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ATTENTION: Visitors from CNN

by bsutansalt on /r/TheRedPill
02 November 2017 08:13 PM UTC

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For those visiting this subreddit because of the CNN hit piece, ask yourselves "Why am I here?" In my opinion it's because you've been misinformed at best, and the media is using you as a useful idiot at worst. Put simply you've been lied to, and odds are you've been subjected to a Poisoning the Well logical fallacy and a poorly crafted Straw Man Fallacy.

My personal thinking is that the creators of the CNN report that lead you here are guilty of plain old fashioned Yellow Journalism. They tried to create a hit piece on us, and the manosphere in general, and have failed spectacularly. Besides, why would CNN care about little old us? What useful purpose could they have for targeting us? We're just a subreddit like the message boards of old.

The truth is that our message resonates with millions of men and women because we cut the crap and speak plainly about dating, relationships, and the forces at play in our so called "battle of the sexes". Sometimes this ruffles feathers, but our tone doesn't make our message untrue. Notice they always attack the tone and never the message itself. If they did they'd be putting a spotlight on how fraudulent the blue pill really is, and that would threaten the status quo. We can't have none of that, no sir!


This isn't the first time this has happened pointing to TRP and holding it up as something it's not. Now in all fairness we do have "anger phase" posts now and then, but they're not indicative of the sub as a whole.


Now for some ground rules for our visitors...
If you wish to post in this subreddit, first you must have an account in good standing that's been around for a while, so no non-attributable throwaway accounts, and you must first read the sidebar, which I've made a guided tour of for newbies who want to know what we're really about.

We thank you for boosting our traffic and adding to our readership, but post in good faith or you will be banned. This is your one and final warning to behave.

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210 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

they always attack the tone and never the message itself.

It's altogether worse than that. This sub is about male sexual strategy. If they were trying to attack the tone of TRP, there's plenty of material....hypergamy, plates, AF/BB, branch swinging, etc.....they didn't even do that, they simply conflated us with racism. That a sub focused on male sexual strategy is sexist is as surprising as a sub based on female sexual strategy (twoX, etc) is sexist. But examples of racism on TRP proper are quite rare.

Edit: Help the mods, hit that report button when needed!

140 upvotesHeisenbread772 years ago

I can't recall seeing one racist post on here.

148 upvotesGanaria_Gente2 years ago

Once in a long while you may see a random post about miscegenation or Jews

But to decry us as racist? LMAO. What's rich is the SJWs assuming we're all whites. Now that's racist.

But then again, hypocrisy is the specialty of SJWs

53 upvotesHopeFarmer2 years ago

It's a marketplace of ideas here. People will say racist things occasionally. I'm not going to support censoring or blacklisting them. Those same people might also have some good advice on lifting weights or picking up women. Maybe I could even share some info to make them question their racism. If you want to learn you need to consider hypotheses you disagree with. I trust myself to think critically and evaluate the merits of individual claims. In the end, I just want the truth even if society considers it offensive or dangerous. The Marxist propagandists in the MSM don't trust me to think for myself. For them the truth is often a dangerous enemy. That is why CNN is terrified by the free exchange of ideas and why any open forum that's not a PC echo chamber is now "racist".

20 upvotesTitsAndWhiskey2 years ago

There have been plenty of discussions here about cultural tendencies in raising and indoctrinating male children, most often white, black, Indian, and Latino.

To your point, yes. This free discussion of cultural differences as observable truth, most often from men raised in those cultures, is anathema to the narrative of "we are all the same."

They cannot tolerate the pulling back of the veil.

1 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

You guys are missing the point.. CNN was trying to say, redpill is a conspiracy to lure men who are losers into their warm embrace of the Nazi's. Its pure fantasy and none of the people involved in the creation of that "piece" should be called journalists. They are propaganda technicians, and liars in order to achieve that. This is a play straight out of Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent.

-2 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

This post would be perfect if you eliminate racism from the equation. Being racist is not an indicator that next thing said will be incorrect but most likely it will and the person is biased towards a very important thing.

36 upvotesMetalageddon2 years ago

Yeah I really hate that. I'm Black, the few guys I know who use trp are black, white, Asian, one Mexican.

The point is a man simply is, we all have agency, time to start using it. Skin color be damned.

6 upvotesGanaria_Gente2 years ago


AWALT doesnt care about race or culture. in fact, i've always found funny some people in TRP dream about East europeans, or asians.

im like, AWALT is AWALT

1 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

AWALT only refers to their commonality ie.. they are women, and women have traits that for the most part replicate everywhere.. but there are still cultural and physical differences.

1 upvotesK_J_K2 years ago

Its used to virtue signal, or weaken those with more power. In the end it's just a tool to abuse perception.

But yeah, fuck what color you are. It's irrelevant.

14 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

I'd be interested to know what the actual breakdown of demographics is here, but in the end it really doesn't matter much.

23 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

As one of the senior guys has noted, the jews and blacks combined probably make up more that half of the ECs.

If people want to have intellectual arguments about race (and really culture is what they argue about), that's fine, but this is just not the place for it--sexual strategy is transcendent. AWALT. Yes, Martha, even asian chicks. AWALT.

Well, except Altas. I give her shit for being a jew all the time.

4 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

But then again, hypocrisy is the specialty of SJWs

100% of SJW/globalist accusations are projections.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think that they refer to this subreddit as racist since a lot of people in 4chan that use 'racist' slurs also mention the red pill in a political sense and not in a sexual strategy sense.

2 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

I haven't personally seen any but yeah, I can imagine people post about Jews sometimes, considering this is a place where people who are tired of the radical sjw left come, and those same people might also be drawn to other such places with less reasonable values.

Personally, I've always found that people who hate Jews are incredibly funny. It is true that Jews are very prevalent in American media, education and finance, and that's because Jewish culture encourages hard work, meritocracy and intellect.

Simply put, actual real nazis are more or less the same as the radical sjw left. They're both screaming "My life isn't shit because of me, I don't need to take personal responsibility, my life is shit because of [insert boogie man here]!", one of them blaming the patriarchy and the other blaming the secret Jewish supremacist society, two equally hilarious, non-existing threats.

36 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And tons of "quit using your race as an excuse" posts.

8 upvotesomega_dawg932 years ago

i think i called myself the "n-word" one time... LOL.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

that's because "racist" is the go-to when they can't counter the ideas presented.

1 upvotesLefort30002 years ago

You would think mysoginist would be the special word they used for this subreddit. I guess they wanted to go with something that hasn't been used by others and is completely not true.

1 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Replied to one today. I was honestly astounded.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I reported one ages ago. Otherwise haven't seen any

1 upvotesmonkeysword882 years ago

believing in sexism but rejecting racism

Maybe you haven't fully digested the red pill yet.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Stats are stats, and they certainly paint a broad picture about differences between the races.

I was reporting something blatant.

34 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

....hypergamy, plates, AF/BB, branch swinging, etc.....

There's no way they're going to talk about the actual tenants of redpill - this would immediately spark interest in so many men who happened to be watching.

3 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

They immediately go into a fit of generic moral condemnation whenever such things are mentioned.

17 upvotesmyaccountforIRLstuff2 years ago

they can control perception by labeling things as racist or sexist

20 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

Honestly, they could make a case for how a small percent of the users clearly have issues with women (I don't understand why people post and constantly refer to women as "bitches", "hoes", etc.), but there is absolutely no racism here. I personally am not a fan of people that go out of their way to insult women due to their own hard wired biology when we are no better, however, I don't think this is anywhere close to the majority, and those guys are usually frustrated betas anyway; why would you hate women for engaging in a strategy that strongly benefits the people that are willing to put in the work? I don't see anything wrong with the phrases used in TRP, but there are for sure a small number of users that just seem to hate women. The majority of people on here do it to better themselves, and to understand legitimate evolutionary psychology theory in a way that is highly applicable in today's world. I've got graduate training in EP, and although some users are practically delusional in their interpretation and try and apply EP theory to everyday examples while failing miserably, the sidebar and recommended readings (specifically Rollos) are remarkably accurate. I have met every single world leader in Evolutionary Psychology, and have even had discussions about contemporary examples (this was before I discovered TRP) which suggests that certain leaders in the field also somewhat agree. Facts hurt guys, and one of the big problems EP has had is gaining acceptance in the academic world. I had female professors that scoffed at me when I told them I was doing my masters in EP, but they didn't like it, because it was "anti female". The struggle of bringing the truth to the light, in a world that absolutely refuses to see anything except through a delusional PC lens, has been very difficult. In fact, EP has been taught in a more 'progressive' way in the last few years due to backlash, and this is a quote from my former supervisor who teaches the fucking class at a very well known school. The truth hurts people, deal with it.

Regarding the racism allegations, did they actually cite any examples, or just blind rhetoric?

52 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So TRP is the only place where women are called bitches or hos? If I am not mistaken that terminology was pretty much standard for every rap song published in the last 30 years. Have you ever heard a Kanye West, Chris Brown or Eminem song? Sites like Jezebel are chock full of descriptions of men as players and fuckboys but there is no such thing as a misandrist. This is just a hit piece, I will not defend my terminology, fuck those bitch ass hos.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Those rappers behaved as alpha males. They said what they want and did not give a FUCK.

Oh yeah, they had tens of thousands of gorgeous, young women at their disposal, too.

2 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

Just ask Ezy E how that "easy" access went down..

0 upvotes189econs2 years ago

They are hookers kid, practically all the chicks you see in rap videos are hookers or pornstars and yes they got paid to be there or did it for the exposure so they can get more customers

13 upvotesThrowawayhelper4202 years ago

He’s not talking about the chicks in the videos, he’s talking about in their personal lives. They’re fucking bitches by the truck load.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly. Women lining up backstage by the zounds to get plowed, even after being called bitches and hoes from those up on stage.

3 upvotes189econs2 years ago

So TRP is the only place where women are called bitches or hos? If I am not mistaken that terminology was pretty much standard

This, the only ones complaining about that are a certain tribe of technicolor-haired lunatics

2 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

Where did I say that TRP was the only place? Of course the media wouldn't dare touch rap music being anti-feminist because it would be called racist. If it helps you with your life to refer to all women as bitches or hoes, go for it, but I just don't see the point. Now if a woman was acting like a bitch or a hoe, to label said women as a bitch or a hoe is totally appropriate. I don't hate women for their hard-wired way of thinking; it is what it is.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago
  • “If it helps you with your life to refer to all women as bitches or hoes, go for it, but I just don't see the point.“

Moralising is banned here, you have been warned.

-1 upvotespgroups2 years ago

What is moralising? I'm really just curious I'm unfamiliar w the term

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Trying to impose your morals on others or questioning someone else’s morals. It is a beta and bitch ass form of virtue signalling.

2 upvotes189econs2 years ago

Of course the media wouldn't dare touch rap music being anti-feminist

They did back in the 90's and black feminists still do. Funny thing is the media knows they can't guilt-trip black men (yet) and poor ghetto blacks don't give money to feminist charities so they don't bother.

1 upvotesIbanezguitarrocks2 years ago

Actually the media will attack black men, if they're conservative and quite viciously at that. Ironic thing about black conservatives is they are the least likely to refer to women as bitches.

If mainstream rappers came out in support of right wing politics, all bets are off.

43 upvotescrimson_chris2 years ago

I am a black man. I have been on TRP/MRP for a year. I have not seen any racism or "radicalization". Hell, I rarely see anyone dicuss politics. That "reporter" should be fired for her shoddy journalism.

19 upvotesceelow2 years ago

I'm a black man as well. And I've seen borderline racist shit on my favorite subreddit around the election, and sporadically through posts, but theyre not the reason I'm here. Usually those that do are the bitter ones that have just tasted the pill, and are looking for outside causes to their effects.

TRP is a Bible for men trying to fix their lives, it's the only reason feminists are trying to ban it. Lifting, defining frame, and having a idgaf attitude IS why black men (and men in general quite honestly) are demonized, never forget it!

The minor racist shit is just the lashing out of a few minor redidiots. I forgive their ignorance if they'll just stick to the sub's original intent: men need to get better, look better, and dgaf about childish shit.

1 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

And I've seen borderline racist shit on my favorite subreddit around the election, and sporadically through posts

the_donald was leaking shit on everything around the election anyways. If anything TRP is left of center on most issues

10 upvoteskindablack2 years ago

Come on now, bud. Around the time of Trump's rise, the months leading up to his election, there was a boat load of political and borderline racist rhetoric floating around.

Not defending the CNN garbage, but there is occasionally something that occurs which prompts a clear deviation from the subject of sexual strategy, which should always be the focus of this subreddit.

The new wave of people who identify as "Red Pill" has also been a testament to the effects of this board's influence. But as GLO's post made quite clear the other day, identifying in such a way bears inherently contrary to the ideology of this subreddit. Nevertheless, the people whom identify as Red Pill either personally or on social media corrupts the image of this sub and the ideology which it emphasizes.

19 upvotescrimson_chris2 years ago

I am responding to the "news story" painting TRP as overtly racist. Showing pictures of Charlottesville and the KKK to make a connection between the gruops. Simply pathetic.

So borderline racism, maybe from a VERY small minority - this is an open forum with lots if different viewpoints. If this formum was the alt-right or rooted in support for Trump, I'd be gone. There is nothing political or racist in the sidebar. That is the basis for this forum.

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago


A convenient term to see whatever you want to see.

1 upvotes189econs2 years ago

Sadly everything they don't like is racist now and you have internalized racism or some other made-up bullshit because you don't drink the koolaid

Welcome to the club

5 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

(I don't understand why people post and constantly refer to women as "bitches", "hoes", etc.)

Makes women "smaller" and the poster "bigger". Basically, it's an argument from emotion combined with ego defence by reframing. The emotion serves as reinforcement of the logical content of the word/insult, then it's followed by redirection.

It's most often a signal of lack of control over the poster's m-f part of life. It's frustration turned anger turned insult. Like if a big guy beats up a small kid, the kid can't do anything so he gets frustrated, angry and shouts insults that belittle the big dude, redirecting emotions from the beating "i got my ass kicked and i turned weaker" to the "how worse than me the big guy is". Suddenly the focus is not on the beating but on the other guy being weak b/c of this or that.

just blind rhetoric

Just rhetoric. Basically the message was that TRP is closely related to 4chan and alt-right and they are racist, so TRP is racist too. Guilt by association without proof.

I'm also pretty sure that went for "racist" attack b/c they knew that if they quoted TRP posts we would get AT WORST mixed response from viewers and "TRP is somewhat right" at best. I mean, the "How to get laid like a warlord by supermodels" post - who on the earth would NOT want to at least read it to satisfy his curiosity or need?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Absolutely blind rhetoric.

The only smigden of truth is that some people go further down the rabbit hole than TRP.

To your point, the fact that TRP is heavily reliant on EP is absolutely a vector of attack, but again, this was not an attack on TRP fundamentals but a straight up smear.

7 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

I don't see how attacking an established and heavily data driven science would be valid, but regardless, it doesn't really matter. I agree though, I thought the video was a joke. Go google the feminism vs EP debates, they are hilarious. What's next? Transgenderism vs Biology?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fuck man, half the country doesn't believe in evolution.

Anyway.....the attack would not be scientifically valid, but it would be rhetorically more effective while being a more honest attack on TRP.

1 upvotes189econs2 years ago

I personally am not a fan of people that go out of their way to insult women due to their own hard wired biology

How is that any different from the feminist that supports baseless rape accusations saying that a girl can remove consent after sex?

1 upvotesAhahaha__102 years ago

Those insults are tolerated in part because they probably come from posters in the anger phase.

Most of the time I see people being chirped if they use these terms too much. AWALT isn't about calling women derogatory names, it's about understanding the differences in gender and breaking that thought process that we can understand women better if they were more like us.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah but we know about that. It's just anger phase BS. One doesn't get very far in the sidebar without getting over ones frustration with the reality that women's sexual strategy involves playing by different rules.

1 upvotespolakfury2 years ago

CNN is fake news and fake knowledge

1 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

Racism is the best way to divide this place. Making it men vs women makes no sense because that wouldn't divide this place. Making it white vs black is the next best dividing factor.

Remember, the focus right now is to divide people. Men vs women automatically halves a population, white vs black further divides it. A divided population is so much easier to control, it's the oldest tactic to date (Divide and Conquer). Even heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't killed until he said a dream of all races United, and Malcolm X wasn't assassinated until he pushed for blacks uniting with whites.

Racism is the best way to divide this place, so make sure you report any and all racist posts or comments or they'll just be used as an example to divide this place.

421 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

The reason I embraced TRP praxeology is its accuracy at explaining events in my life up until now, and its predictive value moving forward in time.

TL;DR it works.

135 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And once you start to look at yourself, you notice that redpill type characters are tolerated at worst and often glorified in society.

CNN viewers: that character in the movies who has a successful career, is fit, and has repeated one night stands, do you keep watching even though he apparently reviles you? No, because he doesn't. Human wiring was fixed long ago, your limp-dick attempts at imposing a narrative won't work.

14 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

Well our message of self-improvement, resilience (frame), and social strength (game) cannot be argued with on the merits of its efficacy, only on the intent of its adherents. And to go after people over intent rather than result is a character attack that means nothing to the end game.

Also, nice username

1 upvotesthegreasygerman2 years ago

Same here. It recast 20 years of betadom, which was nothing but me being a chump, into its accurate light. That which was muddied was made clear as to how women apply their own sexual strategy.

83 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If redpill philosophy did not work, this sub would have died out long ago.

17 upvotesH3yFux0r2 years ago

I had the opposite. I am just like all my other friends, a computer nerd with my nose in a book most the time but I never had problems getting girls. In high school I was the only guy in my large friend circle to have a GF and my GF and I where the ones hooking them up for dances. Collage was the same story. I always wondered why my friends could not get a girl and I had zero problems. It wasn't until I found this sub that I got that answer.

1 upvotes7a7p2 years ago

You need to know who you are before you can change it.

30 upvotesDodgedAFew2 years ago

Shit used to not add up, now it does.

10 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

The reason I embraced TRP praxeology is its accuracy at explaining events in my life up until now

Same. I found it an excellent explanation of everything I'd experienced, and everything that I'd see others experiencing too.

I looked long and hard at my relationships and experiences (good and bad).

I'm also fortunate to have had a window into a lot of relationships from the previous generation. I got to see many examples of how marriage is after 15-25 years. It's nothing but a shitshow of hypergamy, dead bedrooms, laziness, cheating (mostly by men as a last resort), lies, blame and divorcerape.

"But not all women are like that!" I would hear. Over and over again. To which I would say "Show me ONE GOOD relationship", and I was always shown an example of a hard working man serving .... errr I mean married to a fat lazy entitled woman. Which I think is the perfect example of a relationship that works from the female perspective.

I can't prove that TRP has predictive power, but explaining the past is a damned good start. It certainly does a better job than "be yourself and be nice to women and they'll appreciate you and repay your kindness with hot sex". I've seen what happens to men who try that particular strategy, and it's not pretty.

At this point "Prove that TRP works" needs to be replaced with "Prove that the BP lies are true". The onus is no longer on us to prove a god damned thing.

9 upvotesComradeDurdenTRP2 years ago

At this point "Prove that TRP works" needs to be replaced with "Prove that the BP lies are true". The onus is no longer on us to prove a god damned thing.

This is why I find the NAWALT argument to be particularly insidious. First of all, AWALT doesn't mean that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN is a carbon copy of one another; though there's plenty of basic bitches who are interchangeable for the most part. It does, however, mean that women are governed by a common set of instincts and desires which one can freely observe once he's taken them off the pedestal. Hypergamy, solipsism, lack of accountability, feelz over realz, etc.

Society has no problem proclaiming that men, on average, are prurient horndogs who'll fuck anything that moves... but start talking about how women are by and large gold-diggers who are constantly on the lookout for a better deal, and see how quickly you're excommunicated from your social group and labeled public enemy #1. (BTW the 'gold' they're digging for is not always money; sometimes it's tingles, sometimes it's social status, a six-pack — you get the point).

Back to NAWALT: TRP is an invaluable source of information to young men all over the world because it presents them the truth, not just about women, but also about the world as a whole. "Yeah, guess what kid? It's not all about hard work, meritocracy, and following the golden rule. There's plenty of corruption, favoritism, and power games going on everywhere you look. Welcome to the real world, kid. Enjoy your stay."

Quite a daunting realization if you've been raised sheltered, naive, and ignorant of all these things. And it will take a while to process and internalize this truth. Some will try to vehemently reject it, clinging on to their previous BP beliefs; others will 'make it to the other side' and modify their strategy to succeed in this dog eat dog world.

AND THEN COMES THE BLUE PILL/PURPLE PILL BRIGADE "Nah, man. You're the one who's messed up. Yeah, sure some women are shit, but there's plenty of good ones out there — you just gotta keep looking!" Notice, however, how these people never provide concrete examples. A-la "There's plenty of good women out there LIKE my aunt Jennie who's been with my uncle for the past forty years and never once nagged him!' Or "E.g. this chick I'm seeing right now; I'm short, pudgy, balding, and have zero charisma, yet she's been showering me with food, gifts, and sex on a daily basis for the past three years we've been together!"

Instead we're told that these unicorns are somewhere out there — no one really knows where — but we gotta keep looking. Now imagine if the same quasi-religious denial was applied to other facets of life. "Hey, is it just me or are most 9-5 office jobs monotonous, drab, and suck out all the joy out of you?" "NAH MAN, IT'S JUST YOU. There's plenty of fulfilling and rewarding jobs where the boss is super chill and your input is appreciated. You just haven't found the right one." Which is not to say you can't enjoy women for what they provide (sex & companionship) or that you can't succeed at your career despite the overall monotony. However, you have to accept things as they are, not as some bullshit Disney-esque fantasy.

In closing, TRP, as far as I'm aware, is the first cyber-space where its members prefer to embrace reality and learn how to mold it (to a degree) to their advantage. Pointless semantic debates simply distract its members from that.

1 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago


(BTW the 'gold' they're digging for is not always money; sometimes it's tingles, sometimes it's social status, a six-pack — you get the point)

It's often (and perhaps most insidiously) emotional and financial security. This is dressed up as commitment/marriage and romanticised to make it somehow legitimate. Society supports and encourages women in this. Men don't seem to notice that her security is the same as his enslavement.

Some will try to vehemently reject it, clinging on to their previous BP beliefs; others will 'make it to the other side' and modify their strategy to succeed in this dog eat dog world.

Right... and sadly a lot will fail at fully realising AWALT. "Yeah, I know TRP says AWALT, but it doesn't mean ALL women.... I've found a unicorn and although they don't exist, she's as close as you can get to one, and because I know about women, marrying her will be fine". In other words: using TRP knowledge for BP ends.

Hey, is it just me or are most 9-5 office jobs monotonous, drab, and suck out all the joy out of you?" "NAH MAN, IT'S JUST YOU. There's plenty of fulfilling and rewarding jobs where the boss is super chill and your input is appreciated. You just haven't found the right one."

The problem with this example is that there ARE such jobs, at least for a while. I've had some pretty great ones where it's almost (but not quite) a pleasure to go to work.

In closing, TRP, as far as I'm aware, is the first cyber-space where its members prefer to embrace reality and learn how to mold it (to a degree) to their advantage. Pointless semantic debates simply distract its members from that.

I like the focus on truth here. Hard truths at that. We're different in that we don't advocate for action or change other than "improve yourself". As such we're not pushing an agenda other than recognition of reality.

Still, not many are going to accept or appreciate it. People prefer pretty lies over brutal truth. And if you can put the brutal truth off for half a decade or so, so much the better.

1 upvotesyomo862 years ago

Yep, it was the "ok, if you don't believe me just try it" gusto and the success that followed that got me hooked.

1 upvoteslurkingtacopiller2 years ago

Sometimes I'm amazed the kind of shit that is passed off as "news" or "reporting".

Hopefully this opens some eyes out there for guys who are bluepilled

96 upvotesGanaria_Gente2 years ago

Cnn does what others like Facebook or YouTube do.

Shape the news while pretending objectivity.

85 upvotescrimson_chris2 years ago

Irresponsible reporting. Did you know that all guys who follow TRP are alt-right, Trump supporting racist and also part of the KKK? WTF?

How does CNN produce this crap?

61 upvoteslawlyer12162 years ago

lol, this always cracks me up. I’m left of center on most issues. It’s fun being grouped in with the alt right solely because I’ve swallowed the pill.

96 upvotescrimson_chris2 years ago

Exactly. I am black but according to CNN I am following a cult that is run by White Supremacists and the KKK. Journalism is just in a very sad state right now.

71 upvotesSelfTaughtPiano2 years ago

I am muslim and a Pakistani by heritage.

From the left, I've only ever seen insultingly racist coddling and stereotyping. And that's them at their best.

While for the most part, people on the right will state their differences to me plainly, but still treat me and my views like an intellectual equal. My "Muslim-ness" has never become an issue or changed the way they treated me. I was simply American to them. I have honestly never experienced vitriol from the right online or in real-life, the kind promised by most liberals.

Meanwhile, if you so much as disagree with a liberal, in my experience, they turn into the worst of the worst most screeching type of text-book racists you could ever imagine. Its like University is filled with infants in the US.

51 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm Muslim and also Arab

Idgaf about politics, I'm on this sub because it's the candid truth about social reality

33 upvotesbukusuman2 years ago

I'm black and live in a third world country and I can say TRP is the one of the best things to ever happen to me. Watching that CNN video just made me sad for all those who will believe that nonesense. Feminine Imperative working at its best.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The way that the left patronises minorities is a sickening form of “soft bigotry”. They act like brown/ gay/ muslim/ asian/ insert minority here people are somehow disabled children who need coddling and protection. What a crock of shit, they have never been to poor parts of the world, they have no desire to empower the weak. Their attitude shows that they feel superior to the poor, wretched souls they seek to “protect”. It is vapid virtue signalling. Leftards like the morons on CNN only have two weapons, shaming and silencing. They are cultural Marxists and hypocrites. Fuck them and their moral high ground/ ivory tower superiority complex.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Their worst argument in this strain: "Voter ID laws are discriminatory against black people because they can't figure out how to get a driver's license"

It's a sickening thought process they go through

12 upvotesmajaka12342 years ago

Must be that third party white-supremacist microaggressions have caused you to internalize your own feelings of racial inadequacy and culminate in you joining this racist cult due to a victim complex.

/s (would not be surprised if some people truly believe this shit)

1 upvotesalecesne2 years ago

Ditto. And an immigration lawyer to boot!

22 upvotesPutins_Orange_Cock2 years ago

Dude, I voted for Bernie Sanders 15 years ago when in college in VT and again in the primaries. I donate and campaigned for Obama, gay marriage, etc. I'm also a hard nosed businessman in an extremely competitive commission only field.

I found TRP because my divorce stripped me of my balls and the message of owning your shit, hitting the gym, outcome independence, stoicism, etc resonated with me as I rebuilt my life and attempted to take back my masculinity.

TRP is not a political movement. It's sexual strategy and perhaps a guidebook for men in how to navigate a world that vilifies testosterone and masculinity.

2 upvotesgoatwithbeergoggles2 years ago

TRP is not a political movement. It's sexual strategy and perhaps a guidebook for men in how to navigate a world that vilifies testosterone and masculinity.

I agree that it's not a political movement, but in my opinion its focus on personal responsibility makes it logically incompatible with left-wing thinking. Of course it's still fully possible to hold views that are contradictory, everyone does that.

1 upvotesGenghisKhanSpermShot2 years ago

I'm liberal and all about personal responsibility. I just dont think making sure people get healthcare and a living wage is a crazy idea.

1 upvotesThePlayfulDom2 years ago

In that case I would probably argue that you don't really u understand what modern liberalism is about, because it isn't that. But anyway the "living wage" thing is a joke. I live in Seattle and the "fight for $15" here is destroying lower class workers and many small businesses as well. It has ended up hurting far more poor people than it helped. Which is perfectly predictable from an economics standpoint. Literally any but the most ideologically biased economists could (and did) predict the outcome. You could call it an "unintended consequence" but since it was entirely predictable that seems a bit disingenuous. Healthcare is much more complicated, and it's a legitimate debate (though I fall on the side of markets over government personally. My education being in economics I always have a bias towards market based solutions). Free college for all is 100% retarded though. Beyond belief level retarded. Old comment but I'm an econ nerd so hard not chime in when I see "living wage" and other economic ignorance. I know they may "sound good," but they just aren't . Realz over fealz.

2 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

It’s fun being grouped in with the alt right solely because I’ve swallowed the pill.

4chan is the pill source for right wing maniacs

reddit is the pill source for lefties

This really isnt a left/right issue at all, TRP has as many opponents in conservative women as it does with our crazy friends over at the blue pill

24 upvotesSomberRook2 years ago

Guess that makes me a Black male KKK supporter. Like something straight out of a Dave Chapelle skit. Ridiculous.

9 upvotesboom_bostic2 years ago

It's nice to meet you, you Clayton Bigsby-like mf'er.

Btw. That was one of Dave's best skits

4 upvotesJF09092 years ago

Can you imagine if that skit was aired today? People would be tarred and feathered.

1 upvotesbornredd2 years ago

Dem voting anarchist reporting in.

1 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

TRP isn't a political ideaology; the closest it gets to politics is when we discuss men's rights issues. You can be liberal and Red Pill.

61 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

CNN's not news and most reasonable people have known that for years, hence their continually downward slide in the ratings.

31 upvotescellphon2 years ago

My only exposure to that cess pool of lies is in airports. You obviously can't turn that shit and so they have a captive audience. It's like they have a deal with the airports to force feed the tired and confused travelers

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think that's just force of habit. CNN was the default option for generic news for a long time, young people don't even realize how insane it is that they're dead last now.

13 upvotesJ-Mosc2 years ago

Speaking of that, how did they go from the generic middle of the road news in the 80s/90s to the biased far left yellow journalism that they are in present day???

8 upvotesJF09092 years ago

At some point, reporting the news became a business, and not a public service. That was the death of journalism.

1 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

here's a hint.. take a look of the gender of 90% of journalism graduates.

-1 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

They realized there is half the country that is upset at the election of donald trump. So they play 24/7 anti trump stories to fuel this perpetual outrage machine....thus that half the country will keep watching and give ad revenue to CNN. Better to be biased and make money than to be fair and not make money.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No where near half the country watches CNN. Their top rated shows pull in 800k viewers. CNN is state run propaganda that is funded by the deep state. They'd be out of business years ago if the money actually mattered.

18 upvotesblackedoutfast2 years ago

you are correct they do have a deal with the airports. they're actually showing a slightly different version of CNN called 'CNN Airport' - it's mostly the same as regular CNN but they don't show anything that makes air travel look bad or dangerous (like plane crashes) and they add in a lot of commercials for the airport and local attractions.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

where is the article? I dont see it anywhere

2 upvotesShariabluew2 years ago

CNN is ISIS. The same groups funding all the gay pride parades and pushing the globohomo agenda to Eastern Europe and beyond are also funding the jihadi takeover of the West.

1 upvotes356dc2 years ago

Sometimes I'm amazed the kind of shit that is passed off as "news" or "reporting".

Why not? This is life. This is what matters. Fuck Kim Jong Un and Elon Musk.

1 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

Don't be surprised, take a look at how 90% of journalism graduates are women over last 20 years. Then ask yourself, could this relate to the recent content choices of editors.

151 upvotesIchewfivegum2 years ago

Can I just also point out that we've never been racist and all those racist posts came from /pol/ on 4 chan. Litterally fake news lol.

107 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Literally fake. Yep. To see them putting up those racist posts next to the TRP front page really pissed me off.

We judge men on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

74 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

The thumbnails of Hitler (in a random subreddit that CNN was passing off as theredpill) were the icing on the cake

17 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

Yeah that was hilarious. But not really. That is exactly like TV works. By conditioning. You say something and then show negative or positive images so that the viewer associates according emotions with the topic being reported on.

And then also provide a fake-insider which implies you actually have a lot of knowledge about the topic.

13 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

I liked that the so called 'ex redpiller' was a black man. What a load of bullshit. Did CNN try to do a psychological trick on their viewers and present him as Morpheus? LOL

African Americans are often redpilled automatically by their environment, they were the first victims of feminism. If anything, they are bluepilled constantly by the establishment to not revolt.

14 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

Definitely was a race baiting piece. They tried to make it seem like being a black red piller is somehow more embarrassing than being a red piller of some other race.

For presenting themselves as "anti racists", CNN sure loves to add fuel to the race baiting fire. Especially considering it's a false straw man because TRP is not racist.

21 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Truth. Don't care what color someone is. But, I gotta be honest... I'm envious of black guys who look like prize fighters without needing to work out at all. My fucking fatass white family genetics is bullshit.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Dude, I was moved to Tampa, FL from Cheyenne, WY when I was 10. Seeing the black dudes doing standing back flips was a real eye opener.

I'm mixed on the whole fatass genetics thing. Dad is a white mutt, while the first wave feminist junkie cunt who birthed me was half Greek and half Sicilian. That said, her genetics probably helped me out.

At 45, I made it around the local park, 2.5 miles, in 23 minutes....the guys who passed me don't lift as much, I just about assure you. I'm entirely uncomfortable with all of it. Am I doing well because of my genetics? Yeah, but I'm pushing. Am I pushing because of my genetics? Or just because I've seen the light? But then, is seeing the light also part of genetics? it goes on and on.

At the end of the day, this is why I'm really more of an existentialist than a stoic. The world is Absurd.

3 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

My main issue with my genetics is that I have to work hard just to stay in shape. I envy those guys because they can put that time into other worthwhile pursuits like their careers, hobbies, etc. I just don't like the time it wastes.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fair enough, but I don't think anyone over 40 gets away with not working hard.

1 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Not quite there yet myself.

1 upvotespgroups2 years ago

Yea but are you working out to look good or stay in shape? A lot of guys that naturally "look good" aren't necessarily healthy because of poor diet/exercise. Meanwhile if you're working out consistently and watching what you eat and still not physically transforming, at least your body will thank you 10,20...50 years down the line as well as reduced stress levels, increases concentration, increased testosterone now .... I used to be jealous too but I see it's just as much of a curse as a blessing, there's always 2 sides to things

1 upvotesbornredd2 years ago

Their hobbies and interests are things that lead to them being in shape.

You don't need to do as much cardio when your hobby is soccer, for instance.

1 upvoteslight_a_man_a_fire2 years ago

Ever notice that on the rare occasion that you watch a news report on something that you just happen to be very familiar with or even an expert on, they literally fuck up every single detail and completely misinform their audience?

Every single report they do is like that. You just only notice it for the things you're an expert on.

3 upvotesBPasFuck2 years ago

Bingo. Everytime they've done a story in my neck of the woods, it never fails. They always get a lot of pesky details wrong. Once upon a time, you could chalk it up to being lazy, or having a hacky editor back in New York or Atlanta, but this shit right here-- with the hitler and all the rest of it, they weren't even trying.

I get it-- they'd want to claim that they're talking about 'The Red Pill' that's talked about in the politcal arena which is only tangentially related to this one, but they didn't even try to make that distinction.

3 upvotesmonkeyblond2 years ago

I have had the same experiance whith john Oliver, it might be the case that all media it's self is propaganda, maybe trump supporters are on to something

2 upvotesDead__Hand2 years ago

God damn, I never thought about it like that.

6 upvotesnikopua2 years ago

TRP and MGTOW are one of the few non-racist subs on reddit. The rest of the site is full of racism, especially against straight white christian males.

1 upvotesTitsAndWhiskey2 years ago

It is vitally important for feminists to make themselves "allies" of any portion of the male population they can. Right now they are targeting religious and ethnic groups that are a fast-growing percentage of voters. In the past, it was homosexuals.

Feminists themselves are a fraction of a fraction of the population. They need the identity politics to grow their base. Hence, all black men must be allies, or they will be ostracized as modern day Uncle Toms. All white men must either be supplicant beta dogs, or else they are White Supremacists.

Its a transparent power grab. On the surface, they are uniting against the white oppressors. The reality is that all men are the enemy. This is the true equality of feminism - all men are equally worthless, except as needed to further their political agenda.

1 upvotesgoatwithbeergoggles2 years ago

They "get away with it" by covering red pill as a movement, not specially this subreddit.

1 upvotesMr_Zarika2 years ago

Not that I care about being seen as a racist, I think this sub is closer to seduction than alt-right.

174 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

AFC: My girlfriend dumped me I´m so sad.... she said I´m not the same person that i was when we first met. How do I get her back?

SJW: You should become more nice and caring towards women and always offer to pay the bills when you go out with her.

AFC: Really?

SJW: Oh yeah! Plus never follow the advice they give on a subreddit for losers called The Redpill

AFC: What is the redpill bruh?

SJW: A subbredit with 19 century ideals in reddit that says men and women are wired differently, due to biological differences. But of course this is so 19th century! Women´s right has already showed us that Biology is a big lie made by racists.These people who have majors in Biology are all misogynists!!! What we need to really believe is what Feminists says about biology.

SJW: Do all of these things, also try to become more feminine and I´m sure your ex gf will come back to you

AFC: YAY!!!!

Unfortunately Thats probably the mentality of the average person that is coming here out of curiosity after the report from CNN.

47 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago
  • “Women´s right has already showed us that Biology is a big lie made by racists.These people who have majors in Biology are all misogynists!!!”

Haha, have an upvote

1 upvotesdaringdeviljackass2 years ago

Always wondered, does the 88 in your name stand for what I think it does?

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No, it means I am surrounded by titties. I am not American, I was not even aware it was a prison thing until someone pointed it out. You are not the first person who has asked

3 upvotesBPasFuck2 years ago

Yeah. 88's basically a neo-nazi shorthand for 'heil hitler.' But no one's going to really pester you about it, unless they're deep in that shit, or over here searching for any hint of filthy nazis at TRP.

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

In his defense I've never seen such from him in my year of lurking

1 upvotesBPasFuck2 years ago

Wasn't implying he was. Just educating bros. A long time ago, Wal-Mart ended up in a shit storm, selling shirts that had 'secret' neo-nazi iconography, including '88.'

Were they in bed with neo-nazis, looking to spread an ideology of hate?

Of course not. Some foreign textile mill was just looking for cool patterns to slap on some shirts and make some money.

Didn't stop the usual race pimps from trying to make it rain though.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Unfortunately Thats probably the mentality of the average person that is coming here out of curiosity after the report from CNN.

Doesn't matter - eventually, one way or another, the reality of relationships will smack many of them square in the face.

A small percentage of inquisitive, intelligent visitors will understand the truths presented here.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The truth will set you free. It might also sting a bit, to learn that hypergamy has an Achilles heel.

215 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Don't read the sidebar. It's full of misogyny from guys who get chased by women!

1 upvotesallpositivevibes2 years ago

Who gives a shit what CNN thinks? Let's just say it as it is.

  1. Feminism has freed women a lot but it also freed informed men from commitment, which has cost women greatly
  2. Women constantly devalue themselves by putting out easily and then expect us to want to commit to them - hilarious
  3. Lots of us on here are sleeping with married women so we know exactly how things will be if we ever do commit


Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved.......

38 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Yep, and even though it freed them from having to be "traditional oppressed women", they're still blaming us for their imminent depression this sort of freedom is causing them. So they'll just keep tacking on more and more rules/laws to subjugate and oppress the very men they wish would respect/support them.

Grade A guys have already moved on so now women are trying to rally the government via taxing the shit out of us to still be held responsible for xyz feminazi cunt who doesn't know how to support herself, even though feminism told her that "you go girl, the world is yours, do what ever you want girlfriend..."

1 upvotesallpositivevibes2 years ago

The entire market has been liberated completely. Women are free to have sex with no consequences. Men are free to refuse to commit and do their own thing. Women are giving up sex easily thinking they'll get commitment and marriage in return but the guys at the top know how these women are so won't commit. The guys at the top are not as stupid as some like to claim.

The other men who have no luck could easily elevate themselves to a higher level and be doing the same if they put the work in. Sure, they might not be sleeping with supermodels but they could still hook up with your average girl without an issue. Instead they'd rather complain as they see TRP as a status symbol rather than a switch to change their mindset to sort themselves out.

It's survival of the fittest now in the sexual market. If you work out, sort yourself out and elevate yourself to the top section, you will be allowed to play. If you don't then it's on you. Those willing to hunt and make the sacrifices will survive. Those who don't will die out. Those who don't respect the game for what it is will be taken advantage of. This is the sexual equivalent of The Hunger Games.

17 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

That's the issue though. Supply and demand. Alot of places still have more guys than women. Which allows most women to only have to work towards being a 7 at best and guys are still throwing themselves to hook up with them. They can be fat slobs with a pretty face and know that they can still get a guy who's ripped, has a nice car/house, while they're barely have any savings and work part time at some menial job with zero aspersions.... Just jumping on cock after cock.

Most of these guys did good for these girls and still got treated like shit or cheated on etc. And even then only a few of those men find the red pill, or they get so fucked over by the courts that they become mgtow by default.

Def be the best person you can be, for you and for no one else. Too many guys want status and props to attract pussy. It will lead to misery and pain for guys who do that.

But men still think that by best the man they can be, will in turn get them there best woman out there. Sns that is simply false. Women are out there preying on Simps. They have no loyalty and only want what's theirs (which is anything you have/own that they want) and they'll stop at nothing to get it. Men need utilize the red pill to avoid these snakes.

IMO don't even play the game unless you control every aspect of it. There is no such thing as a compromise. That's why egalitarianism will never work, because it dictates what's good for all woman is good for men. Nope.

9 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

Those willing to hunt and make the sacrifices will survive. Those who don't will die out. Those who don't respect the game for what it is will be taken advantage of. This is the sexual equivalent of The Hunger Games.

If you really want to talk evolution:

In the end those who don't have children will die out. And Billy Beta that has to pay child support for his 5 kids to his landwhale ex-wifey and is miserable in that regard has won over every childless, rich, vasectomized alpha-Chad.

If you follow the TRP path to the extreme. Get rich, powerful, remain childless and bang young chicks all life. You still lost the game of evolution to Billy Beta. That is the harsh truth. This will remove alpha genes from the gene-pool. Wouldn't that exactly be what the ones in power would want? Limit alpha-genes to their families?

Our mission should actually be to breed and army of alpha offspring, but I lack a strategy how that could be achieved in the current society.

1 upvotesgoatwithbeergoggles2 years ago

Western civilisation will be long gone before any evolutionary changes start happening.

1 upvotesalecesne2 years ago

From a Darwinian perspective, things are a bit weird. I have law school classmates with dual six figure incomes who haven't had children by their mid thirties, while I work with asylum seekers (Haitian, African, near east) who usually have 3-5 kids. Sure the individual guy can go after additional sex, but what is the goal of the game?

P.S., some of these broke ass Haitian dudes totally get RP. Don't have email accounts; might be janitors or car detailers, but they get laid without spending money because they work hard and respect themselves.

1 upvotesDead__Hand2 years ago

A huge percentage of women are on antidepressants. I never made the connection between the cause of that depression and intersexual dynamics. I mean, I figured it was because of the stress of having to work full time and enter careers (and women biologically have higher stress levels; they are higher in trait neuroticism).

I never made the straight connection, though, about how men help to regulate women's emotions. Interesting idea, seems eminently plausible. Thanks!

2 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Yep, men are there to back hand a bitch metaphorically when they flip their shit. Take that away and we get bi polar maniacs. The crazy thing is, no matter where they're at in their lives they still lose their minds. How many women do we hear about who have the perfect marriage, good husband, kids, but decide to go off the wayside, running off with Chad or needing to be medicated for depression. I predict that this is happening because feminism has latched on to their weaknesses in telling them that they can ALWAYS be happier. Hypergamy will always make them feel that way, but when you get something like feminism to constantly shove it down their throats, this is where the problem becomes magnified.

4 upvotesboolNation2 years ago

I think you need to link the OG Don't Save Her by Project Pat

1 upvotesJonBenetRamZ2 years ago

Lots of us on here are sleeping with married women

The real redpill isn't when you realize why/how she cheats ON you, it's when you realize why/how she cheats WITH you.

20 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Hey, I can't find my Klan hood. Can I borrow yours?

11 upvotesHeisenbread772 years ago

Dude, didn't you get the message? We are posting all the racist stuff we like in the alternate secret sub!

20 upvotes420KUSHBUSH2 years ago

He's totally being serious!

Well, one third serious

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, I read the sidebar and now I have to beat women away with a stick. Don't do it!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They’ll never outrun a man tho

27 upvotesNotAnotherSJWAgain2 years ago

Ponder this: to those of you who understand what TRP is and what it is not, consider how poorly represented, tendentious, misinformed, and manipulative main stream media coverage is. It feels wrong and it is wrong, and - what’s worse - intentionally so. Now sit back and consider all the topics you know less or possibly nothing about that you read about on a day to day basis. How biased and filled with propaganda might those be? What agenda are they pushing? What is the actual reality of the matter? To me this is an awakening experience that makes you question every single thing you hold as true. What other widely held shared belief is completely inaccurate? Ultimately there is no getting around thinking about everything by yourself from first principles, exposing yourself to a diverse set of sources of information, and making up your own mind.

4 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

I try to stick to non-mainstream sources. BBC, the AP, and Reuters (to an extent) are relatively unbiased.

I do watch The Young Turks, which is progressive media.

3 upvotesPlatoTheGreato2 years ago

Those are all pretty heavily biased.

2 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Please tell me how the Associated Press is heavily biased. Biased toward what? Facts?

4 upvotesPlatoTheGreato2 years ago

The BBC have blatant politically aligned content; anti-Trump, anti-Brexit and terrorist apologia

Reuters has its capitalist/imperialist heavy narrative at times.

The AP sympathised with the White Hats in Syria, who were basically Al-Qaeda, simply because they were fighting against Assad.

In fact, most of these "news" agencies simplified the Syrian war a horrifying amount by reducing it to a "good guy vs bad guy" fight, thus robbing it of all its nuance.

The Young Turks are garbage by most left and far left accounts and outright propaganda according to the right. Don't forget that cenk denied the Albanian genocide.

1 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Ok, so your alternatives are?

3 upvotesPlatoTheGreato2 years ago

The news is a distraction so I only keep up with crypto news but when I did rely on the news I used almost source out there. I gathered my info from Fox News, CNN International, BBC News, Sky, Aljazeera, RT, NYT, Reuters, Bloomberg, AP, YahooNews (lol) and Breitbart. I tried to gather the facts and only the facts and from there determine through reason what was really going on. A lot of the time I'd follow locals in the affected areas on Twitter or journalists/sceptics who tried to do the same.

In the example of the Syrian war there were several Syrian journalists and ex-politicians who understood the landscape very well and gave much more nuanced opinion - plus they don't have large budgets in order to script fake shots etc so what they showed was generally true. Also, many Kurdish fighters had Facebook pages where you could follow the war and their fighting from.

Like, if you really wanted to know what's going on in Sweden don't bother reading their news outlets because they're purposely censoring certain information. Rather, go and find the Snapchat and Facebook Live videos of muslims gang raping Swedish women while chanting slurs at them. Go and follow a few of the "new swedes" on twitter and here what they have to say, follow the family members of the survivors who are online and DM them. Follow the chatter online to get context and some facts and then follow more chatter and do the same, and perhaps if you have to refer to a few news articles to see what they're saying.

When their were protests in my area I documented what happened around me and put it on Twitter so that others could follow. I started WhatsApp groups for others doing the same in other areas so we could get a more macro understanding. This way those not involved could see exactly what happened and form their own opinions.

105 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hi CNN visitors!

I want to personally assure you that the CNN article/ video that brought you here is inaccurate. Yes, there is a small amount of misogyny and racism on this subreddit. However, if you lurk here, you'll find that those comments are always downvoted and then quickly deleted.

As a personal aside, I want CNN's visitors to know that TRP changed my life. For 28 years of my life, I was unable to understand a damn thing women did in relationships. I was constantly friendzoned, and I couldn't understand why. I did everything women told me I should do - hold the door, pay for dates, buy them gifts, compliment them, and just be nice! A month after finding this subreddit, I got laid for the first time in 7 years. My point is that this subreddit is very blunt in its message, but provides an excellent source of information to young men who are continually frustrated by women's behavior.

21 upvotesatticusfinch19732 years ago

And you'll find similar stories from many men here who have literally pulled themselves out of basements, depression and maybe even away from suicide by finally having a place they could understand and learn from. A place where improvement isn't just encouraged, it's rammed down your throat.

I'm a successful business owner, divorced and get exactly what I want in life now. That's not a negative thing.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I pulled myself out of depression with this sub. I had just been cheated on for the third time in my life, and came looking for answers. Three girlfriends, three cheaters. Each time with a guy that I couldn't understand the appeal.

This subreddit changed my fucking life.

4 upvotesHellsteelz2 years ago

Same, the subreddit gave me answers i couldnt find elsewhere. Still pulling myself out of depression but feeling much better than I did a year ago. The only thing that matters is the progress and results you make.

14 upvotesGlacierdust2 years ago

What attracts people to TRP (and later keeps them around) is not just the fact that the message is candid but simply the fact that the message exists in the first place. Before taking the red pill, for instance, you know on some level that lifting will improve your musculature and make you more attractive to women. But no one tells you, and in fact, they tell you the exact opposite sometimes - that you don't need to lift because women don't care about that. TRP's most basic truths are not earth-shattering at all. They're simply acknowledged despite being inconvenient at times. And that simple act of just saying what on some level we know to be true makes a world of difference.

3 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

It matters because TRP provides a framework for why all of those things are so important and it puts the full emphasis on the most important points. Yeah sure, I knew pre-TRP that losing weight and building muscle was a good idea, but I didnt realize that it was the only idea worth pursuing because:

-women are actually that shallow, whether I like it or not

-all of the alternative ideas (becoming a husband, a sex-positive ally, an orbiting friend) dont work for shit

Understanding why you need to do something is as important as the actual act of doing it itself

36 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

We're also not necessarily "Pickup-Artists" or "Mens' Rights Activists" as CNN falsely portrayed us. There may be some crossover, but that is not what TRP is about.

And only a small (but loud) subset of us support President Fuckhead.

32 upvotesnicethingyoucanthave2 years ago

The MRA comparison in particular is entirely wrong. The MRA goal is to change society - to pass or repeal laws, to raise awareness, etc. The TRP goal is to be happy and successful in society as it currently exists - to change oneself, as necessary, in order to achieve reasonable goals.

And the first step in TRP is to accurately describe society, including (actually, especially) human sexuality. In TRP, we believe that mainstream society lies to us, and it is the mistake of believing these lies that is the major cause of men's failure and unhappiness.

As an example, mainstream (read:feminist) western culture tells us that men and women are identical. You can see this lie in the advice that men get regarding attracting women. "Treat them like people" you're told. This advice is both useless (as it's too vague to be helpful) and hilariously misguided (it assumes that men and women are identical - that just treating women as you treat anyone else will be effective). Men who follow this advice fail.

In TRP we recognize that men and women tend to be attracted to very different things. For example, we believe that women are more likely to be attracted to signals of status, confidence, etc. - and oh by the way, we have mountains of scientific evidence on our side. Here's a source for the above claim.

From this knowledge (red-pill knowledge), useful advice can be derived. But mainstream society turns a blind eye to any knowledge or advice that runs counter to the feminist narrative. If you don't like TRP, then give men useful advice and give a damn about whether or not they're successful. TRP would cease to exist if you were able to do that.

only a small (but loud) subset of us support President Fuckhead.

Yeah, I for one am not happy with him as a president. I had really hoped the DNC would learn its lesson and root out the corruption which allowed them to disregard the will of democrat voters (like me) and nominate Clinton. But it appears the DNC is just doubling down on it, so, fuck em, Trump will probably get a second term.

6 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago
  • The TRP goal is to be happy and successful in society as it currently exists - to change oneself, as necessary, in order to achieve reasonable goals.

This has always been the central tenet that I've internalized. If the MRAs want to change the world, more power to them. But they won't. This is the way things are, which illustrates the most important quality a modern man needs to have: adaptability. A man needs to learn to read his surroundings and adjust his behavior accordingly if he wants to achieve success, especially with women. Sure, looks and status are important, but charisma and behavioral evolution are more so.

One little thing about President Donnie Tiny Hands: the new reality show I'm calling Who Wants to Go to Prison is officially the best show on TV. Mueller is doing a fantastic job of working his way up the treason/laundering ladder to the head Cheeto. Can't wait for the next episode.

Unfortunately the Democrats are just as corrupt. As you said, fuck 'em.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm an Arab and idc about politics at all, like support or don't support president fuckhead idc at all, why I'm on this sub is because it works and I am legit reaping the results of it right now

I was always good with women, but this sub (been lurking for 4 years) makes me feel like I'm playing life with hacks

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

President Fuckhead.

I was leaving that alone. IMO only 2 men in living memory were qualified to be president: Eisenhower and Herbert Walker Bush. Deep and hard won experience. I have a massive problem with an ideologue of any type. I'm not a vet but I trust vets and hold the military in high regard. If you've not been shot at, you don't qualify to be president, hard stop.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Eisenhower was the last great president. A man who hated war, yet not afraid of it, a president for all people(civil rights), and gave us the most blatant warning about govt and society he could in his final presidential address which is downright terrifying.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes. I often think of how different the world would be if people had actually listened to Eisenhower's farewell address.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I read those words and it did nothing. I heard him speak them and it freaked me out to this day.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think even he's scared in that speech...

1 upvotesnsfw42 years ago

If you've not been shot at, you don't qualify to be president, hard stop.

No offense mate, but this being your this being a 'mandatory qualification' to be President is... insane.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don't know if you're American....the President is the commander in chief the the US armed forces. So yes, I have a problem with someone assuming that role who has not faced the dangers of deployment.

10 upvotesklgdmfr2 years ago

There's fucking racism everywhere. Fuck.

There will always be racism, until we are all one color. Mark my words. Probably going to be a few hundred years at least before that comes even close to happening.

9 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Seriously. I've seen racism in cooking subs, for fuck sake. We've got a long way to go, but it is a little better than previous decades.

Progress takes time.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yeah, but the darkies know how to make mean BBQ.

Wops like me know something about pasta.

43 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

Dear CNN viewers: Are you a frustrated male, with respect to your relationship with women? Have you been confused by many of the trends in the media over the last few years that expect you to be guilty for the behavior of other men? Or worse, have you actually experienced this guilt? Do you think you're a piece of shit just for being a man? Do you struggle to understand why what your mother taught you about women appears to be remarkably inaccurate, while the "assholes get the best girls?" Do you want to make sense of this? Do you notice a disconnect between what our feminist culture teaches you, and what your direct experiences have been? Do you want to be more successful in your career, friendships, and ultimately, your relationships with women? Do you want to know how to improve your life to live a healthy and balanced life?

If your answer to any of these questions is to the affirmative, then do me a favor. You spent 12 minutes watching that video, and maybe another 45 minutes skimming through the sub. Why not dedicate an hour to reading the sidebar, to get a brief and broad overview of what this sub is about. Give it a chance. Remove your biases, zoom out, and enter with a blank state. Look at the evidence, and deduce your own conclusions. After all, you've had your entire life to teach you feminism; surely, it's worth an hour of your time to see the counter-arguments? That's all I ask. Give it an hour. Reach your own conclusions. Hell, even check out ASKTRP if you have any specific questions.

They call it the red pill because for a small percent of men (and women), understand the world for the way it really is. We take off our rose colored glasses here, and look at facts. While the facts may be deeply disturbing at first, and are incredibly difficult to swallow (pun intended), when you take the time to learn this new perspective and to improve yourself within this paradigm, the world is your oyster. Best of luck, and I hope your reading is insightful.

17 upvotesNightwingTRP2 years ago

Hahaha! They gave man some basic tools and to the surprise of the establishment, man began to evolve using these tools to better himself. Now they have to convince us to put them down... nah. We're good.

38 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Wait? Racism? I don't watch tv, too busy with my life to be played and placated so this is the first I've heard of this.

Racist. Sure thing. I'm racist because I seem to adore fucking black, white, brown, Asian, tall, short, thin girls. It's been years since I had the opportunity to get inside a nice young black girl, mainly due to geography. Only six dark girls live here who are between 19 and 35. It pains me because I prefer the darker skin. My current main girl is Mexican and Apache, she laughs at your blatant racist bullshit like I do.

What is a white guy to do when he doesn't fit the mold you tried to put him in?

Laugh at you. That's what.

I must hate strong independent girls too... because my favorite dark skin slut makes at least twice as much as I do. Why does she like me so much? Because I'm not one of those wimpy sad sack soft hands manginas surrounding her in her big Midwest city. Seriously, she begs me to do all kinds of things the sjws claim are degrading.

Ok so if you want to know how the world really works and are utterly sick of political correct saccharine nice and attempts at thought policing via shaming and buzz words, we will be happy to share it with you. Calling us racist is akin to a child screaming "I know you are but what am I?"

1 upvotesnewls2 years ago

The assumption we're all white makes me laugh. SJWs are such hypocrites.

40 upvotesConstatine72 years ago

Hey SJW's. If you respect women so much stop watching porn, beating your dick to them trying to rape them (yes rape because they have no idea who the hell you are). Stop following women around and pretending to care about them because you want to get in their pants. Stop being their best friends all the while hoping to get laid. Be a man. Go talk to real women. Don't deceive them. Be masculine. You call real men misogynists all the while they are the ones fulfilling women's desires, talking to real women instead of stroking their dicks to their imaginary sex toys, and having real loving relationships with women without all the deceit. You are the ones disrespecting women, not us!

15 upvotesihateyouguys2 years ago

Good message, but let’s not fall into the trap of devaluing the word “rape”. Deception can hardly be considered rape.

3 upvotesConstatine72 years ago

Well I was trying to use their language against them. But true. Also I wasn't saying that deception = rape. I was saying that they are pretending they are having sex with a girl or rather pretending to rape said girl. There is rape porn people watch but all porn is literally one watching a girl who has no idea they exists and beating your dick to her. I was liking this to rape, though they consensually put themselves online. So rape is not the right word but it does illustrate just how hypocritical SJW's are.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Deception can hardly be considered rape.

Are you talking about make up? Fake tits?

Or "I'm clean, and on the Pill."

4 upvotesihateyouguys2 years ago

All of the above. None of that is rape.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That was a divide and conquer piece designed to create FUD in the community in an effort to rob us of the growing power.

Forever the message will be:

  • Read the sidebar
  • Lift
  • Live your mission first
  • Be the best version of yourself and women will be attracted to that

^ anyone who argues with the above just wants you to be weak, helpless, subordinate or a failure.

9 upvotesI_AM_CALAMITY2 years ago

If you read your post as a "visitor from CNN" would, you would see it's not a very good welcome post. Too much jargon and it's impossible to understand what you're talking about.

8 upvotesharoldpeters2 years ago

The amount of times CNN has created fake news in the recent 5 years is astounding. The literally sell any angled story to the highest bidder.. I wont even call them journalists anymore, they are propaganda specialists.

7 upvotesBornToExpand2 years ago

I've stopped watching news channels like CNN and FOX for a long time now. I learned about the media when my department was featured in a news cycle for a good rescue we did. God did they get most of the shit wrong.. I was like wtf that never happened.

7 upvotesswordshab2 years ago

Ive been lurking for years, not once have I came across anything close to white supremacy on here. If that were the case I wouldn’t keep following.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

same. I see the occasional user who gets banned for being a racist dick, just like the rest of reddit

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Black Lurker here, trp is probably one of the least racist subs imho

18 upvotesPaulAJK2 years ago

So, welcome CNN watchers.

Here's what many of you will do. You'll sneer at us openly, laugh and scorn us while making jokes about how you're more stupid now than you were before after reading this site . "What would redpill say about Russian interference? Just Lift bro!!" Hurrdy hurr!!

But there'll be a tiny part of you with a nagging, aching fear...what if they're... right? So you'll bookmark it, coming here occasionally to "hate read", to laugh at the bullshitters, to "monitor" the evil terpers, and you'll start to tentatively read the sidebar, just so you can, kinda, sorta, know your enemy.

And then , over a few hours of agonising self reflection, you'll be thinking "fuck, exactly there I failed her shit test." Then it'll be "OMG, THAT'S why she banged me like a banshee that night" Then "right, yeah of course, no wonder she left him"

Because when you understand female sexual strategy, and how it differs from the male's, that penny drops like a hundred ton motherfucker. I've read it likened to an open-minded ninteenth century biologist reading "On the origin of species" for the first time. At the beginning they think "no, this is preposturous, it simply can't be". Pretty soon though, it's "well, yes, OK" which rapidly becomes "of course, how can it be any other way, there's no other mechanism", and, damn, that jagged, appalling, bitter pill has forced itself down your throat and is permanently changing your perception of reality. And it's a bitch, but it's never too late, never.

Ps, get you arse down the gym.

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

This is exactly how I got red pilled.

It start by me coming here to see for myself how "misogynistic" it was.

Months later I came back and it hit me like a hit of good weed.

6 upvotesWrath_of_Trump2 years ago

CNN has to create ghosts in order to say they busted them

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm curious as to how long it's going to take before CNN airs a story about the redpillwomen subreddit. 20 years? 100 years?

The answer? Never.

5 upvoteshagolu2 years ago

They are happy in their bubble, seeing redpilled women is going to rape their mind xD

4 upvotesthrowawayclarkken2 years ago

Do we really care what CNN thinks ? As someone rightly said here that it depicts real life scenarios happening to him on this sub . That's what the reality is

We don't want to go out and save men . The real ones will automatically filter themselves out after going thru the pain . Like I did and every other dude on this sub did

After all that's what being a man means isn't it . Go thru the shit yourself and realise what's the truth

4 upvotesSepean2 years ago

I wonder how many do come here looking for help on sexual strategy and then instead of getting their shit together and becoming alpha, they go MRA and whine about feminism and the left.

However right the MRAs might be, it's a thankless existence being unfuckable, bitter and at odds with mainstream society. I understand why people would turn their backs on that.

But someone who took the advice, did the work, became alpha and experienced how fucking fun it is, that's the guys they should be interviewing, at least to give a counterpoint to these fake-RP-MRA types they always find.

4 upvotesGucciMarxist2 years ago

This sub is rocking the boat of the feminization of society. Damn if anyone needed any proof that this sub is legit, then it's this article.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Also if people want to see an actual racist subreddit, cringe anarchy is pretty much the new "coontown"

4 upvotesDarkuSchneider2 years ago

So they slipped in random 4chan and /pol shit posts and conflated it with TRP and Trump supporters, bravo. Sadly most of the sheep that still watch that garbage network will believe it. I would not be surprised if they interviewed an actor but probably some BP bitch that puked up the pill instead of swallowing it and working on himself. He clearly did not lift and showed default submissive body posture and tone of voice so he was never RP. If he was for real that poor bastard has a clear case of estrogen poisoning at it's finest. In any case it will lead the curious here and by consequence more men will escape the plantation either way.

17 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

CNN? Hahahaha

When deep state, CIA psy op, fake ass news loses its grip.

CNN main viewers are airport lounges and nursing homes. Nobody with an IQ higher than body temp watches that shit.

The more ridiculous their lies, the more the people wake up.

They are so desperate to regain control of the narrative that now they are reduced to making hit pieces against "fringe" social media forums.

Remember folks.

This is a banana.

3 upvotesNapoleonicViewgraph2 years ago

It’s so damn hard to find good news outlets nowadays though. I tend to just read press releases from AP and Reuters.

Fox, CNN, Breitbart etc are all trash.

2 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

AP stands for Anerican Pravda. Reuters is pure trash, too.

Sad state of affairs. But their tricks are nothing new.

Unfortunately for their dying media empire they no longer control the narrative.

Don't shed any tears though. What's bad for them is good for humanity.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

CNN hasn't been a real news organization for a loooong time. They are a tool to spread cultural Marxism and anything that goes against that agenda they will brand as sexist, racist, misoginost, inappropriate, predatory, etc etc. Most the time they won't explain, just label, and the moronic populous seems to just go along with it as they are conditioned to believe everything the little shiny box in the living room tells them. It's borderline dystopian but thankfully people are catching on.

1 upvotesBroken-Dad2 years ago

Hey folks from CNN, long time member, sometime poster here.

If you enjoyed the CNN video might I suggest another video, this one is a documentary, it is by a feminist documentarian, actress and blogger Cassie Jay, she goes in depth into The Red Pill and gives you a full and complete inside look, what you find will absolutely shock you.


19 upvotesHung_Chad2 years ago

Keep in mind that film is more about men’s rights, and this sub is more about dating and relationship success, with heavy emphasis on self-improvement.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don't get why so many people in the manosphere feel that they have to throw up bright walls between the different groups. It reminds me of the early communists or the early Christians where you had different flavors all purging each other over minor philosophical differences. Men's rights are a legitimate and important part of the manosphere. It also tries to reach more people in the mainstream by framing the debate using the vitcimhood language that now dominates our society. It doesn't mean you have to shut off your dick like MGTOW, but a coalition is much stronger than a bunch of fringe groups that want to maintain ideological purity above all else.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not too sure that movie is well regarded around here.

5 upvotesHeisenbread772 years ago

I watched it. It applies much more to MGTOW and MRA.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I have watched some of the director. She seems relatively thoughtful, and no longer considers herself a feminist, fwiw.

2 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

It's a gateway introduction to shattering preconceived notions about the manosphere and the world in which we live. I recommend people watch it if only to experience an alternate viewpoint to what's been crammed down their throats the past sixty years.

1 upvotesBlackbull_2 years ago

And remember,

Rule number one of flight club..........

6 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

We don't have to talk about it. Our "enemies" are way louder about us than we are, and thus they recruit far more people than we do. CNN just gave us free advertising to the whole United States. Thanks CNN!

3 upvotesTryhardPantiesON2 years ago

I am out of the loop, what happened? Did CNN attack this subreddit?

3 upvotessydneymviera2 years ago

I was so horribly offended reading that article I had to come here to check out this forum... I ended up swallowing another red pill.

CNN continues to be abhorrently misleading.

Sorry to hear this is the next group being targeted by the thought police. Good luck w everything, guys!

7 upvotes420KUSHBUSH2 years ago

I'm honestly expecting OP to be blackmailed like what CNN did with the person who created the Donald Trump CNN wrestling gif

3 upvotesRutCry2 years ago

What do you mean by blackmailed, and what was the CNN gif?

8 upvotessezamus2 years ago

If I worked for CNN, I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. It's much worse than being a pornstar and doing anal gangbang. Pornstars don't lie that much.

4 upvotesdancingkungfy2 years ago

Wait what happened? Was this sub featured on CNN?

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

CNN knows that TRP is gaining serious traction. The best part? It's users remain mostly anonymous, so you never know who in society is redpill equipped.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The first rule of fight club.... ;)

5 upvotesalphabetamix2 years ago

To discerning visitors from CNN,

Welcome. This is my very first post here, although I have been a long time lurker.

I'm sure you've heard the expression “Always check your sources.” Well, here is your big chance to check out how reliable CNN is as a news source. What you'll find is what people mean when they talk about Fake News.

The first casualty of war is the truth. That's what the establishment doesn't like about this sub. It tells it how it is. This is the only place that you'll actually find the truth. This sub scares the shit out of the establishment. That's why they want it shut down. This “news” article is their way of silencing dissent.

Some people can't handle the truth, so they lie, lie, lie, to themselves and others. The best lies contain a grain of truth. Quite a lot of what was said in this clip is factual, some of it was actually true but most of it was disinformation, conflating things that have nothing to do with this sub.

This piece is a slick, attempted hit-job on this sub. However, CNN have made a massive mistake with this clearly disprovable propaganda. You only have to read the sub to verify that this clip is not actually nonsense but deliberate misinformation. What else are CNN lying about?

However, it's not so much what is said, as how it's presented, the tone of the interview. For example, the images shown, the body language of the two women, the presenter with the “serious” face nodding along with everything the so-called expert says and the “expert” waving her hands about dismissively while talking about men.

Presenter: “Everything you've been told about society, about gender, race, politics is a lie.” Expert: “You'll hear that term used in a lot of different communities on the far-right and basically it means being awakened to the truth of the way that reality really is. It's actually men who are at a disadvantage and they need to do whatever is in their control to put the women back in their place.” This sub is not the alt-right. There are some alt-right supporters, but that is not the Red Pill in any way.

Immediately after saying this she claims to empathize with men who have to go on the internet to find out about women. However, she has this incredulous look on her face as she speaks, showing her contempt for these men. She obviously thinks they are pathetic.

Who is this expert? Becca Lewis is a researcher at Data and Society with an MSc in Social Science. Her interests include gender and race. For example, her tweets quote a Vox article “We routinely underestimate what it means that our political system has been constructed and interpreted by men.” (You have no idea how right that is, Becca.) Another of her tweets says “great piece...on the ways popular feminism can silence dissent and distract from the impacts of misogyny.” (Not even bothering to hid your agenda are you, Becca?) She makes it quite clear that she wants to “silence dissent” of feminism. Shutting down this sub would suit her agenda.

However, the problem for this feminist bullshit is that it will reach people with enquiring minds who are able to think rationally and thus the Red Pill ideology will only grow. More people will swallow the red pill than ever before.

You just shot yourself in the foot, CNN.

1 upvotesRakosnik2 years ago

everyone with a half brains knows CNN the fake news is full of shit. those that stll rely on CNN even believe them are almost lost already. one needs to come to such a realization on his own. we can point out things and lead but its up to them to make their minds.

2 upvotesmattmaster682 years ago

Seriously love the assertiveness and threatening message at the end. Not playing any games, real shit. No warnings, that's how it should be.

1 upvotesspecialCupcake2 years ago

Man, this guy saw it comming: https://youtu.be/XELsU0WsI5w?t=265

Literally got grouped in with the KKK...

2 upvotesWraeclast_Exile2 years ago

Did we really get a large surge in traffic after the report aired? Do they still linger?

2 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

The psychologist is also funny. He says if you do something often enough online with your "online personality" it will become normal and "feel less extreme" and you will apply it to your real-lives.

There are millions of people playing video game shooters and in them killing thousands of people. I don't see that transferred to real-life at all.

Also the conditioning. let's say "red pill" 1000 times and show Hitler and Nazi stuff at the same time. That is why you need to read books and not watch videos.

2 upvotesthelotusknyte2 years ago

The content in this video is such bullshit.

2 upvotesTop_Brazzler2 years ago


Here is the CNN 12 minute video about TRP

2 upvotesTheDarkRanger2 years ago

What a fucking cunt that reporter is.

I really just hope a meteor falls one day on CNN's headquarters and fucking kills everybody there.


2 upvotesJimiJons2 years ago

I love that the top comments contain dozens of Liberal, Muslim, immigrant, and minority red pillers chiming in on how much bullshit the CNN report was.

2 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

You have to ask WHY rather than just think of incompetence. We're going through a period of dividing and conquering of the middle and lower class. Calling a place full of men "anti-women" does no good because that's not the biggest divider. The best way to divide this place is by race. If you can make it black vs white, that's the biggest line differential you can attack to divide this place.

Again, in places full of all people, making it "men vs women" automatically halves the united population, you can further divide it by pushing white vs black.

The goal right now is to divide people. That's pretty much everywhere. Calling this place racist is the best way to divide it that can be used. Make sure to report every racist comment to remove any ammo people try to use to divide and shut this place down. Especially racist comments from astroturfers or new accounts that probably have an agenda.

4 upvoteschacamaschaca2 years ago

You did this to yourselves with your worship of GayLube and his political kindred posts. The sub has drifted far from it's roots. The signal to noise ratio here is absurd. You've been infiltrated.

Either put on these sunglasses, or start eating that trashcan.

3 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

I thought it was interesting how they talked about /r redpillincels but neglected to mention Married Red Pill.

Hashtag: fakenews

Hashtag- MAGA

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm curious as to how long it's going to take before CNN airs a story about /r/redpillwomen. 20 years? 100 years?

The answer? Never.

1 upvotesAGameofTrolls2 years ago

I think this is going to bring our way more people interested in what this sub is really about. If it did anything was to bring TRP to the masses now. CNN is definetely not the same news network it was back in the 90's.

1 upvotesOliMcCracken2 years ago

I'm just gonna leave this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X5XT5O2u9U

1 upvoteseaeulis2 years ago

link to original video? original post was removed

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago


I believe.

1 upvotesNibblyPig2 years ago

They haven't been lied to, they simply wanted to make money through sensationalism. They deal in shock. They lied and twisted facts to create something that would create the most amount of controversy, for profit. They know what they're doing and they don't care.

1 upvotesSomberRook2 years ago

All the more reason to shun mainstream media like CNN. Mods, consider recruiting more help to vet the boards. An influx of cucks might rear their ore towards the forums.

1 upvotesnantucketghost2 years ago

CNN has become such a joke.

Posted in the other thread, but I'll copy and past it here:

God forbid men find a community where they're encouraged to lift/work out, read/gain intellectual knowledge, and find purpose in life, thereby gaining confidence!!

1 upvotesAlDavisGhost2 years ago

Here's the link to the CNN video http://money.cnn.com/video/technology/culture/2017/10/29/divided-we-code-red-pill.cnnmoney/index.html

2 upvotes006rbc2 years ago

Don't link to their source, it gives them traffic and ad revenue.

1 upvotesunhealthy12 years ago

Lol, CNN once again lecturing everyone. Why does big bad CNN care what we do in our corner of the internet? So gaming and analyzing the modern, ill mannered, overweight, duplicitous, unfeminine western women and telling men to vet their mates and find good wives and women is bad? Telling men about hypergamy is bad? I gurantee, the average TRP readee post 1 year is in far better shape than a blue piller.

Attention CNN:

CNN go home and ask your wives for regular sex and to contribute just as much as a man does and you will soon find your way back to this subreddit.

CNN editors, spy on your wifes cell phone for 1 month, i dare you. You will return to us a new TRP convert.

CNN editors, stand up tp your wives, see what happens.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

CNN = open hypergamy and misandrist thots

1 upvotesVickVaseline2 years ago

That video is so stupid that it's almost unwatchable.

'Josh' is an ex-RPer? You can't spit out the red pill. Once your eyes are open, they remain forever open.

I did relate to him when he said that he found TRP by Googling, "How do I get my girlfriend back?"

I found TRP by Googling, "Why do girls always treat me like garbage?"

1 upvotesBPasFuck2 years ago

Wow. What an over-produced piece of crap @CNN.

If you have to add music, vocal effects, etc, you're working with some super thin soup.

1 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

I've never called a woman a whore on TRP. Actually I've never called one this way outside of bed

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The end is near my friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to the backup before Reddit decides to nuke this sub

1 upvotesRollo_Mayhem32 years ago

The CNN video is simply a "hit piece." That's how the mainstream media works. They distort The Red Pill and basically take one thread and take it to the extreme. And they link it to the "alt-right." Totally false. Bogus. Quite honestly I would just ignore "them" and have a post that dissects the misconceptions of the video.

Edit: oh god, they linked it to the neo-nazis...wow.

1 upvotesGrauer_Ritter2 years ago

honestly the CNN post is probably a net benefit considering the number of readers who come here, and after reading a few articles for themselves, join TRP.

1 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

TRP isn't racist, but the dipshits at CNN think anyone who isn't a SJW cuck is a member of the tiki torch brigade. Honestly whenever I talk about Red Pill/Men issues with black dudes they always tell me this shit has been happening to them for decades.

1 upvotesyomo862 years ago

I honestly like the idea of having fresh critics coming in. TRP thrives due to honest disagreement. Anyway, the video is hilarious. Man on a chair, distorted voice, yet, no mouth can be seen moving not even the interviewers, much like placeholder video for a tune, then the dramatic music and the arc to the alt-right. This is beyond demonizing.

1 upvotesDr_NoWayKraut2 years ago

I bet this "Josh" that they interviewd is larping big time. They probably hired him to read TRP for 3 months and build a fake-persona around the posts he read.

1 upvotesmugniftw2 years ago

From a comment on the CNN report: "As someone who has rejected and "spat out the red pill", I have to say this video is complete garbage. I lurked that subreddit for over 3 years and I never saw anything even close to being racist. Heck i think like half the mods are POC. Furthermore, back during the presidential election, there was often discussiona on which political party was more in line with the red pill. They seemed split right down the middle. There were plenty of Democrats present in TRP. Something else that bothers me about this video is that it doesn't even argue against anything they preach; like self improvement, confidence, stoic meditations, or learning the evolutionary psychology behind female attraction. Trust me if you are a guy who cant figure out why the girl you like isn't interested in you, but she hooks up with the "asshole" who treats her poorly then this place will get you laid. Nice guys finish second, but TRP guys who finish on your girlfriend'sface."

1 upvotesfinancialwar2 years ago

Does anyone have the link to the CNN article or video or whatever it was?

-3 upvotesRPAlternate422 years ago

redpill... manosphere... picture of hitler... angry... matrix reference.

-24 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

I think everyone that subs here are giant losers.

14 upvotesturn20left2 years ago

Good thing your opinion doesn't matter.

14 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Did you come to this opinion by reading the material, thinking about the concepts critically, and making an informed decision? If so, good for you; you're starting to learn how to think for yourself.

On the other hand, are you parroting talking points that other people insist are true, without researching the subject matter? If so, you should read the sidebar, lurk in the sub, and learn to think for yourself.

-24 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

Scientology has more credibility and the dudes that believe this nonsense are really sad individuals that need professional help, not snake oil salesmen. You say I’m parroting yet i said one sentence. Sounds like you are clueless and desperate.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Genuinely curious. Do you know your topic, or have you just been told about your topic?

-10 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

Thanks for the question. Yes I am very familiar w/ this subject.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

As a follow-up What was your experience that brought you to your conclusion?

11 upvotesKalepsis2 years ago

Still living with your parents, huh?

Do you, dude.

-10 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

Actually I’m a home owner and that’s quite a beta hack insult.

3 upvotesRakosnik2 years ago

so much pity dude. deep down you know you've been lied to all your life. its ok. trp is hard to swallow. it might cause a shock as well. shocked people do weird things. you still have a chance.

you need to have your blue pill world come crashing down first. creative destruction. once the old ways are crashed theres room for the better new you.

-2 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

Your worldview is based off a cult ideology based off a scene in the movie The Matrix, a movie that was made by 2 trans dudes. Hilarious.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Youve already paid off a mortgage? Nice.

I'd hate to think I owned a place when really the bank does.

-3 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn2 years ago

Weak response man, really weak.

5 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

subs here

Where do you "sub," princess?

3 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

Thought-provoking posts like this are what make reddit great. I'm going to subscribe to this sub just for your personal insight.

-2 upvotesFinancierGuru2 years ago

I welcome any visitors from CNN. Hey, if they wanna do an interview with me, they might come out better than they came in !

Perhaps they need an into on What it means to be an alpha male

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