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[FR] how hanging with some beta friends showed me how far I've come on my TRP journey

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November 12, 2017

This post is for the new guys just starting their TRP journey, as I myself was in your shoes not too long ago. It's a reminder that with self-improvement, digesting the sidebar, and by NGAF you will be able to not only see results, but be able to see how far you have come just by interacting with people.

I had a couple moments over the past few weeks that helped put into perceptive all the things I have been trying to improve upon since taking TRP. This all came after hanging out with some beta friends of mine recently and observing behaviors that I know I exhibited before I found this sub. This is not a bash on my friends, but more a reflection of what practicing what you learn here can change you for the better.

Case 1: Went out with some friends for one of their birthdays and one of my buddies said he was bring his new girl around. He has been hanging out with her for over 4 months and never made a move. I can tell instantly that this girl is using him as an orbiter, but has no real intention of letting him get any. She immediately starts flirting with me and I can tell it is making my friend angry. I flirt back a little, but I draw a line, as I don't think it is worth losing friends over one girl. Gaining an abundance mentality has truly helped me not get hung up on every encounter. After some time we start talking about frolfing and she says she's never gone, but would love to go tomorrow if I was free. I told her I had to work, but my friend was a pro and could show her how to play. I figured if she said yes it would put my buddy in a good spot for some kino and 1 on 1 time. She seemed into it until he opened his month. Immediately he lets her know that it's not a date and tells her he will bring his younger brother along. I was shocked at first. I set the kid up for the easy layup and he missed by a mile. Then it sunk in on the ride home, I was that guy not even a year ago. Too afraid of losing one girl out of fear of when the next one will come along. Jealous when the girl that was not even mine, got attention from someone else. I was at first mad at myself for ever behaving like this, but as I thought about it I was so glad that I had seen the light. No one girl is worth the frustration my buddy is putting himself though. Playing the friend card will only make you an orbiter.

Case 2: Went out to a beer festival with some friends of mine and ended the night at a bar near one of their places. The bar was pretty dead, but our bartender was very attractive. After going up to the bar to grab a round I can tell she is into me and I start to banter with her. The next couple times I grab a beer she starts talking with me and I kept negging her about not remember that my last name starts with a C and not a K. She's loving it, but my friends see it differently. She comes to our table multiple times just to talk and I continue to tease her the entire time. When she leaves the table my friends keep telling me to stop being an asshole to her. They were going to be her white knights. I just laughed it off and tell them it's not a big deal. The night ends with her following us outside as we get ready to leave and I ask her for her number. She gave it without hesitation and my friends are floored. They don't get why treating a potential plate as I did ended up with positive results. It was a good reminder that nice guys finish last. It got me thinking today about how fear of rejection use to cripple my chances. By not putting pussy on a pedestal you take all the pressure off yourself. Learn to hold frame and what you found so hard six months ago will over time come naturally to you.

In conclusion: What I've learned coming to TRP is that really what this is teaching you is a set of skills to get what you want out of life. Keep busy, learn new things, talk to everyone interesting, go for what you want and create a life you can be proud of. Over time this will seem less like a task and just who you are. It won't happen over night. If you fail today, know that tomorrow brings another chance to sink or swim. Practice a life of abundance and reap the rewards. Don't just take what the sub is teaching to pick up women. Instead, use it in all aspects of your life. Make it who you are. That is when you will see the results you are looking for.

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Title [FR] how hanging with some beta friends showed me how far I've come on my TRP journey
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Date 12 November 2017 01:18 AM UTC (3 years ago)
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