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159 My Red Pill Detox has been simply having female friends iwishyoudstopstaring /r/exredpill 07/08/19 02:21 PM
144 I was raised to be an RPW and it was not a good road to travel. Puzzleheaded_Judy /r/exredpill 11/10/19 10:55 AM
131 Former red pill starter pack pandamojia /r/exredpill 24/12/19 12:42 PM
129 This might be the hardest thing I'll ever have to write PM_ME_UR_1ITIS_SNAP /r/exredpill 09/11/19 05:27 PM
122 Swallowed TRP 2 weeks ago. Today, I'm puking it back out! My story brightskies2094 /r/exredpill 18/10/14 03:25 AM
117 4 years ago I found the red pill and it warped my perception of women. I’m here to warn other young men. cozyknickers /r/exredpill 08/01/20 12:34 AM
109 Need to vent... I really regret immersing myself in TRP. Mushy_is_C12H17N2O4P /r/exredpill 22/08/16 10:17 PM
105 All of these groups (MGTOW, incel's, PUA's, Redpill) Trustedflipper8 /r/exredpill 02/10/19 06:52 PM
95 You Can’t Have Healthy Relationship With A Red Pill Man. CorruptSoulGem /r/exredpill 28/11/19 02:00 AM
92 I think I want to cough up the pill BlakeTheTank /r/exredpill 22/02/15 12:40 PM
87 I'm stepping back from Married Red Pill. Here's why. ShiveringPines /r/exredpill 22/01/17 07:01 PM
85 I think my boyfriend is being radicalized leggomyeggobitchh /r/exredpill 17/01/19 07:13 AM
83 Confessions of a Former Misogynist: My Descent into the MGTOW Pipeline ENTP_AnarchoEgoist /r/exredpill 12/01/20 08:36 PM
83 "I'm a feminist", I said two nights ago for the first time. And it wasn't weird. iama-canadian-ehma /r/exredpill 17/01/20 02:44 PM
82 The real pill, the one that trumps them all, is realizing there is no pill. kitbitlovesyou /r/exredpill 09/07/19 03:49 AM
81 It all comes back to one thing: Sex is overrated GCWanderer /r/exredpill 25/11/19 07:47 PM
78 How toxic rp made me question what I felt during a break-up. ihavebeenlifting123 /r/exredpill 18/12/18 09:32 PM
76 As someone who's never been a part of or followed "the red pill", I find the redpill sub-reddit(s) scream of insecurity, trying to over compensate, and just trying to seek approval / attention. Pete26l96 /r/exredpill 26/02/20 08:08 PM
75 My advice to you OmLiLi /r/exredpill 01/11/16 02:56 AM
75 I came across this comment and thought it belonged here CyberLink16 /r/exredpill 03/05/19 07:13 AM
74 A MGTOW Christmas CaptinSuspenders /r/exredpill 23/12/18 10:52 PM
74 Why I left the mgtow movement zakmo96 /r/exredpill 01/03/20 11:05 AM
74 what redpill needs to learn most windowpanemouse /r/exredpill 12/07/17 11:59 PM
74 How TRP nearly made a rapist. My experience following The Red Pill TheExRedPiller /r/exredpill 13/05/18 03:37 PM
74 The Red Pill lead me down a dark path and I don't like the person I've become VisibleBasil /r/exredpill 17/09/19 06:30 PM
73 Lots of talk about visual attractiveness lately, was hunting for this to post. I've found it to be completely true; you can see and smell depression or malice on someone, but a magnetic personality and wholesome mentality makes all the difference. brahmidia /r/exredpill 06/02/20 11:57 PM
72 AWALT is BS. What is really means is, “I have bad judgement, I make poor choices and act selfishly, and I’m confused as to why all women eventually betray or leave me”. If people keep treating you a certain way, they’re not the problem, you are linkschode /r/exredpill 02/04/19 06:06 PM
72 Accidently Went On A Date With an Asian Red Pill Guy chanelbunny /r/exredpill 22/07/19 03:50 PM
71 My Realization That Red Pill is Bullshit MonkGamer90 /r/exredpill 03/10/18 12:44 AM
71 Ask yourself: Do you really have results with TRP? RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 13/04/17 12:11 PM
70 AWALT Debunked (based on science) - No, not all women are like that! RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 24/01/16 09:02 PM
69 Its not redpill but mgtow WingedHussar- /r/exredpill 27/07/19 06:13 PM
69 Man the red pill really fucked me up.. Half-Ice-Half-Fire /r/exredpill 08/12/19 05:46 PM
69 The one fundamental flaw that always caused me to doubt "Red Pillers" throwawaysuperguy918 /r/exredpill 24/11/17 11:51 AM
67 What turned me off the red pill /r/exredpill 11/06/14 07:23 AM
67 For those of you who are still straddling the fence - bickingbackbeinbool /r/exredpill 09/11/18 10:13 PM
67 The quick n' dirty guide to the logical fallacies of TRP Jalakee /r/exredpill 31/05/19 02:56 PM
66 The Solution Rad1Red /r/exredpill 12/02/20 08:07 PM
65 "The wall" men vs women. A rant. CaptinSuspenders /r/exredpill 01/01/19 01:33 AM
64 Realizing the endgame of Red Pill phillyforgetmenot /r/exredpill 14/03/19 04:23 AM
64 Red pill and incel related sites/blogs will only fuck you up, even give you nightmares. All it does is make you bitter and can even destroy your personality. markyp1234 /r/exredpill 19/07/19 03:16 AM
64 Every since exploring at new content outside of the red pill...I’ve come to terms with how unintelligent the red pill really is pandamojia /r/exredpill 11/12/19 08:35 PM
62 I think my boyfriend is turning red. Poptartsnkittens /r/exredpill 06/12/15 10:33 PM
61 Why I left the Red Pill Tenthyoung /r/exredpill 09/12/16 11:05 PM
61 Trying to figure out what happened to the Red Pill culture and drove it to insanity? OlympusSquared /r/exredpill 23/11/19 03:55 AM
59 Did any of you guys here have a final straw that made you abandon TRP or start to question it? Thisisaghosttown /r/exredpill 02/12/18 02:51 AM
58 I forgot how to be a human ExIdiot999999999 /r/exredpill 09/02/17 09:27 PM
58 Everything Wrong With Red Pill jzell3 /r/exredpill 20/10/19 05:10 PM
58 Husband is reading TRP and MRP subreddit and following it 100% Ashe225 /r/exredpill 13/06/17 03:15 PM
58 The studies that “prove” women are hypergamous don’t replicate. After conducting his own follow up study with a larger sample and more rigorous methodology, one of the original authors of the dual-sexuality theory declares that it probably isn’t true. SmashTheKyriarchy /r/exredpill 26/10/18 06:00 PM
57 The Red Pill is rape culture Successful_Log /r/exredpill 08/06/18 10:38 PM
57 Is there a shit test to see if red pillers are too far gone? hereonaccident /r/exredpill 18/09/17 08:47 AM
56 The number one reason for leaving red pill RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 05/09/17 08:17 PM
56 I [28M] am trying to leave nine years of RP beliefs behind PracticalKoala /r/exredpill 15/11/18 12:08 PM
56 TRP ruined my relationship and I’m not sure if it’s repairable CTButters /r/exredpill 09/04/19 03:56 PM
56 The Red Pill - The Incredible Damage It Has Done To My Life Supersubie /r/exredpill 27/03/20 12:58 PM
55 Ditched the redpill after 6 months .Thank you! SMS_Emden /r/exredpill 26/03/20 06:42 PM
55 Don’t be fooled- leaving the red pill doesn’t mean you are blue pilled pandamojia /r/exredpill 29/11/19 07:58 AM
54 What the red pill got right... SterlingArcher80 /r/exredpill 29/12/18 11:24 AM
54 Can I get my husband to leave TRP? Terra_Lee /r/exredpill 11/08/17 03:07 PM
54 If You're Lonely, Stay Far Away From TRP Ex_redpill_throwaway /r/exredpill 18/07/16 03:48 AM
54 2 years after leaving RedPill - in my happiest relationship lasting a little over a year now. nomorewheels /r/exredpill 02/10/18 07:30 AM
54 I used to be a red piller. Just logged into my account after years and I'm cringing looking at the posts I've upvoted. TI69 /r/exredpill 22/05/18 04:43 PM
54 Woman who is sinking to red pill philosophy. Help. honestgoing /r/exredpill 25/12/19 03:11 PM
53 My Red Pill abyss aNationofTwo /r/exredpill 13/01/18 06:36 PM
53 Hatred of Single Moms and Right Wing Nut Jobs flyinghorse1 /r/exredpill 28/03/19 09:27 AM
53 I was a red pill woman, it wasn't what you think exrpwthroway /r/exredpill 19/08/17 04:02 AM
52 Red Pill Detox First Aid Kit - Start Here! RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 19/04/16 08:51 PM
52 What irks me about the whole Red Pill thing i_like_mayonaise /r/exredpill 09/01/17 03:19 PM
52 As an ex red pill woman, I still feel like I’m unworthy, slowly becoming infertile on the basis I’m still not married with kids (24F) pandamojia /r/exredpill 05/10/19 10:28 AM
52 This video really helped me step away from the redpill as it showed me that both men and women are equally capable of love and hurt. BruceBanner2019 /r/exredpill 19/02/20 07:11 AM
52 I (23F) entered the suffocating grasp of an abusive relationship after becoming red-pill obsessed. schwartzl91 /r/exredpill 26/11/17 10:15 PM
51 MGTOW has been quarantined SpiderKing1461 /r/exredpill 01/02/20 03:38 AM
51 RedPill and Coronavirus... these guys are so damn pathetic CJcarljohnsonCJ /r/exredpill 24/03/20 02:11 PM
51 As a woman, I paid money for a red pill coach for at least 6 months pandamojia /r/exredpill 05/10/19 07:10 PM
50 No, your girlfriend doesn't want to cheat on you with a "more alpha guy" (based on science) RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 18/01/16 05:06 PM
49 holy fuck SHAKIRAISHOT /r/exredpill 26/06/19 03:37 AM
49 What led me away from Red Pill philosophy cagewithakay /r/exredpill 06/12/18 03:00 AM
49 Alpha / beta philosophy is designed to make you suck with women and here's why I_do_it4sloots /r/exredpill 01/12/19 06:47 AM
49 The Prevalence of Red Pill/Incel Subs Shows That Danger is Lurking OttoVonBismark71 /r/exredpill 08/11/19 05:22 PM
49 Mgtows actually think things were better 'back in the old days' (1950s-60s) FabioAbdilla /r/exredpill 01/03/19 07:01 PM
49 I became addicted to prostitutes after 2 years of red pill difficultconcept /r/exredpill 21/01/19 01:00 AM
48 Ex-redpiller here. I think I have quite a bit to share. /r/exredpill 16/03/16 11:28 AM
48 A friendly reminder to stay away from crabs in a bucket and other toxic communities BeardedAnus /r/exredpill 09/01/20 04:25 AM
47 RSD Tyler ruined my life. Smooth__yoda /r/exredpill 05/02/20 01:56 AM
47 Something about the men of TRP and MGTOW that almost no one mentions. FabioAbdilla /r/exredpill 16/02/19 08:25 PM
46 My Thoughts a Year After Leaving The Red Pill throwawaysuperguy918 /r/exredpill 01/11/18 08:28 PM
46 Thanks to this community, I'm going on my first date after spitting out the Pill! PM_ME_UR_1ITIS_SNAP /r/exredpill 15/11/19 02:59 AM
46 Redpillers like to project THEIR insecurities on woman and that's why women leave Redpillers /r/exredpill 02/05/17 12:13 PM
45 I want to let you all know about a sub I just found out about. /r/MensLib. I know what you're thinking, but it's nothing like /r/MensRights. In fact, it was created specifically as a place for people to discuss men's issues in an environment free of misogyny, anti-feminism, and vitriol. Dewey_Darl /r/exredpill 04/08/15 12:16 AM
44 TRP was filling a void slimjimjohnson /r/exredpill 19/09/14 11:24 AM
44 Red pill lacks empathy. taurusthetaurus /r/exredpill 04/11/18 09:34 PM
44 im fucking done with these people part1 SHAKIRAISHOT /r/exredpill 17/06/19 09:05 PM
44 My thoughts on why TRP is bad for your mind welcome2thegoodfight /r/exredpill 02/11/14 05:21 PM
44 I'm pretty angry about how bad I've been duped. VastScene /r/exredpill 23/11/18 01:39 AM
44 I feel weird knowing my SO used to be redpilled misiepatysie /r/exredpill 14/01/20 04:28 PM
44 Turns out, not even wolves have an "alpha" in their group. antijogo /r/exredpill 03/05/17 09:56 PM
44 F18. M36 Redpill ex ruined my life. I feel worthless. aalexxandra /r/exredpill 18/01/18 01:53 PM
43 I'm so glad that my redpill kick didn't last that long Rick_Shadivastava /r/exredpill 19/01/20 05:18 AM
42 I was a former redpiller, AMA /r/exredpill 14/05/14 08:04 PM
42 No such thing as living amorally Straight-Science /r/exredpill 02/02/20 02:37 AM
42 Lost an acquaintance to rp and am pretty mad about it. quasirealikecreature /r/exredpill 14/02/20 03:56 PM
41 How do I detox from red pill as a woman? -hcbhc-rhcbrhcbrhcbr /r/exredpill 25/11/19 10:43 AM
41 Redpill men are men who can’t move forward Whosdeanna32 /r/exredpill 08/12/19 04:17 AM
41 A few fundamental pieces of advice for ex-red pillers, but pretty much anyone else too. obsessed_with_ghosts /r/exredpill 11/02/20 05:28 AM
40 I am a recovering MGTOW/TFLer ENTP_AnarchoEgoist /r/exredpill 05/04/19 11:09 PM
40 How The Red Pill uses cult tactics like Scientology to indoctrinate members meowmix25 /r/exredpill 06/03/17 10:21 PM
40 Isn't some red pill theory kinda strange? NetCrusader /r/exredpill 23/09/17 08:18 PM
40 “My wife gave birth to my kids and helps raise them. She adds value to my life and if she died or left me for someone lesser(cause I'm the best) then oh well game goes on. Game never ends until you die.” Reply on /r/redpill to a guy asking about relationships linkschode /r/exredpill 21/04/19 10:00 AM
39 Red Pill Husband tikva77 /r/exredpill 04/01/19 04:27 PM
39 Mindhunter (TV series) TeePeeDucks /r/exredpill 16/09/19 07:45 AM
39 The falsity of Red Pill /r/exredpill 01/05/15 11:07 PM
39 The manosphere has ruined my dating life ihaveasmallpeniss /r/exredpill 02/09/19 03:09 AM
39 A really overlooked aspect of dating apps Moluwuchan /r/exredpill 30/12/19 07:06 PM
39 The redpillers I sympathise with and the ones I don't DanielDangk /r/exredpill 29/12/18 10:51 PM
39 When you realize how simple TRP's strategy is, it's easier to move on from. [vent] rainstormrabbit /r/exredpill 21/10/15 12:50 AM
38 Ex redpill woman here. skaytec /r/exredpill 08/03/16 10:36 PM
38 It’s finally time for me to let go of the pill-sphere in general. TallSwaggOVO /r/exredpill 03/01/19 05:10 PM
38 TRP turned me into a living, walking, breathing douche bag... 1newworldorder /r/exredpill 01/09/15 11:17 AM
38 A GOP Lawmaker Has Been Revealed As The Creator Of Reddit’s Anti-Woman ‘Red Pill’ Forum cyanocobalamin /r/exredpill 25/04/17 11:40 PM
38 In my opinion, TRP robs you of enjoying yourself BackwardsHorse /r/exredpill 14/02/19 03:56 AM
37 More thoughts on TRP (19M) reddit309 /r/exredpill 19/02/19 05:41 AM
37 The red pill fucked my life up Spizzaz /r/exredpill 23/05/19 07:28 PM
37 How to fight red pill in marriage? /r/exredpill 14/09/15 06:48 PM
37 Against Dread Game (Based on Science) RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 20/01/16 10:40 PM
37 Just wanna share with you guys real quick Xoaimango /r/exredpill 10/01/17 07:17 PM
37 In an attempt to be more "Alpha" I lost myself Garrett1295 /r/exredpill 28/12/19 09:12 PM
37 So I watched "The Matrix" for the first time in several years after giving up TRP. fmvra1s /r/exredpill 15/07/19 02:28 AM
37 RedPill's popularity is showing the unresolved childhood emotional and developmental traumas on a societal level TeePeeDucks /r/exredpill 21/09/19 11:55 AM
37 Law and Order SVU, season 20 Episode 4: "Revenge"... a group of MTGOW Incels go on a rape and killing spree. ghost_vvitch /r/exredpill 08/11/19 12:08 AM
37 What happened in your life to make you rethink TRP? On34theowrld /r/exredpill 12/06/19 01:10 PM
36 No Turning Back CarpetBurn12 /r/exredpill 28/11/19 02:35 PM
36 How I cracked (and a hello too) internet_username_97 /r/exredpill 25/10/19 01:28 AM
36 Just threw up TRP? Read Models by Mark Manson. aggressive_radish /r/exredpill 24/07/14 08:28 PM
36 I'm on antidepressants and my sex drive is at almost 0% and it feels good for some reason! kef1901 /r/exredpill 07/09/19 09:35 PM
36 sexual market value is a narcissistic concept SHAKIRAISHOT /r/exredpill 15/09/19 04:06 AM
36 TRP has ruined my opinions of men since age 17. I've tried detoxing, but nothing works. hapacolypsenow /r/exredpill 02/02/19 05:38 PM
36 [Long Post] 99% of dating advice is BS. Red pill or otherwise. Gackt /r/exredpill 24/08/19 10:18 PM
36 Thank you so much guys, I just found this sub and I can feel how it is literally saving me! thesolutionyouneed /r/exredpill 09/01/18 09:05 AM
35 [Discuss]Men who strongly believe that their manhood must be earned and can be lost exhibit more pronounced cortisol reactivity when their masculinity is threatened, according to research published in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinities. I_like_the_word_MUFF /r/exredpill 30/12/19 12:29 PM
35 I have been conditioned to believe that no girl could ever love me for who I am askerman97 /r/exredpill 11/10/18 02:38 PM
35 TRP Missed the Mark: Why Some Women "Love" Bad Boys jazzmaster1992 /r/exredpill 01/02/19 02:32 AM
34 Aren't men as selfish and unpredictable? truespirit89 /r/exredpill 09/07/18 08:52 PM
34 Grew up in a RedPill household, am beginning to realize this may be why I can't hold a relationship bearsanddeers /r/exredpill 12/05/16 07:43 PM
34 My red pill journey, why I fell for it so easily, and how I realized it wasn't right. RedditLovingSun /r/exredpill 25/08/17 09:48 PM
34 a noticeable trend between history of abuse and red pill acceptance/indoctrination SHAKIRAISHOT /r/exredpill 28/08/19 10:37 PM
34 I think people realize you can go through years of self-improvement and still end up with nothing. defo18 /r/exredpill 17/03/20 08:17 PM
34 Why taking the pill was one of the worst moves I have EVER made (story inside) potsy5656 /r/exredpill 21/04/15 12:12 AM
33 Thank you and farewell zudomo /r/exredpill 31/12/14 07:31 PM
33 How to get over a red piller Existing_Nebula /r/exredpill 28/06/19 05:49 PM
33 Attractive woman with disabled man pandamojia /r/exredpill 12/11/19 12:34 AM
33 Red Pill "abundance" is not abundance. gogogadgetname /r/exredpill 12/04/19 12:28 AM
33 The story of my awakening from MGTOW GCWanderer /r/exredpill 02/11/19 09:57 AM
33 Damn, I’ve been lied to this whole time? Vintage_Cola /r/exredpill 25/02/20 03:11 AM
33 Confusion about the 'traditional' family. Baghdadincoming /r/exredpill 07/03/20 08:32 AM
33 Why Red Pill is a Cult - Part 2 (Based on Mark Manson's writings) RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 30/10/16 01:31 PM
33 Found my husband's red pill readings- how do I build trust again? QBall37 /r/exredpill 10/04/16 05:58 PM
33 First aid kit for exredpillers, this should be pinned! HeartbreakHotline /r/exredpill 04/01/20 08:09 PM
33 Wife of TRP/MGTOW Husband (Trigger warning, sexual assault) IndividualGrapefruit /r/exredpill 03/04/18 09:42 PM
33 My personal experience with the Red Pill mindset. ThatShoegazer /r/exredpill 18/07/15 04:58 PM
33 Red Pill Is Toxic For Relationships Becuase It's A Wrong Interpretation of Game Theory (defections are the norm instead of exceptions) lux_7 /r/exredpill 03/07/19 01:08 PM
32 When you see it... NonNeediness /r/exredpill 29/01/19 12:53 AM
32 Realized a date I had was into PUA anonatl95 /r/exredpill 05/03/19 09:12 PM
32 My personal experience and where I'm at aggierogue /r/exredpill 08/10/19 04:43 PM
32 "I Was a Men’s Rights Activist" – A former MRA recounts how got involved with the movement and how evolved into a feminist. mcdermottj /r/exredpill 15/04/16 06:28 PM
32 Red Pill and Cultic Behavior - Why TRP is a lot like Scientology, Heaven's Gate and other cults (based on Science) RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 04/02/16 03:17 PM
32 Did anyone of you find out that you're actually repressing same-sex attraction? keinalu /r/exredpill 02/07/16 06:28 PM
32 I’m a woman who can't get the voice of redpillers out of my head. ForestedNip /r/exredpill 15/11/17 07:26 AM
32 What do women think of the whole alpha/beta male concept? Duke-Nukem-64 /r/exredpill 02/01/20 06:37 PM
32 [Discussion] Did you have any suspicions about TRP that you initially ignored? give_me_evidence /r/exredpill 30/08/15 11:56 PM
32 I am an ex-RPW who used to date a red piller(ex-red piller now?) Anika360 /r/exredpill 05/04/17 04:05 PM
32 How red pill indoctrinates and keeps it's members. RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 02/09/17 06:27 PM
32 Why I will be no longer reading anything related to any of the “pills” foreveryoung3 /r/exredpill 02/01/19 09:53 PM
31 Unplugging from trp /r/exredpill 31/12/16 05:57 AM
31 red pill is a choice. SHAKIRAISHOT /r/exredpill 06/07/19 07:42 AM
31 Women caused the fall of Rome......? Baghdadincoming /r/exredpill 02/03/20 12:02 PM
31 Advice for people that just escaped? itsmehflynn /r/exredpill 04/11/19 07:44 PM
31 I absolutely hate women and I hate that I can't change Throwaway1938241 /r/exredpill 09/07/19 06:50 PM
31 [found in r/MGTOW] According to this; what is wrong with hairdressers, redheads and girls named Tiffany? StrongSecurity /r/exredpill 30/05/19 05:34 PM
31 Ex-Redpillers/ Redpillers, don't you feel bad for how you treated your girlfriends? /r/exredpill 27/08/17 03:27 AM
30 Lost in a sea of red pills KittyHotNose /r/exredpill 19/08/19 08:08 AM
30 American History X (My story) total_sleezeball /r/exredpill 06/11/19 11:04 PM
30 Relapsed and spiraling out of control MascTokenThrowaway /r/exredpill 06/10/19 09:25 PM
30 I'm very happy about how much I've grown! VastScene /r/exredpill 17/01/20 01:35 AM
30 Trying to improve, but trp/black pill view is impossible to shake off Throwaway1938241 /r/exredpill 05/02/20 10:28 PM
30 21yr virgin male struggling with redpill ideas Armando1917 /r/exredpill 18/05/19 10:18 AM
30 You can literally apply everything the redpill says as a "precaution when screening women" to men and avoid all TRP dudes. mosham126 /r/exredpill 05/10/19 10:48 AM
30 The fear of turning 30 as a woman really messes with me pandamojia /r/exredpill 15/11/19 05:52 PM
29 Beginning to See the Light CoughingItUp98 /r/exredpill 17/10/16 03:19 AM
29 TRP Values, What's Good and What's Bad? ihavebeenlifting123 /r/exredpill 26/12/18 04:43 PM
29 Young male teetering on the brink of inceldom/blackpill. Relationship/gender subs like /r/purplepilldebate and /r/trp are depressing but I can't help but feel like they're right. Please convince me otherwise. incelwithoutacause /r/exredpill 11/03/20 11:36 AM
29 Ex redpiller detoxing and enlightening CptConfused /r/exredpill 11/03/20 10:35 PM
29 I used to be what you'd call a "Redpiller" justathrowaway5567 /r/exredpill 18/10/17 06:20 PM
29 Just want to spread some positivity here _overture /r/exredpill 09/05/19 10:07 PM
29 Essential Readings to detox from Red Pill - Collection of posts from various authors RedPillDetox /r/exredpill 13/02/16 07:59 PM
29 Is it just me or is this blatant hypocrisy? Ineedtogetalife4real /r/exredpill 04/03/18 03:27 AM
29 Was contemplating suicide after finding TRP. derrickrosethrowaway /r/exredpill 21/03/18 01:19 PM
29 Just got BANNED from the Red Pill forums for challenging premises theredpoo /r/exredpill 29/07/15 04:11 PM
29 “Men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos”. pandamojia /r/exredpill 07/02/20 01:11 PM
29 TRP beliefs destroying a beautiful relationship - need help x-trp-x /r/exredpill 27/06/19 05:13 PM
29 Kinda ironic that all of a sudden they love free speech but banned me and many others for criticizing them hk55_ /r/exredpill 01/02/20 04:29 AM
29 (Kinda Long) Hi, I'm a woman... whose teenage years were passed believing TRP mindset. V3nt1ng /r/exredpill 01/10/18 09:05 PM
29 Isnt self-improvement in the hopes of attracting a female in itself adhering to toxic masculine gender norms. What if that bald fat nerd drinks Mountain Dew and eats Cheetos all day completely happy with his lifestyle? defo18 /r/exredpill 10/09/19 07:23 PM
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