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Youtube Girl Tells her 170k Subs how She Skipped taking BC to get Pregnant Without BF Knowing. Then doesn't let BF be with His Son. Wear a condom.

by RedPillMeditations on /r/TheRedPill
04 April 2016 02:50 PM UTC

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Recently, in a thread submitted by /u/complex21, there was a youtube video posted by a girl with a popular youtube channel, who regales us in the tale of getting pumped and dumped by a Chad.
In the recommended, or similar, videos there was this brilliant gem:
Edit: Might be worth downloading this video. I doubt it, but with the huge response from this post, she might take it down. If she tries to take it down, we will all upload it on throwaway accounts.
Edit 2: Comments now disabled. For those who didn't see, we FLOODED her video with comments telling her how we feel about the type of person she is. If we are lucky, maybe we got some tears. Hah.
Basically, all her friends were getting pregnant, and she was jealous that the baby was, "really bringing them closer together". So she decides to SKIP TAKING BC ON PURPOSE, then take 2 the next day because she got scared.... Then does that same sequence 3 OR 4 MORE TIMES. (5:10 - 5:36)
Here is the best part.... (5:35 - 5:50)
She says, that she doesn't know what happened, but she thinks that something went wrong with her birth control... Unbelievable. She then admits that it is her fault, but only after blaming the birth control. Remember, nothing that happens is her fault.
5:54 - 6:35
Another great part of this video. She tells us how her boyfriend wasn't "supportive enough" because he was always working. So she doesn't want him in her life because he isn't "a good male role model for her son"....
Yup. He was working all the time. So you could sit you slutty ass at home all day and work on your youtube channel. I'm sure she's collecting all that child support while she makes 30k a year from showing other sluts how to put make-up on so that they can all follow in her footsteps and lock down some Chad with pregnancy.
This sickens me the most. The subscribers see nothing wrong with what she did. In fact, they look up to her. These are the role models for the next generation of girls.
Always wear a condom. Never trust what these girls say. Never get married.
She will fuck you over. Straight from the horses mouth. And remember, it's NEVER her fault.

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