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Unplugging. The reading list.

by Auvergnat on /r/TheRedPill
01 November 2017 09:57 AM UTC

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I posted this list as a comment some time ago. I referenced it a few times, but I always thought I'd need to expand it and make it into a post, for better referencing.

There are plenty of good TRP-themed books to read, but no official list. There are a few (good) posts with (lots of) recommended books but they're a large menu à la carte. Here's my personal fine-cuisine full course for the newly unplugging. Short, tasty, and to be consumed in the right order.

Hors d'oeuvre

The couple of very best "mainstream-friendly" books on the importance of masculinity, to start gently and arouse curiosity:

  • 1- "No More Mr. Nice Guy", by Robert Glover

  • 2- "The Way of The Superior Man", by David Deida


Which should hopefully be enough to pave the way for the upcoming shock of unplugging that comes when you swallow the red pill bible:

  • 3- "The Rational Male", by Rollo Tomassi

  • 4- "The Rational Male Preventive Medicine", by Rollo Tomassi

(Note: Rollo now has a third book out, which is just as good, and reads better, but the basics are in the first two and remember this list is about efficient unplugging so let's carry on..)


Once aware that everything he knew about the world of humans' interactions was a lie, our unplugged man will then find the best general information on how to deal with Men and Women in the Real World in:

  • 5- "The 48 Laws of Power", by Robert Greene

  • 6- "Practical Female Psychology For the Practical Man", by Joseph South, David Clare and Franco


And only then, when our red-pill-aware man finally understands the theory on the real nature of women and of human interactions, he might want to read the best books that put that theory into practice to game and bang women:

  • 7- "Bang" and "Day bang", by Roosh V

  • 8- "Sex God Method", by Daniel Rose

Coffee and cigars

With his eyes finally open and his sexual lust quenched temporarily, the newly unplugged man may feel at loss in this scary but very real world. He will need to redefine himself and his place in it. I then recommend:

  • 9- "Meditations", by Marcus Aurelius

  • 10- "The Way of Men", by Jack Donovan

Knowledge is Power. Sharpen your understanding of red pill wisdom to maximize the results that actions (lifting and approaching) already started giving you. A post on this sub's daily feed with a score under 100 is guaranteed to contain less wisdom than a book deemed vital to read by the red pill community. Your daily time allowance for absorbing information is limited. Prioritize your reading.

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1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt may be the single most important book anyone reads in their life, as the laws of economics can be applied to every aspect of your life, including to chasing tail.

Some will criticize that the book may be a little outdated. If you feel that way, I would recommend Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell.

56 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

Amen. Dr Thomas Sowell is my hero. TRP is Austrian school economics applied to sexual marketplace

30 upvotesTheBasedLibertarian2 years ago

Recently finished Basic Economics by Sowell, it's a great read. 'Black Rednecks and White Liberals' was also a major redpilling.

13 upvotesCasanova-Quinn2 years ago

On a similar note, this is a fantastic video on basic economics: How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio. For those who don't know, Dalio is a successful investor and hedge fund owner worth $17B.

2 upvotessMooVe19822 years ago

I really enjoyed the video but I was a bit disappointed that he didn't go into how much of those problems he's talking about are actually being created by the central banks themselves. Nevertheless, nice video.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hell yeah. My go to for describing basic economics to people without referencing money is battlefield triage. You probably know the spiel.

6 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

Thanks. Economics is where I am now turning. Richest Man in Babylon was an eye-opener. Any other suggestion (TRP-flavored, that is, not sugarcoating human nature)?

3 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , If you're in the mood for a more practical, very recently tested "RedPill" perspective on finance, I recommend The Internet of Money, by Andreas Antonopoulos:


12 upvotesImalostman_2 years ago

Which one of the two is better?

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

Economics in One Lesson is available for free on mises.org

It is a classic, published in 1946 with fresh lessons learned from the Great Depression and WWII. There's a reason they don't teach you this stuff in school.

11 upvotesImalostman_2 years ago

Thank you for the details man.

I usually download audiobooks and listen during workouts and long drives. Will definitely listen to Economics in One Lesson.

Care to explain why they don't teach some of the stuff in school? What particularly?

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

One of the fundamentals of economics is that monopolies result in worse products and services at higher prices for consumers. The government holds a monopoly on education. The government's monopoly on education didn't come about through natural competition, but my force of arms. Because the government holds a monopoly on education, it only teaches ideas that promote and defend its existence. It isn't going to teach concepts antithetical to central planning, so you don't learn real economics in school. You learn MMT, keynesianism, and other derivatives of socialism. The government is indoctrinating you with blue pills so you will grow up to be a subservient beta cuck dependent on the State, instead of an independent, free-thinking alpha.

13 upvotesCos_7_ate_92 years ago

Because the government holds a monopoly on education, it only teaches ideas that promote and defend its existence.

Which is why the colleges of the American republic and British constitutional monarchy are full of communists...

It isn't going to teach concepts antithetical to central planning, so you don't learn real economics in school. You learn MMT, keynesianism, and other derivatives of socialism.

Look, I'd prefer education to stay free from state influence, but they do not distort the study of economics to such a comic level. Today's economics does not break down neatly into MMT, Keynesian and Austrian Economics for you to pick a side. There are a ton of academics who support, to a greater or lesser extent, a free market.

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

You don't really learn economics to that depth in grades 1-12. You're basically taught a Fabian socialist/neoliberal false narrative that things were really bad back then, and then the mighty government swooped in and saved the day. And that's certainly not the case. The biggest pushers of big government, out side of central banks, are single moms and government school teachers, professors, and academics. They have a strong incentive to push an agenda which holds central planning as the be all end all solution for all of life's problems.

5 upvotesSgtballz2 years ago

Lysander Spooner; Spoke to this in his No Treason papers. http://praxeology.net/LS-NT-6.htm Gave me a different perspective on the south and the way the North ultimately enslaved the country by rolling them into the Fed.

1 upvotesapollosapien2 years ago

Would private and boarding schools come under monopolised state education?

2 upvotesrefunkulation2 years ago

Peter Schiff is fine if approached from a perspective of understanding theoretical ways of thought.

But just don't listen to his actual investment advice seriously, its chock full of bad advice, and he teeters too far towards using conspiracy to back investment reasoning.

The only problem I have with the Austrian way of thought is that its tied up too deep into the theoretical and is impossible to implement in the real world. Which is why Milton Friedman is far more influential because it can be applied to make societies freer. But even Friedman economics, in its most extreme forms, requires full cooperation, either through acceptance of majority in the society willingly or coercion as seen in Pinochet's Chile, they had to massacre and repress a ton of people on their way to building a freer economy (and today Chile is absolutely reaping the benefits).

The Austrian way of thought is even more dependent on an "all-in" approach due to its need to scrap central banks, which is basically asking a politician to ruin his career and reputation. Its political suicide, and would never happen.

Just saying, I think in a theoretical world, the Hayekian way of thought is the ideal we should strive for, but in its essence, its a fantasy. Keynesian thought is too profound, and honestly the US & West does not even adhere to Keynesian thinking anymore (Keynes advocates for gov. intervention and debt only to grow an economy in recession or depression, not rack up endless debt forever and ever), but he's still seen as the central actor in economics that in order to improve the world as it is in this moment, Friedman is far better way of economic thought.

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

Peter Schiff is fine if approached from a perspective of understanding theoretical ways of thought.

But just don't listen to his actual investment advice seriously, its chock full of bad advice, and he teeters too far towards using conspiracy to back investment reasoning.

False. Peter Schiff sells investing in gold. He's one a handful of people on the face of the earth who successfully predicted the 2007 economy crash. His father died in prison for not paying taxes. He knows his shit. His product is gold investment, so just remember that when listening to him and you will be fine.

The only problem I have with the Austrian way of thought is that its tied up too deep into the theoretical and is impossible to implement in the real world.

False. Many concepts in Austrian Economics have been absorbed into mainstream economics. Austrian Economics has a foundation of Praxeology, which is using logic and reason to determine subjective needs, wants, and desires of actors in a market. Most of your day-to-day actions in life are purely Austrian Economics in practice and ideology. For example, when you desire something and you buy it, you suddenly value the thing you want to buy more than the money in your hand, so you engage in a transaction.

Which is why Milton Friedman is far more influential because it can be applied to make societies freer. But even Friedman economics, in its most extreme forms, requires full cooperation, either through acceptance of majority in the society willingly or coercion as seen in Pinochet's Chile, they had to massacre and repress a ton of people on their way to building a freer economy (and today Chile is absolutely reaping the benefits).

This is the most ignorant statement I've read all day. The Pinochet regime hired the Chicago Boys as advisors and consultants to the regime in designing and implementing economic policy. Pinochet had to physically remove the communists (who would exterminate the capitalists for trying anything) in order to rebuild Chile into a functioning economy. The biggest myth you'll ever hear is that Pinochet killed 3,000 people. This is 100% false and completely unsubstantiated. Communists are not people.

The Austrian way of thought is even more dependent on an "all-in" approach due to its need to scrap central banks, which is basically asking a politician to ruin his career and reputation. Its political suicide, and would never happen.

Baking food requires an all-in approach. It requires the use of an oven instead of a microwave. It would be chef suicide to not use a microwave. Which is why it would never work. <--This sentence carries that same rationale and logic of the one you just gave above so don't judge me.

Just saying, I think in a theoretical world, the Hayekian way of thought is the ideal we should strive for, but in its essence, its a fantasy. Keynesian thought is too profound...

The "Hayekian world" has empirically proven to yield the best results, the socialist or keynesian systems have always resulted in disaster. There's nothing theoretical about this. Austrian Economics is empirically proven time and time again.

Milton Friedman is a great economist and his books Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose are excellent works, accessible for the laymen. Milton's downfall is that he was willing to play within the system, within the confines of central banking cartel, which empirically speaking, can never work. Logical economics does not function within the confines of a system utilizing a central banking cartel. The reason for this is that central banks are socialist systems and socialism does not work because of the economic calculation problem.

10 upvotesFlpgneves2 years ago

Economics in One Lesson is a great book. The austrians remind me of TRP, no one wants to hear what they say, but they are usually right.

54 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals and Beyond Good & Evil, Kaufman translations.

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

Was gonna recommend this as well, but didn't know if it would be a proper fit for this sub, even thought Nietzche is red pill AF.

20 upvotesHugh_Munghous2 years ago

Genealogy of Morals might be the most important philosophical text of the past 150 years. Everything that’s going on now with victimhood/SJW/Feminist culture can be completely explained by this book, among other things.

6 upvotesDatanami2 years ago

I read it a few months ago without knowing much about it, not even in a redpill mindset but fuck, it blew my mind. This guy was a genius and I'm not even sure I get 50% of his whole thought.

7 upvotesCos_7_ate_92 years ago

And if you can, read some secondary literature on Nietzsche so you actually know who and what his targets are.

Personally I'd reccomend Brian Lieter: Nietzsche on Morality.

5 upvoteswave6502 years ago

The more recent Caro version (based on Montinari & Colli) is supposed to be pretty good.

There's also a pretty good podcast episode about Genealogy of Morals for those wanting an introduction.

For general Nietzsche info I think the episode on Netflix from Genius of the Modern World is worth watching.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Too bad Kaufman's lamentations about Nietzsche's views on women caused me to ignore a lot of important points when I read him as a teenager. It really shows how damaging it is to read some of the most solid redpill works ever written through a bluepill filter.

22 upvoteslittleblacktruck2 years ago

I would suggest reading Meditations first. You're going to need stoicism when confronted with RP truths. (Epictetus' Art of Living, too... for bonus points) Then read No More Mr Nice Guy to get past the habitual bargaining that is so ingrained in BP mindset. Now you're ready to unplug by reading The Rational Male. Game on.

12 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

To everyone their own method.

I did read Meditations first... Years ago, way before TRP. And maybe it did give me some grounding to ease the unplugging. But back then, it did nothing to open my eyes to the reality of the world. I was a delusional blue pill beat before reading it, and I was a delusional blue pill beta after reading it. I'd even say Meditations is dangerous without unplugging because stoicism would tend to make you happy with your situation in that fake world that is the Matrix. Faced with your girl cheating on you, you could be going "oh well, such is the world" instead of getting angry at why this is happening and try to figure out why.

Hence my order: get your eyes open, get angry first, get results second, get at peace third.

5 upvotesdrty_pr2 years ago

To touch over on MRP sidebar. "When I Say No I Feel Guilty" Manuel J. Smith and "The Book Of Pook" are both very good for unplugging.

3 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

Big fan of Stoicism.

If you need more, Seneca's "Letters from a Stoic" is an easy & fantastic read

16 upvotesCaptainBW2 years ago

It's listed on the Sidebar, but I just finished The Manipulated Man two days ago and holy shit...that should be included in the Entrees section. I've read Rollo's trilogy, all of which are great, but yo TMM is a fucking nuclear bomb. Really connects everything together.

69 upvotesmummersfarce_is_done2 years ago

You forgot to list some therapy books that so many men may need in this sub.

165 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

I mean, it's funny and all. This post. Unfortunately, it's too true.

There are too many men (boys) that come here to fix their mental health. No. Bad idea. The vast majority of these people are in a bad place because their world is a bad place. They absolutely must fix the world around them before anything will get better within them. Yes, I get feeling unwanted, which comes from living unwanted, makes your bad feelings feel bad, as you curl up alone in bed and plan ways to trick that hot chick at Starbucks to accidentally take your phone numbers. That shit sucks, right?

No. Fuck your feelings. Fuck that chick at Starbucks. Fuck that school teacher that told you were special before she told you that you wouldn't amount to anything. Fuck your father for saying nothing while you become a prissy soy-boy fag. Fuck your mother for letting him, despite having him by the balls for everything else in life. Fuck your siblings. Fuck your friends that pat you on your back and give you just enough pity to make feel like hope is hopeless, but a fun sized candy bar gives a few seconds of pleasure. Fuck the mailman, because well, fuck him too. And you know what? Fuck you too, because none of these assholes are responsible for your life. You own this titanic pile of shit wherein you sit and play.

The only thing that can change is you. Your life sucks. Hey, look, there's a knob you can turn--you. Stop whining to us. Stop asking us for help. Stop asking us for advice on how to continue to live in your shit puddle. Stop asking for books to read (^ you were just told what to read ).

You lift--because it changes you. You start approaching random people--because it changes you. You eat better--because it changes you. You dispose of friends that slap around the mud in your shit puddle life--I think you know what happens here.

If you don't think that making the world around you a better place won't change the world inside you, then you are a fucking idiot, or worse, you are a women--because women love their measured doses of misery. Too many man-boys come to this thread and whine about how lifting and pussy haven't brought meaning to their lives. Meaning to their lives? Yeah, if you have to craft an abstract reason as to why you are unhappy, then you are dancing with the female hamster. You are doing it feel something, not because it is your objective reality. Take your goddamn feelings along with your phantom vagina and mope somewhere else, loser. We cannot help you.

"My life is far worse now that I can see my toes again and I'm fucking women all the time" -- Said no fat loser that turned his life around ever.

(CYA: there are people with actual mental illness and they need our help. These people do more than bitch about hoes and how they weren't hugged enough as a child.)

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That's some inspiring morning reading there....fuck yeah. Time to roast this chicken then get to work. By the end of the day I'll have some cooked breast meat and a stock much better than anything you can buy at the store. What does this have to do with male sexual strategy? My pad is organized and clean, ready for action at any time.....I'm living in fucking style. It's so much more than just puffing your your chest and acting macho.

Few women could walk into my place and materially improve it. This is not accidental. I think the implications are pretty clear.

6 upvotesapskidb2 years ago

this made my day. fuck yeah. the buck starts and stops with you. you are responsible for your own life. that means you’re responsible for your happiness, your misery, your sex life, your porn addiction and everything else in your life. good and bad.

don’t externalise blame. even if it was someone else’s fault, you should have accounted for that and made adjustments.

take control and get over yourself.

6 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

Fuck your father for saying nothing while you become a prissy soy-boy fag.

This statement alone sums up and points to the overwhelming majority of issues many young men experience as adults. Typically the mother has principal responsibility early, but children get to a point whereby the father takes hold, instills discipline, responsibility, accountability, character, respect for others, productivity, and supervises the transition into adulthood. This ensures the process by which young men are functional and fully independent adults who positively contribute to society.

Lest the girls be forgotten, it's the father task (with adult female assistance) to kick his daughters in the ass (figuratively speaking of course) to ensure they properly fill their role in society as well.

Too many fathers are shirking their duties. It's almost as if society encourages this lapse/allows this to happen without expectation of consequences.

Some people (men and women) have no business having responsibility for children and their upbringing.

6 upvotesBreakingRed_2 years ago

Fuck your friends that pat you on your back and give you just enough pity to make feel like hope is hopeless, but a fun sized candy bar gives a few seconds of pleasure.

I never expected that I would see online video game communities that are full of losers who built their own hierarchy to climb via performance in Call of Duty and shit, in order to feel like they amount to something, described like that.

I know 25 and 30 year old boys who threw the hopes of building a career or attracting a real girl out of the window and engage daily on what's the best video game and how video games are ruined. They opt for the candy bar as a form of distraction AND hierarchy - "I know more about video games than others do and I'm better at them therefore my being amounts to something" - and with that they avoid focusing on fixing their flaws in order to compete in hierarchies that actually universally matter even if they cannot reach the top, like increasing their income and be more sexually active.

5 upvotesPB00342 years ago

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink and Leaf Babin

3 upvotesHopeFarmer2 years ago

if you have to craft an abstract reason as to why you are unhappy, then you are dancing with the female hamster

This was the hardest pill for me to swallow. I always knew Machiavelli and stoic philosophers had good ideas and ultra-liberals were retarded, but I still felt that "deep down" life is empty without a unicorn and some bullshit Disney love story.

"Meaning of life" doesn't make any sense. It's the blue pill incarnate: pure hamster fuel. The meaning of life in your head is just whatever some asshole told you it was. Con artists throughout history have exploited this by saying life is meaningless for:

  • anybody who won't read their book
  • anybody doesn't buy their product
  • any woman who prefers to bang alphas
  • any woman who doesn't like to submit to men
  • any woman who does like to submit to men
  • any man who doesn't die in battle to help some rich asshole get laid
  • any man who doesn't get laid
  • any man who won't give up on his dreams to feed some lazy parasite and her babies

In my case, a pseudo feminist mom and the media brainwashed me into believing that the meaning of life is settling down with an imaginary unicorn who happens to be a clone of my mother.

It's all bullshit, even TRP if you think it will give your life "meaning." I stopped looking for meaning because there's nothing to look for. There is only decision and action. That empty feeling I used to get is just what happens when you get mindfucked into letting somebody else make the decisions for you. Working out, getting enough sleep, getting laid, practicing mindfulness, and other TRP lessons help me make my own decisions and act on them. That's really all there is.

3 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Username does not check out. ;)

However, excellent read on it. I'll take it a couple steps forward. The only way you can find any meaning in this existence, as we observe and experience it, is by way of a theological argument. You have to create some entity, goal or whatever than transcends this reality. This is because in this reality, nothing pierces the veil of death, meaning that all that you have ever done ceases to matter to you once you die. Your arrangement of atoms are liberated to make a new arrangement of atoms and every choice you made in your life ceases to affect you personally for ever more.

Now if a valid theological argument exists or not, I will not argue here. However, I will observe how fucking hilarious it is to watch most of reddit, which is clearly very anti-thiest (yes, word chosen carefully), make moral arguments about how everything we do and say is wrong. They aren't even humanist, given that's what we attempt and they categorically reject out of hand. They appeal to something greater than manifest reality and that is their stick of righteousness in their fight against us supreme shitlords.

But they don't believe in god. Or heaven. Or hell. Or even some strange alternative as a reason why we should behaving this life least we be judged in another.

1 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

Fuck your feelings

There's a book called 'F*ck Feelings' by Michael & Sarah Bennett (also audible) that echos your comment. It pounds these ideas in to you cave man style, pounds the whiny bitch out of you.

3 upvotes15640012 years ago

I would recommend anything by Albert Ellis. His whole deal is taking responsibility for oneself and refusing to be a victim.

2 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

Anything by the lastpsychiatrist.com is a good read. Really helps in diagnosing narcissism in yourself and others.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I usually hate when dudes start spewing their own recommendations in the comments, but The 33 Strategies of War is a sister book to the 48 Laws. Read both for maximum mind fuck abilities.

12 upvotesthelandofdreams2 years ago

I'm a frequent contributor to this sub, and have also written a book on Redpill dating. If I may humbly submit/plug my own work.

Dating for the Human Animal

20 upvoteszeussingh2 years ago

I was told "Models" and the "Subtle art of not giving a fuck" are also good. But maybe they are not totally red pill books. What do you guys think?

1 upvotesredsorceror2 years ago

I wasn’t a huge fan of Subtle Art. Yes, it has some values that you can take away from, but definitely some BP sprinkled in whereas you’re better off taking principles from other books listed here. Still a good book, but I think the title of itself is enough to drive home the takeaway from it.

1 upvotesBreakingRed_2 years ago

I also read the same reviews on Models. Basically he always distills the message down to a wider audience by "prettifying".

8 upvotesHunterRave2 years ago

Subtle art was Mansons attempt to commercialize his blog and his writings. Definitely more BP.

Models is awesome, it's a really complete guide to sexual strategy. And it can be built upon by other texts such as mystery method, or the rational male. Also it's from when he was younger and had been recently more of a PUA himself

3 upvotesTheScarletScholar2 years ago

I think "Art of Seduction" is also a good one. (Same author as 48 Laws of Power)

1 upvotesWokiip2 years ago

I love his books. Highly recommend Subtle Art of not giving a fuck.

10 upvotesjonpe872 years ago

I think that the Rational Male and The Manipulated Man (side bar) are the more important ones. I will check 7- "Bang" and "Day bang", by Roosh V and 8- "Sex God Method", by Daniel Rose. Tks

2 upvotesadam-l2 years ago

The Sex God Method, beyond sex, is unique in integrating gaming women with having intimacy with them. Great read.

8 upvotesWork_In_Progress922 years ago

Great list.

The only book on this list I really have difficulty finding is The Sex God Method by Daniel Rose.

6 upvotesWork_In_Progress922 years ago

Thank you gents here and those that have messaged me the book.

1 upvotesViper2pro2 years ago

I have a pdf if anyone wants it

1 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

Interested. Can you link it?

8 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

The Black Philip show is good to listen to when your commuting as well, especially for n00bs here. You can download the mp3's anywhere just google it.

6 upvotesneuschwaben2 years ago

Patrice's body of work is life changing. The Black Philip Show should be a class in high school.

2 upvotesmattizie2 years ago

That and old tom leykis radio shows.

Hearing it straight from the (w)hor(e)ses mouths, so to speak, is like a splash of icy water on your face in the morning.

1 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

Really? Anyone have the Black Phillip Shows MP3 downloads? Can't find them anywhere.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sir, may I suggest a side order of The Book of Pook and The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar?

6 upvotesbuddhadarko2 years ago

These books are great. I've read The Rational Male and 48 Laws of Power, and I'm ordering No More Mr. Nice Guy soon. The Way of Men is another one that I've been meaning to read.

0 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

I was let down by the way of Men. On the other hand, No more Mr. Nice guy is good and easy

5 upvotesgriezez2 years ago

Tfw I read meditations and the enchiridion before this list. Tfw stoicism is a great philosophy yet it has its practical flaws like all philosophies do.

Also while on the topic of books. I highly recommend, The Sea Wolf by Jack London. It'll show you what a true man is like and is super red pilled.

2 upvotesBrosephStalin452 years ago

I'd add "letters from a stoic," as the #1 book to read. Until you recognize you can live a good life without any women then they have to much power over your happiness.

1 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

Just recommended that book by Seneca in another comment. I highly agree

2 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

The Sea Wolf by Jack London

Dude, Jack London is a Treasure trove of TRP.

Want to see hypergamy in action? Read Martin Eden.

Want to see a bloopie transform into a TRP man? Read Smoke Bellew.

Want to see how women act around an alpha vs around a beta? Read The Wonder of Women.

1 upvotesyarmysmardarm2 years ago

Can't find Practical Female Psychology For the Practical Man. Any help?

40 years old. married 13 years. This is my first day learning about redpill. Sort of on data overload at the moment, but looking forward to reading all these.

1 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

No more Mr Nice guy has excercises built in to practice with close friends and loved ones. You might be able to start with that, but I'm sure someone else can make a better recommendation.

Also, it would help if you tell us what your trying to get out of this. All these books provide helpful things for various aspects of life

1 upvotesmattizie2 years ago

Lol. Your first day?

The winning move is not to play. But seeing as your married, head over to the MRP sub as well, it's better for those that can't easily next their partners.

Also, the most important thing to know is to take it slow. Don't rush into anything. It takes time to digest.

5 upvotesidgaf-2 years ago

Bang and Day Bang are ok, a bit too mechanical, IMO.

I like:

  • Book of Pook
  • Solve My Girl Problems (defunct blog, archives are available through search).
4 upvotesPetyrgozinya2 years ago

For those of you searching for these, all are easily found on libgen.

3 upvotesiouroboros2 years ago

Just finished reading "Practical Female Psychology For the Practical Man."

The book is a game changer. 10/10 will read again

1 upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

I consider myself in the acceptance phase of female bullshit. Do I still need TRM?

2 upvotes6d65746164656c74612 years ago

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: That is where is distilled the essence of TRP. So, yes, everyone needs it. If not to learn, to compare its lessons to your experiences.

1 upvotesdodiat2 years ago

You will never not need that book. That’s the Red Pill bible right there. That book possesses essential knowledge that applies to all RP men, in all phases of their development.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , YES.

Once you read it, you will be surprised that you would ask such a question.

The book connects a lot of things that would otherwise in time start to seem pointless or unrelated, I think.

Like the rug in "The Big Lebowski", it really ties the room together.

For instance, one of the books makes the connection between the Luteal and Follicular phases of the female menstrual cycle and their two-sided mating strategy. In retrospect, it seemed obvious, but it took my reading it and looking at a graph to come to see it and be convinced.

The main weakness is, in my opinion, a lack of bibliography. But given how politically incorrect the subject matter is, I think that can be forgiven in today's political climate.

3 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

"The way of Men", #10 listed above, isn't very good. At least I didn't like it.

I've read three others in this list, which are all way better.

Way of Men felt like an outdated model that was full of hidden anger about mainstream society's direction. Less helpful, more finger pointing

2 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

Way of Men felt like an outdated model that was full of hidden anger about mainstream society's direction. Less helpful, more finger pointing

Nah. He was pointing out the way that society is, because most people don't notice it until pointed out. Also, Donovan's four tactical virtues (strength, courage, mastery and honor) aptly describe the relationships between men and how a man SHOULD act. For me, it helped pin point weaknesses and what I should build up in terms of being a man who can carry his own weight at the perimeter.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , There's enough of that bullshit on here already. Thanks.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


Gates of Fire

War of Art

3 upvotesCleverGeneratedUser2 years ago

What about Mark Manson's Models? Haven't read it yet, but it's often recommended.

4 upvotesHudini152 years ago

I’m about halfway in and I like it so far. I have to agree with those that say it’s a bit watered down for the wider audience, but not by much and still a very effective piece for an... I’ll call it an introduction... to game.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , It's a good book for people who think "game" is a dirty word, and has some interesting insights into the hierarchy of skills.

If I may borrow a term from Starting Strength, it lets you know which are the "Master Cues".

I will warn you, though, although its tagline is "Attract women through honesty", it doesn't entirely deliver.

Still, I think it's the most moral and ethical of the approaches on here.

3 upvotesredpillerino692 years ago

There's a ton of classic literature that feels like you're reading straight from TRP I recently read Madame Bovary which is from the 19th century and I have to say reading that feels like having a massive red suppository shoved up your ass without your consent Anna Karenina is another example When you think about it you realize that absolutely nothing said on TRP is new at all

3 upvotesrefusewool2 years ago

Don't forget the Book of Pook in the early days

5 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

Great list. I've read about 80% of those, and they've proven very helpful. I would also suggest Gorilla Mindset by Cernovich, along with Meditations and Donovan at the end.

1 upvotesTaco_Truck_Aficionad2 years ago

Gorilla Mindset is a self-help book for retards.

12 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

....says the taco truck aficionado. Sorry to offend your rigid sense of academic integrity, Copernicus.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

I like how you don't make any suggestions of your own, or indicate that YOU have written or published any books. Speaks volumes about your character.

1 upvotesThePwnter2 years ago

Can you give a good quick summation of the "Gorilla Mindset", so that maybe we can see what kind of angle Taco is trying to play?

4 upvotesbeta_no_mo2 years ago

It's basically a "fake it till you make it" roadmap for overcoming the negative mindset caused by how you were raised. Think positive, be unrelenting in your pursuits and don't continue the cycle of negativity by treating yourself inwardly the same way everyone has treated you outwardly. It's basically a dummy version of changing your outlook through self-change of associative thinking.

I recommend the text over the Audible version because the author doesn't present it well. His voice is irritating after a short time and he talks way too fast.

2 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

"Can you tell me how to google something real quick?"

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Oh quit your whining, someone disagrees with your suggestion, there's no need to get your panties in a bunch.

2 upvotesWilreadit2 years ago

Yup. Too many whiny bitches in TRP these days who need a good dicking

-5 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

Stick to posting about lucid dreaming, twat.

1 upvotesMagnum2562 years ago

You sound like a neurotic retard dude.

"I don't like the architecture of that house, it's ugly!"

"oh ya well I bet YOU haven't built or designed any houses!!!!!!!!!" holy fuck

2 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

That's exactly what it's like, chief. Flawless comparison.

1 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

Seriously, read The Rational Male and Gorilla Mindset will seem like a children's book.

1 upvotesSovereignSoul762 years ago

I've read all 3 RMs. They're fantastic, and I think the original is WAY higher on my list than GM.

I understand GM is comparatively simple in structure and syntax. But how many guys here have actually implemented the suggestions? To say that the lessons contained therein are beneath people on here is asinine. What % of these commenters have an LLC that they've established to reduce their federal tax burden (as outlined by the book)? Five percent MAYBE? But they know it all, just ask'em!

It is 100% an ego thing. What is more important to them is the SOCIAL PROOF of saying they've read, or displaying a book/author's work in their house.

-1 upvotesBat_man922 years ago

Yes.It is a shit book.Nothing of value but i find his old blog post to be somewhat valuable.would not recommend gorilla mindset to anybody.

1 upvotes_JeepChad_2 years ago

Huge fan of Gorilla Mindset great book.

1 upvotesbeastmodeking2 years ago

hmmmm I'm thinking of adding this to my list to read or listen to. the funny thing is this book has great reviews and also shit reviews so I'm stuck in the middle. I might just take a gamble and get the audio book

1 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

I've read "Danger & Play" by Cernovich. Good read. Thought about trying Gorilla Mindset, but got distracted by other books

4 upvotesmusicvita252 years ago

I'd also add:

Think and Grow Rich into this list.

Theres more to life then being "alpha"

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have read that book but have you did the imagination exercises in the book?

2 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

Or better yet, by the same author, "Outwitting the Devil" - Napoleon Hill

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

I was surprised there weren't any financial books on here. I guess money is Beta hah.

2 upvotesRPBulletDodger2 years ago

Excellent post.

I've read most of these and the order that you put them in makes perfect sense.

2 upvotesorezavi2 years ago

Can someone please hook a brother up with 'Practical Female Psychology'? Thanks in advance.

4 upvotesmcmwhite2 years ago


https://archive.org/details/pdfy-vXiSrVKID8X2y4pD Then click on "PDF" link under "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS"

1 upvotesorezavi2 years ago

Thanks brah you’re the man

2 upvoteschiefbriand2 years ago

I‘m happy seeing that I have already read all of them except one. My personal addition would be „The Willpower Instinct“ since willpower is what so many people lack.

2 upvotesEscortSportage2 years ago

I started a book list thread back in early 2016, it had a great list on it, search TRP for it.

2 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

"How to Win Friends And Influence People" can be added to main.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Other special case books I've seen recommend:

Married man's sex life plan (not everyone was red pilled before they signed on the dotted line)

When I say no I feel guilty

Iron John (roots of masculine rites of passage)

Wild at heart (for Christian men)

1 upvotesWilreadit2 years ago

Ha ha. Xianity and RP are like oil and water.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If you're talking about the current incarnation of Evangelicalism crossed with feminism, then yes.

But tons of RP truths in the Bible about the nature of men and women. Christ loves his bride so much it leads to his death. All sorts of wisdom about the waywardness of women's hearts. Eve is enticed and brings the fruit to her husband and it leads to his down fall.

If you're solely talking about monogamy and premarital sex, it can be argued that those are relatively recent additions to the religion and arent true Christianity/judiasm circa 0AD.

1 upvotesWilreadit2 years ago

I am not talking about the nuances behind the allegories and parables. I am talking about organized the religion that has sought to destroy the scientific bent of society for centuries.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes. In every human organization with power evil men have usurped and manipulated said power for their own aims, not the aims of the original intent. This can be said of religious institutions, governments, companies, schools, PTAs on and on. I blame the evil people not the religion. But to each their own.

2 upvotesWork_In_Progress922 years ago

By the way, I think this entire thread is sidebar worthy. Not just because of the OP, but a lot of good suggestions have been made here as well.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fluff- Light Easy Reading.

Fight Club. A decade before TRP was even beginning Chuck Palahniuk wrote one of the first wake up calls to the modern man and made fat youtubers blubber about how it's clearly an allegory for fascism. What you get out of it will depend on what you put into it- people thought it was about a gay man struggling to keep himself in the closet, really- but it's an easy read and if nothing else follow the movie almost 1:1.

Great Gatsby. American classic, cautionary tale not to lose your head chasing after dreams with no footing and to keep in control in a world where you're surrounded by money, easy sex and cheap thrills.

Biographies- because someone else has done it before you ever did.

Teddy Roosevelt immediately comes to mind. Politics withstanding he was kind of the OG Red Pill taking himself from a sickly asthmatic child to someone emblematic of classical masculinity.

American industrialists- Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller.

1 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

Fight Club, American Psycho and Kill Your Friends.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Gulag Archipelago, sort yourselves out.

2 upvotesorcrist7472 years ago

I would add Greene's "Seduction," the insights on human nature are amazing.

2 upvotesSgtballz2 years ago

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne Helped me realize some of the things I fought for in my life were fallacies, and helped me let go of shit that used to eat me alive.

2 upvoteskellhusian2 years ago

Where is Models by Mark Manson?

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

I found Bang & Day Bang better written, more useful, and more red pill.

2 upvotesAsk_Questions_Later2 years ago

For background reading into the evolutionary pressures on sex and sexuality, I recommend The Red Queen and Sperm Wars. For daygame (direct), I would recommend Beginner's Daygame by Krauser.

2 upvotesJMFricks2 years ago

Good post. Machiavelli is also a good read.

4 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

With a glass of Scotch

The Intelligent Investor- Because chasing money is more of a challenge than chasing women.

-12 upvotesAlpha_Buddha2 years ago

Will you take your fancy green paper to the grave with you?

15 upvotesAnon2414692 years ago

He won’t, but he might just fuck young models on his yacht until he dies.

-1 upvotesAlpha_Buddha2 years ago

Still addicted to pussy at the supposedly noble, elderly age. That's sad more than alpha.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

he can buy a fancy looking coffin

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Personally I'm expecting my own pyramid by the time I'm through

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

Will you take anything to the grave with you? It seems like all these books focus on what to do for women more so than what to do for yourself.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

good post !

Those of you who enjoyed 9 and 10, and also are into existential and deeper questions regarding identity and life, I would suggest you to read "BOOK OF MAN" BY OSHO. Not everone's cup of coffee but in tandem to the above list, post and in a way what TRP stands for.

1 upvotesResangel2 years ago

could never find Bang or any of Roosh V's stuff

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , You need to learn how to use a VPN and Torrents. If you're poor.

Or just buy them from his website.

1 upvotesResangel2 years ago

Need a new torrent website for V roosh

1 upvotesyoucantdenythat2 years ago

When I Say No I Feel Guilty. Great for frame!

1 upvotesChristian7022 years ago

Thanks! I hope some of these are on Audible.

1 upvotessuperiormutation2 years ago

Ι'd love to see either as an entree or a main "how to be a 3% man" by Corey Wayne.In around 300 pages it manages to guide you through owning your masculinity and teaches you how to handle every possible situation in a way that can be applied no matter your level of social comfort

1 upvotesRadRobx2 years ago

Anybody know where I can find a pdf of No More Mr. Nice guy? An audio book would be good also.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have recently read through 'Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, 1453 to the Present' by Brendan Simms; although, as is suggested by the title, the book is very much focused upon the histories, it provides key incite into power politics which can be scaled down and applied to daily life.

1 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

You should check out: The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy - What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I appreciate the recommendation.

1 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

Yeah. Almost forgot

it provides key incite into power politics which can be scaled down and applied to daily life.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli is best book for that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That ultimately is the oldest, and most comprehensive manual with regards to power politics; I second your recommendation- any individual with a shred of self respect would study and internalize the teachings of that tome.

1 upvotesDatanami2 years ago

There's a zip file with most of these in epub on p*****bay

1 upvotessyf3r2 years ago

I'm late to the party, but I would like to add "The Great Female Con", by ANDEY RANDEAD.

Awesome book that I read every now and then and gives me new things on each read through.

1 upvotesZamba_Zazz2 years ago

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a great book. It's even available free online.

1 upvotesThinkingard2 years ago

The way of men is pure garbage.

1 upvotesdirtysanch2 years ago

I liked it. I am curious though what did you disagree with?

2 upvotesThinkingard2 years ago

I disagreed with most of what I remember. I primarily hated the fact that it read like a long and light weight blog post. Like a weaker post you would find in this blog. My overall impression is that the guy is a scam artist selling weak drivel to teens.

It wasnt the only red pill book that came across that way but it was certainly the last I would allow myself to read.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's more of an introduction than anything else but you need to remember that the author is coming from a very specific place that isn't- strictly at any rate- red pill material.

1 upvotesopenWh1te2 years ago

Agreed. I couldn't get over the sensation that the author is venting, pointing fingers like an angry toddler who had his toy stolen.

1 upvotesThinkingard2 years ago

It was so bad I swore to never again spend a dime on any manosphere book. I felt scammed and ashamed for falling for its recommendation.

1 upvotesplatonicgap2 years ago

Curious why Mystery Method has not been listed? Mystery practically founded the evolutionary psychology slant as applied to practical game, did he not?

3 upvotesBusterVadge2 years ago

MM doesn't work long term, and is only about game.

2 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

MM is foundational and would place high on a list of books about Game, but in the exercise I set here (shortest list, in order, for unplugging) Bang made more sense as it's more general.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , I'd be interested in a post on this complement to the "unplugging".

Deception leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I think some reading material could help me overcome my difficulty in that.

1 upvotesAuvergnat [OP]2 years ago

The PUA community was a number of people trying stuff out, stealing and adapting each other's idea, eventually crystallizing around different "styles". You'll find the Mystery Method, D'Angelo "Double Your Dating", the Juggler method, RSD, Roosh's Bang, Mark Manson's Models, London Day Game etc. etc. But trying to collect them all like pokemon is the best way to end up not doing anything. The best thing you can do is pick one and force yourself applying.

Try convince yourself that this is not deception, but an act you're putting. You're a comedian, acting a role, practicing his play, and the measure of your success is how much people believe your act.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Mystery is a joke out of the PUA community that relies on form over substance to essentially dupe women. If you know what you're doing you can apply his methodology better than he does and have repeat customers- they're called plates.

3 upvotesAnon2414692 years ago

That’s PUA stuff. I’ve watched his presentations and none of it is concerned with inner game, mindset, etc. it’s quite superficial, albeit somewhat effective.

2 upvotesHunterRave2 years ago

Classic "Red Pilled" male discounting game. It is absolutely superficial, but it's an important part of understanding how the matrix works, so you can take advantage of it. You can't get laid just by knowing that the matrix exists, you have to be able to manipulate it through game.

I'm anticipating some "getting laid isn't everything" responses, and my answer will be "no fucking shit". But we all know that TRP is primarily a sexual strategy sub, and trying to remove game from your sexual strategy is pretty fucking dumb.

2 upvotesAnon2414692 years ago

Actually you can get laid in this “matrix” without “game.” Quite easily. But that wasn’t my point, my point is that the Mystery Method is an example of what some people refer to as “indirect” game. Another form of “game” is the direct method, which is described by Alan Roger Curie and David X, et al.

You’re welcome.

2 upvotesHunterRave2 years ago

I think you're getting lost in your own definitions. Maybe you should read some of those books?

1 upvotesAnon2414692 years ago

Just trying to help you buddy

1 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

I think Mystery is a good place to start, it helps you see how different women are if you're new to all of this. Don't spend a lot of time on it. But it should be required viewing for teens/college kids.

1 upvotesrefunkulation2 years ago

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

If you haven't read it, buy it today. I like it a lot better than Atlas Shrugged personally since its theme is more applicable to an individual vs. mass societal way of thought.

The story is amazing, and the main character Howard Roark is the ultimate Red Pill character and represents a self-sustainability and individualistic way of living.

I won't spoil the ending but it should be essential reading around here.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , That book is such bullshit. Don't spew Randroidery 'round these parts... this is a no BS zone.

Those books were one sided, and short on actual facts. Look at the life of their author, even.

2 upvotesrefunkulation2 years ago

Facts? Its a novel, what facts do you expect?

Its a philosophical breakdown of how society seeks to dominate and ruin the individual, and is a defense of individual thought and rights up against conforming, societal viewpoints.

If defense of the individual over the collective / conformist mentality isn't Red Pill philosophy at the core, nothing is. Its universally despised by feminists. Either you've never read the book, misunderstood, or have preconceived ideas from media, which is too bad.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , TRP is not as "individualistic" as it first appears, and neither are you.

0 upvotesleonidas21k2 years ago

I wholeheartedly disagree with your sentence "Knowledge is power." It is a bad translation from "Sapientia est potentia" which would be accurately translated to "Wisdom is power". Knowledge is just an accumulation: a shelf full of books is raw knowledge; everyone can purchase knowledge. Being able to understand the quintessence of this knowledge is Wisdom. This is what you should strive for.

-12 upvotesCallMeBR2 years ago

Can anyone provide a pdf for rational male preventive medecine please?

0 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , I hack the shit out of everything, and I paid for this.

Unless you're typing this from a library, you can likely afford the $11.

If you can afford that chain on your neck, you can afford to buy the book. Maybe save up over the course of 4 months, put pennies in a jar each day, whatever.

10 upvotesBlackhawk24792 years ago

Rollo is a key contributor, invaluable member of and regular visitor to this sub - I don’t think it’s cool to try and steal his work under his nose.

I’ve only read TRM so far, but it is worth every penny and you really should consider buying his books as a sound investment.

-3 upvotesCallMeBR2 years ago

I enjoy his books, I really would buy them if I wasn't a broke college student in a third world country.

1 upvotesgELSK2 years ago

// , You can sign up for a free trial of Audible and get a free audiobook, I think.

If Mr. Tomassi does not respond, contact me in private.

What are you studying?

Edit: For CallMeBR: https://onetimesecret.com/secret/gad5bepxee8trij7lmr51w8rfmzp94f

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