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The ultimate proof you need on lifting - The 59 year old man I met at the gym.

by Rares5555 on /r/TheRedPill
05 June 2018 11:15 PM UTC

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I have had an eye-opening experience this past week at my local gym, and I thought I should share it with all of you motherfuckers that still skip your gym days.

It’s 7 PM, and I go to my gym for a workout. I feel a bit tired, but I have to get those reps in.

I walk into the gym and I see the most well-built guy there. Big back, huge arms and forearms, built legs, tight skin all over his body,an all around top 10% physique on a 5’10” frame (we’re the same height). He seems new to me, and I know pretty much all the regulars there, so I go up to him and shake his hand. Really energetic, with a big smile on his face.

As I warm up, I start chatting him up. He tells me he’s on a business trip and had to hit the gym. Very lighthearted conversation, super humble yet confident. I smelled he was an alpha just by the way he presented himself (and helped the young chicks there that were drooling over him, in between barbell rowing 180lbs)

As I finish my dumbbell rows, I think “bro, the dude looks jacked and also natural. I wonder for how long has he been working out”. So I go up to him and ask:

“Sir, I wanted to ask you. How long have you been working out?”

He looks at me with a big smile and says:

“Son, I can’t remember that clearly. But I can tell you how old I am. 59”

My jaw dropped as he started laughing. The fucking dude looks 40, and looks better than 99% of the 20, 30 and 40 year-olds. And he’s almost fucking 60! I congratulated him on his level of fitness and we both got back to working out.

After we both finished our workouts, we talked a bit more about diet and fitness, but the conclusion is this:

If this dude, who can easily be a grandfather, has built such an impressive body his whole life, you should too. There’s no excuse about it.

Also, let it be a lesson to you that if you take care of your body while young, it’ll end up taking care of you later on. Stop saying that you’re not 8”5’ with a titanium jawline and start talking to the Iron. Lifting and being active is literally your well of longevity and attraction (of course, among other attractive traits).

Once again. As said hundreds of times here:


Or don’t, and let others reap the benefits.

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430 upvotesslackerdan1 year ago

As a fifty year old guy who's been lifting for only a few months, this post is most... uplifting to my spirit, thank you! :)

38 upvotesIvanReilly1 year ago

Well all the best. Who knows maybe when you're 59 you too can be helping the chicks at the gym while they drool over you

305 upvotesDennis__Reynolds1 year ago

Joe Rogan looks like he's 35 and hes over 50. Exercise and diet are so important

131 upvotesItshighnoon7771 year ago

Let’s not forget Joe’s on TRT but yes, you still gotta work your ass off

33 upvoteswritewhereileftoff1 year ago

Thanks for this. Let's not pretend the man in op story is on try too. Natural? Lol

37 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

Define natural.. TRT keeps you within natural ranges. If someone’s genetics keeps them at 300ng and someone’s else’s keeps them at 900ng, is it so bad if the first guy gets on TRT to increase his levels? I don’t believe it is.

The idea that someone is natural never made sense to me as the range for “natural” is all over the place.

11 upvotesPuppetAndTheDwarf1 year ago

TRT = minimal fluctuations in T levels, slowly descending through the week (or barely at all if you pin twice weekly).

Natty = daily fluctuations depending on stress, diet, sleep, exercise, so forth; replenished when you sleep at night.

I’m on TRT and while my levels are on the upper end of natural, I am stronger, bigger, faster, need less sleep to feel OK, can hack two a days with BJJ and lifting, more even keeled, etc. I even have “juicy” looking traps.

I was borderline low T and the difference between old me and TRT me is huge. The difference between my similarly aged, active peers, is also huge.

5 upvotesIhatemoi1 year ago

I am 25 and thinking about TRT when I get to be 35 years old probably. I live in a third world country and doctors here dont know shit about it.

I ask you, how expensive it is?, it is possible to get on TRT by your own accord (without consulting with a physician?) ? I plan to be jacked my whole fucking life but depending on natural T is a pain in the ass.

3 upvotesPuppetAndTheDwarf1 year ago

Sure, people DIY. But you would need a steady, accurately or at least consistently dosed source, access to labs for bloodwork, and ability to interpret bloodwork. Potentially you might want ancillary drugs to control estrogen or maintain fertility. You would want to be able to donate blood every two months.

Test is super cheap on the black market, and if you live in a country where it is available over the counter probably similarly inexpensive and worth buying pharma grade.

26 upvoteswritewhereileftoff1 year ago

A man almost 60years old isn't going to be jacked natty okay. Your natural test drops of a cliff from 35-40 years old. If you inject exogenous hormones fabricated in labs that's not natural. Let's please not call this anything other than it is. Juice all you want just don't hamster about it please lol. I might juice when I'm that age too idgaf.

7 upvotesmsammy_is_back1 year ago

Of course you are going to juice when you get older. LOL. Every dude making cash is.

8 upvoteshot_rats_1 year ago

In bodybuilding and powerlifting circles you are not considered "natty" if you juice at all regardless of whether you stay under what is naturally possible for someone with different genetics. There's a reason it's banned in pretty much all professional sports. It is not just about evening out the levels of one hormone, there are all kinds of downstream effects that happen when you introduce exogenous hormones that vary quite a bit on the individual level. It is possible and maybe even probable that someone that juices from 300 to 900 could have an athletic advantage over someone who is naturally 900 due to genetic and body composition differences in how they process the available testosterone.

19 upvotesamekooky1 year ago

yeah good luck finding a body builder whos natural. realizing body builders arent natural is another redpill youre gonna have to swallow kid.

3 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

I understand what you’re saying and appreciates the explanation. I’ve always wondered how many pro players and body builders are actually clean. There’s a whole industry around “no for real, I’m actually clean” for body building and it shows.

The idea that humans can get as big and strong as some of these players really distorts our perception of reality.

6 upvoteshot_rats_1 year ago

For bodybuilding no one, and fortunately a lot more people nowadays are willing to admit that, though it's still a stigma some hold onto.

NFL linebackers though? I'm not so sure. I'm equally willing to accept that there are genetic freaks out there, and naturally they will gravitate to contact sports. But the cynic in me also knows that where there is big money there is politics, and where there is politics there is corruption. So I certainly wouldn't rule out individuals paying for clean test results or experimenting with currently undetectable substances either.

7 upvotesaskmrcia1 year ago

Most of the players in the NFL juice or on some type of gear. They only test once during the off season randomly and usually its before training camp starts.

The time they get tested multiple times is if they got caught once. You can look up all this stuff up yourself. I can't speak on the NBA or other pro sports, since I don't follow them as closely.

But majority of the players are def on something. Same with the track athletes. And I'm sure others can comment but there are ways you can hide your levels from testing. Like taking estrogen to balance your hormone levels around testing periods.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

TRT keeps you within natural ranges.

TRT jacks your T up and keeps it up at the highest range. Whereas the majority of men's T level fluctuate over the course of the day, depending on a lot of variables.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

My try dose keeps me at like 1500 ng/dl

1 upvotesiamanalterror_1 year ago

Yeah that's my plan. All natty while young, and then start juicing when I get older

1 upvotespetechamp1 year ago

He's also very open about steroid use in the past

16 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

There’s no reason to NOT be on TRT once you hit 35-40.

1 upvotestrees_away1 year ago

It’s not like it’s even hard or expensive. I do SubQ EOD at .3ml and it’s damn near painless and completely covered by my insurance. I was doing 1.5ml 1x/week IM but switched to self injection and didn’t want to do IM myself. I had to lower my dosage with SubQ EOD because it was so much more effective. I went from 800ng/dL to 1236ng/dL in a month and my doc asked me to drop down from .4ml to .3ml.

The only downside is the acne, but it’s becoming more manageable with the right skin care treatment.

15 upvotesxSiNNx1 year ago

Really? You know of any episodes where he talks about this by chance? I’ve been listening to him since like 2011 and never heard this.

29 upvotesReynaldo71 year ago

Most people over 40 can easily get a TRT prescription from a doctor. Youll see this mostly on people that still lift at that age.

2 upvotesbanthrow1 year ago

What do you mean, still lift at that age. I'm 40 and started last year.

1 upvotesReynaldo71 year ago

I'll rephrase that. If you started lifting, lets say at 20 years old, and you keep on lifting naturally, when you reach the 40 year ballpark, your test levels start depleting or arent as high as they used to be, so as an avid lifter it would be in your best interest to get a TRT prescription, and is easy to talk to a doctor and express your reasons why you think you need it. If you just started lifting is recommend getting your T levels checked. If theyre low, look into TRT. However for you id abstain from them for a year since youve yet to get your noob gains. Cheers.

22 upvotessircomeseyesd1 year ago

I think he talked about it with Dan bilzerian but yeah he said he's been doing it for over ten years

13 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

I remember one time that someone asked why he would not try in a professional MMA fight. He said that he would not because the anti doping test would be off the charts. It was a cheecky comment, like half joking, half truth, so you get the idea.

He is also very into anything that can give you a better quality of life, like testosterone replacement.

13 upvotesSMRII1 year ago

He literally has done ads for testosterone companies. Just look on YouTube

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yeah youtube a clip where he admits to being on TRT for 10+ years. It surprised me too.

3 upvotesmagx011 year ago

He has mentioned this several times as well as being on HGH. He even joked about "melting USADA piss cups" a few times lol

2 upvotesSpezs_Douch31 year ago

He subtly brought it up on the Michael Chandler episode. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “if you were tested for the supplements I’m taking, you’d fail big time.”

3 upvoteslasteem11 year ago

I don’t remember the episode(s), but he has talked about being on TRT before.

1 upvotesHPLoveshack1 year ago

Diet and hormone replacement are much more important than lifting or exercise for looking young.

Lifting, especially as you age, has to be carefully rationed. Look into all the injuries powerlifters and bodybuilders and male gymnasts have. Almost all of them have some combination of fucked up shoulders, backs, knees, wrists, elbows and most of their lifting was done in their 20s and 30s. By the time they're in their 40s most of them are very careful about how they lift and how much they lift, if they lift at all.

Even the big names that aren't shy about gearing up (which can massively increase healing ability) and have plenty of money to hire PTs etc, all have chronic injuries from lifting.

I'm not saying don't lift, I'm saying it should be third or fourth priority. Nutrition is number 1 by a mile, sleep is an easy 2nd. After that it's lifting if you're sub 40. If you're over 40 it's managing hormones THEN lifting.

13 upvoteshalfgreek1 year ago

Serious question. What do you mean about managing hormones?

6 upvotesVapeBrahhh1 year ago

Yes please explain this more.

5 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

Managing your Testosterone and Estrogen levels. Studies are showing that Men, in first world progressive leaning countries, have severely reduced Testosterone levels. I’m not confident they know why this happening, whether it’s mentally induced by society and stress or if it’s diet based. Either way, every man should have his Test checked after 30 and not hesitate to get on TRT if you are ok with the chance of never having more kids.

1 upvoteshalfgreek1 year ago

I'm 42 and I have 2 kids. And don't need to have more. Looks like there may be other benefits based on what is shown in that article above. Off to do more research.

1 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

There are numerous benefit. I just wanted people to be aware of one of the more serious side effects. It’s well worth it to me.

10 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

"Nutrition is number 1 by a mile, sleep is an easy 2nd. After that it's lifting if you're sub 40. If you're over 40 it's managing hormones THEN lifting. "

As a 49 year old, I would kind of agree with this. Its very easy for your T levels to drop. I am trying to impropve my T naturally (see my other comment) and I am seeing encouraging results so far.

I think Hormones and lifting go hand in hand.

1 upvotesthatbrofoshow1 year ago

Could you share more knowledge/experience on the cortisol? Been having some health issues both physical/mental. My stress/anxiety is through the roof lately. And all my lifts are down between 5-10%. I've majorly reduced lower body volume to reduce the overall stress my body is taking atm. It makes sense to me that the body kinda buckets all stress to at least a similarly. I feel increased cortisol is likely playing a role here.

1 upvotesPaulAJK1 year ago

Try meditation and make sure you get enough sleep.

1 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

Are you on a low carb diet? If so, this may be a factor.

5 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

What does a low-carb diet have to do with rising cortisol levels?

2 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

Its thought that low glycogen levels (a possible effect of low carb diets) trigger excess Cortisol production.

That said, I had also possibly cut out too much saturated fat, so it could be a mix of the two.

2 upvotesMartel_732_Tours1 year ago

Most people’s motivation for low carbohydrate eating stems from the desire to lose stored fat. When dietary carbohydrate intake is restricted and blood sugar becomes low, the body becomes stressed and will turn to backup fuel sources to get cells energy using two primary processes. One such mechanism is called lipolysis in which the adrenal hormone adrenaline (and other lipolytic stress mediators) signals the liberation of fatty acids from stored fat to be used for energy. This means that you will indeed use stored fat for energy, resulting in fat loss.

The other mechanism that works in conjunction with lipolysis is called gluconeogenesis. During this inefficient process, another adrenal hormone, cortisol, attempts to raise blood sugar and flight inflammation by converting the body’s own tissues (thymus, liver, muscle, skin, etc) to make glucose to fuel cells. This conversion occurs in the liver. A seemingly good sign, a loss of scale weight, can occur as a result of the loss of protein containing tissue, like muscle.

1 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

Thank you for the informative response. I’m familiar with gluconeogenesis. However, I thought it was more of a long time scale adaptation found in certain populations that eat high fat and high protein low carb diets like the Inuit.

I was able to lose about 3 to 4 inches off my waist in stored fat over the last two months by going keto and by doing some mild intermittent fasting. I think I’m at a good ‘cut’ size and now I need to go back to eating normal but healthy, so I don’t overdo the keto and start losing muscle. Now’s the time to start hitting the iron more seriously.

1 upvotesWise_Kruppe1 year ago

When on a low carb diet, some protein gets converted to glucose. This process is partly controlled by cortisol, so it may follow that low carb diets contribute to higher levels of the hormone. However, I don't think that there are any scientific studies supporting this, or a tleast I couldn't find any. The best thing for u/thatbrofoshow, or anyone in his situation, to do is see a doctor and get blood work done. That way there is no guessing or bro science involved. Know what's going on and what you need to do to fix it.

1 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

Thanks! I’m inclined to get some blood work done now.

11 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

Lifting, especially as you age, has to be carefully rationed.

BS!!! Fifty something guys can lift heavy and often. Obviously most of us are not world class competitors but we can (and should) push ourselves to our limits. I'm 53 and have been lifting at least 4 time per week since January with great results. Neglecting myself for the prior decade was the biggest mistake of my life. I'm really happy that it seems I didn't do permanent damage. The risks associated with not lifting are far far greater than those associated with lifting.

2 upvotesPaulAJK1 year ago

Mate, if you've been lifting for 6 months, then going 4 times a week is ok, you're still getting noob gains. In 2-4 months you'll find those gains start getting much harder. Ad you'll be in danger of over-training going 4 times a week. After a couple of years there's not much benefit (as an older guy) to going more than twice a week.

All this only applies natty though, I don't know shit about cheating.

Edit, ought to add I'm 47 and been lifting 3 years.

1 upvotesTrenned_out1 year ago

you will absolutely not be in danger of overtraining going 4 days a week.

Volume, frequency and intensity all must be managed. Three sides to a triangle. Sure it's possible to over train going 4 days a week (over reach is the better term, true overtraining won't be hit by anything 99% of people do), but it's definitely not certain.

2 upvotesMartel_732_Tours1 year ago

It will be interesting how your opinion may change in a few years time.

3 upvotesCaptain_Save_A_Hoe_1 year ago

It will be interesting how your opinion may change in a few years time.

Do they have a lunk alarm in your gym?

1 upvotesMartel_732_Tours1 year ago

I built my gym, faggot. Get back to me when you can dead lift over 500.

2 upvotesCaptain_Save_A_Hoe_1 year ago

found some unchecked power levels

1 upvotesbipedalsentient1 year ago

mate you've only just started...

-6 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

I'm 53 and have been lifting at least 4 time per week since January

cute old man. first talk when you have experience. thanks.

2 upvotesFOldGG1 year ago

It would appear one might consider "working out" and developing other parts of your being. And, sad news, there ain't no pills for this...

1 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

one might consider "working out" and developing other parts of your being.

This should be self-evident. BTW I have three degrees and a professional job so I think I have this covered.

1 upvotesFOldGG1 year ago

Not entirely sure how casting shade at someone that has made a change in their fitness in their most recent 5 months is exhibiting an appropriate level of evidence of self awareness. Nor the resume...

Maybe the resume indicates a developed EQ, just missed this opportunity is all.

2 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

first talk when you have experience.

A reason I'm making such good progress today is that I did indeed workout a lot when I was younger. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing!

0 upvotesdongpal1 year ago

Yes it is. But stop giving statements like " Fifty something guys can lift heavy and often" when do don't even lift for a year. Common.

1 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

No one is going to magically bestow wisdom on my fifth (or whatever) anniversary back at the gym. I feel I've learned enough over the years both in and out of the gym to be able to intelligently express an opinion -- based on my experience, observations, and research.

BTW I took several advanced physiology classes at university (including a rehabilitation medicine class in exercise physiology). I'm not pulling shit out of my ass.

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

Lifting really heavy weight is overrated in general. Sure, it makes you feel good when you push yourself like that, but look at any lifter who lifted big for a sustained period, and they almost inevitably have injuries that required surgery.

My advice would be to lower the weight and either 1) do more reps/sets, or 2) work out more frequently. Unless you're competing, there's no good reason to risk your body like that.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

That’s bullshit. Getting stronger is the best way to get big . Focusing on strength is what made me look like i actually lift . Cookie cutter perfect form 8-12 reps shitty bodybuilding programs Never done anything for me . Most guys won’t even get past the novice strength phase (around a 2 plate bench, 4plate deadlift , ) on that shit and will all hit a Plateau.

I’ve lifted bitch weight for 2 years and squeezed the muscle at the top and done all the crappy pump work bodybuilding shit , couldn’t bench 2 plates for 5 and wondered why I had a small chest , what got results in half the time was strength programs, mostly upper lower (heavy light setups) and concurrent full body 2x a week.

Get strong to get big

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

You don't need to be territorial about your weight lifting routine. Most dudes don't want to get huge, they want a good looking, healthy body that isn't crippled from powerlifting.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

1)I don’t powerlift because I think their squat is retarded and I refuse to do it .

2) you will never get too huge because you’re natty , that’s a retarded bullshit excuse and I’m not even sure what’s your point? You don’t want results? Cool but then you should stfu when people are arguing about the optimal way to get results. Nobody cares if you don’t want to “get huge” , I never said you have to.

3) Powerlifting form , in both the bench and deadlift is by far the safest way . You see bodybuilders flaring their elbows , benching without an arch or any sort of upper back tightness and shitty half reps because of better chest activation. That type of stuff is what will tear your shoulders and pecs up . The only unsafe thing about powerlifting is the act of maxing out in competition,which is incredibly overrated if you actually perfected your form . I could go to failure on deadlifts, bench and Olympic ass to grass squats with 0 fear of injury any day. Just keep good form and don’t worry unless you’re pulling in the 600lbs + Range you won’t get injured..

You’re just spewing random bs my man.

8 upvotesSunny_071 year ago

Moving heavy weight from point A to point B is not the same as recruiting the right muscles or having proper muscle activation.

Proper form is so much more effective then pushing heavy weight. Your muscles don't know the weight they are lifting. They simply know stress, fatigue, recruitment/tension and react accordingly.

You don't need to lift heavy to get bigger. In addition most times when you go through strength programs you don't work enough on strength curves or different angles and variations. You couldn't bench 2 plates for 5 because you didn't train for it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I couldn’t bench it because I was a weak average bro, and that’s also why I had a weak average looking physique.

You could do all the curls you want with perfect mind muscle connection and squeeze at the top and all that stuff for 10 years and you won’t gain any size if you don’t get stronger at the movement.(if you’re somehow still curling the same weight) . As long as you’re natty at least..

And getting stronger is all about perfecting form , getting a stronger bench doesn’t mean cheat at the movement and get your but off the bench , or round your lower back when pulling and risk injury. Powerlifters are almost always more efficient and have safer /better form.

The only way for a natty to gain size is progressive overload, or simply more weight on the bar or more reps . The only problem is you don’t get strong just doing 3 sets of 12 and eating on a surplus unless you’re a beginner . The biological law of accommodation will show up and straight fuck you in the ass and you simply won’t make gains .(strength or size )

2 upvotesSunny_071 year ago

Getting stronger at a movement is completely different to strength training. Progressive overload is instilled in any workout regimen even in the traditional hypertrophy routine bodybuilders use (8-12 reps).

Correct me if I'm wrong but your previous post supports power lifting regiment as opposed to bodybuilding? If that's the case then getting bigger doesn't mean lifting heavy weights. If you want to get strong go ahead and follow a power-lifting regiment.

I also feel like powerlifting and bodybuilding don't place emphasis on secondary muscles, functional muscles, mobility and abs. Personally to look the best you can and also be fit/healthy it should be a combination of bodybuilding, power lifting, and functional training.

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Strength and size are achieved in different rep ranges.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It’s not about rep ranges it s about total volume or total workload , I’m sorry but you don’t know much about programming or lifting do you ?

10 sets of 3 is no different than 3 sets of 10 from a hypertrophy standpoint.

2 upvotesTheShearerComplex1 year ago

That’s not true in terms of hypertrophy it’s about time under tension. Which is why higher rep ranges are generally advised. I think at least 40 seconds under tension each set is the optimal amount.

There’s a reason bodybuilders have bigger muscles than powerlifters, although powerlifters are stronger.

0 upvotesbarb92121 year ago

Wrong, wrong, wrong. You are always supposed to lift heavy. The heavier you lift the more calories you burn and more lean muscle you can add. Obviously there is a limit. If your chasing a new 1 rep max and your still fat that is a problem. It's not a lifting heavy problem but a nutrition problem. If you want to get bigger your lift heavy. If you want to maintain or get leaner then sure you can up the reps but you still should be lifting heavy. Key is know what your limit is and lift with proper form. If you don't believe any of this remember that google is your friend.

1 upvotesTheShearerComplex1 year ago

Not true look up Dorian Yates, it’s about time under tension and form if you want to get bigger. To increase time under tension, generally it’s better to go lighter. Doing 40 seconds of slow pain staking barbell curls will get you bigger than 3 heavy reps of barbel circle.

That’s why they say leave your ego at the gym door.

1 upvotesbarb92121 year ago

If compared doing 40 seconds to 3 heavy reps as the end all be then yes that would make sense in theory. But lifting a regular 5x5 even or even 10 reps (heavy of course) is still better than time under tension. The actual science does not support time under tension. According to studies doing the reps at normal equals more strength and muscle gain.

Time under tension just makes you feel the burning sensation more. That's why people still believe the myth lower the weight and do more reps makes you cut. The only benefit is that it can(not will) help you see issues you may have in your form.

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

Everyone has their own opinion about "the only right way to lift" but the fact is that many different ways work, but lifting heavy - powerlifting - will wreck your body in the long run.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I would argue it’s safer for seasoned lifters who built a strong base and have perfected form. While doing high reps fatigue kicks in and form suffers , you can’t brace as well (valsava for high reps sucks ). I could go to failure on deadlifts without any sort of rounding or hitching and I definitely grind reps through too. Heavy lifting only becomes a problem when you achieve elite natty strength and are pulling 600+lbs for rep work .

Lifting heavy is not maxing out though .

0 upvotesCaptain_Save_A_Hoe_1 year ago

Nutrition nr 1 advocates think they are talking to obese landwhales when in reality this forums main audience is 18-22 old people. So no, lifting is nr 1, diet nr 2.

12 upvotesBRAINGLOVE1 year ago

Damn, he's over 50? Wouldn't have guessed

12 upvotesIllHornet1 year ago

Alex Jones is younger than him lmao

10 upvotesRxCubed1 year ago

This is a red pill all on its own.

5 upvotesGreek-God-Brody1 year ago

He looks more like 40-45 tbh, but still.

5 upvotesjuliusstreicher1 year ago

Unbelievable! I wouldn't have put his age even close to 40!

3 upvotesVic3361 year ago

what the fuck!? Seriously?? wow

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

No he doesn't He looks like a strong and in-shape 50 year old guy who does TRT.

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

TRT and HGH also, let's be honest.

2 upvotesAstralAeonSoul1 year ago

Don't forget that Alpha Brain he's on. ONNIT, that's O-N-N-I-T, use code ROGAN for 10% off!

1 upvotesPuleaSpataru691 year ago

Oh my god! I always watch his podcast and I am good at guessing people's age and I can't belive he's over 50!

1 upvotesamekooky1 year ago

"let me just pop my shirt off" name checks out.

1 upvotesDennis__Reynolds1 year ago

My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michael Angelo's, David.

1 upvotesyoucanthandlethelie1 year ago

JR looks a little odd to me

1 upvotesamedeo_modigliani1 year ago

He would look 35 if he would have hair. Without hair, he looks like, well.. over 50.

1 upvotesbanthrow1 year ago

Joe Rogan looks like he's 35 and hes over 50.

WTF! just checked, he's 50, it's true.

No way. It also helps that he's bald. Being bald hides age a lot.

Problem with people over 40 is that they are half-bald. You either need a full head of hair, or shave it all. No in-between.

Me? I spent lots of money in a hair implant. Best decision ever, I look 10 years younger. But I also look good completely bald. But in-between? I look like a cancer patient.

I bet the 59 year old guy in this article had all his hair.

98 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


I mean, yeah, no shit. But i also see 30-50 year old gym rats in phenomenal shape who literally do nothing else noteworthy with their lives. Live in a shitty place, work a shitty job, etc. Remember that lifting is a piece of the puzzle.

31 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

Remember that lifting is a piece of the puzzle.

Yes!!! Getting an education and a good professional job allows (if the they play their cards right) middle aged guys the time and money to take care of themselves -- which of course includes lifting.

5 upvotesanonumaus1 year ago

Yeah but achieving something when you don't have enough power could be hard

6 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

This - exactly. Remember - it's the "whole-man" concept.

Like the older guy in the Summary Posting, I've been into fitness since the teen years and early 20s, 30s, 40s, etc., no recreational drugs, no excess drinking or tobacco use and like the young man says "it pays off." I gave a bit of exercise and life advice to a young man who is eager to build a better physique just the other day while at the gym. I happily obliged.

I also hit the other general life areas - finances, academics/intellect, knowledge of local, national and international event and issues, health, travel, life-experience and wisdom, etc.

I recently completed a semester of college enroute to another degree. In doing so, unfortunately, I've witnessed and confirmed much of the female behavior and nature so well-described on TRP, but that's a story for another day.

Back on topic - basically...the whole-man effort and effect.

1 upvotesAggressive_Beta1 year ago

It’s easier to get a job when you lift because potential employers respect you more when they see you

1 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

So this. I know a powerlfifer guy who is ~45 and lives in a shitty studio apartment and can’t even afford a car. Doesn’t even own a computer or a decent set of clothes.

62 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Man I know a few guys like this and they give me hope for the future.

I’d add that the guys who really look good at that age take care of themselves in other ways too. The old adage that you can’t out-train a shitty diet becomes more apparent as you hit 35, 40, etc. Even if you hit it hard at the gym, too many pizzas and too many long nights at the bar will just make you look...old.

17 upvotesOPdopy1 year ago

I’m forty and this is absolutely right. Once I started eating right I lost 80 lbs. I workout like crazy now too. Doing shit I haven’t done since I was twenty.

3 upvotesOriginal_Dankster1 year ago

too many long nights


I look ten years younger than my age - even looked younger before I started taking care of my diet and lifting. the main reason I attribute it to is that I get lots of sleep

56 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

There is a dude at my gym that is 72 and jacked. He wears a flat bill baseball cap and looks about 40 until you get right up to him. His girlfriend is a pretty hot Asian chick in her early 40’s but she looks late 20’s. She’s not a complete smoke show but she is damn good for a 72 year old guy that isn’t throwing money at her.

It’s amazing what a bunch of effort can do. These days with exercise and diet knowledge combined with supplements, TRT, HGH, etc can shave 25 years off your physical age.

I’m 40 and let myself go to shit through a combination of a shitty marriage, stressful and sedentary Job and heavy untreated clinical depression. I put myself 5th and let it happen. I changed everything (partially due to TRP) and I will look way younger and more fit at 50 than I did on my 40th birthday.

17 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

let myself go to shit through a combination of a shitty marriage, stressful and sedentary Job ... . I put myself 5th and let it happen.

Been in this situation. I worked my butt off trying to satisfy a wife for whom more was never enough. I didn't realize it at the time but her dumping me for a much richer guy was the best thing that ever happened to me. For the last year I've been putting myself first. I've lost over 100 pounds. I can lift almost as much as I could in my early 20s and I can do more pushups than at anytime in my life. I will turn 54 shortly and I now look a hell of a lot better than I did a decade ago (not really saying that much but I'm very happy with the improvement).

5 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

Good for you man. We were married to similar women. Mine was a black hole that could just suck down any amount of energy, effort, Love, money, etc and never be happy. It was a problem within her and I was the idiot trying to fix the problems that I had no control over. I was the willing beta buxx. No longer. I put myself first everyday and everything else fills in around it. I am happier than I have ever been and in a year I’ll be healthier than I have ever been.

3 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

I was the willing beta buxx. No longer.

Exactly!!! One of my friends once noted that I never spent any money on myself. I was actually proud of that.

2 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

Yep, “I don’t need anything, I’m a guy with simple needs”. What do you do for fun? “Fun? I really just work and take care of my family”

Listening to No More Mr. Nice guy changed my view and how I handle everything. I was a textbook “Nice Guy” and I was miserable. That led me here where I agree with about 80% of it. There is a bit of puffery and trying too hard but I think that’s the age range. I am slightly jealous that these younger guys discovered this information early, I wish I had.

2 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

I was miserable.

I was actually blissfully happy -- at least until near the end. I loved my family (still love the kids). I was sure my hard work meant something. I was mistaken.

1 upvotesLotBuilder1 year ago

I hate to be spiteful about it but I do get some sick satisfaction that my life is going so much better and her life is facing some harsh realities as a 38 yo single mom with Little education and fading looks. She is 5’10, thin and was a contract model for Wilhelmina 22 years ago. She slutted it up for about 6 months but now she has refocused on landing another wealthy provider. I pray she does as it it will save me some money. I would feel bad for the guy but it’s not my problem. She is starting to feel the lifestyle crunch even with a big alimony and child support check.

6 upvotesriverraider691 year ago

I occasionally find an old facebook photo of me. I'm pushing 40, and I'm looking way better that at 30, not even a contest. And still moving up.

96 upvotesInariii1 year ago

Another tip: if you're still in highschool, take a damn fitness /weightlifting class. Take it seriously! You have to be willing. If you take it seriously, you can instill some really good habits since you'll be lifting/active almost everyday.

53 upvotesfinelicks1 year ago

I was accidentally placed in a weight lifting class in high school. Didn’t think much of it at first, but I’m pretty sure I’d be fat as fuck if it wasn’t for that class. Surrounding yourself with motivated & confident people will change your life.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

My friend in 9th grade was doing cross country and told me to join the team. I had never done exercise until that point, but I joined to hang with him. That was the best decision of my life. It instilled such good habits in me, having to run every single day.

I never realized how fat I was in middle school until I saw a picture of myself at graduation. I owe my current health to that sport and my old friend.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Very true. That’s how I got my basic knowledge and lifts.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Or get into sports like football. It gives a wealth of competition as well as a base in fitness, a healthy dose of social skills and teamwork, and the easiest social circle you can possibly build.

Source: just graduated, will probably have friends from football that I respect for the rest of my life

5 upvotesFARTBOX_DESTROYER1 year ago

Football was the only reason I lifted in high school.

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Dude is a legend. Glad I got into lifting while young.

35 upvotesDiogenes--1 year ago

I've been a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, super stoner... I should look older than my age. I've always lifted though, and I look young for my age. I get carded buying alcohol in middle age ffs, and I'm not a woman so it's not some white knights trying to make me feel better about my collision with the wall. And I'm tall so it's also not short stature causing the perception of youth.

I think there's some scientific research about the anti-aging effects of resistance training, but shit these days there's research on everything. I'm all the proof I need. Not to mention how goddamn good lifting makes me feel, and how much muscle affects peoples' perception of you without even having to look at your face.

Anyone who doesn't lift is fucking crazy.

5 upvotesshinolas1 year ago

How old are you?

Heavy drinking and smoking can only be kept at bay for so long. That shit will catch up to your looks no matter how much you workout.

2 upvotesDiogenes--1 year ago

I don't want to give out much peraonal info on reddit. I dont't do that stuff anymore though. I've gotten really conscious of health.

1 upvotesshinolas1 year ago

lol you don’t have say your exact age. Whatever. If you’re below thirty you can get away with it but if you keep the heavy shit up all the time you can’t lift that shit away.

2 upvotesDiogenes--1 year ago

40s. Yeah I don't do that shit anymore, I live clean now. I have a drink or two and that's it. And only a few times a month on average.

1 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

This. I’ve partied my ass off but have always trained at a minimum to be a very capable hunter. A lot of my friends around my age look a lot older than me now. And some of them used to be better athletes than me but stopped training.

41 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

So you're saying I should lift? I've never seen that mentioned here before.

-17 upvotesle_wolfe1 year ago

Read the sidebar and top posts.

15 upvotesteeteedoubleyoudee1 year ago

I think there may be an element of sarcasm in the post you responded to.

9 upvotesle_wolfe1 year ago

Excuse me, I am a reforming social retard. Thank you.

1 upvotesCrispyChicken691 year ago

Lets be honest, OP is right with the message, but that 59 yr old with 10% bodyfat is probably on testosterone, HGH or some other steroid. Nothing wrong with that but that is the majority of the result.

It's still hard work obviously- but the drugs obviously encourage your body to pack on mass, cut fat, stay learn, give you energy to train harder and fully recover for the next day.

20 upvotespurduered1 year ago

It takes a whole lot of work to get there, but if the dude looks as OP described and is an absolute monster, he is 100% roided out.

-6 upvotes__ROOSTER__1 year ago

"roided out" you mean probably on moderate TRT to be normal.

11 upvotespurduered1 year ago

You don’t barbell row 180 at 59 with 10% body fat without being on a regular schedule of blasts and probably regularly using anavar.

1 upvotesMarcosDomingues1 year ago

Dude, 180 is not even that heavy lol.

-5 upvotesjvgkaty441 year ago

Thats not that much to row

5 upvotespurduered1 year ago

Yeah to some extent. It’s a fug ton for a 59 year old though haha

5 upvotesSpecialSpnk1 year ago

Dumbell row?? That is a shitload to row. Seated on a machine 180 is not very crazy.

3 upvotesMormonRedPill1 year ago

I'd like to take this opportunity to link this video of Dr. Deadlift rowing 500x5 then 550x4.

-1 upvotesich_bin_doch_geil1 year ago

Yea I dont know why they are down voting you. 180lbs is good, but not unheard of. I guess these guys just wanna sit around and make excuses for themselves.

6 upvotesSunnysideMorales1 year ago

I think the "top 10%" was a subjective description. It's like "that guy is def up there!", and who knows what kind of gym OP goes to, it might be top 10% of planet fitness lol

4 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

but that 59 yr old in the "top 10%" is probably on testosterone, HGH or some other steroid. Nothing wrong with that but that is the majority of the result.

No doubt TRT works. However, if your testosterone levels are still decent 50 year old guys can make good progress with TRT. My testosterone levels are right in the middle of the normal range -- decent for a 53 year old guy and about double the level at which most doctors would prescribe TRT. I've been working out hard and I'm seeing results even at my age without TRT. Indeed given my presently kind of out of control sex drive I'm think that heavy lifting is increasing my testosterone levels naturally.

6 upvotesSunnysideMorales1 year ago

where did OP say his body fat was 10%?

6 upvotesCrispyChicken691 year ago

Meant to write top 10%, my bad, I corrected

4 upvotesseanwilliams351 year ago

Could well be the case (TRT) but why not at that age? Can't blame the almost 60 year old when he's got younger girls swooning around him.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

He is on TRT, and so should most RP men be in that age

4 upvotesvandaalen1 year ago

Lets be honest, OP is right with the message, but that 59 yr old in the "top 10%" is probably on testosterone, HGH or some other steroid.

So what?

Also HGH isn't a steroid.

1 upvotesxgozax1 year ago

I think setting the bar high though helps people reach their personal best

1 upvotesblacklightsleaze1 year ago

Yea agree. The title of this post must be "Why you should hop on TRT and HGH after 50" As you said nothing bad about this, I am planning to do it too when I get older.

1 upvotesPaulAJK1 year ago

WTf, top10% is FUCKING EASY NATTY. 91% of Americans are fat or skinny fat FFS. It's not much better in the rest of the anglo-sphere. i've got a top 5% body and I don't even know where I could get roids.

1 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

Nah bro. I know a guy like this. All natty. If you’ve been consistent your whole life it adds up just like eating junk and living on a couch does.

1 upvotesFeralRed1 year ago


He chose his goals. What he does to achieve them are none of your fucking business.

At 60, you should be on TRT.

4 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

At 60, you should be on TRT.

You should be on TRT when and only if your testosterone levels fall to an unacceptable level. Mine are still fine at 53 without TRT.

1 upvotesFeralRed1 year ago

What's unacceptable?

What's wrong with TRT?

What's "fine" to you? What's your body goal?

You in the 1000 club? Or you ok with manboobs and a gut?

TRP states you should be striving to be that 5% man, and sex, energy, and fitness are huge chunks of chasing that goal. Guess what TRT improves?

It's called Testosterone replacement Therapy. Won't turn you into the hulk, won't cause a stroke or a heart attack...just brings you up to a level where you were when you were younger.

Who wouldn't want to feel 30 again at 53?

2 upvotesPocketSizeDemons1 year ago

Most doctors won’t prescribe to guys who are in the low normal range, regardless of symptoms....”300 testosterone and you’re depressed and your dick doesn’t work? Here, take this cialis and an anti depressant, your T level is fine”

1 upvotesreluctantly_red1 year ago

TRT has the greatest effect on guys with low testosterone. If a guy's levels are normal the effects won't be as dramatic. Even without TRT I've got rid of my gut and manboobs. I'm currently 212 pounds at 6'4". I'm still seeing monthly improvement without TRT. When the improvement stops (as it inevitably must) I'll reconsider TRT.

1 upvotesFeralRed1 year ago

TRT SHUTS DOWN your balls. You stop making test because the homeostatic regulation sees this extra testosterone floating around, and sends the shut down order from your hypothalamus/pituitary.

Therefore when you go on trt, your dose has to reflect that fact.

None of it is you. That's why it's called replacement therapy. That's why you run the risk of shutting down your own production permanently.

The reason that the range of "normal test" is so wide is that you respond differently than I do, and that response is primarily subjective. TRT is symptom driven, not number driven.

I could have a test level of 800 and still have low T symptoms.

Dude, congrats on the huge weightloss.

2 upvotesMormonRedPill1 year ago

The reason that the range of "normal test" is so wide

Another reason is that the "normal range" includes men of all body fat levels from 19-60 years old. Being fat decreases your T. Being old decreases your T. Those are big factors going into the oft quoted 270 to 1070 ng/dL number.

2 upvotesblacklightsleaze1 year ago

I am interested how is possible to have 800 ng/dl and have low T symptoms?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Ha. Did he cum in your mouth or in your butt?

34 upvotesGurisito1 year ago

I hope to be like that man. Also thats why my son will start lifting at 13

4 upvotesUmgator1 year ago

Start him with bodyweights, pull up, push up, dips, squats, wall sit, plank, leg lifts, sprints, burpees.

1 upvotesGurisito1 year ago

thats how i started at 17, goood idea.

1 upvotesUmgator1 year ago

Yep, master body weight first then move on to the other lifts

22 upvoteslee43331 year ago

Do your homework on that first, I've heard that starting too young can mess with your growth plates

5 upvotesVapeBrahhh1 year ago

I don’t think that’s true. Anecdotally, I’ve been in and out of the gym since 14, and I’ve grown from 5’1 to about 5’11 at 19 (and still growing). If anything strength training helped me sleep deeper and longer which contributes to growth and increased growth hormone secretion.

3 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

Nah, that's an urban legend. The risk is supposedly that you'll break along your growth plates and it'll fuse early and cause one limb to be shorter than the other, but in reality that's not how it works. Kids playing sports like soccer and football frequently break bones across their growth plates, and there's no epidemic of lopsided former kid athletes, because the growth plate doesn't fuse when you break it.

2 upvotesblacklightsleaze1 year ago

Citation needed. First do your research.

2 upvotesGurisito1 year ago

it should start easy, but benefiting from ragging testo and growth hormones

1 upvotesImpulsive6661 year ago

I agree, do your homework snd find a good coach. But the homework will show that the whole growth plate issue is a myth from the 80s. If supervised by a good coach (which it should be), lifting for kids is perfectly fine.

1 upvotesdaringdeviljackass1 year ago

Been lifting since 11, now 19 years old and 6'3" tall, cannot confirm this rumour. But also never broke a bone in my life though and never had any lifting accidents, started with high reps and less weight, which is probably the best.

2 upvotesVapeBrahhh1 year ago

That’s fucking sick bro, have you been consistent since 11?

1 upvotesdaringdeviljackass1 year ago

Yes, except for the flu and 1-2 weeks of holidays a year (in which I'm generally very active tho).

Consistency and not overworking is key. Basically started first 1.5 years 2x a week and now at 4x a week. Got accused of steroid use plenty in high school.

1 upvotesVapeBrahhh1 year ago

You’re a beast bro, I have so much respect. I’ve been pretty inconsistent thanks to a pot habit and just sloth in general. It’s great that you realized this is the life for you, so young. I also think I over did it when I did train (6/7 days w/ a PPL leg split and arm day on the 7th).

Guys in high school can be pussies, and just love to hate on the more alpha guy.

What are your maxes? (OHP, Bench, Squat, Dead)

1 upvotesdaringdeviljackass1 year ago

Thanks man. Starting now is always still earlier than later. I hope you gain the consistency and patience to start slow and work your way up, improvement is an exponential curve after all.

My maxes are:90, 240, 130 (OHP, Bench, squat)

25 upvotesrapeturd20061 year ago

So, at what point did you drop on your knees and rim his anus?

18 upvotesRares5555 [OP]1 year ago

I had to get a few girls off of him, but eventually i snuck in there.

3 upvotesphenethyljammin1 year ago

Ah yes. That was in the sauna after their workout, for that extra sweaty asshole.

1 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

Nothing is worse than a bland asshole

4 upvoteslookoutitscaleb1 year ago

My dad is 57 and looks 35. Works out every day.

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

Remember that it's not just lifting that will keep you looking younger, it's a combination of things. In fact, people have brought things up like nutrition, sleep, etc, but a huge one was totally neglected: sunscreen. Yes, if you want younger looking skin, you have to wear sunscreen every day no excuses. Sunscreen is not just for the summer, it's for every day because the sun exists every day of the year and is constantly damaging your exposed face and neck. Get a 'once a day' sunscreen SPF 30 and wear it every day.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

So true. A good skin care routine is critical, and sunscreen is the cornerstone of that. Here in Florida, people who don't take care of their skin typically have faces resembling catcher's mitts by age 40. Don't be one of them.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Depends where you live. Here in the UK the sun is so weak during most months that you couldn't get a tan even if you sat outside all day

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

Where you live in irrelevant. UVA and UVB rays don't disappear in the colder months, they simply get weaker. They're only doing tiny amounts of damage to your skin, but it's cold 8 months of the year in the UK, so take 8 months of the year unprotected x 50 years. Noticeable damage. This is not my opinion, every respectable dermatologist agrees.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Of course they don't disappear, that would be a completely ridiculous thing to think. While this may cause some damage, it's negligible. Dermatologists may say you should wear sunscreen all year round but their perspective is that of protecting skin at all costs. That is their profession. Dermatologists also say that your skin should remain the same colour all year round, which, while that may be true in order to maintain maximum skin health, it's not really practical. Likewise, you should also consider that it's probably not worth even the 5 minutes it takes to apply if you live somewhere like the UK (during winter months).

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

I think I'll stick with the dermatologists on this one.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

If you listened to the advice of every doctor and dentist in the world you'd never live your life because you'd constantly be protecting your body from negligible harm.

1 upvotes_Ozu_1 year ago

I use a 'once a day' sunscreen. I put it on in the morning, it takes 2 minutes.

5 upvotesLaJhin1 year ago

I had this one gym teacher in high school that was good looking. We went to this Canoe Camping trip as a class and it was so warm that one day and he took off his shirt and all the girls were on his tip talking of how good looking he is with an amazing body. Later that day he mentioned of how he was about to retire next year.... he was 64 years old.. He rowed more than everyone on the canoe that fit at least 10 people. 64 years old... Inspiration to all

3 upvotesTrenCobra1 year ago

Sunblock, retin a, and looking after your hair.

And lift obviously.

1 upvotesbojsihtekat1 year ago

8"5'...just trying to imagine what that looks like.

3 upvotes_TheRP1 year ago

If he's 59 and completely shredded, he is not 'natural'. He is 100% on TRT.

There isn't anything wrong with it, and when I hit 40 I'll absolutely get on TRT as well, but don't hold this guy up as some achievable paragon of fitness. He's no different than a chick with fake tits and a fake ass - it looks great, but they weren't born that way.

3 upvotesRightNeedsMight1 year ago

I get discouraged being mid forties and only new to lifting. This post made me say to myself, "self, stop being a fucking pussy!"

8 upvotessaltyafrican1 year ago

I wouldn't call that the “ultimate proof” but we all agree time and time again when someone posts about the importance of lifting.

So did you game ol' HB10 pops after giving him a sniff and a stare?

4 upvotesbetrue2thyself1 year ago

Good post!! I’m 56 and working on getting into the best shape of my life. It’s only too late when you’re dead. Never give up!!

5 upvoteskillsonicme1 year ago

It is actually Nofap that makes you look young.

4 upvotesNotDeadJustBroken1 year ago

Fitness is extremely important and yet I feel it is overlooked a lot

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I think it has to do with how much length of life can still come with poor physical health. Our bodies are resilient and we are no longer scared of predators. This current age of humanity doesn't see the value in exercise from a subconscious level. Or.. instinctually if you will.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

lol. Every other post in tRP is "LIFT! FUCKING LIFT!"

2 upvotesbruiser181 year ago

Similar experience yesterday. Got talking to a guy in the gym about the heat, then about lifting and shit. I hit the pool after and met him again in the changing room where we again get chatting and he tells me he lost his wife of 25 years to cancer about 20 years ago and has been seeing women on and off the last 10 years.

A couple minutes after I think wait, what the fuck? You got married 45 years ago? He laughs and says he will be turning 70 in September.

My man literally looked about 50, my dad is 48 and I swear to god they look a similar age and my dad doesn't look old at all.

So yeah, take care of your body while you're young and your future self will thank you for it.

2 upvotespudyi1 year ago

I can attest to this. The strongest guy at my gym is a 41 year old gent who has the physique most guys in their 20's and 30's could only dream about. I see women half his age ogle at him and checks him out. Lifting really does wonders. Never skip your workout, guys.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The comments have turned to bro science per usual.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I used to go to Crossfit with a 56 year-old Judge. He is a former Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) and is now a criminal law judge. The guy has kids in their teens and works quite a bit. I'm usually the stud in my moderate-level class. I'm 6' tall, 200 lbs, 20% bf (coming down, I know) and well into the 1000 pound club. This guy comes in and kicks my ass at all the plyometric stuff, and then proceeds to hang right with me when we pick up the weights, even though I'm much bigger than him, 20 years younger and 30 lbs heavier.

TL;DR Age is what you make of it....get out there and kick ass. I'm looking forward to working my way UP to what he is.

2 upvotesHuntingprobs1 year ago

Then afterwards we jerked each other off in the locker room.

3 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

A great reminder for all those "Life ends at 40" doomsayers.

I am 49, 6'1 200lb lowish body fat. I lift 3 times a week and eat well. People think I am 40.

I have toyed with the idea of TRT but so far have discounted it, because I wanted to explore natural options first.

My T dropped last year, when I tried to go low carb, so now have moderate carbs and eat a lot of fat, saturated (bacon, butter, red meat) and unsaturated (nuts, avocados olive oil).

I am starting to see signs of my T levels improving so will keep on this and will get my T retested over the summer.

If you are having low T issues, I would say try the natural route first.

3 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

As a similar-age dude (age 50) I've had the same thoughts on TRT, but docs say I'm doing fine with the regular good diet, exercise, weights, and generally avoiding bad things.

I've been into fitness since the teen years and early 20s, 30s, 40s, etc., no recreational drugs, no excess drinking or tobacco use and like the young man says "it pays off."

Like you - any major changes I would try the natural route first.

1 upvotesApexmanRP1 year ago

I have lifted for most of my adult life, although not always seriously, so like you have a good foundation.

The jury is still out on whether my natural testosterone boosting is definitely working, but I feel better for it and the signs are good. Will get retested over the summer and then decide what to do..

4 upvoteskareemgoat69giggity1 year ago

I needthis haha. But fuck i just increased my bench and felt a sharp pain in my right pec. Its not torn but if i dont take a week or two off from benching i will tear it. Feels bad man, havent increased it in like 2 months or so

Also 3 ppl are shadowbanned

2 upvotesLeonidas_791 year ago

That’s the key. Lifting today is what ploughing the fields was for our great grandparents, except lifting is much more aesthetically pleasing lol

2 upvotesgreyseal4941 year ago

I can guarantee you he has good genetics. I know guys who have lifted most of their lives and they look good, but they aren't model-perfect or even close. To build great muscle requires good genes, good nutrition and a lot of time.

2 upvotesssr4011 year ago

Which specific genes do you think he has? Because most of what you hear about genetics is pseudoscience bullshit by people looking for excuses about why they're fat and weak.

1 upvotesElijahBurningWoods1 year ago

Also, you shouldn't be smoking or drinking in abundance.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This guy sounds like mentor material tbh

1 upvotesPIQAS1 year ago

all this story and no sneak pic? why u do this to us :)

1 upvotesU-941 year ago

Been exercising non stop since 15, am 32 now. No reason to stop. Will work in testosterone or HGH into routine when I get into my 40s and 50s. I also have always alternated every other day with cardio via running and will work in more swimming as the knees go.

2 upvotesRares5555 [OP]1 year ago

I really have to learn to swim lol. I’ve been so caught up in lifting and bjj that I just had no interest in it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You should def learn to swim, for many reasons. But for low-impact conditioning, I find the rowing machine to be superior. If you've never tried it, I'd recommend it. Do some high intensity interval work on there and you'll get a killer full-body workout in less than 20 mins.

1 upvotesJJ33141 year ago

Have definitely known people who are serious about fitness and lifting looking 15, even 20 years younger once getting well into middle age and beyond. There's no downside to living like this if done correctly, apart from time and effort—which of course is the challenge. But anything worthwhile involves this.

1 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

I agree with the sentiment. We have to work with what we got and lifting and staying in shape is a great way to enhance whatever we’re given at birth. But how was his face, his hair, and his clothes? Do you think women would still be drooling if his face was a four or five out of 10, and he was balding, and dressed like he dgaf?

1 upvotesRares5555 [OP]1 year ago

He had a shaved head, clean shaven face and overall a strong boned face. Clear jawline and all that.

1 upvotesuwey1 year ago

calisthenics and diet to get the ultimate result: keep Mass and low fat.

If you do lots of gymnastics and actual functional fitness (like HIIT) injury will be a lot less.

Minimize injury, personally, I love kettlebell, it can make you pretty big if you get diet down you need mass.

Age will become number if you safely lift and do your maintenance, I know lots of dude in their late 40 or early 50 not massive but the tone, like Bruce Lee physique when they take off their shirt at the side of pool and girls just throw IOI at them constantly.

Get big by lift correctly, IF to get down the fat, and learn how to keep it for 10-20 years, that is the really hard part of the game.

1 upvotesFOldGG1 year ago

Thanks for sharing!

I too am a 59 year old; I just have to share this... While I am not as fit as the guy you described above, I am 215# and 5'9" tall; bench 260# and squat 350#, arms are about 18" and I bicycle 50 miles every week.

I walked into the fitness center and I ran into a 23 year old that went to high school with my sons. He was benching 115# and asked if I wanted to work in with him. After determining he was 5 minutes away from finishing I said I would just row to warm up.

When the kid is done he asks if I would like the weights off and I said "yes." Then I put 45s on each side and he asked if I was maxing right away. It gives special joy to a 59 year old to tell a 23 year old, "no, I am warming up first." Then, when I topped out at 260# he comes up to me and says, "wow, that is impressive." And I got to respond, just think kid, if you keep working in 36 years you can be as strong as me.

My youngest 2 sons, one just graduated high school and the other in his last year of college, that are extremely fit and despite significant high school sports success just discovered the weight room in the last 9 months. They are really starting to show the results and they are trying to catch their old man in the weight room.

2 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

Similar-age dude...minus some years (age 50).

Docs say I'm doing fine with the regular good diet, exercise, weights, and generally avoiding bad things.

I've been into fitness since the teen years and early 20s, 30s, 40s, etc., no recreational drugs, no excess drinking or tobacco use and like the young man says "it pays off."

Cool story and awesome display of "older man" strength. I like that.

1 upvotesSureshot10131 year ago

59 year old in that kind of shape is on gear for sure, but doesn’t make it less impressive to me.. hours in the gym and maintaining high value to women is what it’s about

1 upvotesbrideboy1 year ago

This is fake. Girls dony drool over anyone ay the gym. They may look, but not drool. Shit men rarely drool over women at thr gym.

What gym are you going to?

1 upvotesRares5555 [OP]1 year ago

That was um figurate speech. Heard of it?

0 upvotesbrideboy1 year ago


Tell me what else is figurative in your little anecdotes.

1 upvotesLuckyCriminal981 year ago

What about his diet? Was it just high carb low fat organic foods or what?

1 upvotesRares5555 [OP]1 year ago

More like a lot of chicken and beef salads, along with lots of fruits and moderate carbs.

99% clean eating from what he described.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

To me, the differentiator is simply staying disciplined, rather than relying on motivation. We all have days we're tired, over it, and just want to bail and enjoy the additional 2 hours at home. What i've noticed is, if you get your tired ass to the lab and start changing into workout clothes/start warming-up, you'll typically get in the zone and grind through a lift. Pre-workout or edibles can help too.

1 upvotesAuntieXhrist1 year ago

Sorry Raw5555, but genetics and dumb luck are more than likely against you. You’ll more or less progress to ‘The Dating Game’ or ‘The Bachelorette’. Grooovy!

1 upvotesgenuine_destructive1 year ago

I think this is more than lifting...

Since I’ve been considering it too, have any of y’all dropped alcohol entirely? How has this effected your game?

1 upvotesEnragedParrot1 year ago

Do it. Alcohol blows out all sorts of metabolic changes (as I sit here with a gin n tonic in hand)

1 upvotesdjh8601 year ago

Key thought to keep in mind at the gym. You are not there to work out. You are there to change your body into something attractive. Sometimes this is fairly dramatic change. This is hard work. It should hurt a little. You should feel sore in between workouts. If your muscle mass isn’t changing you aren’t doing enough or you are doing it wrong. Keep learning and adjusting and working harder until change begins to happen. Some women will flat out tell you “ I love a man with big shoulders”. You love child bearing hips and they love family protecting muscles .

1 upvotesmsammy_is_back1 year ago

Wealthy travelling business man? Lifts in the gym? Looks jacked?

He's got a Dr. feeding him scripts - giving him injections on the regular.

Just about every dude I know over 40 and making decent money is going to the "men's health clinic". We're all getting "TRT" which is a euphemism for Dr prescribed cycles.

1 upvoteskingbraderz1 year ago

Never get tired of these posts

1 upvotesGrandmasterHurricane1 year ago

" (and helped the young chicks there that were drooling over him, in between barbell rowing 180lbs)"

Curious. Do you consider 180lbs to be a lot weight for barbell rows?

1 upvotesRonaldo-CR7-1 year ago

He didn't tell you he was on TRT right?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Big back, huge arms and forearms, built legs, tight skin all over his body


1 upvotesmetallicdrama1 year ago

Yep. One of the best mentors I have ever had was like this. Is 55. Looks 35. Seriously. Runs to work everyday. Works 10 hours. Runs home. Does Calisthenics everyday. Naked in his basement because he’s a crazy Greek mofo trying to be Spartan. Lives mostly off oats, sweet potatoes, cabbage, beets and venison. Swears on not eating bread and dairy. Sleeps on a floor with only a sheet. Takes only cold showers. Main hobby is archery and bow hunting. Is still in an adult soccer league, still wrestles and boxes and would honestly beat the fuck out of most dudes half his age. Toughest most energetic SOB I’ve ever known. Man has had more ass than a toilet seat in a mall. His girlfriend is the same. She is 50 and looks 35. Hot as fuck for her age. She’s a marathon runner and can do 20 pull-ups. Take notes boys.

1 upvoteswiffofass1 year ago

Steroids are the single best thing I've discovered. I know that shit gets frowned upon on TRP but imagine having 5x amount the testosterone in you. You become an alpha automatically and girls pick up on it. It's possible to do it without any negative effects on your health. I take regular blood tests, my diet is ridiculously perfect and my health is better than most naturals my age (28) and I have been on high dosages of steroids for 2 years straight without coming off. I never will. I will just drop down to a lower amount of test (trt) which will still be double any other male has naturally. Talk about cheat codes in life. People pick up on high hormone levels. Just like pheromones. Suddenly all the guys wanna be your friends and girls just happen to work out next to you every single time you are in the gym. You can't be big and shredded naturally. Period.

That old guy was definitely on hormones. Why wouldn't he be. It's healthier to have high-normal levels than low levels. I'm actually even prescribed testosterone by a doc because I had very low test naturally at 20 years of age. Life got ridiculous after I fixed that. Even got my first gf then.

4 upvotesich_bin_doch_geil1 year ago

Most people frown upon it because improper use is known to cause internal health problems. Being shredded and strong is great, but if you die at 40 without accomplishing anything outside of the gym, most guys would view it as a wasted life.

1 upvoteswiffofass1 year ago

That's the thing. I don't know anyone who's had serious health problems from it. People use steroids for 30-40 years and live to an old age. It's not like pro bodybuilders are dying at 40. They are not. Monitor your blood pressure and bloods and you're fine. Predisposed heart issues etc are another story.

1 upvotesich_bin_doch_geil1 year ago

Everything is not meaningless. That nihilistic attitude can be very dangerous if you actually follow it down the rabbit hole to its obvious conclusions. Nietzche was quite clear about that. I doubt you really believe that statement, unless you are actually planning a mass shooting or terrorist attack in between your Reddit comments.

Perhaps those steroid guys are fine. Perhaps all the health issues are all just hype. Im no MD, so I cant actually attest to the validity of the scientific literature. I mean, look at Arnold, to my knowledge, he hasnt had any health problems uncommon to people his age.

But see, there plenty of natural ways to increase your testosterone or to keep it at normal levels. Our modern lifestyles and diets depress it so much that even taking simple natural steps can make a huge relative difference. So many guys dont see the point of juicing, because they have so much more T via simple lifestyle and diet changes, and therefore are more open to believing the hype about steroids.

Anyway, the whole point of RP philosophy is to develop the entire man. Lifting, and a good physique, is only part of it. Though certainly an essential component. Die Grundlage, if you will. Without it, you have nothing. Once youve got your lifting on lock, its time to develop other aspects of your life.

1 upvotesKhiv_1 year ago

Heya, I'm a begginer steroid user (27 yo, started 1 month ago with test). Just out of curiosity, what gear and doses do you use?

I'm asking this because I want to know the difference in dosages between someone who does it for quality of life like you and people at the steroids subreddit (my previous reply got deleted because I referred to the actual subreddit, sorry about that.). Feel free to PM me if you don't want to talk about this in here.

1 upvoteswiffofass1 year ago

I'm using bodybuilding dosages. Currently on 400mg test, 500mg eq - very good and mild combo for quality gains over a long period. Added 350mg tren ace this summer.

Between growing phases I would only use 150-300mg test depending on how much muscle mass you carry and are trying to maintain. I'll be honest I probably wont be dropping below 400mg for a while. If you can afford HGH then you can use much lower steroid dosages because they work great synergistically. 5 IU daily for growth. 2 IU for health.

1 upvotesPwnGU1N1 year ago

Is it possible to do bodyweight fitness instead or is lifting in particular mandatory?

2 upvotesabudun791 year ago

If you can't lift for any strange reason, calisthenics is better than sitting on a couch.

Although I'd say, if you have the chance to lift, treat bodyweight exercises as a sport that you traing for by lifting weights.

2 upvotesKhiv_1 year ago

Scientifically, weight lifting is the best for muscle growth.

Realistically, whatever exercise you enjoy is the best, because what matters is that you do it consistenly for the rest of your life and that you give 100% of yourself while doing it.

1 upvotesMetalageddon1 year ago

Definitely yes.

My uncle Vietnam vet, (went at 19, do the math yourself), is a 6'3 Jarhead ex Marine who still hits the gym 5 days a week. All Natural.

Now he has the genetics definitely, before he left he could've gone into football, but still, the sheer age he is vs what he looks (barely 40), is insane. He's a muscle bound slab of fucking concrete, tight skin with his Jarhead high n tight and wears fitted clothing. Biggest giveaway is silver hair with crows feet lining the eyes. Never dates since his wife died but I know he fucks whenever he wants to. Usually (from what I've seen) late twenties early 30s, and hott

I'm not saying everyone can do that, but I'm saying definitely if you take care of yourself as a full priority, you can do pretty fucking close.

1 upvotesUnrealKnite1 year ago

do you guys wear gloves or something to avoid the calluses and blisters that come with working out? I miss having soft hands

9 upvotesrocknrollchuck1 year ago

Use gloves when you first start out. After a couple of months, ditch them and use your bare hands. If you start getting blisters, then use the gloves until they heal. Your hands will toughen up over time.

For calluses, use a callus shaver.

8 upvotesEuropeanAmerican4201 year ago

do you guys wear gloves or something to avoid the calluses and blisters that come with working out? I miss having soft hands

Why lol rough hands kick ass

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Girls/ Women don't like rough, cut up hands. They don't like soft, feminine hands either but no woman wants bloody scabby hands

5 upvotesEuropeanAmerican4201 year ago

Lifting doesn't give bloody scabby hands

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I guess you've never deadlifted like an animal or done any sort of olympic lifting. Ha. City hands. You been counting money. If you had a $5000 net and $2000 worth of fish in it, and along comes Mr. White, and makes it look like a kiddy scissors class has gone to work on it and made paper dolls. If you'd ever worked for a living, you'd know what that means.

1 upvotesEuropeanAmerican4201 year ago

What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch? Ill have you know I graduated top of my class in tje navy seals and I am fully trained in gorilla warfare.

1 upvotessend_it_for_the_boys1 year ago

Right, cause it’s “Guerrilla warfare”

2 upvotessend_it_for_the_boys1 year ago

You covered them all. This guy has it. Women just don’t like hands.

3 upvotesFinal_Pantasy1 year ago

Started with gloves but it hampers your grip strength so I ditched them. Best to not use them and just get used to it.

3 upvotesdotwav2mpfree1 year ago

Gloves will hinder your ability to lift, but you need to be careful with pull type excersizes. The bar knurl can rip your callouses off if you don't use the correct grip. Mark Rippetoe has a good Youtube video on this technique.

5 upvotesMerwebb1 year ago

Hearty masturbation helps with that.

1 upvotes94savage1 year ago

Use lotion at home and night time

1 upvotesDontneedflashbro1 year ago

I personally started lifting with my dad around 13 and he introduced my to gloves. I been wearing gloves for the past 10 years. I recommend personally wearing gloves, but if not your hands won't be a battered mess.....you'll have that workers man hand lol. Just make sure to do compound lifts and ask someone for help if need be!

0 upvotesSumo941 year ago

What are the effects of playing basketball?

1 upvotesssr4011 year ago

Blown out knees if you do it wrong.

1 upvotesSumo941 year ago

How does someone do it wrong?

1 upvotesssr4011 year ago

Get knocked down and have your knee move in a way it's not supposed to. Bro do you even hoop? Knee injuries are pretty common even in rec leagues. And once you damage a joint it's never really the same again.

1 upvotesSumo941 year ago

I play at my local park and I only play with scrubs lol I do have knee pain but it comes and goes.

0 upvotesanabolic921 year ago

Hard to say without pics and not trying to take importance off lifting, but at 59 year old the last thing your body wants to keep on is muscle and your testosterone levels are low.

Most likely he is on TRT or steroids if he is as jacked are you saying to be, there is like two or three of this "grandpas" in my gym, all of them are at least on TRT but blow off physiques from 90% of the gym disregarding the age.

0 upvotesthe_real_lunch_box1 year ago

Your post motivated me, however for the betterment of the community here I would have loved to hear some of his tips or recommendations concerning lifting or diet. Especially for the older guys here in that range.

-1 upvotesS-Blaze1 year ago

Speaking of youth try out Spirulina and Chlorella. These 2 superfoods algae will boost your health and glow.

1 upvotesDannyLovesDerby1 year ago

He's not old enough to collect social security, I'm not impressed. Your argument is invalid.

2 upvotessaltyafrican1 year ago

What has that got to do with the importance of lifting? And it's more of an observation, not an argument...

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