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Just fuck her.

by RasputinGame on /r/TheRedPill
10 February 2018 03:28 AM UTC

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Just fuck her.

That's pretty much it but I'll add in a story because we humans love stories. I have a lot of stories with this same moral.

I went on a date and killed it. She was rubbing her boobs on me for the last hour of the date, we were walking around looking at art. I generally make moves at the last moment, besides touching/massaging.

We get back to the cars and she asks for a hug and kisses my neck before I even am able to make my move. I then initiate making out and then move us into my car.

She just found out days ago that her BF of 3yrs was cheating on her. I felt bad for her. She was kind of neurotic and babbling and apologizing constantly over stupid shit.

So I trade in the mystery and coolness I built up over the date for niceness and I do something that is not my responsibility. I try to make her feel better. I decide "Oh, I don't want to fuck her head up by boning her so I'm just gonna stroke her tits and grab her ass and make out and lay her out over the center console while she gasps."

What would have made her feel better is fucking her. In retrospect she even made one of those ambiguous girl hints about coming over. "Oh, so you live really close to me?" x2

I didn't even try, I talked about hanging again soon. Now she doesn't even want to hang. I wasted my opportunity by worrying about something that is not my responsibility.

I have many similar stories where I rationalize not making a move. It's a miracle I'm not a virgin. I've literally been massaging a super hot girls thighs when they were stovetop hot and backed off. (she had a bf[not my responsibility!])

Anyways here's where you guys shit all over me but just remember, don't decide for the chick if she wants to get laid. You're all over her body, she probably wants to get laid dude, push a little further. She'll stop you if she wants to stop. Also, when she gives you the opportunity to fuck and you don't fuck her she gets bitter usually.

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445 upvotesGlacierdust2 years ago

"With every girl there is a window of opportunity and once that window closes, it becomes impossible to bang." -Roosh V

101 upvotesyomo862 years ago

I don't like Roosh but he has a gift of formulating the essence of game and reality.

The window re-opens though. When you give her an external reason to hamster your ineptitude away; having a gf/plate way hotter than her etc. Suddenly it is not he was a loser he did not fuck me but what is wrong with me to attract a man.

61 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

Ghosting can help you open that window

1 upvotesLexaBinsr2 years ago

Nothing can help you open that window if you're buttfuck ugly, scrawny/fat and not in demand. If you lift and don't act needy then you'll have your windows always open. Women couldn't care less if they get ghosted by guys that aren't attractive. They care about attractive guys; especially the ones that are attractive to other women. Ghosting doesn't do shit if you're not high in demand.

Roosh's quote is beta as fuck, anyway. Lol. If you think you need to make moves fast or "a window will close on you" then you're probably a beta. Windows never close forever on alphas and if one closes on you for good then you're probably not as hot as you think you are OR the girl found an alpha that was even better than you.

I don't know why you guys still worship him after he got dominated in that one interview by the fucking Dr. Oz, lmao. I dunno how he didn't get dumped by TRP right after that for being such a bitch.

I'd love to link it but just search for "TRP roosh dr oz".

12 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, also the only reason you ghost a woman is because she disrespected you or you aren't interested. None of this backwards logic I'm gonna trick her into liking me bullshit.

Im still gonna hit this girl with an invite to something cool ~once a month. Even if I already have a date, haha. "Whoops too slow, next time!"

She's in the junk bond category now.

1 upvotesDieEinfalt2 years ago

/u/redpillschool /u/gaylubeoil

here we have it again, the League of Legends warrior telling us all about how Roosh is beta as fuck and redefining alpha.

Do you honestly discredit a mans work solely by one appearance in public? This is not only intellectually lazy, but also shows lack of critical thinking ability.

Go ahead, tell me how beta I am.

8 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

What is this? Are you telling on him?

1 upvotesCQC32 years ago

Well you know he's really going to be in trouble now.

Not even sure what was said, dude up and deleted his account. I've never really understood why people do that, like do they get so embarrassed they just delete a whole fucking account?

-6 upvotesLexaBinsr2 years ago

Lol. I didn't even want to respond to his feminine behaviours. Total loss of frame.

1 upvoteskupakuma2 years ago

Would you mind elaborating on why you don't particularly like Roosh? I like his work.

285 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

This is what happens when guys believe that they're taking something from women by fucking them. That they're gaining and the woman is losing. Bullshit. Women fucking love dick. It drives them fucking insane. They think about it all the time.

Remember, women are desperately hoping you're confident and cool enough so they can jump on top of you and grind on you like a dog in heat... All of them.

81 upvotesjagua_haku2 years ago

That's the thing, she was using him, in a sense, as a kind of "fuck you" to her cheating boyfriend. Being the "gentleman" in this situation benefits no one.

I've been in this situation exactly once. When I was 21 I had the chance to hook up with a super hot girl, we were behind a bar in the jungle and she wanted me to bend her over right there. But she was being wishy washy about it ("yes yes yes, no no no, yes yes yes...) so I told myself I'd be a gentleman and wait. Well she lost interest before I got a second chance. Lesson learned, I haven't squandered an opportunity being the "nice guy" since.

14 upvotesyomo862 years ago

After 15years on the dating market I can say being gentleman can be an addictive mindfuck when it comes from a position of power and abundance. Fucked her well, and giving her a ride before going radio silent instead of 'now leave' is right on so many levels than just being a dick.

7 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I look out for people's long term interests more than short term feelings but my issue is that I treat women as less resilient than they are. They can take care of themselves well enough. If they want something they've probably thought about it. The only reason you shouldn't give it to them is because you're not down.

4 upvotesantariusz2 years ago

That final line she gave him was a nuclear shit test.

Is this a man or a “nice guy” will he ravage me like I want, or too much morals to do that (will my kids be able to survive with the thrill to kill). She was looking for revenge. You denied her ability to get that revenge. A friend of my enemy is also my enemy.

He failed the shit test. She even gave him a redeeming offer by wanting to go back to his place in case the public sex threw him off.

1 upvotesCQC32 years ago

I'm not even sure that morals come into play at that point, her BF was cheating on her, not really much of a relationship at that point. She's attempting to cheat on him, now you either want to fuck or don't because if it ain't you it's someone else, you can believe that.

I can understand a man not wanting to get involved in all that shit, but making her feel better...yeah. Not gonna roast OP though, he does clearly know where he fucked up and that it's a BP example. Sometimes it happens. Just a weird situation nonetheless to pull that out.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I decided too early when she was talking about how she wouldn't do something like that. (I know this usually means you're gonna fuck but I had the extra factor of her saying she was all fucked up and confused constantly) Basically I polarized too early.

I've just fine tuned my game a bit. I don't write about anything but failures usually on places like this. I don't need the ego boost.

Am I fucking the chick to brag or because I want to fuck her...

Anyways I thought we were just gonna fuck next time and it would be better

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

She even posted a picture of her all dressed up on Instagram from a photo I took and wrote "Thanks for the amazing time Rasputin!"


1 upvotes1dafullyfe2 years ago

I don't think she was using him. I think she wanted some dick, but he talked her out of it. All women want sex to be the man's fault, not theirs. Beta behavior like doubting yourself and going the "gentleman" route, when you have a woman all over you is fear of losing her or "fucking things up". Better to take a chance and face rejection on the spot, then playing the Nice Guy, male girlfriend.

-5 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago


What would Chad do? Whatever the fuck he wants. Who's gonna stop him?

Funny how those lessons burn themselves into our memory. Guarantee next time you whip it out go to slam town in front of the whole bar. Why the fuck not?

3 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Because that's fucking gross. I got my dick sucked in a bar bathroom stall once. It wasn't great let me tell you that. I don't fuck in my car anymore either unless I'm camping outdoors.

2 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

Why the down votes?

You fuckers shy? Afraid if judgement?

Being a rebel ain't everyone's cup of tea, but if it is yours, all the power to you.

And fucking in a bar or a car isn't "gross" unless you're a pansy fuck.

11 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah if you're black out drunk. I've outgrown that shit. Fucking in a car isn't that bad but it's uncomfortable and unnecessary for me.

Fucking in a bar is fucking desperate. If you think acting like a horny animal with zero self control in public is dominant you're fucking stupid. Move her somewhere else, don't be so desperate for puss.

Some of us are self confident without making a spectacle of ourselves. That's shits funny in college but being the village idiot doesn't play far in life and fucking huge sluts doesnt impress anyone anyways.

Delayed gratification, build that skill.

You sound like a virgin.

5 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

We're arguing about nonsense.

I completely agree with you. I have options and choose who I fuck and where I fuck. But saying my preferences are valid and others aren't is conceded nonsense.

If I go out for drinks with a 9, end up down an alley laughing, start making out and decide to pull her pants down and fuck her behind a dumpster like a couple of crazy kids, there is nothing wrong with that.

I would do it because I want to do it. I wouldn't stop myself from doing it because someone might walk by or because society frowns upon it, and least of all because someone on trp wouldn't do it.

1 upvotesxXx420VTECxXx2 years ago

Sounds like a great way to get a rape charge.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This girl has Third Reich level of red flags. I'd take the high road on OP's situation, out of principal. I'm not going to be party to a crazy girl seeking a revenge fuck on her boyfriend.

This situation, unfortunately is a lose/lose.

1 upvotesxXx420VTECxXx2 years ago

Chinese flag and USSR flag has more red per surface area. Terrible analogy

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Third Reich example

I like my analogy better.

1 upvotesxXx420VTECxXx2 years ago

CNN: Evil racist nazis meet at Charlottesville in 2018!

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Well it's more that I thought I would fuck her up but you should just let women take care of themselves on this front. They're resilient, honestly more emotionally resilient than guys on average.

7 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

Fuck her up?

Lmaoo, again, you're thinking she thinks like you do. Women don't think like us. They're capacity to give a shit about men, like we give a shit about women, is nonexistent.

The lesson is, you wouldn't have 'fucked her up', in fact, by not fucking her, you took more from her in the way of self esteem than if you did fuck her.

5 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I was clarifying the rationization not saying it was correct. I just said it was incorrect so i guess we agree.

Yeah, your last paragraph is on point.

-12 upvotesImadethisuponthespot2 years ago

You’ve never actually spoken to a woman, have you?

14 upvotesHltchens2 years ago

You and I know the true m’ladies don’t really enjoy bigD, they just tolerate it for us dirty disgusting men right?

14 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

Bruu, I feel for you.

Until you turn into a beast and fuck her like God intended, you won't see her true beauty.

Your masculinity is embodied in overt physical expression. When you find the courage to show it to her, you'll allow her to express her femininity.

You're the key to her lock in more than just the physical. This is why women are begging you to stop being a pussy and be the aggressive, assertive, dominant and powerful man who takes what he wants (within the limits of her desire to freely and happily give it to you) without fear of rejection from her or anyone else. She wants to feel controlled amounts of fear. She wants you to choke her as her eyes roll back in her head while she cums... The only thing you have to do, is not get lost in your sexual savagery. Keep connected with her, so that you can tell if she needs you to pull the beast back in its cage.

The entire feminist push against masculinity is the result of beta males not understanding their physical domination requires a level of control. Feminists then, figure it better to tell all men to suppress it instead of men assuming their responsibility and teaching boys how to foster it and assert control over it.

You rob yourself of expressing what you want sexually, you're also robbing her of what she desperately wants.

1 upvotesImadethisuponthespot2 years ago

Your bathroom is full of Axe spray, isn't it?

0 upvotesredd_reality2 years ago

I thoroughly explained my point and come up w that?

The fuck outta here.

163 upvotesSirKolbath2 years ago

If I had a nickel for every time I've talked my stupid blueper self out of fucking a hot girl, I'd have about $0.57. (I once talked myself back into it halfway.)

That includes a time when I decided not to fuck a girl because I had new boots and they were a pain in the ass to get off. I didn't want to break the sexual tension by fumbling with the laces for five minutes so I just got her all hot and bothered and took her the fuck home. Seventeen years later she found me on Facebook and remembered that night. It also includes the girl I had oneitis for so badly that it ruined my senior year of high school who I was making out with and she kept shoving my hands onto her tits, but my idiot self thought she was some special unicorn and I didn't want to "sully" her. (Fuck off. I was seventeen.)

You're absolutely right. Just fuck her. Escalate, escalate, escalate. If you're not moving forward, you're going backwards.

24 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, killing the rationalizing side of your brain is very difficult. It's actually impossible I think but we gradually have it happen less and less if we work on it. I'm always finding ways that I rationalize things and I can't really think of a simple rule to stop it.

When you think you're 100% on top of rationalizing that's when you start to rationalize really hard.

1 upvotes-Tepes2 years ago

I had new boots

Oh bud, at this point its just becoming 101 excuses not to fuck a girl. lol

7 upvotesSirKolbath2 years ago

I had new boots

Oh bud, at this point its just becoming 101 excuses not to fuck a girl. lol

You aren't lying, man. I'd like to say something profound, but the best I can come up with is, "I don't do that any more."

11 upvotescappadocianhawk2 years ago

Yep, supressing the internal nice guy is relatively easy but permanently killing him requires some drastic events. If she's up for it, just fuck her indeed.

8 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

How to kill the inner niceguy? I mean i can supress him but he is always there ready to take over and he ruined the one or the other encounter with hot girls for me.

I once was drunk in bed with a drunk girl and i wanted her and she obviously wanted me. And i was thinking „well, she is drunk. Dont want to abuse her“. She was drunk but i mean not in coma or anything close. She could still walk straight and shit. We talked right before the event and she spoke clearly. This is so stupid. (Needless to say she never wanted to fuck me again).

But at least I got her into bed making out with me. Only that then my inner niceguy took over and did what he is best in: ruin everything.

Please dont tell me how i have to improve this is a few years ago when i was in school and bp af.

So, how do I kill him off?

14 upvotescappadocianhawk2 years ago

Have that shit happen to you over and over again and in the end you might reach a breaking point. I used to be natural alpha but this "unicorn" turned me into a beta in about 3 years of relationship. Then she cheated on me and left me because I wouldn't forgive her.

After that I kept missing opportunities like that time and time again. At some point I started hating what I've become, seeing girls fuck everyone but me, because I had rejected them, the girls who once brought me gifts to spend time with me now only considering me as a "friend".

I have a philosophy degree so I'm very good with ruminating. After a few days of doing pretty much nothing but being miserable and thinking; I realized they just wanted to be used and abused. She's going to fuck somebody and why not I do it? I didn't know TRP existed but I knew from previous alpha days some things about women and how they work so I knew what to do, I've just lost my balls. I was either going to improve my life or jump off a bridge.

It was like flipping a switch. I shaved my head, took a cold shower and went out. Found a 7, got her drunk, took her to my place and fucked her like an animal. Then started Keto and lifting. It was hard at the beginning, but man is adaptable. You get used to everything. Been going strong ever since.

Last year found TRP and while I was reading the sidebar I found myself agreeing with almost all of it. Lurked for a year, made an account near the new years and started contributing. It's indulgent, because 90% of advice goes to waste. You can't memorize wisdom, you need to earn it. I like it though, I hate the feminization of men in the last 20 years.

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

It's part of the ego and comes back in different forms. Just remain vigilant. I think accepting that it will pop up occasionally and dealing with it is the best way. Life is about overcoming challenges, not removing them.

1 upvotesUshankaDalek2 years ago

because I had new boots and they were a pain in the ass to get off

I read that as "boobs". Now it makes sense.

2 upvotesSirKolbath2 years ago

because I had new boots and they were a pain in the ass to get off

I read that as "boobs". Now it makes sense.

Yeah, you want to take them off before sex. It gets messy and the dry cleaning bills are outrageous.

77 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

This post is truth. Your shitty beta self is always rationalizing fear of action by pretending to be this holier-than-thou moral councelor.

In high school I had onetitis for this girl like never before, managed to kiss her one day. The next day, I went to the bathroom and when I got out she was there waiting. I make out with her against a fence and my beta self decides to stop and say something utterly fucking stupid that I'm embarrassed to even mention here. She just broke up with her BF and I "didn't want to make her feel like I'm taking advantage of her". Nothing sexual between us ever happened after that. The next week she had a new boyfriend.

13 upvotesBurnoutRS2 years ago

Man this girl I was crushing on in highschool texted me one night to say she was locked out of her house and couldnt get back in. I was so oblivious. I actually thought "why doesnt she call her parents?" and didnt pursue the thinking further to realize she called me for reasons other than wanting back in her house.

I bike from my friends house to where she is, she's piss drunk and I gotta babysit her while we walk back to my house. She was all over me and it was a 2 hour walk. I couldnt even use "shes too drunk" as a way to beta out of fucking her (at one point she was legit stumbling into the street and I had to pull her away from cars) because she sobered up a lot by the time we got back to my house.

Lmfao I cuddled with her to keep her warm while we slept. Man beta me is fucking hilarious. He was so crushed when he talked to that girl a month later and she said "yknow you could have fucked me so many times that night"

I also could have fucked the same chick's older sister a year before. Sitting right on her bed, shes telling me her parents arent home and we end up playing pokemon stadium on N64.

18 upvotesCheeseSteakJimmys7772 years ago

Ok well the Pokemon and N64 isn’t that bad

57 upvotesMartysteiner2 years ago

Once she sees you're not a fun-fuckable material, she will go elsewhere. End of it.

Play the rules, be nice, get your reward and next her. That's how you win the game.

11 upvotesjagua_haku2 years ago

Yeah exactly, once the mystery wears off you run the risk of not getting the prize. Best to go for it before the window closes

63 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

she don't wanna be saved, don't save her

25 upvotesdRePe_Thill2 years ago

YOu failed the most important shit test -- the one in your head

23 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

Once upon a time I refused a virgin. She was a 9 but old BP me was too in love with my previous GF.

After 10 years she still resents me :D

9 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah they get real bitter about it.

7 upvotesnewls2 years ago

Sex is a woman's only true agency, and it goes sour fast.

If you refuse it, you've basically invalidated her entire ego.

They go crazy!

On the other hand if it was because you pussied out, she's pissed off because she wanted a rock hard cock inside her and all she got was a cheap fuzzy teddy bear.

45 upvotesHltchens2 years ago

I mean, sometimes women need to be reminded not everyone wants to fuck them. Keeps em honest. Good on you.

23 upvotesChickenWithATopHat2 years ago

Hard on thots movement 😤😤💯🅱🔥🔥

9 upvotescake_eater2 years ago

You gotta have a nose for the endzone . You were in the redzone and settled for a fg but then you missed. When you have a chance to score you take em. I have scored so many times and i have also made the same mistake.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, I wrote this post for me to drill it in my fucking head, haha.

It's easier when you've been drinking.

29 upvotesWalterEArmstrong2 years ago

And all these years I thought a stiff dick didn't have a conscience!

27 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

My brain and my dick fight.

4 upvotesskoobled2 years ago


8 upvotessinchurch2 years ago

We’re swimming upstream in the current culture. Movies, music, books, social media, etc all promote this white knight BS. We have to be vigilant in deciding what we allow into our minds.

The good news is we’re men. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. I haven’t killed that MF off, but I try to keep him locked up and ball gagged most the time.

5 upvotesblackedoutfast2 years ago

you need to realize that when you're in those situations, she has already made up her mind and wants to fuck you. maybe it wasn't a conscious, explicit plan she came up with to fuck you (but it often is) but somewhere in her brain, she wants to fuck you. she wouldn't be making out with you in the car or being flirty or asking if she can come over to your place for whatever reason if she didn't want to fuck. that's why she put herself in those situations.

when you're in that situation and don't make a move for sex, you're not doing her a favor. you're rejecting her. and as much as rejection hurts men, it hurts women even more because they're not used to it. actually, due to cognitive dissonance, most women won't even consciously think of it as a rejection. to protect their ego they will say there was no chemistry or that you're incompatible. and yes, then the window closes. they're not going to put themselves in that situation again and risk getting rejected again.

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Very true. They get super bitter about it. My issue is that I made a decision too early on instead of being open to the moment.

She said the whole "I don't have sex on the first date." Thing earlier unprovoked which I know means I'm probably gonna get laid, from experience!

I made this decision because I thought her having been cheated on recently changed the game or something. I went into a sort of protector mode which wasn't my responsibility.

15 upvotesDorkan2 years ago

This was indeed a mistake but you only lost one night of sex maybe a few but she would have given you problems in the long run (not worth plating her for long) so don't feel remorse, what you learned with this is much more important.

1 upvotesSaberinbed2 years ago

This. I’ve fucked plenty of girls with boyfriends before. Its usually a one or a couple time thing that never lasts. They always go back to their beta BP boyfriend in the end because he’s probably a really good provider. There is a rare instance as to where she will leave you for him, but do you really want someone like that in your life? Its fine if you got plates to spin, but you shouldn’t sweat it.

21 upvotesquansau12 years ago

Not sure about the whole not my responsibility philosophy, I mean, personally, I think you should lose at least some sleep knowing you're boning some chick with a bf. Your instincts telling you not to fuck a girl on the rebound may just be your brain helping you to not stick your dick in crazy. I'm all for the game, but the fruit is sweeter when it isn't tainted with convoluted moral assessments droning on in the back of my head as I'm fucking.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

The chick with a bf was a long story and she was definitely after me. Was always trying to hang and more accommodating to me than her bf. I escalated to the point where I thought any self respecting man would dump her and stopped. He didn't. But it's an amazing story.

I had told her about two other girls that I had made break up with their bfs before we fucked and then hit it and quit it, though...

This girl in the post I rationalized we would fuck next time and it would be better. Which might have been true if it happened haha.

1 upvotesdereko332 years ago

I'm about to bone a chick with a bf tonight, good thing she's honest with him and open relationships are a thing

3 upvotesquansau12 years ago

That is a completely different scenario, the emotional turmoil stems from knowing you are willfully causing the bf emotional harm. If they're actually cool with it, why worry?

1 upvoteshulk_hogans_alt2 years ago

I’ve backed out a few times and don’t regret it. Plenty of women out there. It’s good to know when it’s not worth the crazy. And women are especially crazy/deceitful after something like getting cheated on.

5 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I never regret anything but I learn from experience.

11 upvotesISaidThatOnPurpose2 years ago

Dude, sometimes you just don't want to bang. Ain't nothing wrong with that

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I wasn't in full want to fuck now mode it's true but I should have at least invited her back to my place. Funny how things change in a different situation. Also I was definitely down to suck on those tits and that would probably go somewhere.

1 upvotesReaper19672 years ago

True, but make a game out of it. Get her all hot and bothered and then back off, “I’m not a slut, I don’t fuck on the first date” “I have a head ache” “I’m on my period “, etc.

There’s a difference between not wanting to fuck, and being too much of a bitch to fuck. One will have her chasing you, and one will dry her up like the Sahara desert.

3 upvotesMentORPHEUS2 years ago

In the mating game, the man's job is to physically escalate, and the woman's prerogative is to establish relationship matters.

Don't try to do her job for her. She won't appreciate it, and will show this by not fucking you.

5 upvotesdjdrazah2 years ago

HAHA a friend sent me this post because I'm always lecturing him on this. I think all guys go through this no matter how many people tell us, we just have to hit a ceiling where it's happened to many times that we just understand.

3 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

It up to your and your moral compass. But using the outdated and misinformed reason of "your saving her from herself" is stupid. If you don't be her one night stand, the dude tomorrow will be. You aren't saving her from anything your reason your fear away by placing it on her and then trying to take a moral high ground about it.

Just be honest with yourself and her, you both wanna fuck, then fuck. Discuss afterwards, sex doesn't actually complicate as many things as you were told in your blue pill life. My most open relationships are all with women I had casual sexual encounters with, gasp sometimes when the were "emotional vulnerable." They want to forget about their problems, with me for a few hours. Is that the most health way to deal with things? Probably not but neither of you are psychologist so how about you deal with it the best way you know how. Relieve all your stress via sexual release and approach the problem clear minded.

Hell I've fucked a girl out of a relationship before. She was so afraid to leave some dude because she was so afraid she wouldn't find "good sex" ever again. Afterwards she wasn't afraid of that anymore and free to live her life to her standards unafraid of a stupid fear. Who knows you could have been that guy with that girl.

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, don't have anything to add just want to say this is a good way to see it.

8 upvotesRylanBlackwood2 years ago

This is why a lot people get into dead bedroom situations because they simply don't man up and dominate her into fucking. I once pushed pretty hard with my ex even to the point where she was crying, so I stopped. Following morning she admitted to me that it turned her on and wished I'd just carried on. So yeah just fuck her.

8 upvotesrestorerofmorality2 years ago

doesn't matter how much she would've liked it, she's got a rape charge in the bank when she decides she's mad at you 2 months later

24 upvotesRPangerandacceptance2 years ago

Fuck that. In this day and age I don’t press on like I used too. That bullshit of playing mind games to the point of crying all the while getting moist from some type of rape fantasy is out the window. I wouldn’t fuck Dr. Jekyll because Mr. Hyde could ruin my life.

10 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

deleted What is this?

2 upvotesRPangerandacceptance2 years ago

Lol, I almost mentioned that fucking Dr Jekyll was not a gay thing.

4 upvotes_-_steve_-_2 years ago

I love these stories. So relatable. Been there many times. What some of us need is to practice closing plain bitches before we move onto the good stuff.

3 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

To me it's more that I have to keep the top of the funnel flowing. I usually neglect getting girls contact info or I drop contact once I'm moving forward on one or two and then I get fucked when those end or end up not working out.

It's the same concept as a sales funnel.


Fuck hooking up with ugly chicks man.

2 upvotes_-_steve_-_2 years ago

That’s a lot of work, listening to 1,000 whiny bitches just to bang 10 of them. Maybe those odds can be improved with Hubspot or Salesforce, though.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Haha, point is you're not gonna end up with more chicks on the bottom than the top of the funnel.

-1 upvotes_-_steve_-_2 years ago

Unless word gets out that you have a 10” cock.

5 upvotesAlphaSerialDater2 years ago

Thanks for sharing. These opportunities are quite rare to come across and it's unfortunate men usually fuck it up (no pun intended). Betas are so used to be rejected that they end up rejecting the acceptance.

As a rule of thumb: if you can bang the lady, shut your inner beta and make the most of it: just bang! Give her what she wants while can.

She's not going to ask twice.

2 upvotesInscrutablePUA2 years ago

Anyways here's where you guys shit all over me but just remember, don't decide for the chick if she wants to get laid.

It takes two to tango. Personally, I'm not totally on board with the 'enjoy the decline' philosophy. If you were held back by feelings of guilt over fucking a girl in a relationship (perhaps empathizing with the clueless BF who is getting cucked), there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Sure you get one less lay, but there's nothing like a clear conscience. A guilt-ridden fuck can mess with your head for a long time.

Don't apologize for your choices, TRP is not a jury here to judge you.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

The girl in a relationship thing is a long story. I decided I should have fucked her in retrospect.

I'm not apologizing I just see guys on here shit on OPs constantly. I was getting in front of it and trying to be humble.

2 upvotesSlainFunicle2 years ago

never feel sorry for these women by enjoying yourself she is you should have bang her brains out

2 upvotesVenus-cutter2 years ago

Dude, you said it yourself.

You would have made her feel BETTER by fucking her. The only confused one here was you, in your own head.

Stop thinking that sex is something you do "onto" girls. That they "put up" with it. Or are perpetual victims. She wanted some fresh dick, oblige her. That is, if you thought she was hot and wanted to splooge on her tits.

It'd be rude NOT to fuck her, to be honest. It's insulting to her nice breasts and self confidence.

Take it as a lesson learned. Get out of your head.

Hell, if you're having moral dillemas, make it about fucking girls who HAVE CURRENT husbands, not a girl who is 100% single, boyfriend just cheated on her and dumped her, and is BEGGING to get fucked. You've watched too many Disney movies. You had her consent and then some, that's the main ethical dilemma anyone should care about.

2 upvotesMasterMeatwad2 years ago

Explains why this girl I had been with stopped talking to me. Had sex, next time couldn't stay hard (coulda been too much wine Idk) she clearly wasn't thrilled. Hang out again at a lunch spot, she meets me there instead of me picking her up like normal, says she will text me to come over after she runs an errand, haven't heard from her since ...

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

Yeah they get real bitter. Shell probably come around if you let her be.

It's worse when you never sink the shot like I did haha.

1 upvotescobalt17282 years ago

Because you couldn't stay hard once?? Jesus christ I can't believe the pressure I feel in the bedroom these days.... sex like isn't even fun...

1 upvotesMasterMeatwad2 years ago

Idk if that's the exact reason, everything was fine and that's the only thing I can think of that went wrong...plus she still wanted to hung out a couple times after then boom gone forever lol

3 upvotes_Tactleneck_2 years ago

I work at a bar and have been propositioned several times, but I all but one time turn it down because it feels like it’s too easy. Or like an abuse of power. Maybe I care too much about keeping my public/private personas separate. I’m also trying to break the fact I get off on having temptation and walking away, probably a deep seated retaliation move to feel better about times people walked away on me while I was BP.

1 upvotes-Tepes2 years ago

Once you internalize a few things, eg.

  • womens hypergamy backed by society and the governments
  • most of these girls/women are just whores,
  • they would fuck you or the next guy up the block
  • as they have with the past ten guys or next twenty some they didn't even know an hour
  • how did those relationships end? Just fun, maybe thats all shes good for?
  • her words mean shit, she doesn't give two shits about her own self value let alone you.
  • and ultimately you dont want a relationship with a piece of shit whore.

once you got these basics, whats left is the only option, that is to fuck her.

So when you do fuck her, and you better do that well, call her out for what she is, a fucking whore, tell her to f off and ghost her, thats a massive blow to a womans ego then not fucking her. my personal shock therapy. Rinse and repeat.

Somewhat sad sure but honest reality from the life of a TRP man ior any man with a ounce of self respect if you want to call it that, just realize the relationship aspect has to be let go off unless you want to settle in with some former cock carousel or some chick who would be and become the beta provider cuck.

1 upvotes1dafullyfe2 years ago

I would not mess with a woman already in a relationship, but it sounds like you basically talked her out giving you some pussy by acting like her male girlfriend instead of a dude that finds her attractive and wants to fuck her.

Better to make a move and risk embarrassment and rejection than to live with regret later thinking "I should've just fucked her".

1 upvotesadriancruz2 years ago

what are the things to say when you push a little further so you dont sound like your trying too hard? I always feel really nervous and I dont want to scare her.

1 upvotesEuphoricentia2 years ago

Honestly, one time I backed out because it was a hot lesbian girl who is suicidal. I didn't want to her to get feelings for me.

She did fall pretty hard though

6 upvotes_-_steve_-_2 years ago

You could have brought her back to our side and forever been a hero. Should have totally creampied that lesbian puss.

1 upvotesEuphoricentia2 years ago

She was legit deranged man, pretty much asked me to finger her, but of course that would lead to sex

1 upvotesShadowOfAnIdea2 years ago

Struggle is real, I'd be in triple digits if I had any game. If I were anything less than a 6 I'd surely be a virgin

1 upvotescacao19892 years ago

I think you did right though.

1 upvotesPM_ME_UR_NIPS_GURL2 years ago

Had a similar situation. Girl recently got dumped by her bf. She was single and desperate for validation. She initiated everything and in the end, even after the disapproval of our circle of friends, took her home and fucked her. Never called her back, but it's cordial between us now.

1 upvoteskun_tee_chops2 years ago

Just fuck her. Let your dick do the thinking.

2 upvotesAlchemist_XP2 years ago

I remember I’ve fucked up bad like this... I had friends refer myself to this one girl, as a “good guy” to trust to stay at my house one weekend. She was super well mannered the entire time....(and super fucking hot)... she was a tall girl from the UK in her mid 20s, she was definitely out of my league. Never initiated any flirting or anything... I was too afraid to do so since I didn’t want her to say anything to my other friends... but the very last night she was staying at my house, it was about 7pm roughly, she comes downstairs in these small yellow undies that were practically see through, and dropped something off in the living room, looked over at me and walked upstairs... I sat there stunned... I ... I fucking sat there and didn’t do shit hahahaha!!! Big regret as I look back on it now, this girl knew no one from her friends (other than our mutuals) or family was ever going to find out about me since she lived over seas... she was a single girl who has been travelling alone for a bit... Like you say, I should have at least tried something! Lol oh well no big deal in reality 😊

6 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

When I was a virgin 7 years ago I walked a girl back to her dorm after a date and she told me her roommate was gone and her bed was super comfy and I didn't do anything.

I was raised very sexually repressed.

1 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

here's where you guys shit all over me


You fucked up, lesson learned. Stop overanalysing. There's no going back with this woman, that situation won't happen again with her. With a different woman, maybe.

For me, I usually decide before date if I want to go on a date. What I mean by that is that if I'm not "fuck yeah" and "I want to bang her so badly" I usually don't waste mine and hers time and do something else instead.

2 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I've noticed lot of guys here get their main validation by shitting on posters for being "cucks" so I said that tactically to avoid derailing the topic.

I analyze everything. It works for me generally. I just try too hard not to be an asshole. Naturally I take care for my own interests.

I don't really care about her.

1 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

I've noticed lot of guys here get their main validation by shitting on posters for being "cucks" so I said that tactically to avoid derailing the topic.

Cool but why should we care.

1 upvotesRasputinGame [OP]2 years ago

I don't care if you care. It's a communication tactic

-10 upvotesomega_dawg932 years ago

my rule is simple: if we are at that point where I'm rock hard, i guide her hand to it.

then i say, "you're abt to see my cock. you don't have to do anything with it but it's coming out."

99% of the time, once it's out, they're all over it.

if at any time she starts showing resistance, the play stops, the cock gets holstered, and she's not allowed to touch me. "time to go home girl... i engage at that level with women."

1 upvotesxavine2 years ago

I was about to go off on you but just saw that you tagged this post under "Blue Pill" and recognize you're blue pill yourself. Carry on.

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