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A Few Stupid-Sounding Sales Techniques That Will Improve Your Game (and not just with girls)

by on /r/TheRedPill
01 October 2017 02:45 PM UTC

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Before I was a Master of the Universe, I did about a year in sales. I learned some very useful albeit cheesy-sounding conversational tricks that I will share with you today. Like most advice on TRP, this is heuristic in nature - it won't do anything for you unless you go out and try to apply it for yourself.
These are not magic spells, and making them natural will take practice and deliberate effort. However, they work almost unbelievably well once you have them mastered (amusingly, also like TRP). I'll run through a few categories and provide conversational examples where needed, along with warnings or pitfalls.
Rebuttals - or ways to overcome an objection
A-I-R, or Acknowledge, Ignore, Resume
The simplest and most effective rebuttal is to simply dismiss the objection itself. However, no one wants to continue a conversation or hear the sales pitch of someone who doesn’t give a shit about them. Fortunately, the brain sets the bar pretty low - merely acknowledging the objection exists is sufficient.
[you're introing a girl at a bar or pitching a prospect, when she/he stops you and says]
"Thanks, but I'm not really interested."
Response: "Yes, of course... or Yeah yeah - sure sure, [continue right where you left off]
This has 2 elements that make it work so well: it passively dismisses the objection as opposed to actively overcoming it, which can be offensive esp. with strangers, and it allows your flow to continue almost uninterrupted while forcing the other party to at least come up with a more interesting version of "no". Critical to executing this one is eye contact and a sincere expression - you cannot slink away. The max number of times you can use this is two - more than that and you alienate the other person, but try it only once and you might have missed the opportunity to shut down the initial "no" for free.
This is my #1 rebuttal but it took me a number of tries until I could sell it - this is BALLSY and has to be sold as such. IT WILL NOT WORK AT FIRST. Stick with it.
One idea only
Another simple one. You tell the girl you couldn't A-I-R or the business owner who just shut you down that you want to share one idea, and one idea only. Worst comes to worst, you can part as friends. This does 3 important things psychologically: it relieves the "pressure" on the target, it gets them listening fully again (because it's just one last thing), and it creates a presumption of familiarity with the friends line. This is useful to stop and turn around negative momentum in a conversation, and is a good last-ditch effort. In short, use this when you’ve fucked up but not yet totally blown it.
Obviously, this one is executed differently when you're after a girl vs. at work. At work it can literally be "share one idea only" because that works in the context.
“OK, I understand you’re well taken care of on the bank side of things, but I want to share one idea, and one idea only…”
If you're gaming someone, it has to be “just want to know 1 thing…” or “I can’t leave until…” Again, the goal is temporary pressure relief - you can sell men by making them feel like they’re missing out, but doesn’t work with women. Men look for reasons to be excited about an opportunity; women assume the opportunity is dangerous crap until they’re sufficiently distracted. This technique is a distraction when gaming, and a prod for excitement when selling.
Don't look at that, look at this!
This is slightly more complex, but only because there is an element of planning. To pull this off, you need to think of 2-5 things your target is probably going to throw at you. When I was selling stocks at the ripe age of 23, this was a pretty predictable list: I don't know you, I don't do business over the phone, I need to do my research, and the big kicker, I need to talk to my wife.
“I don’t know you”
“Well Jim, that exactly why I’m calling! How else would we get a chance to know each other?”
“I don’t do business over the phone”
“You’re telling me you pick up all your pizzas?!”
Do these sound stupid? Yes. Do they work? Yes – because the objection is also stupid. This technique requires canned responses because most peoples’ defenses are limited to the same 5 things. It’s genuinely shocking at first when you make 300 calls a day and NO ONE has anything different to say to you. You’ll find the same thing is true with hitting on women.
“I don’t give out my phone number”
“Your mom must be a lonely woman…”
“I have a boyfriend” (she probably doesn’t)
“I’m Mormon and have two wives. Want to be third time’s the charm?”
Do these sound stupid? Yes. Do they work? Yes – because the objection is also stupid. If you only remember one thing from this post, try to remember that.
Graceful exits – or ways to disengage without burning a bridge or looking like a dick
Agree your way out of it
Tough on the male ego, but immensely effective. If you blew your intro with one girl in a group, walking away kills your chance with all of them. Likewise, if you missed a close, you can come back and score later with this one. The most efficient way to lose and still be on good terms is to part with the other person feeling like you were in agreement with their point of view.
I once blew a close by calculating the exact cost of a sale to a prospect in my head, and when the confirm printed it had a $7 shipping charge attached. He got huffy and spouted some nonsense about dishonesty. To be fair, I fucked up by entering his frame (kowtowing to his penny-pinching bullshit) but I saved it by agreeing that I made a mistake, agreeing that the cost was too high, and apologizing before leaving. I did this because there was no sale to be made that day. I came back 2 days later with the exact same confirm printed and told the guy it was still a good deal – he became one of my favorite customers.
When you feel like closing is impossible, remember that it’s just impossible for that day. Sideline your ego and make the other person feel good when you part ways; you can try the same thing tomorrow or next Friday night and it will probably work – you already put the hardest work in by becoming familiar on good terms.
Passively dismiss objections before resorting to active dismissal
Men look for reasons to be excited about an opportunity; women assume the opportunity is dangerous crap until they’re sufficiently distracted.
Stupid canned lines work because the same 5 things every woman says to an unfamiliar man are ALSO STUPID.
If you fail today and exit gracefully, the exact same thing will probably work the next time on the same person.

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166 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

The simplest and most effective rebuttal is to simply dismiss the objection itself.

That which is outside of your frame does not exist.

13 upvotesbsutansalt2 years ago

See also the threads in the sidebar regarding how to pass a shit test. OP is just keying in on the non-sequitor to pass them.

122 upvotesCharlyDayy2 years ago

Sales for the last 13 years. This guy gets it. Great advice, even to a novice.

7 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Would you say frame control is the core essence of successful sales? This hit me the other day, and I've been failing at sales prior to that.

2 upvotesCharlyDayy2 years ago

Totally depends on the type of sale. What type of sales?

80 upvotesomnidirectional2 years ago

If something looks stupid,

but it works,

then it is not stupid.

10 upvotesDracoVictorious2 years ago

It's still stupid, it's just a stupid thing that works.

5 upvoteswanderer7792 years ago

Perfect reply to a lot of anti-Trump rants.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What was your education that made you able to become an investment banker?

1 upvotessx2eck2 years ago

Pursued it because of the money, but I was a finance/commerce major in college and hated accounting. Once I got my first industry job I really started to like debt structuring, so I grew to enjoy the niche rather than knew I wanted the job

1 upvotesfandan162 years ago

Were you at a target school or did you fight your way in?

1 upvotessx2eck2 years ago

Fought my way in. Techniques in this post came from two jobs: door to door sales (for real) and a boiler-room style brokerage.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hahha I see you posting in Wallstreetbets, its a hilarious sub.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You just need a 4 year degree and the ability to convince HR to pass you along from the first interview. You can get a pass the Health and Life Producer in your state on your own first and then look for for firms to sponsor you for your other certs (usually the 7 and 66).

24 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP2 years ago

“I don’t do business over the phone” “You’re telling me you pick up all your pizzas?!”

This does not work.

Source: Done sales my whole life. When someone gives a rebuttal like this you are just arguing with them when you say this. This is the opposite of AIR. This is combative. This does not work in sales and might work with women.

12 upvoteskellykebab2 years ago

I'm sure the delivery makes a huge difference. If you sound jovial and good-natured and say this as a joke, you'll be much better off than if you say come off like you're trying to seriously debate.

4 upvotessvparty2 years ago

Can you help with the second one? You said, women assume everything is dangerous, until they are distracted from that feeling. How do you distract them? How do you keep them busy somewhere else? For me, "gaming " someone is a very vague term, and usually ends in disaster. It sounds easy, fun and doable on paper, but blasts everything when tried out in real life. I'm sorry if my question is not exactly clear or good enough, but a simple explanation of Point 2 would be appreciated!

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Maybe these work on some people, but I'm done after I've replied to a salesman with my first "No."

4 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Cold contacts are different from selling to your target audience. Do you call northern Canada to sell air conditioning units in January? Sometimes you can sell them like that, my brother has that skill, but he does it face to face, over the phone is nearly impossible but it still happens.

Here's where it applies, with girls it will work unless you're a disgusting slug. They're simple, they are extremely susceptible to sales, and I've been using some of these for the last 30 years to get laid. My dad is a salesman, I can buy and sell very well, and I have applied it to gaming girls as well. I dont do it for a living, but I use salesmanship to fuck girls.

Now if you need it expounded further, go read the sidebar. I'm not big on holding the hands of spergs and explaining social dynamics to them. If you get it, great.

1 upvoteskellykebab2 years ago

All you need is "some people." No one expects to sell to or fuck every single person they interact with.

3 upvoteshtbf2 years ago

About that pink suit. I believe you but people on your other thread called BS. Thoughts?

1 upvotessx2eck2 years ago

For every person who contributes content that people want to read there are 100 losers who want attention.

Some of these losers are emotionally undeveloped to the point they only seek it by bitching about how everything is fake on good posts. The only mistake is to engage.

4 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

It can be fun fucking with them for a while. Shit, I haven't replied to a comment reply on here in about a year, but sometimes it's fun to troll them along.

3 upvoteshtbf2 years ago

Wise words. I'm mostly asking about what actual comments did you get on the pink suit. I love my pink blazer and only wear it when I want to stand out and it works flawlessly. I get compliments and accolades. But I don't work in IB.

2 upvoteslittletoyboat2 years ago

Off topic, but out of curiosity, I gotta ask what you say to the guy who has to talk to his wife?

4 upvotesThinkingard2 years ago

Diff ans but in car sales u would ask if he thinks his wife would say no. If he says no then close him. If he says yes or he has to talk to her ask him if she would say no to the price or the car. If price then start negotiating and have him sign the close on condition of wife agreeing and at least you have a good chance of seeing him again. If car then see if shes close by where he can drive over to her and if not try to close with same condition if he has no other objections than his wife.

1 upvotessx2eck2 years ago

That one's easy. Take whatever their job is - lawyer, business owner, etc. Ask if [related decision they make daily] required wife's input as well. If they escalate, remind them it's their money we're talking about.

4 upvotesbluefit2 years ago

That is ripped straight out of Wolf of Wall St

5 upvotesBPasFuck2 years ago

More like it's a standard boiler-plate manuever extolled in various sales training programs and books, and wolf of wall street threw it in there for verisimillitude.

That's like being the guy in basic training and hearing the DI say "You're from Texas? Only two things come from Texas. Steers and Queers. I don't see no horns, faggot."

"Daah! SIR! U lifted that right out of Officer and a Gentleman!"

Nah. DI's just all use the same bits. And they get put into every movie, because duh, that's accuracy.

1 upvotessx2eck2 years ago

Yeah I learned it from a guy who literally worked at Stratton. There are chop shops all over the Street with the Stratton bible of rebuttals on shitty dot matrix photocopy

1 upvoteslittletoyboat2 years ago

A Bible of rebuttals? Is this online somewhere?

2 upvotesoloug2 years ago

I recommend the book "Never Split the Difference." Lots of techniques taught in that book can be used to improve your game.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Successful salesmen close after the 5th "No".

1 upvotesTitsAndWhiskey2 years ago

Solid. Thank you.

1 upvotesZanford2 years ago

Nice advice. The 'one idea only' and 'graceful exit' bits are both tangential to the False Time Constraint, where you take the pressure off (off of her to worry you are some moron who won't go away, and off of yourself to keep the convo going for too long) by referencing the fact that you have to go in a few minutes anyway. This has always been one of my favorite components of cold opens.

It also helps with approach anxiety, especially if it's true - you care less about blowing out if you're in a location that you're about to leave anyway.

Relatedly, I like to use body language that suggests a false time constraint - kinda turned away, maybe let your body weight shift as if about to step away when there's a lull in conversation - like you're just chatting with her a bit on your way to something more important.

1 upvotesBKLager2 years ago

Off topic but as someone who's spent two summers in BB IBD the pink suit is seriously throwing me. Were you in New York? at a boutique? Wouldn't fly at my firm or at other bulge brackets so genuinely curious

1 upvotesniczar2 years ago

because most peoples’ defenses are limited to the same 5 things.

It's crazy how handling salespeople / bums is simple when you're redpilled. I have no objections, no justifications, no excuses, just "no."

"Do you have a minute?" — "No."

"Hello, how are you doing ..." <extends hand> — "No."

"Can I ask you something?" — "You just did."

No discomfort (well, except for the beggar), and a sense of power.

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

This technique requires canned responses because most peoples’ defenses are limited to the same 5 things.

Just like arguing against socialism and communism. The rebuttals are same 5 things over and over again. And it's the same with natural socialists such as women.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Both are loaded on estrogen and doing what feels good.

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