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How getting cancer, having my dreams crushed and being paralysed for 4 months made me a into man.

by IckeSvensk on /r/TheRedPill
10 July 2018 10:29 PM UTC

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I was born in 1997 to a loving small indian family in Norway, needless to say I was not not the most athletic kid (curry doesn't do that to you). Since the age of three years old I had a passion for soccer, I grew up improving my skills to become a better player playing with older boys. At the age of 14 I played with the domestic big teams academy, I was being matched with players two times my own size and up to three years older than me. I was scouted and brought to England for one month to try in a big team. My tryout went well and they advised me to start working out with my own bodyweight, I was only around 4'7" and weighed around 90 lbs. I was sent home during a Norwegian championship cup for under 16 year old boys as I was tackled and had to go out with an injury to my knee. I was the youngest player to ever participate in that tournament and I was named man of the match in 4 games of the 6 I played in. I won the top score trophy of the cup and played to the top three finalist. I was later sent to a hospital for a full checkup because who I had my current youth contract with had received a small bid for me from the English team academy I tried out for, they wanted to make sure everything was alright with me physically.

My mother quit her job and started looking for an apartment in England, my father sold one of his cars so we would have the money. He decided to stay in Norway because he had a business there, but was going to visit us often. When I reached the hospital, I had several tests done. Some of them pretty weird, but I didn't think much of what they were trying to do and I was just trying to get through the tests so that I could travel to England and do my best for my dream. I was talked about in the local newspapers and they said to 'watch out for me'. I was described as a 'clinical finisher', and a 'skillfull dribbler with good vision for passes'. My father was so proud that he bought and framed several of those newspapers and because of my low weight and height he called me his "little Messi" (Messi is a short footballer).

The day before I was going to meet with the English club about the contract proposal, the hospital results came in. I decided to go by myself, I figured it was only gonna be some papers I had to bring back to the club and nothing else as my knee felt better and I had been back on the field training. I got there and they asked me where my parents were. When I told them where they were, they gave me some water and told me to go to a seperate waiting room. I went there and played on my phone while waiting for the doctor to come back with the results. After an hour I got bored and went and asked how much longer I would have to wait. To my big surprise I walked in and saw my mother and father crying in the hallway. I ran over to my mother and hugged her, I asked her whats wrong. She didnt reply.

My doctor brought us to the waiting room where he sat me down and told me I had Lymphotic Leukemia. I didnt really know what it meant, but when he started to describe the chemotherapy I would have to undergo before I was allowed to play football again I was devastated. I called my head coach and told him to meet me at the academy. With my mother and father I told him that I was forced to quit to the the cancer and could therefore not sign a new contract.

I fought cancer for three years. I lost so much weight and my height didn't change much, I was fragile, skinny and hairless. I hated myself. I didn't have many friends outside of football, so I was also a loner in class. I decided to study hard and get good grades will undergoing chemo. I got straight As on my exams and finished at the age of 17.

Due to some bad nurse a needle in my back to extract bone marrow tissue went wrong and I lost all the feeling below my waist for 4 months (as if things could get any worse). I couldn't even control my pissing and shitting and I couldn't walk. When I finally had won against the cancer I was 5'1 and 75 lbs. Nothing but skin and bones. A broken human with no desire to live. I had to learn how to walk again, I had to learn how to stand, the muscles in my legs were gone. The hospital followed up with me with a nutrient expert and physiotherapist. By the end of my first year at the hospital I had grown to almost 5'4 and around 105 lbs. I was working out and tried my best to achieve my initial dream of becoming a footballer but I failed due to being physically and mentally drained by the cancer, I decided to let go of that dream and focus on my future.

I was now 5'6 at 115 lbs, 18 years old. Still small but I was trying to get bigger. My schoolgrades were improving, I was feeling better about myself and I started looking into the manosphere, stoicism and positive masculinity. While in the hospital bed I read everything I could and I felt something light up inside me that I hadn't felt since my football days. I wanted to become big, I wanted to become strong, I wanted to improve my self in all aspects and prove to myself that I was still a man. During the next two years I started to workout and improving myself and my confidence while going to school. I never played football again but I managed to get a first class managing license.


Today I am 5'8, 170 lbs 21 years old, lean and athletic with hopes to become bigger and stronger. Im going to law school to pursue my dream, I have a pretty and feminine girlfriend that does everything for me, we both live together, she is studying to become a nurse. Im a head coach of a local football team, consisting of boys ages 9 on the side of my studying and work. I also workout 6 times per week. I only eat healthy, no smoke and no alcohol (cancer was fun once but would be pretty lame to experience twice). The manosphere and Stoicism has helped me in such a way I cant even begin to describe how thankful I am for every man that has contributed to this space. I have a rock solid frame from the hardships I had to go through, nothing phases me anymore and I get the shit that needs to be done, done, without crying or whining about why it happened to me and why I am a victim and have it worse than everyone else. Because that is what men do. And I can finally say without being ashamed that I am a man. Thanks again for helping me become the man I am today, sorry for the sob story, but I wanted to share my experience with you to show that no matter how bad you think you have it, all you have to do is stay grounded, maintain your frame and focus on the solutions to the problems you have, solving them one by one until you succeed. Success is so much sweeter when you have been through hardships. Thank you again.

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Title How getting cancer, having my dreams crushed and being paralysed for 4 months made me a into man.
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0 upvotesSlyGradient1 year ago

Post is currently under investigation for authenticity.

Update: Appears to be a real story, but may not belong to the OP.

123 upvotesapskidb1 year ago

bravo. more power to you. good luck for the future.

76 upvotesCapnPoot1 year ago

Damn man, what a comeback story. Happy to hear youre killing it

233 upvotesAuvergnat1 year ago

I'm sorry but where's the misogyny? I was told there would be misogyny, but all I can find here is a buffet of badass.

20 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

where's the misogyny

Beat cancer, got big, now spinning plates like a magician

There, that's better

7 upvotesxxcups1 year ago

OP is a goal-oriented man who gets shit done. He does not fear the impossible but tackles the unknown head on and never bitches or complains. His story inspires men to become stronger and work harder: and dissuades us from being blue pill popping pusyboy victim betas like women and society say we should act.

114 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

God damn this story was incredible, good job buddy. I am happy everything is going well and wish you the best of luck.

45 upvotesthis_weeks_account21 year ago

Agreed. Sometimes in TRP we get sidetracked with betas, autism and a bunch of other sometimes stupid shit but this...this is an important story.

1 upvotestinderoglu1 year ago

Important stories are for complete betas broo if you want to read important stories why don’t you head on down to the romance section in your local soyboy bookstore where all the other soyboy autistic guys with no frame hangout!1 /s

2 upvotesthis_weeks_account21 year ago

Beta faggot! Chad would destroy you! Lol

20 upvotesSelf-honest1 year ago

Good on you man. I've been through some rough times facing my own mortality, not walking for a year, crawling to the bathroom, depression, and the other health problems that come from such major issues. Not to mention the financial burden. It's great climbing back out of that hole and seeing daylight. Life is fucking wonderful. Keep pushing.

18 upvotesAditya77-scorpio1 year ago

No life story in here, no FR can match yours. You are the very definition of a man ! You inspire !

14 upvotesThatGuyIam1231 year ago

You were lucky to find this place at such a young age. I'm not sure you would have survived without us. Seriously. TRP saves lives and not just figuratively. It saved mine.

105 upvotesThotwrecker1 year ago

This is some inspiring shit.

To all yall NON-cancer having, NON-paralyzed, privileged indians and asians and short people bitching and moaning about how "game doesn't work" and "looks is the only way" and there's no way you can be alpha and be fucking women... it's time to just kill yaselves. Because a 5'4'' fucked up little cancer brown boy showed you it was possible. So if you still can't admit that you just need to take responsibility and fix yourself from the foundation up, then just off yourselves.

99.9% of men can at least reach a SMV that's high enough to participate as an alpha in the sexual marketplace - let's say a SMV of 8. At this point if you still choose to believe you're pre-determined to be an incel forever due to genetic lottery, in spite of countless resources and information and help to improve your SMV, then you're better off dead.

This is proof that (some) men harden under pressure, and struggle is required to forge stronger men. So if you don't have cancer and you have a successful comfortable life, you need to constantly put yourself under some kind of evolutionary pressure to survive and thrive. Take on hardships - for example if you're a fatass, try to make the journey to being healthy and ripped as hard as possible. Do fasts, don't cook your food to be tasty, just steam everything as blandly as possible - don't try to make it easier. Make it as hard as you can - you'll grow that way.

Again congrats OP, I took this opportunity to go off on a rant, but my hope is that stories like yours can encourage guys on here to harden the fuck up, stop bitching, and actually push themselves to achieve something with the opportunities they take for granted.

6 upvotesAditya77-scorpio1 year ago

I wrote my little dumb comment praising the OP thinking 'yeah, I get it'. And then I see you add this huge value to the thread. How humbling?

5 upvotesclavabot1 year ago

But wait what if you need to have cancer and be parlayed to be a indian alpha.


But low key this is proving that in order to be a man you need to conquer, the struggle or fight or challenge that you need to over come is mandatory.

But then you run into the problem of romanticizing the struggle and you stop trying to improve because your thinking first i need to be at -100 to get to +100 vs being greatfull for being at +10 trying to get to +100.

-3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

99.9% of men can at least reach a SMV that's high enough to participate as an alpha in the sexual marketplace - let's say a SMV of 8.

Example of a man of SMV 8? To me that is pretty high and unless u are at least genetically average u need to become either semi-famous and/or semi-rich.

I think you people overestimate yourselves too much... Or i just have too high standards...

-15 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Most people dont gain height like he did most of us are stuck as manlets

-5 upvotesredestofthereds1 year ago

What if you're over 30? I'm surprised that I don't see that used as an excuse a lot around here. Fuck it, I'm still gonna risk getting labeled as a creeper, I gotta do me. But what do you think?

Edit:Why am I downvoted? I'm well versed with the side bar and I see that age isn't addressed that much.

11 upvotesGuruDev10001 year ago

If you're over 30 you should follow stuff from /u/vasiliyzaitzev, who's 50 and slaying it.

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Just be rich and high status bro...

11 upvotesBostonPillParty1 year ago

The next time I see a fellow brown guy complain on TRP or AskTRP, I’m linking this post and telling them to shut the fuck up.

Shit isn’t easy for us, but man it feels GREAT getting your due when you bear your burden, and stoically push forward to your goal.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesJunKunX1 year ago

If hardships are good, should we impose hardships on others? Should I make my son go through hardships — and if yes, to what degree?

1 upvotesleviathan511 year ago

The problem is, he will hate you, until he will understand you one distant day.

3 upvotesIncendior1 year ago

Fun fact, Dam Sun is a Tây Nguyên folk hero. Long story short the Sun goddess was being a bit of a bitch, so he fought her, beat her, and fucked her. Vietnamese folklore my dude. Look up Đăm Săn it you have 2 minutes to kill

3 upvotesLiefskaap1 year ago

I would agree that it does make one stronger, however lucky for getting cancer? Come on.

1 upvotesGreedy_Flow1 year ago

wtf, no one's lucky getting cancer

9 upvotesuwey1 year ago

Some born to waste life away, but you came to fight and fight ferociously to triumph.

My admiration to you, that hope nothing stops you on your journey, bon voyage.

7 upvoteschasethebanks1 year ago

Wow. This is amazing. Thank you for the inspiration, brother.

7 upvotesPragmaticpandas1 year ago

Keep getting after it man. Love that you're using your experience to inspire people.

8 upvotesmindblower2theMAX1 year ago

Well done brother. many thanks for your inspirational message and story.

7 upvotesliamisic9111 year ago

Had ALL myself, currently going through maintenance that shit is brutal! I’m 26 now diagnosed at 23 my whole life literally went up side down. I totally get the whole not being a victim thing, it’s like I’ve got to prove to myself I still have the power to be me again. Props to you, not many people understand that mental shift you have, its like a really long trippy experience. I’m glad its made you into a better person i’ve seen it crush people.

5 upvoteshaamrtime1 year ago

Man to man, you’re a legend. Keep going and keep us updated. You’re doing big things!

6 upvotesandAutomator1 year ago

Inspiration story brother. Good to hear you're back. I been feeling a bit rough these past few weeks but reading your story gave me such a wake up call.

7 upvotesCasd121 year ago

Experiencing hardships to a point where you feel like you have nothing going for you and to overcome it is the real puberty that transforms you from a boy into a man. Very inspirational story op

4 upvotesschlatt91 year ago

Wow. I appreciate this story more than any other story I have read all month. Thank you for sharing

5 upvotesChoocher971 year ago

Wow bro I’m 97 as well definitely inspired my bumass to go make something of myself

4 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

You are amazing man, keep up the excellent self improvement and youll be on top of the fucking world in no time. Thank you for sharing.

5 upvotesdinnerwithfunions1 year ago

Thank you for sharing sir. I wish you the best.

5 upvoteshighnhorny1 year ago

Awesome work! Keep on killing it.

Can you tell me where I can find these books about manosphere, stoicism and positive masculinity?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What treatments were you on? That type of height and weight gain, especially lean weight gain is completely unheard of after 18 yrs old, especially for someone fighting cancer. That's amazing, man!

4 upvotesmukituki1231 year ago


3 upvotesthe_real_lunch_box1 year ago

How you have risen above this before you even had a chance, amazing. You have every right to complain yet you powered on and still beat a deadly disease too. Kudos man really.

3 upvotesChrimsonChin9881 year ago

I’m 100% positive I’ve read this story before. 1-2years ago I think. Ever posted it somewhere else OP?

Edit: I think it was on elliott hulse if I’m correct

3 upvotesUltraPoss1 year ago

I am an engineer and sometimes the design process before the implementation of the solution can be very difficult, especially when the deadline is short. I have been struggling with this task since days and when i got to work, i had a discussion with a colleague of mine who showed me the uselessness of what i had set up. It goes without saying that the first thing i felt is a complete disincentive to carry on this task even though i am obliged too, as that is what i am paid for. I then opened this sub to read and forget my "painful" life, and read your story. You are a fucking winner man. Bravo. You just instantly brought me back on rails. I realized i don't have any right to complain or feel unmotivated for this kind of shitty reason. Thank you and i wish you all the best in your life, keep fighting bro'.

3 upvotesCaciqueBoss1 year ago

this post made me realize how a little bitch I am.


3 upvotesShaney961 year ago

Fuck man, shit like this gives me a nice slap of "what you complaining about pussy?" Congratulations on your growth man; continue your journey to greatness.

3 upvotesBroder451 year ago

This isn't a sob story. It's a motivational story about a kid that said no to giving up despite impossible odds and won.

You're incredible, man. At 21, you've had more intense life experiences and lessons than most people will throughout their lives. With your experience and mental strength, you're going to do some incredible things. Make sure to pass it on to the kids your coaching because you are going to make a lifelong impression on them. Thank you for what you're doing for them.

1 upvotesStopCryLouding1 year ago

As others in this thread pointed out, OP stole this story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF2R7PAqGQk

He changed a few details like years but none of this happened to OP.

2 upvotesredpillbanana1 year ago

Thanks for the link. This should be higher up. OP has some explaining to do.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Don’t feel sorry for the “sob story” it was incredible. I wish you doing great in the future!

2 upvotestranquil_af1 year ago

Thanks for the post, it was inspiring af. You're a badass.

2 upvotesboy_golden11 year ago

Mad respect for you, bro.

See you at the top!!

2 upvotesskeptixon1 year ago

Well done man! Keep on keeping on

2 upvotesblkMGTOW071 year ago

This dude is a fucking winner. Great story bro.

2 upvoteskukienboks1 year ago

How can I become an into-man too?

2 upvotesalphapato1 year ago

For those who are lazy to read


2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This story is what being a man is all about bro

2 upvotesLiefskaap1 year ago

I fractured my humerus back in May and I've been very down since then, lost all my muscle and can't really do much beside watch netflix. Though my fractured humerus does not at all compare to your hardships, I'm thankful for the uplifting read.

2 upvotesziriguidumm1 year ago

Your story is what I needed to read today, thank you bro!

2 upvotesRedHoodhandles1 year ago

Thank you for this. When you're on the ground it is motivating to know that men have pulled themselves back up from deeper holes.

2 upvotesSparky1591 year ago

There's always something about almost dying that always brings out the most well-rounded and goal-oriented qualities in a man

Good job OP, keep going on your path in life and you'll come out on top

2 upvotesWork_In_Progress921 year ago

Hard times create strong men.

Powerful and inspiring.

1 upvotesMath_Baller1 year ago

Great job dude. Your story is incredible and definitely gives me motivation to stay positive and work hard at all aspects of life.

1 upvotesredpillbanana1 year ago

If it's true it's an amazing story, thanks for sharing it. Most boys don't go through 1% of the hardship you've experienced and you've come out better than 99% of them.

The manosphere and Stoicism has helped me in such a way I cant even begin to describe how thankful I am for every man that has contributed to this space.

Imagine that, a man receiving useful advice from a community of men trying to help each other. If you listen to the feminists, they'll tell you that feminism has plenty of resources for you and you don't need those misogynists in the manosphere. Imagine how much further along he'd be now if the feminists had gotten hold of him first! /s

Edit: looks like it was a fake story.

1 upvotesDeontologicalSanders1 year ago

(cancer was fun once but would be pretty lame to experience twice)

Lol, someone get this guy a wheelbarrow for his fucking balls.

Great story.

1 upvotesOmisla11 year ago

what a fucking hugbox is this sub just lol

1 upvotesHothOurYou1 year ago

How did cancer make you a foot taller? Is that a side effect? And first you said soccer but then football. Which one is it?

-1 upvotesHierEncore1 year ago

sweet story, but off topic/wrong sub.

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