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Guy bails on marital therapy, gets ripped, starts spending weeknights in New York City for new job, nails young Brazilian and surprise surprise...his marriage gets much much better

by redpillcad on /r/TheRedPill
02 July 2018 01:12 AM UTC
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On Saturday I attended a pre Independence Day BBQ someplace in the suburbs on the Acela line. A friend of a friend was there and looked to me to be doing really really well.

Stylish haircut, fashionable T shirt and shorts that acceuntated his greatly improved physique, and he was going on about a super new job he started 8 months ago.

The whole time, his wife was rubbing his shoulders, sweetly checking in on their kids to make sure they were happy, and getting him and me fresh drinks.

For years I knew they had problems. Arguments, Nagging, and Therapy sums it up. He didn't make enough money to suit her needs and had gotten soft after a so so college hockey background. He used to tell everybody who would listen that he was trying hard to save his family and was depressed etc etc blah blah. He really was afraid to lose her and was absolutely clueless why she was not happy

Later I learned that his wife had found some charges on his Amex from Victoria's Secret and while living alone 3 hours away during the week, he had been hitting gym very hard and taking some admin assistant out to try on clothes and fuck in the dressing rooms at various department stores. Alot.

So....how did she handle it? She told all her friends it was terribly hard to cut him loose now that he looked so good and he was working so hard for the family. Mind you, wifey had a lawyer BEFORE and was seeking a separation agreement but now thatwas off the table and her smile gave away a deeply happy woman who now had what she wanted:

A man that other women want

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