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Putting An End To The Black Pill.

by TrenGod37 | September 26, 2017 | TheRedPill


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The flood of black pill losers that has ended up in this sub is more than obnoxious. You’re like the new age man boy versions of “quit fat shaming!”

Post after post about your lack of looks, and how you’ll never fuck a girl over a 6 because mommy and daddies combination of chromosomes made you one Facial feature away from a catfish.

Look we get it. We all weren’t born models. But this sub literally lays out how to up your attractiveness no matter what fucking stage you are at.

And to be fair. I might have believed y’all because I am attractive so what do I know? I’ll tell you what I know.

I have a friend who’s name is, we’ll say Paul. Paul is 20+% body fat. Paul sweats doing simple activities like writing an essay or wiping his own ass. Paul is a 5 mayyybe 6 in the looks department. Is clumsy as fuck. Smokes a pack a day and probability hasn’t cleaned his room in months.

Paul grew up BP as fuck. He was the nice guy who was friends with all the women and wondered why they were fucking all the assholes and not him. Paul got fed up.

I met Paul in college. Around that time Paul saw me smashing hot women like it was my day job. Paul didn’t cry about his looks. His body weight. How it isn’t fair that women fuck me and not him. He watched. He learned. He took action. he started to see women for what they really are.

Paul made a change. Paul started not giving one fuck what any woman thought of him. And literally stopped allowing himself to be friend zoned. Paul took the more asshole approach (understandable after years of BP conditioning Getting him no where). Paul did nothing about his looks or weight. But he did improve his game drastically. He also learned how to tease the fuck out of women like it was going out style. He wasn’t afraid to offend them at all. He stopped filtering himself. He would get called an asshole probably 3 times a day by them. But he was constantly doing fun shit and would invite them along.

Guess what. Paul started fucking. A lot. And not only that they were decently looking women for his shitty looks and body rolls.

Overtime he got so good at it, gained abundance mentality. That one night out he literally stole a Legit 9 right from under neither me. Mind you my game is top notch. I’m jacked and like I said, good looking. It should be a no brainer according to you black pill pussy pirates. I’m getting the 9. Not him! He doesn’t stand a chance in hell. Because God doesn’t love him! He loves me! /s

Wrong. He was at home busting them cheeks while I sat at home scratching my head with my dick in my hand.

Well what happened? I cared way too fucking much about the outcome of getting this girl. He didn’t. He teased her. He made fun of her. He got her so mad at him she almost cried at one point. Then he was hugging and making out with her. He fucked her that night and had pictures to prove it.

I was in disbelieve and my ego took a good shot that night. But it taught me one valuable lesson. Looks don’t fucking matter for shit but initial attraction after that. It’s all the other stuff we talk about here that really matters.

To this day Paul fucks 8-10s consistently. He’s lost a lot of weight and cleaned up a bit. But that’s not to shy away from the moral of this story.

Stfu. Stop complaining about your looks. Stop being a lazy self pitying chode and quit making excuses for why you can’t do what you’re not willing to work for. Become more attractive. And treat women like the children they are. And you too can fuck hot women. Ya pussies, good day.

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475 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

These fuckers don't want to put the effort in, so they adopt the victim mentality as an excuse so they can tell themselves all work they put in will ultimately be futile. It's pathetic.

1 upvotesbohemialad2 years ago

Since dieting and working out I've got to a point whereby I can just go out to a bar (I'll only drink a whisky as I'm zero carb), and just strike up a conversation before telling the woman to head back to my place for more drinks. Easy as 'I got wine at my place, let's go'. Don't make the mistake of asking her to come back, just tell her she's coming back.

65 upvotesdrqxx2 years ago

Assume the fucking deal!

Works like a charm.

18 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

Yes, it does work. This is how I boned a straight 10. It was lit. In my head anytime we interacted I was looking at her and thinking "wow, you're gonna be slobbering on my balls pretty soon here". It rubbed off and then she rubbed me off. Word. Too bad I was so thirsty for the pussy that I ended up just smashing without any foreplay/teasing/mental stimulation, so she didn't cum.

Lesson learned: get good at mental foreplay and physical touching during sex. Pays off, with dividends.

1 upvotesSoggybrick2 years ago

How would you deal with a shit test of "what makes you think I'm coming back to yours?" would a laugh followed by "your loss" be a good response?

11 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

This is not the kind of question you should be asking.

You should read my post on frame because it answers this question in depth.

"Your loss" is a good response if its coming from a serious position of conviction. If you don't think that its actually her loss, then she will know and you won't get pussy.

Frame is not a to do list bro.

1 upvotesbohemialad2 years ago

I actually responded so here it is here for anyone interested.


Any response where you hold frame is good enough, and if needs be, depending on the setting, you can even be a little bit of an asshole with it.

I had a girl say something similar to me, and my response was 'what makes you think you're not?'. She hesitated because she didn't think I would come back with that and then I carried on with 'yeah, I thought as much, lets go'.

A lot of shit tests are easy to overcome. Just listen to the words being used and rather than getting emotional and reacting to it instantly, stay composed and flip it on its head in a way that allows you to take control of the situation, and also make clear to her that it's not going to work.

The second part, the follow up, has to be quick to (a) stop her from having any further input in the matter at that point because otherwise you're getting more shit tests so you need to close that door, and (b) to show assertiveness and decisiveness - traits of a leader. Women need men to lead.


If you really want to change your mindset completely and how you speak, the words you use and adapt, look up the words leaders use and how they act and react to certain situations. They always stay calm and level headed, never get flustered - this is referred to as frame on here.

One thing I've noticed with a lot of guys who suck with women is they don't shut up. Leaders listen and know when it's the right time to speak. They are composed, assessing the world around them, not caught in the trap of mundane small talk with those in their close proximity.

Other examples you hear about in relationships:

  1. Which dress should I wear? The guy says both look nice - lack of decisiveness
  2. What movie do you want to watch? You can choose - lack of decisiveness
  3. She encounters a problem? He discusses the problem - she is actually looking for a solution
  4. She yells at him for something he did. He blames her - he should accept responsibility in a dignified manner

Good leaders sometimes have to tell people what they don't want to hear. Any guy telling a woman, or man for that matter, what she or he always wants to hear is not a good leader, he is an appeaser.

Good fathers used to instil leadership values in their sons before the systematic destruction of the traditional family home, and it was called 'tough love'.

Nowadays, due to single motherhood, we have more and more people going through prolonged adolescence and never going through that stage of maturity. There is no good father figure there to put them through it.

This very important maturity stage helps you develop your internal locus of control, and move away from a mindset of everything being within the external locus of control.

Most people on TRP have matured to a stage whereby their Internal Locus of Control is developing or has fully developed - full maturity in that sense. It's like reaching full consciousness of belief in yourself as an individual.

Now, if you look at those stuck in the prolonged adolescent phase, they haven't matured to that level of anywhere near it so they're still stuck in the External Locus of Control mindset completely - a mindset of it being everyone else's fault.


7 upvotesEorlingat2 years ago

This is good. Last night I actually flipped some of this on its head though. Second date with a drop dead gorgeous chick who's used to getting her way and being treated like shit. After an awesome night, I got invited in and turned her down. I wanna see where this goes, I know that wasn't my last chance, and I just blew her fucking mind. I got like 6 texts in a row saying how she was in awe of me, how guys don't just do that to her. I differentiated myself by being assertive, took control of the situation, and made myself the prize. I get that this isn't how things usually work, but in this situation, it feels pretty damn good.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


Effort = Put In.

I'm not saying TRP didnt help. It probably increased ability to pick up by a factor of 4. I've worked out that I can get 1 lay per 100 matches on tinder. And I get about 20 matches per week.

Doesn't change the fact that my friend who is an 8/10 (I've been rated 6.5) can get 50x more than i can in half the time. If I go out with him 1/80 girls will look at me first.

He's never even heard of TRP.

EDIT: this is being downvoted a lot, I thought TRP was about accepting truth.

8 upvotesneurosissss2 years ago

Is that you or your friend ?

5 upvotes__ROOSTER__2 years ago

tinder isn't life. Things like tinder are a woman's game.

IRL looks aren't as important to open as online, and they become less and less important the longer you engage. Looks always matter, the question is: How much do they matter?

I think the OPs intent is to say, stop making looks your crutch. You cant do anything about your height, so don't ever think about it again.

There are controllables and uncontrollables. Even among the controllables there are many in which time invested has very little pay off. Time is your precious resource. Spend it knocking off the big easy kills. Lift, learn to groom well, learn to dress with style. Boom- physical attraction is done, move on.

They are one part of the equation, and there is no reason to not improve your looks and body, but mostly you should do that for yourself and the women are a side benefit.

Over the years this place has lost its edge on what I thought was its original intent, of which sexual strategy was only one component of RP

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"Do it for yourself" biggest blue pill saying of the decade. All this "the inly person you need to compare yourself to is yesterdays you!" Ignores the facts.

An average white guy isnt going to start playing basketball and someone from the hood isn't going to graduate with an engineering degree. These are FACTS. They arent nice to hear.

Yes you can work hard to improve your self, but only so much as your genetics will allow.

The real TRP advice would be to play to your strengths, not cotinous platitudes about doing it for yourself. Be the best you you can be etc.

The world os a jungle and the weak get eaten bo matter how bad they want it or how hard they try.

1 upvotesPeter_B_Long2 years ago

Why are you in the bath tub? Good gains though.

19 upvotesjewishsupremacist882 years ago

Demoralization is a big problem that needs to be addressed.

3 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago


So, it is something that is happening to them? They are victims?

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He's most likely referring to "demoralisation" in the Yuri Bezmenov sense. Society-wide.

2 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

I was baiting him. He delivered. Give him a high-five.

12 upvotesjewishsupremacist882 years ago

i just think its the militant feminism that has been rampant for the past 20 years or so. the funny thing about the MGTOW types is that they were MGTOW and would be MGTOW with or without their declaration of it.

10 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

i just think its the militant feminism that has been rampant for the past 20 years or so.

I think that is definitely a part of it. Unfortunately for our young men, there is nothing to save them from themselves here. Either they reach for the pill or they are stuck. It isn't like anyone can save them.

i just think its the militant feminism that has been rampant for the past 20 years or so. the funny thing about the MGTOW types

This is how a lot of good jokes should start. Yeah, you are right. I think the interesting thing is how the whole MGTOW thing evolved. Originally it was a version of Monk Mode, something I've done myself. Then it turns into "I'm taking my toys and going home." Yeah, no. You were always bound to be this loser...

3 upvotesjewishsupremacist882 years ago

I wish the MGTOW types would be more open to using hookers. It'd change their life alot. I honestly think the whole Charlottsville thing could have been avoided if prostitution was legal.

6 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

MGTOW had a chance, unfortunately now a days it just how incels justify not working on themselves.

1 upvotesbohemialad2 years ago

MGTOW are stuck in prolonged adolescence as well.

Rather than growing up, working on themselves and their relationship with women, they've built up women as the enemy based on selective sources and use that to justify their inaction.

They have more in common with feminists than they'd like to admit.

I have had no problem in relationships because I know the game for what it is and I'm willing to put the work in to win.

Women will stick with a guy who has an upward trajectory because they make investments in men with the right mindset, one of a leader.

That's why you can be broke, like Conor McGregor was, but if your mindset is right a woman will still take a chance on you and believe in you.

A lot of MGTOW are going to end up bitter in old age like many feminists who refuse to settle down, and by then it will be too late.

We can blame women all we want but the onus has been on men to lead and take charge from the start.

2 upvotesbornredd2 years ago

I think that is definitely a part of it. Unfortunately for our young men, there is nothing to save them from themselves here. Either they reach for the pill or they are stuck. It isn't like anyone can save them.

Have your own children and teach them how to live.

1 upvotesIn33dmon3yz2 years ago

They basically are fat women

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What effort can be put in?

Dating is hardly merit. Its almost all luck.

Stop putting the "lift lift lift" cringey meme-type shit. It means fuckall when you are 5'4" and ugly as fuck.

11 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Dude you need to drop that poor me bullshit. I have buds who are as short as you and they get hot girls. They lift, they have game, they need to because otherwise it's a collection of fleshlights for them. I'm not overly tall, 5'8 at best, so I had to develop game and build muscle. It's what those of us under 5'10 gotta do. Suck it up, ruck up, and get to work.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah and how do their faces look? I have a 5/10 face, dude.

5 upvotesitsmehobnob2 years ago

Who cares. You are falling into solipsism. Women find men attractive for many more reasons than height or facial appearance. Women find humour attractive, you aren't funny. Women find money attractive, you probably aren't rich. There's 2 things to improve.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This sounds quite blue-pill-esque ironically.

I'm not so sure about these statements.

2 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Have the mind of a troll and women will see nothing but a troll.

2 upvotesitsmehobnob2 years ago

You're clearly a troll in more ways than one.

1 upvoteshasantaskin332 years ago

I am 6'1 but still struggle women. So It's game what I lack?

3 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

Therein lies the problem. You care too much about the opinions of women. "Lift lift lift" is only cringey to you because you treat it as a means to attract women instead of as a means to become a better version of yourself.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The only reason why it is theoretically making me a better version of myself is looks lol

1 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

You clearly haven't experienced what it feels like when your old max becomes your new minimum, or when you finally exceed your two month plateau, or when you're walking down a street and you feel like the king of the world, or when you look at yourself in the mirror and are perfectly content with fruits of your labor. If you truly think that forging your temple to the best vessel it can be is only for looks, you've been horribly misguided.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah and I can't feel masculine cuz my height though

199 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

The black pill guys will never be satisfied unless a virgin supermodel climbs through their window, pulls the game controller and code red Mountain Dew out of their hands and fucks them. Said supermodel must be a virgin because they don't want some used pussy that looks like an Arby's sandwich like some cuck.

39 upvoteswhatsthisgarg2 years ago

The black pill guys will never be satisfied unless a virgin supermodel climbs through their window, pulls the game controller and code red Mountain Dew out of their hands and fucks them. Said supermodel must be a virgin because they don't want some used pussy that looks like an Arby's sandwich like some cuck.

Yeah, that was fucking funny. I don't think these jackasses existed before the internet. The guys I grew up with who knew they were losers didn't seem to care because everything was clear and laid out for them. There weren't a bunch of sexually frustrated spree shooters before.

21 upvotesAlathon2 years ago

The per capita rate of spree shooters in the United States has been roughly the same for the last seventy years as long as you use a sane definition, something like 10+ wounded+killed, not the 4 that's used by the media when they want to pretend there's an epidemic by citing urban gang violence as spree shooters. Perhaps it is different elsewhere.

5 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

You're right and that's an important distinction to make.

1 upvotesunstoppableMobo2 years ago

Because those guys still had a good chance of marrying. Less so now.

1 upvotesadvik12342 years ago

I legitimately laughed reading this comment. Thanks for that. I've had a tough past couple years and this sub reddit has really helped. It came to me at the single most useful point of time in my life and had it been earlier it would have been wasted or used incorrectly. I'm kind of like the guy you mentioned minus the supermodel part but still must be virgin for my Indian parents. sigh

30 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

How would your Indian parents know?

21 upvotesWallyHotvedt2 years ago

when you stop caring about what mommy and daddy think about you as a man then you'll have actually started to make some progress.

1 upvotesAndgelyo2 years ago

Wtf does black pill mean? First time I've ever heard this shit on the forum. Only know reds, blues, and purples around here.

1 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

Apparently my submission was removed because I linked to an unapproved sub. Black pill is incels. They hate themselves and hate women for not fucking them.

1 upvotesAndgelyo2 years ago

Lol thanks for the info my fellow red brother

1 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

I'm not exactly red, or any pill. I learn from all sides and adapt to the situation and to my goals.

1 upvotesTopKekSkye2 years ago

I still can't believe they unironically use the word "roastie"

109 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Sometimes when you pull someone out of Plato's Cave people just stare at the sun (the truth) so long and hard that they go blind.

The truth is harsh but if you stare at it without cynical detachment you will go blind and end up in MGTOW black pill Cuck land, once again in the darkness from burning out your retinas.

42 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

You don't need to look at the sun to know it's there. You can feel it hovering, beating on your brow. Black pills too busy staring at the sun like an idiot instead of watching what it illuminates.

11 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I think that unloading upon someone is only going to have a positive effect if they are already a strong person and just haven't been exposed to the right material. I've almost invariably found that their cognitive dissonance will prompt them to double down on their old ways and then they will hate the messenger (, which was me in so many cases). This has been known since forever such as "don't throw pearls to swine" and around here as "Don't talk about TRP".

However, I did receive a benefit from having thrown so many perfect pearls to the swine over the years (likely wasn't worth the cost) because it allowed me to map out my societies trigger points and fears. Then as a computer scientist I'm able to systematize and essentially write little programs in my head for how people will react in a lot of different circumstances and I'll say that its not flattering at all for the masses. Its not something that I do anymore and while it did not contribute to my happiness it was not entirely fruitless.

Then I tried escaping from it all in places like Nicaragua, China, Ukraine, etc and I discovered that there is definitely no escaping whatever this is in this global world. So now I just tune into the radio and cable television once in a while to keep current on what the masses are being fed. The US is such a huge cultural and economic powerhouse that I just have to keep current to win against it and to appreciate being in better environments since I have a tendency to forget until I return.

1 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

Good post, but needs more up vote.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The (very hateful) "hate the messenger" thing is needed by their minds.

After all, they gonna delegitimize what you told them, and can't do this by analyzing it (they'd notice it's true). So their mind treats itself to this simple trick: "Who said X is evil and wants to hurt me -> I don't need to think X could be true, it was said to hurt me".

1 upvotesRedPilledANCAP2 years ago

So MGTOW are cucks for seeing how futile it is to engage with females? Seems legit.

10 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

MGTOWS are Cucks because the celebrate their own depression

58 upvotesFriendly_Friends2 years ago

I have found the most success just not obsessing about women or even sex at all. I struggled through much of high school and college to really get anywhere other than 2 lays.

It was one night during college I came home covered in grease and filth from my pizza delivery job and my female roommate's HB7 stripper friend with D cups was over for the second time watching tv alone in our living room that I began my own journey. All it took was talking a few minutes after I had showered and then sitting next to her and saying "What you watching?" Then I said I wanted to share the blanket she had. I kept inching closer and said "It looks like (roommate) is sleeping. So, it's just us, huh?" Then I started moving around to make myself look like I was getting comfortable, intentionally rubbing against her breast and leg. I made some snide remark about someone on TV and then looked her straight in the eyes before she made that sort of dreamy "Yeah..." That's when I just moved right in and started kissing her. 5 minutes later she was on my bed riding me like SHE was the one who had only been with 2 other people before.

Long story short, the incident made me reevalute what had happened. The first was that when I had first met her, I paid her no mind. How many guys before me had blatantly drooled over that big rack and places her on the pedestal? Chick worked the pole, so obviously she knew firsthand the animals we men are. I had talked for a few minutes, talked about how I was a DJ and had a gig coming up the following weekend and then headed out. So, she already had the itch and I only needed that very random and opportune moment that popped up the next time.

After that I just stopped obsessing. When I meet most women now, I don't mention sex outside of a few double entendres and euphemisms. I let the women do it themselves. A girl the other night was trying to explain something and was pointing at her chest. I widened my eyes with the look of "Oh! So THAT's what you're trying to say" She immediately caught on and got embarassed, but then I told her there's nothing wrong with her subconscious obsessions while putting my hand on her. We've been literally attached at the hip since.

I am by no means a TRP expert and I don't articulate myself the way many experts here do. There's a lot of outstanding advice on TRP that provides a full arsenal for people that struggle. I just wish I had known about it before when I too struggled.

As part of my own early journey without TRP, before the stripper, I once got cucked by a friend because I invited him along on an outing with an HB9 because I figured he would be a good safety net for my painfully weak and shy (lack of) social skills. It took him a few minutes out and he was on her like a hawk. My only poetic justice was that he didn't end up boning her, but it made me realize what a loser I was. I recisited this shortly after the stripper when I saw a movie that I will recommend to every BP out there.

Watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High and pay close attention to how Mike Damone gets the girl after trying to Red Pill his friend. After seeing that, I resolved that I would never again be a Mark, and I realized that all I would need is confidence and initiative. It is not easy for someone with clinical anxiety, but all you do is man up and push through that shit, and make it clear you don't need anyone else to be able to get what you want. Your own looks fall by the wayside after that. How many times in a year do you hear "How did that ugly fuck get HER??"

26 upvoteswhatsthisgarg2 years ago

and I realized that all I would need is confidence and initiative.

That whole comment is a great story, very genuine. It's also a very central TRP message, about NOT giving women attention, then they want it. So perversely opposite what the blue pill world teaches you.

2 upvotesRollo_Mayhem32 years ago

"I have found the most success just not obsessing about women or even sex at all. I struggled through much of high school and college to really get anywhere other than 2 lays."

This made me think of my HS and College years. Which was that everything was about "getting laid." It was like one big competition between all the guys. It forced to me approach women, dance with them, and make moves on them. There were no questions. If you didn't make a move on a girl, the guys would tease you until you did make a move. Talk about peer pressure. Looking back, I thank them cause now I have no problems talking to women or dancing with them.

-11 upvotesRPmatrix2 years ago

It is not easy for someone with clinical anxiety,

bro, your diet is low in Magnesium .... take 1000mgs of magnesium supplements a day and say ''goodbye'' to anxiety

I'm astonished most drs don't even know this!

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This one weird trick... doctors hate it.


25 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

I like Paul. He's a great example of how powerful suggestion is. He's an unattractive slob but behaves without fear of rejection and without whining or seeming bitter about anything. It's the emperor's new clothes effect.

Women see him being happy and not being afraid of upsetting or scaring off some women, and they think "Wow, this guy is bold so he must have enough backup pussy to stay satisfied, and he's so chill and happy, he must have a great life. I want in on that!".

There's a reason fake it until you make it is so commonly parroted, it's great fucking advice. Behave as if you are the way you wish you were, others will start acting accordingly, and eventually it'll even rub off on you and gradually stop being fake and become genuine.

Same thing goes for the opposite direction. Even if you're extremely attractive and get laid with different women every week, people will dislike you and be less attracted to you if you go on and on about AWALT, hypergamy, the cock carousel, the wall etc. in real life conversation. It just makes you sound bitter. They're supposed to be tools to prevent you from getting fucked over, but they're not supposed to be the basis of your toxic bitter MGTOW mindset. Doesn't mean you have to lie about your opinions and values, just keep it lighthearted and simple.

Girl rejects you
Bad: Suit yourself, ride the cc until you hit the wall and Chad won't fuck you anymore you dumb bitch!
Good: That's alright, plenty of fish in the sea, see ya.

Girl talks about equality, no difference between genders
Bad: Feminine imperative hypergamy toxic feminism reeee!
Good: Of course we're different, just look at us.

Girl asks you why you won't settle down.
Bad: one-sided deal divorce rape vaginamony dead bedroom reeee!
Good: Nah I'm just enjoying being single, maybe sometime in the future, we'll see.

Basically, what I'm saying is that you can be redpilled and honest about it without coming off as a bitter beta cunt. Stop taking yourself, and especially women, so seriously.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

if you go on and on about AWALT, hypergamy, the cock carousel, the wall etc. in real life conversation.

Do you really think incels go and talk about these things in real life? They don't.

5 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

asktrp regularly has threads about how some guy decided to share his newfound redpill knowledge with his friends and/or romantic interests and now needs help to fix the shitstorm. So yes, they do.

2 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

They don't have to. It manifests in their vibe and attitude.

256 upvotesD0ngl32 years ago

I've got this friend, Saul. He has rapid onset amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He's in a wheelchair. Still, he met me, and I crush.

So one day I'm cashew bombing this HB10 (Nice dress, grandma! Works every time.) and Saul comes flying outta nowhere. Runs over her foot with his chair. He must've hacked the chair or added lithium batteries because that fucker was fast AND furious!Her foot swells up real bad. Saul starts calling her "Cankles".

Next thing I know, she's giving him a sponge bath back at MY place, only with her tongue. I got nothing better to do than hit a few sets of kettlebell squats because Steven Hawkings over here is fuckin' my girl.

So quit taking the black pill you little bitchs. I fuck. Saul fucks. You need to fuck.

1 upvotesSonifys2 years ago

That's the most motivating thing I've read all day.

5 upvotesCopper_Jack2 years ago

I bet at least half of those upvotes are from people actually motivated by this real life example. What is TRP becoming...

1 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

I'm betting he made it up, but yeah.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No it's the most ironical... / sarcastic

21 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

I fuck. Saul fucks. You need to fuck.

This needs to be a fucking T shirt

1 upvotesredsorceror2 years ago

TRP has been looking for a fucked up disabled dude to show then crushing it. So all the Indian Asian losers can see how pathetic they are with their functioning awesome legs.

31 upvotesMerwebb2 years ago

Fuck those "omg im not white" people

48 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fuck those "omg I'm white, I'm so sorry" white people even more.

2 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

There's enough fucking for everyone.

11 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

I bet you thought your sarcasm was good.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It was. See how many missed it (that's when you know sarcasm has hit the spot).

1 upvotesBigGreekMike2 years ago

Oh my god, that’s the ultimate line

Nice dress, grandma

Fucking brilliant

42 upvotesTermsOfColors2 years ago

Dang, how many colors of pills are there?

1 upvotesArchieJJohnson2 years ago

What the fuck is the black pill anyway? I am getting lost. It's like a pharmacy.

15 upvotesJFMX19962 years ago

So from I'm no expert but from what I've noticed:

Blue pill is the pill where you're ignorant and haven't seen reality or accepted it.

Red Pill is where you've become aware of the reality and chosen to accept it, and work with it.

Purple Pill is where you're aware and still choose to take the risks of marriage in the modern world where it could be really, really bad for you.

Black Pill is basically the pill where you see reality, accept it, but instead of working with it, you shun it, self-pity, and go full-blown nihilist.

Feel free to correct if anyone else has a better description.

3 upvotesCoronaTRP2 years ago

Some incel made a fake tinder profile and pretended to be a hot child rapist, the worst kind of human being ever, but the girls ignored or made jokes about it because he was hot.

7 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago

You bring me all the pills from said pharmacy and I'll break down each one of its uses. Then we will discard of them safely.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Doesn't matter.

The red one is the only one that matters.

1 upvotesideal_lemon2 years ago

Yeah, getting confusing these days.

15 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Great post.

There is a certain type of person that says "but I'm fat and ugly and therefore I can't get girls and I want girls therefore TRP HAS TO BE UNTRUE". (Probably some variation of the Just World Fallacy).

You see these posts... they're phrased like "I can't follow TRP because I'm fat and ugly". Like we're a sort of cult or methodology that guarantees pussy or something. TRP is a system of beliefs about reality.... rejecting its teachings because it doesn't apply to Mr-Wont-Lift-Loves-Cheese doesn't make it untrue.

1 upvotesbohemialad2 years ago

A large amount of attractiveness boils down to physical fitness, and then there's some more which comes with grooming and how you dress yourself. You can push your SMV way up just by putting in the work and stopping the pathetic pity party.

Instead, they'd rather just use the excuse of Chad winning the genetics lottery (bullshit) to give themselves an excuse to go out and make the change they want to see happen. They are nothing more than prolonged adolescents trapped in an adult's body, and they are incredibly immature.

A lot of guys deemed Chad can actually be surpassed. Chad might have the looks but in a lot of cases he coasted throughout life because his looks made everything easy for him. He never encountered hardship that pushed him beyond that point.

Others put in the work elsewhere to acquire knowledge, get great careers and are now doing well for themselves financially. Combine that with the attractiveness you get from dieting, working out and dressing well and you suddenly have a lot more to offer.

Chad might bang the 20+ year olds but he's never going to commit because mentally he is still a boy who is afraid of sticking anything out - again, prolonged adolescence. A mature man that has his shit together can easily bag himself a woman and lead her down the right path whilst keeping her happy because she knows she is with a leader of the pack, not a pathetic follower.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can push your SMV way up just by putting in the work and stopping the pathetic pity party.

The case for a lot of incels is that they have already put the work in. They feel like they've maxxed out but their looks still aren't good enough.

19 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

I'm tall, good looking, and in good shape myself, been told that my entire life, even by straight dudes. Women say I look like a guy who gets the ladies, even when I was a lonely virgin in highschool. Men have literally said to me I look like I slay. Extended amily, friends, strangers, classmates, people at work, they've said similar things. The reality is a bit different. I can tell you for certain that looks only gets your foot in the door, nothing else. Let me tell you about some of my experiences that may surprise you.

Anything between good looking and great looks is negligible. The only constant benefit I got is I'm never considered a creep, even when I'm obnoxious or break social conventions or say sexual things. Where most guys would have security called on them or have her make a scene, they sit there and listen, laugh, look shocked, but I get to finish what I have to say scott-free and I take full advantage of this to push it to the limit just for fun. You'll even get women who auto-reject you simply because you don't seem like a guy they can hold down, quite astonishing. I've even been rejected when dressed like a boss and she's surrounded with chumps or with a schlub. Women prefer control over tingles, an alien concept to a man. You don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not. I actually have to dress down out of professional attire or many women literally look with interest then followed by a stare down due to intimidation or wonder why a guy looking like me in a suit is talking to them. I'm sitting there thinking that booty is nice, she's sitting there wondering why someone in my perceived 'class' is talking to her, like a man gives a rat's ass about her socioeconomic status. In addition, I can remember multiple occasions objectively inferior SMV men are getting attention that are shorter, weaker, much less confidence, younger, less money, and average looking while I get rejected or no attention. No PUA shit, nothing try hard, no nice guy, just plain not interested. I've seen beta looking guys with chicks with nice booty, pretty, and/or nice pair of tits yet I was struggling or they rejected me. I do believe however many of these 'anomolies' have to do with where I lived and the demographic that comes with it, the specifics I'm purposely keeping vague.

I'm not here to bragplain or rant or make excuses about why I didn't pull at a specific time. The lesson here is not being hawwwt is NOT an excuse. Most women are with men that are lesser SMV than them (looks-wise) believe it or not. Most women want the be the pretty ones in the dynamic. I don't know the magic formula to get you laid 6-8's (<==edit), but being tall and good looking is not even half the equation.

10 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I can tell you for certain that looks only gets your foot in the door, nothing else

Similar experience... with the caveat that super hot guys do get a lot more very easy chances. More obvious/intense eye contact, women approaching. I am "averagely good looking" facially, but I've been with very hot guys and there is a very stark difference.

The only constant benefit I got is I'm never considered a creep

Same. Women even say this. "You say the creepiest weird shit and it's totally fine". They don't get why, but I do and I use it to my advantage.

I actually have to dress down out of professional attire or many women literally look with interest then followed by a stare down due to intimidation or wonder why a guy looking like me in a suit is talking to them.

I get ya, but I'm not sure on your interpretation. Are you sure it's "too high SMV" and "Won't be able to lock him down"? Rather than looking too beta bucks? A suit looks hot, but it's in a money way rather than a hawwwwt way.

I don't know the magic formula to get you laid by 9's, but being tall and good looking is not even half the equation.

Tall and good looking really does open doors, let's not forget that. I know a fairly tall and REALLY facially good looking guy. Like as a guy I'm thinking "wow, he's REALLY good looking". He has zero game, zero confidence with girls. But girls drool over him. Ask about him. Try and flirt with him. But his confidence or religious background or something holds him back, and they all slip through his fingers and get bored. It's like he friendzones them by not taking any risks or doing anything. All he'd have to do is flirt back and they'd make all the moves, and he doesn't.

7 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

I differentiated good looks from great looks for a reason. Great looks has the women chasing you with zero effort like you described your friend. Good looks just opens doors, gets you some admiration and special priveledges/treatment.

In my business attire, I get both the intimidation and the just a nice looking BB. But my street clothes, well, let's just say they're different from what you'd expect a corporate man wearing. So the BB persepctive cant fully explain it. More field testing and experimenting must be done.

3 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

I've gotten to the same situation now. I notice a lot of women, who I consider very attractive, get very shy around me now. They can't keep eye contact, they are always adjusting clothing and/or their hair and just generally seem flustered. But one thing I have noticed always precedes it. They will always try to get my attention very early either by showing off their tits/ass excessively or taking a lot of quick glances over to see if I'm looking at them.

When I use to approach immediately after these things this shyness never happened, but I had much less success. Now when I notice these things in my peripheral vision I just take note and will naturally make something happen when it doesn't feel forced, like our eyes meet or I pass by her for another reason. Since I started doing that I get lots of shyness, almost like when a beta dude is hitting on a really attractive chick. There are other things that have changed, I'm getting much leaner and more ripped, my clothes fit better and I stand up a lot straighter. But I think Warlock hit it on the head with the women prefer control over tingles.

My theory is when a women starts sending out IOI's she is essentially trying to have a man enter her frame. She uses her physical appearance to try an illicit a response. If a man hits on her directly following that she feels in control of the situation. Her action caused a response, she feels in control, but this is also not very attractive. I believe this is where the "looks are the end all/be all" crowd get stuck. When you hit on a woman who is obviously trying to get your attention sexually you are falling into her frame. In fact, thinking back the only women who I've actually laid after doing the above were women who though I was way out of their league and/or were too tipsy to be nervous. By waiting a bit you break the link in her mind from her actions and the response, she can not be sure that her action caused your response.

Most women ultimately want to be desired for their beauty on some level by the men hitting on them. When she has plays that card to apparently no avail, she gets worried. So not only does this shoot up your SMV in her eyes(her tits and ass didn't even phase you), now this dude she was trying to attract is talking to her and she doesn't know if he's even attracted to her. This causes her hamster to spin and she gets nervous.

3 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

Men view the immediate approach as bold and direct, women view it as too easy. Which sucks because sometimes you only have a small window before the social circumstance doesnt allow for it anymore or one of you is about to leave. But women dont care about any of that and and dont include that in their 'calculations'.

and/or not enough tension was allowed to build. The oven reached 300 degrees, but you need 350 to start cooking.

2 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago


Yeah, there's something else going on here. Would be interested to work out what it is

2 upvotesFapisluv2 years ago

Height matters a lot to the way both women and men perceive you.You can t ever be a good looking male if you are below average height.Kit harrington isnt a good looking male,many women say he is too short.That twilight wolf guy was teased for his height by his girl fans.Zac efron was made fun of his height,and daddario was acting annoyed when she was next to him in an interview.Women are actually annoyed when a short guy is talking to them,whether the guy is a friend,a lover,a guy who hits on them or a coworker.

1 upvotesHS-Thompson2 years ago

A suit looks hot, but it's in a money way rather than a hawwwwt way.

I strongly disagree with this. Most women consider a nice suit to be the equivalent of what men consider nice about lingerie, something that accentuates the fundamental masculinity of a guy.

Granted I live in a real city, that might be different out in fly over country bars and so on.

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

stop with the "real city" bullshit. New York is a great place, but you do't have to live there to get hot women dude

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

stop with the "real city" bullshit. New York is a great place, but you do't have to live there to get hot women dude

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV2 years ago

Women prefer control over tingles

Also, why are betas getting hot girls? Can you please explain this man?

It's one thing if a guy is ugly but has game, but an ugly guy WITH no confidence getting a girl with a nice ass? what sense does that make?

3 upvotesCoupDeGrace222 years ago

Cause life ain't black n white and there's no rule of thumb to apply to every scenario, and that includes the loser fantasy that somehow the tall handsome "chad" always wins the competition, it's simply not the case and any guy with a normal social life has his own experiences to confirm this.

I was the "tall handsome chad" in my social group ever since high school and for every "success" still I had girls do to me the same shit they supposedly do only to "betas" like using me only for validation or friendzoning me while they told me for hours about their crush who 90% of the time was a fucking average guy, many times worse than average either short/beergut/very skinny,etc. I've had for example 3 particular girls hit on me and since internally back then i was just another nice guy , I did nothing and guess what? They didn't hound me cause I'm some genetic gift, they got into relationships with my buddies who are both just average looking while also skinnier and shorter.

Know when everything turned around for me?When I internalized the shit i read here and dropped all the nice guy bs I was taught as a kid , but that's just MY story and what worked for me, each person needs a different solution.

Conclusion? TRP and most importantly LIFE is not a rigid,congruent experience where everything has to make sense and happen according to what we know as "true", most of the time what happens in life is not in our ability to be predicted, the TRP just gives you a pretty good direction and most importantly perspective on understanding the road, the destination or what you meet on the road is never guaranteed.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Beta's get girls because the girls are taught they want a nice guy. Plus, beta's do everything and overlook everything. What these girls are ignoring is 'nature'. Masculine is attractive. Beta gets boring. So, yes, beta's get girls . . . .til that wears off

2 upvotesiceqick2 years ago

Maybe it's the beta insecurities taking over for the girl. Plain instinct guessing

2 upvotesMerwebb2 years ago

Those are looking for a Billy bucks.

They are with him but what do you know if they are being fucked by our friend the old J. Thundercock??? What If those guys are just getting a tiny piece of pussy when Chad is fucking them in their asses???

You sound an awful lot like a whiney complainer nice guy.

Work for yourself, not to get any results. Recognize your own current state and read the sidebar

1 upvotesred_dover2 years ago

I can remember multiple occasions objectively inferior SMV men are getting attention that are shorter, weaker, much less confidence, younger, less money, and average looking while I get rejected or no attention. No PUA shit, nothing try hard, no nice guy, just plain not interested. I've seen beta looking guys with chicks with nice booty, pretty, and/or nice pair of tits yet I was struggling or they rejected me.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I am going through the exact exact same thing right now. Getting blown out for guys fatter & shorter than me. I am dressed to impress while they are wearing looney toons t-shirts and white socks but nada no results for me

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That was just an example of lookism one form of the blackpill, youll never destroy blackpillers since blackpill refers to the truths that ultimately leads to hopelessness and destruction. There will always be blackpillers.

21 upvotessonder_one2 years ago

The reason this argument goes back and forth interminably is that both sides are right (mostly), and they see contradiction where none exists.

The Red Pill is literally about telling the cold, hard truth, not about what you do with the information (where people disagree). Red Pill truths include the fact that lifting, game, style, frame, etc all boost SMV. They ALSO include the fact that physical characteristics matter, with facial attractiveness, height, and yes, skin color all being factors.

These are all truths, and it is Red Pill to accept them.

It is also true, regardless of whether any particular strategy is "TRP official™", that lifting, cleaning yourself up, building frame, etc are good for your life in many ways, one of which is SMV boost. That's why virtually everyone who is "TRP aware™" preaches these things.

The fact that TRP truths are true is not threatened by the fact that other truths are true. The fact that working out is good for me is not less true if I am still incapable of beating LeBron at basketball. It is not less true if I still pull much less than Russell Brand (under-appreciated game, BTW).

So quit attacking people who acknowledge the extremely obvious fact that genetics matter, and quit using what you can't control as an excuse to avoid maximizing what you can!

20 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

It’s one thing to notice it, be aware of it. It’s another to use it as an excuse to play Victim and not do shit about it. But post and complain. Come here and clog up the sub with poison with no Intention of taking any advice.

Is it true that no matter how many years I train I’ll never be Connor McGregor? Or how much juice I take I’ll never be Ronnie Coleman? Maybe, maybe not. That would label me under “the black pill truth”

The thing is idgaf about being Connor McGregor or Ronnie. And I’m not going to play victim, quit , or whine bc of it. I care about being the best TrenGod37 at everything I do in life.

You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone but yourself. So to come here posting about looks or genetics is just putting yourself up against someone who isn’t you. That’s your own personal setback. No one else cares or feels sorry for you.

Read the comment above. Sauls in a wheel chair getting his asshole licked cleaned by a 10 and these guys are whining they will never be Lebron or can’t get a phone number because they aren’t Brad Pitt. Do you see the issue?

4 upvotessonder_one2 years ago

Of course I see the issue. I said in my first post that I see the issue. That's why I explained how both sides are partly right, but can be wrong.

There's a positive way to take the reality that you can't be LeBron, too. That's to not let failure to be LeBron take you away from what you CAN do and what you HAVE achieved.

Perfectionism is toxic.

4 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

No see your wrong. The black pill is a bunch of men crying that women are treated differently then men.

Genetics is not the thing holding you back from banging supermodels. Getting in contact with supermodels is what is holding you back. Meeting supermodels isn't easy, hell meeting a real natural 8 isn't easy. Most very attractive women get elevated socially quite a bit at a very early age. So once your out of college it's hard to even come in contact with them if you don't put effort into it. The black pill conveniently overlooks this fact and expects that supermodels are just data mining instagram and facebook for men to fuck that are "hot". Women do not treat "supermodel" men like men treat supermodel women. Yes, a "10" guy will get easy lays and even some social status. But if you think that even comes close to the fairy tale life that someone like Lindsey Pelas lives, your fucking out of your mind. That is just the fact of being a man, you might get some benefits from good genetics, but you will never get the free ride "genetically gifted" women get.

Genetics do not fucking matter in being successful with women. Not a single fucking bit. What matters is maximizing what you have, end of story. If you put effort into maximizing your genetics for 5 years straight you will be swimming in sexual interest. If you simultaneously work on your game/social skills for those same 5 years you will be able to convert a large amount of that interest into regular, a dial away sex.

Genetics just makes it easier or harder to initially gain access to attractive women, that's it. Anyone can build muscle, sculpt an good looking and balanced body, last more then 10 minutes of hard pounding in bed, and get women to orgasm. Truth, that is all you need to keep most women in rotation until "they want more". Build some muscle, don't be a chicken legged gym bro(work out your whole fucking body), Be able to smash a chick into the headboard for 15 minutes straight(most guys have trouble lasting 10 minutes of a chick riding them) and make her cum all over your cock.

You'll have more sex then you know what to do with or even want. You might not be banging supermodels and TV stars but your dick wont be dry unless you want it to be. There is a subset of men that join the redpill and are "kinda redpill for a week". The say "no" to a hot girl they are nervous to even talk to and don't pay for a first date for the first time in 15 years. This now apparently entitles them to supermodels and the hottest women on the planet throwing themselves at said guy. When this fantasy bullshit doesn't happen, they bitch and moan about genetics/looks/dick size/phase of the moon. You know whatever the blue pill/incel victimizer attribute of the week. These are your black pill MGTOW incels. It is their unrealistic "perfect reality" that just makes the whole idea to anyone with an ounce of logic laughable.

-4 upvotesHS-Thompson2 years ago

Meeting supermodels isn't easy, hell meeting a real natural 8 isn't easy.

Incorrect, those things are trivially easy.

All you have to do is move to an actual fucking city that matters, like New York.

12 upvotesThrowawaybecausesjw2 years ago

...I thought black pill was nihilism mixed with misanthropy, not this omega male BS.

5 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

The Black pill is from the incels sub, the 'truth' that they can't get laid because muh looks is what it means.

2 upvotesShadyDude9952 years ago

According to Google: The “black pill” is about that principle and more. It is about reality as it is and facts. It stands in opposition to both mainstream feminist delusions (the “blue pill”) and non-mainstream feminist delusions (the “red pill”).

5 upvotesArgman506932 years ago

So I have been lurking this subreddit for a while now and overall I believe that the overall message is solid. Many of us discovered all of this information out of insecurities, frustrations, confusions etc. The sidebar in particular is a goldmine of information that we may have discovered through experience or on this subreddit.

However, there seems to be a huge controversy when it comes to physical appearance and how it plays into the SMP. The red pill basically shares the message that we are in a harsh era of post-feminist society. And it is ultimately our responsibility to maximize our potential in regards to physical fitness, social skills, finance etc. Yet there seems to be an offshoot of the red pill community that asserts that some of us can do all of those things, yet be unsuccessful with women. Enter "the black pill".

Now as for myself personally, I would say that I was more black pill back in the day. I am of what you would call, a low smv male (don't take this as a complaint). And what I mean by that is that I am 32 years old, 5'6, balding (shave my head), overweight (about 200lbs), and don't make great money. I do however have a lot of confidence when talking to women. My game has improved tremendously for sure. And I can be a very chill and polite dude but then have a total IDGAF attitude. I have had more success with women in recent years thanks to the red pill, whereas before I was a pathetic BLUE AS FUCK PILL beta. Nevertheless, I understand that I have stuff to work on, as far as exercise and career development, and I am working on both. But I will still say that I have an issue believing that the dude that the OP mentioned is consistently pulling 8-10s. In my experience, dudes like that (based on the physical description given) don't hook up with the 8-10s on a consistent basis, if ever. I am well liked and have had chances with cute girls, but the 8-10 chicks have almost never been receptive to me. And I have observed the same with other dudes who are in a similar state as myself.

So overall, as inspiring as the post is, I find it a bit exaggerated. When it comes to looks, women rarely fuck/date below their physical SMV unless there is a valuable incentive (which is financial or social power the majority of the time). I'm not saying it never has happened, but I don't think an average and/or chubby dude is going slay a chain of 9's. To me it sounds a bit PUA (which had the right idea, but mostly unrealistic for many men).

5 upvotesThickDickWarrior892 years ago

Wow Paul's a fuckin legend bruh.

2 upvotesGlacierdust2 years ago

But that's just the thing - he's not. The message here is that any one of us can be Paul or Chad or a legend.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Looks matter to us they're just window dressing to them.

4 upvotesDeadliftRyan2 years ago


I was with a house mate yesterday at our uni's freshers fair, he isn't the best looking but my god the way he carries himself and how he confidentially/playfully interacted with the girls at the stand, you could see they were all lapping it up

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Most of the battle to "be attractive" to women is not what you add. It's STOP doing UNATTRACTIVE things!

4 upvotesEvigSoeger2 years ago

It's a shame that their mindset seems so ingrained. If they're here, they're on the right track. No kidding, a friend of mine went from chubby, socially awkward beta nerd to a ripped smooth talker who dresses better than any man I've seen, all in the span of a year and a half after I showed him this sub. The red pill works, but only if you're willing to put in the effort.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The red pill works, but only if you're willing to put in the effort.

Ever heard of survivorship bias?

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

I have and that quote does not demonstrate survivorship bias or survival bias.

Survival bias would be saying "The red pill works just talk to all ECs" See this is implying that the red pill works solely based on those that have made it work.

The quote you have quoted

The red pill works, but only if you're willing to put in the effort.

This may seem like survival bias, but it is not because it is not dismissing those that have failed. He is just simply stating that in order for it to work you have to put effort into it first. He isn't focusing his data on just those that made it work, he is simply saying you can't just subscribe to this sub, set up a lawnchair in your front yard and wait for the 10's to come knocking.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I see, you're actually right man. But I do see a lot of the "if you fail it's because you didn't try hard enough" thought here.

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

Because it's the truth.

You can only actually FAIL at this by not trying hard enough. Everything else is just a minor set back honestly.

You need to sit down with yourself and make a change internally to commit yourself to making this work. Don't set a goal to do it, and fuck your resolutions. You make a change, you commit to the habits, you live this new life. When you do that everything else is just a minor inconvenience.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Cut the shit man, I already told you I've tried.

A few years trying TRP and putting the effort in isn't a minor setback.

I don't know if we're talking about the same thing because I'm talking more about getting the results with women than improving. I improved but the success with women never came. I don't think "trying harder" is the solution here.

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

Well that the problem it is something you tried, like a zumba class or an expensive steak. You didn't commit and change or else we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Also you will never get anywhere with women, "trying to get results with women". You need to internalize TRP, not think of it as something to get more women, it is not PUA. The success with women comes after your comfortable being a sexual being.

5 upvotesN0_Flux_given2 years ago

It's really depressing to read stuff off their sub and sometimes I start thinking just like them, that there's no hope if I wasn't born with male model face. But fuck that shit. Not gonna give up like a pathetic loser, we're men not whinny little bitches.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I've seen plenty of whiny little bitch men get laid... because they were good looking.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Learn gab. Gab makes up the difference. Trust me.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I fucking love this. I am still convinced looks only matter in regards to how they influence ONE person and that is YOU. If you are proud as fuck and feel great about what you did with your body, that is why the improved looks come with better game. Not because of the looks on their own.

I personally don't preach this mindset here simply because it currently stands as a 'believe'. Until i made a similar experience as you did i won't sell it as ultimate truth.

Side-Note: "Looks aint shit" (no matter if this is confirmed true) is STILL NO EXCUSE not to go lift (or any other hardcore sport for that matter if you want to be hipster) because it makes you feel better in your skin. This is top priority to any man.

23 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

I got banned for suggesting that they actually be nice to women and work on their personalities instead of glaring at them in anger.

Yes, I know this is the red pill and the asshole thing is part of the game, but there is a difference between being an asshole as part of the game and just being an asshole.

20 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

Asshole game for the sake of game is just emotional manipulation, it's a step above the drink buying bitchboy, and it fits the blueprint of most low self esteem girls.

It gets you results but it's some loser shit. If you just want results go to vegas, buy a bag of coke, and hire a limo. Bring girls into your limo, give them coke, and fuck them.

You don't have to be an ass, being an ass is more interesting than the flatline pretty boy faggotry most guys are doing.

Game works like this: if you're new and you suck, it's better to be physically attractive than ugly; however, as you progress and get better, your appearance doesn't matter. It all comes down to how antifragile you are.

The issue is moreso that ugly guys lack positive reference experiences and carry this bag of shit around with them wherever they go; victim mentality, scarcity mindset, depression, low self esteem. It's repulsive; as a dude I don't want to be around them, and girls definitely don't.

5 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Good anecdote about Paul. Paul swiping a 9 from you is like the film trope of the student becoming the master or the Sith apprentice killing his mentor.

8 upvotesDonkeyPunch192 years ago

Paul swiping a 9 from you is like the film trope

That is how I know it's total bullshit.

3 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Internet is certainly full of 'thathapppened', tho, this kind of stuff does happen, and OP has little reason to lie (it's talking up someone else). My comment actually wasn't meant to throw doubt on the story. Could be BS or exaggerated, but the message is true; I've seen chubby dudes with game pull some shockingly hot tail.

5 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

There will always be people who don’t believe it because it didn’t happen to them. Just another excuse. It’s a real story I’d have Paul come here personally and tell you but he doesn’t care enough because he’s probably balls deep in some pussy

1 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Oh, like I said, I believe the story. And I've seen stuff like it happen.

4 upvotesjm512 years ago

I was a private hire taxi driver for many years and saw all kinds of dudes pull women. What those guys all had in common was that they didn't give off a 'Desperate' vibe. Women can spot that so easily.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Black pill is real, son. Your friend is an exception to the rule. In b4 hurrdurr you're incel you have no experience, I'm actually a normie. I'm 30 something and have had a little over a dozen partners, not too high, but enough to know how bitches work. Although I agree that self improvement does work, but just not for everyone. If you have a really ugly face or are too fat or something you're likely screwed. I'm going to try out things from this forum soon. I'd spend more time here but it seems like every post is a fucking novel. Wish things were more succinct here.

3 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Yell it from the roof tops bro! Get these fucking incels to wake up or get the fuck out of here.

By the way, props for telling it like it was and admitting he snaked that one girl from you. That's the kind of honesty we need here to help us all grow.

3 upvotesTRP_mask2 years ago

Of course I complain about my looks! I lift, try to wear good clothes and am trying to look as good as possible, but at the same time I'm still skinny as fuck, my face filled with acne and so white I look unhealthy. With one of the things of puberty being insecure, I think it's quite obvious I complain. At the same time, though, I do everything to improve as much as possible, but some things you can't change.

3 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Not everyone can turn into a 10. Going off a Pareto distribution it's probably like 5% of people globally, maybe 20-25% here?

Anyways, point is that TRP gives you a choice. You get to either maximise your potential or use your whiny bitch tears as lube IF you can get your beer gut out of the way.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not quite right... looksmax gets you only so far. The rest is gab. Women suss out alphas, and alphas come in many shapes.

3 upvotesSouthernFit2 years ago

Positive change will only occur when YOU start taking responsibility. I refuse to surround myself by people who blame blame blame. Toxic mindset.

14 upvotesHoops_Junkie22 years ago

The red pill only works if you're in that 4-7 range. There really is no hope for 1-3 men except being Beta Bux. That's what these black pillers are trying to explain.

4 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

The thing is, men are more of a blank slate than women are. We have a larger range of possible change. Say a woman is born a 5. She can move up to 7 or down to 3. A man who's born a 5 is more flexible, he's capable of much more failure, but also much more success, than her. Depending on how he lives his life, he'll be anywhere from 1 to 9. This also means that even a man born a 1 can become a 5. Even if you have a burnt face with no nose and also happened to be born with one of your eye sockets empty and had it sewn shut, you can still put in some effort (God forbid, right?) and develop top tier game, confidence, happiness, personal finance, fitness, social circle/fame. Take Peter Dinklage for example. He's a fucking midget, but he managed to become well-known through great effort, and is probably relatively happy, confident and wealthy too. I promise you that very few of these black pillers were dealt a shittier hand than he was.

Potential is the essence of man. You can either be someone who whines about the circumstances or someone who makes them. It's up to you.

4 upvotesKV-n2 years ago

develop top tier game, confidence, happiness, personal finance, fitness, social circle/fame.

Despite the common interpration of BP as looks>all id bet most of us are incels coz we are mental. Developing those things is then the precise problem and cause of inceldom (except fnance and fitness

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Peter Dinklage

Wow, another fuckwad who brings up celebrity examples! Such wow!

4 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

What do you think famous people are, unicorns? Maybe we shouldn't bring up rich people or fit people or confident people or happy people either. Unrealistic unreachable goals, all of them! In fact, you're probably the one we should look up to, the pinnacle of achievable mediocrity.

-3 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Just another lame excuse. I mean honestly a 1-3? What guy is a 1 unless all your fucking teeth are missing and your eyes are closer to your ears than they are your nose and even then some girl will still label you a 4. I doubt anyone here even qualifies as a 1 to anyone other than themselves.

6 upvotesHoops_Junkie22 years ago

Well they exist. But they probably don't go out much but don't deny their existence.

0 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

And they are obviously getting laid otherwise ugly dudes wouldn’t exist

6 upvoteshelloamahello2 years ago

No bro. That's not how the world works. This is how you throw any and all credibility out the window. How stupid are you?

7 upvotesjamesbwbevis2 years ago

this is the wrong message. the reality is that most of us wont be fucking models, and we need to accept that and move on.

The Red Pill pretends if you "lift bro and be alpha" we can all win and we cant. thats bullshit

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Totally what the message is.

The message is. Stop fucking complaining and make the best with what you have.

And there’s more to it than just lifting. That’s just the foundation. But if you build that foundation along with all he other things talked about here. Yes. We can all win. It’s far from bulls hit

5 upvotesjamesbwbevis2 years ago

no, the example used talks about the guy going from zero to fucking 8s and 10s. Good for him, but results not typical.

Talk about the guy who fucks 5s and learned to live with it. Thats most guys

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

It’s not typical because most guys are typically lazy pieces of shit. With no drive or discipline to do what it takes to better themselves.

5 upvotesjamesbwbevis2 years ago

no, its not typcial because women are picky and all the top guys want to fuck the hottest women. there aren't enough to go around.

We cant all be kings. Most men settle for less than models, and thats fine. The red pill has too much wishful thinking.

1 upvoteshunterglenn2 years ago

Seriously, do you hear yourself? A guy who is a 5, maybe even a 6 is your proof that EVERY man can perform like that

What do you think it MEANS to be a 5 or 6, man? That guy's average or higher; what is his story supposed to prove about the potential of the 1 out of every 10 men who is a 1? Or the 1 out of 100 men who's a 0.1?

1 out of 100 doctors might have an IQ of 100, but that doesn't in the slightest prove that someone with an IQ of 80 can make it; the numbers work out very much the same for looks

Not that looks are everything, but numbers work on general SMV like on anything else

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Yes in the looks department if were being generous. You also missed the point that he is fat as fuck. Sweaty and has awful hygiene.

On a smv point Paul is up there with a snail. Point is I’ve seen him fuck hot bar sluts.

Stop seeing only what you want to see and look at the bigger picture. Some women suck off horses for Christ sakes. You pussies are just lazy and won’t do any work on yourselves. That’s the point

1 upvoteshunterglenn2 years ago

Would he be able to do the same if his looks were a 1 instead, all else being equal?

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Honestly what does a 1 look like. I don’t go around actively judging and checking out men. But I’d imagine it to be a pretty unrecognizable human being. To be labeled a 1. Show me a picture of a 1 and I’ll tell you.

1 upvoteshunterglenn2 years ago

Don't avoid the question; what would the effect on your friend's success be if he were much less attractive?

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Attraction is more than looks so it’s a loaded question. His attitude/frame. Makes him attractive.

Now if you’d ask what effect would it have if his looks were worst than they are. I’d say none. He doesn’t have looks to begin with

1 upvotesshung2 years ago

This is such a bs post. We all have ugly friends and none of them are pulling shit no matter how much a fuck they dont give or how good their game is

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Absolutely. These fuckers should stop shitposting the "lift lift lift" cringey meme-type shit. It means fuckall when you are 5'4" and ugly as fuck.

7 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Maybe your friends aren’t. Maybe they need to surround themselves around guys who have good game and can help them.

But sure keep the excuses coming. My ugly friends all get laid.

In fact if all women stopped fucking ugly guys. They wouldn’t exist. They would only be procreating with top looking dudes. 1-3s would have died off long ago

1 upvotesshung2 years ago

Sure they do, with other 1-3s. Stop posting your bull shit.

2 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

You don’t get out of the house much do you?

1 upvotesshung2 years ago

You can try to personally attack me as much as you want, it will not change what I'm saying

2 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

That’s not a personal attack. It’s an honest question. I have seen ugly as sin dudes. Fuck hot women. Point blank period. Over and over. The main thing is they aren’t complaining about shit like you and the guys who aren’t get laid are. They’re making the best out of their situation. They’re approaching and learning. They’re changing their mindset and getting results while everyone else is stuck in their pity party.

I have another friend who looks like Danny devito for Christ sakes and I’ve even seen him get with hot women. He used to come out every weekend with us. You either aren’t getting out much to see it or you’re just too delusional to accept it bc it isn’t happening to you

1 upvotesshung2 years ago

I don't believe you. I move around quite a bit and have a lot of friends. The ugly ones, even with confidence are certainly not banging hot women. They pull on their level if not lower

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think you completely misunderstand what the Black Pill means.

Coming from a successful, high (high) SMV, business owner.

7 upvotesredvelvet_oreo2 years ago

I want to add that short dudes need to stop using their height as a god damn excuse. Yeah it fucking sucks. Get over it. Im 5'5 and yeah I may not have access to every woman that makes my dick hard but for every tall hot bitch with a nice ass there is a shorter version of her out there.

And best believe you can fuck a tall girl if you desire. I have I just don't like it as much cause its harder to pull her hair when fucking doggy style. I have met guys shorter than me that can slay. Everyone has flaws. Some greater than others.

The sooner you accept your height issue's, ugly face issues, balding issues ( I suffer from height and balding so double whammy) or all of the above the sooner you can start gaming better. Love your self no matter what. Get out of your head and be a man. Only beta faggots obsess over things they cannot change. Change what you can and get on with it. A life of adventures awaits you and pussy on the side of that is waiting to get fucked by your short alpha cock and be apart of your journey.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm 5'10. One of my most memorable plates was 6'3.

Doesn't matter when you're lying down.

(doggy, on the other hand, was tricky)

Strap on the linesman spikes and climb them like a redwood.

1 upvotesredvelvet_oreo2 years ago

Its just preference for me but I have never denied a chick because of her height.

What works for me if a girl is really tall is going in to the crab stance while fucking her doggy. (If you have been doing your squats this position should be easy to get into)

7 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

I just learned about the whole black pill thing like a week ago, was laughing straight for an hour about it. That incel sub is fucking garage, just a cesspool of "woe is me" bullshit. No man in this universe, not even the sole "11", can walk into a room and have all the women instantly rush over to him fighting as they grasp for his cock. Also, no matter how high your SMV is there will be women on the planet who don't want to fuck you. That just the facts of life jack, deal with it.

I'm not a model but I get a large amount of attention from attractive women. I'm 6'6", good face, still a bit skinny fat but in clothes I look pretty fit. Just the other day I was out running errands and got rejected hard by some slightly overweight 6. Seriously, and I'm not just butthurt, the only reason I even chatted her up was I getting warmed up for the night as I had a function to attended and didn't want to start "getting social" at the event. Saw this chick and figured, fuck it, I'll grab an easy number get my social momentum rolling no harm, no foul. Wrong as fuck, chick didn't even stop and I got the dismissive wave. Just laughed it off and on with my day. By the incel/black pill logic the earth should have exploded because my SMV was clearly higher then hers.

The whole black pill is just a huge excuse to not work towards being stronger. It is a blue pill construct, it is taking a strawman argument to the extreme as a ruse to dismiss the truth of the red pill. Honestly, and I know the black pill crew won't believe me, but you don't want what your wishing for. The fantasy and the reality of having every woman hit on you solely because of your looks are vastly different.

1 upvotesTotallyoriginaluser2 years ago

Her SMV is still higher than yours. She can go on tinder and have 100s of guys, likely better looking, taller, more fit, higher status etc. at the swipe of a finger or send of message ready to fuck her brains out. That's the feminist world we live in in 2017, almost all girls have a truly higher SMV than the top 95% of guys. Meaning they could easily fuck 5-10 new guys every day if they wanted to and still settle down with a beta bucks.

2 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

See your equating ability to get sex as a high SMV indicator for a woman like you would a man. It doesn't work that way.

Everyone knows any woman over the age of 18 could go on tinder and get dick for the night. Doesn't matter how much of a hambeast she is she can find someone to shove their dick between the rolls. Yes there are higher value guys then myself that cruise tinder that would hook up with that chick. Yes that could probably happen with in a day. Grass is green and the sky is blue my friend. These facts don't signify her SMV. Female SMV is tied to their ability to get long term commitment from males not sex. Women who "can't get laid" just don't like the dick that is being offered to them. That isn't some dark hidden secret.

11 upvotesSiulaGrande2 years ago

what the fuck is the black pill. stop making up retarded ass words guys, we already have enough made up acronyms and shit as it is, come on

4 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

I’m pretty sure they made a sub about it

4 upvotesSiulaGrande2 years ago

i feel it man its just this shit gets too "internet" sometimes if you feel me

4 upvotesgirthradius2 years ago

Genetics and skin color matter

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not skin color. Genetics, yes. A few millimeters of bone can be a death sentence.

4 upvotesinsertcredit22 years ago

You guys mocking people for having a negative view of women is pretty funny.

I'm not saying that you're wrong about everything but 95% of you are guys who got walked over by women then decided to emulate college jocks and go out and bang sluts. Since you're only interaction is sluts and manipulative bitches you run this whole AWALT bullshit and circle jerk about all girls are gaming sluts because you surround yourselfs with gaming sluts.

There's plenty of red Pill truth on here but it's also full of bitter nihilists who need to grow up.

15 upvotesDonkeyPunch192 years ago

You're clearly making all this shit up.

That one night out he literally stole a Legit 9 right from under neither me.

You realize a 9 is like VS model territory right? Fuck outta here.

2 upvoteswakethfkupneo2 years ago

Pop quiz: balding, short ginger versus tall, better looking guy that is lording the club, running the party, with his posters on the wall and has an afterparty upstairs ... who wins?

Also this ... kinda different subject but still very related if you watch closely

5 upvotesflatliner_2 years ago

Note how old these videos are - top is from 2009 if you read the comments. With the big sjw feminist movement and catcalling laws, things are much different now. Yes you need to come across right, but old school pua teasing and alpha tactics can get you in a lot of trouble now - times have changed

2 upvotesjonpe872 years ago

I am kind new here (1 month) best topic so far. direct to the point, no bs

2 upvotesSlyAM2 years ago

This is sidebar material right here

1 upvotesiWantiTunesCards2 years ago

Normie here... I understand where the black pill and red pill comes from. The black pill is pretty much exposing that when girls say personality is the only thing that matter is bullshit. Looks are what determine if you are going to be a "slayer" or not. There will never be an ugly slayer 99.9% of the time. The reason for the blackpill is that you can be like your friend Paul but maybe the reason she went with Paul was because she was tired of having sex with top tier men? If she truly is a 9 this could have been the reason. People who have taken "the blackpill" are pretty much saying they will never be a slayer because they don't have the looks and no amount of going to the gym and working out will help their face. Those 2 combined causes them to become outcasts and just leads to a downwards spiral because since they don't have those things (some are ripped and ugly) they still lack social skills and become depressed (overtly care about looks). But social skills don't matter to "slayers" because its the face the ultimately attracts the girls.

2 upvotesRedPillFreedom2 years ago

It's more important for a girl to look good than a guy.

So, STFU and Go Out. Regardless, improving yourself will improve your results.

Be a Man Own Your Shit. Or Be a Victim Mentality Cuck & you get to continue Cucking yourself.

2 upvotesmilosterling2 years ago

Good post Looks mean fuck all if you have the game

2 upvotesHnikud2 years ago

Gratz OP, putting an end to the weak mentality that has been sneaking arround here. Mods, we should add this post to the sidebar. I like to think about it this way, looks push you but only up to a certain point, then it is all on you to keep rowing.

5 upvotesenkae73172 years ago

Bravo. I have been getting tired of all these fucks complaining that they aren't getting girls because of their looks. Like really bro, if you think that then you haven't learned SHIT. They'll put the blame on race, skin color, weight, etc.

3 upvotesMerwebb2 years ago

Amen brother. As I've said here before, when i give a fuck women look at me like im garbage. When i dont give a damn they eye fuck me and go out of their way to talk to me.

Is about mentality, inner posture, attitude. And these things come and stay permanently with work in TRP basics.

3 upvotesgenitalmutigaytion2 years ago

In there defence they are saying it's hopeless for 1 and 2's out of ten, not 5 maybe 6's

3 upvotesBrewjo2 years ago

It's like that old Russian saying: "The sourest pickle was once a fresh cucumber."

5 upvotesAcro21422 years ago

There's no way this isn't copypasta.

4 upvotesRPmatrix2 years ago

there's an old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

and the things people find ''beautiful'' are as varied as there are things!

Have you ever met a HB who only has to start talking and she drops several points of attraction? I sure have

But the reverse is true, you will find some girls will rapidly become more attractive as they talk with you and you begin to 'see' another 'side' to them

shit how many poems and songs have been written about that undefinable 'something in the way she is'? ... heaps! Again, The opposite is equally true, and girls often have weird quirks about what they like in guys

You'll never know unless you give her a go!

3 upvoteshenry10112 years ago

Great post. I have had periods in my life where I sucked with women for a few years and now where I'm having good success. If anything I looked better a few years ago and had no action becuase I was desperate and cluless. Some of the ugliest dudes I know have had the best success. Heck women will sleep with each other so how does alpha looks count then?! This looks issue is taking us backwards in our understanding of attraction not forwards. I think that pedo tinder profile 'black pill' was as much if not more about how the profile was written than the pictures that made it work. And how many butt ugly rockstars are there that get laid like.. Rockstars. Definitely need to put an end to the looks 'blackpill' it's all wrong.

2 upvotesGoddamnpanda2 years ago

Ugly dudes have mastered something average to good looking guys haven't, an immunity/tolerance to rejection.

2 upvotesalbino_red_head2 years ago

Read "The Power of Seduction" a TRP favorite. The tales of the one ugly ass count from back in the day who could steal any lady is such a great TRP example using only language and perverse nature and reputation to attract women. Notoriously ugly guy though.

2 upvotesSinix3872 years ago

The problem, you have to realize, is that what you guys are saying about black pill is pretty much the criticism your average normie has against red pill.

2 upvotesLicheno2 years ago

I still think most of them are trolls

2 upvotesGravityflexo2 years ago

Legit question, what's the rational behind getting a girl to almost cry and then having her want you? My logic can only think that she wants to show you that she isn't the thing that made her almost cry.

1 upvotesGay4Pancakes2 years ago

Jacked and goodlooking

Spends all this time on reddit. Hmm....

7 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Lmao oh the pancake guy again who was begging for help from me a month ago. yes reddit clearly makes you ugly and small...

1 upvotesGay4Pancakes2 years ago

Beggings a bit of a stretch. Anyways my point is, for someone who has such a rich and interesting life you sure do post on The Red Pill a lot.

6 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

It pays to have a job where you only have to work a couple hours a week and make good money

1 upvotesGay4Pancakes2 years ago

And this is what you do with all your free time? Here's a pretty simple way to put your money where your mouth is. Post a pic. If you're jacked and really good looking, prove that shit. My guess is you're not, and I guess that because you spend so much time posting on this sub which means you're obsessed with TRP which means you're probably a loser.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


First, being on TRP a lot only shows you have the time to work on the maxims and canons, so if you see a user here a lot, there's a good chance he knows what the fuck he's talking about. Would you deride a football player because "he just spends all his time practising"? Absolutely idiotic argument. Illogical.

Second, if you've "made it", you'll have realized and implemented how to work less for more pay. That often means downtime. I get paid stupid money to be the HNIC when bad shit happens. That means I have to be on site, but I spend a lot of time with my thumb up my ass, so I try help you sad fucks here, as these redpill misogynist fucks were my saviour years ago.

I'm also jacked and pretty, I HAVE the richest and most interesting life of anyone I know, but you'll see my name frequently here. (my post history has the deets)

Make a trial with Hume's problematic concept (his crux metaphysicorum), namely the concept of cause.

1 upvotesGay4Pancakes2 years ago

Just because somebody spends all his time playing football doesn't mean he's good at football. And posting on TRP is more like watching football.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You are right, but it stands to reason someone who practises all the time has a much better chance of getting on the field. You have to know the fundamentals and how the game is played. Strateregery.


3 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

U/gaylubeoil ...Ouch 😂

Who hurt you bro? Seriously you delete all your post after you post them. You go around begging for help. Now you’re insulting everyone asking for pictures of dudes. You need a shrink not TRP

1 upvotesTriadis32 years ago


Limited time only.

1 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

Bushwick Bill is a one-eyed, midget rapper who is arguably the ugliest entertainer ever. If he can get laid, you can too.

1 upvotesEdAnt2 years ago

I would like to add that attractiveness is totally subjective. You could argue that thousands of generations have had sex with someone who has your similar features in order to bring you here, so clearly you are very attractive to some.

On a lighter note, I was wondering how the hell you scratched your head with your dick before I noticed the "in my hand" part of that sentence.

1 upvotesnrokchi2 years ago

Without looking into it, I thought "black pill" was a case for nihilism. Equally pointless here!

1 upvotesShakydrummer2 years ago

Glad you brought it up. It's another form of victim mentality and its just plain ridiculous.

1 upvotesmaplemaximus2 years ago

Most of these "black pill" guys are pup Red Piller's like myself, at least 14-17 years old. I'm sure a grown man wouldn't be that quick to sign himself off based on shit like looks, because he knows a woman will drop a gorgeous guy for an old ass piece of shit with millions in the bank.

2 upvotesovrload2 years ago

and that old piece of shit with money will get hardly any sex and cucked in the process.

1 upvotesmaplemaximus2 years ago

Won't matter. She's already left you at that point, who else she destroys is no longer your concern. Regardless, it's important to realize that women value looks, but not as much as we do. They are theatrical and addicted to a good show, whether it's you buying expensive shit, or you buying them expensive shit.

Just being a pretty boy won't maintain your female popularity. It worked when I was in Elementary but this is a different stage and a different game where the hypergamy kicks in.

1 upvotesCocoaPill2 years ago

Read this a while back: Game trumps everything.

1 upvotesSwiftEdits2 years ago

I think we know the same Paul.

1 upvotesDMcIsaac2 years ago

I have a theory on this. I think the women that are 9's analyze the weaknesses in Paul, test him, and probably judge him like any human does in their head. Then when they realize that they can be brought down from their high horse, by Paul criticizing them, testing them, and judging them, they realize that paul is not weak at all and is actually confident. Then drawing the attraction.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

How do you explain gymcels though? There are some people out there who are jacked but are short and really fucked up in the face.

Example: https://s22.postimg.org/kj7llk1oh/Screen_Shot_2015-08-09_at_16.44.08.png

1 upvotesxtsv2 years ago

Anecdotal evidence is pretty shit evidence tbqh.

Anyway, last time I checked women don't find 19 year old autists with no social circle and reside with their parents, attractive. No matter how good their game is.

1 upvotestinkerer132 years ago

All the alphas hang out on Reddit. I know if I was alpha I'd be hanging out here! /s

1 upvotesRaikkonen7162 years ago

Good post op.

Those "incels" should take a look at a photo of Conor Maynard before saying that only Chads who won the genetic lottery can slay pussy. Damn, even Justin Bieber itself is a 24 yo and look at his baby face.

But no, i guess making excuses is better.

5 upvotesovrload2 years ago

they both have fame and status you fucking moron.. dat der halo effect

1 upvotesRaikkonen7162 years ago

Game and status is not something the sky magically throws at you

4 upvotesDumbledoresFerrari2 years ago

Excuse me while I go and become a multimillionaire celebrity

-2 upvotesRaikkonen7162 years ago

Why bother man, whining on the internet like a pathetic loser is much better :)

1 upvotesSirHephaestus2 years ago

yeah just be an asshole and you'll get laid - this guy

0 upvotesnazis_are_socialists2 years ago

Looks do matter when it comes to establishing AND maintaining attraction. The idea that game is more important than looks is such a blue pill PUA mentality

1 upvoteskankouillotte2 years ago

Those guys have never witnessed a rp guy irl.

Seeing an ugly ass guy with crooked nose, 50+, bad unkept grey curly hair and a biker's belly consistently landing 20-something hot grills really puts everything into perspective

You see this and you instantly know your own failure is your own responsibility, fuck genes and fuck your past or whatever, no excuse. You just suck at gaming women

3 upvotesovrload2 years ago

Seeing an ugly ass guy with crooked nose, 50+, bad unkept grey curly hair and a biker's belly consistently landing 20-something hot grills really puts everything into perspective

thats called being a beta bux provider my friend. they get cucked in the end anyway

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I am pro at marketing. While I hold that product development is superior, men here tend to downplay the value of gab.

1 upvotesShrimShrim2 years ago

Ugly? Make some money. Boom problem solved.

0 upvotesNewestHouse2 years ago

Alot of guys on here need to realize that money = the TOP tear of attractive attributes to majority of women.

1 upvotesShrimShrim2 years ago

I don't know why we're getting downvoted. You can literally buy women.

3 upvotesNewestHouse2 years ago

bitter people without money, mostly.

1 upvotesTotallyoriginaluser2 years ago

It's not raw physical attraction, or lust.

It's beta bucks being used for money or being a provider be it housing or potential money to raise kids, which a chick will try to cuck and the guy will be raising someone else's kids.

LTR=cuck game because all women cheat

Plates is the only true red pilled way to go unless you're settling down for raising kids. Even then you should have a prenup and get dna testing for your kids.

A true "alpha" will be able to get girls when he wants, so needing a secure LTR as a means for sex is beta.

2 upvotesNewestHouse2 years ago

not really seeing the context of you argument here. My only point was that money is the biggest power when it comes to attracting women. A billionaire (yes I know its alot money therefor somewhat unrealistic, its just an example) could take any girl away from any alpha in almost any situation.

1 upvotesTotallyoriginaluser2 years ago

She can easily fuck other guys on the side without the guy knowing, because girls aren't sexually attracted to money, they like the financial security, because it gives their offspring a better chance of survival, they'd still cuck the ugly beta billionaire with higher quality genes.

0 upvotesdeephurting6662 years ago

Black pillers, stay in you incel and forever alone pity parties..

0 upvotesMediumSizedPizza2 years ago

but was it worth it?

he gave up on his morality and reputation for pussy. i don't think that's a fair trade

6 upvotesmaxnarvaes2 years ago

Morality and reputation? who cares about that shit

3 upvotesMediumSizedPizza2 years ago

People who don't live and die for pussy

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What morals did he compromise? What reputation was damaged? You are reading facts that don't exist.

3 upvotesMediumSizedPizza2 years ago

It is implied.

He acts like an ass, he will be remembered as an ass

1 upvotesSystral2 years ago

Do you guys actually get into relationships? I can't imagine someone wanting to be with some arrogant fuck like you lol. I'm genuinely curious.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes. A lot of us do. We have our pick actually. I can think of 3 women off the top of my head who would fuck me or date me if I wanted.

Currently I'm in an LTR and going for marriage so I just ignore them.

0 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I really don't see these loser posts but I keep reading about them. Maybe its because I only view the main page.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Your conclusion seems bigger then rest of the post.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

When the abyss stares back at us, they're the ones who blinked.

They chocked. They have no business being here.

0 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

I kinda like the black pill, its very entertaining although I see no difference between MGTOW and the The Black Pill. https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=165905221

0 upvotesc_megalodon252 years ago

Exactly. That's why I was trying to distinguish parts of the game of playing an asshole versus actually being an asshole. I got banned after trying to explain to some guy that actually helping a woman get her luggage into an overhead bin on an airplane instead of simply glaring at her might be the right thing to do. Actually, I'd do it for any person. Women are actual people, not objects of resentment.

0 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

LOL! Paul stole your bitch bro. She probably wanted to make you jealous, plus he has good game so she would get wet while they boned. Win/win for her; she got to fuck a funny fat guy and made you jealous. GG.

1 upvotesEsteraMC2 years ago

lol TRP too pussy to admit black pill. Pathetic hah

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]2 years ago

Tell that to Patrice O’Neal in his grave. Overweight. Fucked up teeth. Ugly and pulled any bitch he wanted. Bitches you black pill losers sit and home and beat off too.

take notes there kid

-2 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

Is there really any difference between black pill and MGTOW?

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