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It's been widely accepted in TRP that a person intrinsically isn't alpha or beta, but that acting dominant or submissive is just set of behaviours.

Yet every so often I notice posts where wanna-be machiavellians try to hamster their submissive behaviour e.g kissing their boss' ass for a promotion one day as alpha behaviour.

Men and women, whether they consciously acknowledge it or not, literally feel when one is in position of power and recognize the perks such as abundance of no fucks give etc that come with it.

I'd imagine many here would think of a person playing the long con like Littlefinger in GoT as an Alpha, cause "pretending to play the part, ends justify the means and so forth" is alpha behaviour but you all grab your torches and pitchforks when a bluepill guy tries to backstab one of you(a thread earlier today) to get the girl.

He was running a gambit as well, just one based on false premise.

TL;DR Don't let the male hamster get the best of you.

Taking it up the ass to get a promotion(reasonable premise) isn't inherently more alpha than taking it up the ass to get the girl(false premise). You're still taking it up the ass.

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There's a strong difference between deference to authority or expertise and ass-kissing which is a losing strategy. People don't rise to the top of organizations without becoming excellent people and talent readers. They learn that leadership isn't blind adherence to orders, but innovation and constant improvement. You'll never clear mid-management or mediocrity if you are unable to figure out this distinction.

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The words "alpha" and "beta" apply better to animals than to humans, because human interaction is much more complicated. The role of dominance or submissiveness can change hands based on circumstances. For instance, if you invite your boss to your home, he must abide by your rules (although a certain amount of deference would be wise, practically speaking).

The dominance of your boss in the context of the workplace is incontrovertable. Ass kissing isn't necessary, but acknowledging the power dynamic is only common sense, IMO.

I can't imagine many people think of Littlefinger as an "alpha male," since he cowers from direct conflict. A robber who takes what's yours right in front of you while you are helpless to stop him has dominated you. A guy who sneaks in through the window while you're sleeping and stands frozen, mouth agape in fear when he hears you stir in your sleep, has not. Even if he achieves his objective, dominance is not the social dynamic at play.

Tying it together, I think that accepting a submissive role may lead to greater prosperity and influence down the road, but it's still submission. It's also unavoidable.

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The words "alpha" and "beta" apply better to animals than to humans, because human interaction is much more complicated.


Alpha and Beta in context describe the value of an organism within the Sexual Marketplace. Alpha describes the organism with the highest value, and Beta describes organisms that fall below this value.

In TRP parlance, we've altered this slightly. Here, Alpha describes the behavioral patterns that signal top-tier value, and Beta describes behavioral patterns that signal a lower value.

But the concepts apply just as well to humans as to lesser beasts. The level of complexity in courtship rituals is factored into the overall framework of the species' Sexual Marketplace, and doesn't affect the terminology used to describe valuation.

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Agreed. Just don't say beta is alpha if it's for a greater cause.

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so if a girl is starting to get turned off from your full on cocky/push/pull antics and you drop into a slight beta comforting zone, which means you get laid instead of going home with blue balls, are you still a beta bitch?

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Success needs no explanation; defeat allows none.

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mine was more a rhetorical question to point out the stupidity of OP's rant. But i like how you put that.

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You fake it till you make it. Note: You may accidentally "fake" being a beta and then make it as such, so what's the difference?

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Just so that readers don't misunderstand.

When you are growing as a man, it is optimal to get someone mentor you in the subjects you find important. The whole premise is that you recognize the superiority of the mentor and your own inferiority, while the mentor recognizes your potential.

Think before you give very detrimental advise, we have many young people reading the sub like gospel, and the information you convey is detrimental for their well-being.

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acting beta to an end while not feeling beta means you have the potential to turn your colors in the right moment. this isn't beta behavior, not the same as feeling beta and doing the same stuff.

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Actions and feelings are a two way street. Act like a bitch to feel like a bitch.