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You dont have to hate women, but you cant be a Pussy Polisher

by on /r/TheRedPill
06 March 2018 11:39 AM UTC

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Last month I attended a family dinner celebrating an engagement. Terrific wines and food and conversation and I was thrilled to be included as it was mostly distant family and soon to be in-law cousins (whatever they are)

The brides younger brother was a typical low t, non lifting, virtue signalling 20 something loser. His rich daddy paid his rent while he started an app business from home where he spent most of his day on social media apologising for being a white male and bashing Trump.

At some point the conversation turned to an on and off again girlfriend of his who he claims was deeply naive. She had accepted an invitation to go boating in The Carribean while on Spring Break from an Ex and told our hero that it didnt mean anything

I couldn't hold my tounge (too much wine) and shared to everyone that women werent naive and she knew exactly what she was getting into. White Knight took offense and swore that his beloved truly had no idea. I looked at his father who was paying for dinner and asked him if he ever shared with his son that women are quite savvy and not to be underestimated.

The reactions were priceless. Dad smiled and said his son was young and still figuring some things out. Mom, the new bride to be, aunties and bridesmaids all looked at me with big eyes and wet panties.

The point of all this is that White Knight Betas primp pedestals and always think the best of women and the worst of men

Dont do that. Women are people. Not special princesses. Just because she looks cute doesnt make her harmless.

Openly call women out for their potential bad behavior and danger and make em swoon

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165 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Just because she looks cute doesnt make her harmless.

That reminds me of a short story by Dostoevsky (forget its name), where a young man sees a beautiful blonde woman walking down the street. He thought her beauty was approaching the sublime. He decided to discreetly follow her home so maybe he could catch her leaving one day and talk to her (typical bloopie response). He followed her to a brothel and found out that she was the most popular whore in town. At this point he contemplated suicide, for how was it possible that one so beautiful would be so ugly in character?

Read more Dostoevsky boys, you won't regret it. "The Idiot" is a TRP must read.

66 upvotesIncendior2 years ago

Hard times create strong men. Leave it to the Russians, eh

21 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Propserity is a blessing for women and a curse for men.

Have we entered an era of endless prosperity? Will Pax Americana be eternal?

19 upvotesadool9992 years ago

People keep wishing for a war until it actually happens.

-1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

And the Strong rejoice while the Weak cower in fear.

19 upvotesadool9992 years ago

Strength doesn't matter when nukes are involved.

-3 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Not every country has nukes. And absolutely strength does. Of those who remain to eke out an existence on the blasted earth (because it is inevitable some will remain), it will be those with the greatest endurance and physical strength who prosper (as much as is possible given the conditions).

1 upvotesrkoy12342 years ago

But that's not what happens in a war. It's not like we're fighting with clubs and arrows, where the strongest of the strongest thrive and survive.

Modern war is all about luck. Your survival basically depends on:

  • what country do you belong to
  • money/connections
  • pure luck

Strength is a very negligible factor in a modern war.

Further, just because you're strong, doesn't mean you have to be a psychopath who rejoices at an event that leads to thousands of deaths. Nobody, who has even a single fiber of morality, should be celebrating a war.

0 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Modern war is all about luck. Your survival basically depends on:

what country do you belong to money/connections pure luck

That's not true. There is a reason why special forces have rigorous physical requirements for admittance. Physical capability/ emotional stability continue to be important factors in modern war.

Further, just because you're strong, doesn't mean you have to be a psychopath who rejoices at an event that leads to thousands of deaths. Nobody, who has even a single fiber of morality, should be celebrating the idea of a war.

Jesus you sound like a cuck. Stop with your moralizing. Those who moralize excessively get broken by PTSD after war. Those who don't and simply view war as something that must be done and attach no moral significance to it, are more likely to survive and have no negative psychological consequences.

Also, what are you a girl that you moralize?

9 upvoteschinese-bible2 years ago

So he didn't pay for his turn, eh? Interesting.

2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

He thought the idea morally reprehensible and that she should love with a purity that matches her sublime beauty.

2 upvoteschinese-bible2 years ago

Sounds like he was watching too much Disney channel.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Yeah, disney didn't exist back then. He was just too invested in the idea of French Romanticism.

1 upvoteschinese-bible2 years ago

Either way, he was bluepilled if he believed the same shit as his characters.

The 'innocent princess' he found one day simply never told him about gorilla-fucking the entire .... what existed in 18th Century Russia? ... um ... fucking the entire African slave ship team.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

The 'innocent princess' he found one day simply never told him about gorilla-fucking the entire .... what existed in 18th Century Russia? ... um ... fucking the entire African slave ship team.

Yeah you're right... and i think you're looking for is "fucking the entire town"...Russia didn't have slave ships.

8 upvoteswokedaoist2 years ago

I mean, you can't really frame Dostoevsky in a Red Pill way. The protagonist in Crime and Punishment marries a hooker and it's supposed to be a happy ending. I can see how that specific story might apply, though.

3 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Yeah youre right, it was strange how Dostoevsky recognized the dangers of Romanticism but at the same time romaticised "Love".

2 upvotesTonibullettooth2 years ago

White nights.

Dostoevsky is the shit!

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

White nights? Is that the name?

0 upvotesTonibullettooth2 years ago

Yeah ist about this fag falling i Love with a Bitch that crys over getting dumped then gets oneitis and the Girl goeS back to her ex. Called white nights because ist set in St Peterburg in the Summer when it barely gets Dark at Night. Its a short Read would recommend

5 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago


5 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Np dude. "The Idiot" is much better than "Crime and Punishment" imo

2 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 years ago

Demons is next on my list. Any experience w that one?

2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Nope. I haven't read it yet, will get to it eventually.

2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago


2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Nice! Though "Crime and Punishment" is not the easiest read. But if you have reached the level where you can understand it, congrats!

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


1 upvotesWellbidlo2 years ago

Can you please remember from which book it is? Would be extremly appreciated.

230 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

When I was in my early 40's I got a call from a younger man who'd been my next door neighbour when he was growing up. I'd known him since he was a child (A baby, in fact) . He was worried because he thought his fiance was cheating on him. He had no solid evidence but he just couldn't shake this feeling....anyway I was talking to him about it but from what he said I didn't really have a feeling either way....until he said this:

"She goes out at night with her girlfriends and says I just have to trust her"

And something clicked for me.

I told him: "Mate, she's cheating on you."


"She's cheating on you and can't think of any good excuses so she's trying to guilt you. Nobody "just has to trust" somebody; not even your doctor."

Suddenly he laughed and changed his tune. A moment ago he'd been trying to convince me she was cheating on him; now he tried to convince me she wasn't. I talked to him for a while then let him go but he was now convinced she wasn't cheating on him and he'd been overly suspicious; whereas I was now convinced she was.

A month later he called me back. "You were right."

I agree with your post, and it should be obvious to everyone. Women are just people. And what do people do? Cheat and try to take advantage. Not everyone, and not all the time, but it does happen. Therefore expect it to happen with your woman - even if not straight away.

A thing about being put on a pedestal is, it's boring for the woman. She know she isn't a goddess; if you keep acting like she is it's tiresome and she will think less of you. In addition if you truly believe she's special and you're lucky to have her, after a while she'll believe it too - and then she'll start thinking you don't deserve her. After all you worship her; therefore you're beneath her.

One of the easiest ways to destroy a relationship with a woman is to put her on a pedestal. instead treat her like a real person. (Which she is.)

One other thing: Never trust anyone who says you "just have to trust them". It means you're about to be cheated.

51 upvotesThe0xFF0000Pill2 years ago

He wasn't trying to convince you, he was trying to convince himself.

7 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

I know. He just didn't want to believe.

2 upvotesTheOneWhoDidntCum2 years ago

He was trying to trust himself on the fact that she was cheating on him.

2 upvotesredpilledguy2 years ago

It was all that toxic masculinity polluting his mind and causing him not to trust his special little snowflake to the point where he drove the unicorn into a more tolerable man’s arms. You cis-get shitlord. ReeeeEEEEE. Et cetera ad nauseam.

14 upvotesStarbornProject2 years ago

solid and amazing advice

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Queens don't fuck peasants. They fuck kings, who are inherently above them.

Whenever I hear guys say to treat a woman like a queen, I keep wondering why they see that as treating them like Their ruler. It's so dumb.

4 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat2 years ago

Totally agree. Don't give them the idea they are better than you.

265 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Reminds me of an interaction I had with my kid brother and his then oneitis, about a year ago.

We were sitting at a table at my parent's home (kid still lived at home) and they were arguing about the night before. She apparently just up and left him at a bar with his friends, only to mysteriously reappear an hour later. To hear her tell it she was "just outside, with some friends..."

Without a second thought, like an impulse, I swear I don't know how or why, I just blurted out "You were probably in the bathroom sucking somebody else's dick."

You'd expect a vehement denial from her at that point. But she was so shocked by the fact that somebody actually called her out, all she could do was give the deer in the headlights look.

My kid brother was more vocal about my perceived transgression. Months later he actually caught her cheating and ended the relationship. When he told me about it I simply told him to never question me again, because big bro is always right.

117 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

To add on. My best friend in college had his girlfriend leave him at a bar and went to another bar "with her friends". We found out later when her friends told us(they all loved my friend, he's the guy you can't hate) that she was making out with some guy at said other bar. Since this was his oneitis from high school, instead of laying down the law he told her "you'll have to make it up to me". Instant frame loss. She dumped him to "explore herself" almost 6 months later.

He's still single at 30 and holding out hope that he will find his unicorn. TRP was made for guys like him but he is too far gone.

40 upvotesSoulRedemption2 years ago

Bring the thirsty dying horse tonthe water.

18 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

First rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club. I learned this the hard way with TRP. However, when I first discovered it, I was eager to unplug my closest friends. I have two friend groups from back home; the guys I went to school with, and the guys I grew up with in my neighborhood. I tried to unplug my best friend from each crew.

My best friend from the neighborhood never really had problems getting girls. He was always athletic, competitive, and was mischievous enough growing up for extra bad boy cred. He's also 6'2" and is a pretty good looking dude no homo. However, he made some bad choices in his life and now that we are approaching 30, his life hasn't panned out like he would have liked. He dropped out of college and works manual labor framing houses. Which isn't a bad gig, but the guys he works with have no desire to build their business and continually subcontract instead, then drink their money away every weekend. Rinse repeat. He eats like shit, smokes, has nothing to his name but his truck and some tools, and I hate to admit but he is in the early stages of alcoholism. That being said, he still pulls chicks on the regular. They don't care that he's 30 and lives at home because he has the IDGAF attitude with nothing to lose. He knows how to talk to girls without fearing rejection. When I explained TRP to him, he immediately was like, "ohhhh that's why girls do that", or "I kind of knew about that but no one ever explained it with words in such a clear way." My only concern is that he hasn't fully grasped the self improvement aspect.

My best friend from school is almost the opposite. He was always kind of pudgy growing up, played sports but wasn't stand out at anything, agreeable and fun to be around (seriously EVERYONE thinks he's a good guy), and has followed the TBP to a T. He and I were roommates in college. He got his degree, got his nice office job, bought a new car and a nice apartment downtown. He coaches boys basketball and is active with his church and their youth ministry. All around stand up guy. He desperately wants to find a nice girl to settle down with and have kids. The problem is, since his oneitis (who he had been with since HS) dumped him, he has had zero luck with chicks. He could fall in a bucket of titties and come out with a dick in his mouth. Ironic because if you could get rankings on how well you followed TBP, he would get a 95%. I tried to tell him about TRP. He told me it's PUA shit and he's not out to trick girls. I tried explaining how it's not a trick if you make yourself into the man they want, because at that point you're just telling it like it is. He legit told me "I'm sticking with your "blue pill" because I'm not going to do some internet cult PUA bullshit". You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

I really should make this into its own post, because it's a good cautionary tale about the first rule of fight club.

8 upvotesSoulRedemption2 years ago

That's interesting insight. You really shouldn't speak about TRP blatantly. Currently I have maybe 1 - 2 friends who I would talk about certain things (different terms used) but to no one I would suggest the forum IRL, blatantly.

Your last line is the reason I said lead the dying horse to the water, but ofcourse you can't make him drink. There are many ways to do this without exposing yourself.

I suppose it's either you want him to know that you are the one who lead him there (partner in crime) or you want him to discover the door, despite if he walks through and goes down the rabbit hole or not. Choice is yours to make.

3 upvotesBasedVeni2 years ago

Win through your actions, never through argument.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

We can joke about it...But I know it hurts to see a friend give up on his own potential.

Personally I try to lead by example and offer advice when it asked. Sadly you can't force this stuff on people.

10 upvotesRandyBumgardner852 years ago

I see a lot of this with my mates. One of them used to slay pussy working as a barman in a party town. His game was far superior to mine for many years.

Nowadays he is back home, aged 33 living with his grandparents. He's banged one horrendously ugly chick in the past two years. He just spent the last 3 months chatting to a 31 y/o single mum on Match.com who he finally took on a date on Valentine's Day and then never heard from again.

When I try give him some advice on online game he just rolls his eyes and says sarcastically "oh yes let's all take advice from Randy"

I've had 4 smoking hot girlfriends in the last 5 years and have smashed dozens more not so hot ones solely from online dating.

4 upvotesmarcinostefano2 years ago

Randy, maybe You will be able to give some advice on Online Dating? I would love to look up on that

8 upvotesRandyBumgardner852 years ago

I don't profess to be an online pimp but I've plenty of experience. To be honest most of the chicks I hit and quit were 5's and 6's. The hot ones I ended up LTR'ing were either messed up in some way or lost attraction at the first sign of weakness. I used to rely on predominantly beta game (present myself as a well grounded, good long term financial prospect) thinking that was the correct way to treat women and weed out the bad ones. Obviously the wrong approach.

There's plenty info out there about online game but here's a few tips I've picked up. Good photos, one of face, one shirtless, one doing masculine/adventurous activity, one with cool looking friends having fun. None of these can be selfies or posed. You've just gotta be so awesome that people are always taking photos of you.

Bio must be very brief. Mine would be something like: Backpacker, gym rat, information hoarder Self employed Live alone

The key to online is casting a wide net. For example on Tinder you might swipe 200 (only right swipe ones you would genuinely bang, they all look worse than their worst photo)

Say you get 15 matches. They will usually be the ugliest 15 you right swiped. You weed out about 5 on closer inspection (covert fatties, bad teeth, single moms, live far away) and unmatch.

Message all the others. The message needs to be cocky funny and referring to something in their bio/photos. If you can make it sexual all the better. Example: "you look like you could throttle a man with those thighs" This gives you a basis for turning the conversation immediately sexual if she responds. (Offer to let her try on you, she's now picturing your head between her legs)

Don't ever ever ever start an opener with "Hi/Hey/How are you" even if it is followed by something cocky (this one trick double my response rate) It comes across as needy. You just want to be the guy who's taking the piss out of her purely for his own entertainment.

If your opener is solid you should get 50% response so you're now chatting to 5 chicks. Keep the following messages light hearted, cocky and funny. Try to avoid getting into boring conversations about work/education etc. You can ask where she lives/if she drives purely for logistics.

Stick to the 6 message rule like glue! Go for the phone number within your first six messages. You aren't some fucking loser who spends 3 weeks messaging some random twot on tinder for validation.

Don't ask for the number just say either "what's your number" or "give me your number so we can arrange your throttling demonstration"

Most chicks will give their number if your tinder game is tight. If not, she's a validation whore. Unmatch.

Say you get 3 phone numbers. Get off tinder and text that day with either a little more banter or an immediate plan to meet. Again don't ask, tell.

Meeting should be something low cost/effort that you can easily escape from. Don't ever take a blind date to dinner.

Keep the date brief unless the banter is naturally flowing. Ideally 2 hours max. Always be the one to terminate. If she's boring/a bitch/ugly just make your excuses and leave. It's an interview and she failed. I never usually go for the first date bang unless I'm horny and her SMV is so low that I know I won't bang her twice. (I've been known to bang 4's and 5's but never twice)

Don't contact her for a few days after to install some dread. If you nailed the date she'll often text you.

There you go. An important thing to remember is that you should NEVER even consider a chick from online to be LTR material unless you have been banging her for at least 5 months and she is compliant, eager and shows no red flags. I failed this one 3 times.

2 upvotesavocadowithsalt1232 years ago

With 30? Must not be too far..IF he change his attitude.

I turned 30 recently and I swear I had never easier time with women. Even the young ones..19, 20.

-5 upvotesProspectiveQuant2 years ago

He still got 6 months of fucking her out of it...sounds like he did the right thing. It was never going to work out anyway, but he just smirked and got 180 days of fucking a girl he was super into out of it instead of being overly pissing and throwing it away instantly.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

180 days more of being a pussy-whipped, blue-pill pansy -- that's supposedly a good thing?

2 upvotesTheWhiskeyTickler2 years ago

No, he didn't smirk, he avoided confrontation like a pussy, then tried to shame and guilt her instead of addressing it directly like a man. She was always losing attraction for him because he buckles and won't stand up for himself. He may have gotten 6 months of starfish sex out of it. He drunkenly told me one time that they always had to use lube because she just couldn't get wet. Some girls are like that, but in the back of my mind, I wonder if he just didn't give her the Tingles™.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You called it right and she was up to no good

25 upvotespevans122 years ago

if it smells like shit..... it’s shit....

-my dad

12 upvotesbluedragon2392 years ago

lol won't girls vehemently deny an accusation like that 100% of the time? I guess she was just shocked like you said because you were right. Still expected a denial tho

3 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

she wanted to get caught. this effectively ended the argument without it being her fault.

155 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fun story....not only you don't have to not hate them, you can actually love them, as long as you're loving the real creature in front of you, rather than the one on the pedestal.

"She's not yours, it's just your turn" is absolute freedom.

I take spinning plates as a fair response to hypergamy to be a fundamental truth to the current sexual marketplace.

131 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

you can actually love them

Men love dangerous things (cars, big dogs, hell even tigers) .... we love and accept these things as they are... "yeah, I love my tiger, he's a mean mother fucker and I'd never turn my back on him... this car is fast, gotta treat it with a little respect on corners".

Yet when it comes to women, they have to paint their significant other as some sort of sweet innocent virgin.... "She's not that kind of girl, she's actually really nice, we're a partnership, she's my best friend".

Better to love them as they are than pretend they are as we would have them be.

33 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

Yet when it comes to women, they have to paint their significant other as some sort of sweet innocent virgin....

Say thanks to French Romanticism....fuck the French.

26 upvotesmishasam892 years ago

man, i'm having a problem with this.

I understand everything you are saying, it's just that I can not understand for what posible reason would you want someone that you can't trust close to you? I mean i get the concept of plates and screwing is fun and all, but I'm talking about "relationships"

Why would you want a relationship at all with someone who is inherently a slut, lier, cheater and always trying to one up you at every possibility?

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I literally tell my friends this phrase.

Why would you get mad at a dog for barking, its a dog thats what its supposed to do. All you can do is train it not to and accept the fact that sometimes it'll still happen

I treat woman the same way.

11 upvotesdddude12 years ago

I like how beige phillip puts it: ‘don’t get mad at fish for swimming.’

27 upvotespmmedenver2 years ago

The real problem is a cultural one. Our society has chosen to worship masculine traits and demonize feminine ones. Women have followed suit and also thrown out all their feminine traits, leading to hyper-masculine women that want to fuck (even more hyper-masculine men) all the time and complain about why they either can't find a partner that is strong enough or their partner is too strong to not need them at all. If women were to focus instead on virtues like acceptance, gratitude, humility, etc. then it would free men to be men and relationships would work again.

This problem is compounded by the fact that our dominance hierarchies have been centralized, leading to much larger hierarchies. The larger the hierarchy, the less winners you have at the top, leaving most men toiling in frustration at the bottom of an impossibly large dominance hierachy. You can tell men 'you just arent working hard enough' as redpill does, and that helps a little, but it only goes so far. When one man wins often another must lose. This is a big cause of the weakness we see in most men.

When most men are weaker than they should be, and most women are stronger than they should be, relationships simply don't work because a woman doesn't respect a man whom she is stronger and a weak man doesn't respect himself.

10 upvoteswhatsthisgarg2 years ago

Our society has chosen to worship masculine traits and demonize feminine ones. Women have followed suit and also thrown out all their feminine traits, leading to hyper-masculine women

Now that is interesting. So ironic, because of course, the worshipping masculine traits and demonizing feminine traits goes on well under the radar.

9 upvotesBluPillMaster-bater2 years ago

It's a process, you work within reality to find a woman worth a LTR. It's not binary. Best to think of a tiger as dangerous, before making it a pet, no?

I'm married, and I am very susceptible to tits and ass on other women. I don't cheat. But fuck me if I was on a boat with a hot woman for a week.. I'm strong, but not that strong.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"Best to think of a tiger as dangerous, before making it a pet, no?"

You'd better never stop thinking of your pet tiger as being dangerous.

4 upvotesAlexinfinite012 years ago

Women are not to be trusted. Period. There are precious few people you can let your guard down with. A friend, a girlfriend, a best friend and parents and singling and coworkers all fit into their own corners with little cross over. Attempting to place too much weight on what theyre made for is asking too much of them and WILL cause them to let you down. Know where you can place your needs and don't misplace them once you figured it out

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Took me until recently to know this. Still need to establish stronger boundaries.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Because they are all like that, and you either take one of them or stay alone. Lol.

2 upvotescloudspike2 years ago

Don't you have these relationships in your life already? Think about it. You put up with your boss because he pays you money. Boss might be an asshole but at the end of the day you put on the show for the money. Your parents are similar, you didn't choose them they aren't the best people but you stick with it for the love, loyalty, whatever.

You have to redefine your vision of what a girl in a relationship is. A girls is something you have sex with, laugh with, cuddle with, show love to, receive love from, spend time with etc. It's really whatever you want. But!, you must adhere to the social rules like you do with your boss or you parents. You have to understand what a women is like a dog or a cat. They have habits they have behaviors. You are the idiot if you don't learn the rules of the game you're playing.

So to answer your question, 'what possible reason would you want someone that you can't trust close to you?'. Well with your boss it's for money, with your parents its for love or security, with your friend for fun and social status etc. With women its sex, emotions whatever you want it to be. Just because they cheat doesn't make them any less sex or emotion worthy does it? I watch a sad movie and cry knowing its not real, its just actors. I pay for things like events that have been totally corrupted by capitalism and are designed to extract as much money from me as possible, yet I can enjoy it.

First know what game you are playing, then learn the rules, then have fun.

1 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

I can not understand for what posible reason would you want someone that you can't trust close to you?

Women are nice to have around and make you feel better. And they're good to fuck.

The objective is to insulate yourself from her downsides. Accept Briffault's law and live accordingly. Have a LTR if you like, but always know that she doesn't have your back, you can't show weakness, there is no relationship equity, it might all end tomorrow, etc.

It's not Marriage 1.0, but in many ways it's a lot better.

Why would you want a relationship at all with someone who is inherently a slut, lier, cheater and always trying to one up you at every possibility?

My conclusion is similar: women are not suitable long term exclusive partners, so I don't bother. No exclusivity. I'm good at keeping FWB's around though, and this works great for me.

7 upvotesmynameisfrankfurter2 years ago

Excellent post. I completely agree. You can still enjoy the company of women, but it's best to know their true nature before hand.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can enjoy the company of women much more when you do it for natural reasons. Women are wards and playthings. Its when unrealistic expectations are placed on women where things go south

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Exactly how I feel about everyone. We're all just animals driven by instinct. Coming from where I'm from, I've seen and heard of people at their absolute worst. It gives you clarity and an appreciation, you know who's real and who's not. You can't change the world, but you can affect who you let into yours.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You hit it right on the nail, sir.

36 upvotesChadTheWaiter1002 years ago

Apologizing for being white!! I’m dying. That’s hilarious. Just let the little fucker get redpilled the old fashioned way... and if he doesn’t - social Darwinism.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yea and in the meantime he will keep voting for socialists and making life difficult for real men.

64 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

Oh man I literally screamed with a laugh at the part about his dad. Great story dude.

I let my girl know all the time what a slut I know she is. They can't get enough of that shit. The reason you got those reactions from the women is that they actually WANT men to get them. They want someone that is in charge that won't take their shit.

10 upvotesbluedragon2392 years ago

"I let my girl know all the time what a slut I know she is"

I'm a newbie, can you explain this lol I can't see it going well if you call your gf a slut Or any girl for that matter

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Women want to be sluts * for the right man*

15 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

It's all part of the bigger picture. It's understanding how women evolved. Understanding that helps you have frame and also an abundance mentality. So they want to be led and used. Not so much used but they're willing to give themselves away with abandon to a man that can lead the way. It makes them feel secure. And that in turn also makes them understand that you understand women, and that you are or at least have been and still maintain the capability to be that same way with other women, which in turn creates some dread. I'll p.m. you some examples

13 upvoteswhatsthisgarg2 years ago

It's understanding how women evolved. Understanding that helps you have frame and also an abundance mentality. So they want to be led and used. Not so much used but they're willing to give themselves away with abandon to a man that can lead the way. It makes them feel secure. And that in turn also makes them understand that you understand women, and that you are or at least have been and still maintain the capability to be that same way with other women, which in turn creates some dread. I'll p.m. you some examples

Don't keep it in a PM, make a post, this is really good, esp. the part I bolded.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Can you pm me some examples of this also? I'm a newb and am trying to spin plates.

2 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

With plates it's a bit different than an LTR. Just don't be all over respectful. Don't be rude either. But be clear and honest about your intentions.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I feel like I dropped one bc I texted her to hang out, fucked another girl I texted (my ex, I know) and didn't respond. Advice?

3 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

Next time don't jerk a chick around like that. Don't stand them up, otherwise how can you justify being unhappy with someone that stands you up?

I would text her in a couple days, say hey, my bad for standing you up, didn't mean to be inconsiderate. If she writes back, cool, of not, next. If she asks why say it was some personal business that came up, but don't get into it. It was personal

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Post your examples here here, homie. Let everyone learn.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It didnt fit the point of my story but the dad later railed his wife for seeing some gay ex boyfriend for dinner while in LA on a girls trip 10 years ago.

Not 100 percent alpha move to keep this going a decade later, but a fuck load better to tease her than to accept and trust

1 upvotesa_delicious_guy2 years ago

I'm sorry but i completely disagree with calling your partner a slut for the better good. Without mutual respect the relationship is pointless. You just need to select a strong partner. You just gotta match your personality and get someone who has the same views as you. I'm a successful psychopath, so i selected someone who absolutely hates drama and is blunt and upfront. She is a strong woman and who both know our place. We both know that if the other partner fucks up then the relationship will be terminated so we strongly focus on compromise. Keeping it 50/50 is the way to go and accept nothing less. Thinking that women are some sort of scary creatures that cheat on you is a waste of time. It's all about how you select your partner

1 upvotesthr0wed_2 years ago

doubt hes calling her a slut

think hes more or less calling her out on her shit

thinking that women are some sort of equal being because you were "selective" of your partner is scary. AWALT, my guy.

1 upvotesPhaedrusHunt2 years ago

You DO realize women don't actually want 50-50 right?

19 upvoteseccentricrealist2 years ago

You framed it pretty nicely. If you would've gone with Machiavellian or something worse everyone would've just been offended. I think a lot of people here get in trouble because they stay around the anger phase and want to call everyone out on their bullshit without the actual tact to pull it off.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You know of a way to call someone (females) on their scheming and uninterrupted deception "tactfully" — don't you?

What do they reply, "Yes, I am an addicted deceiver, I avow to flipping over my attitude henceforth"?

16 upvotesJJ33142 years ago

The male tendency, if he thinks exclusively with his lower head, is to bestow undeserved kindness on sexually attractive women, independent of character considerations. With women it's the opposite--hypergamy defaults to viewing you as unworthy until you prove yourself. The more off the chain the hypergamy the more unreasonable a test of fitness she will apply to you, with only high level men getting the pass.

A balanced person uses their intellect to keep these tendencies in check, but in our sexually promiscuous culture these innate tendencies of men and women run unchecked. Thus you get HB6s who overvalue themselves, and think they are princesses and men encouraging/excusing infidelity from their SO's, supposedly out of love. In fact lust is often the motivator (again, thinking with their lower head).

If you have any goal beyond a pump and dump the constant question you must ask yourself of a woman you are evaluating is "is she worthy of any one's love or committment, particularly mine?"

12 upvotesBurnoutRS2 years ago

I have this friend who consistently fishes from the bottom of the barrel. Never sets his sights any higher than a 4 because he thinks he cant attain it.

Ive noticed two things. The girls he actually gets are horrible in every fucking sense of the word. Not only are they disgusting to look at, clearly dont take care of themselves at all and genuinely arent of much value as people, they see themselves as queens and empresses. Their fat makes them sassy

The girls he doesnt get are devastating to him. Theyre every bit as bitchy and entitled as girls at the upper end of the spectrum. The conquest is a futile effort to snatch defeat from the hands of mediocrity. Ive been there, you go for a girl you think is so unnatractive that she'll jump on you at the mention of attraction. She rejects you too and theres your metric for self worth. I cant even pull the least attractive chick in the room

9 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

Thus you get HB6s who overvalue themselves

this is really apparent online.. like tinder, insta, etc.. however, in person, the same broads have 0 confidence and/or game and are willing to gobble dick of pretty much anyone slightly better looking than them

13 upvoteschinese-bible2 years ago

go to r/relationships which sadly is 80% pussy-hat wearing ultra feminists who give advice based on the gender of the characters --- (if you're a man, you're wrong, if you're a woman, the man is wrong).

You'll see some laughable gems.

Oh, a girl is going on vacay with an ex-fuckbuddy who used to gorilla fuck her, still snapchats her lewd shit, but it's "totally platonic yo?"

You go girl! Your boyfriend is mad jealous and controlling. Men and women can easily be friends! Even if they used to fuck. And are now staying in the same hotel room. Alone for a weekend.

On the very same page:

Girl: I just cheated on my boyfriend and don't know what to do. My totally platonic friend who swears he's just a friend invited me to his apartment. He started talking about his dating and sex life, plied me with alcohol, and we started playing truth and dare. You know, like friends do. Next thing I know, I'm riding his cock!! Wtf??? He said "He's been waiting YEARS for this moment to fuck the shit outta me ..." Whoa!! Guys I had no idea!!

Of course you didn't, you're a moron. In most cases a straight man wants to gorilla fuck a good looking woman. Only his honor will prevent him, if he has any (by which I mean not fucking a friend's girl, a married girl, cheating on his girl). If he's staying in a hotel room alone with her, he knows full well what's up.

Yeah in your case? His girlfriend is definitely off again, on again. When it comes to Carribean Chad's huge cock. She'll be bouncing off again, on again, off again, on again.

9 upvotesGreenTeaOnMyDesk2 years ago

So you felt all their panties?

9 upvotesNyxNay2 years ago

And then whole table started clapping.

21 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Wasnt there a well received post on here lately about not talking about the game, just playing it?

So you got drunk and called out some chick's bad behaviour and the whole table bent over for you? I don't buy it. I can't see girls saying "you got us" even if everyone despised that kid. I don't even know what the takeaway is? Call people out?

Rule number one of the Red Pill/Matrix - don't talk about it. Even if this is true, all you got is validation. Post after the wedding when you've fucked them all.

23 upvotesRedditArgument2 years ago

His takeaway is just another rendition of don't put the pussy on a pedestal and naivete can be and will be feigned.

But I have to agree on one point, what the fuck is this:

Mom, the new bride to be, aunties and bridesmaids all looked at me with big eyes and wet panties.

When people say TRP is just a bunch of neckbeards salivating over fantasies this is exactly the kind of fantastical bullshit they point to.

12 upvotesBen_Eszes2 years ago

Yeah, I instantly felt suspicious of this guy's own view of himself. To me, it sounds like he got drunk and said something he thought was clever and then misread everyone around him.

1 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Is it though? It's a post about some beta who got the wool pulled over his eyes. At best it's a 'don't be that guy' that has more bad advice and bravado than good.

If this is what we're appreciating now, cool, each to their own, but I can't say I can get behind it.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Its not fantasy for me. its a way of life

1 upvotesTheBloodEagleX2 years ago

Dude prob wanked to his post.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I dont really care if you buy it and there are no hard rules about anything so Rule Number 1 is just make believe in your head because you require a system to follow an thats what the matrix is for

2 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Hey, keep it impersonal, champ. When you argue the man and not the point you make your point seem indefensible.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Reread it. Nothing personal but your frame cracked because I disagreed.

Lurk more, post less

2 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Point out where. If I'm wrong I'm wrong.

3 upvotesGettingaware2 years ago

Youre overthinking this. Op was a party and was talking about perceived taboo. This is fun for most because its not small talk

This piqued the womens interest and safe to say he looks good and the women may or may not have been tipsy.

This is where IoIs come in

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Some guys need a formula or rule book even for an unplugged mindset of NOT needing a rulebook

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

show me rule number 1 in sidebar

0 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

Okay you win, bravo, 1-0 you, yaaaay!

Anyway, as an EC you should understand my point, not wilfully ignore it.

My point wasn't that rule number one is xzywhogivesafuck, my point is that talking about the game is 99% bad. It's not the advice you want to give to anyone on here. You stand to gain nothing from it and risk a lot. You can't unplug those who don't want to be unplugged. Remember Law 12: Win through action, never through argument?

You also didn't win anything tangible and your counter argent was IDGAF style attack on me, not my point. Reeks of shit.

Also: quote me where I broke frame.

7 upvotesbluedragon2392 years ago

Ay so I don't really get this part of the story where all the women were particularly impressed that you basically told the dude women are responsible for their own actions and know what they're getting into

Aren't women known for wanting not to be responsible and making everything not their fault? Why did they get impressed? I can't wrap my head around that lmao

Also I see a lot of stories about girls saying "I'm going out with friends." Which means she may or may not cheat. (More often cheating than not) Doesn't Rollo say to just let her go? Why does he say this if she looks like she's gonna cheat?

4 upvotesdddude12 years ago

They got wet because women love a man who just ‘gets it’. They know they have sketchy behaviour. Being around a man who knows this, and who can handle them because he gets it, rids them of any pressure to live up to the pedestal their betas have put them on and be who they truly are. That, is why women submit to real men and not betas.

10 upvotes2comment2 years ago

You dont have to hate women, but you cant be a Pussy Polisher

Yet treating women as equals is often the fastest way to get labelled as a mysogynistic asshole.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I wear that label with pride

30 upvotesWorldNewPilla2 years ago

Let him do his thing, why do you even care? giving advice to these people can't benefit him or yourself.

45 upvotesTaipanshimshon2 years ago

He said he was in his cups

5 upvotesWorldNewPilla2 years ago

Yep, didn't notice that one

20 upvotestteabag25912 years ago

I disagree. The more it's recognized, the more it's pulled out into the open where it belongs. It may result in introspection. You never know.

-15 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

It doesnt belong in the open. Men are my (yours) concurrence. I dont like them to know how to be better than me, but I like to know how to be better then them. And trp helps me but the more people know about it the more concurrence i have (and all of you, you know about trp)

So we are the lions between sheeps and Id like to keep it that way instead of making more lions and less sheep.

13 upvotestteabag25912 years ago

Eh. Sounds like the easy way to success sure. I'd rather be challenged personally. Makes for better men instead of confused manlets that shoot up schools.

2 upvoteswarsie2 years ago

Elliot Rodger was aware of PUA and his family friends tried to reach him some PUA skills. Rodger was strongly in the PUA hate alignment regardless.

-5 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

People who shoot up schools are assholes and i dont really think trp would have helped them (or anyone).

10 upvotestteabag25912 years ago

Assholes don't just fall out of the sky, they're created. The very existence of this sub betrays your sentiment. The knowledge here has already inspired memes. It's not a secret. It's just not taken as serious as it should be by naive young men.

1 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

Yeah exactly its not taken serious and thats the way it should stay at least for most guys. Im not saying that there should be nobody that knows that. But people that choose to live bluepilled should be free to do so.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

a man who has inernalised TRP principles would never shoot up a school. he knows he has power over his fate and begrudges no one else

1 upvotesTheRealJesusChristus2 years ago

There is always a mad person. And not everybody that knows about trp has also internalized it.

5 upvotesBSD50002 years ago

I can’t wait until that white knight sees the video someday, and realizes that she actually went down to the Caribbean to be a bukkake stunt double.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

women are quite savvy and not to be underestimated.

I think this is quite an important point to make to outsiders. We like to bash on women about how they are physically weak, unproductive and disruptive in the workplace, poor leaders, and ill suited for making political decision which ensure the long term health of the nation.

All of these things are true, but it begs the question of why evolution would make one sex so much superior to the other. The answer is that it wouldn't, and is is silly and illogical to believe so. Women are evolved to dominate their niche, and their niche is resource extraction and hypergamy. They are experts at reading and understanding others' emotional states, using their own emotions to manipulate and control situations, sizing up men and understanding their position in the dominance hierarchy, and adapting to different social situations with chameleon like proficiency.

3 upvotesdddude12 years ago

They are pretty entertaining once you understand them. Internalising their true nature is the hard part; once you’re past that it’s pretty funny when you can see what they’re doing before they do.

Was speaking to a girl (who’s been open about being into me in the past but whom I’m just not into) about her boyfriend and it became apparent she was trying to branch swing before she cut her loses with her guy. Hypergamy is one hell of a thing. She didn’t directly say ‘sooo, how about me and you?’ Just the typical girl game, are you in a relationship, what are YOU looking for, immediately after moaning about boyfriend (girls have zero game to the point of cringeworthyness if you’re not into to them). I let her know it’s a no go, gave her the usual ‘make yourself your priority’ nuggets and 2days later she messages me ‘we broke up.’ Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

moaning about boyfriend is a 100 percemt IOI

2 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

This should be spread around more. I was at a bar recently talking to a girl I used to work with. She was bitching about her husband. Later she said point blank that she had cheated on him before because he cheated on her and he never found out. If that's not an IOI, I don't know what is. Too bad she's fat as shit.

3 upvotesUrishima2 years ago

Mom, [...] all looked at me with big eyes and wet panties.

Way to make it weird, dude.

15 upvoteskaane2 years ago

Good example of social and sexual dynamics. But here is where you went wrong. Never talk about tRP concepts. Put your money where your mounth is.

They will not understand so why worry

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

They will not understand so why worry

The whole point of the story, it appears, was exactly that there was understanding!!!!!

Never talk about tRP concepts.

Think twice about telling EC's what's what.

3 upvotesCelicni2 years ago

I wouldn't say never, but it's autistic to go and spread "womunz r evoul" (not saying OP did that). Drop a little red pill here and there, nothing too strong that will get you socially outed. Watch the reactions. Those who take it well, talk to them in private a bit more (if you give a shit about them of course, don't help every random nobody).

1 upvoteskaane2 years ago

The whole point of the story, it appears, was exactly that there was understanding!!!!!

“To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves; let us be above such transparent egotism. If you can't say good and encouraging things, say nothing.” - Will Durant

Think twice about telling EC's what's what

Since when the ECs are untouchable ?

2 upvotesB_Campbell2 years ago

I think it’s more respectful to women to believe a woman can be just as much of an asshole as a man. White Knighting gives them no agency.

2 upvoteschazthundergut2 years ago

I love polishing pussy. With my tongue.

2 upvotes47rivers2 years ago

People respond to the truth, even if their instant reaction is negative, the always know it when they hear it. They may not like you for saying it, but you'll have a level of respect.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Respect>being lked

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


1 upvotesAlfredKinsey2 years ago

Great story. I wonder if its common for TRP vets/OG players to get a little tipsy and ruin the magic veneer of weddings.

1 upvotesLittiJari2 years ago

Just ask this question when you start thinking NAWALT: what is the oldest profession? We are two million years old survival machines, there are no special princesses.

1 upvotesthunderbeyond2 years ago

Your title alone says a lot.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This sounds like that article a out that girl who went boating with that European Chad and left her man at home...

And everyone skirted around the fact that she clearly banged dude, but hubby was "very supportive", and she was so liberated and powerful.

Did you get this from that? Forgive me for my skepticism if this is in fact a true story.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

no idea as she wasnt there. my best guess is 99.99%

1 upvotescrespo_modesto2 years ago

Ahh man, I suffer from this, was DENIED

With a fake number too that was pretty brutal

also crossed the "don't shit where you eat"

"Am I too much older than her" (both in our 20s)

"What did I do wrong"

Ahh man... gotta experience life more/focus life is not good at the moment haha

It was bad first couple of days, couldn't look at her. Now I'm not sure, is it mean if I don't acknowledge, her, should I pretend like nothing happen. I generally don't interact with any of other women there, unless they're really hot, even then my interactions are weak... just because generally don't see each other, I'm not part of the wait staff... I think overall just avoid it if it's your livelihood the job. But I also wonder is that weak "If I was alpha I could pull it off" but yeah I do have more pressing issues in life than women too. Abram's heirarchy of needs right. Step 1) Don't be homeless. Ahh shit sexual is at the bottom of the list too.

I don't even have a bed man, I sleep on the floor.

Haha: "Milk yourself before you wreck yourself"

My body/physique is fine, body builder (naturally built but working on definition, abs visible but wide front profile so the shoulder v not as accentuated less you do the side turn with lats) but mentally I'm f'd, the minute I open my mouth it's over

Need a sense of self security/focus in life

0 upvotestokinbl2 years ago

I canr understand how men can put women on pedestals or honestly how anyone can put anyone on a pedestal

-34 upvotesZitrone772 years ago

Are you excited that your (or someone else’s) Mom looked at you with wet panties. That’s kind of messed up.

Who cares? You went to an engagement dinner, and you had an interaction. Blah, blah. Move on.

Women don’t have “bad” behavior. They are people. Sorry to tell you that, but it’s true. Get a clue.

9 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

His name is stacysmomlovesme. Makes sense to me.

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Im super excited and hope to feel some boobies

That is what you took from this eh?

4 upvotesreyaan72 years ago

You're not gonna link this post to "the blue pill" for analysis lol??

2 upvotesmnemos_12 years ago

Are you excited that your (or someone else’s) Mom looked at you with wet panties. That’s kind of messed up.

There is no such thing as negative publicity. Adulation is there for the basking in, regardless of the source.

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