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Asia Argento, vocal Metoo activist and Harvey Weinstein accuser, paid $380,000 settlement in 2013 to underage actor she had sex with

by MentORPHEUS on /r/TheRedPill
20 August 2018 11:56 PM UTC

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Asia Argento has been one of the leading voices in the Metoo movement. She's also one of the first to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

This weekend, The New York Times broke the story that in 2013, Argento gave alcohol to a 17 year old actor and had sex with him. The age of consent in California is 18.

The actor originally asked for $3.5 million, based on his income before the incident and its effect on his career. According to documents sent to the Times via encrypted email, Ms. Argento, who is divorced and has two children, was both a mentor and a mother figure to Mr. Bennett, and the two were intermittently in contact as he grew up. “Jimmy’s impression of this situation was that a mother-son relationship had blossomed from their experience on set together”

This development mirrors my own experience with the court system in California. While women enjoy many advantages in society, including often getting a pass for behaviors that would land a man a nearly guaranteed prison sentence; if you do your due diligence and follow procedures to the letter, the justice system works well for men against women who have wronged them, too.

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Title Asia Argento, vocal Metoo activist and Harvey Weinstein accuser, paid $380,000 settlement in 2013 to underage actor she had sex with
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428 upvotesiloveturks1 year ago

In a serving of delicious irony, leading metoo figure Rose McGowan tweeted about this, saying:

“None of us know the truth of the situation and I’m sure more will be revealed. Be gentle.”

Right, exactly the same treatment that all the men who were persecuted by the metoo movement received.

The double standards never cease to amaze me.

EDIT: Boys this just took a hilarious turn, showing just how deep and dark the rabbit hole really goes. She’s essentially claiming that HE RAPED HER!

In a text messages to a friend she wrote: “It wasn’t rape but I was frozen. He was on top of me”.

And then my friends wonder why I’m fucking cynical about male / female dynamics. Because I know better than you motherfuckers...

172 upvotesTousen711 year ago

Fucking right dude. I swear I hate fucking feminists for this exact type of shit. Louis CK got shit canned instantly off of allegations. This bitch is settling out of court and these cunts are still claiming “let’s see how the evidence plays out”.

Fuck right off with that shit.

53 upvotessternje1 year ago

"She would never have done it if she had not been a victim of the patriarchy for her entire life, therefore she deserves our lenience, our understanding and our help." #feministvictimactivist #womencantbewrong #hewasALMOSTanadult

19 upvotesLontar471 year ago

They tell themselves that this is just retribution for the "abuses" of the patriarchy and that it's okay to treat men victims differently than women. In their view it's "corrective".

Ah, the insanity of sunk-cost fallacies and rationalizations.

14 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Louis ck didn’t even do anything wrong really

6 upvotesTousen711 year ago

After the fallout dude. He made an apology after the fallout. The point is guilt is assumed before evidence when it comes to men. And when a woman is in the hot seat they immediately discredit the legitimacy of the man (ironic because they complain men discredit women as ‘liars’ when THEY come forward).

The point is EVERYONE should be held to the standard of innocent before proven guilty. Especially when careers, legacies, and lives are at stake.

6 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

I got your point man. I was just saying on top of that, what Louis did was barely even wrong. It was weird, sure. But not illegal. And barely even harassment. Maybe not even that.

2 upvotesTousen711 year ago

My response was actually to sauce not you dude. Sorry for the confusion.

2 upvotesCasaDeFranco1 year ago

Really? He when unsolicited masturbated in front of women he knew professionally not once but several times. Secondly, I'm rather certain indecent exposure is illegal.

9 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Indecent exposure is in public. Louis did this in his hotel rooms (considered private space) which women willingly went to. He also did ask if he could masturbate in front of them and wasn’t rebuked. He wasn’t always given a yes, but when he got a no he didn’t do it. He also got laughter sometimes which is a nonverbal cue of at least not offense. He also wasn’t between them and the door, so he wasn’t blocking their exit or coercing in any way. It’s really just a harmless weird fetish from a guy who makes his living being a weirdo on stage. It’s a victimless non crime. These women are adults and could tell him outright no or leave anytime they wished. They were willingly in his room, not he in theirs. Often they stayed and found amusement.

2 upvotesCasaDeFranco1 year ago

You do realise that’s not appropriate behavior though? I can’t inserstand why a man would try to hamster an excuse.

4 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Yeah i know it’s not appropriate. I just said it’s not a crime and theres no victim. But if they said yes when he asked, than it’s not even inappropriate. People have weird fetishes and it’s fine between consenting adults. Plus comedians are fucked up and this sort of stuff is somewhat expected.

5 upvotesSaucebiz1 year ago

Hey I totally agree these are double standards...but didn’t Louis come right out and say something to the effect of “yes I’m sorry I jacked off in front of women who were clearly disgusted by it?”

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The double standards..... we all knew it. Its just on public record now. Good stuff.

23 upvotesJDRoedell1 year ago

This will be a huge reveal that shows that MeToo and feminism is about supremacy and persecution of men and not equality. The question is whether anyone will give a shit and I think the answer to that is “no.”

2 upvotespseudo_nemesis1 year ago

Until I read your second sentence, my response was gonna be: "yeah right, buddy"

4 upvotesJDRoedell1 year ago

It’s sad that the hypocrisy of it all is so out in the open and yet still nothing will change. Men are still guilty until proven innocent but when it’s a woman we have to “be gentle and wait for all the facts to come out.” Sickening.

24 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

The same old cunt who tweeted that we should all "believe victims."

Rule for thee, but not for me.

19 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

“None of us know the truth of the situation and I’m sure more will be revealed. Be gentle.”

Haha the hypocrisy of that is incredibly. They lost all credibility.

8 upvotesNotLuceBree1 year ago

She's getting roasted for that tweet, FWIW

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

And a huge portion of those roasting her are women, which is great. People in general are waking up to this BS.

4 upvotesSKRedPill1 year ago

No that's because most women hate each other. :) Most men have a different yardstick.

5 upvotesSKRedPill1 year ago

Double standards are not surprising if you realize that its all about sollipsism, competition and self interest at work. For all the talk of fairness, everyone really puts themselves first only.

The mistake is in thinking that people are truly logical and mean what they say. Logic is only a tool for self imperative for most people around you.

6 upvotesTameTheRuckus1 year ago

It's crazy that many people are ignoring anthony's friend's and family's concerns over this woman. He fell in with the wrong woman, and we're starting to see exactly what's at the base of far too many of these stories: Predatory behavior. Now that the victims have been given power, many are abusing it. Yes, get the rapists, Yes, seek justice, but don't perpetuate the abuse

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I actually can't, as girly as that statement sounds

Read that garbage and I started down at my keyboard for at least one minute just trying to comprehend this all

Rose McGowan should honestly go off herself for this next level ignorant hypocrisy

3 upvotesMikeyNYC11 year ago

"We are the many, they are the few"..the media just amplifies the ever-loving SHIT out of this tiny tiny minority. Not all women stand for that crap.

3 upvotesJack505171 year ago

Rose McGowan's first tweet emphasised how she had only known Asia Argentina for ten months after the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

Clearly she can't even get an angle on whether or not she wants to disown the woman or completely re-assess her own take on metoo movement.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

"Be gentle.", she types with a smirk..

1 upvotespohlrich1 year ago

“None of us know the truth of the situation and I’m sure more will be revealed. Be gentle.”

we now know the best way to deal with an accusation, deny all accountablity or knowledge and tell everyone how they should behave and feel.

1 upvotesomega_dawg931 year ago

wow. how many hamsters are in her head?

452 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

What a disgusting woman. This is further evidence to prove she manipulated and pushed Bourdain into killing himself. She had no problem ruining a young actor's career.

Edit: Update:

The NYT has details on the settlement, Bourdain was required to make a $200,000 lump sum payment in May and $10,000 a month until October 2019.

Asia had scammed him. Just weeks after the lump sum payment she is seen frolicking and kissing in Rome with another man.

89 upvotesslumdog-millionaire1 year ago

glad to see this hypocrisy brought to light

110 upvotessehns1 year ago

Not really. Reddit mods are working round the clock right now to keep this off the front page of all the major news subs. Can't ruin the narrative they've worked so hard to craft.

35 upvotesgeo_gan1 year ago

Why would they do this? Are you saying the mods are all women or feminists or white knights or something?

57 upvotessehns1 year ago

Not all of them - but I mean take /worldnews for example there's 97 mods. How many of those do you think are hardcore left or self-described feminists? I was banned from worldnews the other day for stating that women in saudia arabia fighting for equality are "Real feminists" and when I asked why I was being removed for stating an opinion the mods told me that they didn't believe that was really my opinion and i was just trying to stir people up to get a reaction. For real.

37 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

You can get banned from those subs for saying literally anything not in line with the liberal agenda. Anything. Doesnt matter what it is, or how true it is. Another few years and masculine or conservative speech will be shadow banned throughout this country...especially for young people.

I guess the internet are big fans of Venezuela and the Friend Zone...

10 upvotessourdieselfuel1 year ago

I got banned from latestagecapitalism for commenting on something completely unrelated to TRP while having more than 400 comment karma in this sub.

13 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

Sounds about right. I was just banned from news for saying that the mods there routinely censored threads that didn't fit their narrative. This was in one of the threads about the black Muslims in New Mexico training kids to commit school shootings, so they were working overtime trying to lock that down.

6 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Stop consuming media that isn't designed for you.

6 upvotesgeo_gan1 year ago

This kind of shit pisses me off on the internet. There is supposedly "free speech" but only as long as it is some sort of middle of the road, agreed-upon "won't offend the easily offended" types, type of free speech. A lot of people only want to live in an imaginary sandbox-type safe space, where everyone only says what everyone else wants to hear.

9 upvoteswrekd1 year ago

It has nothing to do with free speech. In the US, our free speech laws are restrictions on what the government can do to people. Not what people can do to people.

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear1 year ago

Can’t wait for a solar flare to kill humanity for good..

7 upvotesNormalAndy1 year ago

It may not seem it but trp is still a very small port in the storm of reddit fluffy kittens.

Essentially, there is a lot of 'news' out there and it's very easy to just not publish news which goes against your own predjudices or those of your advertisers.

Journalistic integrity is not something that comes easily in a world of bandits.

4 upvotesmushroom_overlord1 year ago

He's not quite diagnosing the problem correctly, but he has the right idea. It just isn't all or even necessarily most mods; it only takes a few activists to push an agenda if everyone else is doing it by the book.

1 upvotesMastermatt871 year ago

I literally discovered this because it was on the front page.

So, not really.

151 upvotesGanaria-Gente1 year ago

This breaking news has puta massive smile on my face

The only thing that can compare is when Michael Kimmel (aka the world's most prominent male feminist) was also MeToo'd just a few weeks ago

God I love this circus.

Burn these witches! AHAHAHAHAHA

25 upvotesjelly_jam1 year ago

Puta in spanish means whore.

14 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer1 year ago









35 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

Also once again a prime example of a woman's inability to take responsibility for her actions.

Whoring out her body to Harvey Weinstein(repeatedly) for the advancement of her career. The self preservation hamster kicks in,

"it couldn't be me, I would never willingly do that, I was sexually assaulted!".

Now fucking a 17 year old, although this time the preservation hamster is being held by the tail. He was a minor. The law forces her to take responsibility this time.

Illimitable Men was right, she is BPD. He should get his twitter account re-instated.

11 upvotesTheEagleAndTheSnake1 year ago

IM's twitter post about her being BPD came right into my mind after reading the news article. If you look at her photos, she's got this don't-care-if-the-world-burns look in her eyes.

7 upvotesJesuissimpledesprit1 year ago

What was her relation with Anthony?

59 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

She was his girlfriend. He killed himself three days after finding out she was cheating on him. Funnily enough the media seem to have a hard time drawing a connection between those two events.

15 upvoteslotemax1 year ago

Bourdain was a fucking A list celebrity, an accomplished food writer and had several hit travel shows. Literally the 1% of the 1% of attractive social status. He could have slept with a new foodie girl everyday for the rest of his life. Bluepill goggles will drive even people who have it all to kill themselves. Its really a damn shame.

13 upvotesxX_throw__away_Xx1 year ago

Didn’t even know this until now

16 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

Didn’t even know this until now

Just remember that that's not accidental.

20 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

You have to have severe mental problems to kill yourself, doubly so for killing yourself over a girl.

Saying this, the girl is obviously a BPD and we know how horrible those persons can be.

16 upvotesTheTrenTrannyTrain1 year ago

Bourdain was an outspoken male feminist in her defence too.

12 upvotesxX_throw__away_Xx1 year ago

Not everyone reads redpill, let alone knows about it

9 upvotesHakametal1 year ago

>You have to have severe mental problems to kill yourself, doubly so for killing yourself over a girl.

This is why this sub exists.

7 upvotesswampbastard691 year ago

Its obvious her cheating on him publicly and breaking up with him caused his suicide right? The gossip media isn't reporting this - I guess we know why. Imagine the public outcry if a boyfriend of say Chelsea Handler publicly cheated on her and then called her out in cryptic instagram posts - leading to her suicide. Hell the guy would probably be prosecuted for some made up new law like cyber bullying.

37 upvotesep19391 year ago

She had no problem ruining a young actor's career.

Man, seriously, what are we, inverse SJWs?

They had alcohol, they fucked = ruining his career?

I don't like the hoe, but isn't that overblown.

Yes I agree she's an hypocrite, but I fail to see how did she done so much "damage" to him and how did she "ruin his career"

edit, re reading the news:

She gave him alcohol to drink and showed him a series of notes she had written to him on hotel stationery. Then she kissed him, pushed him back on the bed, removed his pants and performed oral sex. She climbed on top of him and the two had intercourse, the document says. She then asked him to take a number of photos.

The two had lunch, and Mr. Bennett headed home to Orange County, where he lived with his parents. As he was driven home, according to his claim, he began to feel “extremely confused, mortified, and disgusted.

Conveniently, only after he fucks her, sleeps with her, have lunch, and is going back home he feels disgusted.

And only after his own parents fuck him up of his hard earned money and he's broke he has the idea to sue Asia Argento.

Fact is that if he wasn't 18 he was never, ever, gonna win that in tribunal.

6 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

As OP said, sometimes you have to play the game of Law to get a desired outcome. You took the entire thing literally and not for the idea that she fucked a minor, period. If the male/female role was reversed, nobody would ask any of the questions you are raising. OPs point was, the law is technically balanced, if you know how to play the game.

3 upvotesep19391 year ago

If that happened in Nevada we wouldn't even know about that since the age of consent here is 16.

Unless he wanted to prove that he was forced to do all of that, which even from his own story and his lawyers doesn't really look the case the only reason this happened is just because of where it happened rather than the morality of it.

7 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

There is no morality in it. Fucking Hollywood.

16 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Maybe the kid was super religious and she took his virginity unwillingly. She also probably got him into drugs, under her guise as a mother figure.

The evidence is very clear tho, she preyed on a child, forced a sexual act on him, under the influence and without his consent. If you think that is right "because he got sex" then you are fucked up.

-5 upvotesep19391 year ago

You're assuming he was a virgin.

You're assuming he was unwilling.

You're assuming he got him drugged (no indication of that).

Also, could you explain me how do you "force a sexual act on a man?". Like how do you get it hard.

Couldn't he refuse the approach physically?

I just don't believe in all that bullshit.

I've also read the news: this guy took a selfie of them in the bed after sex.

Is that the first thing you would do with a person that assaulted you?

My 2 cents are: he fucked her, he was underage, he talks to a lawyer, "easy money".

I've read many of these stories of "men raped by women", and safe for one story I reed (a woman getting the man on viagra and various stuff to get him numb but hard) I never ever thought: "yeah, that was rape".

8 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

The fact is: he was underage, she got him drunk (alcohol is a drug), pulled down his pants and forced oral sex onto him. Also, SHE PAID HIM OFF because she knew what she did was criminal.

Some woman don't fight when they are being raped because it feels good. They feel ashamed after, so they don't go to cops. It leads them down the road of being traumatized and suffering from mental illnesses like depression.

Stop sympathizing with these monsters ruining people's lives and leading men down to commit suicide or shoot up random people.

3 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

He was 17. Drank with a hot chick and got a blow job, "that horrible monster said NO man ever". You make it sound like he took her to court on pure morality.

Stop sympathizing with these monsters

You sound like one of "them".

3 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

He was victimized by a mentally ill woman and she ruined his career.

1 upvotesdonnie15811 year ago

Damn at 17 I do t care how ugly she was. She got me drunked and sucked me? Hell yeah!

3 upvotesep19391 year ago

Oh yeah, she was forcing liquor down his throat? Please.

pulled down his pants and forced oral sex onto him

Please, that's ridiculous.

How do you force oral sex onto a man?

How does that work? You block his body with your 100lb weight, while getting him excited and you suck his dick while he tries to avoid that desperately?

Please no, don't suck my dick, you're assaulting me.

Also, SHE PAID HIM OFF because she knew what she did was criminal.

She paid him because age of consent is 18 in the state of California.

There was no scenario on this planet where if he was 18 he would've got any money for spending a night with a woman and drinking.

The facts are that:

-he went to her hotel's room

-he drunk with her, consensually

-he had his dick blown, consensually

-he had sex with her, consensually

-he slept with her

-he took selfies on them smiling happy on a bed, that's the classic thing somebody does after getting raped, right?

-he then had lunch with her

Only when he was going home "durr, durr, maybe that wasn't right".

And only when his own parents fucked him 1.5 millions $ and he was broke he goes to a lawyer, months and months later, to get money.

I have no sympathy towards Ms. Argento, but that story is bullshit and the guy's no victim but yet another person realizing he could make easy bucks out of the fact that what she did was illegal in the state of California.

In the overwhelming majority of countries (or other US states) there was no chance he was gonna get a single buck.

4 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Those are just assumptions and would hold no weight in court. He was coerced into having sex as a minor. Who got the hotel? Who bought the alcohol? Who forcibly initiated the sex? Also, it was Asia Argento who took the selfies. Lots of teachers do this same shit to underage students and do you think that is right? Cuz "he got sex"...that's quite pathetic thinking.

Argento probably got this kid into drugs and corrupted this kid's future after being traumatized. She had him call her mommy and she called him his "son." That's classic manipulation conditioning to control someone. She may have also spread slanderous rumours like she did with her ex, to ruin his reputation. If you don't see the victimization of this innocent kid who had a bright future because "he was a man" and "he got sex", you are a supporter of mentally ill BPD monsters who ruin's people's lives for sport. He deserved every last dollar from that terrible woman because he could of been a very successful actor.

-4 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

She didn't ruin his career and even if she legally raped him, the harm done by a women raping a men is honestly, very little. But she's still a lying hypocritical piece of shit of a women. Add psychopath to that, killing her boyfriend and sending her ex (she dated Weinstein for years) to the wolves.

1 upvotesmalditoduende771 year ago

Rape is even worse when the man is the victim because the abuse is not as physical as it is psychological. No woman could pin you down and fuck you. They resort to fucking with your mind and then you have to comply or else... I know that women getting raped is also psychologically traumatic, but I'm sure you can imagine how forcing yourself to fuck someone can cause more psychological trauma than actually having a chance to physically fight back.

-2 upvotesRPAlternate421 year ago

You forgot that the legal definitions of rape is typically penis entering vagina and not vagina engulfing a penis.

They had sex and she had sexual.cobtact with a minor.

No one here was raped, but a crime was committed.

-3 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

the abuse is not as physical as it is psychological.

Stop being a pussy.

you have to comply or else...

Or else what. A woman can't realistically threaten you with anything. (barring a gun or knife or some other violent crazy things). If she's playing mind games with you, then the blame is on you for being so fucking pathetic.

22 upvotesJust_Isaak1 year ago

TIL that I can’t take the word ‘disgusting’ seriously anymore because I’ve read it in so many SJW/white knight/feminist comments. Nothing personal u/blownnnn.

12 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

Gray area here. Yeah, I'm not really a fan either because it's a moral judgement and we don't do that. However, let's be honest and admit most of us had the same visceral reaction, even if we used different words. So maybe we shouldn't get caught up on the specific words while also agreeing with you that shaming is often just a bullshit excuse for not making a real case against a specific behavior.

1 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Disgust isn’t an inherently moral emotion.

2 upvotescvillano1 year ago

For me it’s “gross,” just can’t take it seriously anymore. Also “problematic” but thats become less prominent

1 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

I use gross and disgusting to describe leftist bullshit all the time.

If you’re not disgusted to your core at the spectacle of our society especially this sanctimonious leftism, wake up.

2 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

I honestly don't think she did manipulate him into killing himself. Don't think she's the scheming type, more like one of those narcissistic chicks who turn everything they touch into shit.

It's all very interersting. Now I'm just waiting for something juicy on her #metoo twin, Rose McGowan. Rose is clearly mental so there has to be something.

4 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Oh please, show no sympathy for this woman. Women and the #metoo movement have no qualms ripping apart men on allegations.

She just blamed this whole payout on Anthony Bourdain. What a fuckin' disgusting woman.

5 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

What I meant was that she’s ruthless but not cunning and patient enough to run a long con. Like many women.

Blaming Bourdain reminds me of a joke a lawyer friend told me:

Q: What’s the difference between a hooker and a lawyer? A: A hooker stops screwing you when you’re dead.

Guess she’s a lawyer....

2 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

True. The funny thing is that, Weinstein did the same shit she did to this young kid. He made Asia his "sex slave" for years, corrupted her and ruined her career. Exactly what Asia did with Jimmy.

Once she realized she had to look at herself and was getting played all these years by Weinstein, she plotted payback.

It's ironic how this story comes to light because Weinsten was doing the world justice on this disgusting woman because of what she did to Jimmy.

3 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

She alleges Weinstein raped her. Alleges. What is provable is that he paid for a nanny for her kid. I’m sure he traded it for sex, but she was an adult by then. He didn’t force her to have kids by two different guys, nor did he force her into a relationship with a fragile ex-addict who she then proceeded to publicly cheat on. But she’s the victim in the gynocentric West.

The entire metoo movement was started by unknown feminist harpies but was soon co-opted by attention whores like Asia Argento and Rose McGowan. I’m just waiting for the dirt on the mentally unstable McGowan.

3 upvotesfifi5081 year ago

This story just keeps getting better. Asia denies having any sex with Jimmy, then the after sex photo leaks and text messages of Asia telling her friend they fucked...lol. Your right, she’s delusional and BPD.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Proves nothing.

People can be both victims and culprits.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

But yeah. Who'd have thought the meetoo movement could ever be tinged by hypocrisy.... lol. Long time coming.

-2 upvotesBillyRedRocks1 year ago

Disgusting? You've got some high standards, m8. I'd tap that.

184 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Rollo called it. This chick is evil / psycho.


I hope she goes to jail but I doubt it.

22 upvotesBostonPillParty1 year ago

Rollo a fucking mystic, I swear.

187 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

-Kids by two different dads? Check.

-Visible tattoos? Check.

-Had sugar daddy relationship with older guy? Check.

What the hell was Bourdain thinking?

One of the most useful skills a father can pass on to his son is how to spot and avoid dangerous women.

60 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

She was skilled in manipulation and took advantage of a man who was suicidal, sensitive and suffered from low self-esteem. His mother was the reason he become so famous, so it makes sense why he backed the #metoo movement. He put all his trust in a woman because of his mother's love and this woman destroyed him.

14 upvotesyazen_1 year ago

If you look at these photos, he always follows her like a duckling. I always feel sad for him. She got him from the balls.

17 upvotesherrLitschka1 year ago

What about this visible tattoos thing in TRP? What's wrong with it?

I mean, I get what it's about with these tattoos with a "special meaning" or tattoos that follow a trend, but why the general disapproval?

Just curious.

38 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

It's a red flag. Women with tattoos are more likely to have something wrong with them. Is this 100%? No, but the odds are greatly increased, so by avoiding such women you lessen the risk in a relationship. (Whatever kind of relationship you're looking to have.) Same with single mothers. There are some good single mothers out there, but they are incredibly rare and it's not worth the time, effort, or risk to try and find the needle in the shit-stack.

11 upvotesWiseMonkeyGoodMonkey1 year ago

Specifically it speaks to questionable decision making skills. As you point out not every time. But often enough that it's noteworthy.

49 upvotesDo-it-for-you1 year ago

The main reason a women gets a tattoo’s is because they want to “Feel” different about themselves, To give themselves a new identity. Which is usually due to a low self esteem.

The tattoo’s that have no meaning will tell us about their impulsiveness, lack of long term planning, and it can be a sign a mentally unstable women, she’s trying to fix something with tattoo’s, these can be the same reasons they’ll get piercings and dye their hair.

When I’m talking about these women, I’m talking about the ones with tattoo’s all over their body, arms, stomach, chest, etc. One or two hidden tattoo’s does not indicate anything I’ve specified above.

33 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

You know whats worse? The things they are trying to "fix" with tattoos could - at least a lot of the time - be fixed. By actual, proactive, constructive action in their lives.

Guy gets fat. Loses self esteem. Stays up watching Rocky movies all night one night. Next day, he is dragging the weight bench back out and lacing up his shoes. Six months later, he's got necks snapping to look at him. Thats how men fix shit.

Women get lazy and fat and start feeling bad? They go get a tattoo. Put it on visible display. Think its gonna make them sexy, or different, in the eyes of others. Because they are women, and we are supposed to praise their mere presence in our life, and tell them how beautiful they are whether they do anything to earn that praise or not.

Fuck this shit. You want people to think you're gorgeous and sexy? Fucking earn it. We have to.

3 upvotesCasaDeFranco1 year ago

Tattoo's a poor long-term decision. Those who make bad long-term decisions typically make short terms ones also.

11 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

blue pilled men dont think

100 upvotesozenmacher1 year ago

Asia Argento is BPD crazy-bitch. She ruins lives for fun, and she attaches herself to anything that will push her own agenda. She reminds me of Lola Montez, discussed in one of the 48 Laws of Power, abusing men and leaving a wake of destruction, all to achieve her own status and money/power. Eventually that power, in people without moral values, turns into twisted evil and narcissistic pleasures, in this case, young dick in the form of a young boy mentee who was clearly an easy victim.

I have a theory that these types of women, evolutionarily, were meant to weed out weak men from the gene pool. They have a knack for specifically targeting the same type of men; men with resources, money, fame, power, but men who are beta/bluepill and weak when it comes to the fancies of a beautiful seductress playing the damsel in distress. These types of women have existed since the dawn of time, and the stories are always the same. At the least, the destruction of the man, at the worst, destruction of entire nations/societies when they were able to sink their hooks into powerful men. One could argue that all women have such tendencies built-in, extreme hypergamy mixed with mental illness, but only a select handful have it all in one complete package. Who knows. While she may go down, and I hope she does before she can destroy more men/boys, there are more feminist crazies, frothing at the mouth under the guise of feminist equality, waiting to take her place.

40 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

evolutionarily, were meant to weed out

Evolution didn't "mean to" anything. That's Creationism.

What we today call "BPD traits" may have conferred an advantage under conditions unimaginable to our peaceful modern society. Perhaps under hunter-gatherer conditions or times of severe upheaval. In stable, agrarian type societies, it is a flaw or malfunction, not a feature.

I imagine prehistoric, Dunbar's Number-sized societies being far less tolerant of their individual and group disrupting behaviors, and assisting them at finding their way out of the gene pool.

8 upvoteslastdumra1 year ago

Evolution didn't "mean to" anything. That's Creationism.

That is just a way of speaking, not a suggestion of Creationism.

21 upvotesGanaria-Gente1 year ago


People here need to remember: evolution has no intent. It just does what it does, just cuz.

4 upvotesgeo_gan1 year ago

This is why actually people were pissed off with the new List in Space remake as the psycho “doctor smith” woman in it was not rooted out and ostracised from the small colony. Maybe this Argentino woman is like doctor smith...

4 upvoteswrekd1 year ago

She stole her sisters pass to get to space and stole the doctors credentials to leave when the alien captive they had went apeshit. She was an imposter and not part of the community.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What we today call "BPD traits" may have conferred an advantage under conditions unimaginable to our peaceful modern society

I think you are wrong about BPD in specifically, but that your idea is correct in general. BDP is clearly a disorder that would not be beneficial in any time period. It destroys relationships and makes it impossible to mutually cooperate. Humans are social creatures and I cannot see any time period before or after the dawn of agriculture in which this would be a feature. It might be in earlier times that BPD people simply died because they were expelled from their tribes or villages, just like a baby with down syndrome would have been abandoned and died.

I do think that different traits can be more beneficial in different times though. I'm struck by the different personality types that rise to the top throughout different periods of Roman history. During the early Republic its the selfless virtuous citizen soldier/farmer. In the late Republic it's the consummate politician. In the early empire it's those who show loyalty to the emperor and competence. In the late empire it's the backstabbing pure Machiavellian scumbag.

2 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

BDP is clearly a disorder that would not be beneficial in any time period.

That's what I originally wrote, but amended it so as not to have to fit an absolute statement to every circumstance that has arisen since Mitochondrial Eve.

"Dark Triad" behaviors are fetishized by some here, mainly because pure IDGAF can masquerade as greater than average knowledge and confidence. What underlies it in reality is a broken mind incapable of healthy pair bonding.

BPD and other Axis II disorder people may not necessarily be intelligent, but despite this they are usually incredibly crafty and shrewd. It's a grave tactical error to believe them "stupid" or that high intelligence is a fair match with them.

Source: Crazy BPD GF in the distant past.

9 upvotesGandalfthecool1 year ago

I think we’re all power hungry (status, money, happy etc) and some people are more wired to go after it than others. The means of achieving this power is through our biological predispositions between fight/flight - truth/manipulation....we all know which predisposition belongs to either sex on here....bottom line is there is a hierarchical structure of “excellence” as in the top 1% of either sex is the “best” at being that sex (including what would be deemed morally best pertaining to whatever culture) and then devalues farther down the “pyramid” we go....we’re all the same (man/woman) just utilize different tactics to achieve wants/needs whether they’re “good” or “bad” (morally speaking). Men are obviously more giving (in the material/physical sense) but anybody can be turned into a sucker without proper vetting in their relationships or if they lack a backbone. As a man you control your ultimate fate and who you choose to have in your life...if you let someone digs their hooks in you..it’s your own damn fault.

5 upvotesthisishowiwrite1 year ago

A lot of the people in this thread banging on about "evil" and "craziness" should read your comment. She was just doing what comes naturally to her. No need to hate or look for wild explanations, just understand it, learn the signs, and don't let it happen to you.

1 upvotesGandalfthecool1 year ago

Exactly. It is what it is so play with the cards you’re dealt with.

8 upvotesSaberinbed1 year ago

You don’t need to be a feminist to be a batshit crazy life sucking hoe.

3 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Helen of Troy as the ultimate Red Pill cautionary tale...

9 upvoteslololasaurus1 year ago

Proverbs the seventh chapter speaks of such women.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I am loosely friends with a woman who I strongly suspect is one of these women. She is older than me (late 30's), always single, no kids, no long term relationships, and very fit. Like almost masculine kinda fitness. When I first met I was wearing cheap clothes, no watch etc, because I presumed that the group I was going to was about who you really are vs what you own (it was a meditation group) but nope I turned up and they were all flashing their gucci watches (lol) and the latest smartphones in an egoic "look at what I have" fashion. (Later experience has taught me there are more egoic / narcissistic / BPD types in spiritual groups than groups than "normality"). She looked me up and down and completely ignored me.

The next time I went I showed up in what I usually wear, smart casual, loafers, Rolex, etc. She was all over me. The only thing I changed was wealth signalling. Now when she sees me she hugs me, constantly pushes for me to ask her out on a date, etc. Unfortunatly for her she has something I can't stand - tattoos everywhere. Spiritual tattoos proudly displayed on her arms. Full body tattoos are a major red flag for me in women. And of course she latter talked about how she didn't know her Dad growing up. Another red flag. But I think she is BPD based on what her female friends have said sometimes, of which she seems to be the alpha girl. Oh and that female friend group is toxic AF. They don't have their own opinions. One person shares an opinion and immediately all of them chime in with encouragement.

BTW I think everyone has some beta inside. You can slip into it if you are not careful. You have to keep frame always which can be hard to do sometimes.

Funny aside story once I went to that group a guy takes off his watch and passes it round to everyone to marvel at. I'm thinking..this must be a patek phillipe or something right? No it was a $200 thing... I had to act impressed... and carefully tuck my jumper down over my rolex submariner..

TLDR: I got targeted by a girl just like AA. But I am RP with unconscious beta tendancies.

1 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

At the least, the destruction of the man, at the worst, destruction of entire nations/societies when they were able to sink their hooks into powerful men.

Now I'm thinking Helen of troy was clearly BPD.

The crazy thing is that Argento is not even pretty, actually she's plain vanilla/ugly. I fell for a BPD that now I see, is really really ugly, she actually looks like a men. But I fell so hard for her, it's incredibly the manipulation power they have.

2 upvoteskellykebab1 year ago

They would not weed out these men from the gene pool unless they somehow prevented the men from procreating.

Edit: autocorrect

1 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77911 year ago

Holy fuck this was a well-articulated comment. Gave me chills.

14 upvotesNomadicDogDemon1 year ago

If you haven't already, watch the speech she gave at Canne's. Megyn Kelly showed a clip of it after this news broke and it made my blood boil. She calls for a witch hunt, saying, "There are many people here with us today who still need to be held accountable for their actions against women. You know who you are and we know who you are." It amazes me how someone guilty of doing what she did can talk like that. She clearly doesn't see her actions as equivalent. She thinks the rules only apply to men. Typical entitled female.

Of course, some of those feminazis will try to draw the distinction by saying this isn't the same because it isn't forcible rape. But the allegations being made against men by the MeToo movement are often not of forcible rape, including her own allegations against Weinstein. She had a consensual sexual relationship with him for years, she just claims that due to his position of power it was not truly consensual and qualifies as rape. Well then what about her position of power as an adult with a 17 year old kid? Roy Moore was being called out even for approaching 22 year olds at the mall when he was 30!

2 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Feminism is over. Asia scammed Bourdain to pay off this kid, then fucked another dude after he paid the bill.

The fact that they are "defending" her and keeping silent on this, shows you that it's a movement for power and the enemy is men. These women will manipulate your status, resources and your money in exchange for sex. Once you are of no use, she has every right to publicly shame/ruin you. Fuck that!

MGTOW and Incels are right: Feminism is waging a war against men.

Men, we need to fuck and chuck these plates. Denounce and discourage fellow men from any LTR until women expose their fraudulent movement to use men and get rid of double standards.

A good man Anthony Bourdain died for, this let's mobilize and get to it.

45 upvotesCaffineIsLove1 year ago

This seems to be a trend lately, accuse others of what you have done. Maybe donate to a charity against it or start a movement.

19 upvotesyazen_1 year ago

Over compensation and virtue signaling, the signs of guilt.

59 upvotessamsmith671 year ago

Apperantly Bourdain was helping her cover it up as well. I saw the story earlier today and can't find it now. Guess it was wiped. From this i feel Bourdian killed himself after seeing those pics of her with that french photographer. Especially after knowing as well that he was being a hypocrite by helping her cover up this AND seeing her cheating on him.

10 upvoteschocolatex1 year ago

Apparently he is the one who forked over the $$$ for the settlement to the underage boy.

-8 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

She was probably threatening to out him for "Sexual Assault." Then she cheated on him.

He ruined this promising actor's career and she was on a rampage to do the same to Bourdain. He really had no options left to keep his name in tact.

Bourdain died for the greater good of men, he felt he betrayed. Men who have been manipulated and used by these women monsters who continue to operate with no shame or legal punishment. Let's all keep this in mind.

-2 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

nah he was just too beta and couldn't accept the fact that women do not have the same capability to love like men do.

all these old men offing themselves just proves that if you don't swallow the bitter pill, you will end up in a dead situation, bound to a life of being manipulated and always placed bottom of the food chain, no matter how rich or famous you are.

This dude could've been slaying pussy left right and centre, yet, he choosed to defy logic and believe that women are this amazing, innocent creatures who need to be wrapped up in cotton wool, coddled and protected at all times.

till he saw his lady fuck an alpha without any remorse.

23 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Your acting like Bourdain wasn't a victim. This woman was an emotional monster. She preyed on men (young and old) and took advantage of them for attention and status. She should be locked up for good but society allows them to operate.

It's easy to say: "hey it's his fault, he was weak" but men need to stop validating women who do this type of shit to any man. We need to emotional support them not shame them.

Bourdain died for the brotherhood and to protect young and old men from these monsters and supporters. Other men are choosing to go on shooting rampages. This has to stop!

We need to protect men, support them and be there for them when they fall. Just like our ancestors did in war.

-6 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

I'm sorry, but I dont see how was he a victim..

Women are emotional creatures. They all are emotional monsters in one way or the other. As a 60 year old grown ass man, Anthony should know this by now.

So his relationship was heading for trouble. An alpha appeared and she branch-swinged. Instead of adopting red pill strategies like spinning plates and realizing "she was never his to begin with, it was only his turn.", The first sign of trouble, he clocks himself out. Dude.. go spin plates and tell me whether that pussy was worth it. Heck, you are rich and famous... Pussy just falls onto your lap. And yes, he has invested some serious time, emotional and money into this chick when he probably shouldn't have..

I get what you are saying regarding men needing a shoulder to cry on. However, I disagree with the notion that men need emotional support. I'm not sure you've been in TRP long enough to dig up the original posts, some almost 10 years old by now, but the message back then was that the movement would never grow big enough to form self-help groups & men being men, were in it for themselves.

So the guys who finally figured out women and TRP will just go about their own way slaying pussy left right and centre without any concern for their un-awoken Beta male counterparts. For instance, I haven't read up or posted in here for years now.

At the end of the day, men punch their own way out of trouble. And for those who are terminally beta, i.e. Anthony, they may just off themselves when faced with rebuilding a life again and again. Like I said, he could have been saved if he swallowed the freaking pill instead of fighting it..

7 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

You are completely wrong. Bourdain was a victim of a criminal. Asia uses specific tactics to manipulate men for money, status & fame and threatens to ruin them. She preys on people as a criminal...unchecked. She has even manipulated the public and people like yourself to actually defend her, sympathize and champion her.

There is a reason we lock up people who do murder or ruin people's financially lives because it is wrong and they have no problem doing it again.

-1 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

What crack are you smoking..

Go and read the sidebar.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Shut the fuck up.

The guy killed himself. There obviously was some deeper seated issues there. To suggest that everything would be fine if he just “went out and spun plates is absolutely ridiculous. The man was depressed already and that put him over the edge.

You talk about him swallowing the pill like it was something he knew about and chose to ignore. 95% of men don’t have a single fucking clue what the red pill is you retard.

24 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

This article shows a picture of Asia Argento and the boy she groomed together. She slathered herself allover him. Imagine a picture of a 30 or 40 something male draped allover a female teen actress and the outrage that would ensue from just the picture (not that it’s right or a good idea). Hypocrisy indeed.


38 upvotesWork_In_Progress921 year ago

Here is yet another example of Hollywood with another edition of "Do as I say, not as I do." These frauds preach to the masses to feel good about themselves while they cover up shit like this all the time.

There was a time I was really into films; that has changed ever since I found the Pill. The amount of bullshit that spews out of Hollywood, I just don't bother wasting my time on it anymore.

11 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

Hollywood is a fucking blue-pill conditioning. Get off it and go out and make something of your life.

26 upvotesNergaal1 year ago

You did not mention she was the GF of Anthony Bourdain when he killed himself. Thinking goes he realized she was cheating on him:


12 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

realized? he definitely knew and he knows exactly why.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

That’s a great article man. Thanks for linking it.

8 upvotesJoshAndArielle1 year ago

That article was a good read

3 upvotesDEADFENCER1 year ago

Very worthwhile read. Thanks.

23 upvoteschambertlo1 year ago

It’s always the guilty that have the loudest voices.

6 upvotesImarobot21 year ago

Anyone see Asia’s follow up?


She’s blaming the dead ex-bf Bourdain. Dude can’t even defend himself. The hamster is running lightning quick to find an exit hatch.

13 upvotesredpillcad1 year ago

It's almost like Metoo wasn't about protecting women from sexual assault.

Perhaps, as stated here many times by the misogynist braintrust, Metoo is about keeping beta males in their sexless place.

The undermenchen shall not expect any sex for their provisioning as they have for millions of years. Only Alphafux can have sex! And they get sex by ignoring the massive shittest known as Metoo

I am reminded of a fake news talking head (former cum bucket of mine) who never missed a chance to virtue signal her wokeness by attending whitemale hating, pussyhat, and antigun rallies and on air bashing our GodEmporor President, yet she begged me to spank, choke, and degrade her during sex. She implored me to call her my slut and she lapped up my bravado in private while publicly bashing toxic masculinity.

It's always projection with these loonylibshits

5 upvotesSovereignSoul761 year ago

Reason seems to think that it's the state of California's fault for their "uncommon age of consent laws".

It would have been legal in 39 states, they argue. Look at that hamster wheel go! Get out those kid-gloves everyone, we have to 'punish' a woman without hurting her feelz...

6 upvotesAllahHatesFags1 year ago

She was grooming him since he was 8; this is a very common thing for sexual predators to do. I hope this bitch goes to prison. Imagine the reaction from feminists if it were a 38 year-old man grooming a girl since she was 8 and then getting her drunk and fucking her at 17. Rose McGowan definitely wouldn't be encouraging people to "Be gentle" on twitter.

4 upvotespaulkersey19991 year ago

no, SHE didn't pay, she manipulated her boyfriend, anthony bourdain into paying! what a fucking cunt!

1 upvotesDmva1001 year ago

Hey metoo, TIMES UP on that!

All women lie about sexual assault unless due process reveals otherwise.

They want to be sexually abused. Katy Perry is a feminist and her popular ET song said "...i wanna be victim..." so that means it's true for all empowered females.

39 upvotessaibot831 year ago

Dated a hardcore feminist who wanted me to choke her and fuck her roughly up the ass while calling her all manner of foul things (whore, cunt, slut, etc, etc). She also claimed metoo (a situation not involving me thankfully) when all that broke in the media. Women are not consistent creatures.

3 upvotesKilling__Time_1 year ago

Been there. Done that. 'sex positive' is their justification for that dissonance.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Isn't that the same Katy Perry who sexually molested someone without consent with, of course, no legal consequences?


4 upvotessrtor1 year ago

Yep. Times up for all those mofos and bitches. Enough of that shit show.

11 upvotesCasd121 year ago

live by the sword die by the sword

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Gentlemen, modern succubus.

3 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Something weird I've noticed over this stuff. Many normal people treating celebrities as pawns in a cultural proxy war...

I wonder what we win if 8 thots go to jail? what did they win when cosby spends his last 5 years of life in one?

3 upvotesRebe1Ye111 year ago

The double-standard is constently growing as women who want all the opprotunities men have yet want none of the responsibities that come with it.

19 upvotesMatacks6071 year ago

I like how the boy said he was emotionally damaged from getting a blowjob from a hot women. Yea, ok kid. I'm sure that was really traumatic. Shit for 380,000 I can be traumatized by a blowjob too. And it didn't even buy his silence! The nerve people have nowadays is unreal.

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

He's doing all of us a favor and exposing the hypocrisy in the #MeToo movement.

6 upvotesJDRoedell1 year ago

The question is whether anyone (in the plugged in world) will give a shit. I’d bet a good bit of money she gets off with a slap on the wrist.

9 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

Plot twist: It's your stepmom, since boyhood, and you didn't want it.

Your hand waving of the issue contributes nothing to the discussion.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Well if the choice is between a blowjob or $380K and a blowjob, I'll take the latter.

4 upvotesfuckrbrasilmods1 year ago

I like how the boy said he was emotionally damaged from getting a blowjob from a hot women

Totally hypocritical and absurd as well. It's inevitable that these ridiculous naked emperor accepted lies come crashing down because this whole metoo thing is simply riddled with inconsistencies and nonsensical premises.

1 upvotesNEW_JERSEY_PATRIOT1 year ago

Does anyone have any insight on to why older women usually in power such as a mentor or teacher have sex with much younger men?

This is something I still have no idea why it happens but every week a new teacher who is very attractive is caught having sex with their students. This seems to go against a lot of principles of the red pill and I'm curious if anyone had any good insight on it.

11 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Strokes the ego. "I still have it." They get jealous of youthful females so if they can compete with them they can pretend they are still young.

3 upvotesChitlinsandgravy1 year ago

Nailed it. Too add to this, the sexual verification of having successfully bedded a virile young man, whilst simultaneously avoiding the reality of declining value that one would face in terms of being less desirable to older, well mentally established males.

Toss in environment/constant exposure to such virility and poof.

5 upvotesPaulAJK1 year ago

I don't know in this case, Asia seems a totally mental Lucifers daughter type to me, but in most cases older women going for juvenile men seems like a definite kink, and there's no accounting for kink. The male equivilent would be something like granny or chubby chasing.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Holy fuck. When are people going to wake up?

5 upvotesGanaria-Gente1 year ago

In our gynocentric Western society, most people will refuse to accept this is anything but an exception

So I say: let's enjoy the decline! Let these supremacists suffer their consequences


4 upvoteseaus18071 year ago

Amazing how everyone is a hypocrite

2 upvotesmlittman1 year ago

Wouldn't it be more appropriate and less offensive if we said the truth,

That this older woman in a powerful workplace position, STATUTORY RAPED and underage child who could not consent and was in a position where he could lose his job if he did not allow her to rape him.?

Let's not allow the media to say that a woman MADE LOVE with her underage coworker, when she actually committed statutory rape.

4 upvoteskamifurio1 year ago

She has serious issues on all fronts no doubt.

But a 17 yo calling been raped by a 37yo decent looking chick, its plain bollocks. When I was 16 I had a 25 yo girl friend. Me or any of my class mates would have gladly slept with 20/30yo hot chicks in a blink of an eye, probably in every sense :P.

1 upvotesIrinam_Daske1 year ago

In November 2017, a month after Argento came forward with her own accusations of assault against Weinstein, Bennett sent Argento a notice of intent to sue. In the notice, Bennett explained that seeing Argento “present herself as a victim of sexual assault was too much to bear… and called up memories of their hotel reunion,” according to The Times. Bennett asked for $3.5 million in damages for “the intentional infliction of emotional distress, lost wages, assault and battery.”

He saw her #metoo statements and the didn't like double-standards they presented, so he called her out on it.

And he probably saw a possibility to earn some extra money xD

6 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

Asia didn't just have sex with him once. She conditioned and groomed him to be his sex slave, getting him to call him mommy. He blames her for the emotional trauma he endured because of this toxic relationship. She continued this ongoing relationship, even after the payout. It's exactly what Weinstein did to her.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

When I was 18 I was sleeping with/kind of dating a 30 year old chick. Even at that age I had a sense that she was fucked up for wanting to be with someone so young. Older chicks are weird

3 upvoteswhatsthisgarg1 year ago

But a 17 yo calling been raped by a 37yo decent looking chick, its plain bollocks.

lmao here

When I was just barely 18 my older brother's GF (she was 6 yrs older) "seduced" me and I was just fine with it, right up until I came in her mouth. When you're young, you know, sometimes your mind and body change instantaneously at the moment of orgasm.

I suddenly had some reason I had to be somewhere else. It was weird, but I never considering suing her for it.

The present case is all about money. Not really new stuff.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I suddenly had some reason I had to be somewhere else. It was weird,

Dude this is a really common phenomenon. You've never experienced this any other time? Men often report that as soon as they orgasm, they feel an overwhelming urge to be anywhere else besides where they are. In my own experience this usually happens when you bang a girl who is not attractive enough to date or has some other major flaw that precludes dating (such as her her being crazy, or being your brother's gf).

My pet theory is that this is an evolutionary adaptation. After sex and during the cuddle phase, the brain releases oxytocin. This is the pair bonding chemical that makes you feel close to her and helps transform your feelings of pure lust into romantic love so that you will stick around and help raise your offspring.

If the woman is not attractive enough for you to commit though, your caveman brain knows that you can do better and it is screaming at you to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE before the pair bonding chemicals glue you to this inferior female. It helps maximize your evolutionary fitness.

1 upvotesPaulAJK1 year ago

Yeah, I never thought of that as an evolutionary adaption, the "lets get the fuck out of dodge" feeling after nutting a sub-par woman.

4 upvotesRobster251 year ago

Double-standards in action... I bet she didn't even see fault in her actions back then. Everytime something like this happens I am amazed how women lack self-consciousness. Even though, I have to admit I would love to see life for one day from a womans perspective: truly egotistical and narcissistic, only focused on yourself, no true friendships. Just living with a devil-may-care attitude.

4 upvotesSpinPlates1 year ago

Women have no agency.

That 17 year old probably "Just caught her at a bad time" and she wasnt thinking straight.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Problem is just like it's only racist when a white person does it, it's only rape when a man does it. Or atleast this is the view of MSM and general society. Very sad.

Edit: See. When do women say "be gentle" whenever a man is accused of the same crime?


8 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

Honestly, this is bullshit. The only reason I find it remotely interesting is that Argento and her lesbian man friend have been shouting metoo from the rooftops (while knowing this was lurking in her past).

I went away to school at 17, and while I didn't fuck any 37 year old women, I think I would have survived just fine. I ended up having drunk sex with an older chick when I was just out of college...kinda grossed me out, but I didn't blame the rest of my life on it.

That said, karma is a bitch.

35 upvotesMentORPHEUS [OP]1 year ago

I went away to school at 17, and while I didn't fuck any 37 year old women, I think I would have survived just fine.

I'm old enough to have step daughters in their late 20s, and date women younger than them, so let me tell you something about boundaries.

When you're in a parent-child relationship with someone while they were a minor, there's a huge unambiguous boundary to seeing that person in a sexual light, much less acting upon the thought. Even when they have reached adulthood.

It appears that the long time ongoing role she had as a mentor/role model in his child actor years is a large part of what messed with his head when she got him drunk and turned it sexual.

21 upvotesblownnnn1 year ago

What she did is wrong, and lots of older woman do this. Men cannot sweep this under the rug because he got sex, like any kind of sex is some privilege.

She took advantage of this child and made him his sex/validation slave. What she is accusing Weinstein of, is exactly what she did to this kid! Got molested and felt like she was at the mercy of her assaulter. All she is doing is projecting.

The kicker is: She agreed to pay out after ruining his career and future. She also stayed in contact after, what a terrible woman.

6 upvotesFindTheBus1 year ago

Fucking an older woman when you're 17 is one thing.

Having a batshit BPD manipulator fuck you and your mind when you are 17 will fuck your whole world up for a long time.

2 upvotesMarinTaranu1 year ago

That's a lot of money. Is that considered taxable income to the boy?

1 upvotesvitalesan1 year ago

They’re eating their own, folks!

“Hey ma! The meatloaf!!”

1 upvotesSpecOpsAlpha1 year ago

A lot of these women are immature teen girls at heart, and love giving BJs. They never grew up.

1 upvotesxyzadeel1 year ago

I hope people stop believing in metoo movement.

1 upvotesHanSupreme1 year ago

What a piece of shit. I fucking hate ppl like this.

1 upvotesred_matrix1 year ago

Everything about #metoo leads back to Hollywood. It's all actors and scripts, just another show to keep the masses confused.

1 upvotesHjalmbere1 year ago

Lots of interesting dirt on Asia Argento in link below if you can stomach some standard leftist virtue signaling about wypipo and Trump. According to the article she and Bourdain had already broken up and were quarreling when he topped himself off. https://penthouse.com/pages/asia-argento/Toxic-Femininity.php

1 upvotesAbdoulReborn1 year ago

wanna know something even crazier? Anthony Bourdain actually payed the $380,000 settlement.

I had no words for that once I found out. Can't really say I'm shocked either after the story of his dramatic ending.

1 upvotesfuckrbrasilmods1 year ago

What a shocker

0 upvotesBillyRedRocks1 year ago

You don't pay someone 380k if you've fucked him at 17. This is just another show to legitimise metoo.

-4 upvotesEGOtyst1 year ago

What does this have to do with TRP, sexual strategy and getting laid?

4 upvotesFlintblood1 year ago

Connect the dots of the male wreckage in her life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It reinforces a negative view of women because people extrapolate and project this onto all women.

Some people like that.

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