My Goal

To keep Red Pill content alive

TheRedArchive is the largest archive of content related to The Red Pill, with an estimated data size of 90 gb that is constantly growing.

Archives include all posts and comments from 27+ Red Pill subreddits, all posts from varius Red Pill blogs, and Red Pill books.


The website began in 2018. After /r/TheRedPill got quarantined, there was a real fear around the community that the subreddit one day would get banned, resulting in a lot of golden content and invaluable knowledge being permanently lost.

Due to this, I decided to archive every single post and comment from the subreddit and make it accessiable, browsable and searchable.[1] I did this by finding a way to scrape the entire content of the subreddit, and then coding a simple website to browse through the data. I called the website TheRedArchive.

Ever since, I added more subreddits related to The Red Pill, including askTRP, MarriedRedPill, MGTOW, PurplePillDebate and WhereAreAllTheGoodMen. In 2019, after Heartiste's blog being banned on Wordpress, I decided to start archiving Red Pill blogs as well, with The Rational Male and Heartiste being the first.

Currently, I am doing my best to maintain the effectiveness and functionality of the website, along with working on new features, adding more subreddits and blogs to the archive, and financing the website.




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