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Girl I am seeing gets visibly upset when I take out a condom..

by on /r/TheRedPill
11 September 2017 04:01 AM UTC

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Ok so a little background..

This girl I attempted to date 3-4 years ago used to constantly blow me off and play games with me. ( I was in college and she was 25 and fairly hot.. (Probably 8-9))..

I used to constantly invite her places, and all she attempted to do was get free food out of me.. "Do you like sushi?" Etc..

So anyway.. flash to now I have my own business with a few employees, and I'm at my peak (I'm 32)... She is now turning 30, still living with her parents and still selling insurance, getting free vacations from old people whenever she can..

We went on a few dates.. she LITTERALLY was telling me.. "well I'm turning 30 soon so I don't have a lot of time."... followed by "oh you have a business now? How much money do you make, how many people do you employ etc..." (followed by... oh I have a week off let's go on vacation... hint hint)

The tipping point was when I casually mentioned that I was cancelling a date because I had to go shopping for a condo downtown... she FORCED me to meet her later that day.. after a movie she invited me to her parents place (They were gone on vacation)... I told her I needed to go home but she literally kept pouring me shot after shot after shot... after a while she said let's go upstairs and watch a movie.. so 20 seconds upstairs she strips naked and starts poking her face into my face... I kind of felt obligated to kiss her but her neediness was just weird.. like there was no passion.. it was just mechanical as if she was a machine with an objective.. so anyways a few minutes of foreplay I reach into my bag and get a pack of condoms...

This is when things changed...

The look on her face can only be described as utter disappointment...

Her: "Are you afraid of getting me pregnant?"

Me: yea kind of like... you don't really know me and having a kid right now would be a bad idea (and they would probably have hooves)"

Her: "But I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one I'm clean"..

Me: "Ummm I would prefer to be responsible right now, I like you but this is way too early and we need to be smart"

At this point of time I was starting to get kind of nervous as she was becoming visibly angry..she for several minutes tried to convince me not to wear a condom as if her life depended on it.. I kind of figured this was not going well..

After several more minutes of me trying to explain to her that I'm not fucking without a condom, I flat out told her I have no money and got my shit and started to the door...

After first feigning with the whole "Ok just go", she realized I wasn't kidding, and she SPRINTED after me.. "No wait... arent you going to have sex with meeeeeee?????"

It felt really really weird....

I just got into my car and drove away...

morals of the story:

1 the wall is real 2 women do have agendas (especially hot ones) 3 be very very careful as one night can ruin your life. 4 trp is life..

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1706 upvotesBucketdweller2 years ago

Sounds like she's already pregnant and looking to peg it on somebody within a reasonable timeline.

637 upvotesskibrett152 years ago

This is a real possibility.

82 upvoteskrefnasterploc2 years ago

You don't even need to apply occams razor here to know she's fucking other guys as well and is going to get pregnant soon if not already. And she's already made her list of 'potential daddies' (OP being 1 of them) for whoever is unlucky to fall for the trap.

53 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Honestly i'm 25 now and I can't wait for the clusterfuck that is the wall. All my female peers are on the tipping point right now and it's already hilariously obvious how much the playing field has shifted. I have no conscience when it comes to a lying scheming washed up slut. Fucking and chucking them in the most cruel ways will be bliss for my sadistic soul.

16 upvotesTheYekke2 years ago

Please post FR's and tallies. I'm on a sadistic streak

4 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Gonna have to wait 5 years mayte.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It will get old real quick and you will evolve into feeling sorry for the adorable little slutkittens

In no way am I shaming you for your fuck n chuck plans. Just saying I too did that and looking back it was something I needed to do but I am not sure Id call it fun.

Now I fuck em and let them chuck themselves. So much easier and the shelf life of return pussy so much longer

5 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Nah I get you man. I'm still looking forward to the freedom and options. But I do know that things like getting even only satisfies you for a short time. If not at all.

The fact that wall hitting women chuck themselves is amazing though. You'd think they realized they aren't calling the shots.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

they drift off sulking that a man wont give them what they want. they respect and love it but eventually they slot you in the asshole category thats only good for fucking

1 upvotestrey_at_fehuit2 years ago

If you're still hung up on them and getting revenge seeing them get older, you're doing it wrong.

Try to not care. Just focus on you and what your goals are.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Not quite. i'm not angry at anyone really. I used to be pissed on my ex after a really shitty break up but that made room for understanding and feeling sorry for her the moment I grew out of it. Growing above them in SMV really helps.

What I was getting at is that I enjoy being in control and knowing you have such complete control over desperate women who once thought to know better sounds exciting. So many options open up. You can fuck them and leave them whenever you want. Do whatever you want.

I don't want to be a bad person. Dont want to be cruel or extremely inconsiderate or selfish towards a good girl who's virginal and decent. So allot of fun yet fucked up shit can't be done when im dating because I honestly like the person. With a washed up former slut and wall hitter I don't have that. I'm not sure if you can understand but it doesn't come from anger or frustration. Just a feeling that I don't have to hold back with some of my behavioral traits out of hesitance to hurt a good person. Because they are not.

1 upvotesASPD_Account2 years ago

That's you, man, but it sounds like you're mad about being cucked or some shit and wanna take revenge on irrelevant women. Again, your life, not mine, but maybe check your mental health.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Damn that personality assessment went from 0 to 100 fast. Those are allot of assumptions to make. If you read closely you'd hear me say I have no respect for low value women. That doesn't mean I have anger towards them or high value women. In fact I love high value women just like women love high value men. Wall hitters just imply free and desperate pussy I can play with like a Lion would play with it's prey. Me using words like 'sadistic' 'cruel' and 'slut' doesn't dub me anger phased. Unique reactions like that just give me a kick, at worst I'd be considered a sociopath.

Perhaps i'm the only one and you would hold back towards low value women. In sex and dating you can't take anything personal. And neither should women.

1 upvotesASPD_Account2 years ago

Hey like I said, it's your life but if I'm wrong I'm wrong. Didn't mean to sound like my assessment was absolute

1 upvotesRooibosisboss2 years ago

it's one thing to understand that just maybe a girl likes the feeling of a real penis "without the packaging", but if a girl is literally trying to force you to NOT wear a condom after you saying you want to...come on son

331 upvotesEnlightenedViking2 years ago

responses like this is why i love trp. most people wouldn't even consider that - i was that guy that was pegged the father

42 upvotesSaggyT2 years ago

How did you get to know it wasn't yours?

14 upvotesEnlightenedViking2 years ago

discovered TRP after that long relationshit. I brought up the experience up on TRP and a few guys pointed out I'm probably not the guy. They haste she made to make sure I would cum insider her after not living with me for a 2 weeks, after cheating made it clear I was most likely not the man. I've looked for that hard stats on this but I believe its been stated many times women are more likely to get pregnant by a lover while cheating

8 upvotesSaggyT2 years ago

Wow , cant you get a dna test just to be on the safe side?

1 upvotesBiafra20172 years ago

Doesn't matter some states you must still pay even if the child isn't yours.

1 upvotesSaggyT2 years ago

Wow! These laws are ridiculous

1 upvotesASPD_Account2 years ago

I'd believe that. Isn't there something about a woman being more turned on leading to higher chance of pregnancies?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

DNA test?

189 upvotesredditor7872 years ago

Eighteen years, eighteen years She got one of yo kids, got you for 18 years Eighteen years, eighteen years And on her eighteenth birthday he found out it wasn't his

48 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

In California I think it's 25.

She basically owns your ass. Family court doesn't have to play by the same rules as other courts either - they just rubber stamp everything and take a cut.

35 upvoteswarmbutteredbagel2 years ago

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger

20 upvotesDuchat2 years ago

Kanye married the most successful ultra golddigger and got her pregnant.

26 upvotesTRAPGODGUCCI10172 years ago

Kim makes more money than him though lol

8 upvotesJDeegs2 years ago

She digs gold out of the general pop. And her fans though. Not like she married Humphries for his money.
The only thing she ever did close to gold digging was using the sex tape with Ray-J to gain popularity

6 upvoteskagetsuki232 years ago

Kim his rich ,she is the best option for him to have children without ending broke. Although the kardashian familly is fucked up, she better than most broke slut.

6 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Kim kardashian is clearly a succubus. Kanye is a goddamned idiot for getting himself into that marriage. I feel bad for that kid North.

1 upvotesjuanlhdz2 years ago

most people wouldn't even consider that

Most third-world people would.

149 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Wow - you're right. OP - if she does start to blame the baby on you, then make sure you take a paternity test. But for the love of RedPill, please walk away.

1 upvotesnomyconcept2 years ago

Depends on where OP lives, many countries do not allow a paternity test without the mothers consent and will not admit "illegally obtained" paternity test.

God I hope they release that vasectomy gel stuff some time soon!

4 upvotesxXSkylar2 years ago

makes absolutely no sense, she could just call out anyone for being the father then. Either the mother consents or the potential father doesnt have to pay anything

1 upvotesnomyconcept2 years ago

women will sell men that they really are the father and most blue pill guys will just accept it.

Women fuck alpha until they get preggo and then fuck one of their best providing workhorse orbiters once and sell them on the idea of them being the father (she will most likely fuck multiple ones in case one of them isn't stupid enough and she will work her way down of the provider ranking until an idiot bites). By this point society will have warped his blue pill mind so hard that he will actually think that he is blessed for this happy little accident. He will wife her up, she gets a free ride for the time she needs most support, once the kid needs less attention (school starts and she has plenty of time to hunt alpha cock again) she will divorce rape him. He will pay child-support, alimony and in the meantime she can fuck all the alpha cock she wants, once the kid gets closer to 18 she will either drift into insignificant trailer trash or be able to score a second child with a paying orbiting idiot.

2 upvotesxXSkylar2 years ago

ah okay now I understand what you meant, the full mental beta behaviour of some men just didnt cross my mind. Just wanted to say that you can demand a paternity test before paying shit especially when shes not your wife unless you are a cucked beta.

91 upvotesdeville052 years ago

Fuck me I thought she was trying to get him to have her baby and get married.didnt even consider that the baby could be somebody elses

25 upvotesGoomich2 years ago

Condoms break sometimes, you know, they have only like 99% efficiency or something, you know. There's no need to waste money on paternity test...

3 upvotesGugulen12 years ago

We don't know that's what happened, either. Either way, though--good riddance.

71 upvotesDarth_Antonius2 years ago

Possibly, but doubtful because a DNA test is all OP would need to prove the kid isn't his. More likely than not this girl saw him as a perfect beta provider that she could milk child support from. Luckily for OP, she tipped her hand very early and threw up multiple red flags that screamed desperation. OP, disassociate yourself from her as fast as you can, nothing good will ever come from any sort of relationship it's her

85 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Too bad that DNA tests are illegal in France and soon will be in other places.

All is Lost. Hope is Futile. Samson Looms

1 upvotessampson1582 years ago

so how does the samson option apply to women hitting the wall and trying to get you to knock them up?

29 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Women aren't trying to get you to knock them up. Women are trying to get your past present and future income. If your income goes up, your debt goes up. If your income goes down, you go to jail.

I lost my pay and kept working because of somebody else's divorce. It wasn't over until the woman with a high power lawyer to make her look needy got the bankruptcy clients' court fees too. She took everything from everybody.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It ends it. Permanently.

Ashes and Echoes

6 upvotesvandelayarchitect2 years ago

What the fuck? If thats true, i wonder whose bright idea that was and what group of cucks went along with it

5 upvoteslaviksa2 years ago

It's only legal by court order. Private tests result in hefty fines and even jail time.

All thanks to feminized psychologists that believe that the one who raises a child is the 'real father' of the child (sociologically speaking, which could be in a sense true, but not regarding alimony (hence why it's possible to get it by court order)). They believe this legislation is important to 'keep the peace' within families.

5 upvotesszechuan_slauze2 years ago

In some places even if the baby isn't yours signing your name on the birth certificate makes the baby your financial responsibility

3 upvotesSilverGryphon2 years ago

Unless you live in states such as Texas, where paternity by estoppel exists.

1 upvotesapcaapprentice2 years ago

it doesnt matter if its not his dna. if he even starts caring for it like his he can be stuck on the hook for alimony and child support. No joke this happens in states across the us.

24 upvoteskiller3james2 years ago

This didn't occur to me until I read your comment.

You are very smart.

16 upvotesThe_Lightskin_Wonder2 years ago

Wow I was honestly convinced she was just a weirdo, but this makes sense as well. Usually women don't want the shame of having a child out of wedlock or a relationship and op was the perfect candidate , but the only thing that makes me think she wasn't trying to peg a pregnancy is because she had a general interest in him financially. I think she was trying to get child support I believe her desperation was in finding money. Maybe a life crisis, and was sick of having to work for herself and seen all these housewives.

6 upvotesELEPHANTIUSCOCKIUS2 years ago

Although if she's pouring him shots, I wonder if she was also drinking. I want to say she would no better to drink while pregnant but she also seems batshit crazy so who knows.

3 upvotesBucketdweller2 years ago

Also might be pouring herself shots and handing them over subtley. It's easy sleight of hand.

10 upvotesPornotubeourtio2 years ago

I will wait for OP to tell if she got pregnant or not

6 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

She already was pregnant. Bitches just need to find a dude with money to blame. If you can afford a scantron sheet then you got more money than the man who actually knocked her up.

This is why the "one drop rule" exists.

6 upvotesPapa_Gamble2 years ago

One drop rule? I'm new to TRP and am curious for a quick definition.

3 upvotesyomo862 years ago

First thought. This is premeditation not the touchy-feely I-am-shortly-before-the-wall-take-me-stud-situation wall sluts are usually in. You are 32 so consider a vasectomy if you are adamant about not wanting kids, the pressure formed the lump of coal and it is just a matter of time until the shaming starts.

Two years ago girls suddenly reacted to my wooing way better - since I know my prima facia SMV, I swear to god, game had nothing to do with it, as 27+ girls were the ones affected, so yes, TL:DR they have an agenda once their SMV coin runs dry.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


Not for stating the obvious!

The point is to highlight and give visibility to the very important game we are playing where female sexual strategy sure as fuck isnt YOUR sexual strategy, so treat women with the same respect you would treat a dangerous pet that you enjoy playing with.

Pit bulls and Tarantulas come to mind.

Danger and Play makes life very interesting for the bold.

5 upvotesbrainhack3r2 years ago

Fuck.. I wouldn't have guessed that but you're fucking right!

Op.. you should follow up on this and post an update if this is true!

5 upvotesOriginal_Dankster2 years ago

I'd put it at about a 95% chance this is the case. I agree.

2 upvotesLibertyIsNotFree2 years ago

My bigger thought is herpes not pregnancy

1 upvotesnomyconcept2 years ago

I bet that every man who has to pay 18-25 years of child support disagrees

1 upvotesmenial_optimist2 years ago

What you just said would be harshly ridiculed in most modern social circles, but damned if it isn't an actually plausible situation.

1 upvotesxsladex2 years ago

Fucking totally! The sad part of this is that she will eventual have a kid and will tell people the the guy left her when he found out and she will be classified as a hero for being a single mum. I often wonder about this after I was fucked over. All I can say is thank god for DNA tests. Some women can be evil, cold and straight up fucking crazy.

1 upvotesAmmonynous2 years ago

Good buddy of mine (comes from a wealthy family but dumb as a stone) had something like this happen.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Very likely, or she was planning it. The alternative is also possible ofcourse. Women do enjoy bare sex more and a guy grabbing a condom is a way of implying she might have STD a.k.a. slut shaming.

1 upvotesBucketdweller2 years ago

Or that he might have an STD. A condom is always a good idea with people you dont know super well.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

True but remember women take everything personally. They put themselves in the center of the universe and everything else gets arranged around that central point. She might have been scheming or it was an insult to her already crumbling ego. Whatever the case OP handled it well.

1 upvotesi4mn302 years ago

The things I learn on this sub. I feel like I should fund the building of a monument in respect of TRP and all its contributors. The level of enlightenment just can't be matched to any other place or particular guru.

1 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Pointed you at the request of an EC.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

get a vasectomy and raw dog em anyway.

0 upvotesgloopyboop2 years ago

But she's drinking heavily so no.

0 upvotesBucketdweller2 years ago

That's easy to fake. And sometimes people are alcoholics.

290 upvotesbolupua2 years ago



You can do better.

85 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

This is why I'm always telling young guys not to thirst so much. Being lonely is better than being chained up.

34 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I always tell people that being lonely is really only a temporary feeling. The times I feel lonely only last for a day or maybe a week at the most (usually around holiday season or that dead period in the end of summer like August).

However, when I was in a LTR, the stress I went through was much worse and lasted much longer then anytime I felt lonely.

What I'm getting at is, for a guy, you won't be feeling lonely 24/7 unless you have absolutely nothing going on in your life. And that's your problem.

But being in a LTR, especially when things go south, that shit is a drain. Even worse if you have kids together or living together.

3 upvotesmenial_optimist2 years ago

Fuck, I never heard this perspective. LTR-less for 7 years. You're right, once in awhile is normal to feel in the dumps lonely but it goes away after a few days. I'm at a low point (nothing interesting in my life atm) but working to fill my life with interesting activities. I can't wait to be the 30 year old dude with no kids and a successful high paying career.

1 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Right, most of August, I had my lonely days because all my summer rec league sports were in the process of ending. Football didn't start yet, so no tailgating parties or anything. No sports going on other then Baseball and that's only exciting in the playoffs.

So there were weekends when I didn't do shit in August because there was nothing going on. But now that September is here, well now that lonely feeling went away because things are starting back up.

1 upvotesxsladex2 years ago

It's important to remember that your environment and expectations can change the older you get. What you want now probably won't be what you want 10 20 years down the road. I had the very same outlook as you but meeting the girl I'm with now changed things for me. Even a friend I have had the same outlook and within less than a year changed his outlook when he dated someone a lot older than himself.

8 upvotesslumdog-millionaire2 years ago

I don't understand why OP would even be talking to this girl if he tried to date her a few years ago and she blew him off. When she eventually realizes that she missed out you just politely tell her that she had her chance.

Regardless though this is a great story, crazy how she is literally throwing herself at him now, roles are completely fucking reversed, she needs him. Love it. But you still had the insight to exit a potentially dangerous situation. Kudos


2 upvotesbolupua2 years ago

I understand it. OP probably loved her all those years. I mean, if not, then why? I mean maybe she's hot but...30 year old.

2 upvotesslumdog-millionaire2 years ago

I mean I kind of have a girl like this and I think at some point down the line she's gonna rear her head back in my direction but I've already decided that I'm not going to do anything with it.

236 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

Sounds like this bitch already has a bunch of Chads' cum swimming in her.

24 upvotesrebuildingMyself2 years ago

And possibly some STD's with that kind of recklessness

139 upvotesXoramung2 years ago

she FORCED me to meet her later that day

How did you break out of the cuffs?

35 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


23 upvotesMushyTheCat2 years ago

I'll call OP on this. No one FORCES anyone to do anything. You caved to her pandering. And that's OK but OWN what's YOURS.

9 upvotesHung_Chad2 years ago

Agreed. How we phrase thing is important if you want to truly be your own man. "She pushed hard to meet and I eventually caved" is more honest and sets you up to make better choices next time.

192 upvotesCharlesX0l02 years ago

Why are you, a 32 year old CEO and entrepreneur even considering a 30 year old deadbeat who lives at home? Ar you wasting money on her? Paying for her drinks? Don't.

Read that again... and again. A guy like you could swipe for one hour in eastern europe and have dozens of 8-9s around 22-23 willing to have your kid if that is what you want.

171 upvotesJFMX19962 years ago

Think he just wanted a pump and dump.

Also it's a huge ego boost for a lot of guys to fuck a girl you used to like a lot.

60 upvotesvaduz00012 years ago

It was extremely satisfying seeing this girl who used to be hot shit have a 180 degree reversal. I was basically using her for some cheap company and practice while I pursued women who I was actually interested in.

1 upvotesWolveryn2 years ago

The red flags she's giving off are off the charts.... not even worth it for practice.

447 upvoteswhuttupfoo2 years ago

You need a stronger frame bro. Your responses need to be a firm no. Even a hell no. No explanations, nothing. You should almost get offended by her wanting to go raw.

Your language needs some work too. You mentioned she FORCED you. She didn’t force you to do anything. You also mentioned you felt obligated to kiss her. You aren’t obligated to do anything. Your world and reality is supposed to be controlled by you, no one else. Everyone else steps into your world, your frame.

Also it sounds like she smelled “provider male” on you as soon as you mentioned the business and started trying to trap you into a pregnancy. That would explain why she’d want to go unprotected so eagerly.

31 upvotesen_men_lu_ana2 years ago

There was that story a while ago, basically some guy who said 'no' was terrorised - sex or bitch is calling the cops to inform them about rape attempt.

He managed to get out of this madness without any repercussions. Anyways, the issue still remains.

After such as threads I have serious problem with understanding females and trusting them. To me, they are just extremely risky to deal with.

6 upvotesHung_Chad2 years ago

Anything fishy, pull out your phone and start recording audio. Pretend you are answering a text or something.

74 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Another thing - she seems to be a mix of crazy with a terrible determination to get a baby from you. I say walk the fuck away. And if you cum in a condom, I sure as fuck would take that condom and flush it in the toilet. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to steal some sperm from the condom or something and finger herself. I wouldn't cum in her mouth either for the same reason. I'm don't normally say this but she is a bad news of crazy and wants a daddy for her baby.

Edit - reddit is taking up too much of my attention and energy, so time for my regular reddit purge and vacation! Deleting this username (formerly u/theoneaftertheone) and see you great men on the flip side if I come back - whenever that is - (probably under a different username, who knows).

27 upvoteshodltaco2 years ago

Good point-guys: NEVER leave a used condom in a waste basket. Take it with you when you leave. I'd say flush it down the toilet but I know how it clogs toilets so don't. It's gross but take it with you. It might just save you from paying child support for 18 years.

24 upvotesProudFeministMom2 years ago

No, just spray some hot sauce into the condom before leaving it there so she has a little surprise waiting for her.

13 upvotesPreOrgasmGroanLness2 years ago

Aaaahh, the dreaded tabasco blowjob revenge. At last.

55 upvotesi_forget_my_userids2 years ago

This is the most retarded virgin fantasy I've read here in a while.

13 upvotesTeripid2 years ago

Plus turns out it just gives the kid red hair...

18 upvotesxxblueswiftxx2 years ago

This. No need to explain yourself to a girl.

0 upvotesjobbbbinandjabbim2 years ago

My first thought was this guy is a huge pusssy. What a fucking faggot lmao

31 upvotessuske1272 years ago

Sounds like trp possibly saved your life in this situation to. Good job not falling into her trap brother. This is why the older men here say they go for women pre-wall generally

28 upvotesredlurker92 years ago

What a trash human being she is. Your frame is weak though: "she FORCED me to meet her", "I would prefer blablabla", "I like you but this way too early and we need to be smart".

You should really avoid her. Even if you do manage to fuck her with a condom, and flushing it afterwards, she sounds crazy enough to pull out rape accusations.

21 upvotesatraw2 years ago

Man, by this text you sound very soft and non-confrontational. Hold your frame.

18 upvoteshodltaco2 years ago

" I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one..."

Guys-you're going to hear this at some point and you're going to have to think straight over that erection. NEVER stick your un-condomed dick into something you're not ready to pay child support for 18 years. Solid example of AWALT here. A woman's "baby alarm" is going off solid and loud at about 27-37 so they're desperate for babies and support.

I'm old but can vividly remember "the change". My god the women 18,19,20,21,22,23,24 were SO concerned about condoms I always assumed it was because AIDS had just come on the scene. Suddenly fucking a 27 year old and suddenly she wants to "feel me". "Shoot your cum in me...I want to feel it...I can't get pregnant..." Even my now ex-wife pulled that shit days before we split up-she was 31.

Any of you poor souls that gets a random girl pregnant had better get a DNA test as well.

1 upvotesWolveryn2 years ago

They should teach this stuff in school... this is why we need father figures...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

System is against you and needs more slaves so nobody will teach you about it officially...

37 upvotesPerpetual_Protege2 years ago

She's nuts. I'd avoid having any kind of association with her. My red flag was her getting upset over you pulling a condom. Definitely trying to trap you.

18 upvoteseaeulis2 years ago

4 years of games from her and you finally get her and she reveals the real her. lesson learned.

17 upvotesIClimbPlasticAndRock2 years ago

Never let people know how much money you have man. Nothing good comes from it.

8 upvotesi4mn302 years ago

This needs to be one of the top comments. Most valuable learning I realized 2-3 years back. The moment you disclose how much you make, the eyes go wide and twinkle twinkle money lit up the sky.

People in general, not just women, will change their tone and start giving you respect all of a sudden, and more often than not, will end up asking you for financial help. I've had to decline a few friends after the first time I helped them out - simply because I'm not a fucking bank bro! I'm losing out on the interest earned when I loan you some money without an interest rate because you're a good friend/girl. My money - my decision how I give it away. No I'm not an asshole who won't help out. Fucking work hard if you've that much lack of money in your life. Don't be a fucking beggar. It's disgusting to realize how some friends turn beggars when they realize the dough you make.

37 upvotescyborg_type_darkness2 years ago

We went on a few dates.. she LITTERALLY was telling me.. "well I'm turning 30 soon so I don't have a lot of time."

Followed by

I told her I needed to go home but she literally** kept pouring me shot after shot after shot**...


it was just mechanical as if she was a machine with an objective.


Her: "But I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one I'm clean"..

and then

tried to convince me *not to wear a condom *

With this evidence and your gut instinct, it's clear that she wanted to get pregnant by you and then getting child support from you. She wanted to make you drunk then get pregnant by you. That was her goal. Your instinct noticing her being a machine with an objective is great.

her goal was to become pregnant then earn monthly payments by you. you told her you have a business and child support payments is around I think it was 20% of your income. If you earned 100k a year she would get 20k a year from you.

She also is hitting the wall so she needs to lock in some sort of financial income. You played well by not fucking her. If you had a vasectomy you could laugh your ass off because she would definitely call you the next day saying: "I'm pregnant".

Even if you did fuck her with a condom she would sperm jack you. To counter this have another condom, put horse radish sauce in it and take the condom with your sperm with you. Dispose of it yourself. When she injects herself with that sauce it will burn like hell.

1 upvotesBanned-in-Boston2 years ago

The decoy burning condom needs to have an official name. How about, "Lucifer's Rubber"?

Any other suggestions?

6 upvotescyborg_type_darkness2 years ago

Fucking her is playing with fire.

2 upvotespmmedenver2 years ago

Oops I accidentally ripped the condom off and stuck your dick inside me

And that, little timmy, is how you were born and where you get your hoofs from

13 upvotesdumnem2 years ago

Even if you did fuck her with a condom she would sperm jack you. To counter this have another condom, put horse radish sauce in it and take the condom with your sperm with you. Dispose of it yourself. When she injects herself with that sauce it will burn like hell.

That is amazing. Sweet, sweet karma.

Then again she'd probably try to claim sexual assault or something.

7 upvotestuckeran56072 years ago

Can we talk about how she purposely tried to get him drunk to have sex with him.

Doesn't that constitute as rape as drunk individuals can't consent.

/S.... Who am I kidding.

1 upvotesDigitallyDisrupt2 years ago

I don't think you know how horseradish works.

12 upvotesOGlancellannister2 years ago

Lol how does this woman force you to see her. She must be mighty strong. Your frame should be firmer so you can say no earlier. She sounded like a nutter from the start man. Cut your losses on these ones, it's just a poor investment with no upside and high risk.

Her intensity with which she seems to be seeking a provider and use a child to achieve that is so transparent it almost seems fictional haha. I'm younger so I don't even see dating woman above the age of 30 as a viability but honestly 85-90% of women by that age are past their prime or just about to be. It's a wonderful gift when a woman gives you her best years. This woman has given those to other men, so why would you even bother? 32 isn't too old, why not aim a little lower in the age range?

18 upvotesdumnem2 years ago




9 upvotesLtactics12 years ago

I know some of you fuckers here refuse to wear a condom. Let this be a reminder.

7 upvotesozaku72 years ago

Hilarious. Probably already preggers and needs to blame it on a dude that has no balls to go for a genetic test once the baby is born and NOT sign the birth certificate before that.

Or she is just running out of time (She flatout told you, my god) and knows that if she wants to pop out 3 kids before they have a significant chance of becoming retards, it should all happen before 40, preferably asap.

It's only when they start to panic because they realize that they get less attention than they were at 20.

6 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

it's like she begged you to ghost her

6 upvotesCatcac2 years ago

This story sounds super fake lol.

5 upvotespm_me_chuck_hagel2 years ago

I have my own business with a few employees, and I'm at my peak (I'm 32)

Hopefully you can look back on that statement in a few years and realise that you were simply on a smaller peak while nowhere near the summit.

Her: "But I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one

Yeah, your little swimmers can survive inside her for up to 5 days. Considering ovulation happens 14 days after the first day of her period, her period being 5-7 days, that leaves just 2 "safe" days, assuming that ovulation is on schedule and not early. To me, her saying "I was just on my period" implies a window of several days and there is a very high chance you are not actually "safe" at all. (While keeping in mind that "safe" is used in the loosest possible sense of the word.)

6 upvotesEuphoricentia2 years ago

Haha, this was a very interesting read, when did the aliens finally capture you?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Why would you give anything to someone who used to play games with you? Have you swallowed the pill? I can barely be civil to humble, feminine and sensitive girls these days let alone creatures like this.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That shit is creepy. She was trying to trap you.

1 upvotesCuttieSark2 years ago

Why is someone at their peak hitting someone who has just laid the cementing on their wall?

4 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Because he used to like her. It was his college crush so she may still look good to him and its an ego boost for him to know that he finally got her.

3 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Because they aren't actually at their peak. They're at the thinking-with-the-wrong-head part of their lives.

5 upvotesMudpielol2 years ago

she FORCED me to meet her later that day

How exactly did she force you? Nevertheless, you made the right call. Plenty of fish in the sea, find another one that's this crazy.

5 upvotesgnarlin2 years ago

I have three words for you: vasectomy, vasectomy, vasectomy!

6 upvotesturboRock2 years ago

Any girl that tells you not to wear a condom is a girl that you should definitely wear a condom

3 upvotese_z_p_z_2 years ago

these ages and this timeline don't add up whatsoever. you were i college 3-4 years ago and she was 25. now, 3-4 years later she is 30 and you are 32.

1 upvoteshhhhw2 years ago

It's entirely possible that this does actually add up.

As an example, let's say he met her in college in August 2013 when she was 25, and her birthday is on the 1st of September. That would mean that after 4 years she would be 30.

1 upvotese_z_p_z_2 years ago

he was a freshman in college as a 28 year old?

3 upvotesvaduz00012 years ago

Yup.. I was kind of a fuck up early on and went to tech college very late. I believe her birthday is in November..

5 upvotesRadkin0072 years ago

Good job dodging that bullet.

3 upvotesimn0tg00d2 years ago

This story made me cringe the entire time I read it. Such neediness.

1 upvotesX-Trem02 years ago

That's why I'm considering a vasectomy...

And now that they're reversible up to 10 years even more

1 upvotesQuietRulrOfEvrything2 years ago

Just mentioned this to a buddy yesterday!

3 upvotesheadgard2 years ago

Anal. And then run like hell!

3 upvotesCptNemo562 years ago

RUN. that bitch will find where you store the condoms and poke holes in them

2 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Women can't control their impulses. If you're seeing impulse signals, they tell the truth.

3 upvotesSlyAM2 years ago

Jesus man.

I didn't think a women could be that desperate but this post obviously proved my mind wrong and reinforced that the wall is real. Good on you OP for being smart and not giving her what she wanted. Before you'd know it she'd be giving you the "I'm pregnant and you're the Daddy" talk, and that would've been a nightmare.

3 upvotesPeanutFlavor2 years ago

Oh, it's fucking real. And getting more so by the year. Think about how the US is right now.. society is clearly moving into a place where you're either a have or have not. You'd better be on a track to financial success/independence or be prepared to get left behind in a fierce manner. Women aren't fucking with you unless you legit have prospects-- so when they see a guy on the rise, they'll jump to his dick right away. They wanna be with a "have". It's absolutely nothing but a survival strategy in their case. The average female simply doesn't have the aggression to climb the REAL ladders life has. They get that shit on handicap mode.

1 upvotesSlyAM2 years ago

Like one of my favorite youtubers (Birdman) says: "Females be out here living life on recruit difficulty!".

2 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

This is normal.

Woman has recreational sex; woman takes a brief glance at consequences. Immediately a sacrificial lamb must be found to swallow those consequences. Don't be like sacrificial lambs.

3 upvotesjamesso332 years ago

Why were you still in college at 27? Why wouldn't you bang her? This story doesn't make sense.

2 upvotesvaduz00012 years ago

I didn't start college till I was in my late 20's

3 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

If a woman still lives with her parents at the age of 30 something is terribly wrong. All the hickups guys experience to get their own place are smoothed out for bitches. Hell the housing market with government regulations will actively cater to women and prioritizing them through clever ways.

3 upvotescalifriscon2 years ago

Moral of the story: Never stick your dick in crazy

2 upvotesmeaningintragedy2 years ago

I don't understand why you still wanted to have sex with her, even with a condom. At that point you should have just left because you don't know what kind of weird tricks she could do to impregnate herself.

2 upvotes5t3fan02 years ago

dude why the fuck do you even spend time with her? i understand she rejected you in the past but you must accept it and move on... ego kills man.

she FORCED me to meet her later that day

YOU forced yourself

like there was no passion.. it was just mechanical

i bet there wasn't any

"Are you afraid of getting me pregnant?"

she is afraid that you will NOT get her pregnant (unless she already is)

"But I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one I'm clean"


she was becoming visibly angry..she for several minutes tried to convince me not to wear a condom as if her life depended on it

more red flags! also you are correct since, in her eyes, her life did depend on this fuck (to get you in baby jail, that is)

dude, you clearly see the signs of CRAZY and INCOMINGWALL.... just listen to your gut and run the fuck out, unless you want an std and to be a divorce-rape statistic... i hope you didnt fuck her and left.

2 upvotesAvyctes2 years ago

It sounds like in your heart you know what to do - get the hell out of Dodge. She's already laid out her agenda, semi-covertly, the way cunts communicate. Abundance mentality. There's other vag's out there and as you noted, you're 32. Live it up my friend!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This story does make me wonder about the logic of The Wall.

Why would a woman necessarily wait until her 30s to get hitched and a stable man? Why not just grab an alpha man in your 20s while you're still good looking?

8 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Why would a woman necessarily wait until her 30s to get hitched and a stable man? Why not just grab an alpha man in your 20s while you're still good looking?

This question can be answered in a few ways.

  1. A girl may just want to play around in their 20s because being monogmous and building a family in your 20s is boring and lame

  2. A lot of girls are trying to lock down Chad in their 20s, but Chad has a shit ton of options, is douche bag, or simply give no fucks in respecting a relationship so he pumps and dumps these women. I blame women for picking these sorts of guys, because they kick all the other guys to the curve.

  3. A lot of women are working and going to college in their 20s. So no time to find a guy ti build a family with until they are established in their careers (early to mid 30s)

  4. This goes back to point number one. Women now a days are trying to be men. They want to work like men and sleep around like men. I even hear a lot of women claim they have "game" because they can date a lot of guys. Some women refer to themselves as players.

Basically in a nutshell a lot of women today are fucked up in the head, being raised by single mothers who teaches them the wrong values and not to mention modern day feminism is teaching them the wrong values as well.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I agree with all these points on a conceptual level. It does make you wonder though why society hasn't collapsed yet. This experiment has been running for multiple decades already... but anyone can see it will lead to wreckage down the road.

  1. The hot chicks only bang Chad but can't lock him down. Settle for beta's in their 30s and divorce.
  2. The Chads have no incentive to lock down until they feel like it. Then remarry in their 40s, 50s, 60s.
  3. The beta males get nothing and know it, will start to refuse to play along.
  4. The ugly chicks still get laid via tinder because Chad isn't picky for a quickie, so they're basically just hot chicks until they Wall.

Point being: if it goes on like this there will be no stable couples and stable families who can "support" the structure of society. Everything will just break down as nobody can get anything anymore.

I'm just surprised shit's still running as long as it has.

1 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

It does make you wonder though why society hasn't collapsed yet.

It hasn't collapsed but is getting much worse. Nuclear families are pretty much done. Getting divorced and married at least twice is considered normal.

People are being taught to be more selfish. Especially women. Women are being raised to be taught to be men and this is affecting society in a number of ways.

Point being: if it goes on like this there will be no stable couples and stable families who can "support" the structure of society.

I say let this play out for 15 or so more years and you will see a lot more negative affects. Maybe technology will take over where society won't need to depend on a good family structure.

People are still getting married, but man those divorce rates are sky rocketing. Not to mention you still have people that stay married despite the bad stuff (like getting cheated on) so its not like they are happy. Its bad and the media can try and cover it up all they want. There will be some big changes coming soon.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well the whole happy family meme was the reason they opened the doors to divorce in the first place. 95% was married but the narrative was that many women were unhappily married and oppressed. So we needed to allow for easier divorce so that more people could be "happily" married. Now the floodgates are open and it will probably take a full-blown societal collapse before we might get a reactionary reset.

In any case it's an interesting idea to live during the peak of human affluence while likely getting to witness the fall as well.

1 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

You hit the nail on the head. I agree with you completely.

7 upvotesBlakTheory2 years ago

The 20s are their play times, they won't waste it.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I find it hard to believe that women don't have the foresight of their impending Wall sentence. So it really doesn't make sense for them to put party time at such a premium...

4 upvotessweetleef2 years ago

Lack of foresight, inability to defer pleasure, self-centeredness, lack of perspective and education, constant false assurances from media, disdain and disrespect for others, etc., etc.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fair enough, they might just be that dumb lol

2 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

The answer: women price themselves out of the market.

If you're selling lemonade for five cents a glass, random passers-by will buy one. If you're selling lemonade for five dollars a glass, you're going to need a monumental marketing effort and a heavenly location.

2 upvotesmarkstachow2 years ago

Would it have been okay if he had a vasectomy to fall into the web of deception?

3 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

It isn't going to save you.

Crooked system means you don't have to be guilty to be punished. Keep in mind women aren't doing Sherlock Holmes stuff to find out who the father might be. They sniff around for money, point and scream, get rubber stamped by the family court which has an interest in making sure every single mommy gets a paycheck for nothing. This is how they cut welfare costs.

1 upvotesmarkstachow2 years ago

It’s basically just an additional safeguard once you’ve stepped into crazy.

1 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

It won't protect you vs STDs though, which she is likely to have TBH.

2 upvotesShaman66242 years ago

Wait. How dit she FORCE you to have a date and take shots??

2 upvotesEPArt2 years ago

Its like she tried to rape you. Actually i guess she was either a divorce rape eventually or to trap you and get pregnant or like others here mentioned palm her baking bun of as yours. Shes like a sea of red flags

2 upvotesStink-Finger2 years ago

I like you but this is way too early ....

You don't 'like' her, you've made that clear. From your narrative you can see right through this bitch.

What you like is that your unicorn has come home and is willing to spread her legs for you.

Fuck her to get it out of your system then forget her.

1 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

You don't "forget" a bitch who wants to steal your soul. She will haunt you worse than the tell tale heart.

2 upvoteslogicalguest2 years ago

So... did you do it at the end?

2 upvotesvaduz00012 years ago

Nope... I got the fuck out of there

2 upvotescallmehey2 years ago

Weeeell. I ain't saying she is a gold digger, but...

2 upvotesneautika2 years ago

She just wants your baby batter bro. Don't forget to check for needle holes when she starts offering to buy condoms. Lol

2 upvotesGoomich2 years ago

After several more minutes

Pls tell, you have turned recording on your phone by then.

2 upvotesNorrisChuck2 years ago

31 here with a 21 year old cutie gf, who is a saint so far, if I can do better without a business, so can you.

2 upvotesKinbaku_enthusiast2 years ago

she FORCED me to meet her later that day

she literally kept pouring me shot after shot after shot

Heh, nobody forced you to do nothing. What did she, grab your finger in a secret martial arts hold? Did she hold a knife to your throat. You chose to go along with it.

2 upvotesmetallicdrama2 years ago

I have a friend that had a vasectomy a few years back. It's always hilarious when some sloot tries pinning a kid on him bc he blows it in everything that moves, and then laughs in their face and says must be some other sucker. They've never pushed farther than the phone call lol.

2 upvotesverily_rp2 years ago

Well done. You've dodged a bullet.

2 upvotesASPD_Account2 years ago

I know that feel. Was with a girl, an uggo (don't know why, shit was weird, man, it's a whole story) and I caught her eyes dart to the condom with my product in it.


Took it out of the trash and rinsed that fucker out. NAWALT though.

2 upvotesMaelshevek2 years ago

Red Alert! Bail out now, ship's going down. Run, don't look back.

All people have agendas, but when it comes to kids and the rest of your life and hers, she could show, um, a little thought and responsibility before trying to get pregnant based on a highly emotional decision.

It's crap like this that defines the kind of women we don't want to be saddled with. Questions about your worth (hypergamy), relationship based on her own desperation, not living on her own at 30... Her life is going to be a ship tossed on the waves of chance--don't take the ride too!

Respect yourself and find someone who is independent financially, cares less about kids, and can think through life choices--your worth it.

9 upvotesThy_Nomad2 years ago

This is why I prefer the 2-5 range. They aren't so obsessed with themselves and actually develop personalities. Like a human.

1 upvotesre3al2 years ago

Just been noticing, since being out of college, hot girls are, generally speaking, basic bitches. Idk what's even up with that. I'll happily fuck them, but it's disappointing.

12 upvotesredlurker92 years ago

7+ have personalities as well, it's just more uncommon. I'd never EVER fuck a 2-5, even with a stolen dick.

4 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

2-5's get borderline obsessed with you. That's a no-go.

4 upvotesGaze732 years ago

Raise your bar dude. I'm with you on the 5s, but anything below is just desperate. Think about it, a 4 is worse than average woman, that implies you're worse than the average non-TRP chump. I'd take a hand over a 4 any time.

2 upvotesWAFC2 years ago

Just like to point out that if 80% of the women are going for (and having enough success to continue going for) the 15% alphas, then some of the alphas fuck below average women.

4 upvotesGaze732 years ago

I don't know about that. If you're alpha and can choose from 2 to 10, why settle for a 2? Even for a ONS I see no point, there's always tomorrow. Just because a 2 wants him doesn't mean he'll have her.

Also, OP assumes the uglies have better personalities, but they often really don't because A) they have to deal with being ugly all their lives and B) They're probably ugly for a reason, e.g. they're lazy, fat and depressed, with a tough life or a chronic illness, etc. Better stay out of it. A 5-6 is a safe bet, not too ugly, not too conceited or demanding, and all around average with no major red flags.

4 upvotesWAFC2 years ago

Even some alphas go through slumps or get wasted and make a bad decision every now and then. Nobody's perfect all the time.

Also when I see ugly here I immediately assume skinny ugly. Fat women are automatic zeros, not twos.

-1 upvoteskez882 years ago

You have fun banging ugly chicks in the 2-5 range mate. I'd rather fuck the 8's who still have personality.

3 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

3-5 means fatty. Some dudes love pork.

There's no such thing as a female under 3 because that's exactly the size of the pedestal males put them on just for having a vagina.

4 upvotesfetchyminx2 years ago

That's what he's trying to imply though? 8's generally won't have an attractive personality

3 upvoteskez882 years ago

still better fucking a bunch of 8's whilst trying to find one that does have a personality than fuck a bunch of 2-5's that may or may not have a personality. Being ugly doesn't suddenly make you a good person or a girl with personality, it just means they're slightly more likely to be not completely retarded.

1 upvotesfetchyminx2 years ago

Well if you're if just going to fuck then don't bother looking for personality. You're not gonna fuck her personality

1 upvotessatanicpriest132 years ago

I hope you kept walking out that door OP. Your business sounds sweet. Would be shame to give half of it away.

1 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

Guess what: you are at your peak she is not. If you have some particular affection for this girl because you have a history, then maybe that is another story. However, as a 32 year old entrepreneur - IF you have not become a fat fuck - then you should be gaming girls 5 or 10 years younger.

1 upvotesbearinfoxhole2 years ago

be careful for next few weeks. She might claim rape and come after you if she's very desperate.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

A cautionary tale for the ages. Well played.

1 upvotesharden262 years ago

She take my money. Well, Im in need. Yea she's a triflin, friend indeed. Oh shes a gold digger. Way over time. That digs on me.

1 upvotesserio13372 years ago

This post is so fitting given that recent vasectomy post. Good on you man for sticking to your guns.

1 upvotesEscortSportage2 years ago

"oh you have a business?!"

aka come get me preggo, so i dont have to work a day in my life.

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Her: "Are you afraid of getting me pregnant?"

"Yeah, what are you stupid?" -Me

1 upvotesmenial_optimist2 years ago

Holy fuck dude. Get past your deprivation mentality. You're no longer a loser, yet you're picking women a loser would pick. It's like your walking into the grocery store and picking the most rotten fruit when there's better fruit right beside it! This girl is insane.

1 upvotesVannerz112 years ago

Shouldn't have driven after those shots

1 upvotespbgswd2 years ago

Well done. Adults use condoms. This one was a child.

1 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

Stories like this are why we need Vasalgel ASAP!

1 upvotesstephcurrythrowaway2 years ago

She wants you to get her pregnant so she can stay protected

1 upvotesSKRedPill2 years ago

Never, ever, even if God said it's safe, fail to use protection yourself. Or else soon you'll have an abortion debate on your hands.

1 upvotesNinokun2 years ago

if they know who you are always rubber up, i know sex whitout condom feels good, but do it out of town with a fake name, op is exactly describing what could go wrong. if you want kids i also would suggest doing it in thailand or something if the relationship turns sour u can just fuck off.

1 upvotestheiyerboi2 years ago

My God man did you drive drunk? Please be responsible

2 upvotesvaduz00012 years ago

Nope... by the time I was leaving I was sober as fuck.. Just to be safe I drove maybe 200 meters to a local coffee parking spot and just hung out for a while.

1 upvotesooChrist2 years ago

Should of said "OK!" and dumped it in her ass!

13 upvotesShould_have_listened2 years ago

should of

Did you mean should have?

This is a bot account.

1 upvotessampson1582 years ago

there have been rumors of cases of women trying to use that to get pregnant too (use your imagination)

0 upvotesunoriginalcat2 years ago

But I was just on my period

Uhh as far as I know that is when the majority of women are the most fertile. How was that supposed to convince you not to use a condom lol?

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And that's why all life should die. And it will.

Samson Looms

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