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The Ansari story - Red Pill Edition

by on /r/TheRedPill
16 January 2018 05:40 AM UTC

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Read the article, if you want. Here's the Red-Pill-informed translation, based entirely on the stated facts; call me out if I took any liberties at all:

Grace was at the 2017 Emmy Awards with a man she's been dating. Suddenly she noticed a much richer, more famous man. She was feeling "really confident", so she "walks up to him" and tries to flirt. He "brushes her off" repeatedly, but she keeps coming back, rather aggressively, until he responds. We won't fault her for that, because she's a woman, and it's only creepy when men plow through repeated rejections. Also, we'll hide her identity, but announce right away the man was Aziz Ansari, because as a man he deserves to be identified, tarred, and feathered.

Grace was very happy to score a date with a rich famous man. She bragged to all her friends and obsessed for days over the outfit to best shows off her assets. In her head, all sorts of Disney fantasies started playing out. Yes, she will land the rich and famous man as her very own Prince Charming that she has always deserved, and live happily ever after in his TriBeCa castle.

On the night of the date, she just went straight to his place because that's a totally reasonable thing to do for a first meeting with an unfamiliar man you definitely don't want to fuck.

She started getting disappointed once she realized Ansari wasn't treating her like the Princess she is in her head, but rather as what she is in real life: a faithless slut who ditched her man to aggressively pursue a celebrity. He cut their romantic meal short and she followed him back to his apartment, because that's what young women do with men they definitely don't want to fuck.

Back at his place, Ansari makes a move, to the surprise of nobody expect poor virginal Grace, who apparently at 23 is entirely ignorant of the existence of sex. She starts rationalizing furiously:

"On one hand, I really want to please him, because that's how I get him to see me again and resume my Disney plotline, but on the other hand, I can't fuck him on our first date, because that never happens in Disney fantasies!"

She settles on blowing him as a happy compromise. Unfortunately, he's not so happy with the compromise, and she starts suspecting this is not going well for her. He gets dressed and watches TV with her, until she realizes that this is just his way to calm her down before he sends her on he merry way and never sees her time-wasting, entitled, Disney-fantasizing ass again.

All her fluffy dreams come crashing down, and she explodes with rage:

You guys are all the same, you guys are all the fucking same.

She bitterly recalls all the guys who failed to treat her as the Disney Princess she deserves to be, rather than the greedy faithless whore she is. Why do men refuse to fawn over entitled baby-girls? How UNFAIR!

Gone is the fantasy of leeching onto Ansari's fame and fortune as his legitimate spouse. But wait, this is the age of #MeToo, she doesn't have to give up on all this fame and money just yet! She reaches for her browser, to find some vaguely feminist rag sleazy and desperate enough to welcome the pageviews of what amounts to revenge-porn featuring Ansari. Beta guilt should land a few dollars in her pocket, or at least some sympathy for our disgraced Disney Princess.

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507 upvoteschemicalprogrammer2 years ago

The most ironic thing about this story is how perfectly it validates red pill ideas. Not the goal the feminists who run that site had in mind, I expect.

1 upvotesdontbedenied2 years ago

100% this. Just look at the responses throughout various subs on Reddit which are generally Blue Pill as hell. Even some of the hens on the TwoXChromosomes sub are clucking about how this story has crossed the line of #MeToo, whatever that is.

But at the end of the day, the Blue Pill media and the vocal minority of cucks and green-haired feminists will control the narrative of this story and every other accusation of sexual misconduct.

The only mainstream articles I've seen that come down hard on this woman's accusation are from women. Men dare not publicly give their honest opinion on this.

Cucks will continue down this road believing that Ansari's accuser was actually sexually assaulted. I shudder to think where this will end. The famous and wealthy are in an unenviable position.

It's amazing to me how men could read this story and not be Red Pilled, but simps will do anything to please women in hopes that it will give them access to sniffing the sock of a woman.

52 upvotesgondlyr2 years ago

It disgusts me that the men I know in real life would disrespect their own masculinity by whiteknighting for these women because deep down they think that doing this will somehow make these women want to fuck them. Why don’t these types of men have some respect for themselves? Do they enjoy metaphorically cucking themselves? Sometimes you feel like the only sane person around your social circle it’s baffling.

18 upvotesdontbedenied2 years ago

I know what you mean. I grew up in a very traditional household and then spent 10 years or so in the bubble of academia, so I got a good dose of both extremes of white knighting for women.

I think when you've been so indoctrinated by feminism, you have to be burned badly before you wake up. What's shocking to me is reading stories about guys who have been used and abused beyond anything I've experienced, and are still faithful white knights.

I'd like to imagine that Aziz Ansari has been Red Pilled by this experience and is just maintaining his feminist public persona to keep up appearances. But after reading ridiculous stories about other hopeless Blue Pill men, I'm not going to hold my breath.

15 upvotesInstigatingDrunk2 years ago

considering how he treated her as a ONS and didn't want to deal with her BS. he seems to be sort of aware. He shouldn't kill his golden goose or w/e

5 upvotesPM_UR_ANOREXIC_BELLY2 years ago

It's because that's the one and only play they have. If the available options are "definitely no sex, ever, under any circumstances" or "maybe sex if I just virtue signal a little harder", even though all of us here know full well what the odds of that "maybe" truly are, the white knight doesn't. To him, it's hope. It's something.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

they could always pay prostitutes or buy a sex doll, its not that different from having sex the regular way since beta men wont be appreciated by women for anything other than their money anyway.

We need to keep trying to redpill them about those options.

3 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Masculine and them are not something that goes together. So it makes sense they'd white night, because they got that princess on a pedestal

2 upvotesxdppthrowaway9001x2 years ago

It disgusts me that the men I know in real life would disrespect their own masculinity by whiteknighting for these women because deep down they think that doing this will somehow make these women want to fuck them.

But that's not why they do it. You're projecting your own value system onto them. To understand people you have to first want to understand them, and I don't think you do.

Most of them (male feminists) do it simply because they respect women, and not because of any innate sexual goal. Most of them probably have girlfriends or daughters and they want them to live in a world where they can't be sexually taken advantage of. When you see it that way, it's not as unreasonable. There will be cases in isolation that are ridiculous (like this ansari thing), and I think as many feminists as possible should be calling it out.

14 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

It also amazes me how social and main stream media has absolutely no problem printing unsubstantiated allegations that ostracize the accused and keeps the identity of the accuser confidential.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

There was an editorial on The NY Times website where a 50’s-ish woman recounted the exact same steps as the OP and she basically said “grow up”

1 upvotesDickTerper2 years ago

The thing is, #MeToo isn't an organized movement. It's a a bunch of women piling up on top of each other, literally screaming "Me Too!", "Me Too!"

"Me Too!" shrieked the girl who had a disappointing date.

"Me Too!" screamed the woman who was hit on by a man she considered insultingly unattractive.

"Me Too!" cried the Disney Princess who deluded herself she'll become Ansari's next girlfriend just because she was shameless enough to ditch her date and aggressively pursue him.

This movement will either die, or lead to a world where you need to get her notarized consent before sex, and even then you're screwed should you fail to keep her happy in perpetuity.

Beta bux.

53 upvotesviv01022 years ago


We're getting there already.

26 upvotesgreeb6662 years ago

Yeah nothing ambiguous at all about " otherwise show willingness to participate." Would Ansari be safe or not? To women no. To men obviously yes. This is sick.

22 upvotesMGTOWManofMystery2 years ago

May I kiss you? May I kiss you again? May I touch your left breast? May I kiss your right nipple? May I thrust? May I thrust again?

6 upvotesviv01022 years ago

You better get that in writing and notorized at the local police station before you actually proceed.

53 upvotesisochoric2 years ago

Ah yes, this should stop the refugees from raping their women.

-1 upvotesDeadlybeef2 years ago

Because every refugee's first and most important mission in life is: RAPE AS MANY WOMEN AS YOU CAN.

You voted for Trump I guess? :-)

28 upvotesNyrxmajor2 years ago

This liberal mindset is why he got elected. He didn’t say every refugee but don’t lie and say it doesn’t happen.

-2 upvotesDeadlybeef2 years ago

I never said it's not happening. It's just that /u/isochoric was referring all of them himself.

17 upvotesUCISee2 years ago

Have you seen the statistics on migrant rape, the increase in rape and sexual assault in Europe in the timeline of the influx of migrants, or the New Year’s Eve assaults of a few years ago? Do you blindly put your head in the sand, or do you just not know (ignorance) of the truth? Even Angela Merkel herself said they (the EU) made a mistake allowing so much unfettered “asylum.”

-2 upvotesDeadlybeef2 years ago

This is because they face no repercussion. I'm totally up for hanging any rapist (I'm not selective on the refugees here) on the gallows, especially so everybody can see what happens when you cross the lines. But alas, we live in a fucking carebear world.

5 upvoteschinawinsworlds2 years ago

We obviously have a problem here in Scandinavia, when almost all random rapes (assault) are committed by Somalians and such. And then you realize a large amount of people and politicians want to welcome more of them. Fuck.

0 upvotesDeadlybeef2 years ago

Hang them all. I don't care about what country they came from or what skin color they have.

1 upvotesGenieGenius2 years ago

Ironically, white men are overwhelmingly convicted of federal sexual assault even when population proportion is taken into account.

9 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Of course, for the last 20 years white men have been automatically guilty. No matter what evidence I had, I was always guilty when it came to accusations by girls. Thankfully 30 years ago proof I was never there was enough to prove I didn't rape that girl. Now, it's all public opinion, guilty even if proven innocent because a girl said so. Many white guys have something worth taking via legal means using false accusations, and we are not taught to be wary of that. We're taught to trust girls, they'd never do anything bad or try to hurt us in any way.

I learned the hard way that the court system is against males, used to be just the black guys, now it's all of us. So I'm not surprised at what you say.

my point is to protect yourself, take steps to ensure you can beat a fictitious charge, because it can happen. Anymore though, you'll have to move out of state if some bitch decides to claim you eye raped her. My last legal problem was due entirely to a bitch wanting to force me to move away. If it can happen to me, it can harken to anyone, I'm a fucking nobody.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What is "federal" sexual assault?

37 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

The thing is, #MeToo isn't an organized movement.

The herd self-organizes without a central consciousness. The fun part is when it eats its own because some of them start breaking rules that were never decided by any one. That is what you are witnessing here.

1 upvotesDickTerper2 years ago

The herd self-organizes without a central consciousness.

Sure, typical women brigading. And as usual, every woman is pulling in a slightly different direction, so the herd' efficiency is limited, as it slowly but surely disintegrates into hysterical chaos.

The fun part is when it eats its own because some of them start breaking rules that were never decided by any one. That is what you are witnessing here.

Indeed, women are notoriously loyal, see Grace and her Emmy date!

Just realized: I don't know much about the Emmys, but I doubt a 22 year old women with no skills or accomplishments can easily get in. Was Grace's "date" himself a rich famous man she needed to even get her foot in the door? And once she fucked her way inside, our poor innocent Princess immediately starts hunting for a richer, even more famous man?

This story just keeps on giving!

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Impressive breakdown.

The herd starts to "eat their young".

7 upvotesJabroni4212 years ago

Is there any merit to a theoretical mgtow push for desirable men?

Just as a fun thought experiment, what do you think would happen? Would women self correct and head towards marriage 1.0? Or would they double down and become more hysterical? If so how hysterical do you think it would get?

9 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Double down. They literally need to be hunting their next meal before there will be a course correction. This isn't a flash. This is a long time in the making.

how hysterical

Men compete with other men for resource. Women compete with other women for resources (aka men). Burning witches isn't something that happened in times of plenty.

History repeats itself.

4 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Double Down. They will burn everything to the ground and not give a fuck.

1 upvotesInstigatingDrunk2 years ago

I would imagine they'd aim for high betas. mgtow doesn't solve issues with women. It just... stops men from getting their feewings hurt from women.

13 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

$250k is one hell of a "feewing" hurt. That was nearly everything I earned over those 15 years. The second one got me for $8k, because I didn't put a kid in her but she still lied and tried to force me to move out of state and paint herself as the victim.

You're right, it doesn't solve problems with women, what it does is allow a man to avoid being an indentured servant and reap the benefits of his labor without it being awarded to a cunt that doesn't deserve it. It's the natural reaction to playing a rigged game, you simply walk away and no longer play. I can see why it's a thing. Many of them can't get a girl anyway, so it's like wearing a condom to jerk off.

I'm not one of them, I have my own game I play with my own rules. I'd be much farther ahead in life if I'd never made a commitment to any girl.

0 upvotesJabroni4212 years ago

I’m not talking about beta bux. Betas are what currently make up the mgtow community correct? I don’t see them making a difference.

I’m talking about top 5% of men who bring more to the table in a relationship than women.

I think the smv drop of potential men would cause a rift in the marketplace.

A societal shit test deserves a societal response.

64 upvoteschemicalprogrammer2 years ago

I predict the movement will peter out, but none of those responsible for it's excesses will ever face consequences or admit wrongdoing. They will sweep it all under the rug like they did the Duke lacrosse and UVA hoaxes. Then sooner or later the next anti-male cause du jour will arise and the screechers will pick up right where they left off.

14 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

#PeterOut ehhhhh on second thought, that's not gonna go over so well.

3 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Wish I was as patient as you in waiting for the movement to peter out. In the mean time, the reign of terror continues. There can be long lasting consequences based on what currently is happening. The push for the elimination of the statue of limitations for sexual assault, harassment and rape. Loss of constitutional rights and due process (trial by media). The politicians are lining up to blindly show their support for women's causes while disregarding the concerns of men (vote them out). So many of the accused immediately start apologizing (like Ansari did) and groveling to the MeToo movement in fear of being outcast. I'm concerned that if men passively wait for the hysterics to end, that it'll be too late to regain equality. Remember when feminism used to be about equality? It appears that women are now more equal then men.

2 upvoteshandklap2 years ago

I predict the movement will peter out,

How so? In what way? Remember, they still have the mainstream media in their back pocket and corporations will steer clear of anyone they decide to label.

1 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Mainstream media is the enabler to the MeToo movement because they continue to use smear tactics based on unsubstantiated allegations in which the accused is smeared, embarrassed, shamed and ostracized while the identity of the accuser is kept confidential. Stalin would be proud of the way the movement is indoctrinating the masses via mainstream media.

0 upvotesthetotalpackage72 years ago

Peter is another word for dick. Out means dick out of your pants. C'mon bro.

1 upvoteshandklap2 years ago

Ok ok. I get the joke. Outstanding. Unfortunately, I was still hoping for an answer to the question. Will this ever die out? People say, "Oh sure, it's just a phase" but I don't see how that's possible with both social and the mainstream media so in the pocket of feminism.

1 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

I think it is logical that it will peter out. But, we're not dealing with an entirely logical group of people so it's tough to call. Self implosion seems more likely.

14 upvotesPravux2 years ago


Notarized you say? Dave Chappelle was was ahead of his time. He saw this one coming as well.

3 upvotesvandaalen2 years ago

Dave Chappelle was was ahead of his time

He even predicted that fatties will get quality men...

19 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

Should start with a legitimate #metoo: "Me Too!" said the girl who was sexually abused by her boss and threatened with being fired if she told anyone.

Then go to your other points to show how distorted it became fast.

25 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

Should start with a legitimate #metoo

This is important, because we're not seeing false accusations become fact in the mainstream. We're seeing a bunch of cases of actual rape or rapey behavior (Harvey Weinstein) mixed in with cases of wildly unprofessional/ethically questionable behavior (Louis CK) that are now mixing with cases of bad dates (Aziz Ansari). It's not all a bunch of bullshit; it's bullshit mixed in with legitimate problems.

The Ansari story is a good thing, because it's forcing the mainstream to start drawing lines about who gets crucified and who doesn't. Already there are stories in The Atlantic and the New York Times (both about as mainstream as you get) about how Ansari might have been less than a perfect gentleman, but certainly did nothing criminal or even unprofessional. For years feminists have been pushing for the demonization of this sort of behavior (i.e. not treating women exactly as they want to be treated at all times), and we've only had occasional canaries pop up with the red pill counterargument. Now the red pill counterargument ("women should have some agency and say 'no' when they don't want sex") is a prominent part of the biggest stories to come out of this situation. That's a win.

6 upvotesWalkebe2 years ago

metoo is most certainly an organized movement. You can be sure that anything that has its origins in Hollywood and its loathsome actors and actresses together with the full attention of the MSM is most certainly contrived. It is just packaged as some spontaneous movement. This is about the 2018 and 2020 Election and the hope that women will rise up against Trump.

They tried the exact same thing in the run up to the 2016 election, only that time it was #blacklivesmatter. Of course, what they weren't expecting was how the plan completely backfired.

3 upvotesNino_BrownX2 years ago

Nah i think thats farfetched.

2 upvotesDoesNotMatterAnymore2 years ago

Mee Too, Mee Too, Pound Me Too

22 upvotesGuitarHero072 years ago

In the mainstream news outlets most of the reaction appears to be in support of Ansari. This was a bridge too far for all but the most rabid feminists.

Here’s Banfield slamming the accuser using points that could come from a typical TRP reader: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y4bAULTwAJU

There’s an editorial in the New York Times entitled “Aziz Ansari is Guilty. Of Not Being Able to Read Minds.”

Even the New Yorker article linked to in the other thread about this incident called the accuser out.

This frenzy will die out if for no other reason than fatigue; with so many rich/famous/powerful men accused in the media with zero proof, society at large will respond with a collective yawn.

12 upvotesPM_UR_ANOREXIC_BELLY2 years ago

...thereby ultimately hurting the actual victims of sexual assault. Feminism strikes again!

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Banfield is a stupid whore dont give her any credit these disgusting women are only thinking about themselves ultimately, anyone who supports metoo is a joke.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The goal of that site was 100% getting tons of a view and I think they 100% succeeded.

56 upvotesJonlife2 years ago

Classic hypergamy 101. Women sre always looking to date up. Never to date down. Things didn't go the way this chick wsnted them to. She blew it off for the next couple of months getting into newer relationships that were probably going nowhere, and then she ssw this #metoo bullshit and thought "what have I got to lose, I'll call myself a victim as well..." At most she'll get all this attention, because women love being the center of attention.

Word to all you cunts reading this sub anonymously. Regret is not rape. Even though I think aziz is an idiot, he did nothing wrong. Good luck laying in your own beds alone and undesired. Men are litterally running away from women in droves. Only blue pill cucks are hanging around and we all know how much women detest a blue pill cuck (unless he's acting as her lap dog that is). Get fucked cunts. Your days of having men bend to your every need are over. Good luck even finding a job that will tolerate your putrid presence and all around toxicity

242 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

The more I read about this the more ridiculous it all seems.

There was a day when females who were not complete children could invoke "no means no" and if you didn't respect that, then you go to jail. Then they came out with "yes means yes" so that men were not allowed to accept non-verbal cues. ; you couldn't wait for the "no".

Now we have "I sucked your cock, but that was actually a NO".

It's not like she was shackled to the bed.

The first word a 2 year old learns after "mama" and "dada" is "NO!" How is it that 20-something females unlearned that particular piece of vocabulary? It's a heck of a task to get a baby to eat a spoonful of carrot puree and yet we are to believe that a grown woman is helpless in keeping a penis out of her mouth?

This isn't rape, there was no force or threat of violence (and if there was then I would advocate to have him strung up by his nut sack) but rather you had a horny celebrity and a fawning and complicit fan with later regrets and ret-con narratives.

64 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly, she said "You clearly ignored non-verbal cues." Except you also gave him the exact opposite cues i.e. sucking his dick. Those are also non-verbal, but they give a completely different impression. If you don't want to fuck him or feel uncomfortable, then say fucking "No."

Whenever she expressed being uncomfortable, he stopped. But then if he tried again, she would do the things he wanted, besides sex. This is all just so childish. If you don't want something, say no. It's very simple.

33 upvotesSaturn19812 years ago

Hahah she couldn’t speak while his dick was in her mouth

6 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

I joke about modern women and their "boyfriend": ie, their cell phone. They are certainly tech-savvy enough to order their own Uber and GTFO of an "uncomfortable" situation, If they so chose at the time. The thing is, THEY DON'T and then they make a media issue out of it.

The larger issue is that this shows way so few women are business, political and military leaders: they can't deal properly with a simple one-on-one private encounter.

8 upvotesPrancingPeach2 years ago

Stories like this are going to destroy feminism's reputation because rather than demonstrating equality of the sexes, they actually demonstrate serious deficits in women. All I got from this story is that Grace, an adult woman, is borderline incapable of functioning as an adult outside the protection of her parents.

3 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

9 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

As some other people have commented, there is no wage gap; there is a productivity gap. Women as a group choose easier but more fulfilling jobs.

The thing is, there will always be some aggressive bitch of middling talent who wants to be on the fast track to the top and sees the gender imbalance in leadership so she assumes the patriarchyis holding her back.

1 upvotesDickTerper2 years ago

From the article, which is her own admission, and I'd expect heavily slanted in her favor:

“Most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points,” she said. “I stopped moving my lips and turned cold.”

So she expressed discomfort by "mumbling"? Her hand "stopped moving" at "some points"? She "stopped moving her lips"? (After the first or second time she proactively his dick, I assume.)

This is a blatant joke. Men-hating feminists are basically laughing at our face at this point. Nobody is even pretending this is about consent. No, this is 100% about pleasing the woman before, during, and after consensual intercourse.

She got upset after sex? Tough luck, buddy, we all know men are always responsible for women's emotions, so kiss your career goodbye!

39 upvotesEntropy-72 years ago

If you don't give her the proper tingles before during and after, you can get assraped by the media or courts.

EDIT: "Give me validation or give me vengeance!"

You sucked dick and you swallowed. You are at least mildly slutty. WTF do you want?

14 upvotesFyrjefe2 years ago

What happened to women being in control of their bodies? That's what I was thinking through all of this.

17 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Strong, empowered, capable, better than men and don't need a man, helpless victims. That's the modern life of a girl.

8 upvotesPrancingPeach2 years ago

Hardcore feminists will tell you that, with a new person with whom you haven't been intimate before, you must acquire explicit verbal consent for every single action performed during any sort of sexual encounter. If everything has been going passionately and enthusiastically so far, you can't attempt to nonverbally move things forward expecting the person to stop you if they don't want to. Just doing so constitutes rape.

Hardcore feminists will skip over the fact that many of them are serial rapists as well, by their own definition.

The most ironic thing is that, in Grace's account, Aziz repeatedly asked her where/how she wanted to have intercourse, which is exactly what he's supposed to do in the world of the hardcore feminist.

5 upvotesCheetoHead69692 years ago

Yeah if you read the article she only actually speaks during the encounter like 3 times. Everything else is her inner monologue.

18 upvotesDrumcode-Equals-Life2 years ago

I love how feminists, who claim women are strong and independent and don't need no man, are suddenly victims with no agency for merely being in the presence of a man, and doesn't bear any responsibility for not refusing his advances or not leaving the apartment.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's laughable really. Are you a strong woman, or are you a child who is afraid to say no because you are in the presence of a man? It can't be both, and it certainly isn't neither.

2 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Likewise, how things have morphed from no means no to yes means yes and now calling for enthusiastic consent.

137 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

metoo, the biggest case of crying wolf in history. And it will end the same way.

By broadening the definition of rape/sexual assault to include something as nebulous as retrospective disappointment on the part of the woman, legitimate victims of rape or traumatic sexual assault will miss out on the protection, support and justice they deserve. Otherwise reasonable men will doubt their story, or just not give a shit.

The logical end point to this sort of behavior is wholesale transfer of responsibility for female feelings and behavior, onto men. This woman is effectively claiming she has no agency, and that Ansari should have made decisions ON HER BEHALF that she could be happy with, because she is incapable of doing so herself. (He didn’t manipulate or physically coerce her so why didn’t she just leave? Because nothing that happens to her (presumably unless it’s good) is her fault-victim mentality).

Modern feminism: All rights, no responsibilities. No wonder it’s so popular!

34 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

the biggest case of crying wolf in history

Seems to have evolved into advanced erotic literature composition at this point. The detail this woman shared....

'It was the most horrible experience of my life! SO let me share every tongue flicking, hip gyrating moment with the entire world!' <--- really, lady?

13 upvotesGuitarHero072 years ago

Of course she did this completely anonymously so there’s no skin off her back. She gets to tarnish the man’s reputation and suffer zero consequences for it. Even if she is condemned, her name and face aren’t out there.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If I were Ansari, I’d leak her name & face myself.

6 upvotesloneliness-inc2 years ago

If I were Ansari, I'd sue her and the website into the stone ages.

15 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Ansari needs to be condemned to hell's fires for his inability to read the woman's mind and determine exactly what she wants.

11 upvoteskittyclaw2002 years ago

and yet 90% of the sub wants to still engage women right now.

Male hamstering if you think you can control her hamster.

11 upvotespisspoordecisions2 years ago

I mean to be fair if you know how to not be an over eager creep, and stay hyper aware of making sure she’s into it, this sort of thing isn’t gonna happen. Sounds like Aziz has the seduction skills of a 16 year old boy.

11 upvotesredzorp2 years ago

You can do all those things and do them well.

But if you later decide to ghost on her, because you're just not that into her....RAPE!!!

2 upvotespisspoordecisions2 years ago

I ghost all the time, have never had that accusation thrown at me. If you know what you’re doing, they aren’t gonna drag you through the mud.

5 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

Also, most men don't have the celebrity and money that comes from a successful acting career. You might get slandered in front of her friends if she's not 100% satisfied with your interaction, but the chances of you getting slandered publicly drop considerably.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Who needs skills when you have power

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Apparently Aziz because his name is getting dragged through a field of shit right now.

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Hahaha nice one. I rate there's a good chance he's done this successfully with other women. He did get a blowjob

1 upvotesrationalthought3142 years ago

over one - I'm sure he's had his share without having work much at it

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AWALT but most women are generally pretty reasonable. More so the more attractive you are.

Same woman will behave vey differently given the same circumstances but different value man.

Increasing your value provides some insurance against this rubbish.

-3 upvotesTheLongerCon2 years ago

I disagree, a lot of these cases especially with Weinstein, Ailes, Spacey, and Charlie Rose are definitely sexual assault and deserve be punished as they are. This is the first that I've seen that's almost certainly BS.

I honestly don't think it's fair to paint of entire of movement of very real valid accusations with the same paint of one neurotic anonymous 23 year.

16 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

It's dumb to pretend all accusations are true. It's dumb to pretend all accusations are false.

5 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Emma Sulkowicz, UVA Jackie Coakley, Duke Lacrosse, Patrick Kane (hockey player falsely accused of rape) come to mind. This is not the 1st time by any means. You can't take every allegation/accusation at face value. There's a major problem with taking the viewpoint that because most of the allegations/accusations must be true, that one must assume that they all should be believed.

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Don't forget about Emmett Till, who was tortured and murdered based on the lie of a woman. Only took her about 50 years to admit she lied...

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Some are legitimate but i know a few girls who've been raped and they all report it to the police immediately.

The general idea is valid but the goal (men in power shouldn't take advantage of it to get sexual favours with women) is so vague as to be impractical. It also ignores the other side of the coin which is that many women gladly trade promise of or actual sexual favours for an easy ride/advancement. Effectively cheating the 'merit' system feminists so badly (claim they) want equality in.

My main issue is it will dilute the response real victims will get.

115 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

She wanted to exploit his riches and fame, and is upset when he wants to exploit her body.

What was she offering him, if not her body? She isn't rich or famous, and hasn't shown faithfulness or love.

A relationship? Really? With someone who ditches a guy when she see someone rich and famous?

Who would want a relationship with someone like that? You'd only be a stepping stone to her anyway.

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What was she offering him, if not her body?

This is the crux of it. Him immediately going after her like he did brought forth that realization in her; she doesn't have anything to offer a celebrity besides pussy. Except she doesn't want to just be that so she goes back and forth.

1 upvotesDickTerper2 years ago

What was she offering him, if not her body?

Her gigantic, festering sense of entitlement.

Didn't you know, all young women of our generation were born Disney Princesses.

They are entitled from birth and don't have to do anything to deserve it and claiming otherwise is misogynism for which #MeToo will call you out a rape-apologist.

#MeToo is the ultimate Entitled Princess movement: if you don't fulfill her Disney fantasy, you're literally a rapist.

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Yes. As long as you're pretty and well groomed you deserve everything ! You are every man's equal, because you're NICE LOOKING! It's all you need to be!

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Most modern women have nothing to offer men these days but their bodies.

Look at Ansari - rich, famous, decent looking, minority, out of your league

And look at the girl - basic thot, no detrimental skills to society, no wealth or fame save for her good looks.

In all reality, TRP shouldn't even exist. It only does because of the almost satirical shit of events that occur in modern western civilization pushing men towards a corner.

6 upvotesYmoh-2 years ago

look at the girl - basic thot, no detrimental skills to society

I am afraid you used detrimental wrong. But I otherwise fully agree with what you say. Have an upvote

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Pretty much. His mistake was getting a BJ and going down on her. She would have no story other wise.

As soon as she started resisting, send her ass home and start watching TV. Hard next for wasting his time.

Women have all the subtlety of a sledge hammer. If she is DTF she'll be all over you like a cheap suit from pickup to sex. If you have to pressure her she ain't that into you, do each other a favor cut her loose and save your self some legal bills.

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I've always wanted to grab someone, shake them, and demand to know:

What do you contribute here?

9 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Bob. What would you say, ya do here?

4 upvotesrandarrow2 years ago

Well look, I already told you.

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Well, when I arrive in the morning, I turn my computer on and just space out for an hour or so.

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In regular Reddit land, this is actually getting a fairly broad dismissal. Probably because it has nothing to do with whether you believe the woman or not: what she said, taken at face value is a bullshit claim. Lots of the metoo people want nothing to do with this, and many are insulted by it.

It's just funny that we all saw this (mistaking less-than-ideal dates for sexual harassment/assault) happening everywhere, this was just the first high profile and obvious case of it.

14 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Disagree that this was the first high profile case since there are plenty of other cases of false allegations. Emma Sulkowicz, Duke Lacrosse Team, UVA Jackie Coakley Rape, Patrick Kane Hockey Player are a few that come to mind.

5 upvoteswracky2722 years ago

This wasn't a false allegation-- the facts are agreed upon, they just fall short of sexual assault.

9 upvotesgreeb6662 years ago

This isn't so. She told her side. He realized there was no way to defend himself so apologized. He didn't agree that her account was factual, in point of fact she may have never given any clue at all that she was not down until the very end when he decided to get her a cab.

5 upvotesKeithRSRedPill2 years ago

Falling short of sexual assault implies that there wasn't sexual assault. Therefore, a false allegation. Glad you support my viewpoint.

1 upvotesHariPotter2 years ago

The Grace character states that she validated the claim as assault after talking to friends, so it (at least from her) is an allegation of sexual assault. That's what she considers what transpired to be.

If the assault claim isn't true, then it's a false allegation. The facts as looked at in the best light to the accuser do fall short of sexual assault.

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And remember, this takes away the credibility of the metoo movement. Think of the poor other women! Never mind the MAN that has now become a victim of media lynch mobs.

Just another reminder, men are disposable and no one cares about you.

1 upvotesDeeMooreDeeMarriet2 years ago

I wasn't aware that the PoundMeToo movement had any credibility whatsoever.

23 upvotesMomo_dollar2 years ago

I posted a comment about this as a few days ago on a post about dynamics and women’s hunt for alpha : beta etc psychology etc.

“Perfect example of this some sloot has just made public her ‘horrendous’ date with Aziz Ansari.

Thankfully, most people are calling her out for the BS that it is, but few can actually analyse it for what it is. But reading her long ass interview she gives plenty of cues. Basically she meet him and approached him, thinking he was the “sweet (nice) guy” that he appeared to be in his comedy and tv shows. They exchanged messages he took her for a date, she was expecting a famous rich guy who would be sweet and gentle and woo her with investments and time before she gave him sex.

In reality his pump and dump game was strong, he saw her as just a sloot, she sucked him off twice ( the usual last minute resistance applied) he talked about fucking her ass which didn’t happen probably because after she’d already sucked him off his game just became ‘either she does it or she doesn’t but not gonna waste time with the back on forth’ she left and regretted it and now jumping on the metoo bang wagon.

Truth is, she saw him as a beta provider.., but he acted/is just straight sexual. This is obvious by the things she mentions ‘he was completely different to the comedy persona he gives off’ ‘we got back to his place and he poured me white wine, didn’t offer me a choice between white or red even thou I prefer red’ ‘he behaved like an 18 year old frat boy’ (basically not the passive Indian she thought ) ‘I sat in front of him and expected him to play with my hair or Massage my back, but he told me to turn around and asked me to suck his cock, I did because it was the last thing I was expecting’ that last one makes me laugh”

Well guys now we know that a woman’s way of saying no is by giving a bj, I’m gonna start getting bitches to say no

46 upvotesseius2 years ago

“It was white,” she said. “I didn’t get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine.”

Oh boo hoo.

What an entitled cunt, i bet she didnt offer to pay for half the check either.

10 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

Yep. Fuck her. Why are her feelings the only feelings that matter. She probably made him uncomfortable with all of her spending his money, wasting his time, and not fucking him.

38 upvotesArhamzubair2 years ago

A question for some of the more experienced gents here: If you're Aziz, how could he have ensured this didn't happen?

Leonardo DiCaprio sleeps around without commitment but nothing has come up acusing him, any idea what he does differently?

68 upvotesIClimbPlasticAndRock2 years ago


I assume DiCaprio’s crazy radar is amazing. He’s been in the spotlight since he was a kid. Think of all the absolute insanity he’s dealt with.

48 upvotesIDisagreeHere2 years ago

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if DiCaprio was just banging really really expensive escorts. Not because he has to pay for pussy, just because it would be the most practical option for him.

9 upvotesdmou2 years ago

Yeah, I'd bet that as well. Same for rich and famous footballers, such as Neymar. They just pick those "internet celebrities" and instagram "models", or even rich girls who want to be famous. They probably have a friend who arranges everything in advance, to make sure that they are safe.

21 upvotesMomo_dollar2 years ago

Leo dates are usually models. Leo’s hoes are probably paid in one way or another

30 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Probably because he's Leonardo DiCapiro. The guy has had pussy since Titanic, he knows how to weed out the crazy ones. He has the availability and options to pick and choose, and he most likely chooses to only fuck women who know what relationship they have.

6 upvotesrationalthought3142 years ago

he probably doesn't go with randoms because they're the ones who'll be like Gracy or claim he impregnated her.

32 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

Don't making eating her pussy your first move. That immediately puts you into her frame and sets up a covert contract: "I gave you oral, now it's your turn." Makes it seem like fucking you is a quid pro quo which feeds the "I'm not a whore" hamster.

13 upvotesCaptZ2 years ago

That's the only part that bothers me of what he did. Who does oral on a woman and then says, now you do me? That's like amateur shit there. Almost childish.

1 upvotesuniversalabundance12 years ago

Don't making eating her pussy your first move. That immediately puts you into her frame

No, it doesn't. WTF are you talking about? How many girls have you even taken home and fucked?

10 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

So your very first move with a dozen chicks you just met was to eat them out? Not only is that a Beta move if you don't pull it off just right, that's some nasty shit. Best to send a well protected scout team before exploring the jungle au natural.

8 upvotescrazy_fucker2 years ago

It's about how a person is perceived. Every hoe out there knows Leo sleeps around with models and celebrities. His playboy status is confirmed. Aziz doesn't come across as that person, his humor is self-depreciating and he looks like he lacks the frame. A non-celebrity would not dare approach Leo unless he makes the first move and most of them who do get a chance will be in it for bragging rights. Aziz, for all intent and purposes, is a low hanging fruit. Hopefully, he will learn from this stupid encounter and this incident may even help his image as in non beta provider.

27 upvotesPhixer72 years ago

Leonardo DiCaprio is actually a good looking man, who could do well with women if he wasn't a celebrity, Aziz Ansari is only able to attract women because of the little fame he has, he is not good looking he is not tall or muscular, he is the opposite of the ideal man tall ,dark and handsome , Aziz is ( short, crispy and unalluring. )

But his garnered fame has twisted his views of himself and his ability to make women wet with desire. Aziz is still a Beta male feminists, and women will never see him a a pump and dump Chad, he's trying tho and learning the hard way that his fame and the poundMetoo movement are gonna bite him in the ass.

His only recourse is to video document his sexual encounters and realize being a male feminists is never gonna help him score pussy.

1 upvotesgarlicextract2 years ago

Leonardo DiCaprio is actually a good looking man, who could do well with women if he wasn't a celebrity, Aziz Ansari is only able to attract women because of the little fame he has, he is not good looking he is not tall or muscular, he is the opposite of the ideal man tall ,dark and handsome , Aziz is ( short, crispy and unalluring. )

you're basically saying 'leo is white and tall but aziz is brown and short'. so what is he to do? nothing you have said is actionable for any man on this sub, whether white or indian.

15 upvotesBeliefEditor2 years ago

This happened for several reasons:

  1. At present, women in the west have a collective belief about men being malicious within the context of engaging in their sexuality and directing it at them. And the belief that women need to band together to stop the oppression.

  2. At present, women are enabled/empowered to destroy men via exposing sexual misconduct effectuated on them (whether imaginary or actual).

  3. To a low-quality person (big ego), the above point represents a huge juicy opportunity to aggrandize herself. An irresistible opportunity to have the whole world learn how a) A rich and famous celebrity wanted me, b) I'm the one who rejected him, so I have a higher value than him, c) His behavior is despicable and therefore I'm morally superior to him. d) I am mature, as evidenced by my response to him via text (even though I am utterly violating his privacy), and e) I get to be a heroine and a savior of women by fighting against those pigs, men.

  4. Her intent was to use him for his fame and wealth, and likely branch swing to an actually attractive male once she gained access to the circle of rich famous people. His intent was to use her for sex. When a woman intends to use a beta male for his resources/opportunities provided, her carrot on a stick is her sex, and the strategy is to dangle it in front of him, and to remain ambiguous about whether he will ever get it (not planned). This guy thwarted her strategy by being insistent.

  5. He's really not attractive (c'mon, just look at the guy), so she never actually wanted sex with him, at most she wanted to let him have it so she'd gain entrance into the opportunities that going out with him entails. And she felt grossed out when he became all pushy and she didn't like that.

  6. The guy is autistic about reading women's energy and calibrating to their feelings. Completely oblivious to the fact that he made her extremely uncomfortable and that she was not horny for him at all. (Her agreeing to engage limitedly in some sexual activity does not signify her enjoyment, but merely that she's choosing to do so due to some future reward; in this case, what she'd get out of dating a rich famous guy).

  7. Women are as in the dark about the male experience on average as men are in the dark about the female experience on average. She doesn't realize that Aziz wasn't mean-spirited; just unskilled and unrefined in how to treat women. She hated him thinking his actions reflected that he saw her as being "nothing". Far from the truth; he's just bad with women. You can tell based on his lines and his (pseudo "game"-ish) moves.

  8. In her imagination, based on all of the above, he really wronged her, and this was her revenge and her way to correct things.

How could he have avoided it?

It wasn't the fact that he only wanted her for sex. It wasn't the fact that he really wanted it at a time when she didn't. It was the fact that the dumbass really doesn't know how to make women feel good/safe/appreciated.

All she needed was for the motherfucker to treat her like a person, rather than like a hollow ho to take home and mindlessly bang (someone without brains or depth) who will get on her knees and suck his dick just because he's a celebrity.

EDIT: Also very important: He's not sexually attractive at all. He likely thinks "aggression" turns women on on its own regardless of context, as evidenced by that dumb move of shoving his fingers down her throat. Alphas / men who actually make women wet can get away with treating them like pieces of meat because the girls are horny for them; without that, he's just a pushy, gross beta who will be required by her to prove himself before he can dare objectify her.

All she needed was for him to make her feel like she wasn't in danger, like she was safe, like she was valued for being there, like he is a man worthy of her admiration, which is very easy to pull off if a woman can simply feel that you care about her being okay. That's all. He could've carried himself in a way that made her feel like he's used to fucking bitches and not like he's a thirsty-ass rapey-vibes sperglord.

Then, even if she wasn't sexually attracted to him, I can guarantee you that she could've/would've had sex with him, if only for her manipulative agenda, and she wouldn't have pulled this bullshit on him.

Who do I blame?

Society, for being a way such that women have such idiotic beliefs about men, and such that men have such idiotic beliefs about women.

And also both of them, for having low-quality awareness.

3 upvotesgarlicextract2 years ago

what kind of garbage, trash post is this?

rather than like a hollow ho to take home and mindlessly bang (someone without brains or depth) who will get on her knees and suck his dick just because he's a celebrity.

is that not what she did? what the fuck?

2 upvotesBeliefEditor2 years ago

Sorry for the delay, I hadn't logged into this account in a while.

Women are human beings, and they have emotions.

When you treat a vulnerable person unkindly, it is normal for them to feel emotion, whether they suppress it or fully experience it.

Women are highly emotional in comparison to men, and rather than suppressing their emotions, they opt to fully experience them.

When a woman gets involved in a sexual situation with a man, unlike men, she tends to feel vulnerable. (This is not to say that no men ever feel vulnerable on any level during sex, but generally, it is much more so for women). This is especially so if the man is someone who has some measure of 'authoritative power', let's call it, which we can define as that which makes a person look up to another and seek their approval.

When you are treated unkindly by a person whose approval or disapproval affects you, it is normal to feel emotion in a negative way.

Aziz didn't purposely treat her unkindly; that much is clear to any male who has ever been awkward with women. He was simply lame, he was in his head, he was trying to impress her, he was using dumb lines and tricks to get her to like him, and he was trying to appear cool, distant and aloof (most likely because he has learned 'pickup advice' which instructs to do just that). Since women aren't usually aware of men's internal machinations, many times they take what we say and do at face value, and as a result, she thought that he was an uncaring cold jerk who saw her as a dumb unimportant person, and that he treated her like crap.

In general, women are not aware of just how awkward and lost and clueless men are; they assume by default that we've got it all figured out, much the same as we think they have it all figured out. And thus, to the girl, he wasn't an awkward guy with no game trying out pickup lines, moves and tricks; he was a well-aware man who was a cruel douchebag to her and purposely treated her like crap and didn't care about her.

These are things which Aziz was spectacularly unaware of, because like most men, he deals with women from his left brain hemisphere (that is with logic and not with emotions); whereas women are the complete opposite (they process things with emotions and not with logic). When this is a blindspot for you, you are prone to clumsily do things that make them feel affronted even if it was not your intent. This is what Aziz did.

Don't think that women feel particularly good being called whores and sluts (outside of a clearly enjoyable mutual sexual consensual encounter) and being treated as such. How would you feel if women went around calling you a disgusting pervert and a rapist, and treated you as such? And how would you feel if you met a girl for the first time and went to bed with her, only for her to act like you are indeed a disgusting pervert and a rapist, demonstrating it in every word and action, with her entire demeanor? In other words, her not seeing you as a human being whom she can have fun and a great time with, but as a fucking caricature; a shell of a human being whom she might take advantage of for a bit, but ultimately looks at with contempt and is afterwards ready to dispose of. Well, that's precisely what this girl felt.

Some men and women might (if temporarily) enjoy being treated like that, but there's degrees of sensitivity in people. To those who are in tune with their, let's call it 'human' side, they don't feel good when experiencing something like that.

You can get women in the sack by being totally disconnected from your emotions, garlicextract, but for them to truly be deeply yours, you must connect with their hearts. And if you think that treating women with compassion and love makes you less of a man, you might want to reconsider what they get out of being with you.

These are harsh words but don't take them the wrong way. Live and learn.

5 upvotesisthatsuperman2 years ago

I think it comes down to frame. You don't see men with high SMV and frame being pulled into these allegations.

17 upvotesthrowaway16432 years ago

Also, maintain frame and never apologize if you didn't commit any crime, even if you are trying to be reasonable. Aziz didn't do anything wrong in this case, yet apologized.

No apology is ever enough with the SJW types. They'd rather see people burn defending their mistaken ideology instead of use reason or logic, it's very much like a cult.

1 upvotesgarlicextract2 years ago

yeah like James Franco, right?

2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

You don't think Aziz has high SMV?????????

22 upvotesother_worlds2 years ago

He's a beta feminist leftist who is wealthy and marginally famous. He has SMV, but no frame and very little self-awareness. I was not surprised by the story at all, and he must find these encounters frustrating with his mindset.

He does not understand what the woman is willing to 'trade' him for her enthusiastic consent. There's no understanding of female nature in the entire story.

I bet there are at least a dozen other girls with the same tale, and just have more self-respect than to run to an online mag to shame themselves revealing it.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

or maybe this tactic of his has worked many times before and thats why he didnt bother with trying to be smooth? His looks really does not matter much considering he is famous, hot women are willing to fuck almost anybody as long as they have money and fame, which is what you see in porn, or many of these ugly rappers with gold digger wifes and girlfriends.

2 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

I do not know enough about him to really agree or disagree with what you are saying.

I was replying to the outrageous implication that he wasn't high SMV that was posted above.

4 upvotesStillRedder2 years ago

I think it comes down to frame. You don't see men with high SMV AND frame being pulled into these allegations.

I think you forgot the "and". Aziz is beta af.

3 upvotesJesusTheThird32 years ago

He's not beta as fuck... How delusional are you to take everything at face value. I am leftist when asked but I hate the left more than I hate cancer.

Learn to play the part. And don't believe everything people say.

He is rich, famous, hard working. He busts his ass 14 hours a day to persue his passion and he is good at it. If that isn't 'frame' I dont know what is.

7 upvotesWaT302 years ago

He looks like shit. Take away his acting and money and you have a general "bob and vagene".

10 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

You'd also have a completely different example.

The fact is that the guy has "acting and money" (aka 'status'). His high status makes his SMV high AF.

-4 upvotesregulator6192 years ago

No it doesnt idiot. It only maked him a beta bucks target. Never has a woman looked at Aziz and gotten wet with desire like they do for Channing Tatum.

He is just that ugly guy with money, a gold dogger's fantasy.

11 upvotesTheLongerCon2 years ago

You're make the very amateur mistake of thinking female attraction works like male attraction. Women aren't concerned nearly as much with looks. He may have bad game, he may not. By what this encounter sounds like, he's atleast used to having casual sex with attractive women.

4 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Push yourself to see clearly and think critically.

Let go of your anger.

Learn as much as you can. Be wary of committing to predisposed theories/thesis at this stage in your learning. Committing to such ideas is an obstacle to your acquiring wisdom. Keep an open mind and put in the work to advance on the learning curve.

Good luck.

1 upvotesgarlicextract2 years ago

Never has a woman looked at Aziz and gotten wet with desire like they do for Channing Tatum.

and what about danny devito? but the guy slays

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

yeah but that doesnt matter since he has money and fame, many women dont care that much about looks if the guy has significantly higher wealth and status/fame compared to her. Which is why you see these really ugly rappers with hot golddigger girlfriends and wifes all the time.

1 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

I think it comes down to frame.

In every way. Is he immune? No. I just get the feeling he won't put up with the bullshit and women know that.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lol don't be surprised if he's next

9 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Anyone is fair game if they let their guard down.

If you have significant social status, - you have to be a vigilant douche at all times. NDAs, screening, leverage/blackmail, video when appropriate, etc...

Think of it as being a regular AFC in an LTR. You let your guard down thinking there is loyalty, and she will step in and fill that power-vacuum to shit test your beta posture. Same general concept, only with accusations of 'misconduct'.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Leo is an expert mgtow, he always avoids questions regarding marriage etc, he is also very attractive so many women are probably satisfied by just getting the D and potentially getting another booty call rather than trying to smear his name. Just my guess.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He has mad game, like wrapper/rock(70's-80's) musician level game. These guys to women what strippers/prostitutes are to men

The key to game is not pressure women into sex, it's to get them to pressure YOU into sex. If you have to pressure you are better off MGTOW.

Now Leo is getting older, he had better curtail his shit or he'll end up like wienstine

1 upvotesMomo_dollar2 years ago

Leo dates are usually models. Leo’s hoes are probably paid in one way or another

0 upvotesMomo_dollar2 years ago

Leo dates are usually models. Leo’s “companions” are probably paid in one way or another

25 upvotesisthatsuperman2 years ago

He does. But he has a beta frame that allows women to call him on bullshit like this, because he'll lay down to it. To add insult to injury he's called himself an ally to the women's movement and they turn on him and eat their own. Why? Because he has no frame, he adopts their frame and they don't respect him.

12 upvotesantariusz2 years ago

At the oscars he was a charming, entertaining celebrity being fawned over. Of course she’d leave her beta schlub for him.

Back at his apartment he’s just another boring beta, asking her for sex when she just wanted a beta provider (guarantee he paid for their dinner like a gentleman).

No woman wants to fuck a provider, enthusiastically.

Of corse she was upset, she thought she was getting a charming, witty masculine leader, instead she got “a nice guy”

This is a perfect red pill tale, Hypergamy, af/BB. And also, importantly, the situational alpha. Out on the red carpet, aziz kills it. Later on, he’s just like any other average frustrated chump.

12 upvotesyokohamalrasheid2 years ago

Maybe a little childish but I want to ask all redpillers, had this been some other handsome dude like Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling had the girl been went to #metoo or had she been pleased that she at least had the opportunity to fuck the Chad ?

7 upvotesflyalpha562 years ago

Most feminist would love to be raped by chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling. Why did 50 shades of Gray do so well in the box office and on the bookshelves? It’s a rape fantasy.

1 upvotesMellyanish2 years ago

How is this even a story?

He tried to have sex with her, she refused, and so he didn't have sex with her.

No rape, no crime, no nothing.

1 upvotesILoveJuices2 years ago

She sucked his dick... twice.

17 upvotesSonichu2 years ago

I hooked up with a 21 year old woman (I'm 28). She wanted to fuck. I put her hand on my cock and told her to suck it. She said no, I respected that.

It wasn't fucking rocket science and she wasn't vague about it, and I respected her boundaries. It's not hard, Jesus Christ we're in a Victorian era Puritan society again where women are now weak and feeble.

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

women are now weak and feeble.

Only when it's convenient. They are strong independent women when there is nothing to risk and nothing to gain.

15 upvotesMistaPink2 years ago

I personally think Aziz is a mediocre comedian and I am in no way a fan of his comedy. Although upon reading the article I was shocked by the bias treatment of his character. I truly feel there is a huge line between sexual predator and wanting to get laid. When you blur that line It will only give cause to reject victims claims.

5 upvotesLosBuratnos2 years ago

Ridiculous. You americans are fucked.

15 upvotesWarezMyDinrBitc2 years ago

He definitely lacked calibration by putting his fingers in her mouth... But her jumping up on the counter per his request and allowing him to undress both of them and submitting TWICE to suck his dick on request definitely would imply consent to a LOT if not MOST men. I am a shy guy and sometimes have been miscalibrated in the past ie missing interest signals and being dubbed not alpha or being too forward and having the woman leave and then decline another date.

What is wrong with her saying "thanks I had fun" and going home instead of going back to his place when he says the obvious "let's get out of here"? What woman doesn't know that implies his sexual intentions? She then gets naked and sucks him off twice... But was obviously turned off by his uncalibrated advances.

She had 10 opportunities to leave or say no yet kept complying. Uncalibrated YES but they were drinking. Sexual assault DEFINITELY NOT this nothing more than a smear campaign. Women have the ability to say NO. They have that responsibility yet feminists don't want to acknowledge that. Men have no choice but to make their intentions clear and be assertive or sex naturally would never happen. We would not exist as a race today.

5 upvotesHugh_Munghous2 years ago

Maybe now he learned something after pandering to feminists. If you live by the progressive sword you die by the progressive sword.

5 upvotesDangerousBearCat2 years ago

I don’t want to have to be the one to say it, but, unless you are absolutely TINY, the only way for a 5’6” wimpy Indian man to sexually assualt anyone is if they let it happen, as this woman did.

4 upvotesStrikePrice2 years ago

It’s been discussed on this forum many times how getting that next day text “I had a good time too” text is so critical in avoiding ex post facto withdrawal of consent. Many RP authors hav written about this as well.

IF (big if) the given account is to be believed, AA didn’t take this well known truth into account.

3 upvotesSilverGryphon2 years ago

I read the story on several news sites and judging by the comments I read, even some self proclaimed feminists sided with Ansari.

I mean seriously, when even some of the women are calling bullshit on this story, the whole world should wake up and challenge this #metoo nonsense.

4 upvotesDaMan1234562 years ago

Wow, having read the manipulated man, this whole this makes sooooooo much sense!!!!

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

At least some of the people on Twitter can see through the bullshit and called her out about not being clear with all the head she was giving.

7 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

Example of how women can still defend the woman:


The sad fact is how many agree with this nonsense.

"...the absence of no is not consent." LOL

8 upvotesangrydelta2 years ago

Jesus Indian girls are dumb as rock. I’m surprised they didn’t drive me totally insane. We should go totally Middle East in India to control these dumb pschyo feminists.

3 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

Well, her sentiments are not shared by her peers mostly. The smartest ones come to America and they're not too different from Americans all in all. India is pretty much the West, only they're all brown people (from an Indian friend's own words).

3 upvotesangrydelta2 years ago

India is not West. India aspires to be west but will never be with that attitude.

6 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Reading that made me think of the most horrible ways I can torture myself because of the headache I got from that.

What world are we living in?

4 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

At least, you should find entertainment in the exemplar beta orbiter who kept commenting lol

1 upvotesthrowaway16432 years ago

Poor dude, that guy Mathew is definitely not getting any lol.

1 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago

It fits the feminine imperative perfectly. They refuse to draw a line or set a standard because then they'd have to follow it and be held to it. Women prefer at all cost to avoid accountability and responsibility and that thread you cite is another example.

6 upvotesAlpha_Jedi2 years ago

My full thoughts on the subject are here: https://alphajedi.com/2018/01/15/beta-beware/

Game is more important than ever. Trying to be a "nice guy" in the modern world is a recipe for getting crucified.

5 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

That definitely goes along with the idea that feminism is a society wide shit test. If you fail the shit test you get crucified.

3 upvotesOriginal_Dankster2 years ago

I like your version better.

3 upvotesDangerousBearCat2 years ago

One thing I absolutely love about The Red Pill, is how consistently well the posts are written. Great read. Well said, OP.

3 upvotesuniversalabundance12 years ago

His game ain't that tight, I can tell you that much. lol

3 upvotesbeta_no_mo2 years ago

I would sue the absolute fuck out of this little shit website and whoever owns them for libel. It wouldn't be hard because she's said in her own words that she wasn't assaulted. What an idiot.

3 upvotesmocket_ran2 years ago

Agree with the post...but at the same time I think there could be another factor at play here that nobody really brings up - I'd be willing to bet that Ansari's game isn't strong. My brother is a comic..I spend a good deal of time with those types (famous ones) and most of them are confident as fuck on stage but don't know jack shit about how to act around women. I could easily see Ansari being over confident and certainly scoring because of his celebrity juice all the time..but take away that juice and you have an akward bird chested little indian guy that can't smoothly read social cues and truthfully nobody would ever want to fuck...I think another part to this story could be the girl gets blinded by his shining star, follows it to his apartment and then when things get real she realizes the reality of the fact that she is hooking up with a gross little indian man that isn't making her wet....so regret and #metoo ensues.

10 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

This is probably the only place on Reddit (soon to be the internet) where you can post this side of the story without looking like a complete sexist asshole.

I was listening to this on the Radio and the people on the radio were of course all defending the girl. And it didn't stop there. They went further about how all women should have this fear of men doing this sort of thing. Like huh? The guy didn't hold a gun to her head.

Its like what do people want? Do we want to treat women as adults or treat them like children?

I mean we all know the guy who got drunk and banged a fatty. He probably felt bad about himself, but you know what happens next? He gets clowned by all his boys and he goes on about his day. He doesn't sit there and cry that he was raped and taken advantage of because in the end it was his CHOICE and responsibility.

10 upvotesDangerousBearCat2 years ago

There have been at least two posts on the front page defending Aziz and calling out his accuser.

6 upvotesdisposable_pants2 years ago

There've been articles in the New York Times, The Atlantic, and (I think) now The New Yorker calling this bullshit.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Good reporting on this story but let's not forget Aziz' complete lack of game. All push, no pull. He's not a red pilled master, he's a blue pilled comedian

4 upvotesAllahHatesFags2 years ago

A guy like Aziz Ansari will never be Chad regardless of how much money he makes. Honestly, what he should have done is give up on trying to pump and dump random girls and get a mail-order bride from Russia or Eastern Europe with an iron-clad prenup; a guy with his kind of money could easily get a damn fine one. But he tried to be something he's not and he got fucked over for it.

4 upvotesBlastCorporation2 years ago

This is just hilarious considering Aziz is a beta feminist (last i checked)

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sorry to the current top posted comment but the most ironic thing in this story is that Babe has a spinoff called "Lust" which is 100% Thot.

I follow both babe and lust on FB and it's highly entertaining seeing the contrast.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

When people like this "come forward" with their stories of "abuse" it makes me sick. For every bullshit anecdote that a woman comes forward with like that, there is a woman who is getting beaten up by her spouse. Funny how TRP advocates get called all sorts, yet the women who make up crap like this don't get penalised or cop a hefty fine. How these women could possibly trivialise rape by accusing a guy of something similar because he rejects your advances is insanity. Fucking lol.

1 upvotesking_kurt_angle2 years ago

Eh, after reading the piece (thank you for posting it), I think you left out the sheer volume of her signals that they were on different pages once they were in his apartment. Even if some of the words could be interpreted as "let's have foreplay before oral sex" ("let's chill" in response to him talking about a condom), he also followed up her saying "I don't want to feel forced" with again physically pushing her towards his genitals for oral sex, as opposed to letting her initiate, either physically or even saying "OK, let's go."

One of the most frustrating things for me in general is hearing "men don't correctly read women's signals of interest or lack thereof." While it is true in many cases (and seems true in this one), and Ansari should have eventually picked up on it, his repeated failure to do so/continuing his (clumsy) efforts at being flirty/seductive/whatever should also have indicated to her that her signals weren't being received.

In other words, regardless of how clear (she thought) her signals were, that he wasn't listening to/understanding meant she should have been able to read his signals/lack of understanding her signals and done something more decisive: a clear, definitive "not tonight, period, NO" or leaving or something else rather than repeatedly doing the same actions like pushing her hand away from his genitals after he put it there. Whatever his reason (he was horny, he was drunk, he thought she was playing hard to get, he thought he was being assertive like she was in getting the date in the first place, etc.), she also wasn't getting HIS signals that they were on different pages. It's not just men who don't read signals.

0 upvotesTheWrathofShane2 years ago

This is gold. Good take on it. I believe women are capable of being honest, they just have to recognize their own sinful nature first and repent. This article savagly exposes Grace. They choose to live in their delusions of being an entitled Disney princess.

If womens brains are all emotions and no logic, how do female doctors and scientists exist? Those professions require intellectual honesty and a logical mind. Obviously STEM is dominated by men, but there are women in stem. So therefore women are capable of being honest. I have heard it more then once in the redpill that women are emotional and incapable of logic like a mans brain is.

-21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Edit: To clarify I don't he should've been outed for this simply because he did not commit a crime. Both parties are in the wrong here to varying degrees.

I don't understand why would you try to push for sex if the woman isn't obviously into it. Nor why you would repeatedly shove your fingers down your date's throat the first time you try to sleep with her.

Ignore for a moment her intentions and please explain that to me because I really do not understand that behavior.

Edit: Down voting me without having the intestinal fortitude to argue is remarkably passive aggressive. How can you claim to be "alpha" when you don't even have the proverbial balls to respond?

10 upvotes7thAnvil2 years ago

Because that's what he wants/likes. If she doesn't she should tell him no/not allow him to do it. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

-11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Didn't she go hide in the bathroom?

Have you never experienced shock at someone else's behavior and didn't react appropriately? Do you hate women so much that you have zero empathy? Who expects that on a first date?

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He said, she said. Women alter the version of history to best suit whichever narrative fits her feels at any given moment. Truth is entirely subjective i.e. gaslighting is the default m.o. of every woman I’ve ever met.

The real question is, why should any one believe the woman’s account of events automatically? She has clear motive to be dishonest.

3 upvotesskipennsylvania2 years ago

She was asking for it and going along with it without saying no.

-8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

She didn't ask for it, but she didn't say no. Is saying no absolutely necessary when someone clearly isn't into it? The implication is men are that bad at picking up sexual cues and I don't buy that. I don't have that problem at all.

3 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

the woman isn't obviously into it.

What does "she put my dick in her mouth" signal to you?

Do not listen to what women say. Watch what they do. She put a dick in her mouth. She then changed her mind. She gets to do that and end things on the spot. She doesn't get to undo the fact she put the dick in her mouth without a fuss.

-24 upvotesExposeTheFAUX2 years ago

STFU about Ansari already, there were already 2 posts on the front page about that BS.

Why is this news to any redpill man? We already know there are countless false accusations of sexual harassment every day.

12 upvotesskipennsylvania2 years ago

Read the article. It's not just about the false allegations, she also undermines her own argument in the article by saying how she expected him to read her "nonverbal cues"

-16 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Edit: You are doing that too much. Try again in 2 minutes.

Nope, bye. I don't like my ability to reply being throttled.

Short version.

Aziz was a pig. She confronted him via text afterwards. He admitted it happened essentially as she described, was surprised, and "took her words to heart."

She still chose to air it. Vengeance? Justice? Anger? Who knows. I think that part is fucked up.

They are both in the wrong in this scenario for different reasons and I hope people realize that.

20 upvotesSultanPepe2 years ago

Does a woman have agency or not? If she does and she's sucking your dick, chances are you read the cues correctly.

In this case she retroactively withdrew consent. Consider the nonverbal cues of her 1. Pursuing him 2. Going to his place, and 3. Sucking his dick. The verbal cue is a 3000 word blog post after the fact saying she 'went cold'. Whatever that means.

1 upvotesPfunkTypeR2 years ago

This is such a shallow, dim view of women that I doubt you could ever love and respect one, let alone one who expresses opinions of her own. Seek help, and you may be able to find and sustain love.

1 upvotesDickTerper2 years ago

Please edify me then, what did I get wrong? This account is based on facts she admitted. For example, ditching her "date" (her words!) to flirt with Ansari.

I do love woman, and respect them, when they deserve it. Perhaps you'd rather I respect them all, just because they own a vagina?

Or maybe the mirror is reflecting something you'd rather not see?

19 upvotesswagile2 years ago

Move on, the guy's a moralizing concern troll.

18 upvotesmgtowolf2 years ago

That's cute. Respect is earned, not given for having a vagina. Or white knighting a vagina for that matter.

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