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A narrow escape

by sagaray304 on /r/TheRedPill
22 July 2018 05:00 AM UTC

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TL;DR: Sister set me up on a date with her friend. Her friend had poked holes in condoms. Lucky escape. Sister knew and was in on it. When confronted, said, “it’s in your best interest to have a family”.


I’m now 29, reaching 30. I recently got a job working for the government. Perks include job security, a decent pension and interesting work. I’m from a poor family but have done really well for myself. I have one sister.

Past happenings to friends, general media coverage, and personal experience turned me towards the red pill a few years ago. I’m by no means Adonis with 2% body fat and nor do I have multiple plates. However, nor am I a billy beta. I can stand up for myself, I have a stressful job, I lift, and was recently in an LTR. I have imbibed TRP concepts and principles and I’m still working on it. I have the type of personality that would rather go to jail than pay court mandated payments if I thought they were unfair.


My sister and I don’t get along. We have a cordial relationship but that’s it.

As I’ve progressed in my career, she’s gotten more entitled. Why am I not paying for her spoilt kids school uniform? She spilled coffee on her laptop, why am I not buying her a new one. Groceries and rent are so expensive, could I help her out a bit? She had to put her holiday on her credit card and is now behind, can I make a payment? She needs new tires on her cars etc etc.

Now, I hate people who are entitled. The reason I'm well off is because while you were partying and getting pregnant at 16 and having abortions at 17, I was in a dark room studying thermodynamics. If she had asked nicely I would have said yes to some of those things. But she doesn’t so I tell her to sod off most of the time. Some of you will undoubtedly comment and say that’s not a red pill thing and I’m definitely billy beta for giving in sometimes. I don’t care. I’m the first to accept that I’m not 100% red pill and she is my sister after all. The point is I only do it when I feel like it.

Now she sets me up with her friend (Sally). Sally is like my sister, however, unlike my sister and her friends, Sally is not a single mother! Shock horror. I’ve had a stressful few weeks, moving, new job etc and my willpower is close to zero so I accept. Has anyone noticed that single mothers have a lot of single mother friends?

The date goes well; we end up back at hers. I take a condom out. Sally says, no, we can use one of mine and she takes one out of her dresser drawer. I shrug. Whatever. Now, here is where she fucks up. She starts explaining why we should use her condom rather than mine. I work in law, and I had just been to a workshop where it was highlighted how those that have something to hide generally speak and/or explain too much. But whatever, right? Then she hands it to me, still babbling on.

I take it in my hand but the wrapper is slick, not dry. I wipe my hand on the sheets and go to tear it open. Then something clicks. Somethings not right. She’s shaking at this point. I go to the sink and fill the condom up with water and sure enough there is a tiny hole at the end from which water is seeping out. She’s crying and saying she’s sorry and didn’t mean to. My head is full of thoughts zipping through at a 100mph. I leave.


The next day I confront my sister who acts shocked and says she can’t believe it. Somethings not right. I check her phone. Texts showing that she knew and was in on it. The kicker. A text that reads: “You’re a moron for not acting better!!!”

I’m ashamed to say I did not hold frame. I lost my shit. I screamed at her. She screamed back. Said her friend deserves a baby and a family. Called me selfish. I said she’s my sister. How can she put her friend’s ‘well-being’ over her own brothers? She said I didn’t know what I wanted in life and it would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m here licking my wounds. Mom’s taken her side off course. I’ve had a narrow escape. Just sharing it so that it’s therapeutic for me (it's quite recent and I'm still processing all of it) and that it may serve as a lesson for some of you.


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787 upvotesCalvinRichland1 year ago

Cut all ties with sister and move on.

428 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

And the mother too, she wanted OP to get some random strange pregnant and is on the psycho sister's side.

42 upvotesGyissan1 year ago

Not a random stranger, OP said the woman was previously like a sister to him. OP should cut all of them out.

67 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

No, I read it as OP saying that Sally's behavior/mannerisms/etc were like his sister's behavior/mannerisms/etc. Not that Sally was like a sister to him.

32 upvotesyeahmaybe21 year ago

"Sally is like my sister, however, unlike my sister and her friends, Sally is not a single mother! " This sentence indicates that the Sally is being compared to the sister, ie "...not a single mother!" So Sally is similar to sister, not like a sister to OP.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Sally is a vapid selfish cunt who acts in exactly the same irresponsible and manipulative manner as OPs sister.

That’s how I understand it.

4 upvotesOrbiter451 year ago

The easter egg in this post, is the level of female social compliance. Not sure the actual term.

But of OPs sisters friends, Sally is the only one not single with a kid. Its like Sally needed to get knocked up to fit in. Sally would be much better off with a new group of friends.

OP, if you read this. The kindest thing you could possibly do for Sally, is to explain to her, your sister is NOT her friend. That she should get herself a new social network, maybe move out of the city.

1 upvotesSuave_Terry1 year ago

Fuck Sally and OP's sister. Seriously.

1 upvotesLordDongler1 year ago

She is similar to his sister

1 upvotescobaltcolander1 year ago

I think your interpretation is the one closest to the truth, but OP should have paid more attention at that sentence and use better punctuation.

108 upvotesAndorli1 year ago

Never speak to your sister again, ever fucking again. This is unforgivable and completely breaks all boundaries not even personal but basic human rights! She decided to completely manipulate your entire course of life. Imagine what would happen if u though with your dick at the time! Good for you tho OP for acting smart, very well handled. And you shouldn't give a shit about holding frame with your sister, in fact stop caring about her existence at all.

14 upvotesJLHumor1 year ago

How the fuck does the mother take her side. It sounds like your sisters behavior was something she learned from your mom. Great family.

3 upvotesDmva1001 year ago

Agreed next thing you know she'll be trying to blackmail you Into getting pegged so you can waltz around with a massive butthole.

469 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

She is not your sister anymore. That is Terrible. That is a cold-hearted betrayal of trust. The consequences are life-changing. She was happy for you to be used and abused by her friend.

She wanted to hurt you. She hates you.

Protect yourself Take care of yourself They do t give a shit

I’m sorry. Good luck.

236 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

Yes. I'm starting to get that now. I think she resents the fact that I don't have kids. She sees me living the life, car, house, cash and no kids and she doesn't like it one bit. So she's hamstering a way into bringing me down by appearing to act in my best interests.

78 upvotesdonkeydodo1 year ago

Most probably. She resents herself for being a failure, says you don’t know what you want in life while in truth she’s the one wantng your life because she fucked up and don’t want to be the only one. Many has stated this before me, but cut the ties to her. She’s not worthy of your time, she’s just a parasitic leech; you have no obligation to her just because you’re family, she has proven that multiple times. Ask her kindly to fuck off, if she doesn’t, go to the police and file a report on the condom scenario for her and her friend

14 upvotesReadyPlayer151 year ago

I feel bad for you neices or nephews

12 upvotesJLHumor1 year ago

She tried to ruin you by coming up with an evil plan. I would never speak to her again, she's not a good person.

9 upvotesTheRedApostle1 year ago
  1. Do everything you can to get your hands on those texts - take screenshots from her phone and forward them to you, or sync backups, if that's possible somehow. You're practically entitled to take her phone away from her as evidence at this point.

  2. I don't know if you kept the condom, but if you did - good job.

  3. Cut all ties with your sister, mom and all the women who sympathize with the girl.

  4. I suggest you get a lawyer and sue both the girl and your sister, if not your mom. Do NOT think with your emotions at this point - these women were setting you up for a lifetime of mental illness and haemorrhaging resources. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, AND THEY WOULD'VE DONE THE SAME TO YOU.

  5. Go lift.

3 upvotesmagx011 year ago

BINGO. It's 100% pure jealousy.

0 upvoteszyqkvx1 year ago

This is an example how it's normal for women to be casual sociopaths. Holes in a condom is equivalent to a man ripping a fart in the back of a convenience store when no one is looking; no big deal.

You're life could be come as sweet as honey if you moved to a different state you liked. If you are going to stay where you are the best thing you could do use this condom crime as a platform to confront her and go no contact. Then always be nice to your mom, but NEVER see her. Make your mom's understanding that the sister condom thing was a no-turning back thing and that you still want to have a relationship with your mom, but you are grown up now and that's just how it is. Frame it that you have to be away in this stage of your life and work hard to have basic success. It wouldn't be past me to lie and make up catastrophes every once in a while that cost a lot of money, big money. Like a failed business deal that took you down $50,000. After that it makes sense that you are always away and don't have open wallets for others.

You should never give people money sometimes and sometimes not. You are programming them to be a manipulative psychopath when you do that. Get a friend that always bums smokes. Then give him smokes some of the time and not others. See what happens. That will be your quick guide.

226 upvotesVillagersUnite1 year ago

Dude. Just glad to hear you didn't get caught up holy shit.

Said her friend deserves a baby and a family. Called me selfish.

I have no more words.

17 upvotesHumanSockPuppet1 year ago

Women "reason" via present state of emotions. A decision is decided to be good if it produces positive feelings in the near future.

When called upon to explain why those past judgments have not resulted in present day happiness, they rationalize, deflect, and shift blame.

Trust a woman no more and no less than you would trust a child.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Exactly, because if her friend deserves a baby she could go to a sperm bank, but NO, she had to intertwine the OP!

27 upvotesjohnbranflake1 year ago

She deserves a baby and a “family” meaning OP and his paychecks

4 upvotesenkae73171 year ago

Gotta get them custody payments somehow.

1 upvotes111Dx1 year ago

BP guy would say, "Bitches be crazy, man."but I think this was a pre-planned resentful trust-breaking life-destroying maneuver on sister's part.No joke Sally was shivering with fear when OP caught her.

148 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Never speak to your sister again. It sounds like she actually hates you but is also too weak of a person not to need your help and money. She resents you for it but wants your money at the same time. She's also resentful of your success and she wants you to get her friend pregnant so that you're taken down to the same level as her. It's a way of equalising what she sees as a lost contest with you.

If your mother gives you a hard time for it, tell her the matter is closed and you don't want to talk about it.

If your mother won't stop bringing it up then walk out of the room and go home/somewhere else. This includes renting a motel room if you're staying at her house. Be civil about it of course. If she brings it up just remind her that you're her son and you love her but she doesn't understand what's gone on between her children. Warn her if she doesn't stop you will leave. Not for good, but you will end your current meeting and exit.

You worked hard and achieved for yourself. Your sister doesn't own you just because you have the same blood. She clearly doesn't respect you. She will take advantage of your earned success every step of the way and never be grateful for your help. Maybe your mother too, but we don't have enough information about her from your post.

Cut your sister loose, but not your mother. Your mother probably heard your sister's warped version of the truth which is why she is defending her. Plus, you've given us no sign that your mother has actually mistreated you, and also it should take more to separate parents and children than it should siblings. You'll feel empty and alone inside at first but you'll get past it. They did this, not you.

If it helps: if you do this they might actually start to respect you and you can build again from there. But it will be a few years of you taking zero shit and just walking away for them to get anywhere near this.

71 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

this is spot on. I have my own place so that is not an issue. I will be reducing contact with them from now on. I don't take any shit anyway and this I know for a fact has frustrated my sister to no end. I don't babysit and I call her out on her bullshit. So she's hamstered a scenario in which she is a saviour to my undoubtably sad life! Ha

26 upvotesvenerablebear1 year ago

Reducing contact? How can you have any contact with your sister after this? Your mother, I don't fully understand her reaction, but your sister... You don't need evil (or just plain stupid?) people like that in your life.

15 upvotesfaggots4trump1 year ago

Should have taken screenshots of messages and reported to da polis.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

OP, you are a legend and a genius. Thank you for doing the right thing and keeping yourself your #1 priority. I wont even go into the horror stories of the fate of men around me that didnt hold their frame... including myself. Your life is good , keep it that way. Keep your lucky streak going by donating to a church or something hahaha, fuck, just hold it together and don't talk to them for at least 2 years. I cut my mother off and regularly block her for months/years at a time, only checking in every year or so when i need to get some information through her or something, and she readily gives it up and then i disappear again. Lol.

Actually, this just reminded me. Yesterday i was studying Law 10 of the 48 laws of power to really ingrain it into my head. (Law 10: infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky.) If you have $40 I'd suggest buying the physical book. Its a gold mine. And a lifesaver.

2 upvotessimplisticallysimple1 year ago

Absolutely spot-on analysis. She's jealous that OP is successful and is hell-bent on taking him down with her, and the only way she can think of is to ruin his life with kids (with an equally-psycho mother) while having the noble excuse of "it's time for you to have a family" as an alibi.

68 upvotesPaulMurrayCbr1 year ago

She’s crying and saying she’s sorry and didn’t mean to.

She "didn't mean to". Jesus H Christ.

Mom’s taken her side off course.

Yet again, we discover the reality of "Team Woman". A man has more in common with a tribal new-Guinean man with his own sister and mother.

55 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

"Didn't mean too, under a lot of stress, just wanted a baby".

Clearly all of the above make it okay! What's fucked up is other women sympathise with her!

59 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

She's just sad she got caught, and she knows it's fucked up so she's crying to get out of trouble.

Had she tricked you and gotten pregnant there would be no tears. Only demands. Lots and lots of demands.

11 upvotesShimaRoosman1 year ago

Didn't mean to? What the actual fuck.

4 upvotesmajaka12341 year ago

"whoops I slipped on a banana peel and my dick just went inside you. Sorry."

-no man, ever.

-1 upvotesIWouldveFollowdAlice1 year ago

Normal women don’t sympathize with her, I assure you.

6 upvotesjohnbranflake1 year ago

I bet the mom doesn’t know the truth, but some version of events spun through her sister and her friends eyes.

4 upvotesAlternativeAward1 year ago

She didnt mean to get caught, of course

29 upvotesI_ysk1 year ago

She said I didn’t know what I wanted in life and it would be the best thing that ever happened to me.


I recently got a job working for the government.


I work in law


Sounds to me like you've got options.

86 upvotesBuddhistSC1 year ago

Your sister is literally trying to ruin your life. If I were you, I would cut all contact with her and your mother.

25 upvotesJejmaze1 year ago

Mom’s taken her side of course

Bloody hell man, that’s even more messed up. This is some malevolent shit they just tried to put you through and your mom doesn’t even bat an eye?

1 upvotesleviathan511 year ago

His mom has probably just heard a really warped version from his sister.

46 upvotesboy_named_su1 year ago

Shit dude, if you cut your sisters brake line that'd be fair. Never talking to her again is being merciful

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Jesus bro, your sister is a fucking monster

52 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

What the fuck. That is unbelievable.

I have sisters and I’ve started to lose trust in them. But this is absurd.

Cut all ties with your sister.

This will be hard at first but it is necessary. You cannot keep her in your life anymore. Something like this is unforgivable.

-2 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Yeah im the troll. This is not a decision someone on the internet can decide for someone else, leave that kind of thing to OP. Jesus

1 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

Then why the fuck are you on this subreddit if you don't want to take advice from people on the internet? You just confirmed your retardation.

-1 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Uhh, no I simply said I don't take everything said on here to heart. That's all my statement inplied you fuckin blockhead. You just confirmed your retardation.

18 upvotes-DoW-1 year ago

She shares some of your DNA but who gives a shit. Cut all ties and get on with your own journey.

17 upvotestemerity181 year ago

Besides all the advice to treat your criminally insane sister as air forever: Flush your condoms. A two dollar item is used by women to impregnate themselves from used condoms called a turkey baster.

9 upvotesShimaRoosman1 year ago

This. I've been with my girlfriend for a few years now and I still wash out condoms immediately after using them, then either flush or bury in the trash. We're having a kid when I'M ready

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I realize this won’t be a popular opinion, however I’ll say it anyways as I feel it’s important. If you don’t want kids you shouldn’t be having sex. The exact same principle applies to these single moms who were “accidentally” pregnant. No they weren’t. They had sex. It was on purpose.

8 upvotesShimaRoosman1 year ago

That's quite a stoic way of looking at things, definitely see your point but ultimately you've gotta weigh up how much risk your willing to take in life vs how much you want to enjoy that life

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

That is absolutely correct. And a great observation. By being safe you’re significantly reducing your chances of having a child. And nothing is wrong with that.

36 upvotesTheruj1 year ago

Woah dude. That’s harsh, I’m so sorry. Family can be shit sometimes...if I were you I’d go head first into the new job, shutting down everything else!

36 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Fuck me.. narrow escape indeed. I think I've had my head in the sand thinking that wouldn't happen where I live, but that idea is in the bin.

Your sister is bloody ruthless.. that's some soap opera shit right there.

35 upvotesatticusfinch19731 year ago

Your sister knowingly helped her friend attempt to alter your life permanently in a negative way. Instant dismissal. I'd forget I even had one.

49 upvotesre4d31 year ago

Single mommery is a bane of earth. In good old times, such females were shamed, ousted and not entitled for any mandated support, forced to beg or prostitute and thus acting as a warning example for other young females. It must be responsibility of a father to guard his daughters and to slip them under supervision of husband. Without this, females are too stupid to think 2 years ahead and boys ate too keen to fuck, so chaos ensues.

That level of female solipsism your sister shown is above anything I read here. They "deserve".

49 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

Society has fetishized single moms to martyrhood, where they can do no wrong. While men are shamed for not conforming.

21 upvotesReefaShark1 year ago

This is grossly true. My mom thinks I can’t date women because I’ve been monk mode for almost a year so she says things like how maybe I’d like to marry a single mother to nurture and take care of someone. She’s crazy religious and would freak the fuck out if either of my sisters had gotten pregnant before getting married, but other women are deserving of my success just because she “has a heart for them” ffs.

15 upvotesaskmeanything21 year ago

This is a great warning: if you date/plate 28+ singles, they sometimes decide it's baby time and they take whatever steps necessary.

As to people like the sister and mom, greatly reduce the time you allocate to toxic relatives, you'll enjoy life a lot more.

Source: my mom has BPD

4 upvotesget-tilted1 year ago

h o l y s h i t.

I didn’t know this level of crazy existed. Fuck me man, I never knew I was so god damn lucky to have two sisters who aren’t crazy and have friends who are so high value that I don’t have to worry about this shit.

Like what the fuck man. If I had heard about this from my friend, I’d be helping him scheme ways to get the girl an abortion without her knowing it. That shit is some serious human trash shit.

I’ll just add to the fire already and say go no contact with your sister and mother. It sounds like some hard shit, but sooner or later she’ll fuckin get ya. Crazy doesn’t just stop. You also showed your hand to her as a “beta” by responding to this shit, so she WILL keep trying. Your mom also was compliant in this. And not like random German in world war 2 compliant, more like Hitler’s second hand man compliant.

Sorry this shit happened man. AWALT, but at least now you know it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

> I didn’t know this level of crazy existed.

Welcome to the desert of the real.

23 upvotesMenchstick1 year ago

Oh boy is she envious of you. So much that she made a plan to completely ruin your life and make her misery more bearable.

Kain and Abel 101, why work hard to live up to your ideal when you can just smash his head with a rock and keep rolling in the mud of your failures?

You handled it well, best of luck to you brother.

8 upvotesHyper_Sonik1 year ago

Now.imagine that. NOT only would you have gotten her pregnant but would've then had 3 women barking at you for the rest of your life.

32 upvotesQazreddit991 year ago

You probably have grounds for some legal action. Even if it's just to give her some much deserved stress, it might be worth looking into. Or not. Your call.

30 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

There is no recourse. I asked around. Three reasons. Firstly, I am a man. Secondly, She is a woman. Thirdly, I have no proof. She can turn on the waterworks and claim defective condom etc. Technically no crime or harm has occurred. The police will not spend resources to investigate and get text messages. The condom is probably long gone. I can go privately but the cost is prohibitive.

13 upvotestemerity181 year ago

If a man does it it's misogyny and [rape]https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.seventeen.com/health/sex-health/amp46679/what-you-need-to-know-a. And you get convicted for it.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

[permanently deleted]

53 upvotessagaray304 [OP]1 year ago

I'm a lawyer. Not the criminal type. In the UK, it's all about resource allocation. It's not going to happen. I can scream and shout and shake it all about. Not going to happen.

There's a saying here for civil cases. Lots of clients want to sue for the principle of it. How can they get away. They must be taught a lesson. Lessons cost money. That is the bottom line. My sister is in debt and has no assets to speak of. Her friend I don't know, I doubt she's rolling in it either. Why would I want to spend £50,000 to get a judgement that in reality is unenforceable? To be morally superior? I'll keep the money and warn others (hence the post).

16 upvotesUltraCarnivore1 year ago

Thank you very much for warning us, OP.

2 upvotesfaggots4trump1 year ago

Police report and couple kopperz questioning them will scare them off from trying again. As it is, they were not punished for their attempt so they have no incentive to not try it again.

3 upvotesQazreddit991 year ago

That sucks, but makes sense. Good luck with life brother. Stay strong.

8 upvotesBuddhistSC1 year ago

Is this true? I thought there would be no recourse available. What can he do?

Intuitively my gut instinct was to say he should report it to the police, but then I realized they wouldn't care and neither would anyone else, which is beyond fucked up.

1 upvotesQazreddit991 year ago

Ask a lawyer. I'd imagine there is a legal term for this. Conspiracy? Fraud? Something similar. But I could be wrong. But chances are he'd spend thousands for no real reason.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It’s not illegal to poke holes in a condom. The courts have already ruled that once sperm leaves your body it’s no longer yours. Having sex results in kids. That’s just biology.

-1 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Simply not worth it, however if he got her pregnant (well she'd have gotten herself pregnant in this case) he could take a legal pursuit of justice sure

18 upvotesRP_Mamba1 year ago

Doubt it, the judge would just tell him to man up and take responsibility for the kid. By take responsibility of course I mean giving the girl large sums of money for 18 years that will probably never be spent on the kid.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Mate, i would have lost my fuckin shit, don't feel bad about losing frame, you could have just got so fucked in the ass for the next few years. lost for words here but thanks posting this up

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Has someone who removed narcissistic family members from my life, I can tell you that's the best thing I have ever done

I'm usually the type to not comment on these situations, but if this story is true your sister (and probably your mom too) is a narcissistic piece of shit.

7 upvotesNDNPreserve1 year ago

Classic example of how women will turn against family sometimes to continue their goals, seemingly out of nowhere.

7 upvotesvictor_knight1 year ago

I said she’s my sister. How can she put her friend’s ‘well-being’ over her own brothers?

It's common knowledge that women will sell out their own flesh and blood (males) to help other women. Even mothers will sell out their sons if the circumstances are right.

9 upvotesDangZagnut1 year ago

You gotta break up with your sister. She's clearly in fuck you over mode, so perhaps a decade ghosting might find her in a better mood in 2028.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

GHOST them all. They are trying to fuck you up. And, no. It’s not a “mistake”.

Worthless individuals.

You keep hanging around dogs you’re gonna get fleas.

Winners don’t associate with losers.

14 upvotesProFriendZoner1 year ago

What the literal fuck did I just read?

14 upvotesstaubgame1 year ago

Dude feck you dodge a bullet indeed.

Like many recommmend, seriously,

Cut all ties with sister and move on.

There's a limit to everything.

8 upvotesHavelBro_Logan1 year ago

Honestly I don’t know what I’d do in your shoes, I’d be Heart wracked and off the rails mentally. But, from the lucky position I am in now with a logically thinking brain, you should definitely never speak to her again.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Nah. You would think that. But we all would just cut ties and never speak to them again. Which is the appropriate thing to do. Why get emotional about it with them? It’ll only hurt us.

1 upvotesHavelBro_Logan1 year ago

Again that’s from a logically thinking perspective, but if you were in that situation it’d be far more difficult to think so clearly.

6 upvotesBostonPillParty1 year ago

Ignorant, evil, and beyond repair. Cut those people out if your life ASAP. Blood ain’t thicker than shit.

6 upvotesDaflique1 year ago

This world is gone absolutely fucking insane. Wow.

7 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

The next day I confront my sister who acts shocked and says she can’t believe it. Somethings not right. I check her phone. Texts showing that she knew and was in on it. The kicker. A text that reads: “You’re a moron for not acting better!!!”

Well done on spotting this before anything bad actually happened. You're right not to pursue legal action - it's fucking pointless.

But I'm going to go against everyone else here and make one suggestion: Don't cut ties with your family.

Accept them as they are (yes, for the manipulative shits they are). See less of them. Reduce your emotional dependence to zero. Care nothing about what they say, think or do. But don't cut them out of your life. Don't burn bridges.

In fact it's a good rule of life: never burn bridges. It feels good for five seconds, but it's not in your long term best interests. Nothing good comes of it.

But DO accept that she tried to do this to you, tried to set you up, and your mother took her side. This is how deep women go to protect defend and support each other: betrayal of male family members. Your mother may also have known about it and been in on it. Accept this too.

Do nothing for them, but don't cut them off. Don't talk to them for a while, prioritise yourself, but don't cut them out. You can always do that later, no advantage to doing it now. But I suggest you never do it.

1 upvotesgreatamericancities1 year ago

This is some next-level, long-term advice.

"He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer."

7 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

Duuuuuddddde, this must be one of my top 3 WTF stories I've read here.

I just don't know what to write. I would completely cut ties with my sister. This is stuff that cannot be forgiven ever, setting someone up like that.

13 upvotesIWouldveFollowdAlice1 year ago

Your sister is a shitty human. So consumed with jealousy over your lifestyle, she’s willing to happily sabotage you. Making you an unwilling father with some girl you barely know? Uhh, thanks sis? Clearly, she doesn’t give a shit about you. You’re better off keeping your distance, and please don’t feel obligated to pay for anything for her anymore. Your mom took her side? I just really can’t understand their thought processes. Move on, knowing you escaped. Seriously.

5 upvotesmvnarachi1 year ago

Man, can't believe that a sister would have such stupid thoughts. Great lesson for me too, AWALT.

I admire that you did what felt right with you. This is integrity. I stand behind this for a full 100%.

Fuck your sister and everyone that holds you back and you go reach the top my friend. Good luck.

6 upvotesThrowaway123515151 year ago

The only people in this world that you show unconditional love for are your children. Everyone else is expendable, given they prove they're not worth keeping around.

Your sister and your mother, both aren't worth keeping around. Kick them out of your life. Surrounding yourself with shit people will only make your life shit. Peace brother

1 upvotescobaltcolander1 year ago

I agree with you in every point.

5 upvoteskrillinit1 year ago

Forget about your sister and mother. You should not be the catalyst for their selfish desires nor is that behavior acceptable.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Jesus, they don't deserve you. They are obviously dark triad and will try to play you out by acting all soft and innocent soon. Don't trust em' ever again.

6 upvotesclint_bronson1 year ago

A cunt sister and a cunt mother...where's the father in all this?

6 upvotesHumanSockPuppet1 year ago

No family is better than a toxic family. Get the fuck out ASAP. Move someplace far from their reach and cut all contact.

You don't have to act perfectly to be Red Pill. You need only learn from your mistakes, prioritize your goals above everyone else's, and always be true to your personal principles (so long as those principles do not interfere with the achievement of your goals).

Keep at it.

4 upvotesIWasBornASinner1 year ago

That's also a narrow escape to a triple homicide.

5 upvotesShimaRoosman1 year ago

What the actual fuck?? Your mother has taken sides with your sister here? Fully well knowing that her disgusting daughter and friend had colluded against and pierced the condom she had intended for you to use?

Dude youre a pretty smart and switched on guy, red pilled enough to get by in life, good job...

I'd fuck your sister right off. As for your mother, I think you need to have a good talk with her. It is not OK that she's sided with your sister here.

All the best

6 upvotesTheSuitIsBlack1 year ago

A life tip for all: Always uses your own condoms regardless of the situation.

5 upvotesroyer441 year ago

Keep in mind that it's not actually a family at this point

5 upvotesIvetakenthepill1 year ago

What in the actual fuck.

Good for you for being savvy and catching it, and I think we'll all gladly give you a pass on losing your shit.

But yeah, cut contact with your sister. She abused your trust in the absolute worst way. I didn't get along with my family very well, they made me feel like I need them, didn't treat me with an ounce of respect and lashed out with negativity when I started focusing on myself and my own goals.

So I moved across the country and never looked back. Phone call maybe twice a month if they're lucky, and I couldn't be happier.

A thought I always keep in mind is that You have a responsibility for yourself and your kids, and that's it If you have no kids, lucky you, NOBODY else including family is your responsibility.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Law 10: Infection. Avoid the unhappy and unlucky.

5 upvotesflapjacksrbetter1 year ago

U gotta give us an update homie

8 upvotesvikingfromnorth1 year ago

Seriously, cut relations with your dickriding sister of yours. One theory came to my mind, only one.

Your sister wanted you go get her hoeass friend pregnent. She would ofc take her side. Eventually your new gf/wife would control your assets and your sister would suddenly become semi-wealthy.

Maybe shes a sociopath?

9 upvotesrektHav0k1 year ago

Maybe? Lol. Nah bro. His sister is definitely a sociopath.

8 upvotesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK1 year ago

When she next asks for help tell her you are helping out your friends instead from now on.

5 upvotesTruthWillSetUFree861 year ago

This is terrible. Agree with the above- cut all ties, sometimes people are just toxic.

3 upvotestheweedlover4201 year ago

Your sister is nothing less than crazy and your mom too for supporting her.

4 upvotesTransSpeciesMafia1 year ago

What a despicable thing to do.

Those women seem mentally ill. I agree with the top reply, to cut all ties.

3 upvotesRainmaker901 year ago

This pretty much sounds like rape to me

3 upvotesAsmellyFinger1 year ago

You’re a pussy if you keep in touch with said bitches. Mother included.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

How is this not illegal? I feel like if a guy replaced a girls birth control with tic tacs there would be legal ramifications.

8 upvotesIcr7111 year ago


Sad for you of course, but you’re ahead of it. Grieving seems appropriate.

Distance and boundaries. Our best defense.

6 upvoteszirigidoon1 year ago

Woah dude! Well that is some next level shit. Thank you for sharing. We should all be careful. I never even thought someone could do that, let alone conspire with someone else. Fucking evil shit.

3 upvotesdaymi1 year ago

Just in case, if your family consists of some sweet-talking fuckers, remember what they did, not what they say.

Has anyone noticed that single mothers have a lot of single mother friends?

Yeah, misery loves company.

A text that reads: “You’re a moron for not acting better!!!”

Was that from the sister to Sally?

How can she put her friend’s ‘well-being’ over her own brothers?

Yeah, it's unfortunate that for some, family is just a word.

She said I didn’t know what I wanted in life and it would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Blah blah. Ignore the hamster.

3 upvotesShotgunTRP1 year ago

This is the shit you need to take pics of before posting to trp

3 upvotesDrFeelFantastic1 year ago

Get away from these people, pal.

3 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

Sounds like you need to kick your sister and potentially your mother to the kerb. Hell, burn the entire fucking family tree if they side with her.

Family is only worth the drama if they support you.

3 upvotesocaptainmyadversary1 year ago

There is no word more misused in any language than the word "deserve".

Everyone seems to think "that girl deserves a baby because she is so sweet" or "I deserve a nice car because I've never had one" when they should be saying "that girl deserves a baby because she has her shit together, and the man who agreed to have a baby with her also has his shit together" or "I deserve a nice car because I actually worked and earned the money to purchase one".

Nobody inherently deserves anything, you only deserve what you've earned. Also, older generations seem to think this is strictly a millenial problem, but I've noticed this entitlement consistently in the vast majority of every person in my life.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

God damn am I happy the story had a happy ending.

If your family is taking her side then I'm sorry but the entitled attitude has taken root and it's time to jump ship. They are family, yes, but trust and respect is earned, and is never guaranteed. They have shown major disrespect to you and breached the trust that bonds family together. They are no longer family.

You'll never be able to trust her again, so there is little point in retaining contact. They'll inevitably come back when they need something from you, and then you might acquiesce but from this point on she gets nothing.

3 upvotesMillion-Suns1 year ago

You don't want to hear it. But you should ghost all of them. They sound toxic and detrimental to your self growth. They don't care about your wants nor your happiness anyway. Blood ties or not, cut them off.

3 upvotes909throwaway1001 year ago

Jesus, can’t trust a hoe even if it’s your own sister.

3 upvotesHerdsengineers1 year ago

Read your update. Not much to add - and it's definitely time for distance with your sister. Just try to keep it in your head that it's not about punishing her. It's simply about self preservation. People that actively plan to try to hurt you don't get to be close to you, family or not. You are right to set a boundary that will keep her from doing it again.

Regarding your mother taking her side - I'm assuming it's a case of like mother, like daughter? Again - distance is your friend when it comes to protecting yourself from toxic people (family or not) and keeping other's drama out of your life. Distance doesn't mean no contact forever, just that they are kept at a distance because that's they only way they don't inject trouble into your life.

I have a good friend from college that married a girl with family drama. They both finished up school, she actually was the first of her family to go to college, she went all the way to get a Ph.D. They both make good money, he owns his own firm now, etc. Nice house, nice 2nd lake cottage. They had to move 500 miles away to get away from her family. The family looked at them as "rich", and as such was constantly pestering them with money requests, getting mad when told no, etc. Basically they were just a bunch of leeches. Friend and his wife also kept ending up getting saddled with wife's sisters kids - the sister kept ending up in drug rehab, jail, etc. and had kids from multiple guys. Child services kept dumping the kids on them, then giving them back to the bio mom, etc. Lots of chaos. To her credit, the wife was the one that finally said "we gotta move away from my family!" and initiated the move.

This might not be a dark triad TRP type statement or point of view that's totally accepted here, but loving people doesn't mean you have to let them hurt you. Family and love isn't supposed to be sacrificial as a matter of regularity. It's one thing to be there for family that hits a tough spot, it's okay and even right to help a family member that is otherwise trying to be responsible and got hit with a bad circumstance somehow. It's another for it turn into leeching and enabling self destructive behavior that only ends up dragging you down with them. Develop the wisdom to discern what's what and act accordingly.

5 upvotes135791357911 year ago

Made me think of this.

"So we decided that it would be in your best interest

If we put you in a place where you could get the help that you need"

And I go, "Wait! What are you talking about?

We decided?! My best interest?!

How do You know what My best interest is?"

2 upvotesBigLittlePenguin_1 year ago

I think the way bigger question here is what you are going to do with your mother. You just mention her in one sentence, but I think this has the biggest issue potential right here. So, what are going to do with your mother?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Nothing. There’s nothing he can do. Just leave her be and move on. Like any other woman in your life trying to control it.

2 upvotesHammer_Tit1 year ago


  • v. To absorb or consume something, usually a liquid. Drinking.

  • v. To recieve into the mind knowledge, or ideas. Learning.

Thanks for the new word OP

2 upvotesLukatrends1 year ago

Are you still living at your mom's house? Move out and start your life separated from them. I don't think your sister hates you but more likely to envy you. Everything she could have you have it and that's destroying her. The money you earn is yours and it has to come from you if you wanna help them out financially or not. This is not going to be her last try. Don't trust her. You worked hard for your things. She should do the same for hers. Kids are not an excuse for not accomplishing the things you wanted for your life. Wish it, want it and do it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

in what world is tampered condoms not rape

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

dude... god damn the sisterhood. glad you wrangled out of that, them dames is in cahoots.

source: I have 4 sisters. take one, please

2 upvotesBmlF1 year ago

Un...fucking...real man! These fuckin demons that like to be referred to as women are something else. Feel sorry for any man who had to go through that, but happy if he makes it out.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


2 upvotesSeedThrownAway1 year ago

What in the fuck. Thanks for sharing

2 upvotesalleyteris1 year ago

First of all thank you fpr posting this as a warning sign to NEVER trust a woman with counterception be it a condom or a next days pill or antipregnancy pills.An admin need to pin this in the sidebar as a future refferance. Keep doing a good job brother !

2 upvotesSmamelessMe1 year ago

This is an act of violence, and in some jurisdiction an attempted rape. Your sister attempted to commit a felony.

I know this is not asktrp, but:

  • Send this explanation to your sister.
  • State you won't attempt litigation, as long as she leaves you the fuck alone.
  • Run.

That being said, she will try it again. You are unlikely to succeed, but you should consider making a police report. They can request text transcripts directly from whatever provider your sister uses, which should be enough for her friend to get a record. Hopefully this will protect less educated men from falling into her trap.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

2 upvoteshiddenpleasures1231 year ago

BYOC. Bring Your Own Condoms.

Rules/tips for condoms/pregnancy prevention below:


Remember guys, treat your condoms like your life depended on them. Minimize your risk by following these steps. Don't fuck up.

2 upvotesNukeBiscuit1 year ago

Fucking hell, dude! You were not kidding when you said narrow escape.

Good job on cutting your sister out. As for your mother, I'd ghost for awhile (assuming this is the first time she sided with your sister in such situations like this). Do not be afraid to walk away if the situation presents itself.

Keep pressing on and stay sharp, OP.

2 upvotesOccams_Stubble1 year ago

I may need them in the future or I may not.

What leads you to believe they will be there for you? Your mother puts your sister ahead of you and your sister puts her friend ahead of you.

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

You didn't break frame by yelling; you held it by not killing the bitch. Jesus Christ what a shitt thing for her to do. She's so jealous of your freedom she tried to sabotage it. Fucking cunt. MAN this pissed me off.

2 upvotesPlebsin1 year ago

Wow wow wow. You did good doing the water test on the condom. You dodged a major bullet.

2 upvotesstrikethrough1231 year ago

It's likely that this was your mother's decision. Mothers are always pushing for grandkids. Your sister was just a tool.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This is an act of intentional aiding and abetting amongst other things illegal.

Take them both to court, win compensation and send them to prison so they can't do it to somebody else.

4 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

What dream* land do you live in where women are actually punished for this?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What by trying to trick a man into getting a woman pregnant, lying to him about a functioning condom and then purposely sabotaging it which is a deliberate act of manipulation and falsehood. Not only that but think about the effect this would have on bringing another being into the world under these circumstances.

Society would be better off without these conniving psychopathic women and they should be locked up so they can no longer lie and destroy other people's lives.

Why would you want these women around you and others that you care about?

4 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just yet hear of a country where this has been made illegal. The normal response is "tough shit now cough up a giant chunk of your salary for two decades or you're going to jail".

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Lol yeah that's true.

Well I'm in the UK and I think this would make a good case for what I said above as conspiracy to commit rape by deception/paternity fraud.

2 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

I’m also in the UK. Paternity fraud is where it’s someone else’s child and you’ve been lied to about being the father.

Conning a man into getting you pregnant isn’t viewed as a crime here and he’s still forced to pay.

It doesn’t fit with current rape laws either.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Rape by deception is a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim's agreement and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.

So technically he wouldn't have agreed to have sex with her if he had known the full truth and therefore she would've gained his consent via deception. Although I did say 'conspiracy to commit' so it's the planning and attempt at this crime they could be tried for as it didn't actually happen.

I'm sure there would be other ways in which a good lawyer could get them too but I'm not 100% on that and I'm not even sure if what I said above would be viable in court. I could be wrong about it all.

Either way at least in a moral sense they should be convicted for their sick attempt.

1 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

Paternity fraud isn't a crime in most cases.

If she fakes a DNA test then the court will reluctantly find against her, but in most cases she'll contrive to make the fraud look like adoption.

The court will side with her, especially if she says "I told him it wasn't his but he agreed to stick around anyway". How the hell are you going to prove she said it was yours? How do you prove she was certain it wasn't?

It's not like women are handing over a contract saying "it's yours". It's all done verbally, and she can change her mind later about what she said.

Even with a rock solid case, the courts won't imprison her in 99.9% of cases. At least 2% of men are raising children not their own.... and yet we don't see 2% of women languishing in jail.

1 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

No it wouldn't.

I'm also familiar with the UK.

You're still living in wishful-thinking land of "fairness and equality" between the genders.

This is not reality. Women can do ANYTHING.

How would you even prove this sequence of events actually happened?

Man: "And then you presented me with a condom that was punctured".

Girl: bursts into tears "Why would you try to get me pregnant like this? I don't want to be pregnant, you punctured it yourself".

Man: "I've seen your texts, you planned to do this with my sister"

Girl, sobbing uncontrollably.. "What texts?"

Man: "I've subpoenaed your phone company, we've all seen the texts, I present exhibit A your honour"

Girl, now barely coherent, cheeks red and tears running down her pretty face "I... I... my phone was actually stolen a week ago. Some crazy freak planned to impregnate me and sent these texts from my phone so that as well as getting made pregnant AGAINST MY WILL, it would actually look like it was ME that planned it."

Man: "That's fucking crazy"

Defence: "Your client is attacking the defendant, AGAIN... not sufficient to try to impregnate her, he is now calling into question her mental faculties... do you have any proof of the allegation of mental deficiency?"



The only time women get convicted is when they do male crimes (murder, serious assault, etc) and when they have absolutely zero excuse or wiggle room.

Female crimes (paternity fraud, deception, exploitation, lying, attempting to get pregnant through dishonest means) are held by society to be non-crimes. She literally committed no crime because all female-only "crimes" simply don't exist.

Our society is constructed this way, get used to it.

1 upvotesjcorye11 year ago

Honestly I'd check out some therapy. I couldn't imagine both my sister and my mom siding against me, and that's gotta leave some scars. Stories like this are why I only use my condoms. Even if they are supposedly allergic to anything but goat skin, I'd go out and buy some before I used hers.

1 upvoteswathon21 year ago

Next thing you know, you are at the other end of a false rape accusation.

Get away, now. Send them money once in a while if you feel guilty, otherwise, get the hell out now.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Kek'd at first paragraph, this should be good... Edit: Bruh, deadass disown your family.

1 upvotesfum61 year ago

Sounds shitty dude, but the good you can take from this is that you are of such high SMV that something like this can happen to you.

1 upvotesLunchmeat5051 year ago

Cut ties with your mom too. She is the one that taught your sister.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

OP this sounds like a narcissistic sister and mother. I come from a non western cultural background where family will try to “ get you married early and quick” but even that they would not not go to that level. Honestly if you do feel to support them financially that’s your business. But do so from a distance if you decide to do that.

1 upvotescivilizedfrog1 year ago

Is your mom single? Just curious

1 upvotesSkorchZang1 year ago

If someone asked me for a valid reason to ghost a blood relative from my life, it would take some imagination for me to come up with something. Not any more after reading this post.

I've been around and read some shit, but this really hits hard. Consider leaving it, newbies need to read & learn.

1 upvotesyes_kid1 year ago

Mate, your sister hates you.

1 upvotesSuave_Terry1 year ago

Jesus fucking Christ dude, this is unbelievable. Bitches be cray. Thank you for posting and giving me this reminder. Please leave it up for others too as a reminder. I don't know what to say other than fuck your sister and hang in there m8.

1 upvotesDUDAHR1 year ago

u/sagaray I have to say that logicaly speaking , just coz she's your sister that doesn't mean anything , having connection through genes doesn't mean anything . Women are women they have always been such , they have never cared about the man nor his happiness , in fact a man who is happy and even better yet not a slave to a woman is not only irritating to every woman , that is a woman's second worst nightmare and if that man is encouraging other men to be happy bachelors that is the worst nightmare for all women so don't think that any woman has your interests in mind , every woman has her own interests in mind so i say that since your sister is a woman and your mohter is too and your father is likely a blue pilled simp just get out of there cut all contact with the family , that is the only logical thing to do since you most likely are getting no beneftis from them anyway and when there is no benefit there is no reason to be there/do that or whatever remember this advice , avoid women , do what you like and what benefits you , and stop caring about what others think and don't give a care about morals if that won't effect you , you have no wounds to lick you are imagining them they are illusions just illusions the wounds aren't there ( taht was a Matrix reference ) you are complete you are build you are ready for a lot of greatness in your life so go out and be great and always remember , The World Is Yours , Have A Nice Day .

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Why do guys who are obviously not fit in any way always cite literally impossible measurements when telling others how unfit they are? 2% body fat? You mean you’re not dead. That’s good.

1 upvotesfrancisco_DANKonia1 year ago

This is essentially attempted rape. Is there any way for legal retribution?

2 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

Hah, it’s a he so obviously not.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Funny coz if a guy “stealths” a condom they’re saying it’s rape?

Why the double standard?

1 upvotesJ_St0rm1 year ago

Because when women gained total legal equality however many decades ago they never readjusted it so that everyone was equal, they just gave women the same rights as men.

1 upvotesWhyIsYosarionNaked1 year ago

What an unimaginable form of betrayal. Holy flying fuck dude, run.

1 upvotesTreanwreck1 year ago

Seems like she just wanted to drag you down with her. She's miserable and can see that you aren't...

1 upvotesCryptoNShit1 year ago

What the fuck and your mom is on her side what? Don't ever give a shit what your mom says from now on whatsoever.

0 upvotesWoodWizzy871 year ago

What don’t you guys understand yet. Women will always side with women, it’s the way it is

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Im sorry you had to go through this. Its kinda your fault since you allowed someone to pick a date for you. I would rather die than date someone my mom or sister picked up for me.

3 upvotesBmlF1 year ago

Bro, how the hell is letting someone pick a date for him make him deserving of this evil shit. Who could've predicted something like that without prior experience. Especially from his own sister. At least he didn't end up fucking her and thus fucking up his life. And at least he was willing to share this fucked up experience as a cautionary tale for the rest of us. Cut the guy some slack man.

-26 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Shitting where you eat includes not just tampering with your workmates but your family's relationships as well. You've essentially shat right on you and your sisters relationship

Didnt read the entirety but I can tell this is a bad situation.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I wouldn't call that even remotely shitting where you eat. Workplace, maybe places like the gym that are a daily part of your life that you don't want to ruin. At a long stretch, the place you get your coffee in the morning.

-7 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

It is shitting where you eat more metaphorically

Now he has issues with his family, i mean do you expect him to be literally shitting too?

5 upvotesgixxerthouguy1 year ago

Shitting where you eat refers to starting a relationship at work, where it can backfire on you and cost you your job. OP went on a date with his sisters friend.

His sister and her friend are the ones who fucked up - big style. Thank fuck OP has his wits about him.

-7 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

It doesnt refer to a workplace exclusively. Not where I come from at least. You're stupid if you rhink you gotta explain it to me

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Does he have an employment contract with his sister?

1 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

No but the tie with his family could be severed because of his decision.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago
  1. That's out of the scope of 'Don't Shit Where You Eat', which is aimed overwhelmingly at workplace dating, and as I said, places like your gym - AT A STRETCH. It's trying to guard you against a sexual harassment complaint or worse. The environment is not conducive to healthy relationships and/or gaming.

  2. Plenty of people are set up on dates through their family. In some religions and cultural demographics, it's kinda the norm. IIRC, this is common in Jewish communities.

  3. OP did nothing wrong by, in good faith, going on a date his sister set up for him. If the relationship is going to be severed between he and his sister, and apparently his mother judging by her siding with the sister, it's because they appear to be sociopaths.

Stop being an argumentative ass. By extension you're saying that we shouldn't date people our friends introduce us to, since it could damage the friendships.

0 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

That's maybe the Red Pills strict definition, I don't live by everything the red pill says like the damn bible. Trust me, it's metaphorical and I'm right.

10 upvoteseaazzy_131 year ago

He didn’t shit on any relationship. His sister tried to shit directly in this mans mouth, and he saw through it and avoided it.

She’s the one in the wrong, OP made no mistake here. If you think this is his fault at all, you’re a serious dickhead.

-5 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Damn youre a dense motherfucker, you're really that stupid bro? Good conversation kekekek

He shouldnt have pursued his sisters friend, that spells bad news for the future if things go rotten which in this case they did. It is his fault, he shouldn't have mixed with his family's ties as opposed to his own. It's the exact same concept as not dating a coworker call it whatever the fuck, in conclusion you're just a stupid motherfucker lmao

2 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

Either you're a troll or you're just fucking retarded. Probably both. No one would expect their sister to betray them like that.

Things didn't "go rotten," she and her friend were scheming from the start. OP's own sister decided to destroy her own brother's life for the gain of her friend. Utter betrayal.

OP shitting where he eats doesn't change the fact that her sister was planning to ruin his life and doesn't even regret it.

Grow up and get some real experience before you try to prove a point on here.

1 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

But who expects a relationship to run smoothely forever? A beta dumbass and if you date your sisters friend then you're asking for tension down the line. It is shittin where he eats kid

1 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

He's not dating his sister dumbass. Where are you from? Alabama?

1 upvotesCherryJewels1 year ago

Right, but his sister's friend... dude are you joking around lol? Read what I said, he's essentially shitting on his families relationship, family is important and you were advising him to cut his sister off entirely, which has burnt the bridge which is shitting where you eat. Family is no different case closed

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