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Needy Texting Instantly Destroys Attraction (Image Example)

by TRPDigesting on /r/TheRedPill
05 December 2017 10:00 PM UTC

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I highly doubt that anybody who has arrived at TRP sends messages like the example I'm going to share, but I wanted to post it here to make a point.

Brief Backstory I have an older sister who is in her upper 20's, and she's been passively looking around for someone new to date.

She's reportedly been pretty disappointed with the lot of whiney, emasculated men out there and never takes things anywhere with them due to boredom and being un-attracted.

Her most recent endeavor was re-joining Bumble. She's been sharing some of her conversations and matches with me for chuckles.

This is one that I thought was particularly interesting.

The dude in question here is a guy who "stacked up pretty well on paper." Attractive enough, seemed like he had a decent life put together, has a dog (which is something stereotypical she goes after).

But he pretty much immediately killed any attraction he had going with this message that he sent.

She texted me the screenshot and said, "Is this beta? I'm not into that."

Here's some areas where things went awry for him.

  • Exorbitant use of Exclamation Points !

  • Reply is about 4 times longer than the message she sent to him first

  • Message is littered with excited, happy emojis...5, in total versus her original message which contained 0

  • Bombards her with questions right away instead of going with the flow of conversation

  • Puts all the decision on her by saying when he is free, and suggesting "Lunch, dinner, or something" if she's "up for it"

I highly doubt any of you are out there tripping on your faces this hard.

I felt a micro-ounce of sympathy for this guy, because he seems to be embodying the cultural values of being nice and interested in the girl...non-aggressive...all of that. He probably can't figure out why he was ghosted after this.

This is partly why it's a RP golden rule around here...keep your texting just for logistics only (especially in the initial stages of knowing the girl).

If texting is part of your game I'm inclined to believe that you're probably doing it better than this chap.

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1284 upvotesbickisnotmyname2 years ago

Haha. Wow lol 😝. I can’t believe what an idiot this guy acts like. I was shocked 😮 to see it!! Haha. I’m free literally any time you want to share more awesome 👏🏻 examples like this one. Shit was lit 🔥.

Anyways. Hope to see more posts from you soon. Coolio 👋🏻

181 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

At some point, I hope all of the texts/communication that has been intercepted and stored in NSA archives becomes indexed and searchable.

A veritable gold mine of relationship comedy awaits.

45 upvotesbickisnotmyname2 years ago

Some would argue that 63% of the global net-daily cringe quota is spent by the NSA—which is frighteningly similar to the percent black budget allocation they receive.

8 upvotesohHeyRightOn2 years ago

This comment can't be appreciated enough

26 upvotesAugustuscrassus2 years ago

I think the word coolio deserves a slap on it's own.

8 upvotesbickisnotmyname2 years ago

Mate. “I be free....”. He may as well have ended it with m’lady.

4 upvotespussyaficianado2 years ago

And a gif of him tipping his fedora.

1 upvotesRiace2 years ago

poor guy. he must be fucking useless even to himself.

12 upvotesKaulwmenosAmnos2 years ago

I kek'd so hard on "coolio"

4 upvotesPluglord2 years ago

Bruh this comment is killing me

2 upvotesjackandjill222 years ago

Sounds more like this guy just doesn't talk to girls in normal contexts enough.

1 upvotesdeville052 years ago

You failed at sounding needy. That came of as girly and cheerful

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

who the fuck randomly drops coolio into conversation?!

look, we all listen to gasters paradise in the 90's it ain't cool now.

133 upvotesking_of_red_alphas2 years ago

Man. Yeah this basically reads like a dog’s thoughts if you were dangling beef jerky over his head.

Sad thing is, I’m sure I’ve sent texts like this in the past long before finding TRP.

OTOH, this is almost a text book example of how to get rid of a girl if she is being too clingy and you just want her to kind of lose attraction for you.

12 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

Totally has that vibe about it, but I think this was his second message after "Hey!! What are you up to this weekend?!"

31 upvotesrefusewool2 years ago

Each exclamation mark is like a dagger in my heart

0 upvotesdumnem2 years ago

OTOH, this is almost a text book example of how to get rid of a girl if she is being too clingy and you just want her to kind of lose attraction for you

I've got three crazy exes that will not leave me alone. I've tried ignoring and blocking them. For some reason I feel like it's approaching stalking at this point and doing this shit is going to make it worse...

Though I managed to make one fuck off for like 12 months until she tried to rope me back with her victim complex.

344 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hey OP, maybe your sister boned this guy and he is getting rid of her with Solid Beta Game.

200 upvotesjman_72 years ago

Something something 4D chess

23 upvotesrigbed2 years ago

At least we’ve confirmed what a text would have to look like

55 upvotesharsha_hs2 years ago

This definitely avoids him a probable rape charge. This IS the way to break up.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Oh yea Brother.....he sends a few of these and he couldnt get her back if he tried

38 upvotesallrandomworldnews2 years ago

I tried it for lulz some time ago. The girl got mad enough to start a ltr with one of my friends. And tried to nuke the social circle.

You can only go so much beta before it backfires.

22 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

This phenomena was coined in an asktrp thread a few years back.


5 upvotesiwasbornred2 years ago


oh dude you got some real lols on that one

2 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

like both of your removed posts

2 upvotesiwasbornred2 years ago

Ha, thanks. Didn't get much response to them but glad to know they were appreciated by someone.

12 upvotesHeinzdoofens2 years ago

A girl's Beta game might make a guy want to fuck her, never the opposite.

She can up her alpha game if she wants to get rid of a guy she boned though.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

maybe your sister boned this guy

I don't think the verb bone is interchangeable with the verb fuck. When you bone someone doesn't this mean that you're 'giving them the bone' so to speak? Your sentence implies that OP's sister has a dick.

24 upvotespussyaficianado2 years ago

Maybe she does, we live in a post-genital society.

14 upvotesjonib0ni2 years ago

In 2017 you don't need a vagina to be a women. It's all identity.


142 upvotesUrsusG2 years ago

That text is an extreme example of what not to do.

Does he even need anyone to read his texts? He seems to be pretty content flowing his thoughts into writing and rambling.

98 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

Boggled my mind that a guy's brain would greenlight this shit before pressing send.

1 upvotesEastuss2 years ago

It's not weird that men act like women when they're basically told they should be more like women.

6 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Truth. Lot of people here have been there. Hilarious that now we're pointing the finger.

Text game is reeeaalll fucking simple: text for logistics, keep it short and sweet, don't give her attention.

The amount of time I've saved from just texting for logistics and filtering out flakey clowns is ridiculous. Bitches have beta orbiters for texting buddies. If she isn't fucking you, she should have about 0% of your attention.

2 upvotesEastuss2 years ago

Yes, don't give anything to people who don't want to give you anything. And the lesson works both ways, for women, don't ask anything if you won't give anything back.

last time on r sex was a woman who said a dude forced her to suck him. She said she just wanted cuddle and kiss on his bed, basically "give me what I want but you won't get what you want", be stoic don't take stupid risks, don't make people frustrated... not apologizing this dude though.

problem in this world is that women believe we owe them the attention and should settle for their rules...

39 upvotesHeinzdoofens2 years ago

This is the kind of text a girl should send a guy.

Girl Game is being nice, charming and accomodating so that the other party likes her.

Boy Game is being stubborn and ruthless with his decisions and to enforce it in order to kick out every girl who isn't into him and just wasting his time.

54 upvoteschauncy_popperstein2 years ago

I bet you $1000 he has ADHD.

1 upvotesElSuperBeasto4e2 years ago

Ouch i have ADHD and you're right i'm constantly making sure i dont pull shit like this

24 upvotesP4_Brotagonist2 years ago

Christ same here. I'll shit out a book and seconds after I send it think "oh god did I just let that happen." Instead I just try to send it to close male friends to irritate them.

12 upvotesTommy_4072 years ago

i have severe adhd & thats why i take 60mg a day of adderall so shit like this doesn't come to the drawing board.

not gonna lie, my 'shittexts' were never on that level. rofl lmao 😂😂 coolio

2 upvotesNastiN82 years ago

wish i had the power to take 60 mg a day still. Addy feels like its gonna kill me when I take just 20 mg now.

5 upvotesSonOfSparda3042 years ago

I've gotten better at this. I type fast, so what I still do is type the whole damn thing then erase all or most of it and only send a few words or single sentence.

Benefits of Androids: no typing bubbles for the other person to see.

0 upvotesTommy_4072 years ago

i do the exact same thing my brother

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'll have my $1000 dollars please, ADHD doesn't cause this particular retardation it'll be either anxiety or low self esteem.

Case study, I've done this shit before if I dont take my medication or mix it with alcohol.

However neither of those things cause the emoticons, that can only be cured with beatings.

1 upvotesantariusz2 years ago

Huh, weird maybe that’s why I do better with women when I’m tired. I thought it was just because I was more in a “IDGAF” mood. But the rambling direct output from my brain might be part of it too.

1 upvotesdumnem2 years ago

That's actually a probable explanation.

0 upvotesGravityflexo2 years ago

I think you mean the opposite of adhd

3 upvotesnotonlyplace2 years ago

This isn't extreme, this wasn't even that bad

4 upvotesDrumcode-Equals-Life2 years ago

Some people just have no concept of sentence structure. The number of people on my Facebook feed who can't be bothered to use a fucking comma, never mind a period, and instead just let their awful stream of consciousness vomit across the computer screen shows a complete failure in our education system.

56 upvotesmechawood2 years ago

Jesus christ. Even the time I went full beta via text wasn't this bad.

22 upvotesPunkYetii2 years ago

I just went full beta via text last night! That was a hard lesson learned. again. Fml.

5 upvotesStraightGlueWater2 years ago

Every once in awhile, even powerlifters drop a weight in the weight room.

Learn from it, and don't do it again.

4 upvotesPunkYetii2 years ago

Tbh, I salvaged the situation.

But things aren't the same. My mistake was thinking, in exaggerated terms, women can be a shoulder to cry on. Nope. You just come across as a bitch, regardless of the amount of stress you're under.

I was able to remember my training right after, but it's hard to rebuild your reputation once a woman sees your foundation has cracks.

Either way, I patched those cracks and restored my frame, but whatever. You live you learn.

3 upvotesLemilleon2 years ago

Same here. This time is worse cause you know that it won't work but can't help but do it. The self-awarness makes it that much worse.

8 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

You'll get there. Just fill your life with more interesting things than pussy, then you simply won't have the time to text for anything but logistics.

2 upvotesKoryphae_2 years ago

No, the more self-aware you are making this mistake the less chance you do it again later, or at least catch yourself mid doing it. If you realise while texting you are doing something wrong but still do it then your mindset is not fully changed, not fully unplugged since you are hoping to get a different response with the technique which has not worked previously. Perfect example of social conditioning i.e. be nice.

1 upvotesyazen_2 years ago

Second this. You gotta trust the process. It's hard the beginning especially if you have few failures, this happened to me. The first dates I had were awful, girls weren't responsive as I expected, and they weren't even my SMV, I just didn't take it personally, as they had shitty personalities. Man, when I upgraded the quality of women I go for bow, they are more responsive and I feel more confident. I think, women can sniff it, if you are just dating them, because you don't have any better, as they notice the SMV gap. With more beautiful women, they admire the fact you have balls to pursue them.

138 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

I cannot believe this epic fail!!!! 😱

Everyone knows to start the convo you gotta indicate you're ready to put a 💍 On it.

Then the two of you can 💑 And have 🎂 🍆💦🍑 👶🏻

2 upvotespussyaficianado2 years ago

Bro you shouldn't be doing that with babies, somebody send this guys isp to the Feds!

243 upvotesISaidThatOnPurpose2 years ago


Is your sister cute? Ask her if she wants to meet up in leavenworth for the christmas lighting ceremony this Saturday for me. srs.

tell her i'm a piece of shit with a tiny wiener and no money then DM me her email address, i'll handle it from there.

66 upvotesFyrjefe2 years ago

Pretty meta. The best part about this is you're getting vetted.

1 upvotesnomyconcept2 years ago

Only two posts submitted. Both are about gays and one is even posted in the gay subreddit.

Sure you want to meet OPs sister or are you hoping to meet OP this was?

6 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

You haven't read trp for a few weeks I assume.

1 upvotesnomyconcept2 years ago

Are we a gay sub now?

Kinda saw it coming (phrasing)

5 upvotesUpvotesfromnowhere2 years ago

Are you a gay sub? ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

2 upvotesxSiNNx2 years ago

I’m lost here. I’m assuming this is TRP meta in some way? Mind filling me in?

5 upvotesISaidThatOnPurpose2 years ago

They were both about how Gays are the most guilty subculture of sexual harassment.

OP, I'm also pretty right wing. Definitely mention that to a western washington girl...

1 upvotesNinokun2 years ago

Dont forget to bring Kazan Quentin and Holloway though.

95 upvotespilljourney2 years ago

Are you talking to your sister about rp theory? Why is she asking if this guy is beta?

1 upvotesnoblenacho2 years ago

Eh, the words "beta" and "alpha" go around pretty often nowadays, esp on the internet

1 upvotesX-Trem02 years ago

There, the same question was going around my head.


24 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

OP probably doesn't want to fuck his sister, so there isn't any problem in telling her about RP knowledge.

14 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

Depends on the sister , last thing you want is her talking about those "dating and manipulation blogs you used to read" should you ever meet a girl you decide to bring around . talk about a crack in your frame.

3 upvotesrpman692 years ago

Damn right. My sister confessed that, she is a feminist (basically I confronted her about why men shouldn't be doormats/white knights). Now I am determined not to let my gf meet my sister. I don't think she will break my relationship; but she will try to break my frame.

3 upvotesiwasbornred2 years ago

never let your girl around feminists. they are cancer

6 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

Talking about RP knowledge isn't talking about this specific reddit.

0 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

You're right and we have no clue how OP presented this information to his sister but when she's outright asking stuff like "Is this Beta?" I'm a little doubtful to the tact used to talk about his RP knowledge period You think using terms like Beta and Alpha males in conversation won't lead to some kind of manosphere blog or sexual strategy site is she pops them into Google?

1 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

Alpha and beta arem't some obscure concept to anyone. In fact almost everything we talk here isn't unknown even if people don't believe it.

-1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Abundance? Who cares if it loses him even 100 girls. Plenty more where they came from.

3 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

Do we sabotage ourselves just because " Fuck it Abundance!" now?

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

Pretty much, yeh. Why not? I've sometimes intentionally let go of women just to develop my abundance mentality. Who cares about any given woman, the underlying attitudes are what will change your life.

Of course, people have different methods and different ideas about how to go about this. This is just my experience.

2 upvotesartownz2 years ago

I like how you used "probably"

0 upvotesCoronaTRP2 years ago

She can tell girls he wants to fuck.

1 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

Why would his sister do that?

0 upvotesCoronaTRP2 years ago

I can imagine several scenarios, besides actual malice, that his sister may do that. Most depend on her not knowing how important is that it is kept a secret that he frequents such sites.

  1. She discusses these concepts with her girlfriends, who might overlap with your social circle.
  2. She may use red pill lingo like alpha or beta nonchalantly, and when prompted what is is, she may say "It's something I got from my brother :)"
  3. She gets hammered and tells it her best friend (and then it spreads from there)
  4. She points a guy she's dating here, saying it's what her brother does who is supposedly very good in satisfying women. If he somehow gets out of control, he could spread the knowledge too.

Unless his sister is his red pilled "bro" (which is probably the frame from which you are coming from, in that case, yeah "Why would she do that"), it would not be wise at all to let her know you are red pilled.

2 upvotesStraightGlueWater2 years ago

Like most things red pill, we give black and white, true or false answers because it helps the learning process.

You can talk RP with people who have demonstrated trustworthiness.

9 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

Beta isn't a term that's exclusive to TRP. Even some of the most bluepill folks out there know that there is an Alpha - Beta separation.

Beta is a joke all its own across the Internet (fedoras, neckbeards, m'lady) of course she knows about Beta's. There's no point in sharing RP wisdom with her, she's oblivious to it.

2 upvotesDubbleFUPAwitCheez2 years ago

Alpha and beta are terms you can throw around these days and most people will get it. If he's with his sister and points to some beta shit and says "that's some beta shit" she'll pick up on it.

1 upvotesPluglord2 years ago

This question needs answers

83 upvotesSupreme0verl0rd2 years ago

"Sounds fun. I have finals on Monday, what days are you free for dinner after that?"

12 upvotesLantisca2 years ago

Short, simple, to the point.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'd make it even more close ended and assertive than this. I'd just say, "bla bla bla finals on monday, I'll have more time after that. Let's meet up then." Can even go on to pick a day rather than leaving it up to her own availability.

2 upvotesceltiberian6662 years ago

Can even go on to pick a day rather than leaving it up to her own availability.

"Lets have some beers thursday 19h30 at the pub XXX."

Don't let her pick anything. You deal the cards.

4 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

"Bla bla bla" sounds a little unnecessary. I think saying "I have finals" is a better substitution for that fragment

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I didn't mean literally type bla bla. But sure that there's cool.

1 upvotesdonkey_democrat2 years ago

Oh ok. Your quotes threw me off

25 upvotesPogodick8in692 years ago

Fuck that was me fuck. Looks like an email your grandma would send you with worse grammar.

25 upvotesSandman6162 years ago

Even my grandma gets straight to logistics. The only text I ever get from her is "are you coming over this weekend?".

55 upvotesabolishpmo2 years ago

Tfw the grandma is more redpilled than this guy

11 upvotesGr0o0vy2 years ago

grandma basically plated him

0 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

Did you get your pickup lines off the Emojipasta sub?

49 upvotesakatsukirp2 years ago

Q: How can I be friendzoned into being one of her girlfriends?

A: text like a girl

3 upvotesscaffelpike2 years ago

It really is like a chick isn't it :/ let me just vomit every thought in my head into this text sprinkled with lots of cute faces :/

Chick here - would totally see this guy as a retarded puppy and instant turn off. Waaaay too excited to talk to me. He just seems like he'd take up too much of my time with incessant texting all day :/

24 upvotes11-Eleven-112 years ago

The first thing I decided to upon finding TRP was kill my neediness. After doing that I was able to build better relationships with people and become more comfortable with myself.

19 upvotesJohnnyvile2 years ago

So many haha’s for no reason. Also way out of left field with the conversation between emoji3 and emoji4. Also, adventures!!!!haha

2 upvotesalbino_red_head2 years ago

Also way out of left field with the conversation between emoji3 and emoji4

I can picture is him trimming his custom doilies for the holiday season.

1 upvotespussyaficianado2 years ago

Do you trim doilies? I always thought you just stopped needle pointing then when you were done.

0 upvotesalbino_red_head2 years ago

no idea, i just thought of the most beta thing I could.

17 upvotesquid_pro_quo_bro2 years ago

Oh Jesus, I thought I was bad, but that example made me feel better about myself.

28 upvotesBusterVadge2 years ago

Texting is for short communication only. I get frustrated when my girl sends me storybook texts or emails. Save it for a face to face convo.

I can only imagine how hard a woman must cringe when a random schmuck sends her a 10 paragraph text like this one.

10 upvotesshredzro2 years ago

I like short communications and I think it's mostly the older guys who do texting just for logistics.

0 upvotesdumnem2 years ago

I can only imagine how hard a woman must cringe when a random schmuck sends her a 10 paragraph text like this one.

I imagine even worse than I did. I very briefly looked at it, noticed like 5 emojis and several sentences, cringed, and decided if it was really necessary to read it.

-1 upvotesakatsukirp2 years ago

Don't get frustrated, just don't read them. Problem solved.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sometimes texting/snapping can be used to build rapport with someone. Often times I've tried the logistics thing straight up, and got ghosted or flaked on (after the plans were established). It personally hasn't worked for me very well. Keeping a conversation throughout the day with limited, spaced texts seems ideal in my opinion.

Edit: parenthesis

28 upvoteschildish_albino_2 years ago

If a chick ghosts you because you started talking logistics ("let's grab drinks this week. How does friday sound?"), then she had no interest in meeting up in the first place. This is especially true when it comes to dating apps like tinder or bumble. If you start scheduling a date and she stops responding, she likely was never interested in meeting you in the first place, and was just on there for validation (just wanted guys to flirt with her and tell her she's hot, with no chance of an actual relationship).

tl;dr: It wasn't your approach that was wrong, it was the girls. Move on to the next one.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about when it comes time to doing it they ghost at that point when the plans were already made. I just think there's a fine line sometimes. It depends on the person, obviously, but straight logistics and then radio silence seems like a higher chance of flaking in my experience.

8 upvoteschildish_albino_2 years ago

Then the plans weren't made. Not in her mind anyways. You're still not understanding me. She was stringing you along for the attention. Nothing more. Yes, that includes "Yeah I'd love to grab drinks on friday!", then flaking at the last minute. Because she knows if she denied your request, you'd start ignoring her and move on to the next girl. So she lets you think that she's serious, and willing to meet up with you, up until it's time to make good on that promise.


straight logistics and then radio silence

Is overkill. Just talk logistics and then end it there. But if she texts you, you can absolutely respond. No need to straight ignore her.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Oh I agree and don't doubt that's the case. I just think doing some texting up until the date is beneficial if you do it right. I've never really had it work for me as described by some to do just logistics and it really work. I think it may work better if you've met the person before to do this, but with randoms it creates more flakes/ghosting in my opinion. This is just my experience with it.

2 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

I think both you and Childish are right.

It really depends on the girl. For most girls, especially on dating apps, you don't want to waste too much time texting. Def logistics only for the most part.

However, there are some girls on there who may be a different case. They maybe new to the dating apps, may want to talk more through texts before meeting up or whatever. So yes, its not always black and white where you ALWAYS want to text for logistics only.

And now let me go back to the post OP did. My only gripe with that text/bumble message was the emojis and way too many "lols". Way too many. Other then that it wasn't that bad because some girls actually may want a long text message. Keep in mind OP's sister is thirsty for a boyfriend, she has a ton of options, so she simply doesn't want to waste too much time chit chatting.

7 upvotesNYCSPARKLE2 years ago

It's not.

The logistics don't have to be so cold and hard that it feels like you're scheduling a doctors appointment, but you should not be sending multiple texts in a day to a girl unless you've been on a few dates.

1 upvotesTheSecondLesson2 years ago

This was a hard lesson that I learned recently. Around women, curb your enthusiasm always.

1 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

This was a tough one for me too. I was never as bad as this guy up there...

...but sometimes I just like to have fun in the conversation and let the energy flow. There's a fine line between enjoying the moment together and ADHD wildness.

9 upvotesfruitynoodles2 years ago

It’s like a Christmas elf texting her!

18 upvoteswolverstreets2 years ago

Only text dicks.

Whatever they text you. Reply back with 8===D

13 upvotesPunkYetii2 years ago

Oh.. Is 8===D considered average..

I always go with 8==D and now I'm thinking that's a little small.

15 upvotesChasingPaper262 years ago

Generally each = equals 1 inch. So in theory , 5-6 of those are average. I always do 7, let them know your above average, but won’t be disappointed when they find out you lied to them. 8=======D /s

7 upvotesbratbarn2 years ago

When u rocking a coke can tho B=D

1 upvotesFatStig2 years ago

Only time I use emojis is to make it salacious or clear that I'm teasing.

49 upvotesbickisnotmyname2 years ago

The only time I use “salacious” is to make it sesquipedalian or clear that I’m obfuscating.

28 upvotesAlexDr0ps2 years ago

The only time I use "sesquipedalian" is to make it esoteric or clear that I'm pretentious

1 upvoteschuckus_mangionus2 years ago

The only time I use "esoteric" or "pretentious" is when I have no idea what I'm talking about.

5 upvotesBrontosaurus_Bukkake2 years ago

The only time I used "esoteric" and "pretentious" is when I misspelled "erotic" and "pretee-" whoops almost made a mistake here.

1 upvotesE4012 years ago

All these posts are shallow and pedantic. Yes. Shallow AND Pedantic.

1 upvotescwood922 years ago

Lois this meatloaf is shallow and pedantic!

7 upvotesTreeShoes2 years ago

Only time I use "esoteric" or "pretentious" is when I'm attemptiing to lose the listener in my loquaciousness.

10 upvoteski68402 years ago

For us it's laughable but that's what's out there so if you ever wonder why redpill works that's what you're up against😌

1 upvotesda_monk_pimp2 years ago

My girlfriend texts like this guy and its annoying AF, I barely text back anymore. So I imagine for a girl getting this from a guy its pure cancer.

9 upvotesBaconMeTimbers2 years ago

That message he replied with gave me cancer

9 upvotesWhisper2 years ago

Fun fact: Seattle is the major beta supplier for the western United States, providing 73% of soyboys, 67% of cucks, and an astonishing 94% of neckbeards to all states west of the Mississippi.

1 upvotesTheYoungPatriarch2 years ago

Soooo fucking true! i feel so out of place here and my game is suffering listening to men talk like this day in and day out.

1 upvotesenjoy_life882 years ago

See it as a test of your stoicism.

Also, you can stand out from the crowd much easier.

6 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

Seeing examples like this has made me adopt the rule of never making a (non-logistical) text longer than like 100 characters. Shorter if at all possible. Verbosity comes across as needy no matter who you're talking to.

1 upvotesbestCallEver2 years ago

Man I'm pretty good about brevity with babes, but I run a small business and do many of my sales online via email / Facebook messenger, and I'm often disgusted looking at the walls of text I have to send to potential clients. I try to trim them down but it's all necessary information ... just makes me feel like I'm trying too hard to make a sale / look desperate. It has to do with the fact that I'm making expensive custom pieces for people and there are a lot of fucking options. Still makes me cringe though.

0 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

That's a completely different context though. It's not regular social interaction.

9 upvotesDmva1002 years ago

No matter what a girl texts you, never respond or answer the question. The only exception is when setting up logistics. This should be the only time you ever acknowledge or send her texts. It will train her to avoid stupid text-game bullshit with you.

'Why haven't You talked to me today?' Ignore.

'Did I leave xXxX at your place?' Ignore.

'Why aren't you texting me back?' Ignore.

The response to any of these comes when you text back at YOUR convenience:

'Lets talk about it at 8:00pm at xxxx'

Anything beyond an enthusiastic and immediate 'Okay' warrants further ignoring and contacting another option

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lame. This is too try hard for my taste. Here's what i prefer.

'Why haven't You talked to me today?' Busy.

'Did I leave xXxX at your place?' Yes/No.

'Why aren't you texting me back?' Busy.

Sure if she then insists on dragging out the convo rather keeping it crisp and to the point then feel free to ignore. But ignoring almost every single communication just to seem like some mysterious douche is too try hard for me.

10 upvotesg23john2 years ago

You can do this with LTRs too, btw. A wise man on this sub about 2 years ago said “the one with less to lose has all the power (in the relationship)” . Texting anyone too much demonstrates that you NEED their approval and communication. In the context of a woman, it demonstrates that they have more power.

9 upvotesVendettos2 years ago

Solid advice here but as always, calibrate

6 upvotesnabosch2 years ago

Plot twist: OP’s sister is insane and this dude is doing a excellent job of dodging a bullet

23 upvotes5pecial2 years ago

if your sister is in her late 20s, she should take what she can get

19 upvotesmerchcon2 years ago

Horse shit - always see this shit on here thinking that a Women over the age of 23 has fuck all value - I'm surprised you didn't sign off with "just lift to be in the top 1% bruh".

You're probably a broke ass 21 year old living at home or in some shit run down apartment.

10 upvotesTheDreadnought12 years ago

Hey, I'm a broke ass 20 year old living at home and I don't think all women post-23 have low-no value. Stop the stereotypes and the bullying! #metoo /s

-4 upvotesmerchcon2 years ago
I don't think all women post-23 have low-no value 

if your sister is in her late 20s, she should take what she can get


1 upvotesGawernator2 years ago

Those aren't even the same person. fail

0 upvotesmerchcon2 years ago

My inbox doesn't show me that, just shows me the recent commentators name unless I go digging - I'm not gonna remember the original guys name like some sort of fucking autistic.

I do now realise that he's probably being sarcastic - not gonna remove my post though because I'm not a little bitch that tries to pretend he never makes mistakes.

1 upvotesGawernator2 years ago

It took more time to write your reply than to take the 1.2 seconds of scanning to see the name mismatch. Perhaps you are autistic after all.

3 upvotesmenial_optimist2 years ago

I imagine some ultra feminist liberal hipster type with his pants rolled up acting like this, but you see a lot of those kinds of guys with fairly attractive liberal hipster girls.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Truth is the guy was needy as fuck.

If you're learning game to mask your neediness, you should deal with that first. Create a life so your texting is natural and your interest isn't semi serial killer interested.

2 upvotesBrand25062 years ago

I thought it was a girl ( cuz i saw the screenshot first) lol hahaha

2 upvotesblasted_biscuits2 years ago

I can almost hear him now after being ghosted - "god! i try to be nice and she ignores me. women only want assholes! "

2 upvotesozaku72 years ago

This is just downright cringe. No wonder.

For anyone out here... Make a fake girl profile on OKCupid or anywhere else. Make sure she is hot, increases the amount of likes.

You will be surprised by what most women are getting on there... Most of it is pure garbage. Learn from those men, be different.

2 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

For guys with severe approach anxiety or problems with game this could be a good strategy. Catfish the competition for a bit and look at what you're up against. Pretend you're on askTRP and analyze what others are saying and how they say it. Correct the places where you look, sound and act like a needy dweeb.

2 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

TL;DR: If you're male and your text messages to a prospect look like a bowl of fruit loops you're doing it WRONG!

3 upvotesTheseNthose2 years ago

Knowing Bumble your sister was probably the only match he got that week. Dude couldnt help but bust his load all in one text. lol

1 upvotesyazen_2 years ago

Bumble is the best app, it has the best qualifications women, and they are obliged to text you first, which gives you a hint about their interest.

4 upvotesSigmaMale12 years ago

Don't make sweeping generalizations about emojis and acting excited. While I agree that that message was the epitome of numale, emojis and feigning excitement have it's places. I.e. you know a girl is interested and you are high SMV, acting like she is a special snowflake can be a useful tool. Push/pull. Maybe if he didn't respond for three days and sent an excited text (albeit shorter) it may have worked.

3 upvotesgarebear199592 years ago

Please set this guy straight.help this poor guy out.

2 upvotesFujitsuOffer2 years ago

holy shit lmao. i laughed out loud just LOOKING at the text message without even reading it. And to think I used to do this. So cringe.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Red pill, blue pill, whatever you want to call it... People like that are draining and frankly just annoying.

High energy is good. Spastic is not. There is no place in a man's vocabulary for emojis, and exclamation points should be used sparingly for maximum effect.

2 upvotesSirAttackHelicopter2 years ago

And this is why texting a potential girl should be reduced to as little as possible. There is far too much room for mis-interpretation on behalf of the girl.

2 upvotesyazen_2 years ago

Texting girls is like talking to the police, the more you stay the more you fuck it up.

0 upvotesLosingsteamfast2 years ago

Right. At that point you've either generated enough interest to get a date in 1-2 sentences, or you didn't generate enough interest for a date at all. Writing out another 5-6 sentences pretty much can only hurt you

2 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer2 years ago

That text was so gay I think I should get tested for HIV

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Christ. This is the message equivalent of a wet handshake. What. The. Fuck.

2 upvotesenjoy_life882 years ago

Wow. Shouls get his T-levels checked. I just can't believe a healthy guy would write something like this. There must be some ostrogen matter going on.

The more you lift, the less you write.™

1 upvotesuninstall_the2 years ago

The truth is that if this guy was as pretty as Brad Pitt..etc. this text would had been accepted with open arms and she would have answered with five trucks of emojis.

This is the truth.

4 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

Incel thinking.

Looks get you in the door, personality gets you into bed.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's not. Doesn't matter how high SMV you are. Shit like this destroys attraction instantly.

1 upvotesmoospot2 years ago

New website idea. Texts from the Blue Pill dot com.

1 upvoteschogbonna2 years ago

Wow. I TRULY believed the long text was from the female (having looked at that first). Guy has no clue, that's sad to read.

1 upvotesthebadmanpuntdbaxter2 years ago

Someday I'll fuck that dudes wife

1 upvotesDalekJay2 years ago

Not to be Dick but not even in my most BP days I would write like that

1 upvotesTakethedoubleL2 years ago

This is weird. I just opened reddit and it opened to this

1 upvotesAnanonguy882 years ago

If you have good texting game you should not limit yourself to logistics, but indeed, this is shaky ground and requires as much skill as real life game.

Just don't put too much effort into it like you have nothing better to do than texting all day, responding to her every message, and constructing emoji filled essays. More, better have something better to do because faking it might not take you far in this case.

I have great fun texting with some of my plates, I even believe it's my stronger part of game.

Just be witty without trying too hard and you can get her wet and ready through short texting only.

1 upvotesrronak952 years ago

Don't give this guy too much shit if he's young. He can learn how to properly text a girl without scaring her away, we all make dumb-ass mistakes from time to time. Like the article says, he needs to keep his text restricted to logistics. Anything beyond logistics shouldn't have a bunch of exclamation marks and emojis.

1 upvotesauto-xkcd372 years ago

dumb ass-mistakes

Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

for me, it's so hard to don't use emoticons - why???

2 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

Idk man, you might just be accustomed to using them. It's not like you can never use them...it's just that it's not a great foot to lead with when a girl is first getting to know you.

There are both girls and guys in my life that I'll drop an emoji or two into the conversation with. Sometimes it's fun.

It's just that, for whatever reason, the emoji is a symbol of hyper-enthusiasm when you first meet a new girl (or match with her on Tinder, w/e). This can hamper your image of being aloof and not too involved in the conversation.

I can't recommend this from experience, but Troy Francis wrote a guide on texting.... He's regularly featured on Roosh's "Return of Kings" blog, so I trust that he has some authority on the matter.

1 upvotesDaBrokenMeta2 years ago

Curious, I have been sort of working this girl with a twin sister.

Context: Things are friendly between us. She is definitely interested but has a BF long distance with a magnitude lower SMV, so I am working thru that right now.

We hang out when we have time (currently in semester 1 of med school), but I haven't made a true play to escalate the relationship just yet (because of timing).

My question: As I am still new to TRP and breaking my beta overindulgences. Would texting her good luck (night)before exam feeding beta tendencies? (As i write this, I feel like maybe so)

I feel like I should keep things in good standing between us, until I can escalate. Or do I keep my distance until I can execute?

I know it's a small thing to worry about, but it's the little things that lead to big things (at least that's how my brain functions).


1 upvotesTRPDigesting [OP]2 years ago

Alright, I've got a couple free minutes here.

I'm not going to be as cutthroat as some others may be here in TRP, but here's my honest take on things — given what you've said.

Lots of things that are muddy about the situation.

  • You say she's definitely interested, but you haven't escalated.
  • She has a long-distance BF (does not mean that she will be faithful, long distance relationships are about as stable as a sand foundation)
  • By the fact you're analyzing your actions and what you should/should not do, it's evident that you're putting too much stock in this chick
  • To answer your original question, I would not send any such text

There's more to this than the micro-actions like, "What text is appropriate?" "Should I have said that?"

You'll come to realize that asking those questions themselves is the problem. Do the opposite of what you think you should for awhile...even if you feel like it's mean or cold.

I know it's kinda fucked up, but those little nice-ities like sending good luck wishes before an exam will rob you of any real attraction to this girl.

Read up on "oneitis" because she sounds like your oneitis.

I have a coworker who recently told me he was "working on" a girl too. Whenever I hear that, all I can think of is that he's just playing the "Friend Card" while he waits for the "right moment" and those stories always end the same way.

Spoiler alert, it doesn't end it you getting what you want.

There are so many other prospects out there that could be worth your time. Operate with THAT as your core belief and watch things fall into place more easily.

Let girls qualify themselves to you, not the other way around.

Anyway, hope that helps. Good luck.

1 upvotesDaBrokenMeta2 years ago

Fucking A wish i had this yesterday becuz you are goddamn right

Its not over. I know my SMV is beyond that of most out there; ;i am super blessed and lucky in that i have a lot of things going for me man. Genetics, I'm a 10, mixed, naturally intelligent, no girl turns me down.....until i start to like them. Which literally just dawned on me.

It makes so much sense after reading TRP, I have chronic oneitis for certain self-unicornidealized women. Those are the only ones I have trouble with, and it's simply becuz I comprise my true self, to feed my inner dreamer, fantasizing about a future together, and what I can gain from her, like some fucking extortionist.

It's a fact. I can literally attract 90% of women i have yet to come across, but the second i think to myself, i like this girl. Shit implodes

It's in my nature to be good to people and i feel this earnest need to give back to the world, maybe that's why i am in med school, to placate that cliche "giving back to others" mindset.

But it is now evident to me that my approach to life has not been working,and i have been just getting by thanks to the grace of God.

I like to joke that i was maybe born in the wrong era. I am just too nice of a person sometimes man. It's genetic or something, because my mom has it and her mom has it worse.. We are what some people call "kind souls". But i feel like the world sometimes is just so cruel to one another, maybe I am idealist, but i wish this world was kinder to one another. Subverting primal biology, but I guess that isn't the design of the system.

And i feel like everyone is either super guarded or just putting up a show for the world pretending to be this fake version of themselves.

I'm not from Amercia. My family is from Africa and Russia. So my perspective on life is not your average.

But i do agree with the redpill in a lot of the theory. It just makes fucking sense.

My new plan.

Stay in my lane, build my kingdom, and if and/or when these girls try and come back, i'm going for the juglar and taking both the twins for myself with that real shit.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That looks like the kind of text a clingy female would send. I didn't even do that shit when I was BP.

1 upvotesface_north2 years ago

God ! Do men even text like that ? I saw the image first n was sure it was a girl ...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Jesus Christ. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

1 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

Jesus, motherfucker wrote a whole paragraph

1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

just fucking no. also bumble is absolute garbage.

1 upvotesAutofluorescentGrid2 years ago

Maybe this guy is setting up a push pull tactic bruh . Gotta get those pussies off guard if yknw wht im syin .

1 upvotesBASSH34D2 years ago

I stopped reading after "coolio!". Too. Much. Cringe.

1 upvotesDocbear642 years ago

It's hard reading this because I used to text bullshit just like this , women respond more to me not texting them at all now versus when I texted messages like this .

1 upvotesLogicien62 years ago

If this is what society is producing, I am appalled.

1 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

Good and simple case study. Being too nice and too interested gets you nowhere. Lately I’ve been acting as if I could ghost my tinder matches in a heartbeat during text, and attention has in fact increased.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You shouldn't be caring about your Tinder matches at all in the first place.

1 upvotesfromthecrypt82 years ago

Did I say I was though? One thing is caring, another is doing simple changes to increase the amount of quality plates.

1 upvotesOSaraiva2 years ago

I thought Coolio was an app or something in the context, but then i just gave up reading after half the text.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So ? Stop letting them set the standard, Men build, invent and manage everything on the planet.

Time for men to set the standard again and that does not involve tailoring your every word and action to appease the class of people that will cheat on your ass behind your back anyway.

6 upvotesttkkk2 years ago

When you get laid after a similar convo let us know, good luck!

4 upvotesTheDreadnought12 years ago

Men build, invent and manage everything on the planet because they are men. Read that text again. It seems like a text from a man, a masculine male who builds, invents and manages and has power and control?

We cannot "set the standard" of female attraction. They are attracted to what they are (which is masculinity, even if they say otherwise) and we can only acknowledge and use it or stay in the dark and send pathetic needy girly texts like this dude that OP's sister ghosted.

2 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

You don't understand human nature.

-4 upvotesmichasv2 years ago

You know what man? Maybe you sister is just too judgmental? I mean, fuck micromanaging every thing we say to them. Fuck that.. seeking their approval like their pussy is gold made. Too much emojis? Damn i had complains that i’m too cold.. so when you’re cold it’s bad and when you warm it’s bad. Fuck this shit! Any girl has some kind of judgmental map in her head through which she filter guys and it differs according to her level of judging. You can never really know what to do exactly.

I don’t mean that fuck game and do what ever you want but on the other side, ain’t rollo tomassi said that doing whatever the fuck you like IT is real alpha?? Maybe she just wrong about the dude?.. then it’s her fucking loss..

My theory is that if he would just wait for her to say something goofy about him and if he would say “well, fuck you then” then she would change her mind about him instantly.

3 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

Someone's not willing to do the work......

2 upvotesuninstall_the2 years ago

He simply isn't as attractive. If he was attractive, she would look past this.

-1 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

I mean, ya the guy needs to calm the fuck down but on the other hand, she's perpetually single but rejects a guy after one text?

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