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Feminist love throwing around privilege, yet they are the most privileged class in modern history in the West

by Ray_pinasses1210 on /r/TheRedPill
27 January 2018 02:43 PM UTC

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I saw the protests a few weeks back in California. It was the usual suspects, fat, pink haired, shrill feminists. They were holding signs up about “we want equality now” and “end rape culture” This got me thinking about just how privileged these chicks actually are, and the irony that’s lost on them by claiming victim status. Let’s break this down shall we:

  1. I noticed 1 trait most of these broads all had in common-obesity. Now I know it’s cliche for feminist to be fat and ugly, but really, if you look at any pictures of the rally, all you can see are fat, pink haired shrews. What’s funny is they walk around holding signs about oppression, yet are literally the physical manifestation of excess and gluttony. They are lucky and privileged enough to live in a time and place where food is plentiful and they take advantage How can one be oppressed and be fat? That’s oxymoronic

  2. A lot had signs talking about “rape culture” Again, this is bullshit. There is no such thing as “rape culture”. Maybe in Saudi Arabia or India, but def not here in the west. Again, the irony is lost on women who live in a society where they can openly, without consequence, lie about a sexual assault or rape and get a man or many men put in jail or have their livelihoods taken away. That is a privilege, not even the police have. And yet these women claim they live in a society where men are openly permitted to commit rape, and sexual assault without consequences

  3. “pay equality” Now of course, if two people get hired for the same job, one man, one woman, they will get paid the same. What these broads want is a “gender studies” degree to get the same pay and access that an engineering degree gets. That’s where the “pay inequality” comes in, as it should. It’d be like garbage men having a rally, saying the associates degree they got should give them the same pay that a medical degree does. Same pay for different levels of work isn’t equality. It’s communism. Not to mention the fact that these women are so privileged that the ones who happen to have the privilege of physical beauty, doesn’t need to worry about a job or a degree. An attractive woman can literally sleep her way to a comfortable life with a willing man, catering to her every need, if she plays her cards right.

  4. This is my last point. Fat acceptance Women are so privileged that they can literally be morbidly obese, call themselves beautiful, be validated by friends, family and social media, and have the balls to not only want, but demand Chads find them attractive and date/fuck them Not only do they demand this, but some will openly try to socially destroy you, Only women in 21st century America can be so hideously fat and ugly and demand to date the 20% of men openly. Then legislate hypergamy when they can’t get what they want

That’s the epitome of “privilege”

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0 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible2 years ago

Congratulations, OP, you have triggered some special snowflakes landwhales.

user reports: 1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive 1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive at someone else 


user reports: 1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive 1: OP is based god and we don't deserve him 1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive at someone else 1: It's just too fucking truthful. I just can't handle how truthful this is. 

Laughing my ass off over here.


user reports: 1: Sad 

Ya feel vindicated, there, Ms. Healthy At Any Size?

I can keep this up all day.

152 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

the entirety of the female social matrix depends on a single rule: "acquire as much power as possible while seeming like you have none."

11 upvotesSolipsistic_guy2 years ago

Thats rule #1 for manipulation . That’s how Darth Sidious became emperor. The fault lies with the BPs for never realizing this till it’s too late and their freedom has been taken away.

61 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

It’d be like garbage men having a rally, saying the associates degree they got should give them the same pay that a medical degree does.

If garbage men were women, this is exactly what would happen.

"Why should cleaning a house for an hour a week get paid less than being a CEO? I demand 50% of everything!" (This is the basis of divorce).

"Why should being a seamstress get paid less than an engineer? I demand the same pay!" (This is the basis of the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968, one of the earliest pay/equality disputes).

OP - you're actually missing out most of the real privilege of being female:

  • Can keep their kids if they want

  • Can get rid of their kids if they want. Before birth or after.

  • Women are believed, no matter how ridiculous. A woman cries and says "He dragged me into a corner and raped me" and men will kill and imprison other men. Little proof needed. Endless "victims are innocent" and "always believe victims" and "women are victims" memes have led society to grant indemnity and instant belief of any story a woman concocts. The less honest gender is also the most believed gender.

  • Women don't have to pay for jack shit in life. From beta orbiters to beta husbands, women do not have to be self supporting. More healthcare money is spent on women than men, even though they contribute less.

  • Women who have ridden the cock carousel for 20 years can decide "I am not that girl anymore" and men will rush to protect their honour - even where no such honour exists.

Also pay equality, gender quotas - all conspire to lower the necessary standard to get women into high paid jobs. Why pick up garbage when she can demand to be hired into a top flight STEM job. Because equality.

Men have almost zero privilege in today's society, except the privilege we give ourselves. And we really should be doing a lot more of that.

264 upvoteswittymore2 years ago

I am willing to bet that the average mental health of feminists is far below par. Their tendency for obesity, extreme behavior and mass hysteria all lead me to this conclusion.

You rarely see high quality women (healthy, fit, social, intelligent) women at these rallies.

I deal with feminists the way I deal with all other things in my life. They do not serve me, thus I spend no energy on them.

One of the surest way to engage with fun, attractive women is to test them for victim mentality. If they have it, run for the hills. All feminists are in essence playing a victim.

51 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I witness many women from school (not fat they are perfectly normal, with boyfriends) many were posting on social media pictures of them and their boyfriends at the rally/protest a couple weeks ago. They were holding up signs and so were the boyfriends. Some of them even making comments towards men, for example I read one that said “ weak men make brave and strong women”. If I wrote “weak women make brave and strong men” on social media I’d be harassed.

28 upvotesGenericBadGuyNumber32 years ago

I work with a couple where the gf is an ok enough person if you can keep the conversation simple (we work outside, so the weather is a nice option) but she looooves talking about women's rights and feminism any time she gets the chance. Relevant to the conversation? Irrelvant? She'll find a way to squeeze it in regardless. She's not overweight but she's not a looker either. Rocks the classic feminist short haircut. The bf is a big fat bearded fella that knows he can't do any better so he stays in his lane and makes sure not speak out of line lest he'll feel her wrath later. It's hilarious as he towers over her physically (and me, he's a big guy) yet he is such a small man in other ways. I feel so sorry for him because I'd say she's such a difficult woman to deal with at home, and I'd say he puts up with so much bollocks just to get a chance of getting into her mediocre pussy whenever it suits her. I've told her point blank in front of her emasculated bf that I have no interest in discussing the topic of women's rights or feminism with her as we simply will never agree. She'll push it of course, while he says nothing.. but I never give her the satisfaction of a debate. "Oh it's because you know I'm right" yep. that must be it so. Appease them like you would a stranger's child. You're not going to publicly engage in a firefight with them, it's what they want. Let the baby have its bottle of sour milk. I was talking to a group of people the other day about Gerard Butler's terrible Irish accent in the terrible film "PS I Love you" and how the American girls love him all the same. She over hears this and decides to call me out saying it's not just the girls. I just let her interruption hang in the air for a second, looked at her, looked back at the group and just said "well I've not seen any men fawning over Gerard Butler lately" which got a laugh. The bf would never admit to it, but I know he would love to tell her to shut the fuck up when she goes off on one. But he won't. He'll be there at whatever march she wants him to go to and he'll hold a sign with whatever message she wants sprawled all over it. Because he's her bitch. Keep that in mind next time you see these "men" at feminist rallies. They're just bitches to be pitied more than anything else.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly. Betas will continue to be betas. I feel bad for the man in the relationship with that women you wrote about. Sadly he’s not alone and there are many like him who settle for women worse than this guy’s gf and then they let the women boss them around. What a shame.

27 upvotesECoast_Man2 years ago

This is because women want a high quality man and to be desired men. This makes them happy. When you are fat, you are not desired and will not get a high quality man, ergo they are unhappy. These women then blame others for their unhappiness, rather than be self-aware and self-critical. This just isn't the genetic makeup, honest self-reflection doesn't occur.

7 upvotesGnosiis_2 years ago

I'm not sure about that. The thing I recognize with so called feminists is their tendency to grab power and hang on to it. What they really want, is to have the freedom to do what they want, and have sex with whoever they want, without giving up anything in return. They want control. If they sense they're losing control in any way, they lash out. That's how you get women in relationships with men who have beta traits, for example.

1 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

But that cognitave dissonance! And society is forcing people to say they like it, to accept it, healthy at any size. "BBW" no longer means curvy with hips and breasts, it's fat all round and cottage cheese ass and muffin top? Jesus it's 5 layer cakes and guys still fuck them.

I fell for a curvy girl that became moribidly obese; she was never skinny and I was ok with that. But as she got larger and larger, it was the oneitis that kept me thinking I was happy. Slowly, your self worth erodes and then THEY start to wear it down, to keep you. Of course it backfires, and you realize the world is wrong and wtf I just banged a hot 19 yo plate why am I putting up with you?

Add to the fact that social media will tell them all that they are super sexy and haaawwwt when they put on some makeup, a dress, or take off their clothes on tumblr, and the cycle seems unbreakable.

I don't exactly when we stopped thinking that attractive women are 'unnatainable body types' for girls that can't put the damned fork down. It would be nice to see people actually trying to look better and eat better, exercise, etc. But there's enough horny guys that it's just not gonna happen.

45 upvotesyomo862 years ago

My personal take on this is: They want the privilege the pretty ones have by proxy and the proxy is to be men because building/coding/entrepreneurship/anything of value is to far fetched for a woman to be gained on her own. And due to the fact of not being able to scream 'gibsmedats' they yell oppression.

36 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

It boils down to classic shaming and low-level effort to "condition" men to accept any woman with all her flaws without judgment or hesitation. These tactics are generally met with abject failure. High Value Men won't waste time engaging these women. The only option for many of these women are men who they don’t want in the first place. The other type is the men who attempt to ingratiate themselves with women to appeal for sex or other benefits.

It's very simple to avoid these types by virtue of not associating with women who you don't find attractive, avoiding one-on-one/closed door situations with unknown women to avoid rape accusations, not waste time arguing the pay gap...that's a company/corporation issue, and not validating any woman on social media.

Any woman you are not having sex with is not a woman not a woman any man should be validating with likes and glowing comments – especially when said woman is doing absolutely nothing to your benefit.

While some gender-based issues are legitimate, resolving criminal or civil issues is a job for law enforcement and the criminal and civil justice system. That’s the point of control for most issues if you really want to solve problems.

19 upvotesgreatamericancities2 years ago

No high-value men were anywhere in the vicinity of these marches.

The skunk's raised tail is nature's way of saying, "stay away, do not touch". Pink hair is society's way of saying, "stay away, do not converse".

8 upvotesTesrali2 years ago

These losers convince each other to become even worse losers so that they can get more power by being losers. If they show one shred of dignity or respect for themselves then they're probably ostracized. Respect is loving your body enough to eat right. Respect is loving your mind enough to learn right. These women are human garbage with no conception of principle, restraint, and love. They are the very thing they're criticizing: unearned privilege. People generally understand best the problems THEY have. If they showed their bodies and minds love, I'm sure they'd be fine even if they were ugly. A fat woman who will suck dick daily will land a beta faster than a butter-faced cunt. I see this from experience with my pretty ugly family. <3

8 upvotesgreatamericancities2 years ago

I've seen psychologists explain people getting fatter as a defense mechanism -- an attempt to protect themselves from life by adding extra padding. Not sure if the idea is physical protection or becoming so unattractive that other people simply ignore you. Hadn't thought of it as a lack of self-regard or self-love. Seems like a good explanation. If you hate yourself then why take care of your body?

8 upvotesthrowlaca2 years ago

I've seen psychologists explain people getting fatter as a defense mechanism

No, they just eat too much and don't fucking move.


Bunch of unscientific fucks the lot of them except very very few.

8 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

It boils down to classic shaming and low-level effort to "condition" men to accept any woman with all her flaws without judgment or hesitation.

I've been getting deep tissue massages from this 60 year old woman at her house for over almost fifteen years now. A few months ago she completely flipped out on me when I mentioned that the MAJORITY of the women I've been seeing around coffee cafes are fat to obese. I was stunned because I've known her for a long time and she religiously uses her exercise bike every single day and has never been even slightly overweight in her entire life. Do you now what her big line was? Its because of "white men". I'll save you the weak sauce traumatized logic that she was using because its just because of "white men". So apparently this is what women in her social scene are saying. There is inflation, higher property taxes, an opioid crisis and its just not easy to make do anymore and at the heart of the cause of this are "white men". I'm definitely noticing that people are getting edgier are more frayed. I'm shocked to hear very ridiculous stuff coming from people whom I thought must know better.

A few prominent people around here have been predicting that there will be shaming of men for not wanting transgender hookups and that sort of thing. I think that is actually likely to happen to many men at some point.

10 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

Shaming men for NOT being attracted to transgender women has already started...

Title: Trans Activist: Straight Men Must Learn to be Attracted to Transgenders


Title: Transgender activist: Straight men should ‘work through’ non-attraction to transgender women


No worries - it's ineffective for both movements as there is zero effect on men who would otherwise have no interest.

We're at a bad place in society when a mandatory question is: "Are you a natural-born female?"

It's problematic if transgender women won't be upfront, open, and honest. They already have a portion of men who have interest. There's zero need to resort to lies or misrepresentation.

2 upvotesthrowlaca2 years ago

They already have a portion of men who have interest.

Fine. Go with them. Leave the rest of us alone.

4 upvotesRedProletariat2 years ago

If white men as a collective had been tougher, women wouldn't have been able to make themselves miserable in the West. Economically, they're better off, but are their lives really better?

1 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago


Mulitiple studies show their happiness is declining.

3 upvotes_JustASnowFlake_2 years ago

Mind expanding in testing for victim mentality?

3 upvotesSumo942 years ago

How do you test for victim mentality?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Funny you mention the victim mentality part. During my red pill rage I did the worst thing and spoke to my then feminist girlfriend about how I think feminism has gotten out of hand and in western society women are blessed.

Well what do you know? She accused me of insulting her and belittling her. Played the victim card to a T. Now that I think about it, she was always good playing the victim.

1 upvotesthrowlaca2 years ago

I did the worst thing and spoke to my then feminist girlfriend about how I think feminism has gotten out of hand

Why is this the worst thing?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Essentially i talked about the red pill. You don't talk about fight club.

1 upvotesRedPillCoach2 years ago

Challenging insanity is not the same as talking about fight club.

10 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234562 years ago

There is a major overrepresentation of personality disorders all over the far left, with the exception of NPD, which is associated with right wing for successful people, and left for under the bridge types. Shizoid PD is also a right wing one, and possible OCPD. All the rest, most notably borderline personality disorder is strongly associated with the far left. Almost every BPD patient I've dealt with has been a hardcore SJW, and they almost always have the look (fat, blue hair, face piercings, inability to form logical deductions, etc.).

Borderline, histrionic, and antiosocial PD are all far left idealogies. Not to mention, you get tons of homeless/druggy narcissists who believe everyone should work to provide for them. NPD has become much more common with women recently, but it's still underdiagnosed as it's believed to be a 'male' disorder.

BPD is also STRONGLY associated with the victim mentality, which is incredibly strong right now. Most feminists are hardcore victims. All the super succesful women that I know are not at all feminists. In fact, if you look at the most succesful legitemately self made women in history, eg. Thatcher, Peron, Marie Curie, NONE of them identified as feminist. If you truly believe that you won't be succesful, you won't try, and failure awaits. This is the 2018 world we live in. Feminists are one class of victim, whom are surprisingly low on the scale. Eg. see the BLM/feminist sabotage.

1 upvotesillumaniti6662 years ago

How would one test for victim mentality?

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Currently, 2/3 of university degrees go to women.

Women have been getting more college degrees than men for over 20 years now!!

5 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago


Don't worry we all know how concerned women are about equality I'm sure they'll be marching any day now demanding equal numbers of college degrees for men....

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The stats are real. There are special days throughout the year across the nation to recruit more women into college. I once turned on the TV and saw a NYC day dedicated to getting more girls into university.

6 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Yes, I know they are. I have heard it before. I think it's true in some other Western countries too (for example Australia.)

What I was being sarcastic about is that feminism claims to be about "equality" but in reality it's only about equality in places where women feel they are lagging behind (And simple minded equality at that; eg they want equal pay for doing easier, less educated jobs). but in other areas that favour women - they are conspicuously silent.

When was the last time you saw a woman's march for "equal prison sentences for women" or "equal college access for men" or "shelters for battered men" or "remuneration according to job difficulty and education level required"...

The answer is, you haven't.

Feminism is selfish. It doesn't have to be, but as currently practiced it is.

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Why are most of them chubby?

Of course there are outliers, but this question needs to be answered.

118 upvotesitsmehobnob2 years ago

Because people who don’t take responsibility for their actions tend to be over weight.

58 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

It's not so much that feminism makes them fat as much as it's being a fat disgusting buttergolem makes them a feminist. They want the hot high value men, but those guys won't even acknowledge these bitches exist. So these hamplanets throw a fit and demand attention to get noticed and then make all these demands to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. The weak fuck males bend to them as if those cunts have power over them and throw all of us under the bus with anti male legislation like the completely fucked up family laws.

I have yet to meet an attractive feminist, they're all fucked up in some way, too tall, fat, homely, oddly shaped, something about them screams evolutionary fuck up. They turn to that religion because they can't get what they really want, a high value man, all they can get is the slovenly fat losers that emulate themselves. Know what happens when you choke feminist? The same thing that happens when you choke hot girl, she gets wet and very submissive. Those cunts simply don't get spanked and choked enough or by hot enough men...

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well put, thanks for the laugh too. “Buttergolem”, “hamplanet”, and “evolutionary fuckup”, fucking on point mate

5 upvotessok-leng2 years ago

Spot on. It's almost like they have a prototypical "feminist" look that they abide by. Short hair, no makeup, hide any curve they might have..

12 upvoteseveryone_wins2 years ago

It all boils down to apathy. Apathy let's you blame your situation on external factors. Fat feminists believe they are the victims. This identity as a victim robs them of their power to change. I feel bad for these people.

The lesson we can learn from them is to recognize when we are in apathy - blaming our problems on external factors - and letting go of wanting to be a victim. No one is a victim. Everyone has the power to transform their lives.

3 upvotesthrowlaca2 years ago

Fat feminists believe they are the victims.

But they are. They are victims of nature, their genes makes them fat, or ugly, or too tall/short. Then they blame men.

5 upvotessirelkir2 years ago

If you think most of them are chubby, it might simply be because most of the people are chubby. In the US about ¾ are overweight and more than ⅓ obese. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obesity_in_the_United_States)

For me personally, chubbiness never really struck me as their defining feature.

5 upvotesblue_272 years ago

I think it goes in the other direction. They are chubby first, and simply looking for excuses. Feminism gives women an outlet to place all of their problems on someone or something else (aka the patriarchy). So, instead of taking charge of their life, they find other miserable harpies to wallow in sorrow with.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not even all of them are fat. I witness many women from my school go to these rally’s and post it on social media.

32 upvotesrationalthought3142 years ago

WTF is rape culture? Did I miss that in mandatory guy training? I can't ever remember a time when guys would brag about raping a girl. Maybe I slipped in the Mandela Effect and fell into a reality where guys were told that rape was ok.

26 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

rape culture is the supposed idea that men just go around grabbing women by the pussy and pushing them over desks at work to fuck them. And the women sometimes are so weak that they accept, moan, and beg for it in the moment, but it's really rape. You know the entire #MeToo where women who gained power and money via sex with their bosses in Hollywood are now coming out saying it was rape.

8 upvotesthrowlaca2 years ago

So fucking funny when Scarlett Johansson said speaking of her "wild" years in hollywood "I didn't had the tools back then to oppose them" how about closing your legs, you whore. It's very known that she fucked her way up, and now she's hitting the wall, can't get any quality man, and regrets it.

3 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago


The first thing I did when I received my male privilege check was enroll in rape classes at the lodge.

Then I proceeded to rape bitches with impunity.

60 upvotesGoCleanYourRoom2 years ago

Womens rights marches make me chuckle.

Nobody has ever said women in the west have less rights then men. Infact, they have more considering they can murder their unborn child without the fathers consent and are awarded custody of children much more often.

These idiots think we live in a patriarchal oppressive society that hates women yet they are SILENT when it comes to mistreatment of women under Islam or certain countries in south america where women are given lengthy jail sentences for having a miscarriage.

12 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

At current rates the domestic US population will be replaced by those same south americans or other conservative groups that actually reproduce. And honestly just educate people and live your own life. You really can't change the opinions of others by force so just gotta let em be while keeping your own things. Like preventing stupid feminist legislation.

0 upvotesAPSTNDPhy2 years ago


Do you really believe this?

7 upvotesGoCleanYourRoom2 years ago

Its not really any of your business or relevant whether i do or not. The point remains,however. Women have the same rights as men, if not more.

25 upvotesmaplemaximus2 years ago

It's already been demonstrated by our ancestors in writing that women are irrational. They don't want power but they demand it, and when they get it, rather than swallowing the bitter pill of heavy responsibility, they try to make people who are "privileged" shoulder the burden of bettering society.

9 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

There are women smarter than men, and vice versa. The difference is that when you give total power to either side you get idiots controlling smart people thus dysfunction, contempt, and inefficiency or total failure like in Cape Town.

2 upvotestekn0_2 years ago

What happened in Cape Town?

2 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

Their water reservoirs are running dry. It's a city with millions going in and out, and water pipelines aren't exactly rare.

1 upvotesReformed652 years ago

I remember in my History Class for A-Levels I learnt that flight attendants back in the America 1950s used to be slim pretty women, but that started to change when a female flight attendant gained weight, got fired and sued the airline for "sexism".

Immediately came to my mind "oh, so now that you can't use your sex to gain quick buck because you became fat, now it's sexist."

26 upvotesGreatGoldSphinx2 years ago

Whenever I fly Aeroflot (Russian) I enjoy the beauty and femininity of the flight attendants. Once I get back on an American airline, the difference is shocking.

-5 upvotescoolgamer19932 years ago

Who gives a shit how they look as long as the plane lands?

Let's be honest, the chance of banging a flight attendance is minimum so who cares?

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Who gives a shit how they look as long as the plane lands?

A lot of men do. Airlines (used to) make big $$$ on frequent overseas business travelers. If they were going to be locked in a metal tube for 12 hours, they want to look at some prime ass & they were willing to pay. And I don't blame them.

the chance of banging a flight attendant is minimum

In the US it is because of HR (if you work there and if you don't becasue no one wants to bang grandma), other places a lot easier. Trust me, I know.

0 upvotescoolgamer19932 years ago

Outside the US it might be easier but for the average guy it's a just look, no touch relation just like watching porn or seeing naked pictures of women, it's fun but you'll never get it (in general).

So i don't really care how they look as long as they are polite and helpful.

17 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I find being around stunningly gorgeous women (who are cordial and friendly) to be very motivating. On the flip side I find it to be a depressing situation when I'm sandwiched between two obese people.

7 upvotescoolgamer19932 years ago

On those two points I agree.

8 upvotessok-leng2 years ago

I do. Used to fly to Asia often and ALWAYS pick a Asian carrier (Singapore Air is the best) for the beautiful yellow tail...

14 upvotesSkaTSee2 years ago

one of my friends on facebook that I went to high school with is what I'd consider moderately feminist. She has a lot of qualities that feminists have but isn't too loud about it. She's nothing particularly attractive, about a 6.5 +/- .5 I'd say. But what i'm emphasizing here is that she's far from obese or unattractive.

Anyway, last year she did the whole womens march bit with 3 of her friends, and she re-shared the moment on facebook recently so it came across my feed again. I noticed something particularly funny to me. One of her friends is like her, nothing too special, but not fat and atrocious either. Her other two friends however, morbidly obese, short dykey hair, very uneasy on the eyes, I'd rather throw up than have a conversation with them.

So the 4 of them took a picture with the signs that they brought to their womens march. The thing I found funny, was that the two normal looking girls, their signs read "we cannot succeed when half of us are held back" and "love not hate makes america great" Both statements are rather fair to say, if they were true.

But the other two, the disgusting girls, their signs read "Pussy grabs back" and "don't grab my pussy". Like the two girls who probably receive close to 0 attention from guys are the ones complaining about Donald Trump's grab the pussy bit, the two that have 0 worries about anybody desiring to grab their pussy.

Just something kinda humorous that I felt I'd share

5 upvotessleepyweaselisawake2 years ago

I've made that same observation. The loudest and most obnoxious feminists are the ones who are obese and starving for actual attention. They get likes and support online, but has a guy ever nervously approached to buy them a drink? Nope. Have they seen the cute guy in class admiring them from across the room? Nope. Do they have any idea their obesity is the biggest barrier they have in life and they can change it with a little effort everyday? Probably, but why should they change to look good for some guy. We should be attracted to "big beautiful bodies".

7 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

Irony of "rape culture" is that proponents of this term freely admit "it has nothing to do with actual rape".

4 upvotesairjones12 years ago

I dont know much about feminism, so I have to hear one talk about what rights they want or feel their being denied before I can have an opinion on them. From the perspective of a man I know its not equal but I think there are definitley benefits to being a woman that men dont have and vice versa.

5 upvotesphoneticau2 years ago

Rule of thumb fat & obese women shall only date men with a lower BMI than herself

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Engineering is more of a vocational knowledge, Gender Studies (as stupid as it is) is more of a theoretical liberal arts philosophy.

It doesn't make sense for a gender studies degree to gain access to engineering jobs. The whole curriculum lacks any sort of engineer-type training.. Likewise, an engineering curriculum lacks any sort of post modern theoretical bullshit on the notion of gender and sex-aside from elective credits I guess.

There's all sorts of things people can do with their degree.. Even if you have just an English degree, you can go into teaching, civil service, whatever the fuck.. If you actually have ambition to use your head and do your job and are a responsible human being. Employers just like 4 year degrees cause it proves someone can stick to studying the same subject for 4 years and become very knowledgable on it-which translates to discipline and determination.

Women just never stop whining. They just want everything handed to them. The fat obese idiots are just projecting the inner turmoil they feel being all lonely and fat and having no chads to cuddle. Also that show "Broad City" is rotting their minds.

1 upvotesKawfeeSpill2 years ago

doesn't make sense for a gender studies degree to gain access to engineering jobs

Unless they take on the role of ideological komissar.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes, rapes happen in India because there are f**king rapists here too, just like the rest of the world. Yes, we have a long way to go as even a single incident of such a heinous crime shouldn't be tolerated but there's no rape culture in India. The BBC documentary intentionally fucked up the rape statistics. But then again, it's BBC, what else can you expect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics#By_country


5 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

India executes rapists, there is no legal rape culture anywhere in the modern world. Even in places like Saudi rapists are executed.

1 upvotesupyoars2 years ago

But in some muslim terrorist countries you can beat and fuck women openly in the streets. women are all slaves to men there.

1 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago

yeah its like people dont understand you could get mob beat in india if a girl decided to lie about being harassed...or any asian country for that matter.

2 upvotesSohithKumar2 years ago

I am Indian and I too don’t see any rape culture here. In a population of 1.3 billion some crimes do happen and they are dealt with very strictly. Also some crimes committed by women like false dowry charges and rape charges are not punished in India because they are not recognised at all. But this is not reported much in Indian media. One single rape will make headlines for days here.

9 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

Women are rejecting hook up culture and demanding harems (cucking the blue pill husband while banging Chad). It's already breaking into mainstream. It's the reason why young girls are opting for poly relationships.

10 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

It's the reason why young girls are opting for poly relationships.

Six months ago I bumped into one of my very last American GFs from over ten years ago. She still looked bangable but had definitely aged. To my horror she began proclaiming and loudly boasting everything to me about her recent divorce, polyamorous relationships, birth control ("HEH HEH" she bellowed) and intention to only "settle down" in five years when she turned 35. It was surreal. If it was said online I would have thought I was being trolled since it was all of TRP stuff about what they are really doing beyond their fascade. Well things are so far gone in Northern California that they are apparently now openly declaring it all. She apparently fully anticipates being able to land a beta at 35 when she is ready to be a good girl. Its like she is the character in a story whom becomes self-aware of her own fictional nature and embraces herself as a parody.

4 upvotesred_matrix2 years ago

NorCal did it to themselves, all those software engineers with money, no game, out of shape are prime pickings for the post-wall women. The thing is men outnumber women in the valley. It's such a mess.

2 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

Also man I forgot to add that while we were talking her 140lbs beta boy toy came up and immediately started deeply tonguing her for at least ten seconds in the cafe during the middle of the day. At ten seconds I said "Ok, hello". I was equally fascinated and horrified. Its just very, very, very odd.

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

When you've always been a weak beta bitch then proving to the world your sexual prowess is like super alpha.

He totally amoged you.

(In his mind. By making out and fucking your psychologically damaged, ragged out, used up leftovers.)

2 upvotessleepyweaselisawake2 years ago

If you can have the best of both worlds why shouldn't you? Then you can put yourself in a position to demand even more.

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Nice post.

Feminism used to be about gaining equality for women.

These days it's about oppressing men and gaining unfair advantages for women.

These days even some young women find feminism unfair (Some girls have told me). It's mostly populated by beta fems who want to legislate their way to dominance.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I must take issue with your first point.

What you call obese used to be a sign of nobility, or at the very least financial means. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and so being in shape or fit is a sign of financial means. History is littered with many other examples of the same phenomenon -- see men wearing high heels, frilly 'dresses' and so forth. So these obese women are not examples of contemporary power or means. Also, it's possible to be oppressed in one way but not another. I can have enough food to fill my belly but not be allowed to worship the God I believe in, for example. You are dealing here in absolutes, or what is also known as catastrophic thinking. I think perhaps you need to do a little more research and put a little more thought into your writing if you want to have any sort of credibility.

2 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Fuck it.

It's not an academic exercise and any fool who doesn't understand exactly what the OP is saying is probably out waddling at the women's March anyway.

Nobody is denying these ham planet, harpy feminists worship of their God while they stuff their faces with cake.

And that's precisely our point.

They're vapid tools ruining it for everyone.

1 upvotesjerseyboyc1372 years ago

Obesity is horrible and should never be praised in any intelligent and moral culture. It is, in fact, excess and gluttony just as OP said. An obese person visibly demonstrates their lack of self-control over their diet and overall health. Obesity is not a fashion choice or something that you are just "born with". It is a conscious decision to harm your body just as someone would do with opioids or other hard drugs. It is completely natural and perfectly rational to think that obesity is an abominable aberation of the human form that is a result of excessive self abuse.

Additionally, there's a reason it's associated with low class today. It's because we live in a wealthy country and not some tribal land that can't even afford roads or plumbing in their infrastructure. When everyone in the nation has what they need to survive and nobody is without, the poor can afford to live like the rich. The poor of the first world are relatively rich compared to elsewhere in the world where extreme poverty is an actual problem. All we'd need is a complete economic collapse in order to cure the world of obesity. Get your head out of your spoiled first world mindset and be grateful for what you have. In many other countries, they marvel at our lavish lifestyles and how we can actually afford to be fat gluttons. But we know that it is lack of good character, and not only wealth, that makes people actually become fat gluttons. Bad character is associated with low class.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Your entire thesis is a solipsistic mess.

I will now extend you the courtesy of explaining how, and why you are wrong.

First off, you missed the entire premise of my post. Nowhere did I advocate for obesity, nor hold it up as the bastion of truth, or the way forward for society. I merely pointed out the inconsistency of his argument and contested the idea that obesity = power in contemporary society. You invented the rest.

Now to the specifics:

"Obesity is horrible and should never be praised in any intelligent and moral culture. It is, in fact, excess and gluttony just as OP said. An obese person visibly demonstrates their lack of self-control over their diet and overall health. Obesity is not a fashion choice or something that you are just "born with". It is a conscious decision to harm your body just as someone would do with opioids or other hard drugs. It is completely natural and perfectly rational to think that obesity is an abominable aberation of the human form that is a result of excessive self abuse."

Oh, it's horrible, is it? Well putting aside the utterly useless subjectivity of such a pointless, loaded term, let's consider the idea that obesity is chiefly a result of excess or gluttony. How do you reconcile that idea with the fact that it is often cheaper to buy a Happy Meal at McDonalds than it is to go buy fresh produce and meat from a supermarket? How do you reconcile that idea with changing economic conditions, such as the casualisation of the work force, job insecurity, and all the other market factors involved, people have less money to spend on luxuries like gym memberships, let alone the bare essentials? It's all well and good to espouse the virtues of healthy eating (a virtue I would agree with, by the way) but it's very hard to be philosophically pure when you can't make rent and the kids are screaming because they are going to bed hungry. To me you sound sheltered and naive. Have you ever had to want for anything? Have you ever had to choose between paying rent, or having the power cut off? Plenty of people face that choice every day. And in that situation, paying for the food that you can afford is the rational choice. This may shock you, but starving to death generally results in poor health outcomes.

"Additionally, there's a reason it's associated with low class today. It's because we live in a wealthy country and not some tribal land that can't even afford roads or plumbing in their infrastructure."

This is just baffling and betrays your ignorance of history. Henry the 8th wasn't from some "tribal land", he was from this little nation called England. Maybe you've heard of it, it was one of the most powerful nation states in the world at the time of his coronation. What about Kublai Kahn, you heard of him? In case you haven't, he was the leader of the largest contiguous land empire in history. Do you think his problem was a lack of resources? Not sure if you've ever seen any paintings of him but he would certainly be considered obese by contemporary standards. How do you reconcile that? He was more alpha than you could ever hope to be. Uh oh, looks like you might be full of shit.

The point that went sailing over the hollow wasteland known as your skull is that it is in fact the elites of a society that set the trends or standards for the rest of that society. How many obese celebrities do you see? Well apart from some notable exceptions like Rebel Wilson and the like, the vast majority are slim, well toned, and so forth. And what resources do they have at their disposal in order to achieve this goal? Only the best personal trainers, dietitians and other support staff, not to mention they can afford to buy the right food and have someone cook it for them. To make it clear, I am not suggesting this is outside the reach of the 'average' person -- clearly it is not -- but that there is a reason for why obesity is no longer considered a characteristic of the rich and powerful. This is what I was talking about, from the very start. Not that obesity is something to be admired or pursued, but that the suggestion that obese feminists are somehow attempting to derive power or status from their girth is absurd.

"Get your head out of your spoiled first world mindset and be grateful for what you have. In many other countries, they marvel at our lavish lifestyles and how we can actually afford to be fat gluttons. But we know that it is lack of good character, and not only wealth, that makes people actually become fat gluttons. Bad character is associated with low class."

Thanks for the suggestion, allow me to respond in kind by inviting you to remove your head from your arse. "Bad character is associated with low class." Really? What the fuck is "bad character"? What is good and bad? Do you really think that way, in such blind absolutes? Holy shit, I feel like I'm responding to a kid in primary school, at least developmentally -- and maybe I am -- but seriously, what the fuck do you even mean? Do you arrogantly believe you are the arbiter of right and wrong, of good and bad? Who voted you into this position? Did you have to sign some sort of contract? The very concepts of good and bad are such blunt instruments for what is a much more complicated situation. Do you honestly believe that the entirety of human endeavour and expression can be reduced to these binary states? For your sake, I truly hope not. Get the fuck out of here with this moralistic, pearl clutching bullshit. Open your bloody mind to the possibility that life is not quite so simple as morals found in the fairy tales your mother told you as a child. And no, before you even try, I am not arguing for relativism or any such nonsense, but you came in here thinking you were dropping truth bombs, but what you delivered was the musings of a naive school boy, delivering his first oral presentation of Why The Germans Were Really Bad In World War 2, Man. You're embarrassing yourself. Read a fucking book.

Better yet, read the goddamned sidebar.

4 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

This is has been discussed ad-nauseam, but it was well written.


3 upvotesGenericRanger2 years ago

I find anyone complaining about the economy without actively trying to help the homeless to be a hypocrite. You aren't a victim they are first and foremost. And free market isn't a solution it's just a way to step back and say not my problem.

5 upvotesSquats4urmom2 years ago

We have a country in the USA that runs on shirking accountability. Government, corporate, to first world problems. Sad.

1 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Go to any liberal city. DROVES of homeless living in the streets. They do not give a fuck about the causes they purport to. It's overcompensation for their internal beliefs.

Inside they are racist. Inside they are disgusted by homeless "scum".

So they overcompensate while not actually giving a fuck about helping.

1 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

Women have it so easy that I find it impossible that they can fail in life.

Even fat single moms can still maintain a healthy lifestyle without stress (my family is full of them).

Perfect example, my friend is dating this chick who dropped out of college. This chick was a former stripper. My friend took her in after 6 months of knowing her and got her a decent job as well. I'm sure he paid some of her bills too.

Again, this chick didn't work hard or anything, she got all of this because my thirsty friend wanted some ass.

This is a privilege that men don't have.

And if you're wondering, yes I tried talking some sense into the retard but he is lost cause. Their whole relationship is rocky as she basically runs all over him but yea.

3 upvotesTesrali2 years ago

It's almost like these women need a man to teach them how to respect themselves and SELF-IMPROVE.

We all need the red pill bitches. Personal responsibility is huge.

2 upvotesVeganMcVeganface2 years ago

Women can literally do no wrong to the point where they're allowed to abort children. I cannot think of anything more barbaric.

1 upvotesKnowBrainer2 years ago

Play victim, win prizes!

This step in our cultural disintegration is meant to remove our empathy for victims through overexposure to false alarms.

That way, there will be no public outburst when they start moving us to camps.

1 upvotesFrontfart2 years ago

Need a new catchphrase to annoy them with.


1 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

"How can one be oppressed and be fat? That’s oxymoronic"

I'm with ya on most of this but uh....what?

1 upvotesacekilo2 years ago

They get paid to protest and free food at McDonalds. It's amazing how most women from other countries are looking at this shit and wondering why the fuck their fat ass is protesting when they're never hungry!!! Get your money retire and go Overseas where a woman will treat you like a fucking king. Thailand, Phillipines, Japan and many others.

-1 upvotesSpilledmychips2 years ago

This is literally a loser post that attracts losers. You guys need to grow a pair, you're like my little bro who wastes time talking shit about people FIGHTING for a better quality of life. While you fucking chumps sit back circle jerking each other.

Guess what chumps, life is fucking hard and anyone who puts effort in deserves a better life.

2 upvotesRay_pinasses1210 [OP]2 years ago

Then why waste time commenting and reading the whole post?

0 upvotesSpilledmychips2 years ago

If you wanna claim you're a red pill, you don't undermine correction when you're humbled for being a blue pill bitch.

Swallow it and stfu

0 upvotesRay_pinasses1210 [OP]2 years ago

Lol for an alpha male, you sure took the time to read an entire post and comment section that triggered you. and then it triggered you enough to comment on how triggered you were.

Ok chad, relax. We will do things your way

1 upvotesSpilledmychips2 years ago

Took the time, to read....that's an insult?

-1 upvotesmegamanxtc2 years ago

Fully agree with your writing and the ability to be thin an fit is something afforded to those with disposable income. Gym membership, the time available to go, and the money to buy healthier foods is something that a poor person might not have the luxury of. Well written and a good observation about this most privileged group in western society.
I see them as a group that's already won, and kicking their opponent while they're down. Being a woman is playing the game of life on easy mode.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You don't even need a gym or healthier foods to be thin and fit. You can be thin and fit with a very low income -- you literally need less food to be thin. No takeout from burger places and stuff.

IF + cheap, healthy food choices (cheap veggies, greek yogurt / low fat quark, tuna, lean meat here and there, no fancy stuff) and a decent homeworkout is more than enough for anyone to be fit and healthy.

12 upvoteseveryone_wins2 years ago

I agree completely. Thank you for destroying this myth. If it takes money to be things and fit, then why are most people in developing nations who are thin and fit?

If you skip a few meals every week and run sprints that's enough.

2 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago

Developing countries also have people that "walk" everywhere, run and work in the field or some craft, hence they are exerting some physical force.

0 upvoteswaldo8882 years ago

They need a hug and a slap on the ass to quit being so difficult.

16 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

I'm not gonna hug a smelly landwhale and most certainly won't place my hand near their ass.

1 upvotesHaitianFire2 years ago

Then be a man and talk to them about these issues. You apparently have so much hate and ire towards them that it bothers you; it would be best if you approached them and had a dialogue. Coming on here to rant about women and feminism may give you upvotes, but all it does is make it look like you don't have emotional fortitude. So what if people act entitled, choose not to watch their weight, and try to demonize all men for the actions of the few? If you're secure in yourself, it shouldn't bother you or change what you're doing in life. The Red Pill is about being a man, but this is a post written by a boy just as insecure as the opponents he's writing thinly-veiled ad hominems towards. Get out, work on yourself, and forget your anger.

6 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible2 years ago

I say what the Red Pill is about, because I run the fucking group.

3 upvotesWotanAwakens2 years ago

Lol. Have you ever watched the big red video? You don't just approach these people and have rational discussions with them. Also, why is talking about nasty feminist trash tantamount to hatred and ire for this fellow?

1 upvotesBathnAPES2 years ago

This post reads like it was written by someone in junior high who is loosely stringing together points without a shred of critical thinking.

1 upvotesLieutenantCheeze2 years ago

It probably is. Im willing to bet the person hiding behind the screen is a sexually frustrated teenager who gets bullied, and then comes here to justify his anger.

1 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible2 years ago

Ooooh, look, two permabans for the price of one!

0 upvotesEyyyyShaggy2 years ago

WHEN YOU TROLL A FEMINIST EPIC STYLE DANK😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😩😩😩😩😤😤😤😤☝️☝️💯💯💯💯💯🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🔪🍆💉

-6 upvotescoocookazoo2 years ago

Umm so the white man isn't the most privileged class?

2 upvotesNarrowSelf2 years ago

They are the least privileged class.

2 upvotescoocookazoo2 years ago

Lolol if you truly believe that then it just shows how fucked up in the head you all are which is why you all can't find love. Sucks to suck

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