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What are your guys thoughts on sleeping around? On one hand I've heard some people's opinion that religion is the way to have a strong relationship since it enforces monogamy and places restrictions on the natural hypergamous tendencies of both parties. However religion obviously looks down on sleeping around.

But then on the other hand I've read that for men the way we're hard wired is to essentially "spread our seed" to as many partners as possible, and for gay relationships I hear a lot of times where two men hooked up and then it become more than that. But does that mean then that we'll eventually want to sleep around with other partners even if we've pair bonded with another man?

Reading this sub, I've seen a fairly popular opinion that the gay equivalent of the red pill is essentially that gay/bi men will sleep around eventually. However if you read the original red pill, and even a lot of posts/comments in this sub they will state that men are really the ones that naturally will fall in love and not women, so would that not imply that if there's a relationship with two men that there would be no issue of cheating and you could successfully have a monogamous relationship without opening it up?

I'm not totally sure where I stand on this because on one hand a lot of the evidence pointing to men naturally wanting to sleep around comes from academic articles and would appear at least to be sound. But then that raises the question of if monogamy is a reasonable outcome at all. But you also have data showing that specifically gay couples who are younger and haven't had to deal with the HIV crisis and have been able to marry for their entire (short) adult lives, are favouring monogamous relationships. So are they just kidding themselves or is monogamy actually the way to go?

So essentially the question is, do you think that monogamy is a realistic outcome for a gay relationship, and if it is then do you think that the confines of religion improve that since it looks down on premarital sex/adultery; or do you think that since the scientific evidence of how men are hard wired would conclude that we are naturally meant to sleep with as many partners as possible, that hooking up with as many potential mates as you can and then finding a partner through that avenue is the correct route?

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