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"Big Dick Energy" - Female's own theory that confirms RP truths

by TRPDigesting on /r/TheRedPill
02 September 2018 02:46 AM UTC

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Here's something interesting that I picked up today while spending some time with my sister and one of her friends.

My sister's friend was talking about a guy that's been texting her some pretty needy things, trying to get a second date. She wanted my opinion on how long it should take before he gets a clue.

She had basically told him that they could hang out when they were both back in town again, and then ignored him every time he texted "What's up." She also laughed over how he texted her on a Saturday and she didn't even reply to him until Monday.

Obviously, this guy was in some pretty dire need of validation and should have just carried along his merry way — he should have gotten a clue WAY early on, but you know how Billy Beta's can be (since many of us used to be one...rather, I speak from experience).

Anyway, in describing this, my sister joked that "Well he obviously doesn't have 'big dick energy.'"

They both laughed, and I interjected — "Wait, is that an actual thing that girls talk about?"

They went on to describe how "big dick energy" is a real thing that women screen for in men, and it could best be described as (to quote them)...

"The confidence that would come with having an enormous dick...like..they just wouldn't need to give a fuck what you think of them because their dick is so huge."

WHICH, as you well know, aligns perfectly with having control of your frame.

Whether or not you have a truly enormous dick is not relevant; and you don't need to even ACT like you do.

But what you DO need to do, is act in such a way that you have nothing to prove to anybody. You can choose to maintain that level of control in your interactions, and it's a RP truth that's (hopefully) been beaten into your frontal lobe by now.

It's not a new theory or anything, but I was fascinated that girls have cooked up a name for this kind of thing beyond just "confidence."

Because these two women had a hard time even putting it into words as to why they find this type of self-confidence/frame control attractive, but they know they clearly do.

Just because they don't know the mechanism of how it works doesn't mean that they aren't active participants in its effect.

Just because you don't know how an engine runs doesn't mean you can't drive your car.

So if you needed a reminder that the other side of the fence is actively assessing your energy and whether or not it gives off that "I have a big dick" vibe (regardless of your 3.5 - 8in variable dick length), then consider yourself reminded.

Oh, also apparently this term arose from the confusion of all the women on the Internet as to how some SNL comic (I think) Pete Davidson was able to bag Ariana Grande. Which succinctly explains why I would have never heard of this.

Keep control of your frame — live in your own world and take good care of it. Maybe it'll become a place that others would like to see themselves living in.

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238 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Never. Give. A. Fuck. Not ever.

Date not replying next day? DGAF. Move on.

LTR not responsive to sexual advances? DGAF. Do your thing, increase your distance and indifference.

They're looking to put you in their frame. To force you to negotiate. In which case, they win.

Lift. Get lean. Maintain space and frame. Caffeinate the hamster by making her wonder what's up. She will come to you...or you can move on.

But whatever you do, DGAF about "their terms."

68 upvotesAcslaterisdead1 year ago

Hands down funniest line I ever heard " caffeinate the hamster" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

24 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

That's the Rational Male, to be honest.. But I love it, too.

3 upvotesFlozo221 year ago

What do you mean by caffeinate the hamster, and how do you make her wonder whats up if you're in no contact with her on purpose?

13 upvotes1101010101010111 year ago

deleted What is this?

13 upvotesPM_ME_UR_NIPS_GURL1 year ago

This is the answer right here.

6 upvotesvirilitas-awaken1 year ago

Caffeinate the hamster is to good of a line, man, it killed me hahahahhahaha

2 upvotesInvisibleCarThief1 year ago

Amen. AKYF; always keep your frame.

307 upvoteschazthundergut1 year ago

It's technically "this guy gets pussy" energy. Just so happens that most guys with big dicks get pussy.

You dont need a big dick to have girls texting you asking if they can come over. Just grab your nuts and be a man.

And for Christ's sake stop texting these chicks so much you thirsty bitches.

107 upvotesItsgeneticsbruh1 year ago

Its funny, like I see it with-in myself. To girls that I dont put much interest in or effort, they basically beg for the dick, theyre the ones texting me and even willing to drive and pick me up to fuck. But, to girls I brake from my frame and give chase, let them become my oneitis it always seems to go south. I just need more discipline when it comes to girls im really interested in to hold my frame with-in and pound it in my head that they are not that special.

57 upvotesDartleather1 year ago

There's also the fact that the girls you are interested in have MANY options so it makes it that much harder to hold frame

1 upvotesboredathome191 year ago

I think I need some advice on text game. I've had girls that gave me their numbers at a party and then texted me for 2-3 weeks before we saw us again and banged (took that long due to bad logistics). In our spare time we send a text about every 30 minutes and it didn't fuck things up, I also see my friends texting their LTRs constantly and they're also having no problems.

Still all I read here is that texting should be only used for logistics, but I feel like girls try to use texting to get to know me a bit more before they meet up with a total stranger. Also I feel like having a fun conversation via text shows that you're fun to be around. So how exactly do you approach texting?

13 upvotesmajaka12341 year ago

I've had fantastic success with texting so I dont know what most guys here are on about.

Depends entirely on the demographic though and more texts = more opportunity to fuck up.

In my case I build rapport through witty banter and I also figure out where the girl stands on the 0 to Basic scale... So it's actually a valuable tool.

If the girl is found to be wanting then I'll usually be the one to lose interest - not the other way around.

1 upvotesSyberchica1 year ago

If you use emojis . . . don't. Lady boner killer.

7 upvotesDevils_Duke1 year ago

I've had so many girls comment on my lack of emoji usage (probably every one that I've messaged for a decent length of time). It's amusing to see just how many ways women will try to betafy you because they're uncomfortable with their own hamstering.

2 upvotesXhaka-Laca1 year ago

This is a shit test, don’t use any emoji’s when texting girls. Hold frame & continue texting as you have.

2 upvoteswillowhawk1 year ago

Texting is fine, don't be needy,keep it light hearted.

1 upvotesboredathome191 year ago

I have had situations where I banged a girl, drove her to the train station, texted her the next day if she got home well and tried to keep up a conversation, but she didn't really respond well and told me she doesn't think this is gonna work and that she is only looking for something serious. The sex was not bad, quite the opposite actually as she was quivering while cuddling onto me afterwards. So I'm quite lost what went wrong there.

5 upvoteswillowhawk1 year ago

If she told you that she was looking for somthing serious and thats why she didn't want to continue tbis then it means you where too cold and distant with her.

Texting her nicer would of actually helped because it would of juxtaposed how you where in person. This would of confused her, sparked different emotions and make her more interested.

74 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Best method is to just call. Never text.

Text is for the weak.

You call a Woman in this day and age, and you've got the biggest balls on the block. Even moreso than Billy Big Balls in the corner who thinks he's uberchad because he's texting all these different girls.

Thing about calling is, you have to have something to say. There has to be a good reason to do so. So you only call when needed.

Also calling lets her hear your voice.It also lets you hear hers. So you'll know if she's spinning you off, and she knows you'll know.

Honestly, give it a go. After all, if you're in competition for all her other suitors, and you're the only fucker game enough to actually "speak" to her, well, you're right there leading just off the bat!

And you're calling with something in mind, not just frivolous shit like "how's your day been" that countless other guys are bombarding her with. You're calling her to arrange something, you're calling her to be ready in an hour as you're going somewhere. You're the main fucking act.

You can see the difference, can't you.

Oh, and finally, if she doesn't pick up. Don't leave a message. And don't send a text to tell her you've called. (She will know you've called). Just leave it. Adds to the intrigue.

18 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

With how young women these days are so fucking skittish and flighty and quick on the trigger to throw out “creepy” and “awkward”, I’m hesitant to think calling is always a good idea. Women in 2018 are so socially retarded that I think it would feel intrusive to most of them unless you’re going steady.

7 upvotesField_Of_View1 year ago

They wouldn't think it's creepy if they found you attractive. A woman who won't pick up the phone when you call wasn't going to do anything with you if you sent her a million texts either. And if she actually misses your call (or is too scared to answer) but is interested she will text you about why you called. If she doesn't, if she just ignores it then you've got your answer as well. The tricky part is just accepting a lack of interest and moving on. Maybe you're worried about being "intrusive" or "creepy" because you know you don't have the abundance mindset necessary to call once and not twice.

4 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

You would think so, but I've had success calling millenial girls on the phone and they love it. They love hearing your voice, especially if you throw in some sexy dirty talk. You stand out from all the other thirsty orbiters blowing up her DMs.

2 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Yeah I’m sure it can be done right. And I never advocate hitting up DMs on social. Texting is more typical. I just know how fcking retarded young women are, especially today. Everything is creepy or awkward to them.

1 upvotescomicallysimple1 year ago

Do everything in your power in either case to not be creepy. It really helps. In any case, not letting it be creepy I would actually consider a part of holding frame. Additionally DGAF helps.

9 upvotesMrAnderzon1 year ago

I have called but they text instead of a call back. How do you handle that. Do you call them back or text them

There's a difference between a call and an text

9 upvoteshumanoid123451 year ago

Personally, I'd say that if you call them and they text back, they're not particularly interested. Then again, it could just be shyness in some cases.

4 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

They are not feeling you. I also count that as rude behavior and downgrade them.

29 upvotesRedHoodhandles1 year ago

Text is for the weak.

It's not that black and white.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

It's getting that way. Seems to be a real cultural trend developing where a lot of folk get anxious at the idea of making a phone call rather than relying on text/chat apps

calling a girl is solid advice tbh. A lot of pussies out here too nervous to order a fucking pizza the old fashioned way: making a call doesn't take a lot of balls but let's face it, the competition is pathetic

5 upvotesTheReformist941 year ago

If she's attracted to you, there's nothing wrong with asking how her day was. It's an open ended question that can lead to rapport building. If you can't get away with how was your day, you aren't attractive

4 upvoteswillowhawk1 year ago

Isn't just calling out the blue wierd for most people?

1 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

My mindset when I call out of the blue is kind of the same with how I call my parents out of the blue just to talk for a few minutes. It's not a big deal and I'm doing it when it's convenient for me (stuck in traffic, taking a walk on a break at work, etc)

3 upvotesrandomTATRP1 year ago

+1 for communication when it's convenient.

I text my friends and talk to my family and friends mostly when I'm going to the gym since it's a 30 min walk. The walk isn't boring and I use my time efficiently.

2 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

In 2016 when I was dating my ex-wife (maybe 2-3 dates in), I called her out of the blue one evening and just bullshitted for 5-10 min. She made a fucking facebook post later that night, about how meaningful and special small things are to her. Someone commented about how she loves ice cream or something and my then-plate responded, "haha I was thinking more like a phone call".

Seriously, a phone call in 2018 is like a Mortal Kombat-style uppercut. Finish her!!!

-1 upvotesPsychoticktock1 year ago

So call once and, if she doesn't answer, call or text back, give up on her?

Sounding a bit extreme there

1 upvotesField_Of_View1 year ago

If a hot girl tried to call you and you missed the call, would you just ignore her and hope she texts or calls a second time? No, you'd call or text her back to make sure she doesn't move on. Or if you got the call to begin with you'd pick up, even if you were a pussy who has trouble with talking on a phone for some reason. You'd push through your anxiety because it's a hot girl and you're not going to miss out on that.
So what does that tell you about girls who ignore your calls or texts? They don't think you're hot. Cut your losses and move on.

11 upvotesDenver_Luv41 year ago

It's technically "this guy gets pussy" energy

Reminds of me something this girl said to me:

Interestingly, last night she said that guys her age don’t really hit on her (I don’t believe it, but she said it). She is also a pretend model of some sort. Her n-count is pretty high for her age, I think. She started to ask me how many women I’ve been with, then stopped and said she didn’t want the question turned back on her. I said that I never ask, which is true, and things moved on.

9 upvotesAndgelyo1 year ago

This. I think it’s the “I don’t give a fuck because I have other women” mentality that girls love. Not necessarily having a big dick.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Been fucking this girl recently. Earlier in the day the topic of high school/college came up and I said that I was “not one of the popular kids, pretty much just an average guy.”

As she was riding me later that afternoon she suddenly blurted out, “there’s no way you weren’t cool in college!” Haha funny shit.

13 upvotes_the_shape_1 year ago

And for Christ's sake stop texting these chicks so much you thirsty bitches.

Or the flip side:

"Go ahead, blow up their phones. Text them until your fingers break. Have your journey until you're desperate enough to seek help and to actually take careful notes so that you never burn yourself from sheer pathetic stupidity ever again"

3 upvotesgstarguru1 year ago

Similar theme with the ‘wee guys’ and ‘shaggers’ meme that’s been going around recently too

1 upvotestraphousebecky1 year ago

Never thought I'd read Big Dick Energy on RP, but fuck it here we are lol

37 upvotesYungPlayStation3601 year ago

Yeah I thought it was just a twitter thing lmao

20 upvotesflaffl211 year ago

I think it's a testament of this sub that yall are being memed on but accepting it

-13 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese1 year ago

"Yall are being memed on"...What kind of faggot says that?

19 upvotesflaffl211 year ago

what kind of faggot says faggot

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Whoa we don’t call each other faggots anymore? I’m confused I thought we were men

13 upvotesPM_Me_OK1 year ago

Most girls dont think about "big dick energy." They might think about your dick at times, but not like op says. His sister or her friend doesnt represent everyone.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Sorry but it’s becoming more and more popular. Could be an age thing, but AWALT.

2 upvotesSpecialistParticular1 year ago

Modern women don't have brains anymore, they have internet connections. If it's a thing online it's a thing for them.

1 upvotesField_Of_View1 year ago

Don't take it literally, it's just an internet meme popular among college aged girls or younger.

179 upvotesmette131 year ago

Funny that this started as a meme on Instagram. Ive actually heard quite a few younger girls use this term. Good post OP.

1 upvotesKrakaLakak1 year ago

All the examples of this term that i've seen on twitter are something along the lines of.

" If u don't do something that benefits me you have small dick energy"

I've never seen it posted as something that is positive , so i have no clue wtf u talking about OP.

58 upvotesTangoZulu1 year ago

Women will try to co-op anything to further their own needs. Big Dick Energy started as a girl descriptor for an attitude that they find attractive, which is basically masculine energy. So of course women will try to then twist it to be ‘toxic’ if it doesn’t further their needs. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the masculinity itself they find attractive. They are just hard-wired to try to break that masculinity down into a provider role by shaming the very thing they are attracted to. It’s a shit test, bro.

9 upvoteslargepaycheckaddict1 year ago

Yeah BDE is also used to put a political spin on these sort of sound off opinion columns. I read one that said “anyone who votes republican does not have big dick energy”. (Rolls eyes)

7 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev1 year ago

Eebish. Who the fuck is that retard? The things I don't miss by not being on Twatter.

67 upvotesdidudidule1 year ago

Why you talking about dicks with your sister

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Probably the most underrated comment hahaha

75 upvotesthrowitdownman1 year ago

Watch this term become a trend. Guess it makes it easier when girls throw such complimentary labels at us whenever we do some form of game. Eventually we don’t even need advanced game, just a opener and we’ll be labeled a ‘Big Dick Chad’.

Also about Ariana. Every girls/plates I’ve fucked recently WORSHIPPED Ariana. They justify it in girl terms which I simply do not get (she’s ‘queen’). Seems girls in general look up to girls with an ‘attitude’ or ‘sass’, probably because all girls have some confidence issues (AWALT).

Sometimes I tell them Ariana’s a skank just like the average club hoe. They get really emotional and upset after.

53 upvoteslivear1 year ago

Sass is just code word for narcissist.

6 upvoteseccentricrealist1 year ago

It used to be queen b with beyonce, then they started with slay queen and shit. Women do nothing but pat each other on the backs in social media.

2 upvotesxxWildbeast13xx1 year ago

It’s already a trent between younger people.

17 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Fuckin hell im not even 30 and I’m already disgusted by the younger crowd. That whole trendiness of being a smug piece of shit who has all the politically correct opinions.

51 upvotesmr_wiffles1 year ago

Instead of frame control, I see this as having very high SMV. Because if your SMV is wicked high, who cares if some dumb cunt doesn't call you back - you've got a fucking pool of them to choose from.

Now having a big dick can help with SMV but outward appearance helps more because even small dick betas (in mind, personality, and capabilities) have high SMV. A woman gets more status among other women by being with a male who has a great body, muscle definition, good teeth, expensive clothes, etc.

22 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

Unless you have a small dick it doesn’t matter

I would rather be over 6ft with a regular dick than 5’8 with a giant dick

Woman are horrible at gauging dick size, ability to fuck them and how strong you are when they think about height. Not all, but most are stupid cunts when it comes to these things because they value height so much. I don’t blame them at all, it’s just life

1 upvotesF34RI3551 year ago

I hear this kind of thing time and time again about height but I just don’t think it’s that true. I honestly hear more men who are insecure of their height talk about the significance of height with women than men who are actually over 6ft.

13 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

No it’s true, if you are 5’8 the deck is stacked against you but woman will date you if you are taller than them

So having said that, height will matter and it’s good to know the truth but with high smv and frame you can get any chick that isn’t taller than you. Dating woman taller than you is possible, I’m not saying it’s not. I see it around Chicago but not often.

3 upvotesred_matrix1 year ago

Dating woman taller than you is possible, I’m not saying it’s not.

It's definitely possible to date or have a fling with a woman taller than you but it won't be stable. If you want to see textbook hypergamy watch what a woman does in that situation.

2 upvoteslatinasonly1 year ago

" but it won't be stable " - GTFO man. when women say they want tall men or buff men, they really mean they want PSYCHOLOGICALLY STRONG MEN. psychological strength is far more important than physical strength in the majority of human interactions

the other day a taller latina woman walked up to the counter at my work place. she was quite attractive for her age (late 30s). standing just behind her was a short, fat , balding latino man. he stood almost a head shorter than his woman. this man said very little, however his gaze of STEEL combined with stoic attitude gave him an aura of incredible strength. you could tell this man was not to be fucked with.

this man was destroying the pussy.

1 upvotesred_matrix1 year ago

Late 30s woman....is this sarcasm?

1 upvoteseyewant1 year ago

his gaze of STEEL

I need to see an example of this. Any celebrities i could could look up with this gaze?

1 upvotesnebula792831 year ago


I'm around that height and I see it around Chicago as well. But it really depends on the crowd you're in and the SMV of the girl.

1 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

Seriously depends on the crew you hang out with. I’ve hooked up with some really good looking woman in relationships here when I’m with my friends. Alone, I barely pull 6’s. We are fun I guess but I need woman to give me a chance outside looks and height since every guy here is so fucking tall

Seriously wtf are people feeding their children out here

1 upvotesF34RI3551 year ago

What do you mean that height will matter and it’s good to know the truth? I do think women consider your height but I think it’s men that put the weight behind how important it is. I’m 6’4” and there’s no line of women outside my front door.

Edit: said height twice

6 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

Height won’t automatically get you laid, just like a sports car, nice face, big muscles. You have to work on yourself. Some woman only date men over 5’10. I won’t date woman under 5’3. Not a big deal man, just life. It’s not going to make me stop and give a shit what some woman thinks of me because of height.

2 upvotesF34RI3551 year ago

I see where you’re going with it now, man. I thought you were making a bigger deal out of it than it really was and I’m sorry.

2 upvoteswillowhawk1 year ago

Just have an honest conversation with a girl a out height. She will sit there and laugh at small men

2 upvotesTangoZulu1 year ago

Seems more about having Abundance mentality . It isn’t about having a literal big dick (or good body), it’s about having an energy or aura about yourself that signals to them that you’re not needy. They equate it to having a big dick because they envision men with big dicks as the alpha males that all the girls flock to.

1 upvotesjebemtvoju1 year ago

Stop. It's a shaming tactic. It doesn't really mean jack shit, it's nonsense. It's used as an appeal to masculinity to help women get what they want from men. It works exactly because it means nothing and thus can mean anything.

see KrakaLakak's post

https://i.imgur.com/pbUlRrO.jpg Lmao. U go OP.

Correlate having a big dick with whatever you need at the moment and you'll get desperate insecure men tripping over themselves trying to appease your needs.

You're eating their shit up, OP. Fucking start thinking for yourself and stop listening to what women say.

52 upvoteslivear1 year ago

Seriously, the normal guys with actually giant dicks have a ton of self esteem issues.

9/10 girls will not be able to handle or enjoy a dick like that, which means you won't be having or enjoying the sex.

The 1/10 woman who actually enjoys and appreciates your dick only appreciates your dick as a fetish and doesn't actually give a shit about you.

And every time you take a shit you have to hold that fucking snake or else it will dip in the toilet water.

Then the worst part, when you break down and try to complain about your legitimate problems to your friends, you just get laughed in your face.

Status > big dick.

If you have status, rumors of your big dick will be spreading around even if you are packing 3 inches.

29 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

Dick size hard and soft have no correlation

My dick is 7 inches and looks like it’s 3 inches

I had a guy tell me I have a small dick when taking a piss. I don’t care but he told all our friends and the girls laughed at him.

45 upvotesLontar471 year ago

People who break the "golden" rule (eyes straight ahead, no talking) deserve a fate worse than death.

6 upvoteslivear1 year ago

Seriously, should have shamed him for being a faggot pervert.

11 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Na he should’ve pulled a chad and put his arm around him while peeing to show dominance and make the guy uncomfortable.

13 upvotesSystral1 year ago

I'm about 7" too but I look like a Greek statue when naked (only below the waist ofc)

2 upvotesKyfhoMyoba1 year ago

TMI!!!!!!!!!!! Actual dick size is NOT the point of this post. It's a metaphor for Outcome Independence.

6 upvotesRotYeti1 year ago

That just looks like a woman trying to coopt the word.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You're eating their shit up, OP. Fucking start thinking for yourself and stop listening to what women say.

I feel like your admonission is kind of misdirected here but fuck me, right? He is literally doing what you recommend!

Go lift or whatever you do to assuage your patent and permanent bitterness.

1 upvotesjebemtvoju1 year ago

christ i almost had to use a dictionary there

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I ain't gon' lie, I laughed.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I mean to say that I guffawed. A heartfelt guffaw at that! Well done my, Goodman, well done indeed! Cheerio!

Care to indulge your constitution with a brandy in the study? Francis shall guide you. Do you have a preference? I prefer this here... aught six... a fine year. Fine indeed.

So tell me more of the Boston Strikers, I'm told you follow them with some degree of compunction. Dare I say religiosity?

I go too far! My apologies my, Goodman, Drink! Drink! I meant no offense of course!

67 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

Pro tip: stop listening to livestock

20 upvotespunchyson1 year ago

I am starting to realize it isn't general non-specific confidence, but confidence about handling women that women find attractive. "Big Dick Energy" is a perfect meme for it.

10 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

This just confirms my maxim:

You must be more virile, than she is feral.

These stories always remind me just how fucking FERAL young fertile attractive women are. They will punish you for your weakness and reward you for your strength.

“Big dick energy” and confidence could also be called virility. In fact the root “vir-“ for both virility and virtue is the same because the ancient Greeks and Romans conceived of cultivating virtue as being closely related to building a virile manhood.

This is also the reason civilizations kept a fucking leash on these feral young women. Good god. Social media especially gives these ridiculous females way too much power just because they sprout an ass and titties.

So yeah, crushin puss essentially boils down to a conquest of her feral nature by exceeding it with your confidence/virility/“big dick energy” rather than attempting to impress her with all your soycuck progressive opinions.

10 upvotesYousuflol1 year ago

I'm surprised this hasn't been talked about here until now.

Was at a party with a friend and we were talking to a group of girls. They started talking about how the rock has "Big dick energy" and how Trevor Noah has huge "Big dick energy". I could immediately tell they were talking about alphas and betas. I wanted to ask if there was such a thing as tight pussy energy but kept that one to myself

40 upvotesPost_Tenebras_Lux771 year ago

Would having a big dick necessarily give a Man confidence ? I have never considered this. I will now consider my dick before all social interactions !

30 upvotesSasquatchMcKraken1 year ago

What you do to her mind is more important than what you do to her body. I remember a post on here to the effect that 20% of chicks are cock hungry enough to make sex their primary consideration, but the other 80% have other priorities. They were talking about branch swinging but it applies here too. Adjusting for age and country this could be increased or decreased ~15% but I think it generally holds true. Once you're in the act it's already a done deal. It's what you do beforehand to get to the act that actually counts, whether you're slinging a 9 incher or a measly 4 1/2.

24 upvotesShimaRoosman1 year ago

Mines pretty big and I used to be crippled by social anxiety

4 upvotesmubee941 year ago

Same here. Above average dick but low confidence

16 upvotesczech_man1 year ago

Yes it does give men confidence. Knowing that if you’d take your pants off she will make the OMG its huge face and brag to her friends afterwards will give a man confidence.

A friend of mine told me about a boy she fucked that has a 10inch. She said it hurt like hell and she hated it but still braged to her friend afterwards. He apparently just undressed in a park and pranced around naked, and I thought: yeah, well of course. Not surprised he has an n-count of 60 at 21 yrs. He is not good looking, tall or even fit, pretty skinny fat.

-28 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

Would having a big dick necessarily give a Man confidence ?

Only a women can believe something so stupid.

I have a big dick. Big enough to make vaginas bleed, happens very often. Anal is very often out of the question, surprisingly other times its the only way as it wont fit in the vag. No, I'm not a monster, just a little bit over 20cm and I already have those problems. It didn't affect my confidence, in fact it's a hassle because when girls see it, they freak out. I can't imagine how it's to have 25+ cm like in the porn industry.

BTW my LTRs like to show off to their girlfriends that I need big-sized condoms. It's a confidence boost for them, not me.

30 upvotesF0rward-1 year ago

Lmao this comment is garbage

-7 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

I don't need to brag about my penis to anonymous people in internet. I write just to tell my experience, I don't force you to read it.

11 upvotesF0rward-1 year ago

I mean it's kinda ridiculous. How do you make vaginas bleed with your dick?

17 upvotesLukesLikeIt1 year ago

Because he can’t get them wet

-8 upvotestempolaca1 year ago

I don't now man, and it's disgusting. I just pound them (I'm not very suave) and suddenly the bed is all bloody. Girls don't even feel it.

I've made several asses bleed as well, I guess I do it too hard. They don't complaint tough. In fact not even once I've been told to slow down, that I remember.

7 upvotesSasquatchMcKraken1 year ago

You either only go after virgins or you have an unlucky streak regarding fucking chicks on their period. I'm comfortably thicker than average and I haven't made a vagina bleed since I was like 16.

39 upvotesMr_Brightside011 year ago

Bro its crazy but my FWB was telling me that the first few days we went out, she perceived I had a “Big Dick Energy”. I got curious and asked her how “she knew” I have a big cock (I don’t btw, its average). She told me she looked at posture, muscularity, and attitude. I was mind blown! Ive learned so much from the relationship I have with this FWB.

6 upvoteslargepaycheckaddict1 year ago

It’s almost like women read TRP and appropriated it into their own phenomena and labeled it big dick energy.. lift, be confident, carry yourself well = BDE.

17 upvotesgreenSixx1 year ago

Pfft weak.

My dad taught me the secret when I was young. May as well share. Never had issues with women.

Women want what you have got more than you want what they have got.

Stated another say:

Women want you more than you want them.

Its true.

3 upvotes420KUSHBUSH1 year ago

Guy this is like one of the key concepts discussed here

1 upvotesJJ33141 year ago

What about the 80/20 rule, and the OK Cupid study that showed that women on that site rated 80% of men as below average in appearance? That seems to contradict what was written here.

2 upvotes420KUSHBUSH1 year ago

You wouldn't be inclined to buy a car from a salesman that's desperately trying to get rid of it. 80/20 is prone to change as in who fits the criteria of the top 20 and who doesn't, not to mention the fact that women want you more than you want them if you understand that and act that way

Your mention of the 80/20 and OKCupid aspects only take looks into account. Women need much more from a man than just looks

1 upvotesJJ33141 year ago

I agree that the 80/20 rule needs to be analyzed a bit more. Perhaps I’ll post on this at some point, but a couple of observations. One is that IIRC that OKCupid study showed women’s actual messaging behavior was somewhat less harsh than their evaluation of male appearance. They didn’t only return messages to the top 20% IIRC, although they were still pickier than men.

The other point is that I read through much of a book called “Cheap Sex: ...” by sociologist Mark Regnerus. He tends to use data with large sample sizes, and somehow was able to discern that 20% of men were having more partners than like 70%, with the top 10% having significantly more sexual partners than the next 10%. The thing is, however, that he applied the same statistical methods to women, and found a similar, though not completely identical pattern: there was a minority of women that were having way more sex than the majority.

I presume the dynamics behind why some women were having so many more partners than others is different than the factors influencing the same in men, but this is a novel observation that I don’t think is discussed in TRP.

He did conclude, however, that even though there appeared to be a Pareto principle in effect for both men and women, comparing the less sexually active men and women, there were higher percentages of celebate men than women (I don’t think he quantified how large of a difference between the two). This was for men and women aged 20-50 or something like that.

1 upvotes420KUSHBUSH1 year ago

Well spoken. Humans are pattern seeking mammals and the mind sees what it wants to see. Truth in this case is relative. I personally went from believing all girls are promiscuous however now I realize that was a daft presumption which only caused toxicity

It is wiser to assume so, however, as with the concept of AWALT, it is meant more of a checklist rather than a book of rules

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

As an aside Women will use the term "Big Dick Energy" because they prefer to be indirect as much as possible. "Confidence" is telling you directly. "Big Dick Energy" is vague enough that if you don't know what it means in that context, you're not in the "inner circle" and thus don't have "Big Dick Energy".

Yes, it doesn't make sense to me either, but hey, that's Womens minds for you. It's like the fact that Women stare at Men way more than Men stare at Women, it's just that they don't do it directly, and will ensure they never get caught. It's the same way they never ask a bloke for his number, they never make the first move, and they never tell a guy directly that they like them. (Yes, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between, and will be met with gasps of shock by other Women when they hear of it!!!)

This little convoluted games Women play must have served some biological evolutionary purpose, most likely they still do.

Excuse my little thought experiment here, and indulge me for a moment.

Consider that Autism effects far more Men than it does Women. Now, I'm not saying fully mute autism, but the whole spectrum. Now given that someone with aspergers is going to completely fail most of Womens shit tests, then I have to wonder if that isn't one of the reasons why Women have great difficulty in actually being succinct and to the point. As a method of weeding out the weak. (Harsh as that sounds!)

After all, some of my best lays have been with Women whose initial attitude and demeanor were practically hostile if taken at face value. Someone on the spectrum not savvy enough to understand sarcasm or playful teasing would be completely lost and would have just assumed "Shit, she doesn't like me".

And on the other side of the coin, Women having that kind of mindset opens them up to being exploited by sociopaths and narcissists. Those are people that really don't give a shit about anyone or anything other than themselves. In ladies parlance, they have an abundance of "Big Dick Energy", and yet from a biological view, they are probably the very worst kind of partner to mate with, who will most likely leave them and their child to perish.

Yet even in todays modern society, that drive compels almost all young girls to act the same. I'm sure we could sit and chew the fat on just why that is, but that is for another day. Suffice to say is that Women are very rarely direct when it comes to such matters.

(Anyone whose ever been in a long term relationship will concur; After all, who hasn't asked "What's the matter", only to hear "Nothing, I'm fine", said so barbed it cuts just to listen, and you know well not to ask, because, you should "Know already". Ha ha ha. After all, didn't we all attend mind reading classes when we we're little. I know I did!

64 upvotesjinglebells891 year ago

Nice surface level insight from a couple of whores

-14 upvotesArchetypicalDegen1 year ago

Calling them whores for having taste is pretty cringe. This isn't the incels sub.

57 upvotesjinglebells891 year ago

Well then call me heath ledger in your version of the white knight

3 upvotesLokiSmokey1 year ago

Hahaha the reply

-31 upvotesArchetypicalDegen1 year ago

I'm not white knighting, I just respect women. You're gonna be lonely if you keep thinking of them as meat

5 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

Poorly behaved feral young skanks don’t do anything that earns respect.

2 upvotesmelungeonmuscle1 year ago

Lol "I respect womyn unlike these douches who just wanna fuck them I care about their feelings and will watch the notebook and cry on her lap"

1 upvotesjinglebells891 year ago

“And. Here. We. Go”

18 upvotesWhiteGhosts1 year ago

Sluts may be the more acceptable term

-23 upvotesArchetypicalDegen1 year ago

No, there's nothing wrong with women seeking out dudes/being picky.

29 upvotesWhiteGhosts1 year ago

No there is not. Doesnt change tje fact that they are sluts however

1 upvotesFrozenlime1 year ago

Is there something wrong with women liking sex?

16 upvotesWhiteGhosts1 year ago

Yes. It makes them cheap and easy to get.

2 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

Dangerously close to moralizing. Knock it off.

7 upvotesjonpe871 year ago

Tl;DR: be a jerk

Never fails

tell this guy to send her: hey, when will you stop fake that you don't like me and let me slap that ass?

Text more 10 girls after this

5 upvotesjosephstephen821 year ago

Yep the BSD (big swinging dick) lol. It's a concept as old as time.

6 upvotesTherarecrow1 year ago

I am a big dick. Does that count?

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Lol a big dick walking around. Aka an asshole.

27 upvotesrebelde_sin_causa1 year ago

Is bagging Ariana Grande a big deal? There are at least a few thousand hotter women in her hometown alone.

edit: I guess from a woman's perspective, where status is valued above everything, it is a big deal

16 upvotesMotivationCheck1 year ago

Yeah man I think she’s pretty meh looking but a lot of dudes think she’s super hot.

10 upvotesvolvostupidshit1 year ago

She looks like a teen girl to me.

7 upvotesscissor_me_timbers001 year ago

She looks like an obnoxious and pampered little diva with a princess complex

7 upvotesWhiteGhosts1 year ago

It's kinda creepy to even consider her imo

5 upvotesPedoKingPrime1 year ago

Because she looks like a teen? Dude you do realize this is the RED pill Reddit right?

4 upvotesOmn1c1d31 year ago

It’s literally girl speak for handle your frame and being outcome independent.

Lift and have “big dick energy” and you’re golden. The cheat to getting BDE? Don’t make chicks, especially any one in particular, the goal.

9 upvotesGoalExtreme1 year ago

Inb4 someone creates an info product called "Big Dick Energy: How to be the Man Women Want".

(Has one page, a picture of a knee-length penis)

1 upvotesRemyPrice1 year ago

ahh yes, your autobiography?

2 upvotesGoalExtreme1 year ago

Biography. Men with BDE have others take the photo, unprompted.

3 upvotesMescalean1 year ago

Been trying to tell my younger brother this with no idea what to call it.

Been trying to explain to him theres so many of them, and they all have more or less the same knife wound between their legs. Stop giving a fuck. They smell fear. When they dont smell fear that little hamster starts going then they need the validation.

3 upvotesvolvostupidshit1 year ago

I have a big dick but I lack the energy.

3 upvotesEulerbrah1 year ago

I saw a meme on insta that says something like “if your dick doesn’t reach your belly button, you shouldn’t have an attitude towards me.” Or whatever it was.

3 upvotescrespo_modesto1 year ago

I'm rockin' a 2.96" over here, 2.98" when it's humid/

Coincidentally I'm one of those people "asks for her number, excited, texts it, it's fake, destroyed feeling" it's great.

1 upvotes420KUSHBUSH1 year ago

The Monarch butterflies are migrating early this year

1 upvotescrespo_modesto1 year ago

Unsure... I did see some earlier today

3 upvotesTrumpOrTreason1 year ago

Ariane Grande? Ugh, my wife is hotter than her.

3 upvotes420KUSHBUSH1 year ago

Three day old milk is hotter than her

3 upvotesBuckNekkid181 year ago

Is op and the girls in his post 16 years old?

3 upvotesRedPill1151 year ago

"The confidence that would come with having an enormous dick...like..they just wouldn't need to give a fuck what you think of them because their dick is so huge."
WHICH, as you well know, aligns perfectly with having control of your frame.

I think what she's doing is rationalization. She reacts to 2 things:
- He doesn't give a crap what she thinks
- He already sleeping with other girls so he doesn't care that much is he's also sleeping with her

Preselection - The idea that women are more attracted to men who already have the interest of other women. This saves the woman time in judging a man by using the idea that other women have already judged him favorably.

She can't directly say to her friends "The moment he's fucking you I also want to fuck him behind your back", obviously, so she experesses it as the closest rationalization that lets her talk about it with her friends without offending them. (Of course her friends are the same way).

Oh, also apparently this term arose from the confusion of all the women on the Internet as to how some SNL comic (I think) Pete Davidson was able to bag Ariana Grande. Which succinctly explains why I would have never heard of this.

They're going "wait...some hot girl fucked him? I didn't want to fuck him before, but shouldn't I want to fuck him if this other attractive girl did?".

2 upvotesNotMyBestEffort1 year ago

No, it is because she said that Davidson has a 10 inch dick. He actually has Big Dick Energy.

I think it's great that big dicks are making their way back into the conversation. I sure as hell wasn't going to bring it up.

1 upvotesRedPill1151 year ago

^ Yeah, it's feels like a reddit/political circle jerk because it is. It's the socially semi-appropriate way women communicate with each other "I did it with him so he's hot enough for you to do it with him to". It's preselection. That's what the "energy" is about.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Sounds like your friend is kind of a cunt.

3 upvotesTrueFacets1 year ago

The "Problem" is that in order to act with "big dick energy" you need to have your shit together.

  • You need some money so that you at least can act. Like enough to do some stuff, either for yourself or with your girl.

  • The place where you live needs to be good enough to house yourself and comfortable enough so that you can entertain the girl you bring home.

  • You yourself need to physically fit enough so that you can deliver at least some performance in bed.

If someone does not have big dick energy its because he's not good enough. Or he's still super bluepill. But in order to at least break out of the blue pill cage you need to be able to act, and in order to act you need to have your shit together.

6 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic1 year ago

...How is this not common sense, brothers?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Bröther may I have some common sense?

5 upvotesReasonedfor11 year ago

Umm, how old is everyone here?

2 upvotesricoue1 year ago

act in such a way that you have nothing to prove to anybody

So basically, doing your own thing and not giving a fuck about anybody else.

2 upvotesCecedilhaa1 year ago

Back in university 2 years ago, at a frat party, I was chatting with a couple of friends, one of them was a Chinese girl with ok looks.

At some point of the conversation she told us that she could spot guys with big dick just by looking at them:

"You know, I can tell who has a big dick, it is just something I can see, feel."

I called it was bs, it was impossible for her to know the anatomy details of dudes just with stares at a frat party.

Of course, by that time I didn't know trp and was completely oblivious to the fact that it was just her projecting positive sexual traits to confident guys who she found attractive, something similar to what OP just described.

Good post OP, keep it up.

2 upvotesfischbrot1 year ago

fuck, I have a small dick, and I kinda act on it ... damn : /

2 upvotesRedDespair1 year ago

I am happy for you OP. Little by little you'll learn how the world works.

At some point in the future you'll understand how silly it is to hang out with sis

2 upvotesMr_Tomorrow_1 year ago

Love this post. I would also encourage everyone to take this concept with them to their workplace. I know there are many posts about holding frame in many areas of your life and so it’s important to reiterate. Your workplace/business is one of the most important areas.

2 upvotesAndrejPiren1 year ago

Do men actually relate their confidence to the size of their dick?

1 upvotesField_Of_View1 year ago

I wish I had 7 inches of confidence.

1 upvotesGobraves441 year ago

So a women’s version of machiavellianism?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I don’t think it’s so much as big dick... as it is average size or bigger.

You talk to women, and they don’t want huggge dicks... as they hurt

1 upvotesavengerofhusayn1 year ago

Whenever they open a hoop don’t jump through them. Don’t get sucked into the relativity of rationalizing the hoop.

A friend of mine said: “I’ve seen guys argue with girls about why they should dance with them.”

Ignore the hoop and walk away, this changes the frame.

1 upvotesspider5141 year ago

19yr old here, can confirm as "Big Dick Energy" is used sparingly now almost as a meme sometimes among various female friends on Twitter. The phrase can sometimes also translate into "masculine energy" as i originally defined it in my head. I've read various tweets about how their "man has big dick energy" for doing something such as picking a place to eat out without asking, being able to handle their moods without supplication, and even seen it once from a guy that apparently pulled up to pick up her date in a car with a stick shift. You just gotta love females sometimes man haha.

1 upvotesomega_dawg931 year ago

well... now you know why tyrone gets access to girls while not having shit going on in his life.

dude walks around like he's got the biggest cock on the planet (read "confidence)... which women are attracted to.

but then there's the stereotype that helps too.

1 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

The other day I came across a big dick energy post and it was just a list of all the BP stuff women want a man to do. So basically it's just a big hamster party.

1 upvotescasemodz1 year ago

Honestly it's just confidence. They are talking more about arrogance/being a dog/douchebag...

1 upvotesFlying_Wingback1 year ago

We call that abundance mentality here

1 upvotesInvisibleCarThief1 year ago

This post is a gem. I know this because I’ve gotten this exact compliment before, Girls telling me they know I have a big dick because of the way I carry myself.

Btw, your sisters friend showed interest in you by asking your opinion. She obviously sees you as an alpha male, and the best thing you can do is laugh at that guy for being such a beta make. Always clown the beta male in front of women because they just don’t “get it.” Even if you’re a beta male on your journey to alpha, say it until it becomes true.

1 upvotesPepinoSF1 year ago

Valid post. Big Dick=Big Wallet=Great Body=Big Achiever. However a shallow cunt sums all of that to the closest object in her mind - The Big Dick

1 upvotesAdvencik1 year ago

If you give a fuck about dick size, you already lost lol

1 upvotesDreamerboy1121 year ago

I thnk this Big Dick Energy-concept that has been flying around for some time now is still sort of unclear to what it means. Many describe it as how your friends sister did but i´ve also heard that it can be how you are as a man in general, not only to women.

If you are manly and "raw", do not wimp for small obstacles and just go through life without being to fragile to details - in any field is Big dick energy to me, or as i´ve heard it.

1 upvotes_do_not_read_this_1 year ago

Just had a convo with a current about BDE. It's a thing.

Asked her what she thought I had before we fucked.

She was right.


1 upvoteszeekohli1 year ago

I've been told that I have big dick energy by multiple girls. When I asked them to clarify, they didn't know how to explain it, except one girl said "You act like Anthony Bourdain like you don't give a fuck."

1 upvotesMojoManUltra1 year ago

How do you grow big dick energy?

1 upvotesBreakingBadEndind1 year ago

If a women ever asks you if you have a big dick.

Always answer with a big grin "It's bigger than yours".

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

... And pray that you are right.

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

No matter what you do with your "frame" it aint gonna change the size of your cock. You can artificially inflate your ego and self worth all you want. If you hype yourself up and then whip out a 5 incher, it aint gonna mean shit

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