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The difference 4 years makes.

by da-trap-masta on /r/TheRedPill
03 January 2018 01:38 PM UTC

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About 4 years ago I went to a party, met this very cute girl and ended up getting her number about 3/4 way through the evening. Later, people were loitering outside as the party was wrapping up. From a distance I saw her giving out her number to a roided up asian guy and being all touchy-feely with him before getting into a taxi with her friends. Like an idiot I still tried to meet up with her -- I set up a date via text a week later, only to have her bail 20min beforehand as I was en route to the coffee shop we were supposed to meet at.

Saw the same girl at a NYE party a few days ago. From a distance she looked the same, but up close it looked like Father Time took a belt sander to her face. I don't know if she's a smoker or a boozer or what, but she had aged very badly -- sagging double chin, wrinkles, bit of a muffin top. Make-up caked on thick in a vain attempt to cover it all up. She emanated desperation, it was painfully obvious that she was "single and available".

A couple hours into the night she came over and spoke to me. Still working the same shit retail job, still into her shit 'photography' hobby, complaining about her friends being busy with husbands/kids/travel/careers, being broke, etc. In the middle of all that she also worked in a half-hearted apology for ghosting me. Yeah, thanks.

Later in evening, more tipsy this time, she came up to me apologized again. She kept insisting that she "owed me" and that "she'd have to make it up to me". Hmmm...... later still, she finally made her boozy pass at me. Drunk as a skunk, she burbles that she has to tell me a secret. She leans in and whispers "Ryan Seacrest always makes me horny." He was on a TV on mute near us.

It made for a funny moment. I remember feeling so dejected driving home from the coffee shop after she ghosted me. Now she was practically throwing herself at me and it was disgusting.

Not much to tell beyond that. I didn't bang her for obvious reasons.

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265 upvotessqerl2 years ago

Script flipped - check
New perspective - check
Confirmed TRP observations - check

Now build yourself into the guy women seek because you're the prize; not because they're desperate.

326 upvoteslukky_pierre2 years ago

HA! Same happened to me recently.

At 25 I had a massive beta bout of oneitis over the cutest hipster girl in all of Williamsburg. It was so bad it's embarrassing to even remember. She wasn't interested, but still toyed with me and gladly ate up the attention and validation I stupidly, willingly served her. It ended in humiliation when she basically went to bed with another guy right under my nose (interesting side note - I wouldn't learn this till years later, but that fucker's whole game was, well, The Game - like, before PU blew up, this guy basically ran the Mystery Method on this chick word-for-word, routine-for-routine, to great effect).

Anyway, earlier this year, I saw her again when our values had basically reversed: I'm older, professionally established, and in good shape. She still looks good for her age, but let's face it, at 38 her value is inherently way lower than it was at 25. Plus she's still working the same sort of loser job she was back in the day. Her SMV, which was once through the roof, had significantly diminished, and mine had raised.

She was all glad to see me, throwing IOI's, and I just... wasn't interested. I wanted 25 year old her, not used-up 38 year old her. Like I'd still bang her if she made it super easy, but the days of me taking her on dates ended more than ten years ago. Sorry lady. That ship has sailed.

A little schadenfreude feels nice sometimes. I walked away from the encounter grinning, like, "in 2004 I'd have fucking married you. I'd have done anything, anything for just a sniff of your pussy. Now...meh..."

138 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

She doesn't really care. A life of abundance gives her enough ignorance to feed her hamster that she never has to face her true reality.

81 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

She doesn't care because of all the nice pharmaceuticals her therapist has her on.

20 upvotesMrJanglesLovesBooty12 years ago

Plus all the wine and cats

33 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

Have you ever tried em bro. They're pretty baller.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

She's probably already starting to whine to her friends "where have all of the good guys gone"

5 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

They've all been in her vagina at some point. She just got bored of em.

35 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

I almost pity these girls for an instant. Then I remember they were entirely cognosant of what they were doing.

They made their choice and now we make our's.

6 upvotesPsycholephant2 years ago

Just nature running its course. Nothing to get too broken up about.

20 upvotesSkydog072 years ago

I just fucking lost "the game", thanks.

7 upvotessynx8722 years ago

And i just lost it too after reading your comment. Goddamn over 2 years without thinking about it...

3 upvotesSkydog072 years ago

I'm sorry man, you'll get over it like I did.

5 upvotesSereden912 years ago

fuck both of you. I don't even remember the last time I thought of it.

3 upvotesSkydog072 years ago

Well now you do, I guess you should thank us for our help.

1 upvotesSereden912 years ago

Thanks a ton guys, I really needed this in my life

8 upvotesbiglaughingcock2 years ago

Williamsburg is a shit town with shit people fuck that place

23 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

They're so unique, they all look the same.

7 upvotes2dfx2 years ago

Especially Colonial Williamsburg

6 upvotesbiglaughingcock2 years ago

mainly talking about W&M. fuck that school brah

4 upvotesanusbleach111112 years ago

Yeah but it’s filled with people from all over nyc who go there instead of Manhattan so it’s not like you’re only going after Williamsburg natives, I’ve met people from every borough there. Also if you’re jacked and you hit up a bar over there you’re automatically in the top 10% of guys available.

But yes I agree all of northern Brooklyn is lame and corny.

2 upvotesAndgelyo2 years ago

Where tf is Williamsburg, sounds a Hicksville place in the middle of nowhere

EDIT: just found out it’s a place in Brooklyn lmao, I’m a north jersey dude take it easy on me

1 upvoteswiseclockcounter2 years ago

It's also a colonial larping town in VA.

1 upvotesomnicidial2 years ago

Can't hear the name of that place without thinking of the song vodkasodaburg now.

1 upvotesbabalu322 years ago

OH man same thing with a married friend I tried to bang a few years ago. Gorgeous italian blonde, so juicy. She was an alien getting green card so she didnt want to mess up with her application and we just had drinks. When she got her citizenship she got a (expected) divorce then called me and we met again. Just that now it looked like someone had sucked life from her with a straw. Looked something only a Dementor out of a Harry Potter movie would do.

56 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

only a Dementor out of a Harry Potter movie would do.

You could've offered her some chocolate at least.

1 upvotesbabalu322 years ago

Funny thing I was so scared (and surprised) by her looks that she actually noticed it.

12 upvotesRAiderNat882 years ago

something only a Dementor out of a Harry Potter movie would do.

You mean you didn't want to expecto petronum that ass

6 upvotesRudeyyyy2 years ago

The worst thing about prison was..was the Dementors!

89 upvotesHeinousFu_kery2 years ago

Welcome to personal growth.

You've moved on and moved up...and there she sits, expecting the world to hand her something just because she's got indoor plumbing.

Sadly, what will happen in time is that she'll find her beta, squirt out a couple of kids and retire to the hive-mind of her similar friends, content in their approval rather than making any sort uncertainty-laden attempt at a meaningful life contribution.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Having kids for a poor beta IS a sacrificial contribution to her

6 upvotesHeinousFu_kery2 years ago

Of course, which is why she'll wallet-rape him in due course.

1 upvotesblobblobz2 years ago

This is a lot better than the women hit the wall explanation. Men don't automatically get better but you have to grow to get better

5 upvotesHeinousFu_kery2 years ago

They hit "the wall" through hive-mind peer pressure as well.

You haven't lived until you listened to:

a bunch of late twenty-something girls kvetch about how life is passing them by in their "ro___tic" lives (no man). Because their best friends are all getting married.

Thirty-something about having children right away. Because hormones. And everyone else is.

Forty-something about how disappointed they are in everything around them and how they drink wine with their friends over it.

Fifty-something about yoga, herbal tea, pets/grandchildren, cleanses (and their pool boy). Just like everyone else.

The lack of imagination, individuation and initiative is appalling.

32 upvotesthedaynos2 years ago

aww man i have so many girls like that who I expressed interest in at one point but never got any reciprocation, but recently hit the wall at 500mph and now hitting me up on facebook as if we're some lost love that just didn't work out or touching my arms if they see me at parties or get-togethers.

the first few times this happened to me were before I stumbled upon this sub and I used to take these things as signs of my self improvement and gave me confidence. but now that i've landed here (about 2 years ago) and the more this happens, i just think AWALT and it means a lot less to me.

What you're describing is going to happen to you more and more if you are the type to go to a lot of social events and put yourself out there. When these girls are young they can be choosy. At some point they ALL become unattractive and desperate.

1 upvotesTRPBackpacker2 years ago

Also accoubt for tye fact that after TRP, girls that used to be your 9 are now a 7.

Ppl should do a test abd look at the young pic of the same girl from 4 years ago and see if she is as beautiful as you remembered.

17 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

This. I don't know if it's TRP or just time/experience but my standards are way up.

10 upvotesSuperCrazy072 years ago

Oh yeah. I saw a picture of my college LTR a while back (my mom had brought photos on a visit) and was just stunned. All my friends and me thought she was the hottest thing at the time.

Now, I was super embarrassed to say I ever fucked her. I mean, girls I consider below average now look better than her.

It has nothing to do with TRP. It has to do with getting older and seeing more and more options instead of the little communities that are HS and college.

4 upvotesall4gibs2 years ago

it’s all about age

to meet an 8 above 27 years old is actually pretty rare

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

Dude i saw a solid 8 for a 70 year old. I hate that shit. Age doesnt matter the scale is the scale.

4 upvotesall4gibs2 years ago

“for a 70-year-old”

that’s ignoring the scale and adjusting it for a specific age, which doesn’t apply because women age like milk

2 upvotesTRPBackpacker2 years ago

To be honest I saw a 35 year old who looked 25. HB9. She did yoga ger whole life. No wrinkles on her face and that's the only instance. Ingeneral yoga girls below 35 are able to maintain their looks very well.

But I doubt chicks above 35 can maintain the look that well. Even yoga chicks.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Father Time still undefeated

38 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

The time in a woman's life when she has the most sexual market power is also the time when she lacks the adequate training or experience to wield it effectively to her own advantage.

Unmonitored and unfettered, every woman will descend into a destructive downward spiral of self-indulgence and delusion. This is why women without benevolent guiding patriarchs are doomed to empty pursuit of pleasure during their peak years and misery in their post-Wall years.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Benevolent ShItlords......love it

10 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

That's why we always say here, "Cherchez le pere". A girl without a strong, masculine, dominant father lording over his family is not likely to be a good long-term prospect. And families with those are increasingly rare as feminism infects the nuclear family and chases them away or destroys them outright.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My marriage sucked. I fixed it and my life thru TRP but you nailed that wifeys dad is an approval seeking Plowhorse and until I stepped up there was no stability

3 upvotesHumanSockPuppet2 years ago

I have yet to see a single exception to this rule.

Women are water. They take the shape of their container. You, the man, must be that container, otherwise she is a mess on the floor.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It certainly explains the purple haired fatty tatties. Always Always from a broken ass single mom home.

40 upvotesMetalageddon2 years ago

Hah. Yeah been there.

Right at Halloween I met an ex who wanted more money. (She didn't know how much I made, none of her business)

Well she found out and blew up my Facebook and phone, pissed at me. We "mutually" split around 5 years ago, though my parents had pressured me to anyway.

Talk about a caved in ash tray.

She has gotten a promotion, props to her, she's making 90+ a year take home. However her dating life has been shit, absolute shit. She's a 7 physically, but getting lower, and there's nothing good enough about her for someone with options to commit. Guess she learned that the hard way.

Regardless, I was polite, milked her for info (it's free validation hell yeah I'll take it), and even flipped her 10 bucks for a Lyft the moment she tried to get a date out of me. Spent the next hour watching her drink faster and faster until she left with a guy a good decade younger than her, athlete, he won't remember her name.

I felt good. Saw my friends. Got confirmation. Had a very good time. Killed at karaoke, came home, fucked my plate. Fun Halloween.

22 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

You paid her $10 to bang another guy ..

1 upvotesFlaerndep2 years ago

Pretty sure he paid her $10 to go away.

6 upvotesMetalageddon2 years ago

Sure. Maybe.

I'm more focused on paying her 10 bucks to go away and twist the knife a bit deeper. She's not mine, not even a plate, and I didn't even want a peek, and 10 bucks is nothing.

26 upvotes420KUSHBUSH2 years ago

She leans in and whispers "Ryan Seacrest always makes me horny." He was on a TV on mute near us.

I don't even know how to respond to that. I'd just laugh and walk away from being caught so off guard

1 upvotesVolt521212 years ago

"Oh really? Because he always kills my boner."

12 upvotesNiceTryDisaster2 years ago

Women are absolutely fucking terrible at flirting most of the times

6 upvotesLuridPiece2 years ago

When you're taught to be a walking vegetable all your life, its what happens.

Women are mostly taught to coast off somebody else like it's the holy grail.

11 upvotesmassivewang2 years ago

I moved to Brazil for work a few years ago. I had just TRPED about a year prior to my move. During my first few months I met a beautiful woman (friend of a friend) and we began seeing each other.

To make a long story short she was playing me, talking to her ex the whole time she was “seeing” me. She went cold/mixed signals and so I had the “are we dating and are you interested or not?” Conversation with her. She got engaged to her ex soon after, got married, and has a kid.

Four years later I get a text out of the blue one night from her friend. It’s a photo of them out at a restaraunt, with a message saying “we remembered you tonight”. Home girl started asking about me to our mutual friends. Turns out her husband is a schlub - became fat, poor style, smokes weed, not emotionally involved at home or with her family, and they’re not having sex.

It really was poetic justice for me. I was really frustrated with the situation for a variety of reasons, those initial TRP DAYS/the anger phase are a bitch.

Five years of hard work and embracing TRP have made a proper man out of me. Living in Brazil accelerated my growth in many areas, and has given me opportunities with women that I never could’ve dreamed of. In the beggining I had no idea what I was doing, but I’m more and more prepared for and able to take advantage of every new opportunity that comes my way now.

23 upvotesEntrepreneurToBee2 years ago

Honestly, i would have banged her and then ghosted her. If she is attractive enough that is.

24 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

but up close it looked like Father Time took a belt sander to her face. I don't know if she's a smoker or a boozer or what, but she had aged very badly -- sagging double chin, wrinkles, bit of a muffin top. Make-up caked on thick in a vain attempt to cover it all up.

how is any of this attractive to you?

2 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

I've done this a few times. Even more often, I've taken the number, and said--yeah, I'll call you, we'll go out. Then ghost. With the former, you've scored, but given validation in return. In the latter, you've denied even that validation. The latter is preferable when you have abundance.

3 upvotesCasaDeFranco2 years ago

Why fuck her if she's clearly below his value?

2 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP2 years ago

More like take her number, set up date, and cancel twenty minutes before.

27 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler2 years ago

No, bro. This just shows you're still bitter about her ditching and also makes you as bad as her. You shouldn't even care she existed and you should keep your integrity.

-2 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP2 years ago

as bad as her.

Nothing this woman did was wrong. Ghosting someone because you have better options is not evil. OP was not in a good state in his life by his own omission. A woman choosing not to give him the time of day isn't some evil woman thing. He just wasn't good enough.

My integrity would never be damaged by not showing up to a date.

7 upvotesunkg2 years ago

I don't agree at all. Ghosting someone after agreeing to a date is plain disrespectful and evil. If they are not good enough, why waste your and their time? Ghost them before making any plans or giving them false hope.

0 upvotesCuckedByTRUMP2 years ago

and evil.

You are still in the anger phase and new to redpill if you think this is evil.

4 upvotesunkg2 years ago

Maybe evil was a bit overkill but nonetheless; what the girl did was disrespectful and wrong.

5 upvotesIlluminatedElf2 years ago

I've seen many women/BP-men go through their declines fairly quickly as the years have gone by, especially in this day and age where "body acceptance" is a thing.

I was bullied in school by women who then, were good looking. I've met some recently and they look like they've aged a lot and terribly. It's mostly from a diet of "treat yourself" and the wine-and-Netflix culture that has permeated the world.

Don't buy into that culture and let yourself be someone that gets into a steady decline. Age =/= looking old.

5 upvoteseaeulis2 years ago

thanks for sharing. nothing more satisfying than self improvement and having the upper hand now

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You shoulda smashed and never texted her back

28 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

he did the right thing by not doing it. the make up alone would make me throw up a little in my mouth. op values his self respect more than some party skank.

1 upvotesWinyPlateletpheresis2 years ago

Why does it feel like this is coming from a wrong place. I can't tell if you're deeply down angry at the girl, or simply circlejerking about women hitting the wall. Happy for you if you've moved up in life (which seems to be the case), but there are better ways to spend your time, than rambling about past girls.

19 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler2 years ago

but there are better ways to spend your time, than rambling about past girls.

Actually, writing your thoughts down is one of the best therapy methods for introspection and personal development.

Not to mention that if everybody had this attitude there wouldn't be any field reports at all or even TRP forum, because there are better ways to spend your time than share your knowledge and experience for free to strangers.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

if everybody had this attitude there wouldn't be any field reports

By that logic, you essentially declare any piece of content that has ever existed on the internet off-limits for criticism. Perhaps the last sentence of my original post is badly worded, but I guess you can see where I was going with it.

introspection and personal development.

I disagree; I think that OP's post has nothing to do with introspection. Everything he does is briefly stating a motivation for his rant, and then proceeding to laugh about the girl, which has obviously hit the wall. The remarks and observations he makes are perhaps TRP-related, but come from a place of arrogance and anger.

I feel like TRP should be more than a place to ramble unfiltered about women. Your opinion might differ here, but although I see the value in regular 'journal-writing', I don't see what value OP brings to anyone with this post-incel, but incel-mindset post.

2 upvotesunkg2 years ago

I hate comments like these. What are field reports for then? It seems as if most people on TRP try to find any reason they can to shit on every post.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I guess you'll have to endure the occasional comment of contradicting opinion when on the internet.

2 upvotesprettyflyforabrowngy2 years ago

i fucking died at that Ryan Seacrest bit hahahahah

2 upvotesDaddyIssues62 years ago

Im glad that time was a friend this time around; however, I can’t shake the feeling that you couldn’t see this girl as just another girl - rather, you displayed her as some sort of villain in your story.

Not sure how far TRP would take this, but it doesn’t develop character to insult and ridicule someone to make yourself feel better. The fact that you had to come here and spew this shows that you dint really grow up from the early events of meeting this girl. What have you done? How has time served you? What’s different about you? That’s more interesting to talk about.

2 upvotesetherealembryo2 years ago

The life of the rep pill man. Amen.

1 upvotesEscherCixWyen2 years ago

I don't get one thing What women doing in a men space? Its a strategy to nullify the influence ("notallwomenlikethat" meme)... Irony is that you will find some hoe (RedPillWoman) ,they are not to improve themselves but to make a counter influence... Roosh isn't too good but I appreciate his strategy to fuck women off his website...

1 upvotesliquidocean2 years ago

that's nice and all, but you still could have fucked her

-7 upvotesMrButtholePoopy2 years ago

"her shit photography hobby"

so you're shitting on her for ghosting you. wow. the dooshbaggery has come full circle.

1 upvotesRAiderNat882 years ago

So where's the field report?

9 upvotesYGDieciseis2 years ago

Field reports aren't only for "action". It's for what you see in the field. So in this case, this guy sees the effects of a couple concepts, abundance mentality, having standards, The Wall, and making sure you develop so you are something women desire. I'm sure there's a couple more I missed.

1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

I’m a woman and I came to this subreddit to see what guys think. But most posts just seem objectifying, sad and mean. Then when I state my opinion all you guys just down vote me. I’m a woman, isn’t your whole premise in this subreddit “how to get women.” Maybe what I say is of some value and you shouldn’t dismiss it. Sorry, just trying to keep it real.

42 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

I don't mean to be harsh, but how exactly is your comment of any value? All you did was give your opinion with no supporting facts and a suggestion to not dismiss your opinion.

A well-constructed argument for why he was wrong would be greatly appreciated. A demand to take your opinion as truth because you say so will be downvoted to kingdom come.

Trp is all about achieving an objective perception of reality, not to be told by anyone (man or woman) that they're right because their feelings got hurt by the truth.

13 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

How many times we gotta say "women are children?"

Would we expect a child to stop their temper tantrum and construct a logical retort in support of their feelz? Fuck no.

-28 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Every post I’ve read talks about having sex with a bunch of women as the key to a successful life? When I point out that this isn’t true everyone just downvotes me. I’m just stating what happens.

My comment is as valuable as any other comment here. No I was just merely stating facts that everyone in this sub dismisses contrary opinions. The “truth” is mainly subjective.

All I’m trying to say it that there are more important things in life than looks and banging lots of people. Which I find is all this sub focuses on.

29 upvotesFuture962 years ago

TRP is a men only sub. You better have something really outstanding to offer if you decide to comment here, otherwise you're gonna regret it like you're doing right now.

One more thing...we don't want advice or tips from women. Your advice (on how to get women) can never be useful to a red pilled man, because we all know the actions of women are contrary to their words.

-24 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Yeah, I’m regretting it so much I’m shaking. Oh no my emotional female mind is going to explode.

8 upvotesrockercaster2 years ago


But seriously, this place isn’t about being demeaning to women nor is it about having sex. TRP is about men becoming strong within themselves, amongst their peers, and learning to live wholesome, successful, healthy lives without letting themselves get ruined by the growing number of cheating, lying, and hypocritical women out there.

16 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

Every post I’ve read talks about having sex with a bunch of women as the key to a successful life? When I point out that this isn’t true everyone just downvotes me.

Maybe because other people value having sex more than you do?

You don't get to dictate what others should value.

11 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

My comment is just as valuable as any comment here.

That's funny cause your down votes suggest its worth less than shit.

Of course, the problem can't be your snowflake ass, it has to be the hundreds of trp members who disagree with you.

This shit is like a field report of solopsism.

-1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago


I don't think you understand the meaning of solipsism.

I said in my first post that it would be down voted. Guess it holds true that women are always right. haha

There are millions of women and men who would also be offended by this weird sub but alas, they are busy doing other things and I plan to join them. Thank for your rude opinion that I did not want, nor do I care about.

12 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

I revel in your offense.

Your ignorance and solipsistic perspectives serve only to reinforce op's point.

The used up hoe in his post would have the same opinion as you. She would fail to see the error in her ways and accept her mistake.

She would fight tooth and nail, deny every logical shred of truth in an effort to make herself feel better about her current state.

I'd go so far as to say billions of men and women would find this sub offensive. They'd be offended because the truth often makes people uncomfortable when they on the wrong side of it. This is human nature. Only a select few are able to accept the discomfort and even embrace it in an effort to improve their lot in life.

This is a concept I seriously doubt you'd have the intellect or moral courage to understand, let alone embrace.

2 upvotesCos_7_ate_92 years ago

What mistake? Going for the muscly guy over the less attractive guy?

10 upvotesTheSx5052 years ago

Lol'd all the way up, if u came here to be burnt all the way to kingdom come then i must say kudos for the lulz.

8 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler2 years ago

All I’m trying to say it that there are more important things in life than looks and banging lots of people.

Apparently not for women who fuck a plethora of guys in their 20's and cover every inch of their face with make-up in their 30's. Why don't you run along and teach them your earth-shattering wisdom?

-2 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

I'm sorry that you've had such a horrible experience with women that you now feel this way.

3 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler2 years ago

I wanted to you give you the benefit of the doubt, so I looked into your past reddit posts.

As per your description, you are a 200lbs women, tall, very hairy and with acne, have no friends and spent the holidays alone, you are considerably depressed and contemplated suicide, you draw anime art (shitty skills, mind you), you spent $1600 for a taylor swift concert ticket, you stripped nude online for older guys at 13, and lost your virginity at 16 to a 20yr old although you didn't want to, but just because he made you feel bad for stripping nude at 13. I'm afraid to read more because god knows what else there is there.

You are the fuckup of fuckups, you are fat and ugly, you have no accountability or social life, and you come here on a high horse to preach to grown men how the world spins. Thanks for the laugh.

4 upvotesWISE_TURD2 years ago

What'd you expect? This sub is predicated on male sexual strategy. You don't go to the butcher shop to buy kale salad.

Anyone that actually read the sidebar knows that women are a lagging indicator of success. Once you understand that, you focus on building the life you want for yourself, and everything else starts to fall into place.

The truth of the matter is that if no one from the opposite sex wants to fuck you, you probably need to change some things.

2 upvotesHeisenbread772 years ago

While I would agree with you in theory that there is much more important things in life than looks and banging lots of people, the main point (for me at least) of this sub is taking the rose colored glasses off when you look at women/society/reality/relationships and see it all for what it really is. So while I have many more important things in my life than women/relationships, given what is abundantly clear, looks and temporary relationships are the only things that make any sense in pursuing at this point. We know it's just our turn, may as well drive the nicest looking car we can because we know the lease is going to expire at any time.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My comment is as valuable as any other comment here.

That doesnt amount to much since there are many many worthless comments in this sub. Man, woman, doesnt matter. If an opinion rings true, then it is valuable, thats is all.

All I’m trying to say it that there are more important things in life than looks and banging lots of people. Which I find is all this sub focuses on.

Thats a first impression most, if not almost all people get from this sub. People stay here because they implement these ideas into their own lives and find it successful.

Also, this is first and foremost, a sexual strategy sub. You may as well go to a relationship sub and tell people that there is more to life than being in a relationship.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"I'm a woman" = so a my feelings should be valued simply because. Even if they aren't thought out or valid. The first that you're a woman has no bearing on anything. The very fact you think it does, shows how little give read here.

"most posts just seem objectifying" = pretending looks don't matter is the opposite of keeping it real. Or are you flirting with fat balding guys with no money, but good hearts?

"sad and mean" = the harsh truth about reality doesn't cater to my personal shallowly thought out world view and feelings, so you should all feel bad.

"Maybe what I say is of some value and you shouldn’t dismiss it" = maybe what you say is nonsense and bullshit. Maybe that's why it's being dismissed and not catered to. Ever think of that?

"just trying to keep it real" = just trying to keep it anything but real. Sitting here with my fingers in my ears, LALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!

-13 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Keeping it real? you seem really aggressive and tense man. Chill. You are the one using capitals lol

I was merely stating that I’m a women because there’s no other way you’d know that. Which I only said because it led to my other point.

You have some really messed up views my friend. You blew this way out of proportion. You seem insanely defensive and aggressive considering I was just trying to show a different view. I never said looks don’t matter, can you not read? I said that looks and banging aren’t the main/only things that matter. For example happiness, compatibility, and empathy matter too, especially for the longevity of a relationship. Sure looks capture the attention, but then personality keeps them interested!

Reading the OP comment I was left thinking, I’m glad she rejected you, considering how rude your thoughts of her are when she got older. You can see in his post that because he was rejected all he does is insult the woman. He was clearly hitting on her, and liked her. But he doesn’t say why he liked her. Seems like it was just because of her looks. Which was confirmed when he suggested he dodged a bullet because now she’s old and saggy, with a shit job.

Well he’s probably old and saggy too, and he’s also rude and bitter. #keepingItReal

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

And you continue to not get the point.

This sub deals with the harsh reality of how the sexual marketplace works, NOT how society says it works, NOT how we want it to work, but how it actually works. Regardless of our feelings.

Simply, she chose the better option back then but failed to secure a long term partner during her peak value period. Now he is at his peak value and hers has decreased.

You seem unfamiliar with the basics. Have you read any of the sidebar?

-7 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Soz I can’t reply because all my estrogen is distorting my view of reality.

5 upvotesCheeseking112 years ago

More because you are incapable of articulating a valuable counter argument so edginess is your go to one. You do this so you are protecting your ego while trying to devalue the others argument.

This tactic generally works for others like you but the folks here ain’t nothing like you one bit. you need to provide a thought out response backed by empirical evidence to actually challenge the argument. Still won’t mean you win the argument but you might get a little bit of respect for using brain power and not vagina power like you already tried.

Debating 101

2 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

I am clearly the edgiest. Idk man that sounds like a lot of effort with no reward. I could articulate an argument, but you're clearly set in your ways so much so, that it would just be a waste...

Your view is that woman are vagina objects with "value" that decreases with age (sexual marketplace). So you'd be fine with a man treating say your mother, sister or daughter in this way? Just banging them when they're young and then tossing them away because they've aged. Then the guy just continues to get with a bunch of people, because that seems to always be the objective for some reason.

Also, why are you talking about relationships like a business stock pitch?

6 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

No, your lifetime of social conditioning has contorted your view of reality.

You received the very best society had to offer in your younger years. You didn't earn this, but was given it because of your looks, figure and warm hole between your legs.

This isn't your fault, but refusing to accept that your value has now diminished while you squandered your best years riding strange cock, is your fault.

Resisting the truth of what is will only leave you a bitter, twisted, cunty cat lady.

Accepting what is and embracing what remains of your femininity is your only option to leading a happy and rewarding life from here on out.

Believe it or not, when men here embrace reality, gain self control, improve ourselves and become effective people, we allow women to relax into the feminine roles which they so desperately want to live.

Every woman knows this in her core, despite what feminist propaganda shoves down her throat.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well stated. I gave up on her. Seems like a troll. If not, it seems wierd to come here but not truly put in an effort to understand the viewpoints or even the basics of this place.

-2 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

This was the best thing I've read on the red pill in awhile. Thank you for a good laugh.

If you don't mind me asking, what years exactly are defined as "best years [for] riding strange cock"?

-4 upvotesAwcoward2 years ago

What's the point of women picking up a long-term partner in their peak years when their value is going to get lower in the future anyway? Isn't that what men want to AVOID in their relationships? Or is it a "use her as long as she's useful and then dump her when something better comes along" kind of mentality or simply keeping plates on the side while she's supposed to stay loyal? That's pretty hypergamous if you ask me.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What's the point of women picking up a long-term partner in their peak years

Uh... Family and children? You know continuation of your genetic code. The very basis of these sexual drives and instincts that we're all subject too.

Also because that is when she's at her most valued, and able to attract her best prospects.

Men that want plates etc wouldn't get married in the first place. Not all men have the same goals. Some want to bang as many women as possible. Some want to understand the sexual market place and maximize their value, so they can attract and maintain the best possible relationship given the dynamics at play.

So much of this sub is about staying attractive to your partner so as not to have her lose interest.

Your comment seems kind of bizarre honestly.

1 upvotesAwcoward2 years ago

I understand it could be weird considering I'm new over here and want to understand everything about stuff that interest me, in this case this forum. The thing is, most men in this forum are open to the idea of cheating, plating and even breaking up, hence the LTR and not marriage prospect (not that it's wrong considering the odds against men's favor) but is that because men actually want to do it or because it keeps their wives/LTRs under control for some reason? Nonetheless "the truth" seems just as bizarre as my questions. If the whole point of a relationship is to constantly be like a "prison guard" controlling your "prisoner" then that's just weird. But then again this is a "my way or highway" kind of strategy, it's either a man's sexual strategy or a woman's.

2 upvotesXenoMetrick2 years ago

You're like a gazelle that just continuously walks into a Lion's den and bitches because you're about to get ate the fuck up. Do you not understand that you are in hostile territory? You'd have a better chance of convincing Trump to resign. You'd have more luck getting Logan Paul to be everyone's favorite blogger again. Just stop, because you will continue to fail in getting the point and it will only lead to more of your incessant whining.

31 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

But most posts just seem objectifying, sad and mean

Objectifying: The modern woman has disregarded her usefulness. Average women can't cook, doesn't clean, and isn't reliable enough to be trusted with childbearing. So what is left for them to be? Sex objects. That's what's left. So yeah, prepare for another decade of being objectified because men don't care about women's new careers.

Sad: Yes, men here are tearing down their world and rebuilding it. this is a men's zone, where some sadness is allowed.

Mean: Men are incapable of being as mean as women. The jibes you might hear are nothing beside the calculated manipulative lifestyle of the average chick. You're just acting offended to guilt men into being compassionate in response.

I’m a woman, isn’t your whole premise in this subreddit “how to get women

No. It's not. This is about life improvement, including how to handle women. Not "get." And it's recognized in here that women are the least reliable source of info about how to get women. It's lore in here to do the literal opposite of what a women suggests to woo her. You're supposed to read the entire sidebar before posting here, but you're an ignorant cunt so you're just chirping on.

Maybe what I say is of some value and you shouldn’t dismiss it. Sorry, just trying to keep it real.

As a women you're incapable of keeping it real, because you're ruled by your feelz. What you said has no value,not even to you. Forget you said it and go back to watching Black Mirror until you're old enough to be irrelevant.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Mean: Men are incapable of being as mean as women. The jibes you might hear are nothing beside the calculated manipulative lifestyle of the average chick. You're just acting offended to guilt men into being compassionate in response.

Goddamned dude, this is fucking excellent. Shit, that last sentence could probably be unpacked into a headline post.

11 upvotessuitcasecity2 years ago

Ok, ill bite. What is your take on this situation?

28 upvotessqerl2 years ago

Don't ask a fish how to catch fish.

6 upvotessuitcasecity2 years ago

Yeah I’m aware. I’m always curious how women rationalize things like this and find it funny sometimes how far they can manipulate and swing things into completely different meanings. Never take what they say seriously

1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Because it can’t just be a different perspective. You seem delusional bud.

-7 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

The man seemed very hurt that he was rejected by this woman, because of this he felt the need to portray her as promiscuous (giving her number out a lot, but rejecting him). Then later in life, because of the earlier rejection, he felt the need to break down her looks, and job, in order to feel superior/better about himself.

That’s how it read to me, and it just seemed sad and unhealthy. I felt like he was just insulating her because of his damaged ego from years ago. When breaking her down doesn’t in anyway make his life any better.

Also, the fact that he wanted her when she was young, but when she was older it seemed like he was disgusted by her. That just left a bad taste in my mouth. Everyone gets older, the OP included.

8 upvotessuitcasecity2 years ago

No doubt that everyone gets older with time. A womans value goes down with time, no other way around it. A mans value doesn’t have to go down with time since our value isn’t necessarily based on our sexual peak.

I don’t think he was breaking down her “her looks, and job, in order to feel superior/better about himself.” He was reinforcing a common concept as I said above about a formerly desired woman losing touch with reality and not accepting the current truth she’s facing.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don’t think he was breaking down her “her looks, and job, in order to feel superior/better about himself.”

The reason she sees it this way is because this is exactly how women work. Kind of scary actually. He can't just be stating a simple observable fact, he has to be intentionally and maliciously breaking down her looks and job in order to feel Superior about himself.

Fucking LoL

-3 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

I’m sorry that you believe that. I think you’re too far gone for any sense to reach you.

4 upvotessuitcasecity2 years ago

I don’t see it as a belief-it’s the truth. For a second, let’s forget about the guy writing the post who was the one who denied her and turn to her as the main subject.

He points out that she was acting desperate. What do you think the desperation stems from? Is it from an abundance of male attraction like she had in her early days?

Just like he was in a long line of men to have his turn with her when she was young, he is now in a long line of men to not have his turn with her.

And I’m open to sense reaching me, i always enjoy seeing other viewpoints. Let’s see yours.

-5 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

“Have his turn with her” that sounds rapey, I think I threw up a lil.

2 upvotesHomieZach2 years ago

Also, the fact that he wanted her when she was young, but when she was older it seemed like he was disgusted by her. That just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I really don't think this is that disgusting of a thing to say and this certainly isn't a guy only thing to say. senior year in high school I went to a girls graduation party, I was the only guy in her class there, her older brothers had friends who had graduated from years prior there. and the girls were saying how the boys weren't as good looking as the year before. some people get better with age and others don't. after you lose your youth you need to take of yourself, a lot of the stories here seem to be women who were hot at a younger age and have let themselves go. The same thing happens to guys and i guarantee you, you have made a similar comment about a man before.

4 upvotesjuanappleseed2 years ago

A lot of men who come here come from a place of feeling powerless and taken advantage of or ignored by women. Well in order to get out of powerlessness you have to get angry. This makes you a bit of or a lot of a dick for a while. If you build your ability to stand up for yourself and reinforce boundaries and standards in your life again, you can then become more chill and kind because it's coming from a strong high value strong integrity having place.

But if a man who feels powerless is nice it almost always come from a place of supplication rather than empowerment and deep self confidence, because that's the only reality they know until they buck up and grow some balls and fight back against the shaming they've experienced their whole life until they have proved to themselves that they can be dicks when they need to so they can finally relax and be kind and generous and compassionate from a healthier place.

This is called the "anger phase" in the red pill community. Most men who post here are in the anger phase and that's what motivates them to post.

Once you leave the anger phase and become comfortable with yourself and integrity as a man you have no big motivation to keep reading or posting here, because now the anger that saved you initially will actually drag you backwards into unnecessary toxicity and drama.

So that's why most of the comments are the way they are. The anger phase that is an unskippable phase on your path to being an empowered, amazing, and fulfilled and societally valued man.

In trauma healing they talk about this as well. It's fundamental knowledge for getting to emotional health for people that have been traumatized.

You start in a dissociated, collapsed, freeze response where you are powerless and very often depressed and low energy low vitality, very depressed.

Then you move up to the flight fight response that your body wanted to exhibit at the time of your trauma instinctually, i.e. anger and adrenaline and fighting and defense and attack.

Then once your nervous system works through that instinctual response it never got to exhibit at the time of the initial trauma you can finally move to the final phase.

Healthy social bonding in relationships and relaxedness.

But it is impossible to move from the depressed phase to the healthy social bonding phase without moving through and expressing the anger. Our nervous system doesn't work that way and neither does other animals.

Hope this explains to you why this community is the way it is.

Some people do get stuck in the anger phase, which is unfortunate.

This same process happens to many feminists as well. We have a society wide repressed trauma problem that is so pervasive people see it as normal. The rates of depression and anxiety and sleep disorders and pharmaceutical medication people take for these "disorders" reflect that.

Hope this gives you and others some proper perspective on what's going on.

You as a woman can not really be of too much help probably here as you don't really understand how often men are raised to be powerless and eat shit and take it through their adolescence and whole lives. Probably because you yourself aren't in a place to want to understand because you probably have your own powerlessness and anger to work through as evidenced by your angry defensive post, (not judgmentally saying that).

Hope this helps. Once men unrepress and get through their anger phase, they will be able to understand and have compassion for your anger as well, but it will come from a strong and grounded place, rather than from a place of supplication and ballesness that accompanies many male feminists, as is the stereotype.

Our society has much work to do on it's emotional health, and you are seeing a safe Haven for men and their anger. It doesn't mean everyone at all is right in what they say, but it does mean they are moving in the right direction by feeling and expressing it.

1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

This was a very nice comment/post thank you.

Yes, I remember learning about the five stages of grief by Elizabeth Kubler Ross 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance which is similar to what you were talking about.

Yeah, it’s true everyone has experienced trauma in some sense and it’s difficult. I just never really thought about it in a sense of gender. I think males and females are equals and that gender roles are a social construct (obviously I know there are different hormones etc).

I’ve had horrible experiences with men, but I don’t specifically hold resentment towards males (at least consciously). Which is why I find it difficult to get into that mind set I suppose.

The main reason I replied to the OP is because of the age and the whole value of women go down in the comment section. Me being someone who views men and women as equals didn’t agree. I don’t think either sex can solely rely on physical attributes to carry them happily through life.

It was just a sad post because of the makeup thing too. Woman wear makeup to feel nice, and confident and beautiful. I was reading the sidebar and it said that calling an attractive woman ugly really hurts her (which seems like common sense). But I just seem so many girls hurting, with eating disorders, and mental disorders etc because of women in the media etc, when I see males, women’s equals, attack women for their insecurities it’s upsetting (I know this isn’t the place to talk about this).

Men and women should work together, respect each other, build each other up and treat each other as equals.

I try to be open minded which is why I’m here. I am genuinely interested in hearing people’s perspectives (I just don’t like sexism). I think men and women are equal, so I didn’t see a problem with being here despite it being geared towards males.

6 upvotesXenoMetrick2 years ago

Its nothing to do with objectifying. Its a mantra that men don't need women and their bullshit to feel good about themselves. TRP is, in truth, much more, but you are dead wrong, and the first guy to reply has given plenty of insight as to why your comments continuously get down voted.

4 upvotesCos_7_ate_92 years ago

seem objectifying, sad and mean.

Yep, yep, and yep but so what? Those are just comments on the tone not the content.

3 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 years ago

The premise of this sub is not about "how to get women" but to be able to see how the dynamics of men and women are on our society and making decisions based on that..

2 upvotesMaliciousMack2 years ago

Fair enough. But here, you didn't even address the question. I agree mysogyny is somewhat common here, but still you need quality info too, an anecdote of your own, not just how you disagree.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I’m a woman and I came to this subreddit to see what guys think. But most posts just seem objectifying, sad and mean. Then when I state my opinion all you guys just down vote me.

Because all of that is just hamstring. You don't like that guys objectify you but you will probably go out there and demand that you get the tallest moist in shape guy with a good job while really offering nothing in return. Women do it too. Except they do that for years until they hit the wall and then pull the "where have all of the good guys gone" crap once they are done riding the cock train. From your stance on this, I take it that you have hit the wall.

Basically, a man can always increase his SMV and a woman's will always diminish with time.

-1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Most of that was a hideous and untrue generalization

a man can always increase his SMV and a woman's will always diminish with time.

That sounds fundamentally flawed. Merely because you have something dangling between your legs you believe this logic. What about the LGBT people?

If the wall is 21 then I guess so.

2 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

I dont believe this sub is geared toward the sexually-ill. And just curious whats the difference between Lesbian and gay? Arent lesbians gay? Why do they need their own letter?

1 upvotesCryxtalix2 years ago

Straight people and the LGBT people won't date each other. It's kinda unrelated right? The attractiveness of straight people and the attractiveness of the LGBT individuals do not influence one another, because there is no mutual attraction whatsoever.

The LGBT have their own community, and their own sexual marketplace that is frankly quite removed from the marketplace of straight people.

-1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

All people (men, and women) are people and are equal.

It doesn’t matter if they’re LGBT or not. Anyone can be attracted to anyone. You hear about guys being attracted to trans women? Gay men can be attracted to straight men? Gay women to straight women. And there’s there’s bisexuals, pans etc. Men and women are equal, LGBT people are men and women, therefore, LGBT people are included.

1 upvotesCryxtalix2 years ago

I was replying to the part about SMVs and walls.

Strictly speaking, straight people and LGBT people are not mutually attracted.

Yeah of course everyone is a human. But the SMVs and walls of every individual only affects the dating scene that he decides to join. A woman's SMV affects the straight dating scene, but a gay woman's SMV doesn't because she doesn't join the straight dating scene anyway. A bisexual woman's SMV only matters in the straight dating scene if she intends to join.

My point is that mentioning the LGBT community as a counter argument for the post that women's SMV drops after a certain age, doesn't seem right. I have little to no idea about the LGBT community, but assuming the SMV of LGBT females are indeed different, it doesn't really matter since they do not join the straight dating scene anyway. A huge majority of men on this sub is straight I'm sure.

Maybe I'm looking at this from a purely technical standpoint, but regarding straight man dating a transwoman, I don't really feel like it is still considered a part of the straight dating scene.

2 upvotesWolfenSatyr2 years ago

Anyone coming here is asked to read the sidebar. It doesn't sound like you've read it. Being a woman does not grant anyone a free pass from this request.

Upon reading the sidebar you would have found some answers to the questions/options you've posted. But you commented anyway and got the same treatment we'd give men who ignored our advice.

Correction, we're usually more blunt with guys.

So now you've walked in, ignored the free pamphlet, and demanded a voice, expecting us to stop and give your thoughts the same weight as our longtime members. Now do you think we would get the same treatment going into one of your women's reddit? No. Usually after making one comment we're given a ban. I'm not talking about "Hurrr, make me a sammich" comments. I'm talking "As a guy I find xxxx offputting. Perhaps yyyy could be done instead?" comments.

Have you been banned from this reddit yet? Probably not.

So tell me, tell us, why would we trust the opinion of a woman who didn't take the time to learn about us, who exhibits the same behaviors of the women that have done each and everyone us wrong?

1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

I did read some of the sidebar, some I did find interesting. I read it awhile ago when I first joined. I also read some posts and they made sense. Then I saw a really angry post calling men out for being ugly and old (something like that) and it was just shaming them. So I commented saying that I’m not old (stayed gender neutral) and proceeded to say what he was saying simply wasn’t true, then everyone just down voted me. I said something like looks aren’t all that matters etc, then all these guy were calling me a “betamale”? Which I found sort of funny. So this time I made a comment I thought I’d say right of the back that I’m a woman, so guys would know my perspective.

Anyways, there is a lot of material in the sidebar. I imagine most users haven’t read it all. I wasn’t trying to command special treatment. I didn’t say I was a woman trying to say I’m “better.” I just said it to give context to my comment. I think males and females are equal, this is the 21st century.

I don’t really know of “women’s Reddit’s” I don’t think I’m part of any. I frequent general discussions and tv/game specific Reddit’s. Gender neutral subs.

I did start to have the feeling that I may get banned. I’ve never been banned from a subreddit before. But I’m a believer of speaking up for what you believe in.

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow2 years ago

Objectifying, sad, mean. Emotional thoughts, not rational thoughts. Come back when you have an actual rational arguement.

0 upvotesajayhemant2 years ago

Your most important phrase in the comment "I am a woman" ...

3 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

To everyone in this sub apparently.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hi there! I’m a fellow female lurker, I enjoy reading this sub to get an honest and unfiltered male perspective. This sub can definitely be a little shocking and seem extremely harsh if you aren’t familiar with the manosphere. I’m totally with you there. What’s important to understand is that for the most part these guys are not cold hearted misogynists. These are normal (and honestly probably pretty high quality since they’re clearly independent thinkers) guys who are realizing, usually in a pretty painful way, that western society has sold them a horrible bill of goods. They’re angry and they should be. They come on here to improve themselves, to find ways to thrive in a society that’s set against them in many ways, and sometimes just to vent to fellow men.
Take everything on here with a grain of salt and try to look at the themes hidden behind the tone. There are definitely some overly harsh and overly generalizing statements on here, but there is also a LOT of hard to swallow truth to what they say. As a stranger on the internet, you’re not likely to convince anyone they’re wrong (goodness knows how much I’ve learned that the hard way) The best thing you can do if you’re interested in combatting the negative stereotypes of women on this sub is to be a high quality woman yourself (you obviously already are to some extent or another since you’re open minded enough to read a sub you don’t agree with) and show the men you encounter in real life that not all women are like that. If enough of us women do that I think you’ll see society and these men’s opinions shift for the better. :) PS if you’re interested in learning more about red pill concepts we have several female oriented subs that I know would love to have you! PPS sorry for the text wall, I’m on my phone.

1 upvotesBillybeanist2 years ago

Hey fellow female! Haha

Yeah, I read some of the top posts and some of the theory stuff and some did make sense and I understand. I’m also a big fan of the Matrix.

Anyways, I was really interested to see what guys had to say which is why I subbed. Some guys seem pretty normal and logical. But it’s just whenever I see something I feel is sexist, I automatically want to speak up about it. I wasn’t going to reply to anymore of the aggressive comments but then I saw your nice post and it really meant a lot to me.

But yeah, I know I can’t change anyone opinion anyways.

What are the female subs?

0 upvotesoutsider-outside-out2 years ago

Ain't a women, just a troll...

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