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Sir Ian Mckellan on the sex scandal controversy: women sent directors nude photographs that said" DRR' — directors' rights respected. "- Offering sex in favour for roles..

by quityourbullshit777 on /r/TheRedPill
19 December 2017 08:39 AM UTC

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Here are his views outlined in the article

The root problem is not going to be fixed so the the issues with sex in the film industry will still go on..

Since we are treating women with kid gloves and deciding that in anyway questioning them or criticising their stupid actions is sexism it is just going to keep going on.

Notice how everyone woman's story never talks about the fact that they went to see a powerful man and spread their legs so they could get ahead.

It is always that they were "horrrified" and were tormented, despite being wined and dined and then given an incredible advantage after spreading their legs. They were all just magically alone at night with this guy and he just like suddenly totally got his dick out for no reason? Yeah, and they totally went to be alone with him with no expectation.

So many people made this deal with the devil but now they renege, and for ego say "no wait, I was totally forced", but of course none of them are going to give back the movie parts and advantages they received in return. They want to have their cake and eat it. All this hysteria (obviously some rape or harrassment allegations are true) is fuelling some of these fame hungry hoes to "double dip".

Some of them spread their asshole to get worked to get that part or that audition they never would have but now they also get to "double dip" by getting a second fame and attention boost/ moment in the spotlight by then going back and saying "omg, I totally was harrassed by weinstein because I somehow was in his room for no reason and he got his cock out for no reason". It wasn't because I flirted with him and massaged his ego and did what I could to get his attention and make a deal with the devil to get ahead, I just was magically in his room alone...

That's the core problem

. Right now if you said "Hey you want to suck a creep like Weinsteins cock and let him fuck you in the ass to get a decent movie role (or even just a good chance at one)" You would still have a line of women from Los Angeles to Boston lining up to make a deal with the devil. And that is what none of these women with their stories are admitting.

There is some dick they aren't even mentioning. The time they got worn the fuck out because it got them a good audition. Because there is everything to gain and there are plenty of fame hungry sleep to the top women and society is doing everything to excuse that behaviour and in fact women who have done this are now told they were "tormented" and poor helpless creatures.

I just shake my head at this whole "metoo" movement. If men tried to totally eschew all responsibility and fragrantly flaunt that fact women wouldn't stand for it.. I wish we didn't stand for this stupidity..

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Title Sir Ian Mckellan on the sex scandal controversy: women sent directors nude photographs that said" DRR' — directors' rights respected. "- Offering sex in favour for roles..
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229 upvotesYourstruly7772 years ago

Noomi Rapace (Prometheus girl) said the same thing:

”Many women have played the game and climbed the ladder. They have used the game to their advantage.”


55 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

they don't care. This is just another example of the same mechanism

present day utilitarian decision, to maximize the 'get mine' out of life.

you guys keep getting angry over the hypocrasy, but there is none. I want X, I do Y to get X.

Well what about yesterday?

No idea what you're talking about

34 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Trading sex for selection makes an appropriate mockery of modern society's ethics. But then they have the nerve to play the victim, often times decades after they got what they wanted in a consensual (but still wrong) exchange.

This is just one of those moments where some gripe about how life works in-practice, and others tell the first group to adjust their strategies instead of complaining.

9 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

1 upvotesFatStig2 years ago

When too many people believe that societies crumble.

4 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

5 upvotesiwasbornred2 years ago

hence, america is crumbling

3 upvotesTheTacoBunny2 years ago

Got a version where I don't have to log in?

3 upvotesYourstruly7772 years ago

Sorry didnt know it was paywalled. Couldnt find it anywhere else.

6 upvotes15640012 years ago

It's also interesting that Meryl Streep never knew what Harvey was up to, despite Rose McGowan's accusations that Streep "remained silent" about Weinstein's behavior.

Maybe because Streep's talent meant she never had to bargain for roles with her body.

Thing is, if you want to act, there are plenty of opportunities for that. Low budget, no budget films, plays, YouTube shows.

So, it wasn't that these women wanted to act, it was that they wanted fame beyond what their talent would earn for them without the added bargaining chip of sex.

1 upvotesjuliusstreicher2 years ago

It's also interesting that Meryl Streep never knew what Harvey was up to, despite Rose McGowan's accusations that Streep "remained silent" about Weinstein's behavior. Maybe because Streep's talent meant she never had to bargain for roles with her body.

A. You think she never sucked a dick to advance her career??? Listen, she's not THAT fucking great an actress.

B. What gets me is that there are porn stars with, of course, much better bodies, but, more amazing, acting talent that is just as good. I do have to wonder what J. Lawrence had in sex skills. Without makeup, she's pretty fucking bland to ugly, and just about any HS drama major can act as well. Why do they want these women with 2nd tier looks to sex them up, when, with their money and power, they can have great killer babes??

C. I like how Streep said that she was something like 'not deliberately silent' or some such. Yeah, right, she was 'accidentally silent'.

6 upvotesKyfhoMyoba2 years ago

It's possible that Streep is telling the truth. She stayed with her 1st husband for, idk, 20 years or so (check Wikipedia) all through his terminal disease until his death, and with her 2nd husband, even though she out earns him by a couple orders of magnitude.

OTOH, she is clearly not a stupid person, and everybody knew about Harvey.

129 upvotesActanonverba112 years ago

Thank goodness he is gay and knighted. No straight male would be able to survive saying this. Plus, he's old now, and has nothing left to lose.

54 upvotesPissflaps692 years ago

I was reading this article and waiting to see all the posts eviscerate him for his views, then I remembered he's gay.

It's sort of crazy to think he gets to actually speak candidly only because of that fact. Sad really bc he has some good points.

1 upvotestk421awol2 years ago

In the liberal pantheon, gays and Muslims can not be attacked as hominem. Their actions may be deemed wrong, but the person is never labeled as evil, etc.

326 upvotesatleastitsnotaids2 years ago

Prime example of this are those Instagram models who get paid to go to Dubai and shit. It's equivalent to these girls trying to then accuse the guys who pay for their trip of giving them unwanted sexual attention. Goofy

250 upvotesRobx90012 years ago

The intagram models are hookers, a website called 'tag the sponsor' makes a point to expose them.

1 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP2 years ago

tag the sponsor

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. I have never seen instagram models exposed this much. Eye opening. Thank you my friend.

96 upvotessmokeybehr2 years ago

That's a hell of a rabbit hole to go down. I had a feeling most of the girls on Instagram were hoes, but that site just proves it.

99 upvotesmarkdumte2 years ago

Over 90% of Instagram hoes are prostitutes, and the rest are just showing meat to promote their YouTube channel, shop or whatever business they have going on.

31 upvotesthe99percent12 years ago

Dont forget the rich kids showing off with daddys money.

Its all fucking fake and phony..

48 upvotesburritobandido2 years ago

Yeah, IG models and IG fitness models are basically “ pussy goes to the highest bidder” kind of thing.

31 upvotesjohnyann2 years ago

A lot of those youtubers have to do some nasty shit to get eyeballs on their channel in the first place. Tons of them fuck to get featured on other channels. People then watch the vids and want to see more of the hot blonde chick with the big tits. Gets eyeballs to their channels. I hear the LA YouTube scene is all about this.

26 upvotescandyman4202 years ago

“I put hummus on your feet and eat it. I pay extra if you bark for me while in a nun outfit”

75 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago

I fucking love this site but haven't visited in a while. Thanks for the reminder. If you see a girl traveling worldwide and living outrageously beyond her means, there's a decent chance she's getting shit on by sheikhs on the reg.

21 upvotesmaplemaximus2 years ago

When you say shit on, are we talking literally or figuratively big man.

60 upvotesGroundhogLiberator2 years ago


Promise discretion, offer $15,000 and a chance to fill her instagram with photos from Dubai and she'll agree to anything your oil-rich degenerate mind cooks up.

28 upvotesyoukickmyd0g2 years ago

I live in SF, date 20-24 yo women and a girl would have to be retarded to not have game like this going on. I just keep myself maximally healthy, wear a rubber, use burners, and have no expectations except that these girls will be my little sluts who are glad to fuck a guy who isn't paying them.

29 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Redpill wisdom gained: when women go on expensive trips for no appropriate reason, we now know where the money comes from.

2 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor2 years ago

I took a look at the Tag The Sponsor site and while I knew that the "Instagram models" who travel the world to exotic places with expensive accessories probably got paid by rich dudes, I didn't truly realize it was to this extent. Literally letting guys take a dump or piss on them. I'm a dude and never thought of taking a dump on a chick, but there are chicks out there who will literally do it for guys who can spending 3-4 months average salary in a weekend.

I just thought it was a "girlfriend experience/sugar daddy" arrangement of sorts with some of the hottest women. Maybe sex with multiple guys or girls at the same time. You know, the kind of stuff that isn't done by the average person, but is a reasonable fantasy for many people.

24 upvotesTRPDigesting2 years ago

Good god almighty.

Somebody better call Einstein because these girls' hamsters are moving far past the speed of light.

20 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

This is nothing new or different.

If you could narrow all stories ever down to just 10 different categories, "nobleman romances commoner girl" would certainly be one of them. Keep in mind it was pretty-much-always a dangerous idea to write a story of "nobleman pisses on 200 commoner girls and their mothers' faces, uses a mixture of bribes and threats to keep it a secret."

Interestingly, some of history's biggest controversies were over the act of writing just that. The act of writing about it. From this we learn that deflecting guilt onto the whistleblower is nothing new either.

1 upvotesimbeciI2 years ago

Elon Musk can use the energy created by them to rip through wormholes.

2 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Appreciate it, bro. Info to connect the dot like this are priceless.

4 upvotesredpillschool2 years ago

This is gold. Thanks for the link.

41 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

there's a word for when a person trades sex for a job, travel, stuff, money... they're all prostitutes. whether they're in hollywood or an instaho, they're still prostitutes.

-14 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

Models are prostitutes as they are selling their sexuality for profit.

1 upvotestk421awol2 years ago

Prostitutes sell sex in exchange for money or goods. Sex, not “sexuality”. Try to keep up.

1 upvotesFatStig2 years ago

Eh, all work is whoring to a degree. I sell the use of my mind. They sell the use of their image...or their body.

33 upvotesPM-me-2-talk2 years ago

I follow a lot Indian actresses on instagram. They do no real work here, but keep taking trips to Dubai. Those chicks barely do 2-3 music videos and can somehow afford the flashiest of cars and vacations.

It's not hard putting 2+2 together.

69 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Classic case of women using sex to advance themselves in a field men feel absolutely no desire for. Once the money and designers clothes dry up they figure they are ready to have Chad settle down. But then they realize they haven nothing to pay Chad with. Nothing but cheap sex which they gave multiple men. So they end up with a beta provider creep who takes care of them while they loathe his existence for eternity. This guy was never offered sex.coins like Chad so to him it's all worth the trouble.

This is the end game result for most women. And the laughable thing is that women believe this is the only way or something. Meanwhile I know some girls who didn't do this and they ended up with Chad. And guess what, they smile allot more than these roasties.

-29 upvotesEarthboundHTX2 years ago

Did we completely forget why incels was banned?

8 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

What are you talking about

19 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

Because normies reeeee that is why!

13 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

Prime example of this are those Instagram models who get paid to go to Dubai and GET PAID TO EAT shit.

They literally get paid to EAT FECES.

With all this overwhelming evidence of how women use sex to get things... why are we taking this #metoo seriously?

28 upvotesjunkeee9992 years ago

Because it's not one answer fits all. Just because golddiggers exist doesn't mean abuse doesn't also exist.

10 upvotesBonelessSkinless2 years ago

And just because abuse exists doesn't also mean lies and exaggerations about that abuse don't also exist.

20 upvotesjunkeee9992 years ago

Of course. It's almost like each individual case needs to be judged on its own merits without a predetermined agenda. Weird.

5 upvotesdestinationtomorrow2 years ago

those Instagram models who get paid to go to Dubai and shit. hmmmm... first thought those muslims be into scat.

5 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

They are! The top thing they want these models to do is play with their shit! they even brag about liquid shits and huge fucking turds on these instagram "models"

189 upvotes4angrydragons2 years ago

We are at a point in society where when it comes to anything sexual you are convicted in the court of public opinion without any evidence of a crime.

Can you imagine any other crime like that. I could accuse anyone of stealing $1000 from me 20 years ago and the world would hate them.

I agree, sex crimes are terrible and no one should ever be physically forced into sex. But there is a burden of proof, and buyers remorse is not proof.

35 upvoteslmicu2 years ago

I like that “Buyers remorse” hahahhahahah. #buyersremorse

28 upvotes_the_shape_2 years ago

It's the short (and arguably less-offensive) version of the old joke:

How do you spell "regret"?


13 upvotesFREEDNA2 years ago

All we have to do is have all men accuse all women of sexual assault until they change the laws.

6 upvotesNewoski2 years ago

What makes it worse is there is no buyers remorse, given the chance to do it over again i don't think there would be a moments hesitation in going down the same path. What they are doing is the same thing they did in the first place, what i find abhorrent is that they are burning their partner in crime to do so.

47 upvotesOv3r9O0O2 years ago

Heard an older female attorney put it best: women trade sex for power, and men trade power for sex.

1 upvotesdrallcom32 years ago

Have you noticed how only women (and men) complain who are over their prime?

No one complains that Harvey touched them yesterday evening. No, it's always 20 years ago. Those opportunistic bitches willingly sleep their way to the top and now jump on the victim bandwagon go gain some attention. Even that Kevin Spacey boytoy who started it all conveniently waited until his new series was on air.

And wouldn't everyone become like Weinstein or Spacey? You have thousands of women willingly throwing themselves at you and probably offering the most disgusting shit you can imagine, just for a chance to become famous. The lightest pressure and they spread their legs? It wouldn't take long to let that fuck up your mind. Now you assume that every woman is like that.

49 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

jlaw isn't complaining because she's still getting roles and still probably fucking him.

44 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

She's his #1 girl. On a late night talk show when asked directly about him she changed the topic completely a few month back. Chick has 0 acting talent, and is boorish AF. Easy to put 2 & 2 together in this case.

12 upvotesBonelessSkinless2 years ago

You can tell she's done a lot of perverted shit to get those roles.

1 upvotesFatStig2 years ago

Duh, the fappening was weinstein's trophy room.

4 upvotestb876702 years ago

Gaddam if this isn't the truth!

10 upvotesbanjew2 years ago

Before all this, in a talk show she confessed she went with Harvey after a party and that "she needed a hug" and everybody went silent (implying they fucked). Can't remember but it's out there in youtube.

Jlaw is known for fucking her way into roles.

10 upvotessaibot832 years ago

99,9% probability her nudes were for Harvey.

15 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

Well I don't think I would be as thirsty or bullying as Weinstein apparently was (that tape). And naturally once you reach a set level you should be satiated...

37 upvotesHappyMexican2 years ago

Yeah I am glad to see TRP isn't trying to downplay or smooth this over. What he did was horrifying even by Hollywood standards. The guy was next to predatory, and you know what was uncovered was probably only the tip of the Wienburg.

Kevin spacy and Andy dick though, I dunno about those two, they def weren't near as bad and I don't think Kevin Spacey should get his show canceled for it.

10 upvotesmarkdumte2 years ago

Last season of House of Hard was bad anyway, the stupid ending was just confirmation of how low it had gone. So not that much lost.

6 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

Yeah. There's a difference between sex for affairs of offered....and coercing it to fuckhuge omg levels o_o

4 upvotesHappyMexican2 years ago

It's like he had a huge Genghis Khan complex. Trying to invade as much pussy as humanly possible.

2 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

Fucking Hugh Hefner apparently was like that in his later years. Weird.

1 upvotesmauritocarp902 years ago

Everything points to Spacey really being a pedophile. Years ago a user on this very website claimed to have seen spacey in a VIP section of a club in the Phillipines getting little boys to dance for him, sit on his lap, creepy pedo shit of that nature. I'm sure you can find the post. Everyone called him a liar. It might indees have been a lie and it's all just coincidence but there was also a reference to his fetish on Family Guy years before this blew up so clearly that reddit user is not he only one who saw him creeping on little boys.

1 upvotesdrallcom32 years ago

He most certainly used his status to get away with a lot.

Sadly he likely also got a lot willingly due to his status. Hollywood is a pretty disgusting swamp, much worse than Washington. I don't want to know how many mothers offered their children just for a chance for them to become famous.

-7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Kevin Spacey is a pedophile and the 14 year olds he's fucking don't have a medium to speak out. Gays and liberals are disgusting perverts especially when Jewish.

30 upvotesIronic_Gangster2 years ago

When a woman uses sex as currency to be given special perks/advancements in her career, she has not committed a crime.

When a man will accept sex as currency to give special perks/advance a woman in her career, he is guilty of rape, sexual assault, etc... tf bois?

28 upvotesMCDownlow2 years ago

This happens in every industry and institution. Medicine, academia, finance, you name it. It's why functioning societies don't let women have much power. They have an unfair advantage. Anyone ever been passed up by the office slut sleeping her way to the top? We have laws against sexual harassment, but none for using your sexuality to your advantage.

In a healthy society, every one of these women who sucked greasy jew dick would be pariahs. But no, they're on the cover of Time magazine for being brave. Brave is the woman who said no and risked her career and life to come forward, not the used up has-beens crying #METOO who benefitted for decades.

7 upvotesredditer02 years ago

We have laws against sexual harassment, but none for using your sexuality to your advantage.

That's what I'm saying, they have an advantage and if they really would want to end this problem they would make it illegal or criminal to use sex to get a job, and to request sex for a job (which I guess already is illegal?).

1 upvotesTheLaughingRhino2 years ago

Gandalf/Magneto is a stalking horse, pure and simple. He has a deep background with Bryan Singer, one of those under heavy scrutiny, and even was in a movie with Brad Renfro, whose manhandling from Singer is said to have contributed to his death.

Gandalf/Magneto is openly gay. Thus he is socially insulated from any criticism for anything he has to say on this subject. He's also ancient, so at worst, he will be dismissed as a tottering old man.

By making the situation "transactional" ( it doesn't mean he's wrong or dishonest, it just shades his motives...), he's offering soft cover for Singer.

Chris Rock said it best. Women want it all. If they don't get it, they are pissed off. So unless you are Leo DiCaprio or Tom Brady, not sure how good this is going to get for the rest of us mere mortals.

I don't think most women truly understand what will happen if men en masse say, "Fine, figure all this shit out on your own" The "Shit" being the hard fucked up stuff in life that men toil and suffer for to make the lives of everyone, mostly women and children, so much better.

Fix your own sink. Paint your own fence. Fix your own garage door. Change your own oil. Yes, women can outsource this, but it costs. When women are forced to understanding the staggering cost of having a free handyman/mechanic/plumber/cook/janitor/driver/IT expert/manual laborer/bodyguard around, then they might realize going on the offensive against men wasn't so bright after all.

3 upvotesPremixedBox2 years ago

Or not. You can't argue with a child.

1 upvotessaibot832 years ago

Mckellen is in some skeevy photos with Singer and a bunch of twinks. Huge Jackedman too.

56 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

To be fair, if I could get a settlement from the roasties I used to date before getting my life on track, I'd accuse them to. Imagine if guys could sue women for emotional manipulation/abuse. God fellas we'd be rich af.

28 upvotesmonsieurhire22 years ago

Regarding the double-dipping aspect; this also reminds me of the porn-stars after their career ends trying to monetize their alleged victimization via books, speaking engagements, interviews, etc. Were some of them actually victims? No doubt. Are many of them just trying to sell yet more lies to a gullible market? Absolutely.

6 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

Exactly. There's countless examples of females taking a different strategy post wall. Almost infinite.

14 upvoteskragshot2 years ago

Well that tears it...expect an accusation against Sir Ian to come out soon....

1 upvotesNowheresvilleNorthE2 years ago

Well he’s gay so would have to come from a man But it may happen anyway

56 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Nobody is entitled to a career. If you want to have it, you have to work for it. To what extend is your own choice. Sex is a commodity. Not since yesterday, not even since recently, but pretty much since whenever.

It might be morally questionable to use your position of power to aquire sex from other people, then on the other hand, nobody forced these women to have sex with anybody.

It was their decision that their career was worth more to them than their dignity.

Let aside I'd suspect that most of these women discovered their dignity just recently and were totally fine with getting fucked by men in key positions up to now - some even for decades.

9 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Do whores have dignity? Lol

20 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

The ones who actually are professional about it surely do.

1 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

Their dignity extends only as far as the guys they blow.

10 upvotesISaidThatOnPurpose2 years ago

Yeah I don't say this much because I don't feel like getting screamed at...

...but these women that had sex on purpose in order to get something in return...they're just as f*cked as weinstein.

Maybe even more-so because they had something precious to protect, and tossed it aside for success.

19 upvotestolerantman2 years ago

Never make a deal with a woman, ever.

34 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Women aren't raised like men, they have no sense of honour. Npo sense of higher life or death virtue that we as men have drilled into us from when we were toddlers.

Men are taught we should lay down our lives for our loved ones or our belief in what is right. We have films and media idolising that and always showing the hero sacrificing for his greater good or his family or a woman (I think dying for a woman is bluepilled now).

Women aren't taught any of that from the ground up like small stuff "respect a mans handshake", "don't kick a man while he's down" none of this stuff they write off as "toxic masculinity" and scoff at is absorbed by them. It actually makes them severely lacking in character.

There's so much as lads we are taught. What are they taught? Find a man to die for you, you can convince a man to fight your battles for you. Don't worry you don't have to take responsibility for anything. Women don't have any honour like we do.

That's why you are right. You cannot make a deal with a woman like you can with a man..

I mean one of the Matt Lauer accusers just came out and said "It was totally consensual" but still said she was "traumatised".

Women are so emotional and hysterical and just having a current trend can make a woman destroy your life or join in a flock of women harming men or a specific man because of "feels".

It's actually incredible. And I bolded "don't kick a man while he is down" and this should instantly click with any man reading this. Think of the absolute psychopathic levels of pain a woman will inflict on a man without thinking twice and even convincing herself that the man is at fault and was "always abusive" and "I never loved you" and think of the common sense of honour most men have and the feeling of "not kicking a man while he's down" women just don't operate like that.

It explains so much.

21 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

[A] Matt Lauer accuser just came out and said "It was totally consensual" but still said she was "traumatized."

As a man I can't even process that level of "rationalization."

...and yep - don't kick a man while he's down.

I support that. I suspect on some level most other men have sympathy for another man they've handily beaten in a fight – literally and figuratively.

8 upvotesWelfareWarriorZ2 years ago

This is why guys are besties after they kick the shit out of each other.

6 upvotessaibot832 years ago

A good Patrice O'neal qoute I've always found to be true, given my own experiences with women this far: "I generally don't... like... what women... are."

3 upvotesPabloAsscrowbar2 years ago

Honour and chivalry is a concept known only to men.

Remember the Christmas Truce of 1914? It could only be achieved by men.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well said. Have women ever done such a thing? Hahaha, a woman will hold a grudge for you for life over a perceived slight, let alone having a gun fight and killing three of her friends.

30 upvotesRobx90012 years ago

Weinstein is by no means an "alpha" or someone to model your life after. He is just someone who used his position power to get pussy( woman don't gravitate to him naturally.) If anything this says more about what men/women will do for fame. If sex was clear or offered as terms of agreement I see no reason to feel sorry for these women as they are just glorified prostituts. If the dealings were uncouth(more so than they already are) like last minute threats to cancel contacts, underage, or other blackmail then they do deserve sympathy. While all these women will claim the latter I've heard enough stories of Hollywood degeneracy to give some benefit of the doubt. I guess the moral of the story is if you have any kind of power you can bat outside your league in terms of pussy. Also the thought of Emma Watson taking in the ass to play beauty and the beast is funny to me.

10 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Did she take it in the ass for the beauty and the beast role?

15 upvotesRobx90012 years ago

http://i.magaimg.net/img/1kwf.jpg She definitely touched dick

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

women gravitated to him BECAUSE of his power and status. if he didn't have that power/status he'd be fucking invisible.

14 upvotesmarkdumte2 years ago

There is a difference between women feeling attracted to a man because of their fame and power, and a woman sleeping with a man to get a job or something.

A prostitute will sleep with you for your money, but that does not mean she is attracted to you.

2 upvotesPreOrgasmGroanLness2 years ago

A prostitute will sleep with you for your money, but that does not mean she is attracted to you.

Some men just don't see or care to see the difference. It's the same to them

1 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

It's a different power/status that you think of when you think of the short term female strategy. It's more of a his power and status= money to person banging them. It's beta as fuck.

6 upvotessintral2 years ago

If men see something wrong with a ladder, they fix it before they climb it.

99 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I posted this a month ago about the "scandals", I think it dovetails your point....

Hollywood people self select. They actually want to be popular and famous. Above all. Think about that for a second. They're broken. Morally bankrupt. They don't think like normal people. A distinct subset of people.

They'll do virtually anything for it. No shame. It's actually weirdly interesting to see humans that focused on a goal. (There's a rabbit hole here I'm going to step over.) Transactional quid pro quo abounds. It has since hot actresses found out they'd get the part if they sucked the fat producers dick. The casting couch is an enduring meme because it's true. Been happening in movies since there were movies.

Weinstein's not a creep, he was just playing the game. Guess how many of those self-virtuous morally bankrupt cunts have killed their career by jumping on this particular bus. If you throw down your cards and say..."Out! I'm not playing by these holdem rules anymore!" at the poker table after winning big money for 10 years, you're not getting your seat back. Ever.

But guess how many of those same cunts wouldn't even had a seat at the table in the first place if they hadn't blown some moneyman for the address? Playing the game. Round round we go.

Sex for benefit has been happening since there was life. "You swallow sticky happy juice, I not let sabretooth eat you."

Hollywood people do this daily, only turned up to 11.

Talking about the drama gives the drama life. Like the bitchy feminist that wants you to debate her on the tired old .77c : dollar injustice, the best thing you can do is walk away. Takes two to argue. If you walk away it's just a crazy bitch ranting to herself.

It's the idea of an easy target. Sloppy thirsty betas that roll over and expose their soft fat bellies at the first harsh word are not worth anyones' time...not a fair nor enjoyable fight... like winning a debate against the Down syndrome kids, it's a hollow victory. No valor in that. Alphas who don't give a fuck what some angry fat bluehaired feminist cunt thinks will simply not provide any target at all by not engaging whatsoever and just avoid said cunts completely. No victory if there's no combatant. It's the middle ground where the hamstering validation occurs. Enough fight to get excited or even a "win", but it's not a real challenge because your opponent has already lost by being dumb enough to engage in the first place.

Andy Dick was just fired for being sexually inappropriate. ANDY FUCKING DICK. That alone tells you how fucked Hollywood idiots are.

36 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

They actually want to be popular and famous. Above all. They're broken. Morally bankrupt. They don't think like normal people. A distinct subset of people.

Aside from "sex for movie roles" theme.

It's not about morality or being a broken human being. It's about understanding how showbusiness (not only but in that context) works in 2017. The bigger you get medially, the more you can do and earn.

It's not important how or why you are famous, it is important that you are. The thing is, you can be the best singer or actress in the world - and nobody cares b/c you have tens of thousands of people competing with you, so for the consumers, you are just background noise until you get noticed.

It's important that the people, especially on the social media talk about you. Engagement is the currency of the internet. I can send 100k spam emails and earn nothing, but if I get 100k people to talk about me, that's a major exposure and major buck.

This generates hype, hype generates traffic, traffic generates profits.

Go watch Joe Rogan podcasts with musicians - they are all saying the same thing - you're nobody unless people talk about you. Your skill is secondary. That's b/c the amount of competition is extreme and people who finance "future stars" think about them as an investment, they care about ROI, not about your acting skills.

A more down to earth example - imagine you have the best bakery in the world. So what if nobody knows about you b/c there are millions of other bakeries selling the same kind of product and everyone says he's the best in the world. The only advantage you can get is not how clever your copy or design is, but how many people talk about you.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


If you need for whatever reason to inflate your brand exposure, by all means use all the tactics available.

I'm taking a step back ("before they were famous") from that to say the type of people who are drawn to needing to be a "brand"/"famous"/"on the TV" are by definition not normal people in the first place/ at baseline.. They need the external validation. Their drive to become their own brand is such a driving force that shit like getting fucked on the casting couch for a commercial is a good deal. Would you let Weinstein fuck you for the chance to be in a 30 second cameo? Showfolk obviously have no qualms. This is the entrance to the rabbithole i referenced.

After fame? Of course "there is no bad press". Well.... Push your brand.

7 upvotesJamesSkepp2 years ago

Showfolk obviously have no qualms.

The end justifies the means, especially when the means are of little consequences in the long term.

7 upvotesvoomer532 years ago

Sex is just not that big a deal for young women in general, anyway... there's just more cheap gratuitous drama to be had by alleging abuse or harassment decades after the fact when those same now aging sluts can't get that alpha cock anymore.

1 upvotesmeateatercat2 years ago

Weinsteen was still a pathetic creep. If you have to beg and grovel to play fuck-fuck games with a woman you are fucked in the head.

22 upvotesfurcryingoutloud2 years ago

I second this, no need to be creepy to get laid. Hiring private security firm to threaten women and keep their mouths shut. Creepy all around.

7 upvotesmarlybarrow2 years ago

Andy Dick

This Andy Dick?

How could we have known? If only there were some signs that could have told us this man wasn't fit to work in Hollywood.

4 upvotesMethaCat2 years ago

"You swallow sticky happy juice, I not let sabretooth eat you."

Ah those caveman and their beasts. Thank you for this, it gave me a chuckle.

1 upvotesFrankdux772 years ago

Weinstein is not a creep?! And this gets upvoted? This is why TRP is a joke. There’s some good advice but then it’s laced with this bullshit by a “endorsed contributor.”

7 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

it's all consentual, from a contract perspective, those women were reneging on a contract.

If anything, they are criminals!

hows your delicate flower now?

1 upvotesFrankdux772 years ago

It’s consensual, but he blocks the door so they can’t exit. Ok dude. Keep defending people who sexually assault and rape.

5 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

You must mistake this for me giving a shit.

There’s an actual conversation to be had

It's already been had, neither of us were invited

Medically fucked gambler, wants to vent

Why did I flair you like this?

1 upvotesFrankdux772 years ago

Don’t really give a fuck that you want to act like a internet badass mod. I’ll make 200k+ next year and I just found a possible cure for my symptoms. Suck a bag of dicks.

6 upvotesPaperStreetVilla2 years ago

Take a break, your frame is showing.

4 upvotesRian_Stone2 years ago

I see now. you had an askmrp post where you talked about this. you lashed out there the instant someone talked about things uncomfotable to you there as well.

after a month of sidebar, lifting, and ego removal, you should be past this shit by now man. I do hope you weren't still taking medical advice from podcasts

4 upvotesjethreezy2 years ago

There’s an actual conversation to be had when normal escalation and normal work relationships(not bosses whipping it out and making others watch) are thrown into the metoo movement

And the whole point of the original comment you replied to was that, in Hollywood, having your boss (big shot movie producers) whipping it out, IS the closest equivalent of normal escalations and work relationships for these entertainment industry types.

Sure it's easy for you to claim there is some objective moral line that people should never cross regardless of their profession and/or social position, but real life is messy and rarely if ever this cleanly cut. If these actresses whining now weren't willing to tolerate at least the potential of getting themselves dirtied by the dark side of the industry, then they should have chosen another career path.

1 upvotesFrankdux772 years ago

Just because it happened in higher frequency because people in power are more likely to get away with it, doesn’t make it normal. Vast majority of actors, film producers don’t act this way but for some reason, people were willing to look the other way for so long until the tipping point came this past year.

I’ve found some post/comments on TRP incredibly relevant and useful in my life. It’s very easy to blame everything on chronic pain and not OYS. When you are first seeing the error of your ways, it can be shock to the system.

Frustrated to see TRP associated with defending people who sexually assault others but carry on. I’ll go back to lifting and using what wisdom I find from other contributors.

9 upvotesjethreezy2 years ago

Its disappointing to see TRP associated with defending people who sexually assault others but carry on.

The point once again flew over your head if you think people here are defending the likes of Harvey Weinstein. You must be the type of guy to claim it's misogynistic and label it as "victim blaming" when sound practical advice like telling women to dress more wholesomely if they want to minimize unwanted sexual attention are espoused.

We were simply remarking on our observations about the film industry and what is, not passing judgments and what we think ought to be. Quit your moralizing.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

They're broken. Morally bankrupt. They don't think like normal people. A distinct subset of people.

They'll do virtually anything for it. No shame. It's actually weirdly interesting to see humans that focused on a goal.

This is a story as old as history itself. Go read some history and see what women did in Ancient times to reach the heights of power - all through sex. This is a continuation of that age old tradition. The only difference is people are hypocritical about it now.

Also, fuck morality. A man focused on 'morals' is no better than a obedient little slave.

-2 upvotesdum_dum_boy2 years ago

Yeah, that dude sounds really bitter towards the Hollywood game. Inferiority complex probably.

Let's face it, in certain attributes we're talking about an elite group of people here. They are exceptional, hence why they're the center of attention. They just have flaws much like the rest of the human race.

It's really like any other industry/business in the world, they just get to play it out in the open under public scrutiny.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Yeah, that dude sounds really bitter towards the Hollywood game. Inferiority complex probably.

Lets face it, if OP or anyone else here was in a position of power and had young, hot women throwing pussy at them without obvious reprecussions, most guys would take it and help a woman advance in return (though I'd probably fuck her and be veeerrryyyy lethargic when helping her, just enough to keep her hooked).

Let's face it, in certain attributes we're talking about an elite group of people here. They are exceptional, hence why they're the center of attention. They just have flaws much like the rest of the human race.

Exactly. And using sex and taking sex in exchange for societal advancement is hardly a flaw, it is a transaction of value for both parties.

It's really like any other industry/business in the world, they just get to play it out in the open under public scrutiny.

Exactly. I hear the same thing happens in medicine, where young, hot, tight female med students will fuck top-of-the-line surgeons in exchange for learning from them.

0 upvotesBodySnag2 years ago

Fuck, you can kill me for it if you want, but this whole 'Hollywood is evil' screed is retarded. I live in Los Angeles and know plenty of people in the industry, actors, writers, etc., and not one of them is anything like what you're describing. Any industry where hundreds of millions of dollars is being sloshed around is going to have some horrible people in it. Look at Wall Street. I don't work in Hollywood but get tired of it being everyone's punching bag, then they go home and watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or whatever their thing is. Great, burn down Hollywood and enjoy your BBC.

5 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago

The worst thing about is, the actual crime. They got with directors, and got roles they should not have, while people with actual talent probably did not. Those are the real victims.

37 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

The real issue is that these people in power never learned game. They just got power used that to pressure girls into sex. The girls never actually wanted to fuck them because they are manipulative betas, false kings, but did it to further themselves in their career. This creates resentment. Compare Weinstein, who has to use his power to get laid, to Dan Balzerian, who has a much smaller fortune, and less power, than Weinstein, but makes it win-win and fun for girls.

Weinstein is not someone to model your life after. He's a loser who resorted to manipulation for sex. If a girl knows you don't deserve her, she will resent you.

22 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

The real issue is that these people in power never learned game.

It's a different game.

The thirst is real. He is not an attractive man. That doesn't mean he's going to cut his dick off and join the monastery. Pathetic? Of course, that's why he did what he did. Gross? Of course, that's why he did what he did. Rich? Not really. There is a reason he had to beg for hush money.

But here's the funny part. The blooptards hyperventilate over what we do--become the best man we can so women want us. Meanwhile, up until he was outted as a creepy rapist, Weinstein sang their company song, not ours.

5 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

It's the same game. Game is not that complicated. You spike emotions positively, build comfort and trust, then get the girl to a place where something can happen.

Whether you are physically attractive or not really doesn't matter. Good emotions and fun overule looks and money. Granted, do your best to appear nice, but your looks just get you a bigger window to show the girl you're not a fucking weirdo. Regardless of how you look and how you're dressed, you should behave as if you're the sexiest man on earth and have a buyer/selector frame.

Weinstein had so much power in Hollywood that he could destroy anyone's career if they didn't obey him. He abused that power for sex.

8 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Whether you are physically attractive or not really doesn't matter.

Not this shit again.

Build comfort and trust? Raw lust will throw that shit out the window every damn time. The cornerstone of the SMV is how physically attractive you are. Everything else is an attempt to cheat the system--money, game, whatever.

Ever fuck a woman before knowing her name? Eye opening experience.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I've fucked women that couldn't speak English.

Fucked a girl off Tinder before speaking a word. Texted her to come to my place and fuck, all without a sound. Fucking hot.

8 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

I've fucked women that couldn't speak English.

Landed a Finn that pretended she couldn't speak English. Pretended. She apparently learned English while sleeping so in the morning we could discuss future visits.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That's awesome.

Sucked the English right out of you.

3 upvotesPabloAsscrowbar2 years ago

I didn't know it was possible to teach English while in the midst of sex.

'See this? This is a penis. P-E-N-I-S.'

1 upvotesRedwallAllratuRatbar2 years ago

Wow, finally an endorsed I can agree with. Tired of this "lift more 1/10 face bro"

7 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Lifting is one way you can improve your attractiveness despite other drawbacks and limitations. I'm not tall, don't have lots of money, don't look like I have money either, I'm old, but for some reason thin young girls eye fuck me before they even hear me speak. Then they catch my game and it's easy to fuck them. They sure as fuck aren't sung dollar signs when they look at me. I'm only moderately attractive in the face, without the muscle I blend into the crowd.

Right now it's winter, so under layers to stay warm, I look fat and get far less attention from random girls. Lifting is the most effective thing you can do to make up for everything else. That's why we push it here, not because being a skinny wimp works if you have a great face. I get the raw lust max refers to, and have fucked many girls and never knew their name. Most guys don't have a great face, this is what you can do to get the lustful looks I get even when you're ugly.

Fuck man, this is simple shit and you still don't get it. You must be afraid of work, or want to give up because you're a skinny fuck.

2 upvotesRedwallAllratuRatbar2 years ago

Yes, but without pics anyone can claim anything. Lack of proof and trust is main problem of any PUA community

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

thats bullshit, if you have power you have power, the female brain doesnt make much of an distinction on that. Harvey is ugly but you see hot women fucking ugly guys with lesser status than anyone in hollywood in porn all the time, its not a big deal what the guy looks like especially if you had such status as harvey did.

These actresses do not resent Harvey for being a ”false” alpha and having sex with him, they are just bitter that their career didnt go the way they thought it would and are desperate for attention, and women always blame others than themselves so in this case they blame Harvey despite the fact that he gave them opportunities they never would have had in the first place if they didnt let him fuck them.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Compare Weinstein, who has to use his power to get laid, to Dan Balzerian,

Balzerian used the power of his 6'5" huge frame and near model tier facial looks to get hot females to fuck him.

Weinstein used his influence to get hot females to fuck despite his squat, troll like body and potato face.

1 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

Dan's lifestyle gets him laid, not his looks. His appearance doesn't hurt him, obviously, but looks alone doesn't get you those results.

You're thinking like a man. Try thinking like a woman.

You think a top tier girl gives a shit if you are physically attractive or not? She has thousands of dudes chasing than her who look amazing, have a ton of money, etc. She is in an extreme state of abundance where it doesn't matter if one guy doesn't like her, because there are so many others who will take his place if he stops chasing.

Furthermore, in order to secure the best scenario for her offpring, she is looking for a multitude of attraction triggers, not just physical appearance. As guys our primary attraction triggers are conveyed by the woman's body, hence why we care so much about her appearance. Girls are not like that. They look for social intelligence, social proof, social alliances, abundance vs scarcity mentality (aka non-neediness), and others. Physical appearance is pretty low on that list. If you have nothing else going for you, then yeah, your looks will make or break your interactions. But you should control what you can and ignore what you can't. Dress well, groom well, work out, smell nice, etc. What you can't fix, you feature.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The girls never actually wanted to fuck them because they are manipulative betas, false kings

Isnt this the reason why you're on red pill though? To get what, or more pussy that didnt want to partake?

EA sports, its in the game. They all the same game

2 upvotesswaglordobama2 years ago

Haha if the girl doesn't want to partake I fully respect that and don't push it. I've found if you're respectful in that regard the girl hooks up at a later date. As the saying goes, you don't own her, it's just your turn. So chill out and let your turn come.

Guys like weinstein never had TRP or studied sexual strategy.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

No im talking before that. Unless you're Chad you had to talk your way into vagina anyway. Unless you got women chasing you down the street & crashing cars for you. So you cannot cast the 1st stone at Weinstein. Hes getting his one way, you're getting yours another. Its all the same shit. You're giving the chicks too many victim cards. Its all about plausible deniability

5 upvotespopcornready142 years ago

I don't know if this is the place to say it.

But its frustrating as hell to be a man and not being able to have an opinion without being vilified.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I honestly don't see much wrong with Weinstein. I didn't read every allegation, so if he physically forced rape a girl then that's different. But from what I keep hearing, he would ask girls to sleep with him, and in turn he gave some huge roles that made them millions of dollars and gave them the fame they have today. Every girl could have just walked away.

4 upvotesjunkeee9992 years ago

But if everyone acted the way Weinstein did it would create an industry where the only way for a woman to get ahead was to be used for sex. You don't see anything wrong with that?

5 upvotesredditer02 years ago

But if everyone acted the way Weinstein did it would create an industry where the only way for a woman to get ahead was to be used for sex. You don't see anything wrong with that?

There's some truth in your argument but if we would take it seriously BOTH persons who are trading sex for roles in movies should be prosecuted because they are creating an environment that is bad for the ones who are not trading sex.

5 upvotesredditer02 years ago

I don't know. If you give money to a cop so he let you do X that is illegal, both are breaking the law. Even if you are powerful.

If people really wanted to fix this they should criminalize ALL people involved in trading sex for movie roles or any other job.

3 upvotesBlackCraneStoic2 years ago

It wasn't because I flirted with him and massaged his ego and did what I could to get his attention and make a deal with the devil to get ahead, I just was magically in his room alone...

His ego wasn't all the massaged. Skanks the lot of them. I haven't watched a modern film since this charade started. No intention of doing so anytime soon either.

1 upvotessaibot832 years ago

I watch the stuff still but I make damn sure to torrent the fuck out of everything. When H-wood started going into propaganda overdrive is when I financially checked out.

3 upvotesburritobandido2 years ago

I mean I get the fact that women feel they were pressed into doing all these sexual things. First of all, if you were old enough to understand the position you were in and still decidedly to stay and go forward with it, you knew what you were doing and what you were getting out of it. You went to see Weinstein not Brad Pitt, so you knew exactly what you wanted to achieve by being sexual with someone else to get ahead in the game. So for some I feel no sympathy for.

3 upvotesrtechie12 years ago

You downplayed the most important part of this a bit.

The money.

If you do a bit of digging, Weinstein made his high-profile accusers BILLIONS of dollars.

2 upvotesInmanelectric2 years ago

Finally a man with the balls to call out this crap He nailed it Every one of these women in Hollywood Would have used their sex To get what they wanted Some more willing to go all out than others Then later it’s wrong Give me a break Only a woman could be such a hypocrite

2 upvotesbob13bob2 years ago

the point of sexual harassment lawsuits is not to protect the women sleeping to get ahead, it's to protect everyone else not willing to do or can't od that. We prohibiting a trade of sex for advantage by making it costly to the advantage holder. It's important for the advantage holder to pay in business, credibility, pr etc so they'vell think twice about selling their wares.

pushes towards more meritocratic environment, which creates better businesses.

reading the 2nd post, you gotta respect her hustle. she's trying to madame by bringing a friend (prob getting a big commission too)

2 upvotesLittleRedditAddict2 years ago

Anyone who didn't think Hollywood was quid pro quo from the start is trying to sell you something.

3 upvotesZchavago2 years ago

Kamala Harris has only gotten where she is by using sex as a weapon.

3 upvotesGrothendi3ck2 years ago

Lol. God help us we are in the hands of weaponized snatches.

4 upvotestryinreddit2 years ago

Right now if you said "Hey you want to suck a creep like Weinsteins cock and let him fuck you in the ass to get a decent movie role (or even just a good chance at one)" You would still have a line of women from Los Angeles to Boston lining up to make a deal with the devil. And that is what none of these women with their stories are admitting.

You're not wrong, but you're missing something important. Some of the women, maybe many of them, would not be in your hypothetical that line. And those women were told--explicitly or implicitly--'suck my dick or I'll ruin your career'. That's fucked up.

1 upvotesRooibosisboss2 years ago

always liked ian, his friendship with patrick stewart, this just makes me like him more

1 upvotesbinarynightmare2 years ago

I think there are two destinct types of men that keep surfacing in these allegations. There are the ones who use their position of power to exxplicitly or implicitly de make deals with sexually aware women who know whats up (not sexual assualt). And then there are monstors like Brian Singer or Bill Cosby who systemically prey and in the most literal sense drug and rape people (definitely sexual assault).

There should be no tolerance for the later. But for the former, I think we, as a society, need to ask is the sexual dynamic really that fucked up that men have to risk their jobs and reputation for intimacy?

In my experience the only guys who dare shit where they eat are the ones who absolutely have no prospects anywhere else.

1 upvotesSkiffbug2 years ago

I think you’re oversimplifying a bit.

Having read a few of the stories, there does seem to be a trend that Weinstein could make or break a woman’s career if they did what he wanted. There is a degree of covert conditionality as to whether they wanted to make it to the top or not. If it happens to sufficient people, there can be an environment of “this is what I need to do if I want to succeed” which is an issue.

Outside that, there will always be the women willing and eager to offer their bodies to get ahead, and I’m sure a number of these stories are women giving themselves an out of the shitty decision they made.

1 upvoteslt_dan_zsu2 years ago

So let's say an exec takes you out to dinner. Afterward, they bring you up to their room to talk about the future of the company. When you enter his room, you're greeted with his dick out. Did you expect this was the guy's plan the whole time?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes, Billy, welcome to real life, where men and women are fundamentally unequal in a myriad of ways, nothing is fair, and everybody does anything they can to get an advantage. You're in for a rough ride so good luck.

1 upvotesarthurabyssal2 years ago

Sir Ian Mckellan just spoke at my school and shouted that if we don't study "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" in front of hundreds of students and it was epic. Talked about gay rights. Howver he said that if people don't agree with his views he would not like to talk to them, which is wrong because he should realise that if he wants to fight homophobia he should discuss, not just refuse to talk.

1 upvoteswaldo8882 years ago

This is all a symptom of public society being obtuse to the true nature of women. most men never would believe the garbage...obv these girls slept with them voluntarily...is it rape though...a little bit ya.

1 upvotesNinokun2 years ago

This Dude is Gay for a Reason.

I really wonder why so many Gays are feminists though, if i were attracted to Men i wouldnt even bother, not even waste a Single Minute on Any woman ever.

1 upvotesLambdal72 years ago

Metoo isn't about the women who were fine with getting fucked for a movie role. It's about women who weren't fine with getting fucked for a movie role, and Weinstein still wanted to fuck them and sometimes did even though they explicitly said no.

1 upvotesThe_Gentleman_Thief2 years ago

Whatever McKellen says should be taken with a grain of salt. He's part of the gay Hollywood elite which means he tries to normalize perversion i.e. Sex with underage boys.

Evidence with him and accused pedo Brian singer:


Just burn all of Hollywood. It's corrupt and dirty and run by a AHEM "a small circle of certain people"

1 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

When people start to understand that this was never about "equality" or "fairness" among genders, then will we be finally able to rid the world of this mental disorder. This poison known as feminism that only cares about gaining total and absolute control over both men and women. Using women in droves and transforming men into mindless simps, drones, to do their bidding for them.

If you think women are at the forefront of this you're mistaken. They're simply the catalyst. A very evil group of men are in control of this. I wish i knew who. Could be globalists, or Marxists, or neo capitalists. Eithet way, who ever it is.... They love to watch the world burn

0 upvotesBad_Mama_Jama912 years ago

Can you blame them? Isnt that what the males want. Its not like women made up the rules thats all on the males. If they dont like it why do they only give these women the jobs and why do the women feel lile they have to do this to geta job?

0 upvotesBad_Mama_Jama912 years ago

Can you blame them? Isnt that what the males want. Its not like women made up the rules thats all on the males. If they dont like it why do they only give these women the jobs and why do the women feel lile they have to do this to geta job?

0 upvotesPabloAsscrowbar2 years ago

Is it me or does this reek of the excuses that Nazi collaborators used during the Nuremberg Trials?

'I was just following orders/I was forced to do such horrible deeds because if I didn't, the SS officers would kill me and my family' even though they had no qualms killing and torturing the untermensch.

Nothing better to 'purify' yourself than to push all the blame to your partner in crime even though you did voluntarily partake in it.

1 upvotesyoung_hades2 years ago

This articulates one side of the problem quite well. But don't ignore the other side of the coin which is that men hold the power and dominate both society and many industries due to historical social patriarchy and misogyny.

I shit on the #metoo movement for ignoring the historical social influences and utter hypocrisy of women taking advantage of the modern feminist movement and the power keg that is public relationships and brand image in the internet age for their own gain or some sort of social justice. These women will hold a press conference about sexual harassment in a pair of 4 inch heels with exposed cleavage and at the same time vilify the wrong men that react to it.

At the same time I can understand why women would go this route. They are still socially unequal to men in many areas of society, pay for example. It's the same hypocrisy that drives certain debates on race in the US.

5 upvotesredditer02 years ago

men hold the power and dominate both society and many industries due to historical social patriarchy and misogyny.


Men dominate industries because they work more to get status to get women.

Women do NOT need status to get men, so they just don't waste their time building it unless they are really interested or they have weak egos.

Also men are more interested in things vs women more interested in people. So industries with more $$ are dominated by men because... well, industries = machines.

1 upvotesyoung_hades2 years ago

You are a white male I'd guess lol

1 upvotesredditer02 years ago

I'm actually left leaning and I'm south american...

1 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

Nah, he's just smarter than you.

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