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0 If people (primarily men) fail to loose their viginity during the appropriate age block (puberty to 25) I don't think we should be surprised as a society if we end up with feminazis and incels defo18 /r/exredpill 28/03/20 10:42 PM
0 Any movie suggestions with good female role models? DISCUSSION leinlin /r/RedPillWomen 28/03/20 10:38 PM
5 Can a woman whose never had a boyfriend still use RPW and join the community? DISCUSSION pickmahpawpoah /r/RedPillWomen 28/03/20 10:37 PM
0 Women of reddit, help me choose the better bio. [deleted] /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:01 PM
37 Nation's Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan: 'Let's Move In Together' Humor! moorekom /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 28/03/20 11:01 PM
82 Are men more driven by wanting attention than sex now? DISCUSSION IloveKoreanfoodyaaas /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/03/20 10:58 PM
1 Is being a young female really advantageous? Debate _sunsetlover_ /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/20 10:53 PM
1 Why do redpill guys claim being a young female is life on easy mode? Discussion _sunsetlover_ /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/20 10:51 PM
1 What is the benefit of being an attractive female? _sunsetlover_ /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/20 10:50 PM
3 How to keep the attraction alive while in quarantine? goingredwithabang /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:12 PM
1 Given current global economy, what's the right move? Career wise. [deleted] /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:07 PM
3 Why do i always push the boat? empatheticapathetic /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:04 PM
0 the bf of a female friend who I talk on IG sends friend request why ? ChartSpectre /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:31 PM
2 How can I support my best friend who‘s ex fiancé died? sapnu8puas /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:25 PM
7 Lilyhammer is a great red pill show. BruhMoment45886 /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:25 PM
5 is the texting game (logistics only) changed due to the virus? MegaFanZX /r/askTRP 28/03/20 11:23 PM
0 Most women don't want men who challenge them CMV Silas1067 /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/20 11:23 PM
0 Have you ever dated someone you were I attracted to? Discussion Pheonix_xx /r/PurplePillDebate 28/03/20 11:47 PM
2 RP LTR Advice for Young Men LTR [deleted] /r/TheRedPill 28/03/20 11:44 PM
1 Boyfriend said another girl was hot while he was drunk. Pass or no. SEEKING ADVICE rayvin4000 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/03/20 11:59 PM
13 Still seeing these Pickmeisha propaganda circulatibg around the Internet! I'll make sure my sister and my future generations will never become one of these! NAH, SIS lovewillfindme /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/03/20 11:54 PM
11 Men aren’t bad. Women aren’t bad. Part 3. Women are people. MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS strobechick /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 28/03/20 11:54 PM
25 The importance of becoming better at what you want. Red Pill Theory MoltenM /r/TheRedPill 28/03/20 11:52 PM
138 Age that women first noticed men were looking at them sexually in graph form. Comments are full of the usual male denial that this ever happens. Gotta wonder why they feel so personally offended at this graph that they’d issue kneejerk rebuttals🤔 MALE DEPRAVITY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 12:09 AM
2 LTR shit test Pilomtrees /r/askTRP 29/03/20 12:32 AM
44 Single Mom Can't Understand Why HVM Doesn't Want "A Busy Single Mom" Single Mom Tears mimiczx /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 29/03/20 12:22 AM
93 Why men obsessing with virginity, high N-count, and women's age has nothing to do with biology CULTURAL MISOGYNY siberiansummer /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 12:20 AM
1 Feeling Lost jcopp12 /r/askTRP 29/03/20 12:39 AM
1 I reacted to one of his photos (my mistake), but look at this LOW EFFORT peasant shit ROAST-A-SCROTE Bitemebitch00 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 12:34 AM
5 Why did you ask me out? Why me? What do you want? I don't understand? I'm confused? I'm not a one night stand girl ok? I have trust issues ok? 1yuan /r/askTRP 29/03/20 12:48 AM
15 The financial break down of what a man gains from having a stay at home GF or wife (sources for this calculation listed below) DISCUSSION mango_pecan /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 01:15 AM
19 Two lovely gentlemen for your viewing displeasure ROAST-A-SCROTE ghostieonreddit /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 01:29 AM
24 Rollo Tomassi on women's sexual pasts. Couldn't agree more. WAATGM In The Making RedPill_Dragon /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 29/03/20 01:22 AM
1 DO NOT EVER GET MARRIED Men's Rights SweatySpecialist /r/TheRedPill 29/03/20 01:21 AM
0 She's always busy but shows very high interest. Petruskic /r/askTRP 29/03/20 01:18 AM
80 Reasons a man would be respectful toward a woman: NOTHING BUT FACTS naamshiko /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 01:40 AM
2 How to get money during this epidemic? wr4l /r/askTRP 29/03/20 01:35 AM
43 The most important part of game is not being emotionally invested TheRedPike /r/TheRedPill 29/03/20 01:53 AM
0 Should I demote chipotle girl chick to anal-only plate? da_independent_varia /r/askTRP 29/03/20 02:13 AM
1 Has COVID fucked the game up? ev214 /r/askTRP 29/03/20 02:11 AM
14 Why are most men so terrible at consoling people? RANT iamjustventing /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 02:05 AM
1 Does anyone have "How to Fuck Women Properly" by William Freeman? theprivateselect /r/redpillbooks 29/03/20 02:25 AM
18 Liberal, Miss musical theater major is now looking for her "ride or die partner" after having busted up her body twice, recovered from life threatening illness and shat out Chad's "entire world". Pretty soon not even daddy gubmint is going be able to afford these sluts. $ Bailout $ where_muh_good_mens /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 29/03/20 02:20 AM
3 Question on iniatiating Koleraba /r/askTRP 29/03/20 02:15 AM
0 7 Things Any Guy Can Do To Look More Attractive ujahir18 /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 29/03/20 02:57 AM
0 How to recover from coming off needy and beta? rapefuel /r/askTRP 29/03/20 02:46 AM
0 How would you describe a “masculine” man? Trying to paint a picture here. fuckboychadlmao /r/askTRP 29/03/20 03:11 AM
0 Does it ever fade? acceptable_runx /r/RedPillWives 29/03/20 03:34 AM
0 Daily reminder that you shouldn’t be trying to date during coronavirus restrictions: “the hoeing has never been better” #JustLVMThings djfrankenjuice /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 03:32 AM
0 Pick me does wifey shit for her LVM, and he responds by complaining 🤡 NAH, SIS happyduck18 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 03:29 AM
0 Is "Hotel For Dogs" a Red Pilled movie? Project_Zero_Betas /r/askTRP 29/03/20 03:28 AM
0 Following ig models/soft porn is a red flag TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 29/03/20 03:49 AM
0 Wheel falls off the cock carousel, but she still things it works just fine. Will crash into the wall soon and find out that no sane man wants to get with her. Give her a few years and she'll be wondering where all the good men dissapeared to... I'm also wondering.... 🤔🤣 loneliness-inc /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 29/03/20 03:46 AM
0 Any tips for a women who’s never had a bf?? ADVICE moonsunrisinggg /r/RedPillWomen 29/03/20 04:10 AM
0 “Best friends” with the girl I was seeing AdriftEgyptian /r/askTRP 29/03/20 04:23 AM
0 Aw Fuck me, does anyone have The Rational Male PDF?? rprookie /r/askTRP 29/03/20 04:20 AM
124 Bit of advice from an old timer WhitePowerRanger19 /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 02:10 AM
121 My (22F) bf is not taking COVID-19 seriously and it’s making me not want to be with him. RANT hotdoggitydog5 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 02:27 AM
386 Daily reminder that men are seven times more likely to leave a sick partner than women are. Also, what a major asshole (full text in comments) MALE DEPRAVITY suaveagave /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 02:15 AM
0 Do you suck on tits? TRPonlySubsBanTRPppl /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:39 AM
1 Women who are virgins before marriage are most pleasing. CMV realalexjean /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 02:48 AM
1 Why can men sleep around and women can‘t? xplainmesit /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:48 AM
76 "Don't Talk to Women Like Men" TheRedPike /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 03:05 AM
112 Men always get credit for women’s inventions—and there’s a term for that CULTURAL MISOGYNY TheOGJammies /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 02:58 AM
2 FIRE CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HOE | Why Guys Who Rescue Broken Women Always Get Burnt thevalentineyear /r/RedPillWives 27/03/20 03:27 AM
382 "It's my responsibility" is a far better phrase, and a far better frame than "It's my fault" Red Pill Theory SKRedPill /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 03:42 AM
0 Will human relationships survive the rise of realistic sexbots? Discussion HeyRoFunkyMang /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 03:54 AM
0 18F Please explain this subreddit to me DISCUSSION poopie19 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:07 AM
0 Interesting facts to hook a woman TheUnrelentingTruth /r/askTRP 27/03/20 04:05 AM
116 The Term “Codependent” Was Invented to Blame Women For Their Own Abuse NOTHING BUT FACTS Kekekeke7777 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:04 AM
3 Women focus so much on physical traits beyond my control, it feels like trying to look better is a waste of time. Question For Men throwaway0x0101 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 04:26 AM
1 Did I handle this right? zeitdruck /r/askTRP 27/03/20 04:24 AM
169 I got engaged! LTR/MARRIAGE PearlSunrise /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 04:15 AM
82 Cooking for my Ex-Fiancée: A hard-won Red Pill lesson Land_of_the_Losers /r/WhereAllTheGoodMenAre 27/03/20 04:35 AM
1 Who are the "hottest" women who have contributed to the advancement of humanity? PerfectEggplantz /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 04:31 AM
1 Blue Pill Activity Blue Pill Example PunkHippieBoy /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 04:30 AM
1 Blue Pill Activity Blue Pill Example PunkHippieBoy /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 04:30 AM
1 Interested to find out more! What exactly does being a purple pill mean to you ? Tell me about it and how it makes you feel ? Writing a paper on this subject at Edinburgh university! Thanks :) Question For Women travcel /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 04:50 AM
2 Interested to find out more! What exactly does being a red pill woman mean to you ? Tell me about it and how it makes you feel ? Writing a paper on this subject at Edinburgh university! Thanks :) THEORY travcel /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 04:47 AM
8 How to become a man? I was raised by a single-mother CosingularHomology /r/askTRP 27/03/20 04:43 AM
1 How could i contribute to the cause ladies? SEEKING ADVICE toommyboy94 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 05:08 AM
56 For the weekend while the mods have their backs turned: Cooking for my Ex-Fiancée: A hard-won Red Pill lesson Land_of_the_Losers /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 04:57 AM
1 Is genetics the result of why people follow TRP? throwaway0292dh /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:14 AM
1 Does anyone study while constantly switching to entertainment then back and find it works? Huntbutt /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:12 AM
1 I have no mission, no objective in life ironForay /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:11 AM
1 Disgusting male "review" on a Japanese film. THINGS SCROTES SAY RickyFricks43 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 05:11 AM
2 Ghosted a girl I went on 2 dates with about 3 months ago, should I reach out? wassup_doe /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:29 AM
41 60 Days of Dread 2020 - Introduction and Week 1 SorcererKing /r/marriedredpill 27/03/20 05:27 AM
1 Streetwear vs preppy look? I'm considering changing styles, is this better for smv? Mobavvaly /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:47 AM
3 Is this whole corona pandemic thing just a huge shit test? cglehosit /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:40 AM
1 In this time of social isolation and self quarantining, why should some one still abstain from porn? themangu6 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:56 AM
1 The "best gender" paradox: When they claim they're smarter, better, and less emotional but whine about the leg work of simply asking a women out LIES MEN TELL buddingQueenie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 06:16 AM
0 Roissy’s Principles INSIGHTFUL kingbossdj /r/RedPillWives 27/03/20 06:14 AM
1 The absolute state... Cock Carousel Rider SQL_INVICTUS /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 06:13 AM
1 Roissy’s Principles kingbossdj /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 06:13 AM
3 Please talk some sense into me throwaway210013 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 06:11 AM
94 What Kind of Young Women (20s) Date Much Older Men (40s and up)? DISCUSSION CoolMelonade /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 06:34 AM
1 How many of you SOB’s just use the internet? Debate cman94elder /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 06:50 AM
1 How do you respond to this flake SpicyYeetJuice /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:32 AM
1 Is it a good use of time to watch game videos YouTube to get a feel of what works? inbredostrptw /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:18 AM
1 Blue Pill Nonsense vs Red Pill Truth Question For Men Gabo9718 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 07:57 AM
29 GF told me her body count.... GoldenCocaine /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:13 AM
1 How to handle female friend, who borrows things but doesn’t return it, and buys things but doesn’t pay SEEKING ADVICE meecy166 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:08 AM
3 How to know which male friends to trust? DISCUSSION anonlonglostlove /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 08:29 AM
1 Where women better few years ago? Discussion richlad /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 08:17 AM
1 I highly doubt it. FDS HUMOR eyeinmaiden /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:42 AM
1 I highly doubt it. FDS HUMOR eyeinmaiden /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:42 AM
8 Anyone else enjoying the nationwide monk mode? themangu6 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:40 AM
1099 I highly doubt it. FDS HUMOR eyeinmaiden /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:39 AM
0 Prize mentality AbusiveFather1 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:37 AM
298 Apparently, a woman stating her boundaries is a mere challenge for a man to violate them. These psycho pervs who have nothing better to do in a pandemic other than finding women to “overcome” are a virus upon God’s green Earth. Be safe and vet HARD. MALE DEPRAVITY kim_shayne /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:34 AM
1 New avenues for success when you've played all your cards. K-donnager /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:32 AM
0 Very weird dating experience - any comments? firstTimer1598 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 09:15 AM
1841 Monkey branching at it's finest... Hypergamy Scourmont /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 09:27 AM
34 Talk with LTR about body count throwaway37485903834 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 09:46 AM
19 Missing condoms but swears he hasn’t used them... SEEKING ADVICE missken_ /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 09:43 AM
8 Forgiving her doubting me in the past? SteroidSquarePants /r/askMRP 27/03/20 09:34 AM
1 [DISSCUTION] If you're a man and you dont say anything negative of any kind, can I comment? DISCUSSION SuffBlueberry /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 09:52 AM
0 About setting up a workout routine DrDanger357 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 09:46 AM
8 Need help moving on from a liar. FDS RESCUE MISSION queendorkus /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 10:21 AM
228 Choices... The Pickmesha and Corona Virus edition DISCUSSION perhapsbutnottoday /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 10:42 AM
107 What do you believe the female equivalent of a short man is? Discussion yourmostfavoriteweeb /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 10:37 AM
2 Is it worth it to learn the Mystery Method? OPs_Real_Mom /r/askTRP 27/03/20 10:48 AM
125 Man is insecure that his wife had a life before him THE AUDACITY OF SCROTES lemonheaddass /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 11:05 AM
90 Had sex with a 18 year old girl from tinder on 1st date. Im 26. Girl says it doesnt feel comfortable to date someone my age. greetingsladdingtons /r/askTRP 27/03/20 11:03 AM
1 Q4A: How often do you experience sexual harassment? canofapples6 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 11:40 AM
22 Anyone else feel like your name is a big part of a first impression. yvnglucifer /r/askTRP 27/03/20 11:55 AM
36 Say no fellas Humor! Innovative_being /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 11:43 AM
6 How to show attraction/flirt in a ladylike way DATING ADVICE elmartinas /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 12:15 PM
19 OLD and “being myself” SEEKING ADVICE finance_lady /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 12:54 PM
23 Why I liked bad boys LadyFerretQueen /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 01:07 PM
1 This shit isn't a neutral community, 99% of the posts only attack The Red Pill Post for Mods sicoks /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 01:03 PM
56 The Red Pill - The Incredible Damage It Has Done To My Life Supersubie /r/exredpill 27/03/20 12:58 PM
4 Enjoying cutting, afraid of bulking instantluck /r/askTRP 27/03/20 01:23 PM
2 Women do all the hard labour in the relationship! *lists trivial, basic tasks* fagt69 /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 01:19 PM
1 They started texting me? Athrownoway /r/askTRP 27/03/20 01:35 PM
1 Posted in /r/FemaleDatingStrategy/ This is what we're dealing with. guynpdx /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 01:32 PM
0 The Red Pill in the East Culture sicoks /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 01:28 PM
13 In regards to a male contraceptive pill: would you use it/what would be your opinion of it? Discussion finch2200 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 01:27 PM
312 “Ready to settle down” Humor! Innovative_being /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 01:26 PM
23 Femininity is NOT trust, humility and submission CMV HellenicLady /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 01:39 PM
1 Badass hobbies? Mostass /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:02 PM
2 Do you think regular gym goers will get smaller because of the covid-19 lockdowns and ultimately increasing the smv of people that could afford decent gym equipment? Mobavvaly /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:00 PM
26 Anyone else lost the desire to chase girls after a certain n count was reached? mksu911 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 01:59 PM
14 Is “AMALT” a thing or is it only women who can’t deviate from a standard? Discussion nepsoline /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 02:11 PM
0 do you give your phone or computer password to your ltr? ddd1337 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:31 PM
1 Women who are virgins before marriage tend to be the most desirable. CMV realalexjean /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 02:26 PM
0 60DoD Call Out Blarg_Risen /r/marriedredpill 27/03/20 02:26 PM
5 Need advice Chase669 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 02:44 PM
25 What Makes You Swipe Left? DISCUSSION harasquietfish6 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 03:19 PM
269 If your boyfriend/husband is uncomfortable with one of your guy friends because he "knows their intentions," 90% of the time your husband/boyfriend has those same intentions toward someone else, and that's why he's suspicious of your male friends. LVM LOGIC spin_the_globe /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 03:16 PM
20 Is there actually a lack of quality men or just a lack quality men that are also ready to commit? Discussion nsfw754 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 03:33 PM
7 Girls just wanna have fun - a ‘healthy’ red pill? XS10TIALST /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 03:31 PM
129 Scrotes gonna Scrote : "Sister[19f] in law hitting on me[30m]." Turns out the OP is enjoying the attention and fantasizes about having sex with her. Then claims "to want to understand her psychology" #scrotelogic MALE DEPRAVITY Loonietoons933 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 03:30 PM
7 What Makes You Swipe Left? DISCUSSION harasquietfish6 /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 03:20 PM
1 On instagram some "meme" sides are using the #Breastcancer just to show Breasts without getting band. Absolutely disrespectful ! Spacewasser /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:16 PM
1 Why isn’t there more emphasis on mental illness and depression? Discussion SwissCheese64 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 04:15 PM
170 For Abused Women, a Pandemic Lockdown Holds Dangers of Its Own. “He said if I started coughing, he was throwing me out in the street” CULTURAL MISOGYNY happyduck18 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:15 PM
0 Worried She's Out of my League and Shitting wear I eat Nofapislit /r/askTRP 27/03/20 04:22 PM
46 What Makes You Swipe Right? DISCUSSION jazzyjazcons /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:20 PM
1 What Makes You Swipe Right? DISCUSSION jazzyjazcons /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:20 PM
11 How do you take something as all encompassing as RP and water it down to only face/height matter? Discussion jacktenhasfarts /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 04:53 PM
6 Movie Recommendations? LIFESTYLE meetyourmatcha /r/RedPillWomen 27/03/20 04:47 PM
1 If you shouldn’t “defend” yourself to your LTR, how do you deal with accusations? _nein_danke /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:06 PM
107 Positive note! FDS SUCCESS! TaylaBlaze /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 05:00 PM
26 Are most men creeps that exhibit predatory behavior?! DISCUSSION journey1992 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 04:59 PM
1 Suicide is better than admitting your own responsability suckmyfuck91 /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 05:12 PM
1 Seasoned rothers, telling from your experienced, is there a pattern in what women are the best in bed? 10s? Average girls? Can you elaborate on which of your plates were the best lays? vaynsterrr /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:35 PM
1 Thought you fellas might appreciate this gross shit turnburn720 /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 05:35 PM
94 Pardon? THINGS SCROTES SAY runrunrunawayyyyyyyy /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 05:32 PM
7 "I miss you" from GF, standard responses doesnt make me prone to use them mickey__ /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:28 PM
524 Why you should never tell your problems to women ever! Culture Sake99 /r/TheRedPill 27/03/20 05:26 PM
2 I offer nothing. All my pics are selfies because I don't know anyone or do anything. Here are my demands. JustInconsistent /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 05:24 PM
0 Morality and philosophy of ancient Romans and Greeks gero1913 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:51 PM
1 What do you do for your hair? Jimpix95 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:50 PM
0 I’ve been seeing a girl for over a year and now all of a sudden she’s stopped responding. I missed her text and call and an hour later texted her saying I’m working right now. She’s still not responsive. What can I do? mythrowawayyouknow /r/askTRP 27/03/20 05:47 PM
3 WHAT A BITCH!!! Bitch Spectral_Fire04 /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 05:39 PM
17 During quarantine I am learning to code for web development - any tips to move toward this career/side-hustle wise? _nein_danke /r/askTRP 27/03/20 06:01 PM
6 To those who believe the opposite sex has it better than your sex. Do you believe that if you switched genders right now your life will become better? canofapples6 /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 06:33 PM
2 "I dont know how to respond to that" she says. What do you think? AhIndeed /r/askTRP 27/03/20 06:32 PM
3 Those that went from a small town to a city, how did your dating life change? pilot333 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 06:56 PM
172 I offer nothing. All of my pics are selfies because I have no friends and no hobbies. Here are my demands. JustInconsistent /r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen 27/03/20 06:52 PM
75 Whats up with people here still fucking chicks in quarantine? ThrowRAtesto3o /r/askTRP 27/03/20 06:48 PM
1119 sneak peak into the realities of a pickmeisha lewdpup /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 07:10 PM
6 Male Dating Strategy- Are these scrotes for real? SCROTES MAD Loonietoons933 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 07:10 PM
1 Male dating srtategy - are these scrotes for real? SCROTES MAD [deleted] /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 07:09 PM
0 Turned in online test late. Professor hasn't responded to emails. skrv100 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:02 PM
1 Second Night with Plate: Way Better Sex, but she leaves crying after. thegoalisntsuccess /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:24 PM
203 Its perfectly reasonable not to date someone because of their past CMV goneaway2thewind /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 07:23 PM
5 If male progressives/feminists realized that TRP beliefs are true, would they change their ideological perspective? Discussion ifelsedowhile /r/PurplePillDebate 27/03/20 07:15 PM
1 I am confused by all of the labels ThrowRAItAll /r/exredpill 27/03/20 07:30 PM
0 Girl put up a status asking for people to send her nudes slippersaredumb7 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:30 PM
0 Which country do you think the hottest women come from? throwawayaccou1989 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:29 PM
531 Know yourself LEVEL UP kolsen92 /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 07:53 PM
8 How do you guys break out of a rut? Quarter life crisis hitting me hard Topshelfpp /r/askTRP 27/03/20 07:52 PM
0 Best pussy you’ve had? throwawayaccou1989 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:10 PM
3 Second Night with Plate: way better sex, but she leaves crying after hashashin710 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 08:01 PM
7 Should I cut him off? SEEKING ADVICE PwnCatie /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 08:00 PM
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0 Problem: I don’t know if he’s attracted to me. I've tried surprising him with 'cute' outfits, waking him up for sex (he's said it's a turn on), teasing him with pictures, and nothing seems like it's working. I'm worried he isn't attracted to me, especially when he's told me he's constantly horny. DATING ADVICE jininxica /r/RedPillWomen 28/03/20 06:35 PM
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10 men are so sad and desperate for pussy that they get excited over “better” pornstars and no ads.. really?... bums, all are straight bums. Not to mention all the the disgsuting , degrading and violent content on there. PATHETIC lol PORN SICK, LIMP DICK jacquelinee_j /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/03/20 08:52 PM
29 Guy abused his girlfriend who went on to be abused while he found a girlfriend who treats him with respect. Now, years later, hes looking for pity on reddit for his guilt, now that hes in isolation and cant be in denial about his hideously self centered "consciousness": Let him have it ladies MALE DEPRAVITY metisviking /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 26/03/20 08:48 PM
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1 I want to suggest something to my brothers in quarantine. Also want other to add ideas. Snowboard18 /r/askTRP 27/03/20 01:14 AM
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96 Eating for Two My husband and I shared a love of food. Then he cheated on me when I was seven months pregnant. Just because you got the ring, the wedding, and the family doesn’t mean he won’t ruin it all. Make yourself the priority in life and never settle. #JustLVMThings Balkanka /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 27/03/20 01:29 AM
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16 Remember ladies, you don't need to explain your value to LVMs. If you are ever in a conversation where you have to explain why you are a prize worth investing in, you have already lost. SCROTES MAD myousername /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/03/20 02:36 AM
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1 The infantile shit my ex said when I told him I wanted to return the promise ring he gave me, AFTER I finally, successfully broke up with him after four tries (since November). If it wasn’t straight up vile, I’d laugh. SCROTES MAD caoutchouck /r/FemaleDatingStrategy 25/03/20 06:09 AM
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