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Boys Scouts of America will be allowing Girls to join in 2019

by AncientScrolls on /r/TheRedPill
12 October 2017 04:02 PM UTC

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The downfall of an organization that was once a symbol of masculinity to many men began this Wednesday

-The world has gone totally nuts this week

Today the The Boy Scouts of America announced plans to broadly accept girls, marking a historic shift for the century-old organization and setting off a debate about where girls better learn how to be leaders. I wonder how long It will take, until girls are able to invade all male only spaces. Also I wonder if they will ever let boys join the "girl scouts". Like all feminists its a one-way relationship. Its all about them and never about us.

Why females are allowed to have female-spaces only and we men aren´t allowed to have our exclusive activities and spaces anymore? I guess its only a matter of time until girls are also allowed into men only bathrooms as well. Even the Boy Scouts is becoming a cucked organization due to the Modern SJW Culture. Looks like in a not too far future there will be no all-male spaces. Not even Boy Scouts. The continuous feminization of our nation demands that women will be allowed to access all male-only spaces.

In the New York Times article one of the mothers states why she thinks the boy scouts is a better fit to certain girls than the original girl scouts

“The problem with the Girl Scout curriculum is that it’s very focused on who your leader is for your particular troop,” said Rebecca Szetela, a mother of four from Canton, Mich. “If you have a mom who’s really into crafts and girlie stuff and being a princess, then that’s what your Girl Scout troop is going to be like. If you have a daughter who’s more rough and tumble, it’s not going to be a good fit.”

I guess girls now a days dont want to behave like girls they want to be Tomboys and be treated as if they are a man. I guess this is all a consequence of years of feminist indoctrination which teaches that being feminine and looking for a man to support you is plain wrong. However what worries me more is what the consequences of the Boy Scouts allowing girls inside will be in the education of our boys. Instead of boys trying to compete to show who follows the manly virtues of friendship, leadership and camaraderie, that the boy scouts preach. They will be too worried in trying to impress girls thus making them put Women on a pedestal as their main goal instead of them worrying about their crew or getting Scout Badges.

  • The program for allowing girls to join will be starting in 2019

Is this the end of the Boy Scouts? They already have the girl scouts why do they need to also invade our Boy Scouts? How long it will be until NBL and MBLA starts allowing girls in as well?

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271 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I guess girls now a days dont want to behave like girls they want to be Tomboys and be treated as if they are a man.

Girls don't actually want that, they are following a certain trend/agenda/propaganda pushed forward aggressively by women who think they know better, but actually don't.

140 upvotesDrinkMyPenis2 years ago

I feel bad for any young girl or woman who buys into the feminist brand. At the root of it, it's really all just post-wallers envious of their younger counterparts, so they do and say anything they can to """"""guide them"""""" (read: sabotage them) into being joyless shrills who loathe any aspect of their femininity that might appeal to a man.

These girls will end up being bitter and miserable while they're still young, and waste their entire youth that way, which is ultimately the end goal of the crabby, jealous cat ladies """guiding""" them.

24 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

that's an interesting perspective..

9 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

Agreed. Pretty interesting actually. Even some of the beta males who embrace this can be seen in this light; even though the standard thought is that they couldnt get bitches in the normal context of masculine male/feminine female, so they succumbed to a narrative that they think will get them laid, there are also traces of Chad-envy in the ways those "men" encourage the feminist imperative.

8 upvotesBobbyPeru2 years ago

This 3rd level of feminism has so many signs that it is going to implode. You just pointed out one more I hadn't considered.

1 upvotesrigbed2 years ago

This will absolutely break the camels back

7 upvotesbiggerbetterjobs2 years ago

Couldn't agree more with what you said. Not all women, but I feel like a lot of these particular types of women are mentally ill, self-sabotaging, and create chaos everywhere they go.

2 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago


....not sure if that double entendre was intended, but regardless, it was perfect for the context.

1 upvotesSotokun30002 years ago

I agree but in the end it does it matter? From rick & morty ->

"Beth: - Am I evil? Rick: - Worse. - You're smart. - When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. - And I've never met a universe that was into it. - The universe is basically an animal. - It grazes on the ordinary. - It creates infinite idiots just to eat them, not unlike your friend Timmy. Beth: - Tommy. Rick: - Yeah, it hardly matters now, sweetie. - You know, smart people get a chance to climb on top, take reality for a ride, but it'll never stop trying to throw you. - And, eventually, it will. - There's no other way off."

17 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

Guys, there are exceptions to the rule. Tombiys have always existed. It doesn't mean they're dykes either. They're just more willing to get a little dirty compared to most girls.

What I don't understand is why the girl scouts aren't more tough in their curriculum like the boy scouts. They wanted to join the boy scouts before but couldn't, so they created their own thing. But their own thing literally became their own thing and is nothing luke the boy scouts. It shows how natural it is for men and women to be different from each other. The girls dont want to learn about knots and camp in forests in damp amdirty conditions. No they want to bake cookies and do girly little things. Which leads to the conclusion that both groups must be kept separate because of a condlict of interest and motivations. Instead of sending tomboys to the boy scouts and lower the standards for the boy scouts, they should nake it mandatory for the girl scouts to have the same curriculum as the boy scouts and raise their standards.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Give it a few years... The camps and survival skills will disappear from the curriculum and be replaced by baking and girly things.

1 upvotesredpillschool2 years ago

Give it a few years... The camps and survival skills will disappear from the curriculum and be replaced by baking and girly things.

Sensitivity Jamborees. Honorary merit badges for anybody who attends. Merit badge discrimination will be a thing of the past.

1 upvotesUHT_RED2 years ago

Instead of sending tomboys to the boy scouts and lower the standards for the boy scouts, they should nake it mandatory for the girl scouts to have the same curriculum as the boy scouts and raise their standards.

Except girls don't want this. It's not going to last, or even work. All you're gonna get from this experiment is the slow emasculation of the Boy Scouts... not too different from everything else in society now. Eventually the organization will become defunct as boys who wanna be boys (and not make popsicle-stick dollhouses) drop out.

1 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

We k ow girls dont want that and that's the point. To have them prove that girls don't want to be like boys and that there is a difference in our interests based on our genders.

3 upvotesyomo862 years ago

It is female envy - you have something of valur they have no access to.

They see that the boys take long hikes to Yellowstone for example and never take into account that hiking for a prolonged time does require cut backs on sanitation and general comfort.

1 upvotesreptile73832 years ago

they should nake it mandatory for the girl scouts to have the same curriculum as the boy scouts and raise their standards.

Sooo you are saying that they should be "separate, but equal"?

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hey they're simply filling the gaping leadership role created by a massive demographic of beta men. I don't blame the women for doing this. It's their imperative to take control when men don't.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You’re absolutely right, and I’ll take it a step further. Men who are beta males have been scared off from being a leader because of the feminists. With the culture going completely against any form of masculinity, they cower and become useless, and like you said, leaving that gap wide open for women to fill it, all the while those feminists are falsely claiming it was theirs from the beginning.

1 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

Why do women massively fall for it when it goes against their very nature?

2 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Muh equality preaches that women don't have a "nature." We are all just Tabula Rasas waiting for the Leftists to tell us what to think and feel.

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

they push that shit becuse they don't want to change. just LOOK at who peddles that shit.

short fat blue haired tomboys who think women are oppressed and don't get enough shit.

if women really wanted to do half the shit men do they would do it. but they don't.

1 upvoteslovemauii2 years ago

Maybe some girls actually like being outdoors and doing boyscout things? Boyscouts isn’t a manly rugged organization, it’s just camping and tying knots and lighting fires and shit, its fun. Christ this sub is so retarted now and I hope you angry vyrgins get over it.

55 upvotesCharmingaxelotl2 years ago

Why can't they just do that in their own group then?

6 upvotesGraphThis2 years ago

Because Girl Scouts doesn't teach any of the cool shit. Boy Scouts teaches survival skills, camping tracking etc. Girls scouts teaches how to bake and rely on others.

If given the option for my daughter I'd rather her learn what Boy Scouts offers because it's more valuable material.

5 upvotesthat_star_wars_guy2 years ago

Why can't Girl Scouts make changes to their program, whereby they add camping, hiking, fire building (etc) into their program? Nothing is stopping them from making changes. Maybe it's because, this isn't about the opportunity to learn fun skills. Maybe it's simply another attempt to destroy the last vestiges of male spaces.

-2 upvotesGraphThis2 years ago

Because until enough girls leave to join the boys it won't change.

5 upvotesthat_star_wars_guy2 years ago

Are you suggesting that the girl scouts as a group doesn't have enough agency to change the curriculum of their program?

Or that individual troops couldn't band together for reform?

Of course they can! But that would require spending effort to change their own program. Much easier to simply force another group to cater to the wants and needs of the girl scouts. It's pathetic.

27 upvotesvotebleach20202 years ago

Because the being in the boy scouts doesn't just mean camping and lighting fires and shit. It's an environment where boys can learn discipline and leadership and how to cooperate with their fellow boys away from girls. When you introduce girls, they just compete for her attention rather than just competing with each other to be the most virtuous. That's the fucking point.

Christ this sub is so retarted now and I hope you angry vyrgins get over it.

I can tell you're either a woman or you're an insecure man trying to look virtuous. A word of advice, don't be an arrogant jackass.

1 upvoteslovemauii2 years ago

I was in boy scouts and no its not really about discipline and leadership. Yeah you have to remember shit and be proper and cordial but doesn’t that go against trp anyway? Also I’m not trying to be virtuous I actually think that girl’s shouldn’t join the fucking boy scouts its just after reading this post and seeing you retards come up with these wild theories about male extinction that I try to point out whats wrong with your argument

2 upvotesvotebleach20202 years ago

You're not trying to point anything out, you were just being a condescending jackass. Also, when you see every single male only space being slowly taken away from men and boys, what would you call that? I can't help you if you're so dense you can't put two and two together

-1 upvotesionforge2 years ago

But don't you think that having boys interact with girls in this more 'wild' environment could prepare then better for the real world. Also this type of experience can remove some of the victim complex modern feminist girls have.

3 upvotesvotebleach20202 years ago

Let's put teenage boys with raging hormones in a group with only a handful of girls. What could possibly go wrong? We've already seen how women behave in corporate and how they use their sex to get what they want a lot of times. Girls would be no different than women in corporate

40 upvotesAlexDr0ps2 years ago

Honestly that was the part of this write up I didn't like. I have no problem with girls pursuing any activity they please, even if it is traditionally deemed masculine. However, I don't understand why girls have to merge with boys in scouting to make this possible...

6 upvotesJohnnyvile2 years ago

I know people who’s daughters are in Girl Scouts and they do go camping and do similar things. The push to get them into Boy Scouts is just kind of dumb. It’s completely fine if girls want to do boyish stuff.

18 upvotesSonnyisKing2 years ago

nice bait you simp. Now go pay for your old hag's rent.

-13 upvotesrikleeRed422 years ago

yeah its silly. who gives a fuck. if you think little girls joining the boyscouts is a threat to your masculinity, that says it all.

3 upvotesMr-Kabuki2 years ago

It's not a threat to his masculinity, but it can be for the children. Boys need a male environment to help foster their masculinity. Including girls will detract from that.

6 upvotesrikleeRed422 years ago

read some of these comments. it gets ridiculous. some fucktard was talking about holding little girls to the same physical standards as the boy like its the millitary.

i do agree to an extent but thats on the boy scouts for caving in. its also on the girl scouts for not offering more.

1 upvotesreptile73832 years ago

Do you have any data that shows the the boy scouts make men more masculine when they grow up?

0 upvotessori972 years ago

Ikr. The circle jerk is huge

0 upvotesCrashXXL2 years ago

Are you telling me that my gf doesn't really like football? /s

106 upvotesGuitarHero072 years ago

I'm wondering if this move is simply due to decreasing enrollments? The number of boys enrolled in Boy Scouts keeps plummeting year after year. This may be an attempt to recruit more members.

EDIT: l just did some quick Googling and indeed, the Girl Scouts are strongly opposed to this change because they see it as an attempt to poach their potential enrollees.

72 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is the real reason. The Girl Scouts are actually against this idea.

1 upvotesjiveraffe2 years ago

Now, the question then is: why are Scouts enrollments decreasing?

And also, compared to the Girls Scouts, why the fuck wouldn't you want to be in the Boy Scouts? Selling cookies? Fuck that shit. Let's go shoot some arrows, build a campfire and sleep out under the stars!

18 upvotesQuestComm2 years ago

...why are Scouts enrollments decreasing?

As it turns out, the Mormons used to have an intimate relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. However, this relationship seems to have weakened - they pulled out their age 14-18 boys from BSA's Varsity and Venturing programs recently.

The overt rationale is that these programs are no longer a good fit for advancing the LDS church's goals for this age group; however, some suspect that the BSA's allowance of "openly gay leaders and employees" [quoted from the CNN article linked above (technically, I linked to an archive.is version, not the page itself)] starting two years ago may have also played a factor in causing this action.

No matter the real reason, though, the disappearance of a bunch of Mormon Scouts might be enough to account for part of the decreasing enrollments in the short term.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

LDS is even more alphacentric than other American subcultures. The alphas literally marry multiple wives and have multiple series of kids, while the betas are outcast as teenagers.

1 upvotesTheSp4rk2 years ago

thanks for that theory, that would make sense.

48 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

Because they are expensive, cliqueish, outdated, boring, fascist organizations which have effectively become coddling day cares for children, rather than enabling children to learn how to safely explore the world on their own? Because it's hard for single parents, and single kids, to get involved.

Read the original boy scout manual some time, it's a trip. Has instructions for building a log cabin. Has car maintenance tips. Destructive, dangerous, non-pc, fun stuff....

Scouts refered to exploring the world. Now it apparently means including everyone but atheists, and building up safe spaces for children who are not from broken homes.

5 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

And all the molestation going on as well. There's that too

4 upvotesUnnormally22 years ago

I spoke with the leader of my old Troop recently and he was telling me how they were pretty low on members. I remember when I was a member, we must have had at least a dozen scouts and maybe 4 Adult leaders.

They will be too worried in trying to impress girls

Yea, this is going to be cataclysmic for the social dynamic that scout troops have.

134 upvotesBoyWhoCriedNeo2 years ago

The parallels between feminism and cancer grow exponentially by the day.

12 upvotesBumboking2 years ago

I'm glad someone else notices it too

1 upvotesBanned-in-Boston2 years ago

The Red Pill Manlets.

Started by Uncle Vasya and GLO.


90 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Step 1: females must be included.

Step 2: females must be equal in representation.

Step 3: females must be equal at the finish line.

48 upvotesSchrodingersdawg2 years ago

Step 4: It’s ok to have more women than men because of a history of muh oppressions

155 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

There's a bunch of underemployed veterans sitting around not doing anything. We could hire them to teach children field and rifle skills.

113 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

That sounds like a nonprofit that's actually worth donating for.

Hunt, fish, cook, build, prepare, adapt, thrive. The head of the organization should be the Primitive Technology guy from Youtube - the emperor of the neolithic.

Allow females into the organization but require an unyielding physical proficiency test to actually go on trips. It'll last until lawyers force the tests to yield.

16 upvotesnoPTSDformePlease2 years ago

jocko would be great as the leader of it

54 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

Appleseed Project.

15 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

This needs to be upvoted to the top. GLO says we need an organization like appleseed bam, 74+ upvotes. SockPuppet presents exact solution, says we do, it's Appleseed, no fucks given and 7+ upvotes.

Appleseed people. Volunteer or take the classes. They also teach American History of the revolutionary during the breaks and how the US broke away from it's King.

2 upvotesCrashXXL2 years ago

What's a good age for this?

5 upvotesWhisper2 years ago

As young as you think your kids can handle a rifle under adult supervision.

5 upvotesCrashXXL2 years ago

I was 5 when my dad and uncle let me shoot a 9mm. My son is 6 but this is a different world these days. I'm sure his mom would bring it up in court. Fuckin bitch.

1 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

I've seen 8 year olds at appleseed. Old enough to hold a 10/22 and point straight.

4 upvotesErfbender2 years ago

Not really full skill set, more like just a shooting course.

13 upvotesSchrodingersdawg2 years ago

I’ve seen videos in Eastern European countries where even the girls can strip an AK, if there’s ever a war our youth is woefully unprepared.

10 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

Our youth can't strip a pencil

3 upvotesDravous2 years ago

In fairness that's really easy to do. You can teach it in 5 minutes. The AR platform is actually a lot harder to learn.

2 upvotesrossiFan2 years ago

Shoot, move, communicate. Let the shot surprise you.

2 upvotesEnigma2212 years ago

Gets PTSD right in front of all the boyscouts

29 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

That wouldn't be a bad idea after all. Maybe It would resurrect the core manly values that once made the Boy Scout great for many years when it was founded in 1910.

However I´m almost 100 percent sure the mainstream media and SJW would try to destroy us in order to not let this dream of ours happen.

1 upvotesBaseball1stTeams2nd2 years ago

I remember reading a scouting manual from the early 60s. They had a section on scouting, recon, hiding and camouflage usage. Literally teaching how to be a military scout. I don't remember seeing that in a 90s scouting manual.

39 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

2020 scout manual: "Be nice to your fellow immigrants, never raise your voice, always say please and thank you, hold doors open for women, and remember, women are smarter and better than you, but they're also victims"

1 upvotesbbeennddeerr2 years ago

I'm involved in the cub and Boy Scout troop I grew up with in the 90s to a lot of my friend's kids. Privately sponsored.

We still do all of what was in the mid-20th century book. Orienteering (compass, direct sunlight only and by the stars at night), cartography, hiking, hunting, camouflage, leave no trace camping/fire pits etc, wilderness survival treks.

Yeah we're not going to let girls into the men's group. One of the perks of being privately sponsored.

6 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

Bravo. Good to hear there is still some back bone out there.

1 upvotesBrodinsOats2 years ago

I was in the Scouts from 99 to about 2005. I remember one time for our survivalist merit badge class we had to go out into the woods, build our own individual shelters, and spend the night in them.

God it fuckin sucked. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

GLO Scouts of The World! Just imagine what we could do. The highest rank to attain could be "Asshole Scout."

36 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

This reminds me of when i played football against a girl back in high school - she seemed so happy to play with the boys.

Especially when a dude on our team trucked the fuck out of her and she was on the sidelines the rest of the game. Girl power.

147 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

This is great news. The more organizations leftists destroy the larger the vacuum they will be creating for us and our values. While their Cuck scouts are getting the tranny badge ours will be learning to shoot.

35 upvotespowerbaseballfan2 years ago

Cuck scouts and tranny badges..... it doesn't get much better than that

31 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

"I found a wild black man! Ok gang, time to let him fuck my wife!"

8 upvotesbiggerbetterjobs2 years ago

Ok scouts, in order to get your cuck badge you must learn to be a responsible cuck!

Go on the internet and learn some PUA tactics from youtube videos. Now, apply them to a girl at your school and ask her out to see a movie with you and your friends!

Be sure to pay for her ticket and her pop corn. Now when she meets your AMOG friend, watch her lose interest in you and be taken by Chad don't be a jealous insecure A-HOLE though! ;). Make sure not to eat any of her popcorn and stay with her and chad but give them a little space/privacy until the movie is over :)

Don't forget to give her a kiss goodnight so she can then press sexual assault charges on you.

Congratulations scout, you have your cuck-badge now. You have learned the rightful virtue of matriarchy and offering your partner to the best seed available in your social group.

2 upvoteskaspell2 years ago

this may be the funniest, mostsubtly astute thing you've commented in the last 5 years (that I remember seeing). if I had a gold I would give it to you

1 upvotesPM_ME_UR_TECHNO_GRRL2 years ago

I tend to agree. The West has by now all but completely removed reason as a hallmark of its culture. The only think to hope for at this point is that the autodestruction is as swift as possible.

The odds that abortion, same-sex marriage, no-cause divorce, affirmative action, transgender rights, etc. are all reversed are virtually zero.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Everyone’s always crying around here about (inevitable) things like this.

Instead, they should either be seeing the opportunities created, or the increasing benefits of those that have already taken advantage of them.

5 upvoteskellykebab2 years ago

What is the opportunity here?

-9 upvotesoh_cya2 years ago

I love the satire in this sub xD

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that around here.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not sure what you’re talking about.

36 upvotesshassamyak2 years ago

I see a large no.of boys being accused of sexual assault and rape. I don't think this process will last long.

21 upvotesreddick12 years ago

This brings back a memory of when I was in 7th grade or so. Me and some kids were fooling around outside during recess. We had some dumb game where we would carry someone on our back and go around kicking people. We involved some girls in this.

After recess ended the teacher brings me out to the hallway and asks me if I touched my female classmate somewhere inappropriate. I was flabbergasted and had no clue what he was talking about. This was probably a bit before I hit puberty and didn't even care about girls. The teacher recognized my innocence.

Now I can look back and realize one of the girls basically accused me of sexual assault for kicking her during a game at recess.

I was in the boy scouts at that time too. We would always play rough and talk boys stuff. Guess now they'll have to play dodge the rape accusation.

25 upvoteslopsidedlucky2 years ago

This. The leadership can't even leave the boys alone and now they'll be given girls. Yeah, that won't end well.

3 upvotesHoodwink2 years ago

Yeah. They're going to have a lot of issues. Not only that, you might get a higher percentage of pedophiles becoming scoutmasters or something.

1 upvotes2comment2 years ago

“The problem with the Girl Scout curriculum is that it’s very focused on who your leader is for your particular troop,” said Rebecca Szetela, a mother of four from Canton, Mich. “If you have a mom who’s really into crafts and girlie stuff and being a princess, then that’s what your Girl Scout troop is going to be like. If you have a daughter who’s more rough and tumble, it’s not going to be a good fit.”

So women made the girl scouts shitty; so let's let them in boy scouts so they can become shitty troop leaders 20 years down the road.

Instead of fixing their own organization which could be done pretty simply, they want to take over one that works.

3 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

Very well put. Don't like the Girl Scouts? Start the fucking Outdoor Girls Club or something.

Because it's quite clearly not about the activities, it's about BEING PRESENT TO MONITOR, OBSERVE, AND MANIPULATE what is going on at BSA. Re-read TRM's "Male Space" for a clearer picture of this.

....won't be long now before women start demanding the roles of scout leaders throughout the country. Ya know, to keep things fair and balanced. Besides, having a grown man camping with a young girl?!? Only a CREEP would want to do that!

1 upvotestheDukesofSwagger2 years ago

Yeah, does nobody understand what that means? The Girl Scouts don’t have a lot of outdoorsy activities for the sole fact that the majority of their members don’t want to do them.

14 upvotesDyljam12342 years ago

Alrighty, if we're doing the whole equality thing now then I'm just gonna join the girl scouts and have a grand old tim- oh wait it doesn't work like that?

19 upvotessubgamer902 years ago

only wimminz can have the privilege of going into male spaces not the other way around you misogynistic rapist. feminism is about equality!!1!

11 upvotesfrankreyes2 years ago

feminism is about equality!!1!

we want your rights, but you can't have ours!

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They're private organizations so nope it doesn't work like that right now.

12 upvotesBoringNormalGuy2 years ago

My Mother was a very active leader in my Scout Troop. She divorced my father and married my Scout Master. Didn't know why until I found you guys and this subreddit; It all made sense after that.

55 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

They can rename it the Vaginal Genders of America, representing vagina folks and mangina folks. As always, men will go elsewhere and build something new. The Vaginal Genders will ride it into the ground until no one wants to do it any more.

I find it hilarious that the Girl Scouts have publicly called it a bad idea. Of course, because all their members will rush to become Boys, since they all hate woman so much and want to be males. The nurturing, proper mothers than ran Girl Scouts will be left holding their clit-dicks.

Feminism! It ruins all things female.

68 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

A: I made this.

B: You made this?

B: I made this.

A: You're ruining this, bye.

B: This thing is all mine now.

B: You ruined this.

22 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

Actually made me laugh out loud. Entirely accurate.

84 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

I don't usually post on here but this is something very important to me. I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and the BSA was a very important part of making me who I am today. This sickens me. The wonderful thing about BSA was that it was an opportunity for young men to be young men. We pushed each other to be better, not for women, but for ourselves. Furthermore, it allowed young men leadership opportunities and, more importantly, allowed men to make decisions on male only councils. Ever worked on a committee or leadership board with women? Impossible.

Now, one thing this post ignores is that the BSA website stated that troops will still be single gendered, but girls will now have access to the same programs and ranks. Some see may see this as reasonable, but we all know that feminists are never appeased. It's only a matter of time until the boy scouts is an estrogen pit.

It makes my stomach turn.

I worked hard for that achievement under the pretense that it was an achievement for men. They are devaluing what I spent 12 years of my life working towards. This is the slippery slope. When they allowed gays in a few years back that was the beginning. It'll only get worse. No longer am I proud to have been a boy scout. I'm ashamed.

32 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

As an eagle scout, I'm really disappointed.

One summer at Boy Scout camp, a Venture Troop came to camp and it included a few girls. The entire camp was no longer boys focusing on learning life skills: it became boys trying to impress girls.

9 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

I went to Philmont a few summers ago with nine of the best guys I've ever known. Our troops "sister" Venturing Crew went at the same time as us, but on a different trek.

There group had two couples and two single girls and guess what happened every time they went into a camp? Luckily my group was smart enough to see past that, but it definitely affects those new to scouting who need to develop skills outside of the realm of women.

49 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

I'm with you. Another Eagle Scout here. My troop was led by an old retired Navy guy. Total RP man. He had a motto - you can't starve to death in a weekend. If you screwed yourself up on a weekend camping trip, you most likely would still come home alive, he let you deal with it, and wouldn't rescue someone who did something stupid.

I get that Scouting's ranks are shrinking, and they've got big money problems. I get they are trying to poach Girl Scouts for enrollment money. It sucks. These days (and it had started when I was in back in the early 90's), Scouting is seen as a thing for dweebs and social outcasts, or worse - the occasional pedophile. That's why the enrollment has dropped.

That's a marketing problem that Scouting's professional leadership hasn't been able to solve (it wouldn't be hard) because they've become a bunch of BP cucked assholes. They've compromised on their values, so they've lost the support of a lot churches, they've gotten caught up in politics instead of focusing on a mission/set of beliefs and living by it. Modernizing their presentation to the public (as in uniforms and advertising) would help a lot too.

This isn't going to help Scouting. Scouting needed to fix itself, not try to rescue poor little girls whose on program is a fucking joke (by the way - Girl Scouts has always been a joke, could it have ever been anything else?). Let the damn girls fend for themselves.

I hate this change. Healthy, all male spaces are the only place that young boys can be turned into stronger men. Boys need to be away from women to grow into men. Plain and simple. I've seen troops be destroyed by letting women into the adult leadership roles. Letting them join in this new capacity?

I'm very discouraged by it. I weep for the future my son is facing.

18 upvotesFinallyRed2 years ago

Scouting is seen as a thing for dweebs and social outcasts

It's probably not totally undeserved. My scout troop really was like that. It was the main reason I lasted barely a year.

15 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

I've seen it in other troops. The leadership is awful in many of them, and getting worse. And as I wrote originally, the marketed image is pretty bad. Scouting has needed an overhaul for a long time. Letting in girls is not it, though. I fear, like so much else, TBP and feminism has already destroyed Scouting beyond repair.

8 upvotesFinallyRed2 years ago

I actually liked my scout masters. Some of these kids though... I don't know where you're supposed to start if you're not their father.

18 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

that's true. my scoutmaster was really good about explaining it - while we were on a troop activity, he was in charge. he was everyone's daddy. if some kid or another parent didn't like it, they were free to go to another troop. and if they didn't like it but just bitched all the time, they were "encouraged" to go to another troop. personally, my dad made sure i knew that the guy had permission to kick my ass if needed, and that i'd get another ass kicking from my dad when i got home as well.

i miss that old bastard.

5 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

fuck yeah, that made me smile.

7 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

I went back to my old troop and was so disappointed. I remember when I first joined, the guys at the top were cool. Our SPL was driving race cars in tournaments, and our ASPL was on his way to the naval academy. These men were who I looked up to when I was barely a teenager. I returned and they're all lame. Like just boring people. Their interests are video games and cartoons. One boy tried to start a Minecraft group within the Troop and thank god they stopped that idea.

What pains me the most is that my dad is the one in charge (my brother is still involved). I know that he isn't creating the same climate that made me choose my troop. It's sad.

3 upvotesFinallyRed2 years ago

That must sting man. To discover that an institution influential to your development has succumbed to a rot is bad enough but to know your own family is at least partially to blame...

5 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

I actually just got off the phone with him and confronted him about it and he told me about some changes they are making (more physical activity and focus on development of leadership and social skills within that context) so at least he sees the problem more than I thought he did. He also is pissed about the girl scout shit

5 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

You're right, and it's probably because 9 out of every 10 men are beta males. Can't lead, can't hold frame, don't know what to accomplish, don't know wtf is going on, weak as fuck, huddle in groups and passive aggressively bitch at each other, etc. Top 10% of dudes are alpha.. meaning we need to pick more alpha leaders.. because that's what they are evolved to do.. lead. We have to stop letting beta males lead, it's not working and they aren't designed to handle that kind of stress.

9 upvotesSpurius852 years ago

My exposure to scouts in the beginning was a military vet scoutmaster who was soft spoken and had an easy smile, but he was hardcore. His idea of weekend camping was backpacking 5-10 miles into the mountains or the country, then establishing camp. It was exhilarating! Earning the ranks and badges under this guy was effortless because we were in the middle of nowhere and so badges were naturally earned as a consequence of exploring the mountains or the country. He made sure that his assistants were on the ball when it came to the more narrowly focused badges and ranks, there was no one there to get in your way. He was hard-nosed too though, if he didn't feel that you really understood some aspect to scouting he would make damn sure you did before he would award you a badge or a rank. You felt like you were actually achieving something and learning something.

Then he rejoined the military and one of his assistants stepped into his shoes. That's when I learned about car camping. This guy was so lazy, it spread to the entire troop. Everyone just camped out of the cars. There was no organization. No one was working to advance, not a single scout. Even when I asked to work on my rankings I was told there was not enough opportunity to do so since the higher ranks require a leadership component. Soon after, I stopped going never having even achieved Star. My old troop doesn't exist anymore. I despise people like that lazy assistant, he had no idea the damage he was doing.

If the military vet had stayed just one more year, man I think I could have learned so much from him, cause he was really active with the top ranks.

3 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

My old troop doesn't exist anymore. I despise people like that lazy assistant, he had no idea the damage he was doing.

One bad apple spoils the bunch

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I wouldn't be worried. Considering youre here, your son is already at an insane advantage. He actually has a father.

Our sons will have weak competition in the future (even now most men are weak). It should be easy for them to excel in life with our mentorship.

6 upvotesvotebleach20202 years ago

BSA website stated that troops will still be single gendered, but girls will now have access to the same programs and ranks. Some see may see this as reasonable, but we all know that feminists are never appeased. It's only a matter of time until the boy scouts is an estrogen pit.

Yeah, you don't negotiate with terrorists. You'd think these people would know better

1 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

What's worse is that they aren't negotiating with terrorists. They are the terrorists now.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

deleted What is this?

27 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

I get where you're coming from but gays are massively different in their psychology to straight men. I say that as someone who has worked in travel for a long time (80% women, 15% gay men, 5% straight men). I am completely down with whatever the fuck lifestyle (seriously who gives a shit) but culturally gays are completely incompatible with the sort of positive masculinity we all are trying to foster. It's no problem being friends with them or whatever but just be aware the idea that gay men and straight men are the same is no different to the blue pill idea that men and women are the same. I.e. completely false.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

deleted What is this?

10 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

Dude there totally are but you only have to look at gay culture to see what gay mainstream is. Everything is a bell curve. Of all the gays I've met I have but one close gay friend. Why? He's a "straight" gay (their term). As in he is just like one of the boys. But he is absolutely the exception, not the rule.

So yeah, nobody is against gays or thinks gayness is bad or whatever. Who cares seriously. It's more just being aware that there's not just AWALT, there's AGALT and AMALT too. As in hard wired traits you can more or less expect from every woman, gay man or straight man.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

deleted What is this?

4 upvotesRamesses_2 years ago

Yeah too easy man, you're watching the principles we espouse in action: men helping men.

The thing is, all things such as intelligence being equal, the longer you live the more you'll know and the better you'll get. Experience is a great teacher. And that's the best thing you can take from this place (after the sidebar): learning from other men's experience and having a better life than you would have because of it.

2 upvotesAlcibiades_Rex2 years ago

I've always been against gay scouts because Scouts really shouldn't be sexually promiscuous. Also, it can never be a problem if you never let it be a problem. If a dude's gay, but doesn't act on it, then he is effectively not gay for those around him. Similarly, as long as the gay dude isn't trying to have a romantic/sexual relationship it won't be a problem. A Scout is trustworthy, not honest. You can get away with a lie of omission as long as you make damn sure nothing bad will happen because of it.

41 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

As someone who has introduced more than two dozen city kids to the wilderness, sometimes the only time in their entire youth, I have to ask: Besides complain and hatch elaborate conspiracy theories, what have YOU done to improve Scouting-like activities for the youth in your community?

Quite bluntly the girl scout troops I see look like they suck ass. The only thing you ever see them doing is setting up a card table outside the bank or grocery to sell cookies to strangers, as their fat moms sit in folding chairs in the background yackity-yacking and mostly ignoring their children. I can imagine this appealing only to the type of young woman destined to grow up to be a Basic Bitch with no interests or hobbies. To a one, the women I've had successful LTRs with are the ones whose families went on camping trips, day hikes, and visited interesting places.

I see this as a somewhat desperate effort to keep troop numbers up to a sustainable level. If local troops have an overabundance of young males involved already, they'd be too full and busy to consider accepting females. Fact is, they are struggling to keep enough members to have a bare minimum troop size, which for any organization can become a death spiral of plummeting participation and interest.

If the boy scouts turning to girls to keep their membership numbers up concerns you, ask yourself what YOU have done and could do to help these organizations thrive in your community. Whining about it on the internet and doing nothing IRL is decidedly un-masculine and probably part of the problem.

1 upvotes2comment2 years ago

It always strikes me how empty the local parks I go to are. Spring Summer Fall Autumn Rain or Shine doesn't matter. And when people are there, hardly ever kids. Could be the kids and internet, could be helicopter parents, Idk.

But one thing to remember with the scouts is around the 1970s-1980s, men have been chased out of teacher positions in elementary and perhaps middle schools. I doubt scout master as an unpaid position is much more attractive for men to get into. Now with girls, might become even worse.

Boy Scout Membership is on the slight decline but holding pretty steady.

7 upvotesMKSsystem2 years ago

It's sad, but people have utterly lost interest in the outdoors. It takes time and effort to get out there, while you can pay hundreds a month to have shows on display in your own house

11 upvotesplainposter2 years ago

yeah, when any organization starts desperately grasping at straws to stay afloat.. it's a lost cause. surviving organizations have disciplined, humble, hungry and smart people in leadership teams that guide the whole company to success. Any questions are asked around 3 main guidelines: 1) is this something we can be the best in the world at? 2) are we passionate about this? and 3) what are our economic drivers? (profit per x; child, lodge, geographical area, etc)

source: The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni. great book.

instead of sacrificing their entire concept of a BOYS scouting club, they could have easily ramped up their marketing , changed uniforms, put out ads and radio time saying how badass the boyscouts are now, look at all this cool shit they've done, emotionally hype it up through viral youtube videos of boyscouts doing insane shit, but instead, someone in a leadership position who really shouldn't be there, decided to let girls in. what, a fucking, idiot.

6 upvotesDravous2 years ago

The reason their numbers are plummeting is largely due to the Mormons pulling out, which they are doing because of the scouts caving to other pc bullshit. If they wanted to maintain their numbers they should have started by maintaining their principles.

12 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

As an atheist, child free, single man, who has been accused of being a predator just for walking through a park, I can honestly say I have nothing to do with that organization, both because of lack of opportunity, lack of interest, and due to lack of mutual respect between me and that organization.

As someone who has organized group camp outs and hikes for grown ups, (inverter margaritas for the win), can build a decent camp fire, who can cook, and someone with decent income and time, I can say their loss.

Society is built by teenagers, single men, expats, empty nesters, little old ladies, and homosexuals. Any group which excludes or alienates these is essentially fucked.

3 upvotesPlanner_Hammish2 years ago

I'm with you brother. I have time, money, and experience to share but there's too much unwarranted personal risk involved in Scouts.

2 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

Not just that, it's like, some sort of weird lodge or fraternal order. But, full of soccer moms and choir boys instead of cougars and fat cats.... All the drama, none of the money or booze....

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

As an atheist, child free, single man, who has been accused of being a predator just for walking through a park, I can honestly say I have nothing to do with that organization, both because of lack of opportunity, lack of interest, and due to lack of mutual respect between me and that organization.

I know exactly what you mean, and I've explained my own workarounds upthread.

Strange how many men without kids of their own therefore no dog in this fight have such strong opinions about BSA business when they're not even standing on the sidelines of this game.

3 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

As someone who has introduced more than two dozen city kids to the wilderness, sometimes the only time in their entire youth, I have to ask: Besides complain and hatch elaborate conspiracy theories, what have YOU done to improve Scouting-like activities for the youth in your community?

This message was virtue signaling, showing off, and in a sense shaming people for not doing more. The BSA people I deal with do this a lot; for example, my codependent bully of a sister. People with no skin in the game still have a right to stand up for themselves when slighted for not having skin in the game, especially when there are reasons they do not have skin in the game.

No reason to let bullies get their ego gratification at our expense. Cheers.


Got any good dutch oven recipes? I can do a pretty good batch of rolls, but they're not browning right.

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

shaming people for not doing more.

The guilty man runneth when no one pursueth him...

dutch oven recipes? I can do a pretty good batch of rolls, but they're not browning right.

More coals on your lid, and perhaps heat the lid coals and all over the main fire briefly to get it up to temp and shining in the infared to get that delicious Maillard reaction.

1 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

I've got this great IR thermometer. It's always interesting seeing how much cooler the overs are than I think they should be. A constant battle....

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

A foil skirt around the lid that doesn't starve the top coals for oxygen might help keep the breeze from blowing off too much heat. I added foil cladding to my BBQ and smoker, it's a very quick and cheap way to help maintain temperature while burning way fewer BTUs.

Also don't forget to adjust your recipes for high altitude.

6 upvotesrussbussdp2 years ago

I love how objective this comment is. It makes it easy to spot comments by those still in the anger phase.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

As someone who has introduced more than two dozen city kids to the wilderness, sometimes the only time in their entire youth,

Some of my favorite places are badly hit by pine beetles. Some of the trails have 4 or 5 trees fallen across them per mile. It has crossed my mind that it would make a fine community service to get up there and saw those trees, along with other basic trail maintenance. It would require funding. I'm guessing the funding could be had, but it would be actual work....I don't know if the system would recognize it as such, but it would be a good way to get community service hours in.

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

Those bark beetles have been devastating what the fire hasn't in our local forests too. Minor trail maintenance is something I always do anyway when I'm able (leave forest better than you found it ethic). Doing it on a larger scale would require input from the local ranger station and would probably be best suited for an all adults group like a RP Fraternity chapter. Kids + liability insurance requirements and all. Getting kids and teens to help with minor trail mending as you hike is definitely doable.

1 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

Instead of integrating girls into the girl scouts, why don't they just have a better curriculum for the girl scouts that involves camping and stuff.

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

I agree, and so do the Girl Scouts, who are officially against the Boy Scouts' move. The GSA seems to be reactive, and late to addressing the situation at this moment.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

I think no matter how much adult males might want to help the scouts you're still going to run into the issue of boys not wanting to enroll. My theory is that boys today express masculine traits through gaming and fandom. Smaller and smaller groups of boys are interested in sports and outdoor activities. I'm not sure exactly why this is happening. Might be single mothers, advertising, addictive nature of technology, more kids raised in cities?

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

It might be a related phenomenon, but young people today don't want to get driver's licenses well into their 20s.

Back in the 80s, the DAY I turned 15-1/2 I was in line at the DMV to get my learner's permit.

I'm in the car business, and we get families looking for a first car for their mid-20s kid, who is sometimes off to the side texting and completely disengaged from the car shopping process.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Good point. Actually I think we are both onto something! Boyscouts are in decline because it's an organization concerned with turning children into adults. Parents and children both today are concerned with keeping children children for as long as possible.

1 upvotesPlanner_Hammish2 years ago

Besides complain and hatch elaborate conspiracy theories, what have YOU done to improve Scouting-like activities for the youth in your community?

I get what you're saying. From my perspective, it's too much of a personal liability that I'll be falsely accused of being some sort of sexual predator. I don't need that shit in my life.

I've looked into joining scouts, and it's heavily focused on parents with kids. It's like they don't want to appeal to childless adult males.

3 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

I've looked into joining scouts, and it's heavily focused on parents with kids.

I know exactly what you're saying, and without children of my own the boy scouts and YMCA won't have me, neither will Big Brothers for other reasons. That hasn't stopped my desire to help guide and mentor the next generation, so I've taken nephews and nieces, and organized large camping excursions with friends and their families. Best to have a parent along from each family to chaperone and sleep with/nearest their own kids while I'm sleeping in my RV with my girlfriend.

2 upvotesPlanner_Hammish2 years ago

That's a good approach. Take it private, essentially.

I know from being in scouts that we had leaders that were 20-something dudes, and I remember them being a lot of fun. So it's been a recent (ish) policy change to have parents only.

1 upvotesBaseball1stTeams2nd2 years ago

The change happened a long time ago. When I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, Boy Scouts of America was already very Blue Pill. And even back then, the Boy Scouts of America had Explorer Posts which were co-ed.

16 upvotesneck-yourself2 years ago

my parents pulled me from the BSA in the 1990's because it was garbage and the local troop was indeed led by a butched out dyke. thank the lord i have old-school parents.

1 upvotesjiveraffe2 years ago

My local troopmaster was involved in embezzlement of troop funds. Classy.

5 upvotesIslam-Delenda-Est2 years ago

I'd still choose him over the butch.

4 upvoteswanderer7792 years ago

I did cub scouts. Even as a scrawny 7 year old with no life experience who got nervous when he got separated from his mother in wal mart, I thought boy scouts was led by boring pussies. 90% of it was sitting in the community center and listening to adults lecture us. So it was just like school and just like school no one paid any attention.

-1 upvotesWelfareWarriorZ2 years ago

I was gonna say it already declined by allowing homos to be leaders.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

But... It's called "BOY scouts"...

16 upvotesGoGetting2 years ago

I guess in 2019 it will be called "scouts".

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I wonder how long it'll take before all this progressive shit wakes up that homicidal/genocidal rage in the average Joe.

Or perhaps, due to all the BP indoctrination, western civilization will fall with a whimper, instead of a bang.

Shit's depressing af yo.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Well the 'whimper' would look like Japan right now but the west will blow up differently. I think we will have a civil war in 10 -20 years. There's no quicker way to destroy a civilization then to have lots of idle disenfranchised men.

I think there will be an uptick of shootings and then some attempt at a mass confiscation of guns and men will outright resist and hide/not register the weapons which will basically turn a third of the population into criminals and there will be some type of armed conflict will break out.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This will also mean female scout leaders in the boyscouts for camping trips etc. The effect of this will be that the boyscouts will become a girly club and boys won't want to join. The boy Scouts were effectively just nuked. More progress towards the pussification of the American male.

14 upvotesHuporter23872 years ago

If the boyscouts have represented masculinity any time in the recent past it’s new to me. I quit because most of the other scouts were fatherless nerdlings whose mommies coddled them through every badge.

15 upvotesoloug2 years ago

Trail Life USA formed in response to the BSA allowing sodomites. If you have sons, get them in a good outdoor program like Trail Life or others.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

They might just be getting a huge influx if this decision really pans out.

12 upvotesDrinkMyPenis2 years ago

I don't understand. Why not just bring Girl Scouts+ up to the level of Boy Scouts+? Why does it have to be "GURLZ CAN BE BOY SCOUTZ TOO! HAAAAY XD"? Why not just restructure the fucking Girl Scouts?

30 upvotestrp_angry_dwarf2 years ago

Easier to take over something good that men built than actually create something themselves.

11 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

Cause the feminists think that destroying all masculinity symbols and organizations is "GRLLLLL POWER!"

34 upvotesvahuety2 years ago

If you are White or a man you are not allowed any space of your own. If you are a White man doubly so.

The essence of leftist is hate for Whites and men.

21 upvotes1v1crown2 years ago

I love being a white man for this reason. Let the hate run though you >:]

9 upvoteswanderer7792 years ago

Opposition from the left is a good sign your course is true. If they start embracing you it's probably time to go into monk mode to recalibrate.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This entire post is written from a defeatist perspective. Girls aren't "invading" anything. Sjw culture is "taking" anything away from men. What is happening is men are allowing girls free entry into a boys only group. Men are allowing sjw culture to invade their community.

Do you think women "fought and won" their rights? Can a woman fight against a man and win anything?

I don't know? Can a man fight a fully grown lion and take away its kill?

Absolutely fucking not. It is a physical impossibility.

Men gave women their rights, men yielded to sjw culture and men are now allowing girls to sign up and enter a boys only group.

Guys, we are responsible for what is happening. We are men and we are the only line of defense against poison of every genre entering and pervading our communities.

Stop complaining about the "injustice" like a fagget and take action to reverse the mentality. It doesn't take much, in fact. Go start a men's group in your community, reach out to your brothers and friends and instil them with some real life, objective reality. These small efforts are how femenism has taken over the west and it is by these small efforts that logic and stoic objectivity can be reinstated.

5 upvotesOnline_Identity2 years ago

They should change the name to PUSSY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.

5 upvotesSpartiGaz2 years ago

Boy Scouts has been co-ed in Canada (they just call themselves Scouts Canada now) since 1998, which is coincidentally the time I left. This is not a new concept.

5 upvotesBazookaGio2 years ago

As a kid, my mom and I had to stay with my sister and her 2 daughters temporarily in MD on Andrews AFB when we lost our house to a fire in NY. Being only 8 years old at the time, the time I was left alone at her house was extremely limited and never at night. That being the case, I was often a third wheel (fourth, if you’re a hair splitter) on many of their excursions when my mother was at work or back in NY settling up our situation. This included Girl Scout meetings; I would sit in the back while my nieces did their thing and my sister chaperoned or whatever. My presence was often reviled by the girls (kids, especially young girls, are verbal assholes, we all know this) and was often a point of contention with the adult women; despite my situation being explained to them by all of us multiple times they never seemed to grasp that I wasn’t some deliberate infiltrator, that I didn’t just decide to crash some Girl Scouts meeting. I mean, they didn’t even share the damn cookies. For almost a solid year I went through this every Wednesday night that Mom wasn’t home. Their sanctum was so defiled by my maleness that I started bringing a GameBoy (I’m 36) and headphones just to tune out the teasing and bullshit from every new mother, to the tune of “he DOES know he can’t be a Girl Scout, right?! I mean, it’s in the name!”. And now this. What a fucking country.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They should replace boy scouts with white-collar office scouts. Co-ed obviously. Because much of what the boy scouts do is outdated, white-collar office scouts will instead be taught a more modern 21st century curriculum that will prepare them for their future lives as office drones serving the matriarchy. Boys will be exposed to many modern lessons such as:

  • Never being alone with a girl in your tent.
  • The importance of girls winning 50% of the badges.
  • How to start every criticism with, "This was really good. I just had a few thoughts."
  • How to flash a big fake smile and greeting to dozens of people that you see everyday whenever you pass them in the hallway on the way to the bathroom.
  • and much much more!

Sign your kids up for white-collar office scouts today!

4 upvotesDesadarius2 years ago

You gotta be fucking kidding

3 upvotesKdcjg2 years ago

Scouts are co-ed (both sexes) in the U.K. and Australia.

1 upvotesmaximus_galt2 years ago

Except of course girls have their own separate option, the Girl Guides. Equality!

1 upvotesKdcjg2 years ago

I think like the US it was made co-ed due to the low numbers in the scouts. It was considered not very cool to be a scout. Not sure adding girls is the answer but I think that's the main reason.

13 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

Will they let boys join the Girl Scouts? I didn't think so. God damn hypocrites. We should just abolish the scouts altogether at this point.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They're private organizations. What would abolishing them do?

1 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

I mean if you are going to allow girls into the boy scouts, what the point of it even existing anymore?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They serve different functions. Also keep in mind these 2 orgs are in competition with each other so this move isn't actually as crazy as you might think.

3 upvotesJayby182 years ago

If Girl Scouts is too girly, why not make less girly Girl Scouts? You don't have to change our scouts

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Girls scouts and boy scouts are separate private businesses. So they're in competition.

3 upvotesWhyNotARobot2 years ago

Boys are allowed to join Girl Scouts and have been for a long time.

3 upvotesbailaoban2 years ago

The Boy Scouts a bastion of masculinity? The only Scouts and ex Scouts I've ever come across are relative dweebs with questionable hygiene and an interest in the outdoors. Call it the Scouts of America and let everyone in. Let''s not pretend that it's Seal Team Training.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This actually isn't an SJW thing. The fact is, boyscouts is losing money. So, how do you make more money? Open up your once exclusive to boys club to girls!

The reason this happened is the same reason anything happens, money.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just like NFL teams kneeling was about money.....Lol

3 upvotesnumber1journeyfan2 years ago

I already posted one comment here but something else to note:

Nobody in the greater scouting community was ever asked for opinions on the matter. We have been told by the cucks at National.

3 upvotesReddit912102 years ago

Man the worlds really gonna be fun when our evolutionary guidance counselors select a diversity innovative procreate for us to nonsexually create a lab baby with while we return to mandatory constructive human nature class. I honestly wouldn't doubt it at this rate of crazy.

3 upvotesZ6612 years ago

Eagle Scout here. I have a huge issue with this change. Female integration would throw off the whole dynamic of scouting. I couldn’t imagine my troop back home accepting this new implementation. Venture crew is one thing. But this is too much.

9 upvotesLittleRedditAddict2 years ago

Women are the most miserable they've ever been; debatably that even includes during major wars. But men are to blame. We exchanged their health and happiness for some dirty, used up pussy. Extreme ownership applies everywhere, including how to maintain the most responsible teenagers in the room. Our fathers let us down here too. It's why our grandfathers constantly shit on them. But it's our turn now to right the ship.

Who's with me?

That being said, females and their helicopter parents want to infiltrate our clubs because they see us having fun. We sold them a shit deal to get more workers and taxes in the system, and the weak betas around us defend these dumb actions because they are the useful idiots who think they know what they're doing. Instead they pull in the lost girls around them in hopes to simply smell their soiled panties. This news is unfortunate, but it further confirms our need to create anew as they destroy our current systems. Our fathers reaped the benefits of a thriving system and left us with the mess we see today. Now it's on us.

2 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

Unfortunately speaking up about any of these problems in society gets you labeled a misogynist and shit canned from your job on some trumped up HR bullshit. Unless you are independently wealthy the only recourse is to keep your head down publicly.

2 upvoteslefth4ndpath2 years ago

They will be too worried in trying to impress girls thus making them put Women on a pedestal as their main goal instead of them worrying about their crew or getting Scout Badges.

A lot of men already do put women on a pedestal, and it's not from gender integration in social activities. It's from a fucked up sense of entitlement and necessity that finding a partner (sexual or romantic) somehow completes you as a person.

1 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

A lot of men already do put women on a pedestal, and it's not from gender integration in social activities. It's from a fucked up sense of entitlement and necessity that finding a partner (sexual or romantic) somehow completes you as a person.

I would say its also due to the fact that most boys, grow up with few male role models, in a culture in which teaches them from a young age to worship females. Its our mission to teach them that they are the prize not the other way around.

3 upvoteslefth4ndpath2 years ago

I think you're half right.

I believe it should be common knowledge that you're just as much the prize as she is. You shouldn't ever sacrifice your own happiness and well being for the sake of admiration from ANYONE, and your priority should ALWAYS be on your own self-worth and self-respect, but I don't see anything at all wrong with wanting to take that same feeling you have for yourself and give it to someone that you admire, and that admires you as well.

3 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

I don't see anything at all wrong with wanting to take that same feeling you have for yourself and give it to someone that you admire, and that admires you as well.

Indeed. However I just try not to exaggerate in showing my affection to any girl I date or have a one nightstand with. Because if I do they start thinking that I´m desperate for their love or affection and start looking down at me and think they are too good for me. Never exaggerate in your demonstrations of fondness.

1 upvoteslefth4ndpath2 years ago

Of course. Honesty, always.

I've never felt great about being dishonest with a person regarding how I feel for them, whether I'm only interested in something casual or if I genuinely feel affection for them.

2 upvotesswank862 years ago

I think you need to see that the transgender issue with bathrooms political debate that is happening in the western world, is a way to remove male only bathroom spaces.

2 upvotesGman7772 years ago

FFS. Have they never heard of Girl Scouts? Will the Gorl Scouts also be opening their door to boys?

2 upvotessantocrates2 years ago

This happened in the UK years ago.

2 upvotesNullIsUndefined2 years ago

So what happens if the dads volunteer toncreate their own boy only camping club? Will we go to jail? Will we face social tyranny and be denied access to camp sites?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

America already lacks rites of passage for males. I used to believe earning eagle scout was a real rite of passage and I respected any eagle scout as a man. I don't really give a fuck if girls are in scouts, just call it scouting. It's just unnerving that this rite of passage no longer exists...

2 upvotessatanicpriest132 years ago

Nothing stopping father's taking their kids and maybe kids friends out camping or hunting. He'll, of you know a a few tough guys you can get together and take all your kids along without being part of any organisation that you have to bow down to. The more regulation they push at us. The more self reliant and independsnt we become.

1 upvotesmaximus_galt2 years ago

Boy Scouts was not just camping and outdoor adventure, although that was a big part of its appeal. It was a structure for mentorship, including lots of roadmaps for skill advancements. It allowed boys to benefit from the combined wisdom of many men, not just their dads.

1 upvotessatanicpriest132 years ago

And now it is about to crumble. This is a good alternative. An informal network of skilled people passing wisdom to their sons. Better than staying in the boy scouts and baking cookies because I guarantee the girls will change it to their preference and comfort level.

2 upvotesJoeDrunk2 years ago

That would have made me stay in Boy Scouts a lot longer. I can only imagine the fun on camping trips.

2 upvotesDaddie02 years ago

My sons where in boy scouts for a couple of years. A lot of the male volunteers, where I will give them credit for stepping up, where very Beta and not good role models for masculinity. Of course they would always have to consult with the den mothers too.

I look at this as putting a bullet into something's head that is basically dead already. Whatever remnants of masculinity where left in boy scouts are going to be squeezed out of it to accommodate the girls so they can succeed over the boys.

1 upvotesmaximus_galt2 years ago

"Den mothers"... are you sure you're not thinking of Cub Scouts?

1 upvotesDaddie02 years ago

Maybe, it was a while back. LOL. It doesn't matter if it was boy scouts / cub scouts. My point is how does it look to young boys that men have to constantly check with women to see if they are allowed to do something?

2 upvotesQuizlyx2 years ago

Scouts are gay anyways. Take your son camping and hunting, bring his friends along. He'll learn about nature, toughness, independence, life/death, and you don't have to worry about him coming home crying after penis inspection day. Have you ever met an Eagle Scout who wasn't a loser? They aren't the only ones camping, but they are the lamest ones camping.

This is a rare time I sympathize with women complaining. As stupid as Boy Scouts are, the Girl Scouts are even worse. It's like 10% of the "learning" boy scouts do mixed with child-labor-law-defining cookie sale hours.

2 upvoteslispychicken2 years ago

I'm looking forward to picking up my Curves gym membership, and when they reject me for being a male trying to apply to a female-only gym, I'm suing everybody!

2 upvotesJoeAsheville2 years ago

I attained my eagle scout in 1986. I'm am order of the arrow member, and NESA life member. I served as president of a high adventure post as an explorer, and the post was open to both young men and women.

We didn't have problems in our post because we had strong leadership. Teenagers will always be teenagers and try to do teenager type stuff, it's part of life. The key is strong leadership, to encourage the correct behavior and to apply disciplinary action for any individual who can't (or won't) comply. There was one main distinction between the explorers and the rest of scouting, and that was the explorers were age restricted. High school or older. They were more mature than the younger scouts - marginally, but they were.

In this way, the younger scouts were allowed to act like the boys they were, and screw up on their own and act like idiots. Who are we kidding, adolescent boys are walking morons. However, scouting was there to help provide guidance for boys during their transition into adulthood, using adult males as role models and counselors. It was a good program for the most part.

Now that females have been introduced into the program, I'm thinking that something has gone terribly wrong at the top leadership levels. It's a serious dilution of the core brand of the BSA, one that was cultivated for over a century. I'm sure it was not a good move, but I wasn't consulted nor did I receive any communication about the change other than what I've seen in news media from executive.

As for myself - I'm retired now and will have significant amounts of free time to invest in my community. I was planning to spend time in a leadership role in one of my local packs or troops. I'm not sure now. Introduction of young girls into the program will create an unhealthy dynamic within the group, and I don't want to be a part of that - I would not be comfortable camping in the woods as the only adult (or with one other female leader) and a group of boys and girls. There is too much room for he-said, she-said situations and all that does is create a distraction from what should be the entire focus - creating solid citizens to serve as role models for the community at large. Not to mention the potential for personal destruction and loss of all my assets, just because some female decides that I looked at her the wrong way. History is rife with events where males did nothing wrong yet suffered mightily under completely false accusations of women - yet when discovered, women making such false accusations were never prosecuted.

Time will tell if the BSA is able to survive this move. Personally, I'm saying "no thanks"...unless the troop is privately sponsored, and all male including leaders.

2 upvotesHumbleLion08912 years ago

Wow. Good thing I'll be out of scouts then. (Currently 16.) But Damn. I'm gonna feel bad for the BSA in the coming years. Love the organization, there's nothing like the immense concentration the troops have, with it being just guys. I distinctly remember the Klondike Derby.(a big thing in NY BSA. All winter survival) Our troop is a BEAST in that. Usually 1st place, and we drop everything to be the best we can be. Now, as stated by OP, Boy Scouts probably won't have that anymore. The guys will just be concentrating on the ladies instead of what will make them better.

2 upvotesBoyWhoCriedNeo2 years ago

"Men" deserve everything they get. If you act nice and pander to women, they lose respect for you, and you will inevitably regret your decisions in the long run. On the plus side, "Make me a marshmallow sandwich bitch!"

3 upvotesHugh_Munghous2 years ago

This is what happens when you allow small concessions over time. They made allowances for adult women in leadership roles and homosexuals as well. Now the “Boy Scouts” won’t even be the Boy Scouts. Keep this in mind because this is what they’re trying to do in other aspects of our society, such as gun rights. They can’t destroy the whole thing at once so they take it piece by piece, year after year until there’s nothing left to take apart anymore.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I honestly don't care about girls in boy scouts. The heavy problem i see coming with this is girls not keeping up resulting in reducing the overall difficulty of making it. Which then results in less stuff being taught to the boys. One could make the argument too much females screw with male relationship-building, forming brotherhood and so on BUT i heavily doubt enough young girls can be fucked to go there. Meaning its an odd female or two you find in the groups, not taking away on that aspect. But yeah the first stated problem could suck...alot.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The girls and boys are going to be segregated.

2 upvotesn8zerdude2 years ago

Official response from the Girl Scouts...

"Girl Scouts is the best girl leadership organization in the world, created with and for girls. We believe strongly in the importance of the all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment that Girl Scouts provides, which creates a free space for girls to learn and thrive."

Let's flip the genders.

Let's pretend the Girl Scouts allowed Boys to join and the Boy Scouts responded with this...

"Boy Scouts is the best boy leadership organization in the world, created with and for boys. We believe strongly in the importance of the all-boy, boy-led, and boy-friendly environment that Boy Scouts provides, which creates a free space for boys to learn and thrive. "

Magically, it becomes oppressive.

1 upvotestuyguy2 years ago

Woman at my work giving a speech on empowerment

- "Yes it's tough working a job that demands your attention 24/7 but it is so rewarding to feel empowered and in control 24/7. I also have a husband and a child. When I get up each day I take of my child for an hour then go to work. I work for 12 hours then come home and take care of my child for an hour. Then I sleep for 5 hours and do it again. 7 days a week"

1 upvoteswhite_girl_lover2 years ago

Well I have no problem saying no to their popcorn, it's not like it's against the law, yet.

1 upvotesdat-boss_man2 years ago

Sooo whatever happened to the Girl Scout/ Girl Guides club

1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

lol a symbol of masculinity? gtfo

1 upvotesButylOWNED2 years ago

Good I'm going to sign my son up for Girl Scouts then

1 upvotesMetalageddon2 years ago

Well... There goes meaningful eagle scout projects and trips to Philmont.


Tbf, there is a possible world where this works, and the girls who can't perform get weeded out because standards do not change. I will say, the venture crew I helped run worked strictly on merit, girls and guys were kicked quickly if they couldn't shape up.

But let's be serious here. Is that likely?

Eagle scout, ex venture crew leader, pissed off.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

it's not the military...you can't weed people out of scouts. it's fucked for good. On a side note, I remember during philmont being rounded up at a certain camp/stop (forget what they're called) and the leaders asking who cat called at the venture scout girls. I actually knew who did it, a crew of dudes from Boston who were hard as fuck and didn't care about shit but knew how to have fun. Nobody owned up and they reported it up...

1 upvotesmanwhowouldbeking2 years ago

This is a grasp to save the orgonisation more so than creeping feminism. The rates of people joining the scouts is declining changing it to scouts and allowing girls to enter to effectively doubles the amount of potential people who can join this is a smart business move.

1 upvotes0xdada2 years ago

Alternative is De Molay

1 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I don't know if you caught wind that the Girl Scouts are now complaining that it won't be good for the girls due to some unresolved harassment issues or whatever. They will be complaining that girls are allowed in. They will just complain.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Ugh. Girls trying to be like men aren't exceptional in any way, they're just shitty men.

1 upvotesAugustine20172 years ago

This is just another sign that our society is done for. The feminization of our culture will continue until it totally collapses. Keep strong, gents.

1 upvotesTheGreatAssFairy2 years ago

But... they have Girl Scouts...

1 upvotesAlphaGrad2 years ago

What a load of fucking bullshit! It's penis envy at its best. Do little girls even want to join the Boy Scouts? Fucking morons.

1 upvotesREDDlT_ACCOUNT_MAN2 years ago

Everyone knows how great Boy Scouts is. It helps young boys develop social, leadership, outdoor, and practical life skills that help significantly in the transition to adulthood. The rank of Eagle Scout is so highly regarded because it shows that a young person has mastered, or at least been introduced to the skills provided by scouting. The other aspect of the award is that it shows commitment. Some boys have earned the rank of Eagle more than others, but all have had to commit hundreds of hours, camping trips, and a sustained interest in an activity.

There currently is not a well established equivalent for women. Girl Scouts is generally not as fun, not as well recognized, and not as well funded.

Women already serve in adult leadership positions in various Troops. Thousands of sisters are carted along to meetings annually, especially the younger ages in Cub Scouts.

TRP often complains in the lack of "good" women. Scouting could potentially help improve the lives and enhance the skill sets of millions of women without severe detriment to the boys. So far groupings of cub scout dens, and likely boy scout patrols, will be separated by gender.

The changes Scouting has made will ensure that it lasts a long time. It encourages entire families to interact with Scouting, which should also drive up participation and funding. Just because girls are involved doesn't mean that scouting will be overrun by SJW's - they likely wouldn't enjoy the premise and nature of Scouting anyway.

1 upvotesidontcareifyouburyme2 years ago

I agree with scotus' test as a general organizational rule and don't give women any special treatment over men as to its corollary. Especially if there isn't any exceedingly persuasive justification.

1 upvotesPresidentClash2 years ago

I expect their to be an increased amount of Sex in tents at camp outings

1 upvotesbiggerbetterjobs2 years ago

Note how they can't just fucking create their own girls club that has boy scout-like activities. They have to come leech off the boy scouts instead.

1 upvotesbiggerbetterjobs2 years ago

TBH, all the kids I remember doing boy scouts growing up were huge pussies lol.

1 upvotesgoldaxis2 years ago

Is this really a significant loss? I remember Boy Scouts being pretty wimpy when I was a kid. Can’t imagine it improved between then and now.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just another attack from Cultural Marxists. The less enclaves and organizations men have to share in their masculinity and comradery the more feminized they become, thus a more docile and overemotional population that can be controlled. Take a look at any liberal shithole and you'll see weak men, disunity, passionate debate over fucking senseless issues, degeneracy, etc.

However, to be fair from what I have heard the boys and girls will still be kept separate and it's really more about giving an opportunity for any tomboys to follow a curriculum better suited to their personalities. I doubt this will last long though and probably is just a stepping stone to full integration in order to meet the least amount of public criticism possible.

1 upvotesYourUsernameGay2 years ago

You think everything is communism

1 upvotesawesomepottamous2 years ago

Wow you are the victim of some extremely toxic masculinity. You sound like a very confused teenager that was raised by an overbearingly macho father figure who thinks emotions are for sissies.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Notice how I said overemotional, not just emotional. And do you realize what sun you're on? GTFO with that "toxic masculinity" bullshit.

1 upvotesprodigy2throw2 years ago

If you’re still putting your kids in Boy Scouts wtf is wrong with you. Put your kids in sports, teach them all he survival shit on your own because that’s your job and don’t let what these sjw losers do get in the way of you and your children’s well being.

1 upvotesKrongarth2 years ago

I'd like to point out that Scouts Canada has been unisex for twenty, twenty five years, and while that's fine, it works for some groups, overall membership up here has been struggling for over a decade, with about half the groups in my hometown now defunct and gone. Used to be thirteen thriving groups, it's down to about seven.

1 upvoteshuscarl182 years ago

SOmeone mentioned that the GS were pissed because the decision to allow girls in wasn't on moral grounds or inclusion, but that it was a money decision. Membership fees from girls spend just as well as fees from boys. Plus, hasn't the BSoA taken some hits recently because of breaching their "no politics" pledge? I don't know. If I ever have sons, I want them to have male only spaces where they can be with their peers and have my raising them to be good men be supplemented within the context of male culture. I think we as men in our time need to take the responsibility of finding a way to provide structure for our younger men where the BSoA have failed.

1 upvotesWikkiwikki4202 years ago

What the fuck does it matter if I can't go to a bathroom of my physical identifying sex, (when I look like a man, I have a penis, I am a man and use mens restrooms) if women and women who identify as men can just freely go into a mens restroom?

I mean.... Do we as a civilization really need fucking bathrooms/restrooms if both sexes are free to traverse in to any restroom they so desire. Wouldn't pissing on a tree serve the same purpose? I mean as long as you're not flinging you dick around like a helicopter in public or running around shoving lighters and flame throwers up your crotch while running around screaming "They call me FIREEEEEE CROTCH." What difference at this point does it make?

Fuck the mentally ill .01% of 1% of the population is afflicted by or is born mentally ill. It is not up to them to get to say who and or what we Americans allow. I was an Eagle scout, completed my 10 month Order of the Brotherhood, joined Order of the Arrow and Vigil Honor member by the time I was done.

I loved my Troop and I love my Country, The United States of America. Seriously, this corrupt mental retardation that is afflicting the youth in America must be stopped if we are to have a country in 30 years. Our kids and their kids too will never get to know the America that we were raised in. It was amazing then and we still have a fighting chance to Make America Great Again.

1 upvotesCommanderMynas2 years ago

I guess tomgirls don't exist.

2 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

I guess tomgirls don't exist.

I wonder if girls would ever let a man join the Girl Scouts. Their organization will probably never allow our gender in.

Psssss.... "Feminist Double Standards".

Its like its always us men that have to let them in. Its not like any man would probably want to join the Girl Scouts( since it was always a joke). But Its a great example that shows who selfish female nature.They never let us join any of their exclusive spaces/activities yet they expect us to always let them in our clubs and activities.

1 upvotesthestruggled2 years ago

Wait I actually supported this, as I was told girl scouts only sell cookies and people thought it would be nice to allow them to attain things like eagle scout? Was I misinformed?

1 upvotes7mil2 years ago

can't wait to move out of america lol

1 upvotesreptile73832 years ago

Why females are allowed to have female-spaces only and we men aren´t allowed to have our exclusive activities and spaces anymore?

I think a better question is if we as a society actually gain anything of value from having two separate scout groups. We don't segregate schools or transportation. There's no segregated McDonalds. There's only one 4H. Why do we need two Scouts?

I guess its only a matter of time until girls are also allowed into men only bathrooms as well.

That's just a silly slippery slope fallacy.

I guess girls now a days dont want to behave like girls they want to be Tomboys and be treated as if they are a man.

Is it wrong for a women to want to run around and play outside? Learn how to survive in the wilderness, ect? Is arts and crafts a requirement to being a girl? Or maybe they enjoy doing both. Crazy I know, but generally people are 3d beings that don't easily fit into stereotypes.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Boy scouts are for little fuckin' faggots anyways

1 upvotesTheRedPillRipper2 years ago

How long it will be until NBL and MBLA starts allowing girls in as well?

Won't happen. Feminism might pervade most strata's of society but it can't bridge the biological divide.

1 upvotesyummyluckycharms2 years ago

The BSA are already dead - membership enrollment is a pale shadow of what it was - and now the mormons are leaving it too. People are voting with their feet and have given up on it. I doubt adding girls to the mix will change things as the same problems that caused girl guides/scouts to have problems will just carry over to the new hybrid organization.

1 upvotestryinreddit2 years ago

As tempting as it is to read broader meaning into this move, I believe the reality is simple: Boy Scouts of America is a poorly run organization. This is just one more bad strategic move.

1 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

It was something great that used to taught basic principles about manhood, maintaining frame and camaraderie. But its been going downhill since 80s.

1 upvotessummersss2 years ago

Depending on how many girls join up, the official Girls scouts will be complaining. Another male led organizing leading girls. Articles about why girls seek to be more like boys and have male approval will surface.

And rightfully so, this is a giant dump on the Girls scouts.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I was a little outraged until I read on and realized that the boys and girls will be separated. Who the fuck cares?

2 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

I was a little outraged until I read on and realized that the boys and girls will be separated. Who the fuck cares?

The problem is that there is a reason why the girl scouts exist. Why they need to hijack our scouts? Plus there will also be adult female scout leaders managing troops of boy scouts and as a result instead of boys seeing a male role model for them to follow they will be getting a female role model. You might think at first this wont have bad consequences. But trust me there will be. Our boys will be more feminine and less aggressive in their outtake in life.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well first of all "our" scouts. Let's make a few things clear here, the girl scouts and boy scouts are separate private organizations that are in competition with each other. The next thing is that the 2 organizations function in different ways, its is up to the girl scouts to change if they want to stay in competition.

3 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

The next thing is that the 2 organizations function in different ways, its is up to the girl scouts to change if they want to stay in competition.

I doubt they will ever let boys join the girls scouts since SJWs and feminists have double standards when it comes to us men. Plus instead of them fixing their organization they rather hijack and sabotage ours.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's not "ours' though. Just because it says boys doesn't mean the owners have any obligation to boys. This is just business. The boy scouts have had membership decline and they're just looking to diversify their prospects.

0 upvotesAncientScrolls [OP]2 years ago

It's not "ours' though. Just because it says boys doesn't mean the owners have any obligation to boys.

You cant just create an organization called BOY Scouts and decide to accept females.Its like going against everything that you stand for. Its like creating an organization that is about green energy and animal preservation and then starting to sell meat,fur and cutting trees.

This is just business. The boy scouts have had membership decline and they're just looking to diversify their prospects.

Fair enough. I´m also under no obligation to place any of my children(If I ever decide to have any) in the boy scouts, since that I think it will be a bad influence for them. With all this SJW, Diversity and Feminist crap infecting The Boy Scouts.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Haha. I'm with you, trust me. It's a 100+ year old organization built in a different time by different people. Staying relevant as a business is more important than sticking to your old rules. I mean it's like when you're a dorky dude and you realize that you need to change yourself if you want to get into the pussy game.

Yeah frankly I always viewed the boy scouts as dorks anyway "I was one". I wouldn't have my kids join.

1 upvotesJohn_Browns_Body2 years ago

That's not new. My mom was my Boy Scout leader, this was about twenty years ago.

1 upvotesrossiFan2 years ago

Is this the end of the Boy Scouts?

Is this even a fucking question?

1 upvotesSir_Distic2 years ago

Yes. It has a question mark at the end. Do keep up.

1 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I don't think it was ever a "symbol of masculinity" but rather old dudes who liked to diddle little boys. If anything, just drop the "Boy" and make it "Scouts". I have never perceived this as being a male space.

Maybe I am wrong. I was in the military and had to deal with all the SJW bullshit of having women among us.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

As an eagle scout, nothing infuriates me more than seeing other eagle scouts and people supporting BSA on this.

Yes, in high school I was kind of embarrassed I did scouting because it wasn't "cool" and I was still an insecure teenager worried about what everyone thought.

Looking back I should have focused more on the fraternal aspect of scouting and I might not have needed TRP so much.

But back to my point... expect rape, sexual assault, and bullying to increase in scouting until the organization is either transformed or shut down.

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

I believe this is explained by an observation I posted on The Red Pill Right.

To determine what Leftists believe / advocate simply determine whether the idea or policy helps or harms Western Civilization.

If it is harmful to Western Civilization they are for it.

If it is helpful to Western Civilization they oppose it.

The Left supports letting girls into the Boy Scouts. Therefore like Gay Marriage, Feminism, Muslims, Gun Control...and many others, then this policy must harm the West.

0 upvotesSteveLonegan2 years ago

Seriously who cares. Some of these social issues are ridiculous. If you gotta lil Tom boy she should be able to do whatever she wants and the same goes for boys

1 upvotesdarkblackforest2 years ago

oh noes, there's wimmenz in my boy scouts. The sky is falling, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

2 upvotesrporion2 years ago

In your opinion, is there anything that men or boys could or should call their own?

How about women, could or should they have anything to call their own?

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