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Law 38 explains why a lot of you here are actually struggling.

by beliefthistuff on /r/TheRedPill
06 November 2017 01:33 AM UTC

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I want to contribute this because my last submission was more of a demand.

Law 38: Think as you like but behave like others.

If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.

It seems as if I've seen wealthy, decent looking, and a great deal of guys who don't seem to have anything wrong with them struggle to get with decent looking girls themselves. While it is obvious if an overweight neckbeard or a socially awkward guy with no game struggles, it is not as obvious when a guy who might appear to be perfectly normal struggles with women himself. After thinking more and more about it, I've come to realize why a lot of guys, especially those on subs like these, struggle with women.

You're struggling because you're socially disconnected.

While we preach a great deal about "going your own way" and "fuck society's norms", the reality is that most of you who are struggling come off as out of touch. There are a select few guys who can play the rebel image off well but most of you who are struggling are the kinds of guys who will walk up to Chads and Staceys and talking about MMORPGs.

To put it bluntly, most good looking younger women would be embarrassed of being seen around you. There is nothing about you or your lifestyle they find interesting or enviable enough! You're just not fun, nothing about you or your lifestyle gives women that rush to want to get with you.

The way your social life and the lifestyle you portray plays a big role in how a lot of hot girls perceive you because it is a display of your status. High status guys have a high status social life where they are friends with quality people who know where the next big party is going to be and show case the kind of life women want to be a part of. A lot of these guys have those flashy social media accounts with a lot of followers, likes, and pics of them doing cool shit.

Is it fake? Who knows but it is all about the way these guys present themselves to the world, they are masters of image while a lot of you who are struggling are not. Women want a part in that, they want to be in that next pic with the guy smiling with his friends and other hot girls, they have created a life women want to be a part of. What this guy managed to get right is he created a lifestyle that hot girls envy and they want to conquer him for it, even if they hate him, they can't stop thinking about him.

For most younger attractive women, I am going to say that a lifestyle which showcases a lot of partying, a big social circle, and always doing cool stuff like traveling is a hit. If it can be showcased on a social media with a lot of followers and likes, it is an even bigger hit. Not saying you necessarily have to do this but it is an option that cannot fail, other alternatives out there exist as well.

You don't have to go that far with it but you have to show that you "get it" and are in touch with the times, however that may be.

While this sub is a gold mine of information, being on it too long leads to guys having a lot of struggles.

The reason being because so much of this sub is bitter, things like building a social life are frowned upon, social media is often attacked, and anti-social behaviors such as talking to people about your nerdy hobbies are encouraged. There is often a bitter and "us against them" mentality which makes it difficult for someone spending too much time on here to relate to most people. Being an anti-social guy who has no friends is somehow spun around by some on here as being "alpha" because you don't conform.

Most of you struggling failed to apply law 38, you're out of touch and too "strange" in the eyes of society for anyone to want to associate with you.

Being on this sub too much doesn't help because a lot of things such as building a social circle and putting yourself in social situations are frowned upon, they're seen as try hard or "blue pill" activities. A lot of you fall into this nasty cycle, shut yourself off from society, become unrelatable, and it shows when you struggle. To some degree, women want men that are somewhat in touch with society and can be introduced to their friends without embarrassing them.

You are struggling because you just can't connect with most others like you and this drives women away because it means you lack social awareness.

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158 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Great point.

For all the advice about being outcome independent and self validating etc etc, it misses one key point.

We are social, herd animals to a large extent. It's difficult to free yourself from this mentality, but possible. But the problem is that it's impossible for you to change the herd.

You may be able to live without the herd, but the flipside of this is that the herd will then expel you.

Social validation cannot come from within. It's not something you can meditate enough to get.

It doesn't matter how cool or alpha you are, if you walk into a party and everyone ignores you, your a loser. If you don't get this, then maybe your not as socially aware as you think you are.


To expand on this.

Say you want to be your ultimate Alpha dude free of the Man and run your own business because fuck society.

Well society fucks you back, what are you going to do when a mob mentality means no-one wants to buy your products or work for you? How's your business going to go then?

Maybe you got an online product that is literally just you? What happens when an SJW mob pressures paypal to stop accepting your payments.

No problem you say, I'll get a patreon.

Surprise surprise patreon has a clause about hate speech and your shit out of luck.

You can fuck society as much as you want, but it's always going to be able to fuck you back harder.

We all exist within a society, act according to what you think will improve your position, but you can't leave society.

25 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Only to a degree. Being part of the sheeple horde, going to a party spending 100 dollars because 'I dunno, everyone just goes to this party' is the most unhealthy mindset to have. No girl is going to get wet from that personality. Oh she'll date you, pry open your wallet, maybe you get your dick wet after much effort.

Most of our culture is hazardous for guys and specifically designed to put you in the beta role. Parties are all about women luring you to spend money on drinks that go to the big alpha company guys who sell the stuff. You think girls spend their money on drinks? Even if they do, they get free shit the next day so it evens out.

The only good part in this post was the note about having a large social circle and being socially savy with any type of person. Learn how to talk to anyone should you require it. But for the love of god, don't go buying 4 festival tickets, 1 trip to Dubai and 10000 likes on Instagram.

1 upvotesIchewfivegum2 years ago

What parties do you go to that cost money? I'm sure they'd be worth it if you had the money to waste, but like don't do shit you can't afford.

7 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

I was the type of guy that skipped class all through high school to pre-drink and then party 2-4 days a week. Generally being smashed most of the time, even semi boozed up at football practice. I've lived that life for years and I wasn't the most blue pill guy either so I had fun. Generally I learned that parties lose their magic the moment the curtain drops.

You realize what it's all about. The unique moments fade because it's a repetitive formula. Same venue, same type of people, same build up. It still costs a shit ton of money paying your own drinks alone. Let alone rounds for your maytes, which you will have to dish out if you want to attend with any form of a respectable entourage.

The only guys who don't reach this conclusion in their late twenties are guys who missed out in one way or another. They didn't go out as a teenager, they had a girlfriend perhaps and wanted to be loyal. Whatever the reason, they didn't complete that level yet from the game that is life.

And it's understandable but personally I'm not going to put allot of emphasis on parties anymore. Nowadays I attend one every month, fewer even in the cold months since women are extra bitchy and stuckup when it's winter. There's so much more you can do with or without people without leaving your body in shambles for a slow sunday.

3 upvotesIchewfivegum2 years ago

4 days a week in high school? Wow that is definetely a lot for high school. I'm not saying I'm still in the stage where I party all the time, it's really starting to lose its magic for me, but I don't remember partying costing 100$ a night. Unless you do Coke every time you go out. A gram of decent Coke should be about 80$ plus your liquor for 20-40. If you buy lots hard liquor you can stretch 40$-60$ for 4 nights out. Partying is essentially flexing your social status, which is what made it lose its magic for me. It's just a bunch of Machiavellians pretending to have a good time plus maybe one or two people you actually want to be around. That's the way I see it anyways.

3 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Haha I just threw an exaggerated number to prove my point. When I was younger I didn't value money as much. I threw it away on a fun night out. And yes if possible I'd be going out thurs-monday. The end of high school/college was when I peaked. And just like you said it's losing it's magic. Moderation in everything is key.

I know some guys who party every day of the weekend still. Buying expensive festival tickets etc. They are miserable AFC's you can just tell. They are doing it for the pussy and hardly any off them are getting pussy. That's partially because women treat parties like Tinder/Social Media. It's just a place to horde attention and any intent to actually fuck is hardly in their minds.

Your odds of getting laid while spontaneously running into a girl who goes all "amagad he's so special, we met by total accident, is this fate?" is much higher. Because at that moment it's not about hoarding your attention, it's about quickly throwing sex at your face out of fear you won't just go away.

1 upvotesRetailCon2 years ago

Who drinks spirits the whole night? Probably smash a ton of beers then move onto rum and coke. Not going to stand around for 4 hours and only drink 5 mixers.

1 upvotesTRP_Only2 years ago

Beer in bars here is around $5.50 US per pint. 2 pints an hour before tip is $11. A double rum and coke (my favorite) is about $9-12 depending on where you go. Drink 3 of those in 2 hours or less and I can see how you can easily spend $100/night. I'll just buy a bottle of the same rum for $25 for the good shit, and drink at a house party all night. I can drink a bottle in a night easily. In the south we drink a ton at events and what not, so its more about longevity drinking. I can fill my yeti up with rum and coke and put about 1/3 of a bottle in just that one fill up. Might last me 2-2.5 hours. That same drink would cost me somewhere around $50 in a bar though before tip.

53 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 years ago

After “becoming alpha” it’s so much harder to relate to a lot of people. Blue pillers preach just be yourself but once you start becoming the best version of yourself they hate you. They attack you.

People that were more alpha than you feel threatened. Girls’ guy friends start to confront you because you’re not “safe.” They struggle to talk to their crush but to see you, a stranger, making their oneitis laugh hurts their ego.

Beta males look at you with awe and envy. You’re both God and Satan in their eyes. Girls treat you better for doing less and hold contempt for men who actually care about them.

Elites push the blue pill narrative for safety. If they didn’t pretend to believe the blue pill narrative and actively promote it, society would turn against them out of jealousy. Without blue pill sedation all the betas would become militant and riot the streets like Fight Club.

Most don’t know this

2 upvotesTissueBabies2 years ago

Yeah, one of the hardest part of TRP is that it's actually effective. Changes the way you see people when you can change their reactions based on your inputs. And what gets them to react positively...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don't interpret the intentions of the law to indicate that you have to "relate" to other people in society, or actually care about their acceptance. Just to be accepted. The acceptance and ensuing validation is a tool that will aid you in accomplishing your end goal. To desire to separate yourself from society can make you appear as if you are being ruled by your fear of rejection, and takes a valuable tool off the shelf. Use it for what you need, put it back when you're done.

5 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 years ago

The elites does not mean the law. Elites refers to the multibillionaires who’s investments have national political sway.

I never argued that one should remove himself from society since “no man is an island.” Law 38 tells you to fit in which I agree with.

What I’m arguing is that there’s a glass ceiling once you become alpha where people’s behavior changes again.

Before the ceiling people admire you and validate you for being alpha. After the ceiling people hate you and attack you for being too alpha. They begin demanding that because of your amount of power (wealth, strength, status), you’re obligated to carry them to the top even though they didn’t do any work.

You know that trope of the person who gets rich or famous and then “changes” on their old friends? I’m talking from the perspective of the person who’s “changed.”

The truth isn’t that you turned on your old friends, it’s that they chose not to improve with you and for some reason feel entitled to you giving away your bounty.

Lesson in there

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

That's a good thing, though. Who wants to be part of this betaized herd?

1 upvotesFuture962 years ago

You forgot to add...bluepillers try to take advantage of you as well when they see you being successful financially. They start flocking to you...everyone wanting to be your friend so you can buy them rounds of free drinks every weekend. They complain about their financial situations too and try to get cash from you..all while pretending to be your friend. This is why I have just one male friend. I cut the rest out of my life and I like it the way it is now.

24 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

Seems to me you are afraid of taking risks, and that you seek validation from others. People may act politely to you painting the picture that you are socially accepted, but the fact of the matter is that it is worthless validation. I can't remember the last time I could carry around my social validation to present to new people I meet. I also can't remember the last time I put, "People like me," on my resume.

You can bang bitches, have friends, and form connections by not being a little agreeable bitch. You just have to have well thought out ideas instead of parroting what you see on TV. And you have to have the balls and presence to deliver them. People can smell phony, and if you don't truly believe in your ideas, you will get ostracized. On the flip side, people respect real conviction.

Additionally, most people we meet on the streets are sheep. They bring no value and they can't help you get to where you want. So why pander to a weak, useless, and no value holding crowd? (Rhetorical question)

Agree to disagree. Cheers.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

People may act politely to you painting the picture that you are socially accepted, but the fact of the matter is that it is worthless validation

True, but I think your missing the other side of the coin.

You can bang bitches, have friends, and form connections by not being a little agreeable bitch.

All those require another person to make a judgement call about you, and give you their validation. You valuing/not valuing that is a separate concept then them giving/not giving it to you.

1 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

Over think things much? Jeezus. Do you, bro. Do you.

2 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

but the flipside of this is that the herd will then expel you.

So? We live in an era where we can survive largely without the herd. My people will join me, I'm sure. The rest.. who cares.

1 upvotesmichael_wilkins2 years ago

Did you build the computer your typing this on?

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

I said 'largely' for a reason. The machine I'm working on was 'largely' built my machines... and I don't need to be part of the herd to take advantage of other people's work. That wasn't the point, was it?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That's so true. You can't isolate, not even if you try, not even with the girl you like: today, she is fucking her boyfriend and while he's a loser, once you get with her you will touch where he has already touched before, you two will share the sensations of her body forever. Be happy, you have your first Best Friend even if you didn't want it :D

His point is right: I'm finishing my monk mode in a new city where people's mentality is 30 years behind. I can't stand them but I know I'll join a gym somewhere and make new friends, or become a regular in some bar and start from there. You HAVE to do it. In your way, according to your personality, but you have.

96 upvotesjimjackjoe2 years ago

aw, fuck it. life's too short to act like a normal faggot all the time. imagine having an instagram account showing you doing 'lots of cool stuff' because you think it will attract women. you've gone down a lame-assed road that won't even bring you good results with women. imagine being funny and interesting and weird but repressing it all because you think girls won't like it or normal people won't like it. i can't stress enough that women like originals. as longs as said originals are not, like, autistic or just "off." like, you have to be a lucid thinker who makes sense if you want to pull of being 'different.' and as long as you indicate to a woman that you're conscious of the 'correct' social protcols, and are not obvlivious to them, then you can break said protocols as much as you want if you are funny or interesting about it.

then again, trying to be different if you're naturally totally normal won't work either. like if you've ever gone through a phase of caring about androids being better than iphones or whatever, as one other commenter mentioned, then your probably totally screwed if you ever attempt to take the 'unique' route. won't work for you--don't bother.

but god, i've picked up so so so so so many women over the years, and have had women develop so many infatuations with me, because i'm weird and say things other people won't say.

but yeah, obvi there are times to restrain yourself too. like if a bunch of aquantance-dudes, who you need to keep in the good graces of for business reasons or whatever reason, are all talking and complaining about married life, you can't be like, "welp, i've circumvented all that bullshit and love my life! woooooooo!" you have to be like, "damn, i envy all of you. at least you won't die alone. don't take marriage for granted. personally, i can't wait until i find 'the one'". or if your chick is like, 'booo hooo, my cat died.' you can't be like, 'whatever, it's a dumb, boring cat that didn't even love you. it only seemed like it loved you because you fed it and petted it every day.' you have to be like, 'i'm sorry. there there!'

also, all this being said, i've met many many women who also HATED my style. but, you know, fuck em. and if you actually spend enough time around them, and let them understand your weirdness is actually a result of uncommon mental lucidity, then they'll start to come around.

anyway, just some random thoughts. i don't think i'm teaching OP anything or anything like that. 85% chance he already knows everything i've said. and obviously, there's truth in what OP says as well. all about that nuance, my boys. gotta do whatever works for you.

oh, and one other thing. 'style' is exceptionally important. if you have natural style, it's much easier to get away with doing things your own way.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And you will get laid more than anyone trying to follow rule 38 as much as OP preaches. Read this guys post lurkers, he points out the flaws with this shitty law - while also giving it credit for the situations where it is applicable.

9 upvotesMySpeed2 years ago

I am only months on this sub but i also realised that some parts of TRP are flawed. I dont want to be not myself just to get chicks. I just wanna have more confidence in my actions

5 upvotestrpthrowaway20032 years ago

most people current version of themselves is complete shit...

be confident in the actions of the best version of yourself..

-1 upvotesMySpeed2 years ago

well this sub seems to promote arrogance and just giving a shit about nothing for something great. If i would do half the things on this sub i would feel like such an asshole. Maybe manipulating people is not for me

1 upvotesjimjackjoe2 years ago

yeah but you're "manipulating" every moment unconsciously anyway. like, i can see a type of manipulation in you saying "maybe manipulating people is not for me"--you're playing a moral card and also a bit of the "have pity on me" card and also the "explanation for my resignation" card. those are cards man, and you're playing a game. realizing you're manipulating when you talk about not wanting to manipulate is redpill, man.

0 upvotesMySpeed2 years ago

well but if you just talk with no intention to manipulate i feel much better when i would do it consciously. Well that might be a little hypocritical...

2 upvotesjimjackjoe2 years ago

i have no idea what you're trying to say. i can't parse it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think it's all about tailoring and improving your natural game. Some of the teachings would be detrimental to my success. But I'm sure it works for those who struggle.

3 upvotesStarfuckingman2 years ago

The best comment on this entire thread.

2 upvotesty_based_riot2 years ago

Uncommon mental lucidity. I like that phrase, will remember it.

83 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Law 38: Think as you like but behave like others.

Which conflicts with:

  • Law 6: Court attention at all cost
  • Law 17: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability
  • Law 27: Play on people’s need to believe to create a cultlike following
  • Law 28: Enter action with boldness
  • Law 37: Create compelling spectacles
  • Law 39: Stir up waters to catch fish
  • Law 45: Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once
  • Law 46: Never appear too perfect

All of which involve behaving differently to others.

The basic concept makes sense.... but you can't spend your life going along with the flow and being ordinary and expecting to accomplish anything.

19 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

I agree but in a hive mind community aka high school and maybe your work place it’s best to go with the flow and not be too out there.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Blend in if you need to. Don't blend in because you think blending in would be good. So in your workplace or while in class, sure. Outside of that... trying to be all "correct and like others" you will be nothing but a beta. This however is the most basic of human understanding which should be expected from people. So preaching "Go your way, be your man, live by your values" of course means 'while not being stupid enough to get yourself in huge problems you will regret gotten into'.

1 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

I only meant to blend during hive mind/ mob mentalities situations.

4 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Nuance man, you need to be both. Go with the flow but stand out and do your own thing within that flow. Try to bend the currents here and there.

I've got this friend who's the perfect example. Lets call him Rob. Rob really wants to get validated by getting pussy. Everything he does is to get pussy. So when we go out and end up at this hipster cafe/club thing. Rob figures "this is a club, there's music, women like to dance, I'm gonna dance to" and "oh I see people drinking, now i'm gonna get a drink to". Next Rob spends the entire night lurking, conforming to what everyone else does, socializing but not getting anywhere. Going in predictable circles like he's driving a NASCAR race.

I thought the place was gay af, didn't feel like dancing to music that ain't my taste. Ended up at the corner of the bar, didn't look to talk to anyone in particular. Started building a pyramid from beer coasters. This lead to a conversation with the barman, noticed that the they had an old television on the wall. Suddenly I got the idea to play this drinking game where you zap through the channels, passing around the remote. There's enough cheap booze, I'm drinking, the barman is drinking, i'm bored, why the hell not. The game turns out to be a hit, two other people take notice (guy and a girl) and join in. The limelight is accumulating around me and my selfmade Pyramid of Giza. Some hotter girls take notice. And it just went on from there. Didn't even play that drinking game for long, things just naturally evolved throughout the night while everyone was getting smashed and laughed.

At the end of the night I banged a girl who'd become a valued plate. And Rob? He went home frustrated, passive aggressive and partially blaming me for not doing what I should have done. To do that which he and everyone else were doing. In his eyes I ruined the whole set up of the night, I corrupted his expectations of social etiquette. And ended up getting pussy despite my bad behavior. Bad bad me.

People should really get this more instead of the social framing about how people that get laid ought to act.

1 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

I'm not talking about being a beta that does shit to fit in. Jesus Christ the rule is Think as you like but behavior like others. I even said in a hive mind place (Aka work so you don't get fired) not the fucking club. If a bitch is at a club I don't care wtf anyone says she ain't fucking innocent it's a sexual charged place. (It's the not place to be the same.)

In his eyes I ruined the whole set up of the night, I corrupted his expectations of social etiquette.

This right here proves he wasn't even following the rule. He thought & behaved like others. Also I even said I agree so....

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

First, alphas make the rules, they don't follow them. So whatever the law of power says you shouldnt follow it all the time. Second, you are right that there is a time to be an individualistic jerkboy and a quiet force. That's why autists struggle so much, they can't find that subtlety, that nuance. Normies/betas and sometimes even women are generally more autistic in behavior. It still takes experience to asses a situation well enough. So like you said, if you're at a new job you just shut up and don't reveal your power level.

This right here proves he wasn't even following the rule.

Yeah if you put it like that. But you also said that in another situation, you agree that behaving contrary to others is beneficial and helps your cause.

-3 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

SMH. Keep telling yourself that.

4 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

Yea because people love knowing about the TRP and love seeing people act out of norm.

-2 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

Like I said. Keep doing you, buddy.

29 upvotesJustForTRP2 years ago

yeah, should have been 48 concepts of power, not laws, cus then we got guys who follow it like the bible, with the same contradictions of the bible

6 upvotesaiyaa22 years ago

They are laws, in that they are set in stone.

But they are impossible to follow all at once.

16 upvotesJFMX19962 years ago

Ehhh they're more like guidelines


1 upvotesCloudGuide2 years ago

They are more laws than concepts. If you take the general concept of law rather than a specific meaning of 'scientific laws' or legal laws.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Best way to use the Laws of Power is to apply it whenever they are useful and drop em whenever they are not. A toolbox like so much things in TRP.

To me personally this post is really bad. (OP's not your comment) If you try to wear a mask and be someone else (as alot of the laws of power make you think is best) you will literally fuck over your game. People who "try to do right" don't get laid or become sucessful. People who just DO and follow their own fucking values/ideas get laid.

1 upvotesCloudGuide2 years ago

I disagree with the people trying to do the right thing part. Most people who try to do the right thing actually believe/think they're doing the right thing.

If you do the right thing only because you know it's effective then you're more likely to be effective because you judge actions by their effects and not some a priori moral code imbedded into your psyche.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Most people who try to do the right thing actually believe/think they're doing the right thing.

Yes and this belief must be purged. Atleast if you want to improve. Trying to be correct in regards to a given situation will screw you over in a social setting. Good ol' "badboy" picture as an analogy. Is the rulebreaking badboy who makes the panties drop the guy who is trying to do the correct thing or rather the guy who just does whatever the fuck he wants?

Even if you change the context, by trying to do X just so you get result X you will most likely fail. Simply because you are trying to manipulate the situation. "Oh i will now behave in exact method X as i learned it from trp" will make you fall flat on your face longterm. You can fake it for a moment certainly, but to actually be effective in the loingrun shit needs to be real. Pretending to not give a fuck VS actually not giving a fuck for that matter. HUGE difference.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Parts of this sub miss the nuance in the advice because it doesn't appeal to their emotional state at that particular time.

The trick with TRP is knowing what to apply, when, and with how much force.

5 upvotestrplurker2 years ago

I believe law 38 is more about how to manipulate people and prevent them from becoming defensive. If you go into any social situation as "fuck what you think" then your going to immediately set off defensive alarms in the members of that social situation, members who you may need to manipulate. Thus you camouflage yourself until you know the situation better and can take a more appropriate set of actions. Every law is just a concept, a tool in a giant toolbox for living life. People need to learn them all and be comfortable using the right ones for the right situation.

If I'm going into a job interview, or presenting a business idea, I'm not going in with a "fuck you guys" mentality.

4 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago


And this is something the laws are weak on. They should be written as something like "Think as you like, but behave as others, until you understand what to do better". Less punchy, but less contradictory.

You just can't apply all the laws simultaneously - they all conflict too much.

2 upvotestrplurker2 years ago

Think the author deliberately made them that way so as to be easier to remember and grab attention. Yes they do tend to be confusing when people are first reading, especially if they haven't read any of the older books those laws are based on. I'm always telling people to read The Prince and The Art of War, those two books make Laws of power much easier to understand.

0 upvotesCloudGuide2 years ago

Laws always contradict each other — there's always conflicts and loopholes and overlaps. Hence why we have lawyers, judges, and courts — and hence why we have prudence.

Laws simply are a measure of a tendency of a particular situation — and are universal to an extent, but are not universal to all situations and to all times.

Hence Greene can extract certain principles/laws which work in some situations but not all others. When and where is the work of human prudence/judgement.

But that doesn't mean we can just use judgement willynilly without knowledge of laws/principles.

That's where Greene's book comes in handy — it supplies knowledge of common principles and laws that have worked in a lot of situations.

3 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

The basic concept makes sense.... but you can't spend your life going along with the flow and being ordinary and expecting to accomplish anything.

I think what law 38 tries to get at is that you can totally go your own way, but you have to be able to show the social IQ to know whats happening in the social world around you (ie show you're not a disconnected loser), and be able to show the self control to pay at least a tiny bit of lip service to it, even if only ironically.

2 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

Thanks, MattyAnon. Well done.

1 upvotesTheLaughingRhino2 years ago

While it's a little bizarre to think about at first, all of the laws you mentioned, including 38, apply if you dance.

I recognize not everyone here will dance or will enjoy it, but it sort of goes right down that checklist like clockwork.

If there is one thing I've learned, is that social proof matters most when it is "efficient"

A college professor with 200 students, he's reaching a bunch of women all at once. He gets to dominate the conversation. He gets to command the attention. It's heavy work to do it one at a time, but you reach them all fast.

Same with being a coveted and successful athlete in school or being in a rock band. Or even something like performance arts like acting.

When Channing Tatum is in movies and interviews and magazines, over time, women will hear enough and be exposed enough to where they "Feel" they know him. It's just an act, a presentation, but it triggers that comfort of "Feeling" Celebrities are like a social proof nuke, with max efficiency.

For the average Joe though, dancing has a mostly low barrier to entry. It can reach a wide audience. Only do it if you like it of course, but I can't really think of many other things that cover so many Laws Of Power at once.

Also wanted to take a moment to say , genuinely, thank you Matty Anon. A lot of what you've written over time has helped me and probably many others. It's always balanced and written in a way that's in an easy format to understand and absorb the concepts. Many things you've written have helped me reevaluate the way I've looked at certain concepts. I don't always agree or go your way, but it often get me to start asking tough questions and drawing good distinctions over time.

Maybe you are maxing out Law 27? Ah, who gives a shit, it's making a difference, that's all that matters to me.

1 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Maybe you are maxing out Law 27?

Haha nah. At least not yet ;)

Top level posts are how you get that cult following, and I make very few top level posts at least at the moment.

Also - I like to think (and thankyou for noticing) that I take a balanced view. This isn't how you get a cult going :)

1 upvotesSkayruss2 years ago

You forgot the most important one. Assume formlessness. Always be unpredictable. Sometimes following convention is shooting yourself in the foot. .

2 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

Assume formlessness

I didn't list this one because it fits in fairly well with behaving like others.

1 upvotesSmamelessMe2 years ago

I agree with OP that you may need to compromise to build a wide and interesting social circle.

Limiting your social circle to only red pilled people may be nice in theory, but to make the most of social connections, you will need to deal with all sorts of people. Fitting in helps. That is the purpose of Law 38. It says it is better to fit in where you have to or want to fit in, even if it means putting up your mask. The other laws are supposed to be executed behind that mask.

Law 6: Court attention at all cost

Attention can be positive and negative in context of rule 38. Negative attention is pushing red pill onto others at a party. Positive attention is being the life of the party. Law 38 recommends the latter.

Law 17: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability

This one is about how to conduct yourself when in, for the lack of a better word, "combat". The law 38 is about how not to conduct yourself in social situations. They are about completely different things.

Law 27: Play on people’s need to believe to create a cultlike following

Just like with law 6, building a cult-like following about your knowledge of TRP won't help you build a social life. Maybe try building it around your interesting hobby TRP? Or in other words, in context of law 38, play into the needs of the group you want to infiltrate. What are they into? What kind of person they want to follow?

Law 28: Enter action with boldness

The law continues: If you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it. I'd say it's pretty spot on for 38. Don't do anything you are not sure will further your social goal.

Law 37: Create compelling spectacles

Again, just like in law 6, negative spectacle is getting into unpleasant rant about hypergamy at a party. Positive attention is being the life of the party.

Law 39: Stir up waters to catch fish

This one is completely unrelated to 38. It tells you to stir up emotions, when you need to manipulate people. Now how to build persistent social circle.

Law 45: Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once

This is literally the same thing as law 38. Don't go overboard with being too new and different.

Law 46: Never appear too perfect

Same thing. Being too perfect drives people away. Other's are not perfect, so you should pretend you're not either, otherwise you come off as boasting.

tl;dr: I agree with OP. I agree with you. Law 38 is meant to tell you not to rub people you want to deal with on a persistent basis the wrong way. It is not meant to tell you to abandon all hope and be average.

1 upvotesFyrjefe2 years ago

I like this analysis. You point out how the laws are just different tools for different situations. Everyone is Looking at the laws as lenses you peer through at a singular circumstance.

1 upvotesCloudGuide2 years ago

Law 38 doesn't contradict any of those other laws if you don't take 'behave like others' in some sort of autist literalist interpretation—which is the problem with people who need to follow rules as if they were rules in the first place.

Law 38 = means your thoughts should have no need to be congruent to your actions unless it's to your advantage. i.e. there's no point or morality in being 'authentic' or congruent, unless it's effective to be so in that point or time.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

I think the wisdom here is that life isn't some binary RPG but a spontaneous row of events. The art is to learn nuance, to think on your feat and listen to your instincts and knowledge. Having your brain react and act in a natural way.

This is the real lesson here and not OP's point about being the lowest common denominator for girls, in the hopes that you get pussy. That's what women look for in a guy, nothing tangible, but that thing that can't be described.

0 upvotesTango_Mike_Mike2 years ago

Ignore the conflicts and carry on the message.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The message is garbage in first place. Rather ignore the message.

33 upvotesBrickles092 years ago

We don't get women because we put them on a pedestal. I've only killed my oneitis after I searched the cutest girls from my high school on facebook and saw how they are now. Without exception, they are all ugly now. When you start seeing (and treating) women for what they actually are, a piece of meat that will expire in 10 years, THEY will put you on a pedestal. Don't conform, be original, don't be that selfie idiot on social media.

9 upvotesI_Need_More_Space_2 years ago

OP seems to be clinging to one Law and pontificating on it. In actual power plays, it's important to know how to implement various laws. So in the business setting, yes, you should be more on your toes and ready to implement various strategies to help get you get where you want to be.

But, if you're just out in a social setting, for pete's sake, know how to put bitches in their place! They may say that you are a jerk or asshole, but that's great. Its much better than them saying that, "You're a nice guy." LOL

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There is nothing about you or your lifestyle they find interesting or enviable enough! You're just not fun, nothing about you or your lifestyle gives women that rush to want to get with you.

This hits home for me. I've been lonely lately, need some real friends. And I realized that I stay home and "work on myself" far too much and just need to get out of the house and experience the world alone. There's no one to join me, and what would they want to join?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If you work on yourself in first place, you are someone who actually CARES about it. People who care, who try to elevate themselves above their past selfes are already worthy people. Stop with the self-hate. Finding reasons why you are good enough is easy. Actually just do that right now. Im serious.

It's actually from a programm made by Julien Blanc. Shift i think. Make a list of 10 things people get for being friends with you/a girl gets for deciding to come with you.

Even the most basic things count. "I wouldnt wanne hurt her.", "Im good at eating puss.", "I actually care about myself." - whatever the fuck you can come up with. Write a list. And whenever you are playing yourself down remember you are worthy enough. You don't need to be the best, everyone is flawed. Just keep in mind why you are good enough. Good luck.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

These are good points. But I do need to work on doing stuff just for me.

23 upvotesCounterEarth2 years ago

This point is fundamental to understanding charisma. In order to connect with and influence others, you need to show you understand and relate to them. Disarm people with your smile, intuitive understanding of social conventions, and eloquence, all while asserting yourself and boldly demonstrating your individuality. The two are far from mutually exclusive.

Social proof is advantageous for almost any pursuit you involve yourself in. Don't handicap yourself by being an outcast, even if that image attracts some women.

3 upvotesrijeka12 years ago

What books can I read to make this philosophy concrete? I'm yearning for change and grasp knowledge. Thank you!

4 upvotesSakura482 years ago

The Charisma Myth is a good one.

3 upvotesstop_the_tickle2 years ago

How to win friends and influence people

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes. Habit 5, I think - seek first to understand then to be understood.

Empathic listening is critical in any relationship. Without it people will dislike you very quickly. Even if you don't agree with someone or their interpretation of a situation, having the ability to understand why they feel that way is essential.

8 upvotesAvengerSentinel2 years ago

I agree. If guys are looking to nail plenty of chicks, they should have a bustling social life, do tons of approaches etc.

However, guys here should know that pussy isn't the end-all, be-all. If you feel you're wasting time/money/energy chasing women, or you find your interactions with them to be vapid, you shouldn't have any reservations about temporarily opting out of the Sexual Marketplace. Maybe it's easy for me to say this because I've screwed dozens of women already (this is way less than others I know) but nowadays, I rarely think of women. I've been in Monk Mode the past few years and will get back to dating when my SMV is exponentially higher than it is now.

3 upvotesTHEDICKDEALER2 years ago

What steps have you taken to exponentially raise your smv out of curiosity?

1 upvotesAvengerSentinel2 years ago

Typical sidebar stuff: eating healthy, exercising, reading books, meditating, making advances professionally and improving at my passion (writing). I still have very tough days and life knocks me on my ass from time to time, but I pick myself up and keep moving forward (even if they're tiny baby steps).

However, I'm playing the long game. I'm only 24, and I feel men peak SMV wise in their late 40s/early 50s (although the revolutions we're due to have in health and medicine over the next 10-15 years are going to do wonders for the human lifespan, but that's another story), so I feel the progressions I'll be making over the next two decades will make me highly valuable in the SMP when I'm in my 40s (hell, maybe even earlier).

9 upvotesmagnificent182 years ago

This is a great post! Just to add to OP, just because you follow TRP doesn’t mean you have to ignore people in social interaction. Having TRP knowledge actually allows you to swim in social settings knowing what and what not to do. Having that extra knowledge gives you an advantage/power over everyone and allows you to be alpha when it matters the most (take lead and knowing how to have fun). Less than 1% really understand women and social psychology, use that to your advantage.

The fact someone avoids people is because they think they are special/different or haven’t gotten over the true nature of females and can’t accept the reality. Some might think “people/Women are x,y,z then what is the point of being serious with them?”

Well nothing in this life is forever and stop judging. Have fun while you can. Everything will one day go away. Think of each opportunity to have fun and only fun. And sex will come as the bi product. The more you start enjoying the moment and practice letting go once the moment is over, the better. You only live one life so do everything possible.

The only thing you should be better at than someone is knowing how to have more fun. No one will ever hate you for that 😏

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Second this. Make friends with everyone interesting, ask questions, and just enjoy yourself. When people see you as a social guy it's amazing how much easier it is to approach your set. Hell, when you can pull off the fun carefree vibe you will have women even approach you.

2 upvotesRock2live12 years ago

I can tell from experience being yourself and just having fun overall attracts people. Look for opportunities to have fun and laugh. Laugh at stupid things, surroundings, people, and yourself. Nothing really matters. Have a blast!

5 upvotesGunnarX2 years ago

I can't argue with most of what you stated here. Personally, I don't find it worth the effort taking the time to prestige my social media account(s). I also usually choose to NOT add my plates/FWBs to my facebook. Creates more 'mystery' with as little effort as possible.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

look at our hero Patrice O'Neil. The guy was a comic genius, but his 'fuck the man' attitude kept his career at 10% of his potential. He would straight up tell movie executives to fuck off. He would blow off SPIKE LEE when he was trying to put him in all his movies because he wouldnt commit to a 2 month shoot. He died young because he refused to take his medication because 'fuck the man'. If he would have stayed in line even 40% he would have been much more successful and likely alive. I wouldnt say 'do what everyone else does' because most men are average low T pussies, do what successful people do. As Guy Ritchie said "dont hate the game, play the game because your in it mate"

7 upvotestrpcounsel2 years ago

This is a horribly cancerous post and should be removed. Social media is the single greatest contributor to the cultural and societal rot the West has been experiencing for the last decade plus. This post screams "Plug me back in! I just want my penthouse apartment and steaks every night!" Who gives a fuck what women and the beta cucks think about the pictures you take of yourself.

Edit: If you are dependent on your social media game for status/women, much of the information you should have learned from this sub has gone right over your head.

1 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

Maybe so, but social media is the new norm, whether you like it or not.

Sit out, but I'm taking full advantage.

5 upvotestrpcounsel2 years ago

I'm sorry but where is the advantage? Serious question: All else held equal (looks, grades, money etc.), does the kid with an active social media presence do better with women/in life than the quiet, stoic kid who hits the gym and eats right without posting flexing-in-the-mirror pics and food selfies? I think not. The former is an open book while the ladder is a mystery. Women (people in general I would argue) want to figure out the puzzle for themselves. Or am I missing something?

1 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

Yeah, he does do better actually.

The silent stoic kid likely wouldn't be nearly as popular, therefore less social opportunities and lays.

Sure you want to create an air of mystery but just because you have social media it doesn't mean you can't still do that.

The younger you are, the weirder it is if you don't have social media. Think as you like, but behave like others.

Social media is also instant social proof.

2 upvotestrpcounsel2 years ago

Respectfully disagree mate. But to each his own. They may deny it their whole lives but the girls know instagram is bullshit. Ex-LTR always put more work into her online profile when things weren't going well for her. When she was happy she posted less and cared less. We should be the same way. Unless each post literally translates into sex or money, STFU and focus on your mission. Is your mission to take a million selfies until you find the right lighting? I guess it is. Sounds pretty pathetic if you ask me. My 2 cents.

Edit: The "behave like others" part of the law surely excludes retarded societal/cultural trends. It doesn't take a genius to realize history is not going to look favorably on the instagram/social media-crazed era.

Last point: A pillar of TRP is to not validate women unnecessarily. Now of course you aren't posting on their pics "OMG SO hawt <3" like her hundreds (thousands?) of orbiters, but I still do not believe for a second that the good looking kid in her class/office that doesn't follow her on instagram isn't garnering more of her interest than the good looking kid who keeps up with every one of her attention seeking posts.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I know this one is definitely a problem for me, mostly because of how I was raised. I was raised, quite simply, to tell the truth. I think that my parents did their best, but that the world in which they grew up was a fundamentally different one which rewarded different virtues. If I ever have a son I will do my best to help him understand from an early age that there are certain people in his in-group that he should be truthful and straightforward to, but that he must be very careful to decide who these people are and that he has no obligation to anyone else.

It's honestly almost as if to succeed in America today you have to raise your son as if he's going to be part of a royal family or something and he's going to be playing power politics for his life.

1 upvotesTHEDICKDEALER2 years ago

Care to elaborate good sir

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I would rather be honest and true to myself and be 65% successful with women than fake it all up and pander to shit i dont believe in just to be 85-90% successful with women. Being authentic and true to my person is far more important than getting into random womens vaginas. Its all about your confidence in yourself and what you believe in rather than your belief itself.

3 upvotesRock2live12 years ago

Same here. Men who prioritize pussy before honesty and being authentic are real losers. They have to create a fake "alpha" image of themselves on social media to get a women's attention because they lack self-worth.

3 upvotesmyaccountforIRLstuff2 years ago

I don't know. Despite what rule 38 says, I'll never go along with an SJW for example.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I know a couple of guys who have 50k+ instagram followers and they definitely score high quality women from it. Keep in mind these are just good looking guys who use gear year round and shamelessly self-promote. Easy pickings for them really but its a pretty shallow existence and you don't need to use social media if you don't want to

Show your social skills and standing by how you act in real life. Talk to everyone you come in to contact with during your day, Be the person who brings people together and creates events and you will reap the rewards.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The trouble I have is how do I even start? Meditation, lifting, reading, etc. all that shit is easy because it requires me and me alone. But as far as forming strong connections with people and building a social circle I really struggle.

I try to small talk when I can, but can't ever seem to get past that. A lot of people are very unresponsive and have their own little cliques that they don't want to venture out of what I've experienced, so I end up just walking away because they're so fucking boring.

I mean I'm in community college now, it's not like I'm still in highschool which I understood was probably the reason back then. But it's like they're fucking zombies when around strangers then I see them walk out to their little group of friends, the mask slips, and suddenly they're all animated and talkative.

Am I just targeting the wrong people? Am I not trying hard enough?

And as far as the social media thing I don't understand how I'm supposed to go from 70 followers to Chad in Shining Armor with 5000+ followers. I mean most of those guys have so many followers because they got Instagram early and while they were still popular in highschool. What do you tell people like me who literally just made an account 2 months ago simply to "catch up with the times"? I only have interesting stuff on there too. My pictures from Europe, skydiving, a mustang my dad's working on, etc.

This is all incredibly frustrating.

3 upvotestrplurker2 years ago

First, ignore social media for now. That shit is terrible if your not already extremely good at managing social settings, and for those who are it's merely another tool in their box.

The key to connecting and making friends is to get involved in the same shit they are involved in, some sport, event, scene or style. Humans bond over common goals and interests, in our distant past it was about survival and getting our next mean, nowadays it's about a multitude of things. For guys it's sports and cars, those two will have the widest net effect. Get into it, learn the teams and some basics, then go to the same places those people go to and when you walk up mention your kinda new and be genuinely interested in learning more. Most dudes will then try to teach you about that scene and bring you into the fold, provided your interested and make an effort. From there you can widen your social circle, get into other scenes and eventually chicks, who have their own rules, will start getting involved.

As for law 38, that's about camouflaging yourself and your intentions to put yourself in a better strategic position. It's a form of the much older rule "All war is deception".

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Pure blue pill post . You have to get a social life yes the RP isn't against that but this post screams bp pleasing the society agenda .

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm feeling itchy because of this post being upvoted so much. I literally feel in need to comment like some maniac while telling people how INCREDIBLY BAD this idea is. Sometimes you need to blend in, but that is the exception, the rule to it...sucks.

8 upvotesCrailberry2 years ago

Fuck. How does one fix this.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Don't. This law applies 'if at all' only to buisness and nothing else. You are literally learning to be worse if you apply this to a social setting.

2 upvotestrplurker2 years ago

Huh what, this law applies to every situation where you want to generate a positive outcome for yourself. It's camouflaging yourself and your intentions to mitigate a negative impact to your reputation until your in a better position. It applies whenever you enter into any new social interaction with people who may not be 100% familiar with and thus don't have a proper framework for social calibration. Otherwise you risk entering into the setting like a bull, alienating potential allies, creating enemies and doing harm to your reputation, which you should guard with your life.

Or to put it another way, any situation where you have something to lose and another person has something to gain is war, and "All War is deception".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Huh what, this law applies to every situation where you want to generate a positive outcome for yourself.

Im sure you get into the girls panties by behaving like every other beta-orbiter around her.

It's camouflaging yourself and your intentions to mitigate a negative impact to your reputation until your in a better position.

Bad. Bad. Bad. How often was "be man to woman" preached around here? Wear your intention in any social interaction on your fucking sleeve. All the guys trying to be 'normal', 'just friendly' creep the living shit out of any woman they are talking to. They will be creepy to other people. And you know why? Because someone trying to wear a fucking mask causes this. If your words and actions arent alligned with the intention behind it, it will be sensed and turns people off like nothing else. Authentic nature is attractive in todays day and age for a reason. Fake shit disgusts people.

Otherwise you risk entering into the setting like a bull, alienating potential allies, creating enemies and doing harm to your reputation, which you should guard with your life.

Going in like a retarded creep with a mask certainly will cause this to happen 100%. Rather alienate some while getting others to fully appreciate your stuff.

creating enemies and doing harm to your reputation, which you should guard with your life.

Have you ever been out before? Do you ACTUALLY believe anyone gives a shit about who you were the last time around? Unless you shit on the dinner table you are good to go. Especially because being remembered in a 'kinda bad' way is still better than being forgotten.

Or to put it another way, any situation where you have something to lose and another person has something to gain is war, and "All War is deception".

Okay, you actually never went out before. Any idiot non-chalantly talking to a girl will be more attractive than you. I'll even put in your superrational, superlogic language why that will be. The person which is the least reactive to another person wins. And here its not the "display" which counts, but the ACTUAL truth. If you go out with that dumbfuck war mentality everyone who simply doesn't care will "win".

Controlfreaks and Wannebe-Puppeteers don't get laid. Maybe sometimes by chance. Guys who are chill and don't give a fuck actually get laid. That is my closing statement to this crap. Make of it what you want, good luck.

5 upvotesFuture_Alpha2 years ago

hey man, good post.

could you suggest a way to become more conforming to present an image of a guy that is fun and 'in-touch' with society and how to be a guy women want to introduce to their friends? I have always had trouble with that and was always somewhat of an outcast even though i'm not bad looking.

4 upvotesHeartlessAtAFuneral2 years ago

I wouldn't want to be with such a judgmental, vapid cunt anyway.

2 upvotesEuphoricentia2 years ago

school keeps me busy to be doing that type of shit

2 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

Also, don't play yourself. You aren't a badboy archetype who goes his own way. Just fuck off with that shit and take advantage of amused mastery.

You don't have to really believe the shit you're acting.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Just here to rain down on your comment about social media accounts and a high status social life. Apart from a gross generalization that most guys here are part time lvl 100 night elfs, most guys actually have pretty identical social lives. Unless you are a rich spoiled brat, in that case your life is flying high.

Why? Because everyone has to work and every day only has 24 hours. I've always been around the popular people in both high school and college. You either are looking at it from the outside with rainbow colored glasses or you are comparing two extremes while overestimating the 'social life' you've experienced with people. Everyone has to work to earn money, needs time to rest, to exercise. Whatever you do in these 10 hours off time won't be drastically different.

For example this line.

For most younger attractive women, I am going to say that a lifestyle which showcases a lot of partying, a big social circle, and always doing cool stuff like traveling is a hit. If it can be showcased on a social media with a lot of followers and likes, it is an even bigger hit.

First, never play the women game. Unless you want to torture yourself with managing followers, making pictures etc. Unless you are living that rich kid life you are better off putting social media on the down low. Girls have these blown up Instagram accounts because 70% of their content are selfies. You post selfies? Nobody cares, people will just think you're vain and gay.

I've done the partying thing and really any guy who's serious about himself will quit the 'spend all my money 3 days in the weekend' bullshit around the time real life turns it's head. Again, women can afford to waste money on expensive drinks, bullshit parties etc. Odds are they are spending other peoples cash and going to parties is their way of expanding their market. If you're a guy and you go to a party you've utterly wasted your time if you didn't get your dick wet. Most people don't even have fun, it's an act of desperation and loneliness. So again, don't play the women game.

Finally travelling is equally destructive. It costs heaps of money, you aren't advancing your career or status in society. It's a cool experience at best, if you have some photos to show for it it might net you some likes. Woop fucking doo. Girls get away with this because for 10 short years they can pretty much do anything they want. They could stay indoors, rubbing their clit 7 days a week and they'd still be taken care off in every area by thristy AFC's.

This is why we say, do you, for you. Because say you travel to X destination because you are passionate about, it will bleed through your life and personality. Girls like a guy who's driven, passionate and goal oriented. If you fill your life with all the shit you hope that girls will like you for you'll just end up being cucked by a guy like me. Who doesn't give a fuck and runs his own playbook, having a blast. All of this hard work building up a life to get girls and you end up watching your girl get smashed by a guy who puts in zero effort. There you are, with a life you don't even enjoy. Do you want to be that guy?

Bottom line is this, whatever girls might enjoy doing. Don't follow them, do your own thing, lure them in and fuck their brains out.

1 upvotesswordshab2 years ago

This is true I see these beta male trendy fags with women all the time. Im not going stoop down to their level though and pretend to be some libtard fag just to get pussy.

1 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

The reason being because so much of this sub is bitter, things like building a social life are frowned upon, social media is often attacked, and anti-social behaviors such as talking to people about your nerdy hobbies are encouraged.

Only thing I can agree with you here is that social media is attacked and that rightly so. For anyone not yet an alpha chad with high confidence and outcome independence then social media is not for you. It's a huge time waster and studies have shown makes you depressed and anxious. It seems logic to assume the psych effects directly correlate with your confidence. The lower the higher the effect. The depressed mind is like "I suck so bad all these people have a much cooler life than me and look much better". That is not gonna help any newbies here. Hence the advice to not use it. But again if you actually already are Mr. Chad, then you would not be here, you would not care about other peoples life because yours is cooler anyway and you can use social media to your advanatge. But let's be blunt: Most men also and this sub will never get that far on their TRP journey.

Building a social life is actually encouraged. Don't know were you got this point from. This can also been seen from the reading recommendations most notably "How to make friends and influence people" and same goes for learning social skills. In fact the point of having interesting hobbies (anything non-nerdy) is exactly that you have something interesting to talk about. I have never seen here anything indicating you should talk about your gaming wins to and other nerd stuff. Especially not to women. In fact this is regularly discouraged.

So I agree that men who do what you say will fail but I disagree that that behavior is encouraged here in fact is is discouraged.

Also the main point of the law is "Don't talk about fight club". Don't go around your work place talking shit about feminism.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It’s all about mastering the art of banter.

I was this guy in my teens; “One of the boys” but anti-social, overly intense and intellectual.

I struggled to relate to people (particularly girls) who I found unbelievable facile, mentally shallow but enchantingly attractive. Although I enjoyed indulging in both drink and drugs I was never the brainless hedonist most around me seemed to be. I know the word weird was used at least once in my teens.

And I clung to all that as a source of identity. Yeah I didn’t really “get it” but was good looking, witty and “different” so better than them in some ways (worse in others).

Although not a money thing I lacked the common touch. And because I couldn’t master it self preservation and ego told me I was better for it, better than them in a sense.

Where did it get me?

A happy, successful and attractive thirty year old who’d wish he’d dropped the ego and had his twenties full of social media pics with carefree young girls in nightclubs.

And once you master the common touch (plus the rest we know; lift, idgaf, game) you wish you’d done it sooner. It really is great to flirt and feel attraction. Much better than being a deep and witty intellectual.

The common touch is essentially the art of banter. Once you master this you can hold court anywhere.

2 upvotestheseeker242 years ago

As a current senior in high school, this describes me almost perfectly. I abstain from excessive indulgence, yet still enjoy smoking on the weekends with my friends. However, all my friends are stoners who aren't on my intellectual level, as immodest as that sounds. My question to you is: how do I acquire the "common touch" with girls?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You must have frame. Frame is the difference between apologising for your intellectual oddity and having women (and men) attempt to be more intellectual around you to ingratiate themselves with you. In as playful and warm way as possible look at them stupidly for not getting the references and shake your head with a smile and call them Philistines.

But you can’t JUST do that. You don’t always have to lead. Make humorous observations about current affairs and life around you. If your relaxed, contented and good humoured who cares if he/she isn’t exactly high brow - most people are interesting in some way particularly when you give them and yourself a break.

Don’t apologise for who you are but don’t discount who they are either. Interactions are actually “supposed” to be fun regardless of the outcome. Took me an embarrassingly long time to work that out.

1 upvotesdawgsen2 years ago

Sir, I honestly want to thank you. Because you touched upon a important peace of the puzzle for a lot of us. For me personally, it is exactly one of my last major leaks I'm working on.


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don't find any of this necessary due to the women who are dating via dating websites. I don't have any social media accounts and can score relatively easily. I don't have a large number of friends, either. It's all about your game and how you present yourself and guide along the chase. I hate cold approaching, so I don't do it. It's so much easier online because 1) you're not actually talking to someone face to face, and 2) rejection usually only includes being ignored, which prevents awkward social interactions with women from occurring. I think that your advice is good overall, but such things are not necessary for a successful game plan.

1 upvotesVanRedPill2 years ago

Great read, thanks for the post!

In my opinion, women don't just intrinsicly want to be part of your lifestyle, your cool things you do or just have a picture with you.

They want that for more social validation. They wanna show their friends and acquaintances who they hung out with and make their friends jealous of those super cool things they did.

Women want to brag to their peers who they slept with and gain that social validation.

1 upvoteswooksarepeople22 years ago

When I read that law it totally hit me how outside of normal I can be sometimes. To easily I would talk about feminism and how I hated it and certainly did not make friends and made enemies. It's truly better to blend and just nod along with people about there ideas you don't agree with.

1 upvotesShinobiKrow2 years ago

I don't follow this "law", just like i don't follow most "laws". Not sure whether or not this hurts me or not, but i enjoy way too much to be me to make an effort to blend with others. There are certain advantages to blend, but i just don't care enough about them to sacrify my real identity. I'm considered pretty unconventional by most people, and that's usually one of the reason the girls i've fucked have listed to being attracted to me. Sometimes you just gotta accept being who you are and learning how to use that to your advantage instead of forcing yourself to be like others. People don't liking me is really not much of a problem to me. I honestly don't give a shit. I live very well with the fact that some will like, some won't, regardless of what i do. There is no way around that. But i can perfectly understand why some people might feel the need to blend in and be as loved as possible. I'm just one of those people.

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

I've had to consciously dumb myself down when talking to some people in order to be socially effective. Alcohol works too.

1 upvotesWholeFoodsMale2 years ago

Using law 38 as an excuse to never internalize the Red Pill.

1 upvotesHoldDatCrew2 years ago

This is a very good point, women fucking love men who have huge social lives. I always saw it differently though, I'd rather be myself and attract women that are actually attracted to whom I am, than be someone I am not and have hundreds of women attracted to me. Putting on a facade just for some cunt is pedestalizing, and ultimately a waste of time, IMO of course. Do whatever you want, even if that includes what OP has stated, but I feel living for yourself and self-validating is healthier than group validation for a society that is falling apart.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Forsaking yourself in order to "get pussy" or social validation is the essence if 'beta'.

Most woman would MUCH rather hang out and fuck a dude who is confident, fit and slightly eccentric, than one who appears to be making edits to his personality to be 'relevant' or fit in with the cool kids.

Fuck trying to be 'those guys' with the jiving insta pages if that isn't who you are. It'll only appear as try hard and desperate.

1 upvotesBokehClasses2 years ago

think as you like but behave like others

Behaving is the first step to submitting. You will subconsciously be affected without even realizing.

Your brain adopts new habits through behavior. Eventually your habits will be corrupted.

What's the solution? Honestly i don't fucking know.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I agree with your views on social media. I’m 17 and a senior in high school. I used to post on Instagram a lot more when I was 14 or 15 and two different girls asked me out when I was that age. Fast forward to today I’ve posted once in 2017 and nothing. Those posts of you doing things get you noticed. I guess I’m gonna have to start posting more again.

1 upvotesrushh242 years ago

I personally think that caring too much about social media can actually lead to lacking of social awareness. Sure, social proof is one of the most effective ways to prove that you are socially adept, and social media is the easiest way to frame your social proof. In reality though it is staged. For example, the 300 like profile picture the chick put up last night will prove that people think shes attractive and it will help her attract male attention. But this has absolutely nothing to do with her social awareness, because when you talk to her in real life she sounds like a potato. I just think social media is overrated and unnecessary but if you use it properly and with a grounded mind it can be useful. You aren't out of touch because you opt out though.

1 upvotesToSeeAndToHear2 years ago

A lifestyle of constant partying and traveling requires you to be pretty well off. Getting that requires exactly the opposite approach unless you are extremely lucky - rich parents or your startup got bought by Google or something.

Plenty of guys get laid without being Dan Bilzerian.

1 upvotesDatanami2 years ago

Which set of rules do these come from ?

1 upvotesriot21002 years ago

This is quite a problem of mine. Another is gaining friends who have this lifestyle that attracts high value girls.

1 upvotesGuthix4Days2 years ago

Social media is shit IMO because it is all fake.

You see, nothing on it is actually reflective of the actual person. They upload what they want you to see - them doing all this cool bullshit and bragging about it. Fakebook, Shitstagram, Crapchat, Twatter etc. are ALL electronic dick measuring competitions that are a major waste of time, and unless you can provide a lot of "cool" content on your page, your profile will be quickly dismissed as being "weird" or "uncool".

And besides, you don't want people (especially those of the opposite sex) to know what the hell you're up to. You're trying to distill the tension, build momentum, make the hamster spin and make her ask "moans what is mystery man up to more moaning?" All of this becomes useless if you are constantly posting on social media and texting her all those fucking annoying emojis and "how was your day????" messages.

This isn't an excuse to be anti-social, but I just think that socialising should be left for real life and not for a shitty web platform.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There’s no mystery to not posting unless your famous and having people view your page 24/7. Nobody is looking at your page if you don’t post anything. Your profile isn’t going to be dismissed as anything because nobody’s fucking looking at it because nobody cares. You don’t have to post all the time, you can post once every 2 weeks to show that you actually have a life. I had your mentality until this post. I’m gonna have to post more myself because I’ve only posted on my page once this year.

0 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

When I read the 48 laws a majority of them were things I’ve already dealt with and absorbed in my essence. For example I was one of those “androids better than Iphone” “this is better than that” kids for the first two years of high school. I realized there was no point of doing that because it segregated me from the people I wanted to fuck. Junior year I broke my LG G2 & bought a IPhone 6. I stopped wearing my Astro’s and got some beats. Some things you do because it makes it easier to blend in.

4 upvotesDat_Chad2 years ago

you're not your fucking khakis man

1 upvotesNitricTV2 years ago

Just giving an example my dude

0 upvotesCloudGuide2 years ago

Good post. Far too many autist betas are getting triggered by the fact that society matters. Alphas aren't the ultimate outsiders — they're the ultimate insiders. So many people generally, but specifically on this sub, rejoice in being an 'outsider' 'free thinker' 'unplugged' and all that bs. Look thinking for yourself is important, but being popular is even more important. Embrace being a normie. Stop being a fucking loser.

1 upvotestenxs2 years ago

IMO "The Laws of Power" is just a collection of concepts/ideas on how to gain power over others while at the same time sensitizing you for their manipulation attempts. Pick a few ways that suit you and apply them, but it's impossible to always follow all of them. Personally, I don't like #38.

1 upvotestrplurker2 years ago

but it's impossible to follow all of them

Then you don't understand them.

Laws of Power is a common language list of concepts taught in much older books like The Prince, Art of War, Book of Five Rings and so forth. They all apply, every last one of them. Some apply internally, others externally, and all should be part of a grander strategy.

Power is just the idea of being capable of effecting change.

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