female behaviour. Sometimes "society" is used as a proxy for men/ other people

1 upvotesMaelshevek2 years ago

So true, it's easier to blame others than take responsibility for bad choices. They play a short term game by maximizing physical beauty and sociability at the expense of maturity and education. It gets them rewards without long term benefits.

The greatest irony is that it's women, not men, who shit on each other so hard about beauty and female conformity. They communally emphasize gold digging and sugar daddies. There's continuous reinforcement to be hot instead of learned. Women don't go into STEM because other women bully them and call them nerds.

It's jaw dropping how shortsighted that community is. The level of groupthink is astounding.

If feminism were actually a sexual strategy its goal would be to find a man of moral character, while at the same time embracing personal edification, and not bowing under peer pressure. Dare I say that living with a moral compass and expecting the same from others might improve the world for all--not just women?

It makes little sense how men at large can be blamed for their behavior.

1 upvotesDarkistco2 years ago

I was very surprised in class recently school started.

I had this class, going to hide some facts, let's call it english. And ms. let's call her sally. ms sally would always be laughing and happy, she made jokes, certain humor that made me laugh, she's hilarious and a great teacher that can make you visualize what she's saying. I ended up not passing because circumstances of not being there.

I am in her class again, and the first day she ask people who have changed their focus, one girl says "nurse to a teacher". she ask who wants to be a teacher. no guys hand raised, and the girl and another raised.

I can't exactly remember her words, but it was similar to "the reality today is, single mothers are whatever % of parents, and women teachers are the majority, so she looks at all of us guys, and says a male role model is important to young boys, that it be a coach or teacher"

she said it better, but anyways

I have a new enjoyment of that class after hearing that, and it's the only woman I've ever heard it from

25 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

Please stay in your English class.

6 upvotesreckful9942 years ago

I ended up not passing because circumstances of not being there.

Yep. That's why he didn't pass English.

1 upvotesDarkistco2 years ago

not sure if attacking the bad grammar or hoping I stay with good teacher. I don't bother fixing the quote or other stuff, becvause it's not worth the time. I'm not a EC preaching to thousands here m8 lol

6 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Fair play to her.

Women usually want as much control as possible at all costs - and that means excluding men and male control.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's cultural Marxism through and through. Best way to combat it is to get more right-leaning and/or redpilled people in academia, media, and entertainment.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The end result being guys like us, who live a portion of their lives, some of them many years, going through the proper motions and behaviors, doing exactly as we were taught, only to wind up confused and depressed because we are clearly seeing plenty of women having sex, only it wasn't with us. Something is wrong but you just can't put your finger on it. Until you manage to luck out and find red pill knowledge. The really weird part about it, both men and women, as in society in general, are much happier with men who have red pill knowledge.

4 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

going through the proper motions and behaviors, doing exactly as we were taught

Sadly we were taught an outright lie, for the benefit of others. "Make money [largely for other people] and a worthwhile woman will want to have sex with you".

It's a complete fabrication designed to benefit the BB side of the hypergamous female sexual strategy.

Something is wrong but you just can't put your finger on it.

Exactly..... you can't put your finger on it because you never hear ANYONE saying "this is all a crock of shit".

The really weird part about it, both men and women, as in society in general, are much happier with men who have red pill knowledge.

Happier yes..... but it does mean less beta bucks / emotional support / marriage for women which is why they hate it so much.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Happier yes..... but it does mean less beta bucks / emotional support / marriage for women which is why they hate it so much.<<

That's not a bad point. Dark, but you may very well be right. Have to ponder that one a while.

2 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Dark perhaps, but there is no question it's true.

Any man undermining the sanctity of marriage is universally attacked by women. They need it, they want it, they need its security, they crave it, they don't have a plan B if they don't get it.

Tell a man not to get married, and any woman in earshot over the age of 25 will attack attack attack. They'll call you a worthless neckbeard loser, and call you a virgin womaniser without any trace of irony.

I've been iconoclastic enough to see how women react to statements criticising marriage. It's not pretty. The gloves come off and they have attempted to destroy me many many times. They just have zero care for me, and total care for their future financial wellbeing... so they just go into all out attack mode.

Try it sometime if you dare.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Oh I've dared, got the scratches, blood and tattered ears to show for it when the claws come out. One thing I have learned is to remember a woman will always try and press your buttons, and say some pretty nasty things to achieve it.

I guess I just kind of thought that, if the majority of men had some basic red pill knowledge, how important leadership was, not complaining about problems, etc you know 101 stuff, both men and women would be happier. But it really wouldn't happen, would it? They would still compete for the top 20% of men, because of the lack of consequences in today's society. Maybe consequences isn't the right word, but you know what I'm referring to - unchecked hypergamy. But if more men knew about hypergamy, there actually would be consequences, less marriages. We are starting to see this I think. But that's probably a result of divorce rape more than understanding hypergamy. Anyway I 'm thinking out loud here and rambling.

You're right, it's a sisterhood of sorts. Always important to understand what you are up against.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

The state gets paid for every dollar they extort from the father, they have incentive to make it as punitive as possible for the father. Hell no they don't want the father involved, that would cut the cash flow from the feds.

3 upvotesAvengerSentinel2 years ago

Female shaming and shit testing keeps young men in place if they try to think outside the box even for a second. Young women have all the psychological and sexual advantages over young men and thoroughly exploit these advantages to get their voices heard (regardless of the truth of her words). The SMV disadvantage young men face in the dating marketplace is endlessly used by women (but when the flip happens in later in life, his advantage will be criticised as unfair and exploitative, and he will be expected to waste and squander his SMV advantage to the benefit of much older and less attractive women than he could otherwise get).

This quote right here is fucking gold. I agree with about 95% of your overall post, one of the best ones I've ever seen you make.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Female shaming and shit testing keeps young men in place if they try to think outside the box even for a second.

It's hard for them to have any influence on you when you intentionally rebel against cultural norms. Their reactions reinforce ones decision to go against the grain and serve only to bolster one's confidence and personal path.

Of course, this perspective is only attained after a 180 degree flip from the traditional Marxist upbringing.

15 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once"

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Self respect is dynamic, though. You can build it up consciously and also lose it consciously.

2 upvotesjackandjill222 years ago

Been waiting for the master to post again. Good to see you back. Saw the Tweet this was inspired by.

76 upvotesUnluckyPenguin2 years ago

A relative of mine took his own life two weeks ago. He was around 30 years old.

Just stating the facts, his father was an abusive gambler that left when they were kids, so his only family was mother and sister.

In his final note he mentioned how he wished he could confide in someone and he also didn't want any fancy funeral. He simply wanted to not exist. Although he wasn't ripped like the guys on here, he wasn't fat either, so he could have found someone if he had any amount of motivation, which he did not. As soon as he lost his job, he probably accepted that he was no longer useful in this world.

The truth is that there is so much more to life than working any 9 to 5 job or being in a relationship with a woman simply because she fills that void.

26 upvotesclonegreen2 years ago

Hate to hear that.

I think its so important for us to admire men in history if one cannot find one in their area. It helps with understanding that you're not alone.

15 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

This is hard to read , I have a cousin who is very self loathing and has admitted to being afraid of women several times. one of my goals was to form a more masculine connection and support system with him but it's os hard with men like that because if he's not around me having a good time he is at home in his room playing videogames .

I try to talk with him about relationships but he has no desire to go out and meet a girl and the only way to get him out with one is for me to set up a double date or something . He has very meager and unrealistic career aspirations .

All of this would be fine with me if he was happy with himself but he's not and he just seems too far gone to change things for himself . My hope is he doesn't reach this breaking point but I've read it a thousand times here, I've written it a thousand times here and I am a firm believer that you can't live someone elses life for them .

I hope in my heart of hearts before he ever reached a point of taking his own life he'd reach out to me but it's hard because sometimes it feels like I am trying to communicate the importance of independence and maturity to a child who is in fact older than me .

Sorry this just resonated a little too close and I could see my cousin drifting that direction if even a small negative shift happened in his life. He doesn't know what it means to dig himself out of the trenches so if he falls down then I don't know that he'd get back up .

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah I'm a bit like your cousin tbh. Like you said, if he's scared shitless about women, it's not that he's not interested in finding someone, but rather that he'd prefer staying on his own because he probably believes there is no way he'd at least have a chance to get what he wants from women without getting seriously hurt in the process. This goes with self-esteem issues that he can't adress if he doesn't get out of his comfort zone.

Keep being there for him. Especially when it seems like he's doing better or when he's not self-loathing that much anymore. That might be when he needs you the most.

What's that ambition you said was unrealistic ? Sometimes, doing something that's bigger than yourself (or at least trying) can get your head out of the mud. That's the one thing that's working for me at least.

Props for being such a dude for your cousin by the way; people like you make a world of difference for guys that have these struggles.

3 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

Hard core method to help them is to make them go out with you and take some xtasy for a change of perspective. Or alternativley shrooms at home.

At least that is what brought me here.

2 upvotesUnluckyPenguin2 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Also worth mentioning is that he said this cycle started in 2010. So even if someone was willing to help him its 7 years too late.

Some important signs my relative showed for severe depression is staying up late, major lack of sleep, regularly running late to work (fired after multiple warnings), being anti social especially with friends and family, and most importantly if they feel like they have nothing to offer to the world, no ambitions, no plans for 5 years from now.

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

If he doesn't witness you practicing what you preach, then deep down he just sees you as another bullshitter trying to tell him what to do.

Some of what you are saying comes off like a concerned mommy, not a solid male role model.

3 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

I respect what you're saying but how do I ( again younger than he is) behave like a role model to someone who has no internal motivation or desire to pursue success for himself ? He complaints that he has no personality , bemoans the fact he doesn't have a girl and doesn't actively date or try new things, hates his job but is too comfortable , hell I managed to take him to a big gaming convention party filled with games and youtubers he knows and I know that will be the only party / event he goes to .

You're not wrong in your assessment of my concern over him but again this is not a man with his shit together this is an omega incel who isolates himself and is basically afraid of the world . How do I become a role model to someone like that?

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

behave like a role model to someone who has no internal motivation or desire to pursue success for himself ?

Million dollar question Doc! The only thing I have experienced so far is to stay the course and show others through action. We can't save everyone, no matter how much we love them. Your cousin sounds like a buddy of mine. A group of males that are more common now than written history has ever known.

Your cousins issue may be deeper than ideology, as in brain chemistry. We can't 'role model' away a broken bone, how can we do that for an injured brain?

2 upvotesskomes992 years ago

How do you determine value?

I can relate to your cousin, I'm 31, I was raised by my mother and 3 sisters as my dad passed when I was 6.

Is there value in living just to live? I wonder about this a lot, I'm not so certain. If you've never had a relationship, it is really hard to understand how to create one. If you've never hit on a chick or watched someone successfully do it, it is really hard to figure out.

Perhaps your cousin realized that. I've been realizing that more and more over the past couple of years.

5 upvotesUnluckyPenguin2 years ago

TRP was created by someone that wanted to show the world the truth. People can believe whatever they want.

My personal opinion is that there is no point to life if everything you want to do will be alone AND for yourself. Playing video games and watching porn and not interacting physically with another human might as well be the definition of death.

Self improvement, socializing, and contributing back to society should be everyone's goal. Working somewhere that you do something you are good at and passionate about should be everyone's career.

But the truth is that everyone can only take baby steps to eventually achieve those realities. The first and most important for me was MGTOW. I learned to be comfortable being single. Comfortable putting attractive girls in the friendzone. Comfortable declining sex until the day I was 110% comfortable with me.

I went to the gym every other day, finished a master's degree, developed hobbies like riding a motorcycle, backpacking, and guys night out. All of this after someone close to me died. I couldn't get close to other people.

Eventually I became friends with a girl. Good friends. First time I met a girl who want desperate to be in a relationship. We have 2 kids now. I'm really happy now. I still can't suggest you get married.

The point is that things might look bleak, but the future can always be better. Good luck.

2 upvotesquantumsolus2 years ago

Self improvement, socializing, and contributing back to society should be everyone's goal.

Except that TRP paints quite a bleak society. Full of whores and bitches, where only egoistical over-adversarial men get to enjoy the life. Society exists only for the top few percent of men and women to enjoy. Contributing back to such society? Fuck that shit, I'd rather die.

1 upvotesUnluckyPenguin2 years ago

Except that TRP paints quite a bleak society.

Yeah, in 2017 things are bleak. But everyone worked hard in the early 1900's, it's only recently that everyone got fat, ugly, and lazy.

If you create an aura of positivity around you, you might attract those who are similarly positive. (Except online, people will eat you alive)

Society exists only for the top few percent of men and women to enjoy.

True. Everyone else is just robots in my opinion. I get a lot of looks from older couples because I'm living on the same street as them, our kids are the same age, and my wife stays at home while both neighboring parents have to go to work and drop their kids off at daycare.

My brother retired before age 35 doing something that anyone could do, he never even went to college. He's been trying to get there since he was 16. A lot of people not only avoid putting in the hard work upfront, they also spend most of their time screwing around instead of being productive.

Since I put in the hard work early, I get to relax now while everyone else is controlled like puppets by their jobs.

137 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Consider that before the rise of feminism, even being one of hundreds working as an unskilled factory drone was enough to justify your existence as a man. You were earning money doing hard work and came home to a family that you were providing for.

Now you share that responsibility with your wife. The intention was that this put husbands and wives on an equal playing field. What actually happened was that women started looking for men with better jobs than them.

The problem is that there isn't parity between men and women's jobs. Somehow a woman at a receptionist job has higher status than a male labourer. In fact, women are given kudos for their jobs simply by virtue of being a female professional.

Not so for men. There's nothing sexy about being one of many guys in a shirt and tie pushing paper around. Sexy men are managers, bosses, executives. There is some appreciation for the trades, but you still won't see a female lawyer in a relationship with a plumber.

So consider how society rewards you. If you have a shit job as a woman, you're keeping feminism alive. If you have a shit job as a man, it means you don't deserve better.

Men have a desire to be useful, and it's harder to achieve that now.

56 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm not from US, but here in my place it's almost impossible to find a pencil-pusher type of job as a male. They are all already taken by females. A guy with only a high school degree or some irrelevant degree (art, history etc) and no work experience can drive a cab or a forklift, work at the construction site, assemble TVs in some outsourced Japanese or Korean factory and other similar jobs which are physically difficult and don't have interaction with customers (cab is an exception).

But jobs like bank tellers, marketing managers, HR etc. are taken by women who provide nothing more than pleasant appearance and earn much more than men with similar qualifications just for pushing some papers around and answering phone calls. Not to mention spending half of their hours on Facebook and Instagram.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This seems true from my daily observations. Women have office jobs on lock and you're not getting in unless you're gay or something. Most offices are heavily feminized environments.

Office women love to act like their paper pushing job is the most demanding, stressful work ever, even though it's mundane work, lol.

21 upvotesagsuy2 years ago

U should write an article about this, quite a good read

4 upvotesDoomsdayDweeb2 years ago

Consider that before the rise of feminism, even being one of hundreds working as an unskilled factory drone was enough to justify your existence as a man. You were earning money doing hard work and came home to a family that you were providing for. Now you share that responsibility with your wife. The intention was that this put husbands and wives on an equal playing field. What actually happened was that women started looking for men with better jobs than them. The problem is that there isn't parity between men and women's jobs. Somehow a woman at a receptionist job has higher status than a male labourer. In fact, women are given kudos for their jobs simply by virtue of being a female professional. Not so for men. There's nothing sexy about being one of many guys in a shirt and tie pushing paper around. Sexy men are managers, bosses, executives. There is some appreciation for the trades, but you still won't see a female lawyer in a relationship with a plumber. So consider how society rewards you. If you have a shit job as a woman, you're keeping feminism alive. If you have a shit job as a man, it means you don't deserve better. Men have a desire to be useful, and it's harder to achieve that now.

So true. But I think why men aren't bothering with getting a job in a factory or other blue collar occupation isn't only that working women look down on them, its that there isn't any quality-looking women for them, period. The only available women for the lower status men (that aren't Chad-looking men) are fat/obese women. For some men on low wages, why work hard 9 to 5 each day, work out at the gym/take care of your own weight when your only reward is an 200 pound unfuckable fat slob of a cow? The obesity epidemic once again is responsible for these 'perma manchildren' who happily fake (maybe not?) mental illness to get on generous welfare payments here in the U.K, as the immigrants are given the reins to their blue collar factory jobs and import their skinny Romanian wives with them. MEN ARE DROPPING OUT OR NOT BETTERING THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEIR WOMEN ARE GETTING TOO FAT. The "end of men” may well be a rational response to the scarcity of thin women where some men conclude it is no longer worth the effort to work hard and gain wealth up until your 30's in the hopes of becoming Beta Bob and finally having sex after years of deprivation with slender women whom are also 28+ (post prime) and have had their fill of Chads and thus messed-up psychological melodrama's they will now take out on poor Beta Bob. From a 'outmoded' matchmaking perspective, the appropriate fit for an overweight woman is not a healthy weight man with a blue collar job, it is an unemployed fat man. Now this isn't the case anymore, sadly. Also the years 1994 up to present saw an explosion in the obesity epidemic -- it's more than doubled -- which is further proof that men will take their own lives if they repeatedly fail to get attractive (read: thin) women and life is passing them by.

1 upvotesBreakingRed_2 years ago

If you have a shit job as a woman, you're a victim of feminism

Fixed. Let's not forget the persecution complex.

50 upvotesAsianGurlsHawt2 years ago

I think it is because men are more likely to be down on their luck in terms of a fulfilling social life. In today's online dating, narcasistic and attention seeking world it is easy for the average girl to get invited to tons of parties, dates, ability to fuck guys, social advantages given to them just because they have boobs and a vagina etc.

13 upvotesblobblobz2 years ago

I think we tend to forget that as a you get old say 40, you will be the ones inviting those girls out. Men all of all ages chase the 18-30 year old women and that's just the game we play

96 upvotesvaldirtheblue2 years ago

Positive role models are rarer these days. Western society venerates moronic celebrates, DJ's and music stars, who by and large haven't actually contributed anything of significant worth to the world.

Fathers are becoming more and more feminized, tired and over worked. Not to mention all the divorce rates and destruction of the family. So yeh, there's a sad reason why Jordan B Peterson is being seen as a male role model, a 'replacement' dad even. Men are now to blame for everything, its just easier that way but it really sucks for young boys.

Boys are being forced to be more feminine at school, to be 'nicer' and more appeasing, they're learning about feminism in their English and history classes, whilst totally ignoring all the gallant and amazing events and people who made western civilization. This is a civilization we are being forced to apologize for.

Find a male role model, or become your own man.. Quickly.

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Find a male role model, or become your own man.. Quickly.

I asked myself if i were a few years older and my own big brother i look up to. What would i tell myself? What advice would i give myself? Since then i have a big brother looking over my shoulder, telling me to get my shit together. Though its just me.

A bit based on the idea "As a man you always know exactly what you should be doing, you are just avoiding admiting to it." <- This second voice IS what admits to it and tells me to get the fuck up after dinner today and go party alone since friends don't have time. It also serves as appreciation for myself. Going to the gym while being tired, or semi-ill having a shit performance it's the voice appreciating the effort. "You did well, what counts is you keep fighting." and shit like that.

In the end this might read kinda 'gay', 'sentimental' or 'romantic' but hey its my self-brother in form of my inner voice and its great.

19 upvotesmissinglastlette2 years ago

Learning isn't always about new or groundbreaking concepts, sometimes a simple re-frame is all it takes. I really like the way you framed this and I think it will be really useful for me.

Thanks for sharing

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I learn/reinforce by teaching. I get something out of it too. Enjoy!

6 upvotesEk70R2 years ago

Fuck this shit is a great advice

6 upvotessd4c2 years ago

This. And I would add that meditation feeds this caring, firm, loving big brother inside.

3 upvotesCQC32 years ago

It's funny you mention that, I've sometimes imagined what it would be like for me to be a father, and the end result is asking what kind of father would I be to my kid, to myself?

It helps me understand my own father, but it also helps me understand the pain of insufficiency. I don't ever want to be in a position where I can't teach my kid shit or I'm useless, or even worse--that my kid succeeds and I'm a bit jealous because I never succeeded at that age. Of course, that is just a worst case scenario to remind myself to get cracking.

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Your children are supposed to be greater than you and not evolve in your shadow.

You don't need to be raising anything if you are afraid of your own bloods success.

1 upvotesArabian_Wolf2 years ago

Not necessarily,

I'm born in a matriarchal family in traditional society, domineering mother and passive father that never ever lead me and gave me advice about life.

I have 15 years older brother that always blamed me for his own issues, physically and verbally abusing me when I was young, verbally abusing me recently a couple of months ago (I'm 29 years old guy now), didn't speak to him nor my father since then.

Plan to take my time off this dysfunctional family once I secure a job and travel in weekends and holidays.

Not even sure if I'm fit to be a father, being a lost boy Narcopath, that I will just continue the cycle of Dysfunction.

So yeah sometimes a brother will just add icing to this rotten cake.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Technicly you could replace big bro with "best close friend you look up to" - anyway really good luck on your journey!

2 upvotesArabian_Wolf2 years ago

That's what I have done, plus role models with plenty of experience in life (that be a manager of a hospital that has the most problematic of patients).

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You certainly have my respect. Good luck on the journey towards becoming the best rolemodel you have seen in your life! :)

1 upvotes0signal02 years ago

The cult around Peterson makes me cringe.

28 upvotesvaldirtheblue2 years ago

Goes to show how bad it is. Too many young men craving validation and not responsibility. They've been told by their mothers and teachers that they're special and unique. Instead, they should have been set straight and told they were nothing, that they had to strive to become great.

God I hate feminism.

3 upvotes0signal02 years ago

In a certain way, each human being is special and unique. But a lot of people end up choosing to be a prototype given to them by the media or society. That's why we admire famous artists and inventors, because they dared to be different.

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

They are not that different, though. They are succesful under blue-pill standards. Thats not bad though.

2 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

Wait, so he is not one of us?

4 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Oh yes he is. More than you know bro.

41 upvotesSilverGryphon2 years ago

To be honest nobody shows any sympathy towards anyone else nowadays. This sub is a prime example. Guys who show any form of sadness in here are ripped apart. I remember there was suicidal guy in askTRP who posted something and he was, figuratively speaking, thorn to shreds. Sometimes we need to be a bit more sympathetic towards fellow males. I'm not expecting any sympathy anyhow, this is just how the world functions nowadays.

Edit: I sent the guy a private message but he never replied. Either he was using a throwaway account to troll people or assuming the worst, he took his own life

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Has society at any point of history ever shown empathy towards weak men? Mentally or physically it’s the same.

5 upvoteswracky2722 years ago

Men don't support each other the way women do (a shoulder to cry on, etc.) and the cultural pressure tries to say that men should be more like women in this regard. Bullshit.

Now I'm not saying tear a guy to shreds, but in my opinion men are much more comfortable and able to support each other indirectly. Go lift together, go build something together, go help the guy fix his car. The message isn't "It's desirable to keep breaking down and having weak moments"-- it's "This is a difficult time, but I have confidence that you are able to overcome this and continue your life in a meaningful and positive way."

We have to ignore that little voice that wants to activate our competitive nature and kick the guy while he's down. If you cannot find it in yourself to have some compassion, good luck being friendless.

2 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

This sub denies the reality.we are expected to have no emotion,and anyone who got cucked or is having a shit time in life is told to man the fuck up,or accused of not wanting to work and not be a pussy.

The inconvenient truth is that the amount of work required for anyone who is average,it's almost as if its not worth it

70 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

Modern Western culture in 3 sentences.

Men are told they have to act like women. Women are told they should act like men. Men and women are miserable as a result.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There is so much more to it than that though. Primarily, the destruction of culture is driven by the left in an attempt to stay relevant in the post-Industrial age. Most factory jobs are gone, which means the core audience for left wing politics is gone.

Feminism and other radical left wing ideas offer the left a breather, space untill they figure out what to do to stay in power. Feminism means you can use Gender as a Casus Belli against society. Post-Colonialism means you can use Race as a Casus Belli against society. The left has an unholy alliance with all these radical groups like ANTIFA, BLM, LGBTQ which are supposed to do damage so that the left can come up with a new paradigm for the 21st century.

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Being a young guy nowadays sucks a lot. You're at the bottom of sexual marketplace value, girls your age are getting fucked by 30 - 40 years olds with BMWs, while you can't legally date anyone younger than you. You're struggling with money and you're mostly dependent on parents, you have no car or you drive some old model, college is draining your time and energy, you have zero matches on Tinder. Your life sucks.

When you start with college, you realize how unimportant you are to the world, and how suddenly nobody gives a shit about you except your parents. Many guys simply give in after a while, especially if they fail at college. That's the point when some parents stop giving shit about you and then you're completely left on your own. Young guys have no safety net, there are no White Knights to comfort them and provide them with care and attention when they make a bad choice. They're landing straight on the concrete, and those who don't die eventually get up and prosper.

28 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

That's how it was when I was young.

And that's how it was for the guys older than me, when I was your age and complaining about girls.

Women have not changed. Sexual strategy has not changed. The real difference now is that social media gives women a constant attention fix.

It's not all bad, though. The same technological innovations that gave women their permanent high have also given you this community, with all its collected wisdom, and its advisers who have all been in your shoes. We have your back.

Now stop complaining and get to work.

6 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

He isn't complaining. He is simply stating a fact of what its like for most men. Whether you are working and owning your shit or not ,not having any attention at all and feeling invisible does take it's toll

10 upvotesDoomsdayDweeb2 years ago

Correction: Those that don't die simply look like Chads. College is a great environment for good looking guys only and all non-fat girls. It's utopia for only 20% of males and yet 70-80% of females. Thats all I learned from it.

Ugly/average guys are smashed into the concrete when they dare to compete with women at college and the foray into working life thereafter, hiring processes and quota's totally favoring young females over males with the same qualifications. Nobody wants to interact with that young 5/10 guy on their team in the office, he's a threat, so lets keep him down, so they congregate around that young skinny blonde 7/10 female instead, who's deemed to have 'better' people skills (due to virue of her look... not abilities) thus gets promoted ahead of you.

It's all just cleverly concealed eugenics through emasculization of non-chads. I can totally see why in other races/cultures like Arabs the females are kept apart and are not competing with men at the same jobs.

4 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

well observed. This sub accuses men of whining like a bitch,but the fact is the situation is very shit for a lot of men.

If you think about it,the current situation is beneficial to like 70% of the population. 30% being betas

8 upvotesOliwan882 years ago

Sad that college - academia is the battleground here.

Working in an idustry like trade jobs, steel work, transport, etc mostly male dominated should help straighten a guy out, although it's a sink or swim environment, you learn eventually.

Redpill won't agree with me here, I like with some aspects of feminism, like the struggle against sexual abuse in girl's younger years(this goes both ways for the youth - male and female), the simple fact that to get to a real dominated position in the business/corporate hierarchy is a cutthroat environment, you may as well be a sociopath. The fact that it's fast becoming a free for all, "got mine fuck you" attitude. Some people are real assholes and this isn't the kind of fucking person you should be. This being said I don't like all feminists, some of them are cows. Both sexes should respect one another.

29 upvotesUnnormally22 years ago

Can confirm, father is very much not masculine. My mom left him for a more successful? but equally cucked guy.

Wheeeeee, fighting depression!

-12 upvotesKisstafer12 years ago

you're not allowed to be aware, but still depressed about it, use the knowledge and turn it into action or you're a worthless piece of shit that deserves every negative thing that happens to you. Go on, bend over like I know you're going to for all the dicks life has to shove up your ass. Prove me wrong...

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Its painful to read and I personally have waved the white flag as Feminism won and society has lost and 80+% of men are hopeless.

The only silver lining is that men today who do get it have never enjoyed so much freedom.

Its a triage. Say last rites for most and save who you can

8 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

80+% of men are hopeless.

With a lot of free time and no mission. This is how structural changes to civilization are born. The vast majority of people stuck in blue mode are there because they are afraid to lose what little they still have. The attack on masculinity hasn't stopped; it is only accelerating. What do these people think is going to happen when all these men have nothing left? When they have no reason to behave?

The real answer is they don't think. Consequences have become a thing of the past to an entire generation.

Enjoy the decline... while you can.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

We're already seeing the rise of fascism and Islamism.

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If men have no power / resources to be benevolent to other males (i.e. hooking you up with a job, being your patron, someone you can apprentice with for room and board etc.), guys just start to look at each other as competition or even potential prey all the time. (see black ghetto culture)

The west has pretty much reached the apex of this right now and I don't think a working society can exist much longer.

I escaped from the shit show that is western Europe to South East Asia in my early 20s due to being stuck in dead end jobs while being locked out of higher education. There I at least didn't have to resort to flat sharing anymore and got some female interest as well. If I was less smart / without the right skills I probably would have ended up in prison.

I quickly realized though that I was now the more civilized version of the muslim piece of shit gangbanger back home as women anywhere in the world are traitors for better options, whether it's a foreigner with more financial resources or a more savage foreigner. Add a lack of relate-ability as the locals don't get western culture and I went MGTOW super early in life.

I never recovered from this nor did I ever make it out of South East Asia, as there is nothing for me to go back to either and I'm now 10 years in.

When I see western couples, I see henpecked cucks walking behind nasty women with vile attitudes that are taking the lead, when I see western guys with local women I see beta bucks and opportunistic whores. I can't recall the last time I saw what looked like a healthy relationship involving a western guy and even locals are losing whatever grip they had on their women at warpspeed.

I think prisoners with 10 years in are likely to be more well adjusted than me.

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What happened in SE asia?

I'm thinking of moving there.

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You are a perpetual outsider among locals who have nothing in common with you and prefer not to associate with you aside from poor girls who see you as their easy way out of shit jobs.

While you can escape from shitty lifestyles in expensive places this way, the lack of social interactions with somewhat trustworthy people that they have something in common with breaks most guys in the long run who either turn alcoholic or LTR a local out of loneliness that they speak pidgin English with like a retarded baby, who in turn use them for all they got financially. This often ends in suicide or them moving back home broke.

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Ah, trying to find home away from home.

Ethnicity racism still run strong in developing countries even if it doesn't show up on surface.

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I wouldn't call it racism, as they never claimed to be that open immigrant society to begin with. They just want to do their own thing. Guys don't want to get cucked, girls don't want to ruin their rep and SEA is mostly fly by night westerners anyway that disappear mostly sooner than later.

Maybe try London? Muslim mayor, tons of arabs there and emiratis seem to feel at home for the most part.

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My father, and his father, and likely his father believed thoroughly in:

Life sucks, and then you die.

I never heard "just be yourself," but I heard "death and taxes" numerous times. I love my father, and maybe he modeled masculinity for me or something, but maybe that is what some percentage of disillusioned, fatherless men are missing a little...realistic expectations, that life is hard and unfair, that empathy and respect can't always be expected, that if you want something you have to earn it, that bad things happen to good people and you can't always do something about it...and yet, he was happy, and content, and a joyous person...and so am I.

Instead they are over nurtured by well-intentioned mothers, and then disillusioned when dreams don't come true.

It seems logical that if you're looking for a correlation with an increase in disappointment and disillusionment, then you need to look for a rise in our expectations, lets say since 1994.

Just spit-balling here.

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I am perpetually astonished by the accuracy of the posts here

Hi RP. My name is S and this is my story. I'm quite sure that this narration will untangle me better than most psychologists today.

I'm from an average family, from a boring town in central europe. When my father was my age, 22, he made me, with a woman he met at work. Everything seemed fine for me as a kid, he was struggling to keep the family happy. Both parents come from rustic backgrounds, i am the first generation born at town, something they weren't prepared for.

My dad is not BP but I wouldn't call him a male model either. I remember when i was little, i kept asking him in the morning where does he leave every day until late at night, only to be met with a 'in my world' in a kind of depressing tone. He rarely taught me anything, even when i tried to learn. Accurate again, the little time i could spend with him was when he was watching television, and I was an annoyance for asking way too many questions about things, instead only getting an annoying learned behavior of stroking my hair, seeing him doing that while relaxing as well. But he struggled to keep us materially happy - fridge always full, the newest gadgets in the household (BP behavior) like smartphones, LCD TV, modern furniture, etc.

The mother, on the other hand, is the one being on this planet i hate the most. I feel like it's holding me back at times, but the feelings are still undigested. I want justice. She stripped me of my power.

I remember when i was 3 years old how she put child dresses on me, making me look like a clown in the front of the family. Never taught me a thing either. But she was so naggy 'other kids learned piano at your age, why can't you do anything' bitch you never taught me. Every evening, when my dad was getting home, she sat in the living room telling him all the bad things i've done during the day, sometimes greatly exaggerating or outright making up things. It was a nightmare. Every single night, she had something bad to tell. I suspect she also cheated on my dad a few times, now in retrospective, after i learned about RP and womanly hardwiring. She beaten me often for little petty reasons, she tried to abandon me multiple times trought the town, hoping I was going to get lost, kidnapped or ran over. I have abandonment issues from females because of this.

At school I was one of the best. That, until the 9th grade, when i discovered drugs. Not weed, not X, but synthetic weed. Our politicians made some dealings and the whole country exploded with the synthweed industry, sold at every corner as artificial plant feeder, or bath salts, or even fish food. Some legal loophole spurted after each reglementation, some new substance appeared overnight after each ban. So I spent my entire high school doing that, I thought it's cool, and I was seeing the things i read over the day in books (i was a book lover then, got banned from the local library for reading too much if that makes sense) while tripping balls. I was philosophising a lot during that time, started hanging out with other deliquents like full-time dealers, weapon dealers, loser skaters with no future etc bad company.

Right around this time, the second born of the family arrived. From here, hell broke loose, my mother becoming even more naggy and neglectful towards me, while destroying my brother's mind as well. Naturally, fraternal jealousy formed, and i became hostile towards my family, retreating even more in drugs. I had issues. Especially anger issues. Emotional instability was only further developing due to use of drugs, getting by the day only by tranquilizing myself with those substances. I fucked up a lot, becoming irrational. Classmates were having girlfriends since 8th grade, while I didn't kiss (and fuck, finally) a girl until i was 16-17. This only brought shaming on me from the so-called friends, as if my confidence wasn't friable enough due to my familial background.

When I got the second girlfriend, I was in heaven. This girl was so submissive and clumsy, she was just my type. I had the mommy issues, she had the daddy. The problem was, i didn't know how to lead. During our 2 year relationship, i was the sole captain and i drove our boat into the rocks multiple times. Drug abuse killed my libido (this girl was very sexual, she is now a porn star by the way), leading to less frequent sex, as she was overly available and i could get it any time. Other dudes were trying to steal her from me, but she was a loyal one (99% sure she never cheated on me). I was a skinny fuck with little skills, my only selling point being that I was an artist, doing drawings, photoshop and 3d modelling. Outside of drugs, no social circles, while I was a bit despised in her social circles, especially by her orbiters looking at me as unworthy. I kept telling her i wanted to explore my feminine side, because I considered masculinity something toxic at the time (media brainwash) - embraced art, as if art is a girly thing! How could I ever explore my feminine side if I wasn't even in touch with my male one?! Around the age of 12 I remember contemplating in the park how culture is a crutch (yeah i'm that kind of person, i saw things from perspectives that others around me never did), and one needs to deprogram themselves of it in order to transcend to a personal narrative - yet this bullshit about male vs female went right under my nose until I discovered RP later in the story. PUA didn't teach me a thing but cheap tricks and I wish I found this place earlier.

Now I finished high school. I dropped acid (like 5 times more than supposed to) and went mad, running naked trough the center of the town. While there was a huge concert. You can imagine I ended up bad, policemen getting me to the ward (our town didn't have a place for narcomans and junkies) with all the crazies. As I told you, my girl was pretty loyal, she understood the happening, brought me good food and cigarettes for a week, even apologized for not being there to be the rational one while I was tripping, unlike my stupid fucking 'friends' that actually let me undress in front of them and run away. One video of me was posted on facebook with the whole ordeal. She flagged it and asked her friends to also flag it, until it was deleted by facebook, saving a bit of my reputation.

My father was mad. Every august he left for a week of holiday, just to find me doing some bullshit every year. One time i lost my first smartphone the very day he gifted it to me, another time my mom caught me trippin at home and called the police (what fucking kind of mother calls the police on her own son?!) - luckly the police men were friends with dad and put me to sleep - now this. I lost my tablet, keys, phone and everything I got on top of that.

The happy ending was that right when i got home after this week, i found on my desk a letter of acceptance from the university i so much wanted to go in - Computer Science in UK. I couldn't believe that after all that nightmare there was a sunray. My father repeatedly told me that I should go to norway or other countries with free education, but I stubbornly went in UK - programming was my life, it was one of the only things at school I was still the best at. But he was right in the end, I found myself starving in UK, as it was overly expensive for my family to support me (and by family I mean my dad, i did not mention they got divorced while I was 12-13). I asked my girlfriend to do videochat so I can pay the accomodation bills (around 1K pounds every 3 months, it was more expensive than the courses themselves!) - and she did! But that was the worst decision of my life (and let me tell you, I did a lot of bullshit during my life), learned nothing, retreated in drugs (this time weed), made no friends, and actually got to be mocked by the chads at my flat tower. I couldn't go to the cheapest parties. I was socially retarded and awkward. Never even got laid in slut-land (yes I was actually tried to cheat to no success only to feel more like a man). The poor diet and smoking habit got me the worst gastrities i ever heard of (still have it but recovering).

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After this year I moved with her to netherlands, where my videogame addiction followed- for 3 months we stayed at a friend of her, I coulnd't find a job because I was too lazy and unmotivated - THIS IS WHAT WEED DOES TO YOU. Shut up all the hippie bullshit about it being natural and harmless, i absolutely despise that drug at this moment seeing what it did to me.

Eventually we returned to country, i was becoming more unstable, hardship got us more distant (she started seeing I was beta maybe), until I left her knowing that i'm just dragging both of us down - I knew she didn't have the guts to leave me. My disease only added to my mental state. Anything I ate I barfed up, terrible pains, i lost mass etc.

So i got my first job in a shit call center, where I spent all my salary on more weed. My household was maddening me, at this point I'm not fully blaming my own self control for that, i needed the weed to cope with the family - my dad and mom were divorced, yet still lived together. She was leeching off him, contesting the judge's decision every time to postpone her moving out. My dad fought tooth and nail for my brother (still minor) and went on with the court for 7 years to split the house. 7 fucking years. Because of a woman that ruined 3 men. The skank paid no bills, but kept living there, corrupting my brother's mind about how evil dad is, disturbing our sleep at 5 AM when she left for her shit floor-cleaner job, and creating massive negative tension in the house.

So i had to get out of there. Netherlands, take 2. For a whole year and a half, i did the same mistake, smoked too much weed to the point when you could see it on me even when sober - airhead, unmotivated and poor social skills. Got no job in this whole time but again made others pay my rent so I don't end up homeless like in the first 2 months when i arrived. But I had big plans - I wanted to make videogames, start videogame businesses and generally daydreamt about how much cooler my life will be once I get things going.

Around this time I discovered the red pill. Anger phase. I became increasinly insecure about my disease-weakened body (I should mention that the gastritis was caused by a stomach infected by mushrooms - something i got from food in UK, those fucking Nigerians put their shitty stinky food next to mine in the fridge and I got the shrooms, being weakened already by my sedentarism and drug abuse). So i started training. I became insecure about my woman-wooing skills, hating women for having such easy lives compared to mine, started being an asshole to the ones I met, being needy for sex, and my weed-fucked attention span stopped me from being a good story teller or conversationalist. I only made friends with the weirdos.

In december 2015 i moved to amsterdam, where I found someone that hosted me for free. She was a programmer, my taste, but also a crazy, fat, feminist cat lady. I relived my childhood trauma with this naggy person, to the point where i got back in the country. Again. Tail between the feet. After 3 months of more videogames at home i finally put my foot down and moved to a big city.

This was the best thing ever. Even though at first I had a shitty retail job, where I wasn't only the cashier, but watching over the whole damn shop, assisting clients, unloading then arranging merchandise on shelves etc. The last thing i needed was the manager position, which was actually taken by another obese feminist. Total control freak, but also lazy and a crybaby. At the same time, i experienced weed withdrawal, having no connections in this new town. I was angry all the time, depressed, but kept reading RP, training and improving my software skills.

Jumped ship (but not before driving this fat lady insane to the point where she quit her job after 7 years in that shop! her replacement was a stricter yet more rational lady) to a better job, then after 3 months, jumped to an even better job in a multi-national company which i still have. Depression took a strong hold of me. Woman-hating increased, but still managed to score like 7 girls (thanks red pill), despite my game being kinda shit even at this point. By this time, i already made connections and started doing hardcore drugs, more often and in bigger quantities than even in netherlands. You guess what, anxiety and depression shot trough the roof. For the past 3 years i had suicidal toughts almost daily (to get back to the topic) but now it was only a click away from actually doing it. I was so emotionally unfulfilled, i longed for sex, in a relationship, while the chicks i scored were flings and sluts (one even fucked a guy in my house) - only hurting me further.

To hasten this long wall of text, I made some good friends, which I fucked up with, by revealing the skeletons in the closet that i just told you (don't ever do this in real life please, i indulge in doing it here because anonimity and relatedness), my bestfriend (a chad) telling some of the things to our female housemates (one of them was a stacy), which after a few months of getting along, started seeing me as more and more beta (complete lack of empathy).

A few months ago i almost died from an overdose/cardiac arrest, which I think is one of the greatest things that ever happened - it gave me a stop button, which helped me even when I relapsed, but i trained further until now I'm almost clean, but generally not giving a fuck about drugs anymore. After that episode, i had a period of clean-ness in which i realized how bad i am at dealing with my own emotions - i spent the last 5 years running away and suppressing them, becoming a partial sociopath, and got to see how little control I actually have over myself.

But I kept pursuing my goals. As I am typing this, I am manufacturing something on my recently-acquired 3D Printer, with the hope that one day I will have a multi-national business out of this with tenths of employees. I denounced drugs. Most of my anxiety melted away, my health went back up, started being more rational and social, on short - learned from my mistakes.

And if you are a youngling under my age - please learn from them too. If you're older, I invite you to whip me and criticize my decisions. I own them. I am recovering from my crippled confidence - I firmly believe I am to remain in history with my achievements, and have a great life. I am my own rockstar. I want to move to Mars one day, and help Musk and others develop this race further - or die trying. I don't care if you think it's unrealistic, it's the only thing that keeps my daily suicidal toughts at bay - a scope greater than me - being a pioneer and having my name associated to those like Steve Jobs or Newton.

I am S and this was my story. Apologies if i did bore you, as i mentioned before, not a good story teller.

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Gee bro, makes my life story look like a success. I lived in Amsterdam as well, probably the worst major city in Europe to "make it". Maybe half of my ex colleagues had periods where they were actually or almost homeless because housing is such a shit show there. In low end jobs all your social circle is likely to be involved with drugs all the time and dragging you down as well. Add the Gouda ceiling, which keeps non highly skilled foreigners out of better jobs and you got plenty of guys going self destructive with all the available drugs.

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Gouda ceiling

Can you elaborate on this concept?

And yes, drugs seem to be a self regulating mechanism there, keeping the losers losers and the top dogs in the top. And so many feminized men.

Reminds me of the bee and the juice allegory. One bee sits on a glass full of juice and takes a sip. It loves it and comes back later for more, every time being more and more confident, taking bigger and bigger sips, until it falls inside the glass and drowns.

2 upvotesbkk1232 years ago

Can you elaborate on this concept?

I made that term up but the dutch try to help out each other and it's common that management is dutch only. If there were not so many foreigners around it might be different but don't be fooled by the "we're oh so international" rah rah. No promotions (if they're offered at all) to foreigners beyond a certain level. I never saw a future for myself due to this and left.

And so many feminized men.

Dunno about that. Dutch guys are tall and fairly masculine, however alphas don't tend to fare too well in egalitarian Europe where the female agenda and mediocrity amongst men must be promoted above all else.

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What I find interesting is how a near death experience changes a man. I've had one myself and it altered my priorities in life greatly. I wonder if this type of thing is almost necessary for self growth because so many successful people seem to have had a point in their life where they really hit rock bottom. Getting out of the comfort zone is where real growth takes place and we should really take advantage of that.

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Damn. Thank you for sharing this story, although i cannot really relate to some of your troubles, it really puts things into perspective, how much easier or harder some people play life .. all seemingly decided before birth.Genetics, potential environment, parents & luck/unluck. It seems to me that you have The Light, something that no matter what state you've ever been in, it never went away. You have drive and that has helped you so far - it will take you even further. The self is all you have and now you know that you can't really find comfort/relax/confide into anyone, only you can truly understand your story. I wish you good fortune in the years that come.

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My family has a history of alcohol abuse, i'm glad i never touch booze for instance. Booze gets you fried worse than weed IMO with regular consumption. And those habits/self control were proven to be hereditary.

But thank you for the kind words.

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I never found the same lack of masculine figures around me growing up. I think this is a rural/urban thing.

I will say this. Successful life scrips for men is in short supply. All the men I knew growing up could show how to be men, warts and all. What they also showed was how you WILL be divorced at least once, probably lose your industry you worked in your whole life. And without your savings/alimony to support yourself, take to drugs and degeneracy.

And then when your newfound single mom badmouths your dad, and those 'role models' you had growing up go down the same route? You get perfect examples of men, and almost trained to detest them

I lost almost a decade of my youth being a 180 from what I was raised to see. Took a long time to be able to keep the baby, and lose the bathwater.

Took even longer to shed the dangers, and pick a safer, more fufilling path. Most men don't. Even my high school grad class. Everyone was divorced at least once and stuck in their small town. Only one who wasn't was a widow, whose husband was killed by a tree

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These kids need to get outside, play in the dirt, hit each other with sticks, play pop warner football, I wonder if the lack of sunlight (vitamin D) they're getting contributes partially to their depressed behaviors

6 upvotesRabalaz2 years ago

Well a vitamin D-ficiency of the D variety does cause symptoms of minor depression, loss of energy, increased moodiness and so forth.

Living in Alaska taught me that I act like a grumpy old codger when i'm not getting the D. Vitamin D that is.

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hit each other with sticks

That's the part that confounds me about Gen-y. When I was a kid, we fought all the time. Hell, I met my best friend for decades in a fistfight at age 6. As we got older and started causing real damage, the violence tapered off, which was a good thing. However, we all knew what it was like to get hit and to hit. Obviously, some were better than others, but everyone got a taste for it and some of us would look out for the less talented.

I don't think my eldest son got hit until combatives training in basic. They are all so passive. They have been sapped of any aggressive tendencies.

This takes me to my youngest. Her generation (yes, they span generations. I have a problem not jizzing into women) is rowdy. I watch the boys and they are visibly more violent than their predecessors, but the difference is most of their parents are so detached that they just don't even notice it. I swear to god, just yesterday I saw a couple 6 year old twins in mortal combat, one had the other pinned to the ground with his knee and was punching him in the face. His mother was sitting three feet from them and just kept talking to her friends. This is a regular occurrence and the only time anyone say anything is when they are too loud about it.

Winds of change happen from the bottom up...

8 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

play pop warner football

Haven't you heard? The NFL is the current target cause celebre. ANYTHING masculine must be eradicated.

33 upvoteswanderer7792 years ago

There's a legitimate concern about head trauma. I don't know if I wouldn't let my kid play football, but I'm not going to push it and I'm going to do some research before I make a decision. I'd rather put him in martial arts anyway.

1 upvotesThrowabanana692 years ago

The nfl and its head trauma disaster is a prime example of the pitfalls of red pill thought, in its pandering to fascist mythologies just like feminisms with stalinist ones

11 upvotesCenterForMemeControl2 years ago

Recently, one of my friends killed himself the day after his girlfriend broke up with him.

He was 15 years old, about to be 16. (I'm 17)

I've had quite a few friends and family commit suicide, or attempt to commit suicide in the past few years, all over the fact that they're a loner with no girl in their life, and never had a real masculine role model to look up to and realize that suicide is never the right answer to anything.

1 upvotesReformed652 years ago

I'm sorry to hear that.

How did the ex-gf responded to the suicide?

2 upvotesCenterForMemeControl2 years ago

at the funeral she cried the entire time and had to walk out four times. She was devastated - some of my mutual friends are currently taking care of her, while I help out my friends family.

4 upvotesBiteAndThrow2 years ago

She was enjoying all that attention I bet. Crocodile tears for the win.

18 upvoteskeonkla2 years ago

As a Really Young 20 something ethnic guy I can defiantly attest to this. My father died when i was about 14 or so, Had to watch him drop dead Right in front of me. He was one of the best Men In my life, He showed me how to throw a ball around, Teached me Lots of things About what I had to do to not let anyone walk all over Myself, Was even giving me some basic street smarts. My Mother However to be blunt simply completely and utterly lost It, and Became a complete Stark Raving/ Misandristic, hateful abusive Witch who i really just didn't Recognize. She Never allowed me to Have any guy friends over, Rant and raved about how she didn't want me having girlfriends (Yet she wanted me to eventually give her some grand children...lol) At First I Nueroticly Internalize alot of Blue pill type thinking. Lost Lots of confidence in my self around middle school, Got bullied, Started to be a complete recluse Doing nothing but video games/watching Japanese animation. Got into some very fucked up shit that somewhat left me scarred. However I did managed to find a Random manospherian blog around the internet at 16.

Severely managed to Turn my social life around In highschool, Stuck to some of my more betaish Hobbies But i Managed to start having and making good guy friends. Had a buddy even get me into Lifting/Discussing Sports. I Managed to stop being well, A complete Let down of a man. Managed to Start getting girls Just by focusing on my self and making my self more emotionally Physically and mentally healthy. Going to get my Own Place soon And Finally start living life on my own terms. IF there is One thing That I thank this subreddit for The most it's for Practically Shouting For a man to start being Selfish. I may somewhat love my mom And have a partial amount of sympathy For her But I can't Stand her ass anymore. Yes, Yes i know This is a bit of a whiny sob story. to be blunt Its disgusting How Much This culture seems to want to Propagate Hatred against men, Hell Even in Other races and Cultures Women are starting to just Viscerally Despise There own Men and go to other Racial ethnic Men, But yet these Solipsistic Little girls Want to bitch and moan about men "fetishizing" Women of other cultures. Its just pathetic, Alas Illimitable men Your content has done Me alot of good in navigating Social life and managing to be a functioning adult man.

11 upvotesSilverGryphon2 years ago

Rant and raved about how she didn't want me having girlfriends (Yet she wanted me to eventually give her some grand children...lol)

Sounds a lot like my mother. She's upset that she would never be a grandmother, well mom you're the one who made me fear women in the first place

9 upvoteskasper1382 years ago

because they are being raised by more and more single, self serving, narcissistic, no nothing mothers.

8 upvotesDisciplinedgenius2 years ago

The overly pussy liberal agenda every teacher/school has isn't helpful either. So many guys are just plain pussies.

I think society has always been about value. "What value do you bring? See Sally over there? She has a pretty face and a vagina, that's valuable to society. What the fuck do you bring? Oh you're still just a male student in school? Fuck you. Talk to me when you're successful. In the meantime, you don't fucking exist." This is why a supportive family and extracurricular activities like sports are so important. Young men need pillars to lean on when society wants to take a shit on them. A few select can take on the shit of a nation and a society with minimal support while they climb the socioeconomic ladder one step at a time but it's rare.

8 upvotesarealbigboss2 years ago

young guys have no role models, responsibility, or real challenges to overcome in life.

The boring, pacified life of school and getting drunk/high w/your friends is pointless and drives young guys crazy. Some don't last until theyre 25.

I worked with my family, at our store and was busy on weekends and even some school days. During summer i was always busy and doing stuff. Still am actually.

14 upvotesyummyluckycharms2 years ago

The issue is - what is the problem with this. If society isnt serving men, why shouldnt they create a better society? If the secondary society preys upon the first, and the first society fails to adapt, then it should die out according to science.

Or in other words

  • Feminism creates weak societies
  • Weak societies create hard times
  • Hard times create hard men
  • Hard men create strong societies

Let nature take its course, and let these hard men create a stronger, better society

11 upvotesScymnus2 years ago

The problem with this is that a lot of people probably have to die in the process, and not everyone agrees with that.

2 upvotesyummyluckycharms2 years ago

They are going to die anyways....but in the long run, society is better

Its kinda like forest management - you know there will be some trees that will need to be cut down to create a fire break or some beautiful old tree will need to die to make room for newer sprouts. Its important to think big picture

4 upvotesMrTrizzles2 years ago

So where are all these absentee fathers?

4 upvotesmbillion2 years ago

The sad truth is nobody cares about men's mental health. Many women laugh it off as if it doesn't exist, many men view it as weakness. The government doesn't care to fund research or offer care.

Imagine the solitude of saying you have a problem and nobody will even acknowledge it's a possibility until you are full blown scizo or losing it otherwise.

The suicide thing Is very diverse, we didn't have such a war in 1994 then you come home and they glorify at every football game and in video games and on Facebook etc etc etc. Your pain constantly being shoved in your face

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I remember when I was 18 years old thinking, what does it actually mean to be a man? It wasn't a question rooted in emotion, pity or disgrace, but one I was truly looking for because I honestly didn't know.

It wasn't until I gained a healthy understanding of what a man is, his purpose, importance and responsibility did I have real direction in life.

Society completely omits this from the ethos. Cultural Marxism is a poison which will tear western culture apart unless men assume their responsibility to lead society and reinforce the virtues which all should live by, such as discipline, honesty, courage, strength, trust etc. These are not only necessary for cultural survival, but also for the individual man. I know exactly why the suicide rate among young men has increased and it is because they are unaware of their personal power and their ability to control that power. They see only the cultural chains that bind them into submission and don't realize they have the choice to relinquish all they've been indoctrinated with and forge their own path. It is these men that society respects, admires and looks to in times of tyranny.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. - Fight Club

3 upvotesslumdog-millionaire2 years ago

Absolutely, it falls onto the young man to begin learning what it actually means to be a man from his experiences and failures and put that into practice to be successful. this is the boat i think many of us are coming out of.

3 upvotesrudolftherednosed2 years ago

The rate has also been steadily increasing for women as well. However, the rate that which men commit suicide has always been about 5x higher than that of women. Along with the 50% increase over the years, I am also curious as to why men generally commit at a higher rate than women. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/arizona/2014/07/09/why-arizona-isnt-a-good-place-for-working-parents/12412399/

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I've got an interesting bit of information about boys performing more poorly in school that can be explained without referring to the effeminisation of those environments.

Males have a wider bell curve of intelligence than women do. While women average higher iqs around the age of 12, by the time both sides are adults the men are on average 2 points higher.

So men are on average more likely to be stupid or smart than women.

We know grades are being inflated. So the smarter boys are getting less distinguished from average boys while the dumb boys are dragging the average down. Combine that with the differing development speeds and some of that narrative can be explained only with Grade Inflation and IQ data.

1 upvotesovrsurge2 years ago

It's possible that because the state redirects so many resources towards women that that 2 iq point gap may be attributable to slight dysgenics.

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From a SMP standpoint: There is no lack of empathy. Thinking that something like empathy is for the top of the empathy ladder ie men is like thinking authority is something for women. As you know men love women, women love children, children love puppies.

The reasoning is not so SJW-ish either. For a man, a dead fellow man he does not know, means only one less competitor, for women a man so weak, that he kills himself is just one less possible orbiter.

3 upvotesTHETRUMPTRUTHTRAIN2 years ago

All part of what the alt-left MSM claims is male privilege.

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I wonder if it has to do with online communities where people commiserate and continually support each other's hyperbole about how hard it is for them?

It seems to have radicalized a lot of young men in terms of politics, surely it could push them towards an online echo chamber where they can pretend that society has victimized them in order to explain away their own failures.

4 upvotesShaman66242 years ago

Well if we look at this from an amoral standpoint as is the rule here and purely from the view of individual sexual succes:

It might be good for the men who DO get it. The more men commit suicide and are weak and without male role models the more women remain and the higher a true man will be valued. Ofcourse this is debatable since all the beta's will also raise the smv of women by giving them unconditional attention but still.

Just shows that women are still doing their evolutionary purpose by weeding out the weaker men, this time by an all out psychological offensive on the masculine gender role. The few who will thrive in these conditions will procreate and a new generation of men will be born that don't need masculine role models to thrive because they have the map of masculine behaviour in their head.

1 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

I would say this is applicable for a Western secular middle class population, many third world immigrants to Western countries come from cultures which use violence and social shaming to control their women and thus continue to have more traditional breeding and marriage patterns.

I would also say that the fabric of Western society is changing so rapidly that even if we are to assume that behavior is hereditary to the point which you suggest and that the male offspring of these alpha males will be genetically programmed to behave the same way as their biological fathers(I suppose there's good reason to assume that), that doesn't necessarily mean it will be an advantage one generation from now.

If society changes it might very well be that we end up in a situation where circumstances dictate that the LTR mating strategy is preferable over the casual mating strategy.

1 upvotesenafaszagyerek2 years ago

Is there a man made subredit anyway, where we can share wisdom on "how to be man"? And im not thinking on stereotypical bullshit, like how to cut wood, or start a fire, or how to drink whiskey....

1 upvotesLateralanouncer2 years ago

We r humans and will simply adapt. Nature has a way of killing off the weak pussys we have become.

1 upvotesHector_Castillo2 years ago

Roy Baumeister

Although his book included way too many apologies (a near necessity in modern scholarship), his book was dope as fuck. I suggest everyone read Is There Anything Good About Men? and then for the real knowledge, Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb.

Btw, great blog. My favorite reading in the manosphere.

1 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

That's a great article as well as sad. Sad because, as a son of separated parents, living with my mother with an absent (from a guiding standpoint) BP provider father, all is said here is something that really struck a chord in me.

After i stumbled upon TRP ~6 months ago, i was having a rough time, not hikkikomori, NEET, MGTOW though, but still confused as well as depressed lacking confidence and control. This subreddit, or better, this philosophy helped me see everything i went through under a different light, finally understanding dynamics i didn't get (something i figured out yet by myself but others i really couldn't) and find a guide that lacked my whole life.

So i've been here reading, feeding from and practicing what's on the sidebar and endorsed posts, all to give, after this preamble my 2 ¢.

A couple reflections about this article sprung from TRP teaching and personal experience:

  1. Never get married, unless (and maybe it couldn't be enough) your to-be-wife has passed all the tests with flying colors. In that case make her sign an agreement about you not conceding alimony, 50-50 time with your children or something like this, i don't know the technicalities but I'm sure such a thing exists.

  2. Commit in having a son only if you really want to seriously raise him, some women (i cant really say in what %, but i think a good share) just want egotistically to have a child for the sake of it, to feel useful, society/peer pressure, to show him off and other bullshit motivations. Blue pill boyfriends/husbands will agree with the woman because of their bluepillness and then get dumped agreeing to be a provider with alimony and leaving the child to the woman, without a guide. Commit to raise him as a man or otherwise he will fill the ranks of the struggling young males depicted in the article.

I don't know if those things i wrote are obvious or yet described in the sidebar. Just wanted to contribute to the community offering my p.o.v. that's all.

1 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

What I missed in the article and in Illimitableman's post is a description of what's changed since 1994.

From what I can tell marriage has been in steady decline since then, but divorce rates have dropped slightly. Also, feminism has become more extreme and influential even though less women self-identify as feminists. The article linked by OP even uses the terminology 'toxic masculinity' which shows that you have to use feminist talking points to drive home your message. You're no longer a poor role model, your toxic. Big difference.

One thing that's not mentioned is social media and Internet dating and how it's affected the average male's chances of pairing up. If you were to ask me, that's where the big difference lies.

1 upvotesGeoarrge2 years ago

My dad's worked 3-11 pm pretty much since I was born. As a result, I grew up not seeing him at all 4 days a week during the school year. On his days off he didn't want to be the bad guy so never pushed very hard on schoolwork. While the intrinsic value of said schoolwork was debatable, as a vehicle for learning self-discipline it would have been helpful. Grades were never very good. A lot of that experience is about the same as more recognizable forms of neglect.

1 upvotesVicariousness2 years ago

I'm pretty sure inuyasha is a fine role model

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

To grow up a young man in this day and age is about 300% more difficult than it ever was before. The competition is more fierce, there are more people to compete against, there are less resources to compete over. Look at the refugee crisis, their all men. Watch the mainstream media glorify black and arab men, painting whitey like some idiot. You can hardly get a job or housing because the supply is lower than the demand. Now add to this how girls in their peer group can easily treat them like disposable shits while they play it up with some older dude who never had to grow up in this multicultural, one of the masses, liberal bullshit and got in on the action before Tinder made gaining dating experience measurably more difficult. Now look at how the ones who suffer the most from single motherhood are boys. And girls nowadays follow a predictable pattern of riding the CC, finding a beta, popping out a child and then divorcing the dumb shit when they grow tired and don't need him anymore. Leaving their son behind with mommy whom has twenty personality disorders and mental illnesses and uses the kid like a glorified pet.

I've said it again and again and that is that this society of ours hates young white men and wants them to bend their backs and slave in return for nothing. The white men who rise up from the ashes of this satanist plot will be beyond normal human limits. They will be the most stoic, life hardened and IDGAF men you will ever come across because life wanted them dead from the moment their balls dropped.

So for now men are suffering but I can guarantee you that when the coming generations of wall hitting thot's come looking for the kind hearted man that will save them from their misery- they will find that they destroyed that type of man and bred a generation of psychopathic men who expect satanism. And so will treat them like shit bordering on sadism.

You simply can't put men through a meat grinder and not expect for the survivors to have mutated. While women and minorities have been living a life of gibs me dats, free passes and media backing it's been the young white lads who grew up in the real dystopia.

1 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

TLDR: You don't know what you are talking about.

You obviously have't studied history. Imagine yourself being an ordinary white guy born in Europe in 1895. You'd run the risk of being conscripted into WW1 and if you made it through that, you'd have to survive the Spanish Flu.

And if you'd survive that and managed to raise a family, you and your family would have to deal with infectious diseases such as polio and TBC for which there was cure. Even minor infections could kill you as penicillin wasn't widely available until the 40s.

Also, if you made it through the relatively economically safe 20s without you or your offspring dying from a disease, you would have to guide your family through the Great Depression in the 30s. To top it off, even if you'd stay gainfully employed, your workplace environment would not be anywhere near as safe as today.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

You obviously have't studied history. Imagine yourself being an ordinary white guy born in Europe in 1895. You'd run the risk of being conscripted into WW1 and if you made it through that, you'd have to survive the Spanish Flu.

The only thing we have more than our ancestors is time. We get to live like battery slaves until the age of 90. Also I know that there were generations that really had a hard time, im not saying that. But for example men who are not 30-40 vs guys who are now in their late teens, it's night and day. Imagine having to grow up in an age of multiculturalism and Tinder. Some people actually believe these are a good thing.

To top it off, even if you'd stay gainfully employed, your workplace environment would not be anywhere near as safe as today.

The repeating theme you laid down is that in the past peoples main concern was survival from diseases and war. I'm not sure how you could not see the resemblance between the Great Depression and the shit that's been going on in the last decade but okay. The point is that men were fighting to stay alive. Even in Spartan society, the most red pilled off all, men had to survive on a daily basis.

But the one thing that defines all these periods vs our own is that whilst we are easily kept alive. We aren't given fuck all of a chance to be happy once we are out of lives danger. The chance of a family is almost zero unless you're okay with cucking and divorce rape. Your woman will almost assuredly cheat on you for some petty reason. Odds that you will find a job and sufficient housing setting you up for live are the lowest they have ever been. Do you know how many people are alive on this planet today? How many fucking migrants and refugees some westerners have to deal with. Then you have all the race mixing propaganda and other things on the globalist political agenda.

Great you are alive and will almost surely not die off from disease. Now what?

1 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

Sounds like you need to grow a pair.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Your argumentation is surely lacking. Also you should really watch out with statements like that. It implies that you think that you've grown a pair.

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