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One Skill That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

by TrenGod37 | August 22, 2018 | TheRedPill


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Most new comers come to TRP, read a bunch of posts, watch a couple videos and get a boost of motivation. Well I am here to say fuck your motivation. Motivation is fickle and needs to be replaced by discipline. I can't tell you how many of my boys I introduce to the red pill. They read and read and tell me they are so pumped to get their life in order, all starts well but I ask them a couple weeks later how things are going and nothing has stuck. They stopped lifting, started drinking again, etc etc.

Discipline comes from with-in

When outside sources of motivation fade, discipline needs to takes its place. This is what sets successful men apart from the rest. It's going to the gym when you don't want to. It's waking up an hour earlier when you don't want to. It's not eating those bullshit donuts your fat coworkers bring in when you're trying to stay strict on your diet. Discipline cannot be taught and has to come from with in. It's starts with a Changing of habits. And Starting to do what you don't want to do.

When I tell you I haven't wanted to go to the gym for the last 8 months. I mean it. But guess what? I have been there every. single. day. (Except for rest days) Why? Because I disciplined myself to not listen to my beta brain when it says. "Just take a nap you had a long day" and just fucking go. Because I never once regretted that decision to go. Even on days I really really feel I can't even make it. I tell myself. "Just go and do one set. Just one. And if you want to leave after that you can." And I found for me, once I'm there. I'm staying. Because a shitty workout is better than no workout.

With discipline needs to come action

To start disciplining yourself, start taking action immediately. Don't allow your beta brain to take over and talk you out of it. Figure out your goals, and every choice or habit should be focused on disciplining yourself to do whatever it takes to get them done. Especially when you don't want to.

If you can start to notice when your brain tells you to stay comfortable and you immediately take action to do the opposite. You will start to train yourself to do the things you don't want to do. But know you should, and it will become second nature.

When discipline matters most

Discipline matters the most when you've hit a Plateau. When you've been doing something for so long that you start to ask yourself why you started in the first place. This is when it's most important to not quit and keep fucking going. This is when champions are made. This is what separates the great men from the mediocre men.

These men have disciplined themselves to push through when things grow old, stagnate, and lost its initial excitement. This is how you reach new levels. This is how you succeed. So tell your beta brain to stfu. Discipline yourself to go take action when you'd rather relax. And go be great!

TL;DR fuck your motivation. Don't be lazy. Discipline yourself to do what you don't want to do. Like read this post

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205 upvotesle_wolfe1 year ago

Discipline is the cornerstone of self-improvement and, to an extent, masculinity itself.

Discipline teaches yourself to operate on command.

50 upvotestheworlds1 year ago

"Operate on command" fkn sweet bro. That line gave me a burst of masculine energy .

28 upvotesKbrownnd971 year ago

That was super motivational! Oh. Whoops.

81 upvotesKn1ght01 year ago

Yes, Yes and yes. Jocko Willink has A book called "discipline equals freedom" Great little book which covers mindsets, attitudes, exercise, nutrition and A whole other host of quality information. His podcast is incredible too

45 upvotesRobster251 year ago

Amen, brother. I have a flatmate whom I introduced to the redpill, self-improvement and stuff in the hope, that he will change his life... Now he has read lots of self-improvement books, runs around and telling people how he is into self-improvement and how "alpha" he is, but he doesn't take action. Instead he wastes his life watching tv and playing videogames and fucking his trash-tier girlfriend which he tells himself is hot (truth is he is low-value and she is low-value, that's why he can't pull high-value girls). It is extremely frustrating to see him waste his life, but everyone has to make his/her own choices.

3 upvotespinouchon1 year ago

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink

5 upvotesLurchingDeath1 year ago

C'mon man let's be real here you're fucking sub human looking women yourself and to top it off you work slave labor for men much better than you meanwhile you don't do a damned thing you enjoy. Part of red pill is doing what you enjoy regardless of public opinion. And making it not having a few thousand in the bank and running around screaming in the wind I'm so fucking alpha bruhhhh!...

4 upvotesRobster251 year ago

I'm not sure if you are trolling, but in case you are not:

You completely misunderstood my point. I don't criticise people for leading mediocre lifestyles. If you're happy being mediocre, that's great for you. I criticise people for being mediocre and running around telling everyone how great they are, even if they accomplish nothing in life.

4 upvotesmagx011 year ago

It is extremely frustrating to see him waste his life

By your standards.

2 upvotesRobster251 year ago

As someone who doesn't know him it's hard to understand. Let me try to explain: He lies in front of the tv or sits in front of his computer playing videogames or watching videos about self-improvement/motivational videos, while scratching his balls and talking about "all the losers out there". He lives in his own little dream world. And I totally understand that this is not my problem, but usually you want the best for your friends.

205 upvotesrKKKselected1 year ago

the need for constant "motivation," endless videos of famous black guys tellin you that your big break is just around the corner if you believe in yourself, the innumerable modern "self-help" books, courses, lectures, conferences, are all symptoms of a society that's long been dead inside, collapsed on the outside and punishes anyone who sees it for what it is—a society well into the late stages of decay, not progress

get out of the modern motivational hamster wheel, meditate, know yourself, become what you are and self-discipline will be a natural result

152 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

Motivation is for females. Needing something to constantly make you feel good about going after your goals. Is no different than constantly posting Instagram photos for likes to feel good about yourself.

28 upvotesrKKKselected1 year ago

100%—its just another commodity for bugmen to consume and purchase.

8 upvotescake_eater1 year ago

They need that sht because they are goin against what comes natural to them.

19 upvotesbrocollinipasta1 year ago

Motivation is for everyone

1 upvotesDownVoteForDickPic1 year ago

my mentor told me good feelings follow good actions.

9 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

So what happens when the good feelings go away, but shit still needs to get done?

5 upvotesSexdictatorLucifer1 year ago

Yall are talking about two different things. Good feelings from accomplishment and good feelings while accomplishing. Accomplishing a jack off session feels good. Accomplishing a grueling workout feels good. The timing of the feeling is different. So yes. Good feelings follow good actions. A very key word in his statement that he didnt emphasize.

1 upvotesDownVoteForDickPic1 year ago

if shit needs to get done you do it regardless of how you feel. the point is some people wait til they feel “up to it”. which probably never comes. it’s like waiting for motivation beforehand, rather than just doing it and feeling satisfied after.

2 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

It’s easy to say. If shit needs to get done just do it. But that’s like telling a drug addict “just stop” there’s more to it. That’s where discipline comes into play or a system as some have said.

42 upvotesthewrecker81 year ago

Motivation gets you started. Discipline is what keeps you going.

34 upvotesGayLubeOil1 year ago

Bugmen like being motivated by blacks: Stay in the gaym Dawg!

They'll also pay to be demotivated.

7 upvoteszestytacoz1 year ago

I've seen the picture so many times, first time I've seen the video

7 upvotesChinmayT21 year ago

I don't understand what the dynamics are in the first world countries as I am from India and thus news and Internet are my only source. I haven't myself been to any white country.

So someone explain to me

What may have happened for that woman in the video to go so crazy?

8 upvotesTyp_calTr_cks1 year ago

the answer to that question will get you banned on most of reddit.

4 upvotesLurchingDeath1 year ago

Even here... Trp here has become little more than dude Bros that work out but then turn around and bitch out like a teenage girl to every woman they meet.

3 upvotesstrikethrough1231 year ago

The white alphas she wants don't want her. Because of the whole "you're beautiful just the way you are" bullshit, there's no way her morbid looks are to blame for why men don't want her. Oh! It must be because she's black. Fucking racist white males.

1 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

The white alphas she wants don't want her.

Dropping 70+ pound might help. Jeeeeezus.

3 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

Odds are that most of it can be explained by the left wing cancer that is intersectionalism, aka the victim-hood olympics.

1 upvotesAwkwardEmpath1 year ago

In my opinion, she's doing this for attention. She's trying to come across as extreme and crazy for the sake of the video going viral.

1 upvotesardu-1 year ago

Our media (including hollywood), academia, and financial systems are controlled by a particular ethnic group that looks 'white' but is not. Saying this ethnicity/religious group would get me banned.

8 upvotesIwannachokekatie1 year ago

Living in eastern Europe, I can't help but feel like that video is satire.

3 upvotesAppex11 year ago

I was one of those guys, who would read endless amounts of motivational quotes, listening to motivational speakers etc. with no results. What I didn't realize was that it was all in me. That nothing worthy comes easy. So instead of jerking off all the time like I usually did, I pushed myself with no external help, and that was the thing that made me progress in things that I set my goal to accomplish.

4 upvotesChitlinsandgravy1 year ago

Half black myself. Will Smith... great message. His motives have always struck me as overly emotional. Check out the 1st ten minutes of this:


Unless I'm mistaken, Sam Jackson doesn't have a bunch of emotionally driven motivational shit out there. Perhaps he doesn't feel the need to do so. Ironic, because I'd actually listen to him. Their frames are wildly opposite.

1 upvotesjwhsh61 year ago

What is the significance of those videos being by black guys? That’s a strange point to highlight @rKKKselected

75 upvotesomega_fat1 year ago

Having a system is above everything else. Success is setting up a system, then having discipline to stick to it.

28 upvotesthegymismysanctuary1 year ago

Having discipline also includes the self control to take rest days and deloads, I think.

I've not missed a single workout over the past 2 months, a period in which I've been lifting extremely heavy and have increased my deadlift PB by 20kg. I've now had three shitty workouts in a row and I can feel my body struggling so I'm taking a the rest of the week off, the idea being I get a bit of recovery time in before I start going backwards, despite the urge to get back in and try to keep making more progress.

8 upvotesDabunghole1 year ago

Damn right it is. Being able to recognize when you need to back off and then acting on that is very difficult. But sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.

2 upvotesblkMGTOW071 year ago

I recently had to stop working out for 3 weeks due to tendonitis in my left shoulder. My left arm swelled up like a balloon due to overuse and inflammation.

I hated it at first but soon learned I needed the rest and time to attend to other things in my life. Once I finished taking antibiotics and got back in the gym, I fell stronger than ever. So yes I agree with you when you say you need to know when to take 2 steps back to step 4 steps forward.

16 upvotesexpansion1011 year ago

You know, come to think of it, I haven't even hit that plateau. Thanks for the wake up call.

I have made gains, but I can see that this battle of discipline versus laziness will hit me when those gains begin to stagnate. This post will only help me to push through it, knowing that not only do I need to do so to make more gains on my body, but in my mind as well.

10 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

Plateaus will come. They are normal but you can break through. Just Keep at it

15 upvotesSchimmen1 year ago

Motivation is what gets you started.

Discipline is what keeps you going.

-some smart ass

95 upvotesGayLubeOil1 year ago

Allright bro let me jump in here and fix this conundrum, because you've accidentally stepped into a deep philosophical issue. As it stands all you've done here is replace the word motivation with the word discipline. Thats not gunna work. Like your posts. Don't wanna step on ur dick bro. But let's be honest.

This giant shitfuck of demotivation started during the enlightenment when people replaced God and Tradition with technology and reason, that's Nietzsche thesis.

So instead of being Belief driven people become Method driven. People have a tendency to become the Method they employ, that's Marx's thesis. Basically we have a society of tools. So if we examine your post you have a method however you don't have a real reason to employ the method.

Tons of tools no reason to use them. Nihlism That's society and the Red Pill as a whole.

The only solution to nihlism is post nihlism, that can take the foum of religious fundamentalism, racial tribalism, or a kind of metaphysics. Now you know why post nihlism is so dangerous.

That's why Nazis don't have motivation issues, the Taliban doesn't have motivation issues and Indian Yoga gurus don't have that problem either. The modern west is antithetical to all that which is why it's in a death spiral of faggotry.

The solution is always in the place people are afraid to look aka the Red Pill.

19 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

Your intelligence at times makes me feel like I need to read a lot more lol. So what I think you’re trying to tell me (and correct me if I’m wrong). Is there needs to be some sort of motivation in place before discipline.

20 upvotesGayLubeOil1 year ago

You do need to read a lot more because your drawing yourself into a leadership position of sorts and the kids who your leading need as much wisdom as you can give them.

At some point ur gunna have to Skype me, because I can only provide so much information via sassy comments.

14 upvotesthrowaway-chemist1 year ago

And send money, don't forget.

14 upvotesGayLubeOil1 year ago

My advice is so good people choose to send me money. I can't force anyone into anything. If after an hour of talking I haven't earned it then that's that.

9 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I was going to say. I can’t help but feel you’re trying to sell me something. But I’d love to shoot the shit with you over Skype one day

3 upvotesProofOfWang1 year ago

He's saying discipline is a form of motivation.

2 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I guess I can see what he means but sometimes shit needs to just get done and there’s no real goal other than it needs to get done. You can say that The need to get it done is motivation but most of the time people are tired. Over worked and it’s shit we don’t want to do. That’s when discipline comes into play. Getting it done anyway, especially when you don’t want to.

I can see what he means but I feel like it’s a stretch to criticize the post when we all pretty much understand what I’m getting at

2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex1 year ago

Discipline is a tool. To wield discipline one needs motivation to back it up - a belief in a something higher or an overarching goal.

That's why GLO brought up Nazi's or the Taliban.

The Nazi's were motivated by their belief in their superiority and thus tried to act according to this belief. This belief created a rock solid frame. Discipline came easy, because it was necessary to bring belief into reality.

The Taliban believe in the word of Allah. They believe that all of their actions are to bring the word of Allah to the world. Discipline comes easy then to make their belief become reality.

So you want to have no problems maintaining discipline? Pretend you are a Nazi preparing to fight for the superiority of the Aryan race. You are a soldier. How must a soldier prepare so that his name brings terror to His enemies and his ancestors welcome him to Valhalla? Act like that.

2 upvotesmagx011 year ago

What he is saying is, if there is no question as to the why, the motivation is intrinsic. The methodology to achieve the why will then follow. In the lavish, failing west, we have all the tools/methods but no why's hence the existential crises everywhere.

0 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I kind of replied to that in the comment above

12 upvotesethernetcord1 year ago

How does red pill give motivation in the same way as nazis and taliban?

16 upvotesCasd121 year ago

I don't completely get it either but here's what I think he means, trp opens your eyes to the real world. A meaningless world, where there are no true Justice. Morals are subjective. Basically the black pill (extremely pessimistic, realistic, with no belief of God, karma etc). Now if you know it's meaningless, some would say why do anything at all, why even try? While others would say "fuck it, if lifes meaningless I might as well fucking get shredded and fuck hoes and get that money cus why not, Nothing matters anyways.

Now the guy who just said that, everyday he wakes up and hits the gym and work hard to get money is he operating on motivation or dicipline? Or he just does? The Nazis are no different except they replaced the "fuck hoes, get money, get shredded" with trying to purify humanity to a single race, cus why not?

15 upvotesDaParish91 year ago

Goddamn it I love these types of discussions. People need to read Camus "The myth of sysiphus". He goes directly into how life is literally meaningless and then completely explains why its not worth killing yourself. The very fact that you have a choice to kill yourself is the freedom you have. "Shoot yourself or have a cup of coffee".

3 upvotescumfortably_dumb1 year ago

When you say life is "Literally meaningless" people read that and tend to more towards destruction and catastrophe. instead if told them, yes there is no meaning to life but that doesn't mean you cant do something worthwhile. Meaning can be extracted out of a no-thing life, Its very subjective.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I've found that Determinism can (temporarily) make believing in "freedom" impossible.

Then you realise that whatever will be will be and that you're just along for the ride. Maybe I will shoot myself, or perhaps I'll have that coffee, I won't really know until a few milliseconds after the decision has been made. I have no choice, but I also have no guilt or responsibility. I think I can live with that.

2 upvotesthekiddd231 year ago

"The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

I think Camus was so right in that essay. But I have come to realize that a meaningless world is not for everyone. It asks to take on too much responsibility for most people. I think only a few people will truly enjoy a meaningless world.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex1 year ago

Discipline is a tool. To wield discipline one needs motivation to back it up - a belief in a something higher or an overarching goal. Discipline is the sword; motivation is the strong arm that wields it.

That's why GLO brought up Nazi's or the Taliban.

The Nazi's were motivated by their belief in their superiority and thus tried to act according to this belief. This belief created a rock solid frame. Discipline came easy, because it was necessary to bring belief into reality.

The Taliban believe in the word of Allah. They believe that all of their actions are to bring the word of Allah to the world. Discipline comes easy then to make their belief become reality.

So you want to have no problems maintaining discipline? Pretend you are a Nazi preparing to fight for the superiority of the Aryan race. You are a soldier. How must a soldier prepare so that his name brings terror to His enemies and his ancestors welcome him to Valhalla? Act like that.

1 upvotesjcorye11 year ago

The argument, from what I can tell, is you need a fundamental belief in your life. Nihilism has become pervasive in today's society, hell it's the main focus of Rick and Morty, so if you believe nothing matters, it doesn't matter how much grit you have in life it'll just get to be too much. Believe in something, even if it is just a set of rules, and turn yourself over to it.

3 upvotesCollector7971 year ago

See, I'm not sure I totally agree with your categorization of post nihilism as necessarily dangerous. It's dangerous only insofar as it frees man, and specifically, great men, from the constraints of God and Tradition that had been imposed on them for centuries. Nietzsche addressed this and spoke of man's newfound ability, his new freedom, to construct his own values and to impose them on his world. This is his Will to Power, and I don't see any reason it conflicts with Red Pill ideologies or is anything we should avoid. Everything I do is a manifestation of my own will to power, my desire to impose my own set of values upon the world around me, to shape it according to this will. That's the only path towards success for the postmodern man.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Can I get your thoughts on how to reconcile nihilism with self improvement?

9 upvotesframedaddy1 year ago

watch this: https://youtu.be/4qZ3EsrKPsc

Basically, next to nihilism is existentialism and next to that is individualism. All you have left after all meaning is devoid is to become great. The good part is dominating other men (greatness) and fucking tons of women and success in general is actually tied to your biology. So you get a free pass to strive for greatness with no shame or guilt while also being an inspiration for other men who will eventually come across the same conundrum.

1 upvotesChaddeus_Rex1 year ago

You create your own meaning.

Pretend you are a Soldier of Allah, sent to this world to rain down Allah's Holy Wrath on the heads of infidels.

What qualities must a soldier embody? Strength of body. Physical and psychological endurance. Absolute belief in the mission.

Do you have those? No? Seek to develop them.

If being a Soldier of Allah doesn't do it for you, become a Son of Odin fighting for the superiority of the Aryan race. Same shit.

1 upvotesKeffirLime1 year ago

Tons of tools no reason to use them. Nihlism That's society and the Red Pill as a whole

Would our biological drive to eat/sleep/procreate not act as the driving force to use these tools?

Would you not say our lack of awareness of and how to effectively use the tools is the issue?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

11 upvotesInscrutablePUA1 year ago

While I agree with the premise that discipline is absolutely needed for success in life, I would also add that the most successful men do more than just slog through everything, day after day. They also prioritize the most important activities, and make it as EASY as possible to consistently do those activities.

What does this really mean?

1) It means making tradeoffs. You cannot get jacked, ready 50 books a month, crush it at work, fuck 100 girls, etc. etc. all at the same time. Getting jacked by itself requires a regular schedule, reduction in alcohol and late nights (especially for guys > 28), proper nutrition, and sleep. It's tough to come to that realization but absolutely important.

2) This one comes from Scott Adams - you need to have an easily repeatable system that works. If you're having trouble getting to the gym regularly - ask yourself what is really stopping you? Is it because your gym is 50 miles away? Is it because the only time you can work out is in the morning but you play video games all night and can't wake up early? Are you pushing yourself too hard in the gym and burning out or overreaching? All of these can be solved. Make getting to the gym as easy as possible. Have your back packed with clothes, protein, etc. the night before. Sleep at the right time. Find a closer gym, or make your own home gym. Clean up your nutrition for more energy. Have a pre workout snack to get in the mood.

Discipline is needed for those times when you really don't feel like doing something, but if important activities are always a huge mental struggle, it will never happen consistently. Think easy, not hard.

11 upvotesiBchyllen2473651 year ago

As a couple people said here, the most important part is the WHY.

As long as you have a deep reason to do what you do, you will always look forward to the tough shit you gotta do because you know WHY you’re doing it.

The WHY lasts longer than any physical or emotional pain, or boredom, or stress, or even you.

For me, I have the choice between being a useless piece of shit who hates himself and lives everyday knowing he’s wasting his potential OR I can be useful and help myself and other people live meaningful lives. Regardless of the subjectivity of it all. I know life is meaningless... at the same time it is not. It is up to you to give it meaning.

So I give it meaning through struggle and constant self-improvement because it’s the only thing that feels right. To indulge in Mountain Dew and Doritos while I play World of Warcraft just doesn’t feel right. To sit on the couch and watch TV and eat ice cream just doesn’t feel right.

I don’t know how most people live with themselves. I don’t have that “emotional blocking” ability. I would have killed myself by now if I didn’t decide to turn my life around.

So, in a way, it’s not even a choice. Self improvement is the only thing I could possibly do. The other option is death. Even if it isn’t physical, to submit to life = death.

So I just do it because it makes sense to me. I always look forward to the gym, or work, or another rep, or a nervous phone call, or a meeting where my hands are sweating balls.

Even if I don’t wanna do it. People think that winners are brave and have some sort of anti-fear thing. Winners feel more fear than the next 10 “average” people. But they act even if their heart is racing or they’re unsure, etc.

My WHY is that I HAVE to do it. It’s this or death for me... if not physically then mentally/emotionally. I refuse to live my life in a way that disrespects myself and others. So I go hard for me. And others.

I dunno. That’s what I think though. If anyone gains something from this comment then it was worth typing.

2 upvotesmegajoints1 year ago

I like this a lot. If im not improving myself or something/someone else then what the fuck am I doing. thats what a meaningless life really is.

1 upvotesmagx011 year ago

To indulge in Mountain Dew and Doritos while I play World of Warcraft just doesn’t feel right. To sit on the couch and watch TV and eat ice cream just doesn’t feel right.

If you do this once a week do you still feel as bad? Can you enjoy such things if you 'earned' them by doing the right things the rest of the week?

0 upvotesrandomTATRP1 year ago

A very wise friend of mine said discipline isn't about being persistent about one thing for a period of time and then do the opposite just because 'you earned it', it's about being persistent ALL THE TIME.

1 upvotesHappinessIsYourDuty1 year ago

Why is it so according to him?

1 upvotesrandomTATRP1 year ago

Because most people do the right stuff for some time and then break it for a day/two/several days.

I.E. I ate clean for 3 months and then came home and made excuses to eat my mum's cuisine.

1 upvotesHappinessIsYourDuty1 year ago

But why does he think that it's detrimental?
Does it tend to break the good habit, because of a one-time "relapse"? That's what comes to my mind.
Because, in theory, a few hours of (for example) video games two times a month is not a disaster...
(my guess) I'd say that this "earned, just one-time" binge feeds the old habit and keeps it alive, while the unbroken discipline cuts the bad habit ruthlessly. Plus, it rarely ends with "just one time", because the lizard brain craves more.
But I'm just guessing, I haven't experimented with that too much.

1 upvotesrandomTATRP1 year ago

IDK, we didn't discuss that to depths.

20 upvotesopenWh1te1 year ago

"A horse that has raced, a dog that has tracked, a bee that has made honey [...] - none of these knows what they have done, but they pass on to the next action [...]. So you ought to be one of those who, in a sense, are unconscious of the good they do." - M. Aurelius #Motivation #Discipline

9 upvotesJaYogi1 year ago

I take cold showers, which force myself to do something I don’t want too. When I feel unmotivated I tell myself why I’m working out or why I’m staying up to study.

3 upvotesMarvelousWhale1 year ago

Am I the only one that gets a very similar endorphin rush from taking a cold shower as I do from running?

28 upvotesiknowthewhey1 year ago

Discipline is the secret to success. Motivation is fleeting and will never push you to your goals. Habits are the way to build discipline. Getting up 2 hours before work then meditating and hitting them gym everyday. That is how you build discipline. Keeping your house clean and fridge full of healthy food everyday. Anyone looking for motivation doesn't have the discipline to accomplish the mission.

4 upvotesTheLanternFlame1 year ago

Told this kind of thing to my friends some months ago and I was ganged up talk shit by them. Guess what, they're fucking depressed as hell for months now, and I'm constantly improving cuz idgaf about seeking motivation, just work on it. Motivation=fantasy, just do it=action. Guess which is much better.

14 upvotesDeontologicalSanders1 year ago

Honestly if you've been going to the gym for 8 months and you don't look forward to it most of the time, you're doing something very wrong.

37 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I’ve been lifting for years and years and started a new job working very long hours so I’m always beat as fuck. I just hit a Plateau. It happens, but that’s when discipline comes in.

15 upvotesDeontologicalSanders1 year ago

Upvoted. Your message is still sound.

6 upvotes4nurh86qn7ekybdd1 year ago

This - the hard part is recognising when you have a hit a plateau. Normally, instead of recognising this, i get frustrated and engage in self destructive actions. Its a surprisingly hard thing to be self aware about.

8 upvotesDeontologicalSanders1 year ago

While I wouldn't advocate self-destructive behaviors, I have found that one of the best ways to crack a plateau is to slack on your diet and not train for 7-10 days, and then pick it back up. It breaks down your acclimation to the work. You come back and you feel exhausted again. You're sore for 2 days. You lose progress, but once you hit that plateau again, it seems like you have more momentum to break through it.

1 upvotesnotyourduck1 year ago

Doesn't sound like a plateau to me. Sounds like you need to optimize your time and routine to fit your new work life. A plateau would be more akin to no matter what you do you can't seem to get any gains. You just need to recalibrate.

The importance of discipline is still accurate though.

2 upvotesawesume1 year ago

Why is that? I've been training for years and I fucking despise it more with every session. Just feels like a huge waste of productive time and energy. And for what? I mean for a fat or a skinny dude, sure it provides a lot of value. But once I've become reasonably fit, I started hating it. I know I have to train to maintain what I have, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it. It's the most boring and mundane thing I do in a whole week.

3 upvotesDaBrokenMeta1 year ago

On the brink of failing med school after crushing my mind over women and petty things at the start of my medical career 6 months ago.

Stopped daily reading of the red pill after i broke thru the first mental wall and had reached a point where reciting theory was trivial madness ad nauseam.

Attempted multiple times to restart my life with my new found beliefs and list of programming. Only to fail over and over unable to sustain for longer than several weeks on end.

My missing cofactor. DISCIPLINE

I pray for us all, that we may all fine our paths to this vital source of power

6 upvotespositivecrystal1 year ago

You made it to med school, stick to the plan.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Hey man if you’re trying to change too much at once you’ll fail every time. Make a series of incremental changes over time as you absorb each change into your daily life. Its compound interest. I’ve used the rule of 2 to great success. Pick no more than 2 things to work on. Get one dialed in and then add another.

Humans suck at multitasking. Anyone who say they multitask generally means someone who doesn’t finish shit or does a terrible quarter asss job on all their tasks.

1 upvotesDaBrokenMeta1 year ago

Lol no fucking doubt.

How do you reconcile what is priority and what isn't when habits are more like sticks in a bundle (lifestyle)?

I also feel like if I am not revamping the whole system then I am just placating the old habits im not changing which often end in a reversale to the mean.

This has happened over and over and over, despite the epiphanies, and leaps and bounds I have made in my mental growth, I cannot seem to escape the orbit of my bad habits.

Currently on a two week break from classes, and it is my prayer that this time I have spent walking away will be enough for me to recoil the spring and allow me to push thru my former self into something else.

I have a few key ideas I want to implement, that I hope will ease the aggressive approach I took in the past and perhaps incorporate a smoother, gradual transition into the new. Idk man

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You’re over thinking this man. Make a plan, stick with it. Obvious course corrections should be made but in general stick to the plan.

Anecdote: I’m on my 3rd student who has seen my physical change and wants to “learn how to gym” I start em low to ramp up. After 3-4 weeks they generally think they can deadlift way more than what that session has laid out for them. I let them attempt the pull & fail. After that fail they stop second guessing the program and progression. Make the plan and execute it.

do this:

  1. Write out the full list of high level changes you want
  2. Prioritize this list. There will be synergies and interconnectedness with these changes. ie you’ll have better experiences socially the more fit you are therefore put social skill improvements right under fitness improvements.
  3. Start on the top two. Once something is turned onto automatic mode like gym 3 times/wk, then work on the next item on the list. No more than two major changes at once otherwise you get overwhelmed and say fuck it & quit.

If there’s emergency items like I don’t make enough money to pay rent they go to the top. Fix your crises first otherwise the crisis always has first priority in your brain.

My personal priority order went physical -> social -> financial You decide your own order.

I lost a bunch of weight and put on muscle. I then started improving my different social skills. Now I’m putting serious time & effort into building my financial base to exit corporateland. I keep all the progress I’ve made & eventually add new items to my list and life in a manageable incremental change.

3 upvotesJesuissimpledesprit1 year ago

I Main a disc priest does that count?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Thanks. I will take this to meditation practice. I meditated 4 hours the other day and then I haven't been able to do any. So, I will try saying to myself I just have to sit on the mat for 10 minutes and once that 10 minutes is done I can go or stay.

1 upvotesMuchFIERCE1 year ago

I have awesome discipline with the weights, managing finances, meal prep, making videos for my channel, but i cant seem to transfer that to my academics. Any advice?

1 upvotesc4u11 year ago

ColdTurkey Blocker (blocks out distractions, plus pro mode with some extra goodies for writing) and Anki flashcards did wonders for me (STEM major). Turns any kind of memorization / studying from a chore into a game.

1 upvotesmagx011 year ago

It's all about intrinsic motivation. Whatever you are studying must not be as important to you/you are not as connected to it as you are to your fitness and finance goals.

1 upvotesMuchFIERCE1 year ago

Not yet in college so im only studying foundational topics for my Alevels. Yeah they are a chore to study and not interesting enough for me. Still have to do it tho

1 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Yeah they are a chore to study and not interesting enough for me.

There ya go, chap. It's all about interest.

2 upvotesInvictusDO1 year ago

Don't seek motivation. Seek discipline. There was a great essay on it that I should find again

3 upvotesamrsultaan1 year ago

please when you find it send it to me!

3 upvotesInvictusDO1 year ago


this right here is great.

2 upvotesStimulusPackageOne1 year ago

Technique, systems, lifting, game and all that is great, but without ultimate discipline, shit doesn't last. Great Post.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I'll be honest, I'm terribly undisciplined which has fucked me up in some aspects of life.
Would appreciate any tips or motivational content that can help

4 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Literally add nothing but one thing a day. It could be a small thing like "I will eat some broccoli with my usual bullshit meal" or "I will do ten pushups when I wake up." Then slowly add in more and more things.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Man that makes a lot more sense than telling myself I will do everything perfectly starting today.

1 upvotesmagx011 year ago

Doing it that way almost always guarantees failure. You get overwhelmed and fail.

2 upvotesAHmedm961 year ago

proplem with that kind of posts and on the other exteme the tedx crap is they don't focus on indviduality of every human and just jump steps and put alot of assumptions about the target audience and life and uprising you can't assume every human will reach it same way. Also, mental health is also either totally ignored or blown out of proportion if you look at informational videos about depression and you have actually went to therapist before you realize how vague those are and put you in the victim state.

2 upvotesjNSKkK1 year ago

Great post. You're right about the gym: even when your brain tells you not to go, once you get there and perform that first rep of your first set, you know it was the right decision to ignore your past self.

2 upvotesKidterrific1 year ago

Found this once and saved it. It seems relevant.


2 upvotesNormalAndy1 year ago

I find that motivation is often external. Discipline comes from within.

To that end I would say that my best lagging indicators are meditation and the old 'nofap' chestnut.

These two activities are the ones you practice when you are truly alone and can have nobody around you to validate or criticise what you are doing- it's all down to you and nobody else. OK, you can go to a meditation class but sitting down once a day takes real discipline- despite the fact that you need absolutely nothing to be able to do it- no props no nothing. There are also no arguments about the benefits. There is no excuse.

Same with not hammering your cock. Nobody except you is ever going to know whether you can do it or not. It makes no difference at all to anyone else. But if you can do it then you are proving to yourself how long you can last without giving in to bad habits. Once again, no excuses, just discipline

So if you want a good measure of self discipline, it's right there in your hand... or not. Er... umm

2 upvoteslfc_ak1 year ago

I just printed this and put it on my wall.

2 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77911 year ago

The God is back! Long live the posts of Tren God! Keep 'em comin' buddy!

3 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Ajit is the most disciplined guy ever. works 20 hours a day, great father, very loyal husband.

And his nagging wife grinds him into the ground with her demands. Should he just get more discipline?

5 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

Sounds like he already has it

2 upvotesp_and_q1 year ago

This makes no sense. People learn discipline from motivation. I have disciplined myself to regularly go to the gym, but I was only able to, and continue to because I'm still motivated to keep getting stronger. But if I no longer had that motivation, then I wouldn't keep going. Likewise, someone may have the discipline to move a bucket of sand one grain at a time, but without the proper motivation, why would they?

If I think of myself as a combustion engine, discipline would be the gasoline, and motivation would be the spark plug. The spark alone won't keep me going, but the gasoline won't burn without it.

4 upvotesChitlinsandgravy1 year ago

Motivation is just a workable 1st step.

0 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I do mention motivation needs to be replaced by discipline. Because motivation is fleeting. So for somethings I do agree with you.

But you don’t always need to be motivated to be disciplined. There is shit that needs to get done that you have no real motivation to do other than. It needs to get done. Aka doing the laundry and dishes, making your bed, etc. it just needs to be done. Most of us don’t like doing it. But again. It needs to be done.

1 upvotesp_and_q1 year ago

I disagree. All the things that you've stated "need to be done", you don't actually have to do. You don't need to do laundry but for one reason or another, you are motivated to wear clean clothes (I do it because I prefer not to smell like shit, you have your own reasons). Similar idea with dishes, and making your bed. Personally I don't make my bed. It's not because I lack discipline, it's because I lack motivation. I don't see a worthwhile benefit to doing it, so I don't. Maybe you do it because you prefer the aesthetic of a tidy room or maybe its to sharpen your sense of discipline, either way, there exists a core motivation that drives you to do it in the first place.

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I’d say you like discipline. No one gets motivated to make their bed.

2 upvotesp_and_q1 year ago

That's not true. Children are motivated all the time by their parents to make their beds. The motivation to actually do so depends on the relationship between child and parent. A soldier is motivated by his commanding officers to make his bed. Some people find JP and get motivation from him. It's that motivation that leads to the repetitive behavior that becomes discipline. People don't do things for no reason, there is always a driving force, real or imagined.

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

I’d say they’re disciplined by their parents to make their bed. When you’re in the marines and they are making you make your bed etc. They are teaching you discipline. Not motivation

2 upvotesp_and_q1 year ago

If a parent disciplines their child, then that child becomes motivated to make their bed in order to not to be disciplined again. Similar idea in the marines.

2 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

People want to feel. Not to actually do.

Motivation is feeling. Discipline is doing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago
  1. Jocko Podcast
  2. Discipline equals Freedom: Field Manual
  3. Psychological Warfare - Jocko Willink
1 upvotesU-941 year ago

Security in strength. Order through obedience. Victory by discipline.

1 upvotesapost541 year ago

I have no motivation to improve myself...

1 upvotesBuddhistSC1 year ago

I like to think of every difficulty (getting out of bed, getting started on a new project, etc), as an opportunity to metaphorically lift that weight, and do a "rep for the mind".

In other words, it's not merely that you take the action you wanted to take which is good. It's the fact that the action was difficult, and you did it anyway, that builds mental strength. Without that difficulty, you'd never get a chance to grow.

So next time you think "I don't feel like doing this", remember, that's your opportunity. That inhibition is the scarce resource which you should reap for benefits.

1 upvotesRedagogue1 year ago

I like neither motivation nor discipline. Motivation goes away too easily. Discipline sets you against yourself and causes an unneeded adversary in your own mind. I prefer diligence.

Diligence is mentally returning to a task when you get distracted without self reproach. It is enjoying the process and arriving at a goal as opposed to hating the process and potentially falling off the wagon. Diligence is going for an extra rep because that is what you need to improve over yesterday, but not hating yourself for failing. Diligence is never giving up, never falling off, and never allowing failure to affect your perception of yourself.

I learned this in meditation. If you discipline yourself to only follow your breath, you will never actually meditate. The mind loves distraction and it always wants what makes you happy. So, if you are frustrated, get mad when you catch yourself being distracted, lock your focus too tightly and uncomfortably, your mind will only become more unruly. You will rationalize how you are a failure, or that this isn't working, or that you can try again another day. Discipline is insidious in forcing you to always associate something with forcing yourself to do it, as opposed to learning to appreciate it. Once you actually like the struggle of self improvement, or going for that rep, or tracking your calories meticulously, you will never need to force yourself to do anything. You will tell yourself that this is a good thing, diligently follow your plan, and the mind will come to learn that it is good.

Discipline has a place in the beginning, but if you never become diligent and appreciative, then your finite ability to force yourself to do unpleasant things will forever be trapped by that one goal. How else could the wildly successful people in the world do so much more than Average Joe?

1 upvotesSatou41 year ago

Falling off track is such a bitch. Every day off track saps energy.

The first day back feels great. Maybe I'm chasing this feeling? Then I need to learn how to suppress the good feeling I get when I get back on track. If I could do that, then I wouldn't be addicted to "getting back on track," and maybe I wouldn't want to get off track in the first place.

1 upvotesTuhTodayJr1 year ago

The last part of your post hit me. I’ve been on my shit so many times on and off and I always question and give up on everything that I had going on and all the good habits because I always felt deep inside like nothing has changed.

It’s not about the short term success or short term good feelings it’s about the long term growth and that only comes from not giving in and not giving up. Thanks for the post!

1 upvotesthe99percent11 year ago

Discipline and delayed gratification are so so important to you and your self improvement.

Even when you are working out. Completed 12 reps and the feeling of accomplishment is taking over? Just telling yourself, Fuck you.. do 3 more.

That right there is how you take delayed gratification and self discipline to improve even faster.

1 upvotesTheStoicCrane1 year ago

I'd argue that a healthy perspective in relation to reality is more valuable than discipline. With perspective there's no behavioral coercion because the consequences for doing or abstaining from an action are self-evident.

If an action brings value do it, if it doesn't abstain from it. Discipline is the override button for humans conditioned to be as robots. Rote and thoughtless.

1 upvotesMarvelousWhale1 year ago

I'd always had a hard time grasping what discipline really meant, I know it means focused and directed but like the vague terms "success" and "happiness" what does it mean REALLY?

I found a cheesy quote that perfectly sums it up, "Discipline is just choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST."

1 upvoteslifeisweirdasfuck1 year ago

Discipline is simply about delaying gratification and doing something that will bring it in the long term, rather than in the short term.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

As guy who has spent his life dealing with mental health issues, I had learn the hard way time and time again to stop seeking or banking on motivation and instead focus on discipline. I still seek some motivation in the form of life goals, etc. but its secondary to establishing discipline.

1 upvotesmindcoreable1 year ago


As for me, this post is way too radical, though it's purpose may be for shocking people to rise from one’s slumbers and start doing something good immediately.

Personally I find this great for a starter, but not so effective for a continuous discipline practice.

The things are:

  • Keeping discipline is not always so cock and balls torture, as OP describes.
  • Discipline and motivation are interconnected in the context - for you to practice discipline you should have a motive to do that.

Personally, I try to think out what positive changes discipline could make except the general outcome of the process that you are disciplined to perform.

My thing is - more discipline means more power-over-self. Quite a good thing, I guess.

Ofc, motivation is only keeping you in pace when you are expecting positive from the process. And no process can lead to only positive emotion/ outcome, that's natural - so you need discipline.

But what is the root cause (the motive, if you will) for you to practice discipline?

Think about it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

So many people (myself included) read so much info on here that we nod our heads and promise ourselves within we will make good changes and we simply don’t.

I love this post because it goes back to the basic core idea that this is truly where it starts and where one must lay the ground work mentally in order to start the fire within.

Good post

1 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

you need to be able to make yourself attainable goals that you adhere to

the biggest mistake is to go too hard too soon

the moral of one story I wish I had learned earlier in my life is that Slow and steady is how you 'win' this race of Life. After all, what's the hurry?

1 upvotesbot2561 year ago

I have been thinking about this same stuff for years and am glad to see that I am not the only one. Motivation isn't actually a big thing. It's something that comes and goes - it is controlled by your emotions and even though we are men, we still get mood swings. Today you feel pumped but in an hour you feel like not doing shit for some stupid reason. However, to build discipline, what I have found for myself, it's easier when you build habits. One of the simplest examples is waking up early. The first day, your motivation might get you up. The week after, you'd need will and discipline to get up early. But stick with it for a month and all of a sudden you don't need an alarm - you just wake up cause that's your habit now. Sometimes you might even get to sleep no more than 5 hrs but the time comes when you usually get up and initially you are like "fuck that, I haven't slept enough" but a minute later the habit kicks in and takes control over your body and you get up. Habit and discipline are, in my opinion, like the two sides of a coin (or any other similar metaphor, you get the point).

1 upvotesredpillcad1 year ago

Focussing on the process and not the outcome is key to any achievement that has a long fuse

physique, career, and mastery of hobbies come to mind

1 upvotesNomoturtle1 year ago

I've always looked down on people teaching and enforcing discipline. I never saw the purpose in routine or discipline being important.

However I think this is right. Motivation IS fleeting. It's unreliable. I've found that will alone is poor and too malleable, even by your very own mind, to rely on. Motivation only provides fleeting support in my experience. You sir, have changed my point of view on a foundational premise I'd previously not given much thought to and simply assumed to be insignificant, and as a result will certainly impact my views on other things. This is the fastest that a foreign argument has been able to change my mind. You didn't even do an exceptional job, you just happened to resonate with what I held to be true.

I'll trust this principle. it I'll refer to it during hard times. I'll even help perpetuate it through others when appropriate. Now I just need to live by the belief. I'm not sure how much the realisation will affect my situation. Despite this, I'm doubtful things will change, but I guess I'll find out.

Thank you

1 upvotesmindset_warrior1 year ago

True freedom is impossible without a mind made free with discipline.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Hey great post but the reason why your boys didn’t make it is because you pushed TRP on them. You talked about fight club and expected them to give a shit about their lives as much as you do yours. Your intentions are honest and genuine. I can’t say I haven’t tried myself but the reality is we can lead a horse to water but we can’t make it drink.

1 upvotesRedwallAllratuRatbar1 year ago

Survivor bias

Energetic person channels his energy into something productive and gets rewards - hur durr I'm so disciplined

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

Like stated in the post. It’s easy to get shit done when you’re energetic or motivated. It’s when you work 16 hours, meal prep, mAke time for the wife and kids, you’re fucking beat and still make it to the gym and clean the house.

0 upvotespanconquesofrito1 year ago

Interesting point of view... never looked at it that way.

1 upvotesRedwallAllratuRatbar1 year ago

Self help quite often wants us to get benefits of new personality while retaining qualities of previous one. Either you are schedule planner or spontaneous, perceptive bastard. Its like wanting a virgin that gives porn quality sex. One size fits all, nah

0 upvotesZech4riah1 year ago

I wouldn't say that discipline is a skill. It's more comparable to a muscle. You can train it and make it stronger but it isn't a skill.

0 upvotesBarthaneous1 year ago

Know the stock market ins and outs . This way my investing would be amazing. (I don't invest because I know nothing)

0 upvotesWelendas1 year ago

Repost? I feel like I already read this

0 upvotesDunc0ne1 year ago

Your mind cannot tell the difference between actions that change the outside circumstances of your everyday life and symbolic acts. Whether I ask a girl out and she rejects me, or I orchestrate a situation where I enter in to a long-term relationship, I am affirming that I have better frame than the girl I am approaching. I don't need to gym for a few hours a day, or sleep with someone everyday to affirm my commitment to myself, a run, making my bed in the morning, approaching(whether I am rejected or not) a girl, all of these things(symbolically) reflect my commitment to myself and this reflects itself in my demeanour.

0 upvotesDunc0ne1 year ago

When I put someone, anyone, on a pedestal I am really projecting the best parts of me on to them. By approaching that individual I am owning this. That these things I see in them are really in me.

0 upvotesDunc0ne1 year ago

Alternatively, when I put some script above my own I disempower myself.

eg: The Red Pill doctrine is so lit, it can fix all my problems.

Then when I come to the Red Pill reddit(with this mindset and without awareness of this) I reaffirm that I have problems and that they are beyond my control.

0 upvotesseemsonormal19791 year ago

Things a motivational speaker might say.

0 upvotesWoodWizzy871 year ago

You haven’t wanted to go to the gym for 8 months? Obviously you hate lifting....

You should enjoy it by now, that sweaty endorphin rush should be an addiction by now

1 upvotesTrenGod37 [OP]1 year ago

After lifting for 15 years and hitting plateaus along with working 12-16 hour days it can get exhausting at times

-1 upvotesc4u11 year ago

Great and simple way to train this kind of internal discipline is to stop listening to music at the gym.

"Butbutbut I can't lift my best unless I have headphones on with my shitty EDM rap blaring!!"

Bullshit. The music is just an external motivator that doesn't magically make you stronger. Your muscles do not change because the right song is playing. Man up and pull that power out from within.

2 upvotesKoryphae_1 year ago

Or music from headphones is because the fucking radio pop playing and brainwashing you with ariana grande and whatever-the-name crying having no girl in most commercial gyms is way worse perhaps.

2 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish1 year ago

I don't listen to my own music at the gym to get hyped up. (Except for heavy deadlifts) I listen to my own music because the music blaring through the gym speakers is shit.

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