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The Metoo campaign is a blessing in disguise. It's revealing the women you want to avoid. Anyone parading what's supposed to be a personal subject online, is merely seeking attention. Avoiding them will help prevent false allegations from being made against you.

by Drezzzire on /r/TheRedPill
19 October 2017 08:45 PM UTC

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Real victims of sexual abuse don't want to advertise it online like it's a fucking cat gif. They either go to the authorities or confide in someone they trust. Avoid any female that uses this hashtag. It greatly reduces your chances of ending up with a girl that's going to falsely accuse you of rape or sexual harassment.

Furthermore, being a victim isn't something you cling to and try to continually gain sympathy from. That's feminist 101 shit.

Most victims want to get over what happened and move on in life. They don't pride themselves on being a victim.

To expand on why this movement is a disaster, it encourages women who haven't had anything happen to them to say that they did so they don't feel 'left out' of the newest fad. You can bet your bottom dollar that there's thousands of women doing just that. Youths are constantly on this 'look at me' trend. Mix that with something as serious as sexual assault and you're asking for trouble.

Ps: I submitted this to another sub as well and received mixed reactions. I could care less if you're receptive to my message or not. If I can help even just 1 guy from having false allegations made against him, it's worth it. Stay safe.

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Title The Metoo campaign is a blessing in disguise. It's revealing the women you want to avoid. Anyone parading what's supposed to be a personal subject online, is merely seeking attention. Avoiding them will help prevent false allegations from being made against you.
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231 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

The problem is the tag encompasses both sexual harassment and sexual assult. It should not have. They are vastly different things, with vastly different causes, with vastly different outcomes.

I know a fair amount of sexual assult victims. I'm not talking regret shit. I'm talking being drugged, or straight up over powered by a boyfriend while they cried and screamed no. Those girls were silent, and some left social media that day as they couldn't handle it. Real victims don't want to talk about it or be defined by that event. They want it a distant memory.

Sexual harassment is different. I'm not saying it's good, but its certainly not as bad and has become much more subjective. Pulling your dick out randomly? Making chicks fuck you for movie roles? That's bullshit. As Chris Rock said, there is sexual harassment, and there is just trying to get laid.What Weinstein did was harassment 101.

But there are some women who can't believe they put on a micro dress, slutty heels, go to a bar, and every guy thinks it's okay to talk to them. As Dave Chappelle says, they may not be a whore, but they are wearing the uniform. That's not harassment. I would however believe that 100% of HB5+ have actually been harassed and the ones under that wish they were so they play the me too card.

Also, lets all agree that sexual harassment and sexual assult are threats to red pill. A lot of people would incorrectly associate that with this group. In reality, harassing behavior is really just weak game and cuck desperation. If you're accused of it, you shouldn't laugh it off and say yeah right, you need to re-evaluate your approach. If you are the goal and not her, no reason it would ever come off as harassing. Period. She's the one showing interest, not you.

And if you are sexually assulting women, then go jump off a bridge you fucking pussy. You're literally ruining it for the rest of us, as well as ruining a lot of girls lives.

Edit: words

20 upvotesdo_it_or_leave2 years ago

Escalating can easily be interpreted as harassment.

14 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

If your escalation is interpreted as harassment, then you are not looking at IOI correctly and your escalating too soon or too agressively. It's still bad game either way.

15 upvotesdo_it_or_leave2 years ago

Touching her arm can creep a girl if she is very uninterested.

How are you going to discover it? By doing it.

I know it is much more likely to happen if you ignore signals and etc, but things can change is matter of seconds, such as the arrival of a better prospect, prompting her to show how much of a good girl she is for not allowing other men to touch her.

3 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

I hear you, but if her body language was affirmative, then she was half expecting it. Also, don't go full arm on lower back as first touch. Go for a totally innocuous touch like light arm touch and you can help prevent that. Again too much too soon.

Also, don't mistake being rejected with her feeling harassed. Harassment is really not giving up after the game is lost.

-2 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

I have simple test.. you offer a high five and leave your hand up.. if she smacks your hand then immediately removes it and sometimes wipes her palm off.... she's not into you.. but.. if you leave your hand there and she leaves her hand there... she likes being touched by you.

19 upvotesTimmyTurnersNuts2 years ago

What kind of autistic shit is this? Dude you just look at body language.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If you do it enough your gonna fuck it up eventually

22 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

True, but sexual harassment is still a very bad thing to be falsely accused of. The words carry the same weight.

But didn't Weinstein also assault people? Pretty sure there were instances on Cosby level where he did a little more than bribe them with a movie role. Maybe not full-on rape, but pretty sure he did put some people in situations where it was physically impossible for them to leave or nope out.

Allegedly, I mean. Could always be false for all we know.

16 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

I haven't been paying too much attention to it, but it wouldn't surprise me. I mean, the guy has been doing this shit for like 30 years on a daily basis. He probably crossed the assult line a few times in that time span.

2 upvotesAarxnw2 years ago

I'd imagine it was more high pressure/ coercion on his part, but yes, that can very much be seen as sexual assault. I reckon he's guilty of that as well as harassment.

3 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

While bribing may not be in assault territory (as it gives the option for women to say "no, I won't sleep with you, I'll pass on the movie role then"), I would say threatening someone with something if they don't sleep with you, most certainly is.

Also did you listen to the recordings with that model?

2 upvotesAarxnw2 years ago

I haven't heard the recordings, no, what was said?!

1 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

Just google Harvey Weinstein recording, a bit lazy rn

0 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

Also, I don't think there are a lot of false harassment allegations. I think if you're falsifying something, you go full tilt. I also think women don't really report harassment and that there aren't a lot of consequences and not as bad as you think.

Sure, some places take it very seriously, but look at Netflix. Took a blog post to gain traction, after like 15 women accused the same guy of harassment over his entire career there.

Of course there are always outliers.

21 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

Also, I don't think there are a lot of false harassment allegations. I think if you're falsifying something, you go full tilt.

Couldn't be further from the truth.

Sexual harassment may not land you in jail, but it does often result in employment termination. If the latter is what they're going for (which in many cases it is) then expect false harassment claims.

Happens all the time when someone has a boss or supervisor that reprimands them for something and they take it to heart.

1 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

Maybe it's not a topic that's not discussed much, but I just don't see it. I mean, I get your points and I certainly see it as a popular movie trope. I just have not see men complain about it in real life or on Reddit. But I hear false rape accusations in the news fairly often. We could just have different experiences.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Happened to my friend in radio when one of his salespeople was fired for being a shit employee and relying on her looks for a job, those are usually the one who falsely accuse and use it as a weapon against reprimand/ punishment

5 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

I'm not saying it doesn't happen. Just that it's not as wide spread of a problem like false sexual assult.

3 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

Well one's a felony, the other isn't, so the latter isn't really gonna make the news as much.

0 upvotesdeville052 years ago

Probably because you can't prove harrasment but you can prove assault.

1 upvotessirdigbyrussian2 years ago

You can't prove assault a lot of the time.

9 upvotesBumboking2 years ago

Ok girl goes to guy's hotel room dressed sexily to discuss getting a role in a movie, she is hot he expresses sexual interest. They have sex she lands movie role. Years later 'I was a victim of sexual harassment'. He is a 'predator' oh the horror, but she was a innocent victim - not a whore. I repeat she was not a whore;got it👍

6 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

And if you are sexually assulting women, then go jump off a bridge you fucking pussy. You're literally ruining it for the rest of us, as well as ruining a lot of girls lives.

Amen.. TRP is not about making fucked up monsters hurting people.

1 upvotesiLLprincipLeS2 years ago

What Weinstein did was harassment 101.

The Hollywood whores went along with it, got their fame and money cheap by sucking some cock and fucking around.

Only now that no one wants to fuck their expired bodies and give them a role - they claim it was harassment.. until then, it was a silent agreement.

Also, lets all agree that sexual harassment and sexual assult are threats to red pill. A lot of people would incorrectly associate that with this group.

They already do. It means nothing.

In reality, harassing behavior is really just weak game and cuck desperation. If you're accused of it, you shouldn't laugh it off and say yeah right, you need to re-evaluate your approach. If you are the goal and not her, no reason it would ever come off as harassing. Period. She's the one showing interest, not you.

There is no such thing as harassing behavior. That's a tool a female can use to try and obtain power, accepting it is breaking frame.

And if you are sexually assulting women, then go jump off a bridge you fucking pussy. You're literally ruining it for the rest of us, as well as ruining a lot of girls lives.

Nice guy. No one has any obligation towards someone else. The Red Pill is amoral.

22 upvotesTheRedPillMonkey2 years ago

Dude, you're a fucking moron and you seem really angry for some reason.

There are plenty of woman who sleep with their boss to keep their job, but that boss demanding it is harassment. Plain and simple. It's weak and desperate. The only way you can sleep with a chick is to offer her things? How is that not beta as fuck?

Also, harassment is not some thing made up by feminists. It's the result of weak beta game that's overly sexually agressively.

Red pill is about abundance mentality, not giving a fuck, and taking care of your smv. If you do those things, girls are interested in you and you're not doing shit like cold approaching with sexual advances. That's putting a girl on a sexual pedestal and not letting up. That's weak, desperate, and making her you oneites of the night.

If your cold approach is saying hello or making small talk, reading IOI, keeping frame, and then advancing if she digs it and bailing if she doesn't or if you fucked up your frame, that's red pill as fuck, and would never be confused with harassment.

Really, sexual harassment should be a redpill term to describe overtly sexual beta desperation. That's probably the rp way to describe what women are experiencing when they use that term.

57 upvotesDmva1002 years ago

What's even more disgusting is The HowIWillChange hashtag. It is a perfect example of the 'doubling down' that betas do to get their wives to fuck them. They become a more efficient utility for women rather than a man of sexual value, much like beta men conforming to feminism and renouncing their masculinity.

HowIWillChange is essentially choreplay and sacrifice on a society wide scale. It enables white knights everywhere while simultaneously supporting the victimhood/rape culture of women from MeToo, thus further absolving women everywhere of responsibility and making them even more powerful in the land of USA, all funded by the ultimate white knight beta male cuckold Uncle Sam.

71 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Hashtags like this are Twitter typing whatever the fuck their secret sponsors want.

It breaks down into 3 simple categories:

1: Manufacturing consent - there was a giant anti-HIVphobia propaganda campaign in California then suddenly intentionally spreading HIV was removed from felony status.

2: Wearing people down - propaganda has nothing to do with persuasion. Beat people over the head, single out those who complain, steadily boil the water around those who don't.

3: Faking the voice of the common folk - this one is social media's favorite. Twitter types a hashtag, it trends with 2k bot posts. Before people even notice the fake trend, fake news sites are writing bloggy op/eds about it.

46 upvotessigma2722 years ago

200% woke, my dude. The funny thing is, its creating a subculture of alienated people (mostly young men) who have nothing to lose because the system has nothing to offer them. So they become a counter-friction against the machine for giggles and end up having a real effect on politics as the system overreacts to silence them.

16 upvotesKoryphae_2 years ago

Wanna go full Illuminati? What if 'they' do all of this work in order to alienate human interactions wholly, bringing forth the movement of nation into deep shell where they hardly interact without a device either taping or using social media services.

9 upvotesTimmyTurnersNuts2 years ago

Now you're talking my man. This shit goes alot deeper than some pussy. And women and some men fall for this bullshit everyday

11 upvotesFoster_Poster2 years ago

Let's be real here. All this dooms day 'men are rising up' talk bullshit only seems true in the space of this subreddit. Honestly, in my experience most of the males, old, young, alpha, beta, of every demographic I've come across have no remote idea of what the fuck is happening in this 'system'. This idea that men are 'becoming counter-friction' is nothing but karma-hopeful salty mental masterbation. The manosphere isn't as big and influential as the percentage of men unaware of any of the ideas discussed on this sub and the manosphere at large. Don't fool yourself.

If anybody's experience is the contrary please do share.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes sadly this is true. We probably represent the opinions of maybe 10-20% of men and 1-2% of women int his country.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So fight back. Hardly any of you are fighting.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Or they get angrier and angrier, and finally decide to pass out some 9mm haircuts to women that rejected them and people that made fun of them over the years.

5 upvotessigma2722 years ago

Honestly the only case i can think of where that actually happened is Elliot Rodger, and i think he had other issues besides social alienation. The "crazy white guy shooting spree" meme is just that, a media meme.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people have been close, though. I think the vegas ones were done by liberals to sway public opinion. The dude was 64, can tell by how he was shooting that he had no skill with firearms, and a lot of other weird shit(there were two shooters, you can hear both a .308 and a 5.56 rifle in the videos).

1 upvotesGoopyVaginaDischarge2 years ago

nope, i read his entire manifesto, twice (don't ask why, I don't know). It was 100% social isolation. Literally nothing else.

22 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

The HowIWillChange hashtag

I saw the handsome Hollywood actor who initiated this hashtag giving an interview on one of the top Morning News Shows.

He means well, but the fact is that men who always do the right things as it relates to women will change ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Smart men ALREADY KNOW: Don't harass, stalk, antagonize, threaten, cajole, coerce, catcall, kidnap, violently abuse, initiate unwanted contact, or rape women.

The exception is a woman who openly attacks a man; said man is well within his rights to self-defense using the appropriate amount of necessary force to de-escalate/disengage the situation followed by an immediate and swift official report to authorities/law enforcement.

The vast majority of men are well behaved. I see the campaign possibly creating issues with innocent men who are ALREADY doing right by women. Thanks Bro, but we don't need "guidance" and additional requirements from some dude who doesn't live down here with regular folks.

Be careful out there guys.

11 upvoteswracky2722 years ago

The vast majority of men are well behaved.

Well-behaved isn't enough. Feminism is about superiority.

22 upvotesMKSsystem2 years ago

#HowIWillChange is a huge virtue signal

12 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

You think that's bad? Check out the ItWasMe hashtag.

12 upvotesscabbalicious2 years ago

I can definitely see more than a few girls looking back through the years of riding the cc, picking out one or two embarrassing experiences and retconning it into a traumatic "sexual harassment" moment. All in the name of a few sad emojis on Facebook.

4 upvotesBumboking2 years ago

Yep. Glad u said it. Too many feminist apologists masquerading as red pill on this thread

56 upvotesBuncha_Cunts2 years ago

Did anyone else catch the carelessness of this sexual assault/harassment hashtag though? Hasn't the "hashtag" always been known as the pound sign up until recently?

So...PoundMeToo? lol.

15 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

All these "blessing in disguises" for avoiding certain types of women leave very very very few women left that are even worth talking to...

We have to make a "DON'T BE THAT GIRL" campaign against false rape accusations, divorce rape, lying about the father of a baby... etc. Make it huge and everywhere until they get it.

7 upvotesprodigy2throw2 years ago

Most Women don’t care about this shit. It’s just something to retweet because it fits an identity they struggle to find.

I wouldn’t even bother with any woman who is present on twitter. That shit is for losers

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can bet your bottom dollar that there's thousands of women doing just that.

I would guess that a meaningful % is likely instances of "regret."

38 upvotessonder_one2 years ago

Victimhood is the currency of socialism.

Know where people around you stand, and associate accordingly.

7 upvoteswracky2722 years ago

I miss the good old days when all you had to do was pretend your life was better than it actually is.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Absolutely beautiful quote. Notice that is what built the Bernie sanders movement - "Im in too much debt, there aren't any good jobs left, baby boomers took everything" etc.

In the cultural Marxist society the far left wants to implement who you are on the inside means nothing, it's about perceived slights based on gender race orientation religion etc

9 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

t. Youths are constantly on this 'look at me' trend. Mix that with something as serious as sexual assault and you're asking for trouble.

This has been going on for decades.

Women got the whole "victims must always be believed" accepted by society (female victims only of course). Then they got being a victim to be socially acceptable. Then it got to be a badge of honour.

Saying "I've never been raped" just makes a girl feel unattractive these days..

9 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

All women love playing the victim.

12 upvotesaretardation2 years ago

I get your point but I'm gonna have to disagree. I think it's normalizing that everything is rape and normalizing this fake rape culture as real.

A simplistic comparison would be some #isawaunicorn movement. People know there aren't any such thing but if all of a sudden half the people you know are posting it and a majority of society shames you for pointing out it's not real, then it becomes accepted by society unicorns are in fact real. Even people who know they aren't would start saying they were to avoid public ridicule.

17 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago


10 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Also women who did something they knew or felt was dubious at the time but did it anyway because they were desperate for stardom can absolve themselves of any complicity by playing the victim because it was all "a man's fault"

Women, of course, would never offer themselves to try to gain advantage. Right? (Makes you wonder where prostitutes come from...) All of these women were poor innocents who were taken advantage of ..right? None of them knew exactly what they were doing and chose to make an exchange....right?? And later on exchange again in return for some public approbation...what a win.

Not saying there weren't real victims - I'm sure there were. But how many of these women are just clearing their own dirty consciences..

Women of course are immaculate conceptions, unlike men (According to women, seemingly.) . None of them ever trade upon their gender to gain advantage. It's only ever men who to to trade advantages for sex, women never trade sex for advantage...right? I mean, none of you has ever personally encountered a woman using her gender to gain advantage in real life, have you?

3 upvotespuLsOr2 years ago

Found this gem todday: #totallymetoo - translation for Sasha Grey: "I understand them perfectly"

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Link doesn't work for me sadly....

4 upvotespuLsOr2 years ago

https://i.imgur.com/dEC7QND.jpg - reuploaded to imgur for you mate :)

1 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Thanks mate .. :-)

Very interesting.

Wonder what "le inteleg perfect" means...

11 upvotesTankVet2 years ago

To be honest, I haven’t seen a single attractive woman post it.

3 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I have. Just search the hashtag on Instagram.

1 upvotesTankVet2 years ago

Fair enough. I don’t have an Instagram.

1 upvotesReddingtonsShitList2 years ago

Same! The only girls I've seen post it are fat 5's AT BEST. Me and my buddy were looking through the hashtag of girls we went to high school with and thinking "wtf? As if anyone would want to fuck that"

7 upvotesred_pill_account12 years ago

I was lucky; one of the girls that posted "#metoo" online was one of my plates for about a month and a half, last year.

It makes me laugh because she loved when I choked her and spanked her ass as hard as I could while banging her. I dodged a bullet though; she told me stories about how much shit she gave to her past boyfriends that lived with her among other things.

11 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

I would have to agree to disagree. At least as far as lumping everyone posting that into that and comparing it to the likes of Emma Sulkowicz who goes around proudly proclaiming her "brave rape survivor" status and turning it into a spectacle.

First of all, many including OP seem to have the idea that that hashtag just encompasses rape or sexual assault and reading all of them as "I've been raped/assaulted". It's not. First of all, it includes simply being harassed (which also can be a pretty big deal, as well as a pretty big deal to be accused of), but it seems to also just involve where they simply believe they were disrespected.

Will get to that, but literally every woman on social media seems to be using it, I have yet to see a women who didn't. Even some of the most conservative, anti-feminist women I see using it.

As for being disrespected - sure, I know it might sound silly from a TRP perspective we here mostly mock the whole cliche "respect women" mantra. As well as the whole "objectification" thing of feminism as the consensus here is that that's one giant shit test and women actually want to be objectified/be the inferior ones.

I agree there, but at the same time, might I remind you how important 'respect' is to us and what it means. Especially self-respect. Sure, the challenge for someone new would be to give zero fucks and in some situations it might be easy to give zero fucks if someone disrespects you. But if, say, a woman you're supposed to be dating flirts with someone else right in front of you, that's the type of disrespect it's not so easy to 'give zero fucks' about. I mean even if you just next her and move on immediately rather than cry about it, you're still technically not "giving zero fucks" because her actions led you to do that. But I mean in general I'm sure many of you here wouldn't want to be perceived as inferior or a pushover in most situations, based on what I've read.

Now, going back to the whole 'women feeling disrespected' - while they may want that from some, however, when a beta (or someone they are not attracted to or repulsed by) does or says those things, it's a whole other story.

For people in the anger phase it's easy to be mad at them for giving Chad double standards or whatever - but it's easier to empathize with them when you compare a woman having a beta do/say those 'disrespectful' things to her, to the type disrespect/inferior/pushover treatment we try to avoid that I described above. It hurts for both just as much.

Just like we don't like to be perceived as pushovers, women don't like to be perceived as someone betas have a chance with. I know it sounds nasty and elitist if you're in the anger phase but let's be real, would you want to be perceived as someone landwhales have a chance with? Yeah that's what I thought.

Disrespect is something everyone has probably experienced once in their life, hence the swarm of MeToos.

Of course, if a man posted a MeToo about dealing with that type of disrespect he'd probably get eviscerated; but ultimately it does include that, as the hurt from that is comparable..

I get that putting "disresepect" and "women" in the same sentence usually makes most of us wanna scream whiteknighting, but the reality is that disrespect does hurt. For some less than others, yes. And the two genders have different (yet similar) forms of disrespect, but they both hurt just as much for the average person. A good test/way to be less angry at women for how they treat/perceive betas in certain scenarios - reverse the genders, put yourself in her shoes, and replace the beta with a landwhale.

9 upvotesKoryphae_2 years ago

I like your thought process. But essentially it is okay for women to use pretty much their own vague meaning of 'sexual harrassment' even to a point where legal actions are being taken against whomever they choose is not entitled to pretty much be in the same room with them. The vagueness of 'rape' and 'harrassment' have made men either decrease or record interactions with women. Hell, even this sub advocates the latter. But these are not permanent solutions. As long as the mechanism can be used without any consecuences, it will be abused. Somewhat of a solution is to harshen laws on false accusations but that is not dealing with the root cause either to be honest. I currently can not propose a better alternative.

2 upvotesthrowawaydefriended2 years ago

Right. But I'm not talking just about sexual assault/harassment, I'm talking about what the MeToo hashtag encompasses. And even if it was just that, those posting it aren't hurting anyone or doxxing anyone by name.

I have seen some go a little more in detail with their story (and those people I actually believe), but even if they're not doing that they're just posting 'Me Too'.

And I don't know about you but as I said above I sure hate being disrespected. Or bullied, which that hashtag also encompasses.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not entirely related but I just read through the twox sub for the first time and wow I'm enraged with the bullshit and ballwashing over there it's pathetic

4 upvotesGoopyVaginaDischarge2 years ago

if you ever feeling like getting REALLY mad go to Askwomen. Now fellas, I am not exaggerating so go over there and see this for yourself. For a man's comment to not get removed there, they literally have to be comparing women to the God's of old or say that men are shitty for doing this or that to women. Seriously, right now go find me a comment on that subreddit by a man that isnt summed up with "I suck, you women are better than me". Go ahead. Try it out. Let me know what you find.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm hesitant to go there due to the anger it will induce, but I'll make the leap

1 upvotesbrokecollegekidd2 years ago

Good luck, chime in with a field report if you get the chance

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yep already see what you mean. I'd love to respond to the top post there and say girls and guys shouldn't be friends

1 upvotesFatStig2 years ago

I just think it's hilarious that if you say # as pound the real message is clear. "I want you to think others find me irresistibly sexually attractive"

1 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

exactly. Once you realize what women are really trying to say by this it becomes so incredibly petty

1 upvotesJpurc1111112 years ago

I'm on a rape couseling subreddit and I assure you most true rape victims said and stated mostly exactly what you've expressed. And have been very angry and triggered by this campaign.

2 upvotesDrezzzire [OP]2 years ago

I appreciate your comment. Thank you for sharing that.

I think a lot of people are missing the point of what I'm trying to convey.

The real victims aren't the ones embracing this campaign.

It's the attention seeking wannabe victims.

1 upvotesJpurc1111112 years ago

I don't believe everyone is misusing it, however, it has now sadly become a fad. There is no distinction between what the movement really was started for or a briefing of the history. So now every girl is saying "metoo" and no one knows if they were violently raped or harassed. Moreover, it can take survivors 20 years even admit an assault to themselves little alone speak to anyone including a therapist about it. It may be good in a sense to bring awareness to the commonality of harassment, but it's already damaging to assault survivors

"Metoo" was started by everyday people for a movement to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. After the founder heard a young woman's story and wanted to say "metoo". So it's very unsettling to categorize so many variations in scenarios with this campaign. And like it or not this is an attention seeking society, that exactly what social media is. "Look at me". So it is very disheartening after reading many true victims reactions to this and them further isolating themselves because of explicit triggers popping up or many others superficially using it for attention. Not to mention it seems the celebrities are also making it out to be another feminist movement, which also was not the purpose either!

2 upvotesDrezzzire [OP]2 years ago

Great response. I wholeheartedly agree

2 upvotesHjalmbere2 years ago

Agree with OP. The women participating in the #metoo campaign are displaying red flags. Avoid them. Regardless of whether they are actual victims or make shit up.

4 upvotesbutter_coffee2 years ago

What type of mother would raise a daughter by saying, “honey, go on out in tiny dresses and big heels and go home with any man who buys you a drink. Don’t even vet him, if you get raped that’s his fault. Completely ignore any signals that make you feel uncomfortable, remember, always blame the man later.”

1 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

Only problem is with bandwagon morality and virtue signaling you might want to put a down payment on your sex doll now.

But definitely worth seeing if it's just her throwing a tag in or something signalling bigger issues.

1 upvotes79rustyk102 years ago

I'm an electrician. There's tons of people coming into the job site daily. Alot of women in my trade, and other trades also. The fear of false sexual harassment makes it so I won't interact with women at work unless it is something for work. Just not worth the risk anymore.

These assholes like this Weinstein loser need to go off themselves.

4 upvotesdeville052 years ago

I disagree that these are women merely seeking attention. women do go through a many instances of harrasment and there is no stigma attached to being able to talk about it openly anymore. Well atleast for women. That's a good thing. The world is a different place now.

Yes it is playing the victim card but it is giving voice to a bigger problem and that's a good thing for good men to be aware of. I'm a fairly intelligent and empathetic guy and Ive known this for many years that almost all women are sexually harassed or assaulted from a very young age. It's not news to me. But it might be for other men out there who have not had these kind of conversations with the women in their lives.

and yes there are definitely going to be women in there who are just seeking attention and want to be part of trend for sympathy but I can't in good faith believe thats all of them or most of them. Truth is I don't know. I would like to think it's a small percentage who are lying but that's wishful thinking.

My problem is that It distracts from an actual issue which is hollywood being under the magnifying lens and the makes this into a global conversation. All conversation does is talk about it and say we are all victims but it doesn't help solve it. It doesn't help if people don't come out with specific instance like who what where when. Which is what the Harvey Weinstein issue did but metoo hijacked it.

You can't stop future crimes without punishing present criminals. We were all taught that lying, cheating, stealing and murder are wrong. Yet we see it everyday. Talk is useless. You have to punish people for their crimes and crimes have to be proven or admitted to. So this metoo offers no solutions and that's why to me it is ultimately pointless in changing anything for the better.

Most redundant are the non rapey men saying imsorry. What are you sorry for ? You didnt do anything!

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

it a very big problem and it goes unnoticed due to it being very taboo and hard to talk about by victims. here is a platform that at least allows the to publicly express it more easily. its not perfect and I am sure there are some wolfs dressed as sheep between the bunch My question is, what the fuck is your problem? you must have had very bad experiences with women if you think about them that way. you really don’t understand how abuse works if you think women don’t want to voice it out. But how do you suggest they do to bring this problem to light? honestly, whenever someone tries to bring a problem to light, there is always one asshole who doesn’t like the platform and is happy to criticize but not give any solutions. regardless, I like your post and I upvoted, because you encourages people like you to keep away from women. thank you

5 upvotesMizterUltimaman2 years ago

How is a comment like this getting upvotes in a sub like this? We being raided?

1 upvotesnumber-472 years ago

If by ‘being raided’ you mean ‘people with sympathy and compassion are commenting,’ then yes.

5 upvotesAllHailEuropa2 years ago

Shut the fuck up feminist bitch. Thanks.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

oh son I am the farthest thing from a feminist I just dabble in logic and decency once in a while you should try it

0 upvotesnumber-472 years ago

I’m not even female and I posted because I want those who have been assaulted not to feel like they’re alone. You do realize that’s the whole point of the campaign, right?

1 upvotesbelfastbiker2 years ago

Allow me to call you out here and say that is a fucking shitty attitude.

20 upvotesGayLubeOil2 years ago

Go virtue signal somewhere else

8 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible2 years ago

Allow me to escort you out the door.

8 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

You're going to need to expand your reply unless you're just a blue pill troll.

I want to critique it but it's solid advice. Then again if you excluded all the SJW\left women types, remove the fat ones, remove the drug addicts etc Who are you left with?

So just pump and ghost.

-10 upvotesLiveAFTSOV2 years ago

Calling women out who say this type of shit as stupid whores and sluts, and then saying it's their fault actually turns them on.

3 upvotesMizterUltimaman2 years ago

You must have some legendary game if you can say this and somehow end up winning

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV2 years ago

I feel like everyone does this

0 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

That's a great way to fuck up your life while achieving nothing. Think what you like, behave like others.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Just up your Buyer's Remorse Game.

Don't do X is almost always bad advice, esp. if you're into nofap. It's up to you to maintain your own Frame.

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